Building Our Future Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy 2016 - Liverpool LEP

Building Our Future Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy 2016 - Liverpool LEP

Our Future
Liverpool City Region
Growth Strategy
Building Our Future Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy 2016 - Liverpool LEP
Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

                             Liverpool City Region faces a unique opportunity to deliver greater
                             prosperity for residents for generations to come. This is our single,
                             sustainable strategy to realise our ambitions for economic growth
                             over the next 25 years.

                             This document outlines our                    workers are equipped with the
                             Strategy for Growth, a strategy               right skills; and by Place, we
                             which encompasses the entire                  mean making the most of our
                             City Region, acknowledging the                physical and cultural assets
                             unique strengths and assets of                and our infrastructure.
                             each of our local authority areas
                             and communities.                              Our ambition is to deliver this
                                                                           Strategy and to translate it into
                             The timing of this document is                effective action by working
                             crucial because it follows our                collaboratively and inclusively.
                             Devolution Agreement with
                             Government, a milestone which                 Only together can we say with
                             means we are better able to shape             confidence that we have the
                             our own future.                               assets, the talent and the ambition
                                                                           to deliver our vision to create a truly
                             The time to face our challenges and           global and competitive City Region.
                             to seize our opportunities is therefore
                             now. We have, for the first time in           Everyone can play their part
                             a generation, the right powers and            in realising our bold ambitions.
                             the right governance to deliver real          We would like to thank all partners
                             and lasting change. Not only are              and stakeholders who have
                             we stronger together, we are also             supported the development of
                             stronger when we make decisions               this Strategy and who will help
                             locally together.                             us make it happen.

                             Whilst the focus of this Strategy             Produced by
                                                                           Liverpool City Region LEP
                             is economic growth, it is important           on behalf of Liverpool City Region
                             to remember that economic growth              Combined Authority
                             is not, in itself, an end. It is rather the
                             key factor in ensuring that all of our
                             residents have the opportunity for a
                             decent quality of life for themselves
                             and for their children and their
                             children’s children.

                             Action for us will be built upon
                             the three pillars of this Strategy:
                             Productivity, People and Place.
Cover image © Gareth Jones

                             By Productivity, we mean focusing
                             on businesses where the opportunity
                             for growth is greatest; by People,            Mayor Joe Anderson OBE         Robert Hough CBE               Asif Hamid
                                                                           Chair, Liverpool City Region   Chair, Liverpool City Region   Interim Chair, Liverpool City Region
                             we mean ensuring residents and                Combined Authority             Local Enterprise Partnership   Local Enterprise Partnership

Building Our Future Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy 2016 - Liverpool LEP

                       1 Introduction                             04
                       2 Vision and Delivery
                         - Making the Most of Devolution          08
                       3 Our Strategic Approach
                         - Building on our Assets                 10
                         - Focusing on our growth sectors         12
                         - Responding to our challenges           14
                         - Realising our potential                15
                       4 Productivity
                         - Enterprise                             16
The Three Queen’s        - Growth sectors                         20
weekend attracted
                       5 People
an economic spend of                                              46
                         - Improving our Skills and Talent
£29.1m in Liverpool    6 Place
and a further £3.8m      - Improving our Physical                 52
in Sefton and Wirral       and Digital Connectivity
with audiences of        - Place Making in our City Region        60
1.2 million.           7 Summary                                  63


Building Our Future Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy 2016 - Liverpool LEP
Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

1                     Introduction
                      Since the turn of the millennium, Liverpool City Region
                      has undergone a remarkable renaissance with a rising
                      population and economic growth, a burgeoning of high
                      growth companies and a vibrant cultural resurgence.

£28.3bn               We are at a pivotal moment in Liverpool City Region’s history.
economy.              In May 2017, our residents elect a City Region Mayor who will
                      take control of newly devolved budgets – ranging across transport,
                      skills, infrastructure, business support, innovation, planning and
                      housing – as part of our historic Devolution Agreement.

1.5m                  Devolution provides us with an         outstanding physical environment,
population.           unprecedented opportunity to           more listed buildings of architectural
                      take control of our economic future,   distinction than any other UK city
                      to build on recent success and to      outside London, and a waterfront
                      address the challenges before us.      recognised by UNESCO as a World
                                                             Heritage Site.
                      The City Region’s diversity,
                      its local characteristics and assets   We have significant strengths
                      are a major strength. By bringing      and huge potential in innovative
                      those assets together and working      and globally-competitive sectors:
                      collaboratively, that strength is      Advanced Manufacturing,
                      multiplied many times over.            Digital and Creative, Financial
                                                             and Professional Services,
969,000               Our City Region economy is             Health and Life Sciences,
working age
                      worth £28.3 billion GVA, with          Low Carbon Energy, Maritime
                      output increasing by 8.4% in           and Logistics, and the
                      the five years up to 2014.             Visitor Economy.

                      We also have the second highest        This Strategy will capitalise on
                      incidence of high-growth firms in
691,000               the country, second only
                                                             our strengths in these key sectors
                                                             to unlock growth, creating tens
residents in
                      to London. Our City Region is          of thousands of new jobs and
                      internationally renowned with an       new businesses.


                        © Gareth Jones

Building Our Future Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy 2016 - Liverpool LEP

The focus of this strategy is economic growth.
This will be delivered by focusing on three growth pillars:

          The first pillar to sustained economic growth is to maximise the
          potential of our sector strengths and related assets and to focus
          on starting and growing more successful businesses by promoting
          innovations and entrepreneurial activity.

          The second pillar is to improve and increase skills, developing
          existing talent and attracting new talent for sustainable growth.

          The third pillar is to improve our transport, energy and digital
          infrastructures, and protect and enhance our cultural and
          environmental assets. This will improve quality of life for residents
          and attract and retain investors, skilled workers and visitors who will
          contribute to growth.

Despite our great strengths we             This Strategy will take advantage
still face many challenges.                of the opportunity presented by
                                           devolution by providing the strategic
An historic skills gap, too few            focus for the priorities and objectives
private sector jobs, high levels           of the Single Investment Fund (SIF)
of worklessness and pockets of             and future investment programmes.
concentrated poverty are the biggest
barriers to growth.                        The State of Liverpool City Region
                                           Report: Making the Most of
We recognise the need to drive             Devolution, published jointly in 2016
growth in an inclusive, integrated and     by the University of Liverpool and
sustainable way, in line with wider        Liverpool John Moores University has
socio-economic agendas.                    provided a detailed yet clear sighted
                                           analysis of the City Region’s assets,
We will build on the powerful              capabilities and opportunities for the
combination of private sector and          future, and an invaluable platform
industry experts working alongside         on which to build our Strategy. Its
public and third sector leaders which      conclusion is simple and compelling:
has proven to be the formula for           “Liverpool City Region has achieved
delivering dynamic and innovative          a lot and there is a lot to build upon.
strategic approaches to enable             With the right leadership, capacity
sustainable growth interventions           and ambition, it could achieve even
in the City Region.                        more in the future”.

In line with the Devolution Deal,          We have the assets, the heritage and
governance arrangements in the City        talent to deliver our vision to create
Region have continued to strengthen        a truly global and competitive City
and mature, with partners committed        Region. This Strategy will help us
to joint working.                          make our vision a reality.

Building Our Future Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy 2016 - Liverpool LEP
Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

2                       Vision and Delivery

                        Our Vision:
                        We will build on our core strengths and capacity for innovation to
                        create a truly global and competitive City Region at the heart of the
                        Northern Powerhouse.

                        Our Mission:
                        To start, attract and develop more businesses.

                        To nurture and grow our talent base.

                        To enhance and protect our distinctive quality of place.

                        To create more sustainable employment and high value jobs.

                        Our Guiding Principles:


           Measurable                                                             2
             Delivery                                                           Local

                         4                                                       3
                Added Value                                                    Form

Building Our Future Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy 2016 - Liverpool LEP
Meaningful collaboration:
Through partnership working
we can overcome issues and
maximise opportunities for the
greater benefit of the City Region.

Local knows best:
We know better than anyone
our area’s challenges and
opportunities and how to address
them. It is up to us to make the
most of this knowledge.

Form follows function:
We are not prescriptive about
models and structures, we do
what is best to provide effective
leadership and deliver the best
results for the City Region.

Added value:
The constituent parts of the
City Region share a common
economic geography and by
aligning together we are stronger
and more innovative.
Measurable delivery:
Translating the City Region’s
needs, and our vision, into
tangible activity on the ground is
paramount. Delivery needs to be
rapid, cost effective, integrated
and sustainable.

© Gareth Jones
Building Our Future Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy 2016 - Liverpool LEP
Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

                      Making the most of devolution
                      Our recent Devolution Deal means we have extended powers
                      and responsibilities which will enable us to drive growth.

                       © Gareth Jones

                      The Devolution Deal provides the        They will also oversee the
                      levers through which the pillars of     Liverpool City Region Single
                      our Strategy, Productivity, People      Investment Fund – comprised
                      and Place, can be supported by          largely of an annual £30m funding
                      the emerging Liverpool City Region      allocation over 30 years.
                      governance structure: the Combined
                      Authority, City Region Mayor and        The devolution journey is now
                      Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).     picking up pace. Strategically,
                                                              Liverpool City Region’s economic
                      From May 2017, the Combined             future aligns closely with that of
                      Authority and a directly elected        the Northern Powerhouse, of
                      City Region Mayor will receive          which we are a fundamental part.
                      newly-devolved powers and
                      responsibilities to deliver growth      The Northern Powerhouse
                      and manage public services at the       initiative has expanded beyond
                      city-regional scale. The City Region    transport to push for pan-Northern
                      Mayor will exercise powers over         collaboration and integration in
                      strategic planning, supported by the    skills and employment, trade and
                      creation of a Mayoral Development       investment, industrial policy and
                      Corporation, a Single Statutory City    innovation, and housing
                      Region Framework, and a Land            and planning.
                      Commission and a Joint Assets
                      Board for economic assets; as well      As a whole, devolution presents
                      as a devolved local transport budget.   an unprecedented opportunity
                                                              to take greater control of
                      The Combined Authority will             economic development at the
                      gain control over a devolved            city regional scale.
                      budget for post-19 adult skills
                      funding from 2018/19 and will be        This Strategy provides the
                      in a position to co-design future       framework for the delivery of
                      employment support for                  devolution and achievement of long-
                      harder-to-help claimants.               term sustainable economic growth.

Building Our Future Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy 2016 - Liverpool LEP
Vision and Delivery – Making the most of devolution

                      What we will deliver:
                      The aspirations which have driven this Strategy are ambitious, far-reaching
                      and bold. Our proposed strategic interventions will lead to new jobs, new
                      opportunities and improved prosperity and quality of life right across the
                      Liverpool City Region.

We are committed      Outcomes:
to implementation
of this Strategy             PRODUCTIVITY                                   PEOPLE
so that we can               The creation of over 100,000                   Falling unemployment
achieve these                additional jobs in the Liverpool               in the City Region, with the
outcomes at pace             City Region by 2040.                           resident employment rate
and with scale.                                                             of the 16-plus population
                             A net increase of 20,000 businesses            increased to 58% by 2025.
                             over the next 25 years, with an
                             increased diversity of business                Population increase
                             ownership, including a doubling of             by 83,000 to 1.6 million
                             the number of women owning and                 by 2040, with an additional
                             running businesses.                            50,000 people coming to
                                                                            live in the City Region.
                             The creation of an additional
                             £22 billion (2012 prices) in GVA               PLACE
                             by 2040 so that it stands at
                                                                            Increased demand for public
                             £50 billion.
                                                                            services such as health and
                                                                            education, with additional demand
                             Average productivity per
                                                                            for public transport as well.
                             worker to increase by 56%
                             by 2040 to over £76,000.
                                                                            Increased demand for housing
                                                                            across the Liverpool City Region
                             A substantial increase in the number
                                                                            and rising house prices in
                             of exporting businesses and the
                                                                            response to that demand.
                             value of exports, plus a substantial
                             increase in the commercialisation
                             of research and development.

This document         The key to implementation will be             and investing in business to
articulates a clear   the attraction and focused allocation         create sustainable employment
vision, identifies    of investment, with partners across           and high value jobs, and to attract
long-term goals       the City Region aligning their existing       and capitalise on our existing
and sets out a        resources to support the growth               talent to grow our economy.
series of strategic   pillars of Productivity, People and
challenges,           Place. This resource will help                The Single Investment Fund
opportunities         leverage private sector and external          commitment through the
and priorities.       investment opportunities as they              Devolution Deal creates an
                      become available.                             opportunity for an additional
                                                                    £30million per year for 30 years.
                      Implementation of the Strategy
                      will be aligned to the Strategic              £1.8billion is also to be allocated
                      Investment Fund and the                       by Government to LEP areas
                      Devolution Delivery Plan.                     through a further round of Growth
                                                                    Deals in 2016.
                      The Implementation Plan will
                      necessarily be both detailed and              The City Region will use this Strategy
                      ambitious. It will address the                to identify priorities to ensure we
                      objectives of starting, growing               secure further funding for growth.

Building Our Future Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy 2016 - Liverpool LEP
Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

3                      Our Strategic
                       Building on our assets
                       Liverpool City Region is built on a rich history of international
                       maritime trade and world-leading innovation and achievement
                       in science, culture and civic life. Building upon this extraordinary
                       legacy will be pivotal for our future prosperity.

The leading            Over the past two decades
                       Liverpool City Region has
                                                                six-lane Mersey Gateway Bridge,
                                                                Widnes Waterfront, Mersey Waters
offshore               undergone an economic renaissance,       Enterprise Zone, and Burbo Bank
wind centre            with a diversifying economy of           offshore wind farm. Over the last few
in the UK              internationally-oriented markets         decades, the City Region has been
servicing the          and businesses. A growing number         transformed; investment in Liverpool
second highest         of globally significant companies,       ONE has revitalised Liverpool city
concentration          including Unilever, Jaguar Land Rover,   centre, creating an attractive urban
of offshore            Dong Energy, IBM and Inovyn, are         environment visited by over 26 million
wind turbines          investing heavily in our economy.        people annually.
in the world.          These companies support a dynamic
                       base of SMEs – which comprise            Famous the world over for cultural
                       99.6% of all our businesses across       creativity, with popular music and
1 of only 3            a diverse range of sectors.              football amongst our biggest cultural
significant Internet                                            exports. We have entertainment,
of Things clusters     Innovation is key to unlocking future    visitor attractions and an architectural
and the second         economic growth. The City Region         distinction second to none.
fastest growing        has a strong network of scientific
tech start-up          and knowledge assets. The Liverpool      Liverpool City Region is, increasingly,
cluster in the UK.     Knowledge Quarter comprises,             a world-renowned destination for
                       amongst others, the world-leading        visitors, investors and businesses
                       National Oceanography Centre at          alike. Liverpool is now the 6th most
The largest            the University of Liverpool, and the     visited city in the UK by people from
cluster of             Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine,   overseas supported by Liverpool
maritime               the first of its kind in the world.      John Lennon Airport (LJLA).
businesses             Sci-Tech Daresbury, one of two
outside of London,     Enterprise Zones in the City Region      Liverpool City Region has more
supported by the       and one of only two national Big         museums, theatres and galleries,
newly-established      Science campuses, has attracted          and more listed heritage buildings
Maritime               over 100 high-tech businesses,           of architectural quality than anywhere
Knowledge              and is host to the Hartree Centre,       in the UK outside London. With
Hub.                   the UK’s largest and most powerful       a beach-lined coastline and easy
                       supercomputer dedicated to               access to mountainous national
                       industrial research.                     parks, Liverpool City Region is one
                                                                of the most liveable places in the UK.
                       Major investments in property,
                       transport and energy assets are          This Strategy aims to build upon
                       transforming the City Region.            these many assets to attract and
                       These include the £300m Liverpool2       retain talent, stimulate innovation
                       deep water container port, the           and support dynamic businesses.

our strategic approach

                          Liverpool             Historic Devolution Agreement
                          City                  signed in November 2015
                          Region                Control of newly
                                                devolved budgets,
                                                ranging across
                                                transport, skills,
                                                business support,
We have to address:                             planning
                                                and housing

A wealth gap
with below average
GVA per head

A business gap                                                         Liverpool
with low rates business                        To date
density and too few                            we have                 City Region
                                                                       now has the
private sector jobs                            secured
                                                                       2nd highest
A skills gap                                   £264m                   incidence of
with more skilled                              of Growth Deal          high-growth firms
workers required for                           funding from            among all LEP
our growing industries                                                 areas in the country

One of Europe’s           LCR is part of the                           Liverpool
largest Health            UK’s 2nd largest                             recognised by
and Life Science          manufacturing                                Government as
clusters                  region               Digital and Creative    a financial centre
                          12% of
                                               new business            of excellence
20% of LCR
                          LCR GVA              growth rates more
contributing              vs 8.8%              than doubled
                          for UK               between 2010 and 2013
£4.1bn to GVA

A City Region built on a rich history          £4.3bn private          A car produced
of innovation and cultural creativity          sector investment       every 80 seconds
                                               in Low Carbon           at Jaguar Land Rover’s
UNESCO                                                                 Halewood factory
World Heritage Site                            Energy
                                               over the
UNESCO City of Music                           last 5 years
World renowned

Investment in             Mersey               From 2001 to 2014,      In 2014 and 2016,
Liverpool2                                                             Liverpool City Region
                          Gateway              population grew by
                                                                       hosted the
                          a new 6
Set to treble Port
                                                                       biggest business
of Liverpool container    lane b
capacity                                                               event of its type
                                                                       in the world, the
                                                                       International Festival for
                                                                       Business (IFB) and will do
                                                                       so again in 2018 and 2020

Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

                       Focusing on our growth sectors
                       Liverpool City Region will maximise the impact of investment and
                       opportunities over coming years by strategically focusing on those
                       sectors with the greatest potential through smart specialisation.
                       Through primary research                    The close alignment of our growth
                       conducted by Liverpool City                 sectors with those identified for the
of Liverpool’s
                       Region Local Enterprise Partnership,        Northern Powerhouse demonstrates
Computer Science
                       complemented by independent                 our shared economic fate, as well
department ranked
                       evidence such as that contained             as the importance of the Liverpool
1st in UK              in ‘The State of Liverpool City             City Region to the future of the
for “world leading/    Region Report: Making the Most              North of England.
internationally        of Devolution’, we have identified
excellent” research.   key growth sectors, outlined in the         The Independent Economic Review
                       table below.                                (IER) of the Northern Powerhouse,
                                                                   commissioned by Transport for the
                       These dynamic sectors, in                   North (TfN) in 2015 and produced
                       which Liverpool City Region has             by SQW Ltd and Cambridge
                       considerable national and global            Econometrics, identified four ‘prime’
                       competitive advantage, are what set         Northern ‘capabilities’ and three
                       us apart from other city regions. They      ‘enabling’ capabilities. These are
                       are our focus because they have the         directly related to the City Region’s
                       most potential to grow our economy.         growth sectors, as shown below.

                       LCR Key Growth Sectors and               Northern Powerhouse IER
                       their economic significance              capabilities:
                                                                       Prime             Enabling

                       Advanced Manufacturing                   Advanced manufacturing
                                                                (materials and processes)

                       Digital and Creative                     Digital
                                                                (computation, software design, data
                                                                analytics, simulation/modelling)

                       Financial and                            Financial and
                       Professional Services                    Professional Services
                                                                (essential services to businesses,
                                                                growth through re-shoring)

                       Health and Life Sciences                 Health innovation
                                                                (life sciences, medical tech and
                                                                service delivery)

                       Low Carbon Energy                        Energy
                                                                (generation, storage, and low
                                                                carbon tech)

                       Maritime and Logistics                   Logistics
                                                                (particularly linked to port and
                                                                airport activity)

                       Visitor Economy

                                                                 NB Enabling capabilities also include
                                                                 Higher and Further Education

Liverpool2                   Liverpool2             Liverpool2
will be the most centrally   will be one of the     will be capable
located deep water           most operationally     of handling
container terminal in        efficient and modern   two 380m mega
the UK and will allow        terminals in           post-panamax
global services              Northern               vessels simultaneously.
to connect with Liverpool.   Europe.

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Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

                      Responding to our challenges
                      The State of Liverpool City Region Report: Making the Most of
                      Devolution, published in January 2016, re-emphasised longstanding
                      challenges facing the City Region.

                            Wealth gap                             Productivity gap
                            GVA per head remains about three       High levels of economic inactivity
                            quarters of the UK average (£17,852    contribute to very low wealth
                            against £23,755), equating to an       per person at only £17,852
                            £8.9 billion gap.                      GVA per capita in 2013. This is
                                                                   despite relatively high per worker
                            Business gap                           productivity, at £46,000 GVA in
                            Low business birth and survival        2014, due to the presence of high
                            rates, a relatively small stock of     value added manufacturing sectors,
                            businesses, coupled with an over-      but still comparing unfavourably
                            dependence on public sector jobs.      to London’s £73,400.
                            In 2014 there were only 235
                            businesses per 10,000 population       Skills gap
                            (although up from 225 in 2013).        One of lowest educational
                                                                   attainment and skilled worker
                            Jobs gap                               rates: 15.9% working age residents
                            We have the lowest employment          lack any formal qualifications;
                            rate of the 63 largest cities in the   only 25.7% have attained high
                            country (just working age residents)   level qualifications.
                            and very low jobs density compared
                            with other core cities.                Spatially concentrated
                            Worklessness                           The City Region is home to some
                            High levels of long-term sickness      of the country’s most disadvantaged
                            and significantly higher proportions   neighbourhoods. Liverpool and
                            of workless households than the        Knowsley are among the most
                            national average. We have the 4th      deprived local authority areas in the
                            highest work claimant rates of any     country (ranked 4th and 2nd worst
                            UK city, at 3.6% of population.        performing respectively in 2015).

our strategic approach

                                           Realising our potential
                                           Our strategic approach to addressing our challenges and realising
                                           the City Region’s economic potential is focused on three strategic
                                           pillars: Productivity, People and Place.

Artist impression Advanced Manufacturing Centre, Unilever, Wirral

                                                            The first pillar to sustained economic growth is to maximise the
                                                            potential of our sector strengths and related assets and to focus
                                                            on starting and growing more successful businesses by promoting
                                                            innovation and entrepreneurial activity.

                                                            The second pillar is to improve and increase skills, developing
                                                            existing talent and attracting new talent for sustainable growth.

                                                            The third pillar is to improve our transport, energy and digital
                                                            infrastructures, and protect and enhance our cultural and
                                                            environmental assets. This will improve quality of life for residents
                                                            and attract and retain investors, skilled workers and visitors who
                                                            will contribute to growth.

Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

4                     Productivity
                      Liverpool City Region has the potential to become one of the best
                      places in Europe to start, grow and invest in companies through the
                      development of a dynamic innovation and enterprise ecosystem.

                      Liverpool City Region has a diverse and resilient business
                      community in a wide range of sectors. In recent years we have
                      seen growth through inward investment, an increase in start-ups
                      and the number of high growth firms. Despite this strong recent
                      performance, significant challenges and opportunities remain to
                      uplift our business density and female entrepreneurship levels.

                      Our ambition is for Liverpool City      and incisive interventions in
                      Region to become an ‘Enterprise         each to achieve our ambition.
                      Capital of Europe’ delivering
                      increased business density,             Particular interventions proposed
                      growth and employment.                  include comprehensive, sustained
                                                              and coherent City Region-based
                      There are a wide range of factors       development and delivery of:
                      that impact on business formation,
                      survival, investment and growth.        Competitive procurement programme
                      Never before have we had a
                      coherent approach to all of these       Business leadership mentoring
                      factors to deliver increased business
                                                              Premises for new and
                      density and growth across the whole
                                                              growth businesses
                      City Region.
                                                              Extended business start and
                      Our Strategy embodies a                 growth mentoring
                      coordinated approach to these
                      challenges and opportunities,           Export plan and exporters network
                      informed and developed by
                                                              Finance Hub and growth funds
                      business, education and the
                      public sector to create a dynamic       Inward Investment
                      enterprise ecosystem that identifies
                      and responds to the needs and           Schools Enterprise
                      opportunities of our
                      diverse community.                      Addressing the core issues impacting
                                                              upon our business density and
                      It recognises the multiple factors      female entrepreneurship levels is
                      that impact upon business               fundamental to achieving the growth
                      performance, proposing new              potential of the City Region.


             All of these initiatives will be developed with business, for business, with and
             through the City Region’s business organisations to create new, dynamic and
             commercial solutions.

             A key concern for the business community in delivering growth is the availability
             of suitable skills. Businesses are reporting some challenges in securing suitable
             talent to grow their business, both for entry level positions and for higher,
             technical roles. There is a large pool of talent for employers to draw upon in the
             City Region but the particular needs of business identified include:

             Entry Level: Basic English/Maths skills; business understanding; attitude

             Technical: Volume of high calibre candidates particularly for SMEs

             Higher Level: Commercial awareness, graduate retention,
             career progression opportunities

             This approach to enterprise will be integrated into our smart specialisation work
             in our key growth sectors to realise specific opportunities in each area.

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Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

                      Enterprise Culture
                      Schools and Colleges:
                      We will ensure enterprise programmes are embedded into schools, colleges and universities
                      and linked into local businesses to provide inspiring enterprise experiences for young people.

                      Better Places:
                      We will create attractive environments for business through investment in public realm and
                      transport infrastructure, schools, parks, events and public safety.

                      Business Facilities:
                      We will support development of an extensive portfolio of business premises and facilities to
                      foster business start-up and growth right across the City Region.

                      We will encourage and enable the increased use of paid professional services to support
                      business growth – demand-driven with a focus on quality.

                      We will engage with business owners and managers, celebrate their role, and support them
                      to raise their confidence and aspirations to grow their businesses.

                      More Business
                      Too many viable firms struggle to survive at and beyond the five year point of the business
                      lifecycle. Our ambitions for a net increase of 20,000 businesses over 25 years will only be
                      achieved by supporting our existing SMEs. Extended support for businesses will be encouraged
                      with finance coaches and mentors plus a commercial triage service.

                      Business Start:
                      Business Start Programmes will be developed to meet the differing needs, challenges and
                      opportunities of our diverse community, stimulating increased levels of sustainable business

                      High Growth Starts:
                      More intensive and bespoke sales, finance and product development support will be provided
                      to new businesses with high growth potential.

                      We will secure a significant increase in local business opportunities arising from public and private
                      sector procurement through targeted interventions with both buyers and suppliers.

                      Inward Investment:
                      A single coherent and suitably resourced Inward Investment Strategy will be developed to attract
                      new investment by focussing on our distinctive and internationally competitive specialisms.


Growing Business
New Markets:
Support will be developed for businesses to access new markets to grow the value of exports and
number of exporting businesses. We will establish a City Region Export Plan with UKTI and a City
Region-wide Export Network to enable increased peer-to-peer support for established and early
stage exporters and make increased use of investments in our ports and infrastructure.

Finance for Business:
Ensuring suitable forms of business finance are available for all aspects of business formation
and growth to complement private sector provision. This will involve building on the strength of
providers such as Merseyside Special Investment Fund and ensuring new entrants, such as the
Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, meet our requirements. We will develop funds where
gaps exist and which stimulate growth particularly in smaller firms. The pipeline of businesses
suitable for investment will be stimulated through provision of access to finance and investment
readiness support.

Product and Service Development:
Extensive support will be provided for businesses to invest in applied research, development and
innovation that can be commercialised to improve the competitiveness of their products
and services.

Supply Chains:
Support will be provided for local businesses to identify and exploit supply chain opportunities
in both the public and private sector, assisting them with tender and procurement processes.

Local Growth Hub:
We will further develop our City Region Growth Hub to help businesses find the best support
from the myriad of services and providers available. The Local Growth Hub will work closely
with all local business organisations to engage with and support our diverse business community
through a coherent and comprehensive brokerage service – helping businesses to become
better informed consumers.

Workforce Development
Inspiring Leaders:
We will support interventions that develop leadership and management skills amongst
business owners and their senior management. We will particularly promote and encourage
the development of peer-to-peer networks and mentoring.

Finance Training:
We will support businesses in embedding good financial management and understanding,
particularly start-ups and young SMEs.

Sales Training:
Extensive programmes of commercial sales training for businesses will be established to ensure
they can realise their potential in national and international markets.

Tender Training:
Programmes to develop business skills and capacity in responding to tenders and developing
partnering approaches with other suppliers will be supported.

Systems Training:
We will encourage businesses to ensure business processes and efficiencies are improved
through training in quality assurance and business processes including benchmarking.

Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

                        Growth Sectors
                        Liverpool City Region has a wealth of intelligence, expertise,
                        capacity, capability and opportunity in its core business
                        sectors that will be the catalyst to provide a powerful engine
                        for increased productivity and the sustained growth of our
                        economy over the coming decades.

                        We have exceptional, world-leading assets and capabilities
                        in businesses and universities in these sectors that offer the
                        potential for regional, national and international competitive
                        advantage for indigenous and investing businesses.
                        Whilst they currently make a            Our approach embodies
Our                     significant contribution to the         innovation and recognises the
ambition                City Region economy, their potential,   emerging technological and
is for each sector to   both individually and collectively,     market trends and disruptive
become a beacon         is not as yet fully realised.           technologies which will impact
of excellence,                                                  on our economic landscape in
productivity            Our ambition is for each sector         the future.
and accelerated         to become a beacon of excellence,
growth through          productivity and accelerated growth,    A particular opportunity is in
smart specialisation.   through investment in facilities,       the application of digitisation,
                        infrastructure, networks, people        big data analytics, cognitive
                        and innovation, creating more and       computing and high performance
                        higher skilled jobs and more growth     computing, where our City
                        businesses throughout our economy.      Region has some of Europe’s
                                                                leading capability.
                        Achieving this ambition requires
                        multiple strategic interventions        Sector-based interventions will
                        in each sector, with hard-edged,        focus particularly on those activities
                        evidence-based technical and            that accelerate growth, apply
                        commercial appraisal in order to        innovation commercially and
                        demonstrate the deliverability and      deliver increased productivity.
                        the economic impact of each.
                                                                Identification of these
                        There are considerable synergies        interventions is already taking
                        between our sectors and we              place, driven by the private sector
                        recognise that some of our most         and enabled by the public sector
                        potent and distinctive opportunities    and education in powerful and
                        are in the overlap between them.        effective partnerships.

                        These sector strengths significantly    Further foresighting and capacity
                        align and complement those of the       building work will be undertaken
                        Northern Powerhouse and highlight       to develop and prioritise
                        the potential for growth through        these interventions.
                        wider, cross-boundary collaboration.


Liverpool City region’s key sectors, firms and anchor institutions

  Source: The State of the Liverpool City Region Report

Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

                      Advanced Manufacturing
                      Strategic vision:
                      To become a global hotspot for digital manufacturing with the smartest
                      networks, talent, technology and investment in automotive, Fast Moving
                      Consumer Goods (FMCG), chemicals and rail manufacture.

                      Over 3,000 businesses employing approximately 47,200 individuals.

                      Productivity stands at £47,000 per head – 7% higher than the UK
                      sector average and is driven by success in both the automotive and
                      pharmaceutical industries.

                      £3.3bn per annum is contributed to the economy from a sector which provides
                      approximately 7% of all employment opportunities in the region.


Chemicals Pharmaceuticals and FMCG

     assets                                    opportunities
     Unilever R&D and Manufacturing            Support development of
     facility at Port Sunlight - £200m         Materials Innovation Factory
     of investments including a £24m           and high throughput formulations
     Advanced Manufacturing facility.          expertise. Market capability of
                                               Inovyn and associated supply
     Materials Innovation Factory              chain opportunities.
     – a £64m joint venture between
     Unilever and the University of            Establish the UK’s FMCG
     Liverpool (UoL), by 2020 the              equivalent of “Silicon Valley”
     Materials Innovation Factory aims         based on Unilever’s presence
     to be the world leader in Computer        and investment in R&D and
     Aided Materials Science and will          manufacturing in the Liverpool City
     include collaboration space for SMEs      Region (LCR)and across the North
     to jointly develop new products.          of England, open innovation
                                               approach, UoL’s Chemistry research
     Inovyn – the 400 acre Runcorn site is     excellence, and the attractiveness
     the second largest producer of PVC        of end-to-end new molecule to
     in the world and supports 133,000         commercialisation capabilities.
     jobs directly or indirectly making it a
     strategic site of national importance.    Transform the North West Chemical
                                               Industry - the UK’s largest chemical
     University of Liverpool Chemistry         cluster, and a £10billion sector
     Department – 2nd in the UK for world      - by producing high value materials,
     leading research in chemistry (REF        harnessing the LCR and surrounding
     2014) and 1st in the UK for outputs       area’s world class assets in materials
     ranked as either world leading or         chemistry, modelling, and simulation.
     internationally excellent.
                                               Build on the established specialisms
     Nationally significant                    in vaccines research, development
     pharmaceutical manufacturing base         and manufacture to make the
     including Astra Zeneca, Sequiris,         LCR the recognised UK centre of
     Eli Lilly, Bristol Myers Squibb and       excellence in vaccines manufacturing
     Mast Laboratories.                        and the UK centre of pandemic
                                               vaccine production.
     Recognised centre of excellence
     in the production of vaccines and         Continue to support Life Sciences
     specialist paediatric vaccines.           UTC to ensure skills for future
                                               expansion and growth.
     Highly competitive and growing            Building on established
     £80billion global Homecare/Personal       strengths and current industrial
     Care market.                              base encourage investment
                                               in fill and finish facilities for
     The new Materials Innovation              vaccine production.
     Factory and Advanced
     Manufacturing Centre presents
     unique large scale collaborative
     commercialisation and supply
     chain development opportunities.

Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

                      Automotive and Rail

                            assets                                   opportunities
                            Home to Jaguar Land Rover                Utilise the expertise and capability
                            manufacturing the Evoque, Discovery      in the LCR (and wider North West)
                            and Discovery Sport. £500m of            automotive supply chain and skills
                            investment since 2010. Fully let         base attract further investment in
                            supplier park including globally         Tier 1 and Tier 2 capability.
                            significant tier 1s like Johnson
                            Controls, Magna and IAC.                 Develop expertise in autonomous
                                                                     vehicles, connected cars and
                            Sigmatex Lightweighting Centre of        light weighting leading to more
                            Excellence: located within Sigmatex’s    targeted knowledge intensive inward
                            global R&D facility and home to          investment proposition working
                            the Lightweighting Excellence            with the Automotive Council and
                            Programme (LX).                          Automotive Investment Organisation.

                            Full manufacture of BAC Mono –           Ensure sufficient land for supply
                            high spec, road legal single seater      chain repatriation into the UK.
                            incorporating Formula 1 technology.      Utilise knowledge assets in virtual
                                                                     engineering, big data analytics and
                            LCR adjacent to other significant        Industry 4.0 to develop knowledge
                            automotive Original Equipment            intensive proposition for automotive.
                            Manufacturers (OEM) – General
                            Motors, Toyota, Bentley and              Ensure OEMs and supply chain have
                            Leyland Trucks. LCR is part of the       sufficient skills provision to support
                            UK “automotive corridor” and has         expansion and growth.
                            proximity to the Port of Liverpool for
                            improved import/export capability.       Incubating a rail OEM into the City
                                                                     Region which has a 3:1 multiplier
                            trends                                   in the supply chain is a significant
                            Harness the potential of the             opportunity for growth.
                            Sigmatex Lightweighting Centre
                            of Excellence in the mass production     Establishment of Northern Rail
                            of light weighting technologies for      Academy within Alstom development
                            road vehicles to make the LCR            providing independent multi user
                            a recognised hub for carbon              facility for industry.

                            Align knowledge assets like the
                            Hartree, Virtual Engineering Centre
                            and Sensor City with the UK
                            automotive innovation agenda
                            being developed by the Automotive
                            Council with particular focus on
                            autonomous vehicles and
                            connected cars.

                            Significant emerging rail cluster
                            including Alstom, Faiveley Transport,
                            RS Clare, Unipart Rail and Wentworth
                            House Rail Systems. Plans for a
                            Northern Rail Academy in Widnes.

                            Increased UK Rail demand: New
                            tube for London 2,500 cars over
                            10 years. Jubilee and Northern Lines
                            upgrade of rolling stock, Docklands
                            Light Railway (DLR), High Speed Rail
                            2 (HS2) 160 trains.


Research and Development

     assets                                  opportunities
     Hartree Centre - the UKs largest        Support the development of scale up
     super computer given over entirely      technologies (LJMU and Daresbury),
     to industrial research.                 position Sensor City as a national
                                             Catapult Centre for sensors and
     Sensor City - one of only four          develop an Industry 4.0 Research
     University Enterprise Zones (UEZ’s)     and Development centre.
     in England.
                                             Work with Government (BIS, UKTI,
     Science and Technology Facilities       Innovate UK) to canvass support
     Council (STFC) Sci-Tech Daresbury -     for LCR 4.0 as the UK test bed for
     1200 people on site including           Industry 4.0 technologies and build
     500 scientists. Home to a new           UK capability.
     £5m rapid prototyping facility for
     use by manufacturing companies.         Develop an LCR cloud based
                                             platform for Industry 4.0 to
     Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) to     accelerate take up of technologies in
     integrate the ‘best in class’ virtual   local businesses and facilitate secure
     engineering techniques to product       and affordable data sharing across
     design and development.                 entire supply chains.

     Engineering Technology Research         Work with OEMs to facilitate Industry
     Institute provides expertise in         4.0 Grand Challenges hosted in the
     measurement, sensing, materials         Liverpool City Region and involving
     processing, Advanced Manufacturing      LCR SMEs to grow and evidence
     and Biomedical.                         Industry 4.0 capability.

     Manufacturing Technology Centre         Build on Sensor City and expertise
     (MTC@LJMU) a formal node of the         within the Hartree Centre, Virtual
     national MTC Catapult.                  Engineering Centre and our two
                                             Universities establish a unique
     trends                                  Industry 4.0 sensor-systems
     Shortened time to market                business eco-system.
     (reduce innovation cycle/more
     complex products).                      Work with schools, colleges and
                                             UTCs to develop Industry 4.0
     Increased flexibility “individual       capability in skills provision.
     mass production”/volatile markets/
     high productivity.

     Only 30% of UK industry has the
     capability to engage in Industry 4.0.

     Need to ensure LCR broadband
     provision is competitive to
     support growth.

Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

                      Digital and Creative
                      Strategic vision:
                      To be a world leader in the application of high performance and
                      cognitive computing and sensor technology to revolutionise
                      productivity across all sectors and be the best place in the UK
                      to start, grow and scale up a digital or creative business.

                      Employs 13,600 people; valued at £985 million GVA in 2015.

                      Second fastest growing technology start-up cluster in the country.

                      Projected to contribute £2.4 billion GVA by 2040.

                      High growth rate of 10.1%, between 2010 and 2015.

                     High Performance Computing and Big Data

                            assets                                        opportunities
                            STFC Hartree Centre: UK’s                     Establish the City Region as
                            most powerful industrial R&D                  the leading British city for
                            Supercomputer.                                Sensor Technology.

                            IBM £200m Watson Cognitive                    Lead the UK and Europe in
                            Computing platform.                           application of the 4th Industrial
                                                                          revolution through LCR 4.0.
                            LJMU 8th for the impact of its Big
                            Data publications; 17% in global              Deployment of IBM Watson
                            top 10%.                                      to realise the Alder Hey Living
                                                                          Hospital concept.
                            Intel Parallel Computing Centre
                            UK’s first Power Design and
                            Acceleration Centre involving
                            STFC, IBM, NVidia, Mellanox.

                            Big Data Analytics, High Performance
                            Computing and Cognitive Computing
                            will revolutionise the way businesses

                            The development and application of
                            sensors will create opportunities for
                            increased digitisation of business
                            process especially in manufacturing
                            when aligned to big data analytics.

© Ant Clausen

                Digital Business and Infrastructure

                      assets                                    Increased need and demand
                      Largest health tech. deployment           for digital literacy and specialist
                      for a single economy in Europe            skills provision.
                      (EU Commission).
                                                                Lack of dedicated digital
                      Unilever global ICT Centre in Wirral,     sector support.
                      Shop Direct: UK’s 2nd largest online
                      retailer and O2’s national digital test   opportunities
                      bed in St.Helens.                         As an enabler and accelerant,
                                                                the sector can enable the delivery
                      1 of only 3 UK tech. clusters             of Innovation Plan ambitions in
                      with major Internet of Things (IoT)       other sectors.
                                                                Digital and Creative sector
                      Hibernia high-capacity transatlantic      development.
                      cable system.
                                                                UK Institute of Technology Initiative.
                      AIMES N3 secure data storage.
                                                                SME Digital Accelerator and
                      trends                                    commercialisation vehicle, linked to
                      UK digital sector growing 32%             the Hartree Centre.
                      faster than globally.
                                                                Liverpool Internet Exchange pilot.
                      Digital infrastructure sub optimal in
                      terms of both broadband speed and         Ultrafast Broadband provision across
                      quality compared with other major         the City Region.
                      city regions.
                                                                Potential for Digital Catapult Centre
                      National and international                and Digital UTC.
                      productivity, performance and
                      competitiveness gap will increase
                      without investment in infrastructure.

Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

                      Creative Cluster

                            assets                                    trends
                            Baltic Quarter – unique cluster of        Intrinsically fragmented nature
                            creative and digital businesses.          of much of the sector, particularly
                                                                      in terms of predominance of
                            FACT: UK-leading film, video and          micro-businesses.
                            new media arts organisation and
                            destination for filming.                  Lack of dedicated financial
                                                                      instruments given greater risk
                            UNESCO City of Music designation.         and differing culture and
                                                                      growth trajectory.
                            Lime Pictures and a wealth
                            of leading edge SMEs.                     opportunities
                                                                      Development of the Edge Lane
                                                                      Sound Stage and Digital Campus.

                                                                      Baltic Triangle expansion.

                      Applied Research and Development

                            assets                                    opportunities
                            Intel Parallel Computing Centre.          Digital and Creative Sector
                                                                      Fore-sighting Study.
                            1st UK Power Design and
                            Acceleration Centre.                      Further development of Sensor City
                                                                      UEZ - one of the world’s 1st sensor
                            University of Liverpool Virtual           tech. incubators.
                            Engineering Centre.
                                                                      Expansion of the Materials
                            UoL 1st in UK for “world                  Innovation Factory - global leader in
                            leading/internationally excellent”        computer-aided materials science
                            Computer Science.                         and discovery.

                            Microsoft UK “Showcase College”           LCR 4.0 – industrial Internet of
                             – 1st UK Deployment Next                 Things for advanced manufacturing
                            Generation Classroom                      LCR Urban Living and Growth
                            (City of Liverpool College).              Simulation “Virtual Liverpool”.

                            Rapid technological change makes
                            it inherently difficult to identify and
                            maximise opportunities.

                            Distinctive/niche areas of potential
                            competitive advantage include:
                            Sensor Technologies and the Internet
                            of Things; E-health; Gaming; Film
                            and TV: heritage and reality drama;
                            Music Technology.

Uniform Offices © Andy Haslam
Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

                      Financial and Professional Services
                      Strategic vision:
                      To be a European Centre of Excellence for Financial and
                      Professional services with international strengths in private clients,
                      maritime and business services attracting new investment whilst
                      actively supporting the development and growth needs and
                      opportunities of local business.

                      Employs 45,000 people – 6.7% of the total the City Region workforce compared
                      to 8.4% nationally.

                      Sector output is projected to double by 2040.

                      Third largest wealth management industry in the UK.

                      Recognised as a UK Financial Centre of Excellence.

                      Financial and Professional Services

                             assets                                   trends
                             Third largest wealth management          Shortage of large volume of
                             industry in the UK.                      Grade A City Centre offices for
                                                                      large expansions and inward
                             Recognised as a Financial Centre         investment creating a vibrant
                             of Excellence by UK Government.          environment for the sector and
                                                                      attracting greater critical mass.
                             National expertise and capacity
                             in private client, maritime and          Dominance of London and
                             business services.                       the competitiveness and active
                                                                      positioning of other UK city
                             Cluster of Tier One Companies.           regions for investment in
                                                                      this sector.
                             Higher education research
                             strengths in the sector.                 Regional size and strength of
                                                                      sector in Manchester attracting
                             Access to a large graduate               businesses and talent.
                             labour pool.
                                                                      The sector has an increasingly key
                             Active Professional Services             role to play and common interest
                             sector organisation.                     in helping business to grow –
                                                                      supporting SMEs and creating
                             Strong connections with the              frameworks for cooperation and
                             City of London.                          collaboration in finance, advice etc.
                                                                      Sector can work with developers,
                             Competitive cost base compared to        public sector, land owners, economic
                             other UK Financial and Professional      development and investment agency
                             centres – particularly London.           to develop solutions and deliver a
                                                                      joined up approach to development
                             Strong base of competitive and high      of new facilities.
                             growth business services companies.
                                                                      Insufficient graduate jobs available
                                                                      in certain parts of the sector to meet
                                                                      the supply of graduates.


Need to maintain the quality of talent    Establish a programme of work
pipeline to sustain the growth of the     with schools and Colleges to better
sector and ensure young people            link them and students with the
have enough information on the            professional services sector.
opportunities in the sector locally.
                                          Management skills development
Need for greater clarity on the           and training with support from City
skills and work readiness needs           Region’s Universities and Colleges.
of professional business.
                                          Financial and Professional Services
Outsourcing and on-shoring                sector to increase its engagement
trends for business services.             with SMEs to support firms to
                                          innovate, export and respond to
opportunities                             new challenges – stimulating and
Establish an outward facing               accelerating business formation,
professional services community with      survival and growth rates.
a clear view of capabilities, potential
and unique selling propositions.          Establish the City Region as the
                                          leading UK centre for business
Substantial, sustained, coherent          services, through outsourcing,
promotion of the expertise, capacity      in-sourcing and near-shoring of
and attractiveness for investment in      business functions delivering
the City Region, particularly around      high levels of talent and quality
private client wealth, maritime and       of accommodation in a highly
business services.                        competitive cost environment.

Liverpool to become a competitive         Support the development of skills
and attractive natural alternative and    to support growth in the business
complement to London operations           services sector.
of Financial and Professional
Services businesses.                      Enable the sector to effectively
                                          implement digitisation to ensure it
Secure a pipeline of new Grade A          remains competitive nationally and
offices in the city centre and beyond     internationally.
including Enterprise Zones to provide
choice and opportunity for investing
occupiers and a greater critical mass
of professional services operations.

Develop effective “Town and Gown”
relationship between Colleges,
Universities and businesses to create
opportunities to develop and retain
talent in the City Region.

Liverpool City Region Growth Strategy

                      Health and Life Sciences
                      Strategic vision:
                      To be home to world leading centres of excellence for precision
                      medicine, infectious disease, children’s health, healthy and independent
                      living and eHealth, attracting research funding, talent, investment and
                      business to commercialise this excellence.

                      £4.1bn per annum contributed to the economy from the healthcare cluster which
                      provides jobs for 20% of the City Region workforce.

                      Approximately 150 companies in the Life Sciences/Biopharmaceutical cluster,
                      providing 6,000-10,000 jobs and contributing over £400 million to the City
                      Region economy.

                      Precision Medicine and Children’s Health

                            assets                                    trends
                            World-leading facilities at the           Increasing global demand for
                            University of Liverpool (UoL) to          healthcare products – 4.3% global
                            tailor treatment to individuals.          spend increase per annum to 2019.

                            Liverpool Bio-Innovation Hub (LBIH)       opportunities
                            – new incubator to support SMEs           Establishment of National Institute
                            working in precision medicine.            for Health Research (NIHR)
                                                                      Biomedical Research Centre –
                            NHS (Liverpool Health Partners,           coordinated resources for precision
                            North West Coast (NWC) Genomic            medicine activities including LBIH
                            Medicine Centre, Regional                 incubator (UoL).
                            Genetics Service).
                                                                      Support the commercialisation of
                            Sci-Tech Daresbury – Science and          new diagnostics/precision medicine
                            Technology Facilities Council (STFC)      technologies by local companies.
                            Hartree Centre, University Enterprise
                            Zone – Sensor City, diverse               Further development of Alder Hey
                            industry partners.                        Hospital – research, innovation and
                                                                      education space.
                            Redeveloped Alder Hey Hospital
                            and Innovation Hub, including the         Support further site development
                            NIHR National Research Lead,              – Royal Liverpool, Edge Lane
                            Research and Education Centre.            and Clatterbridge.

                            Diverse industry partners.


Infectious Diseases

      assets                                   opportunities
      Liverpool School of Tropical             Establishment of Centre of
      Medicine and University of Liverpool     Excellence for Infectious
      – significant infectious diseases        Disease Research – to consolidate
      research expertise and facilities.       infectious disease activities and
                                               antimicrobial research.
      NHS Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen
      University Hospitals NHS Trust – new     Development of Accelerator
      SME Accelerator incubator focusing       incubator (LSTM/Royal
      on infectious diseases.                  Liverpool NHS).

      Life science companies focusing on       Develop new infectious diseases
      infectious diseases.                     facilities contiguous with
                                               Accelerator building.
      Commercialisation of technical/
      academic expertise.

Healthy and Independent Living, and eHealth

      assets                                   opportunities
      Clinical Commissioning Groups            Develop a Digital Catapult.
      (CCGs), Local Authorities,
      Universities and other organisations     Implement/align Big Data
      including housing trusts undertaking     predictive analytic programme
      initiatives to support healthy and       across Liverpool City Region
      independent living underpinned by        health, care and related data.
      digital/sensor technology.
                                               Accelerate the evaluation of
      Potential of University Enterprise       technologies via regional test beds.
      Zone – Sensor City.
                                               Scope the healthy and independent
      eHealth cluster – technology and         living subsector more accurately
      care organisations/SMEs that             to define areas of activity across
      can develop and implement new            “community and self-care”,
      technologies for independent living.     and eHealth activities.

      Big data linkages – a number of          LCR NHS private patient initiative
      significant digital health programmes.   - explore unified promotion/
                                               coordination of NHS private health
      trends                                   care provision across region.
      Potential to link health to energy
      (fuel poverty) through initiatives       Develop a LCR Living
      including innovative digital schemes.    Lab (networked with
                                               international activities) to
      Increasing demands on health and         support the development
      care services due to an ageing           of healthcare innovations.
      population driving innovation.

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