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  5:00 – 8:30 p.m.                Registration (Paradise Ballroom Foyer)

  6:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.           Registration (Paradise Ballroom Foyer)
  7:15 – 8:00 a.m.                Breakfast Buffet (Windgate Hall)
  8:15 – 9:30 a.m.                Welcome and General Session (Paradise Ballroom)
                                  Keynote Speaker: Bill Daggett
                                  Re-envisioning Learning: Addressing the Critical Needs of Our Students
  9:45 – 11:00 a.m.               Concurrent Session A
  11:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.         Lunch (Windgate Hall)
  12:30 – 1:45 p.m.               General Session (Paradise Ballroom)
                                  Keynote Speaker: John W. Hodge
                                  Miracle Starts Here
  2:00 – 3:15 p.m.                Concurrent Session B
  3:30 – 4:45 p.m.                Concurrent Session C
                                  Enjoy Dinner on Your Own
  8:00 – 11:00 p.m.               Evening Social with Karaoke

  7:00 – 10:00 a.m.               Registration (Paradise Ballroom Foyer)
  7:30 – 8:15 a.m.                Breakfast Buffet (Windgate Hall)
  8:30 – 10:00 a.m.               General Session (Paradise Ballroom)
                                  Keynote Speaker: Peter DeWitt
                                  Lessons From School Climate: Leading With Collective Efficacy
  10:15 – 11:30 a.m.              Concurrent Session D
  11:30 a.m.                      Powerful Learning Conference Adjourns
  12:30 – 3:30 p.m.               Post-Conference Session
                                  Presenter: Peter DeWitt
                                  Unpacking Collective Efficacy: The Influences That Matter Most

                             $50 per person (includes lunch from 11:30 a.m. - 12:25 p.m.)
         Peter Dewitt unpacks six factors, all framed through the lens of John Hattie’s research, while adding
        insight, practical experiences and strategies. In order to really put a focus on learning, we need to let
       parents in on the secret of school, encourage student voice and maximize the efficacy of teachers so all
        stakeholders feel they have a place at the table. This session will center on using these six influences
                and on fostering growth in teachers in order to put the focus back on student learning.


Bill Daggett is the founder and chairman of the International Center for
Leadership in Education. He is recognized worldwide for his proven ability to
move PK-12 educational systems toward more rigorous and relevant skills
and knowledge for all students. His System for Effective Instruction is the
cornerstone of many school-improvement efforts throughout the United States.

                                                                        JOHN W. HODGE
                               John W. Hodge is an expert in helping schools create and sustain academic
                                 excellence by implementing strategies for continuous improvement. He is
                               the president and co-founder of the Urban Learning and Leadership Center,
                                 an organization focused on student achievement and the reduction of the
                                achievement gap. Hodge has helped educators in leading assessment and
                                     instruction as well as in creating a high-performance learning culture.

Peter DeWitt is a former school principal and a current Visible Learning
trainer. His blog, Finding Common Ground, is published by Education Week.
He has presented keynotes and run workshops throughout North America, the
United Kingdom and Australia. His presentations focus on collaborative impact
systems, collective efficacy, collaborative leadership, effective instructional
practices and school climate.

                                                               ROBERT J. MARZANO
                            Robert J. Marzano has written more than 50 books and 200 articles on topics
                                such as instruction, assessment, cognition, effective leadership and many
                             others during his 50 years in the field of education. His practical translations
                             of the most-current research and theory into classroom strategies are known
                             internationally and are widely practiced by both teachers and administrators.
                                             (Robert Marzano will present a 90-minute session via media.)

CONCURRENT SESSION A                                                  A3: Full STEAM Ahead
                                                                     This presentation will demonstrate how Title IV funds
MONDAY, JAN. 27                                                      or other funds can be used to enhance teaching

9:45-11:00 A.M.
                                                                     strategies and learning opportunities in the STEAM
                                                                     disciplines. This session will provide participants with a
                                                                     model of the structure and implementation of a Title IV
 A1: Leading With Vision
                                                                     afterschool STEAM program and will outline the process
The pressure on schools — from students to teachers                  of identifying needs with an advisory team composed
to support staff to administrators — is a growing reality,           of parents, students, community members, business
and its impact is playing out in multiple ways. In this              leaders, teachers and administrators. Participants
presentation, Bill Daggett will invite you to take a time            will experience hands-on learning from the student
out to reflect on your school and your students. He                  perspective and will walk away with concrete strategies
will inspire you to put a stake in the ground five years             for implementation. (Fractions and measurement, two of
in the future and think through how your schools and                 our identified areas of need, will be emphasized during
your instructional programs should be organized and                  the hands-on portion.)
delivered. He also will share key factors that need to be            Level: All
addressed during the next five years and will provide a
                                                                     Target Audience: All
process for you to use to develop a visionary, proactive
                                                                     Demographic: All
plan to move your school to the next level despite the
                                                                     Presenters: Marie Ebbesmeyer, Second Grade Teacher
unprecedented challenges it faces.
                                                                     (Missouri Teacher of the Year 2020 Semifinalist),
Level: All
                                                                     Kennedy Wise, Fifth and Sixth Grade Teacher, and
Target Audience: All                                                 Hanna Hubbard, Third Grade Teacher, Paris Elementary
Demographic: All                                                     School; Suzy Otto, Science Teacher/STEM Coordinator,
Presenter: Bill Daggett, National Speaker                            Paris High School; and Aaron Vitt, Superintendent, Paris
                                                                     R-II School District
 A2: Being Wrong Has Never Felt So Right
Getting students to truly adopt a growth mindset and                  A4: Teacher Academy – Taking Teachers From Good
have grit and perseverance in a task is often dependent              to Great
on the task design. During this session, you will learn              This session will provide an overview of the statewide
multiple methods to restructure traditional tasks in                 Teacher Academy program. Creating cohorts of teachers
ways that promote intellectual safety through personal               throughout the state that meet monthly, this session
response. These strategies are a great equalizer for                 focuses on engagement strategies, reflective practices
students of all ability levels and demographics and can              and action research in developing teacher leaders. Come
help close achievement gaps. Learning can be made                    learn how and why the Teacher Academy began and the
accessible to all students by crafting tasks that are                impact it has had on teaching and learning throughout
low-floor and high-ceiling. Once intellectual safety is              Missouri. Participants also will learn what the Teacher
achieved, students will be more likely to take risks in              Academy looks like in practice.
their learning and truly adopt a growth mindset.                     Level: All
Level: All                                                           Target Audience: All
Target Audience: All                                                 Demographic: All
Demographic: All                                                     Presenters: Sandra Wood, Spanish Teacher (Missouri
Presenter: Darbie Valenti, Gifted Program Educator                   Teacher of the Year 2020 Finalist), Maryville High
(Missouri Teacher of the Year 2017), St. Joseph School               School, and Erika Jeter, Music Teacher, Eugene Field
District                                                             Elementary School, Maryville R-II School District

                                  : Bring Electronic Device  Blue Ribbon School Presentation
                            National Speaker Presentation    Missouri Teacher of the Year Presentation

A5: Creating and Maintaining a Healthful School                         A7: KABMS Pride Time
Climate for Success                                                     Representatives from Kelly A. Burlison Middle School
This session will describe important and documented                     will talk about the challenges they faced before their DCI
ways in which school climate and the learning                           Leadership Team incorporated a plan to implement Pride
environment can enhance attendance, behavior and                        Time (Zero Hour) into the school day. This plan allows
academic achievement. Come learn about the use of                       Tier 2 instruction and enrichment classes to be taught
school-climate surveys; alignment with the Whole School,                for 30 minutes every day. This session will showcase
Whole Community, Whole Child model’s components                         the collaboration and positive culture that has emerged
and indicators; and how promoting physical activity and                 from this implementation and will demonstrate how to
physical fitness can improve executive brain function                   incorporate cross-curricular lessons with practical and
and increase both attention and focus. This session will                fine-arts classes. Participants will leave this session
discuss brain-based research, the value of enhancing                    knowing how to implement a similar initiative at their
health-outcome behavior, and the benefits of creating                   own middle school building.
and maintaining data-tracking for selected outcomes.                    Level: Grades 6-8
Level: All                                                              Target Audience: All
Target Audience: All                                                    Demographic: Rural
Demographic: All                                                        Presenters: Pam Hanner, Assistant Principal, Ken
Presenters: Laura Beckmann, Missouri Healthy Schools                    Lunsford, Principal, James Jensen, Math Teacher, Dana
Director, Department of Elementary and Secondary                        Myers, English Teacher, Beth Pipkin, Science Teacher,
Education; and Thomas Loughrey, Executive Director,                     and Alana Stephens, History Teacher, Kelly A. Burlison
Missouri Society of Health and Physical Educators                       Middle School, Fredericktown R-I School District
A6: Raising Achievement Through Equitable
                                                                        A8: Bridging the Gap – Standards-Referenced Grading
Identification of Gifted Students
                                                                        at the Middle Level :
Historically, gifted education services have underidentified
                                                                        Cameron Veterans Middle School has been utilizing
many students – those from racial or ethnic subgroups,
                                                                        standards-referenced grading for the past six years. As
those living in poverty, English learners, and those who
                                                                        a middle school, we bridge the gap between standards-
might be multi-exceptional (possessing both giftedness
                                                                        based grading at the elementary level and the traditional
and a disability). School districts and charter schools in
Missouri are using collaborative, data-based and inclusive              grading of high school. Standards-referenced grading
practices to identify students for gifted education services.           can serve as a stepping stone for districts looking to
These equitable processes allow high-ability students to                make the transition. A standards-referenced school uses
be identified so that appropriate academic and social-                  its curriculum and assessments to target specific priority
emotional services can be implemented. Providing                        standards that students need to master. Using leveled
services to gifted learners impacts their education and                 assessments helps students and teachers in making
future in positive ways. In this session, five panelists will           data-informed decisions allowing for differentiated
share their districts’ journeys, challenges and successes               instruction that meets the needs of individual students.
to create equitable identification processes and strategies             In this session, attendees will learn the philosophy
to scaffold student success.                                            behind ditching traditional grading by differentiating
Level: All                                                              between standards-based and standards-referenced
Target Audience: All                                                    grading. Attendees also will learn how to use power
Demographic: All                                                        standards to maximize student learning and how to
                                                                        develop an effective grade-reporting crosswalk.
Presenters: Megan Sturges, Gifted Education Coordinator,
Frontier Schools; Christine Nobbe, Director of Gifted                   Level: Grades 6-8
Education, Department of Elementary and Secondary                       Target Audience: All
Education; Patrick Shelton, Coordinator of Customized                   Demographic: All
Learning, Parkway School District; Michael Dragoni,                     Presenters: Hadley Fisher, Assistant Principal, Laura
Facilitator of Gifted and STEAM Education, Ritenour                     Janovec, Teacher, Kimber Zubeck, Teacher, Michael
School District; Dennis Rhodes, Director of Gifted/                     Wernimont, Teacher, Slade Kenagy, Teacher, and Court
Talented Education, Rockwood R-VI School District; and                  Ott, Teacher, Cameron Veterans Middle School, Cameron
Brooke Bilby, Gifted Coordinator, Ladue School District                 R-I School District

                                   : Bring Electronic Device  Blue Ribbon School Presentation
                             National Speaker Presentation      Missouri Teacher of the Year Presentation

A9: Moving From a PLC School to the DCI Model                        Presenters: Merri Beth Means, Principal, Jeffrey Adams,
This session will provide a description of Richland                  Assistant Principal, Jennifer Morelock, Seventh Grade
Elementary School’s district continuous improvement                  Math Teacher, Ashliegh McCarty, Eighth Grade ELA
(DCI) professional development approach and how it                   Teacher, and Leona Baskerville, Eighth Grade Math
is aligned to the PLC model. Hear about our five-year                Teacher, Barry School, Platte County R-III School District
journey and how students and teachers are prospering
and growing together through collective commitments,                 A12: Equity Vision and Measurable Targets
data collection and staying the course. Participants will            Missouri recognizes that inequities exist in students’
learn how state systems fit together for best practices              access to great teachers and school leaders throughout
and how to systematically make use of PLC and DCI as                 the United States. Students of color, students from
an avenue of change.                                                 low-income families, rural students, students with
Level: Grades PK-2, Grades 3-5                                       disabilities, students with limited English proficiency
Target Audience: All                                                 and students who struggle academically are less likely
Demographic: All                                                     than their peers to have such access. The causes of
Presenters: Tina Turner, Principal, Alissa Rigsby,                   these inequities vary from place to place and context to
Preschool Teacher, Sheila Crewse, Title I Math, Ashley               context with numerous policy, practice, economic and
Braithwait, Third Grade Teacher, and Missy Williamson,               sociocultural factors at play. Because of the multiple
Special Education Teacher, Richland Elementary School,               causes for inequity in teacher and leader distribution,
Richland R-IV School District                                        solutions must be systemic rather than merely treating
                                                                     the symptoms. Participants will learn how to proactively
A10: Digital Resources Supporting All Learners :                     initiate and lead conversations about equity in order
Finding the right digital resource that supports learning            to illuminate potential areas of educational inequity
for all students can be a difficult task for a teacher. It           for Missouri’s students. Participants also will learn
is important for teachers to have efficient, purposeful              strategies to recruit, prepare and retain effective
resources and practices that support the learning needs              teachers for all public school students in the state
and levels of all students. This workshop will explore               especially in high-poverty, high-minority or rural districts.
various digital resources that can assist teachers in                Level: All
supporting struggling learners as well as in enriching
                                                                     Target Audience: Administrators
student learning. Come learn about digital resources and
                                                                     Demographic: All
implementation strategies that support all K-12 learners
and promote student success.                                         Presenters: ClauDean Kizart, Educational Consultant,
Level: All                                                           EducationPlus/St. Louis RPDC; and Sherri Thomas,
Target Audience: All                                                 Improvement Consultant, Heart of Missouri RPDC
Demographic: All
                                                                     A13: Integrating Arts and Non-Arts Standards in Every
Presenters: Casey Echelmeier, District Instructional
                                                                     Classroom (Even in Arts Classes!) :
Technology Facilitator, and Kim Goforth, Secondary
                                                                     How do we promote critical thinking, creativity and
Instructional Coach, Mexico School District
                                                                     collaboration in our classrooms? We know that
A11: Building a Strong System Creates Powerful                       integration across content areas benefit students, but
Learning – Taking Flexible Learning Beyond Genius                    how do we create these learning experiences? In this
Hour :                                                               session, participants will deepen their understanding of
What if every day at work started with time to pursue your           how all content areas are connected to visual art. Come
passions? This session will walk you through transforming            learn how we can use that connection in our classrooms
unproductive intervention time into unique opportunities             to elicit critical thinking in our students. The National Core
where students can reach their full potential by choosing            Arts Standards can be connected to non-arts standards.
experiences that reflect their interests and backgrounds             Discover how arts standards can be used in core content
while meeting their individual needs. Attendees will be              areas to foster project-based learning activities, and
guided through the development, process, data and                    explore how core content standards can be used in arts
implementation of the Flexible Personalized Classroom                classes to deepen understanding in students.
framework through a multifaceted approach. This                      Level: All
framework is replicable for any school.                              Target Audience: All
Level: Grades 6-8                                                    Demographic: All
Target Audience: All                                                 Presenter: Kristi Ponder, Instructional Design Coach,
Demographic: All                                                     Lindbergh School District

                                 : Bring Electronic Device  Blue Ribbon School Presentation
                           National Speaker Presentation     Missouri Teacher of the Year Presentation

A14: How Shared Leadership Produces Forward
                                                                        CONCURRENT SESSION B
After two changes in administration and two rounds of                   MONDAY, JAN. 27
                                                                        2:00-3:15 P.M.
professional learning communities (PLC) training, Fulton
High School was still resistant to the process. This led to a
complete rebuilding of our PLC model. We attribute much
                                                                         B1: Leading Transformational Change Through
of our success to the development of a strong building
                                                                        Systematizing Values
leadership team and administrators who support the
concept of shared leadership. This session will share how               We all say we love our students, but what does love look
our team is constructed and how it is empowered to lead                 like on your campus? What values and skills do you want
our data teams in providing data-driven instruction within              to cultivate? Do your vision, mission and operations
a guaranteed, viable curriculum. Attendees will learn how               reflect these values? How do you systematize your
we have expanded the leadership team’s role and how                     values? Are we asking our students to be good students
this expanded input has benefited both our growth and                   or good people? While we want our students to do well
our culture. Come learn how we are using self-evaluation                academically, there is much argument from employers
and data-team monitoring tools to focus our goal-setting                that soft skills might be more vital than hard skills. While
and shape our staff’s professional development so we                    technology and your curriculum will change over time,
can continue to create a thriving environment.                          the need for compassion, empathy and integrity will not.
                                                                        Join this session to learn new tips for connecting with
Level: High School
                                                                        students and community through data and systems. You
Target Audience: All
                                                                        will leave inspired to support students and colleagues in
Demographic: Rural                                                      bringing forward their best selves every day along with
Presenters: Kati Boland, Principal, Stacey Bonderer,                    ways to use your instruction and operations as a means
Teacher, Diane Pope, Instructional Coach, and Rose                      to change lives.
Bethell, Teacher, Fulton High School, Fulton School District            Level: All
                                                                        Target Audience: All
A15: The Power of a Culture Built on Collaboration,
                                                                        Demographic: All
Trust and Shared Professional Practice
                                                                        Presenter: Bill Daggett, National Speaker
Collaboration among teachers is one of the most-
powerful things we can foster in a school district to help
                                                                         B2: Higher-Order Thinking From Theory to Practice
students learn. Collaborative climates and cultures are
                                                                        (Repeated in Session C1)
tools for change. However, it is important to remember
that collaboration is not the goal; it is a tool we can use             Educators believe that higher-order thinking is
to reach our ultimate goal of high levels of learning for               necessary for educational success, and we know that
all. By fostering collaboration in our schools, we are                  this is a universal truth in education. Yet in classrooms
helping to promote what John Hattie ranks as the highest                throughout the United States, classroom instruction
factor affecting student learning – collective teacher                  focuses on basic facts and relies on the ability of
efficacy. This session will explore the various elements                students to recall information without thinking through
of a collaborative school culture, highlight strategies that            challenging content. Classrooms that focus on the
have been used to build these cultures within schools                   ability of students to recall content are simply teaching
and allow attendees to collaborate on how they can build                students what to think. By focusing on teaching students
collaborative school cultures themselves.                               how to think through problems, schools will meet more
                                                                        than a dozen state and federal academic standards.
Level: All
                                                                        Participants in this session will receive tools they can
Target Audience: All
                                                                        use immediately to facilitate higher-order thinking in all
Demographic: All                                                        classrooms.
Presenter: Kevin Creighton, Principal, Dent-Phelps R-III                Level: All
School District
                                                                        Target Audience: All
                                                                        Demographic: All
                                                                        Presenter: John W. Hodge, National Speaker

                                   : Bring Electronic Device  Blue Ribbon School Presentation
                             National Speaker Presentation      Missouri Teacher of the Year Presentation

 B3: Facing the Giants – Overcoming Challenges and                   that offers a foreign language to students with special
Leading Change                                                        needs who do not have access to the regular curriculum.
Join us as we share the journey of transforming our                   Come learn how we scheduled activities, adapted the
buildings into high-performing, award-winning schools.                curriculum, formulated instructional strategies for foreign
This session will share the challenges faced through the              languages and built enthusiasm for the program. Discover
years along with the initiatives put in place to create,              ways to include regular education students as peer
support and sustain a culture of teaching and learning                mentors to enhance instruction and how to showcase
for continuous improvement. Participants will walk away               students with special needs in a regular education project
with resources and best practices to add to their own                 night for parents and the community. These ideas can
toolbox to aid them in facing the giants within their own             easily be extended to or adapted for other curricular areas.
transformational journey. Come discover research-based                Level: High School
practices that will support closing the achievement                   Target Audience: Non-Core/Specialist Teachers
gap and promoting a growth mindset among staff and                    Demographic: All
students.                                                             Presenter: Sandra Wood, Spanish Teacher (Missouri
Level: All                                                            Teacher of the Year 2020 Finalist), and Candace Boeh,
Target Audience: All                                                  Special Education Teacher, Maryville High School,
Demographic: All                                                      Maryville R-II School District
Presenters: Jenifer Richardson, Principal, Oak Grove
Elementary School (2019 Blue Ribbon School), and Erica                 B6: Honoring Dignity Through Stories
Weadon, Principal, Lake Road Elementary School (2018                  Teachers and administrators have a shared goal of
Blue Ribbon School), Poplar Bluff R-I School District                 ensuring a positive climate and culture in our schools.
                                                                      Listening to the stories of students and staff (and helping
 B4: Social-Emotional Learning – Moving Beyond                       these stakeholders listen to one another’s stories) is
Surviving to Students Thriving                                        crucial to establishing an inclusive school environment.
Education is at a pivotal point. The social-emotional                 This session will provide insight on strategies that Francis
needs of our students today are significant, and the                  Howell North High School has implemented in honoring
work is harder than ever. Aligning all stakeholders to a              dignity through storytelling. Attendees will learn the value
meaningful purpose while widening teacher tool belts                  of sharing and listening to others’ stories and will gain
is the birthplace of staff resiliency. Equipping teachers             strategies for making their own buildings more inclusive
with tools that support all learners, including those with            environments for students and staff.
the most significant social-emotional needs, establishes              Level: Grades 6-8, High School
a foundation for students to thrive. Addressing these                 Target Audience: Administrators
needs of our students will provide a safe and positive                Demographic: All
learning environment that can transform school climate.               Presenters: Shelly Parks, ELA Teacher (Missouri Teacher
In this session, participants will acquire strategies that            of the Year 2019), and Nathan Hostetler, Principal,
can be used immediately to meet the social-emotional                  Francis Howell North High School, Francis Howell R-III
needs of today’s students. Participants also will                     School District
understand the components of transformative cultures.
Level: All                                                            B7: Reimagining Teacher Leadership
Target Audience: All                                                  What is one key factor, often overlooked by school leaders,
Demographic: All                                                      that can strengthen school culture and improve student
Presenters: Rachael Wilcox, First Grade Teacher (Missouri             achievement significantly? Teacher leadership! In this
Teacher of the Year 2020 Finalist), Independence                      session, participants will learn a three-stage process for
Elementary School, Francis Howell R-III School District;              creating innovative teacher-leadership systems and five
Denise Henggeler, Fourth Grade Teacher (Missouri                      key practices to unlock the potential of your school or
Teacher of the Year 2020 Finalist), Northeast Nodaway                 district. At the end of this session, participants will walk
Elementary School, Northeast Nodaway County R-V School                away with a blueprint for a schoolwide or districtwide
District; Darbie Valenti, Gifted Program Educator (Missouri           teacher-leadership infrastructure that draws upon the
Teacher of the Year 2017), St. Joseph School District                 strengths and talents of all educators to improve school
                                                                      culture and student learning. Participants also will
 B5: Inclusion Works Both Ways – Offering Foreign                    learn how to support school innovation through SMART
Language Instruction to Students with Special Needs                   experiments (not just SMART goals).
In this session, participants will learn about a program              Level: All

                                  : Bring Electronic Device  Blue Ribbon School Presentation
                            National Speaker Presentation     Missouri Teacher of the Year Presentation

Target Audience: All                                                 B10: Creating a System of Intervention in a Small High
Demographic: All                                                     School :
Presenters: Amy Ruzicka, Chief Academic Officer;                     Are you part of a high school with limited faculty size that
Nathan Williams, Science Teacher, Bayless Junior High                is interested in implementing RtI and other enrichments?
School; Anna Barton, ELA Teacher, and Karen Ridge,                   Come see how the Norborne R-VIII School District
Math Teacher, Bayless High School; Chel’Lee Whitten,                 developed its RtI/enrichment system over the past
Reading Teacher, and Tiffany Maloney, ELL Teacher,                   three years. Discover what staff members have found
Bayless Elementary School, Bayless School District                   out about the process. Learn how to utilize a small staff
                                                                     for RtI/enrichment, how to use data to drive decision-
B8: Rural Middle School RtI Efforts Impact Students in               making, and how Google-based technology can help you
Poverty on State Assessment Performance :                            communicate with staff, students and parents. You will
Two paradoxical myths to school improvement are:                     leave this session with ideas that can be adapted easily
“We don’t really know what works,” and “Single reform                at your own school.
initiatives will move our improvement needle.” The                   Level: Grades 6-8, High School
truth is reform is not a waste of time, and trying a                 Target Audience: All
program that has been successful elsewhere might                     Demographic: Rural
not work unless it is designed and implemented to                    Presenters: Daniel Long, K-12 Music, Band and Choir;
fit local circumstances. Addressing the learning gap                 Jennifer Courtney, Principal, Jennifer Mahnken, Family and
of students in poverty demands myth-busting. This                    Consumer Sciences, Kim Robinson, School Counselor,
session will highlight challenges and successes of RtI               and Daisey Diederich, Middle School ELA and Math,
implementation and its performance impact on students                Norborne High School, Norborne R-VIII School District
eligible for free and reduced-price lunches. Are you
looking for an interactive session on RtI strategies that            B11: Going Beyond Evaluation to Enhance Teacher
you can replicate or redesign to fit your students? Come             Effectiveness
collaborate with us!                                                 How can we leverage teacher talent to grow instructional
Level: Grades 6-8                                                    effectiveness in the classroom? In this session,
Target Audience: Administrators                                      participants will examine how to provide feedback
Demographic: All                                                     beyond evaluation in order to maximize the impact on
Presenter: Tiffani Collins, Principal, Cameron Veterans              student achievement. Explore the research of John
Middle School, Cameron R-I School District                           Hattie’s effect sizes, Mike Rutherford’s tools to provide
                                                                     growth-evoking feedback, and ways to improve the ability
B9: Capacity Mapping – Uncovering the Talents of                     of leaders to notice and name effective instructional
Your Staff                                                           practices in a professional learning community. This
An important part of the work we do is getting the right             engaging session will challenge traditional thinking,
people on the bus in the right seats. In order to do that,           current practices and the barriers that limit creative
we must identify all of the talents of each member                   solutions to growing employee talent and positively
of our staff. As we build relationships, we also learn               impacting job satisfaction and overall building culture.
about and grow the capacity of our teams. Join us as                 Level: All
we share strategies and thoughts about identifying                   Target Audience: Administrators, Non-Core/Specialist
these strengths and making the most of the qualities                 Teachers
that make your teams unique and wonderful. Whether                   Demographic: All
you are a building leader or a team leader, you will take            Presenters: Julie Steele, Tier 1 Instruction Specialist,
home strategies to identify who gets which seat on the               and Sara Taylor, Tier 1 Instruction Specialist, Stansberry
bus. Participants also will become familiar with the                 Leadership Center; and Johna Sutton, Assistant
concept of capacity mapping and will gain strategies on              Principal, Pleasant Lea Elementary School, Lee’s Summit
how to use this concept with their staff.                            R-VII School District
Level: All
Target Audience: All                                                 B12: Blending Systems for Enhancing School Culture
Demographic: All                                                     With accountability increasing and the constant shifts in
Presenters: Tom Okruch, Consultant, Southeast RPDC;                  education, how do schools continue to meet the evolving
Alan Bancroft, MLDS Specialist, Central RPDC; Teresa                 needs of their students? In this session, participants
Tulipana, MLDS Specialist, Kansas City RPDC; and Gena                will learn how one school successfully blended current
McCluskey, MLDS Specialist, Heart of Missouri RPDC                   initiatives to enhance a positive school culture and

                                  : Bring Electronic Device  Blue Ribbon School Presentation
                            National Speaker Presentation    Missouri Teacher of the Year Presentation

earn the recognition of being a two time National
School of Character. Come learn how building strong
                                                                          CONCURRENT SESSION C
relationships – using initiatives such as PBIS, trauma-                   MONDAY, JAN. 27
informed strategies, restorative practices, sanctuary and
mindfulness – can be woven together to meet the needs                     3:30-4:45 P.M.
of the whole child. Intentional whole-child work will
                                                                           C1: Higher-Order Thinking From Theory to Practice
impact your school community in a positive manner.
                                                                          (Repeat of Session B2)
Level: All
                                                                          Educators believe that higher-order thinking is
Target Audience: All
                                                                          necessary for educational success, and we know that
Demographic: All                                                          this is a universal truth in education. Yet in classrooms
Presenters: John Converse, Director of Restorative                        throughout the United States, classroom instruction
Practices, EducationPlus; and Emily Pavia, Principal,                     focuses on basic facts and relies on the ability of
Independence Elementary School, Francis Howell R-III                      students to recall information without thinking through
School District                                                           challenging content. Classrooms that focus on the
                                                                          ability of students to recall content are simply teaching
B13: Working Memory and the Brain – Instructional                         students what to think. By focusing on teaching students
Strategies to Guide Learning                                              how to think through problems, schools will meet more
This session will provide an introduction for teachers on                 than a dozen state and federal academic standards.
how powerful our memory is associated toward learning.                    Participants in this session will receive tools they can
Everything we do is conducted in the present, and we rely                 use immediately to facilitate higher-order thinking in all
on memory to solidify learning on previous knowledge. This                classrooms.
engaging, hands-on presentation will cover strategies on                  Level: All
how to pay attention to details so our memory banks are                   Target Audience: All
filled with critical-thinking retrieval processes. Participants           Demographic: All
will walk away with a knowledge base on how memory
                                                                          Presenter: John W. Hodge, National Speaker
cues are critical components of the learning process.
Level: All                                                                 C2: Focusing In on a Framework to Drive Continuous
Target Audience: All                                                      Improvement (90-Minute Session via Media)
Demographic: All                                                          Rather than focusing on seeking new initiatives, this
Presenter: J. Michael Pragman, Director, Kansas City                      framework encourages educators to concentrate their
RPDC                                                                      efforts on five key areas of operation. In this 90-minute
                                                                          session, Robert J. Marzano will discuss these areas:
B14: Trauma-Informed Approach – Increasing Student                        safe, supportive and collaborative culture; effective
Achievement                                                               teaching in every classroom; guaranteed and viable
According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health                        curriculums; standards-referenced reporting; and
Services Administration, research shows a strong                          competency-based education. Marzano works with
relationship between adverse childhood experiences                        classrooms to envision the future and realize aspirations
(ACEs) and academic, social and behavioral problems.                      for school systems and the learners they serve. This
Exposure to ACEs can have an impact on biological and                     session will provide practitioner-centered, evidence-
neural development that can impair cognitive-functioning                  informed research and technical assistance to help
abilities (like coping with negative or disruptive                        with pressing priorities, unique context and existing
emotions) and can contribute to disease, disability,                      capacities. Marzano’s goal is to craft solutions to help
academic and social problems, and early death. This                       achieve your goals.
session will explore the impact ACEs can have on child                    Level: All
development as well as universal practices that can                       Target Audience: All
be implemented to potentially mitigate environmental                      Demographic: All
triggers.                                                                 Presenter: Robert J. Marzano, National Speaker
Level: All
Target Audience: All                                                       C3: Empowered – An EPiC Journey to Impactful
Demographic: All                                                          Teaching and Learning
Presenter: Daniel Rector, MO SW-PBS Statewide Coach,                      In our journey toward innovative practices in education,
University of Missouri                                                    there are several realizations that have marked our path.

                                    : Bring Electronic Device  Blue Ribbon School Presentation
                              National Speaker Presentation       Missouri Teacher of the Year Presentation

The first is an understanding of the power of developing              a career-spanning, competency-based framework for
courageous teachers and leaders. When teachers only                   professional teacher learning. Learn about the key
gravitate toward instructional changes that connect to                content of teaching in Missouri along with information
their current practices, they and their students miss                 about how teachers learn. Participants also will
out on the powerful impact of risk-taking. Second, there              experience the progression of one of the teacher
needs to be an unwavering commitment to designing                     competencies across different levels of performance that
transformative instructional practices that meet                      span the teaching career.
learners where they are and then help them rise to their              Level: All
potential. In this session, participants will learn ways to           Target Audience: All
incorporate transformational teaching practices in their              Demographic: All
own school. Participants also will explore ways to engage             Presenters: Tracy Gross, Teacher Development
learners through powerful conversations and real-world                Specialist, Agency for Teaching, Leading and Learning/
connections in order to create a culture of empowered                 Springfield; Debra Drury, Educational Consultant,
learning.                                                             Northeast RPDC; and Terri Steffes, Educational
Level: Grades PK-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8                            Consultant, Heart of Missouri RPDC
Target Audience: All
Demographic: All                                                      C6: Raising Student Achievement and Closing
Presenters: Deb Caywood, Fifth Grade Teacher (Missouri                Achievement Gaps in a Diverse, Urban High School :
Teacher of the Year 2020 Semifinalist), and Michelle                  The faculty of University City High School has clearly
Schmitz, Principal, EPiC Elementary School, Liberty                   identified achievement gaps among its diverse student
School District                                                       body and has developed a multifaceted plan to raise
                                                                      the achievement of students who are not performing
 C4: Creating a CTE Culture in Your Classroom                        at acceptable levels. This plan heavily focuses on
The Night Shift is an innovative afterschool learning                 administrators serving as lead learners along with the
experience for students that results from their own                   entire faculty around effective instructional practices so
hard work in connecting industry standards to student                 as to improve student outcomes. A systematic approach
success. We have recognized that students need quality                to providing time for professional learning communities
learning opportunities outside the school day. This                   and professional development underpins the school’s
voluntary program allows them to be better served when                improvement plan. Participants in this session will gain
implementing the curriculum in the most authentic and                 an understanding of how a diverse, urban high school
relevant ways. Come learn how we use core curriculum                  is working to raise the achievement of students and to
standards in instructing career and technical education               close achievement gaps (especially those between white
and how we create a student-focused leadership                        and African-American students within the school).
environment in which students are responsible for their               Level: High School
own actions and decisions.                                            Target Audience: All
Level: All                                                            Demographic: Urban
Target Audience: All                                                  Presenters: Mike Peoples, Principal, Kimberly Austin,
Demographic: All                                                      Assistant Principal, Christina Sneed, Teacher Leader/
Presenters: Dan Brinkmann, Automotive Technology                      Instructional Coach, and Emily Knight, Teacher Leader/
Instructor (Missouri Teacher of the Year 2020 Finalist),              Instructional Coach, University City High School,
and Andy Robinson, Director, Four Rivers Career Center,               University City School District
Washington School District
                                                                      C7: Changing School Culture by Doing What’s Best for
C5: The Missouri Teacher Development System                           Our Students Always, in All Ways
The needs of the new teacher, mid-career teacher and                  Jackson High School continues to work toward greatness
teachers approaching retirement are very different.                   by focusing on doing what’s best for students, staff
Their learning should be, too. This session will showcase             and the community. The systematic interventions at
the Missouri Teacher Development System, which is                     Jackson High create a positive school culture by placing


                                  : Bring Electronic Device  Blue Ribbon School Presentation
                            National Speaker Presentation     Missouri Teacher of the Year Presentation

an emphasis on student growth academically, socially,                 you can implement immediately that will make your
emotionally and behaviorally. This session will focus                 classroom a place where students are excited to share,
on the tiered systems of support designed to increase                 discuss and wrestle with important material. Learn tips
academic performance, decrease the number of                          and practical methods to get even the most-reluctant
students failing courses, and improve the health and                  speakers to engage verbally in classroom activities and
well-being of all students. Effective staff collaboration,            discussions.
teacher collective efficacy, and establishing meaningful              Level: Grades 6-8, High School, Career Tech
and purposeful relationships are the foundation for                   Target Audience: All
serving the whole child by providing care and support for             Demographic: All
all students.                                                         Presenter: Douglas Smith, Assistant Superintendent of
Level: High School                                                    Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment, Wright City R-II
Target Audience: Administrators                                       School District
Demographic: Rural
Presenters: Seth Harrell, Principal, Travis Wilson,                   C10: Response to Intervention – Tiers Without Tears :
Assistant Principal, Mike Tornetto, Social Studies                    This session will provide a detailed explanation of
Department Head, Myriah Miller, Teacher, Justin                       Response to Intervention (RtI). Our third-grade team
McMullen, ICU Coordinator, and Kristi Berry, Teacher,                 has created a systematic response to aid struggling
Jackson High School, Jackson R-II School District                     students, and our process can help other teams in
                                                                      improving student achievement. Discover possible ways
 C8: Authentic Learning Experiences for Students                     to implement RtI in your current building or grade level.
With Disabilities – A Backward Design                                 Receive step-by-step instructions on best practices to
Accelerated learning and the immediate application                    begin your journey and your implementation of RtI. Time
of skills are possible for students with significant                  will be provided for grade-level teams to begin their
disabilities. Special education teachers can prepare                  planning with the presenters’ assistance.
students to be contributing members in their families and             Level: Grades 3-5
communities. To most-effectively educate these students               Target Audience: All
for post-secondary success, teachers must start with                  Demographic: All
the end in mind and must plan meaningful experiences                  Presenters: Taylor Webb, Third Grade Teacher, Amber
and instruction that will lead students into their future.            Chapman, Third Grade Teacher, Steffanie Flippin, Third
In this session, participants will identify skills their              Grade Teacher, and Betty Jo Greenhaw, Third Grade
students struggle with and will pair these skills with an             Teacher, Price Elementary School, Republic R-III School
authentic learning experience. Participants also will begin           District
a backward design plan of instruction for their students
and will choose a method to measure student progress.                 C11: Compliance vs. Engagement – Setting Students
Level: Grades PK-2, Grades 3-5                                        Up to Own Learning :
Target Audience: Classroom Teachers                                   Your students are looking at you and following directions,
Demographic: All                                                      but are they really engaging in their learning? In this
Presenter: Jean Lawson, Special Education Teacher                     session, we will discuss how to move from compliance
(Missouri Teacher of the Year 2019 Finalist), Truman                  to engagement and how to facilitate students to
Elementary School, Springfield R-XII School District                  authentically own their learning. Participants in this
                                                                      session will gain an understanding of authentic
C9: Write Questions That Create a Learning Buzz and                   instruction and how to make learning real for students.
Productive Classroom Discussions                                      Participants also will explore a variety of instructional
How often have you planned to have students engage                    strategies they can implement immediately in their
in a productive classroom discussion over relevant                    classroom.
curricular material only to have the lesson generate little           Level: Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8
interest from your students? In this session, learn how               Target Audience: All
creating the right questions (based on progressions of                Demographic: All
learning and cognitive thought) will have your students               Presenters: Christine Cox, Instructional Coach, and Tracy
engaged with a learning buzz and discussing content                   Lee, ELA Teacher, Steger 6th Grade Center, Webster
at high levels. Walk away with information and ideas                  Groves School District

                                  : Bring Electronic Device  Blue Ribbon School Presentation
                            National Speaker Presentation     Missouri Teacher of the Year Presentation

C12: Teaching Is Listening – Learning Is Talking                      students and families who are served daily. This session
Do you have disengaged students? Do you struggle                      will explore the effectiveness of male educators in
to get students to retain information? Does shallow                   elementary school classrooms. Participants will discuss
thinking plague your classroom? In this session, learn                how males can utilize effective teaching strategies
how to push learning forward and move students from                   to provide a learning environment that is conducive
being passive participants to actively constructing                   to positive outcomes for all learners especially in
meaning. Our goal is for students to think critically, use            underserved populations.
academic vocabulary and further their own discussions                 Level: Grades PK-2, Grades 3-5
by asking questions. Discover how to deepen student-                  Target Audience: Administrators
learning outcomes through productive student discourse                Demographic: All
in K-12 classrooms.                                                   Presenter: Albert Sanders, PK Teacher (Missouri Teacher
Level: All                                                            of the Year 2019 Semifinalist), Adams Elementary
Target Audience: All                                                  School, St. Louis School District
Demographic: All
Presenters: Nicole Humble, Director of Curriculum and                 C15: Teaching the Skills That Matter
Instruction; and Angie Barnes, Math Coach, Haleigh                    In addition to academic skills, students need interpersonal
Brown, ELA Coach, and Melissa Payne, Principal, Sparta                and intrapersonal skills for success both in school and
Elementary School, Sparta R-III School District                       during life after high school. Given the existing time
                                                                      constraints and demands for academic content, how can
C13: The Ed Research Rhapsody                                         educators make this happen? This session will provide
Equal parts Wormeli, Hamilton and Hattie, this                        an overview of the Missouri Post-Secondary Success
presentation will be in a slam poetry/rap style akin to the           project sponsored by the Department of Elementary and
work of education advocate Taylor Mali and inspired in                Secondary Education in conjunction with the KU Research
part by the musical style of Hamilton. Rigorous rapping               Collaboration lab. Discover how district and charter school
wrapped in practical strategy, come learn about learning              leaders throughout Missouri can enhance classroom
systems and synergy. Sit and get or be heard on stage,                instructional practices that develop social-emotional
you’ll leave with ideas that will help you wage the battle            learning through collaboration, data-based decision-
against apathy – in colleagues and kids – effective                   making and specific instructional strategies that have
teaching and leadership win! Break down the box, don’t                been shown to develop social-emotional skills within all
just think outside – this is where art and science collide.           students.
We’ll bust some myths and build a foundation, with                    Level: All
spackle and DACL, a learning sensation. Tools so cool                 Target Audience: All
you’ll drool at the thought of a school full of learners,             Demographic: All
each of whom’s bought into the dream of learning and                  Presenter: Elise Heger, Associate Researcher and Lead
growing, building efficacy without even knowing. Your                 Trainer for Missouri Post-Secondary Success, University
team will go broke buying into this ticket. The pace will             of Kansas
be fast – don’t blink, you’ll miss it!
Level: All
Target Audience: All
Demographic: All
Presenters: Mark Clements, Improvement Consultant,
Heart of Missouri RPDC; McKenzie Bennett, ELA Teacher,                          The Powerful Learning
and Emily Libbert, Fifth Grade Math Teacher, Blair                          Conference features engaging,
Oaks Middle School, and Melinda Aholt, Principal, Blair
Oaks High School, Blair Oaks R-II School District; John                     nationally acclaimed speakers
Reynolds, ELA Teacher, New Bloomfield Middle/High                              and nearly 60 breakout
School, and Susan Meier, Music/Band Teacher, New
Bloomfield R-III School District                                             sessions presented by expert
 C14: I Promise, I Really Do Teach PK! :
                                                                             practitioners. Don’t miss this
It’s a different proposition to be a male teacher at                        powerful learning opportunity!
the elementary school level. Being a PK teacher can
create leadership opportunities, but it also impacts the

                                  : Bring Electronic Device  Blue Ribbon School Presentation
                            National Speaker Presentation     Missouri Teacher of the Year Presentation

CONCURRENT SESSION D                                                    Presenter: Melissa Grandel, ELA Teacher and Advanced
                                                                        Placement Instructor (Missouri Teacher of the Year 2020),
TUESDAY, JAN. 28                                                        Fordland High School, Fordland R-III School District

10:15-11:30 A.M.                                                         D4: Teachers as Recruiters – Inviting the Next
                                                                        Generation of Teachers
 D1: How To Enhance Collaborative Leadership and
                                                                        Teachers and administrators have the shared goal of
Coach It Further
                                                                        ensuring an exceptional education for every student.
High-quality leadership coaching is one of the most                     Struggles with teacher shortages and teacher recruitment
effective methods of professional development.                          are common throughout the state of Missouri, which
Coaching illustrates the important aspect of leadership                 means our efforts now must include recruiting the next
that leaders and coaches can work together to achieve                   generation of teachers. This session will provide strategies
their shared goals. Whether you are a seasoned coach,                   on sharing the joys of teaching to ensure that our
a leader looking to be coached or a leader looking for                  education system continues to grow and thrive. Learn how
guidance on how to coach leaders among your staff,                      every teacher can serve as an influencer with students
Peter DeWitt will provide attendees with valuable insights              to invite them to consider the teaching profession. Come
and strategies. Collaborative leadership is about working               learn from DESE’s Grow Your Own (GYO) task force
or laboring together to accomplish extraordinary things.                members about the positive results, challenges, logistics
Level: All                                                              and benefits surrounding the GYO teacher model.
Target Audience: All                                                    Level: All
Demographic: All                                                        Target Audience: All
Presenter: Peter DeWitt, National Speaker                               Demographic: All
                                                                        Presenters: Linda Glasgow, Director of Partnerships
 D2: Sustaining Excellence in High-Performing                          (Missouri Teacher of the Year 2016), University of Central
Elementary Schools :                                                    Missouri; Beth Davey, K-5 Music Teacher (Missouri
As a two-time National Blue Ribbon School (2007 and                     Teacher of the Year 2018), Iveland Elementary School,
2019), Westchester Elementary School has maintained                     Ritenour School District; Sandy Humbyrd, Instructional
high levels of success through thoughtful and intentional               Coach (Missouri Teacher of the Year 2017 Finalist),
implementation of a multi-tiered system of support.                     Hollister High School, Hollister R-V School District; Shelly
Westchester Elementary has cultivated its success by                    Parks, ELA Teacher (Missouri Teacher of the Year 2019),
continuing to learn, grow and respond to the school                     Francis Howell North High School, Francis Howell R-III
community’s needs through leveraged leadership. In                      School District
this session, learn how to respond to student needs and
become a school of excellence.                                           D5: Changing a Culture by Offering Empowerment
Level: Grades PK-2, Grades 3-5                                          Opportunities
Target Audience: Administrators                                         Your climate and culture can drastically change with
Demographic: Suburban                                                   a few simple variations, not only in the model that
Presenters: Robert Ricker, Principal, and Stefanie Limpert,             makes up your classroom environment but also in
Assistant Principal, Westchester Elementary School (2019                your approach to the students you serve. In this
Blue Ribbon School), Kirkwood R-VII School District                     session, see firsthand how the culture at a rural school
                                                                        changed because of incredible opportunities that were
 D3: Advanced Placement – Building Student                             passionately pursued. Learn how educators can become
Opportunities and Positive School Culture :                             the facilitators of discussion and collaboration that will
Is it possible for rural schools to find success in Advanced            empower your students to make authentic and impactful
Placement coursework? Discover how Fordland High                        changes. Participants will receive the knowledge to build
School created a successful program and gained                          a collaborative team composed of teachers, students
access to a wide variety of scholarships and college                    and community professionals for a common purpose.
opportunities for its students. In this session, participants           Level: Grades 6-8, High School
will understand the rigor and basic requirements of a                   Target Audience: All
successful Advanced Placement program and will develop                  Demographic: Rural
a plan for starting a program at their school.                          Presenters: Kevin Lay, Teacher (Missouri Teacher of
Level: High School                                                      the Year 2020 Finalist), and Kris Altemeyer, Principal,
Target Audience: Administrators                                         Owensville High School, Gasconade County R-II School
Demographic: All                                                        District

                                   : Bring Electronic Device  Blue Ribbon School Presentation
                             National Speaker Presentation      Missouri Teacher of the Year Presentation

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