BUSINESS PLAN 2020 2024 - Vrystaat Kunstefees

BUSINESS PLAN 2020 2024 - Vrystaat Kunstefees
2020 – 2024
BUSINESS PLAN 2020 2024 - Vrystaat Kunstefees
KHOEKHOEGOWAB: Vrystaati di Dī//khasib
             !Gâi!gâisens ge #an!gâs tsī !gôasiba Khoe-San
             Khoena ra mâ. Nē khoen ge //în aboxan !na
             /gaisa #goms tsī !hû//arede! kho/gara hâ,nâu
             khoen !hūb din /khas khami

             AFRIKAANS: Die Vrystaat Kunstefees erken
             en respekteer die Khoe-San van die Vrystaat en
             die diep geestelike verhoudings wat hulle met
             hul voorouers, hierdie land en sy mense het.

             ENGLISH: The Vrystaat Arts Festival
             acknowledges and respects the Khoe-San
             of the Free State and the deep spiritual
             attachment to their ancestors and
             relationships they have to this country
             and its people.

             SESOTHO: Mokete wa tsa Bonono Freistata
             o ananela le ho hlompha morabe wa
             Khoe-San wa Freistata, le kamano e tebileng
             ya semoya eo ba nang le yona le badimo ba
             bona hammoho le dikamano tseo ba nang
             le tsona le naha ena le baahi ba yona.

First Nation Ceremony, Oliewenhuis, Vrystaat Arts Festival (2019).
BUSINESS PLAN 2020 2024 - Vrystaat Kunstefees
1. V
              ision, Mission,
             Values and Goals            4

          2. Executive Summary           5

          3. Sector and Opportunity      6

          4. Marketing Plan              8

          5. G
              oals and Key Performance
             Indicators (KPIs)           9

          6. P
              rogramme Projects and

          7. Financial Plan              12

          8. Risk Management             13

          9. SWOT Analysis               14


                                               Platfontein Print Project (2017).
BUSINESS PLAN 2020 2024 - Vrystaat Kunstefees

                                                                               ommunity Agency and
                                                                                Autonomy: We engage
                                                                                communities as equals in a
                                                                                partnership advancing
                                                                                self-reliant health and welfare.
                                                                             • Reflective Practice:
                                                                                We support and design
                                                                                co-emergent models of
                                                                                creation that is relevant and
                                                                             • Outcomes Driven: We use
                                                                                sustainable measures to
                                                                                calculate quantifiable efficacy.
                                                                             • Impact Focused: We are
                                       To elevate engagement in public
                                                                                responsive to needs to maintain
                                                                                relevant social investment.
                                       health through stimulating arts and   • Participation and Inclusion: We
                                       health practice in South Africa.         are grounded in diverse practice
                                                                                that is inclusive and reciprocal.

                                       To act as an instigator and           GOALS
                                       exponent of excellence in local       • To activate platforms,
                                       arts and health practice by            engage audiences and invest
                                       engaging health communities,           in health communities.
                                       stakeholders and arts workers in
                                       meaningful activity.                  • To expand the programme
                                                                               capacity, access grants and
                                                                               secure funding.
                                                                             • To build the practitioner network,
                                                                               knowledge trust, skills and
                                                                               develop resources.
                                                                             • To provide governance and
                                                                               develop policy.
                                                                             • To position and Arts and Health
                                                                               Coordinator in each of the
                                                                               9 provinces in South Africa.
                                                                             • To run annual arts and health
                                                                               projects in South Africa.

                               4                                                                                                           Top: Poetry Therapy (2019).
                                                                                                                     About: Untitled, Artist Nombuso Bhogolo (2016).
BUSINESS PLAN 2020 2024 - Vrystaat Kunstefees
The Free State Arts and Health (FSAH)
                       Programme is a bi-lateral partnership initiative
                       of the Vrystaat Arts Festival, and DADAA,
                       Australia supported by the Australia Council
                       for the Arts, the Andrew W Mellon Foundation
                       through the Programme for Innovation in
                       Artform Development (PIAD), an initiative of
                       the Vrystaat Arts Festival and the University of
                       the Free State.

                       FSAH is a pioneering arts and health
                       initiative operating in central South Africa.
                       We support and design community-centred
                       intermediations by arts-workers with the aim
                       of positively impacting on the health and well-
                       being of the communities we work for. Using
                       the arts, the project engages communities in
                       arts practices and projects that address key
                       health aspirations, understanding that good
                       health is imperative in the creation of cohesive

                       This initiative addresses the need for increased
                       collaboration between the arts and the health
                       communities of the Free State by connecting
                       cultural practitioners with skills, networks and
                       platforms interested in community well-being
                       to engage with pressing health issues. In doing
                       so, FSAH endeavours to mobilise communities
                       to raise the bar on their collective health,
                       stimulate the growth of vibrant, co-emergent
                       forms of artistic and cultural expression in
                       Africa, and build new audiences and models of
                       participation for works produced.

                       With the help of key stakeholders and our
                       partners (Vrystaat Kunstefees, PIAD and
                       DADAA Australia) we hope that the future of
                       FSAH will be First Nation, Black and Disability-
                       led. Over-all FSAH is on the crux of breaking
                       new ground in arts and health practice in
                       Africa and we are very excited to see this
                       breakthrough begin within central South

5                                                                                                                   Top: Pakana Kanaplila Australian First Nation Residency (2019).
                                                                          Above: Jude Anderson (Punctum Inc, Australia) and Nicolas Boyce (Barbados), FSAH Artist Workshop, 2019).
BUSINESS PLAN 2020 2024 - Vrystaat Kunstefees
3.1. CONTEXT                                      the Vrystaat Arts Festival and the PIAD, the        Affiliate institutions aligned to the programme
                            The FSAH Programme’s main objective of            programme has access to a wide variety              avail themselves and their networks in a
                            stimulating the development of the arts and       of cultural production and management               reciprocal dialogue with the advancement of
                            health sector in South Africa is well supported   expertise.                                          arts and health in South Africa as a common
                            by the internal situation of the programme and                                                        goal. Through programme activities and
                            responsive to a gap in the sector.                A mutually beneficial relationship between          projects, FSAH continually brokers new
                                                                              the University of the Free State and FSAH           partnerships among stakeholders, a broad
                            3.2. INTERNAL SITUATION                           Programme feeds skills and expertise from           range of sectors and population groups.
                            3.2.1. PARTNERSHIPS                               various departments and research centres
                            The FSAH programme is situated within a           into the activities of the programme. In turn,      3.2.4. LEADERSHIP
                            bi-lateral partnership between the Vrystaat       FSAH provides praxis- orientated platforms          FSAH aims to grow national leadership in arts
                            Arts Festival and DADAA (Disability in the        and service-learning opportunities for the          and health. The programme was instrumental
                            Arts Disadvantage in the Arts), Australia         university community. Via this synergetic           in establishing a special interest group under
                            supported by the Australia Council for the        relationship, the capacity, impact and reach        the Public Health Association of South Africa
                            Arts, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation             of arts and health activity extends into            (PHASA), for arts and health in January
                            through the PIAD (Programme for Innovation        complex communities and population groups           2017. The purpose of the Arts and Health
                            in Artform Development), a programme of           with whom trust-based relationships have            Special Interest Group is to establish and
                            the Vrystaat Arts Festival and the University     already been established. Furthermore, the          grow the practice among the public health
                            of the Free State. The partnership network        relationship the programme has with the             sector in South Africa. Responding to a need
                            makes resources, professional development,        academic institution allows for the co-design       to develop the practice nationally, this is
                            mentorships and networks available to the         and application of practice models that feed        a valuable platform to engage in national
                            FSAH Programme.                                   into the national ‘brains-trust’ for arts and       dialogue on arts and health. Furthermore,
                                                                              health.                                             new prospects for collaboration, partnership
                            The partners, together with the Programme                                                             brokering, advocacy, policymaking and the
                            for Innovation and Artform Development            The above-mentioned generation of models            co-development of practice methodologies
                            (PIAD), provides access to existing and new       and knowledge is supplemented by the ad             are made available to us, equipping FSAH
                            audiences associated with them. Through           hoc involvement of other national academic          to be instrumental in demonstrating the
                            these relationships, valuable cross-promotion     institutions, organizations and affiliates to the   benefit of interdisciplinary involvement and
                            and health-promotion opportunities become         practice. Furthermore, international links with     investment in health communities through
                            available to FSAH, including access to social     esteemed practitioners and establishments           the arts. The interest group is chaired by the
                            media. The partnership between the Vrystaat       support the evolution and refinement of             former programme manager of the FSAH
                            Arts Festival and the Volksblad newspaper         the discipline within a broader contextual          Programme and reaches a national public
                            further extends the programme’s ability to        framework. Often this co-creative generation        health practitioner network.
                            engage state-wide audiences in dialogue           of new knowledge leads to new layers of
                            about arts and health. Furthermore, printed       partnership activity.                               3.2.5. FINANCIAL SITUATION
                            and online media can be activated for the                                                             The FSAH Programme is a non-profit
                            purpose of health promotion with the benefit      3.2.3. RELATIONSHIPS AND NETWORKS                   programme under the partnership network
                            of access to editorial support from Volksblad.    The FSAH Programme has access to local,             that is reliant on external funders and
                                                                              national and international arts and health          donations. Currently, the seed funding for
                            3.2.2. KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS                       organizations, funding bodies, private sector       the programme is funnelled through the
                            Through the partnership network, the              funders, production networks in arts and            partnership network with the intention of
                            FSAH Programme has direct access to               culture, academic networks, public health           leading the programme into an autonomous
                            highly specialized skills and networks. The       stakeholders, community welfare advocates           organisation in the years to come.
                            partnership network also makes resources          and also local, national and international
                            and key personnel available to assist with        artists and arts practitioners whose work fall      Philanthropic fundraising activities, together
                            the functioning of the programme. The             under arts and health.                              with strategic partnering across the arts and
                            establishment of the programme is monitored                                                           health sectors, support the financial growth
                            by DADAA, who provides financial support          Various cultural and health institutions            strategy of the programme.
                            and mentorship based on their extensive           operating in the Free State have expressed
                            international experience in arts and health       their support of the programme and have
                            in a variety of cultural contexts. Through        contributed in kind to the success of projects.

6                                                                                                                                                                                   The Keepsakery (2019).
BUSINESS PLAN 2020 2024 - Vrystaat Kunstefees
3.3. EXTERNAL SITUATION                             3.3.2. ECONOMIC                                    straddles both the creative industry profile          3.3.4. ARTS AND HEALTH SECTOR
                            3.3.1. POLITICAL                                    Amidst growing international interest in           and that of the health sector. The geographic         Although there are initiatives that impact
                            South Africa has a comparatively fledgling          the participation and potential of cultural        location of the programme is structurally             on what is considered arts and health, these
                            democracy that needs to address progression         industries to drive job creation and sustainable   marked by a dispersed rural target population         initiatives are often disconnected from each
                            on a multicultural landscape together with          development,1 South Africa is increasingly         that is comparatively disconnected by poor            other and from the broader institutional and
                            addressing the cultural imbalances of the           focusing on the creative industries to             transport links.                                      governmental structures, severely hampering
                            past. Government has made significant               contribute to the growth of the economy. This                                                            its efficiency and their likelihood of longevity.
                            strides towards realizing a vibrant and varied      is reflected in the Mzansi’s Golden Economy        Participation in culture is concentrated              Arts and health as a practice, isn’t necessarily
                            horizon for the arts. However, the pressure to      report outlining the important contribution        around urban areas. Participation                     a dependable niche of either the health or
                            attain holistic growth across all state functions   of Arts, Culture and Heritage to the growth        decreases and becomes more fractured                  the arts sector, but an important aspect of a
                            often means that basic service delivery is          path for the South African economy moving          by socio-economic positions moving into               holistic approach to community health and
                            prioritised overspending on the arts.               forward.2 State support of this focus is           the rural population. In order of importance,         well-being that encompasses the development
                                                                                also seen in the formation of the National         the following reasons were cited in an                and absorption of health culture, facilitates
                            Despite supportive policies and actions from        Cultural Observatory, a public research entity     industry survey as resulting in the lack of           aspects of remedial social intervention,
                            government, without entrepreneurial activity        supporting growth in the cultural sector.          participation:                                        promotes accessibility and autonomy,
                            and philanthropic funds the challenges of           According to national government, the              1. Time                                               advocates and facilitates community voice,
                            balancing participation and excellence in the       growth path for cultural industries includes       2. Transport                                          alleviates pressure on existing structures and
                            arts cannot be adequately addressed to bring        the creation of 5 million jobs over the next       3. Economic Position                                  contributes to the transference and efficacy of
                            the sector to its full potential. Currently there   10 years. A detailed overview of national          4. Language                                           health campaigning.
                            is minimal involvement of the arts in the public    government’s objectives to support growth in       5. Availability
                            health agenda and governmental health               the cultural sector is attached in Appendix A.     6. Accessibility
                            structures could benefit from organisations                                                            7. Relevance
                            facilitating partnerships and collaborations.       Projects and organisations implicated in this
                                                                                sector largely rely on civil donations, private    The Free State itself has a very specific
                            It is imperative that the programme                 sector sponsorship and state funding to maintain   creative industry profile. In addition to it
                            collaborates with government. Government            their activity. Despite government’s enthusiasm    being one of the few regions in the country
                            funders such as the National Heritage               for the growth of the arts and culture sector,     where the population is growing (compared
                            Council have helped fund a project that was         the current economic downturn is resulting in      to a general decrease in the population in
                            beneficial to the Platfontein Community,            a reduction in non-statutory budgets and fierce    South Africa), the Public Participation in
                            a First Nation community in the Northern            competition for financial sponsorship amongst      the Arts Survey 2010 by the National Arts
                            Cape. Collaboration with other Government           players in the non-profit sector. This directly    Council of South Africa showed that of all the
                            structures could be extremely beneficial to         impacts on the FSAH Programme which is             provinces the highest percentage of people
                            the state of arts and health practice in South      positioned within this category.                   who participated in the arts because of a
                            Africa. Such collaboration should, however be                                                          growing number of events being offered was
                            done without abdicating our duty of care to         The FSAH Programme has the possibility of          from the Free State (27% followed by 21% in                    1. Miki, H. 2012. Measuring the Economic
                            community.                                          accessing multiple market segments in the          Limpopo). This indicates there is a growing                  Contribution of Cultural Industries. UNESCO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Institute of Statistics.
                                                                                non-profit sector in South Africa. This is due     cultural offering in this region that is outpacing
                            The programme is also not exempt from               to its interdisciplinary objectives intersecting   other regions in terms of community support.              2. Contribution of the Arts, Culture and Heritage
                            the influence of increasing social unrest,          both culture and health objectives. Non-profit     The Free State also has the highest number               Sector to the new growth path. 2012. Department
                            where the decolonisation of knowledge and           Companies competing in the market make             of participants (22.4%) attending events to               of Arts and Culture. Mzansi Global Economy. SA.
                            practice, increased economic participation,         up a total of 14.3 % of the market, with 7         support artists (the highest of all the provinces),   Viewed 06/07/2017 
                            and oppression, land reform and service             and recreation and 7.3% (164 companies)            for the arts, and artists.4
                            delivery serve as discourse markers for the         operating in public health.3                                                                                  3. Statistics of the Non-profit Sector for South
                            emerging social justice movements. This                                                                Complementing the social factors impacting              Africa. 2015. Department of Social Development.
                            activity, together with the recent economic         3.3.3. SOCIAL                                      on the FSAH Programme is the health profile             Viewed 12/08/2019 
                            investment that impacts the economic growth         is economically and socially divided by a          health profile is included in Appendix B of                     4. Public Participation in the Arts Survey.
                            of South Africa, increases sponsorship              complex history and legacy of apartheid,           this document. For the programme to ensure                 2010. Methodology and Demographics. Viewed
                            competition and disrupts the normal                 colonialism and disenfranchisement. The            relevance across the arts and health sectors,              12/08/2019 

7                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Home (2019).
BUSINESS PLAN 2020 2024 - Vrystaat Kunstefees
4.1. DESCRIPTION OF                                • 	 Donors and Funders                           4.4. PROMOTION STRATEGY
                    PROGRAMME ACTIVITIES                               • 	 New and Existing Partners
                    The FSAH Programme, through its partnership        • 	 Stakeholders in Public Health                 Public Relations Activities and Advertising
                    network and affiliates, provides projects          • 	 Policy Makers and Influencers across the      The FSAH Programme uses the following platforms for external communications:
                    and access to funds for arts and health                Arts and the Health Sectors
                    practitioners in South Africa. Currently, it                                                         Platform              Activity
                    maintains a local project focus in the Free        4.3. POSITIONING
                    State, but serves as a national point of contact   OF THE PROGRAMME                                  Summits               2 Annual summits to discuss strategy and showcase projects to
                    for stakeholders. In the latter capacity the       The FSAH Programme is positioned to
                    programme invests in the development of            funnel opportunities and resources to the                               communities and stakeholders.
                    models and a common language for Southern          emerging arts and health sector in South
                    African arts and health practice and provides      Africa. It is thus a point of contact between     Newsletters           Newsletters as a means for practitioners and organisations to
                    support to practitioners with regards to           practitioners, organisations and health                                 connect with each other and the public.
                    policy, protocol, procedure, standards, risk       communities, primarily in the Free State but
                    management and strategy. It also facilitates       with national interest and an international       Conferences           Participation in conferences across health and the art sectors.
                    project-based interaction between health           network. Its primary endeavours being the
                    communities, artists and CACD (Community           design, coordination and implementation of
                                                                                                                         Press Releases        Make use of newspaper platforms to inform the public about
                    Arts Cultural Development) practitioners,          community-led arts interventions impacting
                    aiming to establish a robust community of          on health and well-being. Furthermore, the                              activity and projects.
                    arts and health practice. In order to leverage     programme is sited amongst other CACD
                    the impact of arts and health, the FSAH            organisations in the market as a support          Radio                 Utilise community radio to inform the public about
                    programme supports the development of the          initiative; the aim being to collaborate                                activity and projects.
                    discourse through collaboration with research      with stakeholders and other practicing
                    institutes in arts and health.                     organisations to enrich the impact of the
                                                                       arts in public health, without taking a direct    Networking            Employ online networking platforms to harvest skills to
                    4.2. TARGET MARKET                                 competitive stance against other players. In      Platforms             support activities.
                    The target market for the program’s projects       doing so, the programme attempts to address
                    is largely determined by the needs of the          the dispersed arts and health discipline in       Professional          Representation of the programme and its activities at professional
                    health community and continually adapts to         South Africa.
                                                                                                                         Associations          associations across the arts and health sectors.
                    these needs to remain relevant. Furthermore,
                    the programme also serves the community of         Characteristics of the marketing message for
                    arts and health practitioners, stakeholders in     the programme are:                                E-group               Facilitate virtual discussions between practitioners
                    public health, the arts, possible funders and      • 	 Community-led                                 Database              Direct marketing to individuals on the programme database
                    partners. Therefore, apart from its project        • 	 Community Agency and Autonomy
                    targets, the target market of the FSAH is          • 	 Responsive to needs
                                                                                                                         Website               Archive and showcase projects on programme website. Use as a
                    not so much segmented by demographics              • 	 Inclusive
                    or psychographics but rather determined by         • 	 Sustainable                                                         means to gather donations.
                    the communities we serve and the investors         • 	 Participation
                    in said communities via the activities of the      • 	 Outcomes Driven                               Social Media          "Activate the brand, disseminate information, grow the database and
                    programme.                                         • 	 Historically sensitive                                              showcase activities using: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube”
                                                                       • 	 Local practice models
                    The main targets are:                              • 	 Impactful
                    • 	 Project Specific Target Health Communities                                                       Crowd-Funding         Crowd funding projects on crowd-funding platforms.
                        (local and national)                                                                             Platforms
                    • 	 New and Existing Audiences
                        (Local, National and International)
                    • 	 Communities of Practice in Arts and Health
                        (Individuals and Organisations)
                    • 	 Local Arts and Cultural Gatherings
                        such as Festivals and Fairs
                    • 	 Research Institutions

BUSINESS PLAN 2020 2024 - Vrystaat Kunstefees
                                                  Goal                KPIs                                             Current           2020              2021              2022              2023              2024

                                                  1. To Activate      Value of FSAH’s annual investment into           R155 000,00       R250 000,00       R400 000,00       R500 000,00       R830 000,00       R950 000,00
                                                  Platforms, Engage   Free State Health population groups
                                                  Audiences and
                                                  Invest in Health    Number of annual Arts and Health                 4 Projects        5 Projects        7 Projects        10 Projects       15 Projects       25 Projects
                                                  Communities         intervention projects by FSAH

                                                                      Annual number of Newsletters                     1 Newsletter      2 Newsletters     3 Newsletters     4 Newsletters     4 Newsletters     4 Newsletters

                                                                      Level of annual audience reach                   10 000 people     20 000 people     50 000 people     75 000 people     100 000 people    200 000 people
                                                                                                                       reached           reached           reached           reached           reached           reached

                                                                      Number of health population consumers and        4 Health          5 Health          7 Health          10 Health         15 Health         25 Health
                                                                      groups participating in FSAH’s annual programs   Populations       Populations       Populations       Populations       Populations       Populations

                                                                      Level of annual growth in social media           35% in social     50% in social     50% in social     50% in social     50% in social     50% in social
                                                                      followers and social media audience              media following   media following   media following   media following   media following   media following
                                                                      engagement                                       from previous     from previous     from previous     from previous     from previous     from previous
                                                                                                                       year              year              year              year              year              year

                                                                      Number of community stories translated           4 Different       5 Different       7 Different       10 Different      15 Different      20 Different
                                                                      into projects annually                           Health            Health            Health            Health            Health            Health
                                                                                                                       Community         Community         Community         Community         Community         Community
                                                                                                                       narratives        narratives        narratives        narratives        narratives        narratives
                                                                                                                       engaged with      engaged with      engaged with      engaged with      engaged with      engaged with

                                                                      Number of new partnership activities             1 Partnership     3 Partnership     4 Partnership     5 Partnership     6 Partnership     7 Partnership
                                                                      developed annually through FSAH                  Activity          Activities        Activities        Activities        Activities        Activities

                                                                      Number of new partners investing in FSAH         One               Two               Three             Four              Five              Six

                                                  2. To Expand        Number of new partnership activities             1 Partnership     3 Partnership     4 Partnership     5 Partnership     6 Partnership     7 Partnership
                                                  the Programme       developed annually through FSAH                  Activity          Activities        Activities        Activities        Activities        Activities
                                                  Capacity, Access
                                                                      Number of new partners investing in FSAH         One               Two               Three             Four              Five              Six
                                                  Grants and Secure
                                                  Funding             Number of artists training, participation and    3 Workshops       5 Workshops       6 Workshops       8 Workshops       8 Workshops       8 Workshops
                                                                      employment outcomes resulting from the Project   4 Projects        6 Projects        8 Projects        8 Projects        10 Projects       15 Projects

                                                                      Number of Arts and Health Coordinators           –                 –                 1 Project         2 Project         3 Project         4 Project
                                                                      Engaged in Health Community                                                          Coordinator       Coordinator       Coordinator       Coordinator

BUSINESS PLAN 2020 2024 - Vrystaat Kunstefees
                                                  2. (Continued)        Number of Programme Administrators              –               –                 –                 –                 1 Programme       1 Programme
                                                                        Employed                                                                                                              Administrator     Administrator

                                                                        Number of Programme Administrators              –               –                 –                 –                 1 Programme       1 Programme
                                                                        Employed                                                                                                              Administrator     Administrator

                                                  3. To Build the       Number of co-devised Arts and Health            3 Resources     4 Resources       4 Resources       5 Resources       5 Resources       5 Resources
                                                  Practitioner          resources developed e.g.: SA Arts and Health
                                                  Network,              Protocols, Policies, artist training programs
                                                  Knowledge Trust,
                                                  Skills and Develop    Number of participants annually engaged         –               20 Participants   30 Participants   40 Participants   50 Participants   60 Participants
                                                  Resources             in FSAH Summits and Mini Summits

                                                                        Number of critical debates arising out of       –               1 Debate/         2 Debates/        2 Debates/        3 Debates/        3 Debates/
                                                                        the FSAH’s annual program                                       Conference/       Conferences/      Conferences/      Conferences/      Conferences/
                                                                                                                                        Summit            Summits           Summits           Summits           Summits

                                                                        Number of Project Evaluations and               3 Assessments   5 Assessments     6 Assessments     7 Assessments     8 Assessments     10 Assessments

                                                  4. To Provide         Number of Public Health Association             1 Member        1 Member          1 Member          1 Member          2 Member          2 Member
                                                  Governance and        Memberships
                                                  Develop Policy
                                                                        Number of SA Government partners                1 Partner       2 Partners        3 Partners        4 Partners        4 Partners        4 Partners
                                                                        annually engaged within the programme

                                                  Stretch Goals

                                                  1. To position an     Appoint Additional Project Coordinators         –               –                 –                 2 Appointments    3 Appointments    4 Appointments
                                                  Arts and Health                                                                                                           (1 in each        (1 in each        (1 in each
                                                  Coordinator in each                                                                                                       province)         province)         province)
                                                  of the 9 provinces
                                                  in South Africa by    Secure Operational Costs                        –               –                 –                 R220 000,00       R440 000,00
                                                  2025                                                                                                                                                          R660 000,00

                                                  2. To run annual      Number of annual Arts and Health                –               –                 –                 15 Annual         25 Annual         45 Annual
                                                  arts and health       intervention projects in South Africa                                                               Projects          Projects          Projects
                                                  projects in South
                                                  Africa                Secure Additional Project Funds                 –               –                 –                 R500 000,00       R1 000 000,00     R1 500 000,00

6.1. ARTS AND HEALTH SUMMITS                       engage audiences with issues concerning the        act as agents between the generations of their     This project serves as an educational tool and
                                       In response to the need for greater                development of community health narratives.        community in a manner that reaffirmed their        model whereby subsistence food security
                                       connectivity amongst organisations,                                                                   rich cultural heritage.                            skills that are tailored to the local environment
                                       individuals, stakeholders and practitioners        The newsletter addresses the need to create                                                           can be transferred to the community. The
                                       within the arts and health community, the          links between the disconnected arts and            The artworks were the product of a community       garden also serves as a public artwork,
                                       FSAH Programme continues its investment            health practices in South Africa in order to       art cultural development process that              dedicated to those affected and infected by
                                       in creating links to support the practice. The     grow the practice and connect to audiences.        contributed to the resumption of tribal pride      HIV and AIDS. Lead artists Claire Roussel
                                       strategy to address this was set by the first      With this we also aim to increase the agency       and cultural agency among the participating        and Zayaan Khan, developed the art garden
                                       Arts and Health Summit in January 2017,            of the arts in the health sector, open avenues     artists. For the youth from here, traditional      with inclusive practice models alongside
                                       where delegates drafted an action plan that        for collaboration and collectively activate and    folklore contends for assimilation with            Mary Mofama that runs and coordinates its
                                       links disparate practices to foster dialogue and   raise the level of the local arts and health       surrounding master narratives that are alien       management.
                                       collaboration.                                     discourse.                                         to them. For many of the project participants
                                                                                                                                             it was the first time that they have heard the     6.8. SEX TALK POSITIVE
                                       During the summit, participants had the            6.3. E-GROUPS                                      stories that these artworks share with us.         Nosana Sondiyazi is a project manager,
                                       opportunity to extend the practice network,        The purpose of our e-group is to stimulate                                                            creative arts facilitator, blogger, talk host,
                                       identify stakeholders, present projects,           debate around issues impacting on                                                                     digital artist and director of PHYSICALDIVINE.
                                       engage in dialogue that stimulate cross-           practitioners and to create a point of national    6.5. PARALLEL TO PANDEMIC (#WRAPITUP)              Sondiyazi conceptualised the popular
                                       pollination, plan collaborative projects,          convergence. Furthermore, the e-groups             The FSAH Programme, in partnership with            talk-show format, Sex Talk. The talk show
                                       engage in reciprocal capacity building,            supports the participatory action research         the Programme for Innovation and Artform           was made up of an HIV positive panel who
                                       transfer skills and co-develop the strategy for    methodology used by FSAH to develop local          Development (PIAD), invited eight emerging         discussed the influence the diagnosis had on
                                       FSAH.                                              models of practice that are open to being used     artists to participate in an upcoming public       their lives and their identity, thus to normalise
                                                                                          by whoever needs them.                             art project that ran during the annual             the stigmatised condition in the Free State.
                                       The second Arts and health Summit which                                                               Vrystaat Arts Festival in July 2017. The project
                                       took place in July 2018, celebrated the diverse    6.4. PLATFONTEIN PRINT PORTFOLIO I AND             increased the participation of artists in the      6.9. BEYOND 2024/2025
                                       interdisciplinary practices that make up the       II (ONS KOM VANAF ONS STORIES / WE                 health community of the Free State through         Once these goals have been achieved and the
                                       practice landscape and created spaces for          COME FROM OUR STORIES)                             supporting the agenda of public health. In         trajectory as described within this section of
                                       critical discourse supporting the growth of the    Platfontein is the residence of the !Xun and       the spirit of continued solidarity in the fight    the business plan has been accomplished,
                                       practice. The summit, which was supported          Khwe people, first-nation inhabits from            against HIV/AIDS, artists produced artworks        FSAH aims to expand its activity systematically
                                       by DADAA Australia and the Australian              Southern Africa. FSAH initiated a youth            that speak to the multi-layered psychosocial       into the rest of the African continent. The
                                       High Commission, ran concurrent to the             print-project, in partnership with the William     implications of actualising as Africans parallel   aim being to move towards establishing
                                       Vrystaat Arts Festival and aimed to stimulate      Humphreys Arts Gallery and the Isibindi Youth      to pandemic. The artworks will fronted a           a Southern-African Arts and Health
                                       dialogue and collaboration among culture and       Centre. Thirteen young artists translated          testing, information and condom distribution       organisation.
                                       health stakeholders in South Africa. Artists,      traditional narratives into linocut editions       campaign.
                                       researchers, and practitioners whose work has      during April of 2017. The print portfolio titled
                                       bearing on the overlap between the creative        Ons Kom Vanaf Ons Stories was placed on sale       6.6. SECRETE
                                       arts and public health used this platform to       and 21% of the prints where sold by the end        Building on the programme’s support of
                                       showcase cultural participation in the public      of 2017, before the prints were handed over        local literary talent through projects like
                                       health agenda and strategized pathways             to the artists. All proceeds from sales were       #WrapItUp, Secrete, was a slam poetry event
                                       towards meaningful impact through inclusive        funnelled back to the Platfontein artists to       hosted by the FSAH Programme in May 2017.
                                       practice models.                                   support their continued growth as voices from      Bloemfontein resident spoken word poets
                                                                                          the next generation.                               were tasked to respond to issues pertaining to
                                       6.2. ARTS AND HEALTH NEWSLETTER                                                                       community health through poetry.
                                       The FSAH Programme compiles a newsletter           At the end of 2018 the National Heritage
                                       for the practice of arts and health in South       Council supported a continuation of the            6.7. COMMUNITY LAND-ART GARDEN
                                       Africa. This newsletter serves as a platform for   project and planning for the second print          FSAH in partnership with Programme
                                       artists, practitioners, researchers, writers and   portfolio began. During the course of the          for Innovation and Artform Development
                                       organisations whose activity fall in the overlap   project, young artists engaged in dialogue         (PIAD) and Lesedi Multipurpose Community
                                       between arts and health. The newsletter            with their elders who shared some of the           Development Village, which is directed by
                                       publishes engaging content about activities        stories that have been passed down for             Mary Mofama along with other environmental
                                       that interact with health communities,             generations in the oratory tradition of the !Xun   sustainability stakeholders, created a
                                       advocate in favour of well-being or directly       and Khwe. The project allowed young artists to     permaculture art garden in Roodewal.

                                                                           2020          2021          2022                     2023                      2024
                     Arts and Health Talks and Dialogues              R20 000,00    R25 000,00    R35 000,00             R50 000,00                R75 000,00
                     Free State Arts and Health Summits (Biannual)            –    R120 000,00             –            R200 000,00                           –
                     Mini Arts and Health Summits                     R20 000,00            –     R75 000,00             R45 000,00              R125 000,00
                     Platfontein Project                             R150 000,00   R180 000,00   R250 000,00            R350 000,00              R450 000,00
                     Literature and Health Projects                   R20 000,00    R25 000,00    R35 000,00             R50 000,00              R100 000,00
                     Promotional Arts and Health Projects             R30 000,00    R50 000,00    R75 000,00            R100 000,00              R150 000,00
                     Workshops and Training                           R20 000,00    R30 000,00    R50 000,00             R60 000,00                R75 000,00
                     Total                                           R260 000,00   R430 000,00   R520 000,00            R855 000,00              R975 000,00

12                                                                                                       Left:David Doyle, CEO DADAA Australia, Arts and Health Summit Bloemfontein (2018).
                                                                                                                                                                    Right: Sex Talks (2017).
                      Likelihood       Insignificant       Minor     Moderate       Major     Catastrophic
                     Almost certain         High           High       Extreme      Extreme      Extreme
                         Likely         Moderate           High         High       Extreme      Extreme
                       Possible             Low           Moderate      High       Extreme      Extreme
                       Unlikely             Low             Low      Moderate       High        Extreme
                         Rare               Low             Low      Moderate       High         High

                     8.2. RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN
                      Risk                                           Probability    Impact    Risk rating    Mitigation
                      External risks
                      Funding not secured                             Possible      Major       Extreme      Continue development of partnerships, alternative funding and revenue streams.
                      Economic downturn                                Likely      Moderate      High        Provide flexible ticketing options to patrons.
                      Venue not available                             Unlikely      Major        High        Develop relationships with multiple venues.

                      Lack of participants                                                                   Work closely with change agents in health communities to identify individuals who
                                                                      Unlikely     Moderate    Moderate
                                                                                                             are passionate about the project.

                      Artistic risks

                      Quality of artist works do not meet the                                                Research artist previous experience to ensure high artwork standards.
                                                                      Unlikely      Minor         Low
                      arts and health’s requirements

                      Diversity of participants limited                                                      Ensure use of differing community change agents from differing narratives to ensure diversity.
                                                                      Possible     Moderate      High
                                                                                                             Use Artists which understand these narratives.

                      Financial risks
                      Rising core and production cost                 Possible     Moderate      High        Diligent and realistic budgeting.
                      Loss of sponsorship                             Possible     Moderate      High        Prospect a broad range of possible sponsors.
                      Inability to meet budgets                        Likely       Major       Extreme      Constant monitoring of budget. Adjust to actual financial circumstances.
                      Management and operational risks
                      Job dissatisfaction                               Rare       Moderate    Moderate      Clearly defined job descriptions.
                      Loss of information                             Unlikely      Major        High        Annual review of IT systems and following best practise in archiving.

9.1. STRENGTHS                                                  9.2. WEAKNESSES                                                   9.3. OPPORTUNITIES                                               9.4. THREATS
                   1. The programme is associated with brands with already        1. Arts and health is relatively unknown in South Africa and     1. The opportunity to form an organization that links the       1. In the current economic climate together with a
                      established equity. (DADAA, PIAD, Vrystaat Arts Festival).      the programme’s brand has not gained competitive equity.          dispersed arts and health practice in South Africa.              significant funder focus shift, uncompetitive or
                   2. There is a deficit in arts and health practice and          2. The programme currently has a limited buy-in and ties         2. Creating more cohesion amongst the arts and health              inadaptable organizations struggle to survive
                      organisations, which translates too little sector               with Government.                                                  practices in South Africa affords opportunities for              amidst stiff competition for funds.
                      competition.                                                 3. The programme has limited capacity and resources for             knowledge sharing and collaboration with other                2. Amidst economic uncertainty, new organizations
                   3. DADAA resources and experience in Arts and Health              new projects and rapid programme growth.                          organizations working in CACD.                                   could be seen as a threat, having a negative impact on
                      made available through knowledge sharing, professional       4. The programme is geographically isolated and                  3. The ability to make a significant contribution to the           communication and collaboration.
                      development, networking and communication support.              disconnected from the majority of national                        development of protocols, models and language around          3. The mandates of partners could be confused with that
                   4. Through its network the programme has access to                stakeholders and artists.                                         arts and health in South Africa.                                 of the programme. The possibility also exists of partner
                      community leaders in target health communities.              5. Skills gap in arts and health in South Africa and no formal   4. Opportunity to fill the current health campaigning gap.         brands overshadowing the FSAH brand.
                   5. The programme has a large scope of stakeholders and            education supporting the practice.                             5. To facilitate professional development and skills            4. The recent economic downturn impacts negatively on
                      potential partners.                                          6. The FSAH Programme has a different mandate and policy            transferal opportunities in arts and health.                     artists and production support companies’ ability to
                   6. Through the partnership network seed funding is secured        governing our relationships that that of our partners;         6. The opportunity to grow platforms and resources for             deliver or be available.
                      to grow the programme into an organization.                     the possibility of a transfer of brand positions on the           practitioners in arts and health.                             5. Arts and health is a relatively unknown practice in
                   7. The FSAH Programme has a solid network of                      programme exists.                                              7. The ability to collaborate with communities in South            South Africa, especially in the arts.
                      relationships locally, nationally and internationally.       7. Limited visual literacy, visual art infrastructure               Africa to grow health agency and autonomy.                    6. Arts and health lacks a common language in South Africa
                   8. Fervid and skilled key personnel.                              and stakeholders in the Free State.                            8. The opportunity of involving arts and health practitioners      that adds to the disconnect between practitioners.
                   9. The program can access artists, platforms and marketing     8. The disconnected current state of arts and                       to participate in health advocacy and policymaking.           7 The programme functions in a conservative society that is
                      through and during the Vrystaat Arts Festival, University       health practice in South Africa.                               9. The opportunity to access a wide network of                    uncomfortable with discussing health issues in public.
                      of the Free State and PIAD.                                  9. Unrealized potential of arts media in the Free State             stakeholders, funding streams and potential partners          8. The partner institutions like the UFS and Vrystaat Arts
                   10. The programme has a sturdy policy of                          deferring deepening literacy in the arts, limiting quality        locally and internationally.                                     Festival is often seen as exclusive and elitist.
                        governance in place.                                          of public relations opportunities and critical engagement      10. Opportunity to contribute to the advancement of First       9. The escalation in political, economic and social unrest
                   11. The protocol of the programme is rooted                       between the public and the producers of culture.                    Nation arts and culture in South Africa.                       together with fiscal and administration issues in national
                        within a progressive policy and ethics.                                                                                      11. Opportunity to facilitate interaction between indigenous       health increases the risk profile of projects run by the
                                                                                                                                                          medicine and western practice.                                 FSAH Programme.
                                                                                                                                                     12. The ability to create employment in arts and health for     10. T he limited capacity of the program hampers the
                                                                                                                                                          artists and practitioners.                                       programme’s ability to deliver on its offer whilst
                                                                                                                                                     13. The ability to leverage the FSAH brand equity through            managing larger funding allocation
                                                                                                                                                          esteemed partners and affiliates.                           11. T he programme is geographically isolated from possible
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           partners, funders and arts and health practitioners,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           limiting scope of activity or making it costly.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      12. H ealth campaigning fatigue.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      13. T he arts have certain class and power signifiers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           embedded in the perception of the community that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           needs to be navigated.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      14. A rts and health is currently a small sector, with little
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           funds available for sustainable practice for artists who
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           wish to solely work in arts and health.

14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Die Portret (2019).
APPENDIX: A                                         APPENDIX: B
             National governmental objectives to support         he World Health Organization Profiles
             growth in the cultural sector (2017):               South African’s Health Profile as follow:

             1. Identifying areas where employment              1. Average Life Expectancy of 62.5 years in
                creation is possible on a large scale as a          2015 (+/- 10% increase since 2005).
                result of substantial changes in conditions      2. Estimated national HIV prevalence of 17.3%
                in South Africa and globally.                       of the population (No decline since 2005).
             2. Developing a policy package to facilitate       3. The highest tuberculosis instance in the
                employment creation in these areas, above           world (834 infections per 100 000 people)
                all through:                                        with a treatment success rate of 78%.
                a: A comprehensive drive to enhance both         4. High prevalence of HPV
                social equity and competitiveness                   (Human Papilloma Virus).
                b: Systemic changes to mobilise domestic         5. Comparatively high neo-natal and
                investment around activities that can create        maternal morbidity and mortality.
                sustainable employment                           6. 40% of mortality ascribed to premature,
                c: Strong social dialogue to focus all              non-communicable conditions.
                stakeholders on encouraging growth in            7. 9% Mortality related to accidents
                employment-creating activities                      and violence.
             3. Tourism and other high level services are       8. Significant substance abuse problems
                identified as a priority area to create jobs,       contributing to interpersonal and
                through a series of partnerships between            domestic violence, sexual assault and
                the state and the private sector. The cultural      road traffic injuries, with alcohol abuse
                and creative industries will contribution to        rating third in threats to public health.
                the creation of jobs in this priority area.      9. Highest tobacco use statistics on the
             4. The strategy and proposed interventions            continent of 16.2 %.
                of the Department of Arts and Culture to         10. Population is polarized between
                develop the creative and cultural industries          starvation and obesity. With 25%
                focus on:                                             prevalence rate of obesity and 50% +
                a: General continuity and introduction                of South African being overweight.6
                of newinitiatives, as far as possible
                recognising, building on, expanding and
                scaling-up significantly existing initiatives.
                b: Identification and development of
                talent through ensuring appropriate skills
                development to develop excellence in the
                arts, culture and heritage sector.
                c: Facilitating expansion and growth of
                existing initiatives in the culture and
                creative industries to create large scale
                and high impact programmes, maximizing
                the growth and employment potential
                                                                     5 Contribution of the Arts, Culture and Heritage
                of the sector.                                     Sector to the new growth path. 2012. Department
                d: Expansion and co-ordination of supply            of Arts and Culture. Mzansi Global Economy. SA.
                and demand in the sector.                        Viewed 06/07/2017
                to match demand.
                                                                   6. World Health Organization. 2017. World Health
                f: Monitoring and evaluation to guide             Organisation. South Africa: Country Health Profile.
                investment and co-ordination of current and         Viewed 16/08/2019 

15                                                                                                                      Parallel to Pandemic Condom Campaign (#Wrapitup) (2016).
APPENDIX: C                                       The Vrystaat Arts Festival in one of our key        7. KOVSIE HEALTH:
             – PARTNERSHIP NETWORK                             strategic partners, in a bilateral partnership      Kovsie Health is the colloquial name of the
             1. DADAA:                                         with DADAA who provides resources,                  Health and Wellness Center of the University
             DADAA is a not-for-profit community arts and      mentorship, networking support, platforms           of the Free State. They provide health services
             cultural development organisation. Based          and seed funding to FSAH.                           to staff and students. Aspiring to be an
             in Fremantle (Australia), they have been a                                                            international centre of excellence in holistic
             catalyst for the development of an inclusive      3. UNIVERSITY OF THE FREE STATE:                    student population health, they provide
             approach to the arts and culture of Western       The University of the Free State is a multi-        innovative approaches to campus health
             Australia for the past 20 years. DADAA is a       campus public university in Bloemfontein. The       service delivery. The department is divided
             not-for-profit community arts and cultural        university supports several endeavours of the       into three main subdivisions that focus on
             development organisation. They have been a        FSAH Programme by contributing access to its        Wellbeing, HIV/AIDS and Health.
             catalyst for the development of an inclusive      professional networks, brain trust and expertise
             approach to the arts and culture of Western       across numerous departments and disciplines.        8. PROGRAMME FOR INNOVATION IN
             Australia for the past 20 years.                  The following departments have played a             ARTFORM DEVELOPMENT (PIAD)
                                                               significant role in the success of the programme.   The Programme for Innovation in Artform
             DADAA provides international platforms,                                                               Development (PIAD) is an initiative developed
             financial support and mentorship support          4. DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY                          by the Vrystaat Arts Festival and the
             to FSAH. Furthermore, DADAA is actively           ENGAGEMENT:                                         University of the Free State (UFS), focusing
             involved in the professional development          The Department of Community Engagement              on how technology, interdisciplinary, and
             functions of the programme and makes their        “demonstrates social responsibility and             experimental arts can connect with and have
             network available to support it.                  make[s] available expertise and infrastructure      an impact.
                                                               for community service programmes in the
             2. VRYSTAAT ARTS FESTIVAL:                        commitment towards common good.” They
             The Vrystaat Arts Festival contributes to         promote and develop social responsibility and
             the exchange of ideas around art, culture,        awareness among students, and enhance
             and society through connections with              the role of higher education in social and
             other national and international creative         economic development through community
             communities. Its vision is centred on the         service programmes.7
             principle of ‘One festival, many stories,’ and
             its mission is to support the development and     5. UFS GALLERY:
             presentation of great art in the Free State for   The UFS Gallery archives various prominent
             all: bringing people together, supporting great   South African artworks in several galleries
             art, developing artists and audiences, driving    on campus. The collection is significant for
             innovation, and playing on the world stage.       archiving our South African cultural heritage
                                                               and our unique cultural and historical identity.
             Several initiatives (in addition to the main      It has, for the past three decades, hosted
             festival consisting of theatre, visual arts,      numerous national and international art
             and music) were identified as priorities,         exhibitions, student exhibitions, and social        7. University of the Free State. 2000-2019. University
             including the Programme for Innovation in         justice programmes.8                                        of the Free State. Department of Community
                                                                                                                            Engagement. Viewed 16/08/2019 
             fringe festival (Vrynge) for emerging artists,    The Department of Community Health serves
             significant public art interventions, an Arts     the community as our patients through service       8. University of the Free State. 2000-2019. University
             and health programme, and a Pan-African           delivery, training and research in the field             of the Free State. Stegmann Art Gallery. Viewed
             Creative Exchange (PACE).                         of communicable and non- communicable                      16/08/2019 
                                                               disease, epidemiology, occupational and
             Collectively, these initiatives aim to increase   environmental health. The department                9. University of the Free State. 2000-2019. University
             the creative industries’ footprint in the Free    contributes to healthy local, provincial, and                of the Free State. Department of Community
             State, create employment opportunities for        national populations, in which all sectors of           Engagement. Viewed 16/08/2019 
             as one of the key creative hubs of Africa.        public knowledge and available resources.9

051 404 7715
REA MOKONE: Free State Arts and Health Progamme Manager
051 404 7647
GEORGINA THOMSON: Marketing and Development Manager
051 404 7947

                                                          Meraka at the Art Garden Project, Roodewal (2019).
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