BUSINESS PLAN Port Hope Police Service 2018-2020

BUSINESS PLAN Port Hope Police Service 2018-2020
Port Hope Police Service
     2 018-2020
        Public Safety & Well-being
   Engagement & Community Outreach
• Core Policing • Organizational Excellence
BUSINESS PLAN Port Hope Police Service 2018-2020
BUSINESS PLAN Port Hope Police Service 2018-2020
2018-2020 Business Plan • Our Vision   1

An innovative, responsive and
sustainable police service committed
to organizational excellence.

Integrity, Fairness, Engagement,
Teamwork, Inclusiveness, Accountability.

Dedication to ensuring the safety and
security of the community through:
• engagement and partnerships;
• innovative and adaptive
   procedures and actions;
• timely response; and
• commitment to the core
   values of the organization.
BUSINESS PLAN Port Hope Police Service 2018-2020
2   2018-2020 Business Plan • Message from the Board and Chief of Police

Jeff Gilmer, Board Chair

                              The Port Hope Police Services Board (The Board) is pleased to present
                              the 2018-2020 Business Plan for the Port Hope Police Service (PHPS).
                              This plan is reflective of the collaborative efforts of the Board, PHPS
                              and community members. As outlined in the Police Services Act, busi-
                              ness planning is required to ensure that the PHPS continues to deliver
                              traditional community based policing services. The Board conducted a
                              comprehensive consultation process and community members consis-
                              tently identified that they would like more defined engagement with the
                              PHPS. The plan contains straightforward goals with a clear emphasis
                              on increased engagement with the community, and in consideration of
                              several impending legislative changes surrounding policing. The Board
                              is confident that the PHPS will remain dedicated to ensuring the safety
                              and security of the residents of Port Hope.

Bryant Wood, Chief of Police

                              As we move into the third year in our new modern facility, and I start my
                              fourth year as your Chief of Police, I reflect upon all of the great things
                              accomplished by the Port Hope Police Service during the 2015-2017
                              Business Plan cycle. We were successful in meeting the priorities laid
                              out in the Plan 2015-2017 by aligning our focus with the issues that
                              matter most to the people of Port Hope and by keeping abreast of polic-
                              ing trends and regulations throughout Canada. We have been serving
                              this community since 1834 and value the very meaningful bond with
                              our citizens, business owners and stakeholders. We are proud of our
                              long history and look forward as we continue to evolve and modernize
                              to meet the needs of Port Hope today and for the future. We are con-
                              tinuously working towards meaningful engagement of our officers with
                              citizens. Whether it be through community events, basketball games
                              with youth or our Community Liaison Officer’s work in area schools; we
                              are increasingly providing a pro-active presence in our community. I wel-
                              come you to review our new business plan. All the best.
BUSINESS PLAN Port Hope Police Service 2018-2020
2018-2020 Business Plan • Table of Contents      3


   Message from the Board and Chief of Police.............................2
   Glossary of Terms...........................................................................4
   Port Hope—About our Community..................................................5
   The Business Planning Process.....................................................6
   Phase I—Regulatory Requirement................................................7
   Phase II—Community Consultation................................................8
   Phase III—Internal Consultation .....................................................9
   2018—2020 Plan: Public Safety and Well-being...........................10
   2018—2020 Plan: Engagement and Community Outreach...........11
   2018—2020 Plan: Core Policing ..................................................12
   2018—2020 Plan: Organizational Excellence ..............................13
   Reflections on the 2015—2017 Business Plan ........................14-15
   Acknowledgments ........................................................................16
   Contacting the PHPS or the Board................................................17
BUSINESS PLAN Port Hope Police Service 2018-2020
4       2018-2020 Business Plan • Glossary of Terms


    PHPS 			                  Port Hope Police Service

    The Board			              Port Hope Police Services Board

    MCSCS 			                 Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services

    The Municipality		        Municipality of Port Hope

    OPP				Northumberland detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police

    Police Services Act       Police Services Act, Revised Statutes of Ontario (R.S.O.) 1990, c. P.15

    O.Reg 3/99 			            Ontario Regulation 3/99 Adequacy and Effectiveness of Police Services
BUSINESS PLAN Port Hope Police Service 2018-2020
2018-2020 Business Plan • About our Community        5


The Municipality of Port Hope is nestled amongst the rolling hills of Northumberland County on the
shores of Lake Ontario. It is located approximately 100 kilometers east of Toronto and 160 kilometers west
of Kingston. Spanning 279 square kilometers, the Municipality is comprised of both rural and urban commu-
nities, with a combined population of approximately 16,750. The rural portion of the Municipality is policed
by the OPP and the urban portion, the PHPS. The Board is one of the few boards in the province providing
civilian oversight of both a municipal police service and the OPP.

          12,587                                    7                              40,000
                                                                                 sq ft new industrial
            urban                               community                          development
          population*                            schools                            business park

   According to *2016 Census            The Municipality has four           Industrial and manufactur-
   data, the Municipality has           public elementary schools           ing operations continue to
   experienced a 3.3% growth            and one public high school          expand in Port Hope. The
   in population since 2011. This       all overseen by the Kawar-          municipal business park has
   is largely attributed to growth      tha Pine Ridge District             witnessed new growth with
   from the Greater Toronto Area        School Board. There is              a number of the lots within
   as well as to the quiet appeal       also one Roman Catholic             the park being developed for
   that the community offers.           elementary school, which is         industry. Existing industries
   The Municipality is equal-           overseen by the Peterbor-           continue to grow and include
   ly populated with females            ough Victoria Northumber-           plans to expand and contin-
   (51.7%) and males (48.3%);           land and Clarington Catholic        ue hiring practices. Recently,
   and the majority of the              District School Board. There        Port Hope has witnessed a
   population is aged between           is also one private school          renaissance in filming with
   15-64 (61.8%).                       that offers day programs            numerous television and
                                        or boarding for students in         movie companies complet-
                                        grades 5 through 12.                ing projects.
BUSINESS PLAN Port Hope Police Service 2018-2020
6     2018-2020 Business Plan • The Business Planning Process


Under the Police Services Act, the Ministry                               PHASE I
of Community Safety and Correctional Ser-                                 Regulatory
vices (MCSCS) provides a framework for
core policing requirements of all municipal
police services in Ontario. One key function
of a police services board is to work with the
Chief of Police and community members to pre-
pare a three-year business plan. Accordingly,
the Board has developed this plan for the urban                           PHASE II
portion of the Municipality of Port Hope.                                 Community
While the business plan provides strategic
direction, the PHPS must have the ability to
adapt to emerging issues. The plan addresses
this necessary flexibility.

As outlined to the right, the Board took a three
                                                                          PHASE III
phase approach to the development of the plan.                            Internal

Left to Right: John Hudson (Municipal Appointee), Greg Burns (Council Appointee), Jeff Gilmer,
Chair (Provincial Appointee), Doug Prendergast, Vice-Chair (Provincial Appointee), and Les An-
drews (Council Appointee)
BUSINESS PLAN Port Hope Police Service 2018-2020
2018-2020 Business Plan • Phase I-Regulatory Requirement      7

Regulatory Requirement

Ontario Regulation 3/99: Adequacy and Effectiveness of Police Services (O.Reg 3/99) outlines the
administrative requirements of police services and police services boards. It also specifies that busi-
ness planning address information technology (IT), resource planning, facilities and provision of adequate
and effective service.

  The business plan must also provide measurable performance objectives relating to:

  • Community-based crime prevention initiatives
  • Community patrol
  • Criminal investigation services
  • Community satisfaction with the police service
  • Emergency calls for service
  • Violent, property and youth crime rates and
    clearance rates
  • Assistance to victims of crime
  • Road safety

From consultations with the community and the PHPS, the Board developed objectives that meet the re-
quirements of the MCSCS and address community concerns. The Board worked closely with Senior Admin-
istration to create objectives that are measurable and meaningful.
BUSINESS PLAN Port Hope Police Service 2018-2020
8         2018-2020 Business Plan • Phase II–Community Consultation

      PHASE II
      Community Consultation

As required under Sections 30 through 32 of O.Reg 3/99, every police services board must consult with
community members (as defined in the regulation) in preparation of a business plan for the police service in
the community it serves. The Board undertook the community consultation process outlined below. Results
were generally positive and identified that citizens are satisfied with the PHPS and feel safe in Port Hope.

      •   An “Ask the Chief” session in October 2016:–
          urban residents were invited to meet with Chief
          Wood in a question and answer format
      •   Public survey: urban residents had the opportu-
          nity to complete an online survey (paper copies
          were also made available) focused on measur-
          ing satisfaction with the PHPS, perception of
          community safety and identifying community
          priorities for policing.
      •   Focus groups: the Board hosted two focus
          groups for senior citizens to determine per-
          ception of community safety and priorities for
      •   School administrator and youth surveys: a sur-
          vey for each group that sought to identify per-
          ceptions of police interactions with youth and
          policing issues for youth
      •   Community partners survey: an online survey
          for organizations in the community that was de-
          signed to increase understanding of the PHPS’
          interactions with an organization’s staff/volun-
          teers and the people who access their services
      •   Business sector survey: the survey was de-
          signed to ascertain business owner/operator

People consistently expressed a desire for more defined police visibility and partnerships with community
service providers. Specific initiatives or priorities identified during these consultations are outlined throughout
the plan. The Board prepared a compilation of consultation results which can be obtained on the PHPSB
website or by contacting the Board office.
2018-2020 Business Plan • Phase III-Internal Consultation       9

Internal Consultation

As outlined in the Police Services Act, the
Board provides governance oversight of the
PHPS. Operations are managed by the Chief
of Police and a senior management team.                                     engagement
The Board offered an anonymous survey to
uniformed and civilian members of the Port
Hope Police Association to ascertain their in-
sight on what people working on the ground
felt was important relative to policing in this
                                                      community                                      Training
community.                                             presence        IDENTIFIED AS
PHPS officers and civilians identified com-                              to policing in
munity engagement, training, organizational                             this community
excellence, and employee well-being as
priorities and expressed a desire to increase
presence through involvement with commu-
nity groups and at local events. Officer en-
gagement reflected the pride that the PHPS                     Employee                  Organizational
have in serving this community and in creat-                   well-being                 excellence
ing a long term sustainable organization.
10      2018-2020 Business Plan • Public Safety and Well-Being

   2018-2020 PLAN:
   Public Safety and Well-Being

The priority of the PHPS is to ensure that Port Hope remains a safe and secure community. PHPS has
established inter-sectoral partnerships with social service organizations that provide resources and individ-
ual support. Police services across the province have identified an increase in the number of calls involving
mental health crises. Police officers are first responders in these situations and maintain up to date training
to help them identify appropriate action including de-escalation strategies. The service will continue to build
on these partnerships, providing ongoing officer training and enhancement of community presence.

Focus groups identified that while respondents felt safe in Port Hope, they would like to see increased efforts
at improving road safety. While Port Hope has traditionally been a very safe community for motorists and
pedestrians, a traffic enforcement plan is being developed that will include routine speed checks and identifi-
cation of traffic trends to help ensure resources are deployed effectively.

   Healthy Community
   • Work with Northumberland Hills Hospital to develop and implement a memorandum of under-
     standing designed to help reduce wait times for mental health related calls
   • Invest in technology so that officers can more effectively respond to calls involving persons
     experiencing mental health crises
   • Ensure all officers are trained in successful de-escalation techniques and crisis intervention,
     (PHPS to track the number of mental health calls and descalations)
   • Continue building on relationships between officers and seniors in the community (visiting and
     providing information to seniors)
   • Enhance communication with residents regarding scams/frauds

   Support victims of crime (violent, fraud, property)
   • Actively engage community partners to enhance support to victims
   • Assist victims in obtaining appropriate support via agencies and services
   • Continue assisting the Crown pre and post resolution of criminal matters
   • Encourage the reporting of crime

   Road Safety
   • Implement road safety measures based on statistical data that identifies areas where problems
     have historically occurred
   • Continue efforts to educate the public on traffic safety (such as the dangers of speeding) use of
     hand held devices, impaired driving, pedestrian and bicycle safety
   • Provide quarterly updates on motor vehicle collisions through website.
2018-2020 Business Plan • Engagement and Community Outreach             11

2018-2020 PLAN:
Engagement and Community Outreach

The PHPS continues to adapt to the changing landscape of policing. Although still strongly bound to tradi-
tional core policing responsibilities (as discussed later in this plan), there is also a heightened awareness of
complex social realities. As first responders, police officers require the tools to quickly assess situations and
ensure appropriate deployment of resources. This requires officers have an understanding of community
outreach programs.

The PHPS is developing an enhanced engagement strategy that aims to increase officer presence in the
community. The plan will formalize partnerships with organizations that serve and support community mem-
bers and businesses. The Chief is committed to offering opportunities for regular discourse between himself
and community members.

In formalizing its engagement and community outreach processes, the PHPS intends to gain greater insight
into social programs available in the region. This will assist in giving officers better opportunity to align peo-
ple with appropriate resources.

   • Directed foot patrols/patrols (downtown and neighbourhoods)
   • Development of an enhanced community engagement strategy to improve relationships and
      public awareness
   • “Ask the Chief” sessions semi-annually

   Community Partners
   • Collaborate with community partners (examples are noted in the acknowledgments) to ensure
     that all parties understand available programs and services
   • The enhanced community engagement strategy will be designed to strengthen customer ser-
     vice interactions

   Community Services
   • Participation at community events
   • Presentations about crime proofing, frauds, scams and cybercrime to: seniors, community groups,
     and local business
   • Presentations focused on cyber-bullying and the dangers of elicit drug use to students and youth
   • Partner with the Municipality, Heritage Business Improvement Area and Chamber of Commerce to
     address concerns of business owners
12       2018-2020 Business Plan • Core Policing

     2018-2020 PLAN:
     Core Policing

Core police work conducted in the public realm is typically transactional – meaning, police are called to
respond to a real or perceived threat to personal/public safety. It requires continuous training, the ability
to quickly assess situations and an understanding of the community. Behind the scenes, the PHPS works
diligently to understand the underlying causes of criminal behaviour. The PHPS has developed long stand-
ing partnerships with the OPP and all neighbouring municipal police services, which enables each service
to exchange intelligence, take part in joint initiatives, share resources and analyze trends. The service has a
defined training matrix that ensures officers are adequately trained and positioned to comply with any case
management requirements.

The PHPS anticipates two significant changes to legislation over the course of this business plan:
the legalization, regulation and restriction of access to cannabis; and the modernization of the Police
Services Act.

     Environmental Scan
     • Work with other police services, provincial organizations and the MCSCS to understand
       emerging crime and safety trends and how they are being addressed
     • Monitor statistics to identify trends that may lead to other types of criminal behavior

     Best Practices in Criminal Investigation
     • Maintain high level of investigation capabilities and due diligence through training and skills
     • Support the Municipality in continued enforcement of regulations associated with fishing in the
       Ganaraska River

     • Pending modernization of the Police Services Act
     • Pending decriminalization of cannabis
     • Amendments to federal, provincial and municipal legislation, pertaining to law enforcement that
        may arise
2018-2020 Business Plan • Organizational Excellence      13

2018-2020 PLAN:
Organizational Excellence

The PHPS has successfully worked to ensure that Port Hope remains a safe community. Key to this
achievement is the continuous improvement of internal processes. Striving to ensure that the service is in a
constant state of self-evaluation has assisted in working towards a balance of effective resource manage-
ment and attainment of well rounded competencies.

Business services within the PHPS are key contributors to revenues that assist in offsetting municipal fund-
ing. Currently, the highest grossing revenue stream for the PHPS is from screening (police record checks).
Other sources of revenue include paid duty, provincial grants and Freedom of Information requests.

The PHPS has a succession management plan that promotes sustainability of the service through strategic
investment in training and in creating opportunities for career advancement and development. As a
collective, the PHPS seeks to ensure that its employees are physically and mentally healthy.

   • Strategic investment in information technology
   • Maintain and modernize equipment

   Service Delivery
   • Ensure all members of the PHPS are professional when interacting with the public (as moni-
      tored through training, supervision, evaluations and feedback)
   • Maintain confidence in the public complaints process through accountability in management
      and governance oversight

   Fiscal Responsibility and Business Services
   • Work within the budget parameters set by the Board
   • Continue to explore opportunities to maintain and grow the screening business, which funds
      capital purchases and contributes to policing reserves
   • Prudent deployment of resources

   Well-Being of the organization
   • Providing support for members’ physical and mental well-being (participation in the Municipality’s
     wellness committee, “Road to Mental Health Readiness” peer to peer support training, employee
     assistance programs, establishing a positive work environment, etc.)
   • Succession management planning (promotions and recruitment)
14      2018-2020 Business Plan • Reflections on the 2015-2017 Business Plan

     REFLECTIONS ON THE 2015 – 2017

The 2015-2017 business plan presented three key areas of focus for the PHPS: Effective Service,
Community Engagement and Mobilization, and Organizational Excellence. From these key areas,
there were objectives and performance measures that outlined the specific goals of the business

The Board and PHPS have maintained a relationship reflecting mutual respect. The PHPS provides the
Board with regular updates on achievements/challenges and works with the Board to address opportunities
for improvement. The Board was satisfied with how the PHPS addressed the objectives outlined in the 2015-
2017 business plan. Through enhanced training, focused community engagement and community part-
nerships, the PHPS was able to contribute to keeping Port Hope a safe place to live, work and play. Some
highlights include:

•    Participation in the Situation       •   Collaborating with the OPP       •   Implementation of a training
     Table – community partners,              and Victim Services of Nor-          agreement with Cameco
     health care providers and police         thumberland and Peterborough         Corporation. It outlines the
     officers who meet to develop             to establish a Voluntary Vulner-     joint development of training
     strategies for assisting individ-        able Person Registry. The reg-       plans to improve coordina-
     uals and families at risk. Each          istry provides police services       tion and communication be-
     situation is addressed individu-         with key information, such as        tween the two organizations.
     ally with the goal of linking peo-       detailed physical descriptions,      In addition, the agreement
     ple with community resources,            behavioural patterns and iden-       spells out the response con-
     thereby redirecting them from            tified needs of persons who          tingency plans to ensure the
     the criminal justice system.             may present a danger to them-        effectiveness of a combined
                                              selves or others                     response.

Over the course of the business plan, the PHPS has continued to increase its visibility in the community.
Participation in initiatives such as the Situation Table, Vulnerable Persons Registry, and Safe Communities

    The Situation Table works to assist individuals and families with complex needs
2018-2020 Business Plan • Reflections on the 2015-2017 Business Plan            15

Northumberland has assisted in further building on partnerships with service providers in the community.
Through regular visits to local schools and participation in outreach activities, the community liaison officer
builds bridges between youth and the police. Police presence with youth typically assists in diverting be-
haviours by promoting self-worth and community pride. The community liaison officer also routinely visits
area senior residences to increase awareness of scams and frauds.

•   A key activity over the course of the three year period was tak-
    ing possession of the new police facility                               MP Lou Rinaldi recognizes
•   PHPS officers significantly increased their foot patrols by at          Constable Barr and Constable
    least 25% annually. They continue to provide a strong presence          Stout on their Outstanding Police
    at community events.                                                    Service Award.
                                                                            *Photo credit Northumberland News
•   Ratification of a four year collective agreement with the uniform
    and civilian members of the Port Hope Police Association.
•   Continuous review of directives (procedures) and skills
•   Social media presence continues to increase. The PHPS
    issues press releases several times throughout the week, and
    actively posts warnings about threats such as frauds or scams
    on Facebook and Twitter.
•   In 2015, Constable Staples was recognized at Fleming
    College’s Outstanding Police service award ceremony for her
    exemplary engagment with community members.
•   Constable Barr and Constable Stont received Fleming
    College’s Outstanding Police Service Award in 2017 for their
    successful de-escalation of a situation involving someone who
    was suicidal.
16       2018-2020 Business Plan • Acknowledgments


The Board and PHPS recognize the invaluable services that many organizations provide to people in need.
These organizations assist in diverting people from the criminal justice system and in supporting them
through difficult periods. The Board wishes to acknowledge the following organizations for their contribution
to the 2018-2020 Business Plan:
   Access Community Services Inc.                           Northumberland County-
                                                            Community and Social Services
   Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northumberland
                                                            Northumberland Family Respite Services
   Christian Horizons
                                                            Northumberland Hills Hospital -
   Community Care Access Centre –                           Community Mental Health Services
   Central East
                                                            Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and
   Community Care Northumberland                            Correctional Services - Probation and
   Community Living-West Northumberland                     Parole Services
   Cornerstone Family Violence                              Ontario Addiction Treatment Centre – Port
   Prevention Centre                                        Hope Clinic
   FourCAST Addiction Services                              Port Hope Northumberland Community
   Green Wood Coalition                                     Health Centre
   Highland Shores Children’s Aid                           Rebound Child and Youth Services
   Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre                           Salvation Army Community
                                                            and Family Services
   Kinark Child and Family Services
                                                            Transition House Coalition
   Ministry of the Attorney General,
   Crown Attorney’s Office                                  Tri-County Community Support Services
   Northumberland Community                                 Victim Services Peterborough
   Counseling Centre                                        Northumberland

And also to the following individuals and groups for providing assistance during the consultation process
and in developing the plan:
   Residents                                                Municipality of Port Hope Marketing Staff
   Ashley Strikwerda, Graphic and Web Designer              Northumberland News
   with The Municipality of Port Hope
                                                            Town Park Recreation Centre
   Police crest - Mark White with Reflections Glass         and youth participants
   and Accessories
                                                            School administrators in Port Hope
   Roseglen Village for Seniors
                                                            David Sheffield, Green Wood Coalition
   Ruth Clarke Centre and participants
                                                            Heritage Business Improvement Area
   Officer Tammy Staples,
   PHPS Community Liaison Officer                           Port Hope and
                                                            District Chamber of Commerce
2018-2020 Business Plan • Contact the Service or Board   17


              If you require immediate assistance, please call 9-1-1.

              To submit a general inquiry, a request for police screening (for employment, volunteer work or otherwise) or
              a request under the Freedom of Information Act, please contact the PHPS during regular business hours.

                           Port Hope Police Service
                           55 Fox Road
                           Port Hope, ON L1A 3V5
                           (905) 885-8123
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                           Port Hope Police Services Board
                           55 Fox Road
                           Port Hope, ON
                           (905) 885-8123 ext. 245

                           Board Mailing Address:
                           56 Queen St.
                           Port Hope, ON L1A 3Z9
Port Hope Police Service
Port Hope Police Services Board
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