Careers in the health sector: What's new? - Alan Simmons Careers Specialist, Health Careers - Prospects Events

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Careers in the health sector: What's new? - Alan Simmons Careers Specialist, Health Careers - Prospects Events
Careers in the health sector: What’s new?
                  Alan Simmons
         Careers Specialist, Health Careers
Careers in the health sector: What's new? - Alan Simmons Careers Specialist, Health Careers - Prospects Events

 Background/context
 Patient journey
 Getting in
 Trends, changes and new roles
 Resources from Health Careers
 Using the NHS Jobs website
Careers in the health sector: What's new? - Alan Simmons Careers Specialist, Health Careers - Prospects Events
               context   @HealthCareersUK
Careers in the health sector: What's new? - Alan Simmons Careers Specialist, Health Careers - Prospects Events
This figure
                                                            includes NHS staff
                                                            in Wales, Scotland
                                                               and Northern
                                                                Ireland too   @HealthCareersUK
Careers in the health sector: What's new? - Alan Simmons Careers Specialist, Health Careers - Prospects Events
                  NURSES, MIDWIVES &
                      PARAMEDICS!   @HealthCareersUK
Careers in the health sector: What's new? - Alan Simmons Careers Specialist, Health Careers - Prospects Events
Staff in the NHS 2017 (approximately!)

                           Support to doctors &
                             nurses (eg HCAs,                        Doctors & dentists
                                 admin)                                     9%
  Healthcare scientist &           23%
  AHP support staff (eg
   therapy assistants,
           5%                                                                               Nurses & midwives
  Support to ambulance
     staff (eg HCAs,
     maintenance )

  Central functions (HR,
      finance etc)                                                                    Healthcare scientists
            9%                                                                                4%

                                                                                Allied health
    Health informatics                                                        professions (AHPs)
            2%             Hotel, property                 Qualifed
                                             Managers                                 9%
                             & estates                   ambulance staff
                                 5%            3%
                                                              2%                          @HealthCareersUK      
Careers in the health sector: What's new? - Alan Simmons Careers Specialist, Health Careers - Prospects Events
His friend dials 999 &
          Danny’s                     Danny
                                                                                speaks to an
          playing                     falls &
                                                                            emergency medical
     Example of a patient journey
          football                  injures his
                                                                              despatcher, who
                                                                               despatches an

                                                                  Take him to                           Paramedic &
                     Porter helps                                    A&E
                       transport                                                                      emergency care
                                                                  department                          assistant assess
                      Danny into                                    of local
                     the building                                                                         situation

                                                                       Triage nurse
                                                                       gets second
  Danny’s                           Triage nurse
                                                                        opinion of                         They arrange
 details are
recorded by
                               Example of a patient journey
                                    assesses his
                                                                        emergency                            an X-ray
                                                                         medicine                           taken by a
receptionist                                                              doctor                            diagnostic

                            And a
                                                                  A                  His leg is
                                                            phlebotomist            broken and
                         scientist in
                                                             takes some                needs
                        the path lab
                                                                blood                 surgery
                        checks it out

    Danny has
surgery. The team
                                                   Porter                             Danny’s cared
   includes an
                                                   takes                                 for by a
                                                   Danny                                children’s
                                                   to the                             nurse & HCA
anaesthetist, ODP,
 theatre nurse, &                                   ward
Careers in the health sector: What's new? - Alan Simmons Careers Specialist, Health Careers - Prospects Events
Clean                             Before he’s
 He has
                                          laundry from                        discharged, his
     Example of a patient journey
by a chef
                                            linen and
                                          laundry staff                      surgeon sees him
                                                                                on the ward

                                  He sees a                                                           He’s then
                               physiotherapist                                                      transported
                                 at home for                                                        home by an
                                  follow up                                                       ambulance care
                                rehabilitation                                                     assistant from
                                  treatment                                                            the PTS

                                                                                    The GP
                                                  He sees                        prescribes
  But Danny’s                                    his GP and
   still in pain                                                                  him some
                                                     the                         medication
 and goes back                                    practice
 to his doctors’                                                                   from the
                                                    nurse                        pharmacist

              A few weeks                                 An occupational                       A few days later,
             later, Danny’s                               therapy support                       the district nurse
            playing football                              worker visits to                      comes to remove
                 again!                                      check he’s                            his stitches
Careers in the health sector: What's new? - Alan Simmons Careers Specialist, Health Careers - Prospects Events
Examples of staff that Danny didn’t see
           Staff that Danny saw               but who contributed to his ‘patient

 paramedic                                emergency medical despatcher
 emergency care assistant                 biomedical scientists
 porter                                   chefs
 receptionist                             linen and laundry staff
 triage nurse                             security staff
 emergency medicine doctor                gardeners
 diagnostic radiographer                  IT staff
 phlebotomist                             estates maintenance staff
 orthopaedic surgeon                      clinical scientist in radiation safety
 anaesthetist                              physics
 operating department practitioner        managers
 theatre nurse                            accountants
 health care assistant                    human resources staff
 children’s nurse                         communications and PR staff
 ambulance care assistant                 health informatics staff
 physiotherapist                          librarians
 GP (general practitioner)                decontamination science staff
 practice nurse
 pharmacist
 district nurse
 occupational therapy support worker
Careers in the health sector: What's new? - Alan Simmons Careers Specialist, Health Careers - Prospects Events
Since Health & Social Care Act 2012…

                                    NHS Acute (hospital) or
                                    other NHS organisation

                                    Private healthcare

                                    Social Enterprise/
                                    Community Interest
Clinical Commissioning Group        Company
GP           GP
  Nurse            Other


GP           GP      GP
Getting in   @HealthCareersUK
Enter at different levels
 (depending on the job)

       Through an apprenticeship/job/training
     After a course at a further education college
      By taking an approved university degree
                    After a degree
     After experience gained outside of the NHS   @HealthCareersUK
Apprenticeship vacancies* in the NHS
 (examples) in the last 3 months

                                                   Apprentice healthcare support
Healthcare apprentice           Sheffield                                                 Torquay

Apprentice web developer        Rotherham          Apprentice electrician                 Birmingham

Nurse degree apprenticeship     Morecambe Bay      Apprentice specialist rehabilitation
                                                   engineer (degree apprenticeship)

Apprentice medical
                                East Sussex        Occupational therapy assistant
engineering technician                                                                    Chesterfield

Healthcare science assistant
                                Taunton            Apprentice nursery nurse               London

Apprentice clinical support                        Non clinical apprenticeships –
                                Leeds                                                     Cheshire
worker                                             gardener; painter & decorator

Apprentice assistant                               Healthcare science practitioner
                                Norfolk            apprenticeship (neurophysiology)       Salford
management accountant
                                                   (level 6)

                           *As advertised on NHS Jobs
               Candidates should also search on the National Apprenticeships website:
Undergraduate opportunities
Opportunities at university (clinical)

   Dental hygiene*                              Medicine**
   Dental technology                            Midwifery
   Dental therapy*                              Nursing
   Dietetics                                    Occupational therapy
   Dentistry**                                  Orthoptics
   Environmental health                         Operating department practice
   Healthcare science (audiology)               Paramedic science
   Healthcare science (blood sciences,          Pharmacy
    cellular sciences, infection sciences)       Physiotherapy
 Healthcare science (cardiac physiology)  Podiatry/chiropody
 Healthcare science (clinical engineering)  Prosthetics and orthotics
 Healthcare science (genetics science)      Radiography – therapeutic & diagnostic
 Healthcare science (medical physics)       Speech & language therapy
   Healthcare science (neurophysiology)
   Healthcare science (respiratory & sleep
    sciences)             @HealthCareersUK
Opportunities for graduates
(brief and in general terms!)
Opportunities for graduates – clinical
    Scientist Training Programme (STP) (8,000+ applicants for c280 places)
    Trainee biomedical scientists (few posts now, STP & PTP main routes to pathology)
    Physician associate training
    Arts therapists (music, drama & art therapy)
    Psychologists – (clinical, counselling, forensic, health areas), psychological
     wellbeing practitioners
    Accelerated/shortened (by way of APEL) programmes for graduates:
       Dentistry**
       Dietetics*
       Environmental health
       Medicine**
       Nursing*
       Occupational therapy*
       Physiotherapy*
       Radiography* (therapeutic and diagnostic)
       Speech & language therapy*        @HealthCareersUK
Opportunities for graduates - non-clinical

    Graduate Management Training Scheme (any degree discipline). Six streams:
          Financial management                                     For entry in 2018,
                                                                     around 17,800
          General management                                          applicants.
          Human resource management                                No. of places on
                                                                      scheme to be
          Informatics management                                  confirmed (in 2017,
                                                                     there were 132
          Policy and strategy management (new in 2017)
          Health analysis (new in 2017)
    Other “non-scheme” opportunities e.g.:
          Health informatics (e.g. librarians, statisticians)
          Operational management
          Engineering etc.             @HealthCareersUK
Will you fit in?
    If you apply for a job or apprenticeship vacancy with
   the NHS, or a university course with placements in the
    NHS, you’ll need to show how you think the values of
     the NHS Constitution apply in your everyday work:

             Do you have what it takes? If you’re applying for a
               support role in the NHS, try the E-values tool:
Trends, changes
   and new roles   @HealthCareersUK
Apprenticeship update as at Feb 2018
Standards approved for delivery include:                   Standards in development include:
                  LEVEL 6                                                    LEVEL 7
              Registered nurse                                             Arts therapist
       Healthcare science practitioner                                 Physicians associate

                  LEVEL 5                                                    LEVEL 6
              Nursing associate                                 Diagnostic radiographer (degree)
              Dental technician                                          Dietitian (degree)
            HR consultant/partner                                Occupational therapist (degree)
                                                           Operating department practitioner (degree)
                  LEVEL 4
                                                                     Physiotherapist (degree)
      Associate ambulance practitioner
                                                                       Paramedic (degree)
                 Data analyst
                                                                        Podiatrist (degree)
        Healthcare science associate
                                                               Psychological wellbeing practitioner
                  LEVEL 3                                             Social worker (degree)
           Business administrator                           Speech and language therapist (degree)
                Dental nurse                                    Therapeutic radiographer (degree)

   For the latest situation regarding health sector apprenticeships, visit Skills for Health website
         (Healthcare Apprenticeships Standards Online):
Apprenticeship update as at Feb 2018

 Standards being explored include:                               Standards closed (not being
                                                                considered at present) include:
                     LEVEL 7
  Specialist community and public health nurse
                                                                              Health trainer
                     LEVEL 6                                                  Housekeeper
                 Midwife (degree)                                        Ophthalmic technician
                     LEVEL 4
                                                                               Ward clerk
               Orthodontic therapist

                     LEVEL 3
          Clinical simulation technician
Library, information and archive services assistant

      For the latest situation regarding health sector apprenticeships, visit Skills for Health website
            (Healthcare Apprenticeships Standards Online):
Trends, changes and new roles 1/3
 Nursing associate:
   ➢ new role between healthcare assistant and registered nurse
   ➢ regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council
   ➢ piloted in 2016/17 – two intakes of 1,000 associates each (over 8,000
      healthcare support workers applied for a place)
   ➢ pilot scheme - 84% female, 16% male; ages 18-65 (main recruits 24-35);
      95% retention end of Q2; 4% with level 2 qualification, 3% with degree.
   ➢ additional 5,000 NAs to be recruited starting in 2018 (2,500 by April and
      2,500 in September) and further 7,500 in 2019. Will be level 5 apprenticeship
   ➢ current projections - over 45,000 qualified nursing associates by 2027, with
      an expected 17,000 NAs also having completed additional training to
      become registered nurses by this date.
 Medicine 500 additional places at medical school starting in 2018
 Graduate Management Training Scheme will grow to an intake of 500
  per annum by 2021, and 1,000 per annum beyond that.

    Source: Facing the Facts, Shaping the Future: A draft health and care workforce strategy
                 for England to 2027 (Health Education England, December 2017)
Trends, changes and new roles 2/3

 Emergency Department Workforce Plan

    ➢ Around 30% of physician associates work in emergency medicine and current training
       pipeline will increase significantly to 3,200 in 2019.

    ➢ Advanced clinical practitioners (ACPs) will grow as part of emergency team with 135
       paramedics applying recently to be part of the ACP in emergency departments programme.

    ➢ Continue to expand number of medical training posts (in emergency medicine) with 300
       doctors starting training in each of the next four years.

 Genomics 100,000 Genomes Project (announced in 2012), sequences whole genomes in
  individuals with rare diseases and their family members, and in patients with cancer.

    ➢ introducing new genomic medicine service into NHS in October 2018

    ➢ training for 114 clinical scientists on Scientist Training Programme (STP) programmes
       associated with genomic medicine

    ➢ training for 30 genomic medicine Higher Specialist Scientist Training posts

    ➢ 550 Masters in Genomic Medicine places commissioned across 10 universities

     Source: Facing the Facts, Shaping the Future: A draft health and care workforce strategy
                  for England to 2027 (Health Education England, December 2017)
Trends, changes and new roles 3/3

 Mental Health Workforce Plan - 21,000 additional posts needed to deliver the
  specified service improvements. NHS to employ 19,000 new staff across the
  system by 2020 of these:
    ➢ 11,000 will be core clinical professions (e.g. nurses, occupational therapists or

    ➢ 8,000 will be new roles such as peer support workers and personal wellbeing

 Cancer Workforce Plan : 200 new clinical endoscopists and 300 reporting
  radiographers to increase early diagnosis capacity.

 General Practice Forward View: double the growth rate for doctors in general
  practice. By 2020 there will be 5,000 more doctors alongside 5,000 other clinical
  professionals working in primary care

     Source: Facing the Facts, Shaping the Future: A draft health and care workforce strategy
                  for England to 2027 (Health Education England, December 2017)
Do you have a view about the Strategy e.g. about…?

 What measures are needed to secure the staff the system needs for the future;
       and how can actions already under way be made more effective?

 How can we ensure the system more effectively trains, educates and invests in
                      the new and current workforce?

  What more can be done to ensure all staff, starting from the lowest paid, see a
valid and attractive career in the NHS, with identifiable paths and multiple points of
                                  entry and choice?

How can we better ensure the health system meets the needs and aspirations of
                        all communities in England?

What does being a modern, model employer mean to you and how can we ensure
                      the NHS meets those ambitions?

 If you do, please respond by 5.00pm Friday 23 March at:
Examples of routes into nursing in England
                                           Registration with the NMC

    She takes a                                                             He completes a 4-year
    shortened/                                                                 nursing degree           He goes through the
                                               She takes a shortened                                      2-year Nurse First
    accelerated                                                               apprenticeship in
                                                  nursing degree                                             programme in
      full-time                                                             mental health nursing
                                                 apprenticeship in                                         learning disability
  pre-registration                               learning disability
  degree in adult                                                                                       nursing with a view to
                                                      nursing                                            fast track leadership
      nursing          She takes a 3-year                                    He takes an 18-month
                            full-time                                                                     opportunities in the
                         pre-registration                                                                        future
                                                                               apprenticeship in
                       degree in children’s                                   health & social care      Universities piloting
       She gets              nursing                     Examples             where   he works as a
                                                                  of Trusts advertising                       in 2017:
                                                  She takes  2-year
  recognition of her                                                           senior healthcare
                                                              vacancies include:                          • Hertfordshire
                                                training as a nursing                                   He
first degree through                                    • Norfolk Community support
                                                                              Health & worker with       • gets  recognition
                                                                                                            King’s College    of
                                                      associate Care NHS Trust                             his first degree
        APEL                                                                 patients with mental ill
                                                            • University Hospitals                          • Edge Hill
                                                                                                            through   APEL
                                                             Southampton NHS Trust
                                                           • University Hospitals of
                                                              Morecambe Bay NHS
                                                               Foundation Trust
                                               Carmel has 5 GCSEs            Nigel has GCSEs    in      Phil has a first degree
 Kelly has a first     Shipa has 3 A-levels           •  Leeds Teaching  Hospitals
                                                A-C including maths         maths NHSand English.
                                                                                                He        in human biology.
     degree in             in chemistry,                              Trust
                                               and English. She has a        works as a healthcare       He’s interested in a
psychology. She’s        psychology and
                                               p/t job in a school with          assistant and            leadership role in
interested in adult    English and wants to
                                                students with special         completes the Care          learning disability
      nursing          be a children’s nurse
                                               needs. A job she loves.            Certificate                  nursing                        @HealthCareersUK               
Resources from
   Health Careers   @HealthCareersUK
Contact details


                           Health Careers
                           PO Box 27079
                           G3 9EJ

                           0345 60 60 655

             (main site)
             (for 14-19 year olds)
                      Twitter @HealthCareersUK
Health Careers literature

     Organisations can order copies of these by contacting Health Careers       @HealthCareersUK
Health Careers website (top of home page)

                                                                          Search the site

  Share pages through
     social media                                           Rotating carousel of images
                                                           with links to further information

                                                        Quick access to information about
                                                        NHS careers, medical careers and
   If you register for an account,                            public health careers
      some of these tiles will be
    personalised, based on your
              interests                                       Quick links to key content

                                                                                 CF        Sum             @HealthCareersUK
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  Read our latest                                     Access our videos
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Find out more about                                    Latest news from
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    course with                                        infographics etc.)
 placements in the
                                                       Events calendar

                                                       Links to our social
                                                        media channels

                                                         Detail   Step   @HealthCareersUK
Health Careers website

 Information on 250+                              Course finder
   roles                                           Events calendar
 Roles grouped under                              News
                                                   Choosing your options
 Details for each role
                                                   Gaining experience
                                                     (incl. WEX &
    ➢   Working life
    ➢   Entry requirements
                                                   Considering university
    ➢   Training
                                                   Planning your career
    ➢   Pay
                                                   Developing your career
    ➢   Further information
                                                   Resources
 Real life stories
                                                   For those providing
 Videos
                                                     careers IAG:
 Compare up to 3 roles
                                                       ➢   Teaching resources
                                                       ➢   FAQs
 FAQs     @HealthCareersUK
Health Careers website – compare roles feature

 Select up to 3 roles from
    the drop down list
                                                         Compare bite-size
                                                       information about the
                                                    selected roles side-by-side:
                                                       Role overview
                                                       Training and
                                                        qualifications required
                                                       Expected working hours
                                                        and salary range
                                                       Desirable skills and
                                                       Prospects
                                                       Related roles     @HealthCareersUK
Health Careers
Statutory      website
          regulatory   course
                     bodies for finder
                                health staff

 Dentists                                                  Arts therapists (art, music and
                                 Midwives
 Dental hygienists                                          drama therapists)
                                 Nurses
 Dental technologists                                      Biomedical scientists
 Dental therapists                                         Clinical scientists
 Dental nurses
                                                            Dietitians
 Clinical dental technicians
                                   Doctors                 Hearing aid dispensers
 Orthodontic therapists
                                                            Occupational therapists
                                                            Operating department
                                   Environmental           Orthoptists
                                    health professionals    Orthotists/prosthetists
 Pharmacists
   Pharmacy technicians                                    Paramedics
                                                            Physiotherapists
                                                            Podiatrists
                                   Osteopaths
                                                            Practitioner psychologists
                                                            Radiographers
 Optometrists                                              Social workers (England only)
   Dispensing opticians           Chiropractors           Speech & language therapists

Most course titles are as you’d expect, but…

Speech and language therapy         Therapeutic radiography
 Speech and Language Therapy        Radiography (therapeutic)
 Psychology and Speech Therapy      Radiotherapy
 Human Communication                Radiotherapy and Oncology
 Speech and Language Sciences       Therapeutic Radiography
 Language Pathology                 Radiography (Radiotherapy and Oncology)
 Speech and Language Pathology      Radiotherapy and Oncology in Practice
 Clinical Communication Studies

                    Dental hygiene/Dental therapy
                     Dental Therapy
                     Dental Hygiene
                     Oral Health Sciences
                     Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy
Courses leading to registration:
Using speech and language therapy as an

Health Careers website - course finder

                                                            Use drop down
                                                            options in
                                                            filters to search
                                                            for courses   @HealthCareersUK
Health Careers website - course finder

                                                    Select career area   @HealthCareersUK
Health Careers course finder results page
   Using the Health
Careers course finder
  lists 16 undergrad
  courses leading to
 registration as a SLT
  with the Health and
   Care Professions
Council (25 incl p/grad)

          Course title                                 HEI contact details

            HEI                                          Direct link to
                                                         HEI website

   Brief course details –
   mode of study, length
   of course, level of

                                                                          Step    @HealthCareersUK
Step into the NHS website (14-19 year olds)
                         Real-life examples of
Link to Social
                          WEX placements

Career “mapper” –
  short quiz to
suggest possible

                                                 66 roles

Other resources from Health Careers include...

                              Work experience
                               Toolkit for WEX
                           Co-ordinators in schools
                                                          Lesson Plans          Annual schools
                                                                              for year 8/9 students

   Update – termly
   e-newsletter for                                       Patient journeys
       careers                                          (teaching resource)   Occasional webchats
    professionals                                                             for careers advisers
                                                                                  and teachers             @HealthCareersUK     
Social media channels

   Twitter - around 18,300   Instagram – around
          followers             350 followers

                                                   You Tube - around 200

                                  Facebook     @HealthCareersUK
Health Careers service – developments

 Improved navigation on main Health Careers website autumn 2017
 NHS primary school resources – main objective:
    ➢ To mitigate the risk of primary school age students not considering the NHS
       and its professions as a future career opportunity by:
         ❖ increasing awareness of the NHS as an employer and the jobs people do
         ❖ challenging gender stereotypical views of health professions, eg men are
            doctors and nurses are women
    ➢ Currently piloting with 60 primary schools across England
 Career tool:
    ➢ Career questionnaire to generate career ideas in the health sector
    ➢ Accessed through the Career planning section of the Health Careers website
    ➢ Users answer a number of questions on a like to dislike scale
    ➢ Hopefully available later in 2018           @HealthCareersUK   
Using the NHS
Jobs website

NHS Jobs website (England & Wales)

                                         Browse vacancies by career
Simple search
 facility. USE

                                                     Search for
  Advanced                                        employers in your
search feature                                         region
Register for job
alerts by email

How to apply,
   hints on
and interviews


Using the “keywords or job reference” field…
                                                                     EXAMPLES OF RESULTING JOB
      TO…                                                                   VACANCIES

                       “healthy eating”, “diet”, “food”,       ONE YOU weight loss adviser
   NUTRITION            “allergy”, “health promotion”,         Healthy lifestyle coach
                             “nutrition”, “lifestyle”          Assistant nutritionist/dietitian

                      “talking therapies”, “counselling”,      Substance misuse practitioner
  PSYCHOLOGY        “mental health”, “low intensity”, “high    Wellbeing Coordinator
                               intensity”, “IAPT”              Mental health advisor - trainee

                       “marketing”, “project”, “payroll”,      Marketing coordinator
 ADMINISTRATION     “finance”, “communication”, “record-       Employment services officer (recruitment)
                                  keeping”                     Finance assistant

                       “exercise”, “fitness”, “lifestyle”,     Cardiac rehabilitation exercise instructor
 SPORT SCIENCE         “stroke”, “physiology”, “cardiac        Health improvement practitioner
                                rehabilitation”                Respiratory exercise physiologist

                     “laboratory”, “pathology”, “public        Lead health and safety adviser (PHE)
  LIFE SCIENCES     health”, “healthcare science”, “health     Medical laboratory assistant
                                 protection”                   Newborn screening data manager

                       “health improvement”, “health           Health improvement practitioner
 PUBLIC HEALTH        protection”, “substance misuse”,         Integrated care drugs worker
                            “smoking cessation”                  Population health intelligence promotion manager


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