Catalogue 2018 - Amazon S3

Catalogue 2018 - Amazon S3

Catalogue 2018 - Amazon S3

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Catalogue 2018 - Amazon S3

2 How this school are using Jolly Phonics to improve pupil outcomes “Jolly Phonics has changed the way we teach basic literacy skills. We love the holistic approach - visual, aural and physical. It gives us, as teachers, a real and realistic structure to work with and gives children ready tools to build their confidence and independence. Our school results in reading and writing are astonishing, so much so that other schools want to know the secret to our success! Parents have been impressed at the fantastic progress their children have been making and how much they enjoy it! We continue to build on the children’s phonic knowledge with the systematic teaching of grammar and spelling concepts each year in school.

This has enabled children to explore and explain their own language with great effect.” How Tudor CEVC Primary School transformed its literacy teaching! & & Emma Ince, Deputy Headteacher, Tudor CEVC Primary School Summer, age 4 Proven results p Child-centred approach enables children to make rapid progress p Research shows the progress that children who are taught with Jolly Phonics far exceeds those who are not using a synthetic phonics approach p Proven results, with boys doing as well as girls and children who have English as their second language p Children’s average reading age is typically 12 months ahead of their actual age after just one year Why the programme works p Systematic and progressive approach to teaching children p Embeds phonics and SPaG from Reception/P1 through to Year 6/P7 p Nurtures key literacy skills through inspiring multi-sensory activities p Expertly crafted to accelerate pupil progress p Flexible, fun and easy to implement in school

Catalogue 2018 - Amazon S3

The Jolly Phonics Programme Phonics Resources The Phonics Handbooks Jolly Phonics Pupil & Teacher Books Phonics Software Finger Phonics Books Finger Phonics Big Books Jolly Phonics Workbooks Audio DVDs Posters Resources CD Flashcards Puppets Magnetic Letters Reading Assessment Jolly Phonics Apps Decodable Readers Jolly Phonics Extra - For Struggling Readers Classroom Kits Phonics Just For The Home My Jolly Phonics Activity Books Jolly Stories My First Letter Sounds Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation Resources The Grammar Handbooks Grammar Pupil & Teacher Books Grammar Software Grammar Workbooks Grammar Big Books Audio Dictionary Blends Wheels Training Options 4-5 6 7 8-9 10 10 10 11 11 11-12, 14 12 12 12 13 13 15 16- 18 19 20-21 22 23 23 23 24-27 24-27 28 28 29 29 29 29 30-31 CONTENTS 3 Results that speak for themselves! For more information, visit our website: Jolly Phonics is a fantastic way to teach phonics to children.

Phonics should be fun and engaging and Jolly Phonics most definitely supports this. The children in our school love singing the songs and doing the actions!

Lucy Davies, KS1 Teacher, Rush Green Primary School p After a year of Jolly Phonics, Zakee was able to produce this piece of writing p Zakee is 5 years old p English is Zakee’s second language The 7 year programme that grows with your children in school The first year of phonics teaching Using a synthetic phonics approach, Jolly Phonics teaches children the five skills for reading and writing. Learning the letter sounds 1 Children are taught the 42 main letter sounds. This includes alphabet sounds and digraphs, such as sh, th, ai and ue.

Blending 3 5 Children are taught how to blend the sounds together to read and write new words.

Learning tricky words Tricky words have irregular spellings and children learn these separately. Learning letter formation Identifying the sounds in words 2 Using different multi-sensory methods, children learn how to form and write the letters. 4 Listening for the sounds in words gives children the best start for improving spelling.

Catalogue 2018 - Amazon S3

4 • Nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs • Vowel digraphs • Alternative spellings of vowels • Plural endings • Short vowels and consonant doubling • Consonant blends • Develop basic sentence structure • Alphabet order • Irregular verbs, possessive adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions, parsing • Comparatives and superlatives • Dictionary and thesaurus skills • Expand punctuation skills • Silent letters • Syllables • New spelling rules and patterns introduced Phonics for children aged 4-5 Grammar 1 for children aged 5-6 • Teach all the 42 letter sounds • Teach letter formation • Introduce tricky words • Develop blending skills for reading • Teach segmenting skills for spelling • Introduce alternative spellings of vowels • Early independent reading and writing 7 year programme overview and progression Children learn the /ai/ sound and practice blending and segmenting words: for example, ‘rain’, ‘sail’, ‘snail’.

Once the 42 letters sounds are secure, the alternatives can be introduced for reading.

Jolly Phonics continues through the school years, by extending the earlier phonics teaching with further spelling, grammar and punctuation concepts. Each year of teaching provides continuous revision and consolidation of topics taught in previous years. The sample pages show how the /ai/ sound is taught through the programme. These pages are from the Phonics and Grammar Pupil Books. The same content can also be found in the phonics and grammar handbooks, which can be used as an alternative to the pupil books.

Teaches the main alternatives of /ai/ for spelling: and . Children are taught one spelling per lesson.

Revises the main ways to write /ai/: , and . Children have to choose the right alternative to spell words correctly. Children learn that /ai/ can also be written as and . Grammar 2 for children aged 6-7 Jolly Phonics is the most extensive programme that I have ever worked with. It builds confidence and gives all children wonderful tools to use when approaching new vocabulary. Cup hand over ear and say ai, ai, ai. ai

Catalogue 2018 - Amazon S3

5 Revises the main ways to write /ai/: , and . Children learn that /ai/ can also be written as the vowel . Children learn that the vowel sounds in unstressed syllables are often swallowed and become neutral (the schwa). Children learn that a swallowed vowel sound does not always become a neutral schwa, but sometimes says /i/ instead. Revises the and spellings for /ai/, using longer words and more sophisticated vocabulary. • Proper adjectives, nouns acting as adjectives, collective nouns • Pronouns - possessive/subject and object • The present participle and continuous tenses • Paragraphs • Subject and object in a sentence • Conjunctions • Questions and exclamations in speech • Nouns acting as concrete/abstract/possessives • The present participle as an adjective • Onomatopoeia • Clauses/independent clauses • Agreements • Hyphens • Parsing verbs • Infinitives • Simple and continuous tenses • Adverb placement in sentences • Proofreading • Compound subjects and objects • Adverbs of manner, degree & place, time & frequency • Parenthesis • Homophones • Antonyms and synonyms • Prefixes & suffixes • Alternative spellings & new spelling patterns • Silent letters & schwas • Definite & indefinite articles • Countable & uncountable nouns • Semi colons & colons • Sentence structure • Literary devices • Formal & informal writing Grammar 3 for children aged 7-8 Grammar 6 for children aged 10-11 Grammar 4 for children aged 8-9 Grammar 5 for children aged 9-10

Catalogue 2018 - Amazon S3

• Contains a year’s worth of detailed daily lesson plans and notes • Introduces the 42 letter sounds with fun actions and stories • Introduces the main alternative spellings of vowels plus tricky words • Guided writing sheets included • Contains reading comprehension sheets • Over 100 photocopiable sheets, as well as activities and games for reading and spelling Available in precursive letters with joining strokes to encourage joined up handwriting, or print letters with no joining strokes.

The Phonics Handbook (Precursive) ISBN 978 1 870946 07 0 JL073 The Phonics Handbook (Print) ISBN 978 1 844140 78 7 JL784 The Phonics Handbook Everything you need to teach your phonics lesson Teacher’s Notes and Lesson Plan Photocopiable Worksheet Colouring sheet and handwriting practice Lesson objective Storyline Blending Further phonics - useful information for teachers Extension activity Action Letter formation Flash card Word bank Action and blending practice Letter Sound Order The sounds are taught in a specific order (not alphabetically).

This enables children to begin building words as early as possible. 1. s a t i p n 2. c k e h r m d 3. g o u l f b 4. ai j oa ie ee or 5. z w ng v oo oo 6. y x ch sh th th 7. qu ou oi ue er ar PHASES 2-5 6 CORE TEACHING RESOURCE BOOK PREVIEW ONLINE Phonics Resources Wriggle fingers above elbow as if ants crawling on you and say a, a, a, a. a

Catalogue 2018 - Amazon S3

• A year’s worth of daily lessons are provided in the three write-in pupil books • Comprehensive and detailed lesson plans for each of the pages in the pupil books are included in the Teacher’s Book • Features all the 42 letter sounds, with the Jolly Phonics actions • Covers letter formation, listening for letter sounds in words, blending activities and the first set of tricky words Precursive letters (Colour) ISBN 978 1 844141 67 8 JL675 Print letters (Colour) ISBN 978 1 844141 77 7 JL772 • Continues to build on the skills that have been taught in Book 1 • Introduces more tricky words, alternative letter sound spellings and basic sentence structure to encourage independent writing Precursive letters (Colour) ISBN 978 1 844141 68 5 JL683 Print letters (Colour) ISBN 978 1 844141 78 4 JL780 • Contains further activities to consolidate the learning in Books 1 & 2 • Introduces new spelling patterns, tricky words, plus short and long vowels Precursive letters (Colour) ISBN 978 1 844141 69 2 JL691 Print letters (Colour) ISBN 978 1 844141 79 1 JL799 • Accompanies Books 1, 2 & 3 • Provides detailed lesson plans for each corresponding page in Books 1, 2 & 3 Precursive letters (Colour) ISBN 978 1 844141 66 1 JL667 Print letters (Colour) ISBN 978 1 844141 76 0 JL764 BOOK PREVIEW ONLINE Jolly Phonics Class Set Containing 30 copies of Pupil Books 1, 2 & 3 Plus FREE Teacher’s Book (colour only) Precursive Letters ISBN 978 1 844141 75 3 JL756 Print Letters ISBN 978 1 844141 86 9 JL861 Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 1 Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 2 Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 3 Jolly Phonics Teacher’s Book Jolly Phonics Pupil and Teacher’s Books Corresponding Activity Page from Pupil Book 1 that children complete Teacher’s Notes and Lesson Plan from Teacher’s Book Flash cards - revision of previous letter sounds taught Extension activity Storyline Action Letter formation Word bank PHASES 2-5 7 Blending The topics covered in the pupil books match those taught in The Phonics Handbook and the whiteboard software (see page 8) and can be used as alternative or as homework books.


Catalogue 2018 - Amazon S3

Provides daily flipcharts, each introducing a letter sound as well as revision of letter sounds already taught. By the end of Step 1, children should know all 42 main letter sounds and the first set of tricky words. This will enable children to blend them together to read and write simple words. Builds on the teaching in Step 1. Provides 12 weekly units, and follows a similar format of daily revision and consolidation along with extension topics for the week. These include additional tricky words and the alternative ways of writing the vowel sounds, as well as alphabet work.

Jolly Phonics for the Whiteboard The software provides lesson a day for a year and all the resources a teacher requires at the touch of a button, making the programme enjoyable and easy to use.

SOFTWARE DEMO ONLINE • Full and extensive year’s programme of interactive lessons • Use with children aged 4-6 years • Structured daily sessions, complete with teacher’s notes that can be viewed on screen or printed • Interactive lessons with lots of blending, spelling and writing practice, ideal for whole class use or for children to complete on the whiteboard • Audio option for hearing the letter sounds, Jolly Jingles and Jolly Songs and story option • Extensive selection of worksheets, templates and games that can be printed and used in class to reinforce teaching Site Licence (in precursive letters) ISBN 978 1 844140 95 4 JL954 Site Licence (in print letters) ISBN 978 1 844140 86 2 JL865 Topics covered in Step 2 and Step 3 Step/Unit Alternatives Handwriting / Read, Write & Revise Tricky Words 2.1 y as /ee/ 2.2 short vowels 2.3 ck 2.4 double letters 2.5 long vowels and 2.6 magic e 2.7 ay, oy 2.8 ea 2.9 y, igh 2.10 ow 2.11 ir, ur 2.12 ew 3.1 ph as /f/ 3.2 soft c 3.3 soft g 3.4 ai, ay, a_e 3.5 ee, ea, e_e 3.6 ie, igh, y, i_e 3.7 oa, ow, o_e 3.8 ue, ew, u_e 3.9 ou, ow 3.10 oi, oy 3.11 er, ir, ur 3.12 ear, air, are SATPIN CKEHRMD GOULFB J ZWV YXQ all capitals b and d r, n, m, h c, a, d, o, g, q b, d, h, k, l, t tails under the line ABCDE FGHI HKLM NOPQRS TUVWXYZ oa, ng oo, or ie, ee, ue sh, ch, th er, ar, ai oi, ou all digraphs you, your come, some said, here, there they go, no, so my, one, by only, old like, have live, give little, down what, when, why where, who, which any, many more, before other, were because, want saw, put could, should, would right, two, four, goes does, made, their once, upon, always also, of, eight love, cover, after every, mother, father VIDEO ONLINE PHASES 2-5 8 Structured daily lessons for teaching the 42 letter sounds, alternative vowels and tricky words! CORE TEACHING RESOURCE Deliver interactive phonics lessons to your class! Step 1 - Introduce Step 2 - Build With a further 12 weekly units, Step 3 aims to consolidate the learning in Steps 1 and 2.

New tricky words are introduced, as well as spelling patterns, plus short and long vowels. Step 3 - Consolidate

Catalogue 2018 - Amazon S3

• Ideal for children to use on their own with minimal or no supervision from an adult • Games to reinforce the 42 letter sounds, alternative vowel spellings and tricky words • Games available in easy, medium or hard levels • Use with children aged 3 years and above • A choice of print or precursive letter options during installation Jolly Phonics Games CD Enter the interactive world of Inky Mouse and her friends as they practise all of the five skills in Jolly Phonics. With 20 activities to explore, children can apply and revise their phonics knowledge.

Fun phonics games for your children to explore and play independently! Single User ISBN 978 1 844140 82 4 JL822 Site Licence ISBN 978 1 844140 83 1 JL830 Let your children apply their phonics knowledge with these games! SOFTWARE DEMO ONLINE VIDEO ONLINE PHASES 2-5 9 The main menu features Inky’s home with seven activity sections, where all games can be accessed.

By clicking on each of the sections, children will be able to discover over 20 enjoyable games and practice their phonics skills independently.

Catalogue 2018 - Amazon S3

Workbook 1 s, a, t, i, p, n ISBN 978 1 870946 51 3 JL510 Workbook 2 c k, e, h, r, m, d ISBN 978 1 870946 52 0 JL529 Workbook 3 g, o, u, l, f, b ISBN 978 1 870946 53 7 JL537 Workbook 4 ai, j, oa, ie, ee, or ISBN 978 1 870946 54 4 JL545 Workbook 5 z, w, ng, v, oo, oo ISBN 978 1 870946 55 1 JL553 Workbook 6 y, x, ch, sh, th, th ISBN 978 1 870946 56 8 JL561 Workbook 7 qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar ISBN 978 1 870946 57 5 JL57X Workbooks 1–7 ISBN 978 1 870946 50 6 JL502 Finger Phonics Books 1-7 • Each 14-page board book covers one group of letter sounds • Provides practice in identifying letter sounds in words • Cut-out letters on each page show children’s fingers the correct way to form each letter • Extra activities for children are included at the end of each book Book 1 s, a, t, i, p, n ISBN 978 1 870946 24 7 JL243 Book 2 c k, e, h, r, m, d ISBN 978 1 870946 25 4 JL251 Book 3 g, o, u, l, f, b ISBN 978 1 870946 26 1 JL26X Book 4 ai, j, oa, ie, ee, or ISBN 978 1 870946 27 8 JL278 Book 5 z, w, ng, v, oo, oo ISBN 978 1 870946 28 5 JL286 Book 6 y, x, ch, sh, th, th ISBN 978 1 870946 29 2 JL294 Book 7 qu, ou, oi, ue, er, ar ISBN 978 1 870946 30 8 JL308 Books 1–7 ISBN 978 1 870946 31 5 JL316 • These 24-page workbooks are a fun way for children to put their skills into practice • The first books have simple letter recognition, while later books introduce joined-up (cursive) writing and the alternative spellings of the vowels • Strategies for tricky spellings and challenging puzzles for developing phonic skills are also provided • Each book also contains a checklist to assess progress • Suitable for children aged 4 years and above BOOK PREVIEW ONLINE Jolly Phonics Workbooks 1-7 PHASES 2-4 Finger Phonics Big Books 1-7 • Introduce the letter sounds to your class using this set of 7 large format books • Each 16-page book contains teacher’s notes and guidance • Comes complete with a wipe-clean sheet that can be used to complete activities with your class ISBN 978 1 870946 94 0 JL944 BOOK PREVIEW ONLINE PHASES 2-4 PHASES 2-4 10 BOOK PREVIEW ONLINE

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