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                Blocking the U.S. out of
                world trade
                America’s university scam
                The battle for the Arctic
                Is ‘white male privilege’
                a thing?
                What is Armageddon?

Why Europe
 wants to
cethn  s
    e In
Censor the Internet Europe - theTrumpet.com
                                                                                                                      Germany is taking control of the Internet
                                                                                                                               through European regulations.
     J U LY 2 0 1 9   |   VOL. 30, NO. 6        |   CIRC.252,373                                                                         (julia goddard/trumpet)

      Germany Is Taking Control of the

4     Blocking the U.S. Out of World Trade

7     What the University Scam Reveals
      About America

11    How 67,000 Socialists Hijacked the
      Democratic Party

12    Is ‘White Male Privilege’ a Thing?

15    The Scent of Danger

16    The Battle for the Arctic

      The Arctic: An Emerging Frontier

20    King Josiah Proved—Again!

22    The New ‘Arab Spring’

26    What Is Armageddon?

28    W O R L D WAT C H

31    S O C I E T Y WAT C H

      Use Only One Measure                                     “Europe wants to conquer
                                                                the world all over again. Only
                                                                this time, its killer app isn’t steel
35    C O M M E N TA RY
                                                                or gunpowder. [The GDPR is] an EU
      Homeless in Seattle
                                                                legal juggernaut aimed at imposing
36    THE KEY OF DAVID T E L E V I S I O N L O G                ever tougher privacy rules on governments
                                                                and companies from San Francisco to Seoul.”
                                                                mark scott and laurens cerulus—politico

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Censor the Internet Europe - theTrumpet.com

                      Germany Is Taking Control of the Internet
                      New EU laws attempt not only to curb America’s big technology companies, but to take over the World Wide Web.

                            he European Union is working to gain control of the                or the Chicago Tribune. To preserve access to the EU market,
                            Internet. It has already made significant progress in this         many American companies have had to spend millions installing
                            effort. Many people, including some of America’s top busi-         software and instituting new practices to comply with the gdpr.
                      ness leaders and government officials, are deeply concerned.                This is how Europe works: It wants to manage every aspect
                         Through various pieces of legislation, the EU now has                 of people’s lives! It is a major reason that the majority of British
                      extraordinary influence in the homes of Internet users and               citizens in June 2016 voted to leave the EU: They are tired of
                      within every corporation and government on Earth. The EU                 this kind of dictatorial interference. With the gdpr and other
                      is waging a campaign of technological imperialism, and most              Internet legislation, the EU is expanding its influence well
                      people don’t even know it!                                               beyond its borders—even over America.
                         While a lot of this legislation is created by the EU, the                The EU has been warring against U.S. tech companies for
                      ultimate source of this global effort to undermine the United            years. Since 2010, it has fined Google more than $9 billion.
                                            States’ domination of the tech industry            Google pays more to the EU in fines than in taxes.
                                            and control of the Internet is Germany.              “Europe wants to conquer the world all over again,” wrote
                                               Germany is the EU’s largest, most               Mark Scott and Laurens Cerulus in Politico last year. “Only this
                                            powerful and most influential nation. It is        time, its killer app isn’t steel or gunpowder. [The gdpr is] an
                                            using the EU as a tool to stealthily fulfill its   EU legal juggernaut aimed at imposing ever tougher privacy
                                            own ambitions. Anyone who has followed             rules on governments and companies from San Francisco to
                                            the European Union knows that nothing              Seoul” (Jan. 31, 2018; emphasis mine throughout).
                                            significant happens in Brussels without               In an article on this subject last year, Trumpet contributing
                      gerald flurry
                                            Germany’s sanction and endorsement.                editor Brad Macdonald recognized the concerns many have
                         Germany’s ambitions for the Internet should concern                   about the power of U.S. tech companies. “To be sure, there
                      everyone, even those who don’t have a computer. The EU’s                 are genuine concerns and questions about the behavior of
                      behavior on this issue exposes the dictatorial nature of this            these companies and their inordinate power and reach,” he
                      German-dominated entity. Really, we are witnessing the man-              wrote. “That said, do we really want a handful of anti-Ameri-
                      ifestation of the spirit of the Holy Roman Empire in the tech            can, European bureaucrats trying to solve these problems? We
                      world. The biblically prophesied seventh and final resurrection          have enough evidence proving that Brussels isn’t acting altru-
                      of this empire wants to control the Internet!                            istically, in the best interests of mankind. The EU is clearly
                                                                                               attacking America’s influence and trying to establish itself as
                      GDPR                                                                     the king of the Internet” (theTrumpet.com, Nov. 29, 2018).
                      Last year, the EU introduced a new rule that affected the                   There are legitimate concerns—but do we trust Germany
                      4.3 billion people around the world who access the Internet.             and this rising Holy Roman Empire to rationally and fairly
                      Called the General Data Protection Regulation (gdpr), this               solve these issues?
                      EU law regulates the way companies process and manage the
                      personal data of European citizens. Any corporation world-               Another Attack
                      wide—no matter the size, industry or location—that doesn’t               On April 15, the EU adopted another new directive that it
                      comply with this EU law risks massive penalties.                         claims will stop people from violating copyrights online. It is
                        Five hundred million people live in Europe, and roughly                actually another massive power grab.
                      85 percent of them have Internet access. The EU is comprised               The new Copyright Directive will make it illegal to quote an
                      mostly of First World nations with high personal wealth, at              author’s news article without paying him. Both Germany and
                      least compared to many other nations. That makes the EU                  Spain have already tried this, and it didn’t work. In the end, the
                      market extremely attractive. If you want to access these half a          legislation actually prevented articles from being shared online.
                      billion consumers, you must live by the EU’s rules—rules set             Rather than paying the author, most people simply refrained
istock .com /drazen

                      by Germany. Break them, and risk gargantuan fines.                       from quoting the article or sharing it. Legislation like this will
                        This law has compelled some prominent U.S. media organi-               actually hurt many authors because they will lose exposure.
                      zations to abandon the EU market. Their websites have become               This law can even be used to block criticism. To debunk a
                      inaccessible to people within the EU. For example, if you visit the      false story or criticize a piece of work, you generally have to
                      EU, you cannot access the websites of the New York Daily News            quote from it. Under the new rules, if an author doesn’t like

                                                                                                                                                       JULY 2019 1
Censor the Internet Europe - theTrumpet.com
your criticism, he can refuse permission to quote him.                I know that these American tech companies are far from
   Another part of this regulation requires websites that post      perfect. I’m not arguing for them to have tyrannical control
material from the public to filter everything for copyright         over the Internet. But when you let a handful of people get that
infringement before posting it. This means every video,             level of control over something as important and powerful as
article or audio file posted on sites like Facebook, Twitter        the Internet, it can be very dangerous! Legislation like this
or YouTube—sites where people increasingly get their news—          can destroy corporations, it could cripple Silicon Valley, and it
must first go through a filtering system. So these companies        could destroy national economies!
will have to spend millions creating a new filtering system
and instituting new policies and practices. And many experts        The Holy Roman Empire
fear this filtering system could easily be changed to filter out    We must put this issue in the context of Bible prophecy and
anything the EU doesn’t like.                                        history. The German-led EU is behaving the way the Holy
   Many are deeply alarmed by what is happening here. In June        Roman Empire has always behaved. Germany is once again
2018, dozens of Internet pioneers—including the inventor of the      seeking to impose its will on the world.
World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, and the cofounder of Wiki-             This is a difficult message to accept, and many people will
pedia, Jimmy Wales—signed an open letter to the European Par-        disagree with it, but it is the truth!
liament president, warning that it was about to pass a directive        The Bible prophesied that this Holy Roman Empire would
that was “an imminent threat to the future” of the Internet.         rise repeatedly in Europe. In World War ii, Adolf Hitler led
   Still, the directive was passed and is on the way to becoming     the sixth resurrection of this power. He caused the death of
law. European Digital Rights called this a “censorship machine.”     60 million people. Germany also started World War i, which
                                                                     cost more than 15 million lives. But soon we may not be able
                                                                     to write or speak about that European history—because the

These companies will have to spend                                   newly resurrected Holy Roman Empire will censor it!
                                                                        Bernard Connolly wrote a bombshell book in 1995, The Rotten
millions creating a new filtering                                    Heart of Europe, exposing this European power. For years, he
system and instituting new policies                                  served at the heart of the Exchange Rate mechanism for the
                                                                     European Union. He called the European superstate rotten!
and practices. And many experts                                     Within that union, he writes, “is the battle for control of the
fear this filtering system could                                     European superstate in which French technocrats confront

easily be changed to filter out                                      German federalists, both sides claiming to fight under the
                                                                     banner of Charlemagne. The collateral damage from the battle
anything the EU doesn’t like.                                        lies mainly in the future, but it could be ghastly.”
                                                                        Germany has won that battle. Nobody disputes this today.
                                                                     Connolly writes that this union is all about “the pursuit of a
Its senior policy adviser, Diego Naranjo, warned, “Article 13 of    ‘European’ cloak for German ambitions!” He is right. And his
the directive sets a dangerous precedent for Internet filters        country voted to leave the EU because it knows that what he
and automated censorship mechanisms.” In other words, it’s           said is true. Britain’s exit is a warning to everyone else—they
all about getting control.                                           see where this is going.
  “The Copyright Directive will create two internets,” wrote            In 1995, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher warned
Matthew Lesh of CapX. “The first, a heavily censored version         that this was coming, but people didn’t listen. She said, “You
for European users, including filters to prevent you from            have not anchored Germany to Europe. You have anchored
uploading content. The second, a free Internet where creativity      Europe to a newly dominant, unified Germany. In the end, my
is encouraged, for everyone else” (March 26). Germany and the        friends, you’ll find it will not work.” They hoped this Union
EU are transforming the way the Internet operates!                   would restrain Germany. Instead, Germany has gotten control. It
  “This is a press regulation by the back door,” warned Lesh.        dominates the EU economically—and more and more, politically.
Even websites like the Times and Telegraph will be subject to the       The late Otto von Habsburg was from the famous Habsburg
regulation because the public can post comments on their pages.      dynasty of the Holy Roman Empire and a member of the Euro-
   This is a slippery slope. Using this legislation, the EU will     pean Parliament. He said, “The [European] Community is living
soon be able to silence any message it doesn’t like—such as          largely by the heritage of the Holy Roman Empire, though the
the message you are reading right now!                               great majority don’t know by what heritage they live.” That’s
   This new regulation will also be another weapon in Ger-           what Connolly was writing about. The EU is not a democratic
many’s assault on American tech companies. YouTube’s ceo             organization—it is an imperialistic empire. The world will
Susan Wojcicki said on Oct. 22, 2018, that the EU’s behavior         learn this very soon.
poses a threat to both your livelihood and your ability to share        This message isn’t personal; God is not racist. In fact, God
your voice with the world. “The new EU law is terrifying U.S.        says we must love all people—even our enemies—or we are not
technology companies, especially Google, Facebook, Twitter           thinking like Him. Certainly we love the Germans. We want to
and YouTube,” wrote Macdonald. “Many consider it to be an            warn them of where they will end up if they don’t change course.
attempt not only to curb the power of America’s big technology          Mr. Habsburg also said, “We possess a European symbol
companies, but to literally take over the Internet” (op cit).        which belongs to all nations of Europe equally. This is the
Censor the Internet Europe - theTrumpet.com
crown of the Holy Roman Empire.” Hitler called his Nazi               of the Internet and how Germany can control the Internet to
                      empire the Third Reich, after the First Germanic Reich of             its advantage.
                      Charlemagne and the Second Reich of the German empire. The               Guttenberg is also a financial technology consultant. He is an
                      EU is about the Germans ruling more than just Germany: They           expert in the field of finance, technology and cryptocurrency.
                      want an empire! They want to control the Internet—and that            He is studying how the Internet and computer science can
                      is only a stepping-stone to controlling the world! Every time         change the way banking works.
                      it has risen, the Holy Roman Empire has made an attempt to               Guttenberg also hates the president of the United States,
                      do just that! These Internet regulations show that the spirit of      Donald Trump. He appears regularly in the German- and
                      Charlemagne has returned.                                             English-language media condemning him. Soon we are certain
                         After the Third Reich was defeated in World War ii, the world      to see whether Guttenberg is already working behind the
                      was fed up with Germany’s military aggression. In the Yalta           scenes against America.
                      Conference report, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill              The Bible has important things to say about this coming
                      and United States President Franklin Roosevelt made this              strongman. Daniel 8:23 says, “And in the latter time of their king-
                      statement: “It is our inflexible purpose to destroy German            dom [a modern Holy Roman Empire], when the transgressors
                      militarism and Nazism, and to ensure that Germany will never          are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and under-
                      again be able to disturb the peace of the world.” Germany has         standing dark sentences, shall stand up.” The book of Daniel is
                      disturbed the peace of the world repeatedly. It was the same          only for this end time, and it talks about a man rising up to rule
                      with the Germans’ ancient ancestors, the Assyrians. Both              over that Holy Roman Empire with a fierce countenance! Verse
                      history and prophecy show that it is in their heart, or national      25 states, “[H]e shall conjure up great plans and when they least
                      character, to destroy many nations (Isaiah 10).                       expect it, work havoc on many” (New English Bible).
                         The Bible says Germany and nine other nations will make               This is the man the Holy Roman Empire is really waiting for.
                      up the coming Holy Roman Empire. There will be 10 kings. At           If you think Germany is dangerous now, Bible prophecy says
                      present, there are 28 EU members—soon to be 27 when Britain           you haven’t seen anything yet!
                      leaves. But something will cause that Union to shrink. Maybe             As I said, the Germans are a great people, but the Germans
                      some nations will be pushed out. Maybe some will want to              have a long history with the Holy Roman Empire. This empire
                      leave. The EU’s Copyright Directive requires national govern-         has a history of bloodshed like no other institution in at least
                      ments to implement the rules in their own national law by 2021.       the last 2,000 years! The Bible gives us a stark warning about
                      Even this process could pare the number of nations down.              this institution!
                                                                                               Verse 24 states that “his power shall be mighty, but not by his
                      A Man to Watch                                                        own power ….” This verse is talking about the devil. Revelation
                      For the Holy Roman Empire to exert its power on the world             13:4 speaks of a system, a modern-day empire, that worships
                      scene, it needs a strongman. We don’t know who he is for sure,        the devil!
                      but he is certain to be far stronger than Chancellor Angela              But after the bad news, there is good news! Daniel 8:25 proph-
                      Merkel, who is very weak.                                             esies that this man “shall also stand up against the Prince of
                        Germany’s former defense minister, Karl-Theodor zu Gut-             princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” The book of Rev-
                      tenberg, has been a very popular figure in Germany. We have           elation tells us the same thing. Revelation 17:13 describes these
                      said for a decade that we think he could become the next Ger-         soon-coming 10 kings: “These have one mind, and shall give
                      man chancellor. He may be that strong leader who can wield            their power and strength unto the beast.” Then the next verse
                      Germany’s, and Europe’s, power like an emperor.                       says, “These shall make war with the Lamb ….” These nations,
                        Guttenberg has an expert understanding of technology. He            these 10 kings, are going to make war with Jesus Christ Himself!
                      spent several years as senior adviser to the European Commis-            And how will that end? “[A]nd the Lamb shall overcome
                      sion on global Internet freedom. This job included advising           them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that
                      the EU how to use the Internet to undermine dictatorial               are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful” (verse 14).
                      governments they oppose. For example, he examined how the                This power is about to be destroyed forever! And you have
                      EU could use the Internet to support opponents of Russian             the opportunity to be among those who are “called, and chosen,
                      President Vladimir Putin. He has a strong grasp of the power          and faithful” at Christ’s side when He returns!                 n

                          What if
                          Europe controlled
                          the Internet?
istock .com /kasezo

                          The European Union is asserting its power over crucial infrastructure. In the right hands, this power
                          could multiply, helping to make Europe a superpower. And those hands might be Karl-Theodor zu
                          Guttenberg’s. To learn why, request Gerald Flurry’s free booklet A Strong German Leader Is Imminent.
Censor the Internet Europe - theTrumpet.com
Blocking the
U.S. Out of World Trade

The global economy is
being reoriented—away
from the United States.
by jeremiah jacques

         colossal Eurasian supercon-
        tinent is forming. From Tokyo
        to Lisbon, groups of Asian and
European nations are hammering out
history-altering trade deals and building
                                                                    TRADE BLOCS
                                                                    The highlighted countries are members of some of today’s most dominant
billions of dollars’ worth of infrastruc-                           trade agreements and other international initiatives. These include
ture to better bind themselves together.                            the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Belt and Road Initiative,
  With the ideological lines that divided                           Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership,
East and West during the Cold War                                   EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement, EU-Japan Strategic
fading away, the links between Asia and                             Partnership Agreement, Eurasian Economic Union, and Mercosur.
Europe are solidifying at hypersonic
speed. Latin America, too, is being             Xi has been working to convince                 But in Europe, most nations were
drawn deeper into the Eurasian orbit.        nations in those regions to cooperate           skeptical. They worried about China’s
  All of these trends, deals and projects    with China to build roads, rail networks,       human rights abuses and deceitful trade
have one common denominator: The             bridges, ports, pipelines and Internet          practices, including its tendency to steal
United States is excluded.                   systems to rebuild and greatly expand           the intellectual property of foreign inves-
  And this is all happening in fulfillment   those ancient routes. If the Belt and Road      tors. Europeans also feared China’s debt
of specific end-time biblical prophecies.    Initiative comes together as planned, its       trap diplomacy, by which it uses loans to
                                             infrastructure will connect more than           gain leverage over borrowing countries
Rebuilding the Ancient Silk Road             60 percent of the global population and         and force them to make concessions
China has taken the lead in working to       about 36 percent of total global gross          they would never make otherwise. They
integrate Eurasia. It is accomplishing       domestic product—to China. And it is all        worried about how the expansion of
this largely with the Belt and Road Ini-     for the purpose of reshaping the interna-       Chinese interests globally sometimes
tiative (bri), the brainchild and foremost   tional system to place China at the center.     precedes the expansion of Chinese mil-
national priority of Chinese President          Many countries, especially in poorer         itary assets and deployments.
Xi Jinping. The project was enshrined        parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East,         On top of all that, Europe’s historical
into the Chinese Constitution in 2017 as     immediately signed on. They calculated          postwar alignment has been toward the
part of Xi’s “Chinese Dream.” It aims to     that accepting Chinese loans and grant-         United States. And American leaders
rebuild the ancient “Silk Road” network      ing China the right to build road, rail         view the bri as a dangerous drive for Chi-
of routes that facilitated the flow of       and port infrastructure might be risky,         nese global hegemony, and often encour-
goods and ideas across Asia, the Middle      but the benefits to their economies             age nations in Europe and elsewhere
East, Africa and Europe.                     would be worth it.                              to shun it. These factors combined to
Censor the Internet Europe - theTrumpet.com
The victory was enormous, not just         Russia has modernized Nicaragua’s
                                              because Chinese ships will be able to eas-    military, loaned Cuba $43 million for
                                              ily unload cargo at Italy’s choicest ports,   military gear, and said it may build a
                                              but also because Italy is a member of the     base there. In Venezuela, Russia has sent
                                              G-7. This group of democratically gov-        soldiers and military gear to prop up the
                                              erned, advanced economies also includes       regime of failed dictator Nicolás Maduro,
                                              Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the U.S.      and Russia’s Nezavisimaya Gazeta has
                                              and the United Kingdom. The G-7 are           reported that Moscow may build a per-
                                              powerful nations that help shape global       manent military base there.
                                              policy. Now that one is on the list of Belt     Given the proximity of these Latin
                                              and Road participants, other European         American nations to the U.S. and to the
                                              nations are seriously considering joining.    Caribbean shipping lanes that the U.S.
                                                 Quartz noted that Italy’s move was         economy depends on, the deepening
                                              partly motivated by its desire to break       influence of Russia and China there
                                              with traditional partners, including          should be red flags to U.S. policymakers.
                                              the U.S., which has been its ally since
                                              the founding of nato 70 years ago. “[An]      The World Is Banking on China
                                              endorsement for bri … can signal the          On Jan. 16, 2016, while inaugurating
                                              likelihood of a country breaking ranks        China’s new Asian Infrastructure
                                              with traditional allies to side with China    Investment Bank, Xi told the assembled
                                              over politically charged themes,” it          dignitaries they were witnessing “a
                                              wrote (March 19).                             historical moment.”
                                                 Italy’s “signal” of anti-Americanism         The bank was established mainly to
                                              is sobering. And European, Asian and          support Belt and Road projects and to
                                              African countries are not the only ones       advance China’s broader goal of assert-
                                              demonstrating that they are eager to          ing leadership on the world stage. The
                                              side with China. Alarmingly, it is also       bank offers nations an alternative to
                                              happening with more and more coun-            the post-World War ii U.S.-dominated
                                              tries in the U.S.’s periphery.                institutions, such as the World Bank and
                                                                                            the International Monetary Fund. It is
                                              Crashing America’s Neighborhood               another economic weapon for China to
                                              The Belt and Road infrastructure devel-       openly challenge American leadership.
                                              opment initially concentrated on Asia,          Despite U.S. pressure, several of
                                              the Middle East, Africa and Europe, the       America’s Asian allies and partners
darken EU countries’ view of the initia-      same regions that were linked by the          joined China’s Asian Infrastructure
tive, and to initially dissuade them from     ancient Silk Road. But in 2017, Xi said he    Investment Bank, including the Philip-
integrating more deeply with China.           views Latin America as a “natural exten-      pines, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam
   But over the years, especially as          sion” of the project and invited nations      and Singapore. Several of America’s
Europe’s anti-American sentiments             there to join. Antigua and Barbuda,           closest allies outside of Asia—Britain,
grew stronger, some of the less power-        Bolivia, Panama, Suriname and Trini-          Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand
ful, mostly southern European nations         dad and Tobago have already signed on.        and France—also joined.
rejected U.S. warnings and joined the         More Latin American and Caribbean               Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry
Chinese project. And in March a major         nations are preparing to follow.              Summers wrote in the lead-up to the
European power made the extremely                Chinese money has already built a          Bank’s inauguration: “[T]his … may be
significant decision to follow suit.          port in Trinidad and Tobago, railways in      remembered as the moment the United
                                              Argentina, and roads in Costa Rica and        States lost its role as the underwriter of
When in Rome                                  Jamaica. As China persuades more Latin        the global economic system.” Summers
Italy normally reserves its most lavish       American and Caribbean nations to join        also stated that America’s failure to
welcomes only for close allies. But on        the project, this region, which is vital to   persuade allies to stay out of the Chinese
March 21, it hosted Xi for a state visit in   U.S. security, will become increasingly       initiative is a “wake-up call.”
Rome, including an elaborate, red-carpet      aligned with Beijing and its partners.          Luxembourg’s finance minister said
reception, state dinner and private             And the Belt and Road Initiative is         in 2016 that the Asian Infrastructure
concert by an opera megastar. But the         just one of many ways that China and its      Investment Bank is “further proof of the
highlight of the visit for Xi was Italy’s     anti-American partners are deepening          rebalancing of the world economy.”
signing up to the Belt and Road Initiative.   their influence in Latin America.
  “Xi Jinping’s dream,” Business Insider         In the case of China’s closest comrade,    Trade Blocs Blocking Out the U.S.
wrote after the signing, “just claimed        Russia, the influence is becoming             “[G]overnments have proven eager to
one of its biggest victories yet.”            overtly militaristic. In recent months,        move forward with trade negotiations as
                                                                                                                         JULY 2019 5
Censor the Internet Europe - theTrumpet.com
a way to counter some of the uncertainty     the Belt and Road Initiative. Putin said      United States. These trends take on
in the global trading system today,” John    the Eurasian Economic Union member            extraordinary significance when viewed
Murphy, senior vice president for inter-     countries “unanimously supported the          through the lens of Bible prophecy.
national policy at the U.S. Chamber of       idea of linking the construction of the
Commerce, told usa Today last November.      Eurasian Economic Community” and              ‘The Times of the Gentiles’
  As a result of this push, major new        the Belt and Road.                            During His ministry on Earth, Jesus
trade blocs are emerging around the            Meanwhile, in December, the Japan-          Christ prophesied of a global era that
globe.                                       led Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pa-       would begin shortly before His return.
  The European Union has been espe-          cific Partnership came into effect. This      He called this era “the times of the Gen-
cially aggressive. In recent years, it has   deal includes Australia, Canada, Mexico,      tiles” (Luke 21:24).
signed new agreements with Canada,           New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam, Bru-            In the July 2014 Trumpet, Mr. Flurry
Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama,       nei, Chile, Peru and Malaysia. The 500        wrote, “These ‘times of the Gentiles’ are
Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua,             million people living in these nations,       yet to be fully realized. However, we are
Ukraine and South Korea. In December,        constituting 13.4 percent of the global       in the outer edges of this catastrophic
Europe announced two deals with Japan:       economy, can now trade nearly tariff-free.    storm.”
the EU-Japan Strategic Partnership             And all the while, the EU has been             He explained that the term Gentile
Agreement and EU-Japan Economic              frantically working toward a landmark         refers to “non-Israelite peoples.” The Isra-
Partnership Agreement. The latter inte-      free-trade deal with the Latin American       elite peoples make up “a lot more than
grates 635 million people and one third      trade bloc mercosur, which includes           the little nation in the Middle East,” he
of the world’s gdp, making it the largest    Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Para-          wrote, explaining that in end-time proph-
trade bloc on the planet. European Com-      guay. “This trade agreement will impact       ecy, Israel means mainly modern-day
mission President Jean-Claude Juncker        the whole world!” Trumpet editor              America and Britain. (For a complete,
said the deal brings EU-Japan trade and      in chief Gerald Flurry wrote of the           enlightening explanation, order your
political ties “to a whole new level.”       EU-mercosur deal in our March issue.          free copy of The United States and Britain
  On April 9, the EU hailed a “break-          These agreements are fundamentally          in Prophecy, by Herbert W. Armstrong.)
through” in its push for a trade agree-      altering the world economy. And they             Mr. Flurry continued: “Once you
ment with China. The two sides agreed to     all have one thing in common: They            understand who Israel is, then you can
dramatically boost their trade volumes,      exclude the U.S.                              understand how the Gentiles—the
                                                                                           non-Israelite peoples—have started to
The anti-American sentiments that                                                          take charge of the world right now.”
                                                                                              For decades, American and British
helped shape these trade deals predate                                                     leadership stabilized much of the world
the Trump administration, but his                                                          and advanced civilization. But during “the
                                                                                           times of the Gentiles,” the reins of world
leadership has intensified such feelings.                                                  power will be taken up by two groups of
                                                                                           non-Israelite nations. “While there are
broaden market access, work together           In the case of some of the agreements,      many Gentile nations around today, when
on World Trade Organization reform,          America chose not to participate. Never-      this prophecy is completely fulfilled there
and for China not to force EU companies      theless, the trend is undeniable: More        will be two major powers,” Mr. Flurry
operating there into divulging sensitive     and more nations are forging massive          wrote. One of these will be led by Ger-
knowledge. “It is a breakthrough,” said      economic alliances—and America is out.        many, and the other by Russia and China.
European Council President Donald              Many of these history-altering trade           China’s rising power and the increas-
Tusk. “For the first time, China has         deals have been under negotiation             ing number of trade blocs that exclude
agreed to engage with Europe on this key     for years. And now they are suddenly          the U.S. are shifting global power
priority for wto reform.”                    becoming reality. “Analysts attribute         away from “Israel” and toward these
  Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said of         that to the Trump administration’s            non-Israelite nations. Prophecy shows
the deals: “Not only will this be condu-     policies,” (usa Today, op cit). In reality,   that as this shift continues, cooperation
cive to China’s reform and opening up,       the anti-American sentiments that             between China, Europe and several other
but also Europe’s unity and prosperity.”     helped shape these trade deals predate        Gentile nations will be consolidated and
  China also recently signed a free-         the Trump administration, but his lead-       take a sharply anti-American turn.
trade agreement with the Russia-led          ership has intensified such feelings and
Eurasian Economic Union. This group          made more world leaders feel urgent           A ‘Mart of Nations’
includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan        about acting on them.                         Around 2,700 years ago, God inspired the
and Kyrgyzstan. Russian President              The Belt and Road Initiative, the Asian     Prophet Isaiah to write about a massive
Vladimir Putin said in April that the        Infrastructure Investment Bank and the        trade bloc that would emerge shortly
bloc’s goal—facilitating the free move-      multiplying number of U.S.-excluding          before Christ’s return. He described it
ment of goods, labor and capital in the      trade blocs are reorienting the world         as “a mart of nations” (Isaiah 23:3).
region—perfectly aligns with the aims of     economy—to the detriment of the                                 WORLD TRADE      PAGE 32 u
Censor the Internet Europe - theTrumpet.com
What the University Scam
                                               Reveals About America
                                                              Wealthy parents buying their kids’ way into elite schools provides a peek
                                                              at a culture of lawlessness that should concern us all. by gerald flurry

                                                n March, the United States           But “[h]ere’s the problem: Neither of         to leave with degrees and jobs. Not
                                               Justice Department charged 50         these priorities actually demands that        just that—as graduates of Harvard
                                                wealthy people for trying to buy     universities teach anything. Credential-      Law, we were destined to rule the
                                                their children’s way into elite      ism occurs upon admission, so long as         universe. She informed us of how
                                                colleges like Yale, University of    you aren’t thrown out of school; social       many alumni were in the Senate, how
                                        California–Los Angeles and Georgetown.       capital begins to accrue with presence,       many in Congress, how many on the
                                        These students were academically             not with performance.”                        Supreme Court. The battle was over
                                        unqualified, so their parents paid their        These students only need to show up        upon our acceptance to the institu-
                                        way in. One family spent $500,000 for        to succeed. That is a farce, and terribly     tion” (emphasis mine).
                                        two of their daughters to enter the          destructive to those students—and to            You have it made if you just get in—
                                        University of Southern California. Such      society! It isn’t that way at Herbert W.      apparently, even if you buy your way in!
                                        bribery is almost routine in some of         Armstrong College, and it never will be,      This philosophy has catastrophe written
                                        these universities, reports showed.          God willing.                                  all over it!
                                           This is a sham, and very disturbing.        “Hence colleges watering down curric-          Harvard Law School probably teaches
                                        Besides being disgraceful and degen-         ula and grades in order to make it easier     more about the U.S. Constitution, the
                                        erate, it is much more destructive to        to credential, and to generate less fric-     supreme law of the land, than any other
                                        America than most people realize. It         tion,” Shapiro continued. “That’s what        university. This former dean of students
                                        exposes the nation’s moral degeneration,     students and parents demand: not skills,      is now sitting on the Supreme Court,
                                        its twisted priorities, and its disregard    not education, but credentialism and          and is supposed to be protecting and
                                        for character and for law.                   social capital.” They want the status of a    defending the Constitution. Clearly, in
                                                                                     brand-name degree even if the students        many cases she is not.
                                        Get In, and You Have It Made                 gain little education! These students,           Law school students should learn all
                                        One elite college implicated in the scan-    or their parents, buy their way past an       about the Constitution. When Ameri-
                                        dal was Harvard, home of the Harvard         education.                                    ca’s founders created it, much of their
                                        Law School. Ben Shapiro, who attended           Consider this: “After I was admitted to    thinking was rooted in the Bible, and
                                        Harvard Law, wrote a shocking article in     Harvard Law School, I attended orienta-       that noble document reflects this. In
                                        the Daily Wire about it.                     tion. Our 500-strong class was gathered       many ways, our republic’s foundation
                                          “Colleges aren’t about training kids       in Memorial Hall, in historic Sanders         was built on the Bible. But today’s elite
                                        for the real world, or teaching them         Theater, where then Dean Elena Kagan          universities are teaching students to
istock .com /michael burrell, lpettet

                                        significant modes of thinking, or exam-      (now Supreme Court justice) spoke to us.”     disrespect both the Constitution and
                                        ining timeless truths. Universities aren’t   What Shapiro then wrote tells you a lot       the Bible!
                                        about skill sets, either—at least in the     about this woman. This type of thinking
                                        humanities. They’re about two things:        should disqualify her to sit on that court!   Pampered, Not Challenged
                                        credentialism and social connections,”         “She informed us that the competi-          “This also has significant political rami-
                                        Shapiro wrote (March 12). A degree from      tion was over—we were in! No need              fications,” Shapiro continued. “It means
                                        one of these universities raises social      to worry about the stuff we’d seen in          that students admitted to colleges
                                        standing and opens doors in society.         The Paper Chase—we were all going              expect to be pampered, not challenged.”
                                                                                                                                                                  JULY 2019 7
Censor the Internet Europe - theTrumpet.com
Harvard has more social capital than          slip the rule of law, were destroyed!        the department that told you: ‘You’re
probably any other university, yet            That is exactly what will happen to the      not going to charge gross negligence
students there are being pampered.            United States if we continue to under-       because we’re the prosecutors and we’re
Parents demand it!                            mine the law in this country.                telling you we’re not going to,’” he said.
  Shapiro then gave a shocking exam-                                                       Page responded, “That’s correct.”
ple. “Prof. Harvey Mansfield of Harvard       An Attempted Coup                               These are people from those elite col-
University was essentially forced by          Here is an example of what lawyers           leges, and this is how they conduct busi-
the administration not to give honest         receiving anti-law education at these        ness. They think they “rule the universe,”
grades—he started giving two grades,          elite schools can do to undermine soci-      as Shapiro put it. They excuse whatever
one for merit, and then one for the           ety. Many of these lawyers are part of       illegality they choose, and attack whom-
administration, so as not to penalize         what is called the “deep state.” Virtually   ever they will. They feel entitled and
people for taking his classes. Politically,   all of them have a deep hatred for the       unaccountable. They believe they are
this also means that students expect          current president of the United States.      justified in operating outside the law!
not to be challenged—they expect to be          Lisa Page was one of those lawyers.           Since Donald Trump became presi-
comfortable.”                                 She worked on the team of Robert             dent, a mountain of this type of shady,
  Isaiah prophesied that in our day the       Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation      behind-the-scenes lawlessness has been
people—whether in churches, univer-           of Donald Trump, and was discovered to       exposed. The Mueller investigation was
sities or anywhere else—would want            have been part of corruption within the      not really an investigation—it was an
to hear “smooth things” and deceits,          Federal Bureau of Investigation.             unlawful attack on the Trump adminis-
                                                                                           tration! These educated elites are trying
                                                                                           to overthrow the votes of 63 million
                    “Colleges aren’t about training kids for the real                      Americans! That is an attempted coup!
                         world, or teaching them significant modes                            Before the last presidential election,
                           of thinking, or examining timeless truths.                      these people just knew they would win.
                      Universities aren’t about skill sets, either—at                      They think they are destined to “rule the
                          least in the humanities. They’re about two                       universe”! In most cases, they are not
                      things: credentialism and social connections.”                       elected officials, nobody voted for them,
                                                         —ben shapiro                      but they consider themselves the only
                                                                                           ones qualified to govern. They cannot
                                                                                           believe a “barbarian” like Donald Trump
                                                                                           became president, and they cannot take
                                                                                           it! So they must overthrow him.
                                                                                              These individuals do not feel
                                                                                           bound by the Constitution—the
                                                                                           supreme law of the land! They have
                                                                                           no respect for our Bill of Rights, which
                                                                                           safeguards our freedom of speech and
whatever keeps them comfortable                 In 2016, the fbi was about to inves-       freedom of religion and protects us from
(Isaiah 30:10). But events are hurtling       tigate Hillary Clinton for gross negli-      governmental overreach.
toward disaster! People’s delusions           gence. Last year, Page testified before         What if Mr. Trump had lost that
and preoccupation with comfort won’t          a congressional committee that many          election? None of this would have come
protect them from reality crashing in!        in the fbi, including its director, James    to light. The more we learn, the clearer
Those students’ education is doing them       Comey, believed Clinton may have been        the picture becomes of just how deep
a terrible disservice.                        guilty. She said, “[W]e had multiple con-    the corruption is and how much worse
   This world needs to be truly educated.     versations, multiple conversations, with     it would have gotten!
Without true education, you will not          the Justice Department about charging
seek wisdom from anything beyond              gross negligence.” There was gross           Spirit of Lawlessness
the self—you will simply go the way of        negligence, and an unparalleled              What is behind this spirit of lawless-
human reasoning and human nature.             cover-up: Clinton destroyed over             ness? As I write in my booklet America
This is exactly what we see in our young      30,000 of her e-mails. Nevertheless,         Under Attack, it is actually an evil spirit
people. Universities are turning them         Page said, the Obama Department of           being that is trying to destroy the coun-
into conscripts and shock troops for the      Justice said no to an investigation.         try! Satan the devil has been cast down
radical left! This is unraveling society!       Rep. John Ratcliffe directly asked         from heaven, and he and his demons
   At the root of this scandal is law-        Page if the decision not to investigate      are confined to this Earth (Revelation
                                                                                                                                         istock .com /izusek

lessness. Even law schools display a          was because of a direct order from the       12:9, 12). You see his growing influence
contempt for law. Yet look at history and     Justice Department. “When you say            in the partisan division, lying and deceit,
you see that even the greatest empires,       advice you got from the department,          anger and hatred, contempt for author-
like Greece and Rome, when they let           you’re making it sound like it was           ity, and lawlessness!
Satan’s malevolent influence is in our       not only God’s law but even the nation’s      children! (verse 4). The radical left
faces every day, yet most people are blind      own Constitution in derision! Don’t           in particular are acting like unruly
to it. In most cases, they have no idea of      worry about that, they are told—just get      children. They hate law! They want to
the power they are dealing with! So what        in here and you’ve got it made! You’ll rule   destroy the Constitution. That is what
chance do they have to resist it—unless         the universe!                                 these elite universities are teaching
God intervenes to help them in some way?           People today don’t want truth. They        them in many cases. They are following
   God has intervened to temporarily            love deceits. The media are so intent on      the lawless dictates of human nature. Of
save America. I explained this in my            bringing down the president that they         course, when they get control, they use
article “Saving America From the                will not accept the results of a two-year     tyrannical methods to rule.
Radical Left—Temporarily” (read this            investigation into whether President
at theTrumpet.com/17092). God is using          Trump colluded with the Russians.             Establishing the Rule of Law
a modern-day version of Jeroboam—an             Robert Mueller’s team of Trump-hating         Where is this lawlessness leading?
unrighteous king who nevertheless               lawyers spent two years and more than         Please study this paragraph by British
led ancient Israel into a brief period of       $25 million doing everything possible to      historian Paul Johnson, which I quote
restored greatness that postponed the           find the president guilty—and found           in my booklet No Freedom Without
nation’s collapse! (2 Kings 14:23-27). This     nothing! There was no collusion, which        Law: “The rule of law, as distinct from
is exactly what is happening in America         means legally there could be no obstruc-      the rule of a person, or class or people,
today under our current president.              tion of justice. But Mueller said he didn’t   and as opposed to the rule of force, is
   The devil, though, is trying to destroy      exonerate Mr. Trump in that area—to           an abstract, sophisticated concept. It is
this man who is being used to tempo-            help the Democrats keep this thing
rarily save modern-day Israel! And he           alive. They will not stop attacking! They
is stirring up and using a lot of people        discard the evidence and keep hammer-
                                                                                                Even those who are studying
who are products of a deeply corrupted          ing away at all the supposed crimes and
                                                                                                 the law in the universities—
educational system.                             terrible conspiracies the president is
                                                                                                those being groomed to lead
   God loves America and Britain—the            involved in!
                                                                                                    the nation—are learning
modern-day descendants of biblical                 Most of the mainstream media are
                                                                                                   to hold not only God’s law
Israel. He is correcting and punishing          like robots. They all say the same thing,
                                                                                                   but even the nation’s own
our nations to try to turn us from our          exactly what the Democratic Party
                                                                                                     Constitution in derision.
sins. He asks, through the Prophet              directs them to say. And they are walk-
Ezekiel, “I have no pleasure in the death       ing in lockstep toward a cliff, and are       mighty difficult to achieve. But until it
of the wicked; but that the wicked turn         about to walk right off!                      is achieved, and established in the public
from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye            This is the condition of our country       mind with such vehemence that masses
from your evil ways; for why will ye die,       today. We live in a dangerous world.          of individuals are prepared to die
O house of Israel?” (Ezekiel 33:11).            China is getting a choke hold on world        to uphold it, no other form of progress
   Really, had Mr. Trump not been elected,      trade routes. Russia is flying soldiers       can be regarded as secure. The Greeks
this nation would have already died!            into Venezuela, just south of the U.S.        had tried to establish the rule of law
                                                Germany is domineering Europe and             but failed. The Romans had succeeded
Civil War                                       rising as a superpower. America has           under their republic, but Caesar and his
 Look again at the prophecy of Isaiah 30:       many enemies working to undermine             successors had destroyed it. The essence
“[S]peak unto us smooth things, prophesy        the nation economically and politically,      of the rule of law is its impersonality,
 deceits.” This is a prophecy for our time      and preparing to challenge it militarily.     omnipotence and ubiquity. It is the same
 today! God told Isaiah—and He tells the        Open your eyes to what these nations          law for everyone, everywhere—kings,
 group of people who are doing His work         are doing. The threats are real! Yet          emperors, high priests, the state itself,
 today, “Now go, write it before them in a      Americans are ignoring them all.              are subject to it. If exceptions are
 table, and note it in a book, that it may be   Instead the educated elites and the           made, the rule of law begins to col-
 for the time to come for ever and ever”        radical left keep talking about President     lapse—that was the grand lesson of
 (verse 8). That’s the end time.                Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia.       antiquity” (emphasis mine).
    This is a dual prophecy: It is for          They are leading this nation toward civil        How precious and unique is the rule of
 America today, and for the Church of           war! That is coming to this country!          law! And how dangerous is its collapse!
 God, which is mostly turned away from          Americans are ripping each other apart           America’s early pioneers risked their
 God during this age. And God’s message         and weakening the nation from within!         lives making the dangerous pilgrimage
 is, “That this is a rebellious people, lying      Isaiah also prophesied that our great      across the Atlantic. Many of them died
 children, children that will not               leaders would be removed—the mighty           during the journey, and many more
 hear the law of the Lord” (verse 9).           men, the great warriors and judges, the       died when they arrived. They had to
 People will not hear the law! Even             honorable men, the eloquent orators           fight to get here. Why? Many of them
 those who are studying the law in the          (Isaiah 3:1-3). They are gone, and in         fled oppression and persecution. They
 universities—those being groomed to            their place, we have children ruling          yearned for freedom from despotism,
 lead the nation—are learning to hold           over us—and grown-ups behaving like           and freedom to practice their religion.
                                                                                                                             JULY 2019 9
Those early settlers actually               How many people do you think                 freedom where they came from.
came here to establish the rule of          there are in America today willing                 These people mustered profound
God on Earth. That was their goal!          to shed their blood for the Consti-             c o m m i t m e n t a n d c o u r a ge. T h e y
Look at the laws they established for the   tution and the rule of law? Do you              believed in their cause so deeply they
colonies from the beginning. The minds      think those people buying their way             were willing to die for it. It really is
of many were filled with the Bible. And     into the elite colleges would? What             great to have a cause in your life you
they did accomplish the mighty goal of      about those lawyers who are trying to           are willing to die for. If you don’t, you
establishing the rule of law. The leaders   overthrow the government?                       will sputter around in shallow water and
and the people of early America died to        Without the rule of law, you lose            never gain any real depth.
give this nation freedom and to establish   eve ry th i n g ! W he n A m e rica’s gov-         Look at our spiritual forefathers.
the Constitution—probably the greatest      ernment was established, Benjamin               Remember the 12 apostles of Jesus
constitution there has ever been. Many      Franklin said that we have “a republic, if      Christ? Eleven of them were martyred!
shed their blood because they believed      you can keep it.” Sadly, we cannot keep         The only one who lived to old age was
in this government.                         it, because we are so far from God! It          John, and he wrote most of his books
   The Constitution was created by men      is only a matter of time before we lose         while imprisoned on the isle of Patmos.
who held great respect for the Bible and    it! We are going down fast. You don’t           The Apostle Paul was repeatedly jailed,
its Author, and who understood some of      have to understand biblical prophecy            attacked and finally murdered—simply
its important, basic truths. They built     to know the U.S. is at its end—you just         because he believed God and taught the
a system to safeguard the God-given         need a good education in history!               truth of the Bible. He didn’t hide it under
                                                                                            a bushel; he let his light shine all over
                                                                                            the Gentile world and parts of Israel.
   The Constitution was created by men who held                                                That is the sacrifice God required
   great respect for the Bible and its Author,                                              of these men as they proclaimed His
   and who understood some of its important, basic truths.                                  wonderful truth and fought to establish
   They built a system to safeguard                                                         it and preserve it for future generations.
   the God-given freedoms of every man.                                                     And those men considered dying for
                                                                                            their cause a tremendous bargain!
                                                                                               God is going to use those individuals
                                                                                            as part of a new government. He is
                                                                                            preparing people for offices in the
                                                                                            government that will rule Earth very
                                                                                            shortly once Jesus Christ returns and
                                                                                            establishes a new civilization! It will
                                                                                            eradicate the sin and correct the injus-
                                                                                            tice of today’s world. The arrogance of
                                                                                            self-impressed scholars who suppress
                                                                                            truth and defy God will cease! This gov-
                                                                                            ernment will administer the law of God,
                                                                                            and teach people to love law.
freedoms of every man. They created a          I marvel when I look back at that               What honor God gives to those who
government aimed at restraining the cor-    history. How rare for people to have the        are part of that! It’s not always easy as
ruptible human heart. They guaranteed       opportunity to accomplish something so          we prepare for that future in a world
the rights of all citizens to worship God   momentous! They weren’t putting poli-           so hostile against it. But God is offering
without fear of government coercion. In     tics first, or education or riches. They        that opportunity to you. You can learn
1954, Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl      wanted freedom—freedom of religion,             the law and constitution of that future
Warren wrote, “I believe the entire Bill    freedom of speech—freedom rooted in             civilization today, live by it, and help God
of Rights came into being because of the    the rule of law. They didn’t have much          proclaim it. Seize the opportunity!         n
knowledge our forefathers had of the
Bible and their belief in it.”

                                               Are you concerned
  What has happened to that under-
standing today? Why have so many
Americans, especially those most
steeped in education from our elite
                                               about lawlessness?
                                                                                                                                              howard chandler christy

universities, become so hostile to the         The college admissions scandal shows America heading toward a
Constitution? Why are they so contemp-         civil breakdown, and the reason revolves around society’s attitude
tuous of the rule of law? In many ways,        toward law. To learn why lawlessness is so deeply concerning,
an attack on the U.S. Constitution is an       request Gerald Flurry’s free booklet No Freedom Without Law.
attack on God, and the truth of God.
                               lexandria Ocasio-Cortez might                                                     Communist Infiltration
                               be the most famous person in                                                      This political transformation did not hap-
                               Congress. In a March 15 Gallup                                                     pen overnight. Decades ago, Plain Truth
                       Poll, 7 in 10 people had heard of the                                                      editor in chief Herbert W. Armstrong
                       29-year-old, Congress’s youngest member                                                    warned that communism would strip
                       in history. That is remarkable recogni-                                                   America of its blessings—the greatest
                       tion for a freshman representative from                                                    blessings ever conferred on any people—
                       a small district who was waiting tables                                                    not because socialists outmaneuvered
                       barely a year ago. Despite her political                                                   conservatives, but because the American
                       inexperience, Ocasio-Cortez repeatedly                                                     people as a whole have turned away from
                       makes headlines as she calls for open                                                      God’s law. He warned that communism
                       borders, free health care, free college, a                                                 would pervert America’s morals, sabo-
                       federal jobs guarantee, a 70 percent tax                                                   tage its educational system, wreck its
                       rate for incomes above $10 million, and                                                    social structure, destroy its spiritual life,
                       a “Green New Deal” that eliminates fossil
                       fuel-powered electricity and requires            How 67,000                                and weaken its economic power.
                                                                                                                     In particular, Mr. Armstrong pointed
                       retrofitting “all existing U.S. buildings.”
                          Such radical proposals by a self-pro-          Socialists                               to the New Left movement that swept
                                                                                                                  through U.S. college campuses in the
                       claimed socialist would have rendered
                       a candidate unelectable a few years ago.         Hijacked the                              1960s. This Communist movement sought
                                                                                                                  to change the cultural superstructure of
                       But Ocasio-Cortez rose to prominence
                       supported by an organization working             Democratic                                modern society by implementing a broad
                                                                                                                  range of reforms on issues such as abor-
                       to hijack the Democratic Party.
                          In 2016, a political action committee
                       called the Justice Democrats held audi-
                                                                            Party                                 tion rights, homosexual rights, gender
                                                                                                                  roles and drug legalization. “The guiding
                                                                                                                  hand in student revolt is the Communist
                       tions for candidates willing to endorse       Radically far-left political groups          Party,” Mr. Armstrong wrote in his March
                       their far-left platform. It received over      have gained outsized political              1969 Plain Truth Personal. “Many stu-
                       10,000 nominations. Ocasio-Cortez’s              power. by andrew miiller                  dents, their emotions stirred and enraged
                       brother submitted her name for the posi-                                                   to violence, do not themselves realize this.
                       tion while she was working at Flats Fix, a      Most of the leadership of Our Rev-        Yet actually, these young leaders of the
                       Manhattan taco restaurant. The Justice        olution comes from the Democratic           ‘New Left’ movement are going beyond
                       Democrats selected Ocasio-Cortez and          Socialists of America. Some are mem-         the Communist Party. Their plan is to stir
                       78 other candidates to run against mod-       bers of the Freedom Road Socialist           up college-age students to revolt first, and
                       erate Democratic incumbents.                  Organization or Communist Party usa.         the teenage high school adolescents. If
                          Of these candidates, seven won seats       Communist Party usa leader John              they can corrupt and/or win over tomor-
                       in the House of Representatives: Alexan-      Bachtell explained their strategy for        row’s students, they will gain control.”
                       dria Ocasio-Cortez for New York’s 14th        hijacking the Democratic Party in an            The rise of the radical left is a direct
                       District, Ayanna Pressley for Massachu-       online webinar on May 23, 2018, when         result of America’s multidecade toler-
                       setts’ 7th District, Ilhan Omar for Min-      he told an audience of activists that        ance of communism. More specifically,
                       nesota’s 5th District, Pramila Jayapal        they must campaign for openly socialist      it is a result of America’s drift into
                       for Washington’s 7th District, Rashida        candidates within the Democratic Party       lawlessness and secularism. As people
                       Tlaib for Michigan’s 13th District, Raúl      to challenge President Donald Trump.         reject God and the Bible, they have
                       Grinalva for Arizona’s 3rd District, and        Combined, these three Marxist              devised their own man-made solutions
                       Ro Khanna for California’s 17th District.     groups have only about 67,000 members.       to problems like racism, poverty, illiter-
                                                                     Most of them are not the type of people      acy, sickness and pollution—“solutions”
                       Organized Opposition                          who could be elected. But by using           that contradict the Bible and defy its
                       It is not unusual for political action com-   groups like the Justice Democrats and       Author. Instead of individually repent-
                       mittees to audition candidates. What          Our Revolution, these 67,000 socialists      ing of the sins that cause such societal
                       makes the Justice Democrats unusual           can recruit more charismatic, electable      problems, people have turned to the U.S.
                       is that it has partnered with Our             personalities like Ocasio-Cortez to          government to treat the effect. But both
                       Revolution, the largest Marxist front         espouse their ideals. Largely as a result    history and Bible prophecy reveal that
                       group in America. Claiming more than          of the work done by the Justice Demo-        rejecting God and embracing lawlessness
                       100,000 members, Our Revolution acts          crats and Our Revolution, the Congres-       will lead America down a path toward
                       as a front for the three most influential     sional Progressive Caucus grew from 78       bankruptcy, strife and anarchy.           n
heidi rodis /trumpet

                       Marxist organizations in America: the         to 96 members. That means the radical
                       Democratic Socialists of America, the         left controls 22 percent of the House of      To learn more, request our free reprint
                       Communist Party usa, and the Freedom          Representatives and 41 percent of the         article “Communism in America Today.”
                       Road Socialist Organization.                  entire Democratic Caucus.
                                                                                                                                                  JULY 2019   11
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