Charitable Events Registry 2020 - Presented by TulsaPeople and the Tulsa Community Foundation - Townnews

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Charitable Events Registry 2020 - Presented by TulsaPeople and the Tulsa Community Foundation - Townnews

        Presented by TulsaPeople
  and the Tulsa Community Foundation

                                       TULSAPEOPLE CHARITABLE EVENTS REGISTRY 2020 1
Charitable Events Registry 2020 - Presented by TulsaPeople and the Tulsa Community Foundation - Townnews
Top Reasons to Volunteer with Modus in 2020

 Roughly 6,400 Tulsa youth cannot access healthcare and social services because they lack safe, reliable
  transportation. This means that our youth are suffering from decreased mental and physical health,
                      poorer educational outcomes, and lower employment rates.

Small Committment                                               YOU Choose When You Drive
One ride typically only takes 15-30 minutes and there's no      Volunteer drivers choose when and where they drive. With
minimum ride commitment. All rides are split, so if you can     rides taking place anytime between 8am-8pm, Monday-
give one leg of a trip, another volunteer can take the client   Friday, you get to choose which rides fit your busy schedule.
home after their appointment.

Make a Difference                                               Help Local Youth Succeed
Volunteering with Modus is a simple way to make a BIG           Our youth clients are much like the kids you probably know.
difference in your community. One ride a week may not           They want to do good things in life, and just need a little help
seem like much, but it makes a big difference for someone       along the way. Modus drivers provide a valuable service to
who lacks safe and reliable transportation.                     those who are working hard to become successful.

Develop Connection                                              Explore the City
Volunteers develop meaningful connections with the youth        Modus serves clients all over Tulsa, giving our drivers the
they drive. Share successes with the young people you           opportunity to develop a more complete understanding of
drive as they improve themselves and reach their goals.         the city and the people living in it.

              Sign up to give a ride today!
                         (918) 280-9563
Charitable Events Registry 2020 - Presented by TulsaPeople and the Tulsa Community Foundation - Townnews
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                                                                          you will enjoy. Place it on your coffee table so it’s available for you and
                     EDITORIAL CONSULTING
                  Missy Kruse, The Write Company
                                                                          your friends throughout the year. Use it to schedule fun dinner groups
          CREATIVE DIRECTOR             Madeline Crawford
                                                                          or family activities. Your participation in any of these events — or, if
               ART DIRECTOR             Georgia Brooks                    you’re an overachiever, all of them — will help ensure the delivery of
           GRAPHIC DESIGNER             Morgan Welch
    MANAGING PHOTOGRAPHER               Michelle Pollard                  essential charitable services throughout our community, from feeding
 CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER              Valerie Wei-Haas
              VIDEOGRAPHER              Greg Bollinger                    the hungry to providing arts instruction for our school children.
ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVES Andrea Canada                                    Event revenue alone can’t possibly meet our community’s extensive
		 Josh Kampf
		 Betsy Slagle                                                           needs. But we as individuals, foundations and corporations can. We live
                  CONTROLLER            Mary McKisick                     in America’s Most Generous City®, a moniker that Tulsa must continu-
               SUBSCRIPTIONS            Gloria Brooks
    DISTRIBUTION COORDINATOR            Amanda Hall                       ously earn by generously giving to meet the needs of others. This year, you
                      INTERN            Ethan Veenker                     can do your part by volunteering to serve meals to the homeless, stuffing
                                                                          fundraising envelopes, serving on a committee or board, or making mate-
                                                                          rial contributions to charities of your choice. To volunteer, simply call a
                                                                          nonprofit or visit its website. By annually giving of your resources and
            ­­TulsaPeople’s distribution is audited annually by
                                                                          talents, you will improve the lives of others, and your own.
                                                                             Tulsa Community Foundation and TulsaPeople co-produce this
                                                                          registry for many reasons. Today, I challenge you to use it for just one:
                                                                          choose an organization and deeply invest yourself in its mission and
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                                                                                                                      TULSAPEOPLE CHARITABLE EVENTS REGISTRY 2020 3
Charitable Events Registry 2020 - Presented by TulsaPeople and the Tulsa Community Foundation - Townnews
2019 Icons and Idols benefi ting Tulsa Ballet

        JANUARY                                      Trivia Night                               FEBRUARY                                      FEB. 14
                                                                                                                                Wavy ’80s Valentine’s Day
                 TBA                        Benefits Bishop Kelley High School.                           TBA
                                                     BISHOPKELLEY.ORG / TRIVIA
      EAT DRINK and                                                                                   Newsies
                                                                                                                                 Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.
     BE GIVING: Biga                                                                           Benefits Tulsa Press Club.
                                                            JAN. 24                                                                       OKAQUARIUM.ORG
Benefits Center for Individuals with                                                               TULSAPRESSCLUB.ORG
       Physical Challenges.                             Trivia Night
                                                Benefits Cascia Hall Preparatory                                                              FEB. 15
       TULSACENTER.ORG / EVENT /                                                                         FEB. 1
       EAT-DRINK-AND-BE-GIVING                              School.                                                                      Gala 2020
                                                                                                 Icons and Idols
                                                         CASCIAHALL.COM                                                              Benefits Youth Services
                                                                                           Benefits Tulsa Ballet Theatre Inc.               of Tulsa.
               JAN. 9                                                                               ICONSANDIDOLS.ORG
 Gala 2020 Golden Brew                              Pink in the Rink
         Competition                               Benefits Joy in the Cause                      Runway Run
 Benefits Youth Services of Tulsa.                     JOYINTHECAUSE.ORG
                                                                                                                                              FEB. 20
                                                                                             Benefits Tulsa Air and Space              Pink Stiletto
                                                                                              Museum and Planetarium.              Benefits Komen Oklahoma.
                                                            JAN. 25                                 TULSAMUSEUM.ORG
            JAN. 13-18                               Best of Brunch
         Chili Bowl                               Benefits Domestic Violence                             FEB. 6
     Benefits Joy in the Cause                      Intervention Services.                                                                    FEB. 21
                                                                                               Hearts Rebuilding                  Junior Achievement
         JOYINTHECAUSE.ORG                                   DVIS.ORG                                  Homes                     Las Vegas Bowl-a-Thon
                                                                                              Benefits Revitalize T-Town.         Benefits Junior Achievement
              JAN. 14                                     JAN. 30-31                               REVITALIZETTOWN.ORG
         Trivia Night                           The Beyond Awareness                                                                     of Oklahoma.
                                                                                                                                 JUNIORACHIEVEMENT.ORG / WEB / JA-OK /
   Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.                       Summit 2020                                         FEB. 8                            BOWLING-TULSA
           OKAQUARIUM.ORG                         Benefits Demand Project.                         Heart Ball
                                                                                               Benefits American Heart                 Street Party
              JAN. 17                                                                                Association.                    Benefits Street School.
An Evening to Remember                                      JAN. 31                                     HEART.ORG                      STREETPARTYTULSA.ORG
  Benefits Payne County Youth                              GLOW
          Services Inc.                            Benefits Global Gardens.                   Superhero Soiree                                FEB. 22
              PCYS.ORG                               GLOBALGARDENSGLOW.ORG
                                                                                            Benefits Child Abuse Network.             CASA Casino:
                                                                                                 CHILDABUSENETWORK .ORG            Shaken Not Stirred
              JAN. 18                            Mentorship Luncheon
                                                                                                                                     Benefits Tulsa CASA.
         Toyland Ball                           Benefits Junior League of Tulsa.                        FEB. 13                           CASACASINO.ORG
  Benefits Parent Child Center of                          JLTULSA.ORG                        Hearts for Refugees
              Tulsa.                                                                          Benefits Power of a Nickel.

Charitable Events Registry 2020 - Presented by TulsaPeople and the Tulsa Community Foundation - Townnews
Dance of the Two Moons

   March 7, 2020
  Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa

Benefitting Indian Health Care Resource Center
                Youth Programs

                                       TULSAPEOPLE CHARITABLE EVENTS REGISTRY 2020 5
Charitable Events Registry 2020 - Presented by TulsaPeople and the Tulsa Community Foundation - Townnews
Cooking Up Compassion                 TBH Junior Women’s
                                                                      Benefits Catholic Charities.        Association Buttercup
                                                                               CCEOK.ORG/CUC                         Bash
                                                                                                           Benefits Tulsa Boys’ Home.
                                                                     Fiestivale Barn Dance                      CHARITYAUCTION.BID/
                                                                    Benefits Eisenhower International
                                                                               School PTA.

                                                                       Lunar New Year Gala
                                                                                                                     MARCH 5
                                                                       Benefits Dillon International.         Celebrate LIFE
                                                                                                           Benefits LIFE Senior Services.
                                                                           Polar Plunge
                                                                        Benefits Special Olympics             Pearl Party —
                                                                               Oklahoma.                   Women of the Year —
                                                                                                            Pinnacle Awards
                                                                                                             Benefits YWCA Tulsa.
                                                                                 FEB. 25
                                                                     Live United Luncheon
                                                                             and Awards
                                                                                                                     MARCH 6
                                                                     Benefits Tulsa Area United Way.         Sip for Sight Gala
                                                                                                               Benefits Vizavance.
                                                                           TBH Women’s
                                                                        Association Annual
                                                                                                                  Vintage ’53
          2007 Bon Odori Festival celebrating Tulsa’s sister-city           Bunco Party
                                                                                                                  Benefits TSHA.
                  relationship with Utsunomiya, Japan                   Benefits Tulsa Boys’ Home.

                                                                                                                     MARCH 7
                                                                                 FEB. 27
                                                                                                         Annual Founder’s Dinner
                                                                       Different Strokes —
                                                                                                                and Auction
                                                                     Color Outside the Lines
                                                                                                          Benefits Eagle Point Christian
                                                                    Benefits Town and Country School.

                                                                          Heart of Henry
                                                                                                                 Brainiac Ball
                                                                        Benefits Tulsa Day Center.
                                                                                                           Benefits Family and Children’s

                                                                      Whitney M. Young Jr.
                                                                    Service Awards Luncheon              Dance of the Two Moons:
                                                                     Benefits Boy Scouts of America,        Roaring Twenties
                                                                        Indian Nations Council.            Benefits Indian Health Care
                                                                                                               Resource Center.

                                                                                 FEB. 28
                                                                            Memory Gala                       Monarch Ball —
                                                                     Benefits Alzheimer’s Association.       Sweet Dreams to
                                                                                                                  Safer Days
                                                                                                            Benefits Domestic Violence
                                                                                 FEB. 29
                                                                                                              Intervention Services.
                   2019 Rhinestone Cowboy supporting                     Red Ribbon Gala
                   Volunteers of America of Oklahoma                     Benefits Tulsa CARES.
                                                                                                           A Night of Surprises!
                                                                                                         Celebrating 100 Years of
                                                                                                           Union Public Schools
                                                                      Sapphire Celebration
                                                                                                         Benefits Union Schools Education
                                                                       Benefits Riverfield Country
                                                                              Day School.

Charitable Events Registry 2020 - Presented by TulsaPeople and the Tulsa Community Foundation - Townnews
because your cause matters

         one backpack of hope at a time


     To learn more about Joy in the Cause and its programs | 918-998-0538
Charitable Events Registry 2020 - Presented by TulsaPeople and the Tulsa Community Foundation - Townnews
MARCH 14                             Oysters and Ale                            APRIL 10-11                      Premiere Party
10th anniversary Charity                    Benefits Hospice of Green Country.              SpringFest                       Benefits Foundation for
          Banquet                                  HOSPICEOFGREENCOUNTRY.ORG/        Benefits Tulsa Garden Center.               Tulsa Schools.
  Benefits MITA’s Foundation.                            OYSTERSANDALE                  TULSAGARDENCENTER.ORG/           FOUNDATIONFORTULSASCHOOLS.ORG
        MITASFOUNDATION.ORG                                                                   SPRINGFEST

                                                          Spokeasy                                                                 APRIL 24
   St. Patrick’s Day Run                                                                       APRIL 11
                                                       Benefits Tulsa Hub.                                                Oklahoma Nonprofit
    Benefits Special Olympics                                                            Bunny Brunch
                                                     TULSAHUB.ORG/SPOKEASY                                                 Excellence Awards
           Oklahoma.                                                                 Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.              (ONE Awards)
                                            Tulsa Lawyers Friends of                        OKAQUARIUM.ORG
              SOOK.ORG                                                                                                    Benefits Oklahoma Center for
                                               Scouting Luncheon                                                                   Nonprofits.
                                                                                               APRIL 16
             MARCH 20                        Benefits Boy Scouts of America,                                            OKLAHOMACENTERFORNONPROFITS.ORG/
     ZZZs in the Seas                           Indian Nations Council.            Juliette Low Leadership                    CONNECT/ONE-AWARDS
   Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.                            OKSCOUTS.ORG
                                                                                      Society Luncheon
           OKAQUARIUM.ORG                                                           Benefits Girl Scouts of Eastern                APRIL 25
                                                            APRIL 3                           Oklahoma.                      By Your Side 5K
             MARCH 28                              Battle of the Bands                       GSEOK.ORG/JLLS
                                                                                                                               and Fun Run
       Carnivale: Roar                          Benefits Community Food Bank of                                           Benefits Parkside Psychiatric
Benefits Mental Health Association                     Eastern Oklahoma.            Embers — Lighting the
                                                                                                                              Hospital and Clinic.
           Oklahoma.                        OKFOODBANK.ORG/EVENTS/BATTLE-BANDS
                                                                                   Way for a Brighter Future
        BESTPARTYINTOWN.ORG                                                          Benefits Palmer Continuum
                                                Botanical! The Tasting                       of Care Inc.
                                                                                                                             March for Babies
Get Your Rear in Gear 5K                        Benefits Tulsa Botanic Garden.             PALMER-TULSA.ORG
                                                                                                                            Benefits March of Dimes.
        and Fun Run                                    BOTANICALTULSA.ORG                                                      MARCHFORBABIES.ORG
 Benefits Colon Cancer Coalition.                                                              APRIL 17
 DONATE.COLONCANCERCOALITION.ORG/                  Women of the Year                    Celebrate Cascia
                                                                                    Benefits Cascia Hall Preparatory              Walk MS
              TULSA                                      Luncheon
                                                                                                School.                    Benefits National Multiple
                                                  Benefits Tulsa Area Alumnae                                                 Sclerosis Society.
             MARCH 31                                     Panhellenic.                      CASCIAHALL.COM
   Tulsa Boys’ Home                                   TULSAPANHELLENIC.ORG

 Women’s Association                                                                 Conservation on Tap
Annual Spring Luncheon                                                                  Benefits Tulsa Zoo.                        APRIL 26
                                                            APRIL 4
  Benefits Tulsa Boys’ Home.                                                                                              Superhero Challenge
                                                     Aquarium Run                      TULSAZOO.ORG/ZOO-EVENTS/
                                                                                         CONSERVATION-ON-TAP             Benefits Child Abuse Network.
TULSABOYSHOME.ORG/SPRING-LUNCHEON                Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.
                                                                                        Glamp Fire 2020
                                                  Botanical! Passport              Benefits Camp Fire Green Country.               APRIL 27
           APRIL                                            Dinner                  TULSACAMPFIRE.ORG/GLAMPFIRE2020     Great Plains Journalism
                                                 Benefits Tulsa Botanic Garden.                                                   Awards
      Iron Gate Spring                                                                         APRIL 18                   Benefits Tulsa Press Club.
         Fundraiser                                                                       Taste of Tulsa                       TULSAPRESSCLUB.ORG
        Benefits Iron Gate.                          Coronation XIII               Benefits Big Brothers Big Sisters.
                                                  Benefits Imperial Court of All              BBBSOK.ORG                   Musical Mondays
                                                            Oklahoma.                                                        Concert Series
     Pranks and Paws                                                                Where Hands and Feet                 Benefits LIFE Senior Services.
          Trivia Night                                                                    Meet 5K                            LIFESENIORSERVICES.ORG
Benefits Tulsa SPCA (Society for the                   Gem Gala                          Benefits TSHA.
 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).                                                             TSHA.CC
                                            Benefits the Junior League of Tulsa.                                                   APRIL 28
     TULSASPCA.ORG/TRIVIA-NIGHT                                                                                                 Empty Bowls
                                                                                    2020 Charity Gala and               Benefits Community Food Bank of
              APRIL 2
                                                Rock the House: Prince                    Silent Auction                       Eastern Oklahoma.
An Evening of Tranquility                                                           Benefits Good Samaritan Health
                                                  Benefits Tulsa Habitat for                                                 EMPTYBOWLSTULSA.COM
 Benefits the Stonebrook Project.                                                              Services.
     THESTONEBROOKPROJECT.ORG                                                          GOODSAMARITANHEALTH.ORG
                                                     ROCKTHEHOUSETULSA.ORG                                                     APRIL 29-MAY 17
                                                                                                                           Designer Showcase
   Healing Hearts Gala                                                                         APRIL 21
                                                   Sip for Sight Grand                                                     Benefits the Foundation for
Benefits the Tristesse Grief Center.                     Tasting                   Dream Maker Luncheon
                                                                                                                                 Tulsa Schools.
                                                     Benefits Vizavance.              Benefits Pathways Adult            FOUNDATIONFORTULSASCHOOLS.ORG
        HEALING-HEARTS-GALA                                                              Learning Center.

Charitable Events Registry 2020 - Presented by TulsaPeople and the Tulsa Community Foundation - Townnews
ignite the spark

                                    S A T U R D A Y, F E B R U A R Y 2 9 , 2 0 2 0
                six o’clock in the evening � cox business center

               cocktails, dinner, live auction and entertainment

                       the spark begins with you.

                                            P U R C H A S E T I C K E T S O N L I N E AT R E D R I B B O N G A L A . O R G

                red tie attire � complimentary valet � rsvp by february 1, 2020

Red Ribbon Gala serves as the largest fundraiser annually for Tulsa CARES.

Tulsa CARES is the largest and most comprehensive provider of prevention
and care programs serving low income individuals living with HIV/AIDS
and Hepatitis C in Oklahoma. For nearly thirty years, the agency has offered       REDRIBBONGALA.ORG • CONTACT CARLY SENGER AT 918.834.4194 OR CARLYS@TULSACARES.ORG
client-tailored programs, including care coordination, mental health, housing,
and nutrition services, to provide equal opportunities for healthy living and                            TULSACARES.ORG • 3712 E. 11TH STREET • TULSA, OK • 74112-3952
improved quality of life.                                                                                              TULSAPEOPLEA CHARITABLE
                                                                                                                                    TULSA AREAEVENTS
                                                                                                                                                       WAY PARTNER
                                                                                                                                                              2020 9AGENCY
Charitable Events Registry 2020 - Presented by TulsaPeople and the Tulsa Community Foundation - Townnews
2019 Mallets and Moonlight benefi ting the Center for Individuals with Physical Challenges

             APRIL 30                               Garden Party                                     MAY 8                                       MAY 11
  William Booth Society                     Benefits the Little Light House Inc.          Go Red for Women                               Frank Rhoades
            Dinner                                    LITTLELIGHTHOUSE.ORG
                                                                                                 Luncheon                                  Golf Classic
  Benefits the Salvation Army.                                                        Benefits American Heart Association.             Benefits Tulsa Boys’ Home.
         SALARMYTULSA.ORG                                                              HEART.ORG/EN/AFFILIATES/OKLAHOMA/           TULSABOYSHOME.ORG/TBH-GOLF-CLASSIC
                                                      Overture:                                      TULSA
                                             High 5’s and Hit Tunes
                                            Rockin’ the Fabulous ’50s                                                                            MAY 14
                                                                                         Mermaid’s Night Out                         Links to Independence
              MAY                             Benefits Signature Symphony.
                                                                                         Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.                  Benefits Ability Resources.
                TBA                                                                              OKAQUARIUM.ORG                           ABILITYRESOURCES.ORG
     Madam President
 Benefits League of Women Voters                    Run for the Roses
                                                                                      Swings Fore Scholarships                                   MAY 16
      of Metropolitan Tulsa.                       Benefits Tulsa Boys’ Home.
      LWVMADAMPRESIDENT.COM                            TULSABOYSHOME.ORG/
                                                                                       Benefits Community HigherEd.                         Great Strides
                                                        RUN-FOR-THE-ROSES                    COMMUNITYHIGHERED.ORG                 Benefits Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
               MAY 1
         Garden Party                        Tour de Tulsa presented                        The White Party
        Benefits A New Leaf.                  by Ascension St. John                      Benefits Family and Children’s                     MAY 16-JUNE 28
            ANEWLEAF.ORG                      Benefits Pathways to Health.                         Services.                            Dream Home Tour
                                                    TULSABICYCLECLUB.COM/TDT                   WHITEPARTYOK.COM                        Benefits St. Jude Children’s
  GrandSlam Gala 2020                                                                                                                     Research Hospital.
                                                                                                     MAY 9                          STJUDE.ORG/GIVE/DREAM-HOME/TULSA
    Benefits Youth At Heart.                                 MAY 7
       YOUTHATHEART.ORG/GALA                Appetite for Construction                            CREATE
                                                                                              Benefits ahha Tulsa.                               MAY 17
                                               Benefits HBA Charitable
                                                                                                                                       Marcello Angelini’s
Rhinestone Cowboy 2020                               Foundation.                                 CREATEGALA.ORG
                                                                                                                                       Silver Celebration
 Benefits Volunteers of America                                                                                                         Benefits Tulsa Ballet.
                                                    APPETITE-FOR-CONSTRUCTION                DIG: Day In the
           Oklahoma.                                                                                                                         TULSABALLET.ORG
    VOAOK.ORG/RHINESTONECOWBOY                                                                     Garden
                                                  Tulsa Tycoons:                         Benefits Tulsa Botanic Garden.                          MAY 18
                                             Fifth Edition — A Night                            TULSABOTANIC.ORG                        Musical Mondays
               MAY 2
                                                     of Monopoly                                                                         Concert Series
         Aviator Ball
                                              Benefits Junior Achievement of               Electric Lime Gala                        Benefits LIFE Senior Services.
   Benefits Tulsa Air and Space
                                                        Oklahoma.                           Benefits Discovery Lab.
    Museum and Planetarium.
          TULSAMUSEUM.ORG                                                                       DISCOVERYLAB.ORG

MAY 27-29                               JUNE 12
                                                                 Reconciliation in America                  5K and Fun Run
                                                                   National Symposium                     Benefits Tulsa Boys’ Home.
                                                                 Benefits John Hope Franklin Center          TBHJUNIORWOMEN.COM/
                                                                         for Reconciliation.                   FUNDRAISERS/TBH-5K

                                                                                                                    JUNE 19
                                                                              MAY 30                          TU Uncorked
                                                                 Golf Fore Groceries 2020
                                                                                                         Benefits the Tulsa Chapter of
                                                                  Benefits Kendall Whittier Inc.
                                                                                                         the University of Tulsa Alumni

                                                                            JUNE                                    JUNE 20
                                                                                TBA                           Relay for Life
                                                                 Links for Little Ones Golf                Benefits American Cancer
                                                                         Tournament                                 Society.
                                                                  Benefits Little Light House Inc.       RELAYFORLIFE.ORG/TULSAMETROOK

                                                                                                       WALTZ on the Wild Side
                                                                       Press Your Luck
                                                                                                           Benefits Tulsa Zoo.
            Kaiser Rehabilitation Center’s 2012 celebration of       Benefits Tulsa Press Club.             WALTZONTHEWILDSIDE.ORG
                           its 40th anniversary                          TULSAPRESSCLUB.ORG

                                                                                                                    JUNE 21
                                                                     Taste of Brookside                Father’s Day Food Truck
                                                                  Benefits Youth Services of Tulsa.              Festival
                                                                                                        Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.
                                                                              JUNE 4
                                                                      Rumble and Roll
                                                                                                                    JUNE 22
                                                                  Benefits Make-A-Wish Oklahoma.       Musical Mondays Concert
                                                                              JUNE 5
                                                                                                        Benefits LIFE Senior Services.
                                                                   Wine, Eats and Easels
                                                                  Benefits Broken Arrow Neighbors.                  JUNE 26
                                                                                                           ZZZs in the Seas
                                                                              JUNE 6                     Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.
                                                                  Benefits the Bridges Foundation.
                                                                                                                    JUNE 27
              2007 Celebrate Cascia benefi ting Cascia Hall
                         Preparatory School                       St. John Street Party —                Celebrating Disability
                                                                        Tulsa Flavors                             Inclusion
                                                                    Benefits Ascension St. John          Benefits Center for Individuals
                                                                            Foundation.                    with Physical Challenges.

                                                                              JUNE 7                        Summer Carnival
                                                                     Knock Out Violence                     Benefits Pathways Adult
                                                                     Benefits Domestic Violence                Learning Center.
                                                                       Intervention Services.               PATHWAYSOK.ORG/CARNIVAL


                                                                              JUNE 11
                                                                     Over the Top Gala                             JULY
                                                                    Benefits Community Service
                                                                              Council.                           Bingo Bash
                                                                            CSCTULSA.ORG                 Benefits Tulsa SPCA. (Society
                                                                                                         for the Prevention of Cruelty to
                                                                            JUNE 11-12                              Animals).
                                                                    Over the Top Urban                     TULSASPCA.ORG/BINGO-BASH

             2010 Painted Pony Ball benefi ting the Children’s      Rappelling Fundraiser
                        Hospital at Saint Francis                Benefits Community Service Council.

LA2020: The Future Is Clear • September 4-7, 2020
   T-Shirt Contest • Kick-Off Celebration • Lemon-Aid Stands

         Visit to more info.
                                               TULSAPEOPLE CHARITABLE EVENTS REGISTRY 2020 13
2019 Monarch Ball in support of Domestic Violence Intervention Services

     Paws and Pictures                                       AUG. 7                          ZZZs in the Seas                            SEPT. 4-7
       Drive-In Movie                            Jeans and Jewels Gala                     Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.        The Lemon-Aid Project
          Fundraiser                               Benefits Tulsa State Fair                      OKAQUARIUM.ORG               Benefits Lemon-Aid Project.
Benefits Tulsa SPCA (Society for the               Junior Livestock Auction                                                        THELEMONAIDPROJECT.ORG

 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).                          Corp.                                    AUG. 29
   TULSASPCA.ORG/PAWS-PICTURES                         TULSASTATEFAIR.COM                    Maker Faire Tulsa                           SEPT. 4-13
                                                                                             Benefits Fab Lab Tulsa.              Restaurant Week
 Malicious but Delicious                                     AUG. 8                            TULSA.MAKERFAIRE.COM           Benefits Community Food Bank of
 Benefits the Nature Conservancy               Back-to-School Style                                                                  Eastern Oklahoma.
           of Oklahoma.                          Show and Brunch                                                              TULSAPEOPLE.COM/RESTAURANTWEEK

        NATURE.ORG/OKLAHOMA                  Benefits Oklahoma Baptist Homes
                                                       for Children.                        SEPTEMBER                                     SEPT. 10
               JULY 4                             OBHC.ORG/EVENTS/STYLE-SHOWS                           TBA                          Flight Night
    Fish and Fireworks                                                                          Bring Change                     Benefits Tulsa Flight Night.
   Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.                         Tulsa Taller                          Benefits Power of a Nickel.            TULSAFLIGHTNIGHT.ORG
          OKAQUARIUM.ORG                             Benefits Assistance in                     POWEROFANICKEL.ORG
                                                         Health Care.                                                             Open Door Event
              JULY 27                                     TULSA.AIH.ORG                           Headliners                     Benefits John 3:16 Mission.
     Musical Mondays                                                                         Benefits Tulsa Press Club.              JOHN316MISSION.ORG
       Concert Series                                       AUG. 14                             TULSAPRESSCLUB.ORG
   Benefits LIFE Senior Services.                Barbecue, Booze                                                                          SEPT. 14
                                             and Cigars, Presented by                      Laps for Little Ones              Annual Golf Tournament
                                                  Dr. Pat Daley                           Benefits Little Light House Inc.   Benefits Restore Hope Ministries.
                                               Benefits Tulsa Boys’ Home.                       LITTLELIGHTHOUSE.ORG                GOLF.RESTOREHOPE.ORG
         AUGUST                                                                             McDazzle Fun Ball                             SEPT. 15
                TBA                                         AUG. 22                                                                   Western Days
                                                                                         Benefits Ronald McDonald House.
      Gold Medal Gala                                 Salsa Festival                                                         Benefits Saint Simeon’s Foundation.
     Benefits Special Olympics                   Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.                                                          SAINTSIMEONS.ORG
            Oklahoma.                                    OKAQUARIUM.ORG
                                                                                         Walk to End Alzheimer’s
              SOOK.ORG                                                                                                                    SEPT. 17
                                                                                         Benefits Alzheimer’s Association,
                                                            AUG. 28                                                                 Girls Night Out
                                                                                                Oklahoma Chapter.
          Wild Brew                                    Day of Caring                                                          Benefits Community Food Bank of
       Benefits Sutton Avian                     Benefits Tulsa Area United Way.                                                     Eastern Oklahoma.
         Research Center.                             TAUW.ORG/DAYOFCARING                                                    OKFOODBANK.ORG/WOMENS-COUNCIL/
            WILDBREW.ORG                                                                                                              GIRLS-NIGHT-OUT

VIP party in support of the 2012 Williams Route 66 Marathon                            2007 Street Party Prom benefi ting Street School

     Route for a Cause                      Luau Under the Sea Stars                        Mini Laps                                    OCT. 8
     Benefits Joy in the Cause                Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.           Benefits Little Light House Inc.           Cooking for a Cause
         JOYINTHECAUSE.ORG                              OKAQUARIUM.ORG                   LITTLELIGHTHOUSE.ORG                    Benefits Iron Gate.

              SEPT. 22                       Race for the Cure Tulsa                        Mutt Strut
Shootout Against Hunger                        Benefits Susan G. Komen                Benefits Domestic Violence                         OCT. 10
  Benefits John 3:16 Mission.                         Oklahoma.                         Intervention Services.              Making Strides Against
         JOHN316MISSION.ORG                           KOMENOKLAHOMA.ORG                         DVIS.ORG
                                                                                                                                  Breast Cancer
                                                                                                                           Benefits American Cancer Society.
              SEPT. 24                            Rock Paper Scissors                Noche de Gala 30th                                CANCER.ORG

      Evening of Giving                             Benefits Pencil Box.                  Anniversary
      Benefits HBA Charitable                         PENCILBOXTULSA.ORG.            Benefits Hispanic American                          OCT. 13
            Foundation.                                                                      Foundation.                          Lip Sync Battle
 TULSAHBACF.COM/EVENING-OF-GIVING                        SEPT. 26-27                         HAFTULSA.ORG                   Benefits Pathways Adult Learning
                                                Home Remodeling                                                                          Center.
       The Tasting at                                  Showcase                                 OCT. 2                            PATHWAYSOK.ORG/BATTLE

      Woodward Park                         Benefits HBA Charitable Foundation.         Hues for HOPE
     Benefits Woodward Park                       TULSAHBA.COM/ABOUT-THE-TOUR       Benefits Global Foundation for                  OCT. 23-NOV. 11
   educational programming and                                                         Peroxisomal Disorders.                         Care Card
          beautification.                                                                  HUESFORHOPE.ORG                    Benefits Family and Children’s
       TULSAGARDENCENTER.ORG                                                                                                            Services.
                                                     OCTOBER                          Center Experience                              CARECARDOK.COM

              SEPT. 25                                       TBA                  Benefits Center for Individuals with
     Golf Tournament                             Annual Awards Dinner                    Physical Challenges.                            OCT. 25
  Benefits Tulsa Area United Way.                Benefits Oklahoma Center for           TULSACENTER.ORG/EVENT/
                                                                                                                                   Museum Gala
           TAUW.ORG/GOLF                           Community and Justice.                 CENTER-EXPERIENCE                Benefits Sherwin Miller Museum of
                                                          OCCJOK.ORG                                                                  Jewish Art.
       Stacked Deck                                                                             OCT. 3
  Benefits Resonance Center for                Cattle Baron’s Ball                    Ascension St. John
             Women.                         Benefits American Cancer Society.        ZooRun presented by                               OCT. 25-31
        RESONANCETULSA.ORG                                CANCER.ORG                   CommunityCare                              HallowMarine
                                                                                        Benefits Tulsa Zoo.                   Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.
              SEPT. 26                            Envision the Future                      TULSAZOO.ORG/RUN                          OKAQUARIUM.ORG

  50th anniversary Gala                                  Luncheon
Benefits Tulsa Community College.                Benefits NewView Oklahoma.                     OCT. 5                                 OCT. 27-31
             TCC50.COM                               NEWVIEWOKLAHOMA.ORG             Tulsa Hall of Fame                           HallowZOOeen
                                                                                   Benefits Tulsa Historical Society              Benefits Tulsa Zoo.
       Clary Runway                                 Green Leaf Gala                         and Museum.                             TULSAZOO.ORG/BOO

  Benefits Community HigherEd.                      Benefits Up With Trees.                TULSAHISTORY.ORG

       COMMUNITYHIGHERED.ORG                           GREENLEAFGALA.ORG

Saturday, March 7, 2020                                           Friday, May 8, 2020
             Cox Business Center                                                  The Vault
 Dive into unchartered waters and brainteasing                   Just wear white to Tulsa’s best outdoor dance
     fun with cocktails, dinner, live auction,                    party with signature craft cocktails specially
         team trivia, dancing and more.                                created by Tulsa’s top mixologists.
       Event Chairs: Madison & Garrett Graves                           Event Chairs: Sarah & Jared Jordan
             Presenting Pacific Sponsor:                                   Presenting Platinum Sponsor:

Sponsor both parties and save 10% on each.
To learn more about how you can support Family & Children’s Services,
please contact Tom Taylor, F&CS Chief Development Officer, at
(918) 560-1243 or or visit
NOVEMBER                                                NOV. 5
                                                                                               NOV. 29
                                                                                        Sips and Science
                                                                                                                            Darnaby Arts and
                TBA                                                                                                              Crafts Show
                                                 Benefits Tulsa Area United Way.     Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.        Benefits Darnaby Elementary PTA.
          First Draft
                                                         TAUW.ORG/UNITE                     OKAQUARIUM.ORG               DARNABYARTSANDCRAFTSSHOW.COM
     Benefits Tulsa Press Club.
                                                     Pink Ribbon                                                                    DEC. 6
                                            Benefits Oklahoma Project Woman.           DECEMBER                         Cascia Christmas Walk
        Gifts of Hope                                                                            TBA
 Benefits Youth Services of Tulsa.
                                                      PINKRIBBONTULSA.ORG                                               Benefits Cascia Hall Preparatory
                                                                                   Gift of Hope Fundraising
               YST.ORG                                                                      Luncheon
                                                            NOV. 13                                                              CASCIAHALL.COM
                                                                                      Benefits Tulsa Boys’ Home.
                                            National Philanthropy Day
        Giving Spirits                      Benefits Eastern Oklahoma Chapter
                                                                                                                                    DEC. 7
 Benefits Community Food Bank of             of the Association of Fundraising                                          Children’s Holiday Party
        Eastern Oklahoma.                              Professionals.                     Gifts of Hope
                                                                                                                              Benefits TSHA.
                                                                                   Benefits Youth Services of Tulsa.
           GIVINGSPIRITS/                                                                       YST.ORG

                                                                                                                                    DEC. 18
    Leftover Last Waltz                                     NOV. 14                             DEC. 1                      ZZZs in the Seas
  Benefits Woody Guthrie Center.                       Fur Ball Gala               Tulsa Women’s Auxiliary
                                                                                                                          Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.
    THELEFTOVERLASTWALTZ.ORG                     Benefits Oklahoma Alliance for     Christmas Luncheon
                                                            Animals.                  Benefits Salvation Army.
       PAWsh Palaces                                  ANIMALALLIANCEOK.ORG                 SALARMYTULSA.ORG
                                                                                                                                    DEC. 19
Benefits Tulsa SPCA (Society for the
                                                                                                                            Holiday Craft Fair
 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).                         NOV. 19                             DEC. 5
                                                                                                                          Benefits Oklahoma Aquarium.
                                            Dinner of Reconciliation                   Tulsa Leadership
                                            Benefits John Hope Franklin Center               Luncheon
                                                    for Reconciliation.             Benefits Boy Scouts of America,
                                                                                       Indian Nations Council.

                                          RU                                                                           N/WALK

                 SATURDAY, 03.28.20                  GU TH RIE GR EE N • TU LS A, OK


There’s no other event like the Tulsa Boys’ Home’s
Annual Run for the Roses Kentucky Derby party! All
proceeds benefit Tulsa Boys’ Home to support troubled
Oklahoma boys. We expect nothing short of a thrilling,
sold out extravaganza for the 2020 Run for the Roses
event; full of fun, food, prizes, horse racing, and more!
 Our 16th Annual Run for the Roses will kick off
at 1:30pm on Saturday, May 2nd, at the fabulous
Pavilion at Expo Square. Festivities will conclude at
approximately 5:45pm after the running of the Kentucky
Derby. Our guests will enjoy the sights and sounds of
Churchill Downs, including a simulcast of all afternoon
Derby Day races on giant screens, along with the
opportunity to place bets on all afternoon races piped
in live from Churchill Downs! Our guests will also enjoy
fabulous food and refreshing drinks at our open bar,
thousands of fresh red roses, more than a hundred
exciting silent and live auction items, and much more!
 Tulsa Boys’ Home provides the highest quality
residential care of young boys needing placement
outside their home, for the purpose of developing
well-adjusted, responsible adults, and strengthening
the family. As a mainstay in Tulsa’s social services
community for over 101 years, since 1918, Tulsa Boys’
Home has helped provide healing and hope for more
than 13,000 troubled young boys from all 77 counties
throughout the great state of Oklahoma. We focus on
providing true healing and a new found sense of hope
in the shattered lives of the young boys we serve. Forty
of our residents are placed by the Child Welfare Division
of the Department of Human Services (DHS). The other
twenty-four are privately placed by parents or legal
 For sponsorship or registration information regarding
this year’s event, please contact Karen Clark at
918-245-0231, ext. 5004. You can also find event
information on our website at!

Photos from previous Run for the Roses fundraisers may
also be viewed at
                                                            TULSAPEOPLE CHARITABLE EVENTS REGISTRY 2020 19
Saturday, September 26
                                  Cain’s Ballroom
                                                 Providing “Tools for
                                                    the Future!”

       Annual Philanthropy Day Awards Luncheon applauds seven Tulsans.
                                                         BY KRISTI EATON

                                                          ROBIN BALLENGER                         that focus on establishing equity and diver-
                                                                                                  sity throughout Tulsa.

               he Eastern Oklahoma Chapter           Outstanding Fundraising for
                                                       Diversity and Inclusion                        “It seems to me that without a rigorous
               of the Association of Fundrais-                                                    commitment to equality, Tulsa will not be
               ing Professionals sponsors the    As president of the Flint Family Foun-           an energized and thriving home for us all,”
   National Philanthropy Day Conference and      dation and as an individual donor,               she says. “Tulsa is a diverse city now, and
   Awards Luncheon to recognize the impor-       Ballenger says she has the privilege of          we are so much the better for having many
   tance of philanthropy in the community.       helping nonprofits from both directions.         voices and points of view to contribute to
   Every year, the organization tries to shine   She has served on several boards, which          our vision for tomorrow. We cannot afford
   a spotlight on those helping improve the      helped her learn about the nonprofit world       to ignore a single one of these voices.”
   community.                                    from the inside out.
       “By recognizing some of the amazing           “I have huge admiration for all the good
   philanthropic efforts of both individuals     people in Tulsa who are employed by non-
   and organizations, we hope to inspire         profits and who work so tirelessly for them,”
   others,” says Ashli Sims, 2019 National       she says. “This is work that requires dedica-
   Philanthropy Day chairwoman. “Philan-         tion and vast reserves of energy and com-                STEFFANIE BONNER
   thropy is contagious: the more good you       mitment. I salute those who dedicate their             Outstanding Professional
   do; the more you want to do; and even         lives to our nonprofits.”                                    Fundraiser
   more people want to join you.                     Ballenger is especially grateful for those   Bonner says her true passion is giving back
       “I believe the more you see examples of   at Tulsa Community College who nomi-             to her community. “Working in fundrais-
   philanthropy in our community, the more       nated her for the honor.                         ing is the vehicle to match that passion,”
   you want to participate in those activities       Through the Flint Foundation, Ballenger      says vice president of resource develop-
   or start one of your own.”                      funds a variety of organizations, but she      ment with the Tulsa Regional Chamber.
                                                 says she is most passionate about nonprofits        Bonner has been directly involved in

The National Philanthropy Day Award Winners were recognized at a Nov. 15 luncheon at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Tulsa Downtown. Pictured are
                    Steffanie Bonner, Outstanding Fundraising Professional; Robin Ballenger, Outstanding Fundraising for Diversity and Inclusion; Bill Major, executive
                    director of Zarrow Family Foundations, Pillar Award; Jill Thomas, Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser; Burt Holmes, Outstanding Philanthropist; Becky
                    Frank, Community Impact Award; and Monica Champ, Association of Fundraising Professionals Eastern Oklahoma Chapter president.

           nonprofit fundraising for the past 20 years,                            BECKY FRANK                                 thing, is a reminder to me to on a daily basis
           including working with nonprofits that                          Community Impact Award                              to be intentional, purposeful and bold in
           aid elderly individuals, children’s programs                                                                        serving others,” she says.
           and now, through her Chamber work, the                   Having worked at the Tulsa Area United                         “We are fortunate to live and work in a
           greater Tulsa community and region.                      Way from 1986-1994, Frank says she feels                   community that has such a wonderful spirit
              “This award is about more than just rais-             a great connection to the local nonprofit                  of giving and taking care of our own,” Frank
           ing money,” she says. “It’s about a dedication           community.                                                 adds. “When we have the good fortune to
           to my profession and my fellow fundrais-                    Over the years, she has volunteered for                 live, work and play in a community like
           ers. Working in a philanthropic field is                 a number of charitable organizations, and                  Tulsa, we also have a responsibility to give
           about people giving what they can to help                currently serves on the boards of Tulsa                    back.”
           one another.”                                            Community Foundation, the Tulsa Foun-
              For Bonner, philanthropy and nonprofit                dation, Oklahoma Arts Council and Tulsa
           fundraising are about serving and giving                 Regional Chamber.
           back to her neighbors, she says, adding:                    “I’m particularly attracted to the fund-
           “It’s about making a difference for the bet-             raising aspect of working with nonprofits
                                                                    and the donor development process,” she                                   BURT HOLMES
           terment of my community.”                                                                                                  Outstanding Philanthropist
              Considering herself a generalist, Bonner              says. “It’s exciting to introduce donors to
           excels in annual giving, capital campaigns,              nonprofits whose missions align with the                   Although honored to be named Tulsa’s
           major gifts and planned giving.                          donor’s interests and to witness how they                  Outstanding Philanthropist by the AFP,
              “My strength, as well as my greatest                  help and support each other; finding that                  Holmes is quick to say, “I’ve never thought
           pleasure, is when I can match a community                perfect match.”                                            of myself as a philanthropist. The word
           need with a donor,” she says. “It’s a win-                  Frank is humbled by the recognition.                    doesn’t apply to me.”
                                                                    “Receiving the Community Impact Award                         The reality is starkly different.

           win situation when a donor’s needs are met
           and the community is improved.”                          is meaningful to me and, more than any-                       Holmes, the entrepreneurial co-founder

                                                                                                                                      TULSAPEOPLE CHARITABLE EVENTS REGISTRY 2020 23
of QuikTrip Corp. and founder of Burt P.         be engaged in making a difference in our           “This feels as though someone has
Holmes and Associates, which later became        community from the actions of so many in        tapped me on the shoulder and said: ‘We
The Holmes Organisation, a general insur-        my lifetime including my parents, Ann and       see you. We see the work that you’re doing.
ance brokerage, has devoted significant          Fred Nelson; my husband, Bob; and many          We appreciate you,’” she says. “It is honestly
proceeds from those two business successes       others within our community.”                   one of the greatest feelings in the world.”
to provide financial support to, as he puts         The Thomases have advocated for the
it, “things that interest me.” Among those       Alzheimer’s Association for more than
“things” have been generous gifts of money       20 years. Jill also counsels other agencies,
and leadership to the University of Tulsa, his   including the Mental Health Association
alma mater; Gilcrease Museum; the Tulsa          Oklahoma and A New Leaf, which benefits         ZARROW FAMILY FOUNDATIONS
Botanic Garden; and, of late, the Reed Com-      people with developmental disabilities.                       Pillar Award
munity Foundation in north Tulsa.                   “I am particularly passionate about
    “My friend Pat Woodrum introduced            working on causes which benefit individu-       From helping the homeless to the mentally
me to the idea of a Tulsa Botanic Garden,”       als who for whatever reason, are unable to      ill to Tulsa’s youngest residents, the three
Holmes remembers. “She emphasized                advocate for themselves,” she says.             Zarrow Family Foundations — Zarrow
Tulsa was the only city of its size without                                                      Families Foundation, the Anne and Henry
a botanic garden. I liked the idea because a                                                     Zarrow Foundation and the Maxine and
botanic garden has an educational compo-                                                         Jack Zarrow Foundation — have been
nent to it.”                                                                                     synonymous with giving for years. All are
    Holmes says he made an early donation                                                        headquartered and managed by the family
                                                        MACKENZIE TOLIVER                        office.
to the Garden, but the project truly came        Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy
to life for him “when Gentner Drummond                                                               Each reflects the Zarrow family’s devo-
donated 170 acres of his Osage County            Toliver might be the youngest among the         tion to the Jewish ideal of tzedakah, or righ-
land for it.” Holmes became a significant        nonprofit winners, but her resumé is no less    teous giving, focused primarily on Tulsa, the
fundraiser and donor for what he now             outstanding. Since her freshman year of         state of Oklahoma and Israel.
believes “is a wonderful place and a major       high school, Toliver has devoted nearly 600         The Anne and Henry Zarrow Founda-
asset for Tulsa.”                                hours to Tulsa’s nonprofit community.           tion funds nonprofits working to improve
    Holmes’ current giving interest is help-        In the past three years, and now a           the physical and intellectual lives of dis-
ing support Keith Reed’s efforts to create a     freshman at Vanderbilt University, she has      advantaged and vulnerable people through
robust after-school program in north Tulsa       served on the Junior Board of Emergency         alleviating and preventing homelessness,
for the children of single mothers.              Infant Services as treasurer, vice president    reducing hunger in Oklahoma, improving
    “Keith is a social worker at heart and,      and president.                                  indigent health care and funding broad
through his Reed Community Founda-                  The mission of EIS is to provide basic       operating support for Tulsa’s social service
tion, the after-school program he has            needs for children 5 and under. The Junior      providers.
started is impacting up to 90 kids each          Board consists of high-achieving high               The Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family
day,” Holmes says. “I’m happy to be pro-         school students from across the Tulsa metro     Foundation, meanwhile, supports individ-
viding some needed support and structure         area. As a board, it hosts Babypalooza,         uals and families facing mental illness and
to strengthen the Foundation’s program           which is an annual local fundraiser, and        physical or medical challenges, and focuses
and make it sustainable.”                        fundraises throughout the year in various       on eradicating homelessness.
                                                 other innovative ways.                              The foundations fund the Zarrow
                                                    “We met our goal of $30,000 my first         Mental Health Symposium hosted by the
                                                 year, surpassed the $40,000 goal in my          Mental Health Association Oklahoma, as
                                                 second year by $10,000, and now as pres-        well as a decades-long commitment to Gil-
                                                 ident, I plan to set and exceed even higher     crease Museum. The Mental Health Sym-
               JILL THOMAS                       goals in 2019,” she says.                       posium was inspired by Maxine and Jack
 Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser                   Toliver also has participated in the Youth   Zarrow’s daughter, Kathy, who struggled
Thomas has been involved in the Tulsa non-       Philanthropy Initiative, a local youth devel-   with mental health herself.
profit world for more than three decades.        opment program that teaches leadership,             “We want to thank the Association of
   She started volunteering with the Tulsa       philanthropy and self-awareness through         Fundraising Professionals for honoring
Area United Way as a member of the               the creation of a social entrepreneurship       the Zarrow Family Foundations with the
committee that annually reviewed agency          project.                                        Pillar Award,” says Bill Major, executive
requests for funding. This led her to be                                                         director of the Zarrow Family Founda-
introduced to many nonprofits in the Tulsa                                                       tions. “What those of us on the giving side
area in which she has become involved:                                                           of philanthropy know is that if there were
Family and Children’s Services, Tulsa Town              If you’re interested in nominating       not high performing nonprofits out there
Hall and the Alzheimer’s Association with           someone for a 2020 National Philanthropy     doing the work every day, funders would
her husband, Bob Thomas.                            Day Award, email NPD Chairwoman Shelley      not be able to make a meaningful invest-
   “I appreciate receiving this recogni-              Holmes at         ment in the critical services needed in our
tion,” she says. “I have been inspired to                                                        community.” TP

5 0 TH A N N I V E R S A R Y G A L A
                 S AV E T H E D A T E
               SEPTEMBER 26, 2020

Plan to join us Sept. 26, 2020 for a special 50th Anniversary Vision Dinner Gala.
  We will celebrate TCC’s 50 Notable Alumni with a splendid evening in the
                   new Grand Hall at COX Business Center.

                                                            TULSAPEOPLE CHARITABLE EVENTS REGISTRY 2020 25

                                                                                   2 0 2 0 S T R E E T PA RT Y

         SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 2020 • 7:00 – 11:00 P.M.

                   Sip & savor local flavor
• LOCAL FARE                        • WINE TASTING                              • OPEN BAR   • BEER GARDEN     • LIVE MUSIC

                                                        To order online or for more information, visit
                                                       or contact or
                                           at 918.744.2186.
You can be the difference between an empty plate and a full one.
    Iron Gate’s mission is simple: we feed the
  hungry and homeless of Tulsa every day.
  Iron Gate has three main programs:
    • Daily Community Meal
    • Grocery Pantry
    • Kid’s Pack Program
     Whether a hot meal, bag of groceries or a
  snack pack, we feed the hungry. Some of the
  world’s problems seem impossible. This one
  is not. This is a problem you can help solve
  by joining Iron Gate in feeding the hungry.
     Since opening our new building August
  26, 2019, Iron Gate has served almost
  90,000 meals. We can’t do it without
  supporters like you. You can help feed the
  hungry by attending our annual Cooking
  for a Cause event on October 8, 2020.
  Enjoy some of Tulsa’s top culinary talent
  and help feed our neighbors in need.

     501 W Archer St • 918.879.1702

                                                              JOIN US FOR A YEAR
                                                                 FULL OF FUN!

                                                         9    Golden Brew Competition
                                                    15     YST Gala 2020
                                                  2020    Taste of Brookside
  Supporting youth has never been so exciting!
                                                 2020   Gifts of HopE
  WWW.YST.ORG | 918.582.0061

   YST_halfspread.indd 1                                                       12/10/2019 4:25:14 PM
                           STRENGTHENING COMMUNITY

           T H E 7 T H A N N U A L
  T U L S A C H I L D R E N ’ S M U S E U M

 P L A Y                                                                  A U C T I O N

D I N N E R                                                          L I V E      M U S I C

                          Saturday, May 9, 2020

              V I S I T   D I S C O V E R Y L A B . O R G / E V E N T S

                                                                          TULSAPEOPLE CHARITABLE EVENTS REGISTRY 2020 29

   N T S IM E O
 AI            N’
 6:00 p.m. ✩ September 15, 2020 ✩ Cox Business Center

    Leigh Ann Fuller, Scott Brown,                                                                        Rick Eby, Gayle Eby, and Frank Eby
          and Chuck Fuller

   Dean Luthey, Phyllis Anderson,                                                                       Bishop Ed Konieczny, Debbie Konieczny,
   Jane Bryce and Ross Swimmer                                                                             Phyllis Dotson, and George Dotson

                                              Beth and Scott Brown, Chairs

  Tom Schooley and Steve Anderson                                                                           John Gaberino, Marge Gaberino,
                                                                                                             Debbie Baker, Steve Clouser

                                     Saint Simeon’s is a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma
   DONATE                     VOLUNTEER
funds for project staff       to make home repairs for
and building materials.           a family in need.

 Building community resiliency across Oklahoma by providing
  hope to disaster survivors in Long Term Recovery through
Project & Volunteer Management servicing home repair needs;
 awareness and advocacy; and by offering preparedness and
        mitigation services to vulnerable populations.
                                                              ME MBE R OF

Your compassion and generosity empowers Meals on
Wheels volunteers to deliver hot meals, wellness checks,
caring contact and the hope our homebound neighbors
need to thrive. Meals on Wheels is the most effective
solution to senior isolation and hunger in Oklahoma.

Get involved today. Together, we can deliver.


You can also read