Chilled ceiling system - Type WK-DK-S L-11-4-07e

Chilled ceiling system - Type WK-DK-S L-11-4-07e

Chilled ceiling system
Type WK-DK-S
Thermally activated chilled ceiling panels
Chilled ceiling system - Type WK-DK-S L-11-4-07e
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A pleasant indoor climate with a high level of comfort           Modular design
Everyone has a varying level of sensitivity and different        TROX HESCO Schweiz AG has created a high-quality chilled
expectations with regard to temperature and ventilation in       ceiling panel, which can be expanded in the simplest way to
the workplace. Therefore, one person may find it too warm,       include lighting, ventilation and thermo-active concrete con-
another too cold and yet others may complain of draughts or      nections.
too high a noise level. The comfort of a room is determined      The WK-DK-S chilled ceiling panel brings together the indi-
by ambient temperature, moisture in the air, speed of flow       vidual requirements of a room – cooling, heating, aesthetics,
and architectural factors such as lighting and colouring.        acoustics, lighting and fresh air supply – into a single prod-
External effects, such as daytime temperature and solar
radiation, as well as indoor factors, for example people,        Functional principle
computers, machines and lighting, have an influence upon         From a technical perspective, a cooling panel is a large heat
the thermal indoor climate. The atmospheric environment is       exchanger fitted beneath the main ceiling. The cooled water
seldom consciously perceived. A deviation of the relevant        flows through the copper pipe meander with a supply flow
parameters beyond the comfort range leads to unpleasant          temperature of approximately 16°C. The entire ceiling sur-
conditions. This in turn may have an effect upon perfor-         face is cooled via the heat conducting rails made of alumin-
mance, the onset of illness or an increased risk of accidents.   ium, which cover the copper pipe meander. All heat sources
Chilled ceiling technology counters these negative factors in    in the room now give their excess heat energy to the cooled
an intelligent way.                                              ceiling area via radiation exchange and convection.

Thermally activated chilled ceiling panels

    Cooling ceiling panels in an office building                 Thermographic image

Chilled ceiling system - Type WK-DK-S L-11-4-07e
Dimensions · Design

Dimensions and design of cooling ceiling panels                                                  Single element: maximum length 3.00m
The chilled ceiling panel is produced to a maximum length of
2.25m and can be connected to form a multi-part panel.

Maximum dimensions for multi-part ceiling panels: 6.75 m

Chilled ceiling panels are supplied as standard in three
widths and two different outer edges of 90° and 55°.

           20                                                           15        29.7   14                                 12             29.7

                =                                                   =



                            Width: 800/1000/1200 mm                                               Width: 800/1000/1200 mm

Design variants                                                              Passive chilled ceiling panel
The chilled ceiling panels can be designed with or without air
or concrete activation as required.                                                                                              min. 109 mm

                                                                                          600/800/1000/1200 mm

Active chilled ceiling panel with                                            Active chilled ceiling panel with
200mm supply air duct                                                        400mm air supply duct
                                                                                                                                 min. 109 mm
                                                      min. 109 mm

                       200 mm                                                                     400 mm

                600/800/1000/1200 mm                                                          800/1000/1200 mm

Active chilled ceiling panel with 200mm                                      Active chilled ceiling panel with 400mm
supply air duct and concrete activation                                      supply air duct and concrete activation
                                                                                                                                 109 mm
                                                      109 mm

                       200 mm                                                                     400 mm

                    800/1000/1200 mm                                                            1000/1200 mm

Chilled ceiling system - Type WK-DK-S L-11-4-07e
Ambient air · Design · Technical data
Ambient air                                                        Design

TROX HESCO supply air modules for optimum delivery of              The TROX HESCO supply air module has been specially de-
prepared air indoors according to the mixed air principle. An      veloped for optimum air intake of prepared air in association
even flow profile is ensured through built-in special jets with    with a thermally activated chilled ceiling panel.
shaped blades.                                                     It has the best ventilation efficiency, i.e. the lowest possible
                                                                   pollutant load as well as optimum thermal comfort in the
To achieve optimum ventilation, the supply air must be             workplace or living area.
brought in at a lower temperature than the room.                   The supply air channel is made as standard from galvanised
Ideally, the temperature difference between the supply air and     steel sheet and is maintenance-free, as no filter material is
exhaust air will be -2 to -6 K.                                    used.
                                                                   The geometrically arranged siphoning jets with shaped
                                                                   blades, X30, made of PP plastic, siphon off an equal partial
Advantages:                                                        volume flow per jet and guide these evenly to the side via the
- Thanks to the integrated supply air channels, the fresh air is   ceiling panels.
  optimally distributed in the room without causing draughts.      The supply air module also has specially arranged undulating
- Due to increased convection via the ceiling panel, the           air passage apertures, which support the discharge of the
  cooling capacity can also be raised.                             thermal mass.
- The module is very simple to install due to channel
  connections that are designed to be plugged in.
                                                                   Technical data
                                                                   In the standard design, the supply air module is delivered as
                                                                   a ready-to-install unit with an air duct connection, as well as
                                                                   1 or 2 connection nozzles (with seal) of Ø80 mm or Ø100 mm
                                                                   for a spiral duct or hose mounting.

                                                                   Detail of air connection

                                                                   Detail of air supply duct with concrete activation

Volume flow per panel
                                                                     Pipe entry speed
                                          1.5 m/s            2.0 m/s      2.5 m/s     3.0 m/s                      3.5 m/s
    Air supply         Pipe-Ø
     Width [mm]           [mm]         m3/h       l/s     m3/h     l/s     m3/h       l/s     m3/h       l/s     m3/h       l/s
             200             80         26        7.2       34      9.4       43     11.9       52      14.4       60      16.7
             200            100         41      11.4        54     15.0       68     18.9       82      22.8       95      26.4
             400          2x80          52      14.4        69     19.2       86     29.1      103      28.6     120       33.3
             400        2x100           82      22.8      109      30.3     136      37.8      163      45.3     190       52.8
                                                                          Ideal range
Chilled ceiling system - Type WK-DK-S L-11-4-07e
Functions · Performance

                      Cooling                                                                                        supply air is brought into the room by a row of plastic sipho-
                      For cooling, the energy saved in the concrete is used first.                                   ning jets above the cooling module on both sides. Above it,
                      If this is no longer sufficient, then the active cooling ceiling                               against the ceiling are additional air outlet apertures, which
                      plates will be switched on. The various daily peaks can then                                   ensure optimum heat exchange and better heat transfer to the
                      be dissipated.                                                                                 concrete ceiling. This enables efficient usage of the con-
                                                                                                                     crete. The air goes through a special connection box into the
                      Heating                                                                                        module.
                      For heating, warm water is fed through the module in place
                      of cold water. In this case, only the lower circulation (ceiling                               Sound absorption
                      plate circulation) is used. The exchange with the room is                                      The ceiling plates are fitted with acoustic fleece as standard.
                      carried out via the warm radiant surface. The component                                        Based on insulation requirements, additional acoustic mats
                      activation is thereby uncoupled and does not heat up the                                       can also be laid in the plates. The module can then be indivi-
                      concrete unnecessarily.                                                                        dually equipped based on requirements.

                      Concrete activation                                                                            Lighting
                      The performance capacity of the concrete mass is usually                                       Various types of lighting can be built into the module. Strip
                      specified using 10-20 W/m2. However, this volume cannot                                        lights, spots or LED lights can be used. For each type of
                      be taken directly from the overall capacity required. Loading                                  installation the module heights are specific to the lighting.
                      and unloading of the concrete ceiling is time-delayed in terms
                      of the heat loads and has to be considered across a whole                                      Aesthetics
                      24 h of the energy requirements. The structure itself is also                                  The use of different perforations and colours ensures a wide
                      taken into account in the energy management of the build-                                      spectrum in the design of the module. The shaping (right-an-
                      ing. The load removal is carried out via the whole day / night                                 gled 90° or angled 55°) of the plates can be used as required.
                      cycle. Throughout the day the heat quantity developing is
                      only partly discharged, and the rest is stored in the concrete                                 Additional parts
                      ceiling. At night this heat quantity is withdrawn from the con-                                The integration of complementary parts, such as fire alarms,
                      crete once again so that the “concrete storage” can optimally                                  sprinklers, warning devices, etc. can be carried out specifical-
                      gather the heat produced for the next day.                                                     ly for the project.

                      The integrated air channel serves as a primary air input as
                      well as a hanging bracket for the cooling ceiling plates. The

                         Functional drawing of a chilled ceiling panel with concrete activation
                                                                                E                                                                              E
                                                                                                                                                                                                     C = convection
                                                                                              E                        E                                                                             R = radiation
                                                                                      R              primary air
                                                                                                                           R                                                                         E = energy flow
                                                          R                                                                                                                                 R
                                                                                primary air                            primary air

                                                C                                                                                                                                               C
                                                                        R                         R                                                                R

                                                                 C                            C                    C                                                               C

                          Example of a dynamic            und Lastverlauf
                                               load calculation
                                                              Temperatur- und Lastverlauf                               90                                         -   Variable room temperature
                                           33                                                                           80
                                                                                                                                                                   -   Load peaks are covered by stored energy
                 35                                                                                                    90
                                                                                                                                                                   -   Maximum load dissipation up to 80 W/m2 BF
                 33                                                                                                    80                                          -   Constant water inflow
                                                                                                                                               W/m2BF W/m2BF

                                                                                                                                                                   -   Capacity via the amount of energy over the
                          Temperature °C

                 31                        27                                                                          70
                                                                                                                        50                                             course     of the day
                                                                                                                                                                       Load distribution
                 29                        25                                                                                                                          W/m2 BF
                                                                                                                                         Load distribution

Temperature °C

                 27                        23                                                                                                                          External temp.
                                                                                                                        30                                              Load distribution
                 25                                                                                                                                                     W/m2
                                                                                                                                                                       Room    BF
                                                                                                                            Load distribution

                                           19                                                                          40
                 23                                                                                                                                                     External temp.
                                           17                                                                           10
                                                                            Total hourly head load                     30
                 21                        15                                                                           0
                                                    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
                                                                                                                                                                        Room temperature

                 17                                                                                                    10
                 15                                                                                                    0
Chilled ceiling system - Type WK-DK-S L-11-4-07e
Perforation · Sound absorption


    Besides the standard perforation, there is a selection of other
    perforations. Request our perforation range brochure.

    RG-L15                                                                                      RD-L30

    Hole diameter               2.5 mm                                                          Hole diameter               1.5 mm
    Free profile                 16.2%                                                          Free profile                   22%
    Maximum perforation width 1397 mm                                                           Maximum perforation width 1250 mm
    Maximum panel width       1400 mm                                                           Maximum panel width       1400 mm

  Sound absorption

  The long-lasting acoustic fleece bonded into the cooling pa-
  nel has a positive effect on the acoustics of the room.
  Absorption is also independent of the selected perforation
  and the height of the ceiling hollow space.

  Sound absorption values of Durlum panel with fleece
  L30, 1.5-2.38-22%
  Degrees of absorption
                                     Without activation          70% activation

Degree of absorption

                              125   250               500           1000          2000   4000
                                                Frequency [Hz]

Chilled ceiling system - Type WK-DK-S L-11-4-07e

Lighting (optional)                                   LED point lights integrated into the ceiling
                                                      PUNTEO®-N are LED point lights, which can be individually
                                                      adapted to the room design. With an efficiency level of more
                                                      than 80%, PUNTEO®-N fulfil all the requirements of an eco-
                                                      logical lighting system.

                                                      PUNTEO®-N can be integrated optimally into the durlum
                                                      ceiling systems. Thanks to the LED-based PUNTEO®-N
                                                      technology, no lights can be seen but only small 8mm aper-
                                                      tures in the frames or plates of the metal ceiling, through
                                                      which the light shines. The light flux of the LED is directed
                                                      through the small opening in the metal ceiling plate via a
                      Variant 1x5                     lens system.

                                                      - Extensive lighting through cross-over radiation
                      Variant with long hole:
                      adjustable radiator, e.g. for
                                                      - Can be evenly distributed across the room
Variant 5x5                                           - Independent workplace organisation
                      wall lighting
                                                      - Heat is not radiated in the room itself but in the space
                                                        above the ceiling

                                                              PUNTEO®-N 1x1           500 1000    cd/klm

                                                      We will be pleased to support you, from the initial idea to the
                                                      commissioning of your system.

Chilled ceiling system - Type WK-DK-S L-11-4-07e
Order Details

Order codes
                                     No information for basic designs

      WK-DK      -   S   -   A   -   0   -   0   -   0   -   90   /   B×L   -   n x d x ...   /     0   /    0    /   RAL... , ..%

WK-DK = water-cooled
                                                                                                            RAL 9010 matt,
		 ceiling panel
                                                                                                            Approx. 25% gloss level

S = Steel ceiling plate                                                                       0  = Powder-coated RAL 9016 matt,
		(standard)                                                                                       according to 25% gloss level
                                                                                              P1 = Powder-coated RAL...
A     = activated (standard)                                                                       (more RAL colours and gloss
I     = inactive                                                                                   levels upon request)

0 = without concrete                                                                          0      = RG-L15 ceiling panels
		 activation (standard)                                                                               perforation (standard)
B = with concrete activation                                                                  RD-L30 = RD-L30
                                                                                                       More upon request
0 = without air channel (standard)
		 (not possible with concrete activation)                                                    0     = without connection nozzles
K = with air channel                                                                          n x d = No. nozzles x
                                                                                                      nozzle diameter x
                                                                                                      channel width
                                                                                                      1 x 80 x 200 mm
0     = without lights (standard)                                                                     2 x 80 x 400 mm
L     = with lights                                                                                   1 x 100 x 200 mm
                                                                                                      1 x 100 x 400 mm
                                                                                                      2 x 100 x 400 mm

                                                                                                  B x L = Width x total length
                                                                                                                                     We reserve the right to make design and shade of colour changes (02/2015)

                                                                                                  90    = 90° bend (standard)
                                                                                                  55    = 55° bend

Order examples
15 units   WK-DK-S-A-B-K-55 / 1200x1000 - 2x80x400 / P1 / RAL9010, 25%
20 units   WK-DK-S-A-55 / 1200x1000

Chilled ceiling system - Type WK-DK-S L-11-4-07e
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