Class of 2021 - Rocky Vista University

Class of 2021 - Rocky Vista University
Class of 2021
Class of 2021 - Rocky Vista University
Class of 2021 - Rocky Vista University
Mission Statement

         Rocky Vista University
  provides quality healthcare education
  while inspiring students to serve with
  compassion, integrity, and excellence.

Rocky Vista University Colorado
  Class of 2021 Commencement
           Fifteenth of May
      Two-Thousand Twenty-One
Letter from the Provost
                            Dear Rocky Vista University’s Class of 2021,

                            This year’s Commencement is bittersweet. As you leave RVU,
                            we celebrate your many accomplishments and wish you well
                            as you start the next phase of your journey. We are saddened
                            that we are not able to gather in person to celebrate due to the
                            pandemic. Know that as you watch the ceremony with your
                            classmates or your loved ones, we are with you in spirit.

                            This year is especially significant as it marks the graduation of
our Inaugural Class of our Southern Utah Campus DO and MSBS students. You are all pio-
neers and will pave the way for those who follow in your footsteps. You have demonstrated
great resilience as we have navigated these challenging times together.

To our medical school graduates, today you join a network of approximately 114,000 prac-
ticing osteopathic physicians across the nation. Be loyal to your profession and remember
to treat all of your patients with the utmost compassion and care. Remember that everyone
is someone’s loved one – treat them as you would your own family.

To our MSBS graduates, thank you for the trust you have placed in us. We understand the
challenges you have faced this year with remote learning. You have worked hard and have
overcome obstacles to be one step closer to achieving your professional goals. We look
forward to seeing the great things you will accomplish.

As you transition from RVU Students to Alumni, remember to express gratitude to those
who have helped you on your journey—your family, friends, faculty and staff—all of
whom stood with you to cheer you on during the good times, as well as those challenging
moments, and now share the sense of pride and accomplishment with you. Also, remember
that you are always a part of the RVU Family. Never stop learning, growing in mind, body
and spirit, and becoming an integral member of the communities you will serve.

We look forward to your future accomplishments and know that you will make us proud!

Warmest regards,

David A. Forstein, DO
The Osteopathic Oath
           I do hereby affirm my loyalty to the profession I am about to enter.
 I will be mindful always of my great responsibility to preserve the health and the life
                      of my patients, to retain their confidence and
 respect both as a physician and a friend who will guard their secrets with scrupulous
 honor and fidelity, to perform faithfully my professional duties, to employ only those
             recognized methods of treatment consistent with good judgment
         and with my skill and ability, keeping in mind always nature’s laws and
                        the body’s inherent capacity for recovery.

         I will be ever vigilant in aiding in the general welfare of the community,
            sustaining its laws and institutions, not engaging in those practices
     which will in any way bring shame or discredit upon myself or my profession.
I will give no drugs for nefarious purposes to any person, though it may be asked of me.

           I will endeavor to work in accord with my colleagues in a spirit of
         progressive cooperation and never by word or by act cast imputations
                         upon them or their rightful practices.

    I will look with respect and esteem upon all those who have taught me my art.
To my college and my profession, I will be loyal and strive always for its best interests
              and for the interests of the students who will come after me.
          I will be ever alert to further the application of basic biologic truths
       to the healing arts and to develop the principles of osteopathic medicine
                   which were first enunciated by Andrew Taylor Still.
              Danielle Glaze                                    Richard A. Rodriguez-Brizuela
      Pre-Doctoral Simulation Fellow                                         Anatomy Fellow
           Emergency Medicine                                             Global Medicine Track
   Florida State University College of Medicine                                Neurology
                 Sarasota, Florida                                              HealthONE
                                                                             Lone Tree, Colorado
            Natalie Lee Gould
Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow                            Christine Marie Seawell
            Family Medicine                                 Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow
 Peak Vista Family Medicine Residency Program |                         Family Medicine
                   Still OPTI                                           St. Joseph Hospital | SCL Health
           Colorado Springs, Colorado                                           Denver, Colorado

        Alexis Suzanne Grasse                                               Jonathan Singh
Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow                  Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow
         Global Medicine Track                                        Preliminary Medicine
                Pediatrics                                            HCA Healthcare | USF Morsani GME
  University of New Mexico School of Medicine                                   Blake, Florida
            Albuquerque, New Mexico
                                                                Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
          Tyler James Kolstad                                     Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center
         Primary Care Medicine                                         Rockville Centre, New York
   Transitional Year Practicum Student
             Family Medicine                                     Dennis Lavelle Buzz Turnbull
Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals           Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow
             Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                     Preliminary Medicine
                                                                          Sierra View Medical Center
   Jaron Frank James Maggard                                                 Porterville, California
               Anatomy Fellow
                 Pediatrics                                      Andrew Mark Wojtanowski
         Childrens Hospital - NEOMED                        Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow
                  Akron, Ohio                                        Global Medicine Track
                                                                        Transitional Year
       Amanda M. O’Loughlin                                            Sunrise Health GME Consortium
Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow                                    Las Vegas, Nevada
            Family Medicine
                Emanate Health                                             Diagnostic Radiology
             West Covina, California                                   Sunrise Health GME Consortium
                                                                              Las Vegas, Nevada
       Alexandra Rakestraw *
Osteopathic Principles and Practice Fellow                                 Tylynn Zarbock *
         Global Medicine Track                                                Anatomy Fellow
            Family Medicine                                                   General Surgery
         St. Joseph Hospital | SCL Health                               St. Joseph Hospital | SCL Health
                 Denver, Colorado                                               Denver, Colorado

                                            *Graduating with Honors
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine - Class of 2021
      Jason Thomas Abraham                                       Jessica Montalban Bautista
              Internal Medicine                                Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track
        Broward Health Medical Center                                   Family Medicine
           Fort Lauderdale, Florida                                             HealthONE
                                                                             Lone Tree, Colorado
          Gabriel M. Aguero
       Internal Medicine / Pediatrics                                 Brandon Thomas Bealer
Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals                          Digital Health Track
             Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                          Emergency Medicine
                                                                              Franciscan Health
         Julia Rachel Aguirre                                               Olympia Fields, Illinois
      University of Texas Medical School                                 Lielt Tewolde Bedilu
                Houston, Texas                                                    Pediatrics
                                                                          Stanford University Progs
    Scott Christopher Albright                                               Stanford, California
    Pathology - Anatomic and Clinical
    University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics                             Reese Stanley Beisser
                Iowa City, Iowa                                           Global Medicine Track
                                                                            Transitional Year
     Amanda Marie Andersen                                              Mercy Catholic Medical Center
         Global Medicine Track                                              Darby, Pennsylvania
        Obstetrics and Gynecology                              Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
      Rutgers-St. Barnabas Medical Center
            Livingston, New Jersey                               Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center
                                                                          Spokane, Washington
  Austen Joseph Boyd Anderson                                             Richard Blake Bell
          Global Medicine Track
             Otolaryngology                                            Military Medicine Program
         Detroit Medical Center / WSU                                           Pediatrics
               Detroit, Michigan                                         Tripler Army Medical Center
                                                                               Honolulu, Hawaii
      Claudia Veronica Aniol
                  Pediatrics                                   Gabriel Jamil Bensaad-Johnson
        Broward Health Medical Center                                     Global Medicine Track
           Fort Lauderdale, Florida                                       Emergency Medicine
                                                                         Henry Ford Allegiance Health
           Ryan William Ball                                                  Jackson, Michigan
        Military Medicine Program
        Preliminary Dermatology                                         Nicholas Paul Bittner
          Tripler Army Medical Center                                  Military Medicine Program
                Honolulu, Hawaii                                            Family Medicine
                                                                        Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton
            Jacob M. Barnes                                                 Oceanside, California
  Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track
               Pediatrics                                              Kameron Collin Black
   University of Florida College of Medicine                               Digital Health Track
             Jacksonville, Florida                                          Internal Medicine
                                                                      Oregon Health & Science University
        Mary Savarese Barnes                                                  Hillsboro, Oregon
        Military Medicine Program
             Family Medicine
          Naval Hospital Jacksonville
             Jacksonville, Florida

                                            *Graduating with Honors
Keleka Renee Blair                                          Julian Thomas Carrier
            Transitional Year                                              Family Medicine
               HealthONE                                               HCA Healthcare Kansas City
            Lone Tree, Colorado                                          Kansas City, Missouri

             Anesthesiology                                               Michael Chang
 University of Colorado School of Medicine                                 Internal Medicine
              Aurora, Colorado                                      Riverside University Health Systems
                                                                         Moreno Valley, California
  Kelsey Diane Meyer Boghean
      Obstetrics and Gynecology                           Nicholas Michael Metas Chapman
    Rowan University School of Medicine
          Stratford, New Jersey                                         Global Medicine Track
                                                                          Internal Medicine
                                                                      St. Joseph Hospital | SCL Health
      Jolysa Kayleen Bosco *                                                  Denver, Colorado
        Class Valedictorian
Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track                            Andrea Kathryn Chernau *
             Pediatrics                                                Physician Scientist Track
 Spectrum Health | Michigan State University
                                                                          Internal Medicine
          Grand Rapids, Michigan                                    MedStar Union Memorial Hospital
                                                                         Baltimore, Maryland
       Grace Merinar Boyle
            Internal Medicine                                               Anesthesiology
               HealthONE                                                  Johns Hopkins Hospital
            Lone Tree, Colorado                                            Baltimore, Maryland

        Jeremy Don Brown                                                 Hayden J. Collins
          Orthopaedic Surgery                                              Internal Medicine
         Samaritan Health Services                             Mountain View Regional Medical Center
            Corvallis, Oregon                                        Las Cruces, New Mexico

          Cody Lee Bryant                                           Kayli Shannon Costner *
          Emergency Medicine                                                General Surgery
        HCA Medical City Healthcare                          Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
            Arlington, Texas                                          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

       Taylor Ryan Caddell                                          William Tyler Crawley *
          Emergency Medicine                                           Physician Scientist Track
  University of Buffalo School of Medicine                                 General Surgery
             Buffalo, New York                                                HealthONE
                                                                           Lone Tree, Colorado
      Joshua David Calvano
         Digital Health Track                                               Frank Dang
      Military Medicine Program                                            Family Medicine
            Anesthesiology                                          Riverside Regional Medical Center
University of New Mexico School of Medicine                              Newport News, Virginia
          Albuquerque, New Mexico
                                                                      Jennifer Lynn Daniels
       Eric Rodney Carlson                                              Global Medicine Track
            Family Medicine                                                General Surgery
 University of Louisville School of Medicine                    University of California San Francisco
            Owensboro, Kentucky                                           Fresno, California

      Ryan William Carney                                                 Nazar Dubchak
      Military Medicine Program                                      Military Medicine Program
            General Surgery                                                Anesthesiology
 University of Colorado School of Medicine                   Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
              Aurora, Colorado                                           Bethesda, Maryland

                                          *Graduating with Honors
Gili Edry                                             Martha Zoe Gordon
           Military Medicine Program                                        Global Medicine Track
              Preliminary Surgery                                          Obstetrics and Gynecology
      University of Colorado School of Medicine                              Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
                   Aurora, Colorado                                             Baltimore, Maryland

              Diagnostic Radiology                                   Matthew John Hammond *
            Detroit Medical Center / WSU                                      Orthopaedic Surgery
                  Detroit, Michigan                                         Henry Ford Macomb Hospital
                                                                            Clinton Township, Michigan
               Bryan Lee Eldreth
           Military Medicine Program                                       Ryan Daniel Henschell
                 General Surgery                                              Digital Health Track
           Naval Medical Center Portsmouth                                      Anesthesiology
                 Portsmouth, Virginia                              University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
                                                                               Madison, Wisconsin
               Alec C. Espeland
     Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track                                       Erika Hinricher
             Emergency Medicine                                                 Internal Medicine
            Texas Tech University Affiliates                               St. Joseph Hospital | SCL Health
                   Lubbock, Texas                                                  Denver, Colorado

            Corinna Julia Fazzio                                   Benjamin Joseph Michael Horn
                     Neurology                                            Internal Medicine | Pediatrics
               UC Davis Medical Center                           Louisiana State University Health Science Center
                Sacramento, California                                        Shreveport, Louisiana

                    Joseph Fike                                                  Jasper Huang
             Digital Health Track                                               Internal Medicine
                                                             UHS Southern California Medical Education Consortium
     Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation                                   Temecula, California
        University of Nebraska Medical Center
                  Omaha, Nebraska
                                                                          Sameeha Shaheen Husayn
         Nicolas Francesco Fiore                                                Internal Medicine
                                                                           St. Joseph Hospital | SCL Health
                 Internal Medicine                                                 Denver, Colorado
   University of Nevada at Reno School of Medicine
                    Reno, Nevada
                                                                              Samaritan Health Services
          James Anthony Frazier                                                  Corvallis, Oregon
                 Family Medicine
            Texas Tech University Affiliates
                   Lubbock, Texas                                              Hamid Hussaini
                                                                              Preliminary Medicine
                                                                    University of Louisville School of Medicine
     Edwin Lauritz Fundingsland Jr.                                            Louisville, Kentucky
               Digital Health Track
               Emergency Medicine                                          Audrey Janette Jaeger
Western Michigan University Stryker School of Medicine
                Kalamazoo, Michigan                                        Obstetrics and Gynecology
                                                                           Albert Einstein Medical Center
                                                                            Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
           Thomas John Gerhart
                 Family Medicine
                Mercy Medical Center                                      Garrett Bryce Jordan *
                 Des Moines, Iowa                                             Emergency Medicine
                                                                                 St. Lukes Hospital
                                                                              Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
        Andrew Lawrence Glerum
               Digital Health Track
                Family Medicine
                 Lone Tree, Colorado
                                                *Graduating with Honors
Cyprien Gabriel Jungels                                        Logan Price Leavitt
Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track                                    Internal Medicine
          General Surgery                                        St. Joseph Hospital | SCL Health
             HealthONE                                                   Denver, Colorado
          Lone Tree, Colorado
                                                          Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
                                                            University of Kansas School of Medicine
            Jared Keele                                               Kansas City, Kansas
          Transitional Year
    Sunrise Health GME Consortium
           Las Vegas, Nevada                                     Stephen Alexander Lee
                                                                     Emergency Medicine
           Anesthesiology                                             Lehigh Valley Hospital
     Rush University Medical Center                                  Allentown, Pennsylvania
           Chicago, Illinois
                                                                      Alissa Ray Lenz
           Grace J. Kim                                   Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track
          Family Medicine                                          Family Medicine
    St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center                                 St. Elizabeth Medical Center
           Pueblo, Colorado                                            Edgewood, Kentucky

      Lisa Marie Kingsley                                        Matthew James Linden
          Family Medicine                                               General Surgery
             HealthONE                                                    HealthONE
                                                                       Lone Tree, Colorado
          Lone Tree, Colorado

        Michal Klepadlo                                               Kristin Ann Lipe
                                                                        General Surgery
       Global Medicine Track                                        Samaritan Health Services
         Internal Medicine                                             Corvallis, Oregon
    St. Joseph Hospital | SCL Health
            Denver, Colorado
                                                                        Noelle Liska
                                                                       Transitional Year
Tesia Colleen Kolodziejczyk *                                             HealthONE
          Transitional Year                                            Lone Tree, Colorado
           St. Joseph Mercy
          Ann Arbor, Michigan                             Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
                                                                 SUNY Upstate Medical University
            Dermatology                                               Syracuse, New York
            St. Joseph Mercy
      Clinton Township, Michigan
                                                                 Charles Andrew Litch
                                                                       Family Medicine
      Brandie Lawrence *                                                Beaumont Health
Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track                                   Gross Pointe, Michigan
         Family Medicine
       John Peter Smith Hospital                                         Ryan Lucas
           Fort Worth, Texas                                         Emergency Medicine
                                                                  Denver Health Medical Center
          Elias J. Leavitt                                             Denver, Colorado
    Military Medicine Program
         Family Medicine                                           Rebecca Yuko Mabie
    Eisenhower Army Medical Center                        Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track
          Fort Gordon, Georgia                                     Family Medicine
                                                                  Texas Tech University Affiliates
                                                                         Lubbock, Texas

                                                                        Sarah Mack
                                                                       Family Medicine
                                                      Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
                                                                      Durant, Oklahoma

                                       *Graduating with Honors
Keaton Mack Maguire *                                              Lorne Dean Muir II
             Internal Medicine                                         Military Medicine Program
        Valley Hospital Medical Center                                       Anesthesiology
              Las Vegas, Nevada                                University of Texas Health Science Center
                                                                          San Antonio, Texas
        Colleen Ruth Maher
             Family Medicine                                     Michael Kenji Murakami *
                HealthONE                                                       Pediatrics
             Lone Tree, Colorado                               University of Arkansas School of Medicine
                                                                         Little Rock, Arkansas
         David Maksimovich
           Emergency Medicine                                                Craig Murk
          St. Josephs Medical Center                          Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track
              Stockton, California                                     Internal Medicine
           Dominick Malene                                                  Lone Tree, Colorado
           Emergency Medicine
          Ascension Genesys Hospital                                        Deepak nallur
            Grand Blanc, Michigan                                           Family Medicine
                                                                     Riverside University Health Systems
     Blaire Ashley Mallahan *                                             Moreno Valley, California
  Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track
               Pediatrics                                                  Benjamin Nance
      Oregon Health & Science University                                  Emergency Medicine
              Portland, Oregon                                             Albany Medical Center
                                                                             Albany, New York
     Jaron Nobuo Matsunaka
             Internal Medicine                                       Azmmohammad Naseem
University of Nevada at Reno School of Medicine                             Internal Medicine
                 Reno, Nevada                                            Los Robles Health System
                                                                         Thousand Oaks, California
          Saro Mazmanian
             Internal Medicine                                   Karen Alexandra Norling
        HCA Healthcare | USF Morsani                                   Military Medicine Program
           Bayonet Point, Florida                                         Emergency Medicine
                                                                      Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
       Caitlin Rose McCusker                                                Portsmouth, Virginia
   University of Arkansas School of Medicine                         Adrian William Olson *
             Little Rock, Arkansas                                       Global Medicine Track
                                                                          Orthopaedic Surgery
       Kevin Jacob McGeorge                                          Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital
             Internal Medicine                                                Warren, Michigan
 University of New Mexico School of Medicine
           Albuquerque, New Mexico                                       Sheila Rose Ortega
                                                                            Family Medicine
  Matthew William McMaster                                               St. Anthony Hospital North
             Internal Medicine                                             Westminster, Colorado
          Westchester Medical Center
             Valhalla, New York                                               Amie Owen
        Lindsay Kate Milhorn                                         Tufts University School of Medicine
                 Pediatrics                                             Portsmouth Regional Hospital
 University of Connecticut School of Medicine                               Boston, Massachusetts
             Hartford, Connecticut

                                           *Graduating with Honors
Lucine Arax Papazian                                                 Jessica Restad *
             General Surgery                                              Emergency Medicine
      Franciscan Health Olympia Fields                          University of Florida College of Medicine
           Olympia Fields, Illinois                                       Jacksonville, Florida

              Johan Pauley                                           Aaron Nathaniel Ridder
                 Neurology                                                   Family Medicine
              St. Lukes Hospital                                     Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital
             Easton, Pennsylvania                                             Whittier, California

      Sarah Lauren Pederson                                               Karl Rafe Riecken
          Global Medicine Track                                        Military Medicine Program
            Family Medicine                                                 Family Medicine
        North Colorado Medical Center                                      Community Health Care
              Greeley, Colorado                                             Tacoma, Washington

          Colby Lars Presley                                            Colton James Riner *
          Global Medicine Track                                             Internal Medicine
            Transitional Year                                            Memorial Healthcare System
            Lehigh Valley Hospital                                        Pembroke Pines, Florida
           Allentown, Pennsylvania
                                                              Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
               Dermatology                                      Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center
            Lehigh Valley Hospital                                       Spokane, Washington
           Allentown, Pennsylvania
                                                                      Susan Marjorie Roberts
             Luke Proctor                                              Military Medicine Program
                 Pediatrics                                                  General Surgery
   University of Florida College of Medicine                          Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
                Shands Hospital                                             Portsmouth, Virginia
               Orlando, Florida
                                                                       Preston Thomas Root
             Diego Puentes                                                    Anesthesiology
           Emergency Medicine                                    University of Kentucky Medical Center
           St. Agnes Medical Center                                       Lexington, Kentucky
               Fresno, California
                                                                        Zachary A. Rumlow
Hannah Elizabeth Douglas Puentes                                                 Pediatrics
       Military Medicine Program                                University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
            Transitional Year                                               Iowa City, Iowa
           St. Agnes Medical Center
               Fresno, California                                     Emily May Russell levy
                                                              Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track
        Dane Andrew Rana                                               Internal Medicine
          Global Medicine Track                                        St. Joseph Hospital | SCL Health
               Psychiatry                                                      Denver, Colorado
             Kaiser Permanente
             San Jose, California                                     Jason Michael Scafidi *
       Max Walter Raynor *                                                  University of Virginia
        Physician Scientist Track                                          Charlottesville, Virginia
            General Surgery
             Kaiser Permanente                                              Pritee Shrestha
           Los Angeles, California                                          Internal Medicine
                                                                 MercyOne North Iowa Medical Center
  Interventional Radiology (Integrated)                                  Mason City, Iowa
       University of Southern California
           Los Angeles, California

                                           *Graduating with Honors
Jesse Shulman                                                 Annie Jean Szmanda
            Emergency Medicine                                               Global Medicine Track
          Memorial Healthcare System                                              Neurology
           Pembroke Pines, Florida                                               Sparrow Hospital
                                                                                 Lansing, Michigan
             Claire E. Simon
                  Neurology                                               Sarah Elizabeth Szybist
   University of Arizona College of Medicine                              Military Medicine Program
                Tucson, Arizona                                                Family Medicine
                                                                     Offutt Air Force Base Family Residency
           Harmanjot Singh                                                       Omaha, Nebraska
              Internal Medicine
Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals                           Andrew M. Tobler *
             Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                               Family Medicine
                                                                                 Providence Health
  Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation                                           Milwaukie, Oregon
Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals
             Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                    Jerome Raymond Trembley
        Katerina Eleni Skedros                                                 Albany Medical Center
              Family Medicine                                                    Albany, New York
             Inspira Health Network
              Vineland, New Jersey                                    Weston Frazier Truman
                                                                                Internal Medicine
        Clarice Calla Spathias                                            Sunrise Health GME Consortium
              Family Medicine                                                    Las Vegas, Nevada
      Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
             Colton, California                                           Aaron Richard Walker
                                                                          Military Medicine Program
    Garrett Gene Smith Spritzer                                                Transitional Year
            Preliminary Surgery                                     William Beaumont Army Medical Center
                Jewish Hospital                                                 El Paso, Texas
                Cincinnati, Ohio
                                                                                    Ari Weiss
     Brittany Marie Stansbury                                                        Pediatrics
              General Surgery                                                   Advocate Health Care
    Creighton University Affiliated Hospitals                                    Park Ridge, Illinois
               Phoenix, Arizona
                                                                                  Erin West *
      Matthew Brent Stumme                                                Military Medicine Program
              Transitional Year                                                 General Surgery
     HCA Healthcare | USF Morsani GME                                     Naval Medical Center San Diego
           Brooksville, Florida                                                San Diego, California

               Anesthesiology                                         Kate Elizabeth Whiteneck
     HCA Healthcare | USF Morsani GME                                           Internal Medicine
             Oak Hill, Florida                                               Zucker School of Medicine
                                                                          Northwell Staten Island University
              Jacob J. Stuppy                                                  Staten Island, New York
         Physician Scientist Track
                Pediatrics                                        Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
                                                                    Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center
    University of Minnesota Medical School                                   Spokane, Washington
            Minneapolis, Minnesota

        Quinton J. Sturdivant                                                 Jordan Lee Wilkes
              Internal Medicine                                   Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track
          Central Iowa Health System                                       Family Medicine
              Des Moines, Iowa                                               St. Anthony Hospital North
                                                                               Westminster, Colorado

                                                *Graduating with Honors
Matthew Wilkins                                                  Aaron Wu
                 Neurology                                                Family Medicine
                 Prisma Health                                            UP Health System
University of South Carolina School of Medicine                          Marquette, Michigan
              Greer, South Carolina
                                                                        Elesa M. Yihdego
           Casey E. Willman                                           Physician Scientist Track
             Internal Medicine                                           Family Medicine
    Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center                               Swedish Medical Center
              Idaho Falls, Idaho                                          Seattle, Washington

          Joshua D. Woelfle
      Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
       Winston-Salem, North Carolina

                                            *Graduating with Honors

                                           Photo taken in July 2017
Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences
                        Class of 2021
        Mohamed Wacdi Ahmed                                                Kole J. Harms
Bachelor of Arts in Public Health/Ethnic Studies                    Bachelor of Science in Health
        University of Colorado Denver                                  and Exercise Science
                                                                     Colorado State University
             Morgan Ahola *
    Bachelor of Science in Health Science                              Taylor Caple Jaicks
   Colorado State University - Fort Collins                     Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
                                                                    Warren Wilson College
             Paige Elle Bentley
  Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences                               Maia Kaplan
         Central Michigan University                             Bachelor of Science in Biology
                                                                Indiana University Bloomington
        Madison Olivia Bieganski
        Bachelor of Science in Biology                                     Keana H. Ko
              Butler University                               Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology
                                                                    University of Kansas
           Bryce James Cattoor
    Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science                                  Emma Lai
           Florida State University                       Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences
                                                              University of California - Davis
             Claire Ciabattari
   Bachelor of Science in Biohealth Sciences                               Neha Lamsal
           Oregon State University                        Bachelor of Science in Biology/Psychology
                                                                     Creighton University
         Laura Josephine Cooper
        Bachelor of Science in Biology                                Nam Phuong Tran Le
        Georgia Institute of Technology                         Bachelor of Science in Biology
                                                               University of California Riverside
          Kyle Matthew Deming
 Bachelor of Science in Business/Management                               Nevan McCabe
          Western Oregon University                                 Bachelor of Science in Biology
                                                                    University of Colorado Denver
               Ginelle Goh *
            Class Valedictorian                                Matthew Lawrence McCoo
      Bachelor of Science in Physiology                  Bachelor of Science in Biology/Public Health
           University of Arizona                               University of Colorado Denver

            Radonis L. Grissom                                             Erik Melekh
       Bachelor of Science in Chemistry                         Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry
          Master of Arts in Teaching                                  Malone University
          Valdosta State University
                                                                        Jacob Brian Meyer
                                                                    Bachelor of Science in Biology
                                                                         Evangel University

                                          *Graduating with Honors
Elizabeth Anne Olsen *                              SoŇa Seligova
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering           Bachelor of Arts in Sociology
       University of Colorado Boulder                  University of Colorado Boulder

   Alexandra Marie Ortiz-Jimenez                          Ansley Wilson Smith
 Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences/           Bachelor of Science in Biology
          Biomedical Engineering                           University of Georgia
          Wichita State University
                                                           Lindsay Erin Telles
        Patrick Dare Oshakuade                      Bachelor of Science in Health Science
       Bachelor of Science in Biology                     Arizona State University
          Wichita State University
                                                          Enriqueta A. Torres
              Alleson Pertea                          Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
       Bachelor of Science in Biology                    University of Texas Austin
      Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry
  University of Colorado - Colorado Springs                   Semere Tsegay
                                                       Bachelor of Science in Biology
            Elizabeth Roberts                          University of Colorado Denver
  Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences
               Biola University                           Ray Xyruz Villariz *
                                                       Bachelor of Science in Biology
           Emily Ruby Roberts                          Saint Mary's University Texas
     Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
              Grinnell College                             Taylor Mary Webb
                                                Bachelor of Science in Human Development and
       Marissa Adrianna Robles                                  Family Studies
  Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Physiology           University of Wisconsin Madison
      University of Colorado Boulder
                                                                Jieying Wu
                Teba Saleh                             Bachelor of Arts in Physiology
       Bachelor of Science in Biology/                 University of Colorado Boulder
           Environmental Health
           Ohio State University

           Cooper Dean Sclar
  Bachelor of Science in Integrative Biology
      University of Colorado - Boulder
Congratulations to the
                            Class of 2021
                      Graduation Award Winners

                       College of Osteopathic Medicine Awards
              President's Award                                        Global Service Award
              William Tyler Crawley                                        Amanda Andersen
                                                                            Sarah Pederson
                 Dean's Award
                   Jacob Barnes                                       Military Service Award
                                                                             Susan Roberts
            Clinical Year Awards
           Anesthesiology: Jason Scafidi                       William G. Anderson Resiliency Award
         Emergency Medicine: Ryan Lucas                                       Keleka Blair
       Family Medicine: Brandie Lawrence
     General Surgery: William Tyler Crawley                            Rural Service Award
        Internal Medicine: Michal Klepadlo                   Outstanding Academic Excellence: Jolysa Bosco
   Obstetrics and Gynecology: Kelsey Boghean                 Outstanding Clinical Excellence: Jordan Wilkes
           Pediatrics: Michael Murakami                  Special Recognition: Brandie Lawrence, Blaire Mallahan,
 Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Joseph Fike                   and Jessica Montalban Bautista
       Subspecialty Medicine: Colby Presley
        Subspecialty Surgery: Adrian Olson                 Student Innovation for Excellence Award
                                                                             Kameron Black
  Excellence in Clinical Medicine Award
                Brandie Lawrence                         2021 Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award
                                                         Presented by: Society of Academic Emergency Medicine
             Department Awards                                                Danielle Glaze
        Biomedical Sciences: Jolysa Bosco
Medical Humanities: Keleka Blair and Audrey Jaeger        Brandon Trusell Community Service Award
Osteopathic Principles and Practice: Reese Beisser                          Kelsey Boghean
     Primary Care Medicine: Colleen Maher
             Research: Jacob Stuppy

                 Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences Awards
                                            President's Award
                                              Radonis Grissom

                                   MSBS Academic Excellence Award
                                                 Erik Melekh

                                      MSBS Humanitarian Award
                                                Soňa Seligova

                                          MSBS Service Award
                                               Enriqueta Torres
Achieving New Heights Every Day
Julia Aguirre                                                Representative; Vice-President of Wilderness Medicine
Honors: Gold Humanism Honor Society. Positions:              Interest Group; Social Events Chair for Christian Medical
Leadership Team for Christian Medical and Dental Society;    and Dental Society. Volunteer: Tutor; Mentor.
Executive Board and First-Year Representative for OB/
GYN Club; Member of Pediatrics Club. Volunteer: Tutor,       Mary Savarese Barnes
Ecuador Medical Relief; Calvary Middle and High School       Honors: Wellness Champion Award; Military Medicine
Student Mentor and Teacher. Research: A link between         Program. Positions: Vice-President of Student American
Abiotrophia defectiva and Malignancy; A Review of ATF4       Osteopathic Association of Sports Medicine; Wellness
in Skeletal Processes.                                       Committee Officer. Research: Routine Post-Operative
                                                             Laboratory Testing: Necessity or Habit? (Journal of Gy-
Morgan Ahola                                                 necologic Surgery). Miscellaneous: Presented at Society
Honors: Top 10% of MSBS Class.                               of Gynecologic Surgeons and RVU Research Day; Had a
Amanda Andersen
Honors: Global Service Award (2021); Sigma Sigma Phi;        Jessica Montalban Bautista
Gold Humanism Honor Society; Global Medicine Track.          Honors: Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track; Rural
Positions: Vice-President for Student Osteopathic Medi-      Service Award: Special Recognition; 2nd Place for Poster at
cal Association; Student Ambassador. Volunteer: Tutor;       ACOFP’s 58th Annual Convention and Scientific Semi-
Cast of The Vagina Monologues; Hands for Health Global       nar; Class of 2021 Portfolio Challenge Winner; Innova-
Medical Brigades to Ecuador, Kenya, and South Dakota.        tion in Orientation Award. Positions: Orientation Leader;
Research: Utilization of Traditional vs. Western Medicine    Secretary of RVU’s Rotary Club; Member of American
in Global Indigenous Populations.                            Osteopathic Association, American Medical Association,
                                                             American Association of Family Physicians, and Ameri-
                                                             can College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (ACOFP).
Austen Anderson
                                                             Volunteer: MSBS and OMS Tutor; MSBS Peer Mentor;
Honors: Global Medicine Track; Outstanding Innovations
                                                             MASH Camp; Wapiyapi Camp Counselor; Springs Rescue
in Orientation; Research Excellence for Oral Presentation;
                                                             Mission Foot Clinic; Project SHINE; 5th Grade Trauma
Gold Humanism Honor Society; Sigma Sigma Phi. Posi-
                                                             Class; Neighbor Network. Research: A Demographic and
tions: RVU Neurology Club Leader; American Academy of
                                                             Regional Comparison of Opioid Use within Communities in
Otolaryngology; American Osteopathic Colleges of Oph-
                                                             the United States. Miscellaneous: RVU’s MSBS Inaugural
thalmology and Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.
                                                             Class of 2017 Graduate; Creator of “What I Wish I Would
Volunteer: KidsHope USA; Hands for Health in Ecua-
                                                             Have Known My First Year” Booklet.
dor, Guatemala, and Kenya; The Spring Institute; Music
Therapy. Research: Utilization of Traditional vs Western
Medicine in Global Indigenous Populations; Inflamma-         Brandon Bealer
tory Myofibroblastic Tumor of the Larynx: A Case Report;     Honors: Founding Member of Digital Health Track.
Chondrodysplasia Punctata as a Cause of Critical Airway
Stenosis in a Neonate; Endoscopic Repair of a Jugular        Lielt Bedilu
Diverticulum.                                                Honors: Stanford SCORE Alum; Children's National
                                                             MSSP Scholar. Positions: Vice-President of Derm/Path
                                                             Club; Secretary and Founding Board Member of Student
Claudia Aniol                                                National Medical Association; Founding Member of RVU
Positions: Historian and Treasurer of American College of    Diversity Committee. Volunteer: Colorado Black Health
Osteopathic Pediatricians. Volunteer: Peer Mentor; Careers   Collaborative Barber Shop & Salon Talks. Research: Es-
in Medicine Coach; RoundUp River Ranch Counselor. Re-        timating USMLE Step 1 Scores from COMLEX USA Level
search: Healthcare Collaboration to Prevent an Influenza     1 Scores in an Osteopathic Medical Student Population;
Disaster: The Role of Community Pharmacists During the       Genetic Mutations in Pancreatic Cancer Across A Com-
COVID-19 Pandemic.                                           munity Wide Cancer Center. Miscellaneous: Presented at
                                                             International Association of Medical Educators and Collab-
Ryan Ball                                                    orative Group of the Americas on Inherited Gastrointestinal
Honors: Military Medicine Program.                           Cancer.

Jacob Barnes                                                 Reese Beisser
Honors: Dean's Award; Rural and Wilderness Medicine          Honors: Global Medicine Track; Department Award: Os-
Track; RVU Student of the Year (2017-18); Wellness           teopathic Principles and Practice.
Champion Award. Positions: Class Council Curriculum
Richard Bell                                                   Memorial Scholarship. Positions: Member of OBGYN and
Honors: Military Medicine Program.                             Pediatrics Clubs. Volunteer: Camp Wapiyapi; Praying Hands
                                                               Ranch; Tutor; Baggs, WY Community Health Fair.
Gabriel Bensaad-Johnson
Honors: Global Medicine Track.                                 Grace Boyle
                                                               Positions: Member of Internal Medicine Club and American
Nicholas Bittner                                               College of Osteopathic Family Physicians. Volunteer: Vac-
Honors: Sigma Sigma Phi; Military Medicine Program. Po-        cine Clinic at Clinica Colorado; Anatomy Outreach; Reading
sitions: Treasurer of Student Association of Military Osteo-   Partners of Denver.
pathic Physicians and Surgeons. Volunteer: Tutor.
                                                               Jeremy Brown
Kameron Black                                                  Honors: Sigma Sigma Phi. Positions: President of RVU
Honors: Founding Member of Digital Health Track; RVU           Rotary Community Corps; Student Ambassador. Volunteer:
Student Innovation for Excellence Award.                       Parker Rotary Club; Project CURE. Research: Hydroxy-
                                                               chloroquine Alternatives for Chronic Disease: Response to a
Keleka Blair                                                   Growing Shortage Amid the Global COVID-19 Pandemic.
Honors: Department Award: Medical Humanities; Wil-
liam G. Anderson Resiliency Award; Social Justice Award        Taylor Caddell
(2019). Positions: President of Student Osteopathic Medical    Volunteer: Project CURE; Tall Tales Ranch. Research:
Association; President of American Osteopathic College of      Prednis-OH NO! A Case of Anaphylaxis Induced by Predni-
Anesthesiologists; Student National Medical Association.       sone. Miscellaneous: Learned to ski and snowboard!
Volunteer: Grant Beacon Middle School Diversity in Health-
care; Tutor; Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Task Force.            Joshua Calvano
                                                               Honors: Military Medicine Program; Digital Health Track;
Kelsey Boghean                                                 Received Harvard Innovation Lab Spark Grant. Positions:
Honors: Clinical Year Award: Obstetrics and Gynecology;        Co-Founder of Digital Health Track; Leadership for Mili-
Brandon Trusell Community Service Award; 1st Place Team        tary Medicine Program. Research: Published and presented
at RVU Simulation Competition Championship (2018);             numerous research projects involving the areas of anesthe-
Exceptional Professional of the Year (2018-2019). Posi-        sia, emergency medicine, military medicine, informatics,
tions: Committee on Global and Public Health; Delegate to      and technology. Miscellaneous: Created web application
American Medical Association Medical Student Section;          that was accepted into the Harvard Innovation Lab; became
RVU Representative at American Association of Colleges of      asynchronous research intern with Massachusetts General
Osteopathic Medicine Ed to Med Conference; Member of           Department of Emergency Medicine.
American Medical Association. Volunteer: Medical Students
for Choice Presentation of The Vagina Monologues; Volun-       Ryan Carney
teer Medical Staff at Esperanza de Ana in Peru and Matibabu    Honors: Military Medicine Program. Positions: Air Force
Foundation in Kenya. Research: Trauma-informed care in         Representative for Student Association of Military Osteo-
medicine; Trauma-informed care: A literature review exam-      pathic Physicians and Surgeons. Volunteer: Project CURE;
ining training programs for osteopathic medical students;      COVIDline. Research: Identifying Triage Priorities and
Physicians at the global health table; Thigh mass persisting   Logistics in Mass Casualty Events Prior to Arrival at the
50 years in rural Kenya, and expanding hematoma; Encour-       Hospital; Blood pressure at the time of initiation of endovas-
aging stocking epinephrine auto-injector devices at restau-    cular aortic occlusion affects survival in trauma.
                                                               Julian Carrier
Jolysa (Gallegos) Bosco                                        Volunteer: Ecuador Medical Mission Trip. Miscellaneous:
Honors: Class Valedictorian; Top 10% of Class; Rural and       Kept current with pilot's license throughout medical school.
Wilderness Medicine Track; Department Award: Biomedi-
cal Sciences; Rural Service Award: Outstanding Academic        Michael Chang
Excellence; Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation            Positions: Vice-President of Student Osteopathic Surgical
Osteopathic Medical Student Scholarship; American Osteo-       Association Club.
pathic Foundation Welch Scholars Grant; Brandon Trussel

                    "The transformation from student to clinician is life-changing.
               I am thankful to those who made this transition easier." Michal Klepadlo
Nicholas Chapman                                                Physicians of Colorado Annual Conference, Rocky Mountain
Honors: Global Medicine Track; Prairie Dog Growth Award.        Healthcare Symposium, and Children's Hospital Colorado
Positions: President of Allergy and Immunology Interest         Annual Spring Pediatric Research Virtual Poster Session.
Group. Volunteer: COVID Check Colorado (500 Hours);
Peer Mentor; Health Fairs at Pine Ridge Native American         Jennifer Daniels
Reservation. Research: A Case of Anaphylaxis Induced by         Honors: Gold Humanism Honor Society; Global Medicine
Prednisone; Presented at RVU Research Day and Interna-          Track; Visiting Student Researcher for Thai Red Cross AIDS
tional Conference on Allergy and Clinical Immunology;           Research Centre; Global Scholars Fellowship Program;
ongoing asthma research at National Jewish Health. Miscel-      Legacy Achievement Award. Positions: Secretary of Colo-
laneous: Spent a month providing care for rural/underserved     rado Medical Society Medical Student Section; President of
communities in Kenya; acceptance to the Chrysalis Project.      Global Medical Outreach Club; Vice-President of Medical
                                                                Students for Choice. Volunteer: Mesa County Public Health
Andrea Chernau                                                  COVID-19 Emergency Operations Center; Producer, Direc-
Honors: Top 10% of Class; Sigma Sigma Phi; Gold Hu-             tor, and Performer of The Vagina Monologues benefitting
manism Honor Society; Physician Scientist Track; Denver         SafeHouse Denver; Refugee Health Patient Navigator of The
Osteopathic Foundation Scholarship; Colorado Springs            Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning; The House, a Safe
Osteopathic Foundation Scholarship. Research: Interstitial      Place for Western Slope Teens. Research: Transmitted drug
Pneumonia with Autoimmune Features and Undifferentiated         resistance to integrase inhibitors is uncommon in both acute
Connective Tissue Disease (Published in Seminars in Respi-      and chronic HIV infection in Bangkok.
ratory and Critical Care Medicine). Miscellaneous: Climbed
an 18,000-ft peak in Peru after first-year!                     Nazar Dubchak
                                                                Honors: Military Medicine Program; St. Anthony Hospital
Kayli Costner                                                   Volunteer Services Grant. Positions: Emergency Medicine
Honors: Sigma Sigma Phi; Top 10% of Class. Positions:           Club. Volunteer: Hands for Health: Kenya, Guatemala,
President of RVU's Student Osteopathic Surgical Associa-        Ecuador; Anatomy and Trauma Education Series; Medi-
tion. Volunteer: Volunteers of America: Mission Meals.          cal Emergencies in Skiing and Snowboarding; Emergency
Research: Effect of COVID-19 on Medical Student Stress          Department Volunteer. Research: Research in ultrasound,
and Well-Being as Compared Between Year Levels.                 anesthesiology, and medical education. Miscellaneous: "Not
                                                                letting medical school negatively impact the more important
Tyler Crawley                                                   aspects of my life such as family and wellbeing."
Honors: Top 10% of Class; Sigma Sigma Phi; Gold Human-
ism Honor Society; President's Award; Clinical Year Award:      Gili Edry
General Surgery; Physician Scientist Track; 1st Place Overall   Honors: Military Medicine Program.
Poster at Council of Osteopathic Student Government
Presidents' (COSGP) Winter Research Symposium; 1st Place        Bryan Eldreth
Poster (2020) and 2nd Place Poster (2019) at Rocky Moun-        Honors: Military Medicine Program. Positions: Navy
tain Regional Osteopathic Medical Conference; 1st Place         Representative for National Branch of SAMOPS. Volun-
Oral Presentation at 2018 RVU Research Day. Positions:          teer: Anatomy Tutor; Pueblo Community Soup Kitchen.
Clinical Student Representative for Medical Student Pride       Research: Colosalpingeal Fistula Resulting from Acute
Alliance; Student Government Association; Student Rep-          Complicated Diverticulitis; Embolized mechanical aortic
resentative for DO Curriculum Council; Treasurer/Curricu-       valve leaflet causing infrarenal aortic stenosis and claudica-
lum Representative for Class Council; Treasurer for RVU's       tion. Published in ACS Case Reviews in Surgery and Journal
Colorado Medical Society Chapter. Volunteer: COVIDline;         of Vascular Surgery Cases and Innovative Techniques.
Denver Rescue Mission; National Western Stock Show;
RVU Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation             Alec Espeland
Committee; RVU Honors-Pass Fail Taskforce. Research:            Honors: Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track.
Diversity in Healthcare Education – How Confronting Biases
Starts in the Classroom; α-Tocopheryl Succinate Sensitizes
Human Breast Cancer Cells to Doxorubicin and Reduces
                                                                Corinna (Ruf) Fazzio
                                                                Honors: TOUCH Program Gold Badge (2018-19); Silver
Doxorubicin Induced Cardiotoxicity; The U-shaped effect of
                                                                Badge (2019-20). Positions: Colorado Academy of Nutri-
uric acid: A review of how both high and low levels of uric
                                                                tion and Dietetics Board of Directors (2017-21); CORE
acid can affect the human body; Diabetic Cardiomyopa-
                                                                Clinic Board of Directors (2018-19); Internal Medicine
thy: Understanding the Independent Relationship Between
                                                                Interest Group: President (2018-19), First Year Representa-
Diabetes and Heart Failure; Postnatal Development of a
                                                                tive (2017-18); Secretary of Colorado Medical Society RVU
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia. Miscellaneous: Present-
                                                                Branch. Volunteer: Ultrasound Scholar; Colorado Academy
ed at International Association of Medical Science Educators
                                                                of Nutrition and Dietetics; Cooking Matters; CORE Clinic;
Conference (2020), AACOM Educating Leaders Conference,
                                                                COVID Classes for Kids; CDPHE Medical Reserve Corps;
COSGP Winter Research Symposium, American College of
                                                                COVIDline; Subject Exam Tutor. Research: Epilepsy and
the Ketogenic Diet in Adults; Timing of soy and isoflavone      ident of Class Council; Officer of Communication of SGA
intake and breast cancer risk; Medical Nutrition Therapy in     (2018-19); Vice-President of RVU's Colorado Medical Soci-
Free Clinics (Co-Principal Investigator); Coping in Difficult   ety (2017-19). Volunteer: The Well Clinic; AACOM Day on
Situations. Miscellaneous: Presented on Addressing Weight       Capitol Hill (2018); Denver Rescue Mission.
Loss Diets with Patients, Secondary Stroke Prevention, and
Autoimmune Disorders and the Anti-Inflammatory Diet.            Ginelle Goh
                                                                Honors: Top 10% of MSBS Class.
Joseph Fike
Honors: Founding Member of Digital Health Track; Clinical       Martha Zoe Gordon
Year Award: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Posi-         Honors: Global Medicine Track; Mental Health and Peer
tions: Co-Founder and Vice-President of Communications          Support Award. Positions: Academic Ambassador; First-
for Digital Health Club; Co-Founder of Digital Health Track.    Year Representative and President for STIGMA; President
Volunteer: Anthony Bates Foundation. Research: Website          of Peer Support; Secretary of Medical Students For Choice;
usability analysis of United States emergency medicine          First-Year Representative and President for Integrative Medi-
residencies (Academic Emergency Medicine Education and          cine. Research: Assessing Culturally Competent OB/GYN
Training).                                                      Care for Transgender-Identifying Patients.

Edwin Fundingsland                                              Natalie Gould
Honors: Founding Member of Digital Health Track. Posi-          Honors: RVU’s 2020 Student Doctor of the Year; 2020
tions: Vice-President and Co-Founder of Digital Health          Trinity Institute Osteopathic Fellows Award. Positions: OPP
Track; Secretary of RVU's American College of Osteopathic       Pre-Doctoral Fellow; Class of 2020 Class Representative for
Emergency Physicians (ACOEP). Volunteer: Ecuador Medi-          Student Wellness; President of Integrative Medicine Interest
cal Service Trip; Make-A-Wish Colorado; Peer Mentor. Re-        Group; Vice-President of Student American Academy of Os-
search: Website Rankings for Digital Health Centers in the      teopathy. Volunteer: OPP Tutor; Careers in Medicine Coach.
United States: Applying Usability Testing for Public Engage-    Miscellaneous: Yoga Teacher; New Mama!
ment; Website Usability Analysis of United States Emergency
Medicine Residencies; Website Usability Analysis of United
States Academic Medical Centers; Methodologic Guidelines        Alexis Grasse
for Systematic Assessments of Healthcare Websites Using         Honors: Global Medicine Track. Positions: OPP Pre-Doc-
Web Analytics: Tutorial. Published in Journal of Medical        toral Fellow.
Internet Research and Academic Emergency Medicine-Ed-
ucation and Training. Miscellaneous: Presented at ACOEP         Radonis Grissom
Conference, Colorado Association of Family Medicine             Honors: MSBS President's Award.
Residencies, and RVU Research Day; Research Intern for
Department of Emergency Medicine at the Massachusetts           Matthew Hammond
General Hospital.                                               Honors: Top 10% of Class. Volunteer: Tutor; Peer Mentor;
                                                                Careers in Medicine Coach.
Danielle Glaze
Honors: 2021 Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award;            Ryan Henschell
2nd Place at RVU's First Annual Simulation Competition;         Honors: Founding Member of Digital Health Track. Volun-
Top 6 at 2017 AMSA National Simulation Challenge. Posi-         teer: Medical Screening Volunteer for Anthony Bates Foun-
tions: Pre-Doctoral Simulation Fellow; Founding President       dation. Research: Training Effectiveness for Point of Injury
of SIMS Scholars; Treasurer of AMSA; Member of ACOEP,           Medical Care – Vital Sign Monitoring and Demographic
AMWA, and STIGMA. Volunteer: Ultrasound Scholar; Peer           Comparisons of Paramedics in Warm Zone Active Shooter
Mentor; Student Instructor for SIMS Scholars. Research:         Drills; The use of HEAVEN criteria to predict difficult
Lead Research Coordinator on Two Studies. A Post-Market         laryngeal view and intubation failure with direct and video
Study Evaluating the Safety of Infinity DBS System with MR      laryngoscopy [Letter to the editor]; A Novel Difficult-Airway
Conditional Labeling; Abbott DBS Registry of Outcomes for       Prediction Tool for Emergency Airway Management: Valida-
Indications Over Time (Sponsored by Abbott Laboratories         tion of the HEAVEN Criteria in a Large Air Medical Cohort
with Principal Investigator and Neurosurgeon, Dr. David         [Letter to the editor]; The Assessment of eHealth & Health
VanSickle); Multi-Modal Simulation-Based Workshops:             Literacy in Digital Health Research Involving Patients with
Knowledge Acquisition and Retention in First-Year Medical       Chronic Disease: A Narrative Literature Review; WARM
Students (Principal Student Investigator).                      ZONE CARE - Lessons Learned from a Large-Scale Active
                                                                Shooter Training Prior to the STEM School Shooting. Pub-
Andrew Glerum                                                   lished in Journal of Emergency Medical Services and Scan-
Honors: Founding Member of Digital Health Track; RVU            dinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation, and Emergency
Excellence in Leadership and Communication Award (2019).        Medicine. Miscellaneous: Presented at International Meeting
Positions: Co-Founder of Digital Health Track; Vice-Pres-       of Simulation in Healthcare Conference.
Erika Hinricher                                                Jared Keele
Honors: 1st Place at RVU Simulation Competition (2018).        Positions: Represented Colorado at National AOA House
Positions: Member of Christian Medical and Dental Society      of Delegates Meeting; Representative at Council of Osteo-
and American College of Physicians. Volunteer: Tutor.          pathic Student Government Presidents; Vice-President of
                                                               Class Council (2017-18); Vice-President of SGA (2018-19);
Benjamin Horn                                                  Member for RVU's 2019 Student Doctor of the Year Award
Honors: Most Likely to Not Wash Hands Award. Positions:        Committee. Research: Endocardial Fibroelastosis in the
President of Bioethics Club. Volunteer: Lantern (End-of-       adult patient. Miscellaneous: Presented at American College
Life Planning); Mosaic; Vital Care; Tutor; Peer Mentor; FSU    of Physicians' Colorado Chapter Conference and Rocky
Coastal and Marine Lab; Colorado Epilepsy Foundation. Re-      Mountain Healthcare Symposium.
search: Hospice Care: Separating the Myths from the Facts;
Understanding Hospice Care: A Brief Overview of What It        Grace Kim
Is and How It Works; Sharing in Suffering; Prydori: Perfec-    Positions: Marketing Representative for Integrative Medi-
tion is Us. Published in Lantern Co., Colorado Medicine,       cine Club; Member of Student American Academy of Os-
Vista View, and Ljubljana. Miscellaneous: Presentations at     teopathy. Volunteer: Project SHINE; Project CURE; Walk
RVU Research Day, Akron PICU Case Conference, ROME             with a Doc; 9Health Fair.
Conference, Solaris Hospice Meeting, RVUCOM Pediatric
Didactic Session, and RVUCOM Internal Medicine Didactic        Lisa (Rocchio) Kingsley
Session.                                                       Volunteer: Tutor. Research: Race and Ethnicity Reporting in
                                                               Exercise Induced Laryngeal Obstruction Literature. Miscel-
Sameeha Husayn                                                 laneous: Presented at National Jewish Health Research Re-
Honors: Gold Humanism Honor Society. Positions: Social         treat; Founded KingsBee Honey in 2020; Running an Apiary;
Outreach Chair of Student National Medical Association;        Producing and Selling Honey.
Student Ambassador; Days of Diversity Committee; RVU
Diversity Task Force. Volunteer: Colorado Black Health         Michal Klepadlo
Collaborative; Cast of The Vagina Monologues; Tutor.           Honors: Gold Humanism Honor Society; Global Medicine
Research: Hydroxychloroquine Alternatives for Chronic          Track; Clinical Year Award: Internal Medicine.
Disease: Response to a Growing Shortage Amid the Global
COVID-19 Pandemic; Orchestrating a virtual conference
amidst the COVID-19 pandemic; A Clinical Impact Score: A       Tesia Kolodziejczyk
                                                               Honors: Top 10% of Class. Positions: President of Honor
Novel and Clinically Significant Measure of Journal Influ-
                                                               Code Committee (2018-19); Representative for Honor Code
ence; A Review of the Current Evidence Connecting Sebor-
                                                               Committee (2017-21). Volunteer: Speaker and Event Orga-
rheic Dermatitis and Parkinson’s Disease and the Potential
                                                               nizer for Virtual Skin Cancer Prevention Seminar; Colorado
Role of Oral Cannabinoids; Evaluating World Health Orga-
                                                               Melanoma Foundation's SunBus; Academic Tutor. Research:
nization Essential Medicines List for Skin Disease; A Survey
                                                               A Tender Eyebrow Nodule Heralding the Malignant Degen-
of Article Types in the Dermatology Literature.                eration of a Spiradenoma; Chronic Hyperpigmented Patches
                                                               of the Lower Extremities; A Scoping Review of Pharma-
Audrey Jaeger                                                  cotherapy, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and
Honors: Department Award: Medical Humanities; Vision-          Surgical Therapies for Androgenetic Alopecia; An Unusual
ary Excellence in Career Advancement. Positions: President     Presentation of Confluent and Reticulated Papillomatosis;
of Obstetrics and Gynecology Club (2018-19); Academic          Prioritization of Cochrane Systematic Reviews; A Compara-
Ambassador; RVU Mental Health Ambassador; President of         tive Analysis Between Global Burden of Disease and Pa-
Medical Students For Choice (2018-19). Volunteer: Per- Dermatology Data; The Diverse Landscape
former and Marketing Director for The Vagina Monologues        of Alternative Hair Regrowth Ingredients for Patients with
in (2017-19) with proceeds benefitting the Denver Safe-        Androgenetic Alopecia; Androgenetic Alopecia; Cannabis
House.                                                         in Gastrointestinal Disorders; Investigation of the Endocan-
                                                               nabinoid System in the Pathophysiology of IBS and the Po-
Garrett Jordan                                                 tential Use of Cannabis as a Complementary and Alternative
Honors: Top 10% of Class.                                      Medicine Therapy; Student Performance on Pharmacology
                                                               Topics After Integrating Pre-Recorded Video Lectures as an
Cyprien Jungels                                                Additional Resource.
Honors: Sigma Sigma Phi; Gold Humanism Honor Society;
Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track; 1st Place at National     Tyler Kolstad
Council of Osteopathic Student Government Presidents Re-       Positions: PCM Transitional Year Practicum Student.
search Symposium Poster Competition; 2nd Place at ROME
Conference. Positions: Treasurer of Sports Medicine Club.      Brandie Lawrence
Volunteer: Tutor; Peer Mentor; Orientation Leader.             Honors: Top 10% of Class; Rural and Wilderness Medicine
Track; Excellence in Clinical Medicine Award; Rural Service     Association of Orthopedics; Honor Code Committee. Volun-
Award: Special Recognition; Clinical Year Award: Family         teer: Hands for Health Foundation/RVU Medical Outreach
Medicine; Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Award ("Most Likely          Volunteer (Ecuador), Tiba Foundation Volunteer (Kenya).
to Practice Alternative Medicine"); Osteopathic Principles      Research: Thigh mass persisting 50 years in rural Kenya.
and Practice Award. Positions: Vice-President of Student
American Academy of Osteopathy; Prayer Coordinator of           Kristin Lipe
Christian Medical and Dental Society. Volunteer: 9News          Honors: Congeniality in Tutoring Award; Excellence in
Health Fair; Veterans Day 5k.                                   Clinical Studies Award; Mini Pediatric Surgery Fellowship.
                                                                Positions: Treasurer of Student Osteopathic Surgical Asso-
Elias Leavitt                                                   ciation; Secretary of Student Government Association; Sec-
Honors: Military Medicine Program; Health Professions           retary of Class Council; MSBS Peer Mentor (2018-19). Vol-
Scholarship Program Recipient; 1st Place at 2019 Interna-       unteer: Cancer League of Colorado; The ALS Association
tional Trauma Conference Research Forum; Commonwealth           - Rocky Mountain Chapter; Alzheimer’s Association - Den-
Award at Intensive Surgical and Trauma Skills Course            ver Chapter; Peer Support Officer; Denver Rescue Mission;
(2019). Positions: Army Liaison for Student Association of      Praying Hands Ranch; First-Year Volunteer Anatomy Lab
Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons. Volunteer:        Tutor. Research: Gastric Electrical Stimulators in Pediatric
Ultrasound Scholar; Cub Scout Den Leader for Boy Scouts         Patients Regarding The Use of Gastric Electrical Stimulation
of America; RVU Color Guard; Prosector for Douglas Coun-        to Stimulate Gastric Motility in Patients with Gastroparesis;
ty Pre-Med Anatomy Program. Research: Hyper Realistic           Clinical Correlation to E-cadherin and Granulation Patterns
Immersion Training Directly Improves Resilience in Medical      in Corticotroph Tumors. Miscellaneous: Research Coordina-
Personnel. Presented at International Trauma Conference         tor for Phase 3 Major Pharmaceutical Clinical Trial in the
Research Forum (2019).                                          Treatment of Adolescents Subjects Diagnosed with Eosino-
                                                                philic Esophagitis; Presented at International Symposium on
Logan Leavitt                                                   Minimally Invasive Surgery in Infants and Children, RVU
Honors: Sigma Sigma Phi. Positions: Member of American          Research Day, and Endocrine Society 2021 Global Confer-
College of Osteopathic Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation       ence.
and Collegium Aesculapium. Volunteer: Ultrasound Scholar;
Tutor; RSVP Clinic Scribe and Translator. Research: Case        Noelle Liska
Report of Spinal Gout in a 68-Year-Old Female; Treatment        Honors: Careers in Medicine Peer Coach of the Year (2019).
of a Femoral Bone Marrow Lesion with Intraosseous Bone          Positions: Member of Surgery Club, Neurology Club,
Marrow Aspirate Concentrate: A case report; Cookbook            American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation,
Medicine.                                                       and Student Osteopathic Surgical Association. Volunteer:
                                                                Peer Mentor; Careers in Medicine Coach; Project CURE;
Stephen Lee                                                     Metro Caring. Miscellaneous: Certified in Medications for
Honors: 2nd Place in American College of Osteopathic            Addiction Treatment Waiver and Mental Health First Aid.
Emergency Physician's Fall 2020 Scientific Assembly
Research Poster Competition. Positions: Communications          Ryan Lucas
Officer for the Neurology Club; Member of Emergency             Honors: Gold Humanism Honor Society; Clinical Year
Medicine Club. Volunteer: Food Bank of the Rockies; CO          Award: Emergency Medicine. Positions: Osteopathic Co-
National Guard COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness; 9News           ordinator for Emergency Medicine Residents' Association
Health Fair; Ultrasound Teaching Assistant. Research:           Medical Student Council; Medical Student Ambassador for
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Emergency Depart-            Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Clubs: President
ment Transfers for a Higher Level of Care; Remdesivir for       of American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians;
the Treatment of Severe COVID-19: A Community Hospital’s        Treasurer of Colorado Ultrasound Interest Group. Volunteer:
Experience. Published in Journal of American Osteopathic        Denver Rescue Mission. Research: Association of Medi-
Association and ACOEP Fall 2020 Assembly Publication.           cation History With Pain Medication Administration for
                                                                Abdominal Pain; Clinical Characteristics of Exposures to
Alissa Lenz                                                     Liquid Laundry Detergent Packets; Hands-Only Cardiopul-
Honors: Gold Humanism Honor Society; Rural and Wilder-          monary Resuscitation Education: A Comparison of On-
ness Medicine Track. Positions: Secretary of Student Osteo-     Screen With Compression Feedback, Classroom, and Video
pathic Medical Association. Volunteer: Peer Mentor; Peer        Education. Published in Academy of Emergency Medicine,
Support Officer. Research: The next nine minutes: Lessons       Journal of Clinical and Experimental Toxicology, and Annals
learned from the large-scale active shooter training prior to   of Emergency Medicine.
the STEM school shooting.
                                                                Colleen Maher
Matthew Linden                                                  Honors: Department Award: Primary Care Medicine.
Positions: Vice-President of Student American Osteopathic
Rebecca (Grenvik) Mabie                                        COVIDline.
Honors: Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track; Excel-
lence in Clinical Studies Award. Positions: Co-President of    Caitlin McCusker
Student American Academy of Osteopathy. Volunteer: Tutor;      Honors: Sigma Sigma Phi. Positions: Vice-President of
Peer Mentor.                                                   Internal Medicine Club. Volunteer: Denver Rescue Mission;
                                                               Pueblo Community Soup Kitchen; CORE Clinic; 9News
Jaron Maggard                                                  Health Fair. Research: CNS Lymphoma Presenting with
Positions: Pre-Doctoral Anatomy Fellow. Volunteer: Whiz-       Lobar Hemorrhage and Edema, Medical Management of
Kids Elementary Tutoring; Calvary Englewood Nursery;           Complicated Parapnemonic Effusion.
SOAP Notes Medical Student Choir. Research: An acces-
sory muscle of the posterior crural compartment of clinical    Kevin McGeorge
significance: a cadaveric case report; Semaphorin 7a is a      Honors: Silver TOUCH Award. Positions: Student Ambas-
biomarker for recurrence in postpartum breast cancer; A        sador; Vice-President of RVU Rotary Community Corp;
Case of High Origin Radial Artery from the Third Part of the   Medical Academy of Science and Health Camp Leader. Vol-
Axillary Artery.                                               unteer: Centennial High School Academy Lecturer; Pueblo
                                                               Community Soup Kitchen; Multi-COM Fair and Expo; Val-
Keaton Maguire                                                 entines for the Assisted Living at Life Care Center at Stone
Honors: Top 10% of Class; Sigma Sigma Phi.                     Gate; Douglas County Pre-Med Program Lecturer; Feed My
                                                               Starving Children Meal Packaging; St. Felix Food Pantry;
Colleen Maher                                                  Project Sanctuary Charity Gala; Project CURE; Anthony
Honors: RVU Service Award (2019); Principles of Clinical       Bates Foundation Heart Screening.
Medicine Award (2019); 2nd Place in ACOFP Namey/Bur-
nett Preventative Medicine Writing Award (2021). Positions:    Erik Melekh
Community Liaison for American College of Osteopathic          Honors: MSBS Academic Excellence Award.
Family Physicians; Secretary of American College of Os-
teopathic Pediatricians; Communications Liaison for CORE       Lindsay Milhorn
Clinic. Volunteer: Tutor; Denver Rescue Mission; 9Health       Honors: Recognized for Exceptional Capacity for Compas-
Fairs; Vitalant Blood Drives; Food/Fun/Fitness; Praying        sion, Empathy, and Understanding During Standardized
Hands Ranch; MASH Camp; Camp Wapiyapi; Orientation             Patient Encounters. Positions: RVU Ambassador; Secretary
Leader; Denver Health Child Life.                              of Student Osteopathic Surgical Association; Member of
                                                               American College of Osteopathic Pediatricians. Volunteer:
David Maksimovich                                              Peer Mentor; Careers in Medicine Coach.
Positions: Vice-President of RVU's Emergency Medicine
Club. Research: PFO closure consideration for refractory       Lorne Muir
hypoxia and secondary prevention of recurrent arterial         Honors: Military Medicine Program.
thromboembolism (The Southwest Respiratory and Critical
Care Chronicles).                                              Michael Murakami
                                                               Honors: Top 10% of Class; Sigma Sigma Phi; Clinical Year
Blaire Mallahan                                                Award: Pediatrics. Volunteer: Denver Rescue Mission;
Honors: Top 5% of Class; Rural and Wilderness Medicine         Pueblo Community Soup Kitchen; 9News Health Fair.
Track; Rural Service Award: Special Recognition. Positions:
Vice-President and Community Service Chair of American         Craig Murk
College of Osteopathic Pediatricians; Member of Global         Honors: Rural and Wilderness Medicine Track.
Medical Outreach Club and American Medical Women's As-
sociation. Volunteer: Peer Mentor; Tutor; Girls on the Run
Race; Ovi & Violet Ambassador. Research: Preventable dis-      Karen Norling
                                                               Honors: Military Medicine Program. Positions: Social Chair
ease in Colorado: A study on rural MMR vaccination rates.
                                                               of RVU's Student Association of Military Osteopathic Physi-
                                                               cians and Surgeon. Volunteer: Tutor.
Jaron Matsunaka
Positions: Member of RVU's Internal Medicine Club.
Volunteer: Ultrasound Scholar; COVID Check Colorado;

              “To my fellow medical students, who walked through the trenches with me,
            held out their hand for support, and reassured me that we would make it to this
                         exact moment and beyond—we did it!" Sheila Ortega
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