College Information 2019

College Information 2019

College Information 2019

  • College Information 2019
  • College office hours
  • Term dates for 2019
  • School fees for 2019
  • Text books and stationery ordering information
  • Bus routes and timetables
  • Back To School payment scheme
  • School uniforms
  • Uniform and Shoe Policy
  • Jewellery and Hair Policy
  • BYOD Requirements checklist
  • Online Canteen process For any queries please contact the office on 08 8945 1277 or email:

College Information 2019

COLLEGE OFFICE HOURS Monday 17 - Tuesday 18 December 2018 Normal office hours Wednesday 19 December 2018 9:00 – 12 noon Thursday 20 December 2018 – 4th January 2019 CLOSED Monday 7 January – 18 January 2019 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday 21 Jan to Friday 25 January 2019 Normal office hours Monday 28 January 2019 Australia Day Holiday Tuesday 29 January 2019 Normal office hours Normal office hours Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 4:00pm Friday 8:00am – 3:30pm TERM DATES FOR 2019 TERM ONE Term One commences Tuesday 29 – Wednesday 30 January – Staff Thursday 31 January – Years 7, 12 (and new students Years 8-11 orientation) Friday 1 February – All students Term One concludes Friday 12 April Mid Semester break Monday 15 April – Thursday 18 April Friday 19 and Monday 22 April - Easter holidays TERM TWO Term Two commences Tuesday 23 April Term Two concludes Friday 28 June Semester break Monday 1 July – Friday 19 July TERM THREE Term Three commences Monday 22 July – Staff Tuesday 23 July – All students Term Three concludes Friday 27 September Mid Semester break Monday 30 September – Friday 11 October TERM FOUR Term Four commences Monday 14 October Term Four concludes To be advised

College Information 2019
  • SCHOOL FEES 2019 Fees are billed in two instalments: at the beginning of Semester 1 and Semester 2 Years 7, 8, 10 Year 9 Year 11, 12 Tuition Fee (These fees cover such things as staff salaries and administrative expenses) 2,394 2,394 3,512 Curriculum Fee (These fees cover such things as compulsory camps, retreats and classroom expenses, including classroom consumables, photocopying and IT resources) 1,035 1,245 725 Total $3,429 $3,639 $4,237
  • Plus Family Levy $420 (The family levy covers various running costs of the College such as general maintenance and upkeep, electricity, cleaning, etc)
  • Plus Capital Family Levy $260 (The capital family levy provides for renovations and the capital development of the College) NOTE: There is a 5% discount on the Tuition Fee if all fees and levies are paid in full by the end of February. Outdoor Education, Duke of Edinburgh and/or VET courses listed below are not included in this discount.

Discounts for Multiple Enrolments Where a family has more than one student attending any of the Catholic Schools (including O’Loughlin Catholic College) in the NT, a reduction in the Tuition Fee is applicable as follows: 2 children 5% off each child’s tuition fee 3 children 10% off each child’s tuition fee 4 children 33% off each child’s tuition fee Electives Year Level Cost Outdoor Education and VET Please note: there is an extra charge for those students who elect to do Outdoor Education in Years 9, 10, 11 or 12. There may be a ‘materials expense’ charged by the VET provider for those who choose to do a VET course Odyssey (Optional) Year 9 ODE Year 10 ODE $150 (Registration fee) $200 Semester 1 Year 10 ODE $950 for Semester 2 (major week-long outdoor camping and skills component for the course) Year 11 ODE $250 per Semester Year 12 ODE $300 per Semester Year 11 $2,800 TBC Please Note: The Back-To-School Voucher can be used for school excursions, camps, uniforms and school fees

College Information 2019

BACK TO SCHOOL PAYMENT SCHEME The Back to School Payment Scheme vouchers will be sent home to parents as soon as available in 2019. Alternatively they will be available from the School front office from Monday 21 January 2019. The voucher may be used at the Cricket and Football Shop to receive the uniform entitlements. The Cricket and Football Shop will then complete the bottom half and stamp with their official stamp, so that you may use it again until you reach the full entitlement. If used in full you will not be given back any part of the form.

If you wish to use the part/full entitlement for your curriculum levies such as camps, excursions or classroom consumables please return the voucher to O’Loughlin Catholic College.

Please note the vouchers need to be used before the end of Term 1. SCHOOL UNIFORMS THE CRICKET AND FOOTBALL SHOP is the only supplier of new College Uniforms. Unit 1/422 Stuart Highway, Winnellie, NT 0820 Ph: 8947 4454 Fax: 8947 3952 Email: Opening Hours Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm Uniform Price List 2019 – subject to change College Hats $15 School Polo $35 Boys Grey Shorts $45 Girls Maroon Shorts $45 Unisex Sports Shorts $20 Unisex Sports Shirts $30 College Jackets $45 (Only the College jacket may be worn in cooler weather. Any other jacket/jumper is not acceptable).

College Hat - Year 7’s will be provided with a hat on the first day for new students. Whilst the school uniforms are purchased from the Cricket and Football Shop, uniforms made from the previous material [old stock] may be purchased from the College at half price until sold out. Please note that the old stock uniforms are mainly the larger sizes.

All Year 7 students will be given information on their first day of school which will include: The College Code of Conduct, daily timetable, Edmodo usage, Diary usage, classroom protocol and how to use their student locker.

College Information 2019
TEXT BOOKS AND STATIONERY 2019 Text books and stationery can be ordered online through SBA Office National at: Please go to the link above:
  • Click on ‘select a school’ and choose O’Loughlin Catholic College.
  • Select ‘create an order’.
  • Enter students details etc. and quantity of items needed.
  • Place order and follow the prompts. BUS ROUTES AND TIMETABLES Travel for students (in uniform) on school bus services is free. Information about NT Government school bus services can be found at: UNIFORM AND SHOE POLICY Definition This policy is concerned with the student school day uniform and including the Physical Education [PE] Sport’s uniform.
  • Uniform: Not changing in form or character; remaining the same in all cases and at all times. Rationale O’Loughlin Catholic College aims to develop a community that:
  • Encourages a loyalty to a rich school heritage;
  • Affirms the rights of individuals as well as their responsibility to the school, wider community and the physical environment;
  • Nurtures self-esteem by promoting respect for each person’s uniqueness, dignity and worth;
  • Is compassionate, honest, accepting, tolerant, just, caring and willing to listen. Implementation Our uniform plays an important role in establishing a sense of belonging to the College community. For all of our students, wearing their uniform correctly should be a reflection of both self-respect and school spirit. Uniform standards have the capacity to signal a message about how we view ourselves as a school community and poor standards are very disheartening for many staff, students and parents. Uniform is an area in which we can make an immediate and noticeable improvement provided we have the support of all members of our community. The following detailed list is designed to ensure clarity regarding our uniform requirements:
  • Plain black polishable lace up leather shoe.
  • Plain white anklet length socks – no advertising or coloured bands.
  • Grey ‘drill wash and wear’ shorts.
  • Jade College polo shirt with maroon College emblem.
  • College jacket.
  • Sun smart approved hat. GIRLS’ UNIFORM
  • Plain black polishable lace up leather school shoe
  • Plain white anklet length socks – no advertising or coloured bands.
  • Maroon shorts
  • Jade College polo shirt with maroon College emblem.
  • College jacket.

Sun smart approved hat.

Sports Uniform All students in Years 7-10 have Physical Education [PE] as part of their curriculum. Students need to wear their House Sports shirt and College sports shorts during these lessons. All students are required to wear their sports uniform for the Athletics, Swimming and other sporting activities when they are representing the College. Sports uniforms are available from the Uniform Shop. Senior students in Years 10-12 must purchase a sport uniform if they are enrolled in Physical Education [PE] or Outdoor Education.

  • NB: It is a requirement that all students change back into complete College uniform at the end of each PE lesson. Shoe Policy O’Loughlin Catholic College has made a decision, in line with the requirements of the new Workplace Health and Safety Act under which we have to operate that all students must wear full fitting, school shoes with lace up fronts that provide both a robust sole, good support for growing feet and a non-permeable polishable leather upper that protects the entire top of the foot. JEWELLERY AND HAIR POLICY To be read in conjunction with our Uniform Policy Uniform: Not changing in form or character; remaining the same in all cases and at all times. JEWELLERY
  • One or two gold/silver sleeper/stud in the lower lobe of each ear only– for all students (if students wish to wear one sleeper/stud in one ear only, this is acceptable). Band-Aids covering earrings are also not permitted. No black or larger style earrings.
  • No visible body piercing is permitted - particularly the face.
  • Make-up and nail polish are not acceptable.
  • NB - Apart from a watch, wristbands/items supporting approved charities, medic alerts, approved College badges, bangles and Christian symbols - no other jewellery is permitted. Anklets of any type are also not permitted. HAIRSTYLES
  • Extremes of hairstyles and colours are not permissible, e.g. mohawks, mullets, rat tails and uneven shaved styles (this will be at the discretion of the Principal).
  • Haircuts with number two clippers or higher are acceptable.
  • Shoulder length hair or longer should be tied back for health and safety reasons in certain lessons.
  • Students should wear white, plain or college coloured ribbons. Plain style hair clips are permitted.
  • Boys must be clean-shaven. No beards or goatees are permitted.

The College endeavours to maintain a reasonable and fair process that leads to a very clear and professional standard for our College Community. We believe these standards are important and create a sense of belonging and pride in our school community. Please note that it is a condition on enrolment that parents and carers accept, support and adhere to all College policies. ONLINE CANTEEN PROCESS Our canteen has the option of an online ordering system which is an easy and convenient way to order school meals.

  • Visit
  • Sign up by completing the registration form
  • Receive a confirmation email
  • Log into the website
  • Select your school and enter your child/children’s names
  • Add credit and order your meal. HOW TO ORDER 1. Select your child 2. Select your date 3. Add meal items to order 4. Confirm the order. HOW TO ADD CREDIT There are three ways to add credit to your account: Paypal, Credit Card and Direct Deposit. If you experience any issues adding credit please phone 1300 116 637. WHAT DO I DO IF I NEED HELP?

You can call the online canteen team on 1300 116 637 from 7:30am or email

BYOD REQUIREMENTS CHECKLIST MinimalandEssential Recommendation Wireless Card 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless connectivity is key to BYOD in schools! Dual support Wi-Fi Card802.11 a/b/g/n. Make sure it supports both ‘a’ and ‘n’. 5GHz or 2.4GHz 10” screen 10” to a maximum 13”. (Allow for portability and battery consumption but ensure it is of a reasonable size to enable ease of use.) 4th Generation Core Processor 64Bit 6th Generation + CoreProcessor (32bit devices cannot run all softwarerequirements.) 4GB RAM Minimum 8GB RAM for Photography & Digital MediaStudents 8 Hours 128GB minimum Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Windows 8, 10; iOS 10 -12, Android 9+ The current or previous version of any operatingsystem 1 3 USB ports Antivirus Software Current Antivirus software must be installed.

Reliable antivirus/security software can be downloaded free here ->( Office Software All students are able to download Microsoft office free. Go to and login with their NT Schoolscredentials.

OTHER ESSENTIAL CONSIDERATIONS Needs to have a tough and sturdy outer shell. Can it be dropped without breaking? Is the notebook light enough for your child to carry each day? Recommend less than 1.8 kg for ease and portability in school bag. A carry case or skin is essential in protecting the notebook in the school bag. Not recommended. [Not required for school] It is because BYOD is being conducted in an educational setting that THE FOLLOWING DEVICES ARE NOT PERMITTED UNDER BYOD:
  • Smart phone
  • iPod
  • MP3 Students will be in charge of their own devices, the College is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged devices. We highly recommend studentsuse a protective case or bag. O’Loughlin Catholic College is also under no obligation to provide technical support for hardware or software.

NOTE: iPads are acceptable if that is what your student is already using, but not recommended at O'Loughlin Catholic College as there are issues with printing, saving and ergonomics. If possible please look at alternatives.

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