CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021 - Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery

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CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021 - Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery
Northern Ireland Practice and Education
       Council for Nursing and Midwifery

CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021 - Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery
Leading and inspiring nurses and midwives
     to achieve and uphold excellence
          in professional practice.
CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021 - Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery
NIPEC CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021                               1

Chair and Chief Executive’s Foreword......................................................                                     2
Strategic Context.................................................................................................... 3

About NIPEC – Our Purpose............................................................................ 4

Our Values ................................................................................................................. 6

Our Vision ................................................................................................................... 7

Our Mission ............................................................................................................... 7

Our Stakeholders................................................................................................... 8

Our Work 2012 - 2016......................................................................................... 9

Governance and Performance ................................................................ 10

Planning Assumptions................................................................................... 10

Our Priorities........................................................................................................ 12

Accountability, Monitoring and Implementation ....................... 17

Reference Endnotes........................................................................................ 18

Appendix I: Our Work 2012 - 2016........................................................ 20

Appendix II: Governance and
Performance Review, 2012 - 2016........................................................                                23
CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021 - Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery
2     NIPEC CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021

      Chair and Chief Executive’s Foreword
We are pleased to launch our 2017 – 2021 Corporate Plan on behalf of NIPEC.

                                       NIPEC retains a focus on work           Our Corporate Plan 2017 – 2021
                                       developed through robust quality        has been developed as a result of
                                       improvement methods and strategic       engagement with key stakeholders
                                       alliances to translate regional         to appropriately reflect the priorities
                                       direction and policy into practice      of nurses and midwives across
                                       and provide resources strengthen        Northern Ireland, working within a
                                       the capacity and capability of the      multi-professional context. We hope
                                       nursing and midwifery professions in    you find it informative and useful,
                                       Northern Ireland.                       as a guide to our organisational
                                                                               business over the next four years.
    Professor Carol Curran, OBE
    Chair                              NIPEC is committed to effective,
                                       positive multi-professional co-
                                       production and co-design, with a
                                       wide range of stakeholders from
                                       various sectors in order to promote
                                       and support the practice, education
                                       and professional development of
                                       nurses and midwives to facilitate the
                                       delivery of safe, effective, person-
                                       centred compassionate services.

    Mrs Angela McLernon, OBE
    Chief Executive
CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021 - Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery
NIPEC CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021     3

  Strategic Context
NIPEC works within a strategic           In response to the Expert Panel          A range of strategic policies which
context where an ambitious work          report on Health and Social Services     support reform and transformation
plan outlined in the Programme for       in Northern Ireland – ‘Systems not       of services have been developed
Government Framework1 along with         Structures2, the Health Minister set     within Northern Ireland including:
a reform agenda to improve health        out a vision for change in Health and    Quality 20204; A Strategy for Maternity
and social care services for people in   Well Being 2026: Delivering Together3.   Care in Northern Ireland 2012-20185;
Northern Ireland, is underway.           The vision is based on principles of     Making Life Better6; Improving the
                                         co-production and co-design working      Patient and Client Experience7, eHealth
The Programme for Government             in partnership with those who            and Care Strategy for Northern
Framework 2016 – 20211 is being          deliver the services to implement        Ireland8.
taken forward using an outcomes-         change.
based accountability approach                                                     NIPEC will also continue to
measured through indicators of           NIPEC plays a particular role in         support the development of, and
success. There are eight strategic       supporting the vision and objectives     responses from across nursing and
health indicators for success that       of the Chief Nursing Officer,            midwifery, to emerging professional
contribute to the achievement of         Department of Health (DoH), in the       policy, strategy and regulatory
four population based outcomes,          continued pursuit of excellence          requirements such as: Nursing and
which are that:                          in the delivery of nursing and           Midwifery Council Strategy9; The
  • We enjoy long, healthy and           midwifery services to the population     Code10; outcome of the NMC review
    active lives                         of Northern Ireland. This support        of the standards for pre-registration
  • We give our children and young       will continue to be offered at this      nursing education, along with
    people the best start in life        key time of change and opportunity       recommendations and findings of
  • We care for others and we help       within Northern Ireland.                 data from local and public inquiries
    those in need                                                                 and investigations.
  • We have high quality public
CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021 - Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery

    About NIPEC - Our Purpose
NIPEC was established in 2002              (3) Without prejudice to the             Achievement of NIPEC’s statutory
through primary legislation under              generality of subsection (2) the     responsibilities is also laid out
the Health and Personal Social                 Council may                          within its ‘Management Statement
Services Act (2002) as a Non-                  (a) provide guidance on best         & Financial Memorandum’ as
Departmental Public Body (NDPB).                   practice for nurses and          approved by the Minister of Health,
The Act identifies the following                   midwives, and                    Social Services & Public Safety
responsibilities for NIPEC:                    (b) provide advice and               and Department of Finance which
                                                   information on matters           sets out the rules and guidance
(2) “It shall be the duty of the Council           relating to nursing and          relevant to the exercise of NIPEC’s
    to promote                                     midwifery.                       functions, duties and powers as well
    (a) high standards of practice                                                  as how it is held to account for its
        among nurses and midwives          (4) The Council shall, in the exercise   performance.
    (b) high standards in the                  of its functions, act
        education and training of              (a) in accordance with any
        nurses and midwives; and                   directions given to it by the
    (c) the professional development               Department, and
        of nurses and midwives.                (b) under the general guidance of
                                                   the Department.”
CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021 - Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery

  NIPEC Staff and Council
NIPEC has a total of 15 permanent      Chair
staff, with opportunity to develop     Professor Carol Curran, OBE
others through secondment
and temporary posts. Six of the        Professional Members
permanent staff, including the Chief   Ms Deirdre O’Donnell
Executive, are required to have        Mrs Ruth Burrows
professional registration with the     Mrs Lisa Houlihan
Nursing and Midwifery Council.         Mr Patrick McGreevy
The organisation is governed by a      Mrs Deborah Oktar-Campbell
Council, comprising:                   Ms Catherine Rice (Deputy Chair of Audit & Risk Committee)

                                       Executive Member
                                       Mrs Angela McLernon, OBE, Chief Executive (Seconded from DoH)

                                       Lay Members
                                       Ms Alison Baxendale (Deputy Chair of NIPEC)
                                       Dr Vinod Tohani (Chair of Audit & Risk Committee)
                                       Ms Maureen Clark
                                       Mr Paul Davidson

                                       Ex Officio Member
                                       Professor Charlotte McArdle, Chief Nursing Officer, DoH
CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021 - Northern Ireland Practice and Education Council for Nursing and Midwifery
6     NIPEC CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021

      Our Values
NIPEC is a unique person-centred organisation guided by a set of values that directly impact on what we do and how we
do it.

Our values, summarised below, reflect that our functions                   These values will provide a constant reference point for
are set in a context of requirement for all nurses and                     our organisation as we seek to implement the Corporate
midwives to adhere to the Nursing and Midwifery Council                    Plan: 2017-2021.
The Code: Professional standards of practice and behaviour
for nurses and midwives10.
                                                                                                 LEADERSHIP              FOR MONEY

    We act with integrity,   We are accessible     We are accountable      We are creative and   We provide              We support and
    transparency and         to individuals        to the DoH, public,     innovative in our     professional            promote quality
    objectivity              and interested        stakeholders and        approach to           leadership that         through continuous
    We promote a             organisations         staff for stewardship   co-design outcomes    positively impacts on   improvement,
    culture of equality      We are responsive     of public funds and     using Quality         nurses and midwives     delivered in the most
    and diversity            to the needs of our   achievement of          Improvement                                   effective and efficient
                             stakeholders and      corporate outcomes      methodology                                   way within available
                             work in partnership                                                                         resources.
                             with them to co-
                             produce outcomes

  Our Vision                                                    Our Mission
Our vision has been informed through a series of
engagement events with our stakeholders, including
the public. That means that our vision has been defined
by the people with whom, and for whom, we work. Our
vision for the next four years reflects the intention to work
as an organisation that will continue to be:

                                                                  NIPEC aims to further promote the
                                                                  highest standards of practice, education
                                                                  and professional development of nurses

   Leading and                                                    and midwives to facilitate the delivery
                                                                  of safe, effective, compassionate,
   inspiring nurses                                               person-centred services.

   and midwives
   to achieve and
   uphold excellence
   in professional

    Our Stakeholders
NIPEC strives to be an outward
facing organisation: providing                                                                       Permanent          Department
                                              Education providers:
leadership for a positive impact and                                            Staff side            Secretary          of Health
                                                 Ulster University |
endeavouring to hold the respect of                                           Organisations:
                                              Queen’s University Belfast
                                                                                RCN | RCM |
a wide range of stakeholders within           | CEC | Leadership centre
                                                                              UNITE | UNISON
a ‘values based’ approach. NIPEC                  | Open University
collaborates, engages and consults
with a wide range of stakeholders                                                                                      Chief Nursing
throughout each business year to                                                                                          Officer
deliver a challenging programme
of work that has an impact on the
                                             and Quality
delivery of care in Northern Ireland        Improvement
and beyond. The principles of co-          Authority (RQIA)                                                      National
                                                                                  NIPEC Council
production and co-design underpin                                                                             Departmental,
                                                                           Chief Executive Professional
NIPEC’s stakeholder communication                                          Team Corporate & Support
                                                                                                              and Regulatory
and engagement, living out the                                                        Team
ethos of the fourth element of the                      Independent
‘quadruple aim’, cited in Systems Not                  and Voluntary
Structures2 and Health and Wellbeing                       Sector
2026: Delivering Together3                                                   Health and
                                                                                                             Health and Social
                                          Business                           Social Care
                                                                                                               Care Trusts
                                          Services                             Board
                                                                                                            Belfast | South Eastern
                                        Organisation        Nursing and                                     | Northern | Western
                                                             Midwifery                     Public Health          | Southern
                                                           Council (NMC)                     Agency

  Our work 2012-2016
NIPEC’s role in supporting the            resources, tools, guidance and
provision of safe, effective,             outcomes. This work has been with
compassionate, person-centred care        the engagement and partnership
is at the forefront of improving and      of our stakeholders, using robust
developing the professional practice      evidence-based approaches and
of the nursing and midwifery              methodologies, underpinned by best
workforce in Northern Ireland to          practice and delivered within agreed
ensure that the right people with the     time frames. Examples of some of
right skills, are in the right place at   the key achievements under the
the right time to provide                 Corporate Plan 2012-2016 can be
care and services for                        found at Appendix I, page 20.
the public.

In 2012 NIPEC
celebrated 10
years of work
in Northern
Ireland and
during the last
four years we have
worked consistently
across our four statutory
areas to deliver a range of products,

     Governance and Performance Review 2012-2016
 NIPEC, as a NDPB views corporate         With the UK level of funding            As part of NIPEC’s commitment to
 governance as the way in which           for public sector organisations         openness and accountability it will
 it is directed and controlled.           remaining restricted and the            review this plan annually to ensure it
 NIPEC defines the allocation of          outcome of the European Union           continues to reflect both current and
 responsibilities among the staff         referendum in 2016 being to ‘Leave’,    anticipated demands and it will also
 within the organisation, determines      this will ultimately effect the NI      publish the plan on its website.
 the rules and procedures for making      budget allocation from Her Majesty’s
 decisions on corporate affairs,          Treasury. Therefore, substantial
 including the process through which      savings/efficiencies will continue to
 the organisation’s objectives are set,   have to be made by public sector
 and provides the means of achieving      organisations and in order to deliver
 those objectives and monitoring          high quality and consistent outputs,
 performance.                             with reducing resources, this will
                                          require even greater challenges over
                                          the period of this Corporate Plan.

    and Planning Assumptions
NIPEC will, during the period of       •   ensuring the safeguarding,         Planning Assumptions
this Corporate Plan, continue to           and proper and effective use       Key assumptions for NIPEC’s
deliver the strategic objective of         of public funds, together with     strategic priorities 2017-2021 used to
maintaining a robust governance            the stewardship of assets and      develop this plan are:
and accountability framework by:           resources
•   ensuring that Business             •   quality assuring its project       •   NIPEC’s statutory functions will
    Risk Management remains                work using the NIPEC Quality           not change
    firmly integrated within the           Assurance Enhancement              •   The structural change to the
    organisation, so that risks to         Framework.                             Northern Ireland Health and
    the organisation are managed       Please see Appendix II, page 23, for       Social Care Sector will not have
    effectively and proportionately    a summary of NIPEC’s financial and         a significant impact on the
•   maintaining its robust financial   governance performance over the            organisational form and capacity
    governance arrangements            past four years.                           of NIPEC
                                                                              •   A financial breakeven each year
•   complying with statutory and
    regulatory requirements
12       NIPEC CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021
                                                                                  DELIVERY OF SAFE, EFFECTIVE, COMPASSIONATE,
                                                                                           PERSON-CENTRED SERVICES

          Our Priorities                                                                                            TO ACHIEVE AND
                                                                   LEADING AND INSPIRING
                                                                                                                 UPHOLD EXCELLENCE IN
                                                                    NURSES AND MIDWIVES
                                                                                                                 PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE

     P R A C TI C

                                           NIPEC’s strategic priorities support
                                           our overarching vision to lead and                      PRACTICE

                                           inspire nurses and midwives to
                                           achieve and uphold excellence in

                                           professional practice.
                        UC A TI O N

                                           Our commitment to our
                                           stakeholders and the public in
                                           Northern Ireland over the next four
                                           years is that we will continuously

                                           improve within our functions as

                                           a modern, effective and efficient
                                           organisation. Our priorities

                                           practically demonstrate how
                                           that will be achieved within our                   GUIDANCE, ADVICE
                                           legislative responsibilities.                      AND INFORMATION
                        GU NFORMATION

                             NCE, ADVIC


                                                                              MODERN EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT ORGANISATION

                                        NIPEC will promote high standards of practice among nurses and
                                        midwives by:

                                          1. Completing regional programmes of work within agreed
                                             timescales that support continuous improvements in safe,
                                             effective care and compassionate person-centred services.

                                          2. Communicating and engaging with stakeholders and
                                             partners in ways that maximise opportunities to develop and

                                             support professional practice.
                     UC A TI O N

                                          3. Sharing and supporting improvement in practice by
                                             developing and disseminating throughout Northern Ireland
                                             and beyond best practice based on robust evidence.

                                          4. Assessing the impact of our work.

                     GU NFORMATION

                          NCE, ADVIC

14       NIPEC CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021

                                           NIPEC will promote high standards of education among nurses and
                                           midwives by:
     P R A C TI C

                                             1. Contributing to the quality assurance of non NMC approved
                                                education, learning and development programmes for
                                                nurses and midwives.

                                             2. Developing a range of specific tools and resources to support
                                                the education, learning and development of nurses and

                        UC A TI O N

                                             3. Engaging with stakeholders to achieve education, learning
                                                and development programmes that are fit for purpose and
                                                relevant to service need, for nurses and midwives.

                                             4. Engaging with a range of organisations and agencies to
                                                support the continued development of inter-professional


                        GU NFORMATION

                             NCE, ADVIC


                                        NIPEC will promote the professional development of nurses and
                                        midwives by:

                                          1. Promoting professionalism within the principles of The

                                          2. Leading the development of a range of resources through
                                             engagement and collaboration with stakeholders that
                                             maintain and develop the professional practice of nurses

                                             and midwives aligned to the strategic transformation of
                     UC A TI O N

                                             services in Northern Ireland.

                                          3. Supporting the development of professional roles of nurses
                                             and midwives across all areas of practice.

                                          4. Promoting innovation in professional development activities
                                             through digital technology advances.

                     GU NFORMATION

                          NCE, ADVIC

16       NIPEC CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021

                                           NIPEC will provide guidance, advice and information on best
                                           practice and matters relating to nursing and midwifery by:
     P R A C TI C

                                             1. Facilitating the translation and implementation of strategic
                                                policy relating to all aspects of practice, education and
                                                professional development of nurses and midwives.

                                             2. Supporting the interpretation and application of relevant
                        UC A TI O N

                                             3. Supporting the capacity and capability of leaders at all levels
                                                within the nursing and midwifery professions.

                                             4. Ensuring that all outcomes of our work are consistent with
                                                regional policy and national regulatory requirements.

                        GU NFORMATION

                             NCE, ADVIC

NIPEC CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021     17

  Accountability, Monitoring and Implementation
This Corporate Plan sets out the          DoH. NIPEC is monitored by the          •   Complying with statutory and
Vision, Values, Aim and Strategic         DoH against the Corporate Plan              regulatory requirements
Priorities for the next four years of     and annual Business Plan, through       • Ensuring the continued effective
NIPEC’s business. It represents a         regular accountability review               stewardship of public funds,
framework within which NIPEC will         meetings throughout the business            assets and resources
continue to engage and co-produce         year, annual and quality reports and    • Enabling continuous quality
with partners and key stakeholders        other ad hoc arrangements.                  improvement within work streams
to deliver a challenging plan of                                                      and projects
work each business year, reflecting       Implementation                          • Maintaining and improving
the needs of health and social care       The implementation of the                   information, communication and
service provision in Northern Ireland.    Corporate Plan 2017-2021, requires          technology infrastructure and
NIPEC’s Corporate and Business Plans      a supporting infrastructure of              resources.
will support the achievement of the       robust governance and appropriate       These objectives are underpinned by
key outcomes for health identified        resources to enable effective           our intention to maintain and support
in the Programme for Government1,         management providing assurance          the development of a competent and
tackling health inequalities, improving   to DoH through regular monitoring       valued workforce, strengthening a
physical and mental health and            processes. This accountability          culture of critical enquiry through the
wellbeing, reducing preventable           includes both corporate and financial   use of best available evidence and
deaths and improving the quality of       performance. We intend to deliver       maximising the use of advancements
healthcare experience.                    this element of NIPEC’s business by:    in information technology to the
                                          • Ensuring that effective and           benefit of staff and stakeholders.
Accountability and Monitoring                proportionate business risk
NIPEC is accountable to the Minister         management remains firmly            This, together with the availability of
for Health through our sponsor               integrated within the organisation   adequate funding, will ensure NIPEC
branch, the Nursing, Midwifery and        • Maintaining our robust financial      is successful in the delivery of this
Allied Health Professions Directorate,       governance arrangements              Corporate Plan 2017-2021.

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     Appendix I Our Work 2012 – 2016
 During the last four years we have worked consistently       •   Reviews into the roles and impact of the Maternity
 across our four statutory areas to deliver a range of            Support Workers and Support Officers for Ward
 products, resources, tools, guidance and outcomes. This          Sisters/ Charge Nurses.
 work has been with the engagement and partnership            •   The development and implementation of an
 of our stakeholders, using robust evidence based                 Attributes Framework on behalf of the Co-chairs of
 approaches and methodologies, underpinned by best                Quality 2020 Task Group 4: Professional Leadership, to
 practice and delivered within agreed time frames.                support quality improvement in Northern Ireland.
 Examples of some of the key achievements under the           •   Development and implementation of a preceptorship
 Corporate Plan 2012-2016 are:                                    framework for Northern Ireland including an online
                                                                  microsite of tools and resources.
 Practice:                                                    •   Development of the Promoting Good Nutrition
 • Management of the regional Recording Care Project              Guidance and Resources11 and their inclusion on the
    developing resources including improvement in record          Northern Ireland Electronic Care Record in 2014.
    keeping practice of 30% across 105 adult in-patient       •   Development of an Advanced Nursing Practice
    wards, a regional children’s in-patient nursing record,       Framework to provide clarity about the Advanced
    a new model of nursing care planning, development             Nurse Practitioner role in Northern Ireland.
    of champions to support change and a framework to         •   Development and review of Standards for Person-
    support the record keeping practice of health care            Centred Nursing and Midwifery Record Keeping
    support workers.                                              Practice12.
 • Support for a Regional Group to agree a set of             •   A programme of work to ensure that nurses and
    high level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to               midwives, along with their employers, were ready
    demonstrate and monitor the unique contribution of            to implement the requirements of the Nursing and
    nurses and midwives.                                          Midwifery Council (NMC) in support of the introduction
 • Development of a competence assessment tools to                of revalidation.
    support Team Leaders and review of the Respiratory        •   Development of an interactive educational resource,
    Competence Assessment Tool (R-CAT).                           Midwives and Medicines NI13 to support midwives

    to fully understand their role and responsibilities in   •   Production of a regional approach to the application
    relation to medicines management and the delivery            and selection processes for pre-registration nursing
    of safe and effective practice in Northern Ireland -         programmes. Evaluation demonstrated a reduction of
    Winner in the British Journal of Midwifery Awards            almost 40% in the total number of interviews required
    2015.                                                        to select applicants, a significant reduction in the time
•   Development of an action plan to enable the                  requested from service colleagues to participate in the
    implementation of the Delivering Excellence                  interviewing process.
    Supporting Recovery Framework14, in partnership          •   Running awareness events promoting the Health
    with the Public Health Agency.                               Equalities Framework15 for those practising or
                                                                 teaching in the area of learning disabilities nursing and
Education:                                                       education.
• Annual submission of a report of quality assurance         •   Led a review of the education learning agreement
  activity of non-NMC regulated and Department of                template which had been in pilot form across all five
  Health (DoH) commissioned education and learning               Trusts during 2011-2012.
  activities to DoH.                                         •   Development of an in-house Quality Assurance
• Support to the Education Commissioning Group of                Framework including a self-assessment tool.
  the DoH through an interim arrangement of providing        •   Preparation of an information fact sheet for
  administration support (ceased December 2013).                 registrants at undergraduate level on how to access
• In partnership with the Infection Prevention and               degree-level study through Accredited Prior Learning
  Control (IPC) Lead Nurses, engagement with Higher              (APL).
  Education Institutions to update nursing and               •   Supported the development and embedding of
  midwifery education staff in current IPC policies and          a recovery-orientated approach in practice in
  procedures.                                                    training programmes for all health and social care
• Identification of gaps in the provision of pre-                professionals, at both under-and post-graduate levels
  registration learning and assessment placements                within HSC Trusts, Education Institutions and the HSC
  in the Independent and Voluntary Sector.                       Clinical Education Centre.

 Professional Development:                                Advice, Guidance and Information:
 • Annual evaluation of supervision in nursing across     • Co-ordination and management of the adoption of
    the five HSC Trusts with a demonstrated increase in     Phase 1 of the Delivering Care: Nurse Staffing in
    responses over the four year period.                    Northern Ireland19 framework resulting in the release
 • Development of resources to support Nursing              of £12 million in funding to support nurse staffing
    Assistants including a Code of Conduct, Job             in the acute care settings of general and specialist
    Description for Agenda for Change Band 2 and 3          medicine and surgery.
    and relevant Knowledge and Skills Framework16 Post    • Production of final draft guidance on nurse staffing
    Outlines and Induction and Development Pathway.         levels in Type 1 Emergency Departments in
 • Review and update of the NIPEC portfolio to meet         Northern Ireland as part of the Delivering Care Project,
    NMC requirements for revalidation.                      in partnership with the Public Health Agency and HSC
 • NIPEC supported DHSSPS to develop A Workforce            Trusts.
    Plan for Nursing and Midwifery 2015-202017            • Continued membership of a range of multi-
 • Development and implementation of an action              professional fora providing strategic and professional
    plan to meet the recommendations from the               advice and guidance on matters related to the nursing
    Strengthening the Commitment18 report.                  and midwifery professions.
 • Development of a Career Pathway for Nursing and        • Hosting and facilitation of regional fora for senior
    Midwifery.                                              nurses working in the Independent and Voluntary
 • Development of a Professional Framework for              sector and for Lead IPC nurses.
    Emergency Care Nursing.                               • Featured in the September 2015 Nursing
 • Review of the current provision of midwifery             Standard20 as an indispensable organisation which
    supervision to provide professional advice and          raises professional standards in nursing and
    external assurances to the Chief Nursing Officer.       midwifery in Northern Ireland.
                                                          • Publication on revalidation in the Journal of
                                                            Perioperative Practice published on March 201621.
                                                          • Publication of SCAN on a monthly basis, for senior

    nurses and midwives in the statutory, independent,        •   Consultation events – for example on the regulation
    voluntary and education sectors, highlighting current         of Health and Social Care Professionals; facilitation
    topical health and healthcare issues, key publications        of Lord Willis of Knaresborough to hear the views of
    and events, under the broad headings of governance,           nurses to inform a review of commissioned nurse
    leadership, workforce, education/development and              education; supporting registrant understanding and
    patient experience.                                           feedback to the development of capacity legislation in
                                                                  Northern Ireland.
One of NIPEC’s main vehicles for communicating
guidance to registrants is its website which is continually   Throughout all of the activity each year, NIPEC’s staff
growing and being adapted to ensure that it continues to      remains committed to growing their knowledge, skills
meet the needs of nurses and midwives within Northern         and networks to support the registrant professions
Ireland. During the period 2012 – 2016, NIPEC undertook       in Northern Ireland. This includes the review of the
a number of evaluative reviews and updated the NIPEC          impact of resources which occurs annually through
main website and many of the other web resources              the use of the Impact Measurement Framework22.
including the NIPEC portfolio and micro sites along with      Recommendations from each cycle are presented to the
the development of new websites such as the career            Chief Nursing Officer and actioned by NIPEC.
pathway. In addition, our engagement with stakeholders
has continued through the many events we hosted

•   Annual conferences
•   Annual stakeholder events to inform business
•   Regional Ward Sister and Charge Nurse Conferences
24    NIPEC CORPORATE PLAN 2017-2021

      Appendix II Governance and Performance Targets 2012 - 2016
                       Table 1                     Performance in           Performance in           Performance in           Performance in
                     Targets Set                       2015-16                  2014-15                  2013-14                  2012-13
     Break Even on revenue and operating costs           0.8%                     0.86%                   0.75%                    0.98%
                                                          or                        or                      or                       or
     (Target: within 0.25% of RRL or £20,000)           £11,073                  £11,944                  £9,812                  £15,724
     Keep within the Capital resources limit           Achieved                 Achieved                 Achieved                Achieved
     Sickness Absence rates                             1.29%                     3.0%                    5.25%                    3.56%
                                                 (Target: for this year   (Target: for this year   (Target: for this year   (Target: none set for
     (Target reduced each year)                       was 4.5%)                was 4.5%)                was 5.2%)                this year)
     Invoice prompt Payment percentage within           97.96%                   87.5%                    82.7%                    94.1%
     30 days.

     (Target: 95%)
     Invoice prompt Payment percentage within          92.53%                    69.2%                    61.9%              Not required to be
     10 days.                                    (Target: for this year   (Target: for this year   (Target: for this year         recorded
                                                      was 70%)                 was 60%)                 was 50%)
     (Target increased each year)
     Controls Assurance Standards                  All the relevant         All the relevant         All the relevant        All the relevant 10
                                                  9 areas achieved         9 areas achieved         10 areas achieved          areas achieved
     (Target: Substantial score i.e. 75%-99%      scores within the        scores within the        scores within the         scores within the
     compliance)                                  substantial range        substantial range        substantial range        substantial range

                                                 (The scores ranged       (The scores ranged       (The scores ranged       (The scores ranged
                                                  from 83% to 97%)         from 84% to 97%)         from 82% to 97%)         from 82% to 97%)

           Targets Set                 Performance in       Performance in          Performance in          Performance in
                                           2015-16              2014-15                 2013-14                 2012-13
 Break Even on revenue and
 operating costs

 (Target: within 0.25% of RRL
 or £20,000)
 Keep within the Capital
 resources limit (CRL)
 Sickness Absence rates

 (Target reduced each year)
 Invoice prompt Payment
 percentage within 30 days.

 (Target: 95%)
 Invoice prompt Payment
 percentage within 10 days.

 (Target increased each year)
 Controls Assurance Standards

 (Target: Substantial score i.e.
 75%-99% compliance)

Showing Table 1 in a RAG format:


       Achieved		               within 10% of Target		   outside 10% of Target			        No target set
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