“Committed to people”

Table of contents

1.    What is Amma ……………………………….………….………….. 3
2.    Amma mission, vision and values ……………………………… 4
3.    The Amma Model……………………………………………………. 5
4.    History of Amma ……………………..………………………........ 6
5.    Amma shareholders …………………………………….…………. 8
6.    Company organisation …………………..……………....…........ 9
7.    Organisational chart..…………………………………………….. 10
8.    Important figures ….………………..……………………….…… 11
9.    Amma Centres …………………….……………………………….. 14
10.   Amma Services …………………………………………………….. 24
11.   Amma Professionals ……………………………………………… 26
12.   Customised care ……………..............…………………….……. 27
13.   Striving for quality .……………….……………………….…….. 28
14.   Research ............................................................................ 30
15.   Amma Network .................................................................. 31
16.   Social Commitment ............................................................ 32
17.   Amma Contact …..………………………………….……….……... 33
What is Amma?

Since its foundation over a decade ago, the Amma Group has become one of Spain's leading
companies providing care for elderly, dependent and disabled people. The company has a
workforce of more than 2,400 people, all outstanding for their professionalism and motivation to offer top-
quality care to elderly people and their families.

                                                   We know that elderly and dependent people require
                                                   flexible, innovative services, adaptable to a wide variety
                                                   of situations, which is why the Amma Group offers
                                                   customised services through a network that covers
                                                   everything from domiciliary care and remote assistance
                                                   to more specialised resources, such as residential
                                                   homes. We also provide intermediate solutions such as
                                                   sheltered apartments and day centres. This allows us to
                                                   provide elderly people and their families with the
                                                   services they need at all times.

Amma currently manages 30 geriatric centres and almost 5,300 places (in homes and day centres)
in seven autonomous regions (Madrid, Catalonia, Navarre, Castile and León, Castile-La Mancha, the Canary
Islands and Cantabria).

Amma mission,
                                                                     vision and values
 Mission.- The Amma Group is a company comprised of a team of professionals and technical resources
 which designs, promotes and manages high quality gerontological centres and innovative services to
 assure that the needs of people, care centres and other entities and institutions are fully met.

 Vision.- The goal of the Amma Group is to expand nationwide, being a leader in the sector and
 recognised for its high quality internal services for its own centres as well as for external services to the


 From the users’ perspective                                         From the staff’s perspective
 - Focus on the individual using the service, demonstrated by        - A culture of continuous improvement of all those
 complete dedication to their needs with a view to providing         involved, as a foundation for the Total Quality concept.
 them with the highest care quality possible.                        - Innovation and initiative that releases the creative
 - Sensitivity towards the individual user, respecting their right   potential of the organisation and places us as at the
 to privacy, dignity, independence and the encouragement to          forefront of the sector.
 meet these goals.                                                   - On-going learning based on training, best example
 - Ongoing commitment to innovation through research, design         comparison and consideration of accomplishments and
 and development of products and services.                           shortcomings.
                                                                     - Committed ethical behaviour, integrity and mutual
From the company’s perspective                                       respect.
- Leadership as a management style, based on fostering the
initiatives taken by Amma professionals and based on solidarity,
commitment and setting an example through actions.
-Generating profits and added value via our activities, making       From the society’s perspective
our project viable for the future.                                   - Social outreach activities that allow the community to
- Teamwork based on mutual trust, transparency and common            benefit from our knowledge and achievements.
objectives to take full advantage of the synergy between the
professional team and shareholders and suppliers within our
network to the benefit of our users.
The Amma Model

The Amma Group works according to its own welfare-health model, which has been designed by
renowned experts in geriatrics, gerontology and care for dependent persons.

                                  This care model, common in all its centres, is one of the Amma
                                  Group's greatest competitive advantages with respect to the rest of
                                  the sector, and has made the Amma brand a recognised guarantee of
                                  quality care, excellent management and attention, optimum user
                                  satisfaction and commitment to innovation and research, for unique,
                                  customised services.

                                  Since it was formed, all the work done by the Amma Group is inspired by
                                  three ethical principles based on human values:

                                     Respect for individual privacy and rights.
                                     Consideration for individual dignity, independence and freedom of
                                     Independence in all areas and encouragement to fully achieve this.

People are treated with the greatest of care and respect for their uniqueness. This philosophy is
evident in way that our care services are conceived, the architectural design of our centres and the way
they operate.

History of Amma

Amma was founded in 1997 at the initiative of Caja Navarra, in response to the need for residential places
for elderly and dependent people detected in the 2nd Gerontological Plan for Navarre.

                                                  After eight years of activity and continuous growth, both in
                                                  Navarre and beyond its borders, Amma took a decisive step
                                                  in 2005 and merged with Gerogestión, another of the
                                                  sector's big operators, with which it shared a similar care
                                                  model. They clearly complemented each other in terms of
                                                  the geographical distribution of their centres.

The new Grupo Amma became one of Spain's leading companies specialising in care to dependent and
elderly people, and at the same time started a new expansion process, receiving finance in 2006 from 21
banks and savings banks, to establish its intention to lead in the sector.

History of Amma: main
                                                                                                                                                                 Amma receives
                                                                                                                                                                    the Prize for
         Amma Mutilva,                                                                                                        Openings in:                          Excellence in
         the company's                                                                                                       Amma Puente                       Residential Centre
                                                  Openings in:
         first residential                                                                                                    de Vallecas                           Management
                                            Amma Las Anjanas
          home, opens                                                                                                            Amma
                                         Amma El Encinar Aptos.
            in Navarre                                                                                                       Valdebernardo
                                                 Amma Oblatas                                                                                                       Amma signs a
                                                 Amma El Pinar         Amma, pioneer
                                                                       in using animal                                 The Amma Group                             agreement with
                                                                           therapy                                    signed a syndicated
                             Amma Mutilva, the                                                                                                                     USP Hospitales
                                                                                                                       bank loan for 136                        for socio-sanitary
                              first residence in                                             Amma started            million euros with 21
                               Spain to obtain                          Openings in:         its home care                                                               attention
                                                                                                                      banks to finance its
                               ISO 9001-2000                            Amma Betelu             activities           2006-2009 expansion
                                 certification                         Amma Argaray            (Pamplona)                     plan
  1997         2000               2001                2003                  2004                  2005                       2006            2007              2008        2009

Caja Navarra                                                      Europe's           Amma and Gerogestión merge:
forms Amma                                                     Bronze Seal           Caja Duero and Caja de Burgos
Care                                                                    of                join as shareholders
                                                                Excellence                                                                                  Openings in:
                                                                                                                                                           Amma Humanes
                           Openings in:                                                                                                 Openings in:        Amma Tejina
                          Amma Ibañeta                                                              Openings in:                       Amma Coslada         Amma Hellín
                         Amma El Encinar                                                          Amma Arganzuela                     Amma Villanueva
                             del Rey                                                               Amma Colmenar                     Amma El Balconcillo
                                                                                                   Amma Alcorcón                       Amma Pozuelo
                                                      The Amma                                       Amma Teià                           Amma Tías
                                                                                                                                                                   SEPI grants to
                                                   Integral Services                                                                    Amma Haría
                                                                                                                                                                          Amma a
                                                    Network starts                                                                      Amma Horta
               The company's                                                                                                                                   participative credit
                                                       operating                                                                       Amma Vilanova
               corporate image is                                                                                                                                 of 3 mill. euros
                                                                              Employees from Amma and
               approved: the                                                   Navarre University Clinic
               Amma daisy has                                                                                                                          Openings in:
                                                                               create the QPEA Elderly                                                 Amma Usera
               arrived                                                             Research Forum                                                   Amma Santa Cruz
                                                                                                                                                    Amma Sant Cugat
Amma Shareholders

In the beginning, Amma's sole shareholder was Caja Navarra. However, after merging with Gerogestión,
Inversiones ALARIS now has a majority shareholding with 66.12%, which is owned in equal parts by
                         Caja Navarra, Caja Duero and Caja de Burgos.

   Its minority shareholders include Grupo Norte (11.47%), Inverduero (9.67%), Kintoa Investment
          (6.26%), UVE (3.35%), Bella Castilla (1.75%) and Horizontes de Castilla (1.38%).

Company organisation

 The Amma Group comprises the                    AmmaNavarra
      following companies:                      Amma

                 S.L.                             AmmaRecursos
                                                 Amma    Recursos
Amma                                              AsistencialesS.A.
                                                 (other  mainlandcentres)

                                           Residencias  AtlántidaS.A.
                                              (centres      theCanary

                                 Amma   Gestiónde
Amma  AsistencialS.L.
                   care)           InnovaciónS.L.
                                  Innovación  S.L.
     (domiciliary                    (Consultancy)

Organisational chart
                                                         General Shareholders'
                                                          General Shareholders'

                                                                   Board of
                                                                    Board of

                                                             Executive Committee
                                                              Executive Committee



                                                               Deputy General
                                                                Deputy General

Technical & Human                                                                                          Territorial    Territorial    Territorial
                         Sales   Communications     IT        Diversification    Financial   Operations
  Quality   resources                                                                                     Management     Management     Management
                      Management  Management    Management    Management        Management   Management
Management Management                                                                                        North         Central        South

Important figures
Evolution number of
centres (owned and                                                                                        Distribution, in percentages,
managed)                                                  30                                                  between private and
                                           27                                                                   subsidised places

                   17                                                                   places

                 2006     2007      2008            2009                                                                               places

Evolution number of
places (residential and                            4390

day centre)                                 3941


                                                                                                   2006   2007

                                                                                                   2008   2009


                                   Resident ial                        Day cent r e

Important figures
Number of places by
Autonomous Regions         Cantabria
(2010)                                               Navarre
                           49 residential places
                                                     616 residential places
                                                     98 day centre places

Castile and Leon
381 residential places                                                 Catalonia
30 day centre places                                                   721 residential places
                                                                       150 day centre places

1,800 residential places
                                                                       Canary Islands
400 day centre places
                                                                       383 residential places
                                                                       105 day centre places

Castile-La Mancha
440 residential places
110 day centre places

Important figures
Evolution number of                                  Evolution turnover (in
workers                              2450            millions of euros)                    62


             1237                                                         32

            2006      2007    2008   2009                           2006       2007      2008    2009

                                        Basic profile of Amma residents

                                                                           Average age
                                                         women                                          84,2

                                                         men                                    81,4

Amma Centres
                                                    Amma Group has centres in 7
Amma Alcorcón                                 Autonomous regions and is planning
Amma Arganzuela
Amma Colmenar
                                                           to expand nationwide
Amma Puente de Vallecas                                                                       Catalonia
Amma Valdebernardo                                                                            Amma Teià
Amma Coslada                                                                                  Amma Horta
Amma Pozuelo                                                                                  Amma Vilanova
Amma Villanueva                                                                               Amma Sant Cugat
Amma Humanes
Amma Usera                                                                                    Cantabria
                                                                                              Amma Las Anjanas
Amma Mutilva                                                                                  Canary Islands
Amma Ibañeta                                                                                  Amma Tías
Amma Oblatas                                                                                  Amma Haría
Amma Betelu                                                                                   Amma Tejina
Amma Argaray                                                                                  Amma Santa Cruz

Castile and Leon
Amma El Encinar del Rey
Amma Apartamentos

Castile-La Mancha
Amma El Pinar
Amma Guadalajara - El Balconcillo
Amma Hellín - Las Hazas

                                    Current establishments
                                    Short & medium-term development zones
                                                                               Managed residential homes
                                    Long-term development zone                     Residencia Caja de Burgos (Burgos)

Amma Centres


Name                      Location                  Residential places    Day places   Opening year
Amma Arganzuela           Madrid                           180               40           2005
Amma Alcorcón             Alcorcón                         180               40           2005
Amma Colmenar             Colmenar Viejo                   180               40           2005
Amma Valdebernardo        Madrid                           180               40           2006
Amma Puente de Vallecas   Madrid                           180               40           2006
Amma Coslada              Coslada                          180               40           2007
Amma Pozuelo              Pozuelo de Alarcón               180               40           2007
Amma Villanueva           Villanueva de la Cañada          180               40           2007
Amma Humanes              Humanes de Madrid                180               40           2008
Amma Usera                Madrid                           180               40           2009

    The Amma group has established itself as the primary supplier of care to
  dependent and elderly people of the Government of the Autonomous Region
                of Madrid, with ten centres and 1,800 places

Amma Centres

Alcorcón                   Arganzuela       Colmenar         Valdebernardo             Puente de Vallecas

              Villanueva                Pozuelo de Alarcón                   Coslada

           Humanes                                                    Usera

Amma Centres
Name                       Location            Residential places    Day places   Opening year

Amma Mutilva               Mutilva Alta                180                 30        2000

Amma Ibañeta               Erro                         50                  0        2001

Amma Oblatas               Pamplona                    173                 30        2003

Amma Betelu                Betelu                       45                  8        2004
Amma Argaray               Pamplona                    168                 30        2004


                                          Oblatas                      Argaray           Betelu

Amma Centres

Name                  Location                        Residential places    Day places   Opening year

Amma Tías             Tías (Lanzarote)                         90              20           2007
Amma Haría            Haría (Lanzarote)                        40              15           2007

Amma Tejina           San Cristóbal de la Laguna               75              30           2008
Amma Santa Cruz       Santa Cruz de Tenerife                  178              40           2009

                                                                                                Santa Cruz


              Haría                            Tías

Amma Centres

Name                     Location                            Residential   Day places     Opening year
Amma Teià                Teià (Barcelona)                       180           40             2005
Amma Horta               Barcelona                              181           40             2007

Amma Vilanova            Vilanova del Camí (Barcelona)          180           40             2007

Amma Sant Cugat          Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona)      180           30             2009

                  Teiá                             Horta                       Vilanova

                          Sant Cugat

Amma Centres

Name                      Location                          Residential places   Day places        Opening year

Amma El Encinar del Rey   Valladolid                               160              30                  2001

Amma El Encinar del Rey   Valladolid                               101               0                  2003
Residencia Caja de        Burgos                                   120               0                  2004
Burgos (managed)

                                                                                  Residencia Caja de Burgos
    El Encinar del Rey                 El Encinar del Rey Apartamentos

Amma Centres

Name                                Location              Residential places          Day places   Opening year
Amma El Pinar                       Chillarón de Cuenca          120                     30            2003

Amma Guadalajara - El Balconcillo   Guadalajara                  160                     40            2007

Amma Hellín - Las Hazas             Hellín (Albacete)            160                     40            2008


El Balconcillo
                                                                           El Pinar

Amma Centres

Name               Location                        Residential places   Day places   Opening year

Amma Las Anjanas   Los Corrales de Buelna                 49                0           2003

                                            Las Anjanas

Amma Centres
All Grupo Amma centres are designed with comfortable rooms and welcoming atmospheres where
elderly people and their families can feel at ease, as well as offering top quality customised care.

                                 All the residential homes have at least 50% single rooms, each with their
                                  own adapted geriatric bathroom, with a minimum of 50 m² overall built area
                                  per resident. Rooms have telephones, television point, alarm buttons and
                                  adapted furnishings, and can be decorated to the user’s taste.

                                 Centres have the most modern infrastructures and equipment, and
                                  spacious garden zones and access control.

                                 We combine catering and clinical care, adapted to our users' changing

                                 To make our residents' daily lives easier, Amma invests in new buildings,
                                  although in exceptional circumstances it may adapt existing spaces to previously
                                  established quality indicators.

                                 Centres are no more than three floors high and are divided into coexistence
                                  units occupied by people with a similar state of health. In practice, these units
                                  function independently like small residential homes that can be monitored
                                  individually by professionals. All the centres have a specific unit for patients
                                  suffering from Alzheimer's disease and severe dementia.

                                 Amma centres provide extensive activity programmes and are also open
                                  to the community, meaning their services and facilities can be used by non-
                                  residents during the day.

Amma Services

Residential           Day services   Domiciliary         Healthcare
Services                             services
                      Day centre                         Comprehensive geriatric
Permanent             places         Direct care         assessment
residence in                         Social care         Medical service
residential homes     Day
                      attendance     Nursing care        Nursing service
or sheltered                         Medical care        Memory units
apartments            Out-patient    Physiotherapy       Alzheimer units
Temporary stays       treatments     Remote assistance   Psychology
(respite for family                                      Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
members,                                                 Podiatry
convalescence and                                        Cognitive stimulation
rehabilitation)                                          Pharmacy
                                                         Medical oxygen therapy

Amma Services

General services   Comfort, leisure and free time services
                   Classrooms                                Assembly hall
                   Hair stylists                             Lounges with TV
Meal service
                   Religious services                        Gymnasium
                   Café                                      Landscaped areas
                   Library and Internet access               Occupational therapy
                   Dining room for family celebrations       Children's playgrounds
                   Social work                               Social and Cultural
                   Visitors' car park                        entertainment

Amma Professionals

The technical and personal skills of the workforce are what
guarantees the success of a care centre. Grupo Amma takes
particular care to select professionals specialising in the care of
elderly and dependent people, providing them with on-going training
and ways of reconciling their work and their family lives. Amma does
this, because we know that the best way to ensure our clients are
satisfied is by having a satisfied, motivated workforce.

The staff at all Amma centres are trained by experts from varying
fields to provide residents and their families with the most
comprehensive service possible: medicine, nursing, psychology,
physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, social-cultural
entertainment, among others.

Amma centres have an average 80 members of staff, which is a one
of the highest personnel/resident ratios in the sector, which
explains the excellent care we provide.

The Amma Group also gives regular on-going training to enable
our employees to update their knowledge and qualifications.

Customised care

As soon as a person requests services from Amma, the care team studies her/his state of health and
establishes an Personal Care Plan , which is subject to regular review and includes treatment, diet,
physical rehabilitation, psychological care, cognitive stimulation and leisure activities. This plan is prepared
using the Integral Geriatric Assessment RAI-NH tool, which encourages teamwork and raises
standards of care.

                                                                         Amma also works closely with
                                                                         families, because we know that they
                                                                         are an essential part of the care
                                                                         process. That is why we stay in
                                                                         regular contact with them, keeping
                                                                         them informed about the condition
                                                                         and evolution of their family member
                                                                         and the therapeutic goals set by the
                                                                         team at the centre.

We also provide specific training to carer families and the centres have generous visiting hours to
allow families to spend time with residents and share their lives at the centre. Residential homes also have
private rooms for family celebrations and children's areas where elderly people can have fun with
their grandchildren. The Amma Group was a pioneer in these aspects, which have since been incorporated
by other sector companies.

Striving for quality

Quality and highly specialised skills are among the characteristics that make Grupo Amma
stand out in this sector.

Our investment in quality, its own specific social-healthcare model and commitment to on-going innovation
have enabled Amma to gain our clients' trust and recognition.

Amma gives the utmost importance to understanding its users' and their families' opinions of its
care services, for which we provide tools that encourage them to participate:

   – We conduct regular satisfaction surveys and hold scheduled meetings with family members and users with a
     view to improving the quality of care.
   – Our pioneering User Care Service has been operating since 2005.

The Amma Group has also gained the trust of government authorities, which is evident from the high
percentage of places subsidised by the Autonomous Regions where it operates.

Striving for quality

                                  The Amma Group applies the European Foundation for Quality
                                  Management (EFQM) standard and ISO, and has developed quality
                                  indicators for all its centres and services.

                                  It is precisely the quality of its services and the care given to residents, as
                                  well as the development of specific models in areas such as management
                                  procedures, therapies and improvement groups, that made one of Amma's
                                  centres (Amma Mutilva, in Navarre) Spain's first gerontology
                                  residential home to achieve ISO certification.

The Amma Group was also the first Spanish company in the gerontology sector to be awarded
the European Bronze Seal of Excellence, a distinction that is granted after an independent audit has
been carried out showing that the level of satisfaction of clients is excellent, and the existence of activities
and plans for on-going improvements. Amma also received the National Prize for Excellence in
Residential Management awarded by the Júbilo Group in 2009.

Amma's pivotal role in quality has led it to sponsor Fundación Edad&Vida, the Navarre Quality
Foundation and Castile and Leon quality foundation (EXCYL) and its membership of the Spanish
Quality Association and Excellence in Management Club, as well as being an active collaborator with
the Geriatric and Gerontology Society.


                          Another aspect in which the Amma Group is outstanding is its
                          investment in innovation and research.
                                                             research. This forms part of its care
                          model, and is allowing it to harness the latest scientific and therapeutic
                          advances to improve elderly and dependent people's quality of life,
                                                                                            life, in
                          collaboration with universities, hospitals and research centres.

                          The main lines of research developed by Amma focus on three areas:

Animal therapy            •   Cerebral ageing.
                          •   Alzheimer's disease
                          •   Affective disorders.

                          This research has led us to set up Memory Units in all Amma centres,
                          and innovative therapies have been developed, such as specific
                          psychomotor programmes, rehabilitation units, therapy assisted with
                          animals, intergenerational encounters and cognitive stimulation
                          exercises, that contribute to significant improvements in the mental
Memory units              capacity, sociability and well-being of elderly people.

                          Since the very beginning, Amma has also been one the main
                          collaborators to the QPEA Forum on Research and Education on
                          Quality of Life of elderly persons. Members of this include staff from
                          the company, workers from other centres and the Department of
                          Psychiatry and Medical Psychology from the Clínica Universitaria de

Intergenerational camps

Amma Network
Amma Group's experience in caring for elderly and dependent people has also led it to set up an
innovative nationwide services network to offer advice and quality services to other residential
centres, government authorities and sector workers.

                               The Amma Network offers the following services:

                                  Quality consultancy: that allows it to provide advice on introducing on-
                                   going improvement systems, quality models and geriatric centre
                                   management, new project viability programmes, intermediation
                                   management in the sale of centres, information on technical aid and other
                                   types of activities.

                                  On-line training courses: the Amma Group has pioneered the staff
                                   training area, setting up the first Gerontology On-line Training Platform.
                                   This platform offers five courses, certified by the Continuous Training
                                   Committee of the Ministry of Health and Consumers:

                                      •   Basic course for geriatrics assistants.
                                      •   Advanced skills course for geriatrics assistants.
                                      •   Training course in gerontology for family carers.
                                      •   Integral geriatric assessment course.
                                      •   Course in skills and competencies for middle management.

As well as providing our own courses, the Amma Group collaborates with several universities
(Universidad San Pablo CEU, Universidad de Navarra, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad de
Barcelona, Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio and Universidad Pontificia de Comillas ICADE) in the
development of Masters Degrees and training courses for future workers.

Social commitment
The Amma Group was one of the first members of Forética, Spain's main organisation in the area of
corporate social responsibility. In this area, in addition to its commitment to research, Amma carries
out activities in the following fields:

                                     Commitment to the environment and to sustainability.
                                     Through efficient energy use policies (water and electricity
                                     consumption); work to raise awareness among staff, family members
                                     and residents, installation of solar panels and water accumulators;
                                     reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption of the
                                     company's computer support…

                                     Commitment to the underprivileged and disabled. Through
                                     collaborations with NGOs, foundations and charitable associations;
                                     donation of geriatric materials to developing countries, responsible

                                     Commitment to workers. Through active policies that help
                                     reconcile working and personal lives; equality and multicultural plans;
                                     occupational risk prevention…

                                     Commitment to the development of the sector. Through
                                     participation with the main employers in the sector and development
                                     of the Law on Dependency.

                                     Commitment to cultural and educational activities. Through
                                     collaboration with public and private bodies to organise and sponsor
                                     exhibitions, congresses, conferences, publications and sports

Amma Contact

Offices in Madrid
                                        Amma on the Internet
C/ General Díaz Porlier 1, 3º izda.
28001 Madrid                          
Telephone: 91 781 76 05
Fax: 91 577 57 06
E-mail:                   Citizen Services
                                                  902 100 999

Offices in Navarre
Parque Empresarial La Muga 11                    Press Office
31160 Orkoien, Navarra
                                                  91 781 76 05
Telephone: 948 15 37 98
Fax: 948 29 18 12

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