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Cotswold News - March 2020 - Cotswold School - cloudfront ...
Cotswold School
                        Cotswold News - March 2020

Dates To Diary

      04 Mar - Senior Duathlon
      05 Mar - p/p Senior Duathlon
      06 Mar - CPSSA Weekly Summer Sport
      06 Mar - Full School Assembly
      06 Mar - Christchurch Junior Cricket
      13 Mar - CPSSA Weekly Summer Sport
      13 Mar - Christchurch Junior Cricket
      13 Mar - Junior Athletics
      13 Mar - Senior Assembly
      16 Mar - School Camp
      17 Mar - Zone Swimming Sports
      20 Mar - Junior Assembly
      20 Mar - CPSSA Weekly Summer Sport
      20 Mar - Christchurch Junior Cricket
      20 Mar - p/p Junior Athletics
      23 Mar - CPPA Duathlon
      25 Mar - Board Meeting
      27 Mar - CPSSA Weekly Summer Sport
      27 Mar - Christchurch Junior Cricket
      31 Mar - Zone Rippa Tournament
      01 Apr - p/p Zone Rippa Tournament
      02 Apr - CPSSA Swimming Sports
      03 Apr - CPSSA Weekly Summer Sport
      03 Apr - Christchurch Junior Cricket
      03 Apr - Full School Assembly
      07 Apr - CPPA Rugby League Tournament Day
      08 Apr - Parent Interviews
      09 Apr - Teacher Only Day
      10 Apr - School Holidays
      10 Apr - Good Friday

                                     Principal's Pen - March 2020
                                     Kia ora koutou

                                     Welcome to the following students and their families who
                                     have joined the Cotswold Learning Community in recent

                                     Emma Criglington
      Floyd Geddes
      Bella Newton
      Cruz October
      Inari October
      TJ Poulsen-Filipo
      Bella-Rose Reddock
      Luke Seda
      Rydah Wilson

Welcome to Samantha Cade who joins our teaching staff this week. Samantha is establishing a New
Entrant class in our school library until Rooms 1 - 4 are completed towards the end of May.
Cotswold News - March 2020 - Cotswold School - cloudfront ...
Inclusive education is about the full participation and achievement of all learners. It is underpinned
by the belief that every learner has the potential to make a valuable contribution. In fully inclusive
schools, children with special education needs are engaged and achieving through being present,
participating and learning.

On Friday 27 March, we farewell a key member of our staff who has worked with our school to
develop inclusive education practice. Megan Poultney is leaving us to take on a new role at Allenvale
School. Megan has held the role of Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENCO) at our school for
more than twelve years.

Megan has worked tirelessly to co-ordinate all special learning needs and gifted & talented
programmes, resources, activities and personnel across our school. She has worked with staff and
parents to identify students special learning needs and plan and monitor a programme of support
that caters for these needs ensuring our children are engaged and achieving.

Megan's role has grown greatly during her time at Cotswold moving from a part-time position with
two support staff to a full time role with nine support staff and a programme that totalled 281
placements catering for 170 children during 2019.

Megan has been an amazing ambassador for our school with a number of families electing to enroll
at Cotswold due in part to the programme and support they know their will receive. Megan's
knowledge and understanding of wider support networks for our children just amazes me with
numerous children benefitting because Megan has explored and found an avenue that provides
extra support for them.

We have all learned a lot working with Megan and have appreciated her professionalism, guidance,
support and kindness. Megan has been a friend, colleague, and mentor to many and it has been an
honour and a privilege to work with such an amazing and talented person.

You will leave a huge hole in the Cotswold Team and support network but we wish you well for your
new position.

                                         Caring & Relating To Others
                                         This term we are focusing on our key value of Caring &
                                         Relating To Others. The expectations we have for everyone
                                         in the Cotswold Learning Community is that they will treat
                                         others and our environment with respect and

                                         At our school treating others and our environment with
                                         respect and understanding means we will see staff,
                                         parents and students:

                                         Using their manners.
                                         Displaying respect for everyone they interact with.
       Being responsible for their belongings and their immediate environment.
       Taking responsibility for their behaviour and the school environment.
       Listening to others ideas and points of view
       Sharing their ideas politely
       Cooperating with others
       Having positive relationships and using strategies to cooperate and understand when to
       compete and when to cooperate effectively.

Last week I talked with our children about caring and respect for self and others. We talked about
expectations. I also shared the following video with our children and discussed conflict versus

Please encourage your child to talk to you about the video.

I also shared the following video particularly for our younger children. It's a catchy beat that might
eventually wear thin, but I guarantee every child who listens to it will know how to spell respect!
Cotswold News - March 2020 - Cotswold School - cloudfront ...
Bella and Ritesiya shared their
                                         Thank you to Bella and Ritesiya for sharing their family
                                         carvings with Room 19.

                                         Bella - " My Mum's Uncle carved this manaia. His name is Te
                                         Warihi Kokowai Hetaraka. He is a Tohunga Whakairo / Master

Ritesiya - "My Uncle is from Samoa. He carves wood for a living. I helped paint this carving."

                                         Congratulations to our "Weetbix"
                                         Congratulations to all the Cotswold Kids who participated in
                                         the Sanitarium Weetbix TRYathlon at Jellie Park on Sunday
                                         23rd February

                                         This year Cotswold had a huge group of kids participating.

                                         It was fantastic to see you all out there "giving it a go" and
displaying some great Cotswold values.

The Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon is designed for Kiwi kids aged 7-15 years to help them stay
active and healthy through a programme of participation. The series has been running since 1992
and is a rite of passage for Kiwi kids, to date over 300,000 Kiwi kids have given it a TRY.

Open to Kiwi kids of all sporting abilities the Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon is a fun day out for
kids, parents and families. Participants get to swim, cycle, and run their way around age appropriate
courses, either as an individual or as part of a team of two.
Every participant who enters receives:

       a Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon medal
       a downloadable certificate of achievement
       an official Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon t-shirt, drawstring kit bag & swim cap
       complimentary breakfast from the Weet-Bix Breakfast Tent
       PLUS the chance to WIN awesome spot prizes and meet their sporting heroes.

                                         Coronavirus Update - 28 February
                                         The Prime Minister has announced the first case of COVID-19
                                         has been confirmed in New Zealand. The Ministry of Health
                                         has noted that although we have our first case of COVID-19,
                                         the chances of community outbreak remain low.

                                         This case was identified because the person affected and
                                         their family did the right thing and got in touch with health

This is a good wake up call. New Zealand has been free of the virus to date, but we knew that would
not last. For now this doesn’t affect what we are already doing and the plans schools and health
authorities have in place.

We do however want you to reinforce messages about hygiene practices with your family. Practising
good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene is the best defence:

       Wash your hands often with soap and water before and after eating as well as after
       attending the toilet
       Cover coughs and sneezes with clean tissues or your elbow
Cotswold News - March 2020 - Cotswold School - cloudfront ...
Put used tissues in the bin.

PLEASE: Keep your child at home if they are
It’s important we all continue to be alert but not
Updated Information from Ministry of Health

As announced this week by the Ministry of Health, there are now two categories for travellers
arriving in New Zealand:

       Category 1 – People who have travelled from or transited through countries in category one
       in the last 14 days are required to self-isolate for 14 days and contact Healthline after
       they have left the countries.
               Mainland China and Iran are the two countries included in this category (with Iran
               added to this category on Friday 28 February).
       Category 2 – People who have travelled from or via countries lists in category two who
       develop symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of breath should seek medical advice by first
       phoning Healthline’s dedicated COVID-19 number 0800 358 5453 or contacting their GP
       including phoning ahead of their visit.
               As at Friday 28 February countries in this category are Hong Kong, Italy, Japan,
               Republic of Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

Anyone who has travelled from or transited through any of the countries listed in both
categories with clinically compatible symptoms should be considered a suspect of COVID-19 case
and testing performed.

Actions Required

       Any children, parents or staff who have recently returned from Iran or China, will need to go
       into a stay away period of 14 days (from when they left Iran or China).
       Reinforce and practise good hand and sneeze/cough hygiene
       If your child is unwell, do not send them to school. Seek medical advice.
       If you are concerned that someone is showing symptoms of fever, cough or shortness of
       breath, encourage them to first ring Healthline (0800 358 5453) or contact their GP by
       phoning ahead of their visit to explain symptoms and travel history.

                                         Junior School Athletics Day 2020
                                         Friday 13 March (Postponement Friday 20 March)

This year we will be running two different rotations. One rotation for the Year 0-1 students
and one rotation for the Year 2-3 students.

After 15 minutes at each station the students will rotate to the next event. The rotations will start at
9.30am and will run through until 11.15am (7 rotations in total).

Timetable for athletics day 15 minutes per station:-

       9.30am-9.45am - Round 1
       9.45am-10.00am - Round 2
       10.00am-10.15am - Round 3
       10.15am-10.30am - Round 4
       10.30am-10.45am - Round 5
       10.45am-11.00am - Round 6
       11.00am-11.15am - Round 7
       11.15am end of the athletics day

Requirements for the day:
Cotswold News - March 2020 - Cotswold School - cloudfront ...
Hats and sunscreen
       Sports clothing (preferably the children’s house colours)
       A named drink bottle
       A can do attitude

Postponement of the event:In the event of postponement we will notify the parent community via

                                        Full School Assembly
                                        Our first full school assembly for 2020 will be held in the
                                        school hall this Friday 6 March, 2020 starting at 9.10am. All
                                        parents and members of our school community are welcome
                                        to attend.

                                        Year 4 Beach Education
                                        Our Year 4 children enjoyed the Beach Education
                                        Programme at Waimairi Beach.

                                        Thanks to all parents who assisted with this programme and
                                        also supplied us with photos and video.

                                        Click here to access video
                                        Click here to access photos

                                        Year 6 Camp 2020 Waipara
                                        Adventure Centre
                                        Monday 16 March – Thursday 19 March - Camp Waipara

                                        Year 6 camp is a fun, challenging and exciting experience for
                                        both the children and adults who attend. Camp provides
                                        opportunities to try new things and to form a rewarding
                                        bond with your child and their school friends.

As you may be aware, all Year 6 students are expected to attend our Year 6 Camp during Term 1
2020. Camp provides an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills, form new friendships,
take on new challenges and gain outdoor experience in a safe environment and have fun!

Due to our camp booking being Monday – Thursday we will be transporting children to and from
camp by bus.

During Term 1 2020 you will receive a few more camp notices:

       Health and Medical Forms
       Dietary requirements

Your children will be placed into activity groups by the teachers. However, we do ask the children to
nominate close friends for their cabin groups to ensure they feel safe and comfortable in their
sleeping arrangement. We will have Year 6 Camp meetings with the children at school during Term
1 to arrange cabin groups and answer any questions the children may have.

The camp cost for 2020 is $250 per child. This cost covers transport, catering, accommodation,
camp activities and resources.

The parent contribution for camp (deposit and balance) was included in your child’s invoice in Term
4, 2019. The $100 deposit was requested by Friday 6 December 2019 and balance by Monday
17 February 2020.

Thank you to all parents who have already paid the Parent Contribution towards the cost of these
activities. As Cotswold School is a Decile 8 school we do not qualify for the governments new
donations scheme. We will not receive the $150.00 per child payment that Decile 1 - 7 schools can
Cotswold News - March 2020 - Cotswold School - cloudfront ...
opt for. We value your payment so we can continue to offer our children these amazing activities.

If you have any questions regarding camp, please contact Saskia Sandford.

                                         Sports Round Up - March 2020
                                         A summary of all things sport happening at Cotswold

                                         COTSWOLD YR 5-6 SWIMMING SPORTS

                                        A big WELL DONE to all the Cotswold Year 5-6 students who
                                        participated in the Swimming Sports at Jellie Park Swimming
                                        Pool. It was great to see you all giving your best and can all
                                        be proud of your efforts. Well done to the students who
gained top 3 placings. Special congratulations to the students who have been selected to represent
our school at the North-West Zone Swimming Sports. Thanks to the Cotswold parents and
supporters who assisted with the event on the day. Thank you also to the family and friends of the
Cotswold community who supported our swimmers.

Senior Results:

25m Freestyle 1st 2nd 3rd

Yr 5 Girls - Kendall McGregor, Sophia Prince, Maddison Woolhouse

Yr 6 Girls - Lily Burrows, Zoe Upjohn, Julia Brown

Yr 5 Boys – Jack Quilatan, Fletcher McPherson, Xavier Hazelwood

Yr 6 Boys – Aaron Lai, Dallas Fox, Tommy McPherson

25m Backstroke 1st 2nd 3rd

Yr 5 Girls - Kendall McGregor, Caylee de Lange, Mirabai Gillman & Xanthe Thomas =

Yr 6 Girls - Ella Jackson, Zoe Upjohn, Lily Burrows

Yr 5 Boys - Lucas Duggan, Jack Quilatan, Alex White

Yr 6 Boys – Dallas Fox, Aaron Lai, Manaia Hurunui

50m Freestyle 1st 2nd 3rd

Yr 5 Girls – Emmy Sandford, Jamie Keogh, Abigail Terry

Yr 6 Girls – Kelly Keogh, Sophia Langton, Mica Temple

Yr 5 Boys – Kian Bayliss, Charlie Au, Tom Gainsford

Yr 6 Boys – Charlie Norgate, Jordan Yang, Heath Blackbourn

50m Backstroke 1st 2nd 3rd

Yr 5 Girls – Jamie Keogh, Emmy Sandford, Koko Payne

Yr 6 Girls – Mica Temple, Kelly Keogh & Sophia Langton =

Yr 5 Boys – Kian Bayliss, Will Goodall, Charlie Au

Yr 6 Boys – Charlie Norgate, Jordan Yang, Lochlan Mcpherson

50m Breaststroke 1st 2nd 3rd

Yr 5 Girls - Emmy Sandford, Jamie Keogh, Amelia Sim

Yr 6 Girls - Sophia Langton, Mica Temple, Lily Bobadilla

Yr 5 Boys - Kian Bayliss, Tom Gainsford, Will Goodall
Cotswold News - March 2020 - Cotswold School - cloudfront ...
Yr 6 Boys – Charlie Norgate, Braydon Gardiner, Jordan Yang

Novelty Race Champions

Kick Board - Girls - Emma Watts, Nalicia Te Ariki, Molly Townsend

Kick Board - Boys – Kade Nikorima, Devon Stevens, Tom Ellis, Yassin Abdellatif =

Rubber Duck – Ezekiel Celino, Yassin Abdellatif, Faith Lau

Rubber Mat – Taylor Rangiwai, Nalicia Te Ariki, Ezekiel Celino

House Points (taken from top 3 placings across all events)

1st Red House = 210

2nd Blue House = 195

3rd Green House = 191

4th Gold House = 184

Champion House Red, Red Streets Ahead!


It’s been another active touch season with over 170+ Cotswold children contributing in a positive
way and giving their all in this competition. We are proud of you all. Special congratulations to the
Cotswold teams who are all involved in play-offs. Final results to be advised. Special thanks to all the
coaches and managers of our teams. Your commitment is much appreciated.

Final Game Dates:

Final Round

· Yr 0-2 – Tuesday, 3 March


· Yr 3-6 – Tuesday, 3 March (Semi Finals)

· Yr 3-6 – Tuesday, 10 March (Finals)

ALL YR 3-6 TEAMS WILL HAVE A GAME ON, TUESDAY, 10 MARCH. Coaches will notify teams of
who and where their teams will be playing.


It’s been great to see 5 Cotswold hockey teams fronting up on Monday afternoons in this
competition. We are proud of you all. Special thanks to all the coaches and managers of our teams.
Your commitment is much appreciated.


Good luck to all our Yr 3-4 Miniballers who are representing the school in the Checkers Miniball
competition at the YMCA on Thursday.

· Cotswold Cubs

· Cotswold Chimps

· Cotswold Crabs

· Cotswold Crows

· Cotswold Coyotes
Cotswold News - March 2020 - Cotswold School - cloudfront ...
We look forward to seeing hustling and bustling on the court. Special thanks to the coaches of our


Good luck to all our Mini Water Polo teams who will be flying the school colours in the Canterbury
Mini Water Polo competition on Sundays at Wharanui Pool.

· Cotswold Clams

· Cotswold Crabs

We know you all are going to make a big splash in and out of the pool. Special thanks to Mrs
Sandford for organising and coordinating this experience for our students.


It was great have representatives from the CRFU and MPRFC visit our school promoting rugby. The
school was able to see and have the photo taken with the Log of Wood – Ranfurly Shield and other
trophies that the CRFU have on their shelves. Students from Room 12 were lucky to have a skill
session with the rugby reps.

Online registrations



Well done to all the Year 4 and 5 students who participated in these 2 Outdoor Education
experiences. It was great to see up and coming "Gromets‟ at the beach and „Future Team New
Zealand‟ sailors displaying their skills in and out of the water. A big SPECIAL THANKS’ to the parents
who supported these activities.


Back by popular demand….Year 2–6 Boys and Girls Bullrush - Consent form for Bullrush can be
completed on line on the Cotswold Website. See Mr Guthrie or Mr Harper for more information.


We will start practising for the school cross country near the end of the term. Children wanting to
compete for a place in the zone team may start earlier. The zone distance run is 2km


This year the school hopes to enter teams in Hockey, Football, Netball, Rugby and Table Tennis on
Fridays at Hagley Park and the Canterbury Table Tennis Stadium. We are restricted by the number of
teams we can enter and parents are relied on to coach and provide transport. For more information
please contact Mr Harper or ph 359 8035. Registration and
consent forms will be issued to interested children in week 5-6 and need to be returned to Mr
Harper by 20 March.


Year 3-4 and Yr 5-6 Future Ferns Netball – Christchurch Netball Centre

Registration and Consent Forms were issued to interested children this week (Week 4/5).Consent
forms need to be returned to Mr Harper by 13 March. Invoices will then be issued once
teams have been finalised.

For more information see Mr Harper.


Year 5-6 Basketball – Bishopdale YMCA

Registration and Consent Forms were issued to interested children this week (Week 4/5).
Cotswold News - March 2020 - Cotswold School - cloudfront ...
Consent forms need to be returned to Mr Harper by 13 March. Invoices will then be issued
once teams have been finalised.

For more information see Mr Harper.


Yr 0-6 Nunweek Touch Concludes – Yr 0-2 - 3 March, Yr 3-6 – 10 March

Yr 3-6 Summer Hockey – 10 February – 23 March

Yr 3-4 Checkers Miniball – 27 February – 2 April

Yr 5-6 CPSSA Summer Weekly Sport – 14 February – 3 April

YR 5-6 CJC Girls Cricket – 14 February – 13 March

Yr 5-6 School Swimming Sports – 19 February

Yr 5 Sailing and Water Confidence Activities – 12-13 February – 14p/p

Yr 4 Beach Education – 20-21 February

Yr 4-6 Senior School Duathlon – 4 March

Yr 5-6 Canterbury Mini Polo – 8 March – 5 April

Yr 0-3 Junior School Athletics – 13 March - 20 p/p

Yr 6 Camp – 16 – 19 March

Yr 5-6 Zone Swimming Sports – 17 March

Yr 5-6 CPSSA Duathlon – 23 March

Yr 5-6 Zone Rippa Tournament – 31 March – 1 April p/p

Yr 5-6 CPSSA Swimming Sports – 2 April

Yr 5-6 CPSSA League – 7 April (Cotswold participation tbc)

Good Luck to our senior students who have been selected to represent our school in these
competitions this term. Thanks to our coaching staff and parent helpers.


‘Way 2 Go’ to the following Cotswold Teams and individuals who have achieved well in the world of

· Yr 5-6 Swimming Sports Participants

· Yr 1-6 Nunweek Touch Teams and Finalists

· Yr 4-6 Senior Duathlon Participants

· Yr 4 Beach Ed Participants

· Yr 5 Sailing and Water Confidence Participants.

· Cotswold Kids – 2020 Weetbix Tryathon

· Cotswold Yr 6 Cricketers – CHCH Junior Cricket Development Teams – Heath Blackbourn and Jacob
Cotswold News - March 2020 - Cotswold School - cloudfront ...
Parents Association Update - March
                                             This year we are fund-raising for upgrades in the re-build of
                                             our school.

                                             Mufti-Day and Easter Chocolate Raffle

We are having an Easter Chocolate Raffle and require donations of chocolate.

We are having a mufti-day on Friday the 27th of March. No set theme but chocolate donations are
very much appreciated and can be dropped off to the hall school foyer.

Chocolate donations can be anything Easter themed, or a traditional chocolate bar, block or box.
Please no expired or unwrapped items.

One A4 sheet of paper with ten spaces on it as entries into the raffle will be sent home with your
eldest child on Monday the 9th of March. The tickets are to be sold at $2 each. All money and
tickets need to be returned to the lock box in the office foyer by Wednesday the 1st of April .
Raffles will be drawn on Monday the 6th of April and all winners notified before the Easter Break.

Pizza Lunch

This will be held on Thursday the 12th of March. We'll sell tokens at the hall kitchen window
(8.30am-9am) and your child can redeem their token for pizza outside the school hall at the start of

All slices (Hawaiian, Beef and Onion, Ham and Cheese, Vegetarian, and Gluten-free Cheese or
Hawaiian) are $2 each. We cannot omit ingredients from these pizzas; they are standard pizza
choices from Dominoes.

We have in recent months had issues with the way the pizzas have been cut in-store. Despite our best
efforts to rectify this problem we are still quite often left with pizzas not cut into 8 even slices. Our solution
to this problem is to order more pizzas than needed and when we hand them out to the children we try to
make sure their slices are as close to an eighth of the pizza as possible. If your child orders two slices, they
may end up with one big slice and one small slice but it would still be equivalent to one quarter of the

If you can come along to help us serve the pizzas (roughly 12.30-1.15pm) please make contact
with us via our Facebook page. Thank you!

Entertainment Book is back for 2020

Entertainment Book has gone100% digital this year - no books to remember !

Check out the link below to pre-order yours from only $69.99

Stuck on You

Please check out

We will be receiving a percentage of sales through this link. It's an opportune time with the new
school uniform to order some clothing name labels so those uniforms, if lost, can make their way
back to their owner!
EZ Covers

Check out

We have signed up to receive a % of sales, so if you're interested in making your children's exercise
books look smart and are tired of the drama of Duraseal then check them out!

Next Meeting

This will be held on Tuesday the 24th of March. Located in the school staffroom in the office block.
We start at 7.30pm, and generally finish around 9pm.

Everyone is most welcome to come along - all major roles (ie President, Treasurer and Secretary) within
the committee have been finalised so there is no pressure whatsoever to take on a huge responsibility, we
don't assign jobs unless you volunteer and there is no need to join the committee, everyone is most
welcome to sit in and see what we do!

                                         Senior School Duathlon
                                         This year with the support of Traffic Management NZ,
                                         Cotswold School will be staging its Senior Duathlon. The
                                         Duathlon will take place on 4 March, 2020 (pp 5 March) -
                                         10:00am – 12:30pm.

                                         Details are as

         4 March – 10:00am (postponement 5 March) 2020
         Year 4, 5, 6 Duathlon
         Run 200m, Cycle 2km Run 1km OR Run 200m, Scooter 1km, Run 200m

         Individuals must complete all three disciplines


The children will have a chance to compete in:

         A – The Cycle Duathlon or
         B – The Scooter Duathlon

The children are NOT allowed to compete in both events

The children will compete in the year levels and gender. ie Year 4 Boys, Year 4 Girls, Year Boys, Year
5 Girls, Year 6 Boys and Year 6 Girls.

The top 3 place getters in the Year 5 and Year 6 age group will be considered to represent the school
at the CPSSA Triathlon and Duathlon.


All children participating in the Duathlon need:

         A bike or scooter checked for safety at home
         A helmet compulsory for biking and scooter
         Suitable running clothing
         Named drink bottle
         Warm Clothing

All children are required to wear a helmet during the biking and scooting section of the
Duathlon. If the children don’t have a helmet on the day they will not be able to participate.
Cycle Duathlon

        200m Run – School Grounds
        2km Bike – Exit Transition beside Basketball Court
              Out School Gate by Staff Car Park
              Left into Cotswold Ave
              Left into Colesbury St
              Left into Cardome St
              Right into Martbern Cres
              Left into Cotswold Ave
              Left into School Driveway
              Proceed to Transition
        1km Run Exit Transition
              Out Back Gate
              Left into Martbern Cres
              Left into Cotswold Ave
              Left into School Main Entrance Gate
              Past Staffroom to finish

Scooter Duathlon

        200m Run – School Grounds
        1km Scooter – Exit Transition beside Basketball Court
              Out School Back Gate
              Left into Martbern Cres
              Left into Cotswold Ave
              Left into School Driveway
              Proceed to Transition
        200m Run Exit Transition
              Run in front of senior playground
              Left past Rm18,17,16
              Right around umbrella to Finish

Parent Helpers/Marshalls

We require 15 parent/caregivers on the day to act as Marshalls around the course. Without these
important people the Duathlon will not be able to take place. If you can help please see Mr

The Running of the Event

On the morning of the Duathlon all participants will place their bikes and scooters in the
bike/scooter transition area at the end of the basketball court (main field). Each year level with have
a designated area to place their bike.

Participating children will assemble in their class groups.

The competitors will be sent away in waves starting with the Year 4 girls and finishing with the Year
6 boys.

On the completion of the event the children will return to the assembly area.


Approximate Times Only - Participant numbers will determine starting times

Cycle Duathlon Start 10:10am

        Year 4 Girls
        Year 4 Boys
        Year 5 Girls
        Year 5 Boys
        Year 6 Girls
        Year 6 Boys
Scooter Duathlon Start 11.40am

       Year 4 Girls
       Year 4 Boys
       Year 5 Girls
       Year 5 Boys
       Year 6 Girls
       Year 6 Boys

Events will stop at 11:00am - Cotswold Interval and recommence at 11:40am

                                      2020 Term Dates
                                      2020 Term Dates have been confirmed as follows:

                                      Term 1: Tuesday 4 February to Thursday 9 April
                                      Term 2: Monday 28 April to Friday 3 July
                                      Term 3: Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September
                                      Term 4: Monday 12 October to Thursday 17 December

                                      School will be closed in 2020 on Saturdays and Sundays and
                                      on the following holidays:

       Waitangi Day – 6 February
       Good Friday – 10 April (School Holidays)
       Easter Monday – 13 April (School Holidays)
       Easter Tuesday – 14 April (School Holidays)
       ANZAC Day – 25 April (Observed 27 April - School Holidays)
       Queen’s Birthday – 1 June
       Labour Day – 26 October
       Canterbury Anniversary Day – 13 November

                                      News Archive
                                      This article provides links to past newsletters.












       March 1
       March 2
       March 3

                                      Parent Reference Guide 2020
                                      Welcome to our School Community. We trust that your
                                      families’ association with the school is happy, positive and

Our Parent Reference Guide has bee designed to give you some general information about the
school as well as to explain some of the more specific points that we feel will interest you.

Children can only learn well, both at school and at home, when there is co-operation and mutual
understanding between teachers and parents.

Remember the doors of Cotswold School are always open. If you have a query, contact your child’s
Class Teacher, Associate Principal or the Principal.

The 2020 Parent Reference Guide is attached to this article and can also be accessed by clicking


                                        School Donation 2020
                                        The Board has set the 2020 school donation at $150.00 per
                                        child to a maximum of 3 children – i.e. $150.00 for one child,
                                        $300.00 for two children and $450.00 for three or more

                                        During 2019 we used the money received from the school
                                        donation to provide additional learning support
                                        programmes for all our students.

Last year we received $28,000 in donations and we have spent in excess of $258,000 providing
additional learning support for our students. This has had a very positive impact on student
achievement. We will continue to use the money received from donations during the 2020 school
year to provide additional learning support for our students. This will include both book and people

While school donations are not compulsory, we do appreciate the commitment made to our school
by a large number of our parents who make the requested donation. We also appreciate and
acknowledge a number of donations made by parents over and above that requested and for
special school activities like camps and swimming.

A School Donation request will be sent to parents early in Term 1. A receipt will be emailed for your
donation at the end of each financial year which qualifies for a Tax Rebate. Please keep this receipt
in a safe place.

Please take time to read the 2019 Learning Support Report

                                        Student Activities 2020
                                        Outlined below are major activities our students will be
                                        involved in during 2020. While this list does not include all
                                        activities, it does include the major activities for 2020 and the
                                        parent contribution we are asking in order for the activity to
Term 1Sailing & Water Confidence Activities – Year 5 - $65

              Our Year 5 students will learn to sail with the KORE Sailing School and be
              involved in water confidence activities at Lake Rua. Trained sailing and water
              instructors will be working with the children with these activities.
              Parent assistance will be required.
              These activities will happen from Wednesday 12 February to Friday 14
              February, 2020 - different dates for each class.

       Beach Education - Year 4 - $18

              Our Year 4 students will be having a Beach / Water Safety Experience at
              Waimairi Beach.
              Trained lifeguards will be working with the children.
              These activities will happen on Thursday 20 February & Friday 21 February,
              2020 - different dates for each class.

       Camp – Year 6 - $250.00

              Our Year 6 students will attend a four-day camp to be held at the Waipara
              Adventure Centre from Monday 16 March to Thursday 19 March, 2020.
              This amount covers camp fees, food and transport.

       Term 4Swimming – Year 2 to 6 - $50.00 (TBC)

              All Year 2 - 6 students will be involved in a concentrated swimming
              programme at Jellie Park during Term 4, 2019 – Monday 9 November to Friday
              20 November, 2020.

Request For Parent Contribution

Parents will receive a request for contribution once each term.
The parent contribution can be made in the following ways:

       At the school office between 8.30am and 3.00pm, Monday to Friday during the school term.
       EFTPOS is available (NB: Credit Cards are not accepted)
       Cash in a sealed envelope with your remittance advice and placed in the white payment
       drop-box located in the school office foyer.
       Credited to our account no: 12-3149-0316613-01. Please state child’s name and current room
       number, and return the remittance slip.

Thank you to all parents who have already paid the Parent Contribution towards the cost of these
activities. As Cotswold School is a Decile 8 school we do not qualify for the governments new
donations scheme. We will not receive the $150.00 per child payment that Decile 1 - 7 schools can
opt for. We value your payment so we can continue to offer our children these amazing activities.

A reminder that a tax credit can be claimed for all donations and contributions to school activities. A
receipt will be emailed to you at the end of the financial year detailing the parent contributions
made by you.

                                        Introducing the Cotswold Team for
                                        The Cotswold Team are always happy to talk to you about
                                        your child's progress.

                                        Senior Leadership and Administrative

       Stephen Harrison, Principal
       Paula Fleming-Connell, Associate Principal
       Andrew Simpson, Associate Principal
       Marie Bianco, Principal's PA/Office Administrator
      Sue MacKenzie, Office Manager/Student Accounts
      Glenda Harrison, Student Attendance/Learning Assistant
      Karen Bartosh, Office Support
      Wayne Major, Property Manager
      Geoff Mytton, Caretaker
      Lynda Collins, Librarian

Junior School Team

      Paula Fleming-Connell, Associate Principal, Junior School Leader

Year 1 Team

      Cameron Anderson, Team Leader, Digi Tech Leader, In School Leader - Wellbeing Including
      Whanau & Community Engagement, Class Teacher Room 13
      Kate Maloney, Class Teacher Room 14
      Dani Clarke-Dempsey, Class Teacher Room 15

Year 2 Team

      Jean-Marie Cain, Team Leader, Literacy Leader, Class Teacher Room A
      Tracey Jourdain, Mathematics Leader, Class Teacher Room B
      Linda Wroth, Class Teacher Room C

Year 3 Team

      David Guthrie, Team Leader, In School Leader - Digi Tech, PE & Sport Leader, Class Teacher
      Room H
      Jackie Moriarty, Class Teacher Room E
      Jo Holdem, Visual Arts Leader, Class Teacher Room F
      Nina Vailu'u, Maori & Pasifika Leader, Class Teacher Room G

Senior School Team

      Andrew Simpson, Associate Principal, Senior School Leader

Year 4 Team

      Nicola Campbell-Fox, Team Leader, Mathematics Leader, Class Teacher Room 17
      Liz Lapthorne, In School Leader - Cultural Responsiveness through Engagement and
      Inclusion , Class Teacher Room 16
      Ashleigh Macdonald, Performing Arts Leader, Class Teacher Room 18

Year 5 Team

      Nathan Fortune, Team Leader, Class Teacher Room 10
      Michelle Baskerville, Class Teacher Room 19

      Kristin Dudley, Class Teacher Room 15

Year 6 Team

      Anna Douglas-Bray, Team Leader, Class Teacher Room 20
      Greta Carrell, Class Teacher Room 20
      Bex Green, Class Teacher Room 11
      Peter Harper, Sport & PE Leader, Class Teacher Room 12
      Saskia Sandford, Class Teacher Room 12

Learning Support Team

      Megan Poultney, Learning Support Leader
      Kathryn Cotter, Learning Support Coordinator
      Tania Bowkett, Learning Assistant
      Karen Dow, Learning Assistant
      Glenda Harrison, Learning Assistant
      Kaye Hills, Learning Assistant
      Louise Hipkins, Learning Assistant
      Frith Lilburne, Learning Assistant
      Debbie Marsh, Learning Assistant

Supporting Staff

      Maggie Benden, Release Teacher
      Heather Benns, Release Teacher
      Greta Carrell, Release Teacher
      Margaret Diehl, Release Teacher

      Sarah Fraser, Release Teacher

      Karren Garriock, Junior Assessment, Release Teacher

      Lynda Gibson, Release Teacher
      Michelle Kinney, Reading Recovery Tutor, Release Teacher
      Fiona McNichol, Release Teacher
      Sally Williams, Release Teacher
Cotswold Community News - March
                                         NB: Community News is added unedited. This is a community
                                         service and in no way means Cotswold School endorses groups
                                         advertising in the Community News section

                                         Crafty Kids in Back

                                         When: Wednesday 15 - Thursday 16 April 2020

1st WEEK of the holidays!    9am – 12pm (morning tea provided)

Hi Crafty Kids - We are busy planning a special 2-day Easter Crafty Kids Club programme with fun
craft activities, singing, and Bible stories for primary school aged children (Year 0-6). We have
changed the registration process to be online only. Registrations open on Monday 16th March and
close Monday 30th March.

How to register –to register type into your web browser and scroll
to the bottom of the page for the ‘Register Here’ link.

You will receive an automatic reply back that will confirm the details you have entered. If you are
having problems accessing the link please email us at and we
can send you the link.

Where is it? Reformed Church of Bishopdale, 90 Highsted Road

How much does it cost? A $2 donation each day

Free computing courses, flexible start dates

We offer a range of computing courses at our Ara Connect community centres across Christchurch,
Rangiora and South Canterbury. At Ara Connect you can learn the basics of using computers, digital
devices and common programmes, or gain a formal computing qualification for employment and
further study in IT.

Courses and class times are flexible, allowing you to fit your study around work, family and other
commitments. You can start any time and study at your own pace and best of all most Ara Connect
courses are free.

Our free computing courses at Ara Connect give you skills and knowledge to broaden your
employment opportunities, or advance with confidence to a formal qualification such as the New
Zealand Certificate in Computing Level 3 or Level 4 (see below for details).

Explore our range of free community computing courses here (

How to apply

To apply for one of our short courses, fill in a paper copy of our application form, availablehere,
( then either drop it in to your
nearest campus.

Pop in to your local Bishopdale Ara Connect Centre today and have a friendly chat with Bhaswati or
feel free to ring her at 359 3278.

Inspire Your Child’s Life With Dance

Ballet Jazz Contemporary Hip Hop

Classes for 3 years to Advanced

Safe and supportive Environment
Increase confidence Coordination Concentration and Creativity

Contact Phone: 3546228

DrumDragon Music Studio

Opening April 1st

464 Papanu Road (across from Subway)

Specialising in drum and percussion lessons

all ages & styles from beginners to advanced

Bass lessons (beginners), Student band lessons.

Learn to play the music you love!

Phone 027-469-1964

Facebook: DrumDragon Music Studio

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