COVID-19 Safety Measures - D. Forkel-Wirth, HSE LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020 EDMS No. 2369096 - CERN Indico

COVID-19 Safety Measures - D. Forkel-Wirth, HSE LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020 EDMS No. 2369096 - CERN Indico
COVID-19 Safety Measures

D. Forkel-Wirth, HSE
LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS No. 2369096
COVID-19 Safety Measures - D. Forkel-Wirth, HSE LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020 EDMS No. 2369096 - CERN Indico
Safety First

• Please keep in mind all Safety hazards and maintain the highest
  standards of Safety as demonstrated since the start of the LS2.

• COVID-19 will be addressed as an additional hazard with all the
  necessary adjustments that may be needed following feedback and
  recommendations by experts and the Host States.

 M. Jimenez
 LS2C – 17.4.20

           LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS 2369096                  2
HSE COVID-19 Directive

• The safety measures listed in the HSE-COVID-19 Directive cover (for the time being)
   • Step 1 (up to T0 with T0 = 18th May 2020)
   • Step 2 (up to ‘normal’ CERN operation)

• The Directive will evolve as function of future development - e.g. in the Host States –
  and of scientific findings.

             LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS 2369096                                        3

• All recommendations by the Host States remain valid and shall be applied - with
  particular focus on interpersonal distancing (> 2 m @ CERN) and frequent washing
  of hands.

• Information and e-training will be made available; the successful completion of the
  course will be obligatory for access from beginning of step 2 onwards. Visitors (only if
  visit is requested by the Department) will receive CERN COVID-19 information
  (printed or App).

• PPEs (masks, safety glasses, face shields…) had been specified and ordered

           LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS 2369096                                           4
Individual Responsibility - Hygiene
Each person present on CERN’s sites shall comply with:
• Unless required by the work, avoid close contact with other people. Respect interpersonal
  distancing, do not stay closer than 2 meters to each other.

• Hygienic measures:
   • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer;
   • Cover nose and mouth with the crook of your elbow when coughing or sneezing;
   • Use a disposable tissue for nose blowing;
   • Avoid touching nose, eyes and face;

• Wear protective equipment (masks, face shields, gloves) according to the respective work

• Clean tools regularly, work stations … before after usage

              LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS 2369096                                         5
Individual Responsibility - Illness
If you experience COVID-symptoms
   • fever (body temperature > 38oC),
   • persistent coughing
   • loss of taste and smell
call Medical Service for advice; Don’t come to work!

If at CERN stop your activity immediately and call the Medical Service for advice.

In case of suspicion of COVID do not go directly to the hospital or your general practitioner,
but call the relevant numbers. Inform CERN’s Medical Service.

Each person confirmed with COVID and who has spent time at CERN during the 14 days
before the first symptoms appeared needs to be followed up. CERN Medical Service needs
to be informed immediately.

              LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS 2369096                                            6
Access to CERN Sites (Step 1 and 2)
 • Work on the CERN sites must be limited to activities that cannot be carried out remotely. The
   presence on site must be limited to the time required to carry out the activity/ies that require

 • Access to the CERN site for persons aged 65 or over will only be permitted if their activity is
   certified by the relevant Department Heads or the Spokespersons of the experiments as being
   essential for strategic or operational reasons and provided the hygienic prescriptions are

 • Persons under 65 with vulnerabilities (cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory
   diseases, diabetes, diseases or treatments that weaken the immune system, high blood
   pressure), must work remotely. They must inform their supervisor of their “person with
   vulnerabilities” status. (Valid until T0 – afterwards this measure will be reconsidered).
   If persons with vulnerabilities cannot do teleworking they will have to provide a medical
   certificate and will be put on sick leave.

               LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS 2369096                                                7
• Individual transport (car, bicycle…. ) is encouraged, for commuting to and on the CERN

• Shared private or public transport: an interpersonal distance of 2m shall be respected, if
  possible. If this is not possible masks should be worn.

• CERN shuttle: masks must be worn. If possible the front door must not be used by the
  passengers if there is another door (middle or back). The driver area should be physically
  separated from the passenger cabin.

• CERN cars: the individual use of cars is recommended. If more than one person uses the
  car at the same time all persons (maximum 2) need to wear masks. Each user must clean
  the areas they have touched (steering wheel, etc.) with appropriate means (e.g. alcoholic
  based sanitizer, diluted (1%) Javel water …) prior to and following using the car.

      LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS 2369096                                                  8
Work Organization I – COVID-19 Directive
Organic units must ensure that each person under their responsibility has access to sanitary
     • soap and running water or alcohol based hand sanitizer
     • cleaning material necessary for cleaning workstations and cars
     • adequate waste bins

• Organic units must ensure that the personnel under their responsibility is provided with the
  necessary PPE, if and as required for their activities.

• Premises must be cleaned according to the CERN-wide hygiene plan (which includes
  COVID directives) elaborated by HSE, SMB and Departments. Cleaning the work place and
  related tools and accessories remains the responsibility of the individual.

       LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS 2369096                                                   9
Work Organization II – COVID Directive
• Work shall be organized in such a way as to allow for a 2 m interpersonal distance.
  When this interpersonal distance can be ensured, it is not required to wear
  masks. However, where there is a risk that the 2m interpersonal distance cannot be
  maintained for any reason, the wearing of masks is required during the time the risk is
  present. Following a risk assessment additional PPEs like safety glasses, face shields or
  protective screens might need to be added to the wearing of the masks.

• As far as possible, workers must be equipped with individual tools and workstations. If
  sharing of tools or workstations cannot be avoided, compensatory measure have to be
  put in place, like adequate cleaning or wearing gloves. The cleaning of the tools and
  workstations is the duty and responsibility of each individual/worker. CERN will make
  available the necessary means.

      LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS 2369096                                                 10
Work Organization III – COVID Directive
• Each contract responsible must ensure that the contractor(s) under their responsibility
  is/are informed about the CERN COVID-19 related health and safety measures they have
  to comply with and ensure that the relevant contractual documents are updated
  accordingly. The implementation of the COVID-19 measures is the responsibility of the

• As far as possible, meetings must be held remotely using video conferencing or similar
  means. If (executive) meetings cannot be held remotely an interpersonal distance of 2m
  between each participant shall be ensured and frequent venting with fresh air has to be
  done. As pre-cautionary measure the wearing of masks is strongly encouraged (see slide
  10). The identity of the participants must be recorded by the meeting organizer.

       LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS 2369096                                              11
Duty Travel –COVID-19 Directive

• Travel on behalf of CERN is only be permitted if it is deemed essential for strategic or
  operational reasons by the Department Heads or the Spokespersons of the experiments
  concerned. Travel by staff members and fellows to perform professional activities at other
  institutions, as well as travel for participation in training courses, remains suspended.
  These restrictions also apply to travel that has already been approved.

       LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS 2369096                                                 12

 Check Lists                                                                                Titre du mémorandum
                                                            Annexe 1 - Activités Travaux et Prestations de Service - Intégration du risque COVID19
                                                                            Dispositions organisationnelles à prendre par le CERN
                                                Oui   Non   Opérations de catégorie 1

                                                Sont concernés :
                                                     Les chantiers tels que Hi-Lumi (Points 1 et 5), Jardin d’enfants, Nanolab et Bassins Ba2.
Being prepared by HSE in
collaboration with the Departments              Pour chaque chantier, le Plan de Coordination des Travaux et de la Sécurité (PCTS) doit :
                                                              Etre mis à jour par le coordonnateur Sécurité
(example of Cat 1 worksite with                                  Contenir les exigences générales sanitaires CERN liées au risque COVID19
                                                                 Contenir les adaptations en termes d’organisation et de moyens
Safety Coordinators and SMB)                                     Etre renvoyé aux entreprises avant leur intervention

                                                         Chaque entreprise doit :
                                                                Accuser réception du PCTS modifié
                                                                 Transmettre un PPSPS à jour (intégrant le respect des précautions d’hygiène, des modes opératoires
                                                                  adaptés le cas échéant)
                                                                 S’engager par écrit sur la sensibilisation de son personnel aux dispositions sanitaires générales et
                                                                  particulières au chantier vis-à-vis du risque COVID19

                                                La maitrise d’œuvre doit notamment, en collaboration avec le coordonnateur Sécurité :
                                                               Etablir un planning de reprise limitant les coactivités entre entreprises
                                                                 Faire adapter/vérifier les moyens pour le lavage des mains (eau +savon)
                                                                 Faire adapter/vérifier les moyens pour la gestion (rotation, etc.) des lieux de pauses/repas

                                                                 Faire adapter/vérifier la fréquence et la nature du nettoyage/désinfection des lieux communs

                                                Le chef de projet doit :
      LS2C/IEFC, 23 April 2020   EDMS 2369096                                                                                                                              13
                                                                 Pour la Suisse, renvoyer le formulaire(1) de reprise du chantier, dûment complété et signé, aux autorités du
                                                                  canton de Genève
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