Department of Education Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS)

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Department of Education Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS)
Department of Education

Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS)
Department of Education Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS)
Department Profile
Name of the Department: Department of Education
Year of Establishment: 7th November, 1979
    1) From the Desk of Head :

                                      It gives me an immense pleasure and honor to lead the
                                      Department of Education also known as Padmabhushan
                                      Dr. J. P. Naik Shikshanshastra Bhavan. The Department
                                      of Education is renowned for its academic performance,
                                      running Master of Education (M.Ed.), and Bachelor of
                                      Education and Master of Education B.Ed.-M.Ed. (Three
                                      years Integrated) programmes as emphasized in National
                                      Policy of Education- 2020, only in our Department in
                                      Maharashtra and are recognized by NCTE (National
                                      Council for Teacher Education). These programmes reflects
                                      the abreast manifold shades of Teaching, Learning and
                                      Research in the Interdisciplinary field.
 The Curricula of both the programmes comprises Co-curricular, Extra-curricular and Extension
activities. The Department offers M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programmes in Education and contributes to
enrich the research in Education field in particular and Interdisciplinary in general.
        The Department of Education prepares Academic calendar for Educational planning and
work as a synergetic team for achieving the outcomes of the programmes offered. Student -
Centric Teaching and Learning is conducted innovatively with high standard and inclusion to
achieve Academic excellence in the field of Teacher education accordingly the syllabi are
designed and updated as per the need and demand of the stakeholders.
      The Department aims to develop Teachers, Teacher educators and other Educational
professionals with professional ethics and values which are also reflected in our Vision and
Mission of the Department.
Department of Education Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS)
Being an integral part of the Shivaji University, naturally helps the Department and its
programme to inculcate the values and ethos, those have made the University an epitome of
       The future plans of the Department are; MoU with Local, National & International
Institutions ,Development of Standardized Tools      and Techniques for research ,Centre for
Academic Excellence and quality Research, Development of               online Pedagogical &
Andragogical Teaching & Learning Techniques and to introduce new Multidisciplinary and
Integrated Teacher Education Programmes as given by NEP 2020.
Department of Education Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS)
2) Brief History of the Department along with present focus in

Academic & Research
                                                     The    Department      of     Education    was
                                                    established on 7th November 1979 and the
                                                    building in which it is housed is named
                                                    after    the     renowned           Educationist
                                                    Padmabhushan      Dr.        J.P.   Naik.   The
                                                    Department has always updated itself and
                                                    changed the thrust areas of Teaching and
                                                    Research over the years in keeping with the
                                                    UGC, NCTE guidelines at the M. Ed.,
                                                    B.Ed.-M.Ed., M. Phil. and Ph.D. Levels. It
                                                    has also P. G. Diploma in Teacher Training
                                                    Education and P.G. Diploma in Mass
Communication Education. The Research thrust areas of the Department are Information
Communication Technology, Inclusive Education, Science Education and Teacher Education.

     Teacher Education is one of the important system of Education which prepares Teacher
Educators and other Educational professionals including Curriculum developers, Educational
policy Analyst, Planners, Administrators, Supervisors , school and College principal and
Researchers in this venture the Department of Education, Shivaji University, Kolhapur engage in
organizing M.Ed. programme, B.Ed.- M.Ed. Three years (Integrated) programme, P.G. Diploma
in Mass Communication Education, P.G. Diploma in Teacher Training Education and M. Phil.,
Ph.D. Programmes, After Completion of these Degree Programmes, the Students get wide
opportunity for Service as a Teacher educators, Principals Administrators and Researchers etc.
but, also they can create placement opportunity in many professions also. As a part of Shivaji
University the students also get wider scope in participating in many activities arranged by the
University which helps in their Professional development. Many activities arranged by the
University which helps in their Professional development.
Department of Education Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS)
Since the inception of the Department, we succeed in meeting the needs of the regional
area in the field of teacher education. The new courses were introduced and accordingly
infrastructure was designed and developed. Department has MoU with DIECPD, Kolhapur,
Desi Colab, Pune and the Department of Commerce and Management, Shivaji University,
Kolhapur. The Department is one of the partners of the International Erasmus + Research
Project in Higher Education under the European Commission.
       Department students are placed at various positions in Educational Administration such
as Educational Officers, Principals, Lecturers in DIECPD through Maharashtra Public State
Services, Principals, Teachers at primary and secondary education level and also as Teacher
       The Department strongly believes in Life-Long learning and professional development
of teachers and conducts various Faculty development and training Programmes. All these
achievements of the Department would not have been possible without enthusiastic and
dedicated contribution of the past and present faculty members.
     We are confident that in the forthcoming years the Department will flourish as a Centre
for Excellence in the field of Teacher Education.
       The transaction of curriculum for all programmes Involves Learner centered Teaching –
Learning Strategies. The Department implements UGC-NET coaching and Remedial coaching
schemes etc. Moreover, the students of M.Ed., M. Phil. and Ph.D. are passing in other
competitive exams as MPSC,TET,NET& SET etc. and have occupied high Administrative as
well as Academic positions as Educational officers, Director of Higher Education, Secretary of
Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board Maharashtra, Principals of the Colleges,
Controller of Examinations, Dean and BOS Chairman, Faculty of the Education, Director of
Center for Distance Education, Shivaji University, Director of Indian Institute of Education
Pune, The students of the Department are also exposed for campus interviews conducted every
year in the Department
Department of Education Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS)
3) Vision

       We envision developing the Department as an Advance centre for creating learner
centred and humane educational professionals committed to equity and excellence.


• To prepare effective leaders who will assume positions as teacher educators, educational
administrators, curriculum developers, researchers, policy makers serving at various levels
of education.
• To equip the learners with the spirit of life – long learning and values of equity, trust
respect commitment and collaboration.
• To empower the learners with global consciousness and local connectedness.
• To extend the education services to the community for well being of the society.

Goals of the Department

1.To develop the Department into an Advance Center of Education and conduct Research in
the trust area of Education.
2.To Empower students with the latest Information and Communication Technology .
3.To promote linkages by Networking National and International Organizations and Bodies
related to Education.
4.To Patent Educational research tools in Education.
5.To empower students to apply and generate pedagogical and androgogical principles and

Core Values
Equity, Trust, Respect, Commitment and Collaboration.
Department of Education Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS)
4) Academic Programmes offered with intake capacity:

    Sr. No.          Programme           Year of Inception   Intake Capacity

       1               M .Ed.                 2015                50

      1.1     B.Ed.-M.Ed. (Integrated)        2018                 50

       2         M.Phil. (Education)            -                 01

       3         Ph.D. (Education)              -                 15
                P.G. Diploma in Mass
       4                                      2005                40
              Communication Education
               P.G. Diploma in Teacher
                 Training Education
      4.1                                     2005                40
Department of Education Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS)
5) CBCS programme Structure:
                                          The M.Ed. Programme
Sr.         Component                                           Marks/Credits
                              Semester               Semester Semester              Semester       Total
                                  I                      II          III               IV
 1     Compulsory            300 Marks              300 Marks 300 Marks            100 Marks 1000 Marks
        Papers              (12 Credits)            (12 Credits) (12 Credits)      (4 Credits) (40 Credits)
 2    Optional Papers        100 Marks              100 Marks         -                 -        200 Marks
      (Any One)              (4 Credits)            (4 Credits)                                  (8Credits)
 3    Specialization Papers       -                       -      100 Marks         300 Marks 400 Marks
      (Ele.Edu./Sec.Edu.)                                        (4 Credits)       (12 Credits) (16 credits)
      ( Any one)
 4 Ability / Skill Enhancement Courses
 i) Comm.Skill ; Aca.      75 Marks     25 Marks                         -               -      100 Marks
    Writing; Expository    (3 Credits)  (1 Credit)                                              (4 Credits)
    Writing; Self
ii) ICT &E-Education       100 Marks 100 Marks                           -               -    200 Marks
                           (4 Credits) (4 Credits)                                            (8 Credits)
 5 Dissertation             25 Marks    50 Marks                     50 Marks 100 Marks 225 Marks
                                     (1 Credit)      (2 Credits)     (2 Credits) ( 4 Credits) (9 Credits)
 6    Educational                         -           25 Marks            -           -        25 Marks
      Tour/Visits                                    (1 Credit)                                (1 Credit)
 7    *Internship                         -           50 Marks       50 Marks         -       100 Marks
      (Teacher Education) - I&II                    ( 2 Credits)   ( 2 Credits)               (4 Credits)
 8    **Internship                        -               -          50 Marks 50 Marks 100 Marks
      ( Specialization) –                                           (2 Credits) (2 Credits) (4 Credits)
 9    Practicum                           -               -         50 Marks 50 Marks 100 Marks
      ( Specialization)-I &II                                      (2 Credits) (2 Credits) (4 Credits)
10     Viva-voce                          -               -              -          50 Marks 50 Marks
      (Dissertation)                                                               (2 Credits) (2 Credits)
            Total                       600             650            600             650        2500
       Marks/Credits               (24 Credits)     (26 Credits) (24 Credits) (26 Credits) ( 100 Credits)

         Total Hours                    612            646 +           612             612     2482 Hrs. +
                                                   ***Additiona                                ***
                                                   l hrs. of Edu.                              Additional hrs.
                                                   Tour                                        of Edu.Tour
Inter Semester Break (ISB)         ISB-I        ISB-II     ISB-III                               4 Credits
                                    1 Credit      1 Credits 2 Credits
                                          (Exp. Writing)     (Aca. Writing)   (Dissertation)
 Total of Semester I,II,III                                                                    2500 Marks
      &IV and ISB                                                                              (104 Credits)
Department of Education Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS)
6) Outcome based education:

a. POs

       The M. Ed. is two years professional programme.

Po1 – Apply fundamental and advanced knowledge in Education to become a Teacher

Educators and other Educational professionals.

Po2 – Adapt pedagogical and andragogical knowledge and practices in teaching, learning

and evaluation.

Po3 – Conduct research activities in the field of Education.

Po4 – Use of ICT for teaching, learning, evaluation and research.

Po5 – Performs higher level of employability skills.

Po6 – Demonstrate human values and professional ethics in the field of education.

       The B.Ed.- M.Ed.( Integrated) is three years professional programme.
Po1 – Appraise fundamental and advanced knowledge in Educational process to become a
Teacher Educators and other Educational professionals.
Po2 – Adapt pedagogical and andragogical knowledge and practices in teaching, learning
and evaluation.
Po3 – Conduct research activities in the field of Education system.
Po4 – Use of ICT for teaching, learning, evaluation and research.
Po5– Equip with Microteaching skills.
Po6– Demonstrate higher level of employability skills.
Po7–Exhibit human values and professional ethics in the field of education.
Department of Education Shivaji University, Kolhapur (MS)
The M.Phil. /Ph.D. Programme (Education)

Po1 Apply knowledge of research at M.Phil./ Ph.D. level.
Po2 Develop research competencies and skills for conducting research in special field of
Po3Use ICT and e-resources for conducting and communicating research.
Po4 Publish research articles in field of education.
Po5 Apply research ethics.

b. PSOs

The M. Ed. Programme.

1. Acquaint with advanced pedagogical and androgogical knowledge and skills in various

context of teacher education.

2. Equip with research, ICT and employability skills.

3.Interpret different perspectives with education and teaching, learning and evaluation at

different levels of education.

        B.Ed.- M.Ed.( Integrated) Programme.
1.Acquaint with advanced pedagogical and andragogical knowledge at different levels of
educational system.
2. Possesses with research, ICT and life skills.
3.Design lesson and Instructional plan as per subject specific pedagogy.
4. Acquire human values and professional ethics.

        The M.Phil. /Ph.D. Programme (Education)
1. Apply fundamental knowledge for preparing research design in the special field of
2. Equip with online tools/ e-resources for conducting research.
3. Develop research competencies and skills.
4. Possess research ethics.
7) Faculty Details :

   Name             Dr. Pratibha S. Patankar

                    M.Sc.(Zoology), M.Ed, Ph.D.,
                    SET, M.A.(Philosophy),
                    MBA (Higher Education),
                    M.A.(Subject Communication-

   Designation      Professor and Head

   Contact No.      +91 9960192103, 0231-2609182/83

   E-mail ID

   Research Areas   1)Educational Psychology
                    2)Educational Management
                    3)Science Education
                    4) Teacher Education
   No. of Research Total                               Last 5 Years
   papers published
   (National/       National           International   National       International
                         37                 26               12                   19

   Research          Project’s Title               Funding            Status            Amount
   Projects                                        Agency             Ongoing/

                    1)Development of             UGC                  Completed        4,61,200/-
                    Computer Interactive         Major Research
                    Multimedia package based Project
                    on cognitive structure of
                    Student Teacher at different
                    levels of teacher education

                    2) Emotional Maturity and Shivaji              Completed           10,000-
                    its relation with Discipline University,
                    among school students        Kolhapur(Minor
                                                 Research Project)
                    3)Relationship among study Shivaji             Completed           20,000-
                    Habits, Adjustment and       University,
                    Achievement of secondary Kolhapur(Minor
                    school students              Research Project)

                                               Centre for        Completed             20,000-
                    4)Critical Analysis of SIM Distance
                    on Educational Psychology Education, Shivaji
                           Research Project)
5)Development of package Centre for           Completed    10,000-
for promoting study skills Distance
among distant learner      Education, Shivaji
                           Research Project)
6)Zilha Parishad Kolhapur Zilha Parishad      Completed    25,000-
Antargat Mulinchi Sampada Kolhapur
n patali Vadhavine sathi
Rabavlelya Navopkramachi
Parinamkarakata Abhyasane

7)Evaluation of self       Centre for         Completed    10,000-
Assessment Questions in Distance
the B.A.III Education SIMS Education, Shivaji
of centre for Distance     University,
Education, Shivaji         Kolhapur(Minor
University, Kolhapur       Research Project)

8)Identification of the     UGC              Completed     3,63,400-
problems in science for     Major Research
upper primary level schools Project
students & development of
text based computer
multimedia software
package to enhance their
achievement in science

9)Shivaji Vidyapeeth,       Centre for         Completed   10,000-
Kolhapur Dur Shikshan       Distance
Kendra Nirmit B.A.Bhag-1 Education, Shivaji
Mansashatraya Swaym         University,
Adhyayan Sahityavar         Kolhapur(Minor
Shravya Sadhan Nirmiti- Research Project)
Yek Abhyas
10)A study of barriers to   Centre for         Completed   10,000-
communication in the SIM Distance
of educational guidance and Education, Shivaji
curriculum construction     University,
                            Research Project)
11)Parent education         Shivaji            Completed   18,000-
                            Research Project)
12)Development of           ICSSR-New          Ongoing     5,50,000-
preventive programme for Delhi
child abuse and neglects
with reference to
13)Developing subject      Shivaji               Ongoing          1,20,000/-
                     specific pedagogy to       University,
                     enhance learning of higher Kolhapur
                     institution students of
                     multidisciplinary subjects

No. of Books /        National                   International
Published            Edited Books-03
                     Chapters Published-24
                           Citation h-             i-10       RG             Highest Impact
                           s                                  Score          factor of a paper as
                                    Inde           Index
                                                                             per Thomson
Research Impact                                                              Reuters

                             39            3          1          1.05    -

Total No .of Ph.D.         Awarded-18              Working-06

Total No. of               Awarded-12              Working-01
M. Phil. Students

National/ International
Awards/ Fellowships

Top 10 Publications       1) Patankar, P.S.(2019).Learning Outcomes of Educational
                          Research. University News (Weekly Journal of Higher

                          2) Patankar, P.S.(March,2019).Co-Curricular Activities for
                          Development of Social Skills among mentally Retarded
                          Student. Sanshodhan Chetana. Vol.7,Issue -4.ISSN-2319-5525.
                          PP. 126-134.

                          3) Patankar, P.S.(March,2019).Teaching Strategies and
                          Techniques for Development of Social Skills among Mentally
                          Retarded Students. International Journal of Innovative
                          Knowledge Concepts Vol.7.Issue -3.ISSN 2454-2415.
                          PP. PP45-49.

                          4) Patankar, P.S. (April,2017). Connectivism : An Approach of
                          Teaching and Learning in Digital age. AIIRJ. Vol.- 4,Issue -4
                          ISSN -2349-638.PP. 102-111.Impact Factor-3-025

                          5) Patankar, P.S.(August,2016). Documentary Analysis of the
                          Reflection Standards of Curricular engagement with reference
                          to Constructivist Approach . ISRJ Vol.- 6, Issue -7 .ISSN -
                          2230-7850PP. PP-27-34 .
6) Patankar, P.S.(March-2017). Effect of concept Maps on
Interest in the subject Biology among the Higher Secondary
Level School Students. Renaissance Research Journal for
Renaissance in Intellectual Disciplines. Vol. -20,Issue - 1

7) Patankar, P.S.(Dec.,2016).Grooming the Personality of
Teacher Educations through Research. University News. Vol. -
54,Issue-50 .ISSN 0566-2257.PP.8-13.

8) Patankar, P.S.(2016). Building Philosophical Approach for
Learning Society . Asian Journal of Trans-disciplinary
Research (AJTR). Vol.1.Issue.1.

9) Patankar, P.S.(Nov.,2015).Management of Inclusive
Education. Golden Research Thought. Vol.-5, Issue -5.
ISSN-2231-5063.PP. 1-11.

10) Patankar, P.S. Interactive multimedia Technology for
Teacher Education. Essentials of Educational Technology
(Edited Book) APH Publishing corporation New Delhi .
Name                  Dr. Chetna P. Sonkamble

                      M.Sc.(Botany), M.A.(English),M.Ed.,
                      Ph.D., NET

Designation           Associate Professor

Contact No.           +91 9422203053

E-mail ID   
Research Areas        1)Teacher Education
                      2)Inclusive Education
No. of Research Total                                                   Last 5 Years
papers published
(National/       National                    International        National       International
                      99                          51                      70                  29

Research               Project’s Title                          Funding          Status             Amount
Projects                                                        Agency           Ongoing/

                      1)E-Learning based          ICSSR                         Completed          5,50,400/-
                      Training Programme for
                      Professional Development
                      of Teacher Educator in
                      Backward Region of
                      2)Development of CAI         UGC                          Completed          3,70,700/-
                      based Kit for the Awareness
                      among the Teachers of the
                      T E Institutions in
                      Marathwada Region
No. of Books /         National                    International
Published                             09                    -

                     Citations       h-                    i-10        RG            Highest Impact factor
Research                                                               Score         of a paper as per
Impact                               Index                 Index                     Thomson Reuters
                 -               -                     -           -             -
Total No .of    Awarded-05                Working-04
Top 10         1) Sonkamble C.P. Competency Building for Teachers through
Publications   Academic Staff Colleges. Sanshodhan. National Level Annual Research
               journal. ISSN- 2249-8567

               2) Sonkamble C.P. Curriculum Design for Quality Enhancement in
               Higher Education. Social Vision. International Journal of social sciences
               ,humanities ,commerce and management. Vol:2,Issue:4.ISSN:2349-

               3) Sonkamble C.P. Professional Development in Teacher Education
               Institutes Through Multiple Web tools. Global Journal for Research
               Analysis An International Journal. ISSN No. 2271-8160.INDEX
               COPERNICUS IC VALUE :70.36.

               4) Sonkamble C.P. (Jan 2016).Quality Parameters for excellence
               ,consistency and achievement of teacher education. Intelligence Vision
               An international multidisciplinary research journal .Impact Factor-3.26
               (ONLINE) Vol.-3.Issue- 2.ISSN :2455-3123.

               5) Sonkamble C.P.ILO’s Key Indicators In Labour Market :Gender
               Perspective Study. International Journal of Social and scientific
               Research. Vol.2. Special Issue-1. PP.17-21

               6) Sonkamble C.P. Emerging Issues And Challenges In Higher
               Education. Electronic International Interdisciplinary Research Journal
               (EIIRI). ISSN-2277-8721.

               7) Sonkamble C.P.( 2018).Human Rights Education for Children. An
               International Multidisciplinary Half Yearly Research Journal . Vol.-
               6,Issue -2.ISSN 2278-8158.PP.23-26.
               8) Sonkamble C.P. Education of Children with special needs at
               Elementary Level in Kolhapur. An Indexed Impact Factor Multi-
               disciplinary Journal. International Journal of Social and Scientific
               Research. ISBN -2454-3187
               9) Sonkamble C.P.( April-June 2108).Skill Development or College
               Students : A Marc towards Employability. An International
               Multilingual Quarterly Referred Research journal . Vol. 2.Issue :1.PP.1
               10) Sonkamble C.P. Role of Yoga on Mental Health of Working
               Women in Aurangabad City. Golden Research Thoughts . ISSN -2231-
               5063.PP.18-2. 4.6052(UIF).
Name                  Dr. Geetanjali S. Patil

                      M.Sc .(Zoology), M.Ed., Ph.D.,
                      SET (Education)

Designation           Assistant Professor

Contact No.           +91 9421286148

E-mail ID   

Research Areas        1)Science Education
                      2)Educational Measurement and Evaluation
No. of Research                            Total                          Last 5 Years
papers published
(National/             National               International         National          International
                             20                    05                      03                    02

Research               Project’s Title                           Funding              Status           Amount
Projects                                                         Agency               Ongoing/

                      1)Development of                       UGC                     Completed        44,000/-
                      Strategies for Teaching
                      School Science by Using
                      Heuristic Method
No. of Books /         National                                  International
Published                              03                    -

                     Citations        h-                    i-10         RG          Highest Impact factor
                                                                         Score       of a paper as per
                                      Index                 Index
                                                                                     Thomson Reuters
                 -                -                     -            -           -
Total No .of    Awarded-11                Working-01
Total No. of    Awarded-10                Working-0
M. Phil.
Top 10         1) Patil, G.S.( April,2018).Education in a Gender Equity Perspective.
Publications   Ayushi International Interdisciplinary Research Journal (AIIRJ).
               Vol.5,Issues -4.ISSN-2349-638x.PP.1-6.Impact Factor-4.574

               2) Patil, G.S.( Oct.2017).Gandhi’s Struggle in South Africa: A Path to
               Realization of God. Ayushi International Interdisciplinary Research
               Journal (AIIRJ). Vol.5,Issues- 4.ISSN-2349-638x.PP.18-21.Impact

               3) Patil, G.S.(January,2015)Development of a Workshop for Skill
               Based English Teaching at School Level. Beacon of Teacher

               4) Patil, G.S. (Sept.,2014).Rethinking Higher Education in the Light
               of Indian Philosophical Perspective on Parameters of Enlightenment.
               International Multidisciplinary Research Journal. ISSN-2249-
               894x.PP.1-6. Impact factor-3.1402(UIF)

               5) Patil,G.S.(Sept.,2014).A Strategy for Developing Curiosity about
               the Environment among Upper primary School. ISSN-0973-9483

               6) Patil, G.S. (Feb., 2013)Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation,
               Constructivism and Role of the Teacher. Bhartiya Shikshan. ISSN-

               7) Patil, G.S. (June,2012).Paryavaran JanivJagruti: Arthakadun
               Krutikade. Bhartiya Shikshan. ISSN-2231-6493.PP.17-20

               8) Patil,G.S.Adyanshil Samaj ani Shaleya Shikshanatil Apexit Badal.
               Bhartiya Shikshan. ISSN-2231-493.PP.33-39

               9) Patil,G.S. Futility of Secondary Teacher Education Without an
               Initial Remedial Programme. Research Front, An Multidisciplinary
               Research Journal. ISSN-2320-8341.PP.377-380.

               10) Patil,G.S. Development of Strategies for Teaching School Science
               by Using Heuristic Method. Pixel. Italy. ISBN-978-88-6292-351-
Name            Dr. Vidyanand S. Khandagale

                M.A.,MBA.(Higher Education) Ph.D.,
                NET-JRF (Education)

Designation     Assistant Professor

Contact No.     +91 9923975158
E-mail ID

Research Areas 1)Management and Economics of Education
               3)Science Education
               4) Distance Education
No. of Research Total                                  Last 5 Years
papers published
(National/       National          International   National             International
International)        51                13                    13                 02

Research         Project’s Title               Funding Agency            Status    Amount
Projects                                                                 Ongoing/
                1)Preparation of Package      Centre for Distance       Completed 10,000-
                for developing                Education, Shivaji
                Counselling skills            University,
                 among Distance               Kolhapur(Minor Research
                 Education counselors         Project)
                2) A Study of Barriers to     Centre for Distance     Completed 10,000-
                Communication in the          Education, Shivaji
                SIM of                        University,
                Educational Guidance &        Kolhapur(Minor Research
                Curriculum construction       Project)
                forB.A.- Part III
                (Education) Distance
                mode course.
                 (Principal Investigator)
                3) A Study of                 Zilha Parishad Kolhapur Completed 25,000-
                Effectiveness of the
                Innovative programmes
                to Enhance Achievement
level of girl Child in
District Zilha Parishad
schools in Kolhapur (Co-
4) Evaluation of Self-      Centre for Distance     Completed 10,000-
Assessment Questions in     Education, Shivaji
the B.A.III Education       University,
SIM of Centre for           Kolhapur(Minor Research
Distance Education,         Project)
Shivaji University,
Kolhapur (Co-
5)Best Practices            Centre for Distance     Completed 10,000-
Benchmarking for            Education, Shivaji
Quality Assurance at        University,
The study centre’s          Kolhapur(Minor Research
affiliated to centres for   Project)
Distance Education,
Shivaji University,
(Principal Investigator)
6) Development of           UGC-New Delhi          Completed 4,61,200/
Computer Interactive                                          -
package based on
Cognitive structure of
Teachers at different
levels of Teacher
7) Development of           Centre for Distance     Completed 10,999/-
Learning Object             Education, Shivaji
Repository for B.A . III    University,
Course in the subject       Kolhapur(Minor Research
Education (Principal        Project)
8) Development of           ICSSR-New Delhi        Ongoing    5,60,000-
Prevention Programme
for Child Abuse
and Neglect with
reference to the
Government Policies
and Practices in
Educational Institutions.
9)Developing subject        Shivaji University,    Ongoing    1,20,000/
specific pedagogy to        Kolhapur                          -
enhance learning of
higher institution students
                    of multidisciplinary

                    10)Perceptions and       UGC-STRIDE           Ongoing          30,000-
                    Experiences of Learner Minor Research project
                    Engagement in Online
                    Learning: The case study
                    of Shivaji University
 No. of Books /      National                     International
 Published                        4                                   1

Research          Citations h-                i-10      RG        Highest Impact factor of a
Impact                                                  Score     paper as per Thomson
                                Index         Index               Reuters

                      11                02        -        3.38                -

 Total No .of     Awarded                     Working-04
 National/        Award-University Grant Commission-NET-JRF in the subject Education.
Top 10         1) Dr.Khandagale,V.S.( September, 2019).Child Abuse and Neglect:
Publications   Gender Based Teachers Awareness. The International Journal of Indian
               Psychology. Volume–7. ISSN 2348-5396.PP. 113-121.Impact Factor-4.50

               2) Dr.Khandagale,V.S.( February,2019).Identification of Misconceptions
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Contributory Teachers

            Faculty Name                          Educational Qualification
                                    M.Sc. (Botany), M.Ed., SET, Ph.D.(Education), UGC-
1     Dr. Smt. Supriya K. Patil
                                    Post Doctoral Fellow (Education)

                                    M. A. (Political Science, Sociology, Economics),
2     Dr. Smt. Nagina S. Mali
                                    M. Ed., M.B.A., SET, NET, PGDMCE, DSM, Ph. D.
                                    M.Sc. (Environmental Science), M.Ed. NET, Ph.D.
3     Dr. Smt. Poonam S. Rajput

                                    M.Sc. (Botany), M .Ed., SET, UGC-NET-JRF, NTA-
4     Mr. Rajendra L. Chavan
                                    NET, CTET, PGDMCE, Ph.D. (Pursuing),

5     Smt. Geetanjali S. Joshi      M.Sc. (Electronics), M.Ed., SET, Ph.D. (Pursuing)

      Mr. Shreeram B.
6                                   M.A.(Psychology, Hindi), M.Ed., NET (Education)

7     Smt. Vijaya V. Lokhande       M.A. (English), M.Ed., SET, Ph.D.(Pursuing)
8) Details of Research Laboratories & infrastructure with photographs.

                       Education Department Auditorium
Information Technology Laboratory

9) Total No. of SET/NET qualified students.
                               SET Qualified Students

     Year      2014 -15    2015-2016      2016-17       2017-18      2018-19
   Name of    1)Babu       1) Asmita    1)Sangita    1)Kadambari   1)Kadambari
   Students                   Hajare      Shinde    Khandekar      Khandekar
                                        2)Hrushikesh 2)Santosh
                           2) Asmita
              2)Mahade                  Pol          Kamble
              v Pawar
                          3)   Savita
              3)Ranjana        Mali
                           4) Sushama
NET Qualified Students

      Year       2014 -15          2015-2016            2016-17        2017-18          2018-19

      Name of    1) Jyoti          1) Rohini            1) Pallavi    1) Aarti          1) Rajendra
      Students                     Bhosale              Bhoi             Kshirsagar     L.Chavan
                                   2) Nagina Mali
                 2) Vinaya
                 Kamble            3) Vijay

                                   4) Shruti


                                   6) Monali

    10) Details of notable students placements.

Sr.No    Name of the Student                     Employer                             Designation

1        Dr. Mangesh                           DIECPD, Wardha (MS)                    Principal
         BhagwanGhogare                        E-MaiI-

2        Smt.Patil Sarika Jotiba               Modern High School,                    Principal

3        Smt. Kadam Seema                      Principal, New English Medium          Principal

4        Dr. Amol. D. Dombale                  District Institute of Educational      Senior
                                               Continuous Development,                Lecturer

5        Shri.Vijayvilas Gaikwad               District Institute of Educational      Senior
                                               Professional Development               Lecturer
                                               Old Garud High School, Sakri
                                               Road, Dhule-424001.

6    Shri.MahadevDattuWandare      Senior Lecturer, DIECPD            Senior
                                   Sangamner, District,               Lecturer

7    Smt.                          SCERT, Pune                        Senior
     SaraswatiDattatrayaSuryawan   E-Mail-                            Lecturer

8    Smt.VrushaliNanasaheb         SCERT, Pune                        Senior
     Gaikwad                       E-Mail-                            Lecturer

9    Dr. Manisha Yadav             International Quality Cell,        Director
                                   Maharashtra Academic
                                   Authority,SCERT, Pune.

10   Shri. Sandeep Pawar           DIECPD Mirjole, Ratnagiri.         Senior
                                   E-Mail-                            Lecturer

11   Smt. Vaishali Patil           Class-I.                           Senior
                                   DIECPD Mirjole, Ratnagiri.         Lecturer

12   Smt. Jyoti kamble             DIECPD, Ratnagiri.                 Senior1ectur

13   Shri. Ramesh Kore             DIECPD, Ratnagiri.                 Senior

14   Smt. Surekha Khot             DIECPD, Ratnagiri.                 Senior

15   Smt. KonduskarSushama         DIECPD, Sindhudurg                 Senior
     Alias Jayashree Anandrao      E-Mail-                            Lecturer

16   Arun Sangolakr                DIET,Washim                        Senior
17   MahadeoDattuWandre            DIET,Ahamadnagar                   Senior
18   TejaswiniAlavekar             SCERT,Pune                         Senior
11) Details of MoUs and Linkages.
  i. MoUs


MoU with

International Linkage
                               Erasmus+ Research project

Department is a Partner in the Project of Erasmus + Capacity Building for Higher Education
:Mitigate the Impact of Fourth Industrial revolution on Indian Society- Education Reforms for
Future and In-Service School teacher EduForum
ii. Linkages

               1.SMT Government College
               of Education, Kolhapur
2. New English Medium School,
Sambhaji Nagar, Kolhapur
3. Dyandeep High School,
Rajendra Nagar, Kolhapur
4. Tavanappa Patane High
School, Kolhapur
5. Shrujan Anand Vidyalaya,
Kolhapur (Innovative School)
6. Shiroli High School, Shiroli
Pulachi, Kolhapur
7. Shri.Ujalaidewi
(School Observation)
12) Extra-Curricular and Extension Activities.

  a. Extra-Curricular Activities

                  1. Scientia Science Club

                  2. Avishkar -Wall Paper
3. Achievements in Avishkar Inter University
   Research Competition
4. Research Scholar Colloquium

5. Publication of Avishkar Wall-Paper
6. Talent Day and Parents Meet
7. Alumni Meet

8. Yoga Workshop for Self-Development
9. Employability Skills Development Programme

           10. Financial Literacy Programme
11. Celebration and Remembers of Social Reformers and Thinkers along
              with their contribution for human welfare.
b. Extension Activities

                          1. Work-Experience
2. Community Engagements
3. Awareness and Maintenance Cleanliness
3. Cleanliness Drive
4. Nai-Talim
13) List of Distinguished Alumni

Sr. Full Name            Current Designation /    Organization       Contact
No                       Previous Designation       /Company       Number &E.
 .                                                 /Institution      mail ID
1   Dr. Vasant Avadhut   Director of Education   School           9823051809
    Kalpande             (Retired)               Education         vasant.kalpande
                                                 Government of

2   Dr. CimaYeole        Former Director,        Centre For       9423039866
                         and Former Head,        Distance          cimayeole@hot
                                                 Education and
                                                 Department of

3   Mr. Prabhakar        Secretary, New          State Teachers   9422046898
    ShahuHerwade         Education Society,        Association    prabhakar9715@
                         Kolhapur; and Former-   (D.Ed. College
                         Principal, & Junior       Teachers) “
                         College of Education,    Treasurer” 20
                         Petala, Kolhapur.           Years)
4   Dr. Bhagwan M.         Former Controller of        Shivaji      8862005268hird
    Hirdekar               Education,                University,    ekarbm@gmail.c
                           Former Registrar,        Kolhapur and          om
                           Former Principal,           Sanjay
                           Senior Executive           Ghodawat
                           Administration, Former    University,
                           Deputy Registrar          Jaysingpur.

5   Smt. Pushplata Pawar   Former Secretary           Board of       9763938021
                                                    Secondary and   pushpa1660@g

6   Dr. Ramchandra         Director and Principal      Mouni        883-0852070
    Dhondiba Belekar                                 Vidyapeeth     ajce_gargoti@re
7   Dr. Megha Vishram    I/C Dean Faculty of            Shivaji           9422406287
    Gulvani              Interdisciplinary Studies     University,       meghagulavani

8   Dr. Megha Mahadev    Professor and Head           Department of      9225803190
    Uplane                                            Education and     meghauplane@g
                                                     Savitribai Phule

9   Dr. Vilas Hindurao   Joint Director              State Council of   9850208080
    Patil                                            Education          drvilaspatil8080
                                                     Research And
10   Dr. Pramod Shahaji    Deputy Registrar           Shivaji       9421175647
     Pandav                                          University,     pst.dyr@unishi

11   Dr. IkabalChandulal   Principal,              District institute 992290979
     Shaikh                MES Group A              of Education      pridiet96@gmail
                           Government of            and Training,           .com
                           Maharashtra                Kolhapur

12   Mr. Gajanan                I/c Director,      Shivaji            9096905526
     Ramakant Palase       Board of Examinations   University,        8459558504
                              and Evaluation,      Kolhapur         grp.dyr@unishiv
                             Deputy Registrar                 
13   Dr. Shoba         Chairman, BOS            Shivaji        9960770862Sho
     VitthalKalebag    (Education)             University,     bha_kalebag@ho

14   Dr. Chandrakant   Professor &Director,      School of     9595816621
     RaghoBaviskar                               Education     chandrakantbavi
                                              science, Swami
14) Future roadmap of the department.




15) Media coverage of the Department.

                           Media Coverage
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