Discover our Passion - Shape your Future! - Berlin Metropolitan School

Discover our Passion - Shape your Future! - Berlin Metropolitan School
Discover our Passion –
     Shape your Future!
Wednesday, March 20th * 3:00pm -5:00pm
Location: School Gym and Mini Gym
Berlin Metropolitan School | University Fair 2019   1
CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY, UK                             Westminster and the City of London plus one
The University of Cambridge is one of the            more campus in south London. King’s has
world’s leading universities, offering a challen-    influenced many of the advances that shape
ging, flexible and individual learning experience.   modern life, such as the discovery of the struc-
Consistently rated at the top of national and        ture of DNA and is the largest centre for the
international league tables, many of our degree      education of healthcare professionals in Euro-
courses encompass several subjects, starting         pe. Students at King’s will be part of a diverse
broadly and becoming increasingly focused in         and cosmopolitan community and will benefit
later years. We are proud of our diverse and vi-     from the university’s unique links with a multi-
brant community, with undergraduate students         tude of international institutions across the arts,
coming from more than 60 different countries         sciences, politics, law and medicine.
around the world. Students, as well as being a
member of the University and a faculty/depart-       NEW COLLEGE OF THE HUMANITIES, UK
ment, also belong to a smaller College commu-        New College of the Humanities (NCH) is a
nity. This system offers a huge amount of pas-       prestigious, university-level college in the heart
toral and academic support for each student,         of London. Small by design, we offer a unique
providing a place for them to live, study and        and broad liberal arts-inspired curriculum with
socialize.                                           highly personalised teaching, including our gold
                                                     standard one-to-one tutorial system.
At Essex we are proud to be University of the        RICHMOND UNIVERSITY LONDON, UK
Year (THE 2019), top 30 in the Times University      Richmond University London offers a Liberal
Guide, Gold rated for our teaching (TEF), a top      Arts education renowned for its flexibility and
5 Social Science university and world renowned       broad-based curriculum and has campuses in
for our research (REF). Close to London our          two of London’s premier areas – Richmond and
friendly, cosmopolitan campuses are a great          Kensington, where we also offer accommoda-
place to live and learn.                             tion. Both our bachelors and Masters degrees
                                                     have dual accreditation (UK & US), providing
HULT INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL                   worldwide recognition to our graduates. We
At Hult, your potential isn’t limited by bounda-     offer bachelors programmes in Business, Com-
ries—our Bachelor of Business Administration         munications, Arts and Social Sciences with
degree will help you blaze your own trail to be-     study abroad and integrated internship oppor-
come a leader not just of business, but of the       tunities. With a truly international student body
world. With campuses in London, Boston, and          of over 100 nationalities and small class sizes,
San Francisco, optional summer programs in           internationalism and personal attention is at the
Dubai and Shanghai, and students of unparal-         heart of Richmond.
leled diversity, you’ll live a global education, not
just learn about it.                                 UNIVERSITY OF ST ANDREWS, UK
                                                     Studying at St Andrews offers you the oppor-
KINGS COLLEGE, UK                                    tunity to learn at one of the most extraordinary
King‘s College London is located in the heart of universities in the world. You will get award-
London and one of the top 10 universities in winning teaching, a student experience that
the UK (QS World University Rankings 2018). is regularly voted amongst the best in the UK,
King’s is the 4th oldest university in England and all in a setting like no other. You will have
and is a member of the Russell Group. As lectures and classes with students from all over
London’s most central university, King’s has the world and leading academics, offering you
four campuses by the River Thames between a stimulating learning environment that will

2                                                          Berlin Metropolitan School | University Fair 2019
challenge you to push boundaries and achieve          at the crossroads of several subjects such as
your potential. St Andrews combines the very          policy-making and data analysis students can
best of our six centuries of history with contem-     choose among several Bachelor and Msc pro-
porary culture and outstanding teaching.              grams taught entirely in English.

Named ‘Scotland’s coolest city’ by the Wall           GERMANY
Street Journal, and the UK’s first ‘City of Design’   The Carl Benz School of Engineering (CBS)
by the United Nations, Dundee has one of the          is the Mechanical Engineering College of the
highest proportions of young people in full-time      Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in
higher education across the UK – at around 1          Germany and was founded in 1999. CBS offers
in 7 of the population. We’re a hub of innova-        an English-taught Mechanical Engineering
tion and culture, with the recently opened V&A        (International) Program with the final degree
Museum sitting at the heart of our waterfront.        Bachelor of Science. We strive to provide our
Our teaching covers a wide array of areas, such       students with the best education and training
as: art and design, humanities, social sciences       to prepare new leaders. According to their
(including architecture, business, law, politics      interests, CBS students can specialize in Global
and psychology), education, science and engi-         Production Management, Energy Engineering
neering, life sciences, medicine, dentistry and       or Automotive Engineering.
                                                      ÉCOLE HÔTELIÈRE DE LAUSANNE,
Northumbria University is based in the heart of       With our academic and practical mix which
Newcastle upon Tyne, which is regularly voted         includes 2 internships and a consulting project
the best city in the UK. Northumbria students         to an external client in the last semester, EHL
are attracted by our excellent academic repu-         has a 97% employability rate. Our students
tation, our top 10 graduate employment record         represent 121 nationalities and enjoy a very ac-
and our outstanding campus and sports facili-         tive student life and a network of 25000 alumni
ties. Northumbria University is a research-rich,      in over 150 countries.
business-focused, professional university with
a global reputation for academic excellence.     IE UNIVERSITY, SPAIN
We are a large University with a wide range of   IE University is for students who approach
courses. We have our EU Undergraduate Aca-       learning as a way of life and who are open to the
demic Excellence Scholarship this year. This is  world and to the transformative role of higher
fantastic opportunity to be awarded £2,000 in    education. The unique learning environment at
your first year undergraduate degree.            IE University stems from the integration of a per-
                                                 sonalized, student-centric community, within
BOCCONI UNIVERSITY, ITALY                        an open environment that embraces a rich di-
Bocconi is one of Europe’s leading business versity of individuals, ideas and approaches.
schools, located in the centre of Milan, Italy’s Each year over 130 nationalities are represented
commercial, financial and fashion capital. Its on its campuses in Segovia and Madrid, with
high positions in the most influential interna- over 75% of its students coming from outside
tional rankings puts Bocconi at the fore-front of Spain. With an innovative vision, entrepre-
of international education and among the best neurial spirit and a focus on humanities and
universities in the world for social sciences. academic rigor, IE University is committed to
Besides its traditional areas of economics, ma- educating professionals who will make a diffe-
nagement and finance, Bocconi places itself rence to society.

Berlin Metropolitan School | University Fair 2019                                                  3
Jacobs University is a private, research-            The University of Pécs (UP) has conducted
oriented, state-accredited university with a broad   degree programs in English for more than 30
portfolio of pre-degree, undergraduate, and          years and is one of the most internationalized
graduate study programs from the natural and         universities in Hungary. UP is located in the
social sciences, engineering, and economics.         uniquely beautiful and lively city of Pécs - a
At Jacobs University, all programs are taught in     proper multi-campus university town - which
English, and classes are small and interactive.      was designated to be the European Capital of
Professors follow an interdisciplinary approach,     Culture in 2010. Besides being the oldest uni-
addressing issues from multiple perspectives         versity in the country, the University of Pécs has
in addition to acting as personal mentors and        earned a prominent position in terms of interna-
academic advisors. Students are actively invol-      tional excellence as well. UP is ranked among
ved in research from their first year of study.      the top 5 Hungarian universities and belongs to
Extensive extracurricular activities support and     the leading 4% of international higher educa-
strengthen our students’ personal development.       tion institutions worldwide. UP is proud to host
                                                     over 4,000 international students coming from
MODUL UNIVERSITY VIENNA, AUSTRIA                     more than 100 countries of the world.
MODUL University Vienna, founded in 1908,
is widely considered as Austria‘s leading inter-     NABA, NUOVA ACCADEMIA DI BELLE ARTI,
national private university and is owned by the      ITALY
Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry,             NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, is an
the largest provider of private education in         internationally renowned art and design aca-
Austria. The university is located in beautiful      demy. Founded in 1980, NABA is the largest
Vienna, Austria, the world‘s number one city         private art academy in Italy. It offers bachelor’s
for quality of living 2009-2018, and it is ranked    and master’s degree programs in Italian and
in the world’s 25 top performing universities        in Eng-lish that are accredited by the Italian
in top-cited publications. MODUL University          Ministry of Education, University and Research
Vienna offers cutting-edge education in the          (MIUR). Within one year of graduation, 89%
areas of international management, new media         of our alumni find jobs. To offer students the
technology, public governance, sustainable           opportunity of developing their design skills in
development, and tourism and hospitality             the city that originated and shaped Western art
management.                                          and culture, NABA is opening a new location in
                                                     Rome in 2019.
Vesalius College is the first American style         LA SALLE CAMPUS BARCELONA, SPAIN
liberal arts college in Benelux and offers 4 BA      URL is a university centre which offers integral
programs: Global Business & Entrepreneur-            educational programmes and dates back some
ship, Global Communication, International            100 years. We are founding members of the
Affairs and International & European Law. Small      Universidad Ramon Llull, the first private non-
yet highly international environments (over 50       profit university in Catalonia. Our organization is
nationalities), TPEL (Theory-Guided, Practice-       structured in five areas of knowledge: ICT Engine-
Embedded and Experiential Learning), plus ex-        ering and Technology, Computer Science, Ar-
citing internship and study abroad opportuni-        chitecture and Construction, Management and
ties prepare students to play an active role in      Art, Design & Technology, and we strive to equip
the globalized world.                                our graduates with the ethical values to enable
                                                     them to make significant contributions to the
                                                     creation of a more just and sustainable society.

4                                                                 Berlin Metropolitan School | University Fair 2019
In 1954, the University of Navarra opened its        SWEDEN
School of Medicine. The medical program pre-         Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) is an
pares professionals with a solid scientific and      international business school based in Stock-
technical background, which is endowed with          holm and one of the leading business schools
a deep respect for human rights and social           in Europe. SSE is ranked no. 1 in the Nordic
concerns, the dignity for the sick, and their        countries by the Financial Times as one of the
families. The Medical School is part of a world      best business schools in Europa. We are a small
recognized Biomedical Campus in Spain, offe-         and unique business school with a strong and
ring cutting-edge advances in education with         close relationship with the business society
the possibility to study the Degree in Medicine +    worldwide. SSE is EQUIS accredited and an
International Program. This global vision allows     active member of prominent international aca-
our students to be pioneers and develop their        demic networks such as CEMS, EFMD, APSIA
professional careers anywhere in the world.          and PIM. 95 % students found employment
                                                     within 95% three months of completing their
SUSTAINABILITY MANAGEMENT SCHOOL-                    BSc studies.
The aim of the Sustainability Management             FRANKFURT SCHOOL OF FINANCE &
School (SUMAS) is to educate managers that           MANAGEMENT, GERMANY
will take responsible decisions in the complex       Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is a
world. SUMAS’ strong focus on excellence             leading private business school based in Frank-
delivers high academic standards for students,       furt am Main, Germany. For Bachelors we offer
offering both theoretical knowledge and best         two Bachelor degrees at Frankfurt School: the
sustainable management practices. To ensure          Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
the future success of students, SUMAS pro-           and the Bachelor of Arts in Business Adminis-
vides them with appropriate professional and         tration. Visit our Campus at our next Bachelor
entrepreneurial skills by networking with cor-       Open Day on April 6th 2019 in Frankfurt am
porate partners. SUMAS also encourages vari-         Main.
ous student initiatives in order to develop their
personal skills. The international, multi-cultu-   THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF PARIS,
ral learning environment is crucial to enhance     FRANCE
students’ communication skills.                    Chartered as a liberal arts college in 1962, The
                                                   American University of Paris is today an urban,
GLION AND LES ROCHES, SWITZERLAND                  independent, international university located
Glion and Les Roches has a network of univer- at the meeting point of France, Europe, and
sities providing hospitality education in Swit- the world. AUP provides an academic learning
zerland, London, Spain and Shanghai through experience in the heart of Paris that places per-
English. With international campus transfer sonal, intellectual, and professional develop-
possible throughout studies and two integra- ment at its core. Students can choose from over
ted internships, graduates are well suited to 25 undergraduate majors and five graduate
careers internationally with luxury brands, 5* ho- programs, all taught in English. AUP students
tels and resorts as well as companies in charge are those that choose to live and learn interna-
of events and entertainment management. On tionally. They bring to the classroom their diver-
average, our students have more than 2 job of- sity and the sense of adventure to become part
fers per person on graduation day.                 of a global learning community.

Berlin Metropolitan School | University Fair 2019                                                 5
ECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE, FRANCE                        of the large town of Savannah, Georgia. This
Ecole Polytechnique (also known as l‘X) is the     institution has also branch campuses in Atlan-
leading institution in sciences and technology     ta, Hong Kong, Lacoste. Offering more degree
in France. At l‘X, a large range of programs       programs and specializations than any other art
are available from Bachelor, Masters to PhD        and design university, SCAD is uniquely quali-
taught in French and/or English. All programs      fied to prepare talented students for professio-
are designed for top level students, with very     nal, creative careers.
high potential, capable to follow a rich and de-
manding multidisciplinary scientific curriculum.   MINERVA SCHOOLS AT KGI, USA
École Polytechnique is located at the heart of     Minerva has re-imagined the educational expe-
The Saclay Plateau Research and Innovation         rience to be relevant to today‘s changing world,
Cluster, ranked among the top eight competi-       and prepare students to make an impact in the
tiveness clusters in the world by the MIT Tech-    world: students at Minerva study in seven cities
nology Review. With over 60,000 students and       around the world (San Francisco, Seoul, Hydera-
10,500 scientists and professors, this cluster     bad, Berlin, Buenos Aires, London and Taipei),
generates fifteen percent of French industrial       build practical knowledge like critical and
R&D and provides 35,000 jobs in the advanced       creative thinking systematically and use exclu-
technology sector.                                 sively active learning across the curriculum (no
                                                   lectures). Minerva‘s need-based financial aid
NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, USA                           enables passionate and hardworking students
New York University, founded in 1831, has from all backgrounds to take advantage of the
grown to become the largest independent program.
research university in the US, and is now one
of the most influential universities in the world. BARD COLLEGE BERLIN, USA
A truly global university, NYU is comprised of Bard College Berlin is a nonprofit liberal-arts
three degree-granting campuses in New York university accredited in the United States and
City, Abu Dhabi, and Shanghai, in addition to Germany. BCB offers two BA degrees in the hu-
academic centers and exchange programs manities and social sciences, with the option to
in 11 cities across the world. Our campus lo- specialize in fields like politics, arts, literature,
cations in the world’s ideas capitals afford un- economics, and philosophy. All students gain
paralleled internship and experiential learning rigorous interdisciplinary training with help of
opportunities. NYU offers over 230 areas of the Core Curriculum, a six-semester-long course
study across our 11 schools and colleges crea- that traces important developments from Greek
ting limitless opportunities. Frequent student- antiquity to Modernism. With 270 students from
faculty interaction is made possible by a stu- over 60 countries, BCB‘s campus is interna-
dent-faculty ratio of only 10:1 and an average tional, and connections to ERASMUS and the
class size of fewer than 30 students. Our diverse Bard Network allow students the option to study
student body – representing 130 countries – en- abroad in places like Italy, France, Brazil, Hong
joys a vibrant campus environment, with over Kong, and more.
300 student organizations and a multitude of
recreational activities.                           THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA,
SCAD: THE UNIVERSITY FOR CREATIVE                  UBC is one of North America’s leading research
CAREERS, USA                                       universities, consistently ranked among the top
Established in 1978, Savannah College of Art 40 universities in the world. UBC programs lead
and Design is a non-profit private higher edu- to internationally recognized degrees through
cation institution located in the urban setting 17 Faculties and 17 Schools in Humanities,

6                                                              Berlin Metropolitan School | University Fair 2019
Social Sciences, Physical & Life Sciences,            motto is Understanding Society, and through
Medicine & Health Sciences, Engineering,              this motto we want to inspire our students to con-
Business, Visual & Performing Arts, Resource          tribute to the development of a better, fairer,
Sciences, Education, and Law. UBC has two             and more sustainable society. Tilburg Universi-
principal campuses each set in unparalleled           ty offers a large number of innovative English-
natural surroundings – UBC’s Vancouver cam-           taught Bachelor’s programs in the field of Busi-
pus on Canada’s spectacular Pacific coast and         ness and Economics, Psychology, Law, Public
UBC’s Okanagan campus in British Columbia’s           Governance, Humanities and Digital Sciences.
scenic interior. Visit for more infor-     In addition, we offer a few unique courses: Global
mation about UBC.                                     Management of Social Issues, Online Culture:
                                                      Art, Media & Society, Cognitive Science & Artifi-
CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY, CANADA                          cial Intelligence, Global Law, and Data Science.
Concordia University is a next-generation univer-
sity, located in Montreal, the world‘s most popular   UNIVERSITY COLLEGE UTRECHT,
student city. We are increasingly recognized as       NETHERLANDS
an innovative teaching and research institution,      University College Utrecht (UCU) is one of the
and for our singular approach to learning and         international honours colleges of Utrecht Uni-
doing. Though we have over 47,000 students            versity (Times Higher Education Ranking 2019
studying on our campuses, we are proud to offer       #74). UCU offers an honours level undergra-
1:27 faculty to student ratio, and many oppor-        duate education in Liberal Arts and Sciences.
tunities for hands on learning. Concordia offers      Together with their academic tutor, students
over 100 undergraduate programs and certifica-        compose their own curriculum. All 700 stu-
tes across four faculties: The Faculty of Arts and    dents, 50% international, live together on a
Sciences, The Faculty of Fine Arts, The John          residential campus near the city centre. Natur-
Molson School of Business, and The Gina Cody          ally, there are many activities on campus, from
School of Engineering and Computer Science.           performing arts to debating, from sports to book
                                                      clubs, all conducted in English.
Webster Leiden Campus provides an education           NETHERLANDS
within a dynamic and international environ-           University College Roosevelt is one of the two
ment. Our students represent more than 50             Liberal Arts and Sciences colleges associated
countries from around the world and our staff         with Utrecht University. At UCR, we offer broad
and faculty are just as diverse. We believe in        academic curriculum with over thirty disciplines
the development of global citizens. With our          in the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences,
internationally focused education our students        Sciences, and – from 2020 onwards – Enginee-
are much more than a number, as they receive          ring. Guided by the advice of academic facul-
personalized attention from professors. Our stu-      ty, you will gradually build your own individual
dents are strongly encouraged to become world         program. Move to our campus by the sea in
travelers and study abroad in other Webster           the town of Middelburg and become part of an
campuses in the US, Austria, Switzerland, Thai-       international community of 600 students.
land, China and Africa.
                                                      HOTEL SCHOOL THE HAGUE,
Tilburg University is a research university that      Are you professional, ambitious and do you
is known for its high-quality education, social       want to work in an international business en-
orientation, and strong campus feeling. Our           vironment? Then join us at Hotelschool The

Berlin Metropolitan School | University Fair 2019                                                    7
Hague for our Bachelor Programme in Hospita-        PRESENTATION PROGRAM:
lity Management (BA.HM), ranked top 5 world-        3:20pm-3:50pm – Study in Scotland
wide! Hotelschool The Hague has been, ‘At the       This talk will give you a general overview of
heart of Hospitality’ since 1929 and you join a     the Scottish degree system, highlighting some
warm, welcoming and international community         of the differences you may find between Scot-
in either The Hague or Amsterdam, with stu-         tish universities and those in the rest of the
dents from over 60 nationalities.                   UK, such as the MA structure, 4 year Honours
                                                    degree and advanced entry. It will also cover
LEIDEN UNIVERSITY, NETHERLANDS                      all Scottish universities and the wide range of
Leiden University is the oldest university in The   courses on offer.
Netherlands ranked in the top 100 universities
in the world (Times Higher Education). We offer     4:00pm-4:45pm – “Going Dutch”
14 different English-taught bachelors program-      The Netherlands offers a wide range of afforda-
me, across multiple disciplines and in two          ble educational opportunities for international
cities, Leiden and The Hague. Bachelors pro-        students. There are over 300 different English
grammes include subjects such as Psychology,        taught bachelor programmes. This presentation
International Relations and Archeology, as well     will focus on what are the study possibilities in
as new and innovating areas such as Security        The Netherlands, as well as a general explana-
Studies and Urban Studies. We also have a           tion of how to go about applying. The 5 diffe-
Liberal Arts and Science programme – Leiden         rent institutions represented range from Liberal
University College The Hague, that focuses on       Arts Colleges, to larger research universities, as
Global Challenges: Peace & Justice, Sustainabi-     well as universities of applied sciences: Leiden
lity, Diversity and Prosperity.                     University, Tilburg University, University College
                                                    Roosevelt, University College Utrecht and The
                                                    Hotel School The Hague. With such a wide
                                                    range of institutions, there is a study option for

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