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Specialty Doctor in Paediatrics
East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation
         William Harvey Hospital Ashford
Dear candidate,

Welcome to East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust.

We are a pioneering Trust, on an exciting journey of healthcare transformation, with award-winning
research and innovation, and a strong team ethos. We’re looking for positive clinical leaders who want
to help us deliver first-class patient care to a fascinating and complex population and be part of
something special.

We provide the full range of district general hospital services, and some regional specialities, including
the country’s best performing trauma unit and robotic surgery.

The William Harvey Hospital in Ashford, and Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother Hospital in
Margate, are east Kent’s district general hospitals, while Kent & Canterbury Hospital in Canterbury is a
specialist services hub which provides adult medical care, inpatient renal, urology and vascular
services. Our new hospital in Dover, the Buckland, and Royal Victoria Hospital, Folkestone, provide a
variety of outpatient, diagnostic and minor injury services, alongside a range of services throughout
the local area.

As you would expect from a large teaching Trust, we prize training doctors, nurses and other health
professionals and work closely with local universities and King’s College, University of London.

We are working closely with a nationally-renowned vanguard to drive pioneering local care, and have
a clear clinically-led strategy to transform secondary care in east Kent from next year to deliver
outstanding standards of care across all specialties. We support clinicians who see opportunities to
make tertiary care available locally for our population, and we have a strong research ethic, being the
highest recruiter to research studies in the county.

Our vision is ‘great healthcare from great people’, and we are proud of what we have achieved to date
for our population and are excited about what’s to come.

If you would like to be part of this exciting journey, your rewarding work-life will be complemented by
the advantages of living in the Garden of England, with a choice of rural, seaside and picturesque
places to enjoy and live in, alongside the essentials like excellent schools and easy access to London
– and Europe.

One of the largest acute trusts in England, we have a predicted turnover of £540 million for 2015/16.
We serve a population of 759,000 people, employ 7,950 staff and have 1,100 beds across three main
acute hospital sites. We achieved Foundation Trust status in 2009.

If you think this could be the start of something special, please apply as quickly as possible using the
electronic application form on the NHS Jobs website, because we will close the advert for this job
once we’ve received sufficient applications.

If you have a disability or long-term health problem, we are committed to offering reasonable
adjustments throughout the recruitment process and employment. If you would like more information
or support, please contact the Resourcing Team on 01227 866450 or resourcing@nhs.net, who will be
happy to help.

Yours faithfully,

Susan Acott – Chief Executive

August 2017
Our vision, mission and values

Our vision is: “Great healthcare from great people”

Our vision is deliberately simple but sums up what we want to achieve for every patient every

Our mission is: “Together we care: improving health and lives”

Our mission statement explains why we exist – what East Kent Hospitals is here to do.

Our values are:

Our values describe what’s important to us and what we want it to feel like to
work and be treated here.

Our priorities are:

We want to enable all our patients (and clients who are not ill) to take control of all aspects of
their healthcare by 2021.

We want to identify, recruit, educate and develop a talent pipeline of clinicians, healthcare
professionals and broader teams of leaders, skilled at delivering integrated care and
designing and implementing innovative solutions for performance improvement.

We want to clearly identify ‘what business we are in’, ‘what we want to be known for’ and
‘what our core services are’. We need to provide the right services and do it well.

We want to define and deliver sustainable services and patient pathways together with our
health and social care partners, by 2021.

 You can find out more about what we do on our website at www.ekhuft.nhs.uk and view our
organisational structure charts here.

August 2017
Job Description

Care Group Director:                             Karen Costello

Care Group Medical Director:                     TBC

Care Group Head of Nursing:                      Ursula Marsh

The Specialist Service Division formed in April 2011, bringing together the five clinical specialties of
Renal, Women’s Health, Child Health, Dermatology, and Cancer, Clinical Haematology and

The Specialist Services Division is unique in that the five distinct specialities are all different and
diverse services that are now working together within a common framework.

The Division is based across several Trust sites, as well as other sites within the local community.


Inpatient paediatric and neonatal services are located at the William Harvey Hospital (WHH) in
Ashford and the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital (QEQM) in Margate. Ambulatory
paediatric care is provided at Dolphin Ward, Kent and Canterbury Hospital (KCH), Canterbury and
Carousel Ward, Buckland Hospital, Dover. Community and outpatient services are provided in other
facilities. Community Child Health is integrated within the East Kent Hospitals Trust.

Training posts, which are recognised by the Royal College by the Royal College of Paediatrics and
Child Health, rotate across all inpatient and community facilities. Consultants are encouraged to have
a complementary range of sub-speciality interests that they provide across East Kent. In addition
there are visiting tertiary specialist clinics in endocrinology, paediatric surgery, cardiology, epilepsy,
neurology, genetics, and cystic fibrosis. Currently general paediatricians have special interests in
diabetes, gastroenterology, oncology, respiratory, allergy, cardiology, nephrology, rheumatology,
epilepsy, neonatology and urinary incontinence.


William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent.

WHH Paediatric Inpatient Service

Padua ward is a 32-bedded ward including an adolescent area and two HDU cubicles. Consultants
provide comprehensive cover as part of Consultant of the Week (COW). Surgical, orthopaedic and
ENT children are admitted under the care of the respective specialities but the General Paediatrician
is nominally responsible for all children admitted.

August 2017
There is a co-located Paediatric Day Assessment Unit (PDAU). Children referred by Primary Care
and A&E are assessed in the PDAU, from where they will be discharged (after a short period of
observation, if required) or admitted to Padua ward.

WHH Outpatient Paediatric Service

Co-located with Padua ward are 5 outpatient consulting rooms. The post holder when not on call, will
take part in clinics. Students, doctors in training participate in the clinics.. Some clinics are also run at
other sites within the locality, such as Buckland Hospital, Dover.

WHH Neonatal Unit

The neonatal intensive care unit is one of 4 level 3 neonatal units within the South East Coast
Operational Delivery Network (SEC ODN). There are 25 cots in total (7 NICU cots, 4 HDU cots and 14
SCBU cots) with plans to increase by a further 2 cots by re-allocation of neonatal cots from QEQM
special care unit. The neonatal unit provides full medical intensive care services including therapeutic
hypothermia, nitric oxide and management of extremely preterm infants. Activity is about 1800-2000
days/year of level 1 neonatal intensive care. There are approximately 4000 deliveries a year at WHH
and a total of approximately 7000 deliveries within the East Kent region.

Consultant staffing at the William Harvey Hospital NICU is provided by a team of 6 Consultants with
on call duties exclusively for the neonatal unit.

Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital

QEQM Paediatric Inpatient Service

Rainbow Ward is a purpose-built child-friendly ward with 20 beds. Consultants provide comprehensive
cover as part of Consultant of the Week (COW). Surgical and orthopaedic children are admitted under
the care of the respective specialities but the General Paediatrician is nominally responsible for all
children admitted Rainbow ward.

There is a co-located Children’s Assessment Unit (CAU) which is run by Advanced Nurse
Practitioner’s (ANP’s). Children referred by GP’s are assessed in the CAU, from where they will be
discharged (after a short period of observation, if required) or admitted to Rainbow ward. The ANP’s
are supported by the ward doctors.

QEQM Outpatient Paediatric Service

Clinics are held in the Broadstairs Suite at QEQM, which is a purpose built five consultant room
paediatric outpatient unit located opposite Rainbow ward. Some clinics are also run at other sites
within the locality, such as Estuary View Medical Centre in Whitstable. The post holder when not on
call, will take part in clinics. Students, doctors in training and middle grade level doctors participate in
the clinics.

QEQM Special Care Baby Unit

QEQM Hospital has a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) with 14 cots, providing level 1 care. Babies
from QEQM Hospital who require intensive care are transferred to the NICU at the William Harvey
Hospital. There is a nominated Paediatrician with a Special Interest in SCBU who assists with Clinical

August 2017
Leadership of the Unit and the Paediatric Consultant of the Week has responsibility for overseeing the
unit on a daily basis.

There are approximately 2500 delivery a year at QEQM.

Kent and Canterbury Hospital

At KCH there is an Ambulatory Unit, with a range of services including outpatient’s care for Day
surgery patients and a short stay paediatric assessment unit, which accepts primary care referrals.

The centre also houses the Mary Sheridan Centre for children with special educational needs,
physical disabilities and a range of neuro-developmental conditions including epilepsy and Autism.

Buckland Hospital

Buckland Hospital was rebuilt in 2015 and has a Children’s Assessment Unit, providing outpatients,
Community Paediatric Services and is the location for the EKHUFT Paediatric Safeguarding Team.

Greenbanks and Rainbow Child Development Centres

The Greenbanks and Rainbow Centre’s are purpose built Child Development Centres in the Thanet
and Ashford areas respectively. They house fully functional multi-disciplinary teams including OT,
Physic, Speech and Language Therapy, Clinical Psychology and Specialist Nurses. There are
Community Paediatricians based at the Centres.

We are a team of 31 paediatricians, working across East Kent Hospitals, including General
Paediatricians, Neonatologists and Community Paediatricians.            The table below details the
Paediatricians who work on the acute rota in the 2 acute hospitals, the WHH and QEQM.

                    Base EKHUFT                                    Other roles and Specialty
Name                                   Title                       Interest
Rahman MR           WHH Paediatrics    Consultant Paediatrician
Christian P         WHH Paediatrics    Consultant Paediatrician    Diabetes
Sharma V            WHH Paediatrics    Consultant Paediatrician    Gastroenterology
Siddiqui AA         WHH Paediatrics    Consultant Paediatrician    Epilepsy
                                                                   Cystic Fibrosis, respiratory,
Smith O             WHH Paediatrics    Consultant Paediatrician
Pandita SW          WHH Paediatrics    Consultant Paediatrician    A&E liaison
Urand C             WHH Paediatrics    Consultant Paediatrician
                                                                   Paediatrics, WHH
                                                                   Cardiology, Neonatalogy
Shah, V             WHH Paediatrics    Consultant Paediatrician    Named Dr for Child
                                                                   Community Paediatrics
                                       Consultant Community
Ogunbona, O         WHH Paediatrics                                Designated Dr for Child
Mode O              QEQM Paediatrics   Consultant Paediatrician    Cardiology

August 2017
Abdul Malik B        QEQM               Consultant Paediatrician   SCBU
Malik M              QEQM Paediatrics   Consultant Paediatrician   Gastroenterology
                                                                   EKHUFT Child Health
Price AA             QEQM Paediatrics   Consultant Paediatrician   Clinical Lead
Rfidah EI            QEQM Paediatrics   Consultant Paediatrician
                                                                   Nephrology (EKHUFT)
Satish B             QEQM Paediatrics   Consultant Paediatrician   Rheumatology
Stanek J             QEQM Paediatrics   Consultant Paediatrician   Epilepsy
Darne S              QEQM Paediatrics   Consultant Paediatrician
                                                                   Community Paediatrics
                                        Consultant Community
Ikpeme, O            QEQM Paediatrics                              Named Dr for Child


                     Base EKHUFT                                   Other roles and Specialty
Name                                    Title                      Interest
Vasu, V              WHH NICU           Neonatologist              Clinical Lead
                     WHH NICU           Neonatologist
Gupta, A
                     WHH NICU           Neonatologist              Neurodevelopmental
Chalmers, S
                     WHH NICU           Neonatologist
Mulla S
                     WHH NICU           Neonatologist
Mun, S


William Harvey Hospital:

There are 8 Specialty Doctors working full time at William Harvey Hospital in acute

There are 6 SPR’s in Paediatrics and Neonates –

        2 work in Acute Paediatrics during day
        2 work in Community Paediatrics during day
        2 work in NICU during day, all SPR’s take part in on-call rota in the evening, at night
         and on weekends in both Neonates and General Paediatrics.
        The Trust hosts medical students on attachment from GKT, UCL and Imperial Medical

   Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mother Hospital

August 2017
   5 Specialty Doctors
      3 Training Grades
      9 Junior Doctors
      1 F1



                                   AM              LUNCHTIME                  PM

         MONDAY            Paediatric                               Ward work

                           Ward Round

         TUESDAY           Ward Round                               Ward work

         WEDNESDAY         Ward round                               Ward work

         THURSDAY          Ward Round            Teaching           Ward work

         FRIDAY            Ward Round                               Ward work

At EKHUFT we are pleased to be offering Specialty Doctors in Paediatrics to join our dynamic Child
Health Team. The appointees will participate in a EWTD compliant full shift rota of middle grade on
call cover for Paediatrics at William Harvey Hospital in Ashford.

The Executive Team have recently approved a business case to expand the Child Health Consultant
Team and within this is the opportunity to develop our services as well as implement new and
innovative ways of working. As part of this programme of innovation we would like to develop the
service place to meet the demands and deliver a responsive and timely service to our local paediatric

The successful candidates will have enthusiasm and keen commitments to the Child Health
Department by participating in clinical governance, quality improvement and cross site working.

The jobs involve working on a full shift and therefore this job plan will be applicable only for
day duties.

August 2017
Other responsibilities include:

Candidate’s main area and work will be Acute Paediatrics and Paediatric Day Assessment Unit and on
occasions at Dolphin Ward at KCH.

               Communication:        This will include responsibility for and arrangement of:-
                           (i)       Communication and liaison with all other medical and service
                                     departments within the hospital.
                              (ii)   Communication with other hospitals.

               Teaching:             The post holder will be involved in teaching other doctors and
                                     medical students, nurses and other paramedical staff in the team
                                     in speciality and special interest.

Specialty Doctors are expected to participate in annual appraisal and undergo annual job plan review.

On Call Arrangements:

During on call candidates will have to provide cover for General Paediatrics.

The duties and responsibilities in this job description may need further discussion in the future
to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the service, future service developments
and the post holder.


The post will be appointed to under the Terms and Conditions of Service for Hospital Medical
and Dental Staff as amended from time to time. The post-holder is required to be fully
registered with the General Medical Council.

Salary TBC

Annual leave

Specialty doctors (with 2 full years completed) – 32 days

Study leave

August 2017
Study leave is available according to local agreements. All clinical staff are required to give
     eight weeks’ notice.

     Removal Expenses

     Where a practitioner intends to claim reimbursement of removal or associated expenses, it is
     important that he/she first obtains a copy of the Trust's policy on removal expenses and
     should discuss the proposals with the Personnel department prior to taking up duty.

     If you would like further information concerning this post, please contact Dr Vinit Shah Lead Clinician
     on 01233 616742 for Paediatrics WHH, and Dr Abigail Price for QEQM 01843 235128


   Criteria Group                  Essential                    Desirable             Measurement/
                                                                                     Testing method
                          Minimum NHS experience         2 years                 Application Form
    Experience             1 year                         Paediatrics
                          Specialty Specific

                          Full GMC Registration          NLS                     Application Form
       Skills             Minimum of English Level       APLS                    and evidence
                           2 (GCSE grade C or             EPLS                    bought to interview
                           equivalent), ILETS, or
                           graduate of a UK Medical
Values and                Welcoming and polite                                   Interview
Commitments –             Respect people and their
People feel cared          dignity
for as individuals        Attentive and helpful
                          Respect others’ time
                          Speak up on behalf of
                           those who can’t
Values and                Consistently safe                                      Application Form
Commitments –             Vigilant about safety                                  Interview
People feel safe,         Reassuringly professional
reassured and             Listen and clearly
involved                   communicate
                          Work as a team
Values and                Delivers the best                                      Application Form
Commitments –              outcomes                                               Interview
People feel               Take responsibility
confident we are          Appreciate good work
making a                  Always improving our
difference                 selves/services

     August 2017
Other                    Most roles require an on-                               Application Form
                          call commitment and                                     and evidence
                          travel across sites.                                    bought to interview
                          Candidates must be able
                          to demonstrate the ability
                          to travel effectively
                          between sites
                         Upholds and models the
                          Trust values

    How to apply

    Please apply for this post by completing an electronic application form on the NHS Jobs website.

    If you experience any difficulties completing your application form, please contact the Resourcing
    Team on 01227 866450 or resourcing@nhs.net for assistance before the closing date.

    Staff Benefits

    As an employee of EKHUFT you will have access to a world of exclusive discounts, savings and
    rewards that have been negotiated for you via our exclusive We Care Rewards internet portal.

    We understand that the cost of having children doesn’t stop at keeping them cared for while you’re at
    work. That’s why you can choose to take part of your salary in Childcare Vouchers to take advantage
    of important tax and NI savings.

    You can also access use of a brand new bicycle through our Bikes for Staff salary sacrifice scheme,
    part of the government’s Green Travel Plan.

    Other useful information
    East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest acute Trusts in the country.
    We have an income of c£500m and employ over 7000 staff. We care for a population of around
    720,000 people.

    We provide hospital services from three large hospitals in Ashford, Canterbury and Margate as well as
    two community hospitals in Dover and Folkestone.

    We became a Foundation Trust on 1 March 2009. This gives us greater freedom in making decisions
    about how we develop our hospital services and makes us more accountable to our local community.

    August 2017
NHS Foundation Trusts are a key part of the NHS. They are autonomous organisations, free from
central Government control. They decide how to improve their services and can retain any surpluses
they generate or borrow money to support these investments. They establish strong connections with
their local communities; local people can become members and governors.

These freedoms mean NHS Foundation Trusts can better shape their healthcare services around local
needs and priorities. NHS Foundation Trusts remain providers of healthcare according to core NHS
principles: free care, based on need and not ability to pay.

We are also a University Trust and deliver an excellent teaching programme for junior doctors and
provide placements for many medical students.

As part of your background research on East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust and the
NHS, you may find the following websites useful:

Further information about East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust is available on our
website: http://www.ekhuft.nhs.uk/home-page

The Trust Annual Reports and Plans are available on our website: http://www.ekhuft.nhs.uk/patients-

The constitution of East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust is available as follows and
includes full details of the public constituency, along with eligibility and disqualification criteria:

Monitor is the Independent Regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts. You will find a range of publications
and useful documents including the Foundation Trust Code of Governance on their website:

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of all health and social care services in
England: http://www.cqc.org.uk

The Department of Health has information including latest policy initiatives: www.dh.gov.uk

August 2017
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