elcome to Globetrender’s Elite Travel      has otherwise been turned upside-down by the            average length of stay is 33 days), manage their

                                                                                                                                                                               Cover image: Ultima Collection
                Trends forecast for 2021, produced in      Covid-19 virus, with Ultima Collection noting           businesses nomadically and have the support
                association with Ultima Collection.        that 95 per cent of its clients have been arriving      of healthy, dedicated staff in ways that they
       Launched in 2016, Ultima Collection caters          by private jet. Chatel says: “Those who have the        are accustomed to in their own homes. Chatel
    to the world’s most discerning clientele with a        means to fly private can travel twice as easily as      says: “Our clients like to have their daily routines.
    growing portfolio of 25 residences across six          those who travel commercial [airlines].”                They don’t want to be too shaken out of the
    European destinations (Courchevel, Geneva,                She adds: “What we saw from the second the           norm, especially if they are coming for a number
    Megève, Gstaad, Crans-Montana and Corfu),              word ‘pandemic’ came out was that everyone              of months.”
    which all come complete with signature design          was calling us because they wanted to have                 Although domestic travel will remain popular
    standards, services and safety protocols.              these homes away from home. They were                   throughout 2021 (meaning Greece, Switzerland
       Michala Chatel, managing partner for Ultima         looking for that safety model.”                         and France will be key markets for Ultima
    Collection, says: “At our new Courchevel                  With any luck, by spring 2021 the vaccine will       Collection), Chatel says that ultra-high net-
    property you get the feeling of being in a hotel       be privately available to those who can afford it.      worth individuals will continue to want to travel
    and all of the facilities that come with it but also   While in the UK it could cost many thousands of         internationally – “because they have the means”.
    the privacy of your own space. For example, you        pounds, for the travelling elite it will be worth it.
    can cook for yourself, get room service to your           Until then, “isolation vacations” (a term coined
    chalet or request a chef to come and cook for          by Globetrender) will be the default. With the
    you. It gives you more choice and autonomy.”           widespread adoption of remote working, and
       In this report, Globetrender examines               travel requirements from individual countries
    five trends (Private Buy-outs, Heli-Hopping,           and airlines continuing to be highly complex
    Home-to-Home Holidays, Ultra Itineraries and           (from Covid testing to immunity passports),
    Hyper Personalisation) that will be particularly       we can expect “fly less, stay longer” to be the
    meaningful among the 0.01 per cent in 2021, as         defining macro trend of the decade.
    the global Covid pandemic continues to demand             With this in mind, Ultima Collection is
    a recalibrated approach to travel.                     well placed to cater to the elite traveller of
       Fortunately, for the ultra-wealthy, money has       tomorrow who is looking to spend quality                JENNY SOUTHAN
    bought freedom and security in a world that            time with friends and family (Chatel says the           EDITOR AND FOUNDER OF GLOBETRENDER

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                               who has written about luxury travel for the likes of The                                 tomorrow’s travel industry – particularly with regards
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                               and Departures, John O’Ceallaigh is also founder                                         reported from wildlife stations in the Amazon, ultra-
                               of consultancy and content agency LUTE. Work                                             luxury Alpine chalets and warehouses at the frontier
                               assignments have led him from the depths of the                                          of urban gentrification, he’s passionate about the
                               Antarctic Peninsula to the foothills of the Himalayas.                                   ways in which travel can be made more ethical.

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                      At Globetrender, we focus on qualitative research          These are based on STEEP – Social, Technological,
                      underpinned by quantitative data.                          Economic, Environmental and Political – forces.

                      We always consider how the life cycle of a trend           Innovation is at the root of every trend, so we are
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                      late majority and, finally, the laggards.                  Just like news reporters, we ask the questions “who”,
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                      When searching for trends, we apply the “three times”      investigative journalists, we then dive much deeper.
                      rule. A one-time occurrence is an anomaly, twice is
                      a coincidence and three times is a trend, worthy of        By discovering multiple examples of a trend,
                      further exploration.                                       conducting desk- and field-based research,
                                                                                 interviewing insiders and producing case studies,
                      The identification and naming of trends is based on IOI:   “qualitative” proof of it is generated.
                      Intuition, Observation and Investigation. This is both a
                      creative and academic process.                             At Globetrender, we rely on our unique access
                                                                                 to travel industry experts and ongoing consumer
                      For every “micro” trend, we also consider the “macro”      observation to remain ahead of the curve.
                      trends that represent the wider cultural shifts in
                      consumer desires, motivations, values and behaviours       Email jenny@globetrender.com for bespoke
                      around the world.                                          consulting on the future of travel.

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                                                                               TREND 2.............................11

                                Q&A....................................... 7                                            CASE STUDY.................... 15
                                ULTIMA COLLECTION                                                                       ULTIMA COURCHEVEL

                                                                                                                        TREND 4............................ 17
                                                                                                                        ULTRA ITINERARIES
                                                                               TREND 3............................ 13
                                                                               HOME-TO-HOME HOLIDAYS

                                TREND 1.............................. 9
                                PRIVATE BUY-OUTS
                                                                                                                        TREND 5............................ 19
                                                                                                                        HYPER PERSONALISATION

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                       When Ultima Collection       believe that staycations     to focus on being with       At the beginning, we       How do you personalise
                       launched in 2016, what       will be a big thing for      their family. We help to     launched a concept         stays for guests?
                       problem was it setting       2021 – a lot of people       optimise every minute        called “Hideaways”,        We send out preference
                       out to solve?                will want to test the        they have. Our clients       which meant you could      sheets 30 days before
                       It was a matter of           water before they go         come for the staff as        rent our properties        arrival so that before
                       filling the gap in this      on a big trip – but from     much as they do for the      without services. But,     the clients get here, we
                       niche premium market         what I’ve seen there’s a     properties – we know         in the end, our clients    know a lot about them.
                       of property rentals,         crazy appetite for travel.   that the people are really   wanted our services        We also usually know
                       private residences and                                    part of the experience.      as well. Why? Because      through their assistant
                       chalets that don’t have      What is the average                                       we’re protocoled for       what activities they like
                       a branded service level      length of stay?              We have clients who          everything. We have        to do and make sure we
                       behind them. Our clients     We currently have a          follow our teams and         health and safety          have back-up plans if
                       know they get Ultima         three-year booking – so      make multiple bookings,      procedures in place        the weather is not going
                       Signature Services           far, that’s the longest      often because their kids     and guests trust our       to permit something.
                       wherever they stay and       – but the average            create these amazing         staff. For example,
Michala Chatel,        are reassured they will      length of stay at Ultima     bonds with the staff. We     we have a policy           The number of times our
managing partner for   be at a very high level.     Collection properties is     understand that parents      that suppliers leave       clients have said they
Ultima Collection                                   33 days.                     want to make sure their      deliveries outside         would like to go on a
                       How many properties                                       children are entertained,    and it’s our staff who     beautiful boat excursion,
                       do you have and in           What makes Ultima            stimulated, having fun       brings them inside so      or go to the beach and
                       which locations?             Collection unique in         and in safe hands with       there’s no contact with    have a picnic, only to
                       At the moment we             the luxury property          people they trust.           external people.           wake up and find that
                       have 25 residences           rental space?                                                                        it’s pouring with rain or
                       across six destinations      It’s definitely a mix        How have the needs           Our properties have        windy. Nevertheless,
                       in Switzerland,              between our real estate,     and demands of elite         private outdoor spaces,    our team will always
                       France and Greece            our interior design          travellers changed           pools, and spas that       be ready and waiting
                       (Geneva, Megève,             and Ultima signature         since the pandemic?          would be difficult to      with an alternative
                       Gstaad, Crans-Montana,       services. Our clients        I would say that             find in a luxury hotel.    set-up so there’s
                       Corfu and Courchevel –       feel at home whether         95 per cent of our clients   This is what makes our     never that element of
                       our newest).                 they’re in the Gstaad        travel by private jet.       properties so appealing.   disappointment or a
                                                    property, in Corfu or        The moment the word          Guests also see what       feeling of wasting time.
                       Where do you                 in Geneva, so it really      “pandemic” was used,         happens behind closed      The same goes for our
                       expect most of your          does appeal to people        old and new clients were     doors – what the chef      skiing properties. If it’s
                       bookings to be coming        maintaining a bubble.        calling us, wanting to       is doing, for example      foggy and guests can’t
                       from in 2021?                                             escape to one of our         – so we can offer that     go skiing, then we’ll
                       I think it will be a good    Our clients have a lot of    homes away from home.        transparency that you      have another activity
                       mix of both domestic         money but not a lot of       They were looking for        wouldn’t find in any       arranged for them
                       and international. I still   time, so they really want    that safety model.           other property.            that day.

ULTIMACOLLECTION.COM X GLOBETRENDER.COM                                                                                                                           7

Because our staff are                                                                                                                      operational, I would love

                                                                                                                                                                          Ultima Megève
able to give their full                                                                                                                    it if it we could expand
attention to our clients,                                                                                                                  somewhere more exotic
unlike in a hotel, we can                                                                                                                  and different.
really go out of our way
to give them what they                                                                                                                     What are your
want. We can buy all of                                                                                                                    predictions for the
their ski gear in advance                                                                                                                  elite travel market
or arrange for three or                                                                                                                    in 2021?
four different luxury                                                                                                                      I think that those who
brands to come up with                                                                                                                     can travel are going
selections of clothes to                                                                                                                   to keep doing so. Elite
shop in-house.                                                                                                                             travellers tend to be
                                                                                                                                           more flexible. For a
We have clients who                                                                                                                        start, those who have
might want to go to                                                                                                                        the means to fly private
a special restaurant                                                                                                                       can travel twice as
but don’t want to                                                                                                                          easily as those people
leave the house.                                                                                                                           who go by commercial
Before the pandemic,                                                                                                                       [airlines], as there are
takeaway from luxury                                                                                                                       roughly double the
restaurants wasn’t                                                                                                                         number of private
really an option. But                                                                                                                      airports in Europe.
we’ve always managed
to do that through                                                                                                                         The majority of our
our partnerships and                                                                                                                       clients have multiple
through good local          All of the properties in    How much does it            transportation from         those who seize the        residences so they
contacts. We can            the Ultima Collection       cost to buy out Ultima      whatever airport you’re     opportunity. But there’s   have the flexibility
arrange helicopter          portfolio have private      Collection properties?      arriving into and then      no point in growing for    of being able to say,
transfers, yoga             offices – pandemic or       The majority of our         all of the basics such as   the sake of growing. Our   ‘Let’s jump to London
instructors, spa            not, our clients need to    properties are full         tea, coffee, afternoon      business model is really   because we have a
treatments, oyster and      work. It could be a ski     buy-out. It’s one           snacks and breakfast.       about acquiring unique     place there’ or, ‘Let’s
champagne tastings –        vacation, it could be a     reservation only since                                  properties. The idea is    go to Geneva.’ I think
anything, really,           summer retreat – there’s    it’s a private residence.   What are Ultima             to stay concentrated       we will continue seeing
                            always a guest who          So you’re looking at        Collection’s ambitions      on Europe for now,         long-term stays and
How do you cater            needs an office and a       a price point of about      for growth?                 then once we have that     the products that really
to people who are           printer and a proper wifi   £100,000 to £150,000        Great possibilities         stability and all of the   appeals to them are the
remote working?             connection.                 a week, including staff,    present themselves to       properties are open and    private properties.

ULTIMACOLLECTION.COM X GLOBETRENDER.COM                                                                                                                               8
                                              BU Y-OUTS
                                             Luxury properties and operators are
                                             widening their exclusive-use options in
                                             response to a surge in demand for seclusion
                                             BY UWERN JONG

   ULTIMACOLLECTION.COM X GLOBETRENDER.COM                                                 9
Royal Residence, Raffles Maldives Meradhoo

      rivate buy-outs are not   on the up, especially       Hotel takeovers also offer     Others are benefiting

                                                                                                                                                                                   Four Seasons Ten Trinity Square/Istoria hotel
      a new thing for elite     for milestones that         the benefit of a range         from the trend by working
      travellers. But with      were missed during          of facilities that would       in different and innovative
the demand for exclusive-       the pandemic. With          otherwise have had to be       ways. The Retreat at
use burgeoning during           this, exclusive-use         shared with the public.        Blue Lagoon in Iceland,
the pandemic, so, too, has      properties are very much                                   for instance, offers a
the supply – with hoteliers     in demand, as well as       Examples range from            once-in-a-lifetime “shut-
and other travel suppliers      our Scott Dunn Private      Santorini’s 12-suite Istoria   down” experience, but
that did not previously         Limitless collection of     hotel, which is available      requires a four-night
consider touting buy-outs       chalets, yachts, private    for a single group for         minimum costing about
as a product now offering       islands and safari          €80,000 per week; to           £390,000. Lake Como’s
takeovers as a mainstay         retreats – this shows no    the Raffles Maldives           Grand Hotel Tremezzo,
into the year ahead.            sign of subsiding.”         Meradhoo, which                meanwhile, allows guests
                                                            can be taken over for          to buy-out parts of the
Jules Maury, who heads          Buy-outs are here to        US$1 million for up t0 70      property, including its
up Scott Dunn Private,          stay, even with renewed     guests for four nights.        extravagant, standalone
a membership platform           consumer confidence                                        Villa Sola Cabiati.
for elite travellers, says:     – they are secure,          Big chains are joining in
“As guests look ahead to        discreet and ideal for      too. Four Seasons              Some have gone even
2021, we continue to see        groups (reunions will       has a dedicated webpage        further to create new
multi-generational travel       be particularly popular).   (fourseasons.com/              products – take Red
                                                            meetings-and-events/           Carnation’s Ashford           point of about £100,000     rentals, such as CV
                                                            exclusives-and-buyouts),       Castle in Ireland, which      to £150,000 a week –        Villas, Onefinestay,
                                                            originally targeted at         has repurposed its            including staff, airport    Plum Guide and
                                                            corporates, but now            boathouse on Lough            transfers and some food     ThirdHome – the last
                                                            soliciting consumer            Corrib to create a            and drink.” She adds: “In   of which launched its
                                                            interests by marketing the     hideaway cottage for          Courchevel, which has       Reserve collection of
                                                            opportunity for groups to      exclusive use.                13 standalone chalets,      homes and yachts for
                                                            “Deepen Connections”.                                        we’ve seen a lot of         ultra-high net-worth
                                                                                           Ultima Collection has         groups combine two          members in 2019 –
                                                            At the same time, the          25 residences across six      chalets together. I think   are all reporting a
                                                            Six Senses Zil Pasyon          European destinations,        there’s a feeling of, ‘We   surge in enquiries for
                                                            hotel on Félicité Island       and the majority are          want to be our family,      rentals across the year,
                                                            in the Seychelles              full buy-out. Managing        be alone, but be able to    broadening the usual
                                                            can be booked                  partner Michala Chatel        pop over to each other      travel seasons. In fact,
                                                            exclusively for a week         says: “It’s one reservation   for dinner.’”               those who don’t react
                                                            via Turquoise Holidays,        only since it’s a private                                 quickly will find the best
                                                            costing from €330,000          residence. So you’re          Companies that              properties are booked
                                                            for up to 20 guests.           looking at an easy price      specialise in top-end       out in 2021.

 ULTIMACOLLECTION.COM X GLOBETRENDER.COM                                                                                                                                      10
Ultra-private and able to access the most remote
of locations – it’s no wonder helicopters have
become the ultimate travel accessory for 2021


                                                                                        between its Lake Como          remote private island,         remoteness has

                                                                                                                                                                                    Adobe Stock
                                                                                        and Lake Geneva                villa or chalet.” After all,   become the ultimate
                                                                                        properties, wafting over       why transfer to a hotel,       luxury. Original Travel
                                                                                        the Alps en route. Covid-      where there is a higher        noticed such a growth
                                                                                        secure and spectacular         risk of transmission, if       in interest in helicopter
                                                                                        all at once.                   you can find a remote          travel in 2020 that this
                                                                                                                       property with space for        year it is launching “Near
                                                                                        Ultima Collection has          your helicopter? “We           Frontiers”, a collection
                                                                                        also recognised that           have seen an increase [in      of trips to Europe’s most
                                                                                        helicopter travel is           demand] for properties         rugged wildernesses
                                                                                        highly desirable. In the       to rent with helipads,”        (think Transylvania and
                                                                                        past it has included           Gauthier confirms.             Swedish Lapland) –
                                                                                        heli-transfers from the                                       places off the beaten
                                                                                        airport to its European        No longer an                   track that are a cinch to
                                                                                        properties as part of          inconvenience, extreme         reach by helicopter.
                                                                                        the price of renting a
                                                                                        home for a week. (If
                                                                                        you need one, you only

       elicopters are on the   longer-term charters,        we land at an airport to    have to ask.) Its Megève
       ascent. Increasingly,   with super-rich clients      pick up our guests, who     residence has a helipad
       elite travellers        looking to hop safely and    have arrived by private     on-site (in the coming
looking to limit human         securely from properties     jet, and take them on to    months, the elite will
contact are bypassing          to hotels to yachts.         their accommodation         more commonly look
airport check-ins and          Fellow charter company       in, for example,            for this feature), while its
car transfers and flying       Apollo Air Services noted    the mountains or a          other properties have
directly to helipad-friendly   a 40 per cent increase       remote Mediterranean        them nearby.
destinations. The appeal       in helicopter enquiries in   island.” She adds:
is twofold – helicopters       May 2020 compared with       “Helicopters provide the    Heli-friendly
offer both a Covid-secure      the same period in 2019.     ultimate freedom.”          accommodation is
means of transport as well                                                              going to be a top
as the opportunity to reach    “Individuals charter         In 2020, Mandarin           priority in 2021. Julie
more remote destinations       helicopters as it makes      Oriental was quick to       Gauthier, founder of
and excursions.                their life easier,” says     innovate by offering a      villa and chalet rental
                               Charlotte Pedersen, chief     “Lake-to-Lake Private      company Art de Vivre
As travel restrictions         executive of Luxaviation’s   Helicopter Experience”      Collection, says: “Clients
tightened, Luxaviation         helicopter division. “Our    as part of a €10,000 two-   are looking for a swift,
noticed a significant          helicopters are often        night hotel-stay package.   low- or no-risk means of
rise both in helicopter        used to fly owners to        The 75-minute chopper       arrival and the privacy
ownership requests and         their end destination –      transfer took people        and relative safety of a

 ULTIMACOLLECTION.COM X GLOBETRENDER.COM                                                                                                                                       12
   ‘Fly less, stay longer’ will continue to be a
   mantra this year, with top-end travellers
   opting to base themselves in sumptuous
   private residences for extended periods

ULTIMACOLLECTION.COM X GLOBETRENDER.COM                                       13
                                                   Airbnb Luxe, Wanaka, New Zealand

      lite travellers aren’t   obligatory Covid tests         or launching completely     more solitary luxury

                                                                                                                                                                                 Airbnb Luxe, Wanaka; Aman Residence, New York
      prepared to return to    made the usual pitter-         new products.               home-stays is more than
      the hotel buffet just    patter of short-term                                       a blip. “I think we can
yet. In 2021, we expect        mini-breaks infeasible.        Luxury Greek hotel          expect more people to
to see ultra-high net-                                        Elivi Skiathos has          look to travel in this way
worth guests temporarily       Despite breakthroughs          introduced a range of       in 2021, with an emphasis
relocating to homely           with various Covid-19          in-villa experiences        on seclusion and places
private residences where       vaccines, volatile travel      for guests to enjoy         to disconnect where they
they can work and play for     restrictions continue to       from the safety of their    can work remotely if they
extended periods.              jeopardise even the most       travel bubble. Private      wish to and unwind in
                               considerately laid plans;      film screenings on the      private surroundings.”
Over the coming year we’ll     for elite travellers looking   terrace, spa treatments
see travellers across the      to go away without             and private bespoke         Meanwhile, high-
board taking fewer flights     complication, settling         dinners are some of the     end hotel groups are
but staying in their chosen    into a home-away-from-         new services that guests    continuing to grow their
destination for a longer       home will become the           staying in its Swan Villa   portfolios of private
period of time. This “fly      new normal. Accordingly,       can now expect.             residences. One&Only
less, stay longer” mentality   a roster of hospitality                                    will launch ten private
is a vestige from 2020,        brands, both veterans          Vivi Nathanailidou, co-     homes in Montenegro
the year in which unstable     and newcomers, are             owner of Elivi Skiathos,    in spring, while Aman
travel corridors and           tweaking their offerings       says this move towards      has three residence
                                                                                          collections slated for the
                                                                                          coming years.

                                                                                          In the meantime,             Ultima Collection has       proper office, which all of
                                                                                          Demand for Rosewood          become an expert in         our residences offer.”
                                                                                          Residences (for-sale         creating home-to-home
                                                                                          homes and for-lease          holidays. Michala Chatel,   She adds: “People want
                                                                                          serviced apartments          its managing partner,       to stay somewhere
                                                                                          in Rosewood Hotels &         says: “A lot of people      where they don’t feel
                                                                                          Resorts properties) were     looking for a long-term     like their life has been
                                                                                          up 48 per cent year-on-      rental have children        negatively disrupted.
                                                                                          year in 2020. Those who      doing online classes and    They’re actually in a
                                                                                          book a stint, for example,   being home-schooled         better situation because
                                                                                          at the Rosewood Miramar      so there has to be a        they’re in a beautiful
                                                                                          Beach, California, can       space that’s convenient     place, have great service
                                                                                          choose a two-bedroom         for them. One or both       and a change of scenery,
                                                                                          house with twice-daily       parents will also be        plus all of the facilities
                                                                                          housekeeping.                working so they need a      that they could need.”

 ULTIMACOLLECTION.COM X GLOBETRENDER.COM                                                                                                                                    14

      The newest addition to the top-class Ultima
      Collection portfolio, this luxury 13-chalet property’s
      facilities are as spectacular as its Alpine setting

                                                             to all, the property’s new    and Bahia Blanca marble        winter ski destinations        intermediates will
                                                             restaurant and terrace        and teak, and beautifully      and also home to Val           soon find their way
                                                             promises to be one of         illuminated by Baccarat        Thorens and Méribel,           thanks to empathetic,
                                                             the most alluring drinking    crystal chandeliers.           Ultima Courchevel              expert tutelage from
                                                             and dining destinations in                                   provides guests with           multilingual Ultima ski
                                                             all of Courchevel.            Amble through any of the       ski-in and ski-out access      instructors. Their respect
                                                                                           four- and five-bedroom         and is surrounded by           and admiration for Ultima
                                                             As the latest addition        chalets – which can            600km of superbly              Courchevel’s awe-
                                                             to the Ultima Collection      be booked individually         maintained slopes that         inspiring mountain home
                                                             portfolio of prestigious      or collectively for            are linked by 166 ski lifts.   is unsurpassed. As when
                                                             private villas, residences,   the ultimate Alpine                                           dealing with any member
                                                             hotel, resort and spas        party – and you can            Proficient skiers will         of the Ultima Collection
                                                             already established in        expect to see bronze-          discover the potential         team, guests in their care
                                                             Gstaad, Crans-Montana,        covered mantelpieces,          itineraries awaiting           can be assured that they
                                                             Megève, Geneva and            chesterfield bed heads         them are truly endless,        are in the steadiest and
                                                             Corfu, Ultima Courchevel      and decorative features        while beginners and            safest of hands.
                                                             will of course also offer     sheathed in nubuck
                                                             the full array of Ultima      leather. Wooden
                                                             signature services.           furniture and features

      et in the refined         Comprising 13 sprawling      Among other things, that      are everywhere, imbuing
      Belvédère                 standalone chalets that      means that a concierge,       this hideaway with an
      neighbourhood             handsomely provide the       chauffeur and private         all-natural atmosphere
on the slopes of the            exclusivity and privacy      chef are always on call,      that is wonderfully
Tarentaise Valley and           expected by the elite        and that stays here           cosy and deeply
with views of Dent du           Courchevel fraternity, the   – whether for a week-         calming. Throughout,
Villard’s soaring summit        property also delivers       long holiday or full-         floor-to-ceiling
stretching just beyond          all of the facilities that   season residency – can        windows and generous
its perimeter, the              guests tend to encounter     be tailored entirely to       balconies mean Ultima
newly revealed Ultima           in the grandest of fully     guests’ preferences.          Courchevel’s spectacular
Courchevel occupies a           serviced resorts.                                          setting is never out of
prime position in what is                                    Another consistency           sight or mind.
the ne plus ultra of rarefied   Accessible only to           across the portfolio
French Alps ski resorts.        residents, its wellness,     is a commitment               Guests inspired to
The first guests to check       beauty and fitness           to craftsmanship,             explore that setting
in can expect their             amenities include two        expressed through             further can do so
stay to reach the same          world-class spas – an        the use of the finest         effortlessly. Located in
spectacular heights as the      in-out swimming pool         materials. The Ultima spa     the heart of the Three
snow-capped mountains           is one of the show-          and treatment rooms are       Valleys (Les Trois Vallées),
that surround them.             stopping features. Open      finished in Kelsey Grey       one of the world’s largest

 ULTIMACOLLECTION.COM X GLOBETRENDER.COM                                                                                                                                        16
  Determined to make up for lost time, elite
  travellers will make this year the one that
  they embark on the journey of a lifetime,
  one that truly enriches mind, body and soul


       ever has the phrase     deep understanding of          Tour operator Scott

                                                                                                                                                                                    Meridian Adventure Sail
       carpe diem had          the culture.”                  Dunn is also focusing on
       more resonance. In                                     blowout bonanzas. So
2021, elite travellers will    In 2022, A&K will be           confident is it in travel
be pushing for ever-more       launching multi-               being a spending priority
creative and astounding        continental “air cruises”      for the years ahead that
ways to seize the day, with    by private jet. The first      it has launched a new
luxury travel providers        trip, “Around the World        membership platform,
reporting strong take-         with Geoffrey Kent”, will      Scott Dunn Private.
up of once-in-a-lifetime       offer guests 26 days
journeys and experiences.      with the man himself,          “Our guests cannot
The “bucket list”, however,    for £130,000.                  wait to travel the world
will be out of favour –                                       again in serious style.
instead, they will want        It will start in Japan, with   We’ll open all the right
deeper, more expansive         dinner at the 2,000-year-      doors to ensure that
and more profound              old Keta Taisha shrine,        trips are unforgettable,
adventures for the body,       before heading to              like those in the Scott
mind and soul.                 Myanmar’s Irrawaddy            Dunn Private Limitless
                               river. A short hop to Hanoi    collection – spanning         superyachts, submarines,      out you’re delayed by         something. The company
“This past year has left our   will educate travellers        incredible private islands,   helicopters and private       two days and there’s a        can arrange anything
guests with a deep longing     about the Vietnam War          yachts, chalets, villas       jets. Founder Henry           massive storm coming          from a cigar and whiskey
to explore – whether that      by introducing them to         and safari retreats,” says    Cookson says: “Over the       in. We’re very honest         tasting with a string
be a completely new            veterans from both sides       Jules Maury, who heads        past few months we’ve         about it – I’ve actually      quartet, or an early-
culture or marvelling at       of the conflict, to be         up the new division.          had a huge uptake from        turned down business          morning ride on a piste
exotic wildlife – as well      followed by a jaunt to the     Itineraries include a         clients who were not on       because someone has           caterpillar that grooms
as a desire to connect         royal enclave of Luang         trip to Italy for a private   our radar before.”            said they can only come       the ski slopes before
with like-minded               Prabang in Laos. The jet       audience with the Pope                                      for the week,” he says.       anyone else arrives, to
people,” says Geoffrey         then heads down to the         or a personal recital         However, he says that                                       cycling with a Tour de
Kent, founder of luxury        Maldives before taking         by Andrea Bocelli in a        owing to the nature of        Michala Chatel,               France winner.
operator Abercrombie           in architectural Asmara        palazzo, before heading       some of the extreme           managing partner for
& Kent (A&K). “With the        in Eritrea and voodoo-         to Tuscany in a supercar.     environments he takes         Ultima Collection, says       “We have access to
availability of a vaccine,     mysticism in Benin.                                          people to, such as            that guests staying at        really cool people,”
clients are ready to go on     From Africa, the journey       Cookson Adventures            Antarctica, getting clients   its exclusive properties      Chatel says. “We can do
journeys that are not about    moves to Brazil’s Lençóis      excels in highly bespoke      to build enough time          have access to a vast         anything. Because we
checking places off a list     Maranhenses National           “ultra itineraries” to        into their itineraries can    array of experiences and      know our clients so well
but about discovering new      Park and afterwards            remote destinations with      be a challenge. “It would     activities, with everything   before they even arrive,
experiences in often           joins a festive Mardi          the support of world-         be an awful shame if          tailored to the client and    we get inspired to create
overlooked destinations,       Gras-style celebration in      renowned scientists and       you’ve booked a week-         plenty of back-ups if the     incredible experiences
led by experts with a          New Orleans.                   resident doctors, using       long holiday and find         weather doesn’t allow for     for them.”

 ULTIMACOLLECTION.COM X GLOBETRENDER.COM                                                                                                                                       18
        Taking the time and care to anticipate exactly what
        guests need and make their trip truly special is
        what will set luxury travel providers apart this year

ULTIMACOLLECTION.COM X GLOBETRENDER.COM                                   19
                                                                Rosewood London

      hilippe Brown,            Cookson Adventures                                                                     candle and artwork         personalised itinerary. On

                                                                                                                                                                                   Cookson Adventures
      founder of tour           lunch party, pictured                                                                  proclivities. Managing     one occasion, the owner
      operator Brown +          right, in Svalbard,                                                                    partner Michala Chatel     arranged for a local artist
Hudson, has seen his            an archipelago in                                                                      says: “We have a really    to sketch guests from a
clients increasingly come       the Arctic Ocean.)                                                                     good idea of what our      distance throughout their
to the same realisation.        Personalisation done                                                                   guests like and what       stay and then presented
“People are becoming            properly reaps huge                                                                    they like to do.” Once     them with a series of
more interested in their        rewards for everybody.                                                                 embedded, unlike in a      portraits upon check-out.
inner wellbeing: happiness,                                                                                            hotel, guests staying
fulfilment, connection,” he     Showing just how far you                                                               in Ultima Collection       On a recent visit to the
says. For his company that      can take this premise,                                                                 residences have the        JW Marriott Maldives
means there is a growing        Untold Story Travel’s                                                                  staff all to themselves    I was impressed
emphasis not on where           “Journey to Yourself”                                                                  so they get their full     when restaurant staff
they should travel, but why.    maps a client’s DNA                                                                    attention. The company     unilaterally listed my
                                so the tour operator                                                                   can stock wardrobes        dietary requirements –
To better understand the        can create an intimate                                                                 with clothes and ski       I had provided them to
motivations of individual       journey into their own                                                                 gear ready to wear and     sister Marriott property
clients and recommend           ancestry. Still, little                                                                even organise bespoke      the St Regis Maldives
trips accordingly, in 2021      gestures can also have                                                                 medical procedures         Vommuli Resort on a
the company will ask them       a big impact – the                                                                     such as DNA testing and    visit a year earlier.
to take a new online VIP        company might consult                                                                  illness screening.
test devised by two travel-     a client’s staff to have a                                                                                        Another agreeable
focused psychologists.          favourite type of pillow                                                               Hotels that build          culinary approach is
It will analyse “values”,       waiting in their suite.                                                                up detailed guest          taken at Twin Farms in
“interests” and “personality”   As co-founder Chris                                                                    profiles have endless      Vermont, where there
to underpin truly bespoke       Brunning says: “Small                                                                  opportunities to           are no menus. Instead,
trips far removed from          personal touches make a                                                                personalise their          chefs create dishes
those listed in mass-           lasting impression.”                                                                   experiences. With stays    for every guest based
market holiday brochures.                                                                                              only offered to a select   on a consultation form
                                Jamsheed Pocha,                                                                        few club members, “the     they fill in prior to arrival.
When it comes to the            co-founder of travel         about leaving his familiar   Ultima Collection also       world’s first itinerant    In Kenya, Roar Africa
elite travel sector, it’s an    and lifestyle agency the     office behind on an          takes personalisation        hotel”, 700,000 Heures     gifted one client her
approach that makes             Pelican Club, believes       extended Caribbean           extremely seriously.         – which moves to a         dream birthday bash by
sense – if the traveller has    that “there are some         “workation”, Pocha’s         The company begins by        different location every   organising a Downton
the means to pay for it,        things you can only          team contacted his PA        sending out preference       six months – essentially   Abbey-themed party
why wouldn’t you delight        understand by knowing        to replicate the setting     sheets to guests 30 days     caters to friends and      at Finch Hattons luxury
them with an experience         someone personally”.         in his new seaside           before arrival, asking for   family, meaning there’s    camp. Incongruous?
that is completely made         When one client              hideaway – he settled        everything from food and     scope to provide           Certainly, but it was just
to measure? (Consider this      expressed hesitation         into island life nicely.     pillow choices to scented    every guest with a         what the woman wanted.

 ULTIMACOLLECTION.COM X GLOBETRENDER.COM                                                                                                                                     20

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