CONVERSATIONS                              A SUMMARY
CONTENTS                                                                                                             OVERVIEW SINGAPORE, TOGETHER

                                                                                                                     The COVID-19 pandemic is
                                                                                                                     the most significant crisis to

                                                                                                                     confront Singapore in many
                                                                                                                     years. Our country responded in
                                                                                                                     an extraordinary way.
                                                                   A SUMMARY
                                                                                                                     We took precautions to keep
                                                                                                                     our loved ones and fellow
                                                                                                                     Singaporeans      safe.     Many
                                                                   03      OVERVIEW                                  stepped up to help those in need.
                                                                           Singapore, Together                       The government intervened with
                                                                           COVID-19 Reflections                      four    Budgets     to   support
                                                                                                                     individuals, households, and
                                                                   05      OUR VOICES                                businesses.
                                                                           Numbers at a Glance
                                                                           Key Themes                                As we make difficult adjustments
                                                                           1. Social Support                         to overcome COVID-19, we want
                                                                           2. National Identity & Shared Values      to come together, to reflect and
                                                                           3. Jobs & Economy                         discuss how to forge a better
                                                                           4. Digitalisation & Technology            way forward.
                                                                           5. Governance & Civic Engagement
                                                                           6. Education & Training                   This was why the Emerging
                                                                           7. Health & Wellbeing                     Stronger Conversations (ESCs)
                                                                           8. Caring For Seniors                     were launched in June 2020.
                                                                           9. Our Diverse Singapore Community        The ESCs are part of the
                                                                           10. Environment                           Singapore Together movement,
                                                                           11. Family                                which is about Singaporeans
                                                                           12. Race & Religion                       working with one another for a
                                                                           13. National Security & Total Defence     better future.
                                                                           14, Arts & Sports
                                                                           15. Built Environment & Liveability       16,900 Singaporeans across
                                                                                                                     diverse     backgrounds     have
                                                                   12      FEATURES                                  participated and shared their
                                                                           Deep Dive Conversations                   views in these ESCs, and in
                                                                           Community-led Conversations               surveys and feedback platforms.
                                                                                                                     Sessions were also held in
                                                                   18      OPPORTUNITIES TO ACT			                   mother tongue languages, and a
                                                                                                                     special effort was made to reach    Sharing our views and listening to one another during the virtual ESCs.
                                                                                                                     persons with disabilities.          Photo credit: Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth

                                                                                                                     This report reflects our voices.    can find happiness, prosperity,            to come up with solutions. There
                                                                                                                                                         and progress.                              will be further conversations on
                                                                                                                     We may have differing views,                                                   specific     issues.   Singapore
                                                                                                                     but we share a common hope          Our conversations cannot stop              Together Alliances for Action
                                                                                                                     for a more united people, a         here. The pandemic is not over.            (AfAs) and other partnerships
                                                                                                                     more just and equal society,        We need to keep conversing with            will be formed, so we can
                The Singapore Together Emerging Stronger Conversations - A Summary is a reflection                   and a place where each of us        one another, and work together             tackle key issues together.
    of the voices of the people of Singapore. It presents our rich diversity of views and our hopes for Singapore.

2                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  3
OVERVIEW COVID-19 REFLECTIONS                                                                     OUR VOICES NUMBERS AT A GLANCE

COVID-19                                                                                          Numbers At                                           88            SINGAPORE TOGETHER
                                                                                                                                                                     EMERGING STRONGER CONVERSATIONS

Reflections                                                                                       A Glance
                                                                                                                                                       4,400                          PARTICIPANTS

COVID-19 has affected many aspects of our lives.
Here are a few reflections from Singaporeans.
                                                                                                                                                       12,500                            SURVEY
                                                                                                                                                                                                       As at 31 December 2020
                                                                                                  KEY THEMES
                                                                                                  These are the most discussed topics across the ESCs:

                                                                                                   1    Social Support 17%

                                                                                                   2    National Identity & Shared Values 16%

                                                                                                   3    Jobs & Economy 14%

                                                                                                   4    Digitalisation & Technology 10%                                        PARTICIPANTS’ PROFILE
                                                                                                   5    Governance & Civic Engagement 9%                                        Male 54%

                                                                                                                                                                                Female 44%
                                                                                                   6    Education & Training 8%
                                                                                                                                                                                  Not Stated 2%

                                                                                                   7    Health & Wellbeing 6%                   Ethnicity

                                                                                                                                                 73%                                                       13%       6% 6%       2%
                                                                                                   8    Caring For Seniors 4%

Dear COVID-19, You taught us          Dear COVID-19, thank you for                                                                                Chinese         Indian         Malay        Others           Not Stated
many lessons... You taught us         forcing me out of my comfort                                      Our Diverse Singapore
                                                                                                   9    Community 4%
that the world is now more            zone. Thank you for making me
connected than it ever was            uncomfortable. Thank you for
                                                                                                  10    Environment 3%                          Age
before, that what we deem other       making us think of new things
countries’ problems can become        that we have never thought
ours faster than we would like to     about prior to your existence.”                                                                                                       46 - 55
                                                                                                  11    Family 3%
think. You taught us that mutual                                                                                                                                             17%
                                                                                                                                                                                            56 - 65
consideration, care for our           FARHAN SHAH                                                                                                                                             9%
neighbour, cooperation and            Musician                                                          Race &
                                                                                                  12    Religion 2%                                     36 - 45                                       66+ 4%
personal sacrifice were still
virtues as they have always
                                                                                                                National Security                                                            Not Stated 5%
been. You taught us that                                                                          13            & Total Defence 1%
individual actions do matter, and                                       You can
thus, we all can make it through...                                      share your own story                 Arts &
together.”                                                                 at Stories of Us at                Sports 0.5%                                                                  15 - 25
                                                                        www.storiesofus.gov.sg.                                                                   26 - 35                   19%
ELSIE TAN                                                                                                     Built Environment
                                                                                                  15          & Liveability 0.5%
Healthcare Worker
                                                                                                  Others 2%

4                                                                                                                                                                                                                            5
OUR VOICES KEY THEMES                                                                                    OUR VOICES KEY THEMES

15 Key
Singaporeans were
forthcoming in sharing                                                                                                                                    6   EDUCATION & TRAINING
views on a wide range
of issues. There were               1   SOCIAL SUPPORT                                                                                                   • Our education system
open-ended sessions                 •   Dignity of the less                                                                                              • Support for teachers and students
exploring our hopes                     privileged                                                       5   GOVERNANCE &                                • Lifelong education and training
for Singapore, and                                                                                           CIVIC ENGAGEMENT
                                    •   Protection of
thematic sessions
on topics like our
                                        vulnerable segments                                              • Deeper citizen participation
                                    •   Support for giving                                                   for more inclusive governance
economy, sustainability
and ageing.                             and volunteerism                                                 • Calls for more conversations

                                                                          2   NATIONAL IDENTITY
                                                                              & SHARED VALUES
                                                                          • A compassionate                                                                                      8   CARING FOR SENIORS
                                                                              and cohesive society                                                                               • Care and support for seniors
                                                                          • A resilient and                                                                                      • Digital literacy for seniors
                                                                              inclusive society
                                                                          • A broader definition                               7   HEALTH & WELLBEING
                                                                              of success                                       • Coping with the pandemic
                                                                          • Creating more space                                • Mental wellness as a priority
                                                                              for honest conversations
                                                                          • Our cultural resources
            3   JOBS & ECONOMY
           • Rethinking work
                and the workforce
           • Support for essential workers
                and more vulnerable workers
           • Support for jobseekers
           • Support for local companies                                                                                                                                    10   ENVIRONMENT
                and workers                                                                                                                                                 • Keeping our focus on
           • New growth areas and our                                                                                                                                            environmental sustainability
                position as an economic hub
                                                          4   DIGITALISATION                                      9   OUR DIVERSE
                                                              & TECHNOLOGY                                                                                                  • Responsible consumption
           • Definitions of success for                                                                               SINGAPORE COMMUNITY                                        and waste management
                                                         • Bridging the digital divide                            • An inclusive community for
                businesses and the economy                                                                                                                                  • Strengthening Singapore’s
                                                         • Transforming our jobs,                                     both locals and foreigners
                                                                                                                                                                                 food security
                                                              businesses and economy                              • Appreciation for migrant workers
                                                         • Harnessing technology for                                  and care for their welfare
                                                              better social connections                           • More transparent employment
                                                         • Concerns over privacy, cyber                               practices regarding locals and
                                                              security, and misinformation                            foreigners

6                                                                                                                                                                                                               7
OUR VOICES KEY THEMES                                                                                         OUR VOICES KEY THEMES

                                                                                                                                      I appreciated the opportunity to be       Honestly the pandemic challenged
                                                                                                                                      able to share my perspectives in a        me in so many ways; as an individual,
                                                                                                                                      safe space free of judgement. The         as a family member, as an employee
                                                                                                                                      facilitator was very encouraging. It      and as a volunteer in the community.
                                                                                                                                      was also a joy to be able to connect      One memorable lesson I have learnt
                                                                                                                                      with fellow Singaporeans both young       is that as individuals, we have the
                                                                                                                                      and old, and hear their stories of        power to make small changes around
                                                                            12   RACE & RELIGION                                      dreams and hopes. It was energising       us. No good deed is ever too small.
11   FAMILY                                                                 • Importance of multiracialism,
                                                                                                               DRUGA RAJENDRAN
                                                                                                                                      for me.                                   My friends and I felt that we should
• Importance of families and                                                     mutual understanding and                                                                       do something for our migrant
     providing them support                                                      cohesion                                             As a youth volunteer I spend a lot of     brothers during the fasting month.
• Family violence in Singapore                                                                                                        time talking to youths; listening to      We got together, raised money
                                                                            • Race and religion in
                                                                                                                                      their concerns, needs, fears and          amongst family and friends and
                                                                                 our education system
                                                                                                                                      hopes. I registered for the ESC so that   arranged for care packs to be
                                                                            • Constructive dialogue                                   I can communicate these fears, needs      delivered to the dorms with the
                                                                                 on race and religion                                 and aspirations to decision makers. I     support of several individuals and
                                                                                                                                      also wanted to be able to hear others’    ground-up movements involved in
                                                                                                                                      opinions, thoughts and ideas. As a        the migrant worker cause.
                                                                                                                                      community builder, it is important
                                                                                                                                      that we understand the pain points        I must add the pandemic also
                                                                                                                                      and hopes of our people so that we        offered me time to rest and spend
                                                                                                                                      can help design and execute               time with my family members. It
                                                                                                                                      initiatives in our three feet of          certainly helped to strengthen our
                                                                                                                                      influence to build a more caring,         relationship and reminded me of the
                                                                                                                                      inclusive and resilient Singapore.        importance of family.”
                                 13   NATIONAL SECURITY
                                      & TOTAL DEFENCE
                                 • Opportunity to reinforce
                                      the importance of defence
                                 • Encouraging more ground
                                      participation in Total Defence                                                                  During the session, I discussed how       millennials care too. I feel that there
                                 • Strengthen social and                                                                              COVID-19 has allowed the whole            should be more opportunities for
                                      psychological defence                                                                           world to pause, which showed the          intergenerational dialogues, so that
                                      through a kinder and more                                                                       good side, the humane part of             there will be better understanding
                                      inclusive Singapore                                                                             Singaporeans. The crisis underscored      and each generation can understand
                                                                                                                                      the need for each and every one of        each other’s perspectives.
                                 • Increase support for
                                                                       15   BUILT ENVIRONMENT                                         us to play our part in society. At the
                                      National Service personnel
                                                                            & LIVEABILITY                                             same time, I believe it’s important we    To me, the pandemic revealed that
                                                                                                              ANNA LEONG SIEW SAN     provide a safe environment for            we have lots of resources available
                                                                       • Enhancing flat design                  Leadership Coach      people to air and share their views.      and a huge network of relationships.
                                                                            and estate infrastructure
                                                                                                                                      The challenges we have are complex        There are all kinds of people in the
                                                                            to address new needs
                                                                                                                                      as we mature. Singaporeans are            world and we have the choice to be
                                                                       • Supporting Singaporeans                                      varied and diverse, and all views         with who we want to be.
                                                                            with their housing needs                                  need to be heard.
                                                                       • Aspirations for                                                                                        Amidst today’s crisis, what never fails
                                                                            a sustainable city                                        Being the only one from the Merdeka       to encourage me is Singapore’s
                                                                                                                                      generation in my group, I was             resilience to pull through together
                                                                       • Building a more resilient and
                                                                                                                                      encouraged to see that the                and come out stronger than before.”
          14   ARTS & SPORTS                                                cohesive Built Environment
                                                                            (BE) sector
         • Sustaining arts and sports
         • Appreciation for
               the arts sector

8                                                                                                                                                                                                                    9
OUR VOICES KEY THEMES                                                                                     OUR VOICES KEY THEMES

                        I hope to see more transparency and      The drive towards becoming a kinder,                             There are a lot of stress points in          achieved when the people, public
                        open      conversation     with   the    more inclusive Singapore, where we                               families; not just relating to work or       and private sectors come together.
                        government and I’m glad they’re          look out for each other and strive to                            school, but also in terms of
                        open to listening to our thoughts and    lift the bottom, doesn’t rest with the                           relationships as well as mental              We must provide opportunities for
                        ideas. I hope we’re able to help shift   government alone; it takes two hands                             health. All that needs to be looked          change makers to come together to
                        policies towards building a kinder,      to clap. Civic consciousness does                                into and addressed.                          explore collaboration and ideas for a
                        more inclusive society, to lift the      start from the top, and I hope we can                                                                         better future.”
       TJIN LEE         bottom and prepare our next              also call for more openness,                                     There are resources available, but
                        generation for the disrupted future      transparency and graciousness from        CAROL LOI PUI WAN      many families may not know who to
     Entrepreneur                                                                                           Founder of Village
                        that lies ahead.                         those in power. Above all, I hope we                             turn to in their hour of need. I believe
                                                                 can prepare the next generation for          Consultancy         that a lot more synergy can be
                        I’m glad to see they appear open to      the future that lies ahead, to have
                        listening to people from all walks of    empathy       for   others,    remain
                        life, and seem to genuinely want to      passionate and hungry to grow, to
                        form a partnership with the public.      embrace lifelong learning, to be
                        We were asked to share our hopes         kind, humble and adaptable. These
                        for a stronger Singapore, and several    qualities more than any results                                  I would say be entrepreneurial, use          and the pledge came to mind –
                        key themes emerged from all the          from a report card, are going to                                 business to solve problems and               regardless of race, language or
                        conversations and sharing which I        help young Singaporeans succeed                                  achieve financial sustainability.            religion. The second was that we are
                        hope the government will find useful     in the post-COVID future.”                                                                                    only as strong as our weakest link.
                        as they shape policies to help our                                                                        But I also think that the youth today        COVID-19 has flagged out where our
                        nation cope with the aftermath of                                                                         have the most resources. For us to           weakest points were – the migrant
                        COVID devastation.                                                                                        move towards being a more caring,            workers and the elderly. Moving
                                                                                                                RUSS NEU          cohesive and resilient society, we           forward, we don’t need something
                                                                                                             Founder & CEO        should also support more grassroots          like COVID-19 to show us. We need
                                                                                                            of Social Collider    initiatives to engage other folks.           to pay attention to what’s around us.”

                                                                                                                                  On reflection, the crisis taught me          I found the session energising and
                        Communication is key. That’s how         We need more Singaporeans to join                                two things. The first was that               empowering. It was good to have
                        we get support from our family,          in these conversations, to share and                             Singaporeans were united on the              like-minded people who sincerely
                        neighbours and friends to remain         to listen. We already have these                                 whole to work on moving forward,             wish to do their part for Singapore.”
                        positive and motivated especially        open lines of communication, and it
                        during tough times. Being able to        doesn’t matter how old you are or
                        communicate our thoughts and             what your background is, you can
                        feelings is also important.              play a part. Plus, you might be
MOHAMMED SHABIRIN                                                surprised by how much you can
     BIN ARIFFIN        For      example,    communicating       learn when you remove your ‘walls,                               I found the session very well-facilitated.   contribution may not make much of a
 Adjunct Lecturer and   difficulties faced in adopting new       shields, guards’ and have a simple                               The small group led by the facilitator       difference”, which points to some
 Freelance Consultant   technology. We can then try to           conversation with someone who’s                                  allowed time and space for everyone          form of fear or apathy, which then
                        understand the pain points and help      vastly different from you.”                                      to share their thoughts and views.           hinders us to act – even though we
                        with finding ideal solutions or                                                                           Words to describe it – safe environment,     know it’s the right thing to do.
                        motivations to deviate from these                                                                         meaningful focus, well-paced.
                        difficulties.                                                                                                                                          One thing I am most heartened to see
                                                                                                             ABLE CHEONG          I’m glad to have participated.               in this time is that more people are
                        This is the same on a larger scale.                                                   Consultant          I felt heard and understood. It makes        articulating how we can make things
                        Sessions like today’s allow for open                                                                      me feel like I want to engage more,          better, and how we should come
                        communication between people                                                                              participate more and contribute more.        together more. We definitely can do
                        from all ages. And each open,                                                                                                                          more, say more and share more
                        respectful conversation we have                                                                           To foster a more caring society, I think     instances where the good and
                        together that is aimed at addressing                                                                      it comes to down to taking action.           extraordinary have come out from
                        tough issues is a step towards making                                                                     We should not be limited by our              difficult and adverse circumstances.”
                        stark decisions for change to happen.                                                                     current belief systems, such as “my

10                                                                                                                                                                                                                11
FEATURES DEEP DIVE CONVERSATIONS                                                                                 FEATURES DEEP DIVE CONVERSATIONS

Deep Dive                                                                                                        Youth Mental
                                                                                                                 Well-Being Network
Conversations                                                                                                    Against    the   backdrop   of
                                                                                                                 increasing     mental   health
This is a selection of conversations convened                                                                    concerns amongst youths, more
to cover specific emerging issues.                                                                               than 1,000 of us came together
                                                                                                                 to generate and implement
                                                                                                                 ideas to support youth mental
                                                                          Family Violence
                                                                                                                 We recognised the importance
                                                                          The COVID-19 pandemic resulted         of whole-of-society efforts. We
                                                                          in job or income losses for some.      initiated ideas for about 40
                                                                          Others felt anxious about the          potential projects with support
                                                                          future or tried to cope with various   from the Ministry of Education
                                                                          insecurities. We shared that these     (MOE), MSF, and the Ministry of
                                                                          stressors, if left unaddressed,        Health (MOH).
                                                                          could increase risks of family
                                                                          violence.                              WHAT’S NEXT?
                                                                                                                 The Youth Mental Well-being
                                                                          To eradicate family violence, we       Network (YMWB Network), a SG
                                                                          hope for greater understanding         Together Alliance for Action, will:
                                                                          and awareness of the issue.
                                                                                                                 • Develop these ideas into more
                                                                          WHAT’S NEXT?                             concrete      plans           for   Photo credit: Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
                                                                          The MSF, Ministry of Home Affairs        implementation.
Persons with                                                              (MHA) and partner agencies will
                                                                                                                                                       Youth Conversations
                                                                          work together to:                      • Encourage              passionate
                                                                                                                   members of the community to         375 of us shared our views and           solutions, with the support
The circuit breaker disrupted the      • Enhance life long learning       • Deliver solutions to tackle            join in their efforts to promote    stories across across four               of     government   agencies
routines    of    persons     with       opportunities.                     family violence.                       youth mental well-being.            thematic areas (jobs and the             and       industry   experts.
disabilities (PwDs), caregivers                                                                                                                        future of work, support for
and Social Service Agency (SSA)        • Create more job opportunities    • Implement     upstream    and        You can connect with YMWB             vulnerable      groups,     mental       • The ESCs for Youth built on the
staff, as physical services had to       and help for PwDs to sustain       downstream measures for              Network at: www.reach.gov.sg/         wellbeing, and environment and              National Youth Council’s (NYC)
be curtailed, and engagements            these opportunities.               both victims and perpetrators.       youth-mental-well-being.              sustainability) in six sessions, as         past engagements to discuss
were moved online.                                                                                                                                     well as on channels such as                 youths’     aspirations     for
                                       • Improve PwDs’ access to          • Work with the community                                                    online polls, videos, and articles          Singapore. Through the ESCs,
We     hope     for    greater           information and services.          to break the cycles of violence.                                           that reached 290,000 more in                YAC, Young Changemakers
understanding and inclusion of                                                                                                                         the youth community.                        Grant, and the SG Youth Action
PwDs in the community and              • Enhance access to assistive      The     Taskforce   on    Family                                                                                         Plan, NYC continues to provide
workplace.                               technology to support self-      Violence    will  include   key                                              We shared our hopes for                     opportunities for youths to
                                         care at home and connection      findings gathered at the ESCs                                                Singapore in 2025, the societal             lead changes they want to see.
WHAT’S NEXT?                             to the community.                into its Final Recommendation                                                values we want to see, and the
The Ministry of Social and Family                                         Report, scheduled for release                                                issues we care deeply about.             • 50 teams involving more than
Development       (MSF)      and       • Step up public education         in 2021.                                                                                                                 190 youths have pitched their
partner       agencies       will:       efforts.                                                                                                      WHAT’S NEXT?                                ideas in January 2021 across
                                                                                                                                                       Ideas    from       the      ESC            the four themes.
• Prepare PwDs for work, and           Collectively, these efforts will                                                                                are channelled to the Youth
     the transition to the workforce   engender a more inclusive                                                                                       Action     Challenge       (YAC),        • Following the pitch, teams will
     after finishing school.           society.                                                                                                        a developmental platform where              receive funding      and have
                                                                                                                                                       youths     identify     problem             one     year    to   implement
                                                                                                                                                       statements to issues and initiate           their projects.

12                                                                                                                                                                                                                              13
FEATURES DEEP DIVE CONVERSATIONS                                                                                                FEATURES DEEP DIVE CONVERSATIONS

Yellow Ribbon                                                                                                                   marketing,    and    for  digital
Singapore                                                                                                                       platforms        which       can
– Beyond                                                                                                                        assist with compliance-related
Second Chances                                                                                                                  requirements, thereby helping
                                                                                                                                to free up time so that we can
COVID-19 disrupted our work                                                                                                     focus on delivering value-added
and personal lives, and made                                                                                                    services to clients. As not all
apparent the need for mental                                                                                                    property agencies can afford to
health, social and family support.                                                                                              build their own platforms, a
We need to adapt to the changes                                                                                                 centralised system accessible to
brought on by COVID-19. At the                                                                                                  all would help smaller agencies.
same time, we observe greater
unity and increased empathy                                                                                                     WHAT’S NEXT?
among our friends and family.                                                                                                   The Council for Estate Agencies
                                                                                                                                (CEA) will:
We hope that society could move              Photo credit: Ministry of Home Affairs                                             • Work with course providers to
beyond sympathy and towards                                                                                                       develop more digital courses to
assisting ex-offenders with the              Guided by Yellow Ribbon                     Digitalising                             meet needs of property agents.
means to live a life of dignity -            Singapore’s (YRSG) Career and               the Real Estate                                                             Strengthening                        between different parties, we
like any other Singaporean. We               Skills Masterplans for the next             Agency Industry                        • Assist property agencies to                                             believe it is necessary for better
                                                                                                                                                                     the Relevance
discussed possible avenues for               five years, the TAP and Grow                                                         seek government grants for                                              and more sustainable outcomes
the community, including ex-                 initiative has kicked off with the          With restrictions on physical and        investment in digital solutions.   and Sustainability                   for all.
offenders, to co-create a more               Precision Engineering and Media             onsite     property      transaction                                        of Vibrant Precincts
inclusive and cohesive Singapore.            sectors, with plans to expand               activities, all our fellow property    • Work with the industry to          – Kampong Glam                       WHAT’S NEXT?
                                             this initiative to other growth             agents had to quickly learn to           facilitate  development of         and Singapore River                  The    Urban    Redevelopment
We encourage stronger support                sectors.                                    conduct virtual meetings and             centralised digital platforms,                                          Authority (URA) will:
to give second chances to ex-                                                            online viewings with our clients,        where relevant.
offenders, and to spread this                YRSG will continue to engage                and facilitate transactions with                                            Given the fall in the local office   • Encourage more stakeholders
message more widely.                         citizens to be advocates of                 electronic tools. While some           • Share positive digitalisation      crowd and tourist numbers, we          to participate in placemaking
                                             second chances as part of                   older agents who are not                 experiences     of   property      came together to reflect on how        efforts through the pilot
WHAT’S NEXT?                                 community action to empower                 so    tech-savvy       encountered       agencies to encourage the          COVID-19       and      increased      Business Improvement District
Ideas to strengthen through care             ex-offenders’ reintegration and             difficulties,     we     also   saw      industry to embrace property       telecommuting had adversely            (BID) programme and existing
and reintegration for offenders              paying it forward.                          opportunities to transform the           transactions technologies.         affected business in Kampong           precinct partnerships.
have been incorporated into the                                                          industry      arising    from    the                                        Glam and Singapore River.
CARE Network1 plans.                                                                     pandemic.                                                                                                        • Continue to facilitate multi-
                                                                                                                                                                     The rich history and culture of a      stakeholder    dialogues        to
Ideas such as a career pathway                                                           We       hope      that      digital                                        precinct are what makes it             achieve collective vision and
for ex-offenders to enter the                                                            transformation       would       be                                         distinctive. We want to showcase       align stakeholders’ priorities for
healthcare     sector will  be                                                           inclusive with sufficient resource                                          these assets (e.g. the waterfront      the precinct.
explored under the TAP and                                                               support for smaller property                                                at Singapore River and the rich
Grow2 initiative.                                                                        agencies, and digital literacy                                              heritage at Kampong Glam) to         • Partner with the community, in
                                                                                         training for the less tech-savvy                                            enhance the visitor experience,        consultation     with   relevant
                                                                                         agents so that they would not be                                            and introduce a wider range of         agencies to support precinct
 CARE Network comprises nine agencies (MHA, MSF, SPS, YRSG, NCSS, ISCOS,                 left behind. We hope that                                                   offerings with a mix of new and        initiatives, such as reviewing
SACA, SANA and YRF), and strives to coordinate and promote seamless through-
                                                                                         property agencies can also                                                  traditional enterprises.               existing regulations to support
care support, from incare to aftercare, for ex-offenders.
                                                                                         ensure that their agents are                                                                                       heritage and new enterprises,
  Under the TAP and Grow initiative, offenders will undergo industry specific            aware of the benefits of                                                    We see ourselves as the precincts’     as well as ideas to enhance the
training to be equipped with nationally accredited skills that are aligned with          digitalisation    for     property                                          ambassadors, keen to continue          streetscape      and     overall
Singapore’s Skills Framework. YRSG will work closely with trade associations             transaction activities.                                                     leading collective efforts to make     connectivity.
and employers to facilitate their recruitment into the relevant industries after
their release, including options for traineeships or attachments. Like every
                                                                                                                                                                     our precincts better. While
Singaporean, these ex-offenders will be able to deepen their skills while building       We also hope for more training                                              recognising     the    complexity
a career and participate in national level initiatives to build a resilient workforce.   courses on digital literacy and                                             of finding common ground

14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          15
FEATURES DEEP DIVE CONVERSATIONS                                                                                       FEATURES COMMUNITY-LED CONVERSATIONS

Legal Industry
                                      (LWWs) in Singapore. Through
                                      the COVID-19 pandemic, many
                                                                           online platforms, to enable
                                                                           greater process efficiencies,
                                                                                                                       Community-led                                      Besides ESCs convened by the government, partners
                                                                                                                                                                          also stepped forward to host conversations for specific

We hope to see greater technology
                                      LWWs had to step up in their
                                      efforts in essential jobs such as
                                                                           benefiting transport workers.
                                                                                                                       Conversations                                      groups, and experimented with new ways to engage
adoption,     development      and    cleaners and security officers.      We hope:
advancement within the legal          We are deeply appreciative of        • To better understand the impact
sector. We also hope to               the efforts of our LWWs. To            of        future      transport
                                                                                                                       IPS Young
internationalise, capitalising on     improve the living standards of        technologies on us.                       Singaporeans                           Participants shared the ways
the industry’s strengths in growth    LWWs, we recognised that                                                         Conference 2020                        they had adapted to the new
areas such as international           individuals,    businesses    and    • Education    institutions can                                                    remote working and learning
                                                                                                                       The Institute of Policy Studies
dispute resolution, restructuring/    Government have a shared               develop more apprenticeship                                                      systems. Many mentioned that
                                                                                                                       convened an Emerging Stronger
insolvency, and expanding into        responsibility. They wish to see       programmes to give students                                                      they had picked up new skills
                                                                                                                       Conversation as part of its 2020
emerging markets.                     businesses offer progressive           opportunities to know our                                                        and hobbies, and even found
                                                                                                                       Young Singaporeans Conference.
                                      wages and progressive working          public transport sector.                                                         new      business    and    career
                                                                                                                       120 Singaporeans between 18
We want to better prepare and         environments for their employees                                                                                        opportunities. Others shared
                                                                                                                       and 30 years old were invited to
calibrate the expectations and        and outsourced workers. They         • For more support to tide over                                                    about the relentless pace of
                                                                                                                       envision what it would mean to
mindsets of new lawyers entering      also want the wider society to         this difficult period especially                                                 work and the need to make the
                                                                                                                       achieve happiness, prosperity
the legal workforce, and to           show more respect to these             for those of us who are point-                                                   choice to switch off, or inform
                                                                                                                       and progress, as individuals and
strengthen continuing professional    workers, and accept a shift in the     to-point transport drivers and                                                   their work supervisors of that
                                                                                                                       as a nation, in the next decade.
development       for    practising   way we recognise and pay for           are worried as incomes have                                                      need. They spoke of the mental
lawyers to ensure continued           services provided by them.             fallen due to the current                 It was a rich exchange of              health strains and social isolation
agility to respond to the changing                                           tourism landscape and more                perspectives and ideas as the          they and their peers faced. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                    DR. GILLIAN KOH
legal landscape.                      WHAT’S NEXT?                           people working from home.                 participants     had       diverse     ESC generated meaningful and
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Deputy Director (Research),
                                      The Tripartite Workgroup on                                                      backgrounds and were at                targeted sharing in a 90-minute
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Institute of Policy Studies
WHAT’S NEXT?                          LWWs was set up in October           • That  relief      measures          are   different stages of their lives.       burst of conversation on this
Following the Legal industry          2020 to strengthen our efforts to      extended.                                                                       “crisis of a generation.”
ESC        involving        broad     support LWWs.
representation from practising                                             WHAT’S NEXT?
lawyers, industry association         The Government is partnering         Following the nine ESCs with                Conversations                         languages, to be well-represented.
representatives, academics and        citizens and stakeholders to work    workers and operators in the                through LEGO®
law students, the Ministry of Law     on       meaningful     solutions    transport industry from August to                                                 As a response to this, we initiated
(MinLaw) has been looking into        in this area.                        November 2020, the insights
                                                                                                                       SERIOUS PLAY®                         ‘Emerging Stronger Conversations
the suggestions raised, including                                          were taken into consideration.              Kris Tay, a Lego Serious Play (LSP)    using the LEGO® SERIOUS
supporting the legal sector in                                                                                         trainer and consultant, initiated a    PLAY® (LSP) Method’. This
their technology advancement,                                              • The relief measures for point-            ground-up series of conversations      ground-up citizen participation
internationalisation,         and                                            to-point transport drivers were           with Singaporeans using the LSP        initiative stems out of our belief
capability development.                                                      extended.                                 approach. The conversations ran        that every voice should be heard,
                                      Photo credit: Ministry of Manpower                                               from Nov 2020 to Jan 2021, and         and we care deeply to enable this.
MinLaw will continue to engage                                             • The Ministry of Transport                 explored how we might recover          More than 50 certified facilitators
the stakeholders regularly, to                                               (MOT) and the Land Transport              from the disruptions to our lives      from      the   LSP     Singapore
further develop these ideas. Two                                             Authority (LTA) continue to               and prepare for the new normal.        Community volunteered.
                                      Transport Workers
upcoming areas that MinLaw will                                              engage      the   stakeholders
be engaging on relate to the          and Operators                          regularly, to gather feedback.                                                  The sessions conducted so far
design of a legal tech platform       We are heartened that public                                                                                           have been really fulfilling. We got
for the legal industry, and legal     transport companies have shown                                                   I felt strongly that the Emerging     to understand concerns and             KRIS TAY
education needs.                      care. Masks, hand sanitisers,                                                    Stronger Conversations was an         aspirations of different segments      Representative Director,
                                      vitamins were provided to                                                        extremely meaningful effort. We       of society, and the confidence we      Rasmussen Consulting
                                      workers; accommodations were                                                     noted the aspiration for the ESCs     have in Singapore. Participants
                                      provided for Malaysian bus                                                       to be an inclusive process, which     also shared ideas on how they
Lower-Wage Workers
                                      captains. We appreciated that                                                    would enable different segments       would work with the government,
We shared our hope for an             our     companies       adopted                                                  of Singapore, including low-          private sector and one another, to
improvement     in  the   living      use of digital technologies, and                                                 income families, seniors, and         create a more resilient post-
standards of lower-wage workers       shifted       processes       to     Photo credit: Ministry of Transport         those who speak in vernacular         COVID-19 Singapore.”

16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                17
OPPORTUNITIES TO ACT                                                                                             OPPORTUNITIES TO ACT

To Act

Conversations                       Budget 2021                          Reflections                             Volunteer for a Cause                 Our Singapore Fund                                           Let’s Hear One
                                    Share your views and feedback                                                                                      If you have an idea for an initiative,
and Feedback                                                             on COVID-19                             or Start an Initiative                                                                       Another’s Perspectives.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Join the Singapore Together
                                    on    Budget   2021    through                                                                                     or already have a project in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Emerging Stronger Conversations.
If you would like to take part      various interactive channels:        Read the reflections of fellow          Visit       www.sg          and       works and need funding, check                   Learn what Singaporeans have shared at
in conversations on topics          www.reach.gov.sg/budget2021.         Singaporeans on their COVID-19          w w w . v o l u n t e e r . s g       out Our Singapore Fund at                       www.sg/EmergingStrongerConversations.
concerning Singapore’s future,                                           experience; share your own story        for                 volunteering      w w w. s g /o u r s i n g a p o r e f u n d .
here are some opportunities.        The key themes for                   at www.storiesofus.gov.sg.              opportunities including:              The fund supports meaningful
                                    Budget 2021 are:                                                                                                   projects to meet social and
Emerging Stronger                   • Adapting our way of life to                                                SG Cares                              community needs. Funding is
Conversations                         be a Safe and Smart Nation                                                 SG Cares is a national movement       capped at 80%, up to $20,000
                                                                         Turn Conversations
Join    upcoming      Emerging      • Emerging Stronger –                                                        dedicated to guide and support        of project expenditure, and is
Stronger Conversations to share       as an Economy                      to Action                               the goodwill of all who live in       open for applications throughout
your hopes and dreams for           • Emerging Stronger –                Alliances for Action                    Singapore to better help those        the year.
Singapore’s future. Sign up at        as a Workforce                     Alliances     for   Action   are        in need. Find out how you can
www.go.gov.sg/ESConversations.      • Emerging Stronger – as a           action-oriented,    cross-sector        volunteer for a cause.
                                      Society and Community              collaborations on significant
OnePeople.sg                        • Building a Green and               areas that build Singapore’s            Volunteer.sg                          Other Partnerships
OnePeople.sg aims to facilitate       Sustainable Future                 future. Together, we can co-            Use the matching tool on the site
deeper understanding of race                                             create and deliver solutions            to recommend a few choices            Do you have other ideas and
relations. Visit www.onepeople.sg   National Volunteer &                 for our future Singapore.               based on your interests or skills.    passions besides those listed
to find out more about their        Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)                                                                                         here? Have you always wanted to
initiatives, including community    Company of Good (COG)                Youth Mental                            Smart Nation Ambassador               take part in a Citizen’s Jury,
engagement programmes.              Programme                            Well-Being Network                      Are you tech savvy? Are you           or see your ideas made real in the
                                    NVPC COG is organising a series      If you are passionate to promote        passionate about helping others       form of urban solutions? Visit
Conversations on Singapore          of conversations to co-develop a     youth mental well-being and             live digitally enabled lives?         www.ideas.gov.sg/home             to
Women’s Development                 National Blueprint – mapping the     would like to join the Network in       Find out how you can play a role      explore more opportunities for
The “Conversations on Singapore     vision and collective action         carrying out projects, connect          in co-creating digital policies       partnership to create solutions
Women’s Development” were           to build a corporate sector          with us at www.reach.gov.sg/            and solutions as a Smart Nation       that can positively impact lives.
launched      to    understand      in    Singapore     where     the    youth-mental-well-being.                Ambassador.
Singaporeans’ aspirations and       purpose is the engine of
ideas on how we can further         long-term profitability. If your     Industry Coalition Groups:              Giving.sg
advance     our    women     in     company      would      like   to    Alliances for Action                    Explore over 500 non-profits
Singapore. If you would like to     be    involved,   please     email   To act swiftly and decisively in this   in Singapore and donate to
be part of the Conversations,       contact@companyofgood.sg.            global economy, the Emerging            the causes you are passionate
sign up at www.reach.gov.sg/                                             Stronger Taskforce convened             about, or volunteer for an activity
participate/conversations-on-       Upcoming                             industry-led Alliances for Action       you are interested in at the
singapore -womens-                  A new series of conversations        to work in partnership with the         Giving.sg’s      website         at
development.                        aimed at young families on           Government to seize growth              www.giving.sg.
                                    marriage, parenthood, and their      opportunities for Singapore. Visit
                                    associated issues.                   www.emergingstronger.sg to find
                                                                         out more about the Alliances, and
                                                                         submit your ideas to help tackle
                                                                         the changes and challenges
                                                                         of today.

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