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EMPLOYEE BENEFITS GUIDE 2022 - Lockton Employee Connects
EMPLOYEE BENEFITS GUIDE 2022 - Lockton Employee Connects
Your Work Makes
A Difference
Choose Benefits That
Work For You

2   | National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide
EMPLOYEE BENEFITS GUIDE 2022 - Lockton Employee Connects
Discover Your Benefits
We’re working hard at National Church Residences to focus on the whole you—
physically, financially, spiritually, and emotionally. We know your benefits play an
important role in your being your best every day. We search out meaningful options,
so you can customize your benefits to fit your life, wherever you are in the journey.

Consider your options carefully.
This guide provides a general overview of all your benefits. Take time to read it.
Understand your options. Plan thoughtfully.

It’s important you understand the value of your benefits and get the most
out of them.

Care for your health                        Protect your future                           Find balance in your                     Other important
and wellbeing                               and finances                                  work and life                            information
Medical and                                 Life and Disability..........18               Wellbeing                                Eligibility and
Prescription................7–11                                                          Program.................... 22–23        Enrollment.................... 4–5
                                            Supplemental Life.........19
Health Savings                                                                            Other Programs                           Talk with ALEX.................. 6
                                            Accident Insurance.......19
Account.............................12                                                    and Perks..........................24
                                                                                                                                   Who to Contact
                                            Hospital Indemnity.......20
Dental................................13                                                                                           with Questions...............25
                                            Critical Illness..................20
                                            Retirement Savings
Value of Your Benefits..15
Flexible Spending
Budget for Your Care.....17

                                                                                                                  National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |      3
EMPLOYEE BENEFITS GUIDE 2022 - Lockton Employee Connects
Eligibility and
Who’s Eligible?                                                                 When Can You Enroll or Make Changes?
Full-time employees                                                             As a new employee
 F ull-time employees paid for 30+ hours per week                              Enroll within 45 days of your hire date. Coverage
 O ther employees paid for an average of 30 hours                              starts the first day of the month after your 30th day
 per week during the annual measurement period                                  of employment.
 (as defined in the Affordable Care Act)
                                                                                During Open Enrollment
Dependent family members                                                        Enroll or make changes each fall. Your new coverage
– Legally married partner                                                       starts on January 1 the following year.
– Children up to age 26, or of any age if disabled                              When your life changes
before age 26                                                                   Make changes mid-year within 30 days after a
You are required to provide proof of eligibility for all                        qualifying life event. Your new coverage starts on
dependents being enrolled in coverage. The required                             the date of the event.
documents are provided within the enrollment                                    Qualifying life events include:
process in Workday. You can also view the requirements
                                                                                 M arriage, divorce or legal separation
on the benefits portal at this web address:
employeeconnects.com/nationalchurchresidences                                    B irth/adoption/guardianship/legal custody
                                                                                 C hange in dependent care arrangements
                                                                                 D eath of a dependent
                                                                                 D ependent under age 26 has become disabled
                                                                                 L oss or gain of coverage under Medicaid/CHIP or
Part-time and Contingent Employees
                                                                                 Medicare (you have 60 days to make this change)
If you are paid for 20–29 hours per week, you’re eligible
for supplemental life, accident insurance, critical illness,                     C hange in employment status
hospital indemnity, EAP, the wellbeing program, and                              L oss of other coverage
paid time off.                                                                   O btained coverage elsewhere
                                                                                 C hange HSA contributions
If you’re Contingent and/or paid less than 20 hours
                                                                                 C hange beneficiaries
per week, you’re eligible for the EAP, the wellbeing
program, and paid time off.                                                      C ancel optional post-tax insurance coverage

For the Retirement Savings Plan, you are eligible                               All requests for benefit changes will be reviewed to
to contribute to the plan. As of January 1, 2022, all                           ensure they are consistent with the occurring life event.
eligible employees will receive company contributions.                          Medical underwriting may be required for certain
Learn more on page 21.                                                          elections. You will receive an email from The Hartford
                                                                                and/or Guardian with instructions on how to complete
                                                                                the Evidence of Insurability questionnaire.

National Church Residences reserves the right to make changes to or to terminate any of the National Church Residences employee benefit plans at any
time, without prior notice to or consent from any employee, former employee, or participant. If there is any inconsistency between this document and the
official plan documents and contracts governing the terms of the National Church Residences employee benefit plans, the official plan documents and
contracts will control.

The terms “you” and “your” as used in this document refer to a National Church Residences employee who meets all the eligibility and participation
requirements under the various plans and programs discussed in this document as the case may be. Receipt of this document does not guarantee that
the recipient is a participant under one or more of the National Church Residences employee benefit plans or otherwise eligible for benefits under one
or more of the National Church Residences employee benefit plans.

4     | National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide
EMPLOYEE BENEFITS GUIDE 2022 - Lockton Employee Connects
How to Enroll
To enroll in your benefits, log into Workday and                               First Time Enrolling?
follow the steps below:                                                        If you have a National Church Residences
 1) Need to add a dependent or beneficiary? Navigate                           email address:
 to the Benefits app on the Home Page, click on                                Navigate to: https://ncr.okta.com.
 Dependents and/or Beneficiaries under "Change",
                                                                               Username = characters before the @ sign in
 and enter the required information. Complete this
                                                                               your email address (For example, email address
 step before completing Open Enrollment.
                                                                               jsmith2@nationalchurchresidences.org =
 2) Navigate to your Inbox and find the Open                                   username jsmith2)
 Enrollment task. Click on "Let's Get Started".
                                                                               Password = current password used to login to
 3) Click on each "Card" within the enrollment to                              your email/computer
 review your plan options, add/change dependents,
 add/change beneficiaries, and make your elections.                            If you DO NOT have a National Church
 4) Once you've made all your selections, click                                Residences email address:
 "Review and Sign". Review the summary, then                                   1) Call the Prelude Service Desk at 800-579-1047.
 scroll to the bottom, check "I Accept" and then
                                                                               2) Navigate to: https://ncr.okta.com.
 "Submit". Be sure to PRINT or SAVE your Confirmation
 Statement for your records.                                                   3) Enter your credentials and follow the steps
Navigate in Okta to the Workday Resource Site then Benefits tab to                to complete your profile.
locate the Job Aid for Open Enrollment for help with enrolling.

When Do Your Benefits End?
The timing depends on the reason your coverage is ending.

 REASON                                                                              COVERAGE ENDS
 Covered child ages out of eligibility                               End of the month in which your child turns age 26
 Employment ends with the company                                    End of the month in which you stop working (most
 Hours worked fall below Affordable Care Act limit                            End of the year (December 31)
 Missed premium payment for over 60 days                               Last pay date for which you made a payment

Make note! Benefits are voluntarily elected and by doing so, you are authorizing National Church Residences
to deduct premiums from your paycheck. If you miss a paycheck, we will deduct the missed premiums from
subsequent paychecks. After 60 days without a premium payment, you will need to make payment arrangements
or coverage may end.

                             Benefits Center
 QUESTIONS?                  Monday through Friday
                             9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

                                                                                         National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |   5

Meet ALEX at myalex.com/national-church-residences/2022.
ALEX makes it easy and fun to understand all of your benefits options, and
helps you choose the plans that make the most sense for you and your family.

                                   You have
                                   three                         How about                      Want to increase
                                   medical plan                  vision                         your take-home pay?
                                   options to                    insurance?                     Fund an HSA or FSA.
                                   choose from.

                                         Enrolled in                                                        Good news!
Talk with ALEX,                                                                                             National Church
your personal                            the HDHP?
                                         National Church                     Want                           Residences
benefits counselor.                                                          dental                         provides basic
                                         Residences will
                                         contribute to                       insurance?                     life and AD&D
                                         your HSA.                                                          insurance AT NO
            National Church                            Protect yourself against
            Residences provides                        the financial burden of an                  National Church
            a wellbeing program,                       accident, illness, or hospital              Residences provides
            Wellness Your Way,                         stay. Optional insurance                    disability insurance
            AT NO COST.                                coverage is available.                      AT NO COST.

                    National Church
                    Residences will                        The good news just keeps                         Protect your family.
                    contribute to                          coming! National Church                          Supplemental
                    your retirement                        Residences provides an                           life insurance is
                    based on your                          employee assistance program                      available.
                    years of service                       AT NO COST.

                      Visit                                                        ALEX can help! Look for this icon
             employeeconnects.com/                         QUESTIONS?              placed next to items that ALEX
                    to enroll.                                                     can explain in more detail.


6   | National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide
Medical and

You have three plan options and expert guidance from MyQHealth

Learn how the three options compare in costs and coverage. One of the options
includes a health savings account (HSA) which we contribute to. Learn more about
the HSA on page 11.

All Medical Options Feature                                 Meet Your Problem Solvers,
  00%-paid in-network preventive care                      Frustration Fighters:
  octors and facilities from the same
 UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network (when you             MyQHealth is a team of nurses and benefit experts
 choose a Premium Provider, you could save even             devoted to fighting for your care so you don’t have to.
 more money)                                                As your primary contact for medical and prescriptions,
 P rescription benefits through OptumRx                    they can:
 E xpert guidance and advocacy from MyQHealth               F ind the best doctor or specialist close
                                                             to you
                                                             Estimate the cost of an upcoming procedure
Find a Network Doctor, Facility, or
Retail Pharmacy                                              Explain a medical bill or insurance statement
Search the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus or OptumRx           Send you a replacement ID card
networks on the MyQHealth app. Also, use the app to         Wait there’s more!
look up lower cost alternatives for your medications
                                                            They can also:
even while at the doctor’s office.
                                                             Dispute a claim on your behalf
                                                             Research treatment options you didn’t know existed
                                                             Offer ideas for reducing unnecessary costs

                                                              They’re here for you... when your sweet angel
                                                              is newly diagnosed with diabetes and you don’t
                                                              know what to do first.

                                                              When you need to decide if you should go
                                                              through with a procedure and you have so many
                                                              questions, especially how much does it cost?

                                                              Or, if you simply need a replacement ID card.

                                                              Whatever you need.
                                                              MyQHealth can help.

                                                            Help is just a tap, click, or call away.
                                                            MyQHealth app
                                                                             National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |   7
In-network preventive care is 100% free for medical plan                What is preventive care?
members.                                                                Preventive health care is meant to detect issues
                                                                        at an early stage when treatment is likely to work
You won’t have to pay anything out of your pocket when
you receive in-network preventive care. Practice preventive             best and prevent future health problems.
care and reap the rewards of a healthier future.                        Why is preventive care important?
Some services are generally not considered preventive                   It’s important that you have a preventive health
if you get them as part of a visit to diagnose, monitor, or             exam each year—even if you feel healthy and are
treat an illness or injury. Please be aware that you will be            symptom free—to identify future health risks.
responsible for the cost of any non-preventive care
services you receive at your preventive care exam based on              What’s covered?
your plan design.                                                       Covered preventive services vary by age and
                                                                        gender. Talk with your provider to determine
Learn more about preventive care by reaching out to
                                                                        which screenings, tests, and vaccines will be
                                                                        covered and that are right for you.

KEY TERMS TO KNOW                                                                                                    WITH

                    A fixed dollar amount you may pay for certain covered services. Typically, your copay is due at the
                    time of service.

                    The amount you must pay each year for certain covered health services before your insurance plan
                    will begin to pay.

                    After you meet your deductible, you may pay coinsurance, which is your share of the costs of a
                    covered service.

                    Out-of-pocket maximum
                    This includes copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. Once you meet this amount, the plan pays
                    100% of covered services the rest of the year.

8    | National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide
HOW THE PLANS WORK                                                                                                                  ALEX

 KEY FUNCTIONS                                PPO                               EPO                                   HDHP

Out-of-network benefits                       Yes.                               No.                                   Yes.

                                                                                                            Yes, you can fund a health
Pay for care with pre-tax        Yes, you can fund a health care   Yes, you can fund a health care
                                                                                                          savings account (HSA) and/or
dollars                           and/or dependent care FSA.        and/or dependent care FSA.
                                                                                                              dependent care FSA.

                                                                                                         Yes. National Church Residences
                                                                                                         contributes to an HSA in January
National Church Residences
                                                                                                             to help you pay for covered
contributes money into an
                                              No.                                No.                      expenses. If you enroll mid-year
account to help you pay for
                                                                                                         you should expect your prorated
out-of-pocket expenses
                                                                                                           contribution within 30 days of
                                                                                                            your coverage effective date.

                                    You will pay the individual        You will pay the individual           You will pay the individual
                                  deductible amount for each         deductible amount for each            deductible amount for each
                                   family member but only up          family member but only up             family member but only up
                                  to the Family deductible and       to the Family deductible and          to the Family deductible and
Individual deductible
                                    Out-of-pocket max. If one          Out-of-pocket max. If one             Out-of-pocket max. If one
applies if you cover your
                                   member reaches the family          member reaches the family             member reaches the family
                                deductible and/or out-of-pocket    deductible and/or out-of-pocket       deductible and/or out-of-pocket
                                 max, then they are met and no      max, then they are met and no         max, then they are met and no
                                 other individual must meet the     other individual must meet the        other individual must meet the
                                       individual amounts.                individual amounts.                   individual amounts.

                                                                                                               You pay coinsurance
How you pay for physician                You pay copays                     You pay copays
                                                                                                         (a percentage of the total cost)
services                             (a set dollar amount).             (a set dollar amount).
                                                                                                         after you meet your deductible.

Are You Covering Your Spouse and/or Children?
If you elect employee + spouse, employee + child(ren), or family coverage, the individual deductible and out-of-pocket
maximum apply to each covered member of the family (capped at family amount).

Omada is a digital lifestyle change program that inspires healthy habits that last. We combine the latest technology
with ongoing support so you can make the changes that matter most—whether that’s around eating, activity, sleep,
or stress. It’s an approach shown to help you lose weight and reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart
disease, and more.
Omada features include:

 Interactive program to guide your journey.                        Professional health coach for added support.
 Wireless smart scale to monitor your progress.                    Small peer group to keep you engaged.
 Weekly online lessons to empower you.
If you are at risk and enrolled in a medical plan, Omada is available AT NO COST to you. Fees may apply if seeking
musculoskeletal resources.
                                                                                       National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |      9
This is a summary of in-network coverage. You will pay less for your care when you visit a Premium Designated Provider
(PDP). For details visit employeeconnects.com/nationalchurchresidences.

IN-NETWORK BENEFITS                                                          PPO                               EPO                              HDHP
                                                                                                                                            $600 Single
HSA Company Contribution                                                     N/A                                N/A
                                                                                                                                       $1,000 All other levels
Annual Deductible                                                      $2,500 Single                      $3,000 Single                     $4,000 Single
                                                                       $5,000 Family                      $6,000 Family                     $8,000 Family
Out-of-Pocket Maximum                                                  $5,500 Single                      $6,000 Single                     $6,000 Single
                                                                      $10,000 Family                     $12,000 Family                    $12,000 Family
Coinsurance                                                            20% after ded.                    20% after ded.                  20% after the ded.
Preventive Care                                                       Plan pays 100%                    Plan pays 100%                     Plan pays 100%
                                                                       (ded. waived)                     (ded. waived)                      (ded. waived)
Office Visits
 Primary Care Provider (Including telemedicine visits)               PDP: $10 copay                    PDP: $10 copay                  PDP: 0% after ded.
                                                                   Non-PDP: $30 copay                Non-PDP: $30 copay              Non-PDP: 20% after ded.
 Specialist (Including telemedicine visits)                          PDP: $20 copay                    PDP: $20 copay                  PDP: 0% after ded.
                                                                      Non-PDP: $60                   Non-PDP: $60 copay              Non-PDP: 20% after ded.
 Teladoc                                                             Plan pays 100%                    Plan pays 100%                     0% after ded.
Hospital Services
 Inpatient                                                             20% after ded.                    20% after ded.                    20% after ded.
 Outpatient                                                            20% after ded.                    20% after ded.                    20% after ded.
Diagnostic Lab/X-ray                                                   20% after ded.                    20% after ded.                    20% after ded.
High Tech Services (MRI, CT Scans, PET)
 Free Standing Facility                                                 $150 copay                        $200 copay                       0% after ded.
 Hospital                                                              20% after ded.                    20% after ded.                    20% after ded.
Emergency Room                                                           $400 copay                        $400 copay                      20% after ded.
Urgent Care                                                              $30 copay                          $30 copay                      20% after ded.
PRESCRIPTION DRUGS               1
                                                                                          Administered through OptumRx
31-day retail, 90-day Home Delivery, or Retail 90                                               (Medicare-creditable coverage)
                                                                                                                                               Ded. then:
Tier 1                                                                   $10 copay                         $10 copay                         $10 copay
Tier 2                                                                   $35 copay                         $35 copay                         $35 copay
Tier 3                                                                   $70 copay                         $70 copay                         $70 copay
Tier 4                                                                   $300 copay                        $300 copay                        $300 copay
Mail Order (90 days)                                                  2.5x retail copay                 2.5x retail copay                 2.5x retail copay
(1) If you take a maintenance medication, such as for cholesterol or blood pressure, you are allowed two fills at a local pharmacy. You then must switch to OptumRx
Home Delivery or a Retail 90 pharmacy. If you want to continue at your local pharmacy, call OptumRx first, otherwise you will pay 100% of the medication cost.

Save Money on Your Prescriptions                                                              Choose a Premium Designated
with Home Delivery or Retail 90                                                               Provider for Your Care
Get a 90-day supply for 2½ copays. A Tier 1 drug                                              When you choose a Premium Designated Provider
will cost you only $25 for a three-month supply.                                              for your in-network care, you pay less and
OptumRx Home Delivery offers convenience with                                                 maximize your benefits.
auto refills so you'll never miss a dose.                                                     Find a Premium Designated Provider by reaching
Sign up for home delivery through the                                                         out to MyQHealth.
MyQHealth app.

10   | National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide
When facing an unexpected medical condition, you may think of going to the emergency room first. But this may not
be your best choice. At the emergency room (ER), true emergencies are treated first, and other cases must wait—
sometimes for hours. And it will cost you more to get care at the ER than at your physician’s office or urgent care center.
If you are not sure where you should receive treatment, start by calling MyQHealth at 877-498-1385. In the case of a
true medical emergency, call 911.

MOST EXPENSIVE                                                                                                       LEAST EXPENSIVE

   Emergency Room                             Urgent Care1                        PCP Office Visit                      Teladoc Services
  In the case of a true                 Sometimes you may                      If it’s not urgent, it’s usually      Employees enrolled in
  medical emergency,                    need care fast. If your                best to go to your primary            the medical plans have
  go to the ER or call 911              primary care physician                 care physician. He or she             24/7 access to licensed
  immediately.                          is unavailable, try an                 can provide follow-up                 physicians through
  Seek immediate                        in-network urgent care                 care and refer you to a               Teladoc. Teladoc is an easy
  attention at an ER for:               center, which will be faster           specialist, if needed.                way to get care when your
    Chest pain                          and less expensive than                Visit your doctor for:                doctor’s not in.
                                        the ER.                                  Preventive care                     The doctors can treat you
    Sudden weakness or
   trouble talking                      An urgent care center is                 Height and weight check             right from your phone,
                                        prepared to treat things                                                     tablet, or computer. It’s
    Difficulty breathing                                                         Blood pressure check
                                        like:                                                                        more convenient than
    Spinal injuries                                                              Annual flu shot and other           urgent care—no driving
                                          Sore throats
    Severe head injury                                                           immunizations                       and no waiting.
    Major broken bones                                                           Non-emergency illnesses             Schedule a visit for non-
    Major burns                                                                  Coughs or the flu                   urgent matters such as:
                                          Strains                                lasting more than a few
    Sudden change in vision                                                                                            Cold and flu symptoms
                                          Small cuts                             days
    Heavy bleeding                                                                                                     Allergies
                                          Minor infections                       Minor cuts that may
    Large open wounds                                                                                                  Sinus infections
                                          Minor broken bones                     need a few stitches
                                          (e.g., finger)                                                               Bronchitis
                                                                                                                       Urinary tract infections

            Your cost:                             Your cost:                             Your cost:                            Your cost:

            $$$                                     $$                                       $                               FREE

(1) Know before you go: Please be sure to determine whether the facility you are visiting for your care is considered an Urgent Care center or
an Emergency Room (ER)—many freestanding facilities are now considered ERs and you will pay a much higher cost at these facilities. (2) The
amount HDHP members pay for Teladoc services is subject to deductible.
Please note: This list is a sample of services and is not intended to be all inclusive. Costs are not tied to specific conditions or treatments,
and out-of-pocket costs may vary.

                                                                                                   National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |    11
Health Savings                                                                         TALK

Account (HSA)

Available with the high-deductible health plan (HDHP), administered by HSA Bank

An HSA is a savings account that you can use to pay out-of-pocket health care expenses with pre-tax dollars.

National Church Residences Contribution
If you enroll in the HDHP, National Church Residences will help you save by contributing to your account. And
new for 2022, these funds will be funded up front by the 2nd pay of 2022. For new hires who enroll mid-year, your
contribution will be pro-rated based on when your coverage is effective.
     Employee-only: $600                                        All other coverage levels: $1,000

2022 IRS HSA Contribution Maximums
Contributions to an HSA, including those of National Church Residences, cannot exceed the IRS allowed annual
     Individuals: $3,650                                        All other coverage levels: $7,300
If you are age 55+ by December 31, 2022, you may contribute an additional $1,000.

HSA Eligibility
You are eligible to fund an HSA if:
     You are enrolled in the HDHP.
You are NOT eligible to fund an HSA if:
     You are covered by a non-HSA eligible medical plan, health care FSA, or health reimbursement arrangement.
     You are eligible to be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return.
  You are enrolled in Medicare, TRICARE, or TRICARE for Life.
Refer to IRS Publication 969 for additional eligibility details. If you are over age 65, please contact Human Resources.

Save Receipts
Although you don't need to submit receipts for reimbursements because you control the money in your account, the
IRS may request proof of valid HSA spending. Be sure to keep your receipts for up to seven years.

                             HSA Bank
 QUESTIONS?                  alexhsa.com

12     | National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide

Coverage administered by UMR

Regular, professional dental care is important for more than just good
health—it can also prevent serious, costly concerns. Our dental benefits
encourage early exams and prompt treatment through regular checkups.

                                                                   IN-NETWORK AND                               Find a Network
                                                                   OUT-OF-NETWORK*                              Dentist
Annual Deductible                                                     $100 per person                           Via the MyQHealth
                                                                    $300 max per family                         app or website, scroll
Annual Maximum (excluding orthodontia)                               $2,000 per person                          to Benefits and click
Diagnostic Services                                                                                             on "View Benefits",
                                                                       Covered 100%
Periodic oral evaluations, labs, other diagnostic tests                                                         then click on the
Preventive Services                                                                                             link to UMR under
Cleaning, fluoride treatments (preventive), sealants,                  Covered 100%                             Dental. Once on
space maintainers                                                                                               the UMR site, click
Basic Services                                                                                                  "Find a provider" in
Restorations, simple extractions, inlays, onlays,             You pay 20% after the deductible                  the left-hand menu.
crowns, oral surgery, periodontics, endodontics                                                                 Choose the dental
Major Services                                                                                                  radio button. Outside
Dentures, removable prosthetics, fixed partial                You pay 20% after the deductible                  of MyQHealth, go to
dentures (bridges), implants                                                                                    umr.com and search
Orthodontia Services                                                                                            the UnitedHealthcare
                                                              You pay 50% after the deductible
For adult and children                                                                                          Dental National
Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum                                         $5,000 per person                          Options PPO 30
*The out-of-network percentage is based on the usual and customary fees in the geographic areas in              network.
 which the expenses are incurred.

                                                                                                                Keep Your
                                                                                                                Pearly Whites
                                                                                                                The plan covers
                                                                                                                two cleanings a year
                                                                                                                at no cost to you.
                                                                                                                If you’re pregnant,
                                                                                                                go an extra time. You
                                                                                                                get three cleanings.
QUESTIONS?               umr.com

                                                                                       National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |   13

Coverage administered by VSP

With the National Church Residences plan, you can see any eye care professional,
but you’ll get the best value by visiting a VSP eye care provider. You’ll also get
discounts on additional services.

BENEFITS COVERAGE                                                 IN-NETWORK                   Find Network
 Well Vision Exam (once a year)                                 You pay $10 copay              Eye Care
 Prescription Glasses (instead of contacts)                     You pay $25 copay              Search the VSP Choice
 Eyeglass Frames (once a year)
                                                                                               network at vsp.com.
 Wide selection of frames and featured frames                  Up to $225 allowance
                                                         Plus 20% savings over allowance
 Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club frames                        Up to $95 allowance
                                                                                               Buy More,
 Lenses (once a year)
 Single vision, lined bifocal, lined trifocal, and             Included with frames
                                                                                               Save More
 polycarbonate for dependent children                                 copay                     2
                                                                                                 0% off an additional
 Lens Enhancements
                                                                                                pair of glasses
 Polycarbonate lenses for adults, scratch-resistant               Covered in full               2
                                                                                                 0% off a pair of
 coating, UV coating                                                                            sunglasses
 Progressive lenses                                                $95 – $175                   U
                                                                                                 p to 15% off laser
 Other enhancements                                          Average 20 – 25% savings           vision correction at
 Contact Lens Exam (fitting and evaluation)                  You pay up to $50 copay            contracted facilities
 Contacts (instead of glasses)                                Up to $175 allowance
 Diabetic Eyecare Plus Program                                   You pay $20 copay             Learn more at
 for Covered Persons with Diabetes                             Limitations may apply           vsp.com/specialoffers.
 Services related to diabetic eye disease, glaucoma,     Talk to your VSP doctor for details
 and age-related macular degeneration

 QUESTIONS?                  vsp.com

14    | National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide
Value of Your
Your benefits at a glance

To keep health care coverage affordable, National Church Residences pays the majority of the medical, dental, and
vision premiums for you and your dependents. Your biweekly deductions per paycheck for medical, dental, and vision
coverage are shown in the table below:

                                 EMPLOYEE             EMPLOYEE +            EMPLOYEE +                   EMPLOYEE +
                                   ONLY                 SPOUSE              CHILD(REN)                     FAMILY
                               You      Employer      You     Employer      You       Employer          You        Employer
                               pay        Pays        pay       Pays        pay         Pays            pay          Pays
 (Salary < $100,000)
  PPO                         $105.00    $339.00    $317.00    $571.00    $258.00       $604.00       $513.00        $874.00
  EPO                         $78.00     $340.00    $262.00    $574.00    $228.00       $584.00       $387.00        $920.00
  HDHP                        $38.00     $377.00    $196.00    $634.00    $159.00       $648.00       $303.00        $995.00
 (Salary > $100,000)
  PPO                         $115.00    $328.00    $346.00    $541.00    $294.00       $568.00       $555.00        $832.00
  EPO                         $88.00     $330.00    $280.00    $556.00    $243.00       $569.00       $431.00        $876.00
  HDHP                        $43.00     $372.00    $219.00    $611.00    $178.00       $628.00       $341.00        $957.00
 Dental                        $5.50     $10.00     $10.80      $20.20     $10.50       $19.73         $16.80        $31.26
 Vision                        $1.00      $2.16      $2.25      $4.07      $2.00         $4.76          $3.00         $7.80

Tobacco User Surcharge
If you and/or your spouse use tobacco and enroll in a medical plan, a monthly surcharge of $50 per person will apply
to your medical premium. To avoid the surcharge, you must certify that you and/or your spouse have not used tobacco
in the past six (6) months or that you and/or your spouse are a tobacco user enrolled in a tobacco cessation program.

                                                                           National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |    15
Flexible Spending
Accounts (FSAs)
Three plans administered by UMR

While an HSA is a savings account, an FSA is a spending account. It’s an easy way to set aside pretax money to pay for
health care or dependent care expenses—but you must use the money in your account each year.

Estimate carefully. You decide the amount you’d like to set aside for the year, and the money is deducted (before
taxes) from your paycheck each pay period. Plan your contributions carefully. These are “use it or lose it” accounts.

Health Care FSA (not allowed if you fund an HSA)
Pay for eligible out-of-pocket medical, dental, and vision expenses with pre-tax dollars.

The health care FSA maximum contribution is $2,850 for the 2022 calendar year.

Dependent Care FSA
The dependent care FSA allows you to pay for eligible dependent day care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Eligible
dependents are children under 13 years of age, or a spouse, child over 13, or elderly parent residing in your home who
is physically or mentally unable to care for him or herself.

You may contribute up to $5,000 to the dependent care FSA for the 2022 plan year if you are married and file a joint
return or if you file a single or head of household return. If you are married and file separate returns, you can each elect
$2,500 for the 2022 plan year.

Parking/Transportation FSA
The transportation FSA allows you to set aside money from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis to pay for expenses
associated with commuting to work such as bus or train passes. Funds in your parking FSA and transportation FSA roll
over from year to year as long as you remain an active employee with National Church Residences. You may change
your contribution amount on a monthly basis.

You may contribute up to $280 per month to your transportation FSA for the 2022 plan year. The minimum
contribution is $600 per year.
Note for reservists and active military: If you’re called to active duty, the “use it or lose it” rule does not apply to you. You may cash out your
health care FSA that will be unusable. Taxes and time limits will apply. Contact MyQHealth for help.

Save Receipts
In most cases, UMR should be able to auto-verify your claims as eligible expenses. There may be instances when you’ll
need to provide proof of purchase, such as if you use a smaller, non-chain pharmacy. It’s best to save all receipts when
you use your FSA funds.

16    | National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide

You have the option to fund an HSA or FSA to help pay for health care expenses. Compare each option below to fund
the account that’s best for you based on your needs.

                                                               HEALTH CARE    DEPENDENT CARE TRANSPORTATION
                                HEALTH SAVINGS
                                                                 FLEXIBLE    FLEXIBLE SPENDING     FLEXIBLE
                                                            SPENDING ACCOUNT     ACCOUNT       SPENDING ACCOUNT

 Eligible plans                         HDHP                        All plans                     All plans                      All plans

                                                                                            Child care, elder care,
                                                               Medical, dental, and      private day care, nannies,
 Eligible expenses            Medical, dental, and vision                                                               Commuter expenses only
                                                                     vision              licensed care for disabled

 Minimum Contribution         No minimum contribution                 $250                          $250                           $600

                               Company contribution
                              will be available following
 Your election is
                               the 2nd pay in January                                     No. Available after each       No. Available after each
 available on                                                          Yes
                                2022. Your election is                                        payroll deposit                payroll deposit
 January 1, 2022
                                  available after each
                                    payroll deposit.

 You can change your
 election throughout                      Yes                          No                            No                             Yes
 the year

 You can take income
 tax deductions for
                                          Yes                          Yes                          Yes                             No
 expenses you pay with
 your account

 Funds roll over from
                                          Yes                      Up to $570                        No                             Yes
 one year to the next

 Deadline to use your           No deadline. Funds roll                                                                  No deadline. Funds roll
                                                                 March 15, 2023             December 31, 2022
 2022 funds                       over year to year                                                                        over year to year

 Deadline to submit
                                     No deadline                  April 30, 2023               April 30, 2023                  No deadline
 2022 receipts

For a list of eligible expenses, refer to IRS Publications 502 (health care FSA) and 503 (dependent care FSA) on irs.gov.

QUESTIONS?                 nationalchurchresidencesbenfits.com
                           MyQHealth app

                                                                                               National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |     17
Life and Disability
Coverage administered by The Hartford and Reliance Standard

Basic Life and Accidental Death and
Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance
Through The Hartford, we provide you with basic life and AD&D
insurance equal to one times your annualized salary, up to $250,000.
Coverage over $50,000 is taxable and will show as “Imputed Income
GTL” on your paycheck.

Basic Disability Coverage
We provide both short-term and long-term disability through
Reliance Standard/Matrix. If you’re unable to perform your job due to an
extended injury or sickness or if you need maternity leave, you may
be eligible for disability pay.

Short-Term Disability            eekly benefit for up to 26 weeks
                                 ays 60% of your basic weekly earnings*, up to $1,730
                                per week
                                                                                          PROTECT THE ONES
                                 enefit starts immediately
                                                                                          YOU LOVE
Long-Term Disability             onthly benefit starts after 180 days of disability
                                M                                                         Keep your beneficiary information
                                 ays 60% of basic monthly earnings*, up to $7,500
                                P                                                         for your life insurance up to date
                                per month                                                 on Workday.
                                 ayments end after two years if unable to perform
                                own occupation, or when you turn Social Security          Consolatory Death Payment
                                retirement age if unable to perform any occupation        In the event of your death,
*Salary and earnings are base salary only, as defined in your Summary Plan                National Church Residences
 Description.                                                                             will pay your surviving spouse,
     Note on Statutory Disability: New York is included in the Reliance Standard/Matrix   legal guardian, or named
     coverage. As of October 1, 2021, New Jersey is covered by Guardian. There is no      beneficiary the equivalent of
     need to file with the state.
                                                                                          one-month’s base pay to help
                                                                                          with immediate financial needs.
Leaves of Absence                                                                         This payment is made separate
Sometimes life needs you much more than work. We understand that,                         from your final paycheck and
so we offer policies that allow you to take a leave of absence.                           accrued vacation time.
 F amily Medical Leave (FMLA)                      M
                                                     edical issues
 M ilitary obligations                             P
                                                     ersonal concerns
                                                                                          You can also purchase additional
                                                                                          insurance for you and your family.
                               The Hartford                   Matrix                      See page 19 for more information.
QUESTIONS?                     thehartford.com                matrixabsence.com
                               800-454-7020                   877-202-0055

18      | National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide

Optional coverage administered by The Hartford and Guardian

Whether you’re single or raising a family, think about your lifestyle and your loved ones, and decide the
level of protection you need. You’ll enroll in these plans through Workday.

Supplemental Life Insurance                                       Accident Insurance
You may purchase supplemental life insurance with                 Accidents happen every day. This coverage from
The Hartford.                                                     Guardian can help relieve the financial stress of
                                                                  covering medical and household expenses.
For Yourself            Increments of $10,000, up to
                        $300,000                                  Premier Plan Option       60,000 employee coverage
                        A mounts over $150,000 require
                        medical information                                                 30,000 spouse coverage
                                                                                            15,000 child coverage
For Your Spouse         Increments of $5,000, up
                                                                  Biweekly Payroll       Employee Only: $6.04
                        to $150,000 or 50% of your
                                                                  Deductions             Employee + Spouse: $9.76
                        supplemental life amount
                                                                                         Employee + Children: $9.91
                        A mounts over $75,000 require                                   Employee + Family: $13.63
                        medical information
                                                                  Value Plan                30,000 employee coverage
For Your Children        10,000 for each child up to
                        age 26, regardless of                                               15,000 spouse coverage
                        student status                                                      7,500 child coverage
                         o medical information
                        N                                         Biweekly Payroll       Employee Only: $4.05
                        required                                  Deductions             Employee + Spouse: $6.68
                                                                                         Employee + Children: $6.92
                                                                                         Employee + Family: $9.56
Biweekly Payroll Deductions: Rates are age-based
and can be seen in Workday.                                       Wellness pays off, too. You can receive $50 per
Important! If you’re enrolling for the first time during          covered person annually for having annual wellness
Open Enrollment or increasing your coverage level,                exams (e.g., physical, pap smear, mammogram).
you’ll need to provide medical information.

                        The Hartford                      Guardian
 QUESTIONS?             thehartford.com                   guardiananytime.com
                        800-454-7020                      888-600-1600

                                                                                National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |   19

Optional coverage administered by Guardian

Hospital Indemnity Insurance                                       Critical Illness Insurance
With most hospital stays come unplanned expenses.                  It takes a lot to beat a serious illness. And it can cost
This coverage with Guardian will help you be prepared.             a lot. This insurance from Guardian can help with
                                                                   expenses medical insurance doesn’t cover.
The plan pays
 $                                                                  C
                                                                     hoose a lump sum benefit between $5,000 and
  1,000 per hospital or ICU admission (limited
 annually to one admission per covered person,                      $30,000 ($5,000 increments).
 three admissions per family)                                       C
                                                                     overed conditions include cancer, heart attack,
 $                                                                  other vascular events, organ or kidney failure, and
  200 per day (limited annually to 15 days per
 covered person)                                                    various other diseases including Parkinson’s and
                                                                    multiple sclerosis.
Biweekly Payroll Deductions
                                                                   Biweekly Payroll Deductions: You can see the
Employee Only                            $8.37                     biweekly rates in Workday.
Employee + Spouse                        $15.92
Employee + Children                      $12.86
Employee + Family                        $20.41

     Enroll in Accident or Hospital Indemnity Insurance, Earn $$ Toward College
     College Tuition Rewards Program
     Enrollment in these plans earns you $2,000 in rewards that can go toward the
     tuition at a number of private colleges and universities. These rewards are yours
     for your lifetime and can be given to children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews,
     and godchildren.

     Register at guardian.collegetuitionbenefit.com.
     User ID: 00551352
     Password: Guardian

20      | National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide
Savings Plan
403(b) and 401(a) plans administered by Lincoln Financial

All National Church Residences employees are automatically
enrolled in the 403(b) savings plan at 2% contribution after
30 days of employment, unless you opt out or choose a
different contribution rate. At the same time, employees are
automatically enrolled in the 401(a) plan, which is the company
matching and base contributions.

How much can you contribute?
  p to 75% of your biweekly compensation pretax, up to the
 IRS limit (for 2022, the limit is $20,500)
  n additional $6,000 pretax “catch-up” contribution if you’re
 50 years or older

How much does National Church Residences contribute?
National Church Residences will make contributions based on
your years of service. We call this the 3-4-5 or 401(a) Plan.
                                                                            PROTECT THE ONES
0 - 5 years of service       3% base contribution + 3% match
                                                                            YOU LOVE
6 - 10 years of service      4% base contribution + 4% match
>10 years of service         5% base contribution + 5% match                Keep your beneficiary
                                                                            information up to date on
Important to know:                                                          lfg.com.
  ou are always 100% vested in your own contributions.
  ou become 100% vested in the 3-4-5 Plan base + match
 contributions after five years of service, which requires you to
 work 1,000 hours each year to earn a year of vesting service.

Numerous investment options available.
We encourage you to review your funds at least annually at

                          Lincoln Financial
 QUESTIONS?               lfg.com

                                                                    National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |   21
Program                                          (Open to ALL National Church Residences employees,
                                                 you do not need to be enrolled in a Medical Plan option.)

Wellness programs and resources for your total wellbeing

Wellness Your Way
National Church Residences is committed to your total wellbeing. The Wellness Your Way wellbeing program
allows you to choose how you participate in your wellness journey. Earn points when you complete online health
assessments, health screenings, and activities. For every 50 points you report via the Wellness Your Way portal, you will
earn $25, up to $300 total.

2022 Incentive details:
 You must be an active employee at the time of payout.
 Payouts are issued monthly by the end of the following month in which the incentive was earned.
 All incentives are paid through payroll and are taxed as normal income, per IRS rules.
 Track your incentives and point totals on the portal.
Log into assethealth.com/nationalchurchresidences or the Wellness Your Way app on Okta to access your Wellness
Your Way dashboard and learn more about how to earn points, or download the Asset Health mobile app.
Note: Incentive amount and activities subject to change for 2022

Tobacco-Free Me Program
Are you ready to take the first step in becoming tobacco-free? Complete a tobacco-free course or the coach-guided
program today. It's never too late to start!

This course will help motivate and assist you with                       This course is the second of a two-part series to help
quitting tobacco. You'll receive nicotine addiction                      motivate and assist those who want to stop using
education, a personalized plan to quit, and a defined                    tobacco. In addition to acquiring nicotine addiction
support system. You are guided through the steps                         education, developing a plan to quit, and setting up
leading to your quit date—your first day of freedom                      a support system, users are guided through their first
from tobacco.                                                            days and weeks of freedom from tobacco.

Reminder: If you are a tobacco user, you must complete the coach-guided program no later than July 1, 2022, to
receive a refund of the tobacco user surcharge.
Log into assethealth.com/nationalchurchresidences using your existing credentials or your Okta login information
to access the Wellness Your Way widget.
If you are signing into Wellness Your Way for the first time, use these default credentials:
  Username: first initial of your first name + full last name + last four digits of your Social Security number
  Password: date of birth (mmddyyyy)

                             Asset Health Support
 QUESTIONS?                  support@assethealth.com

22    | National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide
Healthy Cents
National Church Residences and Asset Health have teamed up to provide you with Healthy Cents—a financial wellness
program that includes online courses and resources to help you understand and improve your financial wellbeing.

GreenPath is a national nonprofit organization that has been helping Americans improve their financial health for
almost 60 years. More than 200,000 people work with GreenPath each year to build a healthy financial foundation to
achieve their goals.

With Healthy Cents, you have access to:
 An online financial wellness quiz                            Smart goal setting and tracking
 My Vision­—a private online bulletin board                   Helpful action steps
 Interactive online courses                                   Counseling call with GreenPath Financial

Log in to assethealth.com/nationalchurchresidences using your existing credentials or your Okta login information
to access the Wellness Your Way widget.

Wondr Health
Wondr is a digital weight loss program that will help you be your healthiest self. With Wondr, you'll learn science-based
skills that help you to lose weight, sleep better, stress less, and much more.

Here's what Wondr can do for you:
 Get motivated wherever you are with Wondr app.
 Learn from an expert team of instructors and get results that last.
 Participate in weekly master classes tailored to your goals and personalized support via text and health coaches.
 Engage in the WondrLink online community for peer support.
 Enjoy the Wondr Welcome Kit equipped with tools and encouragement to get you started.
Visit wondrhealth.com or download the Wondr mobile app to jump start your weight loss journey.

Real Appeal Weight Loss
With a holistic approach to losing weight, Real Appeal addresses diet, exercise, and behaviors. They provide the tools
you need to succeed.

 Real results: Participants attending four or more sessions lost an average of 10 lbs.
Learn more at nationalchurchresidences.realappeal.com.

Lincoln Financial WellnessPATH
Your financial wellness is important to maintaining your total wellbeing. That's why you have access to WellnessPATH
through Lincoln Financial.

With WellnessPATH, you can:
 Set financial goals, check your financial wellness score, and view your progress on managing spending, debt, and saving
 all in one place from the dashboard.
 Schedule a personal meeting with a Lincoln financial consultant for one-on-one retirement and financial planning help.
 Access financial tools and resources to help you better understand your debt, money hacks, and tips to make informed
 financial decisions.

                                                                               National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |   23
Other Programs
and Perks
Additional benefits to help you find balance in your work and life

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)                          Paid Time Off (PTO)
Work interferes with life and life, at times, interferes   Work is part of life, but we want you to enjoy the other
with work. When it all becomes too much, you have          parts, too! You receive PTO based on how long you’ve
people who can help.                                       worked with us, and the hours you work.

Through the EAP, you and your family members each          Full-time Employees (30+ hours per week):
get eight confidential counseling sessions per             Years of   PTO Earned Per Hours    Annual     Max
incident/situation.                                        Service    Paid (Per Pay Period)   Accrual    Accrual
Who to Contact
with Questions
For specific benefit questions, contact our plan administrators below.

For general assistance, speak with a benefits representative
Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. Call 833-226-8355. Or visit employeeconnects.com/

BENEFIT                                      ADMINISTRATOR                        CONTACT INFORMATION
Accident Insurance                                Guardian                             guardiananytime.com
Critical Illness                                                                          888-600-1600
Hospital Indemnity
                                              Guardian Tuition                 guardian.collegetuitionbenefit.com
                                              Rewards Program                          User ID: 00551352
                                                                                      Password: Guardian
Consolatory Death Payment                      Benefits Center                         833-226-8355
Dental                                               UMR                                      umr.com
Disability                                 Reliance Standard/Matrix                     matrixabsence.com
Employee Assistance Program                   Magellan Ascend                          magellanascend.com
Flexible Spending Account                            UMR                     nationalchurchresidencesbenefits.com
Health Savings Account                            HSA Bank                                   alexhsa.com
Leave of Absence and                                Matrix                              matrixabsence.com
Family Medical Leave                                                                      877-202-0055
Life and AD&D                                  The Hartford Life                          thehartford.com
Supplemental Life                            Insurance Company                             800-454-7020
Medical and Prescription                          UMR and                    nationalchurchresidencesbenefits.com
                                                  OptumRx                                877-498-1385
                                                                                        MyQHealth app
Paid Time Off                            National Church Residences
                                         Employee Information Guide
Real Appeal Weight Loss                          Real Appeal                nationalchurchresidences.realappeal.com
Retirement Savings Plan                        Lincoln Financial                               lfg.com
Tuition Assistance                       National Church Residences
                                         Employee Information Guide
Vision                                               VSP                                      vsp.com
Wellbeing Program                                Asset Health               assethealth.com/nationalchurchresidences

                                                                             National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |   25

26   | National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide

        National Church Residences 2022 Benefits Guide |   27
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