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Enhanced Internship Program (EIP)

     5 Mar – 17 Aug 2018 (24 weeks)
   19 Mar – 10 Aug (21 weeks)
 26 Mar – 17 Aug 2018 (21 weeks)

What is EIP?
Module Code: BM0150
Module Name: Enhanced Internship Programme

Credit points:    21/24
       Attachment to a local business or government
       Performance will be evaluated with a grade,
        similar to other modules
       Rotation to minimum of 2 different job functions
       Undergo a training plan & activities to meet
        specific learning outcomes

Internship Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this module, the student

1. Demonstrate the application of knowledge and skill sets
   acquired from the course and workplace in the assigned
   job function/s

2. Solve real life challenges in the workplace by analysing
   work environment and conditions, and selecting
   appropriate skill sets acquired from the course

3. Articulate career options by considering opportunities in
   company, sector, industry, professional and educational
   advancement                                          3
Internship Learning Outcomes

4. Communicate and collaborate effectively and
   appropriately with different professionals in the
   work environment through written and oral

5. Exhibit critical thinking and problem solving
   skills by analysing underlying issue/s to

6. Demonstrate the ability to harness resources
   by analysing challenges and considering
   opportunities                              4
Internship Learning Outcomes

7. Recommend ideas to improve work effectiveness
   and efficiency by analysing challenges and
   considering viable options

8. Demonstrate appreciation and respect for diverse
   groups of professionals by engaging
   harmoniously with different company stakeholders

9. Exhibit professional ethics by displaying
   positive disposition during internship
Importance of Internship

• COMPULSORY Core Module for all SBM final
  year students ( 1 credit point for 1 week)

• Consequence of “Fail” grade means Repeat and
  Delay in graduation

• May need to pay another semester fees

• Poor grade may affect employment opportunity

• Industry Internship Mentor (IIM) – your workplace supervisor
  • Guides and mentors you at the office especially on your work,
    duties and responsibilities.

• Student Internship Mentor (SIM) – your lecturer
  • Guides and mentors you on the internship in general, especially
    your attitude, behaviour, posture ad expectations.

• Go to seek advice from them whenever you need.

Assessment Criteria        %    Students are assessed on the following areas:

Workplace                       Work Ethics and Professionalism (10%)
[assessed by Industry           Professional Proficiency/ Quality of Work Outcomes (10%)
Internship Mentor]         40   Communication & Teamwork (10%)
                                Independent Learning Skills (10%)
Log Documentation               Content (5%)
[assessed by School        10   Timeliness (5%)
Internship Mentor (SIM)]
Reflection                      Reflection to include key learning points, suggest areas of
[assessed by School        10   improvement , learning from work environment, insights on
Internship Mentor (SIM)]        individual’s strengths, interests, values, personality, skills
                                and weaknesses.
Student ITP Report              Structure & organisation of report (5%) Language (5%);
[assessed by School        20   Contents (5%), training description (5%), analysis of training
Internship Mentor (SIM)]        (5%), recommendations for improvement (10%), conclusion
                                & reflection on career opportunities(5%).

Presentation                    Organisation (5%)
[assessed by School             Presentation Skills (5%)
Internship Mentor (SIM)]   20   Ability to answer questions (10%)
Workplace Rubric (40%)
FACTOR -                                                                      RATINGS ACCORDING TO COMPETENCY
40 marks / 40%                                                                        AND PERFORMANCE LEVEL
                                        0 to 4.9                   5 to 5.9                   6 to 6.9                   7 to 7.9                     8 to 10
Work Ethics &                  Puts in little efforts to   Needs prompting to          Completes tasks on        Completes tasks on         Takes full ownership of
Professionalism                complete tasks.             complete tasks on           time and with the         time and with the          tasks assigned.
                                                           time. Little attempt to     highest quality           highest quality            Completes tasks on time
(10 marks/10%)                                                                         possible.                 possible.
                                                           strive for quality                                                               and strive to achieve
                                                           outcomes.                                                                        outstanding outcomes.
Assess the individual’s
work ethics and
professionalism.               Poor attitude. Needs                                    Possesses positive                                   Possesses excellent
                               reminder on manners         Respectful and honest       attitude, is respectful   Possesses very             attitude, is respectful and
                               and integrity.              at all times though         and honest at all         positive attitude, is      honest at all times.
                                                           attitude is negative at     times.                    respectful and honest
                                                           times.                                                at all times.
                               Poor attendance and                                                                                          Excellent attendance and
                               punctuality records.        Satisfactory                Good attendance                                      punctuality records.
                                                           attendance and              and punctuality           Very good attendance
                                                           punctuality records.        records.                  and punctuality

Professional                   Possesses poor or no        Possesses limited          Possesses good             Possesses very good        Possesses excellent
Proficiency/ Quality           technical knowledge         technical knowledge to     technical knowledge        technical knowledge to     technical knowledge to
of Work Outcomes               and unable to               complete tasks             to complete tasks          complete tasks             complete tasks assigned.
                               complete tasks              assigned. Delivers         assigned. Delivers         assigned. Delivers         Delivers work of excellent
(10 marks/10%)                 assigned. Delivers          work of satisfactory       work of good quality.      work of very good          quality.
                               work of unacceptable        quality.                                              quality.
Assess the individual’s        quality.
technical competence to
perform the assigned
Communication &                Poor communication          Not very well-             Usually clear and well     Clear and well             Articulate, well
Teamwork                       skills. Frequent            understood,                understood. Good           understood. Very good      understood and speaks
                               conflicts with people.      occasionally               team player and            team player and works      with confidence.
(10 marks/10%)                                             encounters difficulties    works well with            well with people all the   Excellent team player
                                                           in communicating           people generally.          time.                      and works well with
Assess the individual’s                                    clearly and concisely.                                                           people all the time.
interpersonal,                                             Does not work well with
communication skills and                                   people occasionally.
ability to work with others
Independent                    Always waits to be          Takes initiative           Takes initiative only      Takes initiative most of   Independent learner, self-
Learning Skills                told what to do next,       occasionally, must be      on routine matters,        the time, and looks for    starter, and looks for new
                               does not take               instructed frequently,     and looks for new          new methods and            methods and solutions all
(10 marks/10%)                 initiative to do things,    and not proactive to try   methods and                solutions most of the      the time.
                               no interest to try new      new methods and            solutions sometimes.       time.
Assess the individual’s        methods and                 solutions.
independent learning skills.   solutions.

Total (Workplace) – 40 marks / 40%
Log Documentation/Reflection Journal
Log Documentation/Reflection Journal
Scoresheet for Log Documentation/Reflection Journal
Log Documentation (10%)
                                                                  RATINGS ACCORDING TO COMPETENCY
DOCUMENTATION                                                              AND PERFORMANCE LEVEL
10 marks / 10%
                                     0 to 2.4                 2.5 to 2.9          3.0 to 3.4           3.5 to 3.9              4 to 5

Content                       Hardly any content if     Some content          Fairly detailed      Detailed content      Very detailed
                              any. Few words            describing work       content describing   describing work       content describing
(5 marks/5%)
                              describing work done      done and              work done and        done and              work done and
Assess the individual’s       and observations of       observations of       observations of      observations of       observations of
ability to document log.      people in the team.       people in the         people in the        people in the team.   people in the team.
                                                        team.                 team.

Timeliness                    Log is submitted less    Log is submitted       Log is submitted     Log is submitted      Log is submitted on
                              than 25% of the time     25% of the time        50% of the time      75% of the time on    time (according to
(5 marks/5%)                  on time (according to    on time                on time              time (according to    timeline agreed
Assess the individual’s       timeline agreed with     (according to          (according to        timeline agreed       with School
ability to submit log on a    School Internship        timeline agreed        timeline agreed      with School           Internship Mentor)
timely manner.                Mentor).                 with School            with School          Internship Mentor).   all the time.
                                                       Internship             Internship
                                                       Mentor).               Mentor).

Total (Log Documentation*) – 10 marks / 10%
* Refer to sample of log/reflection journal on slides 17,18
Reflection Rubric(10%)
                                                              RATINGS ACCORDING TO COMPETENCY
REFLECTION                                                        AND PERFORMANCE LEVEL
10 marks / 10%
                             0 to 4.9                 5 to 5.9              6 to 6.9               7 to 7.9                 8 to 10

Reflection             Hardly any coverage     Average coverage of     Good coverage         Very good               Exellent coverage of
                       of learning points,     learning points,        of learning points,   coverage of             learning points,
(10 marks/10%)
                       suggestions for         suggestions for         suggestions for       learning points,        suggestions for
Assess the             areas of                areas of                areas of              suggestions for         areas of
individual’s ability   improvement,            improvement,            improvement,          areas of                improvement,
to reflect on his      learning from work      learning from work      learning from         improvement,            learning from work
internship             environment and         environment and         work environment      learning from work      environment and
experience.            insights on             insights on             and insights on       environment and         insights on
                       individual’s            individual’s            individual’s          insights on             individual’s
                       strengths, interests,   strengths, interests,   strengths,            individual’s            strengths, interests,
                       values, personality,    values, personality,    interests, values,    strengths, interests,   values, personality,
                       skills and              skills and              personality, skills   values, personality,    skills and
                       weaknesses.             weaknesses.             and weaknesses.       skills and              weaknesses.

Total (Reflection*) – 10 marks / 10%
* Refer to sample of log/reflection journal on slides 17,18
Student ITP Report (20%) – Instructions to students
Student ITP Report (20%) – Instructions to students
Student ITP Report (20%) – Instructions to students
Student ITP Report (20%)
FACTOR –                                                    RATINGS ACCORDING TO COMPETENCY
REPORT                                                             AND PERFORMANCE LEVEL
50 marks / 20%
                             0 to 2.4               2.5 to 2.9               3.0 to 3.4              3.5 to 3.9                4 to 5
Structure &
Organisation of the   Report is               Below average            Acceptable              Good organisation of    Excellent
Report                unorganised & no        organisation of the      organisation of the     the report & logical    organisation of the
                      logical coherence,      report & poor logical    report & logical        coherence, with         report & strong
(5 marks)             with no headings,       coherence, with          coherence, with                                 logical coherence,
                                                                                               most of the
                      table of contents,      most of the              some of the             headings, table of      with all the proper
                      paragraphing,           headings, table of       headings, table of      contents,               headings, table of
                      pagination in place,    contents,                contents,               paragraphing,           contents,
                      resulting in the        paragraphing,            paragraphing,           pagination in place     paragraphing,
                      report being unclear    pagination not in        pagination in place     resulting in most of    pagination in place
                      and very difficult to   place, resulting in      resulting in the        the report being        resulting in the
                      read.                   the report being         report being fairly     clear and easy to       report being clear
                                              somewhat unclear         clear and easy to       read.                   and easy to read.
                                              and difficult to read.   read.

                      Very poor               Below average            Average vocabulary      Good vocabulary         Excellent vocabulary
                      vocabulary,             vocabulary,              and use of correct      and use of correct      and use of correct
(5 marks)             sentence structure      sentence structure       business terms.         business terms.         business terms.
                      and grammar.            and grammar need         Average sentence        Good sentence           Excellent sentence
                      Incorrect use of        to be improved.          structure and           structure and           structure and
                      business terms, and     Incorrect use of         grammar used with       grammar used with       grammar used with
                      unacceptable            some business            some spelling           very few spelling       no spelling errors.
                      number of spelling      terms. Many              errors.                 errors.
                      errors.                 spelling errors.

                      Does not understand     Poor                     Average                 Good                    Excellent
Content-Company       the Company’s           understanding of the     understanding of the    understanding of the    understanding of the
Business/Industry     nature of business,     Company’s nature         Company’s nature of     Company’s nature of     Company’s nature of
Overview              unable to describe      of business, its         business, its           business, its           business, its
                      the organisational      organisational           organisational          organisational          organisational
(5 marks)                                     structure, and the       structure, and the      structure, and the
                      structure, and the                                                                               structure, and the
                      industry within which   industry within which    industry within which   industry within which   industry within which
                      it operates.            it operates.             it operates.            it operates.            it operates.
Student ITP Report (20%)
                            0 to 2.4                   2.5 to 2.9                 3.0 to 3.4                3.5 to 3.9                 4 to 5
Description       Poor or no description of      Makes minimal             Makes some                 Good description of     Concise and
                  the training. Very little or   efforts to describe the   efforts to describe the    the training            insightful description
(5 marks)         no description of duties,      training provided.        training provided, areas                           of the training
                                                                                                      received, areas like
                  responsibilities and key       Duties,                   like duties &              duties &                received, areas like
                  contributions.                 responsibilities and      responsibilities, and      responsibilities, and   duties &
                                                 key contributions         key contributions          key contributions are   responsibilities, and
                                                 could be better           highlighted to some        covered.                key contributions are
                                                 described.                extent.                                            very well covered.

Analysis of
Training          Makes minimal                  Satisfactory efforts to   Good efforts to analyse    Very good analysis      Excellent analysis of
Experience        efforts or none at             analyse the               the                        of the                  the benefits gained,
                  all to analyse the             benefits gained,          benefits gained,           benefits gained,        challenges
(5 marks)         benefits gained,               challenges                challenges                 challenges              encountered, and
                  challenges                     encountered, and          encountered, and           encountered, and        application of
                  encountered, and               application of            application of             application of          knowledge and skills
                  application of                 knowledge and skills      knowledge and skills       knowledge and skills    during internship.
                  knowledge and skills           during internship.        during                     during internship.
                  during                                                   internship.

                            0 to 4.9                     5 to 5.9                  6 to 6.9                  7 to 7.9                 8 to 10
Improvements      No recommendation for          One quality               Two quality                Three quality           Four or more quality
                  improvements provided.         recommendation that       recommendations that       recommendations         recommendations that
(10 marks)                                       is likely feasible,       are likely feasible,       that are likely         are likely feasible,
                                                 implementable             implementable              feasible,               implementable
                                                 and positively impact     and positively impact      implementable           and positively impact
                                                 the organisation.         the organisation.          and positively impact   the
                                                                                                      the organisation.       organisation.

                            0 to 2.4                   2.5 to 2.9                 3.0 to 3.4               3.5 to 3.9                 4 to 5
Conclusion and
Overall Summary   No key learning points         Makes minimal             Makes some                 Good summary of         Concise summary of
                  provided and lack of           effort to describe key    effort to describe         key learning points     key learning points
(5 marks)         conclusion/ summary to         learning points and       learning points and        and conclusion to       and excellent
                  internship experience.         poor conclusion to        conclusion to internship   internship              conclusion to
                                                 internship                experience.                experience              internship experience.
                                                 experience.                                          provided.
Student ITP Report (20%)

                           0 to 2.4               2.5 to 2.9              3.0 to 3.4           3.5 to 3.9                4 to 5

Annex 1 -Education   Makes no efforts to     Makes minimal           Makes some efforts     Good description      Excellent and
Career Guidance      describe 3 jobs         efforts to describe 3   to describe 3 jobs     of the 3 jobs         insightful
(ECG)                within the business     jobs within the         within the business    within the            description of 3 jobs
                     or industry sector      business or industry    or industry sector     business or           within the business
(5 marks)            that the Company        sector that the         that the Company       industry sector       or industry sector
                     operates, only job      Company operates,       operates.              that the Company      that the Company
                     listings are provided   only listing of the 3   Explanation of         operates.             operates. Detailed
                     with no other           jobs are provided       personal               Explanation of        explanation of
                     details, or no ECG      with little             characteristics that   personal              personal
                     provided at all.        explanation of          enable the intern to   characteristics       characteristics that
                                             personal                be suited/not suited   that enable the       enable the intern to
                                             characteristics, and    for the jobs; and      intern to be          be suited/not suited
                                             training/skills         description of the     suited/not suited     for the jobs; and
                                             required.               training and skills    for the jobs; and     detailed description
                                                                     required to perform    description of the    of the training and
                                                                     the jobs could be      training and skills   skills required to
                                                                     improved.              required to           perform the jobs
                                                                                            perform the jobs      provided.

Annex 2 –            Makes no efforts to     Makes minimal           Makes some efforts     Good description      Excellent and
Portfolio            describe the 2 skills   efforts to describe     to describe the 2      of the 2 skills       insightful
                     acquired/               the 2 skills            skills acquired/       acquired/             description of 2
(5 marks)            developed through       acquired/               developed through      developed             skills acquired or
                     projects/tasks          developed through       projects/tasks         through               developed through
                     during internship.      projects/tasks          during internship.     projects/tasks        projects/tasks
                     No sample               during internship.      Sample evidence of     during internship.    during internship.
                     evidence of skills      Sample evidence of      the two skills         Sample evidence       Detailed sample
                     acquired/               just one skill          acquired/              of the two skills     evidence of the two
                     developed               acquired/               developed              acquired/             skills acquired/
                     submitted.              developed               submitted.             developed             developed
                                             submitted.                                     submitted.            provided.
Student Presentation (20%)

• Scope of internship work
• Learning points
• Your insights:
 • Help in deciding future plans eg studies and
   / or career?
 • Which industry?
 • Your strengths?
 • Any role model in company?
 • What excites you in your internship?           22
Rubric & Scoresheet for Grading Student
Presentation (20%)
Rubric & Scoresheet for Presentation (20%)
 FACTOR -                                                           RATINGS ACCORDING TO COMPETENCY
20 marks / 20%                                                            AND PERFORMANCE LEVEL
                                 0 to 2.4              2.5 to 2.9               3.0 to 3.4            3.5 to 3.9                    4 to 5
Organisation               Presentation           Presentation is          Presentation is      Presentation is very      Presentation is
                           content is             somewhat                 organised and        organised and             excellently organised,
(5 marks/5%)               unorganised and        organised with           structured.          structured. Audience      and structured.
Assess the                 unstructured. It is    some structure.          Audience is able     is able to pick up key    Audience remembers
individual’s               impossible to          Some efforts are         to pick up some      messages.                 the key messages even
organisation of            follow the             needed to follow         key messages.                                  after the presentation.
presentation content       presentation.          the presentation.                                                       Good time management
                                                                                                                          in terms of content

                           Very poor eye          Poor eye contact,        Good eye contact,    Very good eye             Excellent eye contact,
                           contact, body          body language and        body language        contact, body             body language and
Presentation Skills
                           language and           voice projection         and voice            language and voice        voice projection.
(5 marks/5%)               voice projection.      Presenter’s              projection.          projection. Presenter     Presenter is well-
                           Presenter’s            appearance and/or        Presenter is         is well-groomed,          groomed, very
Assess the                 appearance and/or      gestures distract the    groomed, shows       enthusiastic, speaks      enthusiastic, speaks
individual’s ability to    gestures               audience from the        enthusiasm,          with confidence and       with conviction and
present                    disengage the          presentation.            speaks with some     very engaging.            totally engages the
                           audience from the                               confidence and                                 audience.
                           presentation.                                   engaging.
                                 0 to 4.9                5 to 5.9                6 to 6.9              7 to 7.9                    8 to 10

Ability to answer
                          Able to answer a       Able to answer all       Able to answer all   Able to answer all        Able to answer all
(10 marks/10%)            few questions,         questions,               questions with       questions with            questions with clarity
                          however, quality of    however, quality of      some clarity and     clarity and provide       and provide very good
Assess the
individual’s ability to   answers is poor.       answers is just          provide some         good insights to the      insights to the
answer question                                  satisfactory.            insights to the      audience.                 audience.
Total (Presentation) – 20 marks / 20%
EIP Report (20% )

Internship Report (1,500 to 1,800 words)
• Brief overview of company
• Brief description of duties and responsibilities
• Details of special projects / assignments
• Analysis of training experience
• Recommendations for improvement
• Conclusion and overall summary
Annex 1 (200 words): education & career opportunities
Annex 2 (200 words): portfolio (job-related skills acquired)
Marks will be deducted for late submission of the ITP report.   25
EIP info: in Blackboard (BM0150)

Access the following important documents in BB
or the ITP portal:
• Internship Learning Outcomes and Instructions
  EIP – compulsory reading
• Leave of Absence Form
  • Print and update absence info
• Student’s Undertaking
  • Print and sign, and return to your SIM
• Monthly Report ITP – eLogbook. Submit in BB.    26
Student eLogbook: monthly reports

  • Description of your duties, tasks or projects assigned
  • Problems encountered and solutions, if any.
  • Identify the diverse range of people that you worked and
    your interactions with them
  • Total hours per week should be number of hours required to
    work at the office eg 44 hrs per week
  • Not “bullets”

  To send to your IIM (Industry Internship Mentor ) monthly
  for review and comments, then send to your SIM.
  Download at student ITP portal. Will be in Blackboard
  later (your SIM will inform you later).


Marks    Grade                                Remarks
 (%)    Awarded

 80 &             Student’s performance way exceeds requirements, has an
above     A       exemplary work attitude & is clearly outstanding

                  Student’s performance fully meets requirements and sometimes
70-79     B       exceeds expected results. Has a good work attitude.

                  Student’s performance meets almost all requirements, but there
60-69      C      are areas for improvement. Has a good work attitude.

                  Student’s performance just meets minimum requirements, but
50-59             may require coaching, guidance and directions. Overall willing
          D       to learn.
                  Student’s performance fails to meet minimum requirements,
Below      F      has a poor attitude and is clearly not acceptable. Student is    28
 50               deemed to have sat & failed ITP.
Resources for interns

• Resources to help during internship
• Available to students in Student ITP portal

Failing EIP
   You fail EIP if:
   • Overall score is less than 50 marks
   • Company terminates your internship
   • SBM withdraws your internship

   • Receives “Fail” grade / appears in transcript
   • Repeat ITP module
   • Pay tuition fees for another semester
   • Delay in graduation


Termination cases: some examples

• Falsify company data
• Absent without valid reasons (“MIA”)
• Overall poor work attitude and performance
• Insubordination
• Not punctual for work
• Discusses company on social media

EIP Allowance

• Allowance – not salary
• Determined and paid by EITP Company
• Varies from company to company and industry to


• NYP student insurance schemes:
   • Work Injury Compensation (WIC)
   • Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPA)
   • Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance (GHSI)
• Info in NYP website and in Blackboard (look inside your
  module folder).
• Inform your parents / guardians / next-of-kin of insurance
  provided by NYP.
• Contact your SIM immediately if you are injured at the
  workplace and/or if you need to make insurance claims.

Attitude, Behaviour, Expectations
Annual Leave maximum 3 days (subject to company’s policy)

MC: Inform your IIM and SIM by phone and SMS in the
morning if you are sick.
     • MC must be submitted to IIM and a photocopy for SIM.

Overtime work (not just staying beyond working hours on your
    Overtime pay - determined by company policy
    Many companies give time off instead


Attitude, Behaviour, Expectations

• Company info – check out the company website and location
  in advance.
• Punctuality – very important
• Dress code – follow company’s dress code, including their
  “dress down” days.
• Medical problems (e.g. asthma etc) - highlight their
  condition to the school as soon as possible. Medical report /
  support from your doctor is required.
• Frequent and long MCs – If you need to be on long MCs of
  more than 2 days, please inform your SIM. May affect your
    • Forging of MCs – Act of dishonesty. Student will be subjected to
      disciplinary action and terminated from ITP immediately.

Attitude, Behaviour, Expectations

• Keep to company’s office hours, lunch hours, tea
  breaks etc.
• No online chatting / sms during working hours.
• No uploading of photos or videos online about the
  company or your work environment.
• No social media on company or your work there.
• If you have any problems during your ITP, consult
  your SIM.


Workplace environment
• Workplace diversity: respect for people of other races,
 religions, cultures, etc

 Ethical issues: lying, dishonesty
 Sexual harassment: sexual advances / favours
• verbal abuse: unkind, rude, vulgar words
Inform your SIM immediately.

Be careful of:
  • Accepting rides/gifts from staff (esp alone)
  • Going out with staff after office hours (esp alone)
  • Giving blog accounts or accepting FaceBook invitations   38
ITP assignment list

Week beginning 19 Feb 2018 - check EITP

company assignment

•    You must contact your SIM assigned for a personal
•    Find out more about the company (web site), check
     their location so you will not be late on the first day
     of reporting.

URL – student url

Web site address:       https://mysbm.nyp.edu.sg/itp/

user name: NYP admission number
password: NYP admission number + last 4 characters of NRIC

• for Singapore NRIC, the last 4 characters include the last
• if student is using e.g. Malaysian ID, the last 4 numbers

       URL - information of allocated ITP company / SIM
                URL - submission of feedback

        Download eLogbook here.
After EIP ends on Friday 17 Aug 2018:
•By 20 Aug 2018, noon:
• Submit ITP report to your SIM (with MCs and
    other relevant documents)

• Marks will be deducted for late submission.
• Complete the COMPULSORY e-student feedback
    on ITP company and your SIM at the ITP
           Look for “ITP Student feedback” icon
           User Name : NYP Adm No.
           Password : NRIC No. (full NRIC No in caps)
Person to Contact

If in doubt, please contact:

•      Your assigned School Internship Mentor - an SBM
•      Your Course Manager
•      ITP Module Coordinator:
       Mr Raymond Wong, Room C214
       E-Mail: raymond_wong@nyp.edu.sg / DID: 6550-1097


All the best in your internship.

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