Excellence in Research & Innovation 2015 - Europa EU

Excellence in Research & Innovation 2015 - Europa EU

in Research
& Innovation
COOPERATION opportunities between EUROPE and Singapore
Excellence in Research & Innovation 2015 - Europa EU

3         Foreword                              18        Ireland
4         European Union                        20        Italy
5         Austria                               22        Poland
7         Belgium                               24        Romania
9         Denmark                               25        Spain
11        Finland                               27        Sweden
12        France                                29        Switzerland
14        Germany                               31        The Netherlands
16        Hungary                               33        The United Kingdom

The success of the 2nd “EURAXESS Links          The first Voice of the Researchers (VoR)       “The ERC Fellowship has allowed me to
– Connecting Researchers Worldwide“             outside of Europe was held in Singapore in     pursue my scientific goals with greater pace
conference 2014 was testimony to the strong     2014. The participants shared their mobility   and urgency.”
scientific relations and extensive researcher   experiences and expectations in a direct       Singaporean Dr Ari Sadanandom
mobility between Europe and ASEAN.              dialogue with each other and European          (University of Durham, UK) was awarded
                                                policy-makers.                                 an ERC Starting Grant worth €1.5 million
                                                                                               in 2012.
Excellence in Research & Innovation 2015 - Europa EU
European Union                                                                                              Excellence in Research & Innovation

                                                Knowledge, research and innovation are key factors in today’s global competition
                                                and attracting the best scientists is a necessity. Researchers are today’s
                                                cornerstone of knowledge creation, diffusion and application. Europe, among other
                                                major economies, has recognised the importance of knowledge for sustained
                                                economic growth and mobility and availability of researchers is clearly a vital factor
                                                in a nation’s scientific potential and economic growth.

                                                The European Union (EU) is one of the world’s leading regions in research and
                                                innovation. With 7% of the world’s population, it accounts for one-quarter of
Dr. Michael Pulch, Ambassador and Head of the   global expenditure on research, one-third of the high impact publications and
European Union Delegation to Singapore
                                                32% of patent applications. The European Research Area (ERA) will enable
                                                more coherence between European and national research policies, reducing
                                                administration and obstacles to researchers’ mobility. We aim to create a single
                                                European market for innovation which will attract innovative companies and

                                                Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever
                                                with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) – in
                                                addition to the private investment that this money will attract, it promises more
                                                breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to
                                                the market. Innovation is the key way forward.

                                                Both ASEAN and the EU understand the importance of science, technology and
                                                innovation individually and also agree on the relevance of cooperation between
                                                the two regions in these areas. The Partnership and Cooperation Agreement,
                                                concluded between the EU and Singapore in 2013, placed special emphasis on
                                                Scientific and Technological Cooperation. Within the provision of this agreement,
                                                the promotion of training and mobility for researchers is specifically highlighted as
                                                a crucial element in our cooperation with Singapore.

                                                In 2014, Singapore was the venue of several regional EU events on researcher
                                                mobility, including the ‘Voice of the Researchers’ and the second annual
                                                Euraxess Links conferences. This year promises to be another busy year for the
                                                EU in Singapore, as we increase our activities in the promotion of Europe as a
                                                destination for Research and Development (R&D).

                                                I hope this booklet provides you with a practical guide, so that you may discover
                                                the wealth of opportunities that Europe has to offer in the area of research,
                                                development and innovation.

                                                Dr. Michael Pulch
                                                Ambassador and Head of
                                                Delegation of the European
                                                Union to Singapore

Excellence in Research & Innovation 2015 - Europa EU
European Union                                                                                          Excellence in Research & Innovation

European Union
An open source for knowledge and growth

European Research Area (ERA)                Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions              Under which conditions?
A unified research area based on            (MSCA)                                      There are 3 types of calls for the ERC
the Internal Market                         MSCA support researchers at all             core funding schemes. These are the
• It is open to the world                   stages of their careers, irrespective       conditions for a Starting Grant call:
• Researchers, scientific knowledge         of nationality. Researchers working         • For researchers of any nationality
  and technology can circulate freely       across all disciplines, from life-saving      with 2-7 years of experience since
• The EU and its Member States              healthcare to ‘blue-sky’ science, are         completion of PhD (or equivalent
  strengthen their scientific               eligible for funding.                         degree) and scientific track record
  and technological bases, their                                                          showing great promise
  competitiveness and their capacity to     MSCA encompasses different                  • Scientific excellence of researcher
  collectively address grand challenges     programs such as:                             and research proposal
                                            • The Marie Curie international             • Research must be conducted
Horizon 2020                                  incoming Fellowships scheme (IIF):          in a public or private research
H2020 is the EU’s main instrument             The IIF provides funding to top             organisation (known as a Host
for funding research in Europe and            class foreign researchers to work           Institution/HI) located in one of the
the largest of its kind in the world.         on research projects in Europe for          EU Member State or Associated
Running from 2014 to 2020 with a €80          duration of 12 to 24 months                 Countries
billion budget, it offers a large variety
of funding opportunities for research       Researchers moving from third
and innovation activities through calls                                                 How do I apply?
                                            countries, such as Singapore, to             http://erc.europa.eu/
for proposals that are set out in the       EU Member States or Associated
Horizon 2020 work programme.                Countries are eligible for an IIF. To       EURAXESS Links
                                            apply, you must have either a doctoral      It is a unique pan-European initiative
Who can apply?                              degree or at least 4 years’ full-time
Horizon 2020 is open to the world.                                                      providing access to a complete range
                                            research experience, after obtaining a      of information and support services
This means that participants from           degree permitting you to embark on a
all over the world, regardless of their                                                 to researchers wishing to pursue their
                                            doctorate.                                  research careers in Europe or stay
place of establishment or residence,
                                            • The Marie Curie Career                    connected to it.
can participate in most of the calls of
Horizon 2020.                                 Integration Grants (CIG)                  • Euraxess Jobs is Euraxess career
                                              The CIG allows experienced                  database – advertising thousands of
                                              researchers from any country in the         Europe-based fellowships and jobs
Under which conditions?
                                              world, with at least 4 years’ full-time     vacancies in research and innovation
Conditions for collaborative research
                                              research experience or doctoral
& innovation projects: a consortium
                                              degree, to come and work in Europe        • Euraxess Services is a network of
must include at least 3 participants
                                              for 2 to 4 years                            more than 200 centres situated in
from 3 different EU Member States or
Associated countries. In addition to                                                      38 European countries. If you are a
these three partners, any legal entity      How do I apply?                               researcher planning to relocate to
from anywhere in the world can be            http://ec.europa.eu/research/                Europe, Euraxess Services can assist
included in the consortium.                 mariecurieactions/                            you and your family in every step of
                                                                                          your move
Individual researcher projects:             European Research Council
The European Research Council               (ERC)                                       For more information
and the Marie Skłodowska-Curie              The ERC’s mission is to encourage             http://ec.europa.eu/euraxess/
actions offer unparalleled funding          the highest quality research in Europe
opportunities for individual researchers    through competitive funding and to
who want to work in Europe.                 support investigator-driven frontier
                                            research across all fields, on the basis
How do I apply?                             of scientific excellence.
Have a look at the participant Portal
H2020 online manual:                        Who can apply?
  http://ec.europa.eu/programmes/           ERC grants are open to researchers
horizon2020/                                of any nationality in the world, any
                                            scientific field, any age.
Excellence in Research & Innovation 2015 - Europa EU
European Union                                                                                          Excellence in Research & Innovation

Building bridges through our innovation –
surprisingly ingenious

Why should you go to Austria?                Austria has a top position in industrial   In an international perspective, Austria
Austria has a rich tradition of academic     technologies and advanced materials.       holds a position in the upper medium
research and industrial innovation.          This includes above-average                group of ICT locations, with ambitions
Research, technology and innovation          productivity growth and export             to move into the leading group. A
policy has become a central area             performance of the manufacturing           particular strength is ICT research,
of political action. Austria is one          industry.                                  both at universities and private
of the world’s leading locations for                                                    companies.
business and research, as regularly          Austria belongs to the leading nations
confirmed by numerous international          in energy technologies. With 32.2% of      Enhancing links between
rankings. In this dynamic climate, new       the energy consumption being covered       Singapore and Austria
knowledge is generated and translated        by renewable energy Austria is among       The Austrian Institute for
into innovations on the market               the European top leaders. Generally        Technology and NTU are working
through the interplay of science and         the dominant power sources are solid       on a joint research initiative on the
entrepreneurial spirit.                      wood fuels and hydropower. Austrian        topic of green building in Singapore.
                                             companies are among the world              Together with the two project partners
• 2.88% of GDP devoted to R&D                leaders in solar heating and cooling,      ERI@N - Energy Research Institute at
• 22 state universities, 13 private          bioenergy technologies and zero            Nanyang Technological University and
  universities, 21 universities of applied   emission buildings.                        IMRE - Institute of Materials Research
  sciences                                                                              and Engineering, the Austrian Institute
                                             With 723 companies active in the           of Technology develops this research
• 20 research and technology
                                             biotechnology, pharma or medical           topic.
  organizations (RTOs)
                                             technology business, life sciences
• Austrian universities are among the        are an important part of Austria’s         AustriaNova Singapore Pte Ltd
  top 10% of universities worldwide          economy. Together, these companies         is a high tech, life science and biotech
• Attractive for students: 15.2% foreign     were responsible for a turnover            company with a global footprint
  students; Austria ranks worldwide          exceeding €17.7 billion in 2012 – about    that encapsulates living cells in bio-
  third after Australia (21.5%) and          5.4% of GDP. More than 50,000 people       inert polymers, used for protection,
  Great Britain (15.3%)                      earn a living working for an Austrian      isolation, storage and transportation.
• 61,170 employees in R&D (full-time         life science company. The life science     The company was established in
  equivalents)                               industry in Austria is fully diversified   2007; whilst based in Singapore’s
                                             with companies large and small as          top research biotech hub, Biopolis.
• 3,400 companies doing R&D
                                             well as a number of multinational          AustriaNova won the Singapore Best
• System of research funding and             companies headquartered in or with         Innovation Award 2014 for its “Cell-in-
  international mobility agencies            facilities here.                           a-Box”.
• Tax incentive system for R&D (eg
  10% tax premium for research)

Excellence in Research & Innovation 2015 - Europa EU
European Union                                                                                         Excellence in Research & Innovation

For more information and enquiries in        The International Graduate                 Opportunities for Singaporean
Austria:                                     School Bio-Nano-Technology
Advantage Austria
                                             (IGS-BioNanoTech) offers training          Austria supports the entire innovation
The Austrian Research Promotion              in applied and basic research in the       process from basic research to the
Agency (FFG)                                 field of bionanotechnology in an           founding of a company.
www.ffg.at/en                                international environment.
Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT)
                                                                                        • FFG - The Austrian Research
Federal Ministry of Science, Research
                                             • The Austrian partner institutions are      Promotion Agency
and Economy (BMWFW)                            the University of Natural Resources        (www.ffg.at/en)
www.bmwfw.gv.at/en                             and Life Sciences, Vienna, (BOKU),         supports industry-oriented research
Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation     and the Vienna-based AIT Austrian          with an extensive programme of
and Technology (BMVIT)                         Institute of Technology
                                                                                          grants and services. The FFG offer
                                             • The Nanyang Technological                  ranges from Start-Up programmes to
In Singapore                                   University (NTU) and Institutes of the     the funding of large excellence and
Advantage Austria                              Agency for Science, Technology and         competence centres
Website: www.advantageaustria.org/sg
                                               Research (A*Star) are the Singapore      • The Austrian Business Service
Email: singapore@advantageaustria.org
Tel: +65 6396 6350                             counterparts                               (www.awsg.at/en)
                                                                                          is the development bank of the
FFG @ Austrian Embassy in Singapore          Joint collaboration between Nanyang          Republic of Austria. It offers low-
Email: office@ffg.at
                                             Technological University (NTU,               interest loans, grants and guarantees
Tel: +65 6396 6350
                                             Singapore) and Graz University of            to companies. It also provides
                                             Technology (TU Graz, Austria). The           information, know-how, consultations
                                             programme offers opportunities to            and other services
                                             promising scientists and scholars to       • The science fund FWF
                                             foster interactions between the three        (www.fwf.ac.at/en )
                                             world class Universities in the area of      made available almost EUR 200
                                             interactive digital media.                   million for basic research projects.
                                                                                          This was sufficient to finance around
                                             • The principal areas of focus are           3,500 researchers
                                               Real-time Rendering, Virtual &           • The OeAD
                                               Augmented Reality, Visual Analytics,       (www.oead.at)
                                               Medical Computing, Haptics, and            is the Austrian agency for international
                                               Human-Computer Interaction                 mobility and cooperation in
                                             • The 4-years scholarships provided          education, science and research
                                               jointly by NTU and Fraunhofer IDM@       • ABA
                                               NTU assume that the applicants             (www.investaustria.at)
                                               become full-time PhD students of           Investment promotion agency
                                               NTU and TU Graz

Excellence in Research & Innovation 2015 - Europa EU
European Union                                                                                                     Excellence in Research & Innovation

A high quality research system, characterised by
strong international openness

Biotechnology is the focal area for R&D in Belgium, with a world-class triple-helix environment.

Within the EU, Belgium has a strong                  Why should you go to Belgium?                 • Belgium has a high ratio of
reputation for R&D and innovation,                   Belgium has a large pool of highly              universities and research institutes:
primarily due to the high quality of                 qualified personnel operating at                13 universities, 60 university colleges,
its education and research facilities,               relatively low cost; the potential              20 research institutes
the availability of skilled workers and              spillovers from renowned universities
numerous fiscal incentives for R&D                   and research centres; and the                 As the country’s long-term prosperity
ventures. As a result, many companies                proximity to key actors such as               and growth rate are closely linked
continue to prosper within Belgium’s                 suppliers and lead users, are important       to innovation, the government has
borders.                                             drivers to decentralising R&D.                introduced R&D tax incentives,
                                                     This is especially important for              which aim at encouraging companies
                                                     multinational firms.                          to invest in top talent and/or
                                                                                                   innovation. These incentives include,
                                                     • R&D intensity of Belgium is well            but are not limited to the following
                                                       above the EU-27 level of 1.90%              measures:
                                                     • The number of scientific publications
                                                       is within the top 10% most cited            • The partial exemption from
                                                       publications worldwide, as % of the           withholding tax for qualified
                                                       total publications of Belgium (15.8%,         researchers: employers are only
                                                       well above EU average of 11.6%)               obliged to remit 20% of the total
                                                                                                     withholding tax from qualified
                                                     • In the EU, Belgium has a high share
                                                                                                     researchers and may retain the
                                                       of people with tertiary education,
                                                                                                     remaining 80% for company use
                                                       at 32.1%
                                                                                                   • The patent income deduction: allows
                                                     • 49.2% of all new degrees at the
                                                                                                     for an 80% deduction from the
                                                       doctoral level
                                                                                                     taxable basis of the gross patent
                                                     • R&D investments by foreign                    income, resulting in a maximum
                                                        affiliates is 59.4%                          tax rate of 6.8% on this income.
                                                     • Patent applications in biotechnology          All Belgian companies, and Belgian
                                                       is one of the highest in Europe,              establishments of foreign companies,
                                                       at 11.0%                                      are eligible for this deduction.
                                                     • The technical innovation rate for             The measure covers patents which
                                                       enterprises in Belgium ranks as one           have been self-developed in a
                                                       of the highest, at 48.2%                      Belgian or foreign-owned R&D
                                                                                                     center in Belgium
                                                     • Labour productivity in Belgium is one
                                                       of the highest in the EU, at 125.5%

Excellence in Research & Innovation 2015 - Europa EU
European Union                                                                                                             Excellence in Research & Innovation

For more information and enquiries                  • Investment deduction for R&D                      sector rose from €1.85 billion in 2002
Embassy of Belgium, Singapore                         investments and patents: a tax                    to €2.75 billion in 2012. This accounts
AXA Tower, 8 Shenton Way, #14-01,                     deduction of 14.5% (tax year 2014) of             for 50% of total R&D expenditure by
Singapore 068811
                                                      the investment value of assets which              the private sector in Belgium.
singapore/                                            aim to promote R&D of new products
                                                      and advanced technologies that                    Key Sectors for Belgian R&D:
Flanders Investment & Trade Agency                    are environmentally friendly. It also             • Cleantech (water, air, waste,
Same location as the Embassy                          applies to patents which have been                  renewable energy)
Tel.: +(65)
                                                      acquired or self-developed by the                 • Healthcare / Medtech
Fax: +(65)
Email: Singapore@fitagency.com                        company. These deductions may be
                                                                                                        • Biotech / Pharma / Lifescienses
Website: www.flandersinvestmentandtrade.              carried forward in case of insufficient
com                                                   profits
                                                    • Foreign executives and researchers
Trade Office of Brussels-Wallonia                                                                       Enhancing links between
51 Goldhill Plaza #21-11/12                           who are temporarily assigned to
                                                      Belgium benefit from tax-free
                                                                                                        Singapore and Belgium
Singapore 308900
                                                                                                        Singapore and Belgium have a very
Tel.: +(65) /                 expatriation allowances, which
Fax: +(65)                                                                                  similar value proposition. Both have
                                                      are capped at €29,750 per year.
Email: aec@bruwex.sg                                                                                    small territories, with no natural
                                                      This measure also covers the tax-
Website: http://www.brussels-in-singapore.                                                              resources, except for our talent
irisnet.be/en/                                        free reimbursement of installation
                                                                                                        pool of highly educated people, and
                                                      costs and school fees. Overall,
                                                                                                        our strategic geographical location.
Guide for mobile researchers in Belgium:              this incentive helps to attract
http://www.euraxess.be/docs/guide.pdf                                                                   Innovation and making the most of our
                                                      the best foreign researchers to
                                                                                                        resources is high on our agenda.

                                                    The pharmaceutical sector is an                     Opportunities for Singaporean
                                                    example of a thriving field based in                researchers
                                                    R&D and innovation. Employing over                  Information on the R&D landscape
                                                    30,000 people and accounting for over               and opportunities for Singaporean
                                                    €36 billion in exports a year, it is clear          researchers in Belgium:
                                                    that this industry has a vital influence               • http://www.research.be/
                                                    on the country’s economy.
                                                                                                           • http://www.ewi-vlaanderen.be/en
                                                    The chemical and life sciences sector                  • http://recherche-technologie.
                                                    is also a champion of innovation.                        wallonie.be/?LANG=en
                                                    According to Essenscia, the industry                  • https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/fpfis/
                                                    association, R&D investments in this                    mwikis/eurydice/index/ php/Belgium-

Imec research facility in Leuven, Belgium. Belgium performs world-leading research in nanoelectronics and leverages its scientific knowledge with the
innovative power of its global partnerships in ICT, healthcare and energy.

Excellence in Research & Innovation 2015 - Europa EU
European Union                                                                                    Excellence in Research & Innovation

A global player in high quality and ground-breaking R&D

Danish research institutions are        Why should you go to Denmark?             • Several world class research
among the most well-renowned in         International students in Denmark           institutions like Stanford Research
the world when it comes to areas        As an international student, you can        Institution and Synarc Inc. have
related to biotechnology, wireless      expect to receive world-class education     already set-up research facilities in
and mobile technology and sound         in areas such as engineering, life          Denmark
technology. Also, within cleantech      sciences, social sciences and IT.
and renewable energy areas like         Denmark is a safe, friendly and           In Denmark public and private
electrical vehicles (EV’s) and wind     innovation-driven environment.            investments in R&D have increased
power, Denmark is at the forefront      Danish higher education focuses on        significantly in recent years. Denmark
on R&D.                                 bringing about solutions for the real     is one of 6 countries in the world,
                                        world. Thus, traditional lectures are     which invests more than 3% of GDP
International cooperation plays a key   combined with industrial collaborations   on R&D. It is Denmark’s ambition to
role in Danish research. More than      and teaching methods that promote         be among the leading countries in
every second Danish scientific          students’ abilities to use what           research and innovation.
publication is carried out in           they have learned and to turn new
cooperation with international          knowledge into innovative solutions.      Enhancing links between
researchers. Only six other OECD        This way of studying requires a high      Singapore and Denmark
countries have more international       degree of personal initiative and         • Vestas Wind Systems
co-publications than Denmark.           independent thinking. There are             The Danish company Vestas Wind
                                        programmes in universities that             Systems, the world’s leading provider
                                        are delivered in English, which             of wind energy solution has opened
                                        can be a major consideration for            an office in Singapore. Vestas
                                        international students.                     Singapore is one of Vestas’ largest
                                                                                    R&D facilities
                                        Research and Development                    http://www.vestas.com/
                                        advantages in Denmark
                                        • Danish research institutions score      • Grundfoss
                                          high on global league tables              Grundfoss started in 2014 a
                                        • Possibility of creating new               research project in Singapore with
                                          technologies together with                the purpose of developing a new
                                          manufacturers, research and               technology to clean waste water.
                                          development institutions and private      The project is supported by Nanyang
                                          companies                                 Environment and Water Research
                                        • Unique interplay and cooperation          Institute, NEWRI, under Nanyang
                                          between industry players and              Technological University (NTU)
                                          research institutions                      http://sg.grundfos.com/
                                        • Intellectual property rights are
                                          adequately enforced

Excellence in Research & Innovation 2015 - Europa EU
European Union                                                                                    Excellence in Research & Innovation

For more information and enquiries       • Danish Architecture Center              3. Information about studying a
Danish Ministry of Higher Education        The Singapore government through           bachelor or master’s degree in
and Science                                the Centre for Liveable Cities (CLC)       Denmark:
The Danish Agency for Higher Education
                                           formed a close partnership with the         http://studyindenmark.dk
Bredgade 43
DK - 1260 Copenhagen K                     Danish Architecture Centre (DAC)
Tel: +45 7231 7800                         focusing on building sustainable and    4. Information on condition and permits
Email: uds@uds.dk                          liveable cities                            for foreign researchers in Denmark:
                                           http://www.dac.dk/                         If you are a researcher, you have
Centre for Educational Support:
Tel: +45 7231 7900                                                                    particularly easy access to the
Website: hjemmesiden@ufm.dk              • DHI-NTU Centre                             Danish labour market
                                           The DHI-NTU Centre was jointly              http://www.nyidanmark.dk/en-us
Invest Denmark
                                           established by DHI Singapore
Danish Trade Commission, Bangalore
142, 4th Main Road, Defence Colony,        (DHI) and Nanyang Technological         5. PhD programmes at Technical
Indiranagar                                University (NTU) in October                University of Denmark:
560 038 Bangalore, India                   2007, with the support from the            http://www.dtu.dk/english
Tel: +91 (80)4248 9500                     Environment & Water Industry
Fax: +91 (80)4248 9599
                                           Development Council (EWI)
Email: shasub@um.dk                                                                6. Aarhus University, Technical
Web site: www.investindk.com               http://www.dhi-ntu.com.sg/
                                                                                      University of Denmark and University
Royal Danish Embassy
                                                                                      of Copenhagen have exchange
                                         Opportunities for Singaporean                programmes with National University
101 Thomson Road, # 13-01/02
United Square                            researchers                                  of Singapore. Application for
Singapore 307591                         1. Collaboration in maritime education       National University of Singapore
Tel: +65 6355 5010                          between Denmark’s Copenhagen              students
Email: sinamb@um.dk                         Business School and Singapore
Web site: http://singapore.um.dk
                                            Management University. Under this      7. Danish Copenhagen Business School
                                            partnership, students from both           has exchange programmes with
                                            schools participate in a structured       Singapore Management University.
                                            exchange programme. For more              Application through Singapore
                                            information about the program:            Management University and for its
                                            http://smu.edu.sg                         students only
                                                                                   8. Aarhus University and Copenhagen
                                         2. To apply to a PhD programme in            Business School both have exchange
                                            Denmark: The general admission            programmes with Singapore’s
                                            requirement for PhD programmes            Nanyang Technological University.
                                            is that candidates should hold a          Application through Nanyang
                                            degree equivalent or comparable           Technological University and for its
                                            to the Danish two-year Candidatus/        students only. For more information,
                                            Master’s degree. In some areas, a         visit:
                                            four-year PhD programme is offered        http://global.ntu.edu.sg/Pages/
                                            to students who have completed            default.aspx
                                            a Bachelor’s degree as well as one
                                            year of study at postgraduate level.
                                            Information can be found here:

European Union                                                                                                          Excellence in Research & Innovation

An open, market-orientated and innovative system

Development of microelectronics technologies enables production of ever smaller miniaturised sensing, portable measuring devices.

Finland has proven an excellent                    Why should you go to Finland?                      • International researchers make up
location for testing out new products              Finland, with Denmark, Germany                       5% of the total
and services. Finland ranked high                  and Sweden, belong to “Innovation                  • The majority of R&D investments,
internationally in competitiveness                 Leaders” in the European Union.                      roughly 80 percent of all
and innovation throughout the                      According to several national strategy               industrial R&D expenditures, are
2000s. Finland has developed the                   documents the promising innovation                   made by technology industries
innovation policy consistently. One                driven industrial options in the future              in manufacturing (electronics,
of the strengths of the Finnish                    are in such areas as clean-tech,                     chemical industries and computer
innovation environment is the active               bio-economy, and digitalisation of                   programming)
and successful dialogue involving                  production technologies by internet
companies, research institutes and the             of things.                                         Enhancing links between
public sector. The primary scientific
                                                                                                      Singapore and Finland
research areas in Finland are the                  • The proportion of the GDP devoted                Collaborations between Singapore and
forest industry, the metal industry                  to R&D expenditures in 2013 was                  Finland include:
and the information & communication                  3.3 percent. The share of business               • Port of Singapore Authority -
technology (ICT) industry.                           enterprises was 70 percent and of                  wireless technology
                                                     public sector 30 percent
                                                                                                      • A*STAR - Factory of the Future
                                                   • Finland has 14 universities and 16
                                                                                                      • NTU - Energy Efficiency
                                                     public research institutes

For more information and enquiries
Embassy of Finland in Singapore

By adding science to nutrition, the food matrix    Internet of Things and new sensor technologies enable many new smart services in
can be tailored with enzymes and microbes to       communication, production, maintenance and our environment.
create mouthwatering products with health

European Union                                                                                    Excellence in Research & Innovation

A knowledge based economy with a strong tradition
of research and innovation

Credits: Sanofi Aventis / D. Felix.

France is a knowledge-based economy       Why should you go to France?              pharmaceuticals and nuclear power.
and home to numerous Fields Medals,       France is attractive for its quality      France’s expertise in these sectors
Nobel Laureates and multinational’s       of life and its culture, but also for     is well represented through cutting-
CEOs who were trained in the French       its research institutions which           edge companies based in Singapore
Grandes Ecoles or in its Universities.                                              such as Airbus, Veolia, Gemalto,
                                          cover a wide range of scientific
Interlaced in the European network,
                                          fields. France has the third largest      Bouygues, Alstom, Essilor, Thales,
France aims to tackle new societal
                                          amount of foreign students and the        ST Microelectronics or Sanofi who
challenges by boosting research,
innovation and entrepreneurship.          language barrier is fading thanks in      all have R&D activities here and
                                          large part to an international and        collaborations ongoing.
Worldwide, France is ranked:              European research environment. Led
• 6th in the number of scientific         by a tradition of excellence, cutting     In the next few years, France aims
  publications and researchers            edge research and innovation,             to develop new technologies in
• 4th in the number of Nobel Laureates    France is a leading country in            9 societal challenges, defined by
  (61) in all fields                      fundamental research and has a            France Europe 2020 strategic plan:
• 2nd worldwide for the Fields Medals     history in developing breakthrough        • Efficient resource management
  with 11 laureates                       technologies.                               and adaptation to climate change
                                                                                    • Clean, secure and efficient energy
Follow the Franco-Singaporean             • 2.23% of the GDP is devoted to R&D
                                                                                      Industrial renewal
activities in Culture, Higher Education     60% comes from private companies
and Science on LinkedIn and Facebook.       which have a key role in the French     • Life, health and well-being
     https://www.linkedin.com/pub/          R&D                                       Food security and demographic
     institut-fran%C3%A7ais-de-           • There are about 420,000 full-time         challenges
     singapour/84/190/225                   employees in R&D activities with        • Sustainable mobility and urban
     https://www.facebook.com/              260,000 researchers who work in           systems
     institutfrancaisSG                     enterprises or in one the 30 national
                                            public research institutions such as    • Information and communication
                                            the worldwide known CNRS or the           society
                                            more specialized CEA, INRIA, INRA,      • Innovative, inclusive and adaptive
                                            INSERM, Institut Pasteur                  societies
                                                                                    • Freedom and security of Europe,
                                          France’s leading industrial sectors
                                                                                      its citizens and its residents
                                          are aerospace, automobiles and
                                          land transport, electronics and
                                          info-communication technology,

European Union                                                                                           Excellence in Research & Innovation

For more information and enquiries            Enhancing links between                      (based on ANR “blanc” International
All information available on our website:                                                  call agenda). Identical applications
                                              Singapore and France
                                              For 15 years, Franco-Singaporean             have to be submitted to both ANR
Follow the Franco-Singaporean activities in   relations have been on the rise              and NRF. Launched in 2014 further
Culture, Higher Education and Science on                                                   a Research Agreement signed on
                                              following the development of
LinkedIn and Facebook.                                                                     30/05/14. More information and
                                              scientific research in Singapore. 2014
                                                                                           application on:
                                              was a milestone with the signature           http://www.nrf.gov.sg/ and http://
                                              of a research agreement between              www.agence-nationale-recherche.fr/
                                              the National Research Foundation
                                              (NRF) and its counterpart the French       2. STIC and Bio Asia: Up to €40,000
                                              National Agency for Research (ANR)            over 2 years, financed by the
                                              which will fund joint projects and            French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
                                              complement the efficient mobility             3-partite research mobility funding
                                              schemes between our countries.                programme between 1 French RI and
                                                                                            2 Asian RI. There are two concurrent
                                              The strategic role of Singapore               annual calls for proposals: STIC-
                                                                                            Asia for projects in Information and
                                              for the French National Centre for
                                                                                            Communication Technologies and
                                              Scientific Research (CNRS) was once
                                                                                            Bio-Asia for projects in Bio Sciences,
                                              again underlined in 2014 with the             opened from June to August. It
                                              inauguration of its ASEAN regional            aims to foster the cooperation
                                              office on the island and the creation         between France and Asian countries
                                              of 2 new International Joint Units            and develop our global network
                                              (BMC2 and Majulab), bringing the              by funding the mobility. An annual
                                              total number to 4 (the other two are          conference is held each year in Asia
                                              IPAL and CINTRA) and. These actions           to kick off the new call for proposal
                                              are part of a global long-lasting             and gather the network built.
                                              cooperation, as evidenced by the
                                              10th anniversary of the joint Franco-      3. PHC Merlion Project and
                                                                                            Workshop: Up to €30,000 for a
                                              Singaporean laboratory SONDRA
                                                                                            2 year project or the organization
                                              involving private and public partners
                                                                                            of a workshop. Joint application
                                              from both countries.                          between French and Singaporean
                                                                                            RI has to be submitted to the IFS
                                              The next years will see the                   during the annual call for proposals
                                              strengthening of existing                     which runs from June to September.
                                              collaboration in Engineering,                 This program aims to create or
                                              Defense, Water, Food and Biomedical           strengthen scientific cooperation
                                              but also the organizing of workshops          between France and Singapore and
                                              in Energy, Smart Cities and                   funds the research mobility through
Participants to the Singapore Merlion                                                       a co-funding with our partners:
Metabolomics Workshop 2015, organized by
                                                                                            A*STAR, NUS, NTU, SERI, SMU and
NUS-NERI, the French Metabohub and the
                                                                                            SUTD. This program is part of the
French Embassy.                               Opportunities for Singaporean
                                                                                            Partenariat Hubert Curien initiative
                                                                                            led by the French Ministry of Foreign
                                              1. ANR-NRF Joint Funding
                                                 Research Programme: Up to
                                                 €500,000 over 3 years and equally
                                                                                         4. PHC Merlion Ph.D: Grant for
                                                 financed by ANR and NRF. Joint
                                                                                            a Ph.D student enrolled in a
                                                 research project between French
                                                                                            Singaporean university to travel
                                                 and Singaporean Research Institutes
                                                                                            between 3 to 6 months in France
                                                 (RI) with a strong synergy and
                                                                                            each year (over 3 years). Terms and
                                                 true added value of international
                                                                                            conditions are identical to the PHC
                                                 cooperation expected. Annual call for
                                                                                            Merlion Project scheme.
                                                 proposals opened from September
                                                 to November for phase 1 and from
Signing ceremony of NRF-ANR research
agreement in Singapore, May 2015.                February to March for phase 2

European Union                                                                                                       Excellence in Research & Innovation

A global leader in R&D, offering world class research partners
and infrastructures in a wide range of disciplines

System setup with a support roboter and a front part of an automobile for the Locobot Project for Horizon 2020.

Like in Singapore, research and                    Why should you go to Germany?                         strong research communities
innovation are the cornerstones of                 Keys to the success of the German                     in basic and applied research.
the future of the German economy.                  R&D system are the autonomy of                        There exist more than 300 non-
Generous public funding programs                   universities and non-university                       university research institutions,
allow German higher education                                                                            among which the institutes of
                                                   research institutions in the
institutions, research institutions and                                                                  the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, the
                                                   identification of research topics and
companies to cooperate with foreign                                                                      Helmholtz Gemeinschaft and the
partners. Vice versa, excellent research
                                                   methods in the area of innovative
                                                                                                         Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
and innovation conditions in Germany               basic research, close links to the
                                                                                                       • Key sectors of R&D in Germany
attract partners from all over the                 industry to carry out cutting-edge
                                                                                                         are defined by the new High-Tech
world.                                             applied research and the openness to
                                                                                                         Strategy which was published in
                                                   international cooperation.                            2014, namely “Digital Economy and
                                                                                                         Society”, “Sustainable Economy and
                                                   • The German education system                         Energy”, “Innovative Workplace”,
                                                      provides English run academic                      “Healthy Living”, “Intelligent
                                                      courses in nearly all fields, where                Mobility” and “Civil Security”.
                                                      students can benefit from teaching                 The new High-Tech Strategy stands
                                                      enriched by the lecturers own                      for the aim of moving Germany
                                                      experience in topical research and                 forward on its way to becoming
                                                      international networks                             a worldwide innovation leader
                                                   • The public and private sectors have
                                                     made a significant commitment                     Enhancing links between
                                                     to spend around three per cent                    Singapore and Germany
                                                      of national GDP per year on                       A bilateral mobility programme
                                                      R&D activity. This amounted to
                                                                                                       funded by the German Federal
                                                      approximately €79 billion R&D
                                                                                                       Ministry of Education and Research
                                                      spending in 2012; two-third is spent
                                                      by the private sector
                                                                                                       and several Singaporean universities,
                                                                                                       research and funding institutions
                                                   • Germany’s R&D landscape is
                                                                                                       (such as the National University
                                                     characterised by a close cooperation
                                                     between science and economy.                      of Singapore, the Nanyang
                                                     It is based on the dense and                      Technological University, the
                                                     decentralised network of more than                Temasek Life Sciences Laboratory,
                                                     420 universities, technical colleges              the Singapore Eye Research
                                                     and universities of applied sciences.             Institute, A*STAR and the Singapore
                                                   • In worldwide comparison, Germany                  Management University) was
                                                     holds a unique position thanks to                 launched in 2012 with a second
                                                                                                        round in 2013.

European Union                                                                                                 Excellence in Research & Innovation

For more information and enquiries          Opportunities for Singaporean                     • CREATE-Programme:
For the mobility programme:                                                                     The Technical University Munich
In Germany:
                                            Apart from many German                              (TUM) has established itself in
Mr. Patrick Ziegler
Tel: +49 228 3821-1429                      universities collaborating with                     Singapore in 2002. In 2010, TUM
Email: patrick.ziegler@dlr.de               universities, polytechnics and                      joined the National Research
                                                                                                Foundation funded CREATE
In Singapore (A*STAR)                       institutions in Singapore, some
                                                                                                programme, including the CREATE
Dr Ngee Chih FOO (Biomedical Research       cooperation have gone a step
                                                                                                project on electro mobility for
Council (BMRC))                             further:
Deputy Director                                                                                 tropical megacities. In the joint
Email: foo_ngee_chih@a-star.edu.sg                                                              centre with Nanyang Technological
                                            • Fraunhofer IDM Centre @ NTU:                      University (NTU), 40 faculty staff and
Ms Jia Yee LIM (for the Science and           This project centre for Interactive               over 80 PhD students are working
Engineering Research Council (SERC))          Digital Media (IDM) is operated                   on sustainable solutions for urban
Senior Officer                                jointly by Nanyang Technological
Email: Lim_Jia_Yee@a-star.edu.sg                                                                mobility in the future
                                              University (NTU) and the Fraunhofer-
Fraunhofer IDM Centre @ NTU:                  Gesellschaft. Facilitated by the
Nanyang Technological University              multi-agency Interactive Digital
Email: info@fraunhofer.sg                     Media R&D Programme Office at
                                              Media Development Authority (MDA)
                                              and funded by the National Research
Tel: +65 6601 4015                            Foundation, the centre fosters
                                              international research activities
                                              through its network of partner

Aerial view of the neighborhood where the   The roof of the RWE future house (RWE-Zukunftshaus) with solar energy
project, Innovation City Ruhr, Bottrop
Modellstadt, is implemented

European Union                                                                                                         Excellence in Research & Innovation

Where investment into research, development and innovation is
profitable in the long-term

FGSZ staff member controling the turbine of the compressor at the Hungarian-Croatian Interconnector Gas Pipeline compressor station.

In Hungary, from 1 January 2015,                  Why should you go to Hungary?                      Key sectors:
the National Research,                            • R&D expenditure, proportional to the             Medicine manufacturing; Information
Development and Innovation                          GDP, has grown by 30% since 2008                 and communication technologies;
Office was established which is                     and reach the highest level of the               manufacturing of computers;
the legal successor of the former                   last twenty years in 2013                        electronic and optical products;
National Innovation Office. The aim               • 47% of the RDI expenditures is spent             vehicle manufacturing; manufacturing
of the new institution is to provide                by enterprises, nearly 36% is public             of electrics; professional, scientific,
a stable institutional system for the               expenses and almost 17% is foreign               technological activities; financial and
governmental coordination of the                    resources                                        insurance activities.
Research, Development and Innovation
                                                  • Every €5.9 million of R&D
sector and to execute the efficient                                                                  In the framework of the Master
                                                    expenditure resulted in one
and transparent use of the available                                                                 Collaboration Agreement – which
                                                    international patent application
resources                                                                                            was signed between Singapore and
                                                  • In 2013, the total number of the                 Hungary in 2007 and which expired
                                                    researchers was 37,803, the                      in 2012 – a successful professional
                                                    proportion of the foreign researchers            cooperation was established between
                                                    was 1.76%                                        Hungary and Singapore in the following
                                                  • Hungary was the first among the                  R&D fields: chemistry, pharmacology,
                                                    newly joined members, in respect of              nanotechnology, biomedical sciences,
                                                    the awarded grants and subsidies for             bioinformatics, systems biology,
                                                    the ERC between 2010 and 2012                    communication systems.
                                                  • The R&D expenditure per researcher
                                                    is the highest in the pharmaceutical             Hungary is fully open to future
                                                    sector                                           cooperation with Singapore in
                                                                                                     sectors across the Research,
                                                  • In 2013, 3,159 R&D institutions were
                                                                                                     Development and Innovation fields.
                                                    counted in Hungary

European Union                                                                                             Excellence in Research & Innovation

For more information and enquiries          Enhancing links between                         Future: It is foreseen that the
Contact details to Hungary in Singapore:                                                    scholarship programme will have
Embassy of Hungary in Singapore
                                            Singapore and Hungary
                                            Campus Hungary Programme                        continuation, however at present there
250 North Bridge Road
#29-01 Raffles City Tower                   The Campus Hungary Programme is                 is not any further information about
Singapore 179101                            executed with the financial support             the future programme.
Tel: +65 6883 0882                          of the EU in the framework of the
Fax: +65 6883 0177
                                            Social Renewal Operational Program              Opportunities for Singaporean
Email: mission.sin@mfa.gov.hu
                                            (TÁMOP) of Hungary. From 2012,                  researchers
                                            9700 students and higher education              ERASMUS+
                                            employees gained scholarships to                2015 will be the first year in which it
                                            92 countries of the world. Most of              is possible for the Hungarian higher
                                            the applicants chose a European                 education institutions to establish
                                            country of destination, however                 institutional relationships and
                                            some of the fellows spent their                 accomplish individual mobility (for
                                            scholarships in Singapore. This is              students, PhD-students, teachers and
                                            the only scholarship programme in               staff) with Singapore in the framework
                                            Hungary which provides that the                 of ERASMUS+
                                            applicant can apply to any of the                  http://tka.hu/english
                                            country of the world. Students of all
                                            accredited Hungarian higher education
                                            institutions can apply for Campus
                                            Hungary scholarships if they have
                                            already finished two semesters, have
                                            an active student status, can fluently
                                            speak the language of the applied
                                            studies and have the approval of the
                                            host and sending institutions. The call
                                            of the Campus Hungary Programme
                                            was published on 15 December 2014
                                            by the Balassi Institute.

View of the banks of the Danube and Buda,   FGSZ staff member checking the cooling system
from Pest

European Union                                                                                                          Excellence in Research & Innovation

A solid science base yielding strong economic
and social impacts

CRANN (Centre for Research on Adaptive Nanostructures and Nanodevices) Institute, Trinity College Dublin.

The importance of investment in                    extent to which ideas from innovative                    The 12 centres will collaborate with
science, technology and innovation                 sectors are able to reach the market,                    over 200 companies and are focused
to Ireland’s economic and social                   providing better jobs and making                         on Ireland’s priority research areas
development has been well recognised               Europe more competitive.                           • Researchers supported by SFI are
by the Irish Government. In 2013,                                                                       working in over 900 collaborations
Ireland received a special mention                 Why should you go to Ireland?                        with companies including 460
from Nature Magazine, the eminent                  • Ireland has 7 universities, 14                     multinational companies and 461
scientific publishing journal, as one of             institutes of technology, 32 research              SMEs
five ‘Up and Coming’ destinations                    centres and 6 national research                  • SFI has built an impressive
for high-level research based on                     institutes                                         community of almost 3,000
the quality and quantity of scientific             • The current focus of R&D in Ireland                researchers in Ireland’s higher
research being carried out in our                    is built around six themes: ICT,                   education institutes
research institutes.                                 health and medical technologies,
                                                     sustainable food, energy,                        Enhancing links between Singapore
Globally, Ireland is ranked:                         manufacturing and materials,
• 1st in the world for the availability of                                                            and Ireland
                                                     innovation in services and business              SFI is building strategic partnerships
  skilled labour [Source: IMD World                  processes
  Competitiveness Yearbook]                                                                           to perform cutting-edge scientific
• 11th in the Global Innovation                                                                       research. SFI research teams are
                                                   Science Foundation Ireland                         globally connected, with over 2,500
  Index 2014                                       (SFI) is the national agency for
• 13th for university-industry                                                                        research partnerships across 68
                                                   funding excellent and impactful                    countries, including Singapore.
  collaboration on R&D [Source: Global             science, technology, engineering and
  Competitiveness Report 2013-2014]                                                                   Full details of all SFI programmes
                                                   mathematics research and promoting                 can be found at www.sfi.ie.
                                                   the role of science, technology,
Ireland’s scientific output is now of              engineering and mathematics in
leading international quality in a                                                                    Opportunities for Singaporean
                                                   Ireland. SFI combines the expertise of
number of areas:                                                                                      researchers
                                                   its highly qualified staff with rigorous
• 1st in immunology;                                                                                  Each SFI programme has a variable
                                                   international peer review standards
• 1st in animal and dairy;                                                                            funding level depending on the focus:
                                                   to identify excellent research of
• 3rd in nanotechnology; and                       potential strategic importance to                  • SFI Industry Fellowships
• 4th in computer science. [Source:                Ireland. Through this approach Ireland                   The purpose of the Industry
   Thomson Reuters Essential Science               is developing a leadership role in niche                 Fellowships Programme is to
   Indicators]                                     areas of research and innovation.                        facilitate the placement of
                                                                                                            researchers in industry or academia
Ireland is ranked 3rd in the EU,                   • Recently, 12 SFI Research Centres                      to stimulate excellence through
according to the “Indicator of                       have been established involving a                      knowledge transfer and training.
Innovation Output” [Source: European                 commitment of €355 million from                        Fellowships will enable access for
Commission Innovation Union                          SFI and €190 million from industry                     researchers to new technology
Scoreboard 2013], which measures the

European Union                                                                                                      Excellence in Research & Innovation

For more information and enquiries                   pathways and standards and will              • SFI Research Centres
Please visit www.sfi.ie to see all programmes        facilitate training in the use of               These are world-leading, large-scale
and search SFI’s Researcher Database of over
                                                     specialist research infrastructure.             Research Centres consolidating
2,000 researchers by name, award type, year,
institution, industry sector and/or scientific       Fellowships can be awarded to                   research activities across higher
category.                                            academic researchers wishing to                 education institutes to create a
                                                     spend time in industry worldwide                critical mass of internationally
For specific follow-up questions, please contact     or to individuals from industry                 leading researchers in
Ciara Cotter, Science Foundation Ireland:
                                                     anywhere in the world (including                strategic areas which will lay
Tel: +353 1 607 3249
Email: Ciara.Cotter@sfi.ie.                          Singapore) wishing to spend time                the foundation for effective and
                                                     in an eligible Irish Research Body.             productive academic and industrial
                                                     Funding of up to €120,000 direct                partnerships. SFI Research Centres
                                                     costs per Fellowship is available               can receive €1.5 million a year in
                                                                                                     direct costs. SFI funds up to 70% of
                                                   • SFI Partnerships                                the overall Research Centre budget.
                                                     The SFI Partnerships Scheme                     A minimum of 30% of the budget
                                                     provides a flexible funding                     must be secured from industry
                                                     mechanism intended to support                   partners, at least one-third of which
                                                     ambitious research projects of scale            must be cash
                                                     between industry and academia.
                                                     The scheme provides an opportunity           • SFI Research Centre Spokes
                                                     for industry to engage with world               The SFI Spokes Programme provides
                                                     class academic researchers and                  a mechanism to allow new industry
                                                     have access to infrastructure                   partners to join the existing SFI
                                                     and intellectual property using                 Research Centres
                                                     a shared risk funding model in
                                                     which SFI matches the investment             • SFI Academic Led Programmes
                                                     made by industry. A key feature                 Academic led programmes such as
                                                     of the Partnerships Scheme is the               the SFI Investigators Programme
                                                     recognition that collaboration with             address crucial research questions
                                                     industry must be responsive and                 that expand educational projects and
                                                     flexible. Through the Competitive               career opportunities in Ireland, in
                                                     partnership Programme, SFI partners             science and engineering and prepare
                                                     directly with industry to launch a              the research community to lead and
                                                     competitive call for proposals to               win in Horizon 2020 and other non-
                                                     address key research priorities or              exchequer funding programmes.
                                                     challenges. The Strategic Partnership           SFI also has a range of
                                                     Programme supports more targeted                programmes to attract leading
                                                     collaborations between industry and             researchers to Ireland at various
                                                     academic research groups through                career stages from early-career
                                                     a non-competitive, fast track,                  researchers to through to world-
                                                     international peer-review process               leading professors

Images from the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Research Centre,       Image from Tyndall National Institute research.
Marine Renewable Energy Ireland (MaREI).

European Union                                                                                                        Excellence in Research & Innovation

At the forefront of Scientific Innovation with a
long tradition of excellence in Research & Development

Interior view of the hangar’s labs of the faculty of Industrial Engineering; Forli, Italy.

In Italy, Research & Development is                      Why should you go to Italy?                •   Biological Sciences
pursued not only by universities and                     Italy has a long tradition of University   •   Medical Sciences
public research institutes but, also by                  Research. More recently, Italy has
                                                                                                    •   Agrarian and Veterinary Sciences
the central government and companies                     created new Science and Technology
(both profit and non-profit), with                       hubs developing state-of-the-art           •   Civil engineering and Architecture
national and international funding.                      research in bio-medicine, engineering          Science
A quick look at the data reveals that                    and aerospace technology. Italy is also    • Industrial and Information
in 2011, the business and enterprise                     at the forefront of robot-technology           engineering
sector contributed 45% of total                          research.                                  • Antiquity, and Historical-artistic
investment in R&D, followed by the                                                                      Sciences
government with 42%. The priorities                      • There are 94 Higher Education R&D        • Historic, philosophical, pedagogical &
and areas of intervention of the various                   Center at Italian Universities; the          Psychological Sciences
research actors in Italy are determined,                   complete list can be found here:
by the National Research System                            https://www.researchitaly.it
                                                                                                    • Legal Sciences
(Legislative Decree no. 204/1998).                       • Moreover, there are 12 National          • Economic Sciences and Statistics
                                                           Institute for Research in various        • Political and social Sciences
In 2011, 348,215 people were                               sectors, the main one being: The
employed in the research sector                            Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche -        Enhancing links between
in Italy, over half of them as                             CNR (National Research Centre)
researchers. The majority worked
                                                                                                    Singapore and Italy
                                                         • In Italy, in 2011 the R&D investment     The Bilateral Agreement for
in the private sector (44%, business
                                                           was equivalent to 1.25% of the           Cultural and Scientific Cooperation
enterprise) and in the universities
                                                           country’s GDP                            between Italy and Singapore
(40%, higher education), while 13%
                                                                                                    renewed in 2012, clearly sets a series
of research employees were directly
                                                         According to the Scientific and            of Exchange Programmes for students,
employed by the State (government).
                                                         Disciplinary Sectors (SSD) of the          researchers and university professors,
Further info can be found on the
                                                         Ministry of Education, Universities        as well as government scholarships
Ministry of Education, Universities and
                                                         and Research, there are a total of 370     for undergraduates, graduates and
Research website here:
                                                         scientific disciplines grouped into 14     doctoral students. The agreement
                                                         distinct areas:                            also calls for exchange of speakers,
                                                                                                    scientists and specialists to participate
                                                         • Mathematical And Computer
                                                                                                    in international conferences or joint
                                                         • Physical Sciences
                                                         • Chemical Sciences
                                                         • Earth Sciences

European Union                                                                                                  Excellence in Research & Innovation

For more information and enquiries                   Opportunities for Singaporean              Special research funding and
Interested and prospective Researchers
can contact the Italian Cultural Institute in
                                                     researchers                                programmes in Italy:
Singapore at: Segreteria.iicsingapore@esteri.it      (As of January 2015)                       Several funding opportunities are
                                                     • Magna Grecia PST: a centre for           available in Italy. Below, is just a short
Istituto Italiano di Cultura                           research on pollution in Taranto         list of the most prominent government
Italian Cultural Institute                                                                      funding in specific sectors:
43A Beach Road                                       • Rosetta mission, hunting for comets
Evershine & Century Complex                            in the Solar System. (Italian Space      • Scientific Independence of young
Singapore 189682                                       Agency)                                    Researchers (SIR)
Tel. (+65) 6336 3705
                                                     • SPRINTT: Italy leads the first           • Ordinary fund for research institutes
                                                       European project to fight aging            and bodies (Fondo Ordinario per
or the Italian Embassy in Singapore at:                                                           il finanziamento degli Enti e degli
                                                     • Copernicus: this is how a satellite
Ambasciata d’Italia a Singapore                                                                   istituti di ricerca - FOE)
101 Thomson Road #27-02                                “fleet” will study the Planet (Italian
United Square Singapore 307591                         Space Agency)                            • Fund for investment in basic research
Tel: +65 62506022                                                                                 (Fondo per gli Investimenti della
                                                     • SISIFO seismic safety in school
Fax: +65 62533301                                                                                 Ricerca di Base - FIRB)
                                                                                                • Research subsidy fund (Fondo per le
                                                     • CO2MONITOR: the development of
                                                                                                  Agevolazioni alla Ricerca - FAR)
                                                       innovative techniques for monitoring
                                                       carbon dioxide (CO2)                     • Research projects of national interest
                                                                                                  (Progetti di Ricerca di Interesse
                                                     • Food re-cycling: European project
                                                                                                  Nazionale - PRIN)
                                                       NOSHAN to turn food waste into feed
                                                       (In conjunction with Expo Milano         • National Operative Programme
                                                       2015)                                      (Programma operativo Nazionale
                                                                                                  - PON) for Research and
                                                     • Italian Participation in 2015:
                                                                                                  Competitiveness 2007-2013
                                                       International Year of Light - an
                                                       initiative promoted by the UN with
                                                       the aim of telling about the impact of
                                                       light and light-based technologies on
                                                       our everyday lives and the future

CICLOPE project (reasearch and development, innovation, science in Forli, Italy).

European Union                                                                                    Excellence in Research & Innovation

Dynamic growth of R&D investment and a large
market of opportunities

The Polish higher education              Why should you go to Poland?              R&D activity is growing in all sectors
system began 650 years ago with          In 2013, Poland devoted more than         of the economy, however, the following
the establishment of Jagiellonian        €3.4 billion, almost 1% of its GDP,       sectors are particularly attractive in
University in Cracow, the second         to Research and Development.              Poland:
university in Central Europe. Today,     The rate of investment in R&D has         • Aerospace
there are 436 universities with 1.6      more than doubled since 2004 and          • Automotive
million of students. The Polish higher   continues to grow annually. The           • Business services
education system offers over             majority of the gross expenditure on      • Electronics
200 first-rate fields of study as        R&D is funded by the government -         • Machine industry
an integral part of the European         47.3% of the total R&D expenditure        • Nanotechnology
Higher Education Area. Most              in 2013. However, the ratio of funding    • Pharmaceuticals
higher education institutions offer      coming from the business sector is        • Biotechnology
their courses in foreign languages.      rapidly increasing and was 37.3%          • IT and telecommunications
The high quality of science and IT       in 2013. It is expected that in 2014,
education at Polish universities and     business-funded R&D will account          Enhancing links between Singapore
technical universities is confirmed      for more than 40% of total R&D            and Poland
by the successes achieved by Polish      expenditure.                              In October 2013, the National Centre
students in such competitions as         • Poland has a highly educated work-      for Research and Development (NCBR)
The Imagine Cup, Code Jam, Central         force, stable economic growth and       and A*STAR signed a Memorandum
European Programming Contest               strong security of research             of Understanding (MOU) on research
and University Rover Challenge.
                                         • 25% growth in the number of             and development and other scientific
Highly developed specialist                                                        and technical cooperation in order to
                                           international researchers from
personnel, a large number of                                                       continue the successful collaboration
                                           2012 to 2013
scientific institutions and research                                               between Poland and Singapore which
centres, dynamic growth in R&D           • Poland is a prime location for
                                                                                   commenced in 2005.
investments make Poland an                 international investment, housing
attractive research destination.           R&D centres of multinational
                                           giants such as: Mc Kinsey & Co,         During the period from 2006 to
                                           Volkswagen, GlaxoSmithKline,
                                                                                   2011 three bilateral joint calls for
                                           Microsoft, Unilever, Roche, Siemens,
                                                                                   proposals were announced and 21
                                           Pratt&Whitney, IBM, Motorola,
                                                                                   joint R&D projects were selected:
                                           Google, Oracle and many others          • 1st edition (2006) - eight (8) joint
                                                                                     projects in Materials, Chemicals and
                                         • There are a large number of
                                                                                     Intelligent Systems were funded
                                           opportunities to get technological
                                           support for investment in fixed         • 2nd edition (2007) - ten (10) joint
                                           assets and training                       projects in Information Technologies
                                                                                     and Energy were funded
                                         • Science and technology parks
                                           facilitating the establishment          • 3rd edition (2011) – three (3) joint
                                           and conducting of business and            projects in Disruptive technologies
                                           research activities                       and Security in cyberspace
                                                                                     were funded and are still being
                                         • Poland has large internal market and
                                           opportunities to cooperate with local
                                           companies and universities
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