PROSPECTUS For entry in September 2021 - Silverdale School

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PROSPECTUS For entry in September 2021 - Silverdale School
For entry in September 2021
PROSPECTUS For entry in September 2021 - Silverdale School

WELCOME                                        3       OUR COURSES                                  19
Welcome from Head of Sixth Form                4       Applied Science: Level 3 BTEC                20
Welcome from CEO                               5       Art and Design (Fine Art): A-level           21
Why Silverdale?                                6       Biology: A-level                             22
Outstanding results                            7       Chemistry: A-level                           23
Student welfare                                8       Drama and Theatre: A-level                   24
Supporting aspiration                          9       Economics and Business: A-level              25
Beyond the classroom                           10      English Language: A-level                    26
Student life                                   11      English Literature: A-level                  27
Destinations                                   13      French: A-level                              28
Preparing for university and careers           15      Geography: A-level                           29
Bursary                                        16      Health and Social Care: Level 3 BTEC         30
Applying to Silverdale Sixth Form              17      History: A-level                             31
Option blocks                                  18      Maths: A-level                               32
                                                       Maths (Further): A-level                     33
                                                       Media Studies: A-level                       34
                                                       Music: A-level                               35
                                                       Philosophy, Ethics & Religion: A-level       36
                                                       Physical Education: A-level                  37
                                                       Physics: A-level                             38
                                                       Psychology: A-level                          39
                                                       Sociology: A-level                           40
                                                       Spanish: A-level                             41
                                                       CONTACT US                                   42

                           Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021     |   2
PROSPECTUS For entry in September 2021 - Silverdale School

  Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021   |   3
PROSPECTUS For entry in September 2021 - Silverdale School
Welcome to Silverdale
                                              Sixth Form
                                              Selecting a Sixth Form is one of the most important
                                              decisions that you will make after your GCSEs. Here at
                                              Silverdale Sixth Form our students thrive and flourish,
                                              both academically and personally, in a welcoming and
                                              supportive learning community.

                                              When students join our Sixth Form they join one
                                              with a track record of high achievement and success,
                                              centred on a close relationship between teachers
                                              and students. Students enjoy learning with highly
                                              experienced members of staff across a wide range
                                              of disciplines. The Head and Deputy Head of Sixth
                                              Form, a team of tutors and Sixth Form support staff
                                              ensure that their progress and wellbeing are closely
                                              monitored and interventions put in place where and
                                              when it is required.

                                              Silverdale Sixth Form is a vibrant and exciting place to
                                              learn, develop and grow as an individual. I thank you
                                              for your interest in joining us and hope to welcome you
                                              into our Sixth Form in the future.

When students join our Sixth
Form they join one with a track
record of high achievement
and success, centred on a close
relationship between teachers
                                              John Naylor
                                              Head of Silverdale Sixth Form

and students. Students enjoy
learning with highly experienced
members of staff across a wide
range of disciplines.

                  Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021        |   4
PROSPECTUS For entry in September 2021 - Silverdale School
Outstanding Achievement
                                             for All
                                             Silverdale Sixth Form sits at the heart of our organisation
                                             – Chorus Education Trust. The Trust grew from Silverdale
                                             School and Sixth Form and now includes Westfield School
                                             in Sheffield and Hope Valley College in Derbyshire.

                                             We believe in harnessing the best in education and
                                             ensuring that it’s accessible to all students. We are not
                                             an anonymous, national academy chain but a local Trust
                                             grown from local schools. By working together we are
                                             stronger, building a sustainable, resilient organisation
                                             that puts students at the very heart of our work.

                                             We have built our Sixth Form on firm foundations:
                                             our belief that every child can achieve beyond their
                                             expectations; and our commitment to outstanding
                                             teaching and learning. Combined with our inclusive
                                             approach to education, it creates an environment where
                                             students flourish during this important stage in their lives.

                                             So how do we know that our approach works? You
                                             can look at the results over past years. Our results are
                                             consistently amongst the best in Sheffield. And you
                                             can look at the destinations of former students, which
                                             include Oxbridge, Russell Group universities and a
                                             range of other institutions.

                                             But for me the proof is when, every year, students return
                                             to Silverdale, keen to share their stories of success. They

                                             have gone on to achieve so very much and in so many
                                             different ways. Every story is as individual as the student.
We work hard to ensure that
                                             We are rightfully proud of them and we hope to welcome
students are challenged and                  you to our Sixth Form community in the near future.
motivated by the wide range
of courses on offer. This is a
chance to gain independence
and pursue new ways of working,
in preparation for careers and
further study in future years.               Chris James
                                             Executive Headteacher, Chorus Education Trust

                 Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021          |    5
PROSPECTUS For entry in September 2021 - Silverdale School
Why Silverdale?

       We have everything you need to make a success
       of your time in Sixth Form.
       The only missing ingredient is you!

Teaching in
the Sixth Form
is consistently
good and
                              Sixth Form
Ofsted, 2014


                       supportive                                                                    next steps

             Be                                                                                 Participation is
          yourself                                                        Modern
                                                                         facilities             very high and
                                                                                                students say
                                                                                                this is because
                                                                                                the courses
                   Gain                                                                         are enjoyable,
               independence                location                                             relevant learning
                                                                       Support                  Ofsted, 2014

                                 Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021    |    6
PROSPECTUS For entry in September 2021 - Silverdale School
Outstanding results

Not just one of the best in the city,                        2020 exam results
but one of the best in the country!                          The 2020 results were based on Centre Assessed
Silverdale Sixth Form is one of the most successful          Grades as students did not sit exams due to the
in the city, indeed in the entire country. We pride          Covid lockdown. Our students’ results maintained
ourselves on the exceptionally high levels of attainment     the high levels of progress and attainment from
and progress achieved by our students. The close             previous years.
academic and pastoral relationship between students
and staff results in sixth formers fulfilling their
potential and beyond.

The independent assessment of attainment and
progress conducted by Alps concluded that we are
in the top 5% of Sixth Forms and Sixth Form Colleges
nationally for student progress - and they have
awarded us the top score of Alps 1.

2019 results–Silverdale Sixth Form
•   70% of all grades are A*-B
•   90% of all grades are A*-C
•   99.6% of all grades are A*-E
•   20% of students got all A*/A grades
•   Our average grade remains a B.

    Sheffield results 2019
                          SHEFFIELD       SILVERDALE

    % achieving A-level                                      Students from Silverdale School, which is on the same site as
    grades AAB and        19.7%           30%                Silverdale Sixth Form.

    A-level average
    point score per       34.2            40.43

    Average A-level
                          C+              B
    grade per entry

                                 Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021            |   7
PROSPECTUS For entry in September 2021 - Silverdale School
Student Welfare

Strong pastoral care is one of the pillars of our success.      12 students new to Silverdale Sixth Form. She supports
All students in Year 12 and 13 have a form tutor who            them in becoming independent learners and liaises
provides the academic and wellbeing intervention central        closely with subject departments, students and home
to post-16 accomplishments. Tutors deliver our extensive        to ensure students receive the appropriate support
tutorial sessions which contain study and thinking skills       and intervention they require, when they require it.
to bridge the gap between GCSE and post-16 learning.
                                                                Mrs Mountain,
They also undertake academic mentoring with students

                                                                Key Stage 5
on a one-to-one basis following our regular, calendared
                                                                Support Officer
assessment and feedback windows known as Assessment
Points, and post-exams.
                                                                Mrs Mountain provides both            Tutors deliver
                                                                support to students and staff.        our extensive
We appreciate that some students do struggle with the           She provides important social
transition into Sixth Form and we are committed to              and wellbeing care to students        tutorial sessions
working with them and their families to find solutions that     in Sixth Form and coordinates         which contain
work. We closely monitor their progress during Year 12          the lunchtime supervisors.
and, if it looks like they are not making the expected levels   She liaises with the Head
                                                                                                      study and
of progress, we will talk to them and their parents/carers.     Student Team and oversees             thinking skills to
We will investigate whether they need additional academic
or pastoral support, as well as ensuring that they have
                                                                all Sixth Form events.
                                                                                                      bridge the gap
                                                                Mrs Ellis, Key Stage 5                between GCSE
chosen a course that is right for them. If, after their
transition exams at the end of Year 12, they achieve an E
                                                                Mrs Ellis ensures that the valuable   and post-16
grade or below, we will talk to them about possible
alternative options. Students who have chosen alternatives
                                                                qualities of punctuality and          learning.
                                                                attendance, essential to success
– such as retaking Year 12, changing course, or studying
                                                                at A-level, are followed. She
for the 1-year Pre-U course instead, have had an excellent
                                                                works closely with students,
track record in achieving success and then getting in to
                                                                parents and carers when support around attendance
university and degree level apprenticeships.
                                                                is needed. In addition, Mrs Ellis administers the
Beyond the system of tutors there is an extensive               16-19 Bursary.
Sixth Form team:
                                                                SEND and Inclusion team
Mr Naylor, Head of Sixth Form                                   Silverdale prides itself on having a strong inclusion
Mr Naylor has a wealth of experience in post-16                 team, who work extremely hard to ensure that
education. He currently supports students in making             all students can access their education and feel
the important move into Year 13 and preparation                 included within our organisation. This includes
for final exams. He coordinates and leads the UCAS              mental health support using innovative, nationally-
process, overseeing applications, managing personal             recognised programmes.
statements and finalising references. He further
                                                                Our team of professionals also provides rigorous
supports students with interview guidance and
                                                                support and advice on safeguarding, inclusion,
technique, provides academic mentoring in the run
                                                                dyslexia and literacy, autism and communication,
up to exams and offers advice about student finance.
                                                                behaviour and engagement. We also have an onsite
He is also an accredited Apprenticeship Champion.
                                                                Deaf and Hearing Impaired Integrated Resource.
Mrs Food, Deputy Head of Sixth Form
Mrs Food currently works with our students making the
transition from GCSE to A-level studies, especially Year

                                Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021            |   8
PROSPECTUS For entry in September 2021 - Silverdale School
Supporting aspiration

     At Silverdale School Sixth Form we support academic            Mobility Foundation to
     and individual aspiration for all students.                    ensure our able students
                                                                    from disadvantaged
     We encourage all students to view university as an
                                                                    background have equal
     ambition to follow and provide an array of opportunities
                                                                    access to the opportunities
     to assist students in fulfilling this.
                                                                    available, including residential courses with major
                         We are most fortunate to have a            employers and mentoring from Year 12 until
                         strong association with Sheffield          university graduation. Through this work students

                         Hallam University, which was               from Silverdale Sixth Form have gone on to become
                         recently named the UK University of        the first generation in their family to achieve degrees
In the summer            the Year for teaching quality in the       and post graduate employment.
term all Y12             Sunday Times Good University Guide.
                                                                    With attainment and
students                 In the summer term our entire Year
                                                                    progress at Silverdale
                         12 cohort undertake a full day in
undertake a              the university. This allows us access
                                                                    Sixth Form being amongst
                                                                    the highest nationally
full day at              to university experiences for our
                                                                    we also focus aspiration
                         students focused on course choice,
Sheffield                                                           to the highest national

                         career aspiration, apprenticeships
                                                                    level. To support this
Hallam                   and preparing for university life.
                                                                    aim we run Oxbridge and
University.               We work in partnership with the           Russell Group sessions                 With attainment
                          University of Sheffield through           within school as well as               and progress
                          their Discover outreach programme.        attending the Sheffield
                          This provides our students with a         Oxbridge Conference each               at Silverdale
                          wonderful range of experiences in         year. Furthermore, we                  Sixth Form
                          dentistry, medicine, engineering,         are a member of the
                          law and humanities subjects. We           Villiers Park Educational
                                                                                                           being amongst
                          are also pleased and proud to be          Trust Inspiring Excellence             the highest
                          involved in the Discover Uni initiative   Programme allowing
                                                                                                           nationally, we
                          which has allowed our students            our ablest students
                          with disabilities and specific            to take part in subject                also focus
                          learning difficulties to experience       specific residential                   aspiration to
                          university life and deepen their          courses run by leading
                          understanding of what university          experts in the field. The
                                                                                                           the highest
                          has to offer them and the support         courses have helped                    national level.
     that is in place to allow them to progress to higher           our students to enhance
     education.                                                     their skills and knowledge
                                                                    in a chosen subject
     As a school we encourage all students irrespective
                                                                    and extend their
     of social or economic background and we are passionate
                                                                    higher education and
     in our belief that education is a chief means of achieving
                                                                    career goals.
     social mobility. To this end we work with the Social

                                      Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021           |   9
PROSPECTUS For entry in September 2021 - Silverdale School
Beyond the classroom

      At Silverdale Sixth Form we passionately believe           Students can also take on additional studies, such as
      that a broad and balanced curriculum is important          Core Maths, and Cambridge Pre U.
      in the development of young minds and bodies. It
                                                                 Students can also choose to take
      enhances our students’ experience in class, develops
                                                                 part in drama, go off-site for
      lifelong skills and provides the essential qualities
                                                                 bouldering, or take part in the Duke
      that set our students apart when applying for
                                                                 of Edinburgh gold award, which
                          university, apprenticeships
                                                                 culminates in a week-long expedition
                          or employment. To this end,

                                                                 in Year 12.
                          alongside our A-level and academic
                          programmes we offer a wide             Home languages
Alongside our             variety of over 15 enrichment          We aim to support students who are bilingual or
A-level and               options which take place on a          multilingual in gaining accreditation in their home
academic                  Wednesday afternoon each               languages. Students can take a GCSE or A-level
                          week. These include:                   exams in a number of languages, such as Urdu,
programmes                                                       Persian, Japanese, Polish, Tamil, Mandarin Chinese.
                         Hospital volunteering
we offer a wide          and work experience                     Student societies and other activities
variety of over          Providing students with the real        As well as our enrichment programme numerous
                         life career experiences in their        extracurricular activities take place including sports
15 enrichment            chosen career path to support           clubs, academic clubs and the debating society.
options which            application to university or            Alongside this our students have a vibrant social
take place on            onto apprenticeships.                   society led by the Head Student Team, who organise
                                                                 events, charity fundraising and the most anticipated
a Wednesday              Future Learn MOOCs
                                                                 celebration of the year–our summer ball, the Final
                         Free online courses which allow
afternoon                students to take a specific aspect
                                                                 Fling, where students and staff come together to
                                                                 celebrate the achievement of students over their
each week.               of a subject or skill and study this
                                                                 two years in our Sixth Form.
                         in more detail with resources and
                         support from some of the most           Leadership skills are demonstrated by our students
                         prestigious universities and            through the Head Student Team, who are elected
                         professionals worldwide.                by students and work together to help provide
                                                                 student involvement and participation within the
      Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
                                                                 school. They are actively involved in school open
      An independent piece of research on a topic or areas
                                                                 evenings, making the student voice heard and
      of most interest to the student, allowing them to
                                                                 co-ordinating the School Council. Further
      demonstrate some of the attributes most sought
                                                                 opportunities to lead and be involved in the wider
      after in higher education and employment.
                                                                 school community are afforded by the opportunity
      School based sessions                                      for Sixth Form students to become paid lunchtime
      We run programmes where students put something             supervisors, providing the positive role models
      back into the school: paired reading with Y7 students,     for students in Years 7 to 11 at social times and
      mentoring Y10 and Y11 students, contributing               school events.
      to digital media and school communications, or
      volunteering in Learning Support.

                                     Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021        |   10
Student life

Friendly and welcoming                                     Extra curricular activities
Whilst students from schools within our Trust are          As explained in the previous section, ‘Beyond the
given priority access to our Sixth Form, we still take     classroom’, there are many activities taking place in
in a large number of students from other schools in        Silverdale Sixth Form.
the region. But, wherever you come from, you will
                                                           If you have a passion or interest you’d like to pursue
soon find that you settle in and feel part of Silverdale
                                                           then we encourage you to work with other students
Sixth Form.
                                                           to set up a club or activity.
Our current students say it was one of the first
                                                           Throughout the year there are also numerous trips
things they highlighted about their experience
                                                           and visits that you can get involved in. Last academic
with us: “After a few weeks you just forgot who
                                                           year some of our students went to Peru on a World
was from which school originally because it’s such
                                                           Challenge expedition – an experience that always
a friendly place”.
                                                           proves life-changing, as well as being an impressive
                                                           addition to a CV.

                                                           Students on the World Challenge expedition in Peru last year.

Catering and shops
The Sixth Form common room has its own snack
bar. Plus there are local shops, including a mini
supermarket, cafes, bakery and cash machine,
within a few minutes’ walk.

Getting here
Regular buses run from the city centre to local bus
stops, which take just over 30 minutes in rush hour,
and just over 20 minutes the rest of the day.

                               Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021           |    11
Student life

Understanding the worlds of work                              Social life
and university                                                Sixth Form is a great time to make new friends. Our
As well as studying, Sixth Form is a time when you            students organise a variety of social activities for
decide on the next, important steps in your life.             everyone, including the end of Year 13 Final Fling
That’s why we run lots of activities to help inform           summer ball–which provides a fantastic, memorable
your decisions. We have extremely close links with            end to your two years with us. Our Sixth
both the universities in Sheffield and frequently             Form was the first in Sheffield to have
send students to events such as a mock trial and              its own LGBT+ group, which we hope
Philosophy taster days.                                       future students will continue to run.

You can find out more about our support for higher            Manage your own time
education applications in the Preparing for university        Sixth Form is an opportunity to work more
and careers section on page 15.                               independently, as you prepare for university or
                                                              starting work. So we expect our students to take
                                                              responsibility for managing their own time.

                                                              You must be in for registration first thing (unless
                                                              you do not have a lesson until later in the day) but
                                                              then you can come and go as you please. We expect
                                                              you to use any time when you don’t have scheduled
                                                              lessons as study time–but this can take place in the
                                                              Sixth Form, in the library, at home or at a suitable
                                                              location elsewhere.

                                                              Of course we do all we can to support you as you
                                                              transition to this new way of working and, if you
                                                              face any problems, our team will do all they can
Photos above, below and at top of page: Year 13 students at   to help you.
the Final Fling.
                                                              A communications app to keep in
                                                              touch with sixth form
                                                              Parents can keep in touch
                                                              with the latest news
                                                              from school via our
                                                              communications app,
                                                              Weduc. It also provides
                                                              a full timetable for
                                                              students, lists all
                                                              their teachers and
                                                              provides a calendar
                                                              and messaging service.

                                 Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021        |    12

Each year we celebrate the success of students through      •   University of Cambridge
awards and events, but this success is nowhere more         •   University of Central Lancashire
apparent than in the destinations of our students.          •   University of Derby
Every year all of our students from Year 13 leave           •   University of Glasgow
Silverdale to take up a university place, a further         •   University of Leeds
education course, an apprenticeship or a job. A             •   University of Leicester
significant number of former students now attend            •   University of Liverpool
both Oxford and Cambridge universities.                     •   University of Manchester
                                                            •   University of Nottingham
 Elite universities and courses                             •   University of Oxford
 In 2020:                                                   •   University of Portsmouth
 • 53% of our students who went on to higher                •   University of Sheffield
   education gained places at Russell Group universities.   •   University of Southampton
 • 3 of those went to Oxbridge.                             •   University of Warwick
 • 6 went on to study Medicine; 2 went on to study          •   University of York
   Biomedical Science; and 3 went on to study Dentistry.    Subjects studied at university 2020:
                                                            • Accountancy & Finance Managerment
2020 destinations:                                          • Anatomy and Human Biology
• Anglia Ruskin University                                  • Architecture
• Birmingham City University                                • Art
• Brighton & Sussex Medical School
• Chesterfield College
• De Montfort University
• Durham University
• Edge Hill University
• Edinburgh Napier University
• Keele University
• Leeds Beckett University
• Leeds Trinity University
• Liverpool Hope University
• Liverpool John Moores University
• London School of Economics
                                                            Our students celebrating their results in 2019.
• Loughborough University
• Manchester Metropolitan University
• Newcastle University
• Nottingham Trent University
• Oxford Brookes University
• Sheffield Hallam University
• Teesside University
• University College London
• University of Bath
• University of Birmingham
• University of Bradford
• University of Bristol

                              Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021              |     13

•   Art Foundation                                          •   Mechanical Engineering
•   Biomedical Science                                      •   Marketing
•   Biochemistry                                            •   Mathematics
•   Biological Sciences                                     •   Maths
•   Biology                                                 •   Maths & Physics
•   Business & English                                      •   Mechanical Engineering
•   Business Management                                     •   Media & Philosophy
•   Chemical Engineering                                    •   Medical Physics
•   Chemistry                                               •   Medical Science
•   Civil Engineering                                       •   Medicinal & Biological Chemistry
•   Classics                                                •   Midwifery
•   Clinical Sciences                                       •   Natural Sciences
•   Comparative Literature                                  •   Neuroscience
•   Computer Science                                        •   Occupational Therapy
•   Computer Science with Cyber Security                    •   Opthamology
•   Computer Software                                       •   Optometry
•   Criminology                                             •   Pharmacy
•   Criminology & Sociology                                 •   Physics
•   Dentistry                                               •   Physiotherapy
•   Digital Media                                           •   Politics
•   Economics                                               •   Psychological & Behavioural Sciences
•   Economics & Accounting                                  •   Psychology
•   Education with Disabilities, Autism and SEN             •   Social Care Justice & Recovery
•   Electronic Engineering                                  •   Social Work
•   Engineering                                             •   Sociology & Education
•   Engineering Mathematics                                 •   Special Education Needs & Disability
•   English                                                 •   Sport Psychology
•   English & Related Literature                            •   Sport Science
•   English Language & Literature                           •   Sports & Exercise Science
•   Environmental Scence                                    •   Sports Business Management
•   Fashion Branding with Communication                     •   Sports Journalism
•   Fashion Communication & Promotion                       •   Sports Psychology
•   Film & Television Production                            •   Teaching
•   Film Production
•   Financial Mathematics
                                                            • NRC Services.
•   Forensic Science
                                                            • Carterknowle School
•   Foundation Sports Health & Social
•   History                                                 Employment and other routes:
•   Illustration                                            • Chapman Brack Contractors Ltd
•   International Business and Management                   • Gap year
•   International Marketing and Business                    • Missionary work
•   Journalism                                              • Police force
•   Law                                                     • Retail
•   Law & Maths                                             • Water Merlins Swim School
•   Linguistics & German

                                Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021       |   14
Preparing for
      university and careers

      Ensuring that our students are prepared for the             that all of our students (regardless of their post-18
      next, important stage in their lives is of the utmost       choices) return to school with a draft of a personal
      importance to us. So we work extremely hard to ensure       statement so that we can work with them to build
      you start thinking about your choices once you join us.     up a strong CV and/or UCAS application.

      This process starts with discussions in tutor groups        When students return in Year 13, their tutor (who is a
      about possible career paths, when we encourage              specialist in post-16 issues) will take a particular interest
                         students to ‘long-list’ their possible   in their personal progress and welfare, and will help

                         options. Resources are also available    them to manage the transition to University, Higher
                         in the UCAS section of the Sixth         Level Degree Apprenticeships or the world of work.
Ensuring that            Form common room, where a wide
                                                                  Along with our post-18 careers specialist advisor, our
                         range of prospectuses are displayed.
our students                                                      tutors will provide the advice
are prepared             The work is supported by visiting        and guidance needed to

                         speakers who inform students             decide on future career
for the next,            about issues such as student finance,    paths, both in taught tutorial
                                                                                                          When students
important                gap years, career paths, degree          sessions and in individual
                         apprenticeships, CVs and interviews.     interviews. They help                   return in Year
stage in their           In conjunction with the local            students to complete their
                                                                                                          13, their tutor
lives is of              universities our students attend         applications to higher
                         an Independence Day which gives          education or employment.                will take a
the utmost               them a flavour of student life.          They will also write                    particular
importance               We also organise visits to higher        references for their students
                                                                                                          interest in
to us.                   education and careers conferences,       using the academic
                         including one specifically about         references provided by                  their personal
                         applying to Oxbridge.                    subject teachers as guidance.
                                                                                                          progress and
      Focused support is given to potential applicants to         Once students have
                                                                                                          welfare, and
      Oxbridge and to competitive courses such as Medicine        completed their applications
      and Law.                                                    we will provide interview               will help them
      We encourage Year 12 students to be pro-active over
                                                                  practice should students                to manage the
                                                                  require it. As they receive
      their summer break in researching courses, degree
                                                                  replies from universities via
                                                                                                          transition to
      apprenticeships and possible career routes. It is vital
                                                                  UCAS both tutors and the                University,
                                                                  Sixth Form team will continue
                                                                  to support students in
                                                                                                          Higher Level
                                                                  making decisions.                       Degree
                                                                  On results day the Sixth Form           Apprenticeships
                                                                  team, along with our post-18            or the world
                                                                  careers specialist advisor, will
                                                                  be available to help students
                                                                                                          of work.
                                                                  with any issues that arise
                                                                  and can advise on alternative
                                                                  routes if needed.

                                     Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021           |   15

At Silverdale Sixth Form, there is an opportunity for      Students are monitored weekly and have to meet
students to receive financial support to contribute        certain criteria (eg. full attendance and good time-
towards their studies.                                     keeping) in order to receive their monthly payment.

The 16 to 19 Bursary Fund is money from the                Students are advised to

government to provide for students who need                apply for the bursary at
financial help to stay in education.                       the start of term in
                                                           September, as the funding
                                                                                                The 16 to 19
                                                           is limited. Applications             Bursary Fund
                                                           can be made throughout               is money from
                                                           the year if their household
                                                           circumstances change;                the government
                                                           however, it is not                   to provide for
                                                           guaranteed there will
                                                           be sufficient funds.
                                                                                                students who
                                                           Please note that funding             need financial
                                                           is not backdated and
                                                                                                help to stay
                                                           commences from the
                                                           point of the application             in education.
                                                           being successful.
                                                           Application forms are
                                                           available from the Sixth
                                                           Form office.

There are 2 types of 16 to 19 bursaries:
1. A discretionary bursary of up to £800 a year for
   young people on free school meals or with a
   household income below £16,190.

2. A vulnerable bursary of up to £1,200 a year for
   young people in one of the following groups:
• In care.
• Care leaver.
• Receiving Income Support or Universal Credit.
• Receiving Employment Support Allowance.
• Receiving Disability Living Allowance.

                               Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021       |   16
Applying to Silverdale
Sixth Form

We have a growing number of applications, both            Our teachers have also created some videos,
from within Year 11 at Silverdale and from schools        explaining more about their subject, which you
across the Sheffield City Region and north-east           can view at the web address above.
                                                          Due to Covid restrictions, we are currently unable
Application timetable                                     to offer tours.
Applications are welcomed following our Open
                                                          If you would like to be kept up to date with news and
Evening. You can apply any time from then until
                                                          events sign up at:
the end of January 2021.
                                                          Entry criteria
Virtual Open Evening
                                                          Students who meet the entry criteria of 5 subjects
This is being held on Thursday 22 October 2020,
                                                          at grades 4 to 9, including English and Maths and the
from 6pm to 7.30pm. You need to register in
                                                          individual subject entry requirements as stipulated
advance to be able to attend. You can do this at:
                                                          in this prospectus will be offered a place at Silverdale
                                                          Sixth Form.
It will be a great chance to have your questions
                                                          Offers are made in order of the date the applications
answered, as well as hear from our Sixth Form team.
                                                          are received. Therefore it is advisable to get your
                                                          application in as soon as possible. However, although
                                                          we encourage all students to apply within this time
                                                          frame, applications are considered and accepted until
                                                          September 2021.

                                                          Students who are predicted to meet the general
                                                          minimum requirement of 5 subjects at grade 4 to 9
                                                          (plus any subject specific entry requirements) and who
                                                          attend a school within Chorus Education Trust will
                                                          get priority over other non-Silverdale/Chorus students.

                                                          Other criteria for priority treatment can apply (such
                                                          as students in care; students facing exceptional
                                                          circumstances, such as illness) and are detailed in
                                                          Sheffield City Council’s A Guide for Parents: Transfer to
                                                          Secondary School guidance. In the event of there being
                                                          insufficient places for students from other schools the
                                                          tiebreaker would be straight line distance between
                                                          home and Silverdale School as stipulated in the
                                                          Sheffield City Council guidance.

                                                          Apply online
                                                          You can apply online via Sheffield Progress at:

                                                          Please note that all courses are subject to change,
                                                          depending on the number of students who apply and
                                                          the availability of teaching staff.

                              Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021         |   17
Option Blocks

Students should pick courses from separate blocks. On the whole, students should choose three subjects.
However, students with an grade average of 7+ can opt to study four subjects.

 BLUE                         RED                          GREEN                       YELLOW
 Tues am/Thurs pm             Wed am/Fri pm                Thurs am/Mon pm             Fri am/Tues pm

 Applied Science              Biology                      Biology                     Biology

 Art                          English Literature           Economics                   Chemistry

 Chemistry                    Geography                    Chemistry                   History

                                                           Drama and
 Economics                    History                                                  Maths
                                                           Theatre Studies

 English Language             Maths                        Health & Social Care        Media Studies

                                                           Philosophy &
 PE                           Further Maths & Maths                                    Spanish

 Psychology                   Music                        Physics                     Psychology

 Physics                      Psychology                   Sociology                   Sociology


Watch our new video about life in our Sixth Form
View at:

                             Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021        |   18
  Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021   |   19
Applied Science
Level 3 Extended Certificate BTEC | Pearson Exam Board

An exploration of applied science                          • Electrical circuits and their application: the
This qualification is aimed at students who want to          principles of electricity, including measurements
continue their education through applied learning and        of electrical values and health and safety, the
who aim to progress to higher education and ultimately       construction of circuits and their use in society today.
to employment, possibly in the applied science sector.     • Astronomy and space science: the principles
The qualification is equivalent in size to one A-level.      and present-day understanding of developments
                                                             in astronomy.
The course
Mandatory elements are:                                    Beyond the classroom
• Principles and applications of science I.                The Science Department is very active, running
• Practical scientific procedures and techniques.          numerous clubs and activities for students across
• Science investigation skills.                            all years.


Then students will study one of the following units:
• Physiology of human body systems: the                    The subject can give
  physiological make up of three human body                context to subjects                   The course is
  systems (musculoskeletal, lymphatic and                  which would benefit
  digestive), how the systems function and                 from some scientific
                                                                                                 equivalent of
  what occurs during dysfunction.                          background.                           one A-level.
• Human regulation and reproduction: how                   For example, with:
  the internal body environment is regulated and           • A-levels such as
  controlled within set parameters to enable key             Maths and Physics
  bodily process to take place.                              to progress to
• Biological molecules and metabolic pathways:               engineering related
  biological molecules and the metabolic pathways            courses.
  involved in chemical reactions to enable organisms       • A-level in Psychology
  to function normally.                                      and BTEC in Sport to
• Genetics and genetic engineering: the structure            progress to sport
  of DNA, cell division and the principles of Mendelian      psychology courses.
  genetics and variation.                                  • BTEC in Health and Social Care
• Diseases and infection: five types of diseases,            to progress to nursing courses.
  their causes and how humans try to prevent and           • A-levels in Geography and Computing to progress
  treat them.                                                to geography or environmental science courses.
• Applications of inorganic chemistry: acid-base
  equilibria, redox reactions and transition metal         Entry Requirements: Grade 5 or above in GCSE Maths
  complexes.                                               and Grade 5 or above in all three GCSE Science subjects
• Applications of organic chemistry: develop an            or a 5-5 or above in GCSE Combined Science.
  understanding of the properties and uses of organic
  compounds, their properties and uses in everyday life.

                              Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021         |    20
Art and design (FINE ART)
A-level | AQA exam board

Success, creativity and a range                             choosing one of the questions and producing work in
of techniques                                               relation to this starting point.
Our department offers students the chance to use a          Beyond the classroom
range of creative techniques. We have digital editing       Past activities have included:
facilities, the opportunity to create large scale prints,   • Visits to the Sheffield Hallam University degree show.
etchings and paintings, coupled with the opportunity        • Visits to art galleries in Liverpool, Sheffield
to experiment with mixed media and large scale                and Manchester.
sculpture and installation.                                 • Visiting lecturers from

Such diverse opportunities breed success: in 2018             Sheffield Hallam University
                                                              to lead workshops for
two thirds of students achieved grades A*, A or B,
                                                              students with interest
                                                                                                 We took part in
with a 100% pass rate overall. Previously, ours was
the highest achieving Sixth Form art department in            in architecture.                   the Sheffield
the country for value added. Our staff have expertise       • Visits to Chesterfield
                                                                                                 ‘Herd’ project
in fine art, ceramics, sculpture, installation art,           College to experience
performance art, textiles and photography.                    life drawing.                      in 2016. Our
We aim to give students the opportunity to undertake
                                                            • Murals and installations           elephant was
                                                              in the building.
workshops and experiment with wider ranges of                                                    displayed in the
materials, techniques and processes at the beginning
                                                            Many of our students go on
                                                                                                 Crucible theatre
of the course–which the students have commented
makes them more confident in their own creative             to study Foundation Art at           and now lives
processes and more willing to take risks with their         Chesterfield, preparing them         in Silverdale’s
own aesthetic.                                              for BA study at prestigious
                                                            universities throughout the          reception area.
The course                                                  country. Our alumni include
Workshops and short term projects                           students who have gone on
This involves drawing, painting, print making, etching,     to work for Disney/Pixar and
photography, Photoshop, 3D-making techniques,               BMW in Germany.
including low relief and built surfaces. This can also
include students’ own investigations into any other         Almost all universities accept
mixed media techniques and anything else they wish          Art as an A-level for UCAS
to explore. If a student’s work is suitable, they may       application, and the portfolio
wish to include, or use it as the starting point, for       of work produced is a welcome
their personal investigation at the start of the            addition at interview to show
second year.                                                a range of skills and strengths
                                                            of the candidate. Many see it
Personal investigation                                      as the basis for problem-solving in degree subjects. Art
A ‘ journal’ of 1,000 words and a visual representation     portfolios are warmly received for careers in subjects
of a student’s choosing, detailing their journey towards    like Engineering.
a final outcome. (60% of student’s A-level).
                                                            Entry Requirements: Grade 4 or above in GCSE Art
Externally set exam project                                 and Design.
This starts in February and runs until early May,
providing 40% of a student’s A-level. Students
respond to an externally set question paper,

                                Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021       |   21
A-level | AQA exam board

Hands-on lessons taught by                                 • ‘Science in the News’ Club.
subject specialists                                        • Science Week–wide range of speakers, competitions
With extremely strong results over the past decade,          and events.
and an Alps score of 2, our Biology Department brings      • STEM Challenge events.
a passion and commitment that provokes very positive       • ‘Student of the half term’ – rewards system to
feedback from students.                                      recognise and celebrate achievements and progress
                                                             of all students.
Our teaching staff are specialists in biology, aiming to   • High quality textbooks loaned to students to
inspire all students to enjoy their subject and achieve      help with independent work.
their best, regardless of ability. High quality marking    • One day of field work.
and feedback support students’ progress.

We have excellent practical resources and technical        Our students progress
support, allowing teachers to incorporate practical
work into lessons whenever possible–well beyond
                                                           onto a very broad range
                                                                                                We routinely
                                                           of science-related courses
the ‘required practicals’ of the curriculum.               at universities across the           expect
With 100% pass rate in Biology in 2019, and 75% of         country, including those             successful
students achieving A*, A or B, we consistently support     deemed to be ‘prestigious’.
students to achieve excellent outcomes. Our experi-        We routinely expect                  applications
enced team have the confidence to guide students in        successful applications to           to study at
                                                           study courses at Oxbridge
both exam preparation and planning their next steps.
                                                           and entry onto courses
The course                                                 leading to careers in
Core content:                                              medicine, dentistry,
• Biological molecules.                                    veterinary science, natural
• Cells.                                                   sciences, psychology,
• Organisms exchange substances with their environment.    nursing and midwifery,
• Genetic information, variation and relationships         biomedical science,
  between organisms.                                       physiotherapy and research.
• Energy transfers in and between organisms.
• Organisms respond to changes in their internal           Some will also go onto
  and external environments.                               non-science related courses
                                                           and careers–such as Law–
Students are assessed for development of practical         where their achievements in
skills along the way; with a pass/fail at the end. The     science A-levels have served to develop key skills
A-level exams test these skills, so it also affects the    such as problem-solving and critical thinking.
final grade. Students maintain and develop a ‘lab book’    Many undergraduate courses see that successful
to show evidence of completion of required practicals      science A-level students will have excellent study
and associated skills. Students develop independent        skills and the ability to rise to academic challenge
study skills and there are opportunities for teamwork,     beyond school.
research and oral presentations.
                                                           Entry Requirements: Grade 6 or above in GCSE Maths
Beyond the classroom                                       and Grade 6 or above in GCSE Biology or Grade 6-6 or
Past activities have included:                             above in GCSE Combined Science.
• Intermediate Biology and Biology Olympiad

                               Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021       |   22
A-LEVEL | AQA exam board

Hands-on lessons taught by                                 •   Aldehydes and ketones.
subject specialists                                        •   Organic synthesis.
With extremely strong results over the past decade,        •   Aromatic chemistry.                Our teaching
and an Alps score of 2, our Chemistry Department           •   Chromatography.
brings a passion and commitment that provokes very
                                                                                                  staff are
                                                           Beyond the classroom
positive feedback from students.                           Past activities have included:
Our teaching staff are specialists in Chemistry, aiming    • Science Week–wide range              in their area,
                                                             of speakers, competitions
to inspire all students to enjoy the subject and achieve
                                                             and events.
                                                                                                  aiming to
their best, regardless of ability. High quality marking
and feedback support students’ progress.                   • Royal Society science writing        inspire students
We have excellent practical resources and technical
                                                             book judging panel.                  to enjoy their
                                                           • Royal Society of Chemistry
support, allowing teachers to incorporate practical          ‘Top of the Bench’ annual            subject.
work into lessons whenever possible–well beyond              competition.
the ‘required practicals’ of the curriculum.               • Sixth Form Journal Club.
We consistently support students to achieve excellent      • STEM Challenge events.
outcomes; in 2019 83% of students achieved A*, A or B      • Visit to the Big-Bang’ Fair.
grades. Our experienced team have the confidence to        • ‘Student of the half term’ –
guide students in both exam preparation and planning         rewards system to recognise
their next steps.                                            and celebrate achievements
                                                             and progress of all students.
The course                                                 • High quality textbooks loaned
Physical chemistry:                                          to students to help with
• Amount of substance.                                       independent work.
• Energetics.
• Kinetics.                                                Progression
• Chemical equilibria, Le Chatelier’s principle and Kc.    Our students progress onto a wide
• Oxidation, reduction and redox equations.                range of courses at universities,
• Equilibrium constant Kp for homogeneous systems.         including Oxbridge. Chemistry can lead to careers in
• Electrode potentials and electrochemical cells.          chemical sciences, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry,
• Acids and bases.                                         biological sciences, engineering and environmental
                                                           sciences. Some will also go onto non-science related
Inorganic chemistry:                                       courses and careers – such as accountancy – where their
• Group 2, the alkaline earth metals.                      achievements in science A-levels have served to develop
• Group 7(17), the halogens.                               key skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking.
• Properties of Period 3 elements and their oxides.        Many undergraduate courses are very happy to recruit
• Transition metals.                                       students who have been successful in their science
• Reactions of ions in aqueous solution.                   A-levels as these courses are known to be difficult.
Organic chemistry:                                         Students will have excellent study skills and the ability
• Alkanes and alkenes.                                     to rise to academic challenge beyond school.
• Halogenoalkanes.                                         Entry Requirements: Grade 6 or above in GCSE
• Optical isomerism.                                       Maths and Grade 6 or above in GCSE Chemistry or
• Amino acids, proteins and DNA.                           Grade 6-6 or above in GCSE Combined Science.
• Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.

                               Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021        |    23
Drama and Theatre
A-level | Edexcel exam board

An in-depth exploration of theatre                             • Theatre Makers in Practice (40%)
This course involves the study of theatre with a clear           Split between: live theatre evaluation (20 marks);
focus on practitioners and understanding the different           page to stage - realising a performance text (36 marks);
mediums found within the theatre–from acting to                  and interpreting a performance text (24 marks).
design realisation.                                            Beyond the classroom
The course also allows students to workshop and                Our performing arts
meet artists in industry.                                      department is very

                                                               active. There are regular
The course                                                     performances and shows
Students will develop either their performance or              throughout the year–                   The course
design skills, and further advance their skills of analysis,
as they are encouraged to think critically about theatre
                                                               both inside the school                 allows students
                                                               and within the wider city.
and interpreting life itself. Students learn how to            We have good links with
                                                                                                      to workshop
analyse play texts, both historical and contemporary,          Sheffield Theatres (where              and meet
whilst incorporating practitioners’ styles and methods.
Equally, they will develop their written word through
                                                               some students have
                                                                                                      artists in
                                                               had work experience)
in-depth critical comment on live theatre.                     and other theatre groups,              the industry.
Components one and two explore a theatre                       with many students
practitioner in depth and apply this knowledge to              taking part in performances
the different texts being studied. This is a fantastic         outside of school time.
insight into contemporary theatre and develops                 Students can also take
each individual’s understanding, creativity and ability        part in clubs within school,
to analyse and evaluate their own response to                  or take on a leadership role
professional works.                                            working with lower school
                                                               students. There are regular
In examination students will be asked to respond to            trips organised to local
live theatre performances they have seen and extracts          theatres, where students
from studied texts. This involves skills of both critical      are encouraged to sign up
evaluation and reimagining the extract for performance         for the discounted
from the perspective of a performer and a designer.            membership cards.
They will also have the opportunity to demonstrate
how the work of their chosen theatre practitioner              Progression
has influenced their overall production concept and            The qualification stands students in excellent
demonstrate an awareness of the performance text               stead for higher education or work-based pathways.
in its original performance conditions.                        Careers in the arts, law, and humanities are well
                                                               supported by skills honed throughout the course.
Assessment is split as follows:                                Applicants for Russell Group universities will find
• Devising (40%)                                               Drama and Theatre particularly beneficial. Building
  Split between: portfolio (60 marks) and realisation          confidence, collaboration and communication, this
  performance/design (20 marks).                               A-Level sets students up for success.
• Text in performance (20%)
  Split between: group performance/design realisation          Entry Requirements: Grade 5 or above in GCSE
  (36 marks) and monologue or duologue/design                  English Language and GCSE English Literature.
  realisation (24 marks).

                                Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021            |    24
Economics and Business
A-level | Edexcel exam board

A subject that prepares you for life                        lessons are differentiated, catering for those who
Studying business prepares everyone for future              have some prior knowledge and for those who
life. Ultimately all students will be involved with the     have none.
world of business - as a consumer, an entrepreneur          We teach active lessons designed to engage students
or an employee.                                             whilst building crucial skills such as evaluation and
The course, officially titled ‘Economics B’ is taught       analysis for their examination.
by three subject specialists who have over 50 years’        We encourage reading

teaching experience between them, plus experience           around the subject
in the commercial world. We pride ourselves on              and an active interest
getting students to reach beyond their initial              in our dynamic subject               Our student
                                                            to ensure that the
aspirations. In 2019 79% of students gained A*
                                                            perspective you bring
                                                                                                 survey showed
to C grades.
                                                            to answers is fully                  that 93% of
We work exceptionally hard as a team to ensure
the best outcomes and have strong relationships
                                                            rounded. We also                     students really
                                                            have a Twitter page:
with students, who often stay in touch long                 @SilverdaleEcon.                     enjoy studying
after their education at Silverdale Sixth Form
has finished.                                               Beyond the classroom                 Economics
                                                            Past activities have included:       with us.
The course                                                  • The Big Challenge
The course takes economic theory and asks student             enterprise competition.
to apply this to business world.                            • Trip to Jaguar investigating
Theme 1: Markets, consumers and firms                         lean production.
• Scarcity, choice and potential conflicts.                 • Visiting speakers from
• Enterprise, business and the economy.                       Thorntons, British Business
• Market failure and government intervention.                 Bank and Webmart.
Theme 2: The wider economic environment                     Progression
• Business growth and competitive advantage.                Many students have used
• Life in a global economy.                                 their skills to work in a variety
• Introduction to macroeconomic policy.                     of careers linked to Business
Theme 3: The global economy                                 and Economics and beyond – from finance to marketing,
• Economic factors in business expansion.                   sales to law, banking to setting up their own business.
• Impact of globalisation on global companies.              Alumni include the CEO of Deciem, an Investment
• Inequality and redistribution.                            Banker at Morgan Stanley, owners of 5 Rivers café
Theme 4: Making markets work                                in Broomhill, the MD of Resolve IT Solutions, the
• Competition and market power.                             Marketing Manager at HD Sports Sheffield, as well as
• Macroeconomic policies and impact on firms                teachers, accountants, and postgraduate academics.
  and individuals.                                          Entry Requirements: Grade 5 or above in both GCSE
• Risk and the financial sector.                            English Language and GCSE Maths.
We attract around 50% of students who have never
studied GCSE Business or Economics; as a result

                                Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021       |   25
English Language
A-level | AQA exam board

A fascinating exploration of language                        • How is language used by a political group?
in our society                                               • How a child with autism communicates with
In this course we will study English both as a medium          close family members.
of communication and as a topic in its own right. Using      Beyond the classroom
a multitude of texts, we will consider the roots of          Past activities have included:
English, explore theories about its influence on our         • A debating club.
attitudes, and evaluate different views of its power         • Public speaking competitions.
and usage - both positive and negative!                      • Trips to the theatre and cinema.
Students will also work independently to research            • Support for entering students into national creative
aspects of language in use and on their own creative           writing competitions.
use of language. Overall, this is a rich linguistic course   Progression

which will be fascinating for students with an interest      An English A-level is a
in history, psychology, politics, philosophy, sociology,
and, not least, English!
                                                             valuable asset when                  We want
                                                             applying to university
The course                                                   or to potential employers.
                                                                                                  all pupils to
We study the way groups such as young people,                It shows that you have               be skilled
                                                             good communication
those with ethnic backgrounds and those with a
                                                             skills, and that you are
                                                                                                  and fluent
disability are represented in the media. To do so,
we will use key theories of language to better               able to persuade, inform             communicators,
understand how and why language can influence                or connect with someone.             adept in reading,
society’s attitudes towards these groups.                    It can lead to a higher
                                                             or further education                 writing, speaking
We will also explore how children learn to speak,
read and write language and debate how education
                                                             course in English or                 and listening.
                                                             communications, as well
and society affects children’s development and               as careers in journalism,
social status.                                               teaching, the media,
Skills developed include writing for a non-specialist        public relations, marketing,
audience, discursive essay writing, detailed analysis        broadcasting, linguistics
and evaluation of data, and applying a variety of            and law. It is a useful
theories and concepts to answers confidently.                qualification for all
                                                             courses, developing
The non-examined component (worth 20%) is an                 analytical skills and
independent language investigation and a piece of            providing evidence of
original writing. Past examples include:                     the ability to use
• Does gender affect the language used in social             language successfully.
  network posts.
• The semantic change of the word ‘like’.                    Entry Requirements: Grade 5 or above in GCSE English
• The language of a specific social group.                   Language and English Literature.
• The dialect of my South Yorkshire family

                                Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021       |    26
English Literature
A-level | AQA exam board

An exploration of great literature                           Progression
The study of great literature is nothing less than           An English A-level is a valuable asset when applying to
entering into a conversation with the finest minds in        university or to potential employers. It shows that you
human history! If you enjoy reading and like discussing      can analyse and interpret
big ideas and the ways they are presented by great           sophisticated and complex

authors, then this is the course for you.                    language and ideas and
                                                             also construct a coherent
Over the two years we will look at classic drama,
poetry and prose fiction. As well as studying texts
                                                             line of thinking based on            Enter into a
                                                             your point of view and
closely with your teachers in class, students will have
                                                             supported by textual
the opportunity to encounter extracts and whole
texts independently and in variety of creative and
                                                             evidence. It can lead to             with the finest
stimulating ways.
                                                             a higher or further
                                                                                                  minds in human
                                                             education course in English
We have been teaching A-level subjects in                    or communications, as well           history!
English since their introduction and have a                  as careers in journalism,
very experienced and successful team of subject              teaching, the media,
experts. In 2019 81% of our students achieved A*,            public relations,
A or B grades.                                               marketing, broadcasting
                                                             and law. It is a useful
The course
                                                             qualification for all
We follow the AQA Literature B course and select
                                                             courses, developing
the Tragedy and Elements of Social and Political
                                                             analytical skills and
Protest units. Taught texts include King Lear,
                                                             providing evidence of
Songs of Innocence and Experience, The Great
                                                             the ability to use
Gatsby and Harvest.
                                                             language successfully.
There is also a non-examined component (coursework)
                                                             Entry Requirements:
worth 20% in which students write two critical essays
                                                             Grade 5 or above in GCSE English Language and
on texts of their choice. This area of the course provides
                                                             English Literature.
a challenging and wide-ranging opportunity for an
introduction to different ways of reading texts and for
independent study.

Beyond the classroom
Past activities have included:
• A debating club.
• Public speaking competitions.
• Trips to the theatre and cinema.
• Support for entering students into national creative
  writing competitions.

                               Silverdale Sixth Form Prospectus–for entry in September 2021         |   27
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