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Excellence through Care - INFORMATION BOOKLET Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Knock - olspck

  Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock

Excellence through Care - INFORMATION BOOKLET Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Knock - olspck
Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock   2
Excellence through Care - INFORMATION BOOKLET Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Knock - olspck

Contents............................................................................................................................................. 1

Points of View – Year 8 (2019 – 2020)............................................................................................. 2

Welcome ........................................................................................................................................... 3

Mission Statement and Aims........................................................................................................... 4

Admissions Policy and Admissions Criteria for 2020................................................................ 5-9

Pastoral Care................................................................................................................................... 10

Summary of Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy..................................................................... 11

How a Parent Can Raise a Concern about Child Protection/Safeguarding............................. 11


Careers and Extra-Curricular Activities........................................................................................ 14

Academic Achievements: GCSE and A Level, 2019................................................................15-17

College Day, Contributory Primary Schools and College Policies for Students....................... 18

College Uniform.............................................................................................................................. 19

Dining Hall Menus......................................................................................................................20-21

Bus Arrangements to and from the College...........................................................................22-25

Subject Information...................................................................................................................26-41

Clubs, Societies and Extra-Curricular Activities......................................................................42-49

                                                                         1                                                            INFORMATION BOOKLET
Excellence through Care - INFORMATION BOOKLET Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Knock - olspck
Points of View - Year 8 (2019 - 2020)
“Our school is so welcoming and everyone is                “I’ve survived a whole term and am writing to
very friendly. The after-school activities are so         others who are, like I was, nervous about joining
impressive! There is something for everyone,              a new school. Our school may seem big, but it’s
from cooking to football. The teachers are so             not hard to find you way around. I have many
helpful and the Librarian is the best!”                   new friends and fun subjects. I wouldn’t regret
Lois Mackey, St Ita’s PS, Belfast                         this move for the world.”
                                                          Malachy Price, St Patrick’s PS, Holywood
“I like Knock because of all the nice people
there. You get so much support with all your              “I’ve really found my place here at OLSPCK and
subjects. On my first day, I felt nervous but             I am enjoying new subjects like Geography. I
with all the nice teachers, staff and students, I         also love meeting people from different classes
felt like I fitted in. The clubs are great as well.       through clubs. I would encourage everyone to
Altogether, Knock is an amazing school!”                  come here where there is so much to experience
Eoghan Fitzsimmons, St Joseph’s PS, Carryduff             in and out of the classroom!”
                                                          Ellie Clarke, St Patrick’s PS, Ballygalget
“My time at Knock has flown by and couldn’t
have been better. I feel that I fit in well and the       “Before I came to Knock, I was really nervous
amount of opportunities and extra-curricular              about making friends because no one came
activities that are offered here is unbelievable.         here from my primary school. But when I
The range of subjects keeps my mind busy and              arrived, I made lots of new friends and I am
interested.”                                              really enjoying school life.”
Eavan McAreavey, St Bride’s PS, Belfast                   Charlie McLaughlin, Loughview Integrated PS

“I was really nervous when I first joined here. I         “I came to OLSPCK on my own, but everyone
was nervous about new subjects, new teachers,             here was so kind and I already have lots of
etc. Now I’m a lot more confident. I have joined          friends. The second I walked through the door
the Coding Club and have enjoyed doing more               here, I knew this was where I was meant to be.”
sport in PE. I’d recommend OLSPCK to anyone.”             Ciara Murray, Ballyvester PS
Casey Bell, Kircubbin IPS
                                                          “I’m very happy here at OLSPCK. I was nervous
I came here with only one person and I was                but have settled in well. My favourite subject
really nervous, but I made so many amazing                is Drama. I highly recommend this school to
friendships and the after-school activities have          everyone.”
been so fun, including Dance and Netball. I love          Sofia Costello, St Mary’s PS, Portaferry
PE and I love my Tutor who is lovely and caring.
Overall, I have really enjoyed my first term!             “When I first came here, I was worried and had
Isabella Morgan, Stranmillis PS                           no one from my old class. But now I have made
                                                          lots of friends and joined lots of clubs. There’s
“I have had a great time so far at OLSPCK and             something for everyone here!”
have settled in very well. I have some great new          Jashvita Katta, St Malachy’s PS, Belfast
friends and teachers. I love Science and HE and
I’m always excited for the next day.”                     “I have really enjoyed my first term at Knock
Joseph McCollum, St Michael’s PS                          because I have made great new friends and
                                                          joined a range of clubs. Everyone is very
“I’ve really enjoyed my time at OLSPCK so far,            friendly, and I really like chip day on a Friday!”
especially going to cookery club. I like the              Aoibhe McHugh, St Therese of Lisieux PS
themed activities our teachers set us such
as Halloween poems in English and light-up
Christmas cards in Technology.”
Ola Przybylek, St Finian’s PS

Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock              2
Excellence through Care - INFORMATION BOOKLET Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Knock - olspck
Dear Parents and Prospective Pupils
Dear Parents and Pupils
Welcome to Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock. This information booklet gives you additional
information about the College and I hope you find it both informative and useful.
I trust that you will discover today that our College vision statement of ‘Excellence through Care’
is much more than just three words for us. It reflects the aspirations we have for each individual
child within our care; it reflects the pastoral care that we provide on a daily basis; and it reflects
the core values of our Catholic ethos. Our students, too, are taught to ‘CARE’ each and every day,
with a strong focus on Commitment, Attendance, Respect and Extra-curricular activities. Suffice to
say that we are exceptionally proud of our 1292 students and the many past pupils of our College
since 1985.
I have always believed that Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock is unique; yes, we are
academically strong, but there is so much more to a student of Knock than his or her academic
profile. In the College every year, I see at first-hand a commitment to students’ extra-curricular
activities which promote the development of the ‘whole person’. I also see our students using ‘their
talents for the service of others’, quietly reflecting the College Mission Statement in their work with
many charities and community groups. It is this combination which will ensure that our students
are well prepared to make a positive contribution to society in the years ahead.
Should you choose to join our College, we look forward to welcoming you to #teamknock, where
our motivated students, supportive parents and committed staff all work together for the benefit
of our entire College community. You will find more information about the school on our website
at www.knock.co.uk.
My very best wishes to you and your family as you make this important decision to choose a new
school. I look forward to welcoming many of you to Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock in
September 2020.
Yours sincerely

Deborah McLaughlin


                                             Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock
                                                                                  120 Gilnahirk Road,
                                                                                     Belfast, BT5 7DL

                                                                                Tel: (028) 9040 1184
                                                                          Website: www.knock.co.uk
                                                                           Email: office@olspck.org

                                                  3                                   INFORMATION BOOKLET
Excellence through Care - INFORMATION BOOKLET Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Knock - olspck
Mission statement and aims

“Our Lady and St Patrick’s                           Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock aims
College, Knock cares for
                                                     ■ develop the ‘whole person’ as a follower of
young people in a way that                             Christ;
encourages them to develop
                                                     ■ promote the philosophy and values of
to their full potential within                         Catholic Education;
a supportive Christian
                                                     ■ develop positive attitudes in an atmosphere
community. We seek to                                  of co-operation, justice and mutual respect;
prepare our students to play
                                                     ■ prepare young people to be confident and
an active and responsible                              creative contributors to society;
role in society and to use
                                                     ■ enable students to realise their full academic
their talents for the service of                       potential and to develop all their gifts and
others”.                                               talents;

                                                     ■ prepare students for adulthood by enabling
This Mission Statement guides us in the
task of enabling our students to realise their         them to acquire the relevant knowledge and
full potential. It stresses the importance of          skills;
relationships. Students are to be cared for
and their talents developed in a harmonious          ■ engage positively with the local and wider
manner. They are to be encouraged to use               community.
these talents for the benefit of others.
                                                     Our aim, therefore, is to provide a school where
                                                     each member of the school community enters
                                                     fully into the life of the College and where
                                                     all students are happily and enthusiastically
                                                     involved in a wide variety of work within a well-
                                                     structured but flexible framework.

                                                     Central to the life of the College is prayer. The
                                                     whole school joins in the celebration of the
                                                     Eucharist at the beginning of the academic year
                                                     to celebrate the Birthday of Our Lady; in March,
                                                     to honour our other patron, St Patrick; and also
                                                     on other special occasions; for example, Holy
                                                     Days, the Year 8 Mass of Welcome and our
                                                     Leavers’ Masses for Year 12 and 14.

Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock         4
Excellence through Care - INFORMATION BOOKLET Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Knock - olspck
Admissions Policy And Admissions Criteria for 2020

 120 GILNAHIRK ROAD                                                DENOMINATIONAL CO-EDUCATIONAL
 BELFAST                                                                          AGE RANGE: 11-19
 BT5 7DL                                                                       ADMISSIONS NO: 180
                                                                              ENROLMENT NO: 1260
                                                                              Telephone No: 028 9040 1184
 College Principal: Miss Deborah McLaughlin                                         Fax No: 028 9079 9890
 Chairperson of the Board of Governors: Mr Leo O’Reilly                            Email: office@olspck.org
                                                                                 Website: www.knock.co.uk

                               Open Day Information
Saturday, 18 January 2020 from 9.15am to 12.30pm – Parents/Guardians and P7 children are
warmly invited to attend. There will be an address by the Principal at 9.15am and 11.00am followed
by tours of the College with student guides.

To Parents/Guardians naming Our Lady and St                    attached to the Transfer Form. Form SP1 is
Patrick’s College, Knock as a preference on their              available from the College or its website www.
child’s Transfer Form.                                         knock.co.uk. Parents/Guardians wishing to claim
                                                               Special Provision should also forward a copy of
GLA Entrance Assessment Results:                               Form SP1 directly to Our Lady and St Patrick’s
                                                               College, Knock by Monday, 2 March 2020.
In assessing academic ability, Our Lady and St
Patrick’s College, Knock will use the grade [and as a       2. After this date, claims for Special Provision
sub-criterion, the combined Standardised Age Score]            should be made directly to Our Lady and
awarded to students completing the GLA Entrance                St Patrick’s College, Knock, and the relevant
Assessment on Saturday, 16 November 2019 or                    Education Authority Transfer Section notified.
the supplementary GLA Entrance Assessment on
Saturday, 7 December 2019 as specified by the               If you are applying for Special Circumstances or
College. In Section C of the Transfer Form, parents/        Special Provision, please see sections below in
guardians must state the grade achieved and attach          our Admissions Criteria.
to the Transfer Form a copy of the statement of
results which they receive on Saturday, 25 January          VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTION
                                                            There is no capital fee. We ask parents/guardians
Special Circumstances: The registration                     for a voluntary contribution of £150 per family per
deadline for the return of Form SCR is 2.00pm               annum to assist with the provision of additional
on Friday, 13 December 2019.                                facilities and equipment.

Any parent/guardian claiming Special Circumstances          RESPECTIVE FUNCTIONS OF THE BOARD OF
must complete the documentation in the “Claiming            GOVERNORS AND PRINCIPAL IN RELATION TO
Special Circumstances Pack” available from Our              ADMISSIONS TO THE SCHOOL
Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock or its website
www.knock.co.uk. After registering by 2.00pm on             The Board of Governors, having agreed the
Friday, 13 December 2019, all documentation,                Admissions Criteria, has delegated to the Admissions
together with Form SC1 and independent, verifiable          Committee, consisting of four members of the Board
documentary evidence, which corroborates the                of Governors, the Principal, a Vice Principal and the
Special Circumstances claim, must be attached to            Head of the Junior School, the authority to decide
the Transfer Form.                                          which particular applicants shall be admitted to the
                                                            College in accordance with the Admissions Criteria
Special Provision:                                          and any appropriate statutory regulations issued by
                                                            the Department of Education. Any reference to the
1. For those pupils currently in P7 in primary              term Board of Governors includes any committee
   schools in Northern Ireland, claims for Special          appointed by the Board of Governors for the
   Provision should be made on Form SP1 and                 purposes of applying the Admissions Criteria set
                                                        5                                      INFORMATION BOOKLET
Excellence through Care - INFORMATION BOOKLET Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Knock - olspck
out herein. The Board of Governors may require the            A Students who have been awarded Grade A in the
support of the College’s administrative staff in order          GLA Entrance Assessment and also those students
to fulfil its duties and they are so authorised by the          to whom Special Circumstances or Special
authority of the Board of Governors.                            Provision apply and who, on the documented
                                                                evidence submitted, appear to be of comparable
ADMISSIONS POLICY                                               ability to students awarded Grade A.

Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock is a Catholic,       B Students who have been awarded Grade B1 in the
co-educational, selective grammar school under the              GLA Entrance Assessment and also those students
trusteeship of the Diocese of Down and Connor.                  to whom Special Circumstances or Special
The College accepts those who are academically                  Provision apply and who, on the documented
suited for the type of education it offers and whose            evidence submitted, appear to be of comparable
parents/guardians are in agreement with the                     ability to students awarded Grade B1.
Catholic philosophy and aims of the College.
                                                              C Students who have been awarded Grade B2 in the
The Board of Governors has determined that                      GLA Entrance Assessment and also those students
the educational outcomes from GLA Entrance                      to whom Special Circumstances or Special
Assessment will be used to admit applicants [see                Provision apply and who, on the documented
criteria A to F and subsidiary criteria H1 to H7].              evidence submitted, appear to be of comparable
Information on GLA Entrance Assessment is available             ability to students awarded Grade B2.
from the College or from www.knock.co.uk.
                                                              D Students who have been awarded Grade C1 in the
In accordance with the 1997 Education (Northern                 GLA Entrance Assessment and also those students
Ireland) Order (Section 16 (4)), students resident              to whom Special Circumstances or Special
in Northern Ireland at the time of their proposed               Provision apply and who, on the documented
admission will be selected for admission before any             evidence submitted, appear to be of comparable
child not so resident may be selected.                          ability to students awarded Grade C1.

Applicants claiming Special Circumstances and/or              E Students who have been awarded Grade C2 in the
Special Provision [see below] will be considered first.         GLA Entrance Assessment and also those students
In light of the documentary evidence submitted, the             to whom Special Circumstances or Special
Admissions Committee of the Board of Governors                  Provision apply and who, on the documented
will decide whether these applicants should                     evidence submitted, appear to be of comparable
be considered under the grade and combined                      ability to students awarded Grade C2.
Standardised Age Score actually achieved in the GLA
Entrance Assessment or an allocated higher score/             F Students who have been awarded Grade D in the
grade. The College will use a Special Circumstances             GLA Entrance Assessment and also those students
Protocol, available from the College, to decide on              to whom Special Circumstances or Special
any increase in score or grade. Once a decision has             Provision apply and who, on the documented
been made, the applicant will then be considered                evidence submitted, appear to be of comparable
along with all students of the same score or grade              ability to students awarded Grade D.
for the purpose of applying the Admissions Criteria.
                                                              G Other students.
The Board of Governors will NOT use as a criterion
the position of preference given to the College on            If there are more applicants in a category under
the Transfer Form, i.e., a pupil who has chosen Our           consideration (i.e., Grades A, B1, B2, C1, C2, D and
Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock in any position          Others) than there are number of places available,
on the Transfer Form will be considered equally with          such places will be allocated in accordance with
those who have put the College first.                         the following subsidiary criteria of H1 to H7. If, on
                                                              application of the subsidiary criteria in order, there
ADMISSIONS CRITERIA FOR YEAR 8 STUDENTS TO                    is oversubscription in a particular criterion, then
OUR LADY AND ST PATRICK’S COLLEGE, KNOCK                      the next criterion will be applied to determine the
                                                              allocation of places.
In order to determine which students will be
accepted into Year 8, the following criteria will be
applied in the order set down:

Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock                  6
Excellence through Care - INFORMATION BOOKLET Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Knock - olspck
H1   Applicants who are entitled to Free School                  H5    Applicants who have achieved the highest
     Meals (FSME). ‘Entitled to Free School Meals’                     combined Standardised Age Score in the
     means applicants who are listed on the                            GLA Entrance Assessment. The highest
     Education Authority’s register as entitled to                     scoring candidate will be ranked first, the next
     free school meals at the date on which their                      highest candidate being ranked second, etc.
     parent or guardian has signed their post-
     primary Transfer Form or at any date up to                  H6    If there are applicants who have the same
     and including 24 April 2020.                                      GLA Entrance Assessment combined
                                                                       Standardised Age Score tying for the
H2   Applicants who, at the date of their                              final place(s), applicants will be selected for
     application, have a child of the family                           admission on the basis of the initial letter of
     currently or previously enrolled at the                           surname (as entered on the birth certificate
     College. Name and year group of present                           or court order) in the order set out below, as
     pupil and name/maiden name and dates                              determined by a randomised selection:
     of attendance of former pupil must be
     provided. [“Child of the family” will be defined                 E I Y U B S H D F L C R O V T A
     in accordance with Department of Education                             N Z K X W P J Q M G
                                                                 H7    In the event of surnames beginning with the
H3   Applicants:                                                       same initial letter, the subsequent letters
                                                                       of the surname will be used in alphabetical
     (i)      who are the eldest* or only child of                     order. In the event of two identical surnames,
              the family; or                                           the alphabetical order of the initials of the
     (ii)     whose sibling is an eldest child who                     forenames (as entered on the birth certificate
              achieved a grade A and applied to the                    or court order) will be used.
              College but was not selected; or
                                                                       Should two or more applicants have the same
     (iii)    who are the only child in a family                       surname and forename and thereby qualify
              to have achieved a grade A or the                        for the last available place(s), those applicants
              particular grade being considered.                       will be placed in rank order of eldest child by
                                                                       date of birth as stated on the birth certificate
     *Twins, triplets, etc. will be entitled to
                                                                       or court order.
     recognition as ‘eldest’ in family if twins, triplets,
     etc. are the first born to a family.                              Where, after this process has been applied,
     The H3 Verification Certificate must be                           any applicants continue to tie for a final
     completed and attached securely to the                            place, places will be allocated by randomised
     Transfer Form. It must be signed by one of the                    computer selection.
     following who knows the child and family for
     at least two years and is not a member of the               The subsidiary criteria H1 to H7 will be applied in the
     applicant’s family:                                         order set down.

              • a primary school Principal                       When considering which children should be
              • an elected public representative                 selected for admission, the Board of Governors
              • a medical practitioner                           will take into account information which is
              • a lawyer                                         detailed on or attached to the Transfer Form.
              • a member of the clergy                           Parents/Guardians should therefore ensure
                                                                 that all information pertaining to their child and
H4   Applicants for whom Our Lady and St                         relevant to the school’s Admissions Criteria is
     Patrick’s College, Knock is the nearest                     stated on the Transfer Form or securely attached
     Catholic grammar school from their                          to it.
     permanent place of residence. Distances will
     be measured overland using grid references                  SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES
     provided by Land and Property Services. Place
     of residence will be the pupil’s address as it              The College has academic performance as its first
     appears on the Transfer Form. The completed                 criterion. Special Circumstances refer to the claim
     H4 Verification Certificate, attached securely              that because of medical or other issues a pupil’s
     to the Transfer Form, must be signed by one                 performance in the GLA Entrance Assessment was
     of the verifiers as stated in H3.                           affected. Special Circumstances must be supported

                                                             7                                       INFORMATION BOOKLET
Excellence through Care - INFORMATION BOOKLET Our Lady and St Patrick's College, Knock - olspck
by documentary evidence of a medical, educational              Details of Educational Evidence
or other appropriate nature. Consideration of a claim
for Special Circumstances consists of two parts. The           Sufficient, objective documentary evidence must
first requires consideration of whether there is, in the       be provided by the parents/guardians and verified
judgement of the Admissions Committee, sufficient              by the primary school to enable the Admissions
material to permit an applicant to be considered               Committee of the Board of Governors to reach a
as having Special Circumstances. If an applicant               decision.
is permitted to be considered as having Special
Circumstances, the second part of the consideration            Parents/Guardians are entitled to obtain their
requires an education judgement to be made on the              child(ren)’s educational records from schools by
totality of the material presented to the Admissions           virtue of statute and, if needed, by means of a
Committee so that a score and grade, equivalent to             Freedom of Information request.
that which the applicant would have obtained in the
                                                               The following information must be provided on
GLA Entrance Assessment under normal conditions,
                                                               Form SC1 in relation to the applicant:
can be awarded.
                                                               1. All the applicant’s school standardised test
If a claim for Special Circumstances is made in
                                                                  results in English/Literacy and Mathematics/
respect of matters for which Access Arrangements
                                                                  Numeracy from the beginning of the Key Stage 2
were provided to a pupil sitting the GLA Entrance
                                                                  period, i.e., from P5:
Assessments on 16 November 2019 or 7 December
2019, the Admissions Committee may take into                       a) All test results must be dated and verified by
account the fact that the pupil was provided with                     the primary school.
such Access Arrangements.
                                                                   b) Results from all tests must be accompanied
A notification of a claim for Special Circumstances                   by the name of the standardised test and
must be made by 2.00pm on Friday, 13 December                         the supplier of the test.
2019 using the appropriate Form SCR available from
the College. Please note that claims not registered                c)   Standardised test results must include
within this period may not be considered after the                      scores for English/Literacy and Mathematics/
deadline.                                                               Numeracy.

All documented evidence in support of any claim                    d) Any other relevant material.
must be attached to the Transfer Form, using Form
SC1, and forwarded to the College via the Education            2. The primary school’s comments on the pupil’s
Authority.                                                        academic achievements in relation to the
                                                                  standardised tests taken during Key Stage 2.
Details of Medical or Other Issues
                                                               It is emphasised that the onus is on the parent(s)/
Where it is claimed that a pupil’s performance in              guardian(s) to ensure that all of the above
the GLA Entrance Assessment has been affected                  information is provided. Failure to provide such
by a medical or other issue, independent evidence              information will result in the College being unable to
of its existence must be provided to the College.              consider the application for Special Circumstances.
Where the issue is of a medical nature of short-
term duration, which affected the pupil only at the            Applicants considered under Special Circumstances
time of the GLA Entrance Assessment, the College               will be judged on the evidence made available to the
will require the production of evidence that the               College and awarded a score and grade using the
pupil was examined by a medical practitioner in                College’s Special Circumstances Protocol which is
relation to the illness at the time of the GLA Entrance        available on request.
Assessment. Where the issue is of a non-medical
nature, the parents/guardians must set out the                 Please note that judgement of the importance of
precise details of the issue and append appropriate,           documentation forwarded in support of Special
verifiable, independent evidence to the Transfer               Circumstances will be at the discretion of the
Form to corroborate its existence.                             Admissions Committee of the Board of Governors.

Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock                   8
SPECIAL PROVISION                                            The Admissions Committee will consider each
                                                             application for Special Provision. Where this is
Special Provision will be made by the Board of               granted, the Admissions Committee will determine,
Governors for applicants:                                    based on the information available, an appropriate
                                                             grade/score equivalent for the applicant. Such
1.   who are moving or who have recently moved to            applicants will then be considered with all other
     Northern Ireland:                                       applicants who have received a GLA Entrance
                                                             Assessment grade/score and the Admissions Criteria
     a) whose parents/guardians wish them to
                                                             will be applied.
        transfer to post-primary schools from
        schools outside Northern Ireland;                    DUTY TO VERIFY
     b) who, prior to 7 December 2019, have                  The Board of Governors reserves the right to require
        received more than half of their primary             such supplementary evidence as it may determine
        education outside Northern Ireland.                  to support or verify information on any applicant’s
                                                             Transfer Form. Parents/Guardians should note
2.   whose educational provision has been
                                                             that they may be asked to produce original
     negatively affected by a serious medical or
                                                             documents verifying information pertinent to the
     other issue which is supported by independent,
                                                             College’s Admissions Criteria. Original documents
     verifiable documentary evidence and who
                                                             are required; scanned copies or photocopies are
     have not taken either of the GLA Entrance
                                                             not acceptable. The provision of false or incorrect
                                                             information or failure to provide information within
Applicants in categories 1a and 1b above, who                the deadlines set by the College can result in the
wish to apply under Special Provision, do not                withdrawal of a place and the inability of the College
need to take the GLA Entrance Assessment or the              to offer a place.
supplementary GLA Entrance Assessment unless
                                                             ADMISSIONS CRITERIA FOR ENTRY OF PUPILS
their parents/guardians so wish, in which case the
                                                             AFTER 1 SEPTEMBER 2020
GLA Entrance Assessment grade obtained will be
used to determine admission in accordance with the           In the event of a place becoming available in Year
Admissions Criteria.                                         8 after 1 September 2020, the above criteria will be
                                                             applied to any unselected applicants. The College
The Admissions Committee may require an
                                                             maintains a waiting list for those seeking a place.
assessment of an applicant’s abilities to be carried
out by a suitably qualified person or body approved          A fresh application must be submitted for each
by the College.                                              subsequent year in accordance with the Admissions
                                                             Criteria for the particular year group, i.e., Years
It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to
                                                             9-14. Further details on Admissions Criteria and the
provide precise reasons why the applicant did not
                                                             operation of the waiting list are available from the
take part in the GLA Entrance Assessment and to
                                                             College or its website www.knock.co.uk.
submit appropriate documentary evidence attached
to the Transfer Form.                                        If the application is made for a child who arrived
                                                             in Northern Ireland after the transfer process has
For those applicants currently in P7 in primary
                                                             been concluded and the Admissions Committee
schools in Northern Ireland, claims for Special
                                                             determines that the child is suitable to be admitted,
Provision should be made on Form SP1 and attached
                                                             the College may seek Department of Education
to the Transfer Form. Form SP1 is available from the
                                                             approval to admit the child as an additional place.
College or its website www.knock.co.uk. Parents/
                                                             If such approval is given, the child will be admitted.
Guardians wishing to claim Special Provision should
also forward a completed copy of Form SP1 directly           APPLICATIONS AND ADMISSIONS
to Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock by
                                                                        Admissions          Total                  Total
Monday, 2 March 2020. After this date, claims for            Year                           Applications
Special Provision should be made directly to Our                        Number              i.e. All preferences
Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock, and the relevant       2017       180                 225                    185
Education Authority Transfer Section notified.               2018       180                 231                    182
                                                             2019       180                 237                    194
                                                             *Includes those admitted on Appeal and Special Educational Needs students.
                                                             An additional 10 places were also permitted under Temporary Variation in 2019.

                                                         9                                                      INFORMATION BOOKLET
Pastoral Care
Tutor Groups                                                  Student Mentor Programme

We place a great deal of emphasis on the pastoral             Under the Student Mentor Programme, four Year
care of our students. The basic pastoral unit is the          13 students are assigned to each Year 8 class. For
Tutor Group, which consists of approximately 26               the duration of the Programme, they meet with
students. A Tutor is assigned to each group and               that class once a week to explore various themes
remains with the group as they move from Junior               such as smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, bullying,
to Senior to Upper School. Our Tutor Groups meet              prejudice, friendship, school and the environment.
each morning before class for prayer, Registration            The Student Mentor Programme enables Year 8
and announcements. Morning Registration ensures               students to build a bond of trust with older students
that a student who may be worried about any aspect            and provides another source of support while they
of College life has easy access to his/her Tutor. Each        are settling in to College life.
Year Group regularly attends Morning Assembly.
There is also a Tutor Period once a week, during              Student Counsellors
which students follow a Personal Development
Programme covering a wide range of relevant issues.           The College has a team of experienced Counsellors
                                                              who are available for consultation with students on
The Tutor, Head of Year and Head of School closely            an individual basis. An external counselling service
monitor each student’s academic performance and               is also available in the College.
personal development.
                                                              Merit System
Transition from Primary to Post-Primary School
                                                              In the Junior and Senior Schools, we operate a Merit
We realise that it can be quite difficult for children        System which aims to reward students for achieving
to make the transition from Primary to Post-Primary           high standards in areas of work, behaviour,
School and so care is taken to ensure that the                attendance, punctuality and uniform. The Merit
changeover goes as smoothly as possible. Year 8               System awards individual and whole class merits.
students follow a two-day Induction Programme                 Individual students are given a certificate (gold, silver
before commencing their academic studies. During              and bronze) when they achieve stipulated targets. In
these days, they meet their Tutors, get to know               the Junior School, certificates are awarded to Tutor
the College and have the opportunity to make new              Groups achieving first, second and third place each
friends.                                                      month. Gold Merit Certificates are presented at the
                                                              respective Award Ceremonies.
In late September, a special evening Mass of
Welcome is celebrated for Year 8 students and their           Child Protection
parents. A Parent/Teacher Meeting is scheduled for
November.                                                     The College is committed to providing a safe, caring
                                                              environment which promotes the protection and
Special Educational Needs                                     safeguarding of each individual child. The full
                                                              Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy is available
The College provides a range of interventions to              at any time from the College or on the College
support students with particular learning needs.              website www.knock.co.uk.
These include personal development experiences as
well as opportunities for students to develop their
leadership skills throughout their time in school by
involvement with the local and wider community.
We follow the revised Code of Practice in identifying,
assessing and supporting students with special
educational needs. Through Personal Learning Plans
(PLPs), we provide support tailored to each student’s
unique learning requirements. If your child has a
special educational need which you would like to
discuss in more detail, please contact the Learning
Support Co-ordinator (LSCo), Miss Fox.

Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock                 10
Summary of Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy
Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock is committed          How A Parent Can Raise A Concern About
to providing a safe, caring environment which                  Child Protection/Safeguarding
promotes the protection and safeguarding of each
individual child. In accordance with the aims of the           If a parent has a concern about the safety of his/
College and in order to fulfil our statutory obligation        her own child or any other child, the parent should
under the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995,              contact the Designated Teacher for Child Protection
the College’s Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy             or the Deputy Designated Teacher without delay.
aims to ensure the protection and safeguarding of
                                                               The Designated Teacher(s) will inform the Principal
all our students.
                                                               and will clarify the facts of the allegation (Discreet
The aim of this summary is to provide parents and              Preliminary Clarification). The Designated Teacher(s)
students with a brief overview of the policy. The full         will refer the matter to Social Services if it is deemed
Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy is available              necessary and will report back to the parent on the
at any time from the College or on the College                 progress and outcome of the complaint as soon as
website www.knock.co.uk.                                       possible.

The Roles and Responsibilities of the College                  If a parent is still concerned, he/she may contact the
Safeguarding Team and the Designated Teachers                  Principal directly. If the parent is dissatisfied with
for Child Protection are defined.                              the outcome, he/she may refer the complaint to the
                                                               Chairperson of the Board of Governors in the first
                                                               instance, then to the NI Public Services Ombudsman
Designated Teacher for       Ms Grace McCarthy
                                                               (Tel: 0800 343 424).
Child Protection
Deputy Designated            Mrs Nicola McCarry                If any parent, student or member of staff wishes
Teacher for Child                                              to report a child protection/safeguarding concern
Protection                                                     about school staff or volunteers, he/she should
                                                               contact the Principal or the Designated Teacher for
The policy describes Types of Abuse and lists
                                                               Child Protection without delay.
Potential Signs and Symptoms of Child Abuse.

The Processes for Referral are clearly outlined on
Page 14 of the Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy.

The policy includes a Code of Conduct for All Staff
and Volunteers and guidance on How a Parent Can
Raise a Concern about Child Protection/Safeguarding
and How to Report a Concern about School Staff or

The policy outlines the conditions under which
volunteers and sports coaches may work in the

                                                          11                                        INFORMATION BOOKLET
At the heart of every outstanding school is a                      Senior School: Key Stage 4 (Years 11 and 12)
curriculum that offers challenges, instils a passion
for learning and ignites intellectual curiosity while              Senior School students study a broad and balanced
preparing students for the next step.                              range of GCSEs. Depending on their chosen
                                                                   subjects, they can study between ten and twelve
Our curriculum aims to meet the differing needs                    GCSE courses.
of students by making available a broad range of
subject choices. It reflects the aims and objectives               The curriculum consists of a compulsory core
of the College and conforms to all statutory                       element and optional subjects.
                                                                   Core GCSE Subjects:
Our Curriculum
                                                                   English        Learning for Life Religious
Junior School: Key Stage 3 (Years 8, 9 and 10)                     Language       and Work          Studies
                                                                   English        Mathematics
On joining the College, our Junior School students                 Literature
are introduced to academic discipline in the
following Learning Areas: The Arts, English with                   A number of students take the GCSE Mathematics
Media Education, Environment and Society, Learning                 examinations at the end of Year 11 and then study
for Life and Work, Mathematics with Financial                      GCSE Further Mathematics in Year 12.
Capability, Modern Languages, Physical Education,
Religious Education and Science and Technology.                    The compulsory core also includes non-examination
                                                                   Physical Education,     Careers    and   Personal
Integral to our curriculum are the cross-curricular                Development classes.
skills of Using Mathematics, Using ICT and
Communication, which are developed through the                     Optional GCSE Subjects:
different Learning Areas along with Thinking Skills
and Personal Capabilities.                                         Students may study five subjects from the
Year 8 and 9 students study the following
subjects:                                                          Art and Design Food and        Journalism
 Art and Design                Local and Global Citizenship        Biology        French          Music
 Drama                         Mathematics                         Business       German          Physical Education
 English                       Music                               Studies
 Education for                                                     Chemistry      Geography       Physics
                               Physical Education
 Employability                                                     Computer       History         Science (Double
 Geography                     Religious Education                 Science                        Award)
 History                       Science                             Drama          Digital         Spanish
 Home Economics                Technology and Design
                                                                   Engineering    Irish           Technology and
 Information and
 Technology                                                        Some students take GCSE Music at the end of Year
                                                                   11, which allows them to choose a sixth optional
Students also choose two Modern Languages from
                                                                   GCSE subject.
French, German, Irish and Spanish.

A Personal Development Programme is provided
and all Junior School students follow our Education
for Love Programme.

In Year 10, students study all of the above subjects
but Science is taught as the separate subjects of
Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock                      12
Upper School: Key Stage 5 (Years 13 and 14)

The Upper School curriculum provides for the
academic and the personal development of our

All students entering Years 13 and 14 must study
Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS Level) and Advanced
Level (A2) subjects. Most students take four AS
Level subjects in Year 13 and three or four A2 Level
subjects in Year 14.

In addition, all students attend Careers Education,
Personal Development and Life Issues classes.
Students who do not study Religious Studies at AS
or A2 Level are required to take a modular course
in Religious Education; a programme for Christian

Our Curriculum Enrichment Programme allows
students to supplement their AS and A Level
courses. Mandarin language and cultural classes are
offered to students. They may also take part in our
Community Service Scheme and the Student Mentor

Any combination of AS and A2 Level subjects may be
taken from the following:

Art and            French          Nutrition and
Design                             Food Science
Biology          Further           Physical
                 Mathematics       Education
Business Studies Geography         Physics
Chemistry        German            Religious
Computer           Government      Sociology
Science            and Politics
Digital            History         Spanish
Drama and          Irish           Technology
Theatre Studies                    and Design
Economics          Mathematics
English            Music

Other courses may be available through our
partnership arrangements with neighbouring

                                                       13   INFORMATION BOOKLET
Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance
A team of experienced teachers and a Department                eye4education. In January, all Year 13 students
for Economy (DE) Careers Adviser are involved                  participate in our annual Work Experience Scheme.
in the provision of Careers and Employability.                 Further periods of work experience are also
Careers Education, Information, Advice and                     encouraged at appropriate times, especially for
Guidance (CEIAG) is at the heart of the curriculum.            Sixth Form students. Additionally, students will
It is delivered through every subject area and in              be provided with the opportunity to meet with
discrete Employability and Careers lessons on the              representatives from a diverse range of universities,
timetable for Years 8 to 14. Initially, the emphasis is        at the annual UCAS Exhibition, University Roadshow
on helping students find out about their skills and            and university presentations in school. In Year
qualities and the local and global economy. As they            12, all students will attend the Skills NI Careers
progress through the school, CEIAG prepares young              Convention, providing students with an excellent
people for the opportunities, responsibilities and             opportunity to meet with a wide range of employers
experiences they will face throughout their adult              across NI. Students in Year 14 will attend QUB and
working lives.                                                 UU Open Days and those who have University
                                                               Admission Interviews will be provided with practice
Careers Information                                            interviews. We pride ourselves on giving students as
Up-to-date Careers information is available through            much exposure as possible to all career pathways
the College bespoke Careers programme, various                 available, including university and apprenticeships.
online software packages and from the College                  Our ultimate goal is that all students will make a
Library. Careers teachers advise on all aspects of             career choice that is compatible with their ability
subject and career choice, and guidance is offered             and future aspirations.
to both class groups and individuals. GCSE and A/AS
Level Option Books are produced annually to help               Drama
students make their subject choices. All students in
                                                               Drama contributes to the creative, social and
Years 10, 12 and 14 are interviewed individually or
                                                               personal education of every student within the
in small groups before they choose their GCSEs, A
                                                               College. As such, it is integral to the curriculum at
Levels and post-18 choices. Individual guidance on
                                                               Key Stage 3, helping students to become informed
subject and careers choice is also offered to students
                                                               and responsible individuals. It is a popular choice
and parents at Option Days in the second term or on
                                                               at GCSE and A Level and enjoys excellent results
request throughout the school year.
                                                               in both examinations. After school, Junior students
                                                               are encouraged to attend a weekly Drama Club
Careers Advice and Guidance
                                                               mentored by Senior students, who share their skills
Through effective Careers advice and guidance,
                                                               and enthusiasm with younger, eager participants.
young people develop self-awareness and an
                                                               On a more formal level, the College Production
understanding of the full range of opportunities in
                                                               brings together all aspects of the Arts in celebration
education, training and employment. They learn to
                                                               of the varied talents and abilities enjoyed by the
develop the skills necessary to source and handle
                                                               College community. In recent years, students have
information, to be realistic, have aspirations and
                                                               performed musicals (School of Rock,The Sound of
make informed decisions about future career
                                                               Music, Evita) and serious theatre from Shakespeare
pathways. Through our guidance programmes we
                                                               to Brian Friel.
aim to help students make informed but realistic
choices about their futures through reviewing,
learning, assessing, setting new goals and
recording their achievements and experiences. Our              All students study Music in Years 8, 9 and 10 where
guidance service is progressive, impartial and well            the emphasis is on practical music-making (tin
informed, using the most up-to-date labour market              whistle and keyboards), composition, listening and
information, provided by the NI Skills Barometer.              theory. The College facilitates private music tuition
Careers staff are available to students and parents            in strings, woodwind, brass, piano, guitar, drums
after the publication of examination results and at            and singing. Students work with our peripatetic
Parent/Teacher Meetings. We strongly encourage                 music tutors individually or in small groups. Music
parents to become constructively involved in the               can be taken as a fast-track GCSE subject in Year
career planning of their children and welcome them             11 or as a two-year GCSE option and at AS and A
to our Careers events that occur throughout the                Level. Students have the opportunity to be involved
year.                                                          in events inside and outside the College through
                                                               membership of the Junior Choir, Senior Choir,
Students in all year groups will experience the World          Chamber Choir, Folk Group (Liturgical), Traditional
of Work, through various events in collaboration               Group, Junior Orchestra and Senior Orchestra.
with organisations such as Young Enterprise and

Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock                  14
Academic Achievements
School attendance 2018 - 2019

 No. of possible attendance sessions             No. of sessions attended                          % attendance

                  472408                                     456541                                    96.6

GCSE and A-level Examination Results 2015/16 to 2018/19

                               2015/16                2016/17                   2017/18                     2018/19
                      Our Lady         NI     Our Lady         NI         Our Lady         NI      Our Lady            NI
                       and St      Grammar     and St      Grammar         and St      Grammar      and St         Grammar
                      Patrick’s      School   Patrick’s      School       Patrick’s      School    Patrick’s         School
                       College      Average    College      Average        College      Average     College         Average
% achieving 5+
GCSEs at grades          100         95.6       100              96.5       99.4            96.0      100            96.1

% achieving 7+
GCSEs at grades          100         92.1       100              91.2       98.3            90.7      98.9           90.5

% achieving 3+
A-levels at grades       85.8        76.3       89.3             78.1       88.0            78.1      91.6           79.7

% achieving 2+
A-levels at grades       100         99.5       100              99.7       99.43           99.5      99.4           99.6

Year 12 GCSE Results Summary 2018/19

                 % entered for:                                         % achieving grades A*-C in:

      7+ GCSEs                  5+ GCSEs               7+ GCSEs                    5+ GCSEs                  0 GCSEs

        100                       100                     98.9                        100                      0

Number of students in Year 12: 181

Number of students with a Statement of Special Educational Needs: 1

                                                          15                                          INFORMATION BOOKLET
Year 12 GCSE Results by Subject 2018/19

 Subject                    Entries
                                            A*            A            B          C*         C             D           E          A*- C

 Art and Design                18           22.2        38.9          33.3         0        5.6            0           0          100

 Biology                       70           22.9        44.3          15.7        10        5.7           1.4          0          98.6

 Business Studies              45           15.6        55.6          24.4        2.2        0            2.2          0          97.8

 Chemistry                     56           28.6        42.9          8.9         8.9       8.9           1.8          0          98.2
 Design and
                               27           18.5        37            29.6        3.7       7.4            0           3.7        96.3
 Drama                         13           15.4        61.5          7.7         15.4       0             0           0          100

 English Language             182           18.7        46.7          29.1        2.7       2.7            0           0          99.9

 English Literature           181           19.9        47.5          21.5        8.3       2.2           0.6          0          99.4
 Food and
                               29           6.9         44.8          24.1        13.8      3.4           6.9          0          93.1
 French                        32           9.4         43.8          18.8        12.5      12.5          3.1          0          96.9

 Geography                     48           2.1         39.6          29.2        18.8      10.4           0           0          100

 German                        18           11.1        33.3          33.3        5.6       5.6           11.1         0          88.9

 History                       80           25          53.8          16.3        3.8       1.3            0           0          100

 Irish                         17            0          17.6          11.8        29.4      23.5          17.6         0          82.4
 Learning for Life
                              181           38.7        51.4          7.7         1.7       0.6            0           0          100
 and Work
 Mathematics                  181           40.9        35.9          20.4        2.2       0.6            0           0          100
                               84           26.2        50            16.7        1.2        6             0           0          100
 Music                         25           20          40            20           4         16            0           0          100

 Physics                       69           30.4        44.9          18.8        2.9       1.4           1.4          0          98.6

 Religious Studies            177           22.6        40.7          20.9        7.9       4.5           2.8          0.6        96.6

 Spanish                      100           11          41            13          17         13            4           1           95

 Subject                                                                           Percentage
                                                                                                                                  A*A* -
                                           A*A*    A*A         AA           AB     BB      BC*     C*C*          C*C         CC
 Science:                                                                                                                          CC
 Double Award
                               86          3.5     26.7        25.6          14    14      2.3     11.6          2.3         0     100

 Subject                    Entries
                                            9       8           7            6      5       4         3          2           1     9-4
 Physical Education
                               47          23.4    25.5        21.3        21.3    4.3     4.3        0          0           0     100
 Computer Science
                               36          2.8     16.7        19.4        44.4    8.3     8.3        0          0           0     100

Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock                               16
Year 14 A-level Results Summary 2018/19

                              Number of students in               % achieving 3+ grades       % achieving 2+ grades
                               final year of course                       A–C                         A–E

            A-level                       178                              91.6                       99.4

Number of students with a Statement of Special Educational Needs: 1

34.3% of Year 14 students achieved A or A* grades in 3 or more A-level subjects in the 2019 summer

Year 14 A-level Results by Subject 2018/19

Subject                         Entries
                                                A*       A           B        C         D       E       U        A* to C
Art and Design                      7       14.3        42.9        42.9      0         0       0       0         100
Biology                             56      12.5        39.3        33.9    10.7        3.6     0       0         96.4
Business Studies                    61          8.2      41         34.4    14.8        1.6     0       0         98.4
Chemistry                           39      23.1         41         20.5    10.3        5.1     0       0         94.9
Design and Technology               15      13.3         20         33.3    26.7        6.7     0       0         93.3
Digital Technology                  14      14.3        14.3        35.7    28.6        7.1     0       0         92.9
Drama                               4           25       25         25       25         0       0       0         100
Economics                           11          9.1     18.2        54.5    18.2        0       0       0         100
English Literature                  25          32       32         32        4         0       0       0         100
French                              8       12.5        37.5        50        0         0       0       0         100
Geography                           28          7.1      25         28.6     25     14.3        0       0         85.7
Government and Politics             41      26.8         39         26.8     7.3        0       0       0         100
History                             26      30.8        38.5        19.2     7.7        3.8     0       0         96.2
Irish                               2           0        0          50       50         0       0       0         100
Mathematics                         52      17.3        63.5        15.4     3.8        0       0       0         100
Music                               3           0       33.3        33.3    33.3        0       0       0         100
Nutrition and Food Science          13      15.4        38.5        30.8    15.4        0       0       0         100
Physical Education                  19      21.1        26.3        52.6      0         0       0       0         100
Physics                             15      33.3         20         33.3     6.7        6.7     0       0         93.3
Religious Studies                   38      21.1        42.1        23.7    10.5        2.6     0       0         97.4
Sociology                           34      41.2        29.4        23.5     5.9        0       0       0         100
Software Systems Development        7       14.3        42.9        28.6    14.3        0       0       0         100
Spanish                             15          6.7      60         33.3      0         0       0       0         100

Year 14 Destinations 2018/19

         Higher               Further                 Employment /                                       Gap
        Education            Education                  Training                                         Year

          160                   5                             2                     2                        9

                                                          17                                        INFORMATION BOOKLET
The College Day for Students

                                            Tutor Group Registration 9.20 am – 9.30 am

                                                        Period 1   9.30 – 10.05

                                                        Period 2   10.05 -10.35

                                                        Period 3   10.35 – 11.05

                                                          Break    11.05 – 11.20

                                                        Period 4   11.20 -11.50

                                                        Period 5   11.50 - 12.20

                                                        Period 6   12.20 -12.50

                                           Period 7 Junior Lunch   12.50 – 1.25

                                           Period 8 Senior Lunch   1.25 – 2.00

                                                        Period 9   2.00 – 2.30

                                                       Period 10   2.30 – 3.00

                                                       Period 11   3.00 – 3.34

3.45 pm – 5.00 pm: Extra-curricular activities and sports

Contributory Primary Schools 2019
 Ballyvester PS                                                    St Comgall’s PS, Bangor
 Downey House PS                                                   St Finian’s PS, Newtownards
 Dundonald PS                                                      St Ita’s PS
 Fullerton House Prep                                              St Joseph’s PS, Ballyhackamore
 Gilnahirk PS                                                      St Joseph’s PS, Carryduff
 Glencraig IPS, Holywood                                           St Malachy’s PS, Bangor
 Holy Rosary PS                                                    St Malachy’s PS, Belfast
 Kilmaine PS, Bangor                                               St Mary’s PS, Comber
 Kircubbin IPS                                                     St Mary’s PS, Kircubbin
 Loughview IPS                                                     St Mary’s PS, Portaferry
 Millennium PS, Saintfield                                         St Mary’s PS, Saintfield
 Scoil An Droichead                                                St Michael’s PS, Belfast
 St Bernard’s PS                                                   St Patrick’s PS, Ballygalget
 St Bride’s PS                                                     St Patrick’s PS, Holywood
 St Caolan’s PS, Darraghcross                                      St Therese of Lisieux PS
 St Clare’s PS, Belfast                                            Stranmillis PS

 Administration of Medication in School                            Honours Tie Policy
 Anti-Bullying Policy                                              Intimate Care Policy
 Attendance Policy for Students                                    Pastoral Care Policy
 Charity Policy                                                    Positive Behaviour Policy
 Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy                              Relationships and Sexuality Education Policy
 Drugs Policy                                                      Special Educational Needs Policy
 Educational Visits Policy                                         Study Leave Policy
 eSafety Policy

Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock                       18
College Uniform
BOYS                                                          GIRLS
1. Black College fleece.                                      1. Black College fleece.
2. Black blazer with College crest.                           2. Black blazer with College crest.
3. Black school trousers.                                     3. A regulation drop waist, mid-grey, stitch down, all
                                                                 round pleat (65/35) with adjustable waist (1880 brand).
4. V-necked grey jumper with College colours at neck.            Worn on the knee.

5. Plain white school shirt.
6. College tie.                                               4. Black V-necked jumper with College colours at neck.
7. College scarf (optional) or plain black scarf.             5. Plain white shirt/blouse.
8. Black or dark grey socks.                                  6. College tie.
9. Plain black leather shoes (no coloured laces).             7. College scarf (optional) or plain black scarf.
                                                              8. Grey knee-length socks or black tights.
                                                               9. Plain black low-heeled shoes (no coloured laces or
                                                                  large buckles, heels 1½ inches maximum).

N.B. Trainers are NOT acceptable.                             N.B. Trainers are NOT acceptable.
PE Uniform (O’Neill’s brand)                                  PE Uniform (O’Neill’s brand)
1. College shorts.                                            1. College skort.
2. College boys’ PE top.                                      2. College girls’ PE top.
3. College tracksuit.                                         3. College tracksuit.
4. College socks.                                             4. College socks (for outdoor games).
5. Trainers (laced, non-marking soles).                       5. White ankle socks.
                                                              6. Trainers (laced, non-marking soles).

The recognised suppliers for the uniform (both boys and girls) are:

             ■    Gowdys, 121-131 Woodstock Road, Belfast, BT6 8AB. Tel. 028 9045 9052
             ■    Roberts School Wear (Mr Roberts), 24 Central Avenue, Bangor, BT20 3AF. Tel. 028 9127 0516
             ■    Truly Fare, 397 Ormeau Road, Belfast, BT7 3GR. Tel. 028 9069 1347
             ■    Warnocks, 791-793 Lisburn Road, Belfast, BT9 7GX. Tel. 028 9038 1828
             ■    PE uniform : https://www.oneills.com/shop-by-team/education/schools/olspck.html or by visiting
                  O’Neill’s shop at 45, Kennedy Centre, Fall Road, Belfast, BT11 9AE TEL: 028 9062 9879

Uniform Rules
1.   All students must wear a blazer coming to and going from the College. Fleeces may not be worn in class. In inclem-
     ent weather a plain black or navy woollen hat may be worn.
2.   No make-up or nail varnish is permitted. Inappropriate hairstyles, including braids, are not permitted. Boys’ hair
     must not be longer than collar length nor shorter than a No. 2 cut all over. Boys must be clean shaven. Any stu-
     dent who requires further direction about what is an appropriate hairstyle or appearance must consult his/her
     Head of School before any changes are made.
3.   Boys and girls may wear a plain ring. Girls may wear a plain stud in either ear lobe. No other jewellery may be
     worn. Studs may not be worn during PE classes. Therefore, girls wishing to have their ears pierced should do so
     at the beginning of the summer holidays.
4.   Black denim-type jeans are not acceptable.
5.   If boys wish to wear a trouser belt, it must be plain black.
6.   All Upper School students must wear the Sixth Form crest on their blazers.
7.   Any item of clothing or jewellery worn against College Uniform Regulations is liable to be confiscated.
8.   A letter from a parent must be provided if a student, for any reason, e.g. broken limb, cannot wear full College
                        Parents are asked to ensure that students wear the full College uniform

                                                           19                                           INFORMATION BOOKLET
Dining Hall Menus
                   Monday                  Tuesday                Wednesday             Thursday               Friday

  Week One         Vegetable Soup and      Vegetable Soup and     Vegetable Soup and    Vegetable Soup and     Vegetable Soup and
                   Roll                    Roll                   Roll                  Roll                   Roll

 Main Course       Sausages, Creamed       Spaghetti Bolognese    Chicken Curry and     Chicken Breast         Fish, Chips and Peas
                   Potatoes, Beans or      and Garlic Bread       Steamed Rice          with Pepper Sauce,
                   Carrots                                                              Creamed Potatoes,
                                                                                        Carrot and Parsnip
 Main Course       Sweet and Sour          Roast Beef,            Arrabiata Pasta and   Beef Noodles           Sausage, Chips and
 Option Two        Chicken and             Creamed Potatoes,      Garlic Bread                                 Beans
                   Steamed Rice            Cauliflower and
                                           Broccoli                                                            Curry Chip

 Hot Snack         BBQ Chicken Wrap        Chicken Kebab          Ham and Cheese        Sweet Chilli Chicken   Pizza
                   Hot Dog                 Pizza                  Panini                and Cheese Wrap        Chicken Kebab

 Vegetarian        Veggie Sausage,         Pizza                  Arrabiata Pasta and   Vegetable Noodles      Pizza
 Option            Potato and Beans.                              Garlic Bread                                 Curry Chip
                   Sweet and Sour                                 Cheese and Tomato
                   Vegetables and Rice                            Panini

  Daily Specials available every day: Soup and Sandwich, Filled Rolls, Baked Potato with cheese/beans/coleslaw, Salad Pots with
                                      chicken/cheese/ham, Pasta King with a choice of sauces

                   Monday                  Tuesday                Wednesday             Thursday               Friday

  Week Two         Vegetable Soup and      Vegetable Soup and     Vegetable Soup and    Vegetable Soup and     Vegetable Soup and
                   Roll                    Roll                   Roll                  Roll                   Roll

 Main Course       Roast Chicken,          Chicken Pot Pie        Chicken Curry and     Cottage Pie and        Fish, Chips and Peas
                   Potatoes and                                   Steamed Rice          Peas

 Main Course       Sweet and Sour          Beef Chilli and Rice   Baked Chicken and     Chicken Carbonara      Sausage, Chips and
 Option Two        Chicken and                                    Vegetable Enchilada   and Garlic Bread       Beans
                   Steamed Rice
                                                                                                               Curry Chip

 Hot Snack         Chicken Kebab           BBQ Chicken Panini     Hot Dog               Chicken Kebab          Pizza
                   Pizza                   Chicken Kebab                                                       Chicken Kebab

 Vegetarian        Pizza                   Cheese and Tomato      Baked Vegetable       Quiche and Salad       Pizza
 Option                                    Panini                 Enchilada             Vegetable Burger       Curry Chip
                                                                                        and Salad

  Daily Specials available every day: Soup and Sandwich, Filled Rolls, Baked Potato with cheese/beans/coleslaw, Salad Pots with
                                      chicken/cheese/ham, Pasta King with a choice of sauces

Our Lady and St Patrick’s College, Knock                          20
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