Facet Publishing - NEW TITLES AND KEY BACKLIST AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - The publisher of choice for the information professions - Cambridge University ...

Facet Publishing - NEW TITLES AND KEY BACKLIST AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - The publisher of choice for the information professions - Cambridge University ...
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                Facet Publishing
                 The publisher of choice for the information professions

                 AUTUMN/WINTER 2020
Facet Publishing - NEW TITLES AND KEY BACKLIST AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - The publisher of choice for the information professions - Cambridge University ...
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   We are delighted to present the 2020 Autumn/Winter Facet Publishing catalogue, bringing you our new
   and bestselling titles for the library, information science, knowledge management and data communities.
   The 2019 programme showcases Facet’s commitment to supporting our sectors, presenting some of the
   latest and most cutting edge tools, techniques and research from some of the world’s leading
   practitioners, scholars and teachers.

   Highlights for 2019 include The KM Cookbook by Collison, Corney and Eng (p.18), serving up a menu of
   strategies and success stories for anyone seeking to know more about ISO30401; Trusting Records in the
   Cloud, edited by Luciana Duranti and Corinne Rogers (p.28) explores issues of trust and trustworthiness
   of records and online data while The No-nonsense Guide to Research Support and Scholarly Communication by
   Claire Sewell (p.1) provides an introduction to the world of research support in the academic library,
   delivered in the series’ traditional straightforward and practical manner. You can browse our complete
   collection at facetpublishing.co.uk.

   We welcome new book proposals for textbooks, professional books and monographs in LIS, knowledge
   management, data science, archives, cultural heritage and digital humanities. If you are interested in
   writing or editing a new book, or would like to find out more about publishing, do get in touch, we
   would be delighted to hear from you.

   Academic & research libraries.......................................................................1             Literacies & learning ....................................................................................20

   Analytics, metrics & demonstrating value......................................................4                   Marketing & communications ......................................................................24

   Building design .............................................................................................6    Records management & archiving ..............................................................25

   Career development ......................................................................................6        Research methods & reference...................................................................28

   Cataloguing, classification & organising information .....................................7                       School libraries ............................................................................................30

   Collection management & development ......................................................11                      Search & retrieval ........................................................................................31

   Copyright & information governance ...........................................................12                  Special collections, museums, galleries & heritage.....................................32

   Digitisation & preservation ..........................................................................14          Technology ..................................................................................................33

   Information science .....................................................................................15       User engagement & service design.............................................................34

   Knowledge & information management.......................................................18                       Index ...........................................................................................................35

   Leadership & management .........................................................................19               How to order ................................................................................................37

   Facet Publishing is the commercial publishing and bookselling arm of CILIP, the library and information association. CILIP is dedicated to uniting, supporting
   and advocating for information professionals and librarians – the people who help the world make better decisions.

   Membership is open to everyone working in libraries, information or knowledge management, data science and analytics or a related professional role.

   Every purchase of a Facet book helps to fund CILIP's advocacy, awareness and accreditation programmes for information professionals.

                                                                         Facet Publishing                                    Sales and Marketing                                                              Editorial
                                                                      7 Ridgmount Street                                            Sinéad Murphy                                                           Pete Baker
                                                                                 London                         sinead.murphy@facetpublishing.co.uk                                    pete.baker@facetpublishing.co.uk
                                                                             WC1E 7AE
Facet Publishing - NEW TITLES AND KEY BACKLIST AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - The publisher of choice for the information professions - Cambridge University ...
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                                                                                                                          ACADEMIC & RESEARCH LIBRARIES

       FORTHCOMING                                                                               FORTHCOMING

       The No-nonsense Guide to                                                                  Practical Data Science for
       Research Support and                                                                      Information Professionals
       Scholarly Communication                                                                   DAVID STUART, Independent Information
       CLAIRE SEWELL, Research Support Skills                                                    Professional, Stuart Information Research
       Coordinator, Cambridge University Library
                                                                                                 The growing importance of data science, and the
       Outlining the reasons why library staff need to                                           increasing role of information professionals in the
       develop a knowledge of research support and                                               management and use of data, are brought together
       guiding them through the key information on each topic, The No-                           in Practical Data Science for Information Professionals to provide a
       nonsense Guide to Research Support and Scholarly Communication                            practical introduction specifically designed for information
       provides an ideal primer for those who seek to work in this area or                       professionals.
       those who have acquired these responsibilities as part of a wider role.                   Data science has a wide range of applications within the information
       The practical nature of the book means readers can dip into it or read                    profession, from working alongside researchers in the discovery of
       it from cover to cover as needed. It includes practical checklists of                     new knowledge, to the application of business analytics for the
       knowledge and skills, international case studies by practitioners from                    smoother running of a library or library services. Practical Data
       around the globe, end of chapter references, how-to sections,                             Science for Information Professionals provides an accessible
       activities and links to freely available online training materials.                       introduction to data science, using detailed examples and analysis on
       The book covers:                                                                          real data sets to explore the basics of the subject.
       • scholarly communication, open research and the research lifecycle                       Content covered includes:
       • research data management                                                                • the growing importance of data science
       • open access                                                                             • the role of the information professional in data science
       • disseminating research                                                                  • some of the most important tools and methods that information
       • metrics and measuring impact including the Journal Impact Factor,                         professionals may use
         H-Index and Altmetrics                                                                  • an analysis of the future of data science and the role of the
       • career paths in research support                                                          information professional.
       • why and how library staff at all levels can get involved in the process
                                                                                                 Readership: This book will be of interest to all types of libraries around the world,
         of doing research and sharing their outputs.
                                                                                                 from large academic libraries to small research libraries. By focusing on the
       Readership: The book will be essential reading for academic librarians who have           application of open source software, the book aims to reduce barriers for readers to
       had research support duties added to their role and are unsure of how best to use their   use the lessons learned within.
       existing skills or develop new ones suitable for a role in research support. The book
                                                                                                 April 2020 | 208pp
       will also be of interest to public librarians who may be dealing with supporting their
                                                                                                 Paperback | 9781783303441 | £50.00
       own research communities and those who are considering taking on a career in this
                                                                                                 Hardback | 9781783303458 | £100.00
       growing area but are unsure where to turn for guidance including students studying        eBook | 9781783303465
       for postgraduate library qualifications and those who have undertaken qualifications
       in publishing.
       January 2020 | 208pp                                                                      FORTHCOMING

                                                                                                 A-Z Common Reference
       Paperback | 9781783303939 | £59.95

                                                                                                 Questions for Academic
       Hardback | 9781783303946 | £119.95
       eBook | 9781783303953

                                                                                                 HEATHER DAWSON, Academic Support
       Exploring Research Data                                                                   Librarian, LSE Library
       Management                                                                                This book is a survival guide for frontline library
       ANDREW COX, Senior Lecturer, University of                                                staff to help them find appropriate information
       Sheffield and EDDY VERBAAN, Head of Library                                               quickly, whether they are answering questions at a physical help desk
       Research Support, Sheffield Hallam University                                             or remotely by telephone, email or instant messaging service.
                                                                                                 A broad cross-disciplinary A-Z of themes are covered helping library
       ‘...they have produced a complete course of
                                                                                                 staff to address any query confidently and quickly. The book covers:
       instruction in research data management,
       and one that is especially and unreservedly recommended                                   •   blogging and social media
       for librarian in-service training curriculums, as well as                                 •   text and data mining and data visualization
       college and university Library Science collections in                                     •   assistive technology resources
       general, and Data Management supplemental studies                                         •   early career researchers
       reading lists in particular.’                                                             •   impact measurement including bibliometrics; citation analysis and
       - MBR Bookwatch                                                                               journal rankings
       Readership: It will be useful reading for all students studying librarianship and
                                                                                                 •   academic internet searching
       information management, and librarians who are interested in learning more about          •   LGBT studies
       RDM and developing Research Data Services in their own institution.                       •   Middle East studies
       2018 | 224pp
                                                                                                 •   project management
       Paperback | 9781783302789 | £64.95                                                        •   open access publishing
       Hardback | 9781783302796 | £129.95                                                        •   research data management
       eBook | 9781783302802                                                                     •   study skills
                                                                                                 •   systematic reviews.
                                                                                                 Readership: This will be an indispensable day-to-day guide for anyone working with
                                                                                                 students, academics and researchers in an academic library.
                                                                                                 October 2020 | 240pp
                                                                                                 Paperback | 9781783304110 | £59.95
                                                                                                 Hardback | 9781783304127 | £119.95
                                                                                                 eBook | 9781783304134

                                                 ORDER TODAY +44 (0) 1235 827702 facet@bookpoint.co.uk                                                                                   1
Facet Publishing - NEW TITLES AND KEY BACKLIST AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - The publisher of choice for the information professions - Cambridge University ...
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           BESTSELLER                                                        BESTSELLER

       The Data Librarian’s Handbook                                       Practical Tips for Facilitating
       ROBIN RICE, Data Librarian and Head,                                Research
       Research Data Support, University of Edinburgh                      MOIRA J BENT, Chariman of the Board of
       and JOHN SOUTHALL, Bodleian Data Librarian,                         Directors, InformAll
       University of Oxford

       ‘The Data Librarian’s Handbook covers a
                                                                           Series: Practical Tips for Library and Information

       large amount of interesting terrain in

       thoughtful and accessible ways. It is both                          ‘Benefitting from Bent’s exhaustive research
       essential for any information professional interested in data       and robust content, this volume will be very useful for
       and their management, and is also indicative of the                 academic librarians, particularly subject and faculty
       increasing – and increasingly varied – role that data and           liaisons and instruction librarians.’
       data management play in libraries and more broadly across           - Library Journal
       academia.’                                                          2016 | 288pp
       - LSE Review of Books                                               Paperback | 9781783300174 | £54.95
                                                                           Hardback | 9781783301096 | £109.95
       2017 | 192pp                                                        eBook | 9781783301218
       Paperback | 9781783300471 | £59.95
       Hardback | 9781783300983 | £119.95
       eBook | 9781783301836

                                                                           Dynamic Research Support for
                                                                           Academic Libraries

       The Facet Data Librarianship
       Collection                                                          Edited by STARR HOFFMAN, Director of
                                                                           Planning and Assessment, University of Nevada-
       This Collection contains the following books:                       Las Vegas Libraries

       •   The Data Librarian’s Handbook                                   ‘... showcases how we can add long-term
       •   Metadata, 2nd edition                                           value for our users by focusing on going
       •   Managing Research Data                                          ‘deeper’ and delivering comprehensive specialist services
       •   Digital Curation, 2nd edition.                                  which tap into a very real need. ’
       2017 | 1072pp                                                       - Libfocus
       4 vol set | 9781783302680 | £225                                    2016 | 176pp
       Includes 10% off combined book price                                Paperback | 9781783300495 | £54.95
                                                                           Hardback | 9781783301089 | £109.95
                                                                           eBook | 9781783301225

       The Facet Academic Library
                                                                            MULTI VOLUME SET

                                                                           The Facet Research Support Collection
       This Collection contains the following books:                       This Collection contains the following books:
       • Practical Tips for Facilitating Research                          • Practical Tips for Facilitating Research
       • Dynamic Research Support for Academic                             • Dynamic Research Support for Academic Libraries
         Libraries                                                         • Altmetrics.
       • Altmetrics
                                                                           2016 | 688pp
       • Fundamentals for the Academic Liaison
                                                                           3 vol set | 9781783301744 | £145
       • Mastering Digital Librarianship                                   Includes 10% off combined book price
       • Developing Digital Scholarship
       • Envisioning Future Academic Library Services
       • Delivering Research Data Management Services
       • Managing Research Data.
                                                                           Directory of Rare Book and
                                                                           Special Collections in the UK
       2016 | 2018pp

                                                                           and Republic of Ireland
       9 vol set | 9781783301683 | £495
       Includes 10% off combined book price

                                                                           Edited by KAREN ATTAR, Rare Books Librarian,
                                                                           Senate House Library
       The Facet Scholarly
       Communication Collection
                                                                           ‘ ... lists 873 libraries, summarising their
                                                                           holdings of pre-1900 imprints with references to key
                                                                           sources of further information. Historical researchers of all
       This Collection contains the following books:                       kinds can quarry this to find out where large and small
       • The Future of Scholarly Communication                             libraries are located and how relevant they may be; where
       • Sustainability of Scholarly Information                           collections with particular strengths in folklore, or
       • Delivering Research Data Management                               Napoleon, or playbills, or anything else, can be found; and
         Services                                                          what is, and is not, discoverable online.’
       • Managing Research Data                                            - Library & Information History
       • Digital Information.                                              2016 | 752pp
                                                                           Hardback | 9781783300167 | £185
       2015 | 1152pp
                                                                           eBook | 9781783301485
       5 vol set | 9781783300891 | £310
       Includes 10% off combined book price

   2                                          ORDER TODAY +44 (0) 1235 827702 facet@bookpoint.co.uk
Facet Publishing - NEW TITLES AND KEY BACKLIST AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - The publisher of choice for the information professions - Cambridge University ...
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                                                                                                 ACADEMIC & RESEARCH LIBRARIES

       Developing Digital Scholarship                                    Reflecting on the Future of
       Emerging practices in academic libraries                          Academic and Public Libraries
       Edited by ALISON MACKENZIE, Dean of                               Edited by PETER HERNON, Professor,
       Learning Services and LINDSEY MARTIN,                             Simmons College and JOSEPH R MATTHEWS,
       Assistant Head of Learning Services, both at                      Consultant, JRM Consulting
       Edge Hill University
                                                                         2013 | 248pp
                                                                         Paperback | 9781856049481 | £64.95
       ‘...offers a lifeline to librarians struggling to
       develop a coherent response to the challenges posed by the
       profound changes in scholarship found in modern
       academia. Anyone seeking to understand why, how and
       where libraries enable and enrich modern digital                  Mastering Digital Librarianship
       scholarship will find it useful.’
       - An Leabharlann                                                  Strategy, networking and discovery in
       2016 | 192pp
                                                                         academic libraries
       Paperback | 9781783301102 | £54.95                                Edited by ALISON MACKENZIE, Dean of
                                                                         Learning Services and LINDSEY MARTIN,
       Hardback | 9781783301782 | £109.95
       eBook | 9781783301799
                                                                         Assistant Head of Learning Services, both at
                                                                         Edge Hill University

       Fundamentals for the
                                                                         2013 | 208pp
                                                                         Paperback | 9781856049436 | £64.95

       Academic Liaison
                                                                         Hardback | 9781783303090 | £129.95
                                                                         eBook | 9781856046824

       RICHARD MONIZ, Director of Library Services,
       Johnson & Wales University, JO HENRY,
                                                                         The Future of Scholarly Communication
       Librarian, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library and
       JOE ESHLEMAN, Librarian, Johnson & Wales
       University                                                        Edited by DEBORAH SHORLEY, Director of Libary Services,
                                                                         Imperial College London and MICHAEL JUBB, Director, Jubb
       ‘This title would be an excellent starting point for any new
       librarian, and I can definitely envision it being used as a
       library school textbook. In addition, this title could be a       2013 | 224pp
       valuable read for seasoned librarians who want to                 Paperback | 9781856048170 | £64.95
                                                                         Hardback | 29781783303175 | £129.95
       transform their current library liaison program.’
                                                                         eBook | 29781856049610
       - Technical Services Quarterly
       2014 | 210pp
       Paperback | 9781783300051 | £59.95                                    BESTSELLER

                                                                         Envisioning Future Academic Library
       Delivering Research Data                                          Initiatives, ideas and challenges
       Management Services                                               Edited by SUE MCKNIGHT, Director, Sue McKnight Consulting
       Fundamentals of good practice                                     2010 | 272pp

                                                                         Paperback | 9781856046916 | £64.95
                                                                         eBook | 9781856048750
       Associate Director, Digital Curation Centre and
       ANGUS WHYTE, Senior Institutional Support
                                                                             MULTI VOLUME SET

                                                                         The Facet Digital Scholarship
       2013 | 224pp

       Paperback | 9781856049337 | £69.95
       Hardback | 9781783303076 | £139.95
       eBook | 9781783300242

                                                                         This Collection contains the following books:
                                                                         •   Developing Digital Scholarship
       Managing Research Data                                            •   Altmetrics
                                                                         •   Is Digital Different?
       Edited by GRAHAM PRYOR                                            •   Digital Humanities in Practice
       ‘...this collection belongs at every library considering or       •   Dynamic Research Support for Academic
       already implementing tools and services to help researchers           Libraries.
       manage their data better and comply with the bewildering          2017 | 1042pp
       array of data-related policies emerging from all quarters.’       5 vol set | 9781783303267 | £260
                                                                         Includes 10% off combined book price
       - Collaborative Librarianship
       2012 | 224pp
       Paperback | 9781856047562 | £69.95
       eBook | 9781856048910

                                            ORDER TODAY +44 (0) 1235 827702 facet@bookpoint.co.uk                                    3
Facet Publishing - NEW TITLES AND KEY BACKLIST AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - The publisher of choice for the information professions - Cambridge University ...
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         NEW                                                                                 FORTHCOMING

       Putting Library Assessment                                                            Delivering Impact with Digital
       Data to Work                                                                          Resources
       Edited by SELENA KILLICK, Senior Library                                              Planning your strategy in the attention
       Manager (Quality & Insight), The Open                                                 economy
       University and FRANKIE WILSON, Head of
                                                                                             SIMON TANNER, Professor of Digital Cultural
       Assessment, Bodleian Libraries
                                                                                             Heritage and Pro Vice Dean (Research Impact &
       This new book provides a practical guide for library                                  Innovation), King’s College London
       administrators, managers and practitioners on how to make effective
                                                                                             Our digital presence has the power to change lives and life
       use of existing sources of information for assessment activities with
                                                                                             opportunities. We must understand digital values to consider how
       the aim of improving academic library services.
                                                                                             organizational presence within digital cultures can create change.
       Putting Library Assessment Data to Work brings together key library                   Impact assessment is the tool to foster understanding of how strategic
       assessment methodologies detailing how they can be used to improve                    decisions about digital resources may be fostering change within our
       an academic library. The book takes common sources of data that                       communities. Delivering Impact with Digital Resources focuses on
       academic libraries will already be collecting, and presents simple                    introducing both a mechanism and a way to thinking about strategies
       qualitative and quantitative techniques that can be used to evaluate                  and evidence of benefits that extend to impact. Such that, the
       and assess their services, both in detail and overall. The different                  existence of a digital resource shows measurable outcomes that
       assessment methods are presented from a practical perspective with a                  demonstrate a change in the life or life opportunities of the
       theoretical grounding, and include practical case studies to illustrate               community. The book proposes an updated Balanced Value Impact
       how the methodologies have successfully been applied.                                 Model (BVIM) to enable each memory organization to convincingly
       The book includes coverage of:                                                        argue they are an efficient and effective operation, working in
                                                                                             innovative modes with digital resources for the positive social and
       • the theoretical framework for assessment, its purpose and the tools                 economic benefit of their communities.
         and techniques used
       • institutional, national and international student surveys and how                   Coverage includes:
         they can be used to improve library service                                         • a guide to using the Balanced Value Impact Model and a wide range
       • the history and development of standardised library surveys (eg                       of data gathering and evidence based methods
         LibQUAL+®), how they have been used and their impact                                • exploration of strategy in the context of digital ecosystems, an
       • the benefits of in house library surveys and case studies of where                    attention economy and cultural economics
         they have been used                                                                 • working with communities and stakeholders to deliver on promises
       • qualitative feedback in the library                                                   implicit in digital resources/activities
       • taking a holistic approach to library assessment through advocacy                   • major case studies about Europeana, the Wellcome Trust and the
         and strategic planning.                                                               National Gallery of Denmark, amongst others
       Readership: This book will be essential reading for library and information service   • an exploration of the difference between the attitudes expressed by
       managers, administrators, assessment practitioners, educators, policy shapers,          groups within digital cultures versus the actual behaviours they
       students and researchers.                                                               exhibit using impact exemplars from many sectors and geographies
       July 2019 | 256pp                                                                       to show how they are explored and applied.
       Paperback | 9781783302208 | £64.95
                                                                                             Readership: This book will be especially useful for those managing digital presences
       Hardback | 9781783302215 | £129.95
                                                                                             in libraries, archives, galleries and museums including MA and PhD students studying
       eBook | 9781783302222
                                                                                             subjects such as librarianship, information science, museums studies, archival studies,
                                                                                             publishing, cultural studies and media studies.
        BESTSELLER                                                                           January 2020 | 240pp

                                                                                             Paperback | 9781856049320 | £69.95
                                                                                             Hardback | 9781783302512 | £139.95

       A practical guide for librarians,
                                                                                             eBook | 9781783302529

       researchers and academics

                                                                                             Being Evidence Based in
       Edited by ANDY TATTERSALL, Information
       Specialist, University of Sheffield
                                                                                             Library and Information
       ‘...one of very few textbooks revisiting the
       theory behind the growth of altmetrics,
       providing a comprehensive snapshot of what they look like
                                                                                             Edited by DENISE KOUFOGIANNAKIS,
       today and demonstrating their value if applied in a
                                                                                             Associate University Librarian, University of
       meaningful manner...a worthwhile read’
                                                                                             Alberta and ALISON BRETTLE, Professor in
       - LSE Review of Books
                                                                                             Health Information and Evidence Based Practice,
       2016 | 224pp                                                                          University of Salford
       Paperback | 9781783300105 | £54.95
       Hardback | 9781783301003 | £109.95
                                                                                             ‘Koufogiannakis and Brettle have written and edited one of
       eBook | 9781783301515
                                                                                             the most essential books on librarianship in the last several
                                                                                             years. They present a clear and strong case for why
       MULTI VOLUME SET                                                                      librarians of all settings need to integrate EBP into their

       The Facet Library Metrics Collection
                                                                                             workflow...The reader can gather some great ideas on
                                                                                             starting to use EBLIP in their own practice. This book is
                                                                                             highly recommended reading for all experience levels and
       This Collection contains the following books:
                                                                                             types of librarianship.’
       • Library Analytics and Metrics                                                       - Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries
       • Altmetrics                                                                          2016 | 224pp
       • Web Metrics for Library and Information Professionals.                              Paperback | 9781783300716 | £59.95
       2017 | 640pp                                                                          Hardback | 9781783301195 | £119.95
       3 vol set | 9781783302734 | £155                                                      eBook | 9781783301454
       Includes 10% off combined book price

   4                                            ORDER TODAY +44 (0) 1235 827702 facet@bookpoint.co.uk
Facet Publishing - NEW TITLES AND KEY BACKLIST AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - The publisher of choice for the information professions - Cambridge University ...
Facet Catalogue 2019 Sept_Layout 1 06/11/2019 14:34 Page 5

                                                                            ANALYTICS, METRICS & DEMONSTRATING VALUE

         BESTSELLER                                                         FORTHCOMING

       Library Analytics and Metrics                                       Doing Library Impact
       Using data to drive decisions and                                   Evaluation
       services                                                            Enhancing value and performance in
       Edited by BEN SHOWERS, Digital Assurance                            libraries
       and Standards, UK Department of Health                              DAVID STREATFIELD, Principal of Information
       ‘... a great, varied and in-depth look at the
                                                                           Management Associates and SHARON
       current usage of analytics and metrics in the
                                                                           MARKLESS, Senior Lecture in Higher Education,
       library sector and there are some valuable case studies
                                                                           King's Learning Institute
       captured that will hopefully help inform those undertaking          This book is an accessible guide to the latest thinking on effective library
       their own data-driven projects or facing pressure to provide        impact evaluation for anyone who wants to gauge the impact of their
       impact or usage evidence to their organisations.’                   services or projects on their service users for library advocacy and
       – MmIT Journal                                                      service development.
       2015 | 224pp
       Paperback | 9781856049658 | £59.95                                  Doing Library Evaluation complements the authors’ earlier book
       Hardback | 9781783302925 | £119.95                                  Evaluating the Impact of Your Library by showing how the impact
       eBook | 9781783300778                                               evaluation model presented there has been applied to meet a variety of
                                                                           real evaluation challenges. The authors show how they have applied
                                                                           advances in thinking drawn from education and international

       Library Improvement through
                                                                           development evaluation. They also show how progress in programme
                                                                           theory-based evaluation is helping to shape the world of library impact
       Data Analytics                                                      evaluation.
                                                                           The book offers a wide range of case study settings, covering UK public,
                                                                           health, school and academic libraries and the evaluation programme of
       both Professors, California State University, Long
                                                                           a national research funding body, as well as international library
                                                                           development programmes funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates
       ‘...a practical guide with clear and detailed                       Foundation and by the International Federation of Library Associations
       steps for applying Six Sigma, an effective                          and Institutions (IFLA).
       model for targeted library improvement analysis. Applying           The approaches to library evaluation explored in the case studies
       this technique to library processes and programs can                encompass:
       improve performance and productivity, reduce expenses
       and increase satisfaction of users and staff. The compelling        •   self-evaluation by library managers
       case studies will support library administrators in                 •   action research conducted by academic library teams
       deploying these important tools to make the case                    •   a large-scale market survey of perceptions of public libraries
       successfully for their libraries.’                                  •   limited and more developed programme evaluations
       - Susan Hildreth, UW iSchool                                        •   application of programme theory-driven approaches to evaluation at
                                                                               national and international levels.
       2016 | 192pp
       Paperback | 9781783301614 | £59.95                                  Readership: The book will be essential reading for library managers and directors,
                                                                           particularly those working at national, public, academic, health and school libraries. It
                                                                           will also be of interest to library and information professionals who want to gauge the
       MULTI VOLUME SET                                                    impact of their services or projects on their service users for library advocacy and

       The Facet Performance Measurement and
                                                                           service development.

       Metrics Collection
                                                                           June 2020 | 240pp
                                                                           Paperback | 9781783304141 | £59.95
                                                                           Hardback | 9781783304158 | £119.95
                                                                           eBook | 9781783304165
       This Collection contains the following books:
       • Library Analytics and Metrics
                                                                               3RD EDITION
       • Being Evidence Based in Library and Information
         Practice                                                          Assessing Service Quality
       • Assessing Service Quality
       • Evaluating the Impact of Your Library, 2nd edition                Satisfying the expectations of library
       • Web Metrics for Library and Information Professionals             customers
       • Altmetrics                                                        PETER HERNON, Professor Emeritus, Simmons
       • Research, Evaluation and Audit.                                   College, ELLEN ALTMAN and ROBERT
       7 vol set | 9781783301737 | £380                                    DUGAN, Dean of Libraries, University of West
       Includes 10% off combined book price

                                                                           ‘Throughout, figures provide straightforward model
         2ND EDITION
                                                                           assessment forms and practical examples for the concepts
       Evaluating the Impact of Your                                       being discussed…As the chair of my library’s assessment

                                                                           committee, which incorporates assessment into all aspects
                                                                           of our operations, I believe that libraries of all types can
       DAVID STREATFIELD, Principal, Information                           benefit from the various assessment concepts and strategies
       Management Associates and SHARON                                    presented and discussed. Librarians charged with doing
       MARKLESS, Senior Lecturer in Higher                                 assessment for their organizations will find the book
       Education, King’s College London                                    valuable in both theory and practice.’
                                                                           - Technical Services Quarterly
       2012 | 288pp
       Paperback | 9781856048125 | £64.95                                  2015 | 232pp
       eBook | 9781856048941                                               Paperback | 9781783300594 | £59.95

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Facet Publishing - NEW TITLES AND KEY BACKLIST AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - The publisher of choice for the information professions - Cambridge University ...
Facet Catalogue 2019 Sept_Layout 1 06/11/2019 14:34 Page 6


         BESTSELLER                                                                             3RD EDITION

       Better Library and Learning                                                            Building Your Portfolio
       Space                                                                                  The CILIP guide
       Projects, trends, ideas                                                                Edited by KATH OWEN and MARGARET
       Edited by LES WATSON, Freelance Educational                                            WATSON
       Adviser, leswatson.net                                                                 Reflecting on achievements and presenting evidence
       'It should be noted that this book is not a                                            of enhanced knowledge and skills underpin many
       how-to guide for planning and developing                                               professional and educational qualifications.
       library and learning space. Rather it is intended to                                   Building a portfolio is key to recording and demonstrating this
       encourage re-thinking library and learning spaces,                                     professional development, and gaining official recognition in the form
       especially around softer values such as creativity that are                            of CILIP Professional Registration.
       much harder to assess. There is frequent reference to                                  Set out in a user-friendly format, and covering each element of a
       creating the “wow” factor in these spaces: this is evidenced                           portfolio, Building Your Portfolio: The CILIP guide is packed with
       in the case studies, but also balanced by considerations of                            examples, useful hints and tips, personal contributions from
       how library users use the space and how architecture and                               successful applicants, web links, and further reading to help you
       design can enhance or detract from the use of the space,                               develop a top-notch portfolio. The role of the VLE, new submission
       particularly in terms of conversational spaces. Though                                 routes including e-submission and the new route to Revalidation are
       useful for anyone about to embark on the design or redesign                            all clearly explained.
       of a library space, it is also useful for librarians to help them                      Readership: The book will be vital reading for all library and information
       examine whether their own library space is indeed a                                    practitioners working towards any of the three levels of CILIP Professional
       learning space.'                                                                       Registration (Certification, Chartership, Fellowship), candidates for Revalidation and
       - Australian Academic and Research Libraries                                           those beginning their first job in the sector. It will also be useful for mentors,
                                                                                              employers of library and information staff, students of library and information
       2013 | 304pp
                                                                                              science, and others interested in effectively recording their continuing professional
       Paperback | 9781856047630 | £64.95
       Hardback | 9781783303113 | £129.95
       eBook | 9781856049726                                                                  2015 | 160pp
                                                                                              Paperback | 9781783300204 | £54.95
                                                                                              eBook | 9781783300723

       The Makerspace Librarian’s
       Sourcebook                                                                             The New Professional’s Toolkit
       Edited by ELLYSSA KROSKI, Director of                                                  BETHAN RUDDOCK, Content Development and
       Information Technology, New York Law Institute                                         Project Manager, Digital Resources, Jisc
       ‘...interesting, informative and fun.’                                                 ‘Would I recommend this text? Yes, because
       - LSE Review of Books                                                                  of its stimulating approach, common sense
       Containing cutting-edge guidance from a range of                                       and good examples. The sources listed will
       international experts, this collection is packed with practical tips and               certainly provide a good platform for further
       case studies for the field’s most tech-savvy innovators.                               enquiry and the ideas for development will
                                                                                              greatly assist a newly-fledged professional. I would also
       This book:                                                                             recommend it to more seasoned practitioners as a means of
       • Shows readers how to start their own makerspace from the ground                      reviving interest or for getting back into the profession after
         up, covering strategic planning, funding sources, starter equipment                  some time away...Bethan Ruddock is to be congratulated on
         lists, space design, and safety guidelines                                           a fine piece of work that should continue to have influence
       • discusses the transformative teaching and learning opportunities                     for a long period.’
         that makerspaces offer, with tips on how to empower and encourage                    - Journal of Librarianship and Information Science
         a diverse maker culture within the library                                           2012 | 192pp
       • delves into 11 of the essential technologies and tools most commonly                 Paperback | 9781856047685 | £54.95
         found in makerspaces, ranging from 3D printers, Raspberry Pi,                        eBook | 9781856048927

         Arduino, and wearable electronics to CNC, Lego, drones, and
         circuitry kits

       • includes an assortment of practical, ready to implement, project
       Readership: This hands-on sourcebook will be useful reading for librarians using       An introduction
       technology in teaching and learning in their libraries, as well as those considering
       whether to set up a makerspace, or with one already up and running.                    G G CHOWDHURY, Professor in Information Science/Head of
       2017 | 400pp                                                                           Department: Computer and Information Sciences, PAUL F
       Paperback | 9781783302291 | £69.95                                                     BURTON, DAVID MCMENEMY, Lecturer in Information
                                                                                              Science/Deputy Director for Postgraduate Teaching, University of
                                                                                              Strathclyde and ALAN POULTER

       Better by Design
                                                                                              2007 | 320pp
                                                                                              Paperback | 9781856046176 | £59.95

       An introduction to planning and designing a new                                        eBook | 9781856049146

       library building
       AYUB KHAN, Head of Face to Face Services, Warwickshire
       County Council
       2008 | 224pp
       Hardback | 9781856046503 | £69.95
       eBook | 9781856049023

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                                                                                  CATALOGUING, CLASSIFICATION & ORGANISING INFORMATION

         FORTHCOMING 2ND EDITION                                                                 BESTSELLER 2ND EDITION

       Maxwell's Handbook for RDA                                                            Metadata for Information
       Explaining and illustrating RDA:                                                      Management and Retrieval
       Resource Description and Access using                                                 Understanding metadata and its use
                                                                                             DAVID HAYNES, Research Fellow, City,
       ROBERT L MAXWELL, Senior Librarian, Harold                                            University of London
       B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University
                                                                                             ‘Exceptionally well organized and presented,
       Designed to interpret and explain RDA: Resource                                       Metadata for Information Management and
       Description and Access, this handbook illustrates and applies the new                 Retrieval is a comprehensive and highly recommended
       cataloguing rules in the MARC21 environment for every type of                         instructional textbook and reference.’
       information format.                                                                   - Midwest Book Review
       In this newly updated 2nd edition, cataloguing expert Robert Maxwell                  Metadata for Information Management and Retrieval has been fully
       brings his trademark practical commentary to bear on the new,                         revised to bring it up to date with new technologies and standards. It
       unified cataloguing standard. From books to electronic materials to                   builds on the concept of metadata through an exploration of its
       music and beyond, Maxwell:                                                            purposes and uses as well as considering the main aspects of metadata
       • Explains the conceptual grounding of RDA, including FRBR and                        management.
         FRAD                                                                                Coverage includes:
       • Addresses the nuances of how cataloguing will, and won’t, change in
                                                                                             • defining, describing and expressing metadata
         the MARC21 environment
                                                                                             • data modelling
       • Shows cataloguers how to create and work with authority records of
                                                                                             • metadata and information retrieval
         persons, families, corporate bodies, geographic entities, works and
                                                                                             • big data, linked data and social media
                                                                                             • research data collections and open data repositories
       • Explores recording relationships, working with records of
                                                                                             • metadata in information governance: compliance, risk and
         manifestations and items, and more
                                                                                               information security
       • Provides numerous sample records to illustrate RDA principles.
                                                                                             • managing intellectual property rights
       Readership: A guided tour of the RDA standard from a respected authority, this        • the politics of metadata: ethics, power and money.
       essential handbook will help cataloguers, LIS students, and cataloguing instructors
       navigate RDA smoothly and find the information they need efficiently.                 Readership: This book is essential reading for library and information students at
                                                                                             undergraduate and postgraduate level and will also be useful reading for LIS
       October 2020 | 608pp
                                                                                             professionals looking for an accessible introduction to metadata.
       Paperback | 9781783304288 | £94.95
                                                                                             2018 | 288pp
                                                                                             Paperback | 9781856048248 | £59.95
         FORTHCOMING 2ND EDITION                                                             Hardback | 9781783301157 | £119.95

       RDA: Strategies for
                                                                                             eBook | 9781783302161

       Implementation                                                                        FORTHCOMING

       MAGDA EL-SHERBINI, Head of Cataloging
       Department, The Ohio State University Libraries
                                                                                             Facet Analysis
                                                                                             VANDA BROUGHTON, Professor Emeritus,
       El-Sherbini’s guide, which won the 2014 ALCTS                                         University College London
       Outstanding Publication Award, has been
       completely updated to reflect the maturing                                            This book provides a general overview of facet
       landscape of RDA.                                                                     analysis as a formal methodology for building
                                                                                             knowledge organization and search tools and as a
       Starting with a comparison of the conceptual background and
                                                                                             general knowledge organization theory.
       structure of RDA to AACR2, the author then moves beyond theory to
       show real-world examples of implementation, illustrated with many                     Coverage includes:
       clear examples of the new MARC21 fields in use.                                       • a full statement of the principles and theory of faceted systems as
       A valuable roadmap for RDA novices as well as a ready reference for                     developed by Ranganathan and the UK Classification Research
       practitioners, this book:                                                               Group, and that theory as it is understood today
                                                                                             • discussion of the origin and development of analytico-synthetic
       • traces the history of RDA and the transition from AACR
                                                                                               classification and indexing tools, and of the use of facet analytical
       • presents detailed strategies on implementing RDA, from general
                                                                                               theory to underpin design and construction
         training tips to decision making, integrating new RDA records with
                                                                                             • discussion of different applications of facet analysis, not only in
         legacy records, exporting RDA-based bibliographic records, vendor
                                                                                               conventional information managements contexts (classification
         services, and much more, covering every aspect of daily practice
                                                                                               schemes and thesauri), but also in e-environments, both academic
       • addresses FRBR-driven tasks, FRBR-Group relationships, and
                                                                                               and commercial, and on the Web
         principles of FRAD, including how FRAD impacts the RDA
                                                                                             • a survey of the work of a number of current writers and researchers
                                                                                               in the facet analytical tradition, including those who work in the
       • offers brand new chapters on Work and Expression, Work and
                                                                                               digital environment, for which a distinctive parallel strand of facet
         Expression for Special Materials, Authorized Access Points, and
                                                                                               theory can be observed.
         Relationships Among Entities
       • provides updated guidance on getting the most out of RDA Toolkit.                   Readership: This book will be useful reading for LIS students enrolled on
                                                                                             classification, knowledge organisation and information retrieval modules. It will also
       Readership: Cataloguers, LIS students, archivists and any cataloguing professional    be of immediate use to practitioners concerned with information organization,
       wanting to gain a better understanding of the new cataloguing standard.               management and retrieval, as well as software engineers, and web designers.
       September 2020 | 464pp                                                                January 2021 | 224pp
       Paperback | 9781783302345 | £69.95                                                    Paperback | 9781783300839 | £74.95
                                                                                             Hardback | 9781783301201 | £149.95
                                                                                             eBook | 9781783302550

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         2ND EDITION

       Information Resource                                                   Social Tagging in a Linked
       Description                                                            Data Environment
       Creating and managing metadata                                         A new approach to discovering
                                                                              information online
       PHILIP HIDER, Head of the School of Information
       Studies and Professor of Library and Information                       Edited by LOUISE F SPITERI, Associate
       Management, Charles Sturt University                                   Professor/Academic Director (MIM), Dalhousie
                                                                              University and DIANE RASMUSSEN
       Series: Foundations of the Information Sciences                        PENNINGTON, Lecturer in Information Science
       ‘This second edition of Philip Hider's book addresses one              and MSc/PGDip ILS Course Director, University of Strathclyde,
       essential component: the organising of information                     University of Strathclyde
       resources through their description. Its focus on general              Social tagging, hashtags and geotags are used across a variety of
       principles expressed in different contexts, and its equal              platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, Instagram) in
       treatment of systems, sources and processes, makes it a                different countries and cultures. This new book, representing
       valuable addition to the Foundations of the Information                researchers and practitioners across different information
       Sciences series.’                                                      professions, will explore how social tags can link content across a
        - David Bawden, Professor of Information Science,                     variety of environments.
       City University London
                                                                              Most studies of social tagging have tended to focus on applications like
       Key topics and updates to the first edition include:                   library catalogues, blogs, and social bookmarking sites. This book, in
       • exploration of the systems and tools that are used to organize       setting out a theoretical background and the use of a series of case
         information resources                                                studies, explores the role of hashtags as a form of linked data - without
       • new technology and the recent approaches brought to information      the complex implementation of RDF and other Semantic Web
         resource description                                                 technologies.
       • exploring how information resource description can best serve user   Readership: Social Tagging in a Linked Data Environment will be useful reading
         needs                                                                for practicing library and information professionals who implement electronic access
       • metadata quality: standardization, interoperability and sharing      to collections, including cataloguers, systems developers, information architects and
       • discussion of the prospects of different approaches to information   web developers. It would also be useful for students taking programmes on
                                                                              Library/Information science, Information Management, Computer Science and
         retrieval.                                                           Information Architecture.
       2018 | 288pp
                                                                              2018 | 240pp
       Paperback | 9781783302239 | £59.95
                                                                              Paperback | 9781783303380 | £74.95
       Hardback | 9781783302246 | £119.95
                                                                              Hardback | 9781783303397 | £149.95
       eBook | 9781783302253
                                                                              eBook | 9781783303403


       Linked Data for Libraries,                                             Coding with XML for
       Archives and Museums                                                   Efficiencies in Cataloguing
       How to clean, link and publish your                                    and Metadata
                                                                              Practical applications of XSD, XSLT, and
       SETH VAN HOOLAND, Associate Professor at                               XQuery
       Université libre de Bruxelles and RUBEN
       VERBORGH, Professor of Semantic Web                                    TIMOTHY W COLE, Professor of Library and
       Technology, Ghent University                                           Information Science, University of Illinois at
                                                                              Urbana-Champaign, MYUNG-JA (MJ) K HAN, Metadata
       ‘Van Hooland and Verborgh have taken the time and effort               Librarian/Associate Professor of Library Administration, University
       to provide a comprehensive primer on linked data concepts              of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and CHRISTINE SCHWARTZ,
       that can easily be used as either a linked data textbook for           Metadata Librarian and XML Database Administrator, Princeton
       library and information science educators or a linked data             Theological Seminary
       handbook for library, archive, and museum technical
       services...Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and                     ‘This is a helpful tutorial-style book which is definitely
       Museums is definitely a book that LIS educators and library            useful for metadata/cataloguing librarians who are likely
       technical services and information technology professionals            facing new types of implementations for their records but
       should put on their short list for this year’s professional            don’t know enough XML to move forward with their
       reading purchases.’                                                    projects. The book fills a knowledge gap in the field that
       - Technicalities                                                       definitely needed to be covered.’
                                                                              - Diane M. Rasmussen Pennington, Lecturer in Information Science,
       2014 | 282pp                                                           University of Strathclyde
       Paperback | 9781856049641 | £59.95
       Hardback | 9781783303014 | £119.95                                     Even experienced cataloguers and copy cataloguers who know their
                                                                              way around the tags and strings of a MARC record need guidance
                                                                              when creating metadata for sharing bibliographic records or digital
                                                                              collections on the web. Likewise, coders or new librarians coming
                                                                              from iSchool or software backgrounds need examples of how to use
                                                                              XLML or XSLT scripting with library records. That’s where this new
                                                                              handbook from the Association for Library Collections & Technical
                                                                              Services (ALCTS) comes in. Librarians working in their code editors
                                                                              will want this resource, with its 58 sample coding examples, at their
                                                                              2018 | 176pp
                                                                              Paperback | 9781783303694 | £54.95

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Facet Catalogue 2019 Sept_Layout 1 06/11/2019 14:35 Page 9

                                                             CATALOGUING, CLASSIFICATION & ORGANISING INFORMATION

         2ND EDITION

       Essential Classification                                          Practical Ontologies for
       VANDA BROUGHTON, Professor Emeritus,                              Information Professionals
       University College London                                         DAVID STUART, Independent Information
       ‘...this lucid book of classification knowledge                   Professional, Stuart Information Research
       in pellucid prose and engaging style can                          ‘The generous provision of definitions,
       easily be described as the best one as of                         insights on the development of
       today.’                                                           contemporary tools, and identification of
       - Knowledge Organization                                          theoretical concerns provide a sound introduction ... This
       2015 | 336pp                                                      guide has potential as a textbook for those focusing on
       Paperback | 9781783300310 | £59.95
                                                                         library information systems careers.’
       eBook | 9781783302383
                                                                         - Library Journal
                                                                         2016 | 224pp
                                                                         Paperback | 9781783300624 | £64.95

       Linked Data for Cultural
                                                                         Hardback | 9781783301041 | £129.95
                                                                         eBook | 9781783301522

                                                                             BESTSELLER 2ND EDITION
       Edited by ED JONES, Associate Director for
       Assessment and Technical Services, National                       Metadata
       University in San Diego and MICHELE SEIKEL,
       Professor of Digital Resources and Discovery                      MARCIA LEI ZENG, Professor of Library and
       Services, Oklahoma State University                               Information Science, Kent State University and
                                                                         JIAN QIN, Professor, Syracuse University
       ‘Given that the overview of linked data presented here is
       generally accessible to those at all levels, I think that the     ‘...the current edition of this seminal
       volume achieves its objectives of being a resource for            resource represents a radical and necessary
       students and practitioners wishing to learn more about            shift to a richer, more comprehensive
       practical implementations and the workings of linked data         analysis of metadata and its uses...A core
       models.’                                                          reference work for all professionals and advanced students
       - Archives and Manuscripts                                        interested in the subject of metadata.’
                                                                         - CHOICE
       2016 | 160pp
       Paperback | 9781783301621 | £59.95                                2016 | 400pp
                                                                         Paperback | 9781783300525 | £59.95

       Managing Metadata in Web-
                                                                          MULTI VOLUME SET

       scale Discovery Systems                                           The Facet Information
                                                                         Organization Collection
       Edited by LOUISE F SPITERI, Associate
       Professor/Academic Director (MIM), Dalhousie                      This Collection contains the following books:
       University                                                        • Catalogue 2.0
                                                                         • Essential Classification, 2nd edition
       ‘I recommend Managing Metadata to
                                                                         • Essential Library of Congress Subject
       cataloguers and metadata specialists,
       systems librarians, and other staff who are moving to or are
                                                                         • Linked Data for Libraries, Archives and
       new possessors of web-scale discovery systems. When taken
       together with a deeper exploration of the resources named
                                                                         • Linked Data for Cultural Heritage
       in the bibliographies, I feel this text also may offer food for
                                                                         • Managing Metadata in Web-scale Discovery Systems
       thought to those librarians already well-ensconced in these
                                                                         • Maxwell’s Handbook for RDA
                                                                         • Metadata, 2nd edition
       - Technicalities
                                                                         • Practical Cataloguing
       2016 | 188pp                                                      • Practical Ontologies for Information Professionals
       Paperback | 9781783300693 | £59.95
       Hardback | 9781783301164 | £119.95
                                                                         • RDA Essentials.
       eBook | 9781783301546                                             2017 | 3350pp
                                                                         11 vol set | 9781783302710 | £620
                                                                         Includes 10% off combined book price

       Catalogue 2.0
       The future of the library catalogue
       Edited by SALLY CHAMBERS, Digital
       Humanities Research Coordinator, Ghent Centre
       for Digital Humanities
       2013 | 240pp
       Paperback | 9781856047166 | £64.95
       Hardback | 9781783303144 | £129.95
       eBook | 9781783300259

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        RDA Essentials                                                      Introducing RDA
        THOMAS BRENNDORFER, Librarian, Guelph                               A guide to the basics
        Public Library                                                      CHRIS OLIVER, Coordinator of Cataloguing and Authorities,
        ‘ ... as an easy-to-use reference for                               McGill University Library
        cataloguers already getting to grips with                           2010 | 128pp
        RDA, this is an excellent resource and a                            Paperback | 9781856047326 | £59.95
        worthwhile investment.’
        - Catalogue and Index

                                                                            Practical Cataloguing
        2016 | 384pp
        Paperback | 9781783300563 | £69.95

                                                                            AACR, RDA and MARC21
                                                                            ANNE WELSH, Lecturer, University College London and SUE
        The Facet RDA Collection                                            BATLEY, Senior Lecturer, London Metropolitan University

        This Collection contains the following books:                       2012 | 240pp
                                                                            Paperback | 9781856046954 | £59.95
        • RDA Essentials
        • Maxwell’s Handbook for RDA
        • Practical Cataloguing.                                             BESTSELLER

        2016 | 1104pp                                                       Essential Cataloguing
                                                                            The basics
        3 vol set | £180 | 9781783301768
        Includes 10% off combined book price

                                                                            J H BOWMAN, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University
                                                                            College London

        RDA and Cartographic Resources                                      2002 | 216pp
                                                                            Paperback | 9781856044561 | £59.95
        PAIGE G. ANDREW, Maps Cataloging Librarian, Penn State              eBook | 9781856049771

        University Libraries, SUSAN M MOORE, Cataloging Librarian,
        University of Northern Iowa and MARY LYNETTE LARSGAARD,
        Librarian Emeritus and former Assistant Head of the Map Library,
        University of California                                            Essential Dewey
        ‘Provides solid guidance for map cataloguers of all levels…         J H BOWMAN, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University
        clearly written, detailed and easy to use.’                         College London
        - Journal of The Australian and New Zealand Map Society
                                                                            2004 | 192pp
        2014 | 224pp                                                        Paperback | 9781856045193 | £59.95
        Paperback | 9781856047722 | £59.95                                  eBook | 9781856049795

        RDA and Serials Cataloguing                                         Essential Thesaurus Construction
        ED JONES, Associate Director for Assessment and Technical           VANDA BROUGHTON, Professor Emeritus, University College
        Services, National University in San Diego                          London
        2013 | 236pp                                                        2006 | 304pp
        Paperback | 9781856049504 | £64.95                                  Paperback | 9781856045650 | £59.95
                                                                            eBook | 9781856049849

        RDA: Resource Description
        and Access                                                          Essential Library of Congress Subject
        2015 Revision
        2015 | 1052pp
                                                                            VANDA BROUGHTON, Professor Emeritus, University College
        Paperback | 9781783300747 | £125                                    London
                                                                            2011 | 288pp
                                                                            Paperback | 9781856046183 | £59.95
                                                                            eBook | 9781783300365

                                                                            Metadata for Digital Collections
                                                                            A how-to-do-it manual
                                                                            STEPHEN J MILLER, Senior Lecturer Emeritus, University of
                                                                            2011 | 368pp
                                                                            Paperback | 9781856047715 | £69.95

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Facet Catalogue 2019 Sept_Layout 1 06/11/2019 14:35 Page 11

                                                                                                     COLLECTION MANAGEMENT & DEVELOPMENT

       Fundamentals of Collection                                                              Fundamentals of Electronic
       Development and Management                                                              Resources Management
       PEGGY JOHNSON, Adjunct Professor, St.                                                   ALANA VERMINSKI, Collection Development
       Catherine University                                                                    Librarian, The University of Vermont and KELLY
                                                                                               MARIE BLANCHAT, Electronic Resources
       review of the previous edition:                                                         Support Librarian, Yale University Library
       ‘This fourth edition will...undoubtedly find its
                                                                                               ‘Loaded with helpful information...This text
       way to library training...Even for those who
                                                                                               is recommended as professional enhancement for
       already work in libraries, there is still a lot of valuable
                                                                                               established librarians.’
       information to be found in the individual chapters.’
                                                                                               - VOYA
       - InformatieProfessional
                                                                                               This hands-on guide provides both new and seasoned information
       For this new fourth edition, expert instructor and librarian Peggy
                                                                                               professionals with a practical foundation for electronic resources
       Johnson has revised and fully updated this textbook to provide a timely
                                                                                               management: how it came to be, where it is today and the essential
       and valuable new resource for LIS students and professionals.
                                                                                               tools needed to get the job done.
       Each chapter offers complete introductory coverage of one aspect of
                                                                                               Electronic resources management is a dynamic and ever-changing
       collection development and management, before including numerous
                                                                                               area of librarianship. Fundamentals of Electronic Resources
       suggestions for further reading and study. A range of practical case
                                                                                               Management cuts through the complexity of the role and offers advice
       studies are included to illustrate and explore all of the issues discussed.
                                                                                               on methods, tools and workflows with emphasis on the
       Content covered includes:                                                               interconnection between workflows and systems.
       • traditional management topics including organization of the                           Content covered includes:
         collection, analysis and demonstrating value, staffing, and
                                                                                               • the full range of purchasing options, from unbundling package
                                                                                                 subscriptions to pay per view
       • cooperative collection development and management
                                                                                               • evaluating both new content and current resources
       • licenses, negotiation, contracts, maintaining productive
                                                                                               • common clauses in licensing agreements and what they mean
         relationships with vendors and publishers, and other important
                                                                                               • selecting and managing open access resources
         purchasing and budgeting topics
                                                                                               • understanding methods of e-resources access authentication
       • changes in information delivery and access technologies and how
                                                                                               • using a triage approach to troubleshoot electronic resources access
         they continue to reshape the discipline
       • the evolving needs and expectations of library users,
                                                                                               • the basic principles of usage statistics, and ways to use COUNTER
       • new roles for subject specialists
                                                                                                 reports when evaluating renewals
       • marketing, liaison activities, and outreach.
                                                                                               • tips for activating targets in a knowledge base
       Readership: This book will be useful as a comprehensive introduction and learning       • marketing tools and techniques
       tool for LIS students, a timely update for experienced librarians with new collection
                                                                                               • clear explanations of jargon, important terms, and acronyms.
       development and management responsibilities, and a handy reference resource for
       practitioners as they go about their day-to-day work.                                   Readership: This guide will prove invaluable, both as an introduction for those
                                                                                               preparing to enter the field, as well as a ready reference for current practitioners.
       2018 | 400pp
       Paperback | 9781783302741 | £69.95                                                      2017 | 264pp
                                                                                               Paperback | 9781783302307 | £54.95


       Collection Development in the Digital Age
                                                                                               Customer-based Collection
       Senior Lecturer, University of Brighton
                                                                                               An overview
       ‘I would recommend this book to all those interested in
       collection development...Its coverage is extensive and                                  Edited by KARL BRIDGES, Acting Dean, Eli M.
       reflects a cross-section of the experience of librarians and                            Oboler Library, Idaho State University
       information professionals.’
       - Journal of Librarianship and Information Science                                      ‘This book succeeds at providing an overview
                                                                                               - complete with examples - of how different
       2011 | 256pp
       Paperback | 9781856047463 | £59.95
                                                                                               academic libraries are deploying and managing DDA
       eBook | 9781856048972                                                                   Programs … worthwhile for any academic librarian involved
                                                                                               in or interested in the topic of demand-driven acquisitions.’
                                                                                               - Technical Services Quarterly
                                                                                               2014 | 208pp

                       Inspection copies available
                                                                                               Paperback | 9781856049313 | £59.95

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