Inspired by creativity - INTERNATIONAL STUDY GUIDE / 2021 - Budapest ...

Inspired by creativity - INTERNATIONAL STUDY GUIDE / 2021 - Budapest ...
Inspired by creativity

Inspired by creativity - INTERNATIONAL STUDY GUIDE / 2021 - Budapest ...

    Affordable EU                                                            ABOUT US                                OUR PROGRAMS                             GOOD TO KNOW

    degree in a
                                                                              2   Join the METU team! - The Rector   30   Bachelor’s Programs                 86   Preparatory Programs
                                                                                  Welcomes You                       32   Business Administration and         88   How to apply to METU
                                                                              4   Why METU?                               Management                          90   Application details
                                                                              6   About myBRAND                      34   Commerce and Marketing              92   Application deadlines
                                                                              8   Build Your Career with myBRAND     36   Finance and Accounting

    high-class city?
                                                                             10   Why Budapest?                           Tourism and Catering
                                                                             12   Everyday Living in Hungary         40   Communication and Media
                                                                             14   The Hungarian Higher Education     42   International Relations
                                                                                  System                             44   Animation
                                                                             15   Scholarships                       46   Film and media studies
                                                                             16   Erasmus+ Scholarship Program       48   Graphic Design
                                                                             18   Partner Universities               50   Motion Picture- Cameraman
                                                                             20   Student Life at METU                    Specialization
                                                                             22   Our Campuses                       52   Media Design
                                                                             24   Our Dormitories                    54   Environmental Design
                                                                             26   Foreign Language Classes           56   Photography
                                                                             28   Internship Opportunities           58   Visual Representation
                                                                                                                     60   Master’s Programs

                            At METU, it’s possible
                                                                                                                     62   Marketing
                                                                                                                     64   Tourism Management
                                                                                                                     66   Management and Leadership
                                                                                                                     68   Communication and Media Studies
                                                                                                                     70   Master of Business Administration
                                                                                                                     72   Animation
                                                                                                                     74   Art and Design Management
                                                                                                                     76   Cinematography
                                                                                                                     78   Fashion and Textile Design
                                                                                                                     80   Graphic Design
    Publisher: Ágnes Tóth CEO, Budapest Metropolitan University
    Editor: Alexandra Novák                                                                                          82   Photography
    Photos: Maaz Bhaiji, Luca Gőbölyös, Panna Bagoly, Fanni Benkő Molnár,                                            84   Media Design
    Bertalan Geberle, Bálint Hirling, Luca Utassy, Erzsébet Jámbor, Sergey
    Markosov, Mohammadhossein Movahed, Petra Rösch, Dávid Schaffer, Máté
    Szekeres, István Urbán
    Graphic Design: Patrícia Tóth
    DTP Designer: Patrícia Tóth
    Printing: FesztNet Kft.
    Manuscript closed: 2021.03.05.

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Inspired by creativity - INTERNATIONAL STUDY GUIDE / 2021 - Budapest ...
Dear Prospective Students,
       Join the METU team!
    the rector welcomes you
                                                              I welcome you on behalf of the community of Budapest
                                                              Metropolitan University (METU). You are about to make a
                                                              very important decision in your life. Your higher education
                                                              institution will greatly influence your further career, social
                                                              and professional relationships. We know this, that is
                                                              why we created an education method, where studying is
                                                              enjoyable and you can leave the university well-prepared
                                                              for the job market. Let me explain you why education at
                                                              METU is so unique.

                                                             Modern, successful universities have already discovered
                              that in the fast-changing job market the most important thing is to prepare students for
                              any challenges with a portfolio-based education method. In Hungary we were the first
                              ones to introduce our unique myBrand method, which helps our students be successful
                              on the job market.

                              What are the advantages of the myBRAND education method?
                              Studying is fun: instead of frontal education, you will participate in a lot of teamwork
                              and projects, you will learn the most up-to-day digital and presentation skills in a
                              modern environment.
                              Practice in real life: you will learn the theoretical knowledge and will be able to apply
                              that straight in real-life examples.
                              You can start your career as a fresh graduate with experience: you will have
                              a portfolio prepared by the end of your studies, introducing all your projects and
                              professional skills. This portfolio will be an invaluable help on your first job interviews.

                              Why is METU a great choice?
                              You can gain relevant professional experience at one of our 2500 corporate partners.
                              Modern, international environment with a lot of free language courses.
                              International exchange programs with scholarships at one of our 200+ partner

                              Build your own personal brand from the first day of university!
                              Build international personal and professional relationships! METU has students from over
                              110 countries, thus you will be in a perfect environment for this.

                              I truly hope that you will be part of our international community soon and find your
                              own path at METU.

                              Dr. Bálint Bachmann DLA
                              Rector of Budapest Metropolitan University

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Inspired by creativity - INTERNATIONAL STUDY GUIDE / 2021 - Budapest ...
    We prepare you for the                                                                           We provide a modern
    challenges of the job market with                    We provide foreign                          environment.
    our myBRAND training.                                 experience and                             • Our campuses are equipped with
    •   Our Career Centre provides coaching,             once-in-a-lifetime                            more then 800 PCs and Macs,
                                                                                                       language labs, art and design
        training and job seeking services.
    •   We give students practical knowledge               opportunities.                              workshops and smart boards.
        through real life assignments and                                                            • Our buildings are easy to approach,
        projects.                                                                                      they are close to several public
                                                    •   With a constantly growing number of            transport stops.
    •   Promident academics, top business
        professionals, and artists are recruited        partner institutions worldwide, you          • METU forever: after your studies you
        to our lecturing team.                          have several opportunities to study or         can always continue at METU with an
    •   By your graduation you’ll be able to join       work abroad.                                   alumni discount.
        the job market with an awesome CV.          •   We support your international
                                                        adventures with scholarships of the
                                                        Erasmus+ and the Campus Mundi                    Easily accessible,
                                                        programs.                                          user-friendly
              degrees are                           Hungary is affordable, safe and                      online application
                                                    •   Great location in the heart of Europe,
            recognized and                              within easy reach from other major
                                                        European cities, free movement
                                                                                                     • Our application site is easy to use, it
              accredited.                               within the EU.
                                                                                                       will guide you through the whole
                                                                                                       application process.
                                                    •   Among the safest European countries
                                                                                                     • We provide assistance for our
    •   We follow the standards of the                  regarding crime rates in OECD
                                                                                                       students regarding accommodation
        Bologna process and the ECTS credit             countries.
                                                                                                       and insurance, we also have a visa
        system.                                     •   A number of Nobel-prize winners
                                                                                                       package for those applicants who
    •   You can start your studies with a               and scientific inventors got their
                                                                                                       require a visa.
        preparatory program, or start directly          education here.
                                                                                                     • Our staff is committed to doing
        with a bachelor or master degree, all
                                                                                                       their best to assist you in solving all
        in English.                                 Budapest is an energetic capital                   the problems you might encounter
    •   We also place a great emphasis on           city with lots of international                    before your arrival.
        language courses, which are free of         students.
        charge for you.                             •   A scene for a lively cultural life with
                                                        more than 30 theatres, over 200
    We care about our students.                         museums and around 1000 art
    •   Metropolitan has a vibrant student              galleries. The city is home to several
        life with parties, events and trips             UNESCO world heritage sites.
        throughout the year.                        •   Living expenses are much more
    •   Assistance for students: swift and              affordable in Hungary and Budapest
        smooth electronic study services,               than in Western European countries,
        electronically accessible course                but it still offers the possibilities of a
        materials, textbooks and lecture                Western European way of life.
        notes.                                      •   Budapest even won the European
                                                        Best Destination 2019 title.

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Inspired by creativity - INTERNATIONAL STUDY GUIDE / 2021 - Budapest ...
Unique training system at METU
    this is
     • Have you heard that by the time you’ll have finished your studies such professions will exist that have never even
       been thought of yet? METU prepares for this ever-changing, constantly renewing word.
     • And has it ever crossed your mind that from the very first day of university you are building yourself and your own
       future? It is so as the university years are all about laying the foundations for your own personal brand.

    Successful, modern universities have already realised that they can prepare their own students for the unknown future by
    introducing the portfolio-based educational system. In accordance with the international trends, METU has pioneered to
    transform its educational system and introduced the portfolio-based system first in Hungary.

    Experienced beginner?                         Practice going live                           Creator, not a student?                    Building your career as early as at       Mentor, not teacher?                       Learning made exciting?
    At METU, it’s possible.                       At METU, it’s possible.                       At METU, it’s possible.                    the university?                           At METU, it’s possible.                    At METU, it’s possible.
                                                                                                                                           At METU, it’s possible.
    • Your knowledge can immediately                                                            • Instead of frontal teaching the                                                    • At METU you will get feedback not        • Focusing on your individual
      be transformed into hands-on                • Real-life market case studies and             practical lessons and projects are       • We help you find your career goals.       only at the exams, you can feel free       development, you are prepared here
      experience: you have to deal with             tasks from company managers.                  emphasized.                              • By the end of your studies you will       to ask for help and support any time.      for the labour market’s challenges in
      loads of teamwork and projects,             • 400+ relevant internship placements         • Thinking together and lots of              see what makes you unique at the        • Our colleagues are successful              an inspiring, supportive environment.
      along with lectures.                          per semester, field work, real assign-        teamwork awaits you.                       labour market.                            professionals who have real-life         • You’ll experience exciting teaching
    • The focus is on gaining knowledge             ments from our partner companies,           • While completing the practical tasks,    • You can start build up your               experiences.                               methods: situation games, project
      together with your professors and             the opportunity to gain international         you are creating real professional         professional network through your       • Our professors hand over their latest      tasks, debates, presentations, mind
      fellow students as well as finding your       experiences at 140+ partner universi-         materials. These will make your            professors and fellow students.           professional knowledge and hands-          mapping, case studies and similarly
      own way.                                      ties on 5 continents.                         professional portfolio during your       • During the university years you have      on experience and you will learn tips      enjoyable techniques help your
    • You will be able to compile a               • The chance to gain extra knowledge            university years.                          the chance to become an integrated        and tricks that can prove to be useful     studies.
      professional portfolio from your              and experience at professional work-        • During the lessons and training not        part of your profession (e.g. our         later on in the labour market.           • Modern teaching environment and
      practical knowledge and results by            shops, students’ groups, professional         only your professional knowledge           students are involved in company        • Lessons have good atmosphere;              infrastructure, digital materials,
      the time you graduate; this will put          competitions (e.g. METU radio, Media          but your skills are developed as well:     assignments, publish in newspapers,       you can learn in an inspiring and          e-notes, inspiring project classrooms
      you in the limelight when trying              Workshop, Marketing Team, METU                for example you will learn to give         participate in international creative     motivating environment.                    and chill-out social spaces.
      to find a job as you can talk about           LAB...).                                      a presentation with an impact, to          camps and start-up competitions).       • Your relationship with the professors
      reliable experience. This way you will      • In the framework of our StartUp               negotiate effectively, to give argu-     • All the knowledge, experience and         is that of a partnership.                ”Since the first days of my studies,
      have a competitive advantage when             program your business ideas can be            ments and you can also test yourself       skills you have gained by the end                                                   I became sure on 110% that all
      you enter the labour market.                  launched and METU can support you             in situations matching different           of the university you will be able to   ”I like Budapest Metropolitan               my dreams will come true. The
                                                    by up to one million HUF.                     positions at work.                         introduce in a portfolio in the job     University because it’s a cultural         atmosphere is great, and all of the
    ”My favourite project was when we             • Making mistakes does not matter, as         • Your self-knowledge can be further         interviews. This will be your own        hub, there are many different             teachers are very friendly, helpful
     had to exchange a Kinder Surprise              this is what really boosts your real          developed in trainings and in career       brand that can be continuously           people from different cultures. The       and professional. I met a lot of
    toy in order to survive a day in                                                                                                         developed.                               professors are so friendly, you can        people from all over the World.
                                                    learning process.                             consultations.
    Budapest. I’m really proud that                                                                                                                                                   share any kind of problems with           Every day you get a new experience
     due to our creativity we could do                                                                                                     ”My reason to choose METU was             them. The student office is also very      and it’s awesome!”
                                                 ”The Marketing Workshop team                   ”I love that METU has a lot of             that I want to be more professional
     everything planned for that day                                                                                                                                                  helpful, they make you feel home.”        Anastasia, Graphic Design BA graduate
                                                 conducted a survey about the                    international students. For example,       in my chosen field, and I felt like I
    without having any money.”                                                                                                                                                       Maaz, Communication and Media              student
                                                 cultural consumption of generation              if there are 20 students in the class,     needed to head-start my career with
    Márk, Communication and Media                                                                                                                                                    Science BA graduate student
                                                 X and Z in Hungary this spring and             almost everyone is from another            a recognizable degree.”
    Science BA
                                                 this led to almost 40 press releases.”          country. That is amazing because          Timur, Tourism and Catering BSc
                                                 Anna, Commerce and Marketing BA                we can learn not only from teachers
                                                                                                 but also from students who know
                                                                                                their countries business.”
                                                                                                Tsugumi, International Business
                                                                                                Economics BSc

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Inspired by creativity - INTERNATIONAL STUDY GUIDE / 2021 - Budapest ...
Build your career while at METU                                                                                                           myBrand FINAL
     with our MyBrand System!                                                              COMPETITIONS
                                                                                            Test your fresh
                                                                                             knowledge in                          If you took all the opportunities if you
                                                                                             domestic and                       asked questions and if you studied, you can
                                                                                             international                      succeed! Your confidence will be based on
                                                                                                                                         real content, your Portfolio.
                       START                                                                   contests!
          Training and workshop: Who am I?                    Make your dreams
                                                               come true- we                                                                                    myBRAND
         What am I good at? What do I want to
         do in the future? Show your skills and               support the most                         CAREER                                                   WORKSHOP
                                                                                                                                     mySKILLS                  In this workshop,
                   everything you are!                          creative ideas.
                                                                                                     We’ll help you if               TRAINING                 you will be able to
                                                                                                    you are stuck and                Try doing stuff         see your progress of
                                                                                                     don’t know how                differently - what’s          your Portfolio
                                                                                                                                  the worst thing that              building.
                                                         TALENT                                         to go on.
                                                                                                                                       can happen?
         INTERNSHIP                                     WORKSHOPS                                                                     Train yourself!
         Earn actual real
                                            Earn some experience and special skills in
         life experience
                                             our professional workshops and groups.
        through working
         for a company.
                                                                                                                STUDENT JOBS

                                                                                                    In Hungary you are allowed to work up to
                                                                                                      20 hours per week. Earn some pocket
                               BEHIND THE                                                                    money while studying!
                    Where really important things happen:
                                                                                                                                                          I MADE
                   join workshops and presentations made                                         SHADOW
                                                                          Study abroad
                   by alumni, agencies, startups and so on.
                                                                         for a while and
                                                                                                  Peak into the
                                                                         gain even more
                                                                                                operations of a
                                                                                                corporation and
                                                                                                 follow a boss’s
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Inspired by creativity - INTERNATIONAL STUDY GUIDE / 2021 - Budapest ...
Why Budapest?
                                WHY HUNGARY?                                    Numerous Nobel Prizes have been
                                Because Hungary welcomes everyone.              awarded for the achievements of
      Budapest was the winner   Hungarians enjoy having guests in their         preeminent Hungarians or people of
                                country, and that includes you. The mix         Hungarian origin:
       of the EUROPEAN BEST     of young and old, foreigner and local is
         DESTINATION 2019       what moves Hungary forward. Discover            1905. Fülöp Lénárd, Physics
                                for yourself why being part of it is so         1914. Róbert Bárány, Medicine
              CONTEST           extraordinary. Do you enjoy tranquil            1925. Richárd Zsigmondy, Chemistry
                                plains and picturesque mountains?               1937. Albert Szent-Györgyi, Medicine
                                Curative waters and baths? Hungary              1943. György Hevesy, Chemistry
                                has these and more, with a diversely            1961. György Békésy, Medicine
                                beautiful landscape and renowned                1963. Jenő Wigner, Physics (jointly)
     “WORLD’S BEST CULTURAL     centres for wellness. How about a mil-          1971. Dénes Gábor, Physics
        AND ENTERTAINMENT       lennium of cultural heritage or the latest      1976. Daniel C. Gajdusek, Medicine
                                designer art clothes? Here you can check        (jointly)
       VENUE FOR THE YOUNG      out both. Classical and modern can              1976. Milton Friedman, Economic Sciences
      CROWD” by Lonely Planet   be experienced in music, architecture,          1986. Elie Wiesel, Peace
                                cuisine, or entertainment. And that’s           1986. János Polányi, Chemistry (jointly)
                                not all. Thanks to the mixture of genes,        1994. János Harsányi, Economic Sciences
                                knowledge and education, Hungary has            1994. György Oláh, Chemistry
                                brought great academic talents to the           2002. Imre Kertész, Literature
                                world. Hungary – there’s something for          2004. Ferenc Herskó, Chemistry (jointly)
      Budapest was chosen as    everyone. Come and see what there is
     “BEST VALUE FOR MONEY      for you.                                        Hungary also boasts some inventions
                                                                                that are famous and used all over the
      CITY IN THE WORLD” by      WHY BUDAPEST?                                  World:
            Tripadvisor          Fancy a strong black espresso or a white
                                 chocolate coffee with cinnamon, or per-        Károly Simonyi – Microsoft Word and
                                 haps even a crème caramel macchiato?           Excel
                                Something sweet and hot; strong but             János Irinyi – Safety matches
                                 mild at the same time. Something you           Ernő Rubik – Rubik’s cube
                                 want to remember, though it’s quite            László József Bíró – Ballpoint pen
     ”MOST AFFORDABLE CITY       hard to define. This can be said for Buda-     Jedlik Ányos – Dynamo
                                 pest, it leaves everyone with a different      Oszkár Asboth – Helicopter
      TO TRAVEL ABROAD”by        impression. With its diversity, you can        Albert Szent-Györgyi – Discovered       find a place for culture, fun, history, edu-   vitamin C
                                 cation, or relaxation. And as a sparkling
                                “UniverCity,” it’s full of students from all
                                 around the world, with a sizzling night-
                                 life. The city stretches along both sides
                                 of the Danube, representing the many
                                 faces of the Hungarian capital. There’s
      Budapest was the winner    the historic Buda side, with its castle dis-
       of the EUROPEAN BEST      trict, Turkish baths, Roman ruins, medi-
                                 eval alleys, caves and countless green
         DESTINATION 2019        areas spread out among the hills. The
              CONTEST            other side is Pest, with its ever changing
                                 promenades, stores, restaurants, bars
                                 and bubbling cultural life. Come and a
                                 have a sip for yourself. What does Buda-
                                 pest taste like to you?

12                                                                                                                         13
Inspired by creativity - INTERNATIONAL STUDY GUIDE / 2021 - Budapest ...
Everyday living in Hungary
     Student Visa                                 Medicover Health Insurance at                To give you a rough idea about
     • EU and EEA (European Economic Area         Metropolitan                                 monthly living costs, see the
       = EU + Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein)     In cooperation with Medicover                following list of average prices in
       citizens do not need to hold a student     Company we offer special, reasonably         Budapest in EUR. The prices in this
       visa to enter Hungary.                     priced health insurance for our foreign      guide depend on the exchange rate.
     • Non-EEA citizens must have a valid         students. Medicover Health Insurance         Local transport/month: 12 EUR
       student visa to study in Hungary.          provides unlimited access to medical         Bus ticket: 1.2 EUR
     We highly recommend all applicants to        professionals in nearly 30 medical           1 loaf of bread: 0.6-1.5 EUR
     study carefully the current legislation      specialties and health services. This        1 liter of milk: 0.6-1 EUR
     concerning the visa and the residence        insurance package is planned for             1 cup of espresso: 1 EUR
     permit at the Hungarian Embassy or           long-term students with the minimum          1 bottle of beer: 0.6-1.5 EUR
     Consulate in their home country.             payment of six months and it costs           1 bottle of wine: 2-10 EUR
                                                  150 EUR per half year. For non-EEA           Eating out: 6-15 EUR
     Residence Permit                             students, the insurance package is
     Non-EEA citizens need to apply for the       available as part of our visa assistance
     residence permit together with the visa      package, while students from EEA
     application before arrival in Hungary.       member countries can apply for it at the
     For further information about the            International Office upon arrival and           Fun facts about Hungary:
     relevant legislation in Hungary, you         receive the membership card within a
     should visit the residence permit and        couple of days.                                 •   Hungary is one of the oldest
     visa pages on our website at:                         Emergency and Ambulance Services                    countries in Europe It was
     residencepermit-and-visa                     These are free of charge in cases                   founded in A.D. 896, before
                                                  requiring immediate medical attention.              France, Germany or England.
     Health Care                                  All other medical treatments are                •   Budapest has the highest
     Travel insurance policies taken out          regulated by international treaties.                number of thermal springs
     abroad cover the cost of the first, and                                                          in the world. 70 million liters of
     only the first treatment in Hungary and      Cost of Living                                      thermal water rise to the surface
     you need to provide the appropriate          An amount of approximately 150                      of the earth daily. Hungary has
     documents from your home insurance           000 – 210 000 HUF (500-700 EUR) is                  public bathing practices that go
     company. In all other cases, the cost of     needed monthly to cover the costs of                back to Roman times.
     medical treatment must be settled at         living in Budapest. This sum includes           •   Budapest has the oldest
     the rate set by the medical institution.     rent, grocery, food, personal hygiene,              subway-line in mainland
     The institution determines which credit      local transport, telephone bills and other          Europe. The Millenium
     cards are accepted for this purpose.         expenses apart from the tuition fee.                Underground Railway line was
     Therefore, all non-EEA students are          Accommodation is the most significant               constructed in 1896. It is the
     strongly advised to insure themselves in     single expense in your budget, and the              third oldest underground railway
     their home countries before coming to        final amount will vary depending on the             in the world after “Tünel” in
     Hungary or apply for Medicover Health        accommodation of your choice.                       Istanbul, and the London
     Insurance offered by Metropolitan.           Rental fee of a one-bedroom flat                    Underground.
     Students from EEA member countries           (utilities not included):                       •   Budapest is home to one of
     should apply for a European Health           • 250-400 EUR/person/month
                                                                                                      the largest music festivals in
     Insurance Card (EHIC) in their home          Rental fee of a two-bedroom                         the world. Around 400,000
     countries to receive basic health care       apartment:                                          people from all over the world
     as well as check whether their home          • 250 -350 EUR/person/month
     health care insurance is valid in Hungary,   Youth-hostel (utilities included):                  flock to the Sziget Festival every
     if required Medicover membership is          • 210-300 EUR/person/month
     also available for them.

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Inspired by creativity - INTERNATIONAL STUDY GUIDE / 2021 - Budapest ...
Good to know   Hungarian Higher Education and the ECTS                                                                                      SCHOLARSHIPS
                    Credit System
                    The Hungarian Higher Education          their studies in Hungary. In any given    Credit System. The introduction of         Public Life Scholarship                         Scientific and Professional Scholarsip       MNB Scholarship of Excellence
                    System                                  year, nearly 10,000 foreign students      ECTS Credit System means that the          Those students are eligible to this             Scientific and professional scholarships     The scholarship of the Hungarian National
                    The quality of Hungarian                reside in the country participating       quality of education is consistent as      scholarship who are actively participating      may be granted to a student who              Bank, for promoting and supporting the
                    education is famous in Europe           in study programs offered in foreign      the general principles for learning,       in the University’s public life, contributing   has carried out activities beyond the        training of specialists in economics and
                    and there are many foreign              languages. According to a recent          teaching and assessment are                and develop the METU’s community, can           curriculum requirements during the           finances.
                    students who come to the                survey carried out by the Academic        commonly set throughout Europe.            apply for the Public life Scholarship in        previous term.
                    country to study, pick up new           Cooperation Association (ACA), in         Therefore, the bachelor’s, master’s,       every semester.                                                                              National Higher Education Scholarship
                    skills or improve their language        terms of study programs provided          and doctoral degrees granted                                                               Sport Scholarship                            Hungarian National Scholarship offered by
                    proficiency. The educational            in English, Hungary is the sixth most     by Hungarian higher education              METU Study Grant                                Sport scholarship may be granted for         the Rector of the University.
                    system in Hungary is multilevel,        popular destination in Europe.            institutions (HEIs) can easily be          High achieving students may be refunded         a student who besides her/his studies
                    and there are an increasing             Hungary has been taking part in the       recognized in all European Union           the full amount of the tuition fee each         performs outstanding sports activities
                    number of opportunities to study        Bologna Process since 1999, whose         countries as well as vice versa enabling   semester. The grant is automatically            during the last six months of active study
                    at any level.                           most important goal is the creation of    students to easily gain international      calculated by the University in every           period.
                    During the past few decades, it has     the European Higher Education Area,       study experience by taking part in         semester based on the students’ corrected
                    become a most convenient choice         including all European universities       one or two semester-long exchange          credit index and taken into consideration
                    for international students to pursue    which introduce the common ECTS           programs at any European universities.     their weighted grade point.

                    ECTS Credit System                      the total quantity of work required       and are awarded to students who
                    The workload of students in             to complete a full year of academic       successfully complete those modules
                    higher education in Hungary             study at the institution, that are,       by passing examinations or other
                    is expressed in terms of ECTS           lectures, practical work, seminars,       assessments. In ECTS, 60 credits
                    credits. ECTS, the European Credit      private work - in the laboratory,         represent one year of study (in terms
                    Transfer System, is the most            library or at home - and examinations     of workload); normally 30 credits
                    widely known credit transfer and        or other assessment activities.           are given for six months (a semester).
                    accumulation system in Europe.          ECTS credits are also allocated to work   Each ECTS credit represents 28 hours
                    ECTS credits are a value allocated to   placements and to thesis preparation      of work.
                    course units to describe the student    when these activities form part of
                    workload required to complete them.     the regular program of study at both
                    They reflect the quantity of work       the home and host institutions. ECTS
                    each module requires in relation to     credits are allocated to modules

16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        17
Inspired by creativity - INTERNATIONAL STUDY GUIDE / 2021 - Budapest ...
Exchange Programs   ERASMUS+ SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM                                                                                                       All in all, Erasmus is a fantastic
                                                                                                                                                        opportunity. Not only your
                                                                                                                                                        studies or language skills
                     Erasmus+ Scholarships are offered to study at any of              You will make new international friends as well as establish a   develop but you also become
                     our many partner universities                                     professional network across Europe                               much more open and direct;
                     As the recruiters of international companies prefer applicants    You will experience a whole new culture, customs and live a
                     with extensive international experience and good command          very different lifestyle                                         not to mention the fact that
                     of second languages, it is our priority to offer an increasing    You will develop skills such as productivity, adaptability,      you can make friends with
                     number of opportunities for our full-time enrolled students       creativity.                                                      people from all over the
                     to take part in exchange programs and internships abroad
                     within the framework of Erasmus+ and other scholarship            Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility                                    world. I have learnt a lot in the
                     programs. These aim to broaden our students’ horizons             Participants can spend 2-12 months with completing their         past almost two months and
                     by discovering new cultures, to help enrich educational           traineeship at a company or higher education institution
                     environment, and to contribute to building a pool of well-        abroad.
                                                                                                                                                        I feel excited about what the
                     qualified, open minded and internationally experienced                                                                             remaining four months hold
                     young people. Besides enhancing personal and academic             Participating Countries                                          for me.
                     development, an exchange will also improve so-called              Any companies, small-enterprises, research institutes or
                     soft skills, such as problem- solving, curiosity, creativity,     higher education institutions in EU member states and
                     independence, adaptability, boost confidence as well as raise     Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and Turkey.                        Ferenc Szalay
                     employment prospects of our students.
                                                                                       Scholarship Rates
                     Erasmus+ Student Mobility                                         570-620 EUR/month in addition to the salary received at the
                     As a participant of the Erasmus + Student Mobility exchange       traineeship placement.
                     program students can spend 1 or 2 semesters studying at a
                     partner higher education institution abroad.                      How does it improve my professional prospects and
                                                                                       personal development?
                     Participating Countries                                           Staff with international experience are given greater
                     We have 165 Erasmus+ partner institutions throughout the          professional responsibility according to 64% of employers,
                     European Union as well as Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway or        therefore you can expect faster career advancement
                     Turkey (see full partner list at the Study abroad opportunities   Students taking part in Erasmus + Traineeship are half as
                     section). We select our partner universities based on             likely to experience long-term unemployment compared
                     the quality of education as well as the provided services,        with those who have not trained abroad and, five years after
                     therefore all institutions are trusted partners. We constantly    graduation, their unemployment rate is 23% lower
                     extend the circle of our partner institutions as well as are      You will become more independent, more conscious in your
                     open to establish new co-operations in all of the provided        career choices and will be able to connect with like-minded
                     study areas.                                                      young professionals across Europe.

                     Scholarship Rates
                     470-520 EUR fixed scholarship per month.                              We provide a wide range of assistance

                     How does it improve my academic development                          • Choosing the most suitable host university for
                     You can extend your professional knowledge by studying                 studying.
                     program-related subjects during your mobility                        • Creating the most appropriate study and/or train-
                     Completed subjects and credits will be transferred to                  ing plan for students
                     Budapest Metropolitan University upon return and subjects            • Providing necessary information regarding visa
                     studied abroad will be included in the Diploma Supplement              requirements and accommodation possibilities in
                     You will experience different learning practices and teaching          the chosen country
                     methods                                                              • Estimating the amount of scholarship and provid-
                                                                                            ing the funding prior to the departure
                     How is it beneficial for my personal enrichment?                     • Preparing a step-by-step guide and organizing
                     You will become part of an extensive international student             student forums to help students completing their
                     community                                                              applications and Erasmus+ documents
                                                                                          • Providing support and advices in preparation of
                                                                                            departure and in case of personal difficulties

18                                                                                                                                                                                           19
     Algeria                                        Economics                                         Harz University of Applied Sciences
     Université Sétif 2                             Taiyuan Normal University                         Fachhochschule der Wirtschaft (FHDW) NRW
     Austria                                        Croatia                                           BBW Hochschule
     Salzburg University of Applied Sciences        Vern University of Applied Sciences               Berlin International University of Applied
     St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences      University College of Management and              Sciences
     University of Applied Sciences Wiener          Design Aspira                                     Georgia
     Neustadt                                       University of Zadar                               Caucasus University                            Lithuania                                       IPAM - The Marketing School                     Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (UFV) Madrid
     IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems       Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek –    Georgian Institute of Public Affairs           LCC International University                    Escola Superior de Artes e Design               Universidad de la Rioja
     Johannes Kepler University                     UNIOS                                             Greece                                         Kauno Kolegija/University of Applied Sciences   University of the Azores                        Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche/ ESIC
     Belgium                                        Czech Republic                                    University of West Attica                      Luxembourg                                      Republic of Korea                               Business & Marketing School
     Artevelde University College Ghent             Mendel University in Brno                         India                                          University of Luxembourg                        Soonchunhyang University                        Universidad del País Vasco
     PXL University College                         Jan Amos Komensky University                      AP Goyal Shimla University                     Mexico                                          Soongsil University                             Escuela de Arte José Nogué, Jaen
     Karel de Grote University College              Tomas Bata University in Zlín                     St. Mary’s College                             Universidad Autónoma de Baja California         Chonnam National University                     Switzerland
     Thomas More Mechelen - Antwerpen               Newton College                                    Banasthali University                          Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo      Hallym University                               Bern University of Applied Sciences
     HELMo University College                       Charles University in Prague                      Hindustan Institute of Technology and          Universidad Tecmilenio                          Seoul National University of Science and        University of Applied Sciences and Arts
     Vives University College                       Denmark                                           Science                                        Netherlands                                     Technology                                      Western Switzerland
     Brazil                                         Business Academy South West                       Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (DSVV)           Avans University of Applied Sciences            The University of Seoul                         Taiwan
     International Business School - Americas       Estonia                                           Sathyabama University                          Fontys University of Applied Sciences           Romania                                         Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
     Pontífica Universidade Católilca do Paraná     University of Tartu                               Universal Business School                      Hanze University of Applied Sciences            University of Babes-Bolyai                      National Tsing Hua University
     Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas      Finland                                           Indonesia                                      Groningen                                       Sapientia Hungarian University of               Turkey
     Gerais                                         Tampere Aniversity of Applied Sciences            London School of Public Relations Jakarta      Windesheim University of Applied Sciences       Transylvania                                    Cukurova University
     Bulgaria                                       Novia University of Applied Sciences              Ireland                                        University of Applied Sciences Leiden           West University of Timisoara                    Akdeniz University
     International University College               Metropolia University of Applied Sciences         Limerick Institute of Technology               Norway                                          Partium Christian University                    Trakya University
     American University in Bulgaria                France                                            Israel                                         Volda University College                        Russia                                          Beykent University
     Burgas Free University                         ESAM Caen/Cherbourg                              Jerusalem College of Technology                 Peru                                            Krasnoiarsk State Agrarian University           Istanbul Aydin University
     Varna Free University                          Fine Arts School of Nimes                         Holon Institute of Technology                  Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas       Serbia                                          Izmir University of Economics
     University of Forestry                         EFAP                                              Italy                                          UPC                                             University Business Academy in Novi Sad         Selcuk University
     Canada                                         ICART                                             Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti – NABA           Poland                                          Slovakia                                        Mersin University
     Concordia University of Edmonton               Groupe ESC Troyes                                 University of Firenze                          Gdansk University of Technology                 University of Economics in Bratislava           Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University
     Chile                                          Panthéon - Sorbonne University                    University of Padova                           The School of Banking and Management in         Constantine the Philosopher University in       Halic University
     Universidad Finis Terrae                       CCIT Ecole Supérieure de hoteliére                University of Siena                            Cracow                                          Nitra                                           Anadolu University
     China                                          Institut Paul Bocuse Ecole de Management          University of Salento                          Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan            Slovenia                                        Maltepe University
     Shanghai Finance University                    Institut des Stratégies et Techniques de          Accademia della Moda Italian University of     Szczecin University                             Faculty of Design                               Abdullah Gül University
     Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU),   Communication                                     Arts and Design (IUAD)                         Wroclaw University of Economics                 University of Maribor                           Ukraine
     Xi’an                                          Université Grenoble Alpes                         Niccoló Cusano University Distance Learning    The Eugenius Geppert Academy of Art and         University of Nova Gorcia                       Poltava University of Economics and Trade
     Yanshan University                             Paris-Est Créteil Val-de-Marne UPEC              - UNICUSANO                                     Design in Wroclaw                               South Africa                                    United Kingdom
     Xi’an International University                 ISCOM Paris                                       IULM University Milan                          Collegium Civitas                               Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University          Coventry University
     Lijang College of Guanxi Normal University     Universite Catholique de Lille                    QUASAR Design University                       Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality        Spain                                           Leeds Trinity College
     Guilin Institute of Information Technology     Germany                                           Japan                                          Management                                      Universidad de Sevilla                          USA
     Capital University of Economics and Business   University of Applied Sciences Hamburg            Kindai University                              John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin      University of Formatic Barcelona                Ohio State University
     Chongqing Techonology and Business             Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design         ISI Education Group                            Vistula University                              University of Jaén                              Missouri State University
     University                                     Mittweida University of Applied Sciences          Oita University                                University of Social Sciences                   Escuela de Arte y Superior de Diseno La Rioja   Pacific States University
     Guangdong University of Science and            Münster University of Applied Sciences           Toyo University                                 Portugal                                        ESIC Business & Marketing School                Fort Hays State University
     Technology                                     Stuttgart Media University                        Kazakhstan                                     University of Coimbra                           University Rey Juan Carlos                      University of Houston – Victoria
     Guangxi University of Finance and Economics    TH Köln                                           Almaty Technological University                Polytechnic Institute of Leiria                 University of Valencia                          University of South Carolina Upstate
     Shandong Vocational College of Media and       Hochschule Augsburg - University of Applied       Kazakh University of Technology and Business   Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon                 School of Higher Studies of Design Valencia     Vietnam
     Communication                                  Sciences                                          Latvia                                         University of Lisbon                            European University Miguel de Cervantes         FPT University
     Southwestern University of Finance and         Fachhochschule Dortmund                           Liepaja University

20                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   21
                            University years are not only about studying. In               fun as the end. Consequently, we are ready to greet
                            fact, most of your dearest memories will be of the             those joining our university every September and
                            trips, parties, sport events or hobby clubs.                   February with an amazing Welcome Day.
                            METU offers a huge amount of extracurricular                   Various adventure games like escape games are always
                            activities, you just have to choose!                           core elements of these days. Students have to solve
                                                                                           locks, codes and puzzles using their logic, creativity
                                                                                           and imagination together in groups. Lunch and dinner
                            Student clubs: METU has a lot of hobby groups                  are always part of the event. The latter takes place
                            organized by students. We have an international film           neither on the Buda nor on the Pest side of the city as
                            club, music club, dance club, calculus club, etc. And if       we hire a boat only for our students to go on a river
                            you still cannot find your favourite hobby, you can just       cruise on the Danube. Students can meet some of
                            always launch your own club!                                   the professors and faculty members there before the
                                                                                           teaching period starts. We can promise you, there will
                            Sportlife: You can find so many sports at METU! We             be no exams on the premises. Instead, our students
                            offer a lot of teamsports and individual activities as well.   can expect great company, fantastic music and the
                            The list of sport activities we offer as of now:               breathtaking view of Budapest from an exclusive
                            • Yoga
                            • Football
                            • Basketball
                            • Volleyball
                            • Floorball
                            • Karate
                            • Dance
                            • Spinning
                            • Squash
                            • Fitness
                            • E-sport
                            • Swimming

                            Student Union: this team is for you if you are a super
                            social person who is keen on helping out other students
                            and represent their interests. Also, you can help organize
                            cultural events and parties - and in the meanwhile you
                            can even gather valuable experience to your CV.

                            METU on the Move: Since Fall 2017, the International
                            Directorate of METU has organized a whole series of
                            events for students. Great trips, picnics, international
                            dinners and sporting activities are part of the program.
                            When organizing these programs, we make sure
                            to make them student-budget friendly as well, so
                            everybody has the chance to be part of the lovely METU
                            student community and have fun!

                            Welcome Day: They say ‚ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL’.
                            But what about the start? In regards to our incoming
                            students, we think the beginning should be just as much

22                                                                                                                                                   23
Our Campuses   BUDAPEST

                     Nagy Lajos király Street Campus (Main Campus)
                     1148 Budapest, Nagy Lajos király útja 1-9.
                     Programs taught: communication, tourism, and business programs
                     Closest transportation hub: Örs vezér Square
                     Parking: in front of the university
                     Public transport options: bus, trolley, suburban railway (hév), metro,
                     Food & drink: cafeteria, restaurant, drink and snack vending machines
                     Services: central library, on-the-spot reading, photocopy, print and
                     scanning, METU gifts , WiFi
                     Freetime: yard, football table in the cafeteria
                     Rooms: 4 big halls, 30 seminar rooms, 6 computer rooms, free-to-use
                     terminals, Radio METU Studio

                     Rózsa Street Art Campus
                     1077 Budapest, Rózsa u. 4-6.
                     Programs taught: design and graphics
                     Closest transportation hub: Keleti Railway Station
                     Public transport options: bus, trolley, metro, railway, tram
                     Food & drink: cafeteria, drink and snack vending machines
                     Services: art library, WiFi
                     Workshops, studios and specialized classrooms for: ceramics, textile,
                     fashion, carpentry, jewellery, photo studio and lab, manual and digital screen
                     printing, engraving and lithography, 3D printing

                     Rottenbiller Street Art Campus
                     1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller u. 17-19.
                     Programs taught: media and motion picture programs
                     Closest transportation hub: Keleti Railway Station
                     Public transport options: bus, trolley, metro, railway, tram
                     Food & drink: cafeteria, drink and snack vending machines
                     Workshops, studios and specialized classrooms: specialized classrooms,
                     cameraman studio, puppet workshop, editor room, intelligent storage server,
                     television classroom, screening room, computer lab, Leonar3do

24                                                                                                    25
Our Dormitories   Accommodation fee will make up the most significant percentage of your total monthly budget.
                   The amount you need per month will depend on what type of accommodation you secure. An
                   amount of approximately 200-500 EUR/months is needed monthly to cover your accommodation
                   costs. You can get a place in a student hostel for about 210-300 EUR, or a private apartment for
                   400-500 EUR.

                   Budapest Metropolitan University has two contracted dormitories. One of them is right next to our
                   main campus and another one is 10 minutes away from the main campus. Due to its exceptional
                   transport connections, one can reach to our Art campus and city center in 20-25 minutes.

                   Metropolitan Dormitories: Nova Inn dormitory and the CEU Residence Center

                   Nova INN Dormitory:
                   The Nova Inn is a small student hostel just 200 meters from the university’s main building. It consists
                   of 6 apartments, each with 4-7 students. Quiet, homely environment, close to the university. All
                   apartments have a well-equipped kitchen, a comfortable living room area and 2-2 bathrooms and
                   toilets. Broadband Wi-Fi is accessible in all apartments.

                   CEU Residency Center:
                   The CEU Residence Center is a hotel and conference center where up to hundreds of students can
                   find a home during their university studies. Its special feature is that it has its own swimming pool
                   and a gym, which residents can use free of charge. It can be reached by public transport in 12
                   minutes from the main building of the METU

                   It is run as a hotel-type service and students can find many other facilities such as:
                   •   24/7 reception, security service, maintenance service
                   •   Cleaning of the rooms and fresh bedsheets every second week
                   •   Wifi
                   •   Swimming pool, Sauna and Gym
                   •   Billiard, Foosball, Table Tennis
                   •   Iron, vacuum cleaner
                   •   Study room
                   •   Common kitchen and TV lounge on every floor
                   •   Sports field and outdoor tennis court (sport equipment available at the reception)
                   •   Garden with relaxing furniture
                   •   Bicycle storage
                   •   Pub (can be booked for private parties)

26                                                                                                                           27

                 In today’s globalized world, mastering a second
                 language provides a competitive edge for young
                 graduates. Therefore, it is of crucial importance
                                                                           General Language Courses
                                                                           The aim of the general language courses is to offer
                                                                           students the opportunity to start studying a new                 Choose from
                                                                                                                                             12 different
                 for us to train professionals who are able to             language, to reach at least a B2 level in the language
                 perform their job-related tasks in a second               they have already been studying and to be able to
                 language. Studying foreign languages is part              complete professional subjects in foreign languages.
                 of the curriculum in each degree program at               The members of foreign language classes are arranged
                 Metropolitan offering students the opportunity            in groups based on the result of their placement tests.

                                                                                                                                        language courses
                 to choose from among 12 different languages.              Students can choose from plenty of languages, from
                 International students may also take part in              Arabic to Swedish.
                 Hungarian as a second language class in order to
                 foster their integration into local everyday life         Subjects in Foreign Languages
                 and to make the most of their stay in Hungary.            The objective of these classes is to enable students to
                                                                           acquire professional knowledge in a second language
                                                                           and to master the professional foreign language
                 In addition to general language courses and preparatory
                                                                           skills of their future job, thus further improving
                 courses for language examinations, we also offer one-
                                                                           their employment chances both in the national and
                 or two-semester English preparatory courses for those
                                                                           international labour market. Apart from English, we offer
                 who have not yet reached the entry level needed to
                                                                           these courses in German, French, as well as Spanish on
                 start a degree programme. Furthermore, students have
                                                                           an as-needed basis.
                 the opportunity to attend various classes for specific
                 purposes in English such as Business English, Business
                                                                           International Language Examination
                 and Economic Terminology, Academic Writing, English
                                                                           Besides offering language courses, Metropolitan also
                 for Tourism, etc.
                                                                           operates as an off-site language exam center where
                                                                           students can take the TOEIC exam, a respected
                                                                                                                                       LANGUAGE CLASSES ARE AN INTEGRAL PART
                                                                           international business communication exam highly
                                                                           valued around the world.
                                                                                                                                       OF THE CURRICULUM IN EACH DEGREE COURSE

28                                                                                                                                                                               29
Internships are an integral part of      21.   Cushman & Wakefield                    57.   Kelly Services
                     studies at Metropolitan, where           22.   Delegate International Recruitment     58.   Lego Manufacturing
                     students can prepare for the             23.   Deloitte Hungary                       59.   L’Oréal Hungary
                     requirements of the labour market        24.   DIAGEO                                 60.   Louis Hotels

                     in real work situations. Additionally,   25.   Doubletree by Hilton Cambridge         61.   Ludwig Museum
                     during their internship they have        26.   Emirates Palace                        62.   Marriott Brussels Hotel
                     many opportunities to network,           27.   Erstebank                              63.   Marriott International
                     which is indispensable in the labour     28.   Europa Design                          64.   Martin Mulligan Marketing
                     market. Moreover, if they perform        29.   European Student Placement Agency      65.   McCann Erickson
                     well, they may turn their work           30.   Eurosped                               66.   MEININGER Shared Services
                     placement into a full-time job offer.    31.   Eurostars Budapest Center              67.   Mellow Mood Hotels
                     At Metropolitan, gaining practical       32.   ExxonMobil                             68.   Mercure Hatfield Oak Hotel

                     experience is much more than a           33.   FINABEL - European Army                69.   MetLife
                     compulsory internship in the last              Interoperability Centre                70.   Mylan Global Services
                     semester. As an organic part of their    34.   Food and Agriculture Organization of   71.   Nestlé Hungary
                     degree programs, students study in a           the United Nations                     72.   NH Hotel Group
                     practice-oriented spirit from the very   35.   Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace      73.   Nokia Solutions and Networks
                     first day.                               36.   Frenchman’s Creek Country Club,        74.   Open Mind Education Center
                                                                    USA                                    75.   OTP Bank
                     Major partners providing work            37.   General Electric                       76.   Pedersen & Partners
                     placement in recent years:               38.   Genpact                                77.   Placement in Portugal
                     1. Accent Hotel Management               39.   Givaudan                               78.   Placement International
                     2. Accenture                             40.   Global Jobs EU                         79.   PrecisionHR
                     3. ACCOR-PANNONIA HOTELS                 41.   Global Leading Conferences             80.   Process Solutions
                     4. Agoda International                   42.   GOLDEN Hotels & Resorts                81.   Procter&Gamble
                     5. AMC Networks Central Europe           43.   Hadron Finsys                          82.   PwC
                     6. Amnesty International                 44.   HAYS Recruiting                        83.   Raiffeisen Bank
                     7. Avis Budget Group                     45.   HBO Holding                            84.   RBC Investor & Treasury Services
                     8. BDO Hungary                           46.   Hotel Arts Barcelona                   85.   Roche Services Europe
                     9. BMW Group                             47.   Hungarian American Coalition           86.   SAP Hungary
                     10. Bonduelle Central Europe             48.   IBIDEN Hungary                         87.   Spain Internship
                     11. Boscolo New York Palace Hotel        49.   IBM Hungary ISSC                       88.   TATA Consultancy Services
                     12. British Telecom                      50.   Ikos Resorts                           89.   TESCO Global
                     13. Camp Leaders                         51.   International Trainee Netwrok          90.   UNICEF Global Shared Services
                     14. Celanese Hungary                     52.   Internship in France                         Centre
                     15. China Hotel Traineeship              53.   IQ EQ Luxembourg                       91.   UNISYS
                     16. CIB Bank                             54.   Italian Chamber of Commerce for        92.   Vodafone Shared Services Budapest
                     17. Citibank Europe                            Hungary                                93.   Wizz Air Hungary
                     18. Coca Cola HBC                        55.   JOBSGARDEN                             94.   WWF World Wide Fund for Nature
                     19. Continental Group Hospitality        56.   JOBTRUST HR Recruitment &
                     20. CPL Group                                  Consulting

30                                                                                                                                                   31
Global theory,                        BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENT
                                           COMMERCE AND MARKETING
                                           FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING

                                           TOURISM AND CATERING
                                           COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA SCIENCE

                                           INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS

                                           FILM AND MEDIA STUDIES
                                           GRAPHIC DESIGN
                                           MOTION PICTURE- CAMERAMAN SPECIALIZATION
                                           MEDIA DESIGN
                                           ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN

     At METU, it’s possible
                                           VISUAL REPRESENTATION

32                                                                                    33
Business Administration and Management                                                                                                       After 19 years living in my
                                                                                                                                                  home country, studying
     BSc Program                                                                                                                                  abroad in METU has
                                                                                                                                                  totally changed my life
                                                                                                                                                  and broaden my horizons,
                                                                                                                                                  the university and the classes
     Success has many components. If                Main topics:                                                                                  are amazing and adding the
     you want to succeed in business, you           Micro- and Macroeconomics; Principles          ”I chose this study program at METU            great student life in Budapest
     should be ready to think big, capable          of Marketing; Business Economics; Intro-       because I love learning how to manage
     of comprehending far-reaching pro-             duction to E-business; Corporate Finance;      a business and how to make it successful
                                                                                                                                                  makes ones experience totally
     cesses and have analytical, organiza-          Accounting; Management and Organi-             in every aspect. How to handle problems        worth it to live.
     tional and managerial skills in order          zation; Human Resources Management;
     to deliver business results.                   Logistics; Decision Theory and Methodol-       in the market and most importantly keep
                                                    ogy (ERP Systems); Project Management;         a business stable.”
     This is inconceivable without cut-             Strategic Planning; Controlling; Business      Hania from Egypt                               Juan Carlos Altamirano
     ting-edge knowledge and effective              Informatics                                                                                   Mexico
     management and communication                                                                  “I spent ten years lecturing at a university
     training. Our courses prepare our stu-         Why is this program unique?                    business major and then I went on to
     dents to meet any business challenge           • We demonstrate the business best prac-       become the Central-European CEO of
     imaginable. In addition to receiving             tices through the analysis of industry       a multinational company based in Hun-
     a thorough grounding in economics,               related case studies.                        gary. I was the head of the BA program
     students will also learn how to make           • Our students have the opportunity to         in Business Administration and Manage-
     powerful presentations, handle busi-             practice their skills in a simulated busi-   ment for three years. I am clearly aware of
     ness negotiations, organize events               ness environment.
                                                                                                   what kind of experts are in demand in the
     and write press releases. We teach             • Our strategic partnership with the Young
     you how to compete to succeed in                 Entrepreneurs Association Hungary pro-       labour market and we have managed to
     a professional environment, how to               vides our students with opportunities        provide a program which trains graduates
     develop winning strategies and how               for networking and gaining professional      with a competitive edge to become suc-
     to realize your business goals.                  experience.                                  cessful actors in the international business
                                                                                                   scene as well.”
     This is for you if: you are creative, have                                                    Pál István Kiss, CSc, College
     good problem-solving and communication         Partners:                                      Professor
     skills, are interested in organizing complex
     processes, can see beyond, and aim for

     • Financial Management                                                                                       Head of the Program:
     • Global Marketing                                                                                           Katalin Huzdik PhD
                                                                                                                  Associate Professor, vice
     Specializations are only launched with a                                                                     dean
     minimum of 15 students.

     Career opportunities:
     • enterprise manager
     • business communicators
     • environmental manager                           Admission requirements:                       Duration of studies: 6+1 semesters
     • expert of EU economic relations                 ƒƒ IELTS min. 5.5                             Mode of study: full-time
     • manager of start-up businesses                  ƒƒ High school diploma                        Location: Budapest, Main campus
                                                       ƒƒ High school Math grade above               Language of instruction: English
                                                          60%                                        Qualification: Economist in Business
                                                                                                     Administration and Management

34                                                                                                                                                                                 35
Commerce and Marketing                                                                                                                    METU has a wide range of
                                                                                                                                               programs in English and the
     BSc program                                                                                                                               international community here
                                                                                                                                               at METU makes my student
                                                                                                                                               life more exciting.

     Marketing is essential in every aspect
     of life – we are surrounded by brands         • Executives or marketing professional of      ”Coming to this university was the best
     which influence our decisions, and in           small and medium enterprises
                                                                                                                                               Victoria Rozhkova
                                                                                                  decision I ever made. It had a colossal
     certain situations we can only succeed        • Expert in the non-profit sector              impact on my life for the better. The pro-   Russia
     if we learn how to sell our personal                                                         fessors here are extremely friendly, the
     brand.                                         Main topics:                                  students here have become my friends,
                                                    Principles of marketing, Commerce and         not just for now, but for the rest of my
     Commerce and Marketing provides               trade, Management and organization,
     fundamental business and economic                                                            life. I love the environment and here I
                                                    International economics, Integrated mar-      feel like I can accomplish anything I set
     knowledge that offers an unrivalled            keting communication, Introduction to
     range of potential directions of career                                                      my mind to.”
                                                    e-business, Market research, Advertising
     and further training. Students can             and media planning, Public relations theory   Ziad from Egypt
     develop their skills during practical          and practice, Digital marketing, Branding
     trainings in groups with the guid-             in international environment, Content         “If your interests are not confined to the
     ance of recognized industry experts            Marketing                                     strict world of numbers or economics
     through tasks provided by leading             .                                              itself but you also feel the need to look
     companies. Students can develop                Partners:                                     behind the facade to identify and com-
     their skills during practical trainings                                                      prehend deeper underlying processes,
     in groups with the guidance of recog-                                                        I can wholeheartedly recommend you
     nized industry experts. The areas of
     marketing, PR, advertising and com-                                                          the Commerce and Marketing program.”
     munication are all open highways for                                                         Árpád Papp-Váry, PhD, Habil
     our graduates.                                                                               Dean of the Faculty of Business, Com-
                                                                                                  munication and Tourism, Vice pres-
     This is for you if: you have strong ver-                                                     ident of the Hungarian Marketing
     bal and written communication skills, you                                                    Association
     are vigilantly observant and up-to-date on
     what is happening in the world of business,
     and interested in the concept and opera-
     tion of commerce and marketing.

     Specializations:                                                                                            Head of the Program:
     • Advertising and PR                                                                                        Dr. Rita Lukács, PhD
     • Global marketing
     • Global commercial management

     Specializations are only launched with a
     minimum of 15 students.

     Career Opportunities:
     • Expert working for the commerce and           Admission requirements:                      Duration of studies: 6+1 semesters
       marketing departments of multinational        ƒƒ IELTS min. 5.5                            Mode of study: full-time
       and national companies                        ƒƒ High school diploma                       Location: Budapest, Main campus
     • Expert working for advertising and PR         ƒƒ High school Math grade above              Language of instruction: English
       agencies                                         60%                                       Qualification: Economist in Commerce
     • Manager of start-up businesses                                                             and Marketing

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