Student Prospectus - Your Dreams Our Goal - Poornima University

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Student Prospectus - Your Dreams Our Goal - Poornima University
Your Dreams Our Goal

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Student Prospectus
Student Prospectus - Your Dreams Our Goal - Poornima University
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     1.    Main Entrance
     2.    Administrative Block 1
     3.    Administrative Block 2                        2
     4.    Academic Block 1
     5.    Academic Block 2
     6.    Academic Block 3                  1
     7.    Himalaya Boys Hostels
     8.    Basketball & Volleyball Courts
     9.    Tennis Court
     10.   Football Ground
     11.   Vehicle Parking
     12.   Central Court
     13.   Gargi Girls Hostel
     14.   Maintenance Yards

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Student Prospectus - Your Dreams Our Goal - Poornima University
1.   From the Chairpersons’ Desk                                             02
2.   From the Presidents’ Desk                                               03
3.   Why choose Poornima ?                                                   04
4.   Advisors & Board of Management                                          06
5.   Jaipur : The Pink City !                                                08
6.   About Poornima University                                               09
7.   Awards & Ranking                                                        09
8.   Recognitions & Collaborations                                           10
9.   Highly Qualified & Experienced Faculty                                   12
10. Facilities & student life                                                16
11. Life @ Poornima                                                          20
12. Students’ Council                                                        22
13. AIESEC                                                                   23
14. Social Responsibility: Paathshala                                        24
15. 5 Convocation                                                            25
16. Alumni Meets                                                             26
17. Faculty & student achievements                                           27
18. Impeccable Placements: Your testimony to success                         28
19. #ChampionsofChange                                                       30
20. R & D (Ph.D Programs)                                                    33
21. School of Computer Science & Engg.                                       34
22. School of Engineering & Technology                                       36
23. School of Planning & Architecture                                        40
24. School of Design & Arts                                                  42
25. School of Management & Commerce                                          46
26. School of Science & Humanities                                           48
27. Poornima Institute of Hotel Management                                   50
28. School of Public Health                                                  56
29. Programs Offered                                                          60
30. Eligibility Criteria & Application Process                               62
31. Refund Rules                                                             63
32. Scholarships                                                             64
33. Sports Scholarships                                                      65
34. Transport Facility & Fee                                                 66
35. Residential Facilities                                                   68
36. Residential Facility Fee                                                 70
37. Education Loan Facility                                                  70
38. Media Coverage                                                           71
Student Prospectus - Your Dreams Our Goal - Poornima University
From the Chairpersons’ Desk

Dear Young Citizens & Aspiring Students,

I am glad to learn that after completing school education, you are at the threshold of entering into university. I heartily invite you
to “Poornima University”, a unique centre for higher education which is about to complete one decade as centre of excellence
in academics with young, dynamic and outstanding faculty, innovative pedagogical practices, state-of-art infrastructure and
multi-disciplinary academic programs. Nestled in the green environs at the outskirts of pinkcity of Jaipur, the university has an
inviting ambience for academically committed and passionately creative young generation.

We have strong belief of enormous hidden potential in each human-being, and with the motto of “Your Dreams Our Goal” We
are nurturing & developing knowledge, skills and wisdom in all our students leading to their development and fulfilment of their
dreams. We believe that rigors of the modern world in twenty first century require young graduates and professionals not to
end their quest for knowledge when they pass out of the university. And hence, we have committed our selves to create our
graduates as bright professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs as well as lifelong learners and responsible citizens.

From session 2019-20 onward we are introducing new age courses in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Block Chain, UX &
UI Design along with career focussed courses in Hospitality & Hotel Administration (undertaken by Poornima Institute of Hotel
Management), Hospital Administration and Public Health (undertaken by School of Public Health with JSPH as our knowledge
partner). I am sure that these programs will reinforce our long-standing strength and eminence in India.

I hope that you will find the information provided in the prospectus very useful. You are invited to visit our campus and see for
yourself variety of academic, research, extra &co-curricular activities and learn about many remarkable achievements of our
students and faculty.

I am sure that those of you who chose to be a part of “Poornima Family” will feel proud of being associated with us and make us
equally proud with your academic excellence and achievements.

                                                                                                               Shashikant Singhi
                                                                                                               Poornima University

Student Prospectus - Your Dreams Our Goal - Poornima University
From the President’s Desk

                                        A warm welcome to Poornima University, Jaipur.
It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to The Poornima University, one of the premier universities of India. The
University reflects our vision of being known for Academic Excellence, encourage learning for producing professionals with
leadership quality in technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and management thus make a significant contribution towards
social and economic growth.
At this juncture, India is poised for fourth industrial revolution. India has become the fastest growing major economy in the
world. Despite the global slowdown, we have registered excellent growth. With one of the youngest labour forces in the world,
a sizeable number of technical graduates, the second largest number of internet users on mobile devices and the second
largest English speaking population, India is well positioned to play a key role in shaping the fourth industrial revolution.
At the same time, Indian higher education system is facing an unprecedented transformation in the coming decade. This
transformation is being driven by economic and demographic change: by 2020, India will be the world’s third largest economy,
with a correspondingly rapid growth in the size of its middle classes. Currently, over 50% of India’s population is under 25 years
old and has a huge appetite for education. But the fast-changing world of tomorrow will be quite different, where only people
who adapt themselves to the situation, keep pace with upcoming technologies and have the ability to align themselves with the
changing situations will survive.
It is also known that expansion of higher education is important, quality education is equally paramount and the role of the
educational institutions become even greater. Currently the crisis of higher education is because of the lack of quality
education and poor employability of graduates. There is also little focus on the personal and professional development of
students. Consequently, when graduates go out of the Institute to face the real world, they find themselves helpless for
handling the business and social problems. In order to ensure effective and immediate transformation to meet the future
challenge, Universities / Institutes offering Higher Education are required to adopt systems and practices that globally
acceptable and have global relevance. These institutions have to rise to the challenge of bridging the gap between academia
and industry. To do so, it is essential that we create a vibrant and enriching teaching learning culture that inspires innovation
and entrepreneurship. Universities emphasise their role in shaping future technology by being the testbeds for innovation and
educating future generations.
Keeping in mind the rapidly evolving world around you, we in Poornima University have made sure to create a system in place
that design and deliver quality programmes that would enhance your knowledge, skill and attitude to make you future ready.
We are committed to provide an exciting and stimulating life-long learning environment includes Leadership Talk series;
international collaboration; various cultural activities; summer internships programmes, national and international
conferences; industry interface and outbound training programmes so that a memorable experience on creativity, innovation,
entrepreneurship and management learning will be available for you on the campus.
We are delighted to have a knowledge capital of in-house, adjunct, visiting faculties from industries that will interact and
engage all the students throughout the year to make sure the purpose of your joining the University is achieved. Of course,
this can be achieved with your active participation and complete involvement. We shall try our best to foster a positive learning
environment so that your dream is realised.
Above all, enjoy the vibrant and colourful campus experience along with academic pressures while building friendships of a
lifetime and nurturing a community that will always be there for you as you emerge and evolve as a corporate citizen and a
great human being.                                                                                   Dr. Suresh Chandra Padhy
Welcome to Poornima University.                                                                                            President
                                                                                                              Poornima University

Student Prospectus - Your Dreams Our Goal - Poornima University
Why choose Poornima ?
Our vision is to create knowledge based society with scientific temper, team spirit and dignity of labour to face global
competitive challenges.
Our mission is to evolve and develop skill based systems for effective delivery of knowledge so as to equip young
professionals with dedication and commitment to excellence in all spheres of life.
We believe in providing quality education through faculty development, updating of facilities and continual improvement for
meeting norms laid down by government, keeping the stakeholders satisfied.

Poornima University has forged industrial alliances with Top MNC's worldwide which assures high educational standards, up
to- date and forward-thinking curricula, and professional relevance. At Poornima University you will have a distinct advantage
through exposure to corporate standard environment through industry sponsored infrastructure and expert faculty. The
University involves global industry leaders in many ways:

ADVISORY BOARD: The unique advisory board consisting                EXPERT SESSIONS AND INDUSTRIAL VISITS: Industrial
of senior functionaries from various multinational                  connoisseurs regularly visit the university to provide first hand
organizations helps in strategic planning to lay the roadmap        exposure to corporate culture, industrial requirements, latest
for future endeavours giving a global prospective, quality,         technological advancements and career options through
corporate culture, corporate practices etc. through                 interactive sessions with the students. Students of the
brainstorming and strategy planning sessions.                       university are given an opportunity to have hands on
                                                                    experience on industrial operation & set-up through
BOARD OF STUDIES: Each Board of Studies has technical               mandatory industrial visits which is only possible because of
experts from relevant industries, who actively support and          the fine-feathered industry interface maintained at various
monitor planning & execution of academic programs;                  levels.
providing regular support and recommendations to our
faculty members. The representatives hail from various              ROBUST INDUSTRY INTERFACE: The enthusiasm of
multinational companies.                                            innovative projects shown by the students is matched by the
FACULTY EMPOW ERMENT PROGRAM: Faculty                               industry through continuous guidance and supervision from
development is essential for improving teacher effectiveness         the sponsoring industrial houses. These multi-faceted
at all levels of the educational continuum. Industrial houses       collaborations offer you experiential learning via projects,
provide faculty of the university with opportunities for training   professional competence, internships, enhanced placement
& development through faculty empowerment programs on a             opportunities and skill enhancement.
regular basis giving a quality edge to the teaching learning

Student Prospectus - Your Dreams Our Goal - Poornima University
GLOBAL OUTLOOK: Poornima University has a global                  Ÿ   International Workshops & Conferences – Enhance
outlook, and our internationalization strategy ensures this           the cornucopia of knowledge through discussions on
perspective in everything we do. We attract world-class               various imperative topics will add an insight to ponder and
academics who have wide-ranging influence and are                      confer over crux of today's scientific and technological
champions for international activity. We have links with over         perk up.
10 institutions worldwide and over 50+ international students
study with us each year. All this means that you graduate with    Ÿ   International Faculty – Faculty from partner universities
a truly global perspective – something highly valued by               regularly visits us and help our students to understand
employers.                                                            diverse spectrums and guide them in their area of choice
                                                                      and interest.
Ÿ   International summer/ Winter Programs – Short
    duration programs of 2 - 4 weeks are perfect way for          INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS: In an ever changing global
    students to balance their desire for international exposure   marketplace, it becomes imperative that students have a
    with the academic life.                                       wide-ranging expertise. Poornima is working closely with
                                                                  prestigious institutions throughout the world and regularly
Ÿ   Semester Abroad/Exchange Programs – An                        engages renowned and professionally established
    opportunity to complete your semester abroad which            international experts to interact and groom students to lead
    further add to your international experience and let you      the global businesses.
    grow your network both on personal & professional level.
                                                                  CULTURALLY DIVERSE STUDENT LIFE: In today's
Ÿ   Higher Education Programs – An opportunity to be              increasingly interconnected world, developing cultural
    professionally attached to multinational companies and        competency and embracing differences is essential to
    start-ups. It aims to provide PU students the experience of   success. At Poornima, we have always recognized the
    studying and working abroad.                                  important contributions made by individuals from a variety of
                                                                  backgrounds. Our diverse student body—comprised of
Ÿ   International Internships – An opportunity to gain work       students from all Indian states and more than 5 countries
    experience abroad by undertaking an internship in a           promises you a culturally enriching experience. You'll be
    foreign country.                                              encouraged to challenge yourself and your way of thinking.
                                                                  These influences will help you grow and expand.

Student Prospectus - Your Dreams Our Goal - Poornima University
Advisors & Board of Management
                  Dr. S. M. Seth              Prof. Kanta Ahuja
                  Former Chairperson,         Former President
                  Poornima University         Poornima University
                  Chairman (Emeritus),
                  Poornima Group

                 Dr. KKS Bhatia               Shri Shashikant Singhi
                 Former President,            Chairperson,
                 Poornima University          Poornima University
                                              Board of Management

                 Dr. Suresh Kumar Padhy       Padam Shree Rajendra Singh
                 President,                   Member, BOA, PU
                 Poornima University          Waterman of India &
                                              Winner, Stockholm Water Prize,

                  Dr. Ashok Bapna             Dr. R. P. Kashyap
                  Member, BOM, PU             Member, BOM, PU
                  Former Member,              Former Professor, Civil Engg.,
                  State Planning Board,       Malaviya National Institute
                  Govt. of Rajasthan, India   of Technology

                  Dr. Sandeep Sancheti        Shri D. P. Sarda
                  Member, BOA, PU             Member, BOM, PU
                  Former Director,            Former Faculty,
                  NIT-D & NIT-K               Bankers Training College,
                                              Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

Student Prospectus - Your Dreams Our Goal - Poornima University
Prof. Sanjeev Vidyarthi                 Commissioner, College Education
Member, BOA, PU                         Government of Rajasthan
Dept. of Urban Planning & Policy
The University of Illinois at Chicago

Shri Hari Singh Shekhawat               Shri M. K. M. Shah
Member, BOM, PU                         Member, BOM, PU
Director (Infrastructure),              Director (Admin & Finance)
Poornima Group                          Poornima Group

Dr. R. P. Rajoria                       Shri Bimal Kumar Patwari
Member, BOM, PU                         Member, BOA, Poornima University
Former GM, NBC                          Founder & CEO, Pinnacle Infotech
                                        Alumnus, IIT Kharagpur & IIM

                                        Ar. Rahul Singhi
Dr. Manoj Gupta
                                        Member, BOM, PU
Member, BOM, PU
                                        Director, PG
Pro-President (I/C), PU

Dr. Chandni Kirpalani                   Dr. P. R. Sindhi
Member Secretary, BOM, PU               Member, Academic Council
Registrar, PU                           Director, KITE

Student Prospectus - Your Dreams Our Goal - Poornima University
Jaipur : The Pink City !
Jaipur is the capital and the largest city of the Indian state of   The city was planned according to Indian Vastushastra by
Rajasthan in Northern India. It was founded on 18 November          Vidyadhar Bhattacharya in 1727. There are three gates
1727 by Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amer, and after whom the city    facing east, west, and north. The eastern gate is called Suraj
is named. As of 2011, the city had a population of 3.1 million,     pol (sun gate), the western gate is called Chand pol (moon
making it the tenth most populous city in the country.              gate) and the northern gate faces the ancestral capital of
                                                                    Amer. The city is unusual among pre-modern Indian cities in
Jaipur is also known as the Pink City, due to the dominant          the regularity of its streets, and the division of the city into six
colour scheme of its buildings. It is located 268 km (167 miles)    sectors by broad streets 34 m (111 ft) wide. The urban
from the national capital New Delhi. Jaipur is home to two          quarters are further divided by networks of grid streets. Five
UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Jantar Mantar and the              quarters wrap around the east, south, and west sides of a
Amer Fort.                                                          central palace quarter, with a sixth quarter immediately to the
                                                                    east. The Palace quarter encloses the Hawa Mahal palace
Jaipur is a major tourist destination in India forming a part of    complex, formal gardens, and a small lake. Nahargarh Fort,
the Golden Triangle. In the 2008 Conde Nast Traveller               which was the residence of the King Sawai Jai Singh II,
Readers Choice Survey, Jaipur was ranked the 7th best place         crowns the hill in the northwest corner of the old city.
to visit in Asia. According to Trip Advisor's 2015 Traveller's
Choice Awards for Destination, Jaipur ranked 1st among the          Poornima University derives its inspiration from the pink city
Indian destinations for the year.                                   to empower its inmates for a brighter tomorrow. Located in the
                                                                    vicinity of the pink city, the campus is an effulgence of pink
Visitor attractions include the Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, City         traditional buildings, rendering a perfect location for creative
Palace, Amer Fort, Jantar Mantar, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh           inspiration.
Fort, Birla Mandir, Galtaji, Govind Dev Ji Temple, Garh
Ganesh Temple, Moti Dungri Ganesh Temple, Royal Gaitor
cenotaphs, Sanghiji Jain temple and the Jaipur Zoo. The
Jantar Mantar observatory and Amer Fort are one of the
World Heritage Sites. Hawa Mahal is a five-storey pyramidal
shaped monument with 953 windows that rises 15 metres (50
ft) from its high base. Sisodiya Rani Bagh and Kanak
Vrindavan are the major parks in Jaipur. Raj Mandir is a
notable cinema hall in Jaipur.

About Poornima University
Ÿ   Poornima University is a full-fledged university (not a deemed university) established by the Rajasthan State Legislature
    and is approved by University Grants Commission under Section 2(f) with the right to confer degrees as per Section 22(1)
    of the UGC Act, 1956.

Ÿ   At Poornima, you will find a highly focussed teaching, learning and research environment that encourages innovation and
    new ideas for the betterment of society. We have an excellent student to faculty ratio, and you will be supported to achieve
    your potential by high quality and committed faculty, excellent teaching resources and facilities.

Ÿ   For students the experience of being at Poornima University is rich and diverse. Our academic programs are of high quality,
    geared towards industry requirements. They are competitive and industry driven, ranging from engineering, science,
    technology, business, management, commerce, architecture and our initiative expands to all round knowledge. Our
    curriculum and pedagogy includes certain ideological inputs, and team building aspects, for enhancement of hard and soft
    skills amongst the students. Regular corporate expert sessions and exposure to real life corporate work environment
    through internships has unfettered our students with varied career opportunities and premium pay packages.

Ÿ   With students from 29 Indian States and 5 Countries Poornima is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse
    universities in the vicinity of The Pink City – Jaipur. To facilitate our students with global learning opportunities, Poornima
    has partnered with more than 10 top ranked universities worldwide.

Ÿ   Underpinned by the ethical professional governance, Poornima is involving the students in creation of healthy vibrant and
    sustainable society. We are constantly working towards our vision to create knowledge based society with scientific
    temper, team spirit and dignity of labour to face global competitive challenges.

    Awards & Ranking

14th rank all over India for                           Best Institutional                                              University having Best
School of Planning & Arch.                                  Display                                                           Results
       - Outlook India                                   - Vastra 2016                                                    - My FM in 2018

                                                           The Associated Chambers of Commerce And Industry of India

     University having                                 Best Upcoming
                                                                                                                           Best University
        Best Faculty                                     University
                                                                                                                        - Jagran Josh in 2017
      - My FM in 2019                               - ASSOCHAM in 2016

Recognitions & Collaborations
Poornima University is recognized along with being an active member of various associations and international bodies.

           Approved By                           Member of Association                       Indian Institute
         University Grants                        of Indian Universities                      of Architects
         Commission, India

           Computer Society                      Institute of Electrical                   Institute of Indian
              of India                          & Electronics Engineer                     Interior Designers

           Energy Efficiency                         Fire & Security                          Indian Foundry
            Service Limited                      Association of India                        Organization

             Elite Football                    National Association of                      World e-Library
            League of India                    Students of Architecture



         Poornima Panthers                       Knowledge partner for School of Computer Science & Engg.
Credited as the best upcoming university of India, Poornima University stands strong as a testimony to both excellence and

            Asian Institute of                     Hanyang University                     Northumbria University
              Technology                             South Korea                                  UK

     The Indian Society of Heating,              Indian Society of Lighting                Warsaw Management
     Refrigerating & Air Conditioning                    Engineers                          University, Poland

             Young Indians
             WE CAN WE WILL

             Young Indians                            Indian Green                           Confederation of
                                                     Building Council                         Indian Industry

                                                         Council of

             National Digital                     Council of Architecture                      Global Reach

                  Knowledge partner for School of Public Health                                    IBM
Highly Qualified & Experienced Faculty
The faculty members at Poornima University are dedicated to student learning and are highly accessible which makes
students' education experience a unique one. Publications in academic journals, membership of editorial boards & various
organization make the faculty leading thinkers whose research & teaching are second to none. It is a perfect blend of core and
visiting members.

      Dr. Manoj Gupta                Ar. Naresh C. Nakra           Ar. Nandkumar Khare             Dr. Chandni Kirpalani
     Pro-President (IC) &           Professor, Architecture        Professor, Architecture         Registrar & Professor,
       Professor, EEE                                                                                    Chemistry

     Dr. Nupur Srivastava           Dr. Ratan Pal Singh             Ar. Preethi Agrawal            Dr. Mahesh C. Joshi
       COE & Professor,                  Dean, SCE                       Dean, SPA                 Dean (IC) & Professor
          Mathematics                Professor, CS & IT            Professor, Architecture         Entrepreneurship & IB

      Dr. Priti Kaushik               Dr. Dipti Mathur              Dr. Rakesh K. Gupta              Dr. Ranu Sharma
         Dean, SSH                  Professor, Chemistry             Professor, English            Professor, Fin. & Mktg.
     Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Nitesh Kaushik           Dr. Santosh K. Agrahari         Dr. Neeraj Tiwari           Dr. Arun Dev Dwivedi
  Asso. Prof., CS & IT              Professor, EEE              Professor, EEE                 Professor, EEE

    Dr. Ravika Vijay           Ar. Sonal Shree Shreemal        Ms. Richa Joshi             Ar. Meenal Bhatnagar
   Asso. Prof., Physics          Professor, Architecture      Asso. Prof., CS & IT         Professor, Architecture

  Ms. Prabha Sharma                Ar. Urmila Pawar         Ar. Anshuman Sharma              Mr. Priyesh Tiwari
Asst. Prof., Interior Design     Professor, Architecture   Asst. Prof., Interior Design   Professor, Marketing & IB

 Ms. Anuradha Raheja                Dr. Swati Jain             Dr. Geeta Gandhi             Dr. Pramod Awasthi
  Asso. Prof., CS & IT            Asso. Prof., Finance        Asso. Prof., CS & IT          Professor, Chemistry

Highly Qualified & Experienced Faculty

      Dr. Mansi Mathur             Dr. Bhuvnesh Vyas              Dr. Meenakshi Naval            Dr. Pragya Mishra
 Asst. Prof., Finance & Mktg.    Professor, Fin. & Banking         Professor, CS & IT            Professor, English

      Dr. Madan Lal Saini           Dr. Divya Prakash          Dr. Jayant Kishore Purohit        Ms. Radha Gupta
      Asso. Prof., CS & IT           Asso. Prof., Civil              Asso. Prof., ME         Asst. Prof., Fashion Design

       Ms. Swati Malik            Dr. Sunil Kumar Gupta           Mr. Ravi Kr. Godara           Ar. Shweta Mehta
 Asst. Prof., Fashion Design       Asso. Dean (R & D) &           Asst. Prof., CS & IT        Asst. Prof., Architecture
                                       Professor, EE

       Mr. Amit Gupta                 Ms. Shalini Gaur            Ms. Shivani Gelera            Ar. Mohit Agrawal
        Chief Proctor &          Asst. Prof., Fashion Design   Asst. Prof., Fashion Design    Asso. Prof., Architecture
      Asst. Prof., CS & IT

     Mr. Prashant Nemade            Mr. Ayush Sogani            Ar. Ramawatar Sharma            Ar. Neeti Khanna
        Asst. Prof., Civil          Asst. Prof., CS & IT        Asso. Prof., Architecture     Asso. Prof., Architecture

       Ar. Kavita Khatry           Ar. Ayush Bhardwaj             Dr. Nandani Sharma             Dr. Nidhi Mishra
     Asst. Prof., Architecture     Architect, Architecture     Asso. Prof., HR & Marketing      Asst. Dean (R&D) &
                                                                                                Asso. Prof., CS & IT

Ar. Akanksha Modi           Ms. Garima Mathur          Ar. Surabhi M Parihar           Ms. Bhawna Sati
Asso. Prof., Architecture     Asst. Prof., EEE          Asst. Prof., Architecture    Professor, Public Health

 Ar. Himanshu Verma           Ar. Manas Sharma            Dr. Neha Mathur           Ar. Himanshu Nandiwal
Asso. Prof., Architecture   Asso. Prof., Architecture    Asso. Prof., Fin. & IT     Asst. Prof., Architecture

Dr. Ray Singh Meena            Dr. Robin Gupta            Mr. Pratish Rawat             Mr. Ashish Raj
   Asso. Prof., Civil          Asso. Prof., ME             Asst. Prof., ME              Asst. Prof., EEE

Mr. Simranjeet S. Sudan     Dr. Randhir S. Baghel            Dr. Shrikant           Ar. Yash P. S. Shekhawat
     Asst. Prof., EEE       Asst. Prof., Mathematics      Asst. Prof., Physics       Asst. Prof., Architecture

  Dr. Medha Gupta           Ar. Neelakshi Saxena         Ms. Lalithallakshmi             Dr. Ankita Rao
Asso. Prof., HR & Mktg.     Asst. Prof., Visual Arts    Asst. Prof., Visual Arts    Asst. Prof., Fashion Des.

    M.K. Murugesh              Mr. K.K. Parihar            Mr. Gajraj Singh          Mr. Manoj K. Sharma
    Principal, PIHM            Asst. Prof., PIHM           Asst. Prof., PIHM           Asst. Prof., PIHM
Facilities & student life
The infrastructure of Poornima University is the best of its class. The University has a lush green campus spread over a land of
32.67 Acres at Jaipur, the education hub of India. It provides a scenic and tranquil environment to the students, boosting their
mental potential and preparing them in all aspects to face the cut- throat global competition with a smile on the face and
emerge victorious. Well-designed building area with independent academic block, administration block, hostels &
playgrounds provide scholarly ambience for learning & liberty.

The spacious, amphitheatre - style classrooms in the University provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and
focussed discussions. They have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are augmented with integrated
audio–visual teaching aids for lectures, presentations etc. Special sessions and classes are also held on business etiquettes,
negotiation skills, effective communication, leadership, teamwork and analytical skills

Poornima University provides state-of-the-art conference halls with a seating capacity that act as a common ground for
students, faculty and corporate personalities for regular interfaces, conferences and other events. At these platforms, you will
come across various global thought leaders, academic gurus and corporate heads who will share their corporate experiences
with you. For events of a smaller scale, the seminar halls, equipped with advanced presentation tools, are the ideal venue

High-tech laboratories having equipment with calibrations to ISO 9001-2000 Certifications state of the art workshops and
numerous work stations with licensed software play an important as part of your learning experience. Laboratories are fully
equipped to meet the academic requirements as per the university curriculum. To name a few; MATLAB and Simulation &
Computational labs in Electrical Engineering, Microprocessor & Micro Controller Lab with Keil software, Microelectronics Lab
with Cadence software, VLSI with xilinx software, CAD Lab, Embedded System Lab, DAEC Lab, Communication and Texas
Instruments Lab and MVI Lab equipped with Lab VIEW software in Electronics and Communication Engineering and
CAD/CAM and Auto Sync lab in Mechanical Engineering are have for carrying out different experiments.

Poornima campus is inter-connected through a highly secure virtual private network, where personal computers are inter-
connected to the Internet through broadband connection. Poornima has state-of-the-art computer centre that provide
computing facilities comprising of the latest computer machines linked to a wide range of software, communication and print
services. Campus is fully wireless and Latest software are used to enable work on data analysis, web technologies and
software designing. The intranet enables close on-line interaction between faculty and students for online interaction.

Ÿ The library services are the cornerstone of the education system at Poornima University. The mission of our library services
   is to facilitate creation of new knowledge through acquisition, organization and dissemination of knowledge resources.
Ÿ The library has spacious reading hall, periodical centres, group discussion rooms and online database browsing areas.
   The University libraries offer a wide range of materials in a variety of formats—from traditional books and serials to films,
   and multimedia and networked information from around the world. Highly skilled staff assists students to use the local
   collections and find information on specific topics.
Ÿ Our libraries are a learning space where students are inspired to explore, research and create. Our libraries are not only the
   places to think, but also an informal work area where students gather to collaborate. Our libraries house a collection of
   more than 30000 items including books, journals, microfilms, audio–visual material and CD-ROMs. Furthermore, the
   students have access to more than 10,000 electronic journals available online, apart from daily newspapers.
Ÿ The University has access to a large number of e-resources, ASCE Journals, ASME Journals, IEL online, Science Direct,
   EBSCO, EMERALD, SCIFINDER, SAE-Tech Papers, Indian Standards Codes, ACM, ABI / Inform Complete (PRO
   QUEST), Springer Link and Engineering Referex. Our libraries have a video conferencing facility and also provide
   classroom teaching through EDUSAT programs and NPTEL video courses in the different fields of education.

A healthy mind can only reside in a healthy body. Hence, all cafeterias have menus that are designed by a team of professional
dieticians, and offer nutritious and wholesome food to ensure a well-balanced diet. Fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, ice creams
sundaes and even midnight snacks are available in these cafeteria. Stocking all essentials for daily needs, our on-campus
tuck- shops provide convenience groceries, grab and go snacks, stationery essentials plus some specialist stationery and
equipment. We also sell a wide range of Poornima Panthers – branded clothing and gifts which can be bought in our
merchandise store located in Academic Block.

It creates learning and assessment opportunities in which a tutor performs the combined role of a friend, philosopher, and
guide for a group of students under his or her tutorship. The responsibility of a tutor includes helping, guiding, admonishing as
well as caressing for a student in studies, a person whom you can confide your problem of any type. He is guide, a teacher,
mentor, second parent, an authority and a friend. Here a student can share their problems related to study, other faculties and
management to get it solved and also anyone can share their non academic talents with others. This system plays a vital role
for students struggling to get academic help from others to excel.

It is considered one of the most tactical methods of teaching which provides students an opportunity to learn practically
through interaction, working methods and employment practices. Industrial visit is considered as a part of a college curriculum
and different industrial visits, seminars workshops etc. are organized to give the students practical hands –on experience
regarding the internal working environment of a company and its know-how as well as useful information related to the
practical aspects of the educational course which cannot be visualized in lectures.
Poornima Model United Nations Conference (P-MUN) is a             Udaan aero-modelling club was started in year 2014 with an
simulation of international committees where in national and      intention to create a plinth of aero-modelling amongst
international issues are tackled and talked about by students     students. The activities involve design, development and
each of whom represents a country in the conference.              flying of small air vehicles. It is a very exciting and interesting
Poornima MUN helps students develop their verbal and              way to learn, apply and understand science and engineering
written English. It also improves debating, public-speaking       principles. Aero-modelling generally involves small sized
and problem-solving skills. Poornima MUN conferences              flying objects like Radio Controlled Aircraft (RC Aircraft),
raise the youth's awareness of global problems and introduce      Gliders, hovercrafts, drones, Ornithopters, Boomerangs,
them to people from different backgrounds. Another aim of          Paper Planes and other unnamed aerial vehicles.
Poornima MUN Society is to encourage students to share
different views and try to understand these views. P-MUN           The Udaan club offers a lot of knowledge in interdisciplinary
Conference runs for 2-3 days every year in month of March /       concepts from various streams of engineering - primarily
April. The conference is open to all individuals or delegations   Mech., Electronics, Electrical and Computer Science. While
enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree               designing an aero-model is highly based on engineering
program. P-MUN conference also aims to ensure that every          principles, flying part of Aero-modelling is considered to be an
participant leaves with unforgettable experiences of a            expensive hobby/ sport. Udaan has set its benchmark in the
weekend filled with passionate debate. With difficulty ratings       whole country and numbered amongst the top student aero-
ranging from Novice to Extreme, P-MUN has a committee             modelling clubs of India. Udaan was also amongst the top 30
tailored to everyone’s preferences and experience.                flying teams in an international event organised by Boeing.

OCEAN OF WORDS                                                    LAKSHYA – THE ANNUAL SPORTS & CULTURAL FEST
An Informative Literary Extravaganza, where renowned              Lakshya is an inter university sports, cultural fest which is
personalities from the field of Arts, Music, Media, Film           hosted by Poornima University annually. It provides an
Industry, Literature visits Poornima University. There are one-   opportunity to all the students of various colleges/university
on-one interaction of guests with students where they will        to compete and showcase their talent in various fields of club,
throw some light on their magnum opuses and provide               sports and cultural events. The fest comprises of many type
guidance to the career-related queries in their respective field   of activities along with hackathon and national level gridiron
of expertise. These interactive sessions run on all working       football championship. It is culminated with a celebrity
days in last week of January.                                     performances from Bollywood.

Sports are the metaphorical carrot children chase that brings joy and motivation. The sports build community, team-work,
empathy, and love among students. Poornima Panthers is the sports team of Poornima University (PU), whereas coached by
Sports In charges appointed by PU. Home Ground for Poornima Panthers is Poornima University. Poornima Panthers
represents PU in Cricket, Soccer, American Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Handball, Kabaddi, Kho - Kho, Table Tennis,
Chess, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Yoga, Athletics, Music, Dance, Literary Events, Theatre, Fine Arts and many more. The
official logo bears a roaring panther which demonstrates aggressiveness, courage and selfless dedication to a team in pursuit
of victory.

There are ATMs of one nationalized bank— Corporation Bank within the campus. This bank offer ATM facilities for students of
Poornima University.

A healthy body makes for a healthy mind. In order to ensure your well-being, Poornima University has tie- ups with renowned
hospitals to take care of any kind of emergency. At PU, you will be covered by a comprehensive medical insurance to meet all
kinds of exigencies.

Safety and added comfort, both are the prime concerns of Poornima University. To bestow with the same, the fleet of
University buses provide pick and drop facility to students coming from within a radial distance of 50Kms. The buses are
modern to give a comfortable travelling experience.

Ÿ Hi-Tech air conditioned computer labs setup in association of IBM        • 100 KW Roof Top Solar Power Plant
Ÿ Campus is 24x7 under CCTV surveillance along with security guards        • Solar water heater in all hostels
Ÿ 350 KLD Sewerage Treatment Plant                                         • Gymnasium (separate for Boys & Girls)
Ÿ Basketball courts, Volleyball courts, Tennis Court, Football Ground, Table Tennis, TV Rooms, Saloon for Girls etc.

Life @ Poornima

Life @ Poornima

Students’ Council
Poornima University has always tried to instill the values of self-motivation, self-confidence and sensibility within all its
students. With similar intention, Poornima University introduced the Students’ Council to achieve the goal of student
empowerment, development of leadership skills and community feeling for the students by the students.


          Shiv Prakash
                                                       Abhimanyu S. Chouhan                                     Sania Kurup
             Co Chair                                          Chair                                              Co Chair
         Students' Council                                Students' Council                                   Students' Council

        Souvik Mondal          lekhika Goswami             Shikhar Bhatnagar            Shailly Shah                 Saijal Paliwal
     Captain, Photography           Captain                      Captain                  Captain                       Captain
      & Videography Club       Art & Design Club              Yi Yuva Club           Dance & Music Club               Sports Club

      Ashutosh Thakur         Akansha Immanuel            Devendra Toshniwal         Shantanu Banerjee                  Niharika
           Captain                   Captain               Captain, Academics            Vice Captain                 Vice Captain
     Poornima Paathshala     Literary & Theatre Club     Workshop & Training Club     Art & Design Club               Yi Yuva Club

       Nabh Sharma                   Piyush                  Kaushal Jangid             Divyank tiwari               Vaishali Jain
        Vice Captain              Vice Captain                 Vice Captain              Vice Captain           Vice Captain, Academics
     Dance & Music Club           Sports Club              Poornima Paathshala      Literary & Theatre Club     Workshop & Training Club

The Incoming Global Volunteer (iGV) program is the internship hosted by an AIESEC entity of India. AIESEC offers young
people from other parts of the world the opportunity to participate in Indian internships, experience leadership and partake in
Indian learning environment. After agreement in 2016, Poornima has provided internships to 95 International Students across
the Globe.

Social Responsibility: Paathshala
Om Prakash Gurjar, student of Poornima University (International Children's Peace Prize Winner) along with PU students is
running "Poornima Paathshala" in University campus. The Paathshala is contributing in the noble cause of transforming the
lives of underprivileged children & people residing in nearby villages and slum areas of Jaipur.


5 Convocation

Alumni Meets
Alumnus has always played a major role in enlightening and strengthening Poornima by their victories. They have been our
supporters and have served the alma mater being benevolent to it. Alumnus is the real ambassador who has tied juniors with
their support and guidance. It is through them that we are known in the world around. The Alumni Association has always
manifested in joining the weak bonds together and creating them afresh and new through the means of alumni section. We are
building Poornima's future on a history characterized by vision, passion and courage but more importantly - on a hope that we
can make a difference.

Faculty is the realm of any educational organization. This teaching and guiding factor acts as a backbone of any learning &
career development. The faculties are periodically trained in house & out house to pin point focus to our curriculums
requirements. Just as students prepare intensely for every class, Poornima faculty spends a great deal of time preparing for
each class as well, alone and in teaching teams. At Poornima, its faculty members, whose dedicated focus is on teaching
learning process and inspiring the students, shape the academic facet of institution. With a faculty: student ratio of 1:20 and
supportive hand of committed staff that strongly believes in quality education, our esteemed, innovative, and caring faculty
members guide our students to become change agents of the future.

Faculty & student achievements

                                     Dr. Arun Dev Dhar Dwivedi
                    Winner of Early Career Research Award & Grant of INR 5 Million
          by Science and Engineering Research Board & Department of Science & Technology.

                                          Ms. Shayona Mondal
                         Represented India and won 1st prize with Gold Medal in
      15th international competition & festival of Indian Art and Music held in Bangkok, Thailand for
    Sufi dance. Winner of International Music and Dance festival under semi classical dance category
Impeccable Placements: Your testimony to success
Poornima’s exceptionally committed legacy proves its reliability year after year. Training & Placement cell of PU has strong
networking with industries, academic institutions and corporate and it acts as mentors for all its institutions. Placements so far
have been a testament of the ever increasing faith that the industry has on Poornima University and its students. The untiring
effort of T & P department has ensured a long list of companies to recruit students. Packages offered to the students have been
inspiring with the highest package offered of Rs 37 lakhs/annum is outstanding. The Hercules effort of University's academic &
placement team has proved that the University education converts a students in employable professional.

    COMPANIES VISITED ON CAMPUS             131                       COMPANIES VISITED ON CAMPUS               131

    NO OF PLACEMENT OFFERS                             900+           NO OF PLACEMENT OFFERS                               1200+

    HIGHEST PACKAGE                         ` 10 LPA                  HIGHEST PACKAGE                           ` 12 LPA

    AVERAGE PACKAGE           ` 2.6 LPA                               AVERAGE PACKAGE             ` 3.2 LPA

             PLACEMENT OF BATCH 2018                                          PLACEMENT OF BATCH 2019
Internships are the best way for students to gain the work experience necessary to find a job after graduation. In fact, nearly 7
out of 10 internships culminate with a full time job offer after successful completion of the program. Student’s pathway to
employment starts with landing in a right internship. The students of Poornima University went in following companies for a
rigorous training:
Ÿ    IBM                                    Ÿ   Global Build state Project              Ÿ   Agi Glass
Ÿ    Infosys                                Ÿ   Military Engineering Services           Ÿ   Arden Telecom
Ÿ    Sopra Steria                           Ÿ   L&T                                     Ÿ   CHEGG
Ÿ    TCS                                    Ÿ   Paramount Propbuild                     Ÿ   Energy and Firetech India
Ÿ    Torrent Power                          Ÿ   N. J. Patel Associates                  Ÿ   Locus Rags
Ÿ    Asian Paints                           Ÿ   H. G Infra Engineering                  Ÿ   ABC Bearings
Ÿ    Swiggy                                 Ÿ   Reliance Jio                            Ÿ   Ashok Leyland
Ÿ    HDFC Bank                              Ÿ   Engineers and Engineers                 Ÿ   JCB India
Ÿ    ICICI Bank                             Ÿ   Genus Power Infrastructure              Ÿ   Parul Technochem
Ÿ    Zycus                                  Ÿ   Johns Electric                          Ÿ   Shilpa Alloys
Ÿ    Mahima Group                           Ÿ   Melcon Transformers                     Ÿ   Tafe Motors and Tractor
Ÿ    Design 2 Occupancy                     Ÿ   National Elect. Equipments              Ÿ   VEEGEE Auto components
Ÿ    Creative Projects & Contracts          Ÿ   Shree Kalyan Enterprises                Ÿ   Waves Aircon
Ÿ    Pioneer Infra Consultants              Ÿ   United Transformers                     Ÿ   Wolter Ventilator
Ÿ    SDC Construction                       Ÿ   Vulcon Cold Forge                       Ÿ   RSWM LTD
Ÿ    Super Structure                        Ÿ   Orient Cables                           Ÿ   Samyak Instrumentation
Ÿ    ARG Group                              Ÿ   Activant Solutions                      Ÿ   Orient cables


                                 INDIAN NAVY

                                                                     JAIPUR RUGS

                                                                 HEALTH TECH
                                                                   PVT LTD

                                                                   Pvt Ltd.


                 Saurabh Kumar Pandey                                        Sonali Mangal
                   Cyber Security Analyst                     Junior Engineering @ JVVNL, Rajasthan State
                  IEEE Computer Society,                                    Electricity Board
                Cisco Networking Academy                                  GATE 2019 AIR • 97
              Poornima University, Jaipur, India               Poornima University, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

                   Aanjaneya Singh Dhoni                                 Mukesh Kumar Rao
     Intern at Council of Scientific and Industrial Research              IT Security Analyst at
          Council of Scientific and Industrial Research           Cryptus Cyber Security Private Limited
                Poornima University, Jaipur, India                 Poornima University, Jaipur, India
                 New Delhi, Delhi India • 500+                       East Delhi, Delhi India • 500+

                      Divyansh Modi                                      Deepanshu Arora
       Working at Nomura Financial Services, Mumbai                  Technical consultant - Azure
        Council of Scientific and Industrial Research            The Henson Group • Poornima University
               Nomura • Poornima University                      Chandigarh, Chandigarh, India • 500+
             Mumbai, Maharashtra, India • 39+

                      Sanchit Agarwal                                    Shubham Parnami
                 3D Animator at 88 Pictures                           3D Modeler at Technicolor
              88 Pictures • Poornima University                    Technicolor • Poornima University
                         India • 121+                              Bengaluru, Karnataka, India • 179+


                 Bharat Rawat                                  Gunjan Gaur
     Founder and CEO at Prbhanis Technology         Sr. Software Engineer at Capgemini
              Prbhanis Technology                    Capgemini, Poornima University,
           Poornima University, Jaipur,              Pune, Maharashtra, India • 500+
                  India • 500+

              Hemant Choudhary                                Aman Sanjay
              Research Associate                    Major Account Manager at Monster
        at S&P Global Market Intelligence            Monster • Poornima University
 S&P Global Market Intelligence • Poornima School    Jaipur, Rajasthan, India • 200+
        Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India • 236+

                   Abhi Agarwala                            Kaustubh Kane
            (Author- Growth Consultant)             BlockChan Architect at Miners INC
 I Help Businesses Generate More Leads and Sales.              MinersINC
                Digital Pexel • Udacity             Bengaluru, Karnataka, India • 488+
           Jaipur, Rajasthan, India • 500+

                Chirag Malhotra                               Priyanshu Jain
          Cloud Counsultant at Genpact                         A Learner..:)
          Genpact • Poornima University              Capgemini • Poornima University
          Gurgaon, Haryana, India • 500+              Jaipur, Rajasthan India • 500+


                       Raj Agarwal                                                  Nitin Mathew
        Cyber Security Consultant, empowering and             Security Analyst | Digital Forensics | Bug Bounty Hunter
       motivating people and Computational thinking              Freelance • Gujarat Forensic Science University
 Nihon Cyber Defence Co., Ltd. • Queen’s University Belfast           Poornima University, Jaipur India • 500+
  United Kingdom, Poornima University Jaipur, India • 500+

                       Diwanshi Sharma                                          Rahul Vishwakarma
     Azure specialist || Azure Consultant || Azure Presales   Data Scientist | Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence
                      Poornima University,                       Python | R Programming | Java | Web Developer
                              Jaipur                                            Poornima University
              Gurgaon, Haryana, India • 500+                           Bangaluru, Karnataka, India • 367+

                     Nehal Maheshwari                                         Sankalp Srivastava
              Salesforce Developer at Appirio                      Business Technology Analyst at Deloitte India
             Appirio • POORNIMA UNIVERSITY,                                    (Offices of the US)
               Jaipur Rajasthan, India • 500+                      Delooite Bengaluru, Karnataka, India • 109+
                                                                           Poornima University, Jaipur

                      Sanyukta Onkar                                               Nitish Kumar
       Working in cognitive and analytics domain for LTI                     Full Stack Web Developer
           Larsen & Toubro • Poornima University                    Skilrock Technologies • Poornima University
             Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India • 500+                             New Delhi, Delhi, India • 170+

R & D (Ph.D Programs)
R & D center at PU is constantly moving to the pinnacles of research. With state-of-the-art facilities and resources the focus is
on honoring the Analytical and Intuitive skills. The University provides Ph.D. program in Engineering, Management,
Commerce, Applied Science, Design etc. The Center of Innovations in Renewable Energy, Water & Waste Management,
Remote Sensing & Health Systems are hub of all the R & D activities.
Research:                                                        Ÿ Consists of work that leads to a meaningful contribution
Ÿ Should be about some problem that encourages                   Ÿ Generates, in some way, a better solution to the problem
  enthusiasm (for you) and interest (for others)                 Ÿ Research is thus original contribution to existing stock of
Ÿ Is often generated from the thought “what we’ve got              knowledge making for its advancement. It is the pursuit of
  now/from the past isn’t quite right/good enough – we can         truth with the help of study, observation, comparison and
  do better…”                                                      experiment.

Ph.D. is mostly self driven and self taught degree with the supervisor gently aiding the process. The program and supervisor
help mostly in creating an atmosphere and environment in which the scholar gets motivated to excel. Hence, while doing a
Ph.D. from Poornima University, the scholar becomes self motivated and committed, and willing to work hard and long on
problems. In this time consuming and complex process our effective and positive supervisors significantly influence the quality
of Ph.D.
Our positive induction process brings out the perfect research work with following advantages, Events & Activities:
• Rich pool of highly experienced supervisors                    •   Inculcation of critical and innovative thinking
• Workshop on MATLAB, Latex, Research Methodologies              •   Quality research publications and outcome
  etc with Experts from IIT Kanpur & Maharashtra                 •   Critical evaluation processes
• Individual attention, guidance and support                     •   Unique Learning Opportunity
• A regular candidate shall have to remain in the University for regular during working hours of the University for complete
  duration of course work and for minimum prescribed duration of research
• Such candidates are eligible for applying to receive assistance from the University or fellowship from CSIR/UGC or any
  other funding agency to cover his/her living expenses and expenditure on his/her research work

• Admissions shall be confirmed only on qualifying PhD Entrance Test and subsequent interview
• Candidates having a M. Phil degree or valid UGC / CSIR / GATE score are exempted from PhD Entrance Test
• Masters degree in relevant discipline with minimum 55% marks or equivalent CGPA score (50% for ST/SC/OBC/ SBC) from
  the recognized University / Institution

• Each PhD student shall be required to undertake course work for a minimum period of one semester
• The course work shall be treated as pre PhD preparation
• A candidate must secure minimum SGPA of 5.5 in the PhD course work in order to become eligible for PhD registration

• After successful completion of course work candidate shall submit a synopsis to Coordinator research
• After approval of synopsis by competent authority registration letter shall be issued by the Registrar
• The registration letter date will be treated as the date of registration of PhD
• After the registration, the PhD Scholar shall undertake research work and produce a draft thesis as per norms
• A Scholar shall submit progress report after completion of each semester to the Coordinator research through his/her guide
• The thesis shall include a certificate from the Supervisor that incorporates the candidate’s bonafide research and has not
  been submitted for award of any degree in other University
• Plagiarism Verification: If a candidate is found indulged into plagiarism, the matter shall be placed before Advanced Study &
  Research Committee and the candidature for the PhD degree may stand cancelled
• Thesis submitted for award of PhD will undergo for review by a panel as per PU norms
• On a positive recommendation of reviewers a candidate will justify the research work through Viva-Voce examination as per
  university norms
• On successfully Viva-voce examination of the thesis and recommendation of oral Committee, the candidate will be eligible
  for award of degree of Doctor of Philosophy

School of Computer Science & Engg.
The world needs Character Animators, Cloud Techno-crates, App. Developers & IT
IMS experts. To provide one-on-one mentoring by professionals, Poornima University
has collaborated with iNurture as knowledge partner. Our objective is to fill in the
demand the emerging sectors are generating and to prepare the students to fit into the
future workplace. These professional programs are design to breed production-ready
undergraduates & postgraduates with the right attitude & best understanding of how
production & latest technology workflow occurs in a professional environment. It also confirms Poornima University’s
educational philosophy and goal.
• Focus on Emerging Technologies                              •   Summer Training for industry exposure
• Extensive Curriculum designed by Industry and Academic      •   Participation in Technical Seminars for technical exposure
  Experts                                                     •   PCC for career based learning
• Dedicated and experienced Faculty                           •   Well equipped labs for hands on experience
• Curriculum equipped with current scenarios and technical    •   TEP Courses including Hands on exposure of Hardware
  know-hows                                                       and Networking
• Rigorous learning process
• TCS Seminars                                                •   Aspiring Minds
• Motivational Seminars                                       •   Webinars
• IoT workshops                                               •   CRT & Softskills
• Ethical Hacking Workshops                                   •   Xchange server workshops
• Global Reach Seminars                                       •   Department Day
• Quizzard                                                    •   Hackathon
To fill in the demands of an emerging sector of Information Technology and to prepare the students for future workplace in
Computer Engineering, the PCCs were conducted for II, III & IV Year are :

•    Mobile App Development through Android                   •   Ethical Hacking
•    Web Development through PHP                              •   Cloud Technology
•    OCAP (Oracle Certified Associated Prog.)                 •   Python Programming
•    Cisco Router and Switch Security                         •   Administrating Window Server 2016
•    Cyber security                                           •   Mobile App Development through Android
•    Android                                                  •   Data Analytic using RM

• Guest Lectures                                              • Seminars
• Power Point Presentations                                   • Workshops
• Online Tests                                                • Clubs: Software, Robotics, CAD, Rhetoric, Literary, Fine
• Industry Expert Talks                                         arts, Cinematography, Vocalist, Social Services etc.
                                                              • Recruitment Training

• Guest Lectures                             •   Power Point Presentations             •   Online Tests
• Industry Expert Talks                      •   Seminars                              •   Workshops
• Practical Training                         •   Projects                              •   Industrial Visits
International Certifications achieved:
                                                              •   VM Virtualization in Data Center by Amit Kumar
• Programming (C/C++) by Jagender Singh
                                                              •   Mobile (Android Process) by Ravi Kumar
• Oracle (OCA) by Ashish Kumar
                                                              •   2nd Position at American football League at MDU Rohtak
• “Next Big thing” by Rahul Seth, Bhupendra Hada, Rajesh          by First year Student
                                                              •   Certification on R programming from Udemy by Amit
• Box Cricket by Suraj Joshi                                      Kumar Singh
• Night Tournament football by Priyanshu Sharma               •   Certificate in Advanced English by Amit Hirawat
• Basketball by Mohd. Tarik ansari                            •   Documentary on Jaipur's First Lady Police Patrol Unit

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