FET College Times Colleges prepare students for the World of Work - FET Week: 4 - 8 August

FET College Times Colleges prepare students for the World of Work - FET Week: 4 - 8 August
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 Colleges prepare students
 for the World of Work
 FET Week: 4 - 8 August
FET College Times Colleges prepare students for the World of Work - FET Week: 4 - 8 August
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                                                                                     there is a wealth of good practice to
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                                                                                                                                  the World of Work
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 and photographs and present these       in a dynamic TVET sector
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                                         I n April the Department of Higher
                                           Education and Training (DHET)
                                         welcomed the new members of the
                                                                                     All this indicates that strengthening
                                                                                     the management of education and
                                                                                     training institutions is a priority for
                                         Technical and Vocational Education          my department. That is why we have
Patience Zazini, Samantha Griffiths,     and Training (TVET) College Councils        appointed new councils to govern the         programmes and qualifications offered
Lloyed Pakade, Heinrich Robertson,       at a special function. They came from       TVET colleges. These appointments            by the different institutions. It follows
Riaan Hoffman, Lehlohonolo Mphuti,       a broad spectrum of society, including      will not only bring stability where it was   that the leadership of councils must
Colleen Brennon, Buhle Zwane,            the private sector, education, labour       previously lacking, but will also enable     be effective, efficient, dedicated and
Sharon Grobbelaar, Olwen Solomon,        and non-governmental organisations.         us to explore new ideas and innovations      motivated. Colleges must provide the
Marianna Herne, Adele Ebrahim,           The appointment of a proportion of the      and to build partnerships between            quality education and training required
Nadine Moodaely, Wilma de Villiers,      council members from employers in the       colleges and various stakeholders,           by the hundreds of thousands of young
Ivan Swart, Conway Evertson, Maurice     public and private sectors and NGOs is      including employers and communities.         people who enter these institutions
Germond, Cheslynn Johnson, Cheryl        no accident: we believe that they can                                                    every year. We have undertaken the
Fester, Kabedi Mpopofe, Jandré           assist us in opening doors to workplace     If TVET colleges are to play a role in       long but thorough process of identifying
Bakker, Tina Little, Tamzyn Arendse,     training for our students.                  building a more equitable society,           and appointing council members,
Marian Theron, Hester van Zyl, David                                                 simultaneously tackling economic and         the best the country can produce, to
Gleesen, Melanie Vermaak, Karin
                                         The appointment of these council            social inequalities and providing access     provide the governance leadership so
Hendricks, Gwen Harmsen, Carol
                                         members is central to building              to quality education and training, strong    dearly needed in our colleges.
Dwyer, Unity Jegels, Monica Koen,
Danny Somerset, Mohammed Hassan,
                                         TVET colleges, as they must provide         institutions have to be established.
Theophilus Nji, Dr Joy Papier            guidance, direction and oversight. The      Central to building and sustaining           I am therefore confident that all
                                         colleges are the cornerstone of the post-   these institutions is the role of college    appointed council members will govern
                                         school sector with a major role to play     councils which must ensure that the          their colleges effectively. This is an
Contributors send articles to:
                                         in transforming education and training.     colleges are well governed. Ensuring         opportunity for these councillors to be
 Webmail: www.fetcolleges.co.za          For this reason I launched a turnaround     proper management and governance             innovative and show vision, building
 http://www.fetcolleges.co.za/           strategy for the colleges in 2012.          of all our TVET colleges is a core task      excellent and efficient TVET colleges.
 Site_FET_College_Times.asp                                                          in tackling structural inequalities in our   It is essential that they commit
                                         The White Paper on Post-School              education system.                            themselves to the task ahead and
Advertising, Subscriptions               Education and Training which                                                             ensure that the colleges are responsive,
and editorial matters:                   we launched in January sets out             Council members will need to develop         dynamic, and of high quality, developing
                                         strategies to improve the capacity          a profound understanding of the              technically competent and confident
E-mail: Loynes.K@dhet.gov.za
                                         of the post-school system to meet           nature of the post-school system when        young people, transforming their lives
Fax: 012 312 7587
                                         South Africa’s needs. It outlines policy    taking strategic decisions and making        and our country’s economy.
Telephone: 012 312 6182
                                         directions to guide the DHET and            plans for their respective colleges.
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Wed, 30 July 2014                        the post-school sector in helping to        The various components of the post-          Dr EB Nzimande, MP
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                  FET COLLEGE TIMES June 2014
FET College Times Colleges prepare students for the World of Work - FET Week: 4 - 8 August

Swiss Chamber of
Commerce partners
with the Department
of Higher Education
and Training                                                                                                          

Editor’s Note:          The following is the keynote address that was given by
Dr Nzimande at the launch of the partnership which took place at Ekurhuleni
West College in April. Dignitaries included Mr Heinrich Maurer, the Acting
Ambassador from the Swiss Embassy, Mr Bob Judelson, the Vice President of
the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Managing Director of Portman Wealth,
The Director-General, Mr Gwebinkundla Qonde, The Representative of the
Swiss Embassy, Mr John Pampallis, Deputy-Director General Dr Maboreng
Maharaswa, and Mr Ken Duncan from the Swiss South African Cooperation

Good morning to you all.

T   oday we are celebrating the launch of DHET and the Swiss Chamber of                                                  Dr Blade Nzimande
    Commerce Partnership programme. This programme will, amongst other things,
ensure the full empowerment of our students and lecturers from Technical and                                             For those of you who follow the work of this department, you will know that Work-
Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges, developing people who are highly                                      Integrated Learning (WIL) is one of our most critical initiatives. In 2013-14 we have
skilled and qualified.                                                                                                   formally launched WIL programmes in three provinces, Gauteng, the Free State and
                                                                                                                         KwaZulu-Natal, in partnership with the respective provincial governments.
Today’s launch would have not been possible without the Swiss business community,
here with us today, and we really thank them for showing visionary leadership.                                           I can say straight out, in fact, that WIL is our greatest priority in achieving access to
                                                                                                                         education, followed by the quality and relevance of programmes delivered. Simply
To provide a brief background: towards the latter part of last year the Swiss Chamber                                    put, quality and relevance are directly measured by the interest industry shows in
of Commerce requested a meeting with me                                                                                                                                   selecting our learners for employment.
to discuss a partnership between Swiss                                                                                                                                    If our learners are unable to find
businesses and our TVET colleges. As
the Department of Higher Education and           “... enabling, amongst other things,                                                                                     employment after the completion of
                                                                                                                                                                          their studies, their education becomes
Training (DHET) we responded positively.
                                                   our students to receive workplace                                                                                      meaningless: it becomes education
                                                                                                                                                                          for unemployment.
After all, as government we have strong
diplomatic relations with Switzerland. I,        training and possibly become future                                                                                     Let me sketch the realities of TVET in
together with some of the senior officials                                                                                                                               the country. This will enable you all to
from my Department, met with the Swiss
business delegation.
                                                   employees of Swiss enterprises ”                                                                                      see that as DHET we take vocational
                                                                                                                                                                         schooling very seriously.

After listening to their proposed partnership, which would see some of our TVET                                          When I became the Minister of Higher Education and Training in 2009, enrolment at
colleges working closely with Swiss companies, enabling, amongst other things, our                                       universities exceeded that in the college sector by almost 4 to 1. Very little funding
students to receive workplace training and possibly become future employees of                                           was being directed to TVET colleges and student enrolment was dwindling. The
Swiss enterprises, we were convinced that my Department should partner with the                                          country’s industry was very vocal and critical about the lack of industry-related
Swiss Chamber of Commerce.                                                                                               programmes in colleges. These included the NATED programmes, better known as
                                                                                                                         the ‘N’ programmes, which had been discontinued.
This programme will involve the following key aspects:
                                                                                                                         Little knowledge existed about the National Certificate Vocational NC (V) and,
• Lecturers will be placed in Swiss companies for workplace exposure                                                     frankly, the college system was in a downward spiral. As more and more industries
• Industry experts from Swiss companies will be placed in the colleges on exchange                                       disinvested in this sector, the quality of programmes suffered, throughput and pass
• Lecturers and experts from Switzerland will be placed in colleges in specifically                                      rates declined and enrolments dropped.
  nominated programmes
• Learners will be placed in the workplace for practical exposure                                                        Needless to say, this situation was untenable with unemployment rising in the
• Learners will undergo work-integrated learning in the organisations                                                    country and many industries complaining, as they still are, about the lack of skills.
• Curriculum enhancements will be made to the programme to ensure relevance of                                           Drastic measures were needed to turn this desperate situation around and this is
  the programmes for industry, and finally                                                                               where the DHET came in. From 2009 to date, I am pleased to say that we have
• Learners may be recruited by the organisations after training, for employment.                                         made significant progress.

                                                                                                                                                             FET COLLEGE TIMES June 2014
FET College Times Colleges prepare students for the World of Work - FET Week: 4 - 8 August
For example, we reintroduced the ‘N’ programmes required by industry and are               Furthermore, we have focused on enhancing the skills programmes identified by
actively promoting industry-focused occupational programmes in TVET colleges. We           the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and much needed by Swiss companies. These
have also established the Work-Integrated Learning Chief Directorate to strengthen         include:
the initiative of placing learners in the workplace.
                                                                                           •   Information Technology
TVET student enrolments increased by 131% from 345 566 in 2010. We are targeting           •   Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
800 000 in 2014. Our 2030 enrolment targets are 1.62 million in public universities,       •   Sales and Marketing
2.5 million in TVET colleges, 1 million in community colleges and 0.5 million in           •   Office Administration
private institutions.                                                                      •   Accounting, and
                                                                                           •   Business Studies.

      “All these interventions will                                                        This partnership programme will include engagements and exchanges between our
                                                                                           college lecturers and industry. In that way lecturers will be exposed to the latest
   help the sector to gain traction,                                                       developments and trends in their respective fields, whilst industry specialists will
                                                                                           give lectures to students from Ekurhuleni West TVET College.
 and above all this we need industry’s                                                     We are also considering a lecturer and specialist exchange programme between

   participation and investment in                                                         colleges in Switzerland and our local TVET colleges in an effort to enhance
                                                                                           knowledge and skills. This partnership will also work actively on career guidance

          skills development.”                                                             programmes for students.

                                                                                           It goes without saying that Ekurhuleni West and Westcol TVET colleges will greatly
                                                                                           benefit from this initiative. The participating Swiss companies will equally benefit.
The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) budget for 2014/15 amounts to            For example, at the end of the programme, Swiss companies will be provided with
R6 billion, comprising R3.9 billion set aside for universities and R2.1 billion for TVET   suitably qualified learners who could be taken up for employment. Appropriately
college bursaries and loans. This budget has grown from R578 million in 2005 to            skilled employees are needed by industry. This programme will provide you with
over R9 billion in 2014, taking into account all bursaries and loans administered by       a pool from which to select. A great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that this
NSFAS from other Government departments and entities.                                      programme gets off the ground. I am confident that the two colleges, with the support
                                                                                           of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce and the DHET, will make it a success. We have
We are also building twelve new TVET college campuses in different parts of the            also realised that a single year programme will not be adequate to ensure significant
country. All fifty existing TVET colleges have shifted from being a provincial to a        and tangible results and together with our Swiss partners we have decided to extend
national competence, making it easy for the DHET to manage them effectively.               this programme to three years.
Furthermore, as DHET we have asked SETAS to open offices in TVET colleges mainly
to facilitate work placement. To date more than forty SETA offices have been opened        Allow me to talk about a related but slightly separate matter which is equally important
in the country’s various TVET colleges.                                                    in the context of this initiative. Following a request from our Swiss partners, we have
                                                                                           engaged the Department of Trade and Industry to look at the latest published Broad-
TVET colleges are indeed the foundation of our post-school education system. Our           Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) codes with a view to understanding
White Paper on post-school education, launched on January 16, emphasises the               how these could be used to support this skills programme.
crucial role of technical and vocational education that combines academic and
workplace learning.                                                                        We have asked DTI to support companies in undertaking work which will earn them
                                                                                           B-BBEE points and at the same time help secure them the skills they require. As
It sets out our strategies for transforming it further and ensuring that it leads to a     a department we think this initiative will help redirect large businesses to support
brighter future for its students and for the country. This new policy will strengthen      our objectives.We have met with the DTI and together with the Swiss and other
and expand the public colleges, enabling them to attract a large proportion of school      companies we will be developing an implementation guide for the codes in the area
leavers and become institutions of choice.                                                 of skills development. This will direct the efforts of companies towards supporting
                                                                                           the objectives of the post-school education and training system.
Key objectives in strengthening TVET colleges include improving access, throughput
rates, management capacity, student support services and student accommodation.
We intend to develop management information systems, strengthen governance,
increase funding, build partnerships between colleges and local employers, and
                                                                                               “We have asked DTI to support
improve the placement of college graduates in jobs.
                                                                                           companies in undertaking work which
From this outline you can see clearly that the TVET college sector is the cornerstone
of our post-school education system, critical for the provision of skills for the           will earn them B-BBEE points and at
development of industry and the economy of this country.
                                                                                            the same time help secure them the
All these interventions will help the sector to gain traction, and above all this we
need industry’s participation and investment in skills development. Without this it
would be difficult to succeed. Industry can help us mould our colleges and ensure
                                                                                                     skills they require.”
that they meet the economy’s needs, enabling our young people to gain meaningful
employment.                                                                                The Swiss Chamber of Commerce has initiated discussions around this matter and
                                                                                           we believe that it will be of national importance for all companies operating within
I am happy that our partner, the Swiss Chamber of Commerce, has proposed                   South Africa to be part of this initiative. We therefore invite all corporates to work with
supporting our colleges in developing the highly skilled and qualified employees           the DHET and DTI on this initiative.
which they and other industrialists need. We really require and urge the whole private
sector to follow in the footsteps of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce.                        In conclusion, let me take this opportunity to once more commend the Swiss
                                                                                           Chamber of Commerce for stepping forward in such a wholehearted and committed
Ekurhuleni West TVET College and Westcol TVET College have been selected for               manner. Once more I would like to stress that this initiative holds benefits for
this project due to their location and their accessibility to most Swiss companies         participating colleges and industry alike. I am therefore challenging all other South
in Gauteng. Depending on the project’s success, we may later expand it outside             African based companies, big and small, to learn from this initiative. My message to
Gauteng to rural and other colleges.                                                       them is: invest in the South African post-school education and training system as the
                                                                                           Swiss have done. Government alone cannot succeed without the contribution of the
Two campuses from each of these colleges have been identified as participants in           private sector. Together we can make meaningful change.
this project. These are Tembisa and Germiston, under Ekurhuleni West College, and
Carltonville and Randfontein under Westcol.                                                I thank you.

                   FET COLLEGE TIMES June 2014
FET College Times Colleges prepare students for the World of Work - FET Week: 4 - 8 August

        Students with the future in their palms!
        Editor’s Note:            Patience Zazini is the Head of Marketing and                    on the basis of current evidence.
        Communications for South West Gauteng College. South West Gauteng College                 The tablet initiative which in itself is
        is certainly testing the boundaries in terms of moving colleges into the twenty-          designed to put each and every student
        first century. The college is anxious to roll-out an e-learning and student tablet        in the college on the information and
        initiative and the question is, are teaching and learning material providers              knowledge economy highway, is not a
        ready? The college makes an observation in this regard in this article.                   once-off initiative, but integrated within
                                                                                                  a far bigger plan. The bigger plan seeks
                   PATIENCE ZAZINI                  and Development centres and employs           to interface the college with SA’s green
                                                    over 30 000 research professionals.           economy objectives. Furthermore,

        S    outh West Gauteng College has yet
             again taken a lead – and not for
        the last time! This time around, they
                                                    ZTE customised the tablets for the
                                                    college as part of their undertakings
                                                    in partnership with the institution. The
                                                                                                  on the technology front, the college’s
                                                                                                  campuses are already networked with
                                                                                                  wi-fi access so that the classroom is no
                                                                                                                                               Mr Sandile Zwane, Manager of
                                                                                                                                               ZTE, the number three digital and
        became the first public college in the      Level 4 National Certificate (Vocational)     long limited to the classroom.               telephony company in the world who
        country to put learning material onto the   NC (V)) exit level students were the first                                                 had the tablets custom-made for the
        tablet platform and to provide tablets to   to lay hands on the tablets in a four-year    In terms of the tablet initiative, ‘The      college, as part of their partnership
        all their Level 4 NC (V) students. This     pilot project. The project will culminate     initial plan was also to extend the pilot    with the college
        took place on 14 February making the        in all the college’s students (currently      to the N6 students, but publishers were
        college the sweetheart of every one of      20 000) discarding traditional textbooks      found not to have the material in ready      followed by NC (V) Level 3 students and
        the students on Valentine’s Day!            in favour of tablets by 2018.                 e-format for N6,’ college management         by 2018, the college will have banished
                                                                                                  said. In the words of the Evangelist TB      hard-copy textbooks and heavy bags
        This historic event was made possible       One thing that is patently clear for all      Joshua, ‘the best is yet to come.’ ‘This     on the shoulders of its students to the
        by ZTE, a leading multinational             is that SWGC under the leadership of          is a pilot which the college is determined   museum,’ the principal said.
        company in terms of technology              Principal Dan Nkosi is bent on leading,       to progressively extend to all students of
        innovation and number three digital         leading and leading. Backed by the            the college, starting with the 300 NC (V)    What more is there to say than: SWGC,
        and telephony company in the world.         college’s ‘catch-us-if-you-can’ challenge,    Level 4 students this year and in 2015       period! enough said! The brand of
        The company has eighteen Research           it is clear that this is the space to watch   to include the N6 students. This will be     choice for all who want to learn!

          Macmillan Teacher
          Campus puts FET
          Colleges First                                                                                                       ETDP-SETA Accreditation Number: ETDP10512
                                                                                                                                           SACE Provider Number: PR10690
          Macmillan’s FET College workshops have been very successful with
          lecturers from across the country taking advantage of the learning                      Tailor-made Accredited Courses for Lecturers
          experience provided by MTC. Here is what some lecturers had to say:
                                                                                                  Unit Standard:          Conduct and demonstrate knowledge of
                                                                                                                          assessment in a learning environment
          •     “It’s very useful and will improve my level of teaching”                          NQF Level:              5
          •     “The workshops are empowering and motivational”                                   Credits:                15
          •     “This workshop has equipped me with the skills that I need for                    NLRD No:                115753
                teaching and assessing”                                                           Duration:               4 days

          You too could benefit from Macmillan’s accredited and                                   Unit Standard:          Moderate assessment in an educational
          non-accredited courses for FET Lecturers. Get in touch and find out
                                                                                                  NQF Level:              6
          how we put FET College Lecturers First.                                                 Credits:                10
          Non-accredited training programmes                                                      NLRD No:                115759
                                                                                                  Duration:               3 days
          • Teaching, Learning and Assessing: An Integrated Approach for
            FET College Lecturers (2 Days)                                                        Unit Standard:          Classroom facilitation
          • Going Digital: Taking the first step – Planning and implementing                      NQF Level:              5
                                                                                                  Credits:                10
            e-learning in your institution (1 Day)
                                                                                                  NLRD No:                117871
                                                                                                  Duration:               4 days
          Vickesh Thandray                                                                        Unit Standard:          English writing skills and presenting in education
          Tel: 011 731 3397                                                                       NQF Level:              5
          Fax: 011 731 3511                                                                       Credits:                5
                                                                                                  NLRD No:                115790
          email: thandrayv@macmillan.co.za                                                        Duration:               2 days

Macmillan FET Times Advert Q2.indd 1
                                                                                                                                                                          2014/04/30 04:09:08 PM

                                                                                                                                      FET COLLEGE TIMES June 2014
FET College Times Colleges prepare students for the World of Work - FET Week: 4 - 8 August

Deputy Minister
presides at international
                             SAMANTHA GRIFFITHS

D   r Blade Nzimande, at the launch of the White Paper for Post-School Education
    and Training in Pretoria on 16 January 2014, stated that ‘over 3.4 million of
the country’s young people between the ages of 15 and 24 are not in employment,
education or training and a strategy is required to pull them out of the doldrums of
poverty and misery.’

One of the ways that government aims to remedy this situation is to encourage
the youth to improve and develop their skills at Technical and Vocational Education
and Training colleges (FET or TVET colleges). In his official address at the opening
of the FET College Summit in September 2010, Dr Nzimande declared that
government would aim at ‘making public FET colleges institutions of excellence’ and
‘challenge the widespread perception that they are poorly resourced, second-choice
institutions’. The College of Cape Town has taken the responsibility to deliver on this
mandate by implementing various improvement strategies. One of the strategies is
to collaborate with TVET colleges from abroad and participate in skills competitions
nationally and internationally.

The most recent competition project took place from 2 to 8 March when Kendal
College (United Kingdom) was hosted for a week by the College of Cape Town. During         Student competitor Phylicia Cloete, Hairdressing L3 and model Robyn Daniels
this week, staff and students collaborated and mentored each other in preparation
for the competition event, which took the form of a cook-off on 5 March for the
Hospitality students and a hairdressing competition on the morning of 6 March.             ‘A fantastic day, all in all,’ he said. ‘I love working with students from the College of
                                                                                           Cape Town. I once again accepted four students coming to work in my restaurant. I
A panel of celebrity judges evaluated the skills of the students during the competition.   have been a partner with the College of Cape Town for over a year now. I always try
The Hospitality competition was judged by Chef Dylan Jacobs who is the Executive           to avail myself for events of this nature. It’s important to give back and make time
Chef of the internationally known and award-winning restaurant Five Flies, Ms              for the upcoming students.’
Illanique van Aswegen, chef and freelance food stylist from Taste and Food and Home
magazines, and Ms Zola Nene, the highly acclaimed chef and food stylist from the           The second day of the competition also boasted an impressive panel of industry
Expresso show on SABCTV. When asked about her thoughts of the competition, Ms              leaders. The Beauty and Haircare competition was judged by Frank Fouwden,
Nene responded, ‘My impression was that it was really great. All of the competitors        Salon Owner and Hair Stylist of the Year in 2014, Elma Titus, external assessor
did an amazing job! They all cook with such confidence, which is such a great trait        and trichologist, Pamela Lamprecht, salon owner, external assessor and trade test
to have. When you are confident in the kitchen, it means that you are doing what you       moderator, Mark Slater, competition judge and lecturer at Northlink College, and
are passionate about. The food was presented beautifully, cooked beautifully and           Hugo Minnie, an ex-student, annual competition winner and national competition
seasoned beautifully. It is a great testament                                                                                     judge for Salon Owner. The judges of the
to the quality of people that are coming up in                                                                                    hairdressing competition found this too to
the industry.’ Ms van Aswegen and Mr Jacobs
agreed with Ms Nene’s positive remarks. ‘I
                                                          The attendance of such                                                  be of a high standard. ‘I think the standard
                                                                                                                                  of work is good and it shows imagination,’
was very impressed with the skills of the
students,’ said Ms van Aswegen. ‘Both teams
                                                         prestigious judges at this                                               said Frank Fouwden. ‘This type of
                                                                                                                                  competition is really quite stimulating. It
were neck-and-neck. They all did a great job
in a very stressful situation. They were all
                                                     competition provides proof of the                                            pushes the students and takes them out of
                                                                                                                                  their comfort zone.’
very professional.’
                                                     college’s immense dedication to                                            The two competitions were followed in
Mr Louis Van Niekerk, Principal and CEO
of the College of Cape Town, expressed his                 quality partnerships.                                                the afternoon with a prize-giving lunch for
                                                                                                                                parents, guests, sponsors and industry
enthusiasm at witnessing the opportunities                                                                                      partners. Deputy Minister of Higher
that this competition holds for the students:                                              Education and Training, Mr Mduduzi Manana, was the guest of honour and shook
‘Our academic and support staff go to tremendous lengths to secure linkages                the hands of the winners.
and partnerships with important role-players in commerce and industry and with
the Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs). The attendance of such              For the Hairdressing competition, in the category of Wedding Artistry, Phylicia Cloete
prestigious judges at this competition provides proof of the college’s immense             from the College of Cape Town took first place, Chelsea William-Webb from the
dedication to quality partnerships. The College of Cape Town is devoted to being           College of Cape Town came second, and Megan Kayser, also from the College of
an institution of excellence that develops the potential of clients through quality        Cape Town, was third. In the category of Colour, Cut and Style, Lauren Gelderbloem
education and training in response to the skills development requirements of the           of College of Cape Town was first, followed by Emma Witney and Sophie Knowles of
country.’                                                                                  Kendal College. In the category of Freedom of Expression, Lauren Gelderbloem of
                                                                                           College of Cape Town was again in first place, Sophie Knowles, Kendal College came
Chef Jacobs is just one of the industry leaders who will be working closely with           second and Aimee Wilson, Kendal College was third. Taking the highest accumulative
students from the College of Cape Town in the future.                                      scores into account for overall winner, Kendal College emerged as the winning team.

                   FET COLLEGE TIMES June 2014
FET College Times Colleges prepare students for the World of Work - FET Week: 4 - 8 August
                                                                                             TRAINING PROVIDERS,
                                                                                             COLLEGES AND EMPLOYERS
                                                                                             OFFERING TRAINING &
                                                                                             DEVELOPMENT SOLUTIONS

                                                                                             City & Guilds, a world leader for vocational excellence,
                                                                                             offers more than 500 international qualifications across
                                                                                             28 industries from Hairdressing to Engineering.

                                                                                             Our qualifications offer your learners progression,
                                                                                             portability, aspirations, recognition and employability.

                                                                                             To become a City & Guilds approved centre, contact us on
                                                                                              +27 (0) 11 544 4660 / info@cityandguilds.co.za

In the Hospitality competition, the prize for the Best Performing Chef, which includes         to compete globally and this encourages exactly that! Well done!’ Ms Tilly Reddy,
kitchen management and plating performance, was awarded to Zack Sharp from                     Academic Manager of Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism at
Kendal College. In addition, the prize for Front of House, which includes food and             the College of Cape Town and one of the event’s primary organisers, stated that the
beverage service and table décor, was awarded to Bryn Stacey from Kendal College.              College of Cape Town’s ultimate goal in hosting this competition was to have staff
And finally, the overall winner for best cooking performance, kitchen management               and students from the college, and from public TVET colleges in general, represent
and food and beverage service, table décor, cooking and plating, was also awarded              South Africa at future WorldSkills events:
to Kendal College. Deputy Minister Manana commended every competitor on their
efforts: ‘You are all winners in this competition as the skills you have learnt will never     ‘The College of Cape Town is constantly striving to provide high quality education and
be lost and will set you apart from others in your life going forward. Keep up the             training to help graduates equip themselves with skills and competencies needed
hard work.’                                                                                                                            to gain and retain employment. The college
                                                                                                                                       wants to gain exposure and experience in
The competition will be reciprocated when
a College of Cape Town delegation visits
                                                        “You are all winners in this                                                   this arena.

Kendal College from 22 to 29 March. The
Deputy Minister wished them well for their           competition as the skills you have                                                 This and other skills competition projects will
                                                                                                                                        be used as trajectories to help the college’s
travels: ‘To the South African learners
traveling to the United Kingdom later this            learnt will never be lost and will                                                students and staff improve their standard of
                                                                                                                                        performance so that it meets the standards
month, enjoy every minute of it, and open                                                                                               as set by WorldSkills. Essentially, we hope to
your eyes and mind to the world around               set you apart from others in your                                                  be the pioneers and trendsetters within the
you. They say that travel broadens the mind.                                                                                            public TVET space. It is the college’s vision
This is true, so make the most of your time
                                                             life going forward.”                                                       to prepare our students for the challenges of
                                                                                                                                        WorldSkills in 2015.’

We are all aware of the difficulties our country is facing around youth unemployment,          In closing, Deputy Minister Manana commended Ms Reddy and the College of Cape
and the critical role our colleges can and must play to develop skills for employment.         Town for setting the benchmark for other competitions of this nature: ‘The College
Our initiative to develop artisans and to promote artisanship is aimed at addressing           of Cape Town is one of our progressive colleges and has understood the need to
these challenges. Today’s function supports artisans such as hairdressers and                  benchmark the skills we are teaching against international best practice.
chefs. These are recognised trades in South Africa and I would like to think of you,
the participants here today, as ambassadors for the “Decade of the Artisan.”’                  This is exactly what we need if we are to develop this country into a true global
                                                                                               competitor. From their participation they have not only brought back ideas, but they
Local chef and TV personality Sibahle ‘Siba’ Mtongana, host of the TV series ‘Siba’s           have implemented concrete actions towards systemic improvements in our country.’
Table’, was also a guest of honour at the prize-giving lunch, and he agreed with               The Deputy Minister concluded that ‘it is only through initiatives such as these that
the Deputy Minister on this point: ‘I commend the College of Cape Town for this                we will be able to give effect to the call by Minister of Higher Education and Training,
skills development initiative. There aren’t nearly enough South African chefs, so              the honourable Dr Blade Nzimande, to make our Technical Vocational Education and
skills development is very important. The world has gone smaller and we need                   Training Colleges institutions of choice.’

                                                                                                                                   FET COLLEGE TIMES June 2014
FET College Times Colleges prepare students for the World of Work - FET Week: 4 - 8 August

From local to celebrity chef
       LLOYED PAKADE                      up a position as Chef. Her inspiration to
  AND HEINRICH ROBERTSON                  become a lecturer came when Boland
                                          College placed some of their students

K    okedoor, now in its second season,
     is a brand-new thirteen-episode
television show on KykNet DSTV where
                                          at Noop Restaurant in Paarl as part
                                          of their Workplace Based Experience
chefs with different backgrounds,
cooking experience and talents, are       ‘I then realised that I had a passion for
showcased in order to single out          teaching students the finer points within
the country’s best chefs in action.       the hospitality industry and I decided to
Whether it is desserts, baking cakes      complete my Postgraduate Certificate
or homemade biltong, these chefs are      in Education,’ explains Cindy.
taking food to a whole new delectable
level of cooking.                         In 2011 Cindy’s dream of tutoring and
                                          mentoring future chefs and cooks came
In season 2, are two of Northlink         true when she successfully applied for
College’s former students, Cindy          a lecturing position at the West Coast

    Cindy’s dream of tutoring future
 chefs and cooks came true when she
  successfully applied for a lecturing
  position at the West Coast College’s
          Malmesbury campus                                                           Cindy Menigo and Marius Uys (photographed above), both former Northlink
                                                                                      College students, currently feature on a popular television programme
                                                                                      ‘Kokkedoor’, in which they compete for the chance to host their own culinary
Menigo and Marius Uys who followed        College’s Malmesbury campus. She            Celebrity television show
a Hospitality course at the Tygerberg     soon became one of the most popular
Campus in 2003.                           lecturers at the campus and her hands-      home town. ‘I no longer live there for      in itself,’ she said, justifiably satisfied.
                                          on approach found favour with the           over ten years now but my bloodline is      After numerous auditions and sleepless
Cindy Menigo who resides in               hospitality students.                       still from the Karoo,’ says Cindy.          nights she finally made it to the top
Malmesbury but who is originally from                                                                                             thirty and is currently competing for the
the charming town of Prince Albert in     Cindy explains that when she saw the        She adds, ‘After matriculating, I went      prestigious Kokkedoor 2014 crown.
the Karoo, graduated in Hospitality       show for the first time, it immediately     against my father’s wishes by coming
studies, Culinary Arts, at Northlink      appealed to her seeing that the show        to the “wild” big city of Cape Town         Marius Uys, who is originally from
College in 2006 and subsequently took     was being hosted in Prince Albert, her      to pursue my dream of studying to           the resort town of Gordon’s Bay on
                                                                                      become a Chef. I started to learn more      the False Bay coastline in the Cape
                                                                                      and more about the wonders of food          Peninsula, studied Hotel Management
                                                                                      during my student years following the       at Northlink’s Tygerberg Campus.
                                                                                      City and Guilds Culinary Arts course at
                                                                                      Northlink College.’ Cindy mentions that     ‘There is nothing better than to see
                                                                                      four years ago at the age of 25, she was    people enjoying great food and knowing
                                                                                      diagnosed with breast cancer.               that they enjoyed it without them having
                                                                                                                                  to say a word,’ Marius explains. ‘Over
                                                                                      ‘However, I used cooking as a therapy       the years I’ve gained a lot of experience.
                                                                                      to keep strong and am proud to say          I want to teach people how to cook
                                                                                      that I am a breast cancer survivor          wisely, what food to buy and how to
                                                                                      and have been “clean” since 2010.’          make a great meal out of what you
                                                                                      Cindy possesses an immense amount           have in your kitchen. It must be like
                                                                                      of passion for educating the less           a story book because that’s how I get
                                                                                      privileged youth on how exciting food       my inspiration- from recipe books,’ he
                                                                                      and service can be. How fun it is to get    adds.
                                                                                      paid for punching bread dough instead
                                                                                      of punching people and ending up in         Kokedoor has given some of the finest
                                                                                      prison! Cindy specialises in pastry and     talent in the country the opportunity to
                                                                                      baking and considers her chocolate          showcase what they have in store for
                                                                                      cake as one of the best in the business.    the viewers. At the end of the series
                                                                                                                                  the winner will have the opportunity
                                                                                      ‘This show has changed my life in so        to launch his or her own cooking
                                                                                      many ways. I can now present my             show. With Northlink College having
                                                                                      food with confidence and open myself        two former students on the show, the
                                                                                      for criticism and suggestions. Just the     chances of a former Northlink student
                                                                                      mere fact that I was chosen as one of       winning are so much better. We extend
Cindy Menigo, Senior Hospitality lecturer at West Coast College                       the participants of the show is a victory   our best wishes to the competitors.

                  FET COLLEGE TIMES June 2014
FET College Times Colleges prepare students for the World of Work - FET Week: 4 - 8 August

Work-Integrated Learning: Where there’s a
WIL(L), there’s a way
Editor’s Note:         Riaan Hoffman is the Senior Clerk in the Work-
Integrated Learning Department at Boland College.

         RIAAN HOFFMAN                     to source key partnerships that are
                                           relevant to the Boland College mix of

T   he Work Integrated Learning (WIL)
    Department of Boland College was
established in March 2012. At the
                                           programmes and qualifications.

                                           ‘Work-Integrated Learning can only be
time, only two staff members were          successful if the entire institution works
appointed. The good results produced       together. Our WIL colleagues are the
by these two employees, along with the     connectors but our true custodians are
increasing strategic value of a properly   our lecturing staff. Their commitment
resourced WIL department, soon             to providing quality training enables          The WIL-ling team are, from left to right, Ishmael Davids who is one of the
necessitated growth. Management            the WIL team to sell a quality product,        SAGDA interns, Bonisile Kondile of the WIL Department, Boland College, SAGDA
displayed commitment to the cause and      as it were,’ said Wendy Adams, Vice            project manager Thandwa Mashinini, Lizeka Kosani of the WIL Department,
appointed six additional staff members     Principal, Innovation and Development          Boland College, Wandile Mdakane (another SAGDA intern) and Riaan Hoffman
on contract thanks to an investment        at Boland College. Since 2012,                 of the WIL Department, Boland College
from the National Skills Fund.             progress has also been made with
                                           the implementation of the Cooperative          to their respective courses of study.          can add enrichment programmes to
Continuous and concerted endeavours        Education Management Information               Jandré Bakker, Manager for Marketing           supplement the mandatory curricula.
were made towards the establishment        System (commonly known as ‘ITS’),              and Corporate Communication, stated            Another success story concerns the
of the department. Primarily the           whereby all student placements are             that while the aim of the institution is       placements that are supported by the
work entailed the finalising of the        managed.                                       to train for employment, the role of the       National Skills Fund (NSF). That project
institutional framework (policies and                                                     institution as an employer itself should       commenced in July 2013 and continues
procedures) for the WIL Department.        Among our success stories are the              not be undervalued.                            for a period of 18 months. The
In spite of numerous internal and          placements supported by the South                                                             project offers stipendiary assistance
external challenges, our objectives        African    Graduates       Development         The college has responded by putting           to a maximum of 389 students
were maintained and achieved with          Association (SAGDA), in collaboration          trust in our ‘product’ and employing           who are placed with key placement
the successful placement of Boland         with the Transport Education and               interns in various departments. We             partnerships.
College students. The department has       Training Authority (TETA).                     trust that this initiative will be sustained
displayed excellent commitment in                                                         in future. It benefits the productivity of     The WIL Department is committed
meeting the placement targets for the      This project commenced in November             the institution, and it also provides the      to the cause of the placement of
period 1 January to 31 March 2014, and     2013 and runs until November 2014.             opportunity internally to identify any         students. The unit is continuously
we have accepted the challenge to meet     Fifteen students were placed within            possible gaps in the curriculum. Such          investigating innovative ways to improve
and exceed future targets. Supportive      Boland College in order to gain                identified gaps can then be directly           its professional service to students and
strategies are being formulated in order   appropriate working experience relevant        communicated to educator staff who             industry.

Minister Nzimande addresses Umgungundlovu students
                                               LEHLOHONOLO MPHUTHI                        contribute the necessary resources for         having an on-going in-house training
                                                                                          student work placement stipends.               commitment is absolutely essential

                                           T  he Minister of Higher Education
                                              and Training, Dr Blade Nzimande,
                                           says that partnerships with the private
                                                                                          The Minister emphasised that the
                                                                                          colleges and the universities of
                                                                                                                                         for their own long-term success in
                                                                                                                                         order to provide a capable workforce
                                                                                                                                         down the line. It cannot be exclusively
                                           sector are of paramount importance in          technology should work together in             about the ‘bottom-line’ profit margin.
                                           order to wipe out the high rate of youth       terms of curricula articulation. When a        No industrial sector in international
                                           unemployment.                                  student from any college has achieved          best practice would adopt and be
                                                                                          an N6 qualification and wants to further       comfortable with such short-term
                                           Addressing thousands of students               their studies, that student should not         views of their industry. ‘Work integrated
                                           at Umgungundlovu FET College in                have to start that course at the very          learning is not a one way street in which
                                           Pietermaritzburg, he said this could           beginning if credits are due. This should      only the students benefit,’ asserted the
                                           be achieved if all social partners on          be the case if proper articulation of          Minister. ‘It contributes to the vigour
                                           higher education come on board.                curricula has been achieved.                   and profitability of industry, exposing
                                           He announced that more than                                                                   the employer to the quality of students
                                           2 600 students from nine colleges              Concerning employers, Dr Nzimande              from colleges and the curriculum they
                                           will be placed at various government           requested commerce and industry to             have been studying.’
                                           departments, in the private sector and         prioritise new graduates as ‘potential’
                                           municipalities for workplace experience        workers rather than expect to be               This graduate placement launch was
The Minister addresses students            in KwaZulu-Natal. The Sector Education         provided with ‘ready-made’ workers             organised by the Local Government
at Umgungundlovu FET College in            and Training Authorities (SETAs) and           that are already fully qualified and           SETA, and attended by among others
Pietermaritzburg                           the private sector are set to facilitate the   experienced. He added that apart from          SASSETA, WRSETA, Services SETA,
                                           placement of these graduates, as they          considerations of social responsibility,       HWSETA and the KZN Premier`s office.

                                                                                                                                FET COLLEGE TIMES June 2014
FET College Times Colleges prepare students for the World of Work - FET Week: 4 - 8 August
Training a new generation of artisans is how
colleges can help develop SA’s economy
        COLLEEN BRENNON                       The vision for the new site, still in its
                                              planning phase, is therefore to have

S   peaking at a breakfast hosted by
    False Bay College, Principal Cassie
Kruger revealed that a portion of the
                                              a major construction facility to train
                                              carpenters, plumbers and electricians
                                              and a sophisticated automotive
Denel/Swartklip site (a 491 hectare           workshop for students looking to work
parcel of land between Mitchell’s Plain       in the automotive retail or component
and Khayelitsha) has been earmarked           manufacturing sectors. A renewable
to develop an integrated campus               energy facility will support future
focused on technical and vocational           demand for component parts that
training located within historically          will aid the development of the Green
marginalised areas. This campus will          Economy.’
accommodate 3 000 students annually.
                                              According to Mr Kruger, the colleges
This timely intervention is aligned to the    will operate in collaboration with the       Mr Cassie Kruger, False Bay College Principal, speaks at the college’s strategic
                                                                                           breakfast session
recently tabled Department of Higher          input of the SETAs. Industry too will
Education and Training’s (DHET) White         be called on to play a greater role in       to expose young people in the schools        central agency for post-school education
Paper for Post-School Education and           bridging the skills gap and shaping          and communities to all the opportunities     in order to promote transformation
Training which identifies the college         the orientation of workplace training        that are open to them. Schools look at       within the post-school sector and to
sector as central to the provision of         and experience. The SETAs and DHET           matric results as the final outcome,         redress the disparities that currently
post-school education and training.           have given special focus to the training     where good matric results are seen as        exists,’ said Mr Kruger.
Currently colleges still enrol fewer          of artisans, declaring this to be the        the ultimate objective. But that is not
students than universities, not an            decade of the artisan. The vision is         the end of the road for the learner. After   A clear policy framework to guide the
optimal reality in a country hampered         to dispel traditional views of the role      completing matric they could be sitting      improvement of access to education
by a shortfall in mid-level skills required   and scope of technicians and artisans        on the pavement and unemployed. The          for people with disabilities has also
for economic development and growth.          and to offer insight into the complex        root cause of most of our problems           been outlined. ‘I am very proud of
                                              environments wherein these scarce            in the country can be traced back to         False Bay College. False Bay College
Mr Kruger explained that there are            skills can be deployed. ‘The White           unemployment. Whilst many schools do         is a leading college in South Africa with
approximately 650 000 students                Paper is very clear that we need to re-      speak to pupils about career choices, it     regard to giving access to students with
enrolled in colleges: ‘The intention,                                                                                                   disabilities. The number of invitations we
as set out by the White Paper, is                                                                                                       get to address this focus is indicative of
that by 2015 there should be one              “The intention, as set out by the White                                                   this.’ Modes of delivery have also been
million students enrolled in colleges                                                                                                   highlighted with interventions sought
countrywide. This is challenging
colleges with a rapid growth phase that
                                               Paper, is that by 2015 there should                                                      by the DHET to seriously investigate
                                                                                                                                        the possibility of providing distance
further envisages two and a half million
students by 2030. The university sector         be one million students enrolled in                                                     education programmes at TVET and
                                                                                                                                        community college level, including
by comparison has around 937 000                                                                                                        dedicated staff and equipment.
students, with forecasts for 2030 set                 colleges countrywide.”
to reach 1.6 million students. By that                                                                                                  The theoretical component of
point the college sector will be nearly       establish a good artisan training system     seems that artisanship is not a career       apprenticeships might also be offered
twice the size of the university sector.      as we have a lack of artisans in our         avenue many people consider, and             through distance education, especially
This will begin to rectify the ‘inverted      country and we are beginning to face         I think it is because people do not          for those students who live or work far
triangle’ whereby we have more                the consequences. If you want a job,         know what the work involves, what the        from an appropriate college or who
professional engineers in the country         become an artisan. It is as simple as        potential of these careers is, and the       prefer this model. The challenge of
than technicians and artisans.                that. The targets set out in the White       complex environment in which they            delivery today stems from the history
                                              Paper are that we as a country should        operate.’                                    of these institutions. ‘The FET college
‘Attention will be focused on                 be able to produce 30 000 artisans per                                                    infrastructure was inherited from old
strengthening working relationships           year by 2030.’                               The White Paper also addresses the           technical colleges. If you look at 2002
with employers over and above their                                                        large proportion of youth and adults         when the FET colleges were formed,
integration and articulation with the         Mr Kruger explains that the emphasis of      who have not completed their schooling,      there were 150 technical colleges of
rest of the post-school system. This          these colleges is to move to a system of     or have never attended school. Part of       which 111 were established for the
will be bolstered by additional college       work-integrated learning where teaching      the mandate of post-school education         white population, with the consequent
campuses, the first twelve of which           in the colleges will no longer be divorced   will be to set up Community Colleges         lack of infrastructure in marginalised
are at various stages of development.         from the experience in the workplace.        for this purpose with the aim of offering    communities.
The entire post-school system must            The programmes delivered in the              a General Education and Training
be expanded to target the more than           colleges will be linked to time spent in     Certificate and a Senior Certificate for     ‘As from July 2014, the college will be
three million young people who are            the industry. This link to industry will     Adults (NASCA) to afford one million         in a position to offer the N1, N2, N3
not in employment, education, or              be absolutely crucial. Furthermore,          students enrolment opportunities in          as well as the N4/N6 programmes
training. This is where colleges rooted       the strategy for attracting students to      these institutions by 2030.                  on a blended e-learning platform.
in communities, such as those of              TVET programmes will be aimed at                                                          And we are still focusing on the people
Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain, will         consultation with schools: ‘The plan is      ‘The White Paper also talks about a          in our immediate environment because
assist in developing skills for local         to bring our schools closer to colleges      new central application service for the      we do not want to believe at this stage
industry, government and commerce,            and colleges closer to schools. This is      placements of students across the            that pure distance learning will produce
while offering a route out of poverty.        very important for us because we need        system. The White Paper envisages a          the results.’

                   FET COLLEGE TIMES June 2014
We offer you a whole range of books for
         NATED and NCV                                                                    FET First leading the way with eContent
                                                                                          Our whole FET First Series is now available digitally, making our
                                                                                          content readily available for all lecturers and students at the click of
                                                                                          a button.

                                                                                          Added to that we have developed a reader app that does more
                                                                                          than just show the book. The new Macmillan eReader app allows
                                                                                          students to open and interact with Macmillan’s eBooks. Students
                                                                                          can highlight text, make notes in the books and use the search
                                                                                          function to locate concepts easily. All the students’ notes and
                                                                                          highlights are shown in an index for easy access later on.

         The FET First NCV and NATED Series offer students and lecturers a wide           For more information on eBooks contact:
         range of courses, written by subject experts. Macmillan/Troupant have
         developed brand new books that cover the curriculum and that address             Malcolm Seegers
         developments in the various fields by bringing subject matter up to date.        seegersm@macmillan.co.za

         Added Value
         In addition answers for the exercises in many of our NATED books will
         be available for lecturers in electronic format once the book has been
         prescribed. Please request these from dinky@bookstorm.co.za

               MacmillanSouthAfrica            Macmillan Publishers                       Clint Zanninello                            Gugulethu Skhosana
                                               Tel: 011 731 3300                          National Sales Manager FET Colleges         FET Administration Coordinator
               @MacEdSA                        Fax: 011 731 3535                          Cell: 078 803 9903                          Tel: 011 731 3337
               www.macmillan.co.za             customerservices@macmillan.co.za           zanninelloc@macmillan.co.za                 skhosanag@macmillan.co.za

College conducts training for energy
Macmillan FET Times Advert Q1-1.indd 2                                                                                                                       2014/01/24 04:12:00 PM

multi-national Soitec
                                                                                          ‘Take what life gives you and don’t give     A new group will be starting their
Editor’s note: Soitec is an international industrial company founded in                   up!’ said Dion Miller, Northlink College     block studies in June and Northlink
France in 1992. The company specialises in generating and manufacturing high              Engineering Studies Projects Manager         College looks forward to having another
performance materials for electronics, solar energy and lighting. The company             during his motivational speech at the        successful group of students from the
has production units in France and the USA and has a presence in Germany,                 ceremony.                                    Touws River community.
Italy, Asia and South Africa. In South Africa it is in the process of establishing
a R1 billion solar and wind energy plant in Touws River in the Karoo. It is
envisaged that the Touws River plant will be the largest in the Western world
when completed in June.                                                                   College partners with the Coega
              IVAN SWART                     at the solar power plant project that        Development Corporation
                                             Soitec is currently busy completing

F   ifteen Members of the Touws River        in the Karoo. This solar power plant                    BUHLE ZWANE                       at the Mpumalanga campus. The
    community enrolled as students           was commissioned by the National                                                          first phase is simulator-based driver
for the Northlink College/Soitec skills
training course that was launched in
                                                                                          I n April, eLangeni FET College
                                                                                            launched a partnership with COEGA
                                                                                          Development Corporation for the
                                                                                                                                       training which affords first-time drivers
                                                                                                                                       the opportunity to learn in a safe
                                                                                                                                       environment before venturing out onto
2013.                                        The specific solar powered panels that
                                             are a feature of the plant have been         implementation of a driver training          the road. The second phase is on-road
These students received their                designed to follow the sun during the        programme for students.                      training with a driving instructor.
certificates during a graduation at the      day to help find the most effective and
Loganda Karoo Lodge in April. Their          efficient amount of sunlight which is        The programme is targeted at students,       The benefits of the programme include
training will allow them to work on the      then transformed into electrical energy.     unemployed graduates, and youth              significant cost savings, improved
Soitec site or in the electrical industry.                                                from the Mpumalanga/Hammarsdale              safety, more effective use of controls,
                                             The students, after completion of their      community.        Once       successfully    and a much wider range of exposure to
For the past two years, Northlink            training and the completion of their         completed, the students will have            hazardous driving conditions, and all of
College has been the training provider       contracts at the Soitec plant, will be       the opportunity to improve their             this from the safety of a simulator!
for French international solar energy        able to work in electrical sales divisions   employability prospects by obtaining
company Soitec, and has overseen             of electrical supply stores as well as       learner’s and driver’s licences.             Acting Principal Mary Peters applauded
students and members of the Touws            market various electrical supplies if                                                     the initiative as a necessity to assist
River community being trained to work        they choose.                                 The programme will first be piloted          students to become more employable.

                                                                                                                             FET COLLEGE TIMES June 2014
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