Fiji Islands - DAY CRUISES

Fiji Islands - DAY CRUISES
                                 Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands - DAY CRUISES
                 SOUTH SEA CRUISES?
         South Sea Cruises is Fiji’s most experienced
         cruise operator with an extensive range
         of award winning day trips all with unique
         features. You can choose the cruise best
         suited to your interests but they all have
         a few things in common…

         Great value
         and great fun!                                                 Multiple Tourism Award Winner

                MAMANUCA ISLANDS
         The Mamanuca Islands, just off the coast from Denarau, offer
         beautiful crystal clear waters, palm-fringed sandy beaches
         and coral reefs that we all dream of.
         There are islands, villages and fabulous resorts to visit, with
         magnificent snorkelling and swimming. So on your visit to Fiji
         don’t miss the beautiful Mamanuca Islands - take a day trip
         with South Sea Cruises and enjoy!


                                                    Yasawa Islands

              Tokoriki   Sheraton

                                                          Beachcomber   Treasure

                                                                                   Bounty Island

                  Mana         Tadrai                                                South Sea Island

                               Malolo          MALOLO ISLAND

                                                                                                         MARINA    
                  SEASPRAY SAILING ROUTE

Fiji Islands - DAY CRUISES
Mana Island                                                                                A GREAT RANGE OF

   Resort                                                                                   ACTIVITIES OR JUST
                                                                                            RELAX AND DO NOTHING

Cruise through the beautiful Mamanuca Islands enroute to
Mana. Meander through the lagoon then step ashore to enjoy
the delights of this wonderful island.
Mana Island is an extensive resort with three separate beach areas,
crystal clear waters, lots of shady palms, pool side bars and loungers,
so it’s not hard to find your own idyllic spot. On the lagoon side
enjoy snorkelling and a range of great watersport activities. Laze on
the quieter North Beach with its beautiful views out over uninhabited
islands or soak up the sun on Sunset Beach.
There is an optional trip offered each day to view the wondrous
fish life and coral and explore the reefs of the lagoon on a Subsea
Adventure. On both the full and half day cruises you’ll also enjoy
lunch on this delightful island.
Mana Island offers you the choice - create your own day in paradise
and do it all or do absolutely nothing at all!

Departures Daily
Departs Denarau		                     9:00am           Returns    6:00pm
Departs Treasure		                    9:45am           Returns    5:15pm
Departs Denarau		                    9:00am            Returns    3:00pm
Departs Denarau		                   12:15pm            Returns    6:00pm
Departs Treasure		                   1:00pm            Returns    5:15pm
Full day cruise: A delicious barbecue and salad buffet included
Half day cruise: A la carte included at South Beach Restaurant

FULL DAY CRUISE                     ADULTS $121		      CHILDREN $62
HALF DAY CRUISE                     ADULTS $97		       CHILDREN $50

  FEATURES - FULL DAY CRUISE                                                    FEATURES - HALF DAY CRUISE
  • C ruise on board our large,            •F
                                              ree Nadi/Denarau and Coral       •C  ruise on board our large,       optional extras are available
     luxury, high speed catamaran            Coast hotel coach transfers           luxury, high speed catamaran      at an additional cost
  • 6 hours on Mana Island                  • P
                                               arasailing, water skiing, jet   • 3 hours on Mana Island to      • A La Carte lunch in South
                                                                                   have a good look around,          Beach Restaurant
  • Semi-Submersible is available            skis, banana rides and fishing       relax or swim                  • Meet & Greet by Day Cruise
     at an additional cost                    available at an additional cost   • Snorkelling gear included          escort/host
  • Snorkelling gear included               • Great barbecue buffet lunch      • Extensive beaches               • Free Nadi/Denarau hotel
                                                                                • Semi-Submersible & other          coach transfers
  • Extensive beaches                       • Day Cruise escort/host
Fiji Islands - DAY CRUISES
                                 Board Seaspray the magnificent classic schooner (of television
                                 fame) for a day exploring the crystal clear waters, beautiful
                                 beaches and lagoons of the Mamanuca Islands.
                                 This 83 foot schooner offers stable and comfortable sailing to
                                 maximise your onboard comfort and enjoyment. Help set the sails,
                                 take the helm or just laze around on deck.
                                 Anchored off Modriki you can go ashore to explore this uninhabited
                                 island with magnificent beaches and snorkelling. On Yanuya, you will
                                 visit a traditional Fijian island village. You’ll then have the chance to
                                 explore the village and meet the locals. For a list of customs to be
                                 observed whilst visiting the village see the bottom of the page.
                                 Passengers travel to and from Mana Island on board our fast
                                 catamaran (where you transfer directly to Seaspray) so as to
                                 maximise the sailing time amongst the most beautiful island areas.
                                 Nothing like a day at sea for a big appetite so we include morning
                                 and afternoon tea plus a delicious barbecue lunch. All your drinks are
                                 included as well with wine, beer, soft drinks, tea and coffee available
                                 throughout the day whilst on Seaspray.

Fiji Islands - DAY CRUISES
Departures Daily
Departs     Denarau		9:00am                               Returns       6:00pm
Departs     South Sea Island     9:30am                   Returns       5:30pm
Departs     Treasure/Beachcomber 9:45am                   Returns       5:15pm
Departs     Mana		10:30am                                 Returns       4:30pm
Departs     Matamanoa		11:00am                            Returns       4:00pm

Food & Drinks
This is a fully inclusive day trip. All drinks (whilst onboard Seaspray),
morning and afternoon tea and a barbecue lunch are included.

FROM DENARAU                          ADULTS		$123          CHILDREN*       $71
SOUTH SEA ISLAND                      ADULTS		$123          CHILDREN*       $71
TREASURE/BEACHCOMBER                  ADULTS		$123          CHILDREN*       $71
MANA/MATAMANOA                        ADULTS		$109          CHILDREN*       $68
* Children - 10yrs and above only

            • U
               nlimited beer, wine, soft      • Island village visit             FIJIAN ISLAND VILLAGE CUSTOMS
              drinks whilst on Seaspray        •F
                                                 ree Nadi/Denarau and Coral

                                                                                  While visiting the village you’re free to walk around at your own
            • V
               isit Modriki and Yanuya         Coast hotel coach transfers       leisure. We ask that the following customs be observed:
              Islands                          • Fully inclusive                  Do not wear a hat in the village including caps, visors etc.
            • E
               xplore secluded beaches                                           Only the chief has the right to wear a hat in a Fijian village.
                                               • O
                                                  n board entertainment
              and lagoons                                                         Dress modestly when in the village including wearing a sarong
                                                 by our crew                      or long skirt for women. When on the beach swimsuits including
            • Snorkelling gear included        • Barbecue lunch                   bikinis are acceptable.
Fiji Islands - DAY CRUISES
South Sea Island Day Cruises
                       COMBO CRUISE                                                                        FINDING NEMO

                                                                                              al mil t

                                                                                                   hi s
                                                                                           sm fa fec
                                                                                                l c ie
                                                                                              r r
                                                                                        ith fo Pe
    A fantastic combination of a cruise exploring the outer Mamanuca
    Islands and 3 hours at our very own South Sea Island.
    On the island there are loads of activities on offer - great snorkelling
    and watersports or take the semi-sub ride to see the spectacular
    coral and fish life. Sea air makes you hungry so we know you’ll
    enjoy the tasty barbecue lunch with a cold Fiji beer (or two) and
    other complimentary drinks.
    After lunch, board the high speed catamaran for your cruise around
    the beautiful Mamanuca Islands. You’ll see many of the islands                      If you would like just a short trip out to South Sea Island then
    including Bounty, Treasure, Beachcomber, Mana, Castaway and                         this is the cruise for you.
    Malolo Islands.
                                                                                        Within 30 minutes you are there and you can spend two hours
                                                                                        at the island and be back in time for lunch (or maybe a siesta!).
                                                                                        See the stunning underwater world of the Marine Sanctuary that
                                                                                        surrounds the island with its colourful coral and magnificent fish life.
                                                                                        You don’t even have to get wet as we’ll take you to view all this in
                                                                                        our semi-submersible vessel “Coral Explorer”. Sit beneath the surface
                                                                                        viewing the coral and fish through large panoramic windows.
                                                                                        After this fascinating trip you can spend some time ashore relaxing,
                                                                                        kayaking, swimming or snorkelling. Enjoy the complimentary drinks
                                                                                        on the island. For prices and departure details see the next page.
                                                                                        A short and interesting trip - ideal for those with young families.
                                                                                        The kids might even find Nemo!

                 hours on fantastic South          • Scenic cruise of the Mamanuca               •2
                                                                                                     hours on fantastic South     • S
                                                                                                                                      ubsea Adventure in our


                Sea Island                             Islands                                      Sea Island                       semi-submersible coral viewer
               • S
                  ubsea Adventure in our           • A delicious barbecue and salad              • Just 30 mins boat transfer   •C
                                                                                                                                     omplimentary drinks on the
                 semi-submersible coral                buffet lunch and refreshments                  each way                      island (wine, beer, softdrinks)
                 viewer                             • F
                                                       REE Nadi/Denarau hotel                     • Snorkelling, Kayaking         • F
                                                                                                                                      REE Nadi/Denarau
               • Fijian ‘Meke’   (except Sundays)     coach transfers                              • Complimentary kid’s club        hotel coach transfers
Fiji Islands - DAY CRUISES
Fiji’s most popular
              day cruise destination                                                                                 INCLUDES A FIJIAN
               FULL & HALF DAY                                                                                       ‘MEKE’ PERFORMANCE

                                                                                                Departures Daily
                                                                                                FULL DAY            Departs Denarau      9:00am Returns       6:00pm
                                                                                                COMBO CRUISE        Departs Denarau      9:00am Returns       3:00pm

For the greatest fun under the sun you can’t beat a day at                                      FINDING NEMO        Departs Denarau      9:00am Returns 12:00pm
South Sea Island, the closest day trip island.                                                  HALF DAY            Departs Denarau 12:15pm Returns           6:00pm
Just 30 minutes from Denarau aboard a high speed catamaran,
our uninhabited island is surrounded by crystal clear waters and
                                                                                                Lunch & Drinks
                                                                                                A delicious barbecue and salad buffet lunch is included on Full Day, Half Day and
magnificent coral reefs. Our Fijian crew will give you a warm
                                                                                                Combo Cruises plus unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks whilst on the island.
welcome as you step ashore onto the sandy beach. Then the island
and all its activities is yours to enjoy. The hardest part is choosing
what to do first!
                                                                                                FULL DAY           Adults $106        Children $50         Family $286
You can enjoy snorkelling, sailing and kayaking, perhaps a massage
or just lazing on the beach. It is one of the few islands where there                           COMBO              Adults    $97      Children $50         Family $271
is still good access to the sea at low tide and we also have a                                  HALF DAY           Adults    $86      Children $44         Family $235
swimming pool.                                                                                  FINDING NEMO       Adults    $58      Children $29         Family $159
Another great feature of your trip to South Sea Island will be a
                                                                                                FULL DAY WITH ‘DISCOVER SCUBA’ INTRO DIVE                  Adults $212
ride beneath the waves in our semi-submersible vessel to explore
                                                                                                FULL DAY WITH ‘DISCOVER SCUBA’ CERTIFIED DIVE              Adults $186
the coral reefs and see the magnificent tropical fish life in the
surrounding Marine Sanctuary.                                                                   See to the left for descriptions of the Combo and Finding Nemo cruises.
There are a number of different options for you to enjoy this jewel                             Special Family Pass price is for 2 adults and up to 3 children.
of an island. A tasty barbecue and salad lunch is included (except on
“Finding Nemo”) and beer, wine and soft drinks are included whilst
you are on the island.                                                                            ‘DISCOVER SCUBA’                                   iscove


                                                                                                  It is also a great place to do your
           • F
              antastic snorkelling and                • S ubsea Adventure in our                ‘Discover Scuba’ Intro Dive.                     Sc
             swimming even at low tide                    semi-submersible coral viewer           Explore the stunning coral gardens

           • Swimming pool                            • FREE use of non-motorised
                                                          watersports equipment
                                                                                                  and fish life surrounding the island.
           • FREE Nadi/Denarau hotel coach
                                                       • Fijian ‘Meke’ performance
              transfers for all cruises
                                                          at lunchtime (except Sundays)          Prices Per Person
           • FREE Coral Coast coach 		                                                           ‘Discover Scuba’ Intro Dive        $115
                                                       • Massage available (additional cost)
             transfers for Combo & Full Day
             Cruises (departs from Marina at 6pm only) • Complimentary kid’s club                Certified Dive                      $89
Fiji Islands - DAY CRUISES
Malolo Island
                GREAT LUNCH AND
                FANTASTIC WALKS                                              Fiji

    Cruise through the Mamanucas taking in the sights and calling
    in at six other islands enroute to Malolo from Denarau.
    You’ll be welcomed ashore and then free to enjoy this wonderful
    resort. Take a swim, laze around the pool or go snorkelling
    before lunch.
    The island also offers fantastic scenic walks with magnificent views
    out over the Mamanuca Islands.
    Perhaps enjoy a drink in the Beach Bar then choose from the
    two course menu for a fabulous lunch in the Terrace Restaurant
    overlooking the pools and gardens.

    Departures Daily
    Departs Denarau          9:00am                Returns   6:00pm
    Also available from Beachcomber, Treasure, Mana and Castaway Islands or for
    another Malolo Island Fiji day cruise see the Fiji Island Explorer (Option 2) on
    page 11.

    A delicious two course lunch of your choice from the a la carte menu is included.


                • 5 hours at Malolo Island Fiji

                • Lunch in the pool side restaurant
                • Use of snorkelling gear included
                • Scenic island walks
                • Free Nadi/Denarau and Coral Coast hotel coach transfers
                • See the Mamanuca Islands enroute to/from Denarau
Fiji Islands - DAY CRUISES
Castaway Island
     Resort                                           ONE OF FIJI’S BEST
                                                      KNOWN RESORTS

           Castaway Island is one of Fiji’s most beautiful and popular
           island resorts. This is your chance to spend a day on this idyllic
           tropical island. Castaway Island is an exclusive day trip, sharing
           with up to 20 passengers – the maximum allowed per day.
           You will cruise out to Castaway on our luxury high speed catamaran.
           The beauty of the resort stretches before you as you are welcomed
           ashore. Enjoy lazing in the sun beneath swaying palms on golden
           sand beaches. Snorkel straight off the beach in the crystal clear
           waters and over vibrant coral reefs. Other non-motorised watersports
           activities include kayaks, catamarans and windsurfers. Resort facilities
           include a fresh water swimming pool, three bars, resort boutique,
           island massage and a range of motorised watersports (additional
           charge). For lunch, enjoy Castaway’s tropical island cuisine taking in
           the expansive views and dining beachside on the Terrace Restaurant.
           On the return cruise to Denarau you’ll take in the sights of other
           islands in the Mamanuca group. Enjoy a drink and the onboard
           entertainment - the perfect end to a perfect day.

           Departures Daily
           Departs Denarau                           9:00am              Returns       6:00pm
           Also available from Beachcomber, Treasure, Mana and Islands

           A delicious two course a la carte or buffet lunch served in the beachside
           restaurant is included.


                      • Exclusive small group trip        • Use of snorkelling gear
                      • Snack bar:                           included*

                        ‘Nuku Marau Bar’                   •F
                                                             ree Nadi/Denarau and Coral
                      • Pool for families                   Coast hotel coach transfers
                      • S
                         uperb lunch in the               • 5 hours on Castaway Island
                        beachside restaurant               •O
                                                             ptional Kids Club (3 - 12 yrs)
                      • Day Cruise escort/host              FJD$30 paid directly to resort
                                        * NOTE: A refundable deposit of $30 is taken for snorkelling gear.   9
Fiji Islands - DAY CRUISES
                             Island Resort  FULL & HALF DAY
                     Treasure Island is a favourite amongst holiday makers in Fiji and it’s
                     easy to see why. This island is surrounded by a Marine Reserve and
                     offers superb swimming and snorkelling (tidal) in crystal clear waters.
                     Choose a spot on the palm-fringed sandy beach to relax and enjoy!
                     The hidden treasures of the resort make it a great destination for
                     families. There is a swimming pool, mini-golf course, playground and
                     the fabulous turtle pond. At lunchtime, order a drink from the pool
                     side bar and enjoy a tantalizing lunch.

                     Departures Daily
                     FULL DAY       Departs Denarau         9:00am       Returns         6:00pm
                     HALF DAY       Departs Denarau        12:15pm       Returns         6:00pm

                     A great lunch included in both the Half Day and Full Day cruises.

                     FULL DAY        ADULTS $123           CHILDREN $62
                     HALF DAY        ADULTS $106           CHILDREN $50

                        FEATURES - TREASURE ISLAND RESORT
                       •	FREE use of snorkelling             • H
                                                                 ALF DAY - 4 hours
                          equipment                             on Treasure Island
                       •	Direct cruise route - just          • F
                                                                 REE (Full Day Cruise only)
                          45 minutes each way                   Nadi/Denarau and Coral Coast
                       • F
                          ULL DAY - 7 hours                    hotel coach transfers
                         on Treasure Island

Fiji Island
        Explorers                                                                      THE MAMANUCA ISLANDS

                               Option 1 Circuit cruise only                This is the perfect sightseeing cruise if you just wish to stay
                                                                           onboard and see the startling beauty of the Mamanuca Islands.
                               A scenic cruise of the beautiful
                               Mamanuca Islands seeing many                Relax in air-conditioned comfort or enjoy the sun and sea from the
                               of the well known resorts.                  upper viewing decks of our large stable cruising catamarans which
                               For full details of where you travel        travel at high speed through open waters and take a more leisurely
                               and which islands and resorts you’ll        pace through areas of interest.
                               see please refer to the timetable           The cruise explores idyllic waters, crossing coral reefs and entering
                               on page 15.                                 blue lagoons as we meander through the islands. Your crew will
                                                                           provide an informative commentary enroute.
Departures Daily
Departs Denarau     9:00am     Returns 12:00pm
Departs Denarau    12:15pm     Returns 3:00pm
Departs Denarau     3:15pm     Returns 6:00pm

                               Option 2 Circuit cruise with
                               lunch at Malolo Island
                               E njoy the scenic cruise taking in
                                several islands before disembarking
                                for a 3 hour visit to Malolo where you
                                can enjoy the resort facilities - take a
                                swim, relax in the beach side bar and
                                enjoy a delicious lunch before the
                                short cruise back to Denarau Marina.
Departures Daily
Departs Denarau     9:00am     Returns   3:00pm

                               Option 3 Circuit cruise with
                               lunch at Treasure Island
                               Explore the beautiful Mamanuca
                               Islands at length and see all the
                               main resorts. You will cruise to South
                               Sea Island and Bounty Island, then          Prices
                               arrive at Treasure where you will           Option 1
                               spend more than three hours ashore          CRUISE ONLY                                   ADULTS     $58   CHILDREN $29
                               and enjoy a tasty lunch. Reboard at         Option 2
                               1:00pm to continue your exploration         CRUISE & LUNCH AT MALOLO ISLAND               ADULTS $106      CHILDREN $58
of the islands passing Mana/Tadrai, Castaway, Malolo and Likuliku          Option 3
before arriving back at Denarau.                                           CRUISE & LUNCH AT TREASURE ISLAND             ADULTS $106      CHILDREN $58

Departures Daily

Departs Denarau     9:00am     Returns   3:00pm                                        •F
                                                                                         ast, comfortable vessel with outside viewing decks and
                                                                                        air-conditioned lounges
                                                                                       • FREE Nadi/Denarau hotel coach transfers.
Yasawa Islands
  Explorer                                                                                 THE YASAWA ISLANDS
                                                                                                                                            The remote Yasawa Island
                                                                                                                           NANUYA LAILAI    group consists of a chain of 20
                                                                                                                             NANUYA LEVU
                                                                                                                                            ancient volcanic islands, four
                                                                                                                                            of these islands have dramatic
                                                                                                                    YAQETA                  elevations with summits just
                                                                                                                                            short of 600 metres above sea
                                                                                                                                            level. The pristine white sandy
                                                                                                                                            beaches and dramatic
                                                                                                                                            monoliths surrounded by
                                                                                                                                            crystal clear lagoons provide
                                                                                            BOTAIRA                                         a stunning environment where
                                                                                         BEACH RESORT
                                                                                                     DRAWAQA                                you’ll see a more traditional
                                                                                                    NANUYA BALAVU
                                                                                                                                            Fijian way of life and enjoy
                                                                                                                                            Fiji at its best.

                                                                                                          WAYA LAILAI
                                                                                                                                            YASAWA ISLANDS
                                                                                                                                            EXPLORER ROUTE



                                                                                                                         SOUTH SEA ISLAND

     The Yasawa Flyer a comfortable, fast catamaran provides a vital
     link to the remote ‘Yasawa Islands’ for both locals and visitors
     looking to spend some time in these idyllic islands.
     It’s a long day on board but you’ll see the stunning and varied
     scenery of this chain of ancient volcanic islands. Cruise along the                                                                                DENARAU

     coast of the many islands – at the southern end they have steep
     volcanic cliffs and unusual rock formations whilst towards the end      Departures Daily                                                       See Route 7 on page 15
     of our run in the famous “Blue Lagoon” the surrounding islands are
                                                                             Departs Denarau                            8:30am*
                                                                                                                        8:30am*                      Returns      5:45pm
     more low lying with palm fringed, long sandy beaches.
                                                                             *PLEASE NOTE EARLY VESSEL DEPARTURE AND TAKE THE EARLIEST COACH TRANSFER
     You’ll cruise close by endless beautiful beaches, villages and the      FROM YOUR ACCOMMODATION TO DENARAU MARINA

     numerous locally owned resorts catering to backpackers and              Departs Beachcomber                        9:15am                       Returns      5:00pm
     travellers looking for that something a bit different. Perhaps you’ll   Lunch
     spot your next Fiji holiday choice as the Yasawa Flyer follows her      A packed lunch is included to eat on board.
     busy schedule calling at each property.
     We’ll provide you with a tasty packed lunch and there is a licensed     YASAWA EXPLORER CRUISE                                  ADULTS $106          CHILDREN		$47
     bar on board where you can purchase drinks and snacks. Don’t

     forget your camera and enjoy your scenic journey exploring the                         •F
                                                                                              ast comfortable vessel                        •S
                                                                                                                                               ee remote villages and
     Yasawa Islands.                                                                         with outside viewing                             islands
                                                                                             decks and air-conditioned
                                                                                                                                             • FREE Nadi/Denarau hotel
                                                                                                                                               coach transfers
Botaira Beach                SPECIAL LOBSTER

                             LUNCH OPTION

                “Botaira” is set on a magnificent sandy beach that sweeps the
                width of the bay with no sign of civilisation. It’s everything
                you imagine in your picture postcard images of Fiji.
                This fabulous cruise will give you a taste of the Yasawas in more ways
                than one, revealing the stunning bays, beaches and dramatic volcanic
                features of the rugged islands. At Botaira you’ll enjoy a delicious two
                course seafood lunch seated on a deck overlooking the beach.
                Treat yourself to the freshly caught local lobster for lunch – superb!
                Your cruise takes you about half the distance we travel in the Yasawas
                past Kuata, Waya, Waya Lailai and several smaller islands enroute to
                the southern end of Naviti where the delights of Botaira await you.
                You’ll have 2 1/2 hours (approx) ashore to wander the secluded
                beach, go kayaking, swimming, or enjoy superb snorkelling with
                great coral and abundant fish life just 30 metres from shore within
                the Marine Reserve.
                Local owner Jerry and his staff will give you a big Fijian welcome as you
                step ashore. You’ll enjoy their hospitality during lunch and
                throughout your brief stay. Take your toothbrush – we’re warning you,
                you will not want to leave!

                 Departures Daily                                         See Route 7 on page 15

                Departs Denarau                     8:30am*               Returns       5:45pm
                Departs Beachcomber                   9:15am              Returns      5:00pm

                With 2 course seafood lunch
                ADULTS $117                                    CHILDREN      $68
                With lobster lunch
                ADULTS $135                                    CHILDREN      $86

                              he stunning scenery of • Licensed bar at Botaira and
                             the remote Yasawa Islands on board the vessel

                              1/2 hours ashore at          • Fast comfortable cruising on board
                             beautiful ‘Botaira’               Yasawa Flyer – air-conditioned
                            • Superb seafood lunch            lounges and outside viewing decks
                                                            • FREE Nadi/Denarau hotel
                              ruise past Fijian villages
                                                               coach transfers
                             and local resorts enroute
                                                            • Snorkelling gear included

                              Nestled on a stunning white sandy beach in Likuliku Bay and
                              with one of the most spectacular reefs just metres off the beach,
                              Octopus Resort is the perfect place to unwind and discover
                              ‘Fiji Time’ or get active with a snorkel, dive or a hike to the
                              islands highest peak.
                              Kick back on a sun lounger by the pool or on the beach, grab a
                              delicious cocktail from the bar, jump in for a dip or top up that
                              suntan. Sound like heaven? What better place to while away a
                              day in paradise, and that’s just before lunch.
                              Enjoy a delicious a la carte lunch with a wide selection of choice
                              from the menu. We all love to eat and Octopus is renowned for its
                              food. Lunch here is an experience in itself overlooking a stunning
                              turquoise bay with palm trees lining the shore. The sand floor
                              restaurant is the ideal place to soak up the tropical atmosphere.

                              Departures Daily                                  See Route 7 on page 15
                              Departs Denarau                    8:30am*          Returns      5:45pm
                              YOUR ACCOMMODATION TO DENARAU MARINA
                              Departs Beachcomber                    9:15am       Returns      5:00pm

                              A delicious a la carte lunch served in the beachside restaurant is included.

                              FULL DAY                                   ADULTS $117        CHILDREN		$68

                                         • 4 hours on the island       • Swimming pool

                                         • Delicious a la carte lunch    • F
                                                                            REE Nadi/Denarau hotel
                                         • Fantastic snorkelling          coach transfers
                                            and use of snorkelling       • Island massage (extra cost)
                                            gear included
Island Resort                                                                              FAST CATAMARANS
                                                                                               GETTING YOU TO YOUR
     Connections                                                                               ISLAND RESORT IN STYLE

South Sea Cruises has fast, modern vessels operating Resort Connections to your Fiji Island resorts in
the Mamanucas.
Since the check-in time for most Mamanuca Island resorts is between midday and 2:00pm we strongly recommend arriving
guests have a leisurely start to their day and catch the 12:15pm, 3:00pm or 3:15pm departures. You are on holiday after all!
These departures are generally less crowded and this will save you waiting around for your room to become available upon
arrival at your resort.
                                                                                                         ARRIVAL AT NADI INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
                                                                                                         Make your arrival into Fiji easy with our Meet & Greet
         ROUTE 1                        TIME                  ROUTE 2                    TIME            service. Our staff will welcome you with a big “Bula”
   Denarau                            9:00am             Denarau                         9:15am          smile, check your travel documents and then direct
                                                                                                         you to your transport to Port Denarau Marina.
   South Sea Island                   9:30am             Tokoriki                       10:15am
                                                                                                         PORT DENARAU MARINA TO ISLAND RESORTS
   Bounty Island                      9:35am             Matamanoa                      10:45am          Transfers from most Nadi accommodation to the
   Treasure/Beachcomber               9:45am             Treasure Island                11:15am          Marina for Resort Connections departures are available
   Mana/Tadrai                       10:25am             South Sea Island               11:30am          free of charge. You must however book your Resort
                                                                                                         Connection and advise us where you are staying. If
   Castaway                          10:50am             Denarau                        12:00pm          you do not do this then getting to the Marina in time
   Malolo/Tropica/Wadigi             11:00am                                                             for the vessel departure is your responsibility. Transfers
                                                               ROUTE 4                    TIME           back to Nadi properties are also available. Coaches
   Likuliku                          11:05am                                                             meet each vessel arrival at the Marina. Transfers from
                                                         Denarau                          3:15pm
   Denarau                           12:00pm                                                             the Coral Coast are available, please check with the
                                                         Likuliku                         4:05pm         hotel tour desk for more details.
         ROUTE 3                      TIME               Malolo/Tropica/Wadigi            4:10pm         PRICES
                                                                                                         For prices and coach transfer pickup times see your
   Denarau                           12:15pm             Castaway                         4:20pm         Travel Agent, Fiji specialist or your hotel tour desk.
   South Sea Island                  12:45pm             Mana/Tadrai                      4:45pm         CONDITIONS OF CARRIAGE
   Bounty Island                     12:50pm             Treasure/Beachcomber             5:15pm         Whilst South Sea Cruises endeavours to ensure all
                                                                                                         vessels operate on time the company cannot be held
   Treasure/Beachcomber               1:00pm             South Sea Island                 5:30pm
                                                                                                         liable for any missed connections with flights due to
   Mana/Tadrai                        1:30pm             Denarau                          6:00pm         late arrival at the Nadi International Airport airline
                                                                                                         check-in counter. It is recommended that passengers
   Castaway                           1:50pm
                                                              ROUTE 7                    TIME            have travel insurance to cover this.
   Malolo/Tropica/Wadigi              2:00pm
                                                         Denarau                         8:30am
   Likuliku                           2:05pm
                                                         South Sea Island                9:00am
   Denarau                            3:00pm
                                                         Bounty Island                   9:05am
         ROUTE 5                       TIME              Beachcomber                     9:15am
   Denarau                             3:00pm            Vomo                            9:45am
   Tokoriki                            4:00pm            Vomo                            4:30pm
   Matamanoa                           4:30pm            Beachcomber                     5:00pm
   Denarau                             5:45pm            Bounty Island                   5:10pm
                                                         South Sea Island                5:15pm                      •C
                                                                                                                       omplimentary air-conditioned coach
                                                                                                                      transfers from most Denarau and Nadi
                                                         Denarau                         5:45pm

   N.B. these are approx. arrival and departure times.                                                                area hotels for all departures.
   They may vary on the day according                    The service for Route 7 is onboard the yellow               •A
                                                                                                                       ll vessels have an air-conditioned lounge,
   to sea conditions and loadings.                       vessel Yasawa Flyer operated by Awesome                      outer viewing decks, a fully licensed bar
                                                         Adventures Fiji.
                                                                                                                      and snacks are available on board.
                                                                                                                       njoy a full commentary as you cruise
                                          SEE PAGE 2 FOR MAP                                                          through the beautiful Mamanuca Islands.
            Cruise an island paradise!                                                                                     • Swim wear and towel
                                                                                                                           • Money for optional
                                                                                                                                                                       • Sun hat and lotion
                                                                                                                                                                       • Your camera and
                        Boutique small ship cruising                                                                          purchases                                   a sense of fun!
                                                                                                                           GENERAL INFORMATION
                                                                                                                           & BOOKING CONDITIONS
                                                                                                                           • All prices are in U.S. Dollars and include taxes.
                                                                                                                           •	Child ages 5 to 15 inclusive. Under 5 free of charge - meals not included.
                                                                                                                           • FREE return coach transfers to Port Denarau from Nadi/Denarau
                                                                                                                              properties are included for all day cruises. FREE return coach transfers
                                                                                                                              to Port Denarau from the Coral Coast are available for full day cruises
                                                                                                                              only. Please check with your Hotel Tour Desk for departure times.
                                                                                                                              Note: The only return coach transfer for the Coral Coast and Wailoaloa
Unpack once, yet explore the Yasawa’s unspoilt islands.                                                                       properties departs the port at 6pm.
A different day, a different bay. Savour days of turquoise seas,                                                           •	South Sea Cruises reserves the right to alter prices, apply a fuel surcharge,
                                                                                                                              cancel departures, arrange alternative transport and vary itineraries and
pristine white beaches, palm fringed islands, friendly faces and                                                              services if necessary. All cruises are subject to sea and weather conditions
                                                                                                                              Should adverse conditions prevent operation, the client is responsible
the intimate tranquility of boutique ship cruising (just 34 cabins).                                                          for their own additional accommodation costs. South Sea Cruises is not
Choose from itineraries of 3, 4 or 7 nights.                                                                                  responsible for missed flights due to late arrival at airline check-in counter.
                                                                                                                           •	If not booked locally all bookings should be reconfirmed with our office
                                                                                                                              the day before departure +679 675 0500.
                                                                                                                           •	Where another company or persons operate the tour, activity or
                                                                                                                              excursion, diving, accommodation or shore transfers, South Sea Cruises
                                                                                                                              is only acting as a Sales Agent. Responsibility for the operation and
                                                                                                                              liability for any mishap lies with those operators solely and not with
                                                                                                                              South Sea Cruises.
                                                                                                                           • For credit card payments a 2.5% administration fee applies
                                                                                                                              (non refundable).
Phone +679 675 0500                                                                                  •	Cancellation fees – within 24 hours 25%. Within 12 hours 50%.
                                                                                                                              No Show 100%. Transfer to another South Sea Cruises cruise no fee.
                                                                                                                           •	Travel subject to our Conditions of Carriage. A copy is held in our offices
                                                                                                                              or can be viewed on

                                                                                                                       PORT DENARAU MARINA
                                                                                                                                                            Phone +679 675 0500
Just beyond the Mamanucas lie a string of spectacular islands called the Yasawas. At first glance these islands                           VESSELS
                                                                                                                                                                 or             southseacruises
exude beauty and peaceful remoteness but lying beneath this mask of paradise are several small communities                                       CHECK-IN              7am to 8pm daily
living without the basic needs of fresh water, power, education and health facilities. Awesome Adventures Fiji, the                          INFO TICKET SALES
sister company to South Sea Cruises, established the Yasawa Trust Foundation in 2010 as a means to improve                                                       Passenger Terminal
the basic needs and amenities missing from village life in the Yasawas. It seeks to do this through both direct aid                                                   Port Denarau Marina,
and by acting as a facilitator.                                                                                             SHOPS            COACHES /                 Denarau, Fiji Islands
How can you help? Let this be your way of saying ‘Vinaka’ (thank you) Fiji! Collection boxes are on
                                                                                                                         RESTAURANTS          CARPARK
board all of our South Sea Cruise vessels and in our Port Denarau sales office. Volunteer programmes are open
to anyone who would like to assist us on our projects and offer a rewarding way to experience the Yasawas.                                     BOOK WITH THESE GUYS
                                        Facebook:            vinakafiji

                                                                                                                                                                                                                SSC5249 OCT14 USD
       Email: Phone:+679 675 0500


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