FRANCHISING WITH QUEST - - Inside Franchise Business

FRANCHISING WITH QUEST - - Inside Franchise Business
FRANCHISING WITH QUEST - - Inside Franchise Business
FRANCHISING WITH QUEST - - Inside Franchise Business
                         A message from the Chairman

                         People often ask me what I would change if I had my time
                         again, knowing what I know now.

                         The answer is – plenty.

                         The Quest business was built on trial and error; on making
                         mistakes and learning from them, with the assistance of
                         suppliers who showed patience and belief in what I was trying
                         to build, and on the passion that comes from building your
Paul Constantinou        own future.
Founder and Chairman
Quest Apartment Hotels   For some people, the need to run their own business is pre-
                         programmed within their DNA, and I am one of those. Perhaps
                         it helped that I was naive, and that I was developing a product
                         that didn’t exist in the marketplace. It meant I could write the
“For some people,        rulebook from scratch, and I didn’t know what shouldn’t work
                         until I had tried it.
the need to run their
                         Joining Quest today means you benefit from 30 years of honed
own business is          and improved processes and systems. I’ve done the hard yards
                         so that anyone joining the business as a Franchisee has the best
pre-programmed           chance of success.
within their DNA,        When I started, the systems and corporate structures we take
                         for granted today did not exist. We had to develop everything
and I am one             from the ground up, tailored to the needs of the business.
of those.”               Today, Quest is more than a brand – it stands ready as a fully
                         supported business to welcome energetic, self-motivated
                         businesspeople into the fold.

                         If I could have my time again, I wish I could have it now.
FRANCHISING WITH QUEST - - Inside Franchise Business
                      Joining the Quest family                     4
                      Location is key                              5
                      Testimonial – Ky and Mark O’Shea             6
                      Everyone’s a winner                          7
                      Testimonial – Ann Crowhurst & Brent Howard   8
                      The strength of our size                     9
                      Testimonial – Catherine Mapperson            10
                      Quest & Ascott property network              11
                      A hands-on commitment                        13
                      The qualities of a Quest Franchisee          14
                      The journey to becoming a Quest Franchisee   14
                      Franchisee support                           15
                      Testimonial – Phil Willey                    16
                      Commitment and rewards                       17
                      Quest locations                              18

FRANCHISING WITH QUEST - - Inside Franchise Business
“Key to our success are the                               You don’t need a background in hospitality to become
                                                          a Quest Franchisee, but you do need a proven track
people who run our businesses                             record in running a business or leading a team
                                                          within a corporate environment. And you need to
– our Franchisees who live in                             be prepared to immerse yourself in the day-to-day
the towns and cities where our                            running of your business.

accommodation is based.”                                  It takes a special kind of person to become a Quest
                                                          Franchisee, and as such the selection process is rigorous.

                                                          However, the opportunities that come from joining
As Australasia’s largest apartment hotel operator, we     one of Australia’s most recognisable and fastest
have created a brand business travellers have come to     growing brands, make it more than worthwhile.
rely on for more than 30 years.                           Please read on and decide for yourself.
In fact, if you are interested in running one of our
franchise businesses, it’s quite likely you have stayed
with us, and know how crucial reliable standards and
service are to business travellers.

Key to our success are the people who run our
businesses - our Franchisees who live in the towns
and cities where our accommodation is based; who
get to know their customers, build relationships
                                                                                                    Quest Port Adelaide
with them and make their lives away from home
as easy as possible.

Today, the Quest logo takes pride-of-place atop
more than 150 properties across Australia, New
Zealand and Fiji. We are rapidly expanding this
network, opening between 4 and 10 new businesses
every year for more than a decade. This growth
creates opportunities for our Franchisees to expand
their own businesses, with many of our existing
Franchisees owning multiple businesses.

We’ve created a business model that takes away
some of the major challenges to achieving success in
small business, with the support of one of Australia’s
                                                                                                 Quest Eight Mile Plains
most recognisable brands.
FRANCHISING WITH QUEST - - Inside Franchise Business
             IS KEY
             Catering to the needs of the business traveller is           “Quest has developed a well-defined
             very different to managing a leisure business. Our
             customers rarely get to choose where they are going,         site selection process, which can involve
             and nowadays most business is done away from the
             cities – in suburbs or regional centres and towns
                                                                          years of research, taking into account the
             where there is little (or no) choice of where to stay.       economic situation of the target location.”
             Consequently, choosing the right locations to open
               14properties is crucial.
             new                                                                                                         160

                       12                                                                                                140

   Property Openings


                                                                                                                              Total Properties

                       2                                                                                                 20

                       0                                                                                                 0

             Quest has developed a well-defined site selection process,   The company continues to open between 4 and 10
             which can involve years of research, taking into account     new businesses each year, regardless of economic and
             both the economic situation of the target location,          property cycles.
             as well as extensive discussions with our corporate
             customers forecasting where they will need to be.            From Wollongong to Whyalla, and from Albury to
                                                                          Abbotsford, the Quest brand has become synonymous
             Today, with more than 150 properties across Australia,       with spacious and flexible accommodation solutions in
             New Zealand and Fiji, Quest is the largest, and fastest      convenient locations, with reliable service standards.
             growing apartment hotel operator in Australasia.
                                                                          And as we grow, the opportunities for our Franchisees
                                                                          to grow their businesses with us grow too.

FRANCHISING WITH QUEST - - Inside Franchise Business

                     “The structure works really
                     well for us – it provides us
                     with a working lifestyle, and
                     the flexibility to spend time
                     with our children.”

                     Husband and wife team Ky and          Ky and Mark have clearly defined
                     Mark O’Shea have worked most          roles in their Quest franchise
                     of their careers in the hospitality   business – Ky looks after the sales,
                     and tourism industries – Mark         local marketing and finance
                     started out as a Chef, whilst Ky      tasks, whilst Mark oversees
                     worked as a Travel Agent and in       operational, maintenance and
                     events and conferencing roles.        housekeeping matters.
                     Their journey led them to become
                     Property Managers with Quest,         “The structure works really
Ky and Mark O’Shea   and it was during this time they      well for us – it provides us with
Franchisees,         realised the excellent opportunity    a working lifestyle, and the
Quest Bundoora       to be had by becoming Quest           flexibility to spend time with
                     franchise business owners in          our children,” says Ky.
                     their own right.                      Although Ky and Mark have years
                     As the Franchisees of Quest           of hospitality industry experience,
                     Bundoora in suburban Melbourne,       they are quick to advise potential
                     they take great pride in delivering   Quest franchisees they do not
                     a personalised experience to their    need to be an expert.
                     guests, and delivering the extra      “The Quest franchise system
                     1% on a daily basis.                  is robust, and there is support
                     “We love getting to know our          every step of the way. With the
                     guests by name, ensuring their        network of Quest properties
                     favourite drink is in the fridge      expanding quite rapidly, there are
                     upon arrival to the property, and     great opportunities to grow your
                     even driving them to their place      business and achieve success,”
                     of work in the Quest Bundoora         says Mark.
                     shuttle bus,” says Mark.
FRANCHISING WITH QUEST - - Inside Franchise Business
     The key to Quest’s success lies in our business model,       This means Franchisees are investing in much more
     which ensures the extended stay business traveller is        than the right to display the Quest logo on the door
     at the centre of everything we do.                           of their business. It means acquiring an asset which
                                                                  provides the right to generate income from the property
     However, for this to succeed, Quest Franchisees must         secured through long-term tenure with the landlord.
     consider two significant stakeholders; the Franchisor
     and our landlords. Both are crucial in ensuring              Consequently, Franchisees hold tenure over a multi-
     business success.                                            million dollar property without the pressure of
                                                                  raising the capital required to purchase the building.
     The Franchisee/Franchisor partnership ensures all
     Franchisees are supported by the Quest business in           Franchisees are supported by Quest in managing
     all business functions including sales, operations           their relationships with the landlords, who enjoy the
     and business planning.                                       benefits of a secure and stable investment with a
                                                                  trusted Australian brand as a long-term tenant.
     However, Quest Franchisees are also buying into
     a leasehold business – which comprises one of the            All these relationships – developed under the Quest
     critical relationships within the Quest business model.      Business Model – are managed in order to get the best
                                                                  outcome for the extended stay business traveller.

     CUSTOMER                                                                                                     LAND

                              1                                                                   2

                                                         EXTENDED STAY
            FRANCHISEE                                     BUSINESS                                   DEVELOPER

                              3                             LANDLORD                              4

                      • Franchise fees and business sales fees                • Rent
                 1    • Business opportunity                               3   • Security of tenure

                      • Franchise network growth                              • Investment opportunities
                 2    • Security of tenure
                                                                           4   •P roperty sale/ Realisation of
                                                                                 development profit

FRANCHISING WITH QUEST - - Inside Franchise Business

                                     “The Quest network has provided us with advice and
                                     support every step of the way, which has enabled us
                                     to tap into experts with years of experience that has
                                     been invaluable.”

                                     “We undertook extensive research      Both Brent and Ann are positive
                                     into various franchise businesses     about their future with Quest
                                     but what stood out for us about       and look forward to a long
                                     Quest was the vision and passion      partnership with the business.
                                     Paul Constantinou had for the         Their advice to potential
                                     business, and how this had            franchisees about why Quest is a
                                     translated into a strong and          wonderful company to be part of
                                     successful national brand. It was     is simple:
                                     important for us to be involved
                                     with a brand we could feel proud      “The Quest franchise system
                                     of and we are delighted we made       offers you a proven business
Brent Howard & Ann Crowhurst                                               model that has been successful
                                     the choice to put our trust in
Franchisees,                         Quest,” says Ann.                     across Australia. The people
Quest St Leonards, NSW                                                     in the business are supportive
                                     Both Brent and Ann are involved       and encouraging and it’s a
                                     in the daily operations of the        very exciting time to be part of
In early 2016, husband and
                                     business and are aligned on           Quest with international growth
wife team Brent Howard and
                                     what has made their business          planned in the future,” said Brent.
Ann Crowhurst took the plunge
                                     successful in a short period of
and moved from Melbourne to
Sydney to launch their first Quest
franchise business at Quest St       “The Quest network has provided
Leonards.                            us with advice and support
                                     every step of the way, which has
Prior to working with Quest, both
                                     enabled us to tap into experts
Brent and Ann had significant
                                     with years of experience that has
management experience – Brent
                                     been invaluable. We also focus
having worked in procurement
                                     on our staff, making sure they
for many years and more recently
                                     are empowered in their roles
managing two successful Grill’d
                                     and feel like part of our ‘Quest St
franchises in Melbourne, and
                                     Leonards’ family. When it comes
Ann working in senior sales and
                                     to our guests – they of course
marketing roles.
                                     are paramount to our business
When Brent and Ann decided they      so we are constantly evolving
needed a new challenge, the only     and listening to feedback so
proviso was that the business        that we can create a better and
they chose to invest in had a        more personalised experience for
proven and successful franchise      them,” said Brent.
FRANCHISING WITH QUEST - - Inside Franchise Business
     As Australasia’s largest network of apartment hotel     Quest’s relationships with these customers provide
     businesses, Quest is considered a reliable choice for   Franchisees with an opportunity to participate in
     corporate Australia in meeting their accommodation      centrally coordinated national tenders.
     needs nationally.
                                                             Quest has a dedicated team of National Account
                                                             Managers who have the daily responsibility of
     “Currently, Quest is used by over 80%                   managing the relationship with the key national
                                                             clients in their industry portfolio, coordinating
     of Australia’s Top 500 companies                        the tendering for these accounts and working to
                                                             maximise the number of Quest properties utilised
     and has a CBD, suburban and                             by these companies. Their impressive success rate
     regional presence across every                          contributes to approximately 40% of Quest group
                                                             accommodation revenues, or over 600,000 room
     state and territory in Australia.”                      nights per annum.


                                     “My involvement as a                “From a Franchisee perspective
                                                                         it really helps as we have access
                                     Franchisee has been                 to information about the future
                                                                         expectations of Quest’s corporate
                                     fantastic. While I never            clients – some of Australia’s
                                     had a lifelong dream of             biggest businesses, without
                                                                         having to go to them directly.”
                                     working in hospitality,
                                                                         Mapperson says the existence
                                     or owning my own                    of national accounts is of great
                                                                         benefit – particularly at times
                                     business, the nature of             when major clients move in or
                                                                         out of the area.
                                     Quest as a fast growing
                                                                         “Quest Corporate Office assists by
                                     company, means
                                                                         getting in contact with potential
                                     opportunities really do             accounts that are moving into
                                                                         the area. This is where you can
                                     come up regularly.”                 really rely on the network to help
                                                                         facilitate accessing and building the
Catherine Mapperson
                                                                         relationship with new companies.”
Franchisee, Quest on Dorcas
& Quest South Melbourne                                                  “What has been particularly
                                                                         terrific with the Quest business
                                                                         model is that you don’t need to
Buying a franchise was never         She says the prestige from          be an expert in everything. If you
Catherine Mapperson’s goal.          being associated with a large,      need assistance or mentoring,
But after working as a Quest         established company, with           you can tap into the Quest
employee for a number of years,      common network standards,           knowledge base – you don’t risk
she felt confident enough in         is of great benefit.                being out on your own.”
the structure and support the
company offered to Franchisees to    “The relationship with Quest        “And of course, it is not just the
invest in her own Quest business.    Corporate Office is really          support from the Corporate
                                     important as it can be very         Office, but also from other
16 years later, Mapperson relishes   difficult to get your foot in the   Franchisees who spur you on and
her position as a Franchisee for     door with major accounts. Having    give you new ideas on ways to
two Quest properties.                access to the National Account      continually improve.
                                     Managers can help with that.”
7 UK     5 GERMANY
                                         2 BELGIUM
                                        27 FRANCE
                                                                                1 GEORGIA

                                1 SPAIN

                                                                                      1 BAHRAIN

                                                                             QATAR 2         3 UAE
                                                                                               2 OMAN
                                                                  SAUDI ARABIA 5
                                                                                                                 8 INDIA

     Quest Apartment Hotels is part of one of the world’s leading serviced residence networks, Singapore-
     based The Ascott Limited (Ascott). Ascott is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore-listed company,
     CapitaLand Limited – one of Asia’s largest real estate companies. The company operates five
     international brands - Ascott, Citadines, Somerset, The Crest Collection and lyf. Ascott has over 300
     properties. This major strategic partnership, announced in 2014, offers Quest guests the benefit of true
     global reach with properties across 29 countries. Further, Quest will continue to leverage the strength
     of Ascott’s globally recognised brands and fast track its international expansion, whilst maintaining its
     successful franchise format busness along with the value and integrity of the Quest brand.

                             2            5 JAPAN

                75 CHINA
                                                       QUEST & ASCOTT
       1 LAOS           7 PHILIPPINES                  PROPERTY
        12 VIETNAM
     10 MALAYSIA
        7 SINGAPORE

         11 INDONESIA

                                 4 NT
                                                                1 FIJI

                  WA                                17 QLD
                                   SA 6
                                                   24 NSW
                                           ACT 1
                                              55 VIC
                                                             35 NZ
                                          TAS 6

     “As Franchisor, we          We’ve created a business model underpinned by a system upon which
                                 every Franchisee depends for their success. But it’s not a business model
     provide clear and           that is able to support absentee investors.

     positive leadership to      The critical key to success lies in the partnership between the Quest
                                 business and our Franchisees, which must ensure each location is
     create an environment       operated by the ‘right’ Franchisee – someone prepared to undertake
     of success.”                a rigorous assessment process to ensure the partnership will be
                                 long-lasting and rewarding for both parties.

      Quest Albury on Townsend

      Quest Docklands

Investing in a Quest franchise is not like buying          “Investing in a Quest
a job – it’s buying into a business and a way of life.
                                                           franchise is not like buying
We need our Franchisees to be energetic,
people-orientated and committed to working                 a job – it’s buying into a
within our franchise system framework.
                                                           business and a way of life.”
It helps if you have previous experience as a successful
business owner or have worked and led people within
a medium–large corporate organisation.

Our selection process gives both parties the
opportunity to fully understand whether the
partnership is right for both Franchisor and
Franchisee. This means both parties have the
right to terminate the application without
reason at any time.

The process involves 7 stages and can take up to
six months. It includes a series of self-assessment
profiles as well as interviews and spending time
working within a Quest business.

We make the process rigorous to ensure that                Carlos & Edith Del Rosario, Quest Chatswood Franchisees

it is the right fit for both parties.

Once they’ve joined the Quest family, new
Franchisees receive ongoing support during the first
year and beyond to ensure they are assisted in all
aspects of running the business.
                                                                “Field support is provided
                                                                to Franchisees through
                                                                a dedicated Franchise
                                                                Relationship Manager”

     A significant benefit of acquiring a Quest business is     In addition, our Franchise Relationship Managers are
     the ability to utilise Quest’s business format franchise   aligned with the goals of our Franchisees to maximise
     system. This system has provided business owners with      Quest’s market share in every territory in which we
     a proven format for franchise success for 30 years, and    operate. Given that business-to-business local area sales
     combined with a Franchisee’s passion and commitment,       and marketing activities are considered one of the most
     has been the cornerstone of the financial and personal     critical success factors of operating a Quest franchise
     achievement of Quest Franchisees.                          business, their role is to also focus with the Franchisee
                                                                on revenue performance.
     The Quest Franchise Operations Manual is
     comprehensive and provides Franchisees with                The widespread recognition – and power – of the
     policies, procedures, guidance, resources and              Quest brand also underpins the support provided to
     training materials on all aspects of operating a           Franchisees through national marketing campaigns.
     Quest Franchise Business. This gives Franchisees
     the benefit of a proven structure and formula for          From time to time, the Franchise Relationship Manager
     operating a Quest franchised business and allows           will call on the specialist expertise of a Business Partner
     Franchisees more time to engage with their guests,         to support a Franchisee around one or more of the
     employees and other stakeholders.                          following areas:

     Field Support                                              • Marketing
                                                                • Human Resource Management
     Field support is provided to Franchisees through a         • Refurbishment
     dedicated Franchise Relationship Manager.                  • General legal assistance & Body Corporate
     The Franchise Operations Team is dedicated and             • Operations
     passionate about supporting Franchisees to successfully    • Accounting / Bookkeeping
     operate their Quest Apartment Hotel businesses in line
     with the Quest business format franchise system.           Quest Academy

     The role of Franchise Relationship Manager offers          Quest Apartment Hotels franchisees receive
     continuing business advice and coaching in areas such      professional, practical instruction in Business
     as revenue generation, operational improvement,            Operations, Managing the Business, Sales &
     business planning, financial management and                Marketing, Accounting and Financial Management
     monitoring, compliance and stakeholder management.         through ongoing training workshops and webinars
                                                                which are centrally delivered through the Franchisor.


                                   With a background in a variety         “One of the great things
                                   of management roles in the
                                   corporate world, Phil Willey,          about being a Quest
                                   Franchisee of Quest Penrith,
                                   Quest Griffith and Quest Nowra in
                                                                          Franchisee is that you
                                   regional New South Wales, came         are working for yourself;
                                   to Quest Apartment Hotels with a
                                   key skill – the ability to build and   it is your business and
                                   maintain relationships.
                                                                          you can have a direct
                                   “Relationships are very important
                                   as a Quest Franchisee. Not only        impact on its success.”
                                   the relationships you have with
                                   your guests, but all stakeholders,
                                   including your own team
                                   members, the landlords, suppliers      “My advice to potential Quest
                                   and Quest Corporate Office staff,”     Franchisees is to have the passion
                                   says Phil.                             for running your own business,
                                                                          and a willingness to commit to
                                   “One of the great things about         working in the business, to ensure
Phil Willey
                                   being a Quest Franchisee is that       you are at the helm to drive its
Franchisee, Quest Penrith, Quest   you are working for yourself; it is    growth. If someone had told me
Nowra, and Quest Griffith          your business and you can have         when I joined Quest that I would
                                   a direct impact on its success.        own a second Quest business
                                   However, the ability to be a           within two years, I would have
                                   business owner is teamed with          told them they had rocks in their
                                   a strong, nationally recognised        head! Quest Franchisees come
                                   brand, and the support of the          from all walks of life, so speak to
                                   Franchisor. The support offered        a few to understand their journey.
                                   by Quest Corporate Office is           Running a Quest franchise
                                   extensive and covers sales             business is common sense
                                   and marketing, legal, HR,              – I failed HSC, and if I can do it,
                                   and administration.                    anyone can!”
     To become a Quest Franchisee you must be prepared                                        of professional satisfaction and lifestyle are also
     to make a significant investment and commitment to                                       significant.
     the business, both personally and financially.
                                                                                              However, overall success depends on many factors,
     And whilst a typical Quest Franchisee can achieve                                        including your ability and commitment to the business.
     an operating return to the Franchise between 10%
     – 20% 1 per cent of turnover, the rewards in terms                                       The following information will assist you in evaluating
                                                                                              the resources required to take the next step.

     Application fee                                      $1,000 plus GST per application.
                                                          This application fee forms part of the approval process

     Initial franchise fee                                $50,000 plus GST
                                                          This covers start up training costs provided by Quest.
                                                          (Travel and Accommodation not included)

     Legal fees for independent advice                    Prior to purchasing a Quest franchise, you would need to obtain independent legal
                                                          advice. Legal fees vary depending on who you hire and which state you live in.

     Stamp duty                                           May be payable on the documentation. Stamp duty laws vary from State to State
                                                          so you are encouraged to obtain independent legal advice.
     Total Franchise business cost                        $750,000 upwards
                                                          The cost of a Quest franchise is calculated based on several factors including number
                                                          of apartments, tenure, location and existing conditions. Quest is accredited with a
                                                          number of major Australian Banks who have provided funding of up to 70% of the
                                                          value of the business2.

     Prepaid expenses                                     Between $30,000 and $150,000 plus GST (indicative costs)
                                                          These costs contribute to the purchase of the existing prepaid expenses of the business

     Additional funds including                           To qualify for a Quest franchise, you must have sufficient working capital available to
     working capital                                      you, the amount of which will vary depending on the size and maturity of the business
                                                          as well as other factors.

     Gross sales fee                                      8% of Gross Sales plus GST (payable monthly in arrears)

     Brand fee                                            1% of Gross Sales plus GST (payable monthly in arrears)

           Initial costs and establishment costs may vary depending on a number of factors.
           For the year ended June 30, 2017, based on returns provided by 66% of mature businesses.
           This is an illustrative figure and not a prediction of future performance of any Franchisee’s particular business.
           F unding levels provided by banks may vary depending on a number of factors, including the circumstances of the individual Applicant/s. Quest requires
            compliance to its maximum franchise gearing policy of 60% for Greenfield Sites and 70% for Existing Sites.
       Note: The information provided in this brochure is current as at March 2018. Quest reserves its rights to vary any of the conditions or terms contained herein.



QUEST                                                                            AUSTRALIA
                                                                                                       NEW ZEALAND

AUSTRALIA                                                                                     FIJI & NZ
VICTORIA                       QUEENSLAND                     NEW SOUTH WALES                 FIJI
Melbourne CBD                 Brisbane CBD                   Sydney suburbs                  Suva
Quest Docklands                Quest River Park Central       Quest Bella Vista               Quest Suva
Quest Grand Hotel Melbourne    Quest South Brisbane           Quest Bondi Junction
Quest Jolimont                 Quest Spring Hill              Quest Campbelltown
Quest on Bourke                                               Quest Castle Hill               NEW ZEALAND
Quest Gordon Place             Brisbane suburbs               Quest Chatswood
Quest NewQuay                  Quest Ascot                    Quest Cronulla Beach            North Island
Quest on Lonsdale              Quest Breakfast Creek          Quest Liverpool                 Quest on Durham
Quest Southbank                Quest Cannon Hill              Quest Macquarie Park           Quest Hamilton
Quest on William               Quest Chermside                 Quest Manly                    Quest Mount Maunganui
                               Quest Chermside on Playfield    Quest Mascot                   Quest Napier
Melbourne suburbs              Quest Eight Mile Plains         Quest North Ryde               Quest New Plymouth
Quest Abbotsford               Quest Ipswich                   Quest Penrith                  Quest Palmerston North
Quest Brighton on the Bay      Quest Kelvin Grove              Quest Potts Point              Quest Rotorua Central
Quest Bundoora                 Quest on Story Bridge           Quest St Leonards              Quest Taupo
Quest Carlton on Finlay        Quest Springfield Central       Quest at Sydney Olympic Park   Quest on Ward
Quest Caroline Springs         Quest Woolloongabba                                            Quest Whangarei
Quest Cheltenham                                              Regional
Quest on Chapel                Regional                       Quest Albury                    Auckland
Quest Dandenong                Quest Gladstone                Quest Albury on Townsend        Quest Albany
Quest Dandenong Central        Quest Mackay                   Quest Dubbo                     Quest Auckland
Quest Doncaster                Quest Mackay on Gordon         Quest Griffith                  Quest Carlaw Park
Quest on Dorcas                Quest Rockhampton              Quest Maitland                 Quest Henderson
Quest East Melbourne           Quest Toowoomba                Quest Newcastle                 Quest Highbrook
Quest Epping                   Quest Townsville               Quest Newcastle West            Quest on Beaumont
Quest Flemington               Quest Townsville on Eyre       Quest Nowra                     Quest on Eden
Quest Flemington Central                                      Quest Orange                    Quest on Hobson
Quest Frankston                                               Quest Singleton                Quest Newmarket
Quest Frankston on the Bay
                               SOUTH AUSTRALIA                 Quest Tamworth                 Quest Parnell
Quest Glen Waverley                                            Quest Wagga Wagga            Quest Ponsonby
                               Adelaide CBD                                                   Quest on Queen
Quest Hawthorn                 Quest on Franklin                Quest Wollongong
Quest Ivanhoe                  Quest on King William                                          Wellington
Quest Kew                      Quest King William South                                       Quest Atrium
Quest Maribyrnong                                             TASMANIA                        Quest on Johnston
Quest Melbourne Airport        Adelaide suburbs                                               Quest on Lambton
Quest Mont Albert              Quest Mawson Lakes             Hobart CBD
                                                              Quest Savoy                     Quest Petone
Quest Moonee Valley            Quest Port Adelaide                                            Quest on the Terrace
Quest Moorabbin                                               Quest Trinity House
                               Regional                       Quest Waterfront                Quest on Thorndon
Quest Narre Warren                                                                            Quest Wellington
Quest Notting Hill             Quest Whyalla
Quest Prahran                                                 Quest Launceston                South Island
Quest Royal Gardens                                                                           Quest Christchurch
Quest Sanctuary Lakes
                               WESTERN AUSTRALIA                                              Quest Dunedin
Quest St Kilda Bayside         Perth CBD                      ACT                             Quest Invercargill
Quest on St Kilda Road         Quest East Perth                                               Quest Nelson
Quest Werribee                 Quest Mounts Bay Road          Canberra CBD
Quest Williamstown             Quest West End                 Quest Canberra
Quest Williamstown North       Quest West Perth               Quest Canberra City Walk
Quest Windsor
                               Perth suburbs
Regional                       Quest Fremantle                NORTHERN TERRITORY
Quest Ballarat                 Quest Innaloo
Quest Bendigo                  Quest Midland                  Darwin suburbs
Quest Bendigo Central          Quest on Rheola                Quest Berrimah
Quest Echuca                   Quest Rockingham               Quest Palmerston
Quest Geelong                  Quest Scarborough              Quest Parap
Quest Mildura                  Quest South Perth
Quest Portland                                                Regional
                               Quest South Perth Foreshore
Quest Sale                                                    Quest Alice Springs
Quest Schaller Hotel Bendigo   Regional
Quest Shepparton               Quest Bunbury
Quest Warrnambool              Quest Yelverton Kalgoorlie
Quest Wodonga                  Quest Mandurah
Level 21 / 390 St Kilda Road Melbourne VIC 3004 Australia ABN 25 119 523 483
T 1800 809 913 or +61 3 8699 1500 F +61 3 8699 1555
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