Clay News - Clay Electric Cooperative

Clay News - Clay Electric Cooperative
Clay News
       7784 Old Hwy. 50     P.O. Box 517    Flora, Illinois 62839     618/662-2171     800/582-9012

From the Manager
T     ime flies when you are having
      fun, and I find new excite-
ment every day I come in to Clay
                                           As the weather starts to turn, it’s
                                        time to get some projects underway.
                                        I’m happy to announce that we                               Luke Johnson
Electric Co-operative as your           have been working on a three phase                          CEO
CEO. Coming into our new office         rebuild project in the Iola area. The
building at 7784 Old Highway            project will rebuild several miles of
50 in Flora still makes me smile.       line and increase the reliability of
Especially when I think on how          our infrastructure in the Iola area.     We encourage any of our members
much value our new facility adds to     This is one of many improvement          interested in a solar build, or infor-
your cooperative and how we were        projects we plan to implement this       mation on ways to improve their
able to provide it for you with no      year. We work hard to provide the        home’s efficiency to lower cost, to
increase in rates. 14571-001            best, most reliable service to all our   contact us before starting any build-
   I am excited to have been part       members possible.                        ing project. With so many moving
of selecting our Youth Tour par-           Solar installations continue to be    parts, it’s always best to make sure
ticipants from among the Junior         a topic that comes up around the         you understand the full impact and
Classes of our local area high          office and in my conversations with      potential pitfalls of any major con-
schools. I look forward to taking       members. It is important for our         struction project.
them to Springfield to meet with        members to know that any solar              As you flip through your center
our legislators and to experience a     installation must be owned by the        section, keep your eyes peeled for
bit of how our government works.        member. Please call or stop by if        your member number. There are
I’m also excited to tour them around    you have any questions about what        three member numbers hidden in
our state capital and let them absorb   kind of builds work in our area.         Clay Electric News. If you find your
some of our state’s and nation’s        With different laws and subsidies        number and give us a call you win
history through the museums and         in flux at the state level, there are    $5 off your next bill! 12173-001
historical sites of Springfield.        lots of questions floating around.

                                                                                             MARCH 2019   • ILLINOIS COUNTRY LIVING   20a
Clay News - Clay Electric Cooperative
Clay Electric Co-operative celebrates
             new office opening
             T     his month marks the cul-
                   mination of Clay Electric
             Co-operative’s efforts to provide
                                                       75th anniversary. It is fitting that
                                                       this month finds us returning to the
                                                       ground our offices have occupied
                                                                                                 response times and information. Our
                                                                                                 linemen’s facilities have also been
                                                                                                 overhauled to give them access to
             the membership with a modern and          since the cooperative was founded.        more technology and information to
             efficient facility. According to former      Our old office building at 7784        better respond to outages both during
             CEO Edward VanHoose, “The old             Old Highway 50 in Flora was our           regular business hours and on emer-
             office building was at the point of       home until last year. Maintenance on      gency callouts.
             spending more money for repairs           the building was adding up quickly           Efficiency hasn’t only been
             than it was worth.” While the exact       and the continued repair costs were       improved with our staff, but in the
             date hasn’t been set, we encourage our    becoming unreasonable. Your Clay          building itself. High efficiency geo-
             members to keep an eye and an ear         Electric board of trustees made the       thermal heating and cooling tech-
             open for the announcement of our          decision several years ago to begin the   nology provides a comfortable work
             official reopening.                       process of designing and analyzing        environment and significantly lower
                Clay Electric Co-operative has         the cost and layout of a new build-       energy usage than more traditional
             been providing its members with           ing on the property. With a few good      systems. By reducing our expenses,
             electrical power for the last 75 years.   years and the refinancing of some         we ensure the best use of our mem-
             Born during the years of World War        debt on better terms, your cooperative    ber’s resources. As a cooperative, we
             II, Clay Electric faced many hard-        was able to fund the building plan        are a nonprofit utility. Any money
             ships and setbacks in its first years.    without increasing electric rates for     we collect over the cost of operation
             Members at the time found supplies        our membership.                           is paid back to our membership as
             laid aside for the construction of the       Clay Electric Co-operative’s new       capital credits. By lowering our offices
             first powerlines on the system given      office has been designed to maximize      operational costs, we put more money
             up to the war effort. Although area       the efficiency of both our frontline      back in the pockets of our member-
             farmers had organized the coopera-        service staff and our line crews. An      ship. 8051-001
             tive in 1940, the first lines weren’t     optimized layout for records and             Clay Electric Co-operative is com-
             energized until 1944. These hard-         bookkeeping gives our office staff        mitted to providing our member-
             ships were borne with the quiet           easy access to information to address     owners with safe, adequate and
             strength and dignity found in the         the concerns of the membership. It        reliable electric service, superior cus-
             greatest generation and in our mid-       allows them to troubleshoot prob-         tomer service, and innovative energy
             western culture. This year marks our      lems and dispatch crews with better       solutions, all at reasonable prices.

Clay News - Clay Electric Cooperative
Home Electrical                                                            Energy Efficiency
                                                                           Tip of the Month

 Inspection:                                                               Spring is nearly here! Now is
                                                                           the perfect time to test your
                                                                           A/C       is nearly
                                                                                and ensure
                                                                           summer.   Remember
                                                                                                  here! for
                                                                                             it’s ready
                                                                            Now is the perfect     to time

           Pass or Fail?
                                                                           the evaporator coil, which
                                                                            to test
                                                                           should beyour    A/Cannually
                                                                                      cleaned      and for
                                                                           optimal   it’s ready for
Would your home pass an electrical inspection?
Local electrical codes vary, so check with your
                                                                             summer. Remember to

 qualified electrician, but here are five things                             check the evaporator
           your home should have:                                            coil, which should be
                                                                             cleaned annually for
                                                                             optimal efficiency.

              Wiring should be sound (not overcrowded
              or knob-and-tube wiring used in old homes).

                                                                               Clay Electric
                                                                             Co-operative, Inc.
                                         Outlets near water
Ceiling fixtures should be               should have GFCIs
controlled by a wall switch              (ground fault circuit
and not just a pull chain.               interrupters).
                                                                                 7784 Old Hwy. 50,
                                                                                     P.O. Box 517,
             Your refrigerator, microwave                                        Flora, Illinois 62839
             and garbage disposal should
             each have its own circuit.                                             618-662-2171
                  Your island should                                                Office hours:
                  have its own outlet.
                                                                               7:30 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.
       Learn more at

                                         Every month we will have three member numbers hidden
                                         throughout Clay Electric News. If you find your member number
                                         that corresponds to the one found on the upper right corner of
                                         your bill, call our office and identify your number and the page it’s
                                         on. If correct, you will win a $5 credit on your next electric bill.

                                                                                         MARCH 2019   • ILLINOIS COUNTRY LIVING   20c
Clay News - Clay Electric Cooperative
Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting
             January 28, 2019

             T     he regular meeting of the Board of
                   Trustees of Clay Electric Cooperative,
             Inc. (CECI) was held at the Depot in
                                                            and Bob Pierson as the Alternate.
                                                               DISCUSSED, a billing issue with a
                                                            member. APPROVED, adjusting the
                                                                                                         recommendation of purchasing Truck 2
                                                                                                         Replacement from Altec.
                                                                                                            DISCUSSED, the new building
             Flora, Illinois beginning at 1:00 o’clock      member’s rate on forthcoming bills with-     progress.
             p.m. on Monday, Jan. 28, 2019.                 out back billing.                               RECOGNIZED, Bob Pierson as a
                Trustees present were: Frank Czyzewski,        APPROVED, the IRS Mileage Rate of         Gold Certificate Director.
             Kevin Logan, Bill Croy, Bob Pierson,           58 cents per mile.                              REVIEWED, Board Training courses
             Richard Rudolphi, Neil Gould, Danny               APPROVED, Richard Rudolphi as the         NRECA 2610 and 963.
             Schnepper, Frank Herman and Greg               AIEC Voting Delegate and Kevin Logan            APPROVED, entering into Executive
             Smith. Also present were: Luke Johnson,        as the alternate.                            Session at 3:15 p.m. to discuss personnel.
             CEO, and Tyra Cycholl, attorney for the           APPROVED, Kevin Logan as the                 APPROVED, exiting Executive
             board. The meeting was opened by Richard       AIEC Delegate and Richard Rudolphi as        Session and returning to Regular Session
             Rudolphi, who presided and Bob Pierson,        the alternate.                               at 3:20 p.m.
             secretary, acted as secretary thereof.            APPROVED, Frank Herman, Greg                 HEARD, a financial report by Luke
                The invocation was given by Frank           Smith, Richard Rudolphi and Luke             Johnson as to the following:
             Herman.                                        Johnson as the SIPC Delegates to the              December 2018 Form 7;
                The following proceedings were had          Annual Meeting.                                   December 2018 Balance Sheet;
             [all action being first duly moved and sec-       APPROVED, removing Ed VanHoose                 December 2018 Cash Flow;
             onded, and all action taken being upon the     as the Registered Agent and adding Luke           SIPC Power Delivered in December
             unanimous vote of the board or without         Johnson as the Registered Agent.                  2018 dated Jan. 8, 2018;
             dissenting vote of abstention unless other-       APPROVED, crediting the presented              • December 2018 Power Factor;
             wise stated]:                                  Solar customers for overcharges and put-          • December Power Cost Adder;
                APPROVED, the Suggested Agenda.             ting all applicable Solar accounts on Rate        • LMR Credits.
                APPROVED, the Consent Agenda                51.                                               December Line Loss;
             including the following:                          APPROVED, the Policy updates on:               Monthly Reconciliation.
                   APPROVED, the Minutes of Dec.                • Policy 600-2;                             HEARD, a General Safety Report for
                   17, 2018 and the Minutes of the              • Policy 1000-1;                         the month of December 2018.
                   Special Board meeting held Dec. 17,          • Policy 1000-15;                           REVIEWED, the Monday morning
                   2018.                                        • Policy 1000-44.                        safety meeting sheet dated Jan. 21, 2018.
                   APPROVED, (a) to admit to mem-              REVIEWED, Policy 800-21. Tyra                HEARD and APPROVED, the
                   bership those two applicants con-        Cycholl to revise.                           Manager’s report by Luke Johnson on the
                   nected for service since the last such      WERE REMINDED, Norris                     following topics.
                   review by the board, and (b) cancel      Electric’s Annual Meeting is Feb. 9, 2019         • December Operations Report;
                   those six former members shown on        at Newton High School at 10 a.m.                  • Auditors Letter of Engagement;
                   the Manager’s Report since the last         WERE REMINDED, the NRECA                       • Upcoming meetings
                   such review by the Board, said mem-      Annual Meeting is March 12, 2019 at             REVIEWED, the December
                   bers no longer taking service;           11 a.m. at Orange County Convention          Operations Report.
                   APPROVED, the Work Orders;               Center in Orlando, Fla.                         REVIEWED, the Auditors Letter of
                   APPROVED, the Disbursements;                REVIEWED, the CFC Line of Credit.         Engagement. They will be in the office
                   REVIEWED, the Credit Card                   WERE ADVISED, the CFC Rate                March 7-8.
                   Statements;                              Lock was executed.                              WERE REMINDED, of upcoming
                   REVIEWED, the Attorney                      HEARD, a report from Frank Herman         meetings on Feb. 25, 2019 at 1 p.m. at the
                   Retainer;                                regarding the SIPC Meeting held Dec.         Clay board room; April 1, 2019 at 1 p.m.
                   APPROVED, the insurance                  20, 2018 and REVIEWED, the year-end          at the Clay board room; April 22, 2019 at
                   certificates:                            summary.                                     1 p.m. at the Clay board room; Strategic
                   REVIEWED, the Account                       WERE INFORMED, of the SIPC                Planning on April 10 from 10 a.m.–4 p.m.
                   Summary Report;                          Patronage Capital.                           and April 11 from 8 a.m.-noon.
                   REVIEWED, the CRC Board                     HEARD, a report by Kevin Logan of            REVIEWED, thank you note from
                   Report.                                  the AIEC Board Meetings held Dec. 20,        Luke Johnson.
                DISCUSSED, the CoBank Director              2018 and Jan. 17, 2019.                      There being no further business to come
             Elections.                                        REVIEWED, the Committee meeting           before the board, said meeting was
                APPROVED, Kevin Logan as the                report regarding Truck 2 Replacement;        declared adjourned at 3:45 p.m.
             CFC Annual Meeting Voting Delegate                APPROVED, the Committee

Clay News - Clay Electric Cooperative Clay News - Clay Electric Cooperative Clay News - Clay Electric Cooperative
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