FULL HOUSE - Yale-NUS College

FULL HOUSE - Yale-NUS College
FULL HOUSE - Yale-NUS College
FULL HOUSE - Yale-NUS College

A community of learning,
Founded by two great universities,
In Asia, for the world.

Yale-NUS College, a residential college located in Singapore, aims to redefine
liberal arts and science education for a complex, interconnected world.

A community of learning                                  Founded by two great universities
We are a diverse group of students, faculty, staff,      An intimate liberal arts college, dedicated
and supporters, dedicated to building a community        to undergraduate education, Yale-NUS
in which living and learning are intertwined and         draws on the resources and traditions of two
habits of creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking   great universities. We pursue excellence
are encouraged. Our innovative curriculum                through innovative teaching and research,
integrates knowledge from across the disciplines         and we provide global opportunities for
and around the world.                                    our students.

In Asia                                                  For the world
Our location at the crossroads of Asia informs           We educate citizens of the world and uphold the
our pedagogy. Drawing on active modes of                 principles of free exchange of ideas, pluralism,
learning associated with American liberal arts           and respect for diversity. Our extra-curricular
education, we introduce our students to the diverse      and residential programmes support student
intellectual traditions and cultures of Asia and         learning and encourage an ethic of service. By
the world.                                               our example, we seek to spur innovation in
                                                         higher education across the globe.
FULL HOUSE - Yale-NUS College


Message from
the Founding President

08                       42
Full Year                Full Swing

Full Heart
FULL HOUSE - Yale-NUS College

founding PRESIDENT

Our theme for 2016 has             have allowed talented              and ideas and even ways
been ‘Full House’. For the         students to attend regardless      of life that challenge one’s
first time, we have four classes   of their means.                    preconceptions. Our
of students on campus and                                             distinguished faculty, who
are offering a full four years’    Even though we think of            are leaders in a variety of
instruction, from the Class of     Yale-NUS as a second home,         academic fields, provide
2017 who are approaching           we do not expect this home         this kind of challenge to our
graduation to the Class of         to always be comfortable.          students daily. This does not
2020 who have just arrived.        Living with an extended            mean that students need to
We want Yale-NUS College           family of students, faculty,       take on board every idea
to be our students’ home for       and staff from over 50             that their professors or
the four years they spend          different countries, with a wide   classmates propose to them.
with us in this wonderful          range of experiences, views,       It is each student’s job to
community on this magnificent      and customs, students may          approach the new ideas they
campus, which was awarded          sometimes find themselves          encounter with an open mind,
the International Architecture     outside what we have learned       weigh these new perspectives
Award 2016. We are very            to call their ‘comfort zones’.     and arguments, and come
grateful for the generous          This is not a bad thing.           to their own conclusions
support of benefactors who                                            about matters of great
have made the development          An important part of education     importance for themselves
of the College possible and        is being exposed to views          and their communities.
FULL HOUSE - Yale-NUS College

We invite our students to              students set to graduate in            for shelter nor floor for
engage in debates and                  mid-2017, some will go on              anchorage, neither starting-
discussions about political            to careers in different fields,        place nor appointed
and social matters. A liberal          some to graduate schools,              destination. The enterprise
education has traditionally,           while others will embark on            is to keep afloat on an
since ancient times, meant an          exciting ventures where their          even keel; the sea is both
education appropriate for free         passion takes them. Each of            friend and enemy; and the
citizens. This does not imply          us will have our own ideas             seamanship consists in using
that everyone with a liberal           about how to attain our varied         the resources of a traditional
education will come out on             goals, but I think we all share        manner of behavior in order
a particular side of political         a view that justice and peace          to make a friend of every
matters—liberal, conservative,         are important underpinnings            hostile occasion.”
socialist, nationalist or otherwise.   of any future world that our
But it does imply that one             students would like to inherit       It seems to me that this
of the goals of this type of           and would want to build for          passage, which describes
education is to make our               future generations.                  political life, is also highly
students more thoughtful                                                    relevant to our students’
contributors to society, people        In doing so, students should         education. In joining us at
who can engage in reasoned             keep in mind the importance          Yale-NUS, they set out on a
discourse with others about            of respect and tolerance for         journey. None of us knows
the way they want their nation         the views of others. Sometimes       exactly where it will end. I
or the global community to             we become so convinced of            am enough of an optimist to
develop. We want our students          the justice or righteousness         believe that it will end well,
to develop into active and             of our own views that we risk        but I cannot tell our students
thoughtful citizens. Visits from       unnecessarily trampling of           exactly which way to steer.
government leaders such as             the feelings of others or, more      We provide them with some of
then-Acting Ministers for              insidiously, creating an aura        the equipment and techniques
Education Ong Ye Kung and              of soft censorship in which          to keep afloat, and we provide
Ng Chee Meng, international            people feel unfree to express        support if they ever feel out
experts such as Professor              dissenting views. A Yale-NUS         of their depths. We hope for
David Heymann of the                   education should allow for           smooth sailing, but ultimately
World Health Organization,             an unfettered and respectful         I let all of our students know,
and industry executives                exchange of views.                   in words from a Victorian
from Disney International                                                   poet, “you are the master of
and Microsoft give our                 A related challenge for              your fate, you are the captain
student unique insights into           students is the desire to            of your soul.” That is what a
challenges facing the global           see the world remade right           liberal education is all about.
community today.                       away. This comes from an
                                       admirable place—the thirst
A global curriculum is core to         for justice makes some young
a Yale-NUS education and I             people impatient. But for the        Professor Pericles Lewis
remind students every year of          most part, except in cases of        Founding President
a part of our vision statement:        extreme injustice, progress          Yale-NUS College
“In Asia, for the world.” We           comes gradually. In his
hope that during their time            lecture of 1951 on ‘Political
here students will take on that        Education’, Michael Oakeshott
broader, global perspective            offers a metaphor for politics,
and work for change, whether           drawing on the ancient image
in their own communities or            of the ship of state:
internationally, in order to
build a society that is more just        “In political activity, men sail
and above all more peaceful.             a boundless and bottomless
With our pioneer batch of                sea; there is neither harbour
FULL HOUSE - Yale-NUS College


     700             50

     58              14

     3               25

FULL HOUSE - Yale-NUS College

63,000            7

FULL HOUSE - Yale-NUS College
FULL HOUSE - Yale-NUS College
2016 has been a remarkable year for
Yale-NUS College. For the first time, we
have classes across all four years, bringing
our student population to more than 700.
We also celebrated achievements across
different spectrums – faculty research, student
achievements – and earned another campus
award, as well as welcomed many guests and
new friends to our campus.
10   Full YEAR

college Milestones

Welcoming the                       new class was a significant
                                    milestone for the College, as
                                                                        leadership, then-President of the
                                                                        Yale-NUS Student Government,
Class of 2020                       it was the first time Yale-NUS      Regina Lee (Class of 2018),
                                    had a full house of four classes    and a member of the faculty
                                    of students on campus. At           nominated by students,
                                    steady state, the College plans     Assistant Professor of Social
                                    to have four classes of 250         Sciences Anju Mary Paul.
                                    students each on campus.
On 5 August 2016, the                                                   “We will provide you with some of
Yale-NUS College community          The Assembly was graced by          the equipment and techniques to
formally welcomed more              Mdm Kay Kuok, Chairperson of        keep afloat, and we will certainly
than 200 students at the            the Yale-NUS Governing Board;       provide support if you ever feel
First Year Assembly, an             Professor Tan Chorh Chuan,          that you are out of your depths,”
event held annually on              President of the National           Founding President Pericles Lewis
campus as a ceremonial              University of Singapore (NUS);      said as he welcomed the class to
welcome for new students.           members of the Yale-NUS             their new home. “We will hope
                                    College administration and          for smooth sailing, but ultimately
The First Year Assembly is the      faculty, as well as family and      in words from a Victorian poet,
culmination of two weeks of         friends of the incoming students.   ‘you are the master of your fate,
orientation programmes. This                                            you are the captain of your soul’.”
year, the introductory activities   The new class heard warm
were centred on the theme           welcome speeches from               “That is what a liberal education
‘Full House’. The arrival of the    members of the College’s senior     is all about,” he shared.

                                                      The Yale-NUS

                                                      In 2016, Yale-NUS College
                                                      launched its official mascot
                                                      – Halcyon (pronounced:
                                                      hel-see-uhn). The name
                                                      is originally derived
                                                      from Greek mythology
                                                      for a generic grouping
                                                      of various kingfisher
                                                      breeds. This subspecies
                                                      of blue-eared kingfisher
                                                      is small in size and
                                                      easily distinguishable
                                                      by its deep blue and
                                                      reddish-orange feathers,
                                                      symbolic of the small-sized
                                                      community and vibrancy
                                                      of Yale-NUS in the higher
                                                      education landscape.
                                                      Students, faculty and staff
                                                      were invited to submit
                                                      nominations for the mascot,
                                                      and the kingfisher was
                                                      eventually chosen as
                                                      a representation of the
                                                      ideals of the Yale-NUS
                                                      community – Youthfulness,
                                                      Creativity, Curiosity and
                                                      an Adventurous Spirit.

  Dr Anju Mary Paul,                                  Native to Singapore and
  nominated faculty speaker.                          some parts of Southeast
                                                      Asia, the kingfisher reflects
                                                      Yale-NUS College’s
“Yale-NUS is small but we dream big dreams… In        location and its
our intimacy, we find the opportunity to learn from   commitment to develop
one another and imagine a better world.”              a community of learning
                                                      that is based in Asia,
- Dr Anju Mary Paul,                                  for the world.
nominated faculty speaker

International                   and Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects
                                (USA), was one of 370
                                                                      The campus was first lauded
                                                                      for its green building designs
Architecture                    projects shortlisted from             while still under construction
                                hundreds of submissions               in 2013, when it received
Award 2016                      around the world. A jury              the Green Mark Platinum
                                of Italian architects and             Award from the Building
                                critics selected the final 130        and Construction Authority
                                awardees, with eight projects         (BCA) of Singapore. The
                                recognised from Singapore,            award recognised green
                                including Yale-NUS College,           features such as the eco-pond,
In May 2016, Yale-NUS           the ArtScience Museum and             stormwater treatment system,
College’s campus was awarded    Project Jewel at Changi Airport.      energy-efficient sensors and
the prestigious International                                         the maximisation of natural
Architecture Award 2016, as     “The award is just saying what I      light all over the campus.
recognised by The Chicago       have always felt; that this project
Athenaeum: Museum of            is an incredible accomplishment       In 2014, Yale-NUS College
Architecture and Design,        made possible by the joint            was also the first educational
together with The European      efforts of many extremely             institution to receive the
Centre for Architecture Art     hardworking, committed and            Landscape Excellence
Design and Urban Studies and    very smart people from two            Assessment Framework (LEAF)
Metropolitan Arts Press, Ltd.   seemingly different parts of          certification given out by the
                                the world,” commented Mr              National Parks Board (NParks)
The campus, designed by         Tan Kok Hiang, Director of            in recognition of its ecologically
Forum Architects (Singapore)    Forum Architects Pte Ltd.             friendly landscapes.

 Jasmine Seah, Associate Director, Admissions &
 Financial Aid, speaking at Open Day 2016.

Open Day 2016                                  Yale-NUS hosted Open Day          Prospective students also
                                               on its own campus, which          had a taste of the unique
                                               was inaugurated in October        Yale-NUS education
                                               2015. A dazzling array of         model from sample classes
                                               activities was available across   scheduled throughout
                                               the campus for prospective        the day, and had the
On 12 March 2016, Yale-NUS                     students, who had the             opportunity to hear from
College welcomed throngs of                    opportunity to meet with          distinguished employers from
visitors to its campus as part                 admissions counsellors and        Google, Bain and Company,
of the National University of                  current students to discover      and Tata Communications
Singapore’s (NUS) Open Day                     more about the College’s          on the value of hiring
2016. This was the first time                  community of learning.            liberal arts graduates.

 Assistant Professor of Science Stanislav Presolski
 teaching a sample class.
14   Full YEAR

Globalising the                   a new liberal arts college
                                  in Asia, we aim to discuss
                                                                  Hamilton Professor of American
                                                                  Studies, Columbia University
Liberal Arts                      how our experience might        (in photo below); Michael
                                  prove relevant to curricular    Roth, President, Wesleyan
                                  innovation in the United        University; and Carol
                                  States,” said Founding          Geary Schneider, President,
                                  President of Yale-NUS,          Association of American
                                  Professor Pericles Lewis.       Colleges and Universities.
From 6 to 9 June 2016,
Yale-NUS College held a four-     The symposium included          The event was funded with
day symposium and workshop        keynote presentations by        grants from the Henry
at Yale University titled         notable figures in the higher   Luce Foundation, Teagle
‘Globalising the Liberal Arts’.   education scene, such as        Foundation, and the J Y Pillay
                                  Andrew Delbanco, Alexander      Global-Asia Programme.
Attended by more than 90
thought leaders in higher
education from leading liberal
arts colleges and universities
around the United States,
the discussion centred on
innovation in liberal arts and
science education and the
future of higher education.
The workshop also offered
the opportunity of hands-on
work for faculty seeking to
re-evaluate and improve their
undergraduate curricula.

“By sharing lessons learned in
founding Yale-NUS College,
Full YEAR    15

Dean of Faculty

In August 2016, Yale-NUS
College welcomed Professor of
Science Steven Bernasek into
the position of Dean of Faculty.
As dean, Professor Bernasek
plans to further bolster the
faculty team at Yale-NUS.
He aims to concentrate on                    and undergraduate teaching       who held the position for
strengthening the pool of                    are of equal importance.         more than one term from
tenured faculty, increasing                                                   2012 to 2016, while also
the number of senior faculty,                Professor Bernasek took          holding a dual position
and continuing the recruitment               over leadership from the         as the A. Bartlett Giamatti
of talented faculty for                      inaugural Dean of Faculty,       Professor of Astronomy and
Yale-NUS, where research                     Professor Charles Bailyn,        Physics at Yale University.

Dean of
Resources &

“I believe very strongly
in the vision and mission
of Yale-NUS and
regard it a privilege to
                                             Resources & Technology (ERT).    With over 30 years of
be involved in the life                      Dean Milne helms the             experience working in research
of the College and to                        College’s largest staff          libraries, Dean Milne’s wide-
have the opportunity to                      department, providing            ranging career has seen much
contribute to its success                    leadership to four key areas:    collaboration across universities
                                             the Library, Educational         and the development of library
at an early stage in                         Technology, Arts & Media,        collections. Prior to joining the
its existence.”                              and Information Technology       College, Dean Milne was with
                                             Services. Dean Milne leads       the National Library Board
- Mr Ronald Milne,                           the team in providing for the    of Singapore on the George
Dean of Educational Resources & Technology
                                             College’s ERT needs, and aims    Lyndon Hicks Fellowship where
                                             to proactively develop more      he worked on a framework
In December 2016, Yale-NUS                   robust capabilities to further   for the development of the
College welcomed Mr Ronald                   support learning, teaching and   Library’s Singaporean and
Milne, Dean of Educational                   research within the College.     Southeast Asian collections.
16   Full YEAR

Rector, Cendana

“It’s such a privilege to
be able to help build a
new institution with
young people who are so            and oversees the residential        of Singapore, and Adjunct
                                   life experience along with          Professor of Biochemistry
bright, interesting and            the Vice Rector. As Rector,         at the National University
independent.”                      he plans to promote greater         of Singapore (NUS). At
                                   interaction amongst faculty         Yale-NUS, Rector Clarke is
- Rector Neil Clarke,              and students within the RC.         also the Head of Studies of
Cendana Residential College
                                                                       Life Sciences at Yale-NUS.
                                   A member of the inaugural
In August 2016, Associate          faculty, Rector Clarke has helped   Rector Clarke was selected
Professor of Science Neil          to build the College community      by way of student vote
Clarke took up leadership of       from the beginning. He also holds   after the inaugural Rector,
Cendana Residential College        concurrent appointments as          Associate Professor of
(RC) as Rector. As leader of       Senior Group Leader in              Humanities Derek Heng,
the RC, Rector Clarke lives in     Computational and Systems           stepped down at the end of
Cendana college with his family,   Biology at the Genome Institute     Academic Year 2015/2016.

Division of

Professor of Science Mark
Bussell joined Yale-NUS College
in August 2016 as the Director     a wealth of experience in           He was also a guest professor
of the Division of Science.        developing research                 in the Laboratory of Technical
As Director, Professor Bussell     programmes for undergraduates.      Chemistry at the Swiss Federal
is focused on enhancing the        Prior to joining the College,       Institute of Technology (ETH)
Science majors and courses         Professor Bussell served as         in Zürich in 1997-1998 and
in the Common Curriculum as        the Director for the Advanced       serves on the Petroleum
well as increasing the number      Materials Science and               Research Fund Advisory Board
of students majoring in the        Engineering Center at Western       of the American Chemical
Sciences at the College.           Washington University, a            Society (ACS-PRF, 2012
                                   programme that offers extensive     – present) and the RCSA
A professor of chemistry for       interdisciplinary research in       Cottrell Scholar Advisory
26 years, Professor Bussell has    the field of Material Science.      Committee (2015 – present).


  Angela Ferguson (second from right) receiving her award.
  Image provided by Angela.

The International                            to pursue higher education
                                             halfway across the world,
                                                                             Reflecting on her experience,
                                                                             Angela believed coming to
New York                                     in Singapore, at Yale-NUS       Yale-NUS was one of the best
                                             College. It was a daunting      decisions she has ever made,
Times Writing                                decision, especially given      describing her time here as
                                             that her friends were going     eye-opening, allowing her
Competition                                  to attend college in the US.    to learn valuable lessons not
                                                                             only in the classroom but also
                                             In 2016, Angela’s essay on      outside of it.
                                             her experience enrolling in
                                             an institution far from home,   “The process of learning more
“I think that coming                         clinched first place in the     about the world and my place
here was definitely                          university category of the      in it is something that is not
the best thing to ever                       International New York Times    unique to me – many people
                                             Writing Competition. Her        have experienced that, and I
happen to me.”                               essay, titled ‘The death of     think that I just wanted to voice
                                             comfortable education’, was     it out,” Angela shared.
- Angela Ferguson
(Class of 2018)                              featured in the Asia-Pacific
                                             edition of the International    She intended to work in
In 2014, American student                    New York Times and              Singapore after graduating,
Angela Ferguson (Class of                    republished in Singapore’s      potentially in the field
2018) took a leap of faith                   local daily, TODAY.             of journalism.

Mollie Saltskog,                               Yale-NUS College. Mollie, who
                                               hails from Sweden, majors in
                                                                                 Schwarzman, the Schwarzman
                                                                                 Scholars programme is
Schwarzman                                     Global Affairs at Yale-NUS, and   designed to meet the challenges
                                               will be studying International    of the 21st century and beyond.
Scholar                                        Studies at Tsinghua University.   Enrolled scholars will live on
                                               In 2015, Mollie pursued an        the state-of-the-art Schwarzman
                                               Independent Reading and           College at Tsinghua University
                                               Research module with Senior       for a year of immersion in an
                                               Lecturer of Social Sciences       international community of
                                               Nancy Gleason, investigating      thinkers, innovators and senior
Mollie Saltskog (Class of 2017)                female roles in al-Qaeda          leaders in business, politics
was accepted to the second                     affiliates – for which she was    and society. The programme
class of Schwarzman Scholars,                  awarded the Emirates NBD          aims to give Schwarzman
a highly competitive master’s                  Middle East Essay Prize.          Scholars the chance to develop
degree programme at Tsinghua                                                     their leadership skills and
University, Beijing, China.                    A fully funded, year-long         professional networks while
She will enrol for the course in               master’s programme founded by     pursuing a degree in Public
August 2017, after completing                  Chairman, CEO and Co-founder      Policy, Economics and Business,
her undergraduate studies at                   of Blackstone, Mr Stephen A       or International Studies.

  Mollie Saltskog receiving her award at the fourth
  annual Emirates NBD Middle East Essay Prize.
  Image provided by the Middle East Institute.

“I am beyond excited to work on further developing my leadership
skills. I want to better understand how I can make use of my
leadership skills in order to empower and inspire others, and how
I can keep working on cultivating my leadership skills throughout
my life, both in a professional and personal setting.”
- Mollie Saltskog
(Class of 2017)

Engaging in
dialogue at TEDx
Pickering Street

On 28 May 2016, Daryl
Yang (Class of 2018) shared
his experiences as a student
diversity activist to a live
                                   Image provided by
audience at TEDx Pickering         TEDx Pickering Street.
Street. Titled ‘Chasing the
Rainbow’, his speech was a
reflection on his experience as   own beliefs,” he said. Daryl,                in Singapore that aimed to
Coordinator of Yale-NUS student   who is pursuing the Yale-NUS                 connect people across cultural
organisation The G Spot, a        Double Degree Programme                      and linguistic boundaries.
gender and sexuality alliance     with NUS Law, strongly believes              Other speakers at the event
on campus. Daryl’s speech         that the local community would               included Ender Jiang, founder
aimed to convey the importance    benefit from building bridges                of local virtual reality production
of engaging in dialogue           and forming connections in spite             company Hiverlab, Jacqui
across different belief lines.    of opposing or contradicting                 Hocking, co-founder of
                                  views, and attributes this                   LateNite Films in Melbourne
“People need to start listening   belief to his educational                    and Gone Adventurin’ in
to each other [to] understand     experience at Yale-NUS.                      Singapore, and Sherena
different perspectives and                                                     Loh, founder and Executive
experiences rather than being     TEDx Pickering Street was                    Director of Muscular Dystrophy
rooted and indignant in their     the first bilingual TEDx event               Association (Singapore).

Public Policy
Challenge: Team

A team comprising three            Team Teh-C with Minister Chan Chun Sing.
                                   Image reproduced with permission from the
Yale-NUS students clinched         Public Service Division.
the honour of being one of
four top teams in the Public
Policy Challenge organised        to strengthen Singapore’s                    Centre Committee’ in the first
by the Public Service Division    position as a leader in                      round of the Challenge, which
of Singapore. Ernest Tan, Al      the digital economy while                    they later applied to the name
Lim and Keith Ng (Class of        ensuring social inclusivity. Their           of their final winning proposal:
2019), who formed Team            witty group name stood for                   Transforming the Economy of
Teh-C, proposed fresh ideas       ‘Transforming Every Hawker-                  Our Home Country (Teh-C).

Law students                            Research Project, a collaborative
                                        effort between NUS, Singapore
                                                                            100, and their presentation
                                                                            discussed the need to proceed
engaged in                              Management University and           with caution in setting out
                                        Transient Workers Count             hard rules relating to minority
community                               Too (TWC2), a non-profit            criteria for candidacy as a
                                        organisation concerned with the     Presidential candidate.
initiatives                             rights of migrant workers. Other
                                        students have also taken up pro     In September, two students –
                                        bono legal internships with other   Ong Chee Yeow and Charlotte
                                        non-governmental organisations,     Wang (Class of 2017) – were
                                        such as Justice Without             part of the NUS Law team
                                        Borders and HealthServe.            at the Asia Cup Moot Court
Jointly offered by Yale-NUS                                                 Competition 2016 that clinched
College and the Faculty of Law          In May, Amelia Chew (Class of       Best Overall Team and Best
at the National University of           2017) was a part of a group of      Memorial this year. The regional
Singapore (NUS), the five-year          four law undergraduates who         moot court competition is hosted
Double Degree Programme                 argued against the introduction     annually by Japan’s Ministry
(DDP) with NUS Law offers               of affirmative action to ensure a   of Foreign Affairs, and attracts
students a broad liberal arts           minority race president. Amelia,    teams from law schools all
education in addition to their          who is in the pioneer batch of      around Asia. This was the third
professional training in law.           DDP students, and her peers         time a team from NUS Law has
                                        were invited to speak before        won since the Cup started 19
Many DDP students make                  the Constitutional Commission       years ago. The 2016 edition
use of their legal knowledge            formed to review the Elected        of the Cup featured 43 law
to contribute to the larger             Presidency system in Singapore.     schools in total, out of which
community. For instance, Bozy           Their written submissions to        13 went on to represent their
Lu (Class of 2018) has been             the Commission were one of          country in the oral rounds
involved in the Labour Court            20 selected from more than          held in Tokyo, Japan.

 The winning team of the Asia Cup Moot Court
 Competition 2016 with Dean of NUS Law Simon Chesterman.
 Image provided by NUS Law.

CDL-Compact                          Singapore Young CSR Leaders
                                     Award. The youth case
                                                                       weaving and commercial
                                                                       designs, pioneering employee-
Singapore Young                      competition aims to promote       friendly factory spaces, and
                                     thought leadership among          creating a nature-inspired,
CSR Leaders                          future business leaders and       dust-repellant carpet structure.
                                     encourage Corporate Social        Ultimately, the team went home
Award                                Responsibility (CSR) principles   with not only a prize, but
                                     in business strategies and        invaluable work experience.
                                     practices. The winning group,
                                     Team Synergy, comprised           Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam,
                                     four students from Yale-NUS:      Deputy Prime Minister and
“From this competition,              Christina Ho (Class of 2017),     Coordinating Minister for
 I have learnt how to                Angela Ferguson (Class            Economic and Social Policies,
see from a company’s                 of 2018), Hannah James            who presented the awards at
                                     (Class of 2018) and Crystal       the CSR and Social Innovators
point-of-view and find               Yong (Class of 2019). After       Forum 2016, commented that
a middle ground                      seven months of extensive         the Award is a meaningful
between profitability                research and planning with        form of recognition.
and sustainability.”                 their partner organisation,
                                     Interface Asia, the team          Speaking to the students, he
- Christina ho
                                     proposed three strategies         added: “Whatever we do,
(Class of 2017)                      to further drive holistic         just make sure that we do
                                     sustainability in Interface’s     something that’s practical,
On 1 September 2016, a               carpet manufacturing              that’s human-oriented, and
team of Yale-NUS students was        operations. This included         if possible, sustainable.
awarded the CDL-Compact              integrating traditional carpet    That should guide us.”

  Image provided by Global Compact
  Network Singapore.

of trivia

                                   Rohan Naidu (left) and Shivam Bharadwaj
Ever since he fell in love with    (second from right) receiving their trophies.
                                   Image provided by Team Tata Crucible.
trivia quizzes at the tender
age of nine, Rohan Naidu
(Class of 2017) has won           partner, National University                     Group Executive Council,
nearly every national quiz        of Singapore (NUS) graduate                      praised the trivia participants.
he has competed in within         student Shivam Bharadwaj,
India. Recent notches to his      where they emerged                               “Today, I have witnessed the
belt include wins at three Tata   international champions.                         excitement, passion and ability
Crucible Campus Singapore                                                          of these young kids,” Dr Kumar
Quizzes. Most recently, he        In a short speech, the Guest-of-                 said. “They are the best of the
competed in the international     Honour, Dr Nirmalya Kumar,                       best…[having] shown the desire
finals of the Tata Crucible       Visiting Professor of Marketing                  to learn, which is necessary
Campus Quiz 2016 in               at London Business School                        to remain continuously
Mumbai, India, with his quiz      and member of Tata Sons’                         relevant in the world.”

Japanese Speech

“To be clear of what
you’re saying, you have
to know and engage
with your own story.”
- Evan Asava Aree
(Class of 2017)

Evan Asava Aree (Class of          Evan Asava Aree (centre) received the
2017) clinched first place         top prize at the 2016 Japanese Speech Contest.
                                   Image provided by the Japanese Association, Singapore.
in the Japanese Association
of Singapore’s 2016
Japanese Speech Contest.          where one was born or how                        awarded a homestay in
His speech, on how his            one looks. Home, to Canadian                     Kagoshima, Japan. Having
concept of home has changed       student Evan, is a matter of                     studied the Japanese language
over the years, was inspired      the heart heavily influenced                     for the past three years, it was
by his realisation that the       by experiences and feelings.                     the perfect prize for Evan to
place one calls home has          As the first place winner of                     delve into Japanese culture
to do with much more than         the competition, Evan was                        and explore Kagoshima.
Full YEAR     23

sharing knowledge

Poetry with
Edwin Thumboo

In October 2016, the College
community was treated to a
poetry reading by renowned
Singaporean poet, Professor
Edwin Thumboo. Emeritus           of English literature in Singapore   in 1979 and 1980 respectively,
Professor and Professorial        and is best known for writing on     among numerous other awards.
Fellow at the National            national issues. He was the first    The reading, organised by the
University of Singapore,          Singaporean to be conferred          Division of Humanities, aimed
Professor Thumboo is widely       the S.E.A. Write Award and the       to bring the beauty of poetry
regarded as one of the pioneers   Cultural Medallion for Literature    to the College community.

Yale-NUS Global
and Public Health

In November 2016, the
Yale-NUS Global and Public
Health Alliance (YGPA)            Senior Fellow of the Centre          YGPA, which was newly
student organisation hosted       on Global Health Security            formed in 2016, aims to
Professor David L Heymann,        at Chatham House, London.            put health at the forefront
Chair of the World Health         He spent over 20 years with          of the Yale-NUS community
Organization’s (WHO)              the WHO in multiple posts            through health promotion,
Emergency Committee on the        such as WHO’s Assistant              policy discussion,
Zika virus. Professor Heymann     Director-General for Health          education and research,
was at Yale-NUS College to        Security and Environment,            as well as community
give a lecture entitled ‘The      and also worked at the US            service. It seeks to build
Global Zika Outbreak’.            Centers for Disease Control          a relevant, supportive
Professor Heymann serves as       and Prevention for 25 years          and professional network
the Chairman of the board         as a medical epidemiologist,         for students to cultivate
of Public Health England,         with assignments to ministries       their interest in the field of
UK, and is the Head and           of health in Asia and Africa.        public and global health.

Repositioning                              about some of the challenges
                                           faced by Singapore in recent
                                                                            was an informative session
                                                                            for many. Dr Beh’s visit
the Singapore                              years and the strategies taken   attracted even those whose
                                           by the government to combat      interests fall outside the
economy                                    them. Dr Beh also highlighted    field of economics, such as
                                           that with this repositioning,    Khwa Zhong Xuan (Class
                                           the demand for liberal arts      of 2020), who intended to
                                           graduates, like those from       major in Anthropology.
                                           the College, is growing.
                                                                            “I think this was a very good
“Suffice to say,                           “To be very candid, all          opportunity because as
employers are looking                      of you have made the             university students, we are
forward to graduates                       right choice in coming to        getting prepared to take our
                                           Singapore and to Yale-NUS,”      place in the workforce in the
from your College.”                        Dr Beh said to the audience.     future. The talk helped me to
                                                                            better understand what place
- Dr Beh Swan Gin,
EDB Chairman                               Dr Beh offered a broad           I can play in the economy,
                                           overview of the increasingly     and shape my direction
On 7 October 2016,                         diversified economy before       for personal development.
Yale-NUS College hosted                    engaging in a lively dialogue    As we will be active
a talk by Chairman of the                  with students and faculty.       contributors to the economy
Economic Development Board                                                  in the coming years, it is
(EDB) of Singapore, Dr Beh                 The talk was organised           good for us to be more
Swan Gin. In his talk titled               by the Office of the             aware of what’s happening
‘Repositioning the Singapore               Executive Vice President         in Singapore’s economy,”
Economy’, Dr Beh spoke                     (Institutional Affairs) and      Zhong Xuan remarked.

 Dr Beh Swan Gin (second from right) speaking
 with students and faculty members.
FULL YEAR     25

Ministerial visit
to Yale-NUS

On 3 March 2016, then-
Acting Minister for Education
(Higher Education and Skills)
Ong Ye Kung visited Yale-NUS
College to observe the unique
liberal arts education experience
offered. This was Minister Ong’s
second visit to the College,              and depth through a casual         how much the Ministry of
after attending the Inauguration          conversation with nine students    Education (MOE) cares not just
of the Yale-NUS College                   in the Cendana Residential         about the different education
Campus in October 2015.                   College common lounge.             institutions, but also about the
                                                                             different thoughts and mindsets
Minister Ong had a                        Students found it a valuable       of the youth,” said Pogaru
comprehensive tour of the                 opportunity to share more          Saisrikar (Class of 2018).
campus, including the various             about their College experiences
arts and learning spaces,                 with Minister Ong.                 Diyanah Kamarudin (Class
butteries, a student suite and one                                           of 2018) shared that the
of its sky gardens. He also took          “I’m very grateful that Minister   visit illustrated how the MOE
the opportunity to get to know            Ong took the time to speak         “is very receptive about the
the College in greater detail             with us, and it really shows       liberal arts curriculum”.

 Minister Ong Ye Kung (centre) met with
 members of the Yale-NUS community.

Speaker Series

In January 2016, Yale-NUS
College played host to two
distinguished speakers,              Professor Mark Tushnet (left) with Yale-NUS
                                     Founding President Pericles Lewis (right).
Professor William Deresiewicz
and Professor Mark Tushnet,
who gave public lectures            see problems from a variety of             The Yale-NUS President’s
as part of the President’s          angles and consider creative               Speaker Series is designed to
Speaker Series.                     approaches to resolve them.                enable the community to learn
                                                                               from and engage with some
Formerly a Professor of English     Professor Tushnet, who is the              of the brightest academics
at Yale University and the          William Nelson Cromwell                    and practitioners across a
best-selling author of Excellent    Professor of Law at Harvard                diverse range of disciplines
Sheep: The Miseducation of          Law School, spoke on social                on contemporary issues in
the American Elite, Professor       movements and the US                       our world today. The series is
Deresiewicz gave a lecture on       Constitution. Largely using US-            open to the public, and past
the purpose of a liberal arts       centric examples such as the               speakers include His Excellency
education and what it means in      civil rights movement, Professor           Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson,
today’s context. He noted that      Tushnet discussed how political            then-President of Iceland,
liberal arts graduates are highly   parties sometimes accede                   Ms Olivia Lum, founder of
sought after, because they learn    to the demands of impactful                Hyflux Ltd, and Dr Mohamed
how to think critically, which      social movements in order to               ElBaradei, joint recipient of the
equips them with the skills to      gain political advantages.                 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.

Centre for
Teaching &
Learning reaches
out to education

The Yale-NUS Centre for             an expert widely known for                 Since CTL was set up in 2015,
Teaching & Learning (CTL)           his work on Peer Instruction,              the Centre has introduced
launched its programming for        an interactive teaching                    various initiatives to help faculty
the Academic Year 2016/2017         method aimed at engaging                   optimise their teaching, and
by hosting Professor Eric Mazur,    students in the classroom                  promotes discussions and
Balkanski Professor of Physics      and beyond, was invited to                 collaboration among faculty
and Applied Physics, and Dean       share the insights he gleaned              in areas such as teaching,
of Applied Physics at Harvard       from his past experiences                  technology application
University. Professor Mazur,        as a university lecturer.                  and course design.

Fostering                            Senior Minister of State,                 Moderated by Professor
                                     Ministry of Transport, and                Kua Ee Hock from the National
dialogue with                        Singapore Ambassador-at-                  University of Singapore (NUS),
                                     Large Bilahari Kausikan.                  the event featured four panellists
community                                                                      from different healthcare
engagement                           The group also launched a
                                     community outreach effort
                                                                               fields who discussed how
                                                                               Singapore can transit to an
events                               called +SixtyFive, dedicated              age-friendly community
                                     to catalysing empowerment,                and how ageing may be
                                     awareness and appreciation of             reinterpreted in light of the
                                     the elderly population among              ever-changing technological
                                     youths in Singapore. Their                landscape. The +SixtyFive
                                     forum, Envisioning SG100,                 team also celebrated ‘Elderly
The Yale-NUS International           focused on the issue of rapidly           Appreciation Day’ by
Relations & Political Association    ageing populations, a pressing            encouraging their peers to
(YIRPA), one of the largest          issue faced by Singapore                  send photos and handmade
student organisations on campus,     and many other developed                  cards to grandparents
regularly organises community        countries in the world.                   and elderly loved ones.
engagement events on
various issues. One of these is
Coffeehouse Conversations, a
speaker series established by
YIRPA in 2015. Dialogues are
typically held in a casual setting
to inspire spontaneous, thought-
provoking conversations with
guests on politics and global
issues. In 2016, their guests
included Mr Ng Chee Meng,
                                      NUS Professor Kua Ee hock (centre) moderated
then-Acting Minister for              the panel Envisioning SG100.
Education (Schools) and

US policy with
Kirk Wagar

Kirk Wagar, then-United
States Ambassador to                 in the world today and                    race and religion in the
Singapore, was invited to            touched on a wide range                   US today.
speak at Yale-NUS College            of topics impacting the next
on 28 January 2016.                  50 years of US-Singapore                  The talk, a collaboration between
Addressing a packed hall             relations, including the                  the US Embassy and Yale-NUS
of Yale-NUS students and             enduring US presence                      College, sought to bring the
faculty, Ambassador Wagar            in Asia, the US electoral                 discussion on US policy to
spoke on the role of the US          process, and the role of                  Singapore and Yale-NUS College.

Writers’ Centre                                  two Singapore writers who
                                                 are prominent in the local
                                                                                                  workshop with a small group
                                                                                                  of Yale-NUS students while
Reading Series                                   literary scene. Mr Wong and                      on campus; Mr Seshadri
                                                 Ms Lim read their original                       held a poetry workshop
                                                 works to a mixed crowd of                        while Dr Walker focused
                                                 students and members of the                      on non-fiction writing.
                                                 public on 10 February and
                                                 3 March 2016 respectively,                       Apart from organising such
The Yale-NUS Writers’                            and held writing workshops                       events, the Writers’ Centre
Centre regularly brings                          for Yale-NUS students.                           provides regular individual
established writers to campus                                                                     writing consultations and
as part of the Writers’                          Later in the year, the Centre                    group workshops on rhetorical
Centre Reading Series, an                        also hosted Pulitzer Prize                       skills, revision strategies, and
initiative spearheaded by                        winner Vijay Seshadri and                        the conventions of format
Professor of Humanities                          essayist Nicole Walker.                          and structure appropriate
and Director of the Writers’                     Each writer held a writing                       for different genres.
Centre Robin Hemley. It
aims to engage and connect
the writing community from
the College with the wider
writing community. Previous
guests include Edmund Wee,
CEO of Epigram Books,
and Divya Victor, winner of
the Bob Kaufman Award.

In early 2016, the Writers’
Centre hosted Mr Cyril Wong
                                                     Singapore writer, Ms Suchen Christine Lim.
and Ms Suchen Christine Lim,

  Pulitzer prize winner, Mr Vijay Seshadri (left).

“I think we’re different from any writing centre anywhere
in the world in that we’re a hybrid of a traditional academic
writing centre and a literary centre.”
- Professor Robin hemley,
Director of the Writers’ Centre
FULL YEAR      29

Facilitating                         of religious radicalisation
                                     and fundamentalism.
                                                                        Theology and Ethics and
                                                                        the Head of the School
discourse in                                                            of Arts, Histories and
                                     “A conceptual idol begins          Cultures at the University of
the field of                          as a metaphor and then we          Manchester, and is a priest
                                     become blind to the fact that      of the Church of England.
comparative                          it is a metaphor and take it
                                     for something more – hence it      Professor Ward’s lecture was
religious studies                    only deepens our ignorance         hosted by Professor Gavin
                                     rather than dispels it,”           Flood, the inaugural Yap Kim
                                     explained Professor Ward.          Hao Professor of Comparative
                                                                        Religious Studies at Yale-NUS
                                     Extrapolating the idea of idol     College. Launched in March
                                     worship that is strictly, and      2014, the professorship aims
On 17 February 2016,                 sometimes violently, prohibited    to enhance the academic
Professor Graham Ward                in the three Abrahamic             study of religions at the
was at Yale-NUS College to           religions, he discussed how        College. Focusing on the
deliver a lecture titled ‘Against    beliefs and ideas are solidified   diversity of religious beliefs,
Idolatry’. In his speech, the        into dogma that can neither        practices and experiences
Regius Professor of Divinity         be challenged nor examined.        in today’s world, the study
at Oxford proposed the                                                  of comparative religious
novel idea of conceptual             Professor Ward was formerly        studies is a crucial component
idolatry to characterise the         the Samuel Ferguson                of the global curriculum
sociology and psychology             Professor of Philosophical         for the 21st century.

 Professor Gavin Flood (left) with
 Professor Graham Ward (right).

Talks by                                          In March 2016, Mr Andy
                                                  Bird spoke at Yale-NUS on
                                                                                   In October 2016, CIPE
                                                                                   hosted Mr Achal Agarwal,
industry experts                                  his experiences as Chairman      President of Kimberly-Clark’s
                                                  of Walt Disney International.    Asia Pacific consumer
                                                  Titled ‘The Importance of        business in territories
                                                  Localisation: Establishing       including Australia,
                                                  Disney’s Place in the Global     North Asia, Southeast Asia
                                                  Marketplace’, Mr Bird’s talk     and India, with leading
The Centre for International                      focused on the importance of     brands like Huggies, Kotex,
& Professional Experience (CIPE)                  being locally relevant when      Kleenex and Scott. Mr
at Yale-NUS College regularly                     establishing a brand in the      Agarwal’s talk, titled ‘The
hosts industry professionals for                  global marketplace. He also      Leadership Journey’, delved
talks on campus. These talks                      shared how his educational       into his experiences in
provide students with different                   background in starting out       the private sector and the
perspectives from a variety                       with a broad-based arts degree   different pathways he has
of industries, and insights                       equipped him for the world       embarked on to develop
into the professional world.                      of broadcast and media.          himself professionally.

  Mr Andy Bird speaking in
  the Performance hall.

“Being the Chairman of Disney International, which
has an interesting story to tell about its global strategy,
and the fact that his background was studying literature
made us think that his message would resonate with the
Yale-NUS community.”
-Dr Trisha Craig,
Dean of International & Professional Experience
Full YEAR      31

Inculcating INTERESTS

                                                                          Bringing home
                                                                          the BACON

                                                                          Building a Culture of
                                                                          Nutrition (and Fitness),
                                                                          otherwise known as
                                                                          BACON, is a new health
                                                                          and fitness group set
                                                                          up in August 2016.

                                                                          The students who
Bleeding blue and                    Beyond NUS, Yale-NUS teams
                                     regularly compete in friendly
                                                                          founded BACON aim
                                                                          to create a welcoming
orange – sports at                   matches against other local          and non-judgemental
                                     universities, such as Nanyang        culture of health and
Yale-NUS                             Technological University             fitness in Yale-NUS by
                                     (NTU), Singapore Institute of        offering fitness training
                                     Management (SIM), Singapore          and nutrition advice
                                     Management University (SMU),         for students of all
                                     and the Singapore University of      levels of experience.
                                     Technology and Design (SUTD).
On the Yale-NUS campus, student                                           The group offers one-on-
athletes are often seen training     In 2016, more than 90 student        one strength training as
in the Multi Purpose Hall, playing   athletes also travelled to Taiwan    well as group circuit and
games on the large field next to     with the Dean of Students Office     pilates classes led by
Cendana Residential College,         to compete across 11 sports          trained student leaders.
or striking peaceful yoga poses      with local Taiwanese universities.
in the Elm Residential College       Teams played friendlies at           They also recently
courtyard or Campus Green.           National Taiwan Normal               organised a college-
The sporting and fitness culture     University, Vanung University,
                                                                          wide squat friendly
is alive and kicking at Yale-        St John’s University, National
                                                                          competition that pitted the
NUS, with 15 competitive sports      Taiwan Ocean University, and
                                                                          three residential colleges
teams and five recreational          Taipei Medical University.
                                                                          against each other, as
sports clubs involving more
                                                                          part of Wellness Week.
than 200 students in total.          “Competing overseas helps
                                     athletic teams develop to
The College’s sports teams           a new and higher level – I
participate annually in the          think our students have the
Inter-Faculty Games (IFG) with       capacity to be better, and
10 faculties from the National       achieve more,” shared Ms Li
University of Singapore (NUS),       Ling, Manager of Athletics in
and with other Residential           the Dean of Students Office.
Colleges from NUS in the             “We hope to organise more
Inter-College Games (ICG).           of such events in the future.”
32   Full YEAR

                                                                        清 QIng

                                                                        In April 2016, students
                                                                        from the drama group
                                                                        Artslab prepared for
                                                                        the second staging of
                                                                        清 Qing, which sought
                                                                        to reimagine stories from
                                                                        the Sook Ching massacre
                                                                        during the Japanese
                                                                        Occupation of Singapore.

                                                                        The first installation of
In pursuit of                       recreational staff and faculty
                                    a cappella group formed by
                                                                        清 Qing held in November
                                                                        2015 showcased the
the arts                            Rector of Saga Residential          research that the team
                                    College Sarah Weiss. Aptly          had amassed, and
                                    named The Lecture Notes, the        focused primarily on their
                                    crowd-pleasing group has            experiences grappling with
                                    performed at numerous events        collective amnesia. Based
                                    for the College community.          on interviews with survivors
At Yale-NUS College, the                                                of the Japanese Occupation
thriving performing arts            Dance                               from the National Archives’
scene is buzzing with life          The Society of Yale-NUS             Oral History Project of
and activity, with an endless       College Dancers (sYNCD) is an       Singapore, the team’s
stream of creative ideas.           umbrella organisation dedicated     writers attempted to
Facilities like the recording       to creating performance             bridge research curation,
studio, fabrication studio,         opportunities for experienced       writing and theatre.
and practice rooms located          and aspiring dancers in the
in the West Core are fully          College. sYNCD comprises            “There’s so much history
equipped for the community’s        more than 100 dancers across        in Singapore that we
use. Most importantly, the arts     seven groups, each dedicated        don’t really talk about,
scene is filled with passion        to its own genre: standard          because Singapore is such
and love for the arts that          and Latin ballroom, bhangra,        a fast-moving place. The
truly drives the growth of          K-pop, hip hop, street jazz         landscape changes really
each art form on campus.            and contemporary dance.             quickly,” elaborated David
                                                                        Chia (Class of 2017), the
Music                               Theatre                             founder of Artslab. “The
The Singers’ Guild comprises        There are three main student        清 Qing project was
seven groups, totalling more        theatre groups at Yale-NUS, the     meant to reconcile all of
than 60 members who tackle          Green Room Theatre, (aside)         that from our generation’s
a variety of genres. From           and ArtsLab. Each group             perspectives on the Sook
The Wallets, Yale-NUS’ first        specialises in different forms of   Ching massacre.”
a cappella group formed on the      theatre, from repertory theatre
chilly Yale University campus in    to experimental art performances.   清 Qing received support
2013; to the Chamber Choir, a       These include established plays     from Yale-NUS Arts
choir that sings classical choral   like Lord of the Flies by William   department, the Arts &
pieces; and The Overtime            Golding and Machine by Tan          Media team, Dean of
Project, a barbershop quartet.      Tarn How, and experimental          Students Office, the Rectors
                                    productions such as the 24:00       and Vice Rectors, and the
Apart from student groups,          Play, where participants write      Tolani Performing Arts Fund.
Yale-NUS also has a                 and stage a play in 24 hours.
FULL YEAR     33


  (from left) Professor Charles Bailyn, Ms Alyson Rozells
  and Founding President Pericles Lewis.

Long Service                                   Service Awards to two staff
                                               members. The recipients,
                                                                                  “That’s what will bring it full
                                                                                  circle for me—from seeing
Awards                                         Senior Manager of Public           the launch of the College, to
                                               Affairs, Ms Alyson Rozells,        the opening of the campus,
                                               and inaugural Dean of Faculty,     and the graduation of
                                               Professor Charles Bailyn,          our very first class.”
                                               were the first two members of
                                               the College’s administration       Professor Bailyn, who held
“We’ve made amazing                            to be recognised for their         a dual position as the A.
progress in five years...                      meaningful contributions           Bartlett Giamatti Professor
Five years ago, our campus                     over the past five years.          of Astronomy and Physics at
                                                                                  Yale University and Yale-NUS’
resembled a golf course,                       As the first employee of the       inaugural Dean of Faculty,
and now we’re a college.                       College, Ms Rozells has had a      oversaw the recruitment
Who knows what it will                         hand in organising most of the     of faculty members as the
be in five years’ time?”                       major events the College has       inaugural Dean and was a key
                                               celebrated and was heavily         figure in creating the College’s
-Professor Charles Bailyn,                     involved in the formation of the   unique curriculum. He held
inaugural Dean of Faculty                      Yale-NUS’ brand and identity.      the Dean of Faculty position
                                                                                  for more than one term and
On 26 May 2016, the                            “I’m looking forward to the        returned to Yale in June 2016,
College marked a milestone                     first graduation ceremony in       where he was named head
with the presentation of Long                  2017,” Ms Rozells shared.          of a new residential college.

Our faculty                                  interdisciplinary divisions,
                                             namely Science, Social
                                                                                  Foundation (Singapore),
                                                                                  Climateworks Foundation,
                                             Sciences, and Humanities. This       and the US National Science
                                             promotes interaction between         Foundation. Faculty members
                                             faculty members of different         have authored and/or
                                             disciplines and encourages           co-authored more than 170
Our faculty continues to                     a multidisciplinary approach         publications, including peer-
contribute actively to the                   to teaching, especially in the       reviewed journal articles and
collaborative development of                 Common Curriculum, where             books such as in Nature and
the curriculum, co-curricular                classes are taught by teams of       Philosophical Studies. Faculty
programmes, and residential                  scholars with different expertise.   members have been invited
life of the College.                         At present, the College has          to give presentations at major
                                             over 100 faculty members.            conferences such as the
Unlike other higher education                                                     ACM Conference on Computer
institutions, Yale-NUS does                  In Academic Year 2015/2016,          and Communications Security
not organise its faculty                     our faculty received more than       and ISA Annual Convention,
into traditional academic                    S$9 million in external grant        and have been awarded
departments. Instead, faculty                funding from organisations           fellowships by prominent
members work in three                        including the National Research      academic institutions.

Re-growing                                   Assistant Professor of
                                             Science Michiel van Breugel
                                                                                  tropical forests are highly
                                                                                  resilient and sequester large
secondary tropical                           collaborated with researchers        amounts of carbon. Dr van
                                             around the world to explore          Breugel hopes this research will
forests                                      the benefits of re-growing           lend more attention to natural
                                             secondary tropical forests.          forest re-growth by international
                                             The combined effort of 65            and national policymakers
                                             international researchers with       as a cheap and nature-based
                                             45 sites across Latin America        solution with tremendous
                                             showed that these secondary          carbon mitigation potential.

 Dr Michiel van Breugel (centre) doing fieldwork in
 Latin America. Image provided by Dr van Breugel.
FULL YEAR     35

research and the
21st Conference of
the Parties

In December 2015, Assistant
Professor of Social Sciences
Angel Hsu participated in the
21st Conference of the Parties
(COP21) to the United Nations
                                                   Image by Daniel Constable for Dr. Angel hsu.
Framework Convention on
Climate Change (UNFCCC).
An expert in environmental                        producing analysis that helped                  Dr Hsu was also the
policy, Dr Hsu has participated                   to inform the negotiations at the               Principal Investigator for
in seven COP meetings in the                      annual COP meetings. She also                   the Environmental
last decade as an academic                        helped to make the negotiations                 Performance Index (EPI), a
and analyst, helping to work                      more understandable and                         Yale-based initiative for the
towards the historic Paris                        contextualised them for external                global ranking of national
climate deal. Her role involved                   audiences like the US Congress.                 environmental performance.

Long service                                      In April 2016, Professor of
                                                  Social Sciences (Psychology)
                                                                                                  capacities with NCSS, helping
                                                                                                  to advance psychology as
with the National                                 George Bishop received a                        a science and profession in
                                                  Long Service Award from the                     Singapore. In 2011, Professor
Council of Social                                 National Council of Social                      Bishop was recognised for his
                                                  Service (NCSS) for his years                    contributions to psychology in
Services                                          of work with the Singapore                      Singapore with the Award for
                                                  Psychological Society. Since                    Outstanding Contribution to
                                                  the 1990s, Professor Bishop                     Psychology from the Singapore
                                                  has served in numerous                          Psychological Society.

 Professor George Bishop (left). Image provided
 by Singapore Psychological Society.

Byzantium/                                    Assistant Professor of
                                              Humanities and Georgette
                                                                                range of interdisciplinary
                                                                                essays on art, architecture,
Modernism                                     Chen Fellow Maria Taroutina       theatre, film, literature and
                                              co-edited a volume entitled       philosophy. Dr Taroutina is
                                              Byzantium/Modernism (Brill        currently working on her
                                              Academic Publishers, 2015).       own book, From the Tessera
                                              The work featured contributions   to the Square: Russian
                                              by 14 international scholars      Modernism and the Russo-
                                              and brought together a diverse    Byzantine Revival.

British Academy                               Division of Social Sciences,
                                              was elected by the British
                                                                                in human geography to
                                                                                questions in urban studies.
Fellow                                        Academy as one of 20 new
                                              Corresponding Fellows from        The British Academy is the
                                              overseas universities, in         UK’s national body for the
                                              recognition of her outstanding    humanities and social sciences,
                                              contribution to research          with a fellowship of around
                                              in urban and cultural             1,300 leading national and
On 15 July 2016, Professor                    geography. Professor Jacobs       international academics elected
of Social Sciences (Urban                     takes a multidisciplinary         for their distinction in the study
Studies) Jane M Jacobs,                       approach to her research          of peoples, cultures and societies
who is also Director of the                   by applying her expertise         past, present and future.

  Professor Jane M Jacobs (centre).

“Buildings are not just as symbolic things but something that
works in conjunction with people and their lives.”
- Professor Jane M Jacobs,
Director of the Division of Social Sciences
You can also read