Garden's Echo - February - Happy Valentine's Day - Jardin Royal Garden

Garden's Echo - February - Happy Valentine's Day - Jardin Royal Garden
Garden’s Echo              February 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day

Garden's Echo - February - Happy Valentine's Day - Jardin Royal Garden
Garden’s Echo                                                                                    February 2021

                                                                                 Marcelle Bélec

                                   Symbols of Love on Valentine's Day

               Valentine’s Day is best described in the words of this very popular song...
                                             Love is in the air…
                                       Everywhere you look around,
                                             Love is in the air…
                                      In every sight and every sound
Valentine’s Day and love have been intrinsically intertwined for centuries; it’s the day that lovers every-
where declare their love for each other with bouquets of red roses and boxes of chocolates in addition
 to other precious little love mementos. Come February 14th and the atmosphere of love is all-perva-
 sive. Renditions of love songs fill the air and you can see symbols of love in every nook of corner of
                                                every store.
                                        Symbols of Valentine’s Day

                    Red Roses: An enduring symbol of passion, beauty and love, red roses are the most
             popular flower to present a loved one on Valentine’s Day. Such is the power of red roses that
             one long-stemmed red rose can impress a loved one as much as a large bouquet of red roses.

             Cupid: Cupid, son of Venus, the Goddess of Love, is another popular Valentine’s Day symbol.
             This winged, mischievous little angel can always be seen with a quiver of arrows. Legend has
             it that anyone who gets hit with one of Cupid’s arrows would fall in love with the first person
             they saw. Interestingly, none of his victims can actually see the arrows. It’s only when they fall
             in love that they realized that they had been shot.

             Chocolates: Since ancient times, chocolates have been associated with sexual powers and
             fertility. One of the reasons for this is that when eaten, chocolates stimulate the production of
             a chemical that is similar to the chemical produced when a person is in love.

             Greeting Cards: With an estimated one billion valentine greeting cards sent out annually, Val-
             entine’s Day is the second largest card-sending holiday of the year after Christmas.
             Love Knots: Another symbol that has its origins in ancient times when ladies used love knots
             to tie love tokens onto their knights before they headed off to battle.

             Love Birds: These little birds mate for life and signify everlasting fidelity and love. It’s no wonder
             then that they are regarded as love symbols and are very popular on Valentine’s Day.

Garden's Echo - February - Happy Valentine's Day - Jardin Royal Garden
Garden’s Echo                                                February 2021

                           Just a little laugh…


  Brainteaser – February 2021
  Romeo is a very romantic young man.
  He gives his girlfriend Juliet a hollow, bottomless object meant to
  contain flesh, bones and blood.
  What can this object be?

Garden's Echo - February - Happy Valentine's Day - Jardin Royal Garden
Garden’s Echo                                                                          February 2021

 Lovers              Red          Lace         Kindness                   Happy
 Heart               Hugs         Romance      February                   Cupid
 Sweetheart          Pink         Love         Flowers                    Cards
 Valentine           Chocolate    Friends      Forget-me-not              Candy

                            Answers Brainteasers – January 2021
                                          Intelligence Test
   We solve the math problem (ex. 6 + 4 = 10), answer is the last numbers and 1st number is the sub-
                               straction of the problem (ex. 6 – 4 = 2).

                                         Breathing Mystery
                                         Hope you enjoyed!

Garden's Echo - February - Happy Valentine's Day - Jardin Royal Garden
Garden’s Echo                                    February 2021

                Mylaine Bélec       Executive Director

I am staying positive this month and I see this
one as the beginning of the end… of this pan-
demic. I haver therefore decided to share with
you some pictures of our staff members receiv-
ing their second dose of the COVID vaccine at
the Civic hospital. One by one, these real angels
are protecting you a little more against COVID.
Did you know that as of today, 86% of our em-
ployees are vaccinated? This is sensational! I
hope these pictures give you hope and that they
comfort you in knowing that we’re almost there.
Your turn, dear residents, is just around the cor-
ner. This month, we will be holding our first vac-
cination clinic here at Royal Garden for all of our
residents. As soon as I know the date, I will let
everyone know. Until then, keep being ex-
tremely careful… we’re almost there!
Garden's Echo - February - Happy Valentine's Day - Jardin Royal Garden
Garden’s Echo       February 2021

Garden's Echo - February - Happy Valentine's Day - Jardin Royal Garden
Garden’s Echo       February 2021

Garden's Echo - February - Happy Valentine's Day - Jardin Royal Garden
Garden’s Echo                                                                  February 2021

                     Michelle Varin                      Executive Director

 Hello dear residents,
  I don’t know if it’s just me, but the announcements concerning the vaccine are
    little bit me  up. ...
               of life  It gives us a glimmer ofBefore
                                                    hope atarriving
                                                             the end at
                                                                      of athe
                                                                            long   tunnel.
                                                                                Royal   Gar-We
  are hoping that this February, the vaccines      denwill come
                                                        (and      to ouryou
                                                               after),    door,   to me
                                                                                did  finally
    has already
            Then, webeenwill beseven
                                 able toyears
                                         say we dodged     theshare
                                                                       We are
                                                   honor to                  livesalso
that      we know
  the vaccine            each
                  will help       othersome
                             alleviate    (forthe COVID-19 restrictions affecting you…
                                                   and I can say that I could write
  Let’s beMy
some)!       patient,  thingslife
                everyday       can  onlyyou
                                  with   getisbetter.
                                                  some novels. We have a gold
so inspiring. Every           day,   I  hear
                        I am sharing with you this    funny   littleand
                                                  mine   of self                 between
some of your stories, a little bridle
                                    THE BANANA    ourTEST
                                                       walls and I am lucky to know
of your past. I would like to have
                                                  it and take advantage of it every
more time toCloselistento to
                           a very
                             you tall  coconut tree, there are four animals:
                                                  day. I do not know if you will
it is definitelyAthe   part   of my  career
                   lion, a chimpanzee, amake       giraffeme
                                                           anda wiser a squirrel
                                                                            person but I
that fascinates me the most. I've
                                                  can assure you that you make
always been like that, listening to
                                                  me a grateful person. Through
a beautiful story of "the old days",
                                                  this sharing of gratitude, I invite
there's nothing better. I felt in-
                                                  you to appreciate each other and
spired by a feeling of gratitude and
                            They decide to have   toaexpress
                                                      competition:  your gratitude as of-
so I decided that I should thank
you forWhich
          yourwill   be the fastest
                generous              to go get a ten
                                                       as possible.
                                                   banana   from the top of the tree?
                                In your opinion, who   willyou
                                                            win?for your confidence,
                              Find the answer on page 25

            Please give a warm welcome to our new resident:
                              121 - Gracia Lachapelle
Garden's Echo - February - Happy Valentine's Day - Jardin Royal Garden
Garden’s Echo                                                                                  February 2021

                             Chantal Gagné                                      NUTRITION

 Hello, hello… Finally, a little glimmer of hope at the end of this tunnel for the year 2020: VACCINES! While
 waiting for the course of life to resume its full culinary activities, I decided to share with you in photos our
 daily life in the kitchen. Yes, we do work between services! This is how we spend our days.

 To begin, Pierre places the orders. Twice per week, we receive most of our supplies. Then there are the
 orders of milk coming from the milk man, the bread from the baker, and the specialties from the butcher
 properly arrive to us on different days of the week. We can’t forget the fresh fruits and vegetables! They
 all come in from another supplier and are delivered to us 2 to 3 times per week. As soon as the orders
 arrive, they must be stored!

  Our breakfast specialists, Marcel and Lise, officially start their day at 6am but it is not uncommon to see
them here a little earlier ... we have to prepare the dining room and fold the napkins that came back from the
laundry room during the night. The chefs also start their shift at 6am. They turn on the lights, the stoves, and
                                 get the food ready for the first service of the day.

Garden's Echo - February - Happy Valentine's Day - Jardin Royal Garden
Garden’s Echo                                                                             February 2021

 As soon as breakfast finishes, we start to clean, prepare the salads of the day, portion the desserts
                                   and we do clear the dishes ...

   Then, we get ready for lunch, and before each service we have a mini meeting with all the servers
                               to revise and taste the menu of the day.

   During services, things start moving in the kitchen. I'm sure sometimes you wonder what is happening
             behind those famous purple doors. Us, chefs, call it the cooking buzz. We love it!

Garden’s Echo                                                                        February 2021

  How to ignore the famous birthday wishes sung        Calm always returns after the storm and well…
               by our dear Marcel ?                     we start again ... we clean all the nooks and
                                                        crannies ... Yes, yes, it is indeed our Maria
                                                        who is lying under the sinks to clean every-
                                                                          thing well!

                              The chefs start their preparations again.

Garden’s Echo                                                              February 2021

         Oops take a break. We have to go get tested for the rotten COVID-19 ...

                And we’re back in the kitchen to serve you better!
                        Here is a typical day in our kitchen!

Garden’s Echo                               February 2021

                Carolyne Giroux
                                  Director of Care

Garden’s Echo                                                                                        February 2021

                         Gabrielle Bergeron
                                                             Housekeeping Director

Small Talk
Welcome to February’s Small TALK!

With time, comes good news. Hoping this month will be filled with good health following the vaccine, some
more hope and lots of love as we approach Valentine’s Day. Love: where a simple word becomes a beautiful
thing when someone comes along to give it meaning.

Not only should we spread the love to our family friends and neighbours but also to our beautiful planet. As
you may know by now, we are aiming for a better, greener future and by doing so I thought it would be good
to take the time to enlighten you on what can truly be recycled and what cannot. I will start with carboard.
There are lot’s of carboard that can be recycled but there are also lots that are considered contaminated. For
starters, any cardboard with a wax coating (any carboard holding liquid) such as milk cartons, coffee cups and
juice boxes cannot be recycled and are therefore garbage. Any glass containers are always recyclable in the
blue bin. As for plastics, Styrofoam is one that gets mistaken quite often but always belongs in the trash. Plastic
bags are also something we cannot recycle which is the reason we are trying to eliminate them throughout the
world. Aluminum foil as well as plastic flowerpots are not recyclable either. As for masks, they are unfortunately
not recycled unless you remove the elastic part to them and throw out the rest.
Thank you!

This day in History
       February 1st

           ➢ 1951 : The very 1st demonstration of an X-Ray moving picture process.

           ➢ 1951: 1st telecast of an atomic bomb.

           ➢ 1965 : Martin Luther King along with 700 demonstrators were arrested in Selma, Ala-


                               “To fall in love with yourself
                              is the first secret to happiness”

Garden’s Echo                                                    February 2021

                 Martin Corriveau

   This month, I thought it would be nice to discuss reasons to love
   the month of February with you so we can start the month on the
   right foot. The first good news are that days are starting to get
   longer. Between the 1st and the 28th of February, we gain about
   1 hour and half of daylight. Even if winter is not over, it is the first
   sign that mother nature gives us to tell us spring is at our door.
   February is also the shortest month of the year. It brings us closer
   and faster to spring! There is also Valentine's Day, a day filled with
   love. That day is perfect to think of our loved ones. I, for myself,
   am very lucky because it is also my first wedding anniversary as
   many of you already know. Those who attended our wedding have
   seen that even on a very cold day, the St-Joseph Parish was filled
   with warmth and love. I can tell you that even with COVID, I have
   had a very nice first year of marriage. Mostly because of Mylaine...
   She always finds new ways to entertain us, our 3 kids and I. She
   even organises themed nights during which we put on costumes,
   do treasure hunts, games and all this at home. When we got back
   from our honeymoon last year, that's when the virus began and I
   knew I had the best wife to get us through this crisis. I am very
   proud of what she was able to accomplish during this pandemic,
   both at home and at Royal Garden. On this note, I would like to
   wish you all a wonderful month of February.

Garden’s Echo                                                  February 2021

                  Marie-Eve Henry-Lalonde
                                         Activity Director

  Hello to all!
  I would like to take this oppor-
                                             My love
  tunity to wish you a Happy            As long as the birds are singing,
  Valentine's Day, because you           As long as the fish can swim,
  are all my Valentines! For the       As long as the sun keeps shining,
  occasion, Chantal has pre-          I will love you in the bright or dim.
  pared a beautiful menu for us,
  which can be found on page           As long as the wind keeps blowing,
  19. You will see that it is a           As long as the ocean waves,
  very tasty menu. So much so,        As long as the stars are shimmering,
  that I decided to come and            You will have my heart enslaved.
  spend the evening with you
  on Sunday February 14! The             As long as time keeps flowing,
  time of your dinner will remain          As long as the sky is blue,
  the same. We will have good           As long as planets are spinning,
  wine served with your dinner!         My love will forever be with you.

                     Valentine’s Day!
Garden’s Echo            February 2021


Garden’s Echo           February 2021


Garden’s Echo            February 2021


Garden’s Echo            February 2021


Garden’s Echo                                           February 2021

                 Valentine’s Day Menu

                   Roman Gnocchi in tomato sauce
          Puff Pastry with Oysters in White wine sauce
                   Chicken Velouté (Cream soup)
           Pork Tenderloin stuffed with Figs & Apples
                Rack of lamb with a mint Brown sauce
                Mashed vegetables with boursin cheese
                          Roasted potatoes
                            Alaska Bomb
                   Love in a pan (diabetic option)

Garden’s Echo                                                             February 2021

  A Prayer

                        A Lenten Prayer called the Passion

                                 Dear Lord Jesus,
                        by Your Passion and Resurrection
                           You brought life to the world.
                         But the glory of the Resurrection
                    came only after the sufferings of the Passion.

                           You laid down Your life willingly
                           and gave up everything for us.
                   Your body was broken and fastened to a Cross,
                     Your clothing became the prize of soldiers,
                      your blood ebbed slowly but surely away,
                and Your Mother was entrusted to the beloved disciple.

                             Stretched out on the Cross,
                 deprived of all earthly possessions and human aid,
                 You cried out to Your Father that the end had come.
                     You had accomplished the work given You,
                         and You committed into His hands,
                                      as a perfect gift,
                          the little life that remained to You.

                        Lord, teach me to accept all afflictions
                          after the example You have given.
                            Let me place my death in Yours
                       and my weakness in Your abandonment,
                            Take hold of me with Your love,
                      that same foolish love that knew no limits,
                         and let me offer myself to the Father
                  with You so that I may rise with You to eternal life.

Garden’s Echo                                                                     February 2021

           MASS                                             Happy
         Monday to
          Friday                                            Birthday!
         10:00 AM
 Monday: For residents who live on the 1st floor 103 to               Residents

 Tuesday: For residents who live between 201 and 218         Adrien Perrault – February 7
 Wednesday: For residents who live between 219 and 236       Cécile Beaulne – February 19
 Thursday: For residents who live between 301 and 316          Ida Schenk – February 22

 Friday: For residents who live between 317 and 336           Gérald Soucy – February 23
                                                            Lorraine Beaudry – February 28

                                                            Alexandre Sylvain – February 17

Garden’s Echo                                     February 2021

                  Corn Muffin served all day!


                  Chicken sausage jambalaya

                Pancakes served with grape and
                      pineapple skewers


                        Shrimp Po Boy

                Roast chicken thigh cajun spice


                        Banana Foster

Garden’s Echo                                       February 2021

                Answer from question on page 8:
                          HA HA HA HA !!!
Garden’s Echo                                      February 2021

中国新年菜单           Chinese New Year Menu- February 12 2021
                 Vendredi le 12 février 2021

                馄饨汤       Won Ton soup

                糖醋汤       sweet & sour pork soup

                迷你蛋卷      mini egg rolls

                春卷        spring rolls

                排骨        pork Spareribs

                柠檬鸡      lemon chicken

                鸭炒饭      duck fried rice

                蔬菜炒       vegetables stir fry

                蛋挞        egg tart

                耶洛        Jello

                中国饼干     Chinese cookie

Garden’s Echo                                                                  February 2021

➢ On site on Wednesday & Friday
➢ Call directly Sylvie for your appointment at

Please note that the salon is
closed for the 1st week of February.

                                                          o Monday March 1st

                                                          o Tuesday March 2nd

                                                          o Wednesday March 3rd

 50/50 Draw                                                     Friday – 11:30
 ➢ Thursday February                               DÉPANNEUR ROYAL TUCK SHOP
                                         Articles / Items                           Prix - Price

   25th at 11:00 AM                      Barres de chocolat / Chocolate Bars
                                         Croustilles / Chips
                                                                                   $1.25- $3.50
                                         Boissons gazeuses / Soft Drinks               $1.00
                                         Cartes / Cards                                $2.00
                                         Piles / Batteries (4 x AA)                    $6.00
                                         Tapis de bain / Bath Mat                      $4.00
                                         Rideau de douche / Shower Curtain             $4.00
                                         Mouchoirs / Kleenex                           $2.50
                                         Ampoules / Light Bulbs                        $7.00
                                         Savon/ Soap                               $1.50 - $4.00

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