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                      APRIL 2019

Community, Health and Non-profit .................................................................................................... 2
General Business, IT, Communication, Export and Trade ................................................................. 20
Sport, Events, Tourism and The Arts ................................................................................................ 38
Energy, Clean Technology, Science, Innovation and R&D................................................................. 48
Environment, Conservation, Agriculture, Exploration and Land ...................................................... 54
Education and Training..................................................................................................................... 58

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Community, Health and Non-profit
 Solar Communities Program –         This program aims to support the environmental priorities of local community and
 Federal Government                  environment groups in their regions and neighbourhoods. It aims to not only recover and
                                     strengthen our environment, but also to build and strengthen our communities. This
 Expressions of Interest close       program is expected to commence in the 2019-2020 financial year.
 in some electorates on 28           Each electorate can receive funding for up to 20 projects, with the minimum grant
 March 2019                          amount being $2,500 and the maximum grant amount set at $20,000. And sitting
                                     Members of Parliament will consult with their community to identify potential projects for
                                     their respective electorates.
 Indigo Gold recommends you
 check with your local MP to         A broad range of organisations will be eligible to put forward projects to their local
 find out if they are offering       Member of Parliament. This includes community clubs (including Lions clubs, rotary clubs,
 an EOI process before the           sports clubs), not-for-profit organisations such as Indigenous organisations, Landcare
 grant round which                   groups (including bushcare, coastcare, ‘friends of’ groups), schools and other community
 commenced 1 September               and conservation groups.
 2019.                               Funding will support activities to help businesses and community organisations to save
                                     energy through:
                                     • equipment upgrades that reduce energy consumption - energy generation and
                                          storage projects (for example solar photovoltaic panels, batteries and solar hot
                                          water) will only be permitted for community organisations
                                     •    investment in energy and emissions monitoring and management systems to better
                                          manage energy use
                                     • completion of energy systems assessments according to the Australian Standard or
                                          feasibility studies to investigate energy efficiency opportunities.
 Ian Potter Foundation               Expressions of Interest will be accepted for the following areas:
                                     Community Wellbeing for projects/travel after 20 September 2019
 Expressions of Interest for         To alleviate need, our Community Wellbeing program supports organisations delivering
 Round 2 close 17 April 2019         early intervention programs in the community such as:
                                     •    transitioning from detention under the justice system
                                     •    reducing long-term unemployment with a focus on youth
                                     •    assisting families at risk of, or experiencing, family violence to improve financial skills
                                          and maintain suitable, safe accommodation.
                                     Proposals for collaborative, multi-year projects are encouraged, as well as those that
                                     share knowledge gained with the broader sector. In general, the recommended minimum
                                     grant amount is $100,000.
                                     They encourage all organisations to apply regardless of their size; in the case of small
                                     projects, the award can be of small amounts over multiple years, i.e., $35,000 a year for
                                     three years.
                                     Education projects/travel after 20 September 2019
                                     •    To support innovative programs delivered to young children (ages 0–8) that aim to
                                          improve school readiness (as measured by the AEDC) and/or foster parental
                                          engagement in their children's learning
                                     •    To support the development of evidence and shared measurement tools for the early
                                          childhood sector.
                                     The Foundation only considers grant applications in excess of $100,000 in this program
                                     area. Collaborative, multi-year initiatives are encouraged.
                                     Applications targeting children with high levels of developmental vulnerability will be
                                     Environment & Conservation for projects/travel after 20 September 2019
                                     The program considers large grants (over $100,000) within two themes:
                                     •    fostering biodiversity
                                     •    water and/or land management.
                                     Projects that have a strong volunteer component, work with multiple stakeholders,
                                     promote sustainable approaches to agriculture and/or incorporate a strong science
                                     underpinning will be viewed more favourably.
                                     Science for projects/travel after 20 September 2019

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Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
To support high quality scientific research programs led by post-doc researchers with
                                     preference for research relating to the fields of environmental science and renewable
                                     The recommended minimum amount is $100,000 (this may be spread across several
                                     years). The Foundation does not award single year grants.
 Transition Assistance Funding       Organisations are invited to apply via an open process for Transition Assistance Funding to
 – Australian Government             purchase tailored supports including business advice, professional services and software
                                     upgrades, which will assist to build the disability sector capacity and service provider
 Applications close 26 April         readiness in the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.
 2019                                A funding pool of $5,600,000 (GST exclusive) is available for this round. Further rounds
                                     may be held in the future. Eligible organisations may apply for Transition Assistance
                                     Funding of up to $20,000 (GST exclusive) to purchase tailored supports including business
                                     advice, professional services and software upgrades to assist in boosting capacity and
                                     capability as service providers.
                                     The Transition Assistance Funding aims to assist organisations to:
                                     • attract retain and optimise their workforce
                                     • improve awareness of the opportunities and ability to enter/expand and collaborate
                                          in the disability sector
                                     • develop skills and capabilities required to effectively operate in a competitive
                                          disability market
                                     Applicants must complete the Readiness Assessment at
                                     before commencing the application form. Applicants will be provided with a unique
                                     identifier after completing the Readiness Assessment and will be required to include this
                                     in the application form.
 Support for NDIS Providers          The objective of this grant opportunity is to support the transition of NDIS registered
 Program – Australian                providers to meet new requirements set out in the NDIS Act 2013 and the NDIS (Provider
 Government and NDIS                 Registration and Practice Standard) Rules 2018. Estimated grant values range from
 Quality and Safeguards              $250,000 to $750,000.
 Commission                          It also aims to help those existing and prospective NDIS providers to enter and remain in
                                     the NDIS market who have a demonstrated commitment to supporting and promoting the
 Applications close 29 April         rights, health, and wellbeing of people with disability participating in the NDIS.
 2019                                This grant opportunity seeks applications to deliver innovative activities that will achieve
                                     the following outcomes:
                                     • NDIS providers understand their registration obligations and comply with them
                                     •     NDIS providers demonstrate capacity to provide quality support and service provision
                                           to NDIS participants
                                     •     Efficient costs for NDIS providers registered for the NDIS through readiness to
                                           undertake the registration application processes and to be assessed against relevant
                                           practice standards
                                     •     An increase in the proportion of NDIS providers actively participating in the NDIS
                                           market and supporting NDIS participants in achieving their individual outcomes and
 Community Grants – Port of          Local and regional not-for-profit organisation and registered charities are encouraged to
 Brisbane                            apply for a share of grant funding under PBPL'S $100,000 Community Grant Program. The
                                     program has invested $700,000 in 88 community focused organisations across SE Qld.
 Applications close 30 April         PBPL will accept community grant applications in the following categories:
 2019                                • Environmental improvement initiatives particularly, but not limited to, those relating
                                          to Moreton Bay Marine Park
                                     • Community welfare programs/initiatives, including those that help disadvantaged
                                     • Local education programs including, but not limited, to those involving adult
                                          education or disabilities
                                     • Youth leadership programs or initiatives aimed at giving young people opportunities
                                          for self-development and community service.
                                     Individual organisations are eligible to apply for funding up to $15,000. Successful
                                     applicants to be announced in July.

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Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
Indigenous Protected Areas –        This grant round will support Indigenous Australians to establish new Indigenous
 Australian Government               Protected Areas. The Government will invest more than $12 million to establish new
                                     Indigenous Protected Areas across the country, to strengthen Indigenous employment in
 Applications close 30 April         remote communities. Each Indigenous Protected Area project will start with a
 2019                                consultation stage. This stage involves Indigenous-led discussion and planning processes
                                     amongst Traditional Owners and others and includes the development of a management
                                     Following the consultation stage, Traditional Owners can choose to formally dedicate their
                                     land, or land and sea, as an Indigenous Protected Area under the National Reserve
                                     System. The dedication stage involves managing the IPA in accordance with the approved
                                     management plan.
                                     Estimated Grant Value: From $230,000.00 to $320,000.00
                                     Activities eligible for funding will include activities which support consultation on
                                     proposed IPAs, dedication of IPAs, and management of dedicated IPAs.
                                     • The proposed IPA must include some Land Owned or Controlled by Indigenous
                                           Traditional Owners and not currently in the National Reserve System.
                                     •     If the Application is not being submitted by an entity with legal authority for
                                           representing the Traditional Owners, you must demonstrate support of the
                                           Traditional Owners to develop an IPA.
                                     Further Program eligibility requirements can be found in Section 4 of the Grant
 Tackling Tough Times                The Tackling Tough Times Together grant program helps communities access the
 Together – Foundation for           resources they need to support one another through the ongoing effects of the drought.
 Rural & Regional Renewal            Grants of up to $20,000 are now available across most of Queensland (see Guidelines for
                                     eligible Council areas). A smaller number of grants valued at up to $60,000 and $150,000
 Round 13 closes 30 April            are also available for larger-scale and multi-year projects that have a broader impact
 2019                                (different criteria apply – see the website for more). Applications will be accepted on an
                                     ongoing basis and assessed quarterly.
                                     •     Reduce social isolation by facilitating strong social cohesion and connection;
                                     •     Support and engage the community in leadership development and skills training;
                                     •     Support opportunities for social and educational participation and address
                                           disadvantage caused by the drought, for children and young people;
                                     •     Reduce volunteer fatigue and build the capacity, capability and sustainability of local
                                           not-for-profit organisations to provide support to their communities, particularly
                                           where they are playing an increased role during the drought; and
                                     •     Support local economic recovery or renewal through projects that stimulate
                                           economic activity and cash-flow within communities.
                                     Who can apply?
                                     •     Community groups and not-for-profit organisations with an ABN or Incorporation
                                     •     The program has a strong preference to support grassroots organisations based in
                                           drought-affected regions over those delivering services to, but not based in affected
                                           regions. Projects led by local communities will be given strong preference.
                                     •     Please note no specific tax status is required.
                                     •     Groups with outstanding final reports are not eligible to apply unless a time
                                           extension has been granted. We encourage groups to complete their final reports so
                                           that they can then apply.
                                     •     Projects must be located in and benefit a drought-affected region.
 Exceptionally Complex               A new NDIS grant round has been released to establish a national network of specialist
 Support Needs Program –             providers who will assist the NDIA to support the development of robust support
 NDIS                                coordination services for NDIS participants with exceptionally complex support needs.
                                     The total amount available for this funding is $10,000,000.
 Applications close 1 May            The Program will provide selected organisations with the funding needed to grow and
 2019                                develop the support coordination services for participants with exceptionally complex
                                     support needs. This initiative will see a number of highly experienced and skilled providers
                                     establishing communities of practice and providing advice to support coordinators in the
                                     provision of services to participants.

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Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
                                     The Applicant and each subcontractor (if any) must be a Registered Provider of Supports,
                                     in all of the following Registration Groups:
                                     • Support Coordination (0132)
                                     • Behaviour Support (110); and
                                     • Assistance in Coordinating Or Managing Life Stages, Transitions and Supports (0106)
 Building Digital Skills –           Building Digital Skills grants help organisations to continue delivering their Be Connected
 Australian Government               digital literacy programs. All Be Connected Network Partners who have registered 24
                                     people on the Be Connected Learning Portal (12 people if you’re in an outer regional,
 Applications close 3 May            remote or very remote area) can apply for a Building Digital Skills grant.
 2019                                There are six different contract sizes to apply for, depending on how many people you're
                                     able to support. Contracts range from $2,500 to $15,000. Funding can be spent on
                                     anything that will help you support older Australians to complete 2 courses or 10 activities
                                     on the Be Connected Learning Portal.
                                     In order to apply for this funding, you must:
                                     • Be a Be Connected Network Partner. If you're not already part of the Network, click
                                          here to join.
                                     • Have registered 24 people onto the Be Connected website (12 people if you’re in an
                                          outer regional, remote or very remote area)
                                     What can the grant be used for? The funding can be spent on activities that support older
                                     Australians to gain basic digital skills and confidence such as:
                                     • new devices including computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones
                                     • upgrading software for devices
                                     • broadband fees
                                     • digital mentor expenses, including training to be a digital mentor
                                     • printing of learning materials for older Australian learners
                                     • police checks for all staff and mentors involved in delivering the Be Connected
                                     The funding cannot be used on building materials and capital works. All delivery will be
                                     measured by registered learners completing 2 courses or 10 activities from any of the
                                     topics on the Be Connected website. Completion of 2 courses or 10 activities should take
                                     30 minutes or longer.
                                     Other requirements include:
                                     • Attendance at training webinars and/or face-to-face events
                                     • Providing an overview budget of how you expect to spend the grant and, on
                                          completion of delivery, sharing a grant acquittal to show actual expenditure
                                     • Providing good news stories/leads for case studies
 Capacity Building Grant –           The Capacity Building program has been remodelled to a “train the trainer” model, and
 Australian Government               Good Things Foundation is inviting large-scale community organisations who have the
                                     ability to provide face-to-face training to organisations within their community / network
 Applications close 3 May            / organisation to apply.
 2019                                The ultimate aim for each Capacity Builder is to engage a trainer (Lead Digital Mentor) to
                                     train and mentor up to 100 Digital Mentors in a 12 month contract period (50 in outer
                                     regional, remote or very remote locations), using materials provided by Good Things
                                     Foundation to support older Australians to gain basic digital skills and confidence.
                                     Capacity Builders are ambassadors for Good Things Foundation and the Be Connected
                                     Network. They work with Good Things Foundation to support the Be Connected program,
                                     helping them to strengthen the Network and support community organisations to meet
                                     the needs of older Australians seeking to improve their digital skills.
                                     In order to apply for this funding, you must:
                                     • Be a Be Connected Network Partner
                                     • Provide an ABN number
                                     • Have public liability insurance
                                     • Be able to demonstrate your capacity to deliver the project you are proposing to
 Good For Good Community             A Queensland Country Good for Good Community Grant project is a project that makes a
 Grants – Queensland Country         practical difference to the lives of people in Queensland communities. They’re looking to
 Credit Union

Page 5
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
support projects that enable people to participate, experience, grow, learn, reach out,
 Applications close 3 May            connect, make a difference and be safe.
 2019                                Queensland Country Good for Good Community Grants are a monetary grant of between
                                     $5000 and $30,000 that are awarded from a pool of $100,000 to eligible not-for-profit
                                     community organisations.
                                     In the spirit of paying it forward, our Queensland Country Good for Good Community
                                     Grant recipients partner with them to fundraise 10% of their approved grant amount on
                                     behalf of our Charity Partner, Ronald McDonald House North Australia or Ronald
                                     McDonald House South East Queensland Chapters. That really is good for good.
                                     To be eligible to apply for a grant your organisation must:
                                     •    Be a current Member of Queensland Country Credit Union Limited
                                     •    Be a not-for-profit organisation with an ABN
                                     •    Be committed to fundraising 10% of the awarded grant amount for Ronald McDonald
                                          House Charities during the grant period
                                     •    Agree to provide permanent public recognition at the location of the project in the
                                          form of a sign or equivalent (the cost of the sign is to be included in the grant amount
                                     •    Propose a project that falls into one of the following categories:
                                          o sport and recreation
                                          o health
                                          o education
                                          o environment
                                          o arts, culture and heritage
 Thriving Queensland                 Neighbourhood and community centres across Queensland are encouraged to apply for a
 Communities grants –                share of $800,000 under the latest round of the Thriving Queensland Communities Grants
 Queensland Government               program.
                                     The Thriving Queensland Communities grants are open to government-funded
 Applications close 3 May            neighbourhood and community centres for projects and equipment.
 2019                                All 124 Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors funded
                                     neighbourhood and community centres are eligible to apply for funds to support and build
                                     on existing networking and engagement with local communities, providing a stronger
                                     platform to listen and respond to community priorities.
                                     Applications for funding from $2,000 - $20,000 are encouraged from neighbourhood and
                                     community centres for eligible activities that deliver family and community engagement
                                     activities, purchase equipment or resources that help the centre engage and support their
                                     community, and undertake relevant staff professional development.
 Community Heritage Grants –         The Community Heritage Grants (CHG) program provides grants of up to $15,000 to
 National Library of Australia       community organisations such as libraries, archives, museums, genealogical and historical
                                     societies, multicultural and Indigenous groups. The grants are provided to assist with the
 Applications close 6 May            preservation of locally owned, but nationally significant collections of materials that are
 2019                                publicly accessible including artefacts, letters, diaries, maps, photographs, and audio
                                     visual material.
                                     The types of projects supported include
                                     •    significance assessments of collections
                                     •    preservation needs assessments of collections
                                     •    conservation activities and collection management, and
                                     •    training workshops.
 Information, Linkages and           This funding round invites applications that seek to meet one or more of the following
 Capacity Building (ILC)             aims:
 National Information                1. Deliver up to date, high quality information in a variety of products about specific
 Program Funding Round –                  disability types, functional impacts, supports and services available for individuals
 NDIS                                     with disability, their families and carers which will increase individuals’ ability to
                                          exercise choice and control.
 Applications close 10 May           2. Provide information about disability that is relevant for mainstream organisations
 2019                                     and service systems and increase the ability of organisations and services to be
                                          relevant and responsive.

Page 6
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
3.    Develop and disseminate information, which meets the needs of specific cohorts
                                           including Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities, Aboriginal and
                                           Torres Strait Islander (A&TSI) communities, LGBTQI+ communities, and communities
                                           living in rural and remote areas.
                                     Up to $51 million (GST excl.) is available for the period FY2019-20 through to FY 2021-22
                                     for the National Information Program. Organisations are encouraged to apply for grants
                                     over $300,000 (GST Excl) over 3 years. Grants of less than $300,000 may not be
                                     considered. There is no upper limit for the amount of funding that can be applied for in
                                     this grant round, however, value for money will be a key consideration during the
                                     assessment process.
                                     The NDIA can only provide funding to an organisation that is a legal entity. Lead
                                     organisations of a consortium or organisations applying on behalf of other organisations
                                     must be a legal entity. The various eligible entity types (including Incorporated
                                     Associations, LGAs and Cooperatives) are listed in the guidelines.
 Community Assistance                Each Council financial year, a fixed amount of funding, as determined by Council, will be
 Grants: Special Projects –          allocated to the Special Projects Grants program. The Special Projects Grant program will
 Whitsunday Regional Council         be open to all incorporated not for profit clubs wishing to undertake one-off projects or
                                     events that fall outside the normal operations of the club. Grants up to $20,000 may be
 Round 3 applications close 17       available.
 May 2019                            The criteria and acquittal for this grant program will be more specific to the project
                                     (please refer to the Application Form). Clubs that can apply for RADF will be eligible for
                                     this grant. In the event the funds for this program are exhausted in a financial year, the
                                     program will be closed for the remainder of that year. Funding levels for future years will
                                     be at the discretion of Council.
                                     The following types of projects are ineligible:
                                     •    Projects which include services or activities that are the responsibility of a
                                          government body, or that the applicant organisation or another organisation is
                                          already funded to deliver
                                     •    Projects which are political in nature or incorporate political activities
                                     •    Projects being delivered before grants are awarded – projects are not funded
 North Queensland                    Glencore’s North Queensland Community Assistance Program (NQ CAP) reflects our belief
 Community Assistance                that communities should benefit from our operations. The NQ CAP provides one-off
 Program – Glencore                  sponsorships, donations and in-kind support for local events and initiatives that are from
                                     $100 to $20,000 to deliver benefits within the communities of Mount Isa, Cloncurry and
 Round 3 opens 13 May and            Areas of support include:
 closes 24 May 2019                  • Education / training
                                     •   Enterprise development
                                     •   Economic diversification.
                                     To receive funding through the Glencore NQ CAP applicants must:
                                     • Be incorporated
                                     •    Provide services or manage sustainable community initiatives that contribute to the
                                          well-being and development of the local communities of Mount Isa, Cloncurry and/or
                                     •    Be a community organization, not-for-profit group or government agency
                                     •    Address the criteria listed in the application form.
 Tomorrow Fund – AMP                 AMP’s Tomorrow Fund is looking for individuals, who are working hard to make a positive
                                     impact in the community, to share in $1 million in grants.
                                     Individuals of all ages, abilities and walks of life, who are working toward a goal that
 Applications close 27 May           benefits the community, but need help to make it happen, are encouraged to submit an
 2019                                application from 11 April.
                                     AMP’s Tomorrow Fund supports talented and innovative Australians, known as Tomorrow
                                     Makers, with grants of between $5,000 and $100,000.

Page 7
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
Tomorrow Makers are working toward goals across many areas of endeavour, including
                                     everything from art, athletics and sport, to social innovation, medical research, music and
                                     What they share is the drive to make a positive impact on Australia, either by inspiring
                                     others or creating something special.
                                     To be in the running to share in $1 million in grants, you must complete the online form
                                     on the AMP Tomorrow Fund website when applications open, explaining what your goal
                                     is, how you’re going to get there and what you’ve already done to work towards it.
                                     If you know someone in your community doing something extraordinary, please tell them
                                     about AMP’s Tomorrow Fund and encourage others to do the same. Word of mouth is
                                     one of the best ways to ensure we can find and support Tomorrow Makers.
                                     Posters, information sheets and a sample application are available for download from the
                                     ‘Tips & tools’ section of the AMP Tomorrow Fund website.
 BMA Local Buying                    This program aims to enhance the economic sustainability of communities within BMA’s
 Community Foundation                operational footprint and the broader Bowen Basin region via small grants (typically less
                                     than $25,000).
                                     To apply for LBF funding in Queensland, submissions must meet the following criteria:
 Round 2 closes 31 May 2019          •     the project must benefit businesses in targeted areas (Qld - Central Highlands, Isaac
                                           or Mackay regions)
                                     •     the submission is not for a commercial business grant or not to be considered to be
                                           similar to a commercial business grant
                                     •     the project has not already occurred and funds are not being sought retrospectively
                                     •     all other criteria as outlined in the Qld LBF Public Guidelines.
                                     In addition to being aligned with the objectives of the Foundation, programs, projects and
                                     initiatives will be assessed according to criteria which will include: impact; sustainability;
                                     cost effectiveness; alignment and practicality; project agility and flexibility.
 Gambling Community Benefit          The fund allocates funding to not-for-profit community groups to enhance their capacity
 Fund – Department of Justice        to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.
                                     Applications can be submitted for funding between $500 and a maximum of $35,000
 Round 101 will close on 31          (including GST). If the cost of any item is more than the approved amount, it is the
 May 2019                            organisation’s responsibility to fund the difference.
                                     All organisations must:
                                     • have not-for-profit objectives
                                     •     be community based
                                     •     and be registered (have a business partner number) with CBFU as a legal entity or
                                           sponsored organisation prior to submitting an application form.
                                     Organisations must be one of the following: 1. Incorporated or registered by an Act of
                                     Parliament (other than those listed below); 2. A sponsored organisation applying through
                                     an organisation Incorporated or registered by an Act of Parliament; 3. Local Ambulance
                                     Committee, Rural Fire Brigade or State Emergency Service Group applying as a sponsored
                                     organisation through the Department of Community Safety or relevant department as
                                     their legal entity.
                                     OLGR has launched a new, user-friendly online grants portal that allows you to:
                                     • access the portal from most devices and operating systems
                                            o browsers - Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox
                                            o devices - Windows and Apple compatible tablets, PC, laptop (not smartphones)
                                     • use your unique organisation number or organisation name and password to login
                                           and manage your registration details
                                     • apply for grants online (no more PDF readers and emails required)
                                     • check the status of your application in real-time and view your application history
                                     • submit your acquittals online (including applying for extensions to acquittal due
                                           dates, submitting variations to approved items and checking for un-acquitted funds).
 Disaster Assistance Loans:          Non-profit organisations whose assets have been significantly damaged as a direct result
 Non-Profit organisations –          of an eligible disaster may be able to access low interest loans of up to $100,000.
 Queensland Government

Page 8
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
What assistance is available? Concessional loans are provided to assist you to re-establish
 Applications are open               the normal operations of your organisation by covering costs such as:
                                     • repairing or replacing damaged plant and equipment
                                     •    repairing or restoring essential premises, including grounds, amenities and
                                     •    supplying stock for us to one month to replace lost stock and maintain liquidity of the
                                     The Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services has activated concessional loans for
                                     non-profit organisations in relation to the following eligible disasters:
                                     •    North and Far North Queensland Monsoon Trough 25 January - 14 February 2019
                                     •    Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie and Associated Rainfall and Flooding, 28 March – 6
                                          April 2017
                                     To be eligible for assistance your property must be located in one of the "defined disaster
                                     areas" for the relevant disaster (see the table on their website the the Defined Disaster
 Sport and Recreation Disaster       The Sport and Recreation Disaster Recovery Program provides not-for-profit sport and
 Recovery Program –                  recreation organisations with funding to re-establish their facilities and activities after
 Queensland Government               extreme natural events, including floods, fire, cyclones and severe storms.
                                     Funding of up to $20,000 (Level 2) may be available for eligible sport and recreation
 Applications are open               organisations located in the following areas declared under the Natural Disaster Relief and
                                     Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA):
                                     • Cloncurry Shire Council
                                     •    Flinders Shire Council
                                     •    McKinlay Shire Council
                                     •    Richmond Shire Council
                                     •    Townsville City Council.
                                     Level 2 funding is for repair, restoration and mitigation support. Where Level 2 is
                                     announced as being available, applications can be submitted for up to 6 months from the
                                     date of the announcement.
                                     Funding may be available for the following items/works that assist in recovery:
                                     •      Mitigating the effect of future damage to the sport and recreation infrastructure due
                                            to a similar disaster event.
                                     •      Repairing and restoring damage to sport and recreation infrastructure that directly
                                            relates to the re-establishment of facilities.
                                     •      Replace damaged items that are not covered by Level 1 assistance to restore
                                            operations to support the delivery of sport and recreation activities.
                                     To be eligible, organisations must:
                                     • be located in an NDRRA Category A to C declared disaster affected area (depending
                                            on level of funding requested)
                                     •      be an incorporated local or regional not-for-profit organisation with a primary
                                            objective relating to sport and recreation
                                     •      be a not-for-profit racing or turf club (Level 1 funding only)
                                     It is recommended that you contact your local Sport and Recreation regional office prior
                                     to applying to discuss any enquiries.
 Website Grant – The Institute       This program is to help charities turn their websites from a brochure site into a data-
 of Technology                       driven website, marketing and fundraising tool.
                                     TITAN will offer 100 charities the opportunity to receive a new, mobile-first, best-practice
 Expressions of Interest are         website built by
 open – closing date is not          Joyful’s website build process, which covers the strategy, design and build of a new
 listed                              website for $20,000, is covered by the TITAN grant. Successful applicants will also be
                                     given $1,000 to match the first AU$1,000 successfully raised in online donations received
                                     through the new website.
                                     Organisations must read the conditions before starting the first stage of application. There
                                     is the possibility of more follow-on funding, dependent on the success of the campaign.
                                     WHAT YOUR ORGANISATION LOOKS LIKE:
                                     • You are a small or medium sized non-profit organisation, with a revenue range
                                          between AU$0.3m and AU$30m (Enquire first if you are outside this range).

Page 9
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
•    You are hungry to improve your online marketing and are frustrated by your current
                                          website and looking to revitalise this.
                                     • Online marketing is important to your mission and improving it is a priority (eg to
                                          help more beneficiaries or attract supporters).
 Sustainable Giving Initiative –     The Coopers Brewery Foundation has introduced an annual Sustainable Giving initiative to
 Coopers Foundation                  run in conjunction with our general giving program. Under the initiative, an eligible
                                     organisation will be selected and awarded $50,000 a year for three years, providing it
 Expressions of Interest close       with a total of $150,000. The program is designed to provide long-term certainty for the
 1 June 2019                         successful organisation.
                                     The focus areas for the Sustainable Giving initiative for 2019 is Youth Education.
                                     Funding can only be provided to organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1
                                     endorsement by the Australian Tax Office. Proof of your organisation’s DGR status must
                                     accompany your Expression of Interest form. Only one application per organisation/DGR
                                     can be submitted for consideration by the Board of Governors. Applications will only be
                                     considered if they fit the Foundation’s focus for that year. It is desirable that projects have
                                     ongoing benefits.
 RACQ Foundation: Natural            The Foundation’s priorities are to help affected community organisations rebuild after
 Disasters                           these events and help charitable organisations provide assistance to victims of floods,
                                     cyclones and other natural disasters. Applications to the RACQ Foundation are expected
 Applications close 14 June          to be for amounts of up to $50,000, with funding up to $200,000 considered in
 2019                                exceptional circumstances only.
                                     The RACQ Foundation’s priorities are to assist:
                                     • Queensland community organisations that have been significantly affected by natural
                                           disasters to help them regain their position prior to the disaster; and
                                     • Queensland community organisations mitigate the impact of future natural disasters
                                           on buildings and other capital works; and
                                     • Deserving charities or other organisations with a charitable purpose that help
                                           Queenslanders who have been impacted by a natural disaster.
                                     To be eligible for funding your organisation must meet each of the criteria outlined below:
                                     1. Your organisation must be either:
                                        a. a small to medium community organisation; or
                                        b. a charity or other organisation with a charitable purpose.
                                     2. The project must benefit Queenslanders who have been significantly affected by flood,
                                     other weather event or natural disaster or seek to prevent such events from negatively
                                     impacting on Queensland communities.
                                     3. The project must be completed within 12 months of funding.
 Queensland Destination              The QDEP offers two funding options for regional events:
 Events Program – Tourism            •    Destination Event funding – single year funding for developing events seeking growth
 and Events Queensland                    ($10,000 - $25,000 per year)
                                     •    Significant Event funding – single year or up to three years of funding for events that
 Applications for Round 13                can demonstrate a strong track record of growth or growth potential ($25,000 -
 close 26 June 2019 for                   $100,000 per year).
 eligible event dates: January       How the funding can be used
 2020 to January 2021                •    Marketing costs
                                     •    Strategic plan development
                                     •    Engagement of short-term specialised personnel
                                     •    Hire of temporary infrastructure
                                     Eligibility criteria
                                     To be eligible to apply for funding through the QDEP, an event must meet the following
                                     key objectives:
                                     Destination event funding
                                     •    The event must take place wholly within Queensland
                                     •    You must be able to demonstrate the historical size of the event in terms of:
                                          Audience; Spectator numbers; Participant numbers, and/or Media profile
                                     •    The applicant must be able to demonstrate the event's capacity to grow against the
                                     Significant event funding

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Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
In addition to the criteria for Destination Event funding, events seeking Significant Event
                                     funding must meet the following criteria:
                                     •      The event must have received a minimum of one year of support under the
                                            Destination Event program and have met all the requirements as outlined in the
                                     •      The event must provide a recent report showing evidence of the total number of
                                            event attendees (including participants and spectators), specifically detailing the
                                            breakdown and number of visitors from outside the region; this information must be
                                            independently gathered and reported, or independently verified
                                     •      The event must present a strong opportunity for Queensland and demonstrate
                                            extensive recognition outside the region in which it is held in terms of visitation
                                            and/or media profile.
                                     For more information on eligibility, funding uses, funding conditions, and the application
                                     process please click the following link: QDEP Funding Guidelines.
 Local Community Events –            Supports organisations in delivering events for benefit of the local community. These
 Cairns Regional Council             events enrich residents' lives and celebrate important occasions. do not usually attract
                                     visitors from outside of town specially for the event. The grants cover cash and/or in kind
 Round 12 applications close         minimum of $3,000 to maximum of $15,000.
 30 June 2019                        *Note: Events must commence and be completed within the eligible event date period.
                                     Council’s Community grant program supports community based groups and organisations
                                     which provide programs, activities, events and programs that enrich the diversity of
                                     cultural, social, sport and economic development opportunities available to the residents
                                     and businesses located in the Cairns region.
                                     Local Events should:
                                     •      Drive community and social outcomes to enhance the overall quality of life in local
                                     •      Drive future growth and financial sustainability
                                     •      Contribute to the region’s balanced portfolio of community, arts & cultural and
                                            sporting events
                                     •      Generate key economic outcomes
                                     •      Showcase the importance of events for local communities and businesses
                                     •      Support events that benefit charities or other worthwhile causes
                                     •      Celebrate the rich traditions of communities and the importance of these to the
                                            Cairns region
                                     It is recommended that you read the guidelines from the website as it details relevant
                                     tiers for events, critical to eligibility.
 Dreams For A Better World –         Sunsuper's community grants are available to give you the leg up, a helping hand to make
 Sunsuper                            your dream a reality. If your not-for-profit organisation or community group dreams of
                                     helping to create brighter futures for Australians or a more active community or support
 Round 2 applications close 21       others to live better they want to hear about it. There are three rounds for community
 June 2019                           grants and each round has a different theme. If your dream fits the criteria and is eligible
                                     apply for your chance to receive up to $50,000 in grants to help a cause close to your
                                     Round 2: Brighter Futures
                                     Does your dream empower others to learn and earn to have a brighter future?
                                     Tell them if you need funding for education initiatives or to create jobs for those in need,
                                     or improve financial wellbeing and affordability for Australians. They're also looking for
                                     dreams that enhance employment opportunities, or offer training and support to those
                                     who need a helping hand to get into or back to work.
 Drought Communities                 The Drought Communities Programme (DCP) supports communities in the most drought-
 Programme – Australian              affected regions of Australia.
 Government                          Funding is available to eligible councils for local infrastructure projects and other drought-
                                     relief activities. Project funding is intended to provide short-term support, including by
 Applications close 30 June          boosting local employment and procurement, and addressing social and community
 2019                                needs.

Page 11
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
On 19 August 2018, the Australian Government announced it would boost the Drought
                                     Communities Programme by $75 million and provide initial support of $1 million to 60
                                     eligible councils in 2018-19.
                                     Eligible councils are able to select projects that provide the greatest support to their
                                     communities, including infrastructure and other activities. Projects must be in addition to
                                     the normal planned activities of the council. Further guidance will be available in the
                                     program guidelines.
                                     Eligible Queensland Councils are:
                                     Balonne, Barcaldine, Barcoo, Blackall Tambo, Bulloo, Boulia, Diamantina, Flinders,
                                     Goondiwindi, Lockyer Valley, Longreach, Maranoa, McKinlay, Murweh, Paroo, Richmond,
                                     Quilpie, Somerset, South Burnett, Southern Downs, Toowoomba and Winton.
                                     Projects could include:
                                     •     Employing local contractors to undertake repairs and maintenance
                                     •     Upgrading or building new community facilities
                                     •     Holding events and undertaking drought-relief activities
                                     •     Carting potable water into communities for drinking and bathing.
 Major Community Activity –          Financial assistance of up to $15,000 is available for a Community Activity delivered by a
 Hinchinbrook Shire Council          not-for-profit committee/club/group which has previously held a Community Activity.
                                     Characteristics include:
 Current round of applications       •    Have previously held a Community Activity within 5+ years
 open 24 June and close 8 July       •    Entrance fee usually charged, some free entry
 2019                                •    Minimum of 2,000 attendees
                                     •    Minimum of event of Community Activity is one day/night, eight hours, several
 For assistance or event date             events within the program
 between 1 October and 31            •    Marketing activity being a mix of Shire and wider communities.
 December 2019               •
 Community Grants Scheme •–          This scheme provides financial assistance to community organisations for up to 50% (with
 Rockhampton Regional                a cap of $20,000) of the costs of projects that are capital works (including building
 Council                             renovations, equipment and furnishings), and will have a lasting benefit to the broad
                                     community. An organisation may only be funded for one such project per annum, and
                                     preference will be given to projects that provide for multi-purpose or multi-organisational
 Applications open 26 May
 and close 16 July 2019
                                •    Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:
                                     •     Applicant’s ability to undertake the project including obtaining any relevant
                                           approvals and permissions
                                     •     Community need for the project and potential for use by other groups
                                     •     Community outcomes expected from the project, including any positive promotion of
                                           the local area
                                     • Value for money with realistic scope and at least two quotes for all works.
                                     For further information contact Council on (07) 4936 8368, 1300 22 55 77 or email
 Dreams For A Better World –         Dream big and you could receive a grant to help your business address local issues like
 Sunsuper                            housing affordability, unemployment, sustainability, mental health issues or even help
                                     boost your local economy.
 Applications close 2 August         As long as your dream has a direct positive impact on an Australian community they want
 2019                                to hear from you.
                                     So if you've been dreaming of starting a project or need more resources to get the job
                                     done, a small business grant could be the helping hand your local business needs to make
                                     a lasting and positive change in your community.
                                     Follow the links to apply and tell them about your business, your community, your dream
                                     and how $15,000 would help make a difference.
 Honda Foundation                    The Honda Foundation acts as a charitable trust, providing financial assistance to charities
                                     and organisations doing amazing work across a range of social and environmental issues.
 Applications close 9 August         These include:
 2019                                • Supporting the disadvantaged, disabled or those suffering from illness

Page 12
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
• Relief for victims of natural disasters
                                     • Promotion of innovation and new technologies
                                     The Honda Foundation now has two different application forms:
                                     • One for Monetary ($) Funding requests. Grants have ranged from $500 to purchase
                                          bike helmets for children with disabilities to $700,000 for The Fred Hollows
                                          Foundation to continue their incredible work in preventing and curing avoidable
                                     • The other for Honda Hero Loan Vehicle - provide a 12-month Loan Vehicle Program
                                          which includes registration, insurance and all servicing costs, and is capped at 20 loan
                                          vehicles at any one time.
                                     Please ensure that you download the appropriate application form and that all fields are
                                     completed except for the Dealership Authorisation section.
 Community Grants Scheme –           Rockhampton Regional Council is committed to supporting eligible organisations to
 Rockhampton Regional                undertake projects or events that provide economic and community development
 Council                             outcomes for the local area, and makes a funding allocation available in its budget each
 Round 1 applications open in        Support is provided through the Community Assistance Program and Major Sponsorship
 July and close in August 2019       Scheme, and may be either a cash contribution or in-kind support (for things such as use
                                     of a Council venue, additional garbage collection for an event, etc). As Council is required
                                     to account for all support provided, in-kind support is still a real cost and must be included
                                     in the total value of your application. To enable Council to assist your organisation with in-
                                     kind support you will need to provide full details of the costs of the service you require.
                                     This scheme provides financial assistance to community organisations for up to 50% (with
                                     a cap of $20,000) of the costs of projects that are capital works (including building
                                     renovations, equipment and furnishings), and will have a lasting benefit to the broad
                                     community. An organisation may only be funded for one such project per annum, and
                                     preference will be given to projects that provide for multi-purpose or multi-organisational
 Community Projects Grant –          The Community Project Grant is available for applications from eligible not-for-profit
 Noosa Council                       organisations that demonstrate a need for funding for:
                                     • Events - Community based festivals or events that bring residents together (beyond
 Round 12 applications open              organisations’ membership base), including cultural, sports, environmental or
 12 August and close 19                  community festivals.
 September 2019                      • Projects/programs – Projects, purchases of equipment or programs that respond to a
                                         specific opportunity or need within the community or contribute to reducing the
                                         community’s greenhouse gas emissions. Ongoing projects or programs may be funded
                                         for a maximum of three years
                                     •     Building work or infrastructure improvement projects.
                                     Eligibility - Not-for-profit organisations (see Section 17 Definitions) that are legally
                                     structured as:
                                     •     an incorporated association
                                     •     a company limited by guarantee
                                     •     an Indigenous corporation (registered with the Officer of the Register of Indigenous
                                           Corporations (ORIC)) or
                                     •     a co-operative.
 Flying Start – Jetstar              Jetstar's Flying Start Program invites community groups and organisations across Australia
                                     to apply for a grant to fund a project that will enrich the lives of people in their local
                                     community. The grant includes: $15,000 cash; $15,000 worth of travel with Jetstar
 Applications for Round 22
                                     anywhere on the Jetstar network; promotion on Jetstar’s website and Facebook page;
 close 30 September 2019
                                     national and local level media coverage.
                                     Entry is open to not-for-profit community groups and organisations of any size, who are
                                     seeking funding to help enhance the lives of people in their local community; and can be
                                     classified into one of the following categories:
                                     • Charity
                                     • Educational and Health Organisations
                                     • Arts Group or organisation
                                     • Sporting group or organisation

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Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
The community group or organisation should have a specific project in mind for how the
                                     grant will be used to benefit their local community.
 Queensland Veterans’                The Queensland Government, through the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, has
 Memorial grants program –           established the Queensland Veterans’ Memorial Grants Program to encourage and assist
 Queensland Government               Queensland veterans’ groups and other organisations in the creation, upkeep and
                                     conservation of monuments, memorials and public memorial sites acknowledging
 Round 2 applications open 13        Queensland veterans’ contributions.
 May and close 20 October            The Queensland Veterans’ Memorial Grants Program provides funding of up to $30,000
 2019                                (ex GST) per application.
                                     The following organisations are eligible to apply:
                                     •    local councils
                                     •    incorporated associations or bodies
                                     •    corporations operating on a not-for-profit basis
                                     •    site or memorial custodians who are not ineligible entities.
                                     All applicant organisations must:
                                     •    operate on a not-for-profit basis
                                     •    possess a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)
                                     •    be seeking funding.
 Energy Efficient Communities        The Energy Efficient Communities Program will deliver $50 million of grants to assist
 Program – Australian                businesses and community organisations to improve energy efficiency practices and
 Government                          technologies and better manage energy consumption to reduce their power bills. Grants
                                     will be made available for:
 Applications open 1                 Community organisations - can apply for up to $12,500 and will not be required to make
 September 2019 and close            a co-contribution.
 January 2020                        Small businesses can apply for up to $20,000 and will not be required to make a co-
 More details will be posted         Businesses that consume large amounts of energy each year (over 0.05 petajoules) can
 when the program opens for          apply for up to $25,000 and will be required to contribute matched funding.
 applications                        Funding will support activities to help businesses and community organisations to save
                                     energy through:
                                     • equipment upgrades that reduce energy consumption - energy generation and
                                           storage projects (for example solar photovoltaic panels, batteries and solar hot
                                           water) will only be permitted for community organisations
                                     •     investment in energy and emissions monitoring and management systems to better
                                           manage energy use
                                     •     completion of energy systems assessments according to the Australian Standard or
                                           feasibility studies to investigate energy efficiency opportunities
 Australian Communities              Each year, ACF makes hundreds of grants to support charitable organisations and projects
 Foundation                          all around the country and internationally. They recommend that proposals are between
                                     1-4 pages and include an overview of:
 Requests can be submitted at        •     Your organisation
 any time                            •     The issue being addressed
                                     •     The project / The impact or expected outcomes of the project
                                     •     The amount of funding you are seeking.
                                     ACF only makes grants to organisations with the following Australian Taxation Office
                                     • TCC – Tax Concession Charity status
                                     •     DGR – Deductible Gift Recipient Item 1 of the table in Section 30-15 of the Income
                                           Tax Assessment Act (1997)
                                     The Grants Team reviews funding proposals fortnightly. If eligible the proposal will be
                                     flagged for inclusion in a donor newsletter. Organisations will only be notified if a donor
                                     expresses interest in their proposal.
                                     Due to the high volume of requests we are only able to accept two funding requests per
                                     organisation per calendar year. To speak to their Grants Team, call (03) 9412 0412 or

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Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland April 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
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