FEBRUARY 2019

Community, Health and Non-profit .................................................................................................... 2
General Business, IT, Communication, Export and Trade ................................................................. 22
Sport, Events, Tourism and The Arts ................................................................................................ 41
Energy, Clean Technology, Science, Innovation and R&D................................................................. 53
Environment, Conservation, Agriculture, Exploration and Land ...................................................... 59
Education and Training..................................................................................................................... 62

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Community, Health and Non-profit
 Major Community Activity –                  Financial assistance of up to $15,000 is available for a Community Activity
 Hinchinbrook Shire Council                  delivered by a not-for-profit committee/club/group which has previously held a
                                             Community Activity.
 Current round of applications close         Characteristics include:
 25 February 2019                            •    Have previously held a Community Activity within 5+ years
                                             •    Entrance fee usually charged, some free entry
 For assistance or event date                •    Minimum of 2,000 attendees
 between 1 April and 30 June 2019            •    Minimum of event of Community Activity is one day/night, eight hours,
                                                  several events within the program
                                             •    Marketing activity being a mix of Shire and wider communities.
 Gambling Community Benefit Fund –           The fund allocates funding to not-for-profit community groups to enhance their
 Department of Justice                       capacity to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland
                                             communities. Applications can be submitted for funding between $500 and a
 Round 100 will close on 28 February         maximum of $35,000 (including GST). If the cost of any item is more than the
 2019                                        approved amount, it is the organisation’s responsibility to fund the difference.
                                             All organisations must:
                                             •     have not-for-profit objectives
                                             •     be community based
                                             •     and be registered (have a business partner number) with CBFU as a legal
                                                   entity or sponsored organisation prior to submitting an application form.
                                             Organisations must be one of the following: 1. Incorporated or registered by an Act
                                             of Parliament (other than those listed below); 2. A sponsored organisation
                                             applying through an organisation Incorporated or registered by an Act of
                                             Parliament; 3. Local Ambulance Committee, Rural Fire Brigade or State Emergency
                                             Service Group applying as a sponsored organisation through the Department of
                                             Community Safety or relevant department as their legal entity.
                                             OLGR has launched a new, user-friendly online grants portal that allows you to:
                                             •    access the portal from most devices and operating systems
                                                   o browsers - Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox
                                                   o devices - Windows and Apple compatible tablets, PC, laptop (not
                                             •    use your unique organisation number or organisation name and password to
                                                  login and manage your registration details
                                             •    apply for grants online (no more PDF readers and emails required)
                                             •    check the status of your application in real-time and view your application
                                             •    submit your acquittals online (including applying for extensions to acquittal
                                                  due dates, submitting variations to approved items and checking for un-
                                                  acquitted funds).
 Queensland Destination Events               The QDEP offers two funding options for regional events:
 Program – Tourism and Events                •    Destination Event funding – single year funding for developing events seeking
 Queensland                                       growth ($10,000 - $25,000 per year)
                                             •    Significant Event funding – single year or up to three years of funding for
 Applications for Round 12 close 28               events that can demonstrate a strong track record of growth or growth
 February 2019 for eligible event                 potential ($25,000 - $100,000 per year).
 dates: September 2019 to                    How the funding can be used
 September 2020                              •    Marketing costs
                                             •    Strategic plan development
 Applications for Round 13 open              •    Engagement of short-term specialised personnel
 March and close June 2019 for               •    Hire of temporary infrastructure

Page 2
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
eligible event dates: January 2020 to       Eligibility criteria
 January 2021                                To be eligible to apply for funding through the QDEP, an event must meet the
                                             following key objectives:
                                             Destination event funding
                                             •     The event must take place wholly within Queensland
                                             •     You must be able to demonstrate the historical size of the event in terms of:
                                                   Audience; Spectator numbers; Participant numbers, and/or Media profile
                                             •     The applicant must be able to demonstrate the event's capacity to grow
                                                   against the baseline
                                             Significant event funding
                                             In addition to the criteria for Destination Event funding, events seeking Significant
                                             Event funding must meet the following criteria:
                                             •     The event must have received a minimum of one year of support under the
                                                   Destination Event program and have met all the requirements as outlined in
                                                   the contract
                                             •     The event must provide a recent report showing evidence of the total number
                                                   of event attendees (including participants and spectators), specifically
                                                   detailing the breakdown and number of visitors from outside the region; this
                                                   information must be independently gathered and reported, or independently
                                             •     The event must present a strong opportunity for Queensland and
                                                   demonstrate extensive recognition outside the region in which it is held in
                                                   terms of visitation and/or media profile.
                                             For more information on eligibility, funding uses, funding conditions, and the
                                             application process please click the following link: QDEP Funding Guidelines.
 Veteran and Community Grants                These grants up to $50,000 aim to maintain and improve the independence and
                                             quality of life of members of the veteran community by providing financial
 Closing date for Batch 4 is 28              assistance for activities, services and projects that sustain and/or enhance
 February 2019                               wellbeing. Grants assist projects that will become sustainable and financially
                                             viable, or one-off projects that have an ongoing health benefit for the veteran
                                             Eligibility: an applicant must be an ESO, veteran representative group, community-
                                             based organisation or private organisation that can demonstrate the ability to
                                             contribute to the welfare of members of the veteran community through the
                                             proposed project.
 Disaster Assistance Loans: Non-Profit       Non-profit organisations whose assets have been significantly damaged as a direct
 organisations – Queensland                  result of an eligible disaster may be able to access low interest loans of up to
 Government                                  $100,000.
                                             What assistance is available? Concessional loans are provided to assist you to re-
 Applications are open                       establish the normal operations of your organisation by covering costs such as:
                                             • repairing or replacing damaged plant and equipment
                                             •     repairing or restoring essential premises, including grounds, amenities and
                                             •     supplying stock for us to one month to replace lost stock and maintain
                                                   liquidity of the organisation
                                             The Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services has activated concessional
                                             loans for non-profit organisations in relation to the following eligible disasters:
                                             •     North and Far North Queensland Monsoon Trough 25 January - 14 February
                                             •     Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie and Associated Rainfall and Flooding, 28
                                                   March – 6 April 2017
                                             To be eligible for assistance your property must be located in one of the "defined
                                             disaster areas" for the relevant disaster (see the table on their website the the
                                             Defined Disaster Areas).

Page 3
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
Sport and Recreation Disaster               The Sport and Recreation Disaster Recovery Program provides not-for-profit sport
 Recovery Program – Queensland               and recreation organisations with funding to re-establish their facilities and
 Government                                  activities after extreme natural events, including floods, fire, cyclones and severe
 Applications are open                       Funding of up to $20,000 (Level 2) may be available for eligible sport and
                                             recreation organisations located in the following areas declared under the Natural
                                             Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA):
                                             • Cloncurry Shire Council
                                             •      Flinders Shire Council
                                             •      McKinlay Shire Council
                                             •      Richmond Shire Council
                                             •      Townsville City Council.
                                             Level 2 funding is for repair, restoration and mitigation support. Where Level 2 is
                                             announced as being available, applications can be submitted for up to 6 months
                                             from the date of the announcement.
                                             Funding may be available for the following items/works that assist in recovery:
                                             •      Mitigating the effect of future damage to the sport and recreation
                                                    infrastructure due to a similar disaster event.
                                             •      Repairing and restoring damage to sport and recreation infrastructure that
                                                    directly relates to the re-establishment of facilities.
                                             •      Replace damaged items that are not covered by Level 1 assistance to restore
                                                    operations to support the delivery of sport and recreation activities.
                                             To be eligible, organisations must:
                                             • be located in an NDRRA Category A to C declared disaster affected area
                                                    (depending on level of funding requested)
                                             •      be an incorporated local or regional not-for-profit organisation with a primary
                                                    objective relating to sport and recreation
                                             •      be a not-for-profit racing or turf club (Level 1 funding only)
                                             It is recommended that you contact your local Sport and Recreation regional office
                                             prior to applying to discuss any enquiries.
 BMA Local Buying Community                  This program aims to enhance the economic sustainability of communities within
 Foundation                                  BMA’s operational footprint and the broader Bowen Basin region via small grants
                                             (typically less than $25,000).
                                             To apply for LBF funding in Queensland, submissions must meet the following
 Round 1 closes 1 March 2019                 criteria:
                                             •    the project must benefit businesses in targeted areas (Qld - Central Highlands,
                                                  Isaac or Mackay regions)
                                             •    the submission is not for a commercial business grant or not to be considered
                                                  to be similar to a commercial business grant
                                             •    the project has not already occurred and funds are not being sought
                                             •    all other criteria as outlined in the Qld LBF Public Guidelines.
                                             In addition to being aligned with the objectives of the Foundation, programs,
                                             projects and initiatives will be assessed according to criteria which will include:
                                             impact; sustainability; cost effectiveness; alignment and practicality; project agility
                                             and flexibility.
 Building Digital Skills – Australian        Building Digital Skills grants help organisations to continue delivering their Be
 Government                                  Connected digital literacy programs.
                                             All Be Connected Network Partners who have registered 24 people on the Be
 Applications close 1 March 2019             Connected Learning Portal (12 people if you’re in an outer regional, remote or very
                                             remote area) can apply for a Building Digital Skills grant.
                                             There are six different contract sizes to apply for, depending on how many people
                                             you're able to support. Contracts range from $2,500 to $15,000.
                                             Funding can be spent on anything that will help you support older Australians to
                                             complete 2 courses or 10 activities on the Be Connected Learning Portal.
                                             Am I eligible?
                                             In order to apply for this funding, you must:

Page 4
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
•    Be a Be Connected Network Partner. If you're not already part of the
                                                  Network, click here to join.
                                             •    Have registered 24 people onto the Be Connected website (12 people if you’re
                                                  in an outer regional, remote or very remote area)
                                             What can the grant be used for?
                                             The funding can be spent on activities that support older Australians to gain basic
                                             digital skills and confidence such as:
                                             •    new devices including computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones
                                             •    upgrading software for devices
                                             •    broadband fees
                                             •    digital mentor expenses, including training to be a digital mentor
                                             •    printing of learning materials for older Australian learners
                                             •    police checks for all staff and mentors involved in delivering the Be Connected
                                             The funding cannot be used on building materials and capital works.
 Brighter Futures: Community                 Brighter Futures is a community investment program which supports the
 Funding Grants and Sponsorships –           sustainable development of communities in their operational footprint.
 Arrow Energy                                Their program supports three areas of community interest:
                                             •    health and safety
 Applications close 1 March 2019             •    education
                                             •    environment.
                                             Through Brighter Futures, they support local organisations that are dedicated to
                                             developing stronger Queensland communities.
                                             Brighter Futures supports applications that benefit the communities where
                                             Arrow has operations or project activities. These include:
                                             •    Bowen Basin
                                             •    Surat Basin
                                             •    Brisbane region
                                             •    Other project activity areas.
                                             Community funding grants are: for small scale investments to meet community
                                             needs; to assist local organisations with one-off events or projects.
                                             Sponsorships cover:
                                             •    Moderate scale investments supporting community projects and events
                                             •    Build relationships through supporting community initiatives
                                             •    The creation of one-off and short-term shared value opportunities.
                                             The program also places significant importance on the inclusion of Indigenous
                                             projects and initiatives. From book clubs and childcare facilities to tertiary
                                             scholarships and conservation projects, they're working hard to bring visible
                                             benefits to local communities.
 Event Support Grant – Toowoomba             They love to support local not-for-profit organisations that make the region shine
 Region                                      through the range of imaginative events organised and brought to the community.
                                             Groups from outside the region may be eligible for assistance, provided that it can
 Applications close 1 March 2019             be demonstrated that there will be a direct benefit to Toowoomba Region.
                                             Where it can be demonstrated that particular funding for a major event will have
                                             direct results on growth and sustainability, an applicant can be listed to receive
                                             funding for multiple years, but no more than 3, subject to conditions.
                                             Grant funding levels include:
                                             • Major event – over 5,000 patrons with grants of $10,000 and over
                                             •    Regional event – between 1,000 to 5,000 patrons with grants from $5,000 to
                                             •    Community event – up to 1,000 patrons with grants up to $1,500.
                                             Organisations can apply for an event support grant if they:
                                             •    are an eligible community organisation or are under the auspices of an eligible
                                                  community organisation as defined in the Community Grants Policy.
                                             •    operate or provide services within the Toowoomba Regional Council area.
                                             •    have an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Page 5
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
Disadvantaged Youth Grants –                In 2019 Newman’s Own Foundation is seeking grant applications from
 Newman’s Own Foundation                     organisations providing support for youth in regional and rural areas
                                             disadvantaged by drought and/or other natural disasters. Due to the ongoing
 Expressions of Interest close 4 March       strain and pressure many communities are facing, these grants will support
 2019                                        programs that improve the physical, social and mental wellbeing of young people
                                             and help them build resilience for the future.
                                             Grants range between $30,000 to $75,000 (AUD).
                                             The Foundation will address areas of disadvantage through grants that:
                                             •    Improve access to educational, arts and sports programs
                                             •    Build capacity for mentoring and mental health counselling
                                             •    Facilitate access to medical services and facilities
                                             •    Address access to fresh food and nutrition
                                             •    Provide experiences outside the community via excursions and camps.
                                             Organisations applying for a grant from Newman’s Own Foundation must be a
                                             registered charity with ATO Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and ATO Income Tax
                                             Exempt Charity (ITEC) status, and receive minimal Government funding.
 Inspire Grant - St George Foundation        The Inspire Grant is a grant of up to $600,000 over three years offered to one
                                             children’s charity each year. The purpose of this grant is to support national,
 Applications close 1 March 2019             innovative programs that provide alternative pathways to or opportunities for
                                             About the Inspire Grant: This newly introduced funding opportunity is a large,
                                             multi-year grant of up to $200,000 per year to a total of up to $600,000 per
                                             organisation over three years.
                                             The grant is awarded to one eligible Australian children’s charity each year for the
                                             purpose of providing innovative interventions that will change the course of a
                                             child’s life and inspire their future prosperity. The grants are embedded with
                                             milestones and outcome reporting that align with St.George Foundation’s
                                             This grant is a new program that has been developed to further St.George
                                             Foundation’s core purpose of supporting small charities to make a significant
                                             impact on the lives of disadvantaged Australian children.
                                             Projects funded should
                                             • Provide innovative opportunities for children experiencing disadvantage in
                                                   Australia to reach their full potential.
                                             •     Be national in scope, either immediately or with the potential for future
                                                   national scaling.
                                             •     Provide impact reporting and measurement of agreed outcomes.
                                             Funding priorities
                                             • Innovative or pilot projects providing:
                                             •     Alternative pathways to or opportunities for education.
                                             •     Other projects at the Governors’ discretion that provide significant positive
                                                   impact on the future potential of Australian children.
                                             Eligibility criteria:
                                             • Focus their efforts on children in Australia under the age of 18 years.
                                             •     Be endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient
                                                   under Item 1 of the Table in Section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act
                                             •     Provide current, signed, audited financial statements (from the last 2 years).
 Murray-Darling Basin Economic               The Program will assist eligible communities to undertake economic development
 Development Grants Program –                projects to respond to the impact of water recovery activities under the Basin Plan.
 Australian Government                       The outputs of the program are the number of jobs created as a result of the
                                             economic development projects and the number of projects supporting activities
 Applications close 10 March 2019            that continue after projects end.
                                             The economic development projects would assist with:
                                             •     increasing the capacity of communities to diversify and strengthen local
                                             •     enhancing the resilience of communities to manage current and future
                                                   economic challenges and changes

Page 6
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
•    increasing opportunities for employment within communities.
 Queensland Veterans’ Memorial               The Queensland Government, through the Department of the Premier and
 grants program – Queensland                 Cabinet, has established the Queensland Veterans’ Memorial Grants Program to
 Government                                  encourage and assist Queensland veterans’ groups and other organisations in the
                                             creation, upkeep and conservation of monuments, memorials and public memorial
 Round 1 applications close 10 March         sites acknowledging Queensland veterans’ contributions.
 2019                                        The Queensland Veterans’ Memorial Grants Program provides funding of up to
                                             $30,000 (ex GST) per application.
                                             The following organisations are eligible to apply:
                                             •     local councils
                                             •     incorporated associations or bodies
                                             •     corporations operating on a not-for-profit basis
                                             •     site or memorial custodians who are not ineligible entities.
                                             All applicant organisations must:
                                             •     operate on a not-for-profit basis
                                             •     possess a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)
                                             •     be seeking funding.
 Direct Aid program – Australian High        The Direct Aid Program is a flexible small grants program. It aims to support
 Commission Fiji                             projects with a strong development focus that complement Australia's broader aid
                                             program which contributes to sustainable economic growth and poverty
 Round 2 applications close 11 March         reduction. DAP supports projects that provide direct benefits to those most in
 2019                                        need in the local community, including vulnerable or disadvantaged groups,
                                             women, children and youth and people with disabilities.
                                             DAP is available on a not-for-profit basis to community groups, NGOs and other
                                             entities engaged in development activities in countries that are eligible for official
                                             development assistance.
                                             Applicants can apply for a maximum of AUD30,000 (around FJD50,000) over the
                                             life of the project.
                                             DAP activities should primarily be aimed at achieving practical and tangible
                                             outcomes of high development impact. DAP is able to fund activities that have a
                                             direct, practical and immediate impact, including capacity building programs in the
                                             areas of governance and human rights engagement.
 General Fund – Queensland                   QCF’s grant making from the General Fund focuses on ORGANISATIONAL capacity
 Community Foundation                        building assisting charities develop their structures, systems, people and skills in
                                             order to deliver improved outcomes.
 Applications close 13 March 2019            Typically, capacity building focuses on education and training, recruiting,
                                             maintaining or recognising volunteers, information technology support systems,
                                             and planning and governance which may include strategic plans, constitution
                                             reviews or board appraisals.
                                             Each year the Board of Governors makes recommendation to the Trustee
                                             regarding the area of focus. For example; homelessness, domestic violence, youth,
                                             early childhood.
                                             Grants up to a maximum of $30,000 each will be offered under the 2019 grant
                                             •     Applications are open to only those charitable organisations that have
                                                   Deductible Gift Recipient Item 1 (DGR1) status from the Australian Taxation
                                             •     Applications are invited from mid-tier organisations (annual revenue less than
                                             •     Organisations must be Queensland based, with all grant funds going to help
                                                   Queenslanders in the region of application in need of general welfare support.

Page 7
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
Information Linkages and Capacity           The Australian Government is inviting applications in an open process to apply to
 Building (ILC) Economic Participation       deliver activities under the Community Inclusion and Capacity Development (CICD)
 of People with Disability Grant             Program – Economic Participation of People with Disability Grant Round from June
 Round 2019-20 – Coca-Cola Australia         2019 to 2020.
                                             Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) is funded under the Community
 Applications close 13 March 2019            Inclusion and Capacity Development (CICD) Program. The objective of the CICD
                                             Program is to build innovative ways to increase the independence, social,
                                             community and economic participation of people with disability.
                                             For this grant opportunity up to $19.9 million (GST incl.) ($18.09 million GST excl.)
                                             is available in 2019-20.
                                             There is no maximum or minimum limit on the amount that can be applied for.
                                             The objective of this ILC Grant round is to improve the economic participation of
                                             people with disability across Australia.
                                             Applications must:
                                             • Build the capacity of people with disability to be active in the economy,
                                                   particularly through employment, and/or
                                             •     Support employers to enhance their knowledge and capabilities to employ
                                                   people with disability.
                                             Eligible Grant activities could include:
                                             • Capacity Building for Employers - build the capacity of workplaces to attract,
                                                   employ and retain people with disability.
                                             •     Pathways to Employment – projects that build employable skills of people
                                                   with disability in workplace settings.
                                             •     Fostering Entrepreneurship – projects that build capability for people with
                                                   disability to develop and maintain successful self-employment.
                                             •     Other – other innovative projects to increase employment of people with
                                             To be eligible you must be one of a range of entity types listed in their guidelines
                                             (there were too many to list here).
 In a Good Place – Foundation for            The grant supports rural, regional and remote communities in efforts to
 Rural & Regional Renewal                    strengthen the mental health of at-risk and vulnerable members of their
                                             communities via projects, services or activities that are preventative or responsive
 Applications close 14 March 2019            in nature and which are designed to engage those less likely, unable due to
                                             distance and isolation, or ineligible to participate in mainstream mental health
                                             The program is offering grants of up to $20,000 with $100,000 available in this
                                             funding round. It is investing in local responses to measurably improve mental
                                             health in rural Australia, by supporting community-led projects. Priority will be
                                             given to initiatives that:
                                             • Are delivered via non-clinical first providers of mental health care, such as
                                                  school counsellors and teachers, members of the clergy or pastoral care
                                                  teams, neighbourhood or community groups, or via technological or other
                                                  innovative methods
                                             •    Improve accessibility and availability of mental health services, tools or
                                                  support to areas with limited or no access to the same
                                             •    Provide innovative responses that are inclusive, building social connections
                                                  that lead to better mental health
                                             •    Confront stigma surrounding help-seeking behaviour.
                                             Preference will be given to projects that:
                                             • Serve communities with populations under 10,000
                                             •    Are run by and based in the beneficiary community/ies
                                             •    Respond to specific population mental health and wellbeing issues within a
                                                  local community
                                             •    Are sustainable beyond the period of the grant
                                             •    Can clearly measure and report on project outcomes.
                                             Applications are invited from NFP community-based organisations with an ABN or
                                             Incorporation Certificate. Successful projects will receive funds in late July 2019.

Page 8
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
2019 Employee Connected – Coca-             The mission of the Coca-Cola Australia Foundation (CCAF) is to inspire moments of
 Cola Australia                              happiness and possibilities for young Australians. The CCAF offers grants to
                                             organisations with projects that align with this mission.
 Applications close 14 March 2019            Employee Connected grants support local causes and charities connected to our
                                             employees, up to $25,000 as a one-off grant.
                                             To be eligible organisations must have DGR (item 1) status and build capability for
                                             young Australians aged 13-19 by addressing:
                                             •     Optimism
                                             •     Empowerment
                                             •     Increased possibilities for a positive life
                                             •     Wellbeing (emotional, physical and social)
                                             •     The Environment
                                             •     You must have Deductible Gift Recipient Item 1 (DGR1) status
                                             •     Your program must be based in Australia.
                                             •     Your program must be targeted at young people aged 13 to 19
 The Pierce Armstrong Foundation             The Foundation seeks to positively impact and enhance the lives of Australians and
                                             will support those organisations who demonstrate they can make meaningful and
 Applications close 15 March 2019            lasting contributions to our community. While the Foundation does not specify a
                                             minimum or maximum funding amount, it generally provides small donations up
                                             to $20,000.
                                             Whilst we have a strong preference for Victorian grantees, we will occasionally
                                             consider applications from interstate organisations.
                                             The Trustees current focus area will be to applications supporting the “Health &
                                             Wellbeing and Education of Children and Youth” via:
                                             • Education
                                             •     Children & Youth
                                             •     Health & Wellbeing.
                                             Only charitable organisations that hold both DGR and TCC status are eligible to
                                             apply for a grant. Applications received from organisations that do not hold both
                                             endorsements will not be considered.
 RACQ Foundation                             When a natural disaster strikes, RACQ Foundation is there to help those in need.
                                             Created following a series of natural disasters, the Foundation helps community
 Applications extended to 15 March           groups in Queensland recover from severe weather events, other natural disasters
 2019 due to the Nth Queensland              and now drought.
 flooding                                    Applying for funding from the RACQ Foundation is easy. We welcome applications
                                             from Queensland organisations with or without deductable gift recipient (DGR)
                                             As a general guide, the RACQ Foundation will consider funding for programs:
                                             • that will directly benefit people located only within Queensland
                                             •     that include minimal overhead costs and salaries which are directly related to
                                                   the programs
                                             •     with a preference for small and medium sized organisations (annual turnover
                                                   of less than $5m)
                                             •     delivered by Queensland community organisations either with or without
                                                   DGR status
                                             •     for amounts up to $50,000, with funding for amounts up to $200,000
                                                   considered in exceptional circumstances only.
 Major Grants – Sunshine Coast               This grant is for one-off projects, events and activities by not-for-profit
 Council                                     organisations that benefit the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area.
                                             Funding amount is over $2,000 and up to $30,000. Applications over $15,000 must
 Applications close 18 March 2019            be for infrastructure projects.
                                             Eligibility: Not-for-profit community organisations that:
                                             •     Operate within the Sunshine Coast Local Government Area or are able to
                                                   demonstrate that the project or program will benefit residents of the
                                                   Sunshine Coast Local Government Area

Page 9
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
•    Have appropriate insurance and adhere to sound Workplace Health and
                                                  Safety practices
                                             •    Are able to demonstrate viability
                                             •    Have no debt to council, or have entered into scheduled payment
                                                  arrangements with council which are being met
                                             •    Have met acquittal conditions for previous council grants.
 Aura Community Grants – Stockland           The Stockland Aura Community Grants Program encourages community groups
 and Aura                                    and organisations to apply for funding for one-off cash payments to support their
                                             contribution to the local community. Funds are available for projects that support
 Applications close 22 March 2019            local activities and services with outcomes focused in Caloundra North,
                                             Caloundra South or Glasshouse Country statistical areas.
                                             Applications must be for community based not for profit organisations, groups or
                                             clubs. They must deliver outcomes which meet the objectives of the Stockland
                                             Aura Community Grants Framework.
                                             The program or initiative must take place within 24 months for grants ranging from
                                             $5001 to $50,000.
                                             Only one application per organisation, group, club etc. can be submitted.
 Community Giving Fund – Aurizon             Aurizon consider themselves part of the local communities where they live and
                                             work. While they are working on repairing the impact of the recent floods on their
 Applications close 22 March 2019            operations in North Queensland they also want to help local communities recover
                                             and rebuild from this devastating weather event.
                                             They have established a special round of the Aurizon Community Giving Fund to
                                             provide cash grants to eligible charitable organisations with grants of up to
                                             Who is eligible for a Community Appeal grant:
                                             • Cash grants are only available for projects that affect the immediate flood
                                                  areas in North Queensland between Townsville and Mount Isa.
                                             •    Non-profit organisations that hold an approved deductible gift recipient
                                                  (DGR) status charity (Item 1) from the Australian Tax Office. If you are unsure
                                                  of your organisation’s tax status, check with your financial advisor and the
                                                  Australian Government’s ABN Lookup website.
                                             •    The Aurizon Community Giving Fund is focused on the broad areas of health
                                                  and wellbeing, community safety, the environment and education. All
                                                  applications for an Aurizon Community Giving Fund grant must fit within at
                                                  least one of these funding categories to be eligible for consideration.
 Community Grants Scheme –                   Rockhampton Regional Council is committed to supporting eligible organisations to
 Rockhampton Regional Council                undertake projects or events that provide economic and community development
                                             outcomes for the local area, and makes a funding allocation available in its budget
 Round 3 applications close 25 March         each year.
 2019                                        Support is provided through the Community Assistance Program and Major
                                             Sponsorship Scheme, and may be either a cash contribution or in-kind support (for
                                             things such as use of a Council venue, additional garbage collection for an event,
                                             etc). As Council is required to account for all support provided, in-kind support is
                                             still a real cost and must be included in the total value of your application. To
                                             enable Council to assist your organisation with in-kind support you will need to
                                             provide full details of the costs of the service you require.
                                             This scheme provides financial assistance to community organisations for up to
                                             50% (with a cap of $20,000) of the costs of projects that are capital works
                                             (including building renovations, equipment and furnishings), and will have a lasting
                                             benefit to the broad community. An organisation may only be funded for one such
                                             project per annum, and preference will be given to projects that provide for multi-
                                             purpose or multi-organisational use.
                                             Assistance is provided to community organisations that:
                                             •      Are located and/or primarily providing services within the Council area;
                                             •      Are properly constituted and incorporated (if not incorporated are sponsored
                                                    by an incorporated association), or a company limited by guarantee that has

Page 10
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a charity, tax exempt fund
                                                 or deductible gift recipient;
                                             •   Hold appropriate public liability cover for the project/event for which
                                                 assistance is sought;
                                             •   Have properly acquitted any previous grants and/or sponsorship provided by
                                                 Council; and
                                             •   Have the capacity to successfully manage the project/event; including
                                                 meeting deadlines for grant expenditure and acquittal requirements.
 Greater Charitable Foundation               Each calendar year the Foundation will provide approximately $1million to
                                             programs, based either in NSW or South-East Queensland, which are designed to
 Expressions of Interest close 29            improve the life outcomes of their beneficiaries.
 March 2019                                  Applicants can start preparing their Expression of Interest (EOI) form NOW –
                                             available on their website. Applicants can apply for funding of between $30,000
                                             (12 month project) up to $350,000 for a two (2) to three (3) year program.
                                             The Greater Charitable Foundation can only fund Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR)
                                             where the “Provision for gift deductibility” is “item 1 of the table in section 30-15
                                             of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997”.
 Flying Start – Jetstar                      Every day Jetstar flies thousands of people, helping unite family and friends to
                                             share special holiday experiences with their accessible and affordable fares. Their
 Applications close 31 March 2019            staff do their very best, every day to get you where you want to go, and to ensure
                                             every Jetstar experience you have is as enjoyable as possible. But there are some
                                             people who need more from us than just low fares.
                                             All grants will consist of the same elements, to ensure fairness and transparency.
                                             Each grant will be worth $30,000, comprising $15,000 cash and $15,000 worth of
                                             Jetstar travel.
                                             Entry is open to not-for-profit community groups and organisations of any size,
                                             who are seeking funding to help enhance the lives of people in their local
                                             community; and can be classified into one of the following categories:
                                             • Charity
                                             •     Educational and health organisations
                                             •     Arts group or organisation
                                             •     Sporting group or organisation.
                                             Judges gather within six weeks after the closing date and select a community
                                             group or organisation to be the grant recipient. All applicants will be notified
                                             within six weeks of the applications close date each quarter and told whether or
                                             not they have been successful.
                                             Judging criteria:
                                             • The extent to which the community group or organisation is seeking funding
                                                   to help enhance the lives of people in their local community in the areas of
                                                   charity, health, sport, education or the arts.
                                             •     The extent to which the community group or organisation can maximise
                                                   benefits to their local community with the Jetstar Flying Start grant (i.e. the
                                                   extent to which they have a tangible project or activity in mind to utilise the
                                             •     The extent to which the project or activity will celebrate and highlight the
                                                   work of the community group or organisation and help boost the profile and
                                                   strength of the group for the future within twelve months of the grant being
 Local Community Events – Cairns             Supports organisations in delivering events for benefit of the local community.
 Regional Council                            These events enrich residents' lives and celebrate important occasions. do not
                                             usually attract visitors from outside of town specially for the event. The grants
 Round 11 applications close 31              cover cash and/or in kind minimum of $3,000 to maximum of $15,000.
 March 2019                                  *Note: Events must commence and be completed within the eligible event date
                                             Council’s Community grant program supports community based groups and
                                             organisations which provide programs, activities, events and programs that enrich

Page 11
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
the diversity of cultural, social, sport and economic development opportunities
                                             available to the residents and businesses located in the Cairns region.
                                             Local Events should:
                                             •      Drive community and social outcomes to enhance the overall quality of life in
                                                    local communities
                                             •      Drive future growth and financial sustainability
                                             •      Contribute to the region’s balanced portfolio of community, arts & cultural
                                                    and sporting events
                                             •      Generate key economic outcomes
                                             •      Showcase the importance of events for local communities and businesses
                                             •      Support events that benefit charities or other worthwhile causes
                                             •      Celebrate the rich traditions of communities and the importance of these to
                                                    the Cairns region
                                             It is recommended that you read the guidelines from the website as it details
                                             relevant tiers for events, critical to eligibility.
 Mazda Foundation                            Mazda are dedicated to enriching Australian communities. Fostering a spirit of
                                             community involvement, the foundation supports a broad range of charitable
 Applications close 31 March 2019            projects with assistance and funding. The Foundation has two priorities:
                                             •     Children with physical and/or mental disabilities
                                             •     Elderly people suffering mental disabilities.
                                             If lodging a Project Notification form, please note that:
                                             •     the project must fall within the Foundation’s nominated priority areas;
                                             •     the organisation must be an eligible recipient under the Income Tax
                                                   Assessment Act
                                             •     the project must be consistent with the broader aims and objectives of the
                                                   Foundation (published on this website); and all areas of the attached form
                                                   must be completed.
                                             •     The Foundation will acknowledge receipt of the Project Notification form, but
                                                   this should not be seen as in any way indicating that the request for
                                                   consideration will progress further.
 Community Projects Grant – Noosa            The Community Project Grant is available for applications from eligible not-for-
 Council                                     profit organisations that demonstrate a need for funding for:
                                             • Events - Community based festivals or events that bring residents together
 Round 11 applications open 27                   (beyond organisations’ membership base), including cultural, sports,
 February and close 3 April 2019                 environmental or community festivals.
                                             • Projects/programs – Projects, purchases of equipment or programs that
                                                 respond to a specific opportunity or need within the community or contribute
                                                 to reducing the community’s greenhouse gas emissions. Ongoing projects or
                                                 programs may be funded for a maximum of three years
                                             •     Building work or infrastructure improvement projects.
                                             Eligibility - Not-for-profit organisations (see Section 17 Definitions) that are legally
                                             structured as:
                                             •     an incorporated association
                                             •     a company limited by guarantee
                                             •     an Indigenous corporation (registered with the Officer of the Register of
                                                   Indigenous Corporations (ORIC)) or
                                             •     a co-operative.
 Dreams For A Better World –                 Sunsuper's community grants are available to give you the leg up, a helping hand
 Sunsuper                                    to make your dream a reality. If your not-for-profit organisation or community
                                             group dreams of helping to create brighter futures for Australians or a more active
 Round 1 applications close 13 April         community or support others to live better they want to hear about it. There are
 2019                                        three rounds for community grants and each round has a different theme. If your
                                             dream fits the criteria and is eligible apply for your chance to receive up to $50,000
                                             in grants to help a cause close to your heart.
                                             Round 1: Better Living
                                             They're looking for dreams that improve the lives or living standards of other
                                             Australians. It may be a community development program to create more

Page 12
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
affordable housing or help our ageing population or new-comers to Australia. Or
                                             your dream may help kids and families in need or simply create a better
                                             environment for a more sustainable world. Dream big and tell them how your not-
                                             for-profit organisation can help others live better.
 Ian Potter Foundation                       Expressions of Interest will be accepted for the following areas:
                                             Community Wellbeing for projects/travel after 20 September 2019
 Expressions of Interest for Round 2         To alleviate need, our Community Wellbeing program supports organisations
 open 25 March and close 17 April            delivering early intervention programs in the community such as:
 2019                                        •    transitioning from detention under the justice system
                                             •    reducing long-term unemployment with a focus on youth
                                             •    assisting families at risk of, or experiencing, family violence to improve
                                                  financial skills and maintain suitable, safe accommodation.
                                             Proposals for collaborative, multi-year projects are encouraged, as well as those
                                             that share knowledge gained with the broader sector. In general, the
                                             recommended minimum grant amount is $100,000.
                                             They encourage all organisations to apply regardless of their size; in the case of
                                             small projects, the award can be of small amounts over multiple years, i.e.,
                                             $35,000 a year for three years.
                                             Education projects/travel after 20 September 2019
                                             •    To support innovative programs delivered to young children (ages 0–8) that
                                                  aim to improve school readiness (as measured by the AEDC) and/or foster
                                                  parental engagement in their children's learning
                                             •    To support the development of evidence and shared measurement tools for
                                                  the early childhood sector.
                                             The Foundation only considers grant applications in excess of $100,000 in this
                                             program area. Collaborative, multi-year initiatives are encouraged.
                                             Applications targeting children with high levels of developmental vulnerability will
                                             be prioritised.
                                             Environment & Conservation for projects/travel after 20 September 2019
                                             The program considers large grants (over $100,000) within two themes:
                                             •    fostering biodiversity
                                             •    water and/or land management.
                                             Projects that have a strong volunteer component, work with multiple stakeholders,
                                             promote sustainable approaches to agriculture and/or incorporate a strong
                                             science underpinning will be viewed more favourably.
                                             Science for projects/travel after 20 September 2019
                                             To support high quality scientific research programs led by post-doc researchers
                                             with preference for research relating to the fields of environmental science and
                                             renewable energy.
                                             The recommended minimum amount is $100,000 (this may be spread across
                                             several years). The Foundation does not award single year grants.
 Indigenous Protected Areas –                This grant round will support Indigenous Australians to establish new Indigenous
 Australian Government                       Protected Areas. The Government will invest more than $12 million to establish
                                             new Indigenous Protected Areas across the country, to strengthen Indigenous
 Applications close 30 April 2019            employment in remote communities. Each Indigenous Protected Area project will
                                             start with a consultation stage. This stage involves Indigenous-led discussion and
                                             planning processes amongst Traditional Owners and others and includes the
                                             development of a management plan.
                                             Following the consultation stage, Traditional Owners can choose to formally
                                             dedicate their land, or land and sea, as an Indigenous Protected Area under the
                                             National Reserve System. The dedication stage involves managing the IPA in
                                             accordance with the approved management plan.
                                             Estimated Grant Value: From $230,000.00 to $320,000.00
                                             Activities eligible for funding will include activities which support consultation on
                                             proposed IPAs, dedication of IPAs, and management of dedicated IPAs.
                                             • The proposed IPA must include some Land Owned or Controlled by
                                                   Indigenous Traditional Owners and not currently in the National Reserve

Page 13
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
•    If the Application is not being submitted by an entity with legal authority for
                                                  representing the Traditional Owners, you must demonstrate support of the
                                                  Traditional Owners to develop an IPA.
                                             Further Program eligibility requirements can be found in Section 4 of the Grant
 Tackling Tough Times Together –             The Tackling Tough Times Together grant program helps communities access the
 Foundation for Rural & Regional             resources they need to support one another through the ongoing effects of the
 Renewal                                     drought.
                                             Grants of up to $20,000 are now available across most of Queensland (see
 Round 13 closes 30 April 2019               Guidelines for eligible Council areas). A smaller number of grants valued at up to
                                             $60,000 and $150,000 are also available for larger-scale and multi-year projects
                                             that have a broader impact (different criteria apply – see the website for more).
                                             Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis and assessed quarterly.
                                             •    Reduce social isolation by facilitating strong social cohesion and connection;
                                             •    Support and engage the community in leadership development and skills
                                             •    Support opportunities for social and educational participation and address
                                                  disadvantage caused by the drought, for children and young people;
                                             •    Reduce volunteer fatigue and build the capacity, capability and sustainability
                                                  of local not-for-profit organisations to provide support to their communities,
                                                  particularly where they are playing an increased role during the drought; and
                                             •    Support local economic recovery or renewal through projects that stimulate
                                                  economic activity and cash-flow within communities.
                                             Who can apply?
                                             •    Community groups and not-for-profit organisations with an ABN or
                                                  Incorporation Certificate.
                                             •    The program has a strong preference to support grassroots organisations
                                                  based in drought-affected regions over those delivering services to, but not
                                                  based in affected regions. Projects led by local communities will be given
                                                  strong preference.
                                             •    Please note no specific tax status is required.
                                             •    Groups with outstanding final reports are not eligible to apply unless a time
                                                  extension has been granted. We encourage groups to complete their final
                                                  reports so that they can then apply.
                                             •    Projects must be located in and benefit a drought-affected region.
 Good For Good Community Grants –            A Queensland Country Good for Good Community Grant project is a project that
 Queensland Country Credit Union             makes a practical difference to the lives of people in Queensland communities.
                                             They’re looking to support projects that enable people to participate, experience,
 Applications close 3 May 2019               grow, learn, reach out, connect, make a difference and be safe.
                                             Queensland Country Good for Good Community Grants are a monetary grant of
                                             between $5000 and $30,000 that are awarded from a pool of $100,000 to eligible
                                             not-for-profit community organisations.
                                             In the spirit of paying it forward, our Queensland Country Good for Good
                                             Community Grant recipients partner with them to fundraise 10% of their approved
                                             grant amount on behalf of our Charity Partner, Ronald McDonald House North
                                             Australia or Ronald McDonald House South East Queensland Chapters.
                                             That really is good for good.
                                             To be eligible to apply for a grant your organisation must:
                                             •    Be a current Member of Queensland Country Credit Union Limited
                                             •    Be a not-for-profit organisation with an ABN
                                             •    Be committed to fundraising 10% of the awarded grant amount for Ronald
                                                  McDonald House Charities during the grant period
                                             •    Agree to provide permanent public recognition at the location of the project
                                                  in the form of a sign or equivalent (the cost of the sign is to be included in the
                                                  grant amount requested)
                                             •    Propose a project that falls into one of the following categories:
                                                  o sport and recreation

Page 14
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
o health
                                                   o education
                                                   o environment
                                                   o arts, culture and heritage
 Community Assistance Grants:                Each Council financial year, a fixed amount of funding, as determined by Council,
 Special Projects – Whitsunday               will be allocated to the Special Projects Grants program. The Special Projects Grant
 Regional Council                            program will be open to all incorporated not for profit clubs wishing to undertake
                                             one-off projects or events that fall outside the normal operations of the club.
 Round 3 applications close 17 May           Grants up to $20,000 may be available.
 2019                                        The criteria and acquittal for this grant program will be more specific to the project
                                             (please refer to the Application Form). Clubs that can apply for RADF will be
                                             eligible for this grant. In the event the funds for this program are exhausted in a
                                             financial year, the program will be closed for the remainder of that year. Funding
                                             levels for future years will be at the discretion of Council.
                                             The following types of projects are ineligible:
                                             •     Projects which include services or activities that are the responsibility of a
                                                   government body, or that the applicant organisation or another organisation
                                                   is already funded to deliver
                                             •     Projects which are political in nature or incorporate political activities
                                             •     Projects being delivered before grants are awarded – projects are not funded
 Sustainable Giving Initiative –             The Coopers Brewery Foundation has introduced an annual Sustainable Giving
 Coopers Foundation                          initiative to run in conjunction with our general giving program. Under the
                                             initiative, an eligible organisation will be selected and awarded $50,000 a year for
 Expressions of Interest open 1 April        three years, providing it with a total of $150,000. The program is designed to
 and close 1 June 2019                       provide long-term certainty for the successful organisation.
                                             The focus areas for the Sustainable Giving initiative for 2019 is Youth Education.
                                             Funding can only be provided to organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient
                                             (DGR) Item 1 endorsement by the Australian Tax Office. Proof of your
                                             organisation’s DGR status must accompany your Expression of Interest form. Only
                                             one application per organisation/DGR can be submitted for consideration by the
                                             Board of Governors. Applications will only be considered if they fit the
                                             Foundation’s focus for that year. It is desirable that projects have ongoing benefits.
 Catalyst Fund – Roddenberry                 The Catalyst Fund awards small grants for early-stage, innovative, and
 Foundation                                  unconventional ideas that address urgent challenges. They’re looking for ideas
                                             that challenge our thinking, that compel us to see a problem in a new light; and
 Program will be back in Spring 2019         whose creativity and imagination redefine notions of what can be done and how.
                                             The Fund makes grants (anyone, anywhere can apply) between $2,500 - $15,000.
                                             They don’t limit themselves to any one issue, rather they search across issues to
                                             identify opportunities where innovation is needed to address an urgent challenge.
                                             Projects that are small in scope, limited in scale, or are not innovative in some way
                                             are unlikely to be funded.
                                             The Fund accepts applications on a continuous basis with no deadlines. There is no
                                             limit to the number of projects they’ll support in any given year.
                                             From time to time they will post a request for proposals for a specific problem they
                                             find particularly compelling or underfunded.
 Dreams For A Better World –                 Dream big and you could receive a grant to help your business address local issues
 Sunsuper                                    like housing affordability, unemployment, sustainability, mental health issues or
                                             even help boost your local economy. As long as your dream has a direct positive
 Applications close 2 August 2019            impact on an Australian community they want to hear from you.
                                             So if you've been dreaming of starting a project or need more resources to get the
                                             job done, a small business grant could be the helping hand your local business
                                             needs to make a lasting and positive change in your community.
                                             Follow the links to apply and tell them about your business, your community, your
                                             dream and how $15,000 would help make a difference.

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Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland February 2019
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
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