JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2020

Community, Health and Non-profit .................................................................................................... 2
General Business, IT, Communication, Export and Trade ................................................................. 18
Sport, Events, Tourism and The Arts ................................................................................................ 37
Energy, Clean Technology, Science, Innovation and R&D................................................................. 49
Environment, Conservation, Agriculture, Exploration and Land ...................................................... 55
Education and Training..................................................................................................................... 60

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Community, Health and Non-profit
 2020 Bushfire Emergency             The Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC) has established an emergency response
 Response Grant – Indigenous         grant for any Indigenous corporation whose property has been directly affected by the
 Land and Sea Corporation            recent bushfires.
 (ILSC)                              A grant of up to $20,000 will be available to assist Indigenous corporations to immediately
                                     secure and clean up damaged properties.
 Applications are open               The ILSC will also make available a grant to assist Indigenous land management groups
                                     and contractors assisting the vital recovery efforts with much needed equipment.
                                     Indigenous corporations who have been directly impacted by the current bushfire
                                     emergency and are seeking assistance should contact the ILSC on 1800 818 490 or
 Sexual Violence Prevention          Applications are invited for one-off funding of between $500 and $15,000 to undertake
 Grants – Queensland                 sexual violence prevention projects in Queensland during Sexual Violence Awareness
 Governments                         Month (October) 2020. The total allocation of funds for this grant round is $100,000.
                                     All projects must demonstrate alignment to strategies under Priority Area 1: Prevention in
 Applications close 31 January       Prevent. Support. Believe. Queensland’s Framework to address Sexual Violence:
 2020                                • increase knowledge and understanding of sexual violence and its drivers in the
                                          broader community
                                     •     equip families, children and young people with accurate information on healthy
                                           relationships, consent and sexual violence
                                     •     challenge attitudes, practices and structures that lead to sexual violence and stop
                                           people speaking out
                                     •     strengthen the capacity of workplaces and institutions to prevent sexual violence
                                     •     implement targeted prevention and early intervention activities tailored for and
                                           designed by specific population groups.
                                     Applicants must:
                                     • be a not for profit, legal entity; OR
                                     •     be a local government entity; OR
                                     •     be a Parents & Citizens Association; OR
                                     •     have an auspice agreement with any of the above entities.
 Event Support: Major Grant –        These grants are for major/large-scale events – over 5,000 patrons - running longer than
 Toowoomba Regional Council          one day, with the potential to attract substantial visitation from outside the region.
                                     The events need to provide substantial economic and social benefit to the region. This
 Applications close 3 February       program funds amounts over $10,001. The grant cannot be greater than 20% of event
 2020                                budget. Assistance is provided towards promotion, marketing and event development.
                                     Organisations can apply for an event support grant if they:
                                     • Are an eligible community organisation or are under the auspices of an eligible
                                          community organisation as defined in the Community Grants Policy
                                     • Operate or provide services within the Toowoomba Regional Council area
                                     • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
 Sport and Recreation                The Council provide funding and/or in-kind assistance to help not-for-profit and
 Community Grants Program –          incorporated organisations to support new facilities and upgrades of facilities to benefit
 Toowoomba Regional Council          the community. Organisations may apply for a grant of up to 50% of the funding gap (total
                                     project cost less other grant sources), up to a maximum of $150,000.
 Applications close 3 February       Eligible applicants are Groups and organisations that meet all of the following:
 2020                                • are not-for-profit
                                     • are an incorporated legal entity or are sponsored by an incorporated legal entity
                                     • operate or provide services within the Toowoomba Regional area
                                     • have appropriate insurance and adhere to sound workplace health and safety
                                     • are able to demonstrate financial viability
                                     • have met all acquittal conditions of previous council grants.

Page 2
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
Strengthening Rural                 Through the Larger Leverage grants, small rural, regional and remote communities now
 Communities: Larger                 have an opportunity to access funding to support more aspirational objectives, think
 Leverage Grants –                   bigger and leverage the ideas, creativity and resources of communities for bigger impacts
 Foundation for Rural &              and stronger, more connected communities. The larger leverage grants provide funds
 Regional Renewal                    between $10,001 to $25,000.
                                     The Larger Leverage tier is focussed on supporting two types of projects:
 Applications close 4 February       • Projects delivered in remote or very remote communities
 2020                                •    Projects that require more financial support in order to enhance the community or
                                          organisational capacity and accelerate the outcomes to be achieved.
                                     Expressions of interest (EOI) are required to apply for this tier.
                                     The Larger Leverage tier is focused on supporting two types of projects:
                                     •    Projects delivered in remote or very remote communities:
                                     Projects that require more financial support in order to achieve outcomes that will have
                                     wide community benefit.
 Community Events Funding –          Financial and/or in-kind support for a wide range of events, programs and initiatives that
 Logan City Council                  celebrate what it means to live in Logan, and that help build a sense of belonging and
                                     pride in the city. In supporting community events and programs, they’re looking for
 Current round closes 5              opportunities that complement Council’s corporate and civic events program as well as
 February 2020                       reflect and celebrate the community’s diversity, energy and creativity. Funding ranges
                                     from $200 to $20,000.
 Community Assistance                The Special Projects Grant program will be open to all incorporated not for profit clubs
 Grants: Special Projects –          wishing to undertake one-off projects or events that fall outside the normal operations of
 Whitsunday Regional Council         the club. Grants up to $20,000 may be available.
                                     The following types of projects are ineligible:
 Round 2 closes 7 February           •    Projects which include services or activities that are the responsibility of a
 2020                                     government body, or that the applicant organisation or another organisation is
                                          already funded to deliver
                                     •    Projects which are political in nature or incorporate political activities
                                     •    Projects being delivered before grants are awarded – projects are not funded
 Honda Foundation                    The Honda Foundation acts as a charitable trust, providing financial assistance to charities
                                     and organisations doing amazing work across a range of social and environmental issues.
 Applications close 7 February       These include:
 2020                                • Supporting the disadvantaged, disabled or those suffering from illness
                                     • Relief for victims of natural disasters
                                     • Promotion of innovation and new technologies
                                     The Honda Foundation now has two different application forms:
                                     • One for Monetary ($) Funding requests. Grants have ranged from $500 to purchase
                                          bike helmets for children with disabilities to $700,000 for The Fred Hollows
                                          Foundation to continue their incredible work in preventing and curing avoidable
                                     • The other for Honda Hero Loan Vehicle - provide a 12-month Loan Vehicle Program
                                          which includes registration, insurance and all servicing costs, and is capped at 20 loan
                                          vehicles at any one time.
                                     Please ensure that you download the appropriate application form and that all fields are
                                     completed except for the Dealership Authorisation section.
 Family Support Funding              Community organisations can apply for a grant to deliver support and services of value to
 Program (FSFP) – Australian         Defence families and the community they live in. Successful applications will receive a
 Government                          grant between $5,000 and $75,000.
                                     Any not-for-profit, incorporated group can apply for an FSFP grant, provided they can
 Applications close 12               demonstrate their commitment to and ability to deliver local community programs or
 February 2020                       projects with a strong focus on supporting Defence families and the Defence community.
                                     FSFP provides funding to not-for-profit organisations to:
                                     • Facilitate the coming together of Defence families for mutual support, education and
                                          connection with their community, and support for their overall personal and social

Page 3
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
•    Support Defence families to engage with each other and their local communities to
                                          minimise the challenges and enhance the opportunities that come with the unique
                                          military lifestyle.
                                     •    Empower Defence families to thrive by giving them the confidence they need to
                                          succeed in managing the Defence way of life.
                                     •    Support community capacity building by identifying and nurturing partnership
                                          opportunities to support the delivery of programs which provide a strengthened
                                          sense of community for Defence families and reduce the feeling of isolation that a
                                          posting can bring.
 John T Reid Charitable Trusts       John T Reid Charitable Trusts distributes funding within six main categories:
                                     • Aged and Palliative Care
 Applications close 13               • Arts and Cultural Heritage
 February 2020                       • Community and Social Welfare
                                     • Education & Youth Support
                                     • Environment
                                     • Health Support
                                     Many projects will fall within more than one category of support; they encourage each
                                     applicant to present their proposal in their own words as it best promotes their needs
                                     rather than try to fit within a rigid category.
                                     Within these categories, the Trustees will consider supporting creative and innovative
                                     programs and projects, and capital works to further the aims of the organisation. Support
                                     may be given to an organisation in establishing projects in their early stages, expecting
                                     that they will seek and attract wider community and government partnerships for future
                                     The Trusts provide funding to not-for-profit organisations who are endorsed as a
                                     Deductible Gift Recipient from the Australian Tax Office.
 Safe Places Emergency               Provides capital grants to eligible organisations to build up to 450 additional emergency
 Accommodation – Australian          accommodation places. The objective is to deliver new emergency and crisis
 Government                          accommodation for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. It
                                     could also fund purchasing/renovations/repurposing of buildings, where it creates new
 Applications close 14               emergency accommodation.
 February 2020                       Capital grants from $100,000 to $10 million (GST exclusive) will be available.
                                     To be eligible you must be one of the following entity types:
                                     • Commonwealth Company
                                     •     Company
                                     •     Corporate State or Territory Entity
                                     •     Incorporated Association
                                     •     Indigenous Corporation
                                     •     Local Government
                                     •     Statutory Entity
                                     •     Trustee on behalf of a Trust
                                     Eligible activities must include the provision of new or expanded emergency
                                     accommodation and directly relate to the grant activity and can include:
                                     •     construction of new dwellings
                                     •     acquiring suitable land for the construction of new dwellings
                                     •     expansion of emergency dwellings, including refurbishments and repurposing
                                           buildings, and land clearance and site works
                                     •     infrastructure provision, such as water, sewerage and electricity
                                     •     development approvals, levies and other planning and zoning costs
                                     •     building certifications including Certificate of Occupancy.
 Thriving Cohesive                   Applications are now open for community projects of up to 16 months duration (March
 Communities Grants Tranche          2020 – June 2021) that enable people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities to be
 2 – Queensland Government           included and actively contribute to their local community.
                                     Non-recurrent grant funding of nearly $2 million (exc. GST) is available under three
 Applications close 14               streams:
 February 2020                       Stream 1: Community-led social cohesion planning and action — up to $400,000 (exc.
                                     GST) per location for community-led projects in the priority locations of Toowoomba,
                                     Rockhampton and Townsville.

Page 4
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
Stream 2: Pathways to economic inclusion — up to $120,000 (exc. GST) per project for
                                     projects that resource established social enterprises to engage vulnerable young people
                                     and family members in the community.
                                     Stream 3: Engaging young people to become global citizens — up to $70,000 (exc. GST)
                                     per project for projects that assist people in positions of influence with young people to
                                     positively engage them on topics of diversity, inclusion and social cohesion.
                                     Grants are open to organisations across Queensland who can demonstrate a strong
                                     linkage between their project and the project objectives. To be eligible for Stream 2
                                     applicants must be a Social Enterprise based in Queensland.
 Energy Efficient Communities        The Energy Efficient Communities Program will deliver $50 million of grants to assist
 Program – Australian                businesses and community organisations to improve energy efficiency practices and
 Government                          technologies and better manage energy consumption to reduce their power bills.
                                     Grants will be made available for:
 Businesses will be able to          Community organisations - can apply for up to $12,500 and will not be required to make
 apply in early 2020                 a co-contribution. Eligible community organisations will be able to apply for grants to
                                     fund energy generation and storage projects from a date to be determined.
                                     Small businesses can apply for up to $20,000 and will not be required to make a co-
                                     Businesses that consume large amounts of energy each year (over 0.05 petajoules) can
                                     apply for up to $25,000 and will be required to contribute matched funding.
                                     Funding will support activities to help businesses and community organisations to save
                                     energy through:
                                     • equipment upgrades that reduce energy consumption - energy generation and
                                          storage projects (for example solar photovoltaic panels, batteries and solar hot
                                          water) will only be permitted for community organisations
                                     •     investment in energy and emissions monitoring and management systems to better
                                           manage energy use
                                     •     completion of energy systems assessments according to the Australian Standard or
                                           feasibility studies to investigate energy efficiency opportunities
 Community Languages                 The Australian Government announced $10 million over 2 years for the Community
 Multicultural Grants Stream         Languages Multicultural Grants. Stream One funding will include a base payment of
 One – Australian Government         $1,500 plus a per capita amount based on student enrolment numbers, capped at a
                                     maximum of $30,000 per school.
 Applications close 17               The Community Language Multicultural Grants aims to:
 February 2020                       • Support the maintenance, development and acquisition of languages other than
                                     •    Connect young Australians to the languages and cultures of their community.
                                     • Enhance cross-cultural awareness and respect for cultural diversity.
                                     You must be one of the following legal entities to apply:
                                     • Company
                                     •    Cooperative
                                     •    Indigenous Corporation
                                     •    Incorporated Association
                                     •    Statutory Entity
                                     •    Trustee on behalf of a Trust
 North Queensland                    Glencore’s North Queensland Community Assistance Program (NQ CAP) reflects our belief
 Community Assistance                that communities should benefit from our operations. The NQ CAP provides one-off
 Program – Glencore                  sponsorships, donations and in-kind support for local events and initiatives that are from
                                     $100 to $20,000 to deliver benefits within the communities of Mount Isa, Cloncurry and
 Round 2 applications open 10        Townsville.
 February and close 21               Areas of support include:
 February 2020                       • Education / training
                                     •   Enterprise development

Page 5
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
•    Economic diversification.
                                     To receive funding through the Glencore NQ CAP applicants must:
                                     • Be incorporated
                                     •    Provide services or manage sustainable community initiatives that contribute to the
                                          well-being and development of the local communities of Mount Isa, Cloncurry
                                          and/or Townsville
                                     •    Be a community organization, not-for-profit group or government agency
                                     •    Address the criteria listed in the application form.
 RACQ Foundation                     When disaster strikes, RACQ Foundation helps rebuild communities.
 Community Funding – RACQ            RACQ have two different application forms: Drought; General Application.
                                     As a general guide, the RACQ Foundation will consider funding for programs:
                                     • that will directly benefit people located only within Queensland
 Applications close 21               • that include minimal overhead costs and salaries which are directly related to the
 February 2020                            programs
                                     • with a preference for small and medium sized organisations (annual turnover of less
                                          than $5m)
                                     • delivered by Queensland community organisations either with or without DGR status
                                     • for amounts up to $50,000, with funding for amounts up to $200,000 considered in
                                          exceptional circumstances only
                                     • from organisations that are incorporated and/or have an ABN
 Independent Grants Program          The Program funds research, education or representation projects that address issues for
 – ACCAN                             telecommunications consumers in Australia. This means that projects focus on
                                     telecommunications outcomes.
 Expressions of Interest close       Projects may produce outputs of different sorts in order to address consumer needs and
 25 February 2020                    deliver outcomes such as: research; education; representation.
                                     Who Can Apply: Any person or entity with an ABN is able to apply. This may include
                                     community organisations, businesses, universities, research agencies, local councils or
                                     individuals who satisfy the eligibility requirements.
 Tackling Tough Times                The Tackling Tough Times Together grant program helps communities access the
 Together – Foundation for           resources they need to support one another through the ongoing effects of the drought.
 Rural & Regional Renewal            Grants are available for a broad range of grassroots, community-led initiatives that
                                     directly and clearly benefit local communities. Applications are accepted on an ongoing
 Round 16                            basis and assessed quarterly.
 Applications close 25               Two tiers of grants are available:
 February 2020                       Up to $20,000 – projects to be finalised within 18 months of approval
                                     Up to $60,000 – projects to be finalised within 18 months of approval
                                     Up to $150,000 – applications for this tier are by Expression of Interest, and multi-year
                                     projects (up to three years) are welcomed. Applicants must speak with the TTTT team to
                                     discuss their project before applying.
                                     Projects in all tiers must clearly demonstrate a focus on one activity from the following
                                     seven activity areas:
                                     • Building community resilience
                                     •    Developing organisational resilience and capacity
                                     •    Enhancing environmental sustainability
                                     •    Fostering cultural vibrancy
                                     •    Lifelong learning and education
                                     •    Economic strength
                                     •    Improving community health and social wellbeing
                                     The program has a strong preference to support grassroots organisations based in
                                     drought-affected regions over those delivering services to, but not based in affected
                                     regions. Projects led by local communities will be given strong preference.
                                     Community groups and not-for-profit organisations with an ABN or Incorporation
                                     Certificate are welcome to apply for funding for projects located in and benefiting
                                     drought-affected regions. Please note: no specific tax status is required.

Page 6
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
Pain Management: Health             The purpose of the grant opportunity is to develop a considered, strategic approach for
 Practitioner Education              the dissemination and delivery of pain management education and training across a broad
 Strategy – Australian               range of health practitioner disciplines. Development of the education strategy will ensure
 Government                          that health professionals have access to, and are appropriately supported in providing,
                                     effective evidence-based management and care of patients affected by chronic pain.
 Applications close 27               The grant strongly aligns with goals in the National Strategic Action Plan for Pain
 February 2020                       Management 2019 (the Action Plan), to address the burden of chronic pain in Australia.
                                     The total amount available is $500,000.
 Veteran and Community               The objective of the program is to maintain and improve the independence and quality of
 Grants: Batch 4 – Australian        life for members of the Australian veteran community by providing funding for projects
 Government                          that sustain or enhance health and wellbeing. There is no minimum or maximum grant
                                     amount. The maximum grant period is one year.
 Applications close 27               The intended outcomes of the program are to:
 February 2020                       • Deliver projects that are sustainable, financially viable and have an ongoing benefit
                                           for members of the Australian veteran community; and
                                     •     Deliver projects that increase opportunities for members of the Australian veteran
                                           community, associated with social activity and community participation and/or
                                           improve health behaviours and support healthy places.
                                     To be eligible you must be one of the following entity types:
                                     • Indigenous Corporation
                                     •     Company
                                     •     Cooperative
                                     •     Incorporated Association
                                     •     Statutory Entity
                                     •     Trustee on behalf of a Trust
                                     •     Unincorporated Association
                                     Applications from consortia are acceptable, as long as you have a lead applicant who is
                                     solely accountable to the Commonwealth for the delivery of grant activities. Lead
                                     organisations of a consortium and Trustees must also be an eligible entity as per the list
 Gambling Community Benefit          Note: Starting from round 104, the eligibility requirements for the Gambling
 Fund – Department of Justice        Community Benefit Fund will change for organisations applying for the grant – read the
                                     update on their website.
 Round 104 will close on 29          The fund allocates funding to not-for-profit community groups to enhance their capacity
 February 2020                       to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities for Queensland communities.
                                     Applications can be submitted for funding between $500 and a maximum of $35,000
                                     (including GST).
                                     If the cost of any item is more than the approved amount, it is the organisation’s
                                     responsibility to fund the difference.
                                     All organisations must:
                                     • have not-for-profit objectives
                                     •     be community based
                                     •     and be registered (have a business partner number) with CBFU as a legal entity or
                                           sponsored organisation prior to submitting an application form.
                                     Organisations must be one of the following: 1. Incorporated or registered by an Act of
                                     Parliament (other than those listed below); 2. A sponsored organisation applying through
                                     an organisation Incorporated or registered by an Act of Parliament; 3. Local Ambulance
                                     Committee, Rural Fire Brigade or State Emergency Service Group applying as a sponsored
                                     organisation through the Department of Community Safety or relevant department as
                                     their legal entity.
                                     OLGR has launched a new, user-friendly online grants portal that allows you to:
                                     • access the portal from most devices and operating systems
                                            o browsers - Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox
                                            o devices - Windows and Apple compatible tablets, PC, laptop (not smartphones)
                                     • use your unique organisation number or organisation name and password to login
                                           and manage your registration details
                                     • apply for grants online (no more PDF readers and emails required)

Page 7
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
•    check the status of your application in real-time and view your application history
                                     •    submit your acquittals online (including applying for extensions to acquittal due
                                          dates, submitting variations to approved items and checking for un-acquitted funds).
 Inspire Grant – St George           The Inspire Grant is a grant of up to $600,000 over three years offered to one eligible
 Foundation                          Australian charity each year. The purpose of the Inspire Grant is to support national,
                                     innovative programs that provide alternative pathways to, or opportunities for, education.
 Expressions of Interest close       Projects funded should:
 1 March 2020                        • Provide innovative opportunities for children experiencing disadvantage in Australia
                                          to reach their full potential.
                                     •    Be national in scope, either immediately or with the potential for future national
                                     •    Provide impact reporting and measurement of agreed outcomes.
                                     Funding priorities are innovative or pilot projects providing:
                                     • Alternative pathways to, or opportunities for, education.
                                     •    Other projects at the Governors’ discretion that provide significant positive impact
                                          on the future potential of children in Australia.
 Brighter Futures:                   Brighter Futures supports the sustainable development of communities in their
 Sponsorships – Arrow Energy         operational footprint. These communities of interest include: Bowen Basin, Surat Basin
                                     and the Gladstone region.
 Applications for round one          In addition to this, applicants must be: incorporated and be not-for-profit. Their program
 will open 7 February and            supports three areas of community interest:
 close 6 March 2020                  •    Health and safety: improving the safety, healthy lifestyles and liveability of the
                                     •    Education: building sustainable learning and employment opportunities
                                     •    Environment: Increasing awareness of the environment around us.
                                     The program also places significant importance on the inclusion of Indigenous projects
                                     and initiatives. No specific amounts are mentioned.
                                     •    large scale investments to support community development
                                     •    mitigates Arrow's social impacts and builds capacity in the regions
                                     •    creates long-term shared value opportunities.
 Community Grants:                   This grant provides funding to community organisations to develop new or improve
 Community Facilities –              existing community facilities in the Moreton Bay Region. Grants are up to $15,000 and
 Moreton Bay Regional                require a 25% financial contribution.
 Council                             Projects funded under this grant will plan and deliver community facilities where people
                                     can participate in community, cultural, sporting and environmental activities in the
 Applications for Round 2            Moreton Bay Region.
 close 10 March 2020                 The grant is eligible for not-for-profit groups community organisations:
                                     • Based in the Moreton Bay Region and/or can demonstrate that the proposed project
                                          will benefit residents of the Moreton Bay Region
                                     • Have $20 million public liability insurance if required by Council; and
                                     • Have no outstanding Moreton Bay Regional Council grant acquittals.
                                     For more information, contact Council staff on 3205 0555.
 Content Grants - Community          Content grants support the development, production and distribution of content via
 Broadcasting Foundation             Australian community media.
                                     This year they are particularly looking to increase community participation and diversity in
 Applications for Round 2            community broadcasting and/or support creativity and excellence in content production.
 close 10 March 2020                 You can apply for any number of content projects and there is no limit on how much you
                                     can apply for. A maximum of six content projects can be supported per organisation, per
                                     financial year, excluding support for Specialist Radio Programming. We aim to support as
                                     many organisations across the sector as possible. $339,124 is available for Round 2.

Page 8
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
Development and Operations          Development & Operations grants aim to support community media station resilience by
 - Community Broadcasting            strengthening governance, building community, sustainable operations and technical
 Foundation                          capacity.
                                     There is no limit to how much you can apply for. The more funding you request, the
 Applications for Round 2            greater detail assessors will expect in your responses. $625,567 is available for Round 2
 close 10 March 2020       
 Employee Connected Grants -         Employee Connected grants support local causes and charities connected to their
 Coca-Cola Australia                 employees, up to $25,000 as a one-off grant.
 Foundation                          To be eligible, organisations must have DGR (Item 1) status and their program must build
                                     capability for young Australians aged 13-19 by addressing:
 Applications open 27                • Optimism
 February and close 12 March         • Empowerment
 2020                                • Increased possibilities for a positive life
                                     • Wellbeing (emotional, physical and social)
                                     • The Environment (climate change, waste & recycling, your local environment)
 Major Grants – Sunshine             The Major Grants Program supports not-for-profit organisations to deliver one-off
 Coast Council                       projects, events and activities with broad community benefit. You can apply for up to
                                     $30,000. Applications must align to a specific grant category as detailed in the guidelines.
 Applications for close 16           Higher priority is given to projects that:
 March 2020                          • increase the self-sufficiency of community organisations
                                     • reduce environmental impact and/or provide energy, water and waste efficiencies.
 General Fund – Queensland           QCF’s grant making from the General Fund focuses on ORGANISATIONAL capacity building
 Community Foundation                assisting charities develop their structures, systems, people and skills in order to deliver
                                     improved outcomes.
 Applications expected to            Typically, capacity building focuses on education and training, recruiting, maintaining or
 open in January and close           recognising volunteers, information technology support systems, and planning and
 mid-March 2019                      governance which may include strategic plans, constitution reviews or board appraisals.
                                     Each year the Board of Governors makes recommendation to the Trustee regarding the
                                     area of focus. For example; homelessness, domestic violence, youth, early childhood.
                                     Grants up to a maximum of $30,000 are expected to be offered in the 2020 grant round.
                                     •     Applications are open to only those charitable organisations that have Deductible Gift
                                           Recipient Item 1 (DGR1) status from the Australian Taxation Office.
                                     •     Applications are invited from mid-tier organisations (annual revenue less than $20m).
                                     •     Organisations must be Queensland based, with all grant funds going to help
                                           Queenslanders in the region of application in need of general welfare support.
 Community Project Grant –           The grant is available for applications from eligible not-for-profit organisations for:
 Noosa Council                       • Community based festivals or events
                                     • Programs/Projects/Purchases of equipment
 Applications open 18                • Building work or infrastructure projects
 February and close 25 March         You can apply for $1,000 to $30,000. Council will not fund 100% of any project and will
 2020                                not contribute more than 50% of the cost of building works or infrastructure projects.
                                     The grant program is available to organisations who are seeking a financial contribution to
                                     a project which will benefit the residents of the Noosa Shire community and who are:
                                     • A legal not-for-profit entity
                                     • Comply with all governance and financial requirements of the State and
                                           Commonwealth as at the closing date for the grant program
                                     • Be registered by an Act of Parliament
                                     • Have an active ABN
                                     • Have a bank account in the name of the legal entity.
                                     For more information, phone (07) 5329 6437.
 Queensland Veterans’                The Queensland Government, through the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, has
 Memorial grants program –           established the Queensland Veterans’ Memorial Grants Program to encourage and assist
 Queensland Government               Queensland veterans’ groups and other organisations in the creation, upkeep and

Page 9
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
conservation of monuments, memorials and public memorial sites acknowledging
 Round 3 applications close 29       Queensland veterans’ contributions.
 March 2020                          The Program provides funding of up to $30,000 (ex GST) per application.
                                     The following organisations are eligible to apply:
                                     •    local councils
                                     •    incorporated associations or bodies
                                     •    corporations operating on a not-for-profit basis
                                     •    site or memorial custodians who are not ineligible entities.
                                     All applicant organisations must:
                                     •    operate on a not-for-profit basis
                                     •    possess a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)
                                     •    be seeking funding.
 Bushfires Recovery Grants –         Grants are now open. Up to $50,000 grants available to assist the longer term recovery of
 CommBank                            organisations directly affected by the bushfires. The grant covers the cost to replace or
                                     repair facilities or property which was lost or damaged by bushfire during the 2019-20
 Applications close 31 March         bushfire season and is not likely to be covered by insurance.
 2020                                Applications close 31 March, 2020. To be eligible to apply for a CommBank Bushfire
                                     Recovery Grant, each organisation must:
                                     • Be a community organisation, fire service, school, sporting club or non-government
                                          organisation in a bushfire affected area, not an individual
                                     • Need to replace or repair facilities or property which was lost or damaged by bushfire
                                          during the 2019-20 bushfire season and is not likely to be covered by insurance
                                     • Be able to identify how repair or replacement of the facilities or property will benefit
                                          the community
                                     • Not be implementing projects with any political objectives
                                     • Hold a current bank account in Australian in its name.
 Flying Start – Jetstar              Jetstar's Flying Start Program invites community groups and organisations across Australia
                                     to apply for a grant to fund a project that will enrich the lives of people in their local
 Round 23 applications are           community. The grant includes $15,000 cash, $15,000 worth of travel with Jetstar
 open and close 31 March             anywhere on the Jetstar network, promotion of your community group or organisation
 2020                                on Jetstar’s website and Facebook page, and national and local media leverage.
                                     Entry is open to not-for-profit community groups and organisations of any size, who are
                                     seeking funding to help enhance the lives of people in their local community; and can be
                                     classified into one of the following categories:
                                     • Charity
                                     • Educational and health organisations
                                     • Arts group or organisation
                                     • Sporting group or organisation
                                     Judging criteria
                                     1. The extent to which the community group or organisation is seeking funding to help
                                          enhance the lives of people in their local community in the areas of charity, health,
                                          sport, education or the arts.
                                     2. The extent to which the community group or organisation can maximise benefits to
                                          their local community with the Jetstar Flying Start grant (i.e. the extent to which they
                                          have a tangible project or activity in mind to utilise the grant).
                                     3. The extent to which the project or activity will celebrate and highlight the work of the
                                          community group or organisation and help boost the profile and strength of the
                                          group for the future within twelve months of the grant being awarded.
 Local Community Events –            Supports organisations in delivering events for benefit of the local community. These
 Cairns Regional Council             events enrich residents' lives and celebrate important occasions. do not usually attract
                                     visitors from outside of town specially for the event. The grants cover cash and/or in-kind
 Round 15 applications close         minimum of $3,000 to maximum of $15,000.
 31 March 2020                       *Note: Events must commence and be completed within the eligible event date period.
                                     Council’s Community grant program supports community-based groups and organisations
                                     which provide programs, activities, events and programs that enrich the diversity of
                                     cultural, social, sport and economic development opportunities available to the residents
                                     and businesses located in the Cairns region.

Page 10
Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
Local Events should:
                                     • Drive local community and social outcomes to enhance the overall quality of life
                                     •      Drive future growth and financial sustainability
                                     •      Contribute to the region’s balanced portfolio of community, arts & cultural and
                                            sporting events
                                     •      Generate key economic outcomes
                                     •      Showcase the importance of events for local communities and businesses
                                     •      Support events that benefit charities or other worthwhile causes
                                     •      Celebrate the rich traditions of communities and the importance of these to the
                                            Cairns region
                                     It is recommended that you read the guidelines from the website as it details relevant
                                     tiers for events, critical to eligibility.
 Mazda Foundation                    Mazda are dedicated to enriching Australian communities. Fostering a spirit of community
                                     involvement, the foundation supports a broad range of charitable projects with assistance
 Applications close 31 March         and funding. Funding amounts are not specified.
 2020                                The Foundation’s current priority is community based organisations with projects
                                     supporting primary producers facing hardship.
                                     If lodging a Project Notification form, please note that:
                                     •     the project must fall within the Foundation’s nominated priority areas
                                     •     the organisation must be an eligible recipient under the Income Tax Assessment Act
                                     •     the project must be consistent with the broader aims and objectives of the
                                           Foundation (published on this website); and all areas of the attached form must be
                                     •     The Foundation will acknowledge receipt of the Project Notification form, but this
                                           should not be seen as in any way indicating that the request for consideration will
                                           progress further
 Saluting Their Service              This grant is for major commemorative projects and activities that are significant from a
 Commemorative Grants                national, state, territory and/or regional perspective. Grant amount: from $10,001 to
 Program: Major Grants –             150,000. The intended outcomes are to provide funding for commemorative projects and
 Australian Government               activities that:
                                     • Directly commemorate the involvement, service and sacrifice of Australia’s service
 Applications close 31 March              personnel in wars, conflicts and peace operations
 2020                                •    Promote appreciation and understanding of the experiences of service and roles that
                                          those who served have played in shaping the nation
                                     •    Add to the sum of knowledge on a particular topic or provide access to information
                                          about Australia’s wartime heritage.
                                     To be eligible you must be one of the following entity types:
                                     • Cooperative
                                     •    Company
                                     •    Corporate State or Territory Entity
                                     •    Incorporated Association
                                     •    Indigenous Corporation
                                     •    Local Government
                                     •    Non-corporate State or Territory Entity
                                     •    Non-Corporate State or Territory Statutory Authority
                                     •    Statutory Entity
                                     • Trustee on behalf of a Trust
 Dreams For A Better World:          If your community group needs funding to create brighter futures, better living standards
 Community Grants –                  or a more active community they want to hear from you. Apply to receive up to $50,000
 Sunsuper                            in community grants.
                                     Round 1 focus is Better Living - They're looking for dreams that improve the lives or living
 Round 1 applications open 10        standards of other Australians.
 February and close 5 April          It may be a community development program to create more affordable housing or help
 2020                                our ageing population or new-comers to Australia. Or your dream may help kids and
                                     families in need or simply create a better environment for a more sustainable world.
                                     Dream big and tell them how your not-for-profit organisation can help others live better.

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Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
Drought Communities                 The extension of the Drought Communities Programme provides funding of $110 million
 Program: Extension –                over two years from 2018-19 to Eligible Councils to deliver immediate economic stimulus
 Australian Government               and other benefits to targeted drought-affected regions of Australia. The program will
                                     support local community infrastructure and other drought relief projects for communities
 Applications close 1 June           impacted by drought.
 2020 for eligible Councils          The program provides Eligible Councils with up to $1 million for local community
 announced during the 2019           infrastructure and other drought relief projects for communities impacted by drought.
 election campaigns                  Funding will target infrastructure and other projects that:
                                     • provide employment for people whose work opportunities have been impacted by
 1 June 2020 for councils                  drought
 announced in September              •     stimulate local community spending
 2019                                •     use local resources, businesses and suppliers
                                     •     provide a long-lasting benefit to communities and the agricultural industries on
                                           which they depend.
 1 December 2020 for councils
 announced in November               To be eligible you must
 2019                                • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
                                     •     be an Eligible Council, listed on and GrantConnect
                                     •     be invited to apply by the Minister
 City of Lights Creative             Brisbane City Council's City of Lights initiative aims to deliver and encourage creative
 Lighting Grant Scheme –             lighting to highlight our city at night. The City Of Lights Strategy is a guide to direct both
 Brisbane City Council               Council and privately delivered creative outcomes in streets, on buildings, transport
                                     structures, landmarks and natural assets to build a vibrant, exciting multi-dimensional 24-
 Applications open until 30          hour city.
 June 2020                           As part of that initiative, the Creative Lighting Grant Scheme will assist in funding and
                                     producing 'creative lighting outcomes' as part of the City of Lights Strategy 2017, in
                                     response to three themes: Lighting for Occasion; Lighting for Identity; Lighting for
                                     Grants may be allocated up to a maximum of $75,000 but not exceeding 50% of the
                                     project cost. As funding is limited, not every eligible application will necessarily receive a
                                     grant or the maximum grant requested.
                                     To be considered eligible for a grant:
                                     • The applicant must be the owner of the property or have the written approval of the
                                           property owner to lodge the application
                                     •    The Site may be a building, structure, facade or natural assets including "protected"
                                          vegetation on public and private property.
 Australian Communities              Each year, ACF makes hundreds of grants to support charitable organisations and projects
 Foundation                          all around the country and internationally. They recommend that proposals are between
                                     1-4 pages and include an overview of:
 Requests can be submitted at        •     Your organisation
 any time                            •     The issue being addressed
                                     •     The project / The impact or expected outcomes of the project
                                     •     The amount of funding you are seeking.
                                     ACF only makes grants to organisations with the following Australian Taxation Office
                                     • TCC – Tax Concession Charity status
                                     •     DGR – Deductible Gift Recipient Item 1 of the table in Section 30-15 of the Income
                                           Tax Assessment Act (1997)
                                     The Grants Team reviews funding proposals fortnightly. If eligible the proposal will be
                                     flagged for inclusion in a donor newsletter. Organisations will only be notified if a donor
                                     expresses interest in their proposal.
                                     Due to the high volume of requests we are only able to accept two funding requests per
                                     organisation per calendar year. To speak to their Grants Team, call (03) 9412 0412 or
 Carnegie Corporation of New         Carnegie Corporation of New York, which Andrew Carnegie (1835–1919) established in
 York                                1911 “to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding,” is
                                     one of the oldest and most influential of American grant making foundations. It provides

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Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
Letters of Inquiry can be           many millions of dollars in funding projects in the USA and around the world with
 made at any time                    programs relevant to Australia being:
                                     •     Education
                                     •     Democracy
                                     •     International Peace and Security
                                     •     Special Projects.
                                     Grants listed on the website range from approximately $15,000 up to more than $1M in
                                     some cases. It would be important to review the awarded grants before considering
                                     applying. Only full proposals that have been invited for submission will be considered.
                                     After a letter of inquiry has been reviewed, applicants may be invited via email to submit a
                                     full proposal. They do not fund:
                                     •     Individuals
                                     •     Endowments, buildings or fundraising drives, including fundraising dinners
                                     •     Political campaigns, to support political activities or to lobby for or against particular
                                           pieces of legislation
                                     •     Existing deficits
                                     •     Scholarships
                                     •     Churches or other religious organisations.
 Catalyst Fund – Roddenberry         The Catalyst Fund makes grants between $2,500- $15,000 to anyone, anywhere in the
 Foundation                          world who has an idea or early-stage project that has a high potential for large-scale
                                     impact and sustainable change. We know that $5k or $10k won’t necessarily be enough to
 Applications are accepted           launch a new product, build a great program, or even form a new organization. But it is
 year-round                          enough to kick-start early stage ideas, pilot projects, or prototypes and help those of you
                                     who have an innovative idea for real change to take the first step(s) in doing so.
                                     Who can apply to the Catalyst Fund? Anyone. No one has a lock on a great idea. The
                                     Catalyst Fund has been created to source ideas from all corners of the globe. You can be a
                                     seasoned social entrepreneur or a first-time changemaker. There are no disqualifiers. No
 Community Grants – Gandel           Gandel Philanthropy awards grants to community organisations to meet both the
 Philanthropy                        immediate as well as long-term needs within the Australian and Jewish community, in a
                                     number of clearly defined Areas of Interest.
 Rolling program with                These grants are allocated up to a maximum amount of $40,000. They are generally
 applications accepted               envisaged as one-off grants aimed at providing support for a defined program or part of a
 throughout the year                 program.
                                     They are mainly intended for smaller community organisations, however any eligible
                                     organisation can apply for support for programs or services within one of the specified
                                     Areas of Interest:
                                     •    Arts & Culture
                                     •    Education
                                     •    Health & Medical Research
                                     •    Community Development
                                     •    Social Cohesion & Inclusion
                                     •    Poverty & Disadvantage.
                                     Community Grants will be allocated in both the traditional and new areas of interest,
                                     reflecting our wish to explore and learn about the needs in a range of sectors in the
                                     community. These areas of interest may continue to evolve.
                                     Additional details related to eligibility, descriptions of Areas of Interest, the application
                                     process, exclusions and other relevant information are contained in the Community
                                     Grants Grant Guidelines document.
 Community LED Grants –              Under the IAS, the Department considers grant proposals that address a need for
 Department of Prime                 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Proposals must be developed with the target
 Minister and Cabinet                community or group who will be impacted by the activity.
                                     The first step for potential applicants is to contact the local PM&C Regional Network
 Applications are open               Office to organise a time to discuss the proposal. You must also submit an initial proposal
                                     form that outlines the proposed activity. You can submit the form before, during or after
                                     meeting with the local office. The local office can assist with completing the form.

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Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
After you have received feedback from the Department on your proposal, you can decide
                                     whether to submit an application for funding. If you decide to apply, we will give you
                                     access to an application form and a unique code. The unique code links your proposal to
                                     the application form and is required to submit an application.
                                     You must complete the proposal stage of the process for your application to be
                                     considered for funding.
 General Giving - Coopers            Maximum funding is $30,000 per application. Supports charities that aim to improve and
 Brewery Foundation                  protect the quality of life of Australians in the areas of:
                                     •    Medical research and health care
                                     •    Youth education
                                     •    Aged care
 Considered quarterly –
 funding rounds have a set           •    Fostering family and community support based on Christian values.
 quota of applications to be         Funding can only be provided to organisations with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Item 1
 considered                          endorsement by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Only one application per
                                     organisation/DGR can be submitted for consideration by the Board of Governors in any
                                     two-year period.
                                     The Foundation is unable approve funding requests for individuals. Applications may,
                                     however, be submitted by organisations with DGR status, that are project based and for
                                     the benefit of an individual. Applications will be considered by the Foundation’s Board of
                                     Governors on a quarterly basis.
 The Copland Foundation:             The Copland Foundation Grants fund projects throughout Australia that fall under the
 Acquisition Grants                  umbrella of Alex Copland’s interests, namely: The study, management, conservation,
                                     acquisition, and interpretation of collections:
                                     1. The study, management, conservation, acquisition and interpretation of relevant
 Applications for acquisition
                                          historic architecture
 grants are accepted at any
                                     2. The provision of education programs, whether for staff of such museums,
                                          institutions, societies, organisations or for the general public
                                     3. The purchase of art works and/or other artefacts, to be identified on public display by
                                          the purchaser as a gift from the Copland Foundation.
                                     To assist galleries, museums and historic houses in the acquisition of objects that may
                                     come up at auction, the Trustees will consider such applications at any time of the year.
                                     All applications must be set out on the appropriate form which requires a description of
                                     the object, provenance, a full condition report, as well amount applied for and the
                                     benefits of its acquisition to the applying institution.
                                     Should an application be successful funds will only be released for the purchase of the
                                     object outlined in the application. Whilst on public display, such objects must be identified
                                     by the purchaser as a gift from the Copland Foundation.
                                     Applications for acquisition grants are accepted at any time, while the deadline for those
                                     relating to conservation or interpretation projects is November 15th each year.
 The Courier Mail Children’s         The Courier-Mail Children's Fund provides financial support to charitable organisations
 Fund                                throughout Queensland to help them meet the needs of children with special needs. No
                                     specific amounts are listed, but monies granted to recipients range from $1,000 to
 Applications can be                 $110,000.
 submitted any time. The             To be eligible, an organisation must be a registered Australian charity endorsed as a
 Courier-Mail Children’s Fund        deductible gift recipient (but not another ancillary fund).
 Board meet periodically to          Supporting a range of charitable organisations, the Fund provides financial assistance for:
 assess applications.                • Mobility and learning aids
                                     •   Educational equipment and assistance
                                     •   Recreational and respite programs
                                     •   New technologies
                                     •   Medical equipment.
                                     Each application is considered carefully to ensure the request fulfils the Aim and
                                     Objectives of The Courier-Mail Children's Fund.
                                     The Grants Committee meets on a regular basis to consider applications for financial

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Grants list for community groups, organisations and businesses in Queensland: January/February 2020
Compiled by Indigo Gold -
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