Glen Forrest Campus Parent Handbook 2021 - Helena College

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Glen Forrest Campus Parent Handbook 2021 - Helena College
Glen Forrest Campus
 Parent Handbook

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Glen Forrest Campus Parent Handbook 2021 - Helena College
Welcome From the Principal

As Principal, I am proud to welcome you to Helena College, a learning community that strives to educate
and inspire students to be the best they can be.

We hope that you and your children will enjoy and make the most of your time with the College. I would
encourage all students to take an active role in their own learning, both across the curriculum and
through the many extra-curricular opportunities that will be available to them. Together these
experiences will develop the cognitive, social and emotional skills that students need to flourish and be
active members of our community.

The sense of community is important to us here at the College and the feeling of being part of something
permeates through the classrooms, playgrounds, performance areas and sports fields. The students
across both campuses are happy, polite, confident and welcoming, which is a testament to a great
school. Of course, parents are an integral part of the College community and we welcome parent
involvement in their child’s learning journey.

Schools are a network of relationships. It is the strength and nature of these relationships that creates
the school culture. Relationships between students, relationships between staff, relationships between
students and staff – all must be built on a foundation of mutual respect. Respect, tolerance and
empathy for others are the cornerstones of the value system of Helena College.

As an organisation we welcome your thoughts and views. Constructive parent feedback assists in
improving the education for children. Together we can all work to bring out the best for each child, a
belief that is at the core of the Helena College experience.

Peter Coombs
College Principal

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Glen Forrest Campus Parent Handbook 2021 - Helena College
Welcome From the Principal                      2
Contents                                        3
Vision Mission Values                           5
International Baccalaureate Mission Statement   6
International Baccalaureate Framework           7
College Council                                 8
Glen Forrest Campus Key Staff 2021              9
        Executive Team                          9
        Heads of Department                     9
Term Dates 2021                                 10
        Start of term | end of term             10
        Public Holidays                         10
Contact Procedures                              11
College Contact Details                         11
Feedback and Complaints Procedure               12
Curriculum                                      13
        Middle School - Years 6-9               13
        Upper School - Years 10-12              13
Student Code of Conduct                         14
        Personal Boundaries                     15
General Information (A-Z)                       16
      Administration Office                     16
      Accounts                                  16
      Absences                                  16
      Ambulances                                17
      Animals on Campus                         17
      Assemblies                                17
      Awards Night                              17
      Behaviour Management                      18
      Bicycles                                  18
      Books and Stationery                      18
      Boundaries During School Hours            19
      Bus Services                              19
      Bushfire Response                         19
      Calendar                                  20
      Camps                                     20
      Canteen                                   20
      Casual Dress Days                         20
      Child Safe Framework                      21
      Child Safe Programme                      21
      Class Times                               22
      Communications                            22
      Community Code of Conduct                 23
      Contact Details for Parents               23
      Diary                                     23

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Glen Forrest Campus Parent Handbook 2021 - Helena College
General Information (A-Z) continued
     Drop-off / Pick-Up Zones                        23
     Duke of Edinburgh’s Award                       24
     Extra-Curricular Activities                     24
     Facebook                                        24
     Family Holidays In Term Time                    24
     Hats                                            24
     Health                                          25
     Homeroom Representatives                        25
     Homework                                        25
     Homework Club                                   25
     House System                                    25
     (Communicable) Infectious Diseases              26
     Instrumental Development Programme (IDP)        26
     Insurance of Property                           26
     Library                                         26
     Lockers                                         26
     Lost Property                                   26
     Media Consent                                   27
     Medication                                      27
     Mobile Phones and Personal Devices              28
     Newsletter                                      28
     Parent Information Events                       28
     Parent/Teacher Interviews                       28
     Pastoral Care                                   29
     Peer Support Programme                          29
     Photography / Video at College Events           29
     Physical Education                              29
     Policies                                        29
     Privacy                                         29
     Protective Behaviours                           29
     Reflections                                     30
     Reports                                         30
     School Pyschologist                             30
     SEQTA                                           30
     Sport                                           31
     Sporting Facilities                             31
     Student Accident Insurance                      31
     Student Council                                 32
     Student Illness                                 32
     Student Information Form                        32
     Student Leadership                              32
     Student Outlines                                33
     Uniform                                         33
     Uniform Shop Open Hours                         33
     Visitors                                        34
     Volunteers                                      34
Parents’ & Friends’ Association                      35
Appendix A – Sustainable School Shop                 36
Appendix B - Code Of Conduct For Volunteers          37

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Glen Forrest Campus Parent Handbook 2021 - Helena College
Vision Mission Values

                        To be a school where students are inspired to be the best they can
                        be; where they are encouraged to develop confidence, ability and
                        passion to achieve their goals; and to have the skills and
                        commitment to leave a positive footprint on the world.

                           •   To educate and inspire students to be the best they can be
                                 by providing a balanced focus on whole child development.

                           •     To be a school where students, teachers and parents
                                 actively engage as partners in the educational process.

                           •     To be a school with high expectations of learning and
                                 achievement by offering creative, engaging and challenging
                                 educational experiences in a nurturing environment.

                           •   Integrity and responsibility

                           •     Inclusivity and participation

                           •     Caring and compassion

                           •     Respect for self, others and our surroundings

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International Baccalaureate Mission Statement

 The International Baccalaureate® aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people
 who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

 To this end the organisation works with schools, governments and international organisations to develop
 challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.

 These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong
 learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

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International Baccalaureate Framework

 The IB MYP is a challenging framework that encourages students to make practical connections
 between their studies and the real world.
 The MYP is a five-year programme offered at Helena College from Years 6-10. The MYP curriculum
 framework comprises eight subject groups, providing a broad and balanced education for young
                                      The eight subject groups are:
                                             language acquisition
                                           language and literature
                                         individuals and societies
                                      physical and health education
                                              design (technology)

 MYP students also complete a personal project in Years 9-10, where they decide what they want to learn
 about, identify what they already know, discover what they will need to know to complete the project,
 and create a proposal or criteria for completing it.

 The MYP aims to help students develop their personal understanding, their emerging sense of self and
 responsibility in their community.
 The text above is taken from the IB website

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College Council

 Helena College Council is responsible for strategic oversight and governance of the school at the
 Darlington Campus (K-5) and Glen Forrest Campus (6-12). Members are appointed for their professional
 skills, areas of expertise and enthusiasm for independent education.

 Members of the College Council voluntarily give their time and expertise to oversee the management of
 the College and ensure the school achieves its mission to educate and inspire students to be the best
 they can be by providing development of the whole child, having high expectations of learning and
 achievement, and offering creative, engaging and challenging educational experiences.

 The Council’s role is to provide good governance and set the strategic directions for Helena College
 through each Strategic Plan. The Principal is appointed by and accountable to the Council to manage
 the operations of the College and deliver the Teaching and Learning programme. The Principal and staff
 implement the Strategic Plan within the directions and policies established by Council. Progress on the
 implementation of the strategic plan and management of strategic risks and whole of school finances is
 monitored by the Council through regular reports from the Principal and sub-committees.

 Click here to read the 2021-2023 Strategic Plan or view it on the College website, under the Families tab.

 The Principal and the Business Manager (as Secretary to Council) attend all Council and sub-committee

 Families may make submissions to Council, addressed to:

 Helena College Council
 Secretary of Council
 PO Box 52
 Glen Forrest WA 6071
 or email

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Glen Forrest Campus Key Staff 2021
Executive Team
Principal                             Mr Peter Coombs           MEd, BA Ed (Secondary)

Deputy Principal - Operations         Mr Justin Pitt            BPHEd, GDipEd

Deputy Principal - Curriculum         Mr Bob Simpson            BA, DipEd, AGSM, Cert AOS

Business Manager                      Mr Michael Papali         BCom, GDipBus

Director of Middle School             Ms Cathy Light            BEd (Hons)

Director of Upper School              Mr Craig Hillman          BA Ed, GDipBus, GDipEd (Leadership)

Director of Student Services          Ms Susan Boyett           BPsych, DipEd

Heads of Department
Arts                                  Mr Christian Hansen       BEd, GDipEd

Careers and Vocational Education      Mrs Corrie Hellema        BA, GDipEd

English                               Ms Rebecca Ewing          MEd, BA, GDipEd

Humanities                            Mr Ashley Hosken          BA, GDipEd

Languages                             Mrs Danielle Horne        BA, GDipEd, DipModLang

Mathematics                           Mr Tim Hayward            BComp&MathSc, DipEd

Physical & Health Education           Mr Joe Kendall            BSc, BEd

Science                               Mr Geoff Quinton           BSc (Hons), PostGrad CertEd
                                                                MEd (Leadership), GDipEd, BTh,
Technology                            Mr Matt Zarb

Marketing & Community
                                      Mrs Sherene Strahan       BA, BEd, AssocDipBroadcasting
Relations Manager

Registrar (K-Year 12)                 Ms Anne Kinsella

ICT Manager and Timetabler            Mr Justin Hall            BSc, CCNA, CNA, MACS, ACHDS

ICT Operations Manager                Mr Chris Jeffrey

College calendars

The College uses a web-based calendar, which parents can sync to their devices or access via the SEQTA
Engage welcome page or the website.

Further information on how to sync the College calendar is available on the College website under Families,
Helena Calendars.

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Term Dates 2021

Start of term | end of term

                          START OF TERM                                  END OF TERM

Term One            Monday, 1 February                      Thursday, 1 April

                    Monday, 19 April
                    (Years 11-12 First day back)
Term Two                                                    Friday, 2 July
                    Tuesday, 20 April
                    (Years 6-10 First day back)

Term Three          Tuesday, 20 July                        Friday, 24 September

                                                            Thursday, 9 December
                                                            Students conclude at 12.15pm
Term Four           Monday, 11 October
                                                            Awards Night commences at 7.30pm with
                                                            a pre-awards programme from 6.30pm

2021 Public Holidays
                                  2021 PUBLIC HOLIDAYS

Australia Day                    Monday, 26 January

Labour Day                       Monday, 1 March

Good Friday                      Friday, 2 April

Easter Monday                    Monday, 5 April

Anzac Day holiday                Monday, 26 April

WA Day                           Monday, 7 June

Queen’s Birthday                 Monday, 27 September

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Contact Procedures

Absence from school                  SEQTA Engage homage, click the link Absentee Notification .


                                     Telephone: 9298 9100
                                     SMS: 0447 100 167
                                     Before 9.00am

                Administration staff will contact parents of absent students by phone or SMS
                by mid-morning (if the school has not been notified by a parent or guardian).

Late for school (After 8.40am)       Sign in at Administration on arrival and obtain late note.
                                     After 8.55am (homeroom finish) sign in at Administration for late
                                     note and parent to provide advice to support student absence.

Pastoral care                        Director of Student Services (College Psychologist)
                                     Deputy Principal - Operations
                                     Director of Middle School
                                     Director of Upper School
                                     Homeroom teacher

Uniform Shop                         Telephone: 6114 4888

Contacting staff
Parents are welcome to contact teachers. Email addresses are available via the College website,
or are available via SEQTA Engage. Parents may also use direct messaging (DM) via SEQTA.

Alternatively, a message may be left at reception requesting a return telephone call or an appointment.

Parents are requested not to request that messages be passed on to students through reception, except
in an emergency.

College Contact Details
Glen Forrest Campus                  Bilgoman Rd GLEN FORREST WA 6071
Postal address                       PO Box 52 GLEN FORREST WA 6071
Telephone                            9298 9100

College Principal                    Mr Peter Coombs -

Darlington Campus                    Ryecroft Road DARLINGTON WA 6070
Postal Address                       PO Box 66 DARLINGTON WA 6070
Telephone                            9299 6626

Head of Junior School                Mr Greg Miller -
Feedback and Complaints Procedure

The College is committed to responding positively to complaints from external parties (community
members), such as Parents/Guardians, students and/or volunteers regardless of whether they are current
or former members of the Helena community.

The partnership between community members of the College should be a strong and reliable feature of
any school. All College community members must be confident that their needs are valued and that their
concerns will receive a fair hearing.

It is the intention of the College to work with community members to achieve outcomes that are in their
best interests and in the best interests of the students in our care. Each enquiry, concern and complaint
made will be dealt with promptly, fairly and contribute to continuous improvement.

In the case of concerns or possible complaints please view the External Disputes and Complaints
Resolution Policy (available on the College website or SEQTA Engage, search Policies) to determine the
most appropriate manner to communicate your concern. The aim is to provide a clear set of guidelines
and reliable expectations. Anonymous complaints will not be addressed.

It is the College's policy that complaints made must not rebound adversely on students, and,
accordingly, complaints will be treated confidentially and information disseminated only when necessary.

The process is accessible to all aggrieved parties from outside of the College including former parents/
guardians, former students or past community members.

For parties that are employed by the College, the Internal Complaints/ Grievance Resolution
Procedures (Staff) should be utilised. For current students, the Child Friendly Complaints Policy should
be followed.

For further information on College policies please contact the Risk and Compliance Officer.

                                                   Page 12
Middle School - Years 6-9
The Years 6-9 curriculum is drawn from the Western Australian curriculum and delivered using the
framework of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. The programme is made up
of core subjects and rotation subjects.
Years 6-9 Core Subjects (all students, all year)
  •           Digital Technology                             •       Physical Education and Health
  •           Humanities                                     •       Mathematics
  •           Language Acquisition (Indonesian or French)    •       Science
  •           Language and Literature
Year 6-7 Rotation Subjects (all students, one semester each subject)
   •          Drama                                      •      Media and Film
   •          Food Technology                            •      Music
   •          Innovation                                 •      Visual Arts
Year 8 Rotation Subjects
   •          Design Engineering                             •       Media and Film
   •          Drama                                          •       Music
   •          Food Technology                                •       Visual Arts
Year 9 Electives Subjects
Students choose three semester-long electives (which must include one Arts and one Technology
elective) and must do Outdoor Experiences for one semester. Electives choices may vary from year to
year. For more information about the Year 9 electives, visit the MS Curriculum page on the College

Upper School - Years 10-12
Year 10
Year 10 is an important transition year for our students, providing opportunities for them to apply
recognised academic and personal strengths in a challenging environment that focuses them toward
their course selection for Years 11-12.
All Year 10 students undertake community service and the College’s Vocational Education
programme which helps students understand career pathways so that they make appropriate
choices for their future.
Year 10 Core Subjects
   •          Humanities                                     •       Physical and Health Education
   •          Mathematics                                    •       Language Acquisition
   •          Science                                                       (Indonesian or French)
   •          Language and Literature
Year 10 Electives Subjects
Students choose three semester-long electives (which must include one Arts and one Technology
elective). Electives choices may vary from year to year. For more information about the Year 10
electives, visit the Year 10 Curriculum page on the College website.
Years 11-12 courses
For studies beyond Year 10, Helena College will have a distinct orientation to qualification for tertiary
entrance in either the university or TAFE system with apprenticeships and traineeships.
Years 11-12 students choose six courses. Each course chosen is studied for five periods per week.
Five periods per week are also allocated for directed private study.
Most senior students will have opportunities within school for directed private study each day.
Accordingly, Years 11-12 students are required to undertake studies responsibly and independently.

      The Years 11-12 Course Book will be available on the College website and SEQTA Engage
                                   Documents Page
                                                from13Term Two.
Student Code of Conduct

At Helena College we recognise that effective learning can only occur in a secure environment where the
rights and responsibilities of others are known and respected and where standards and rules are fairly
and consistently applied.

Students are expected to uphold the values of Helena College. Our values are:

        "      Integrity and responsibility
        "      Inclusivity and participation
        "      Caring and compassion
        "      Respect for self, others and our surroundings

These values are to be upheld in the way you conduct yourself not only in the College, but also the

Rights and Responsibilities of Students
Students are expected to observe and uphold this statement of rights and responsibilities:

            You have the right to                               You have the responsibility to

"     Reach your full learning potential in a safe       "     Enable others to learn in a safe and
and supportive environment.                              supportive environment.

                                                         "      Follow College policies, procedures and
"      Be safe.
                                                         the reasonable directions of staff at all times.

"      Be treated with respect, courtesy and             "      Treat others with respect, courtesy and
kindness.                                                kindness.

                                                         "      Actively participate by engaging in all the
"       Be an active part of and contribute
                                                         College programmes and contribute positively to
positively to the community.
                                                         the community.

                                                         "      Accept and consider the consequences of
"      Be treated fairly and justly.
                                                         your actions.

"        Have your human rights, privacy and other       "        Respect the human rights, privacy and
legal rights respected.                                  legal rights of others.

"      Have your personal boundaries respected.

                                                     Page 14
Personal Boundaries
Personal boundaries are parameters that describe the limits of a relationship in circumstances where one
person (a student) interacts with other people including fellow students and staff. A healthy relationship,
whether student to student or student to teacher, consists of two individuals each with a clearly defined
sense of his or her own identity. Setting clear boundaries or limits is essential to a mutually respectful
relationship. Boundaries.

        "      Establish each person's role within a relationship.
        "      Protect a student’s emotional wellbeing.
        "      Help students to feel able to challenge problematic behaviour when necessary.
        "      Vary between students based on factors such as their personality,
               gender, and culture.

Students are expected to be conscious of their personal boundaries and that of others, such as those
between themselves, staff and other students. The following is a list of examples of conduct that may
affect student boundaries:

        "      Physical contact
        "      Verbal and electronic communications
        "      Gifts, loans, borrowing
        "      Giving praise
        "      Language
        "      Information-sharing
        "      Attire.

Personal boundaries become a concern when they are, or are threatened to be, breached by the
conduct of others. A student’s personal boundaries may be breached by
inappropriate conduct committed by another student or a staff member.

For example:
        "      Swearing
        "      The use of sexual innuendo, inappropriate language and/or material
        "      Unwarranted and inappropriate touching
        "      Provocative dressing.

Students who are concerned about a breach of their personal boundaries, or suspect that the personal
boundaries of other students are being threatened, should tell a member of staff or a Child Protection

Upholding the Values, Rights and Responsibilities
If a student is aware that another person is not upholding the College values, rights and/or
responsibilities they are encouraged to report this to someone they feel comfortable with such as a staff
member or trusted adult or by using the External Disputes and Complaints Resolution Policy and

Breach of the Code
Any student breaches of this code will be dealt with according to our Student Discipline Policy.

If a breach is deemed to be of a serious criminal nature, Helena College may seek legal advice, report
the matter to the police and/or other external agencies as required. In some instances, teacher and other
staff may have responsibilities under the Children and Community Services Act 2004 (WA) to follow
mandatory reporting obligations where they have reasonable grounds to suspect a child is at risk of
sexual harm and have current concerns about the wellbeing of the child.
General Information                 A-Z

Administration Office
Administration hours        8.15am-4.15pm in term time.
Administration will be closed for some part of each school holidays. Dates will be advised in the
newsletter and updated on the calendar.

Teachers are on duty from 8.20am-3.35pm each day.           The library is open until 4.15pm Monday to
Thursday and 4.00pm Friday.

Parents are advised that if your student arrives at school between 7.45am and 8.00am, they must be
signed in at administration by a parent/guardian. Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule if your
child has commitments such as swimming, ensemble or sport before school.

In the afternoon if your child is not picked up by 3.45pm, he/she must go to administration and wait to
be collected by a parent/guardian. The only exception is where students are attending extra-curricular
school-based activities or using the library. At the conclusion of these activities, or when the library
closes, all students must be collected promptly from the school grounds.

No student should be arriving at school before 8.00am on a regular basis as there are no organised
tutorials, rehearsals or classes prior to this time.

It is important to reiterate that any student who arrives between 7.45am and 8.00am must be signed
in. If students walk or ride to school, they should not arrive before 8.00am.

We understand that some parents may find it difficult to adhere to these guidelines but as a duty of care
to all students, teachers and staff at the College it is important that students are not at the College
outside these hours.

If you have any queries, please email Lorelle Bannister, who will forward all
correspondence to the Principal.

The finance office is responsible for the management of all fees accounts. Any matters relating to tuition
fees or the management of school payments should be directed to the finance department. EFTPOS,
credit card and direct debit facilities are available.

Helena College has online student absentee advice. This can be used instead of phoning, emailing or
writing to the college to inform us of your child's absence from school. Unlike an email or phone call
this form will be accepted as a confirmed absence and it will not have to be followed up with a
signed note. Absences for both campuses, for multiple days and students can be completed on the one
form quickly and easily.

There is a link to the form on the homepage of SEQTA Engage, marked Absentee Notification or you can
download the SEQTA Engage app onto your mobile device. If you are unsure of your login details please
contact It is important that you keep your username and password secure to
prevent unauthorised access.

                                                  Page 16
Alternatively, telephone, SMS 0447 100 167 or email before 9am on the
morning of a student absence. This should then be followed up with the online Student Absentee advice,
via SEQTA Engage (as above) or a signed and dated hard copy note explaining the student’s absence on
the student’s return to school. Students who are absent for more than three days will need to provide
a doctor's certificate with the note. Administration staff will contact parents of absent students via SMS
by mid-morning (if the school has not been notified by this time).

       Late arrival - Students arriving at school after the beginning of morning homeroom are required
to report to administration and sign in. Arrival after homeroom has finished (8.55am) will be considered
as absent and Student Absentee advice from a parent/guardian will be required.

        Early departure - Students who need to be withdrawn during school time must have a signed
and dated explanatory note from a parent or guardian and are required to record their names and sign
out prior to departure. For your child’s safety please collect and sign them out from administration, not
from the front of the College.

In a first aid or medical emergency an ambulance will be called if it is deemed necessary. It is not always
possible to contact parents before the ambulance is called but the student's health is the first priority.

Animals on Campus
As a duty of care matter regarding the health and safety of all school community members, animals are
not permitted on school grounds unless arrangements have been made with the classroom teacher (for
example a news item). This includes the walking of dogs through the campus at drop off and pick up
times. Please note, this does not apply to guide dogs for the visually impaired.

Assemblies provide a wonderful opportunity for parents to observe students in a different context. The
Directors of Middle and Upper School develop an assembly timetable with homerooms attending
assembly on alternate Fridays, with an extended homeroom session the following week. There are
several combined school assemblies during the year for Darlington and Glen Forrest Campus students
and staff to recognise Anzac Day and other important events.

The dates for these combined assemblies will be published on the College calendars. Parents are most
welcome to join us for assemblies which are usually held in the Gym.

Please remember, assembly pictures and/or recordings are not to be uploaded to public forums (such as
personal Facebook pages, YouTube or Twitter) as the footage will more than likely contain students other
than your own.

Awards Night
The annual Awards Night is the final College function for the school year. The evening provides an
opportunity for many of the students to present performances for families and also to review the major
developments of the school year. Students who have excelled in academic and sporting achievement
and/or effort are also recognised.

                                                   Page 17
Behaviour Management
Helena College seeks to work in partnership with parents to develop socially responsible young people
who take responsibility for their actions.

Student wellbeing and the prevention of inappropriate behaviours will be enhanced through a focus on
early intervention and prevention.

The College believes that student behaviour is best managed through a restorative approach where
wrong doers are encouraged to reflect on their behaviour and learn from their mistakes. Where
discussions about misbehaviour focus on challenging the behaviour rather than labelling the student.

Corporal and other degrading punishments are prohibited at Helena College. Degrading
punishments means any punishment which is incompatible with respect for human dignity, including
corporal punishment and non-physical punishment which belittles, humiliates, denigrates, scapegoats,
threatens, scares or ridicules a child.

There are a range of consequences that students will face if they breach College rules, or are
disobedient. These include:

        "     Warnings or reprimands (verbal and written)
        "     Time outs
        "     Community service
        "     Cancellation of privileges
        "     Withdrawal from College activities
        "     In school withdrawal
        "     In school suspensions
        "     Suspension
        "     Expulsion.

Parents will be contacted when there are serious or ongoing concerns about a student.

Students who ride bikes to school must wear a helmet. Please provide a lock for any bike parked in
school bike racks. Students should walk their bikes whilst on school grounds. Bikes parked on campus
are at each rider’s own risk.

Books and Stationery
Booklists will be distributed toYear 11 and Year 12 students in Term Three. whilst students in Years 6-10
will receive their booklists in Term Four. Future Year 7 students are issued booklists in their orientation
package. Year 6 students will receive all their stationery and book requirements from their teachers as
the need arises. These include diaries, headphones for their laptops, writing implements, scientific
calculator, exercise books, document wallets etc.

Spare copies of booklists are available at the College (please enquire at reception) or can be
downloaded from SEQTA Engage Documents, search Booklists.

See Sustainable School Shop for information on buying and selling secondhand uniforms and
textbooks. The P&F has funded an annual subscription for this service for parents.

                                                   Page 18
Boundaries During School Hours
Students are expected to stay within the bounds of the vehicle access roads and oval during school
hours unless under the direction of a teacher. Students are not to leave the College grounds during
school hours without permission from the Deputy Principal - Operations or appropriate Director, usually
in response to parent authorisation.

Bus Service
The College provides dedicated bus services to six main regions: Bassendean/Midland, Bickley/
Lesmurdie, Darlington/Helena Valley, Gidgegannup/Toodyay, Mt Helena/Chidlow, and York.

All buses arrive at the Glen Forrest Campus (GFC) in the morning and depart from the GFC in the
afternoon. There is a free bus service, morning and afternoon, between the two campuses for Junior
School students who use the buses.

Bus services are subsidised by the College and cost $5 or $10 per one-way trip, depending on the route.
Discounts are offered for purchases of 50 or more tokens (except for the York and Gidgegannup/
Toodyay routes).

Families must complete a Bus Use Form (available from administration and SEQTA Engage) before the
first journey. Please notify administration when there are changes to a student’s bus use, such as taking
a new route or no longer using the bus service.

Bushfire Response
The Glen Forrest Campus has a well-developed policy and procedure for responding to a bushfire or
bushfire threat. Parents need to be aware of the following aspects of that policy.

If a Catastrophic Fire Weather Warning (CFWW) is declared, with sufficient warning, parents will be
informed that the school will be closed until the warning is downgraded. Parents will be contacted
(through one or more of the following forms of communication – SMS, telephone, post on College
Facebook page, website or via email) to inform them of when the school will be closed. Parents should
not return their children to the school until a notification is received to say that it is safe to do so. It is
extremely important to ensure that the school has up to date contact details for parents.

If the Catastrophic Fire Weather Warning is declared with insufficient time for us to pre- emptively close
the school the College will employ the policy and procedures for responding to a bushfire threat. In this
instance, the school will remain open and parents will not be contacted. We ask that parents do not
attempt to telephone the school (with regard to the CFWW) as this may hinder our ability to
communicate with the appropriate emergency services.

In the serious event that a fire is approaching the Glen Forrest Campus the gymnasium is our safer
building. Please do not attempt to come to the school to collect your student unless asked to do so
by the school. In the event of such an emergency, the school will contact radio station ABC 720 and ask
that parents tune in for regular updates.

Students will be safer in the gymnasium than on the roads and the less traffic there is to get in the way of
emergency services the safer your student will be. Evacuating/exiting from the gymnasium would occur
only under the direction/direct instruction from the appropriate emergency services and this information
will be communicated to parents as soon as is practicable.

Please be assured that the safety of our students is our first priority.

                                                     Page 19
The College uses a Google calendar, which parents can sync to their devices or access through SEQTA
or the website. Further information on how to sync the College calendar is available on the College
website under Families, Helena Calendars.

Details of important school events are communicated to parents in newsletters; and the What’s On email
every Friday. Term dates are listed at the front of this handbook.

Camps are an essential and integral part of the Helena College curriculum.

All students are expected to attend the year camp/s unless a medical condition prohibits their
participation in the activities. Parents are required to submit the HC Absence From Camp/Excursion
form which is available on SEQTA Engage. Please attach a medical certificate to support a request for
absence from a College camp for medical reasons.
The specialist camps (eg Languages, Politics and Law, Music, ski trip etc) are optional.

The College canteen is run by a manager and an assistant with the help of volunteers. The canteen
menu is varied throughout the year according to season.

Casual dress days
Casual dress days are a way of fundraising for worthy causes. Students can wear adequate casual
clothing that will protect them whilst in school.

Please note:
        "      Normal jewellery and hair restrictions apply.
        "      Closed shoes must be worn – no thongs, open sandals or high wedge/stiletto shoes.
        "      Students must have their midriffs, stomachs and lower backs covered
               (whilst standing and sitting).
        "      Skirts and shorts should be no shorter than mid-thigh length.
        "      No inappropriate, provocative or revealing clothing should be worn.
        "      Sport uniform must be worn for physical education classes.

Note: Even on casual dress days, all students are expected to wear a hat in Terms One and Four for
physical education lessons, sporting activities, excursions and during recess and lunchtime activities in
the sun. See Uniform Policy and Sun Smart Policy.

Any student who fails to comply with the casual dress day standards will be sent to administration
where they will wait until adequate replacement clothes or shoes can be brought from home.

                                                  Page 20
Child Safe Framework
Helena College has adopted the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.              The National
Principles collectively show that a child safe organisation is one that creates a culture, adopts strategies
and takes action to promote child wellbeing and prevent harm to children and young people.

A child safe organisation consciously and systematically:
         "     Creates an environment where children’s safety and wellbeing is the centre
               of thought, values and actions.
         "     Places emphasis on genuine engagement with and valuing of children
         "     Creates conditions that reduce the likelihood of harm to children and young people
         "     Creates conditions that increase the likelihood of identifying any harm
         "     Responds to any concerns, disclosures, allegations or suspicions of harm.

Child Safe Programme
Statement of Commitment to Child Safety
Setting the tone for the College’s entire Child Safe Programme is our Statement of Commitment to Child
Safety. This Statement is designed to be Helena College’s public statement of commitment to the
protection of children from abuse and grooming and a demonstration of the College’s leaders’
commitment to champion child safety in all College environments.

Statement of Commitment (extract)
Helena College is committed to providing education and care to children and young people to assist
them to develop into high-achieving, supported students, positively connected to each other and to the
communities in which they live and which they will serve.

                                                    Page 21
The College is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all children and young people
at the College and is dedicated to protecting them from abuse and grooming by implementing robust
policies and procedures to deter abuse and grooming and facilitate detection and reporting at the

The College’s Statement of Commitment to Child Safety has been designed to reflect the NATIONAL
PRINCIPLES FOR CHILD SAFE ORGANISATIONS and focus on what is best for children.

At Helena College, we have a zero tolerance for child abuse and grooming. The College regards its child
protection responsibilities with the utmost importance and as such is committed to providing the
necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws and regulations and to
maintain safe and supportive College physical and online environments for all children and young

If you have any child protection concerns please contact our Glen Forrest Campus Child Protection

                     Ms Susan Boyett                       Mr Justin Pitt
                     College Psychologist                  Deputy Principal - Operations

Class Times
Each day starts at 8.40am with Homeroom and then moves through 7 periods, concluding at 3.15pm.
Please have your child here by 8.30am in order for them to prepare themselves and get to class in a
timely manner.

Each student is issued with an individual timetable detailing the week’s schedule and displaying class
subject, Teacher, room and period. A copy can be provided upon request.

We endeavour to provide excellent communication to parents by email, newsletters, website, College
Facebook page and SEQTA Engage. If you have a query about communication please contact
Community Relations team.

                                                 Page 22
Community Code of Conduct
Helena College has a body of enthusiastic community members who are involved with many aspects of
school life. Through partnerships with our community members we have developed a very high standard
of education and civic responsibility in our students with both being highly valued in our community.

It is an expectation that all members of the Helena College community, including parents, carers and
guardians will demonstrate and model our Vision Mission and Values at all time within the school, setting
an example with their own actions, behaviour and speech. Further details are outlined in the Community
Code of Conduct available on SEQTA and our website.

Contact Details for Parents
Parents need to keep family contact details up to date at all times. Please advise administration if your
address, phone number, mobile number, emergency contacts, or custody arrangements change, so they
can be promptly updated on the College database.

Students are encouraged to maintain an electronic diary on their laptops. SEQTA Learn is able to be used
for a record of homework and assignments etc. Students may use a hard copy diary if preferred.

Drop-off/Pick-up Zones
Please use the dedicated lane within the school grounds on Bilgoman Road for drop-off and pick-up. Do
NOT use the area outside administration for this purpose. This entry is only for people who are intending
to park, even if just briefly.

        "       Turn left into the College off Bilgoman Road at the oval end.
        "       There is NO RIGHT TURN into the College from this entry.
        "       There is NO RIGHT TURN out of the drop-off/ pick-up lane.

            Drivers in the school grounds are reminded that the maximum speed is10km/hour.

Parking areas
There is some parking at the oval end of the College but the main parking areas are at the administration
end of the College.
         "     Turn into the College at the roundabout, at the intersection of Bilgoman and Marnie Roads.
         "     Turn right at the flag poles for Year 6 families parking bays.
         "     Turn left at the flag poles for all other visitor parking.

There is NO STOPPING ON BILGOMAN ROAD for dropping off or picking up students. Please do not
use the bus lane on Bilgoman Road for dropping off or picking up.

Parents are reminded that classes finish at 3.15pm. Please note that students need 5-10 minutes to
access lockers before being ready for collection. Please arrange for pick up after 3.25pm. Make a
specific time with your student eg 3.25pm or 3.30pm. Early arrival may result in unnecessary blocking
which can result in delays for everyone.

Thank you to all parents for your support with making the process as safe as possible for our students.
Teachers on after school duty have been asked to request parents to please move on, if they are in
vehicles that are parked and holding up traffic flow. Your cooperation would be appreciated.

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Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
All Year 9 students have the opportunity to enrol in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and undertake
community service, recreation and skill development activities. They will also participate in expeditions
during Years 9-10 towards achieving the Bronze award level. Students in Years 11-12 are encouraged
to progress to the Silver award level.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, completed by students before the end of Year 12, counts as an
endorsed unit that will be included in the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) issued at
the end of Year 12.

Extra-curricular activities
Extra-curricular clubs and courses are run when there is a demand and an instructor or facilitator is
available. Fees may need to be charged to cover the cost of the leader, materials and rent for the use of
College facilities. See College website for details of the extra-curricular activities.

The College Facebook page is one way to stay up to date with events, news, announcements, student
achievements and photos. The College is always mindful of privacy and media consent requirements
when posting on social media.

The College Facebook page is HelenaCollegePerth

If you have any queries, please email the Marketing and Community Relations Manager.

Family Holidays in Term Time
Under the Education Act students are required to be at school during term time. To ensure continuous
teaching and learning, family holidays during term time are strongly discouraged and parents are
requested to arrange family holidays in school holiday breaks.

The College is not obliged to provide learning programmes, nor catch-up work when a student is
absent, except in the case of illness. Apart from emergencies, written notification requesting leave
during term time for students should be addressed to the Principal at least three-four weeks prior to the

Please use the form included in the College Attendance Policy ie Student Absence from School for
Family Holiday Reasons. The policy and form are available for download from the College website
(search policies) and SEQTA Engage (search policies).

We appreciate your support in helping us maintain the continuity of your child’s education.

All students are expected to wear College hats in Terms One and Four for physical education lessons,
sporting activities, excursions and during recess and lunchtime activities in the sun.

                                                   Page 24
Prescription medication must be submitted to administration and will be dispensed as per the
medication authorisation form. Parents need to update changes to student health information promptly
to ensure records are correct.

Students are not permitted to possess or consume alcoholic drinks, cigarettes or prohibited drugs at
College, or at any associated activities of the College such as camps, socials and sports functions.
An infringement of this rule will place a student’s enrolment in jeopardy.

Helena College is a smoke free zone. Smoking is prohibited on the College grounds.

Homeroom Representatives
The Homeroom Representative takes an active role in leading Homeroom activities. The Homeroom
Representative is a positive role model for others to follow. Each Homeroom will have an elected
Homeroom Representative. Students can nominate themselves and there can be a secret ballot for the
position. The term for Homeroom Representative can be for either a semester or for the year. Elections
are held in week two of Term One.

In Year 6 homework will be given at an age appropriate level, working to establish a regular homework
pattern by the end of the year. By Year 7 a pattern of weekly homework is established. In Years 7-10 it
is expected that students will learn to work without supervision for one and a half to two hours each
weekday evening. By Year 11, two and a half hours each weekday evening should provide a guide for an
average student undertaking a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) programme. Study
time, including review and revision, is important as well as set homework.

Homework Club
The Homework Club provides an opportunity for students to access assistance after school in a
supportive environment. Teachers and mentors are available and students are encouraged to work
together and support each other in their learning. Days and times are updated early each year and are
advertised on our website.

It is not compulsory for students to attend every week, but once students sign up for the day, they will
be expected to stay for the hour, unless a signed note from parents or guardians is presented. The
teachers keep records of each session, identifying who has attended and the nature of the work, along
with any relevant comments.

The Homework Club teachers will liaise with relevant teachers of students regarding any concerns that
are identified in the Homework Club.

House System
House spirit is strong at the Glen Forrest Campus. Students are placed in either Cardan (red; racehorse
goanna), Kiara (yellow; sulphur crested cockatoo) or Waughul (green; rainbow serpent). The Houses are
named after local fauna, with the names derived from the Aboriginal Noongar language.

Students from Year 7 upwards are allocated to a homeroom that is aligned with their House. This
alignment to Houses will roll up until all homerooms are in House groups. This is to promote House spirit
and to further strengthen the students’ overall sense of identity and community.

                                                  Page 25
The House t-shirt is a compulsory uniform item that should be worn for a variety of inter-house
activities that are held during the year such as swimming, athletics and cross-country carnivals. The
House t-shirt may also be worn during physical education lessons.

House Captains
The Year 12 students are elected to leadership positions to act as mentors to younger students in their
House. These student leaders will play a key role during House events and carnivals (at both Glen
Forrest and Darlington Campus) to promote House spirit, inclusivity and participation. Elected House
Captains are supported by Head of Department Health & Physical Education to develop their leadership

(Communicable) Infectious Diseases
In the case of all confirmed infectious diseases students must be excluded from school. Your health
professional will give you guidance on what actions to take. Please advise administration of all instances
of infectious diseases affecting your child.

Students may only return to school when they are no longer infectious.

Instrumental Development Programme (IDP)
If you have any queries regarding the music instrumental development programme, timetables or wish to
change a tutorial time please email Ruth Gallagher, Instrumental Development Programme Coordinator

Insurance of Property
Parents are reminded that the school's property insurance only covers capital items purchased by the
school. Privately owned property brought to school by parents or children is not covered.

The library is open for both students and parents 8.30am-4.15pm Monday to Thursday and 4.00pm on
Friday. It is closed on Fridays at recess. Parents are most welcome to borrow library resources. Please
see the library staff for assistance to register as a borrower.

Lockers are provided for all students in Years 7-12. Students in Year 6 have a pigeonhole in their
classroom to store their books and laptop, plus a hanging rack outside for backpacks. Students in Years
7-12 are provided with a combination lock on enrolment to secure their laptop and bag in their locker.
Students are responsible for providing replacement locks, which can be purchased from administration.
For security purposes, locker combinations should not be given to other students.

Lost property
Enquiries regarding lost property should be directed to administration. Named items are returned to
their owner. It is important that all items brought to the College are named, including shoes and socks.
Property not claimed by the end of the year is either recycled or donated to charity.

                                                   Page 26
Media Consent
During any school year, photographs, audio, digital or video images may be taken of your child. These
may be used in College publications and promotions, including newsletters, classroom displays, the
yearbook (Reflections), website, Facebook page and any new technologies, and for our College archives

The permissions given by parents in the media consent form will remain in place until the student leaves
Helena College or until we are advised, in writing, of any changes you wish to make. To change your
media consent please send a letter or email to the College Registrar (and a copy to the Community
Relations Department) giving specific details of the changes you wish to make.

Parents should be aware that it is not possible to exempt the image of any student from Reflections
as it includes photos from a variety of sources, including professional photos of homeroom groups,
music ensembles, sports teams and groups. The College newsletter is password protected for
members of our community only.

Some students will have a need to access medication during school hours on a regular basis for medical
conditions (for further information, please see below).

        ●    Minor analgesics
     Analgesics (eg paracetamol) can have undesirable side effects. They are not administered to
     students without the parent/guardian’s instruction indicated on the student information form.
     Occasions may arise where consent may need to be obtained by a phone call to parents or family
     emergency contacts.

         ●     Prescribed medication
     All prescribed medication may be handed in to administration for safe keeping and must be
     accompanied by a completed student medication request / record form, advising specific
     details of the dosage required and the time to be administered by first aid staff.

        ●     Emergency action plans
     An emergency action plan must be developed for students with medical conditions, after
     consultation with the Student Services team and parents/guardians. Parents are required to notify
     the school of students with special medical conditions, including the health information pertaining
     to the management of anaphylaxis and asthma. Please note, parents must notify the College of
     special requirements for students who have severe asthma.

     All school activities, including excursions and camps, make provision for an emergency action
     plan. Emergency action plans will be revised and updated annually, or more often if necessary as
     directed by parents, with written instructions.

     Please note: with regard to anaphylaxis management, Helena College is NOT a nut free school.
     Parents are also required to supply the College with a current action plan (no more than 12
     months old), signed by their doctor, with an up-to-date Epipen and/or other medication
     prescribed for their student. Parents are also responsible for replacing expired and used

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Mobile Phones and Personal Devices
Students are required to keep mobile phones switched off and secured in their lockers between

The responsibility for the security of mobile telephones, personal music devices and other valuables
brought to school is solely with the student. Ensure that the student has and uses a combination lock
on his/her locker. Please view the Mobile Phones (Acceptable Use of) Policy on SEQTA Engage.

The College newsletter, The Helenian, is published three times each term (Thursday of weeks two, six
and final week of term) for the Helena College community. See calendar for newsletter publication dates.

The newsletters are password protected and the password is changed each year. The password is
included in the What’s On email to parents whenever a newsletter is published. Archived newsletters are
available on the newsletter website.

Community contributions to the newsletter
Newsletters are compiled by the Community Relations department and include contributions from the
College Principal, Head of Junior School, as well as other staff, students and parents.

Parents are invited to let us know about student achievements by emailing details and photos to We may also post student achievements on our College Facebook page.
There is also a community notices section for parents, clubs and organisations to advertise events and
notices for the hills community.

The deadline for all contributions is 4pm Friday of the week preceding each newsletter.
If you have any questions about the newsletter please contact the Community Relations Department

Parent Information Events
Dates, times and venues are advised well in advance by email and the College Calendar.

     Year 12 - Parent information evening
     Year 6 - Meet the teachers afternoon
     Music - Information evening
     SEQTA and IB MYP information evening for new parents
     Year 11 - Making sense of results evening
     Information Evenings on Cyber Safety and Bullying, Protective Behaviours etc

Parent/Teacher Interviews
Parents are welcome to make an appointment at any time if they are concerned about any aspect of
their child’s education. However, the College arranges a time each year for parents to meet and discuss
their child’s progress. Details of the day, time and locations will be provided directly to parents and
carers well in advance.

                                                  Page 28
Pastoral Care
Pastoral care and behaviour management are linked and all staff are responsible for effective care of a
student. The first point of contact for pastoral care issues regarding a student’s general welfare and
progress is the homeroom teacher, followed by the Director of Middle or Upper School and/or Deputy
Principal - Operations as appropriate. Specialist guidance and support is also available from the College
Psychologist. The Principal exercises overall responsibility for the welfare and progress of the College
community and will also become involved in a pastoral matter if a student’s continued enrolment at the
College is in question.

Peer Support Programme
Year 9 students are invited to apply to be trained as peer support leaders at a two-day camp held in
Term Four. Selected students facilitate the peer support activities with the incoming Years 6 students the
following year. The purpose of peer support is to support the transition of the new students into the Glen
Forrest Campus.

Photography/Video at College Events
The College understands that parents and guardians attending events may want to take photographs or
video of their child. Please respect that other families may not want their child's image taken so
please refrain from taking photographs of other students. The Australian Privacy Principles, which
underpin the College's Privacy Policy, require that an image cannot be published, or posted online,
without the individual's explicit permission. Please see Privacy Policy on the College website or SEQTA
Engage, Documents, Policies.

We ask that our families support our efforts to safeguard all students by complying with this legal
requirement and refrain from posting images of other students on personal social media sites.

Physical Education
If a student is to be excused from a sports session for any reason a signed and dated note must be
supplied by a parent beforehand. Sports uniform (either the blue College OR House polo shirt may be
worn) must be worn to all Physical Education classes unless specifically instructed otherwise. Hats
must be worn during Terms One and Four for all physical education and outdoor education
classes. Non-marking sports shoes should be worn.

College policies applicable for parents are placed on the College website and are also available on
SEQTA Engage. Any queries on College policies should be directed to the Principal.

In the course of Helena College’s activities, we manage and protect personal information in accordance
with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). For further
information, please see the College website and our Privacy Policy.

Protective Behaviours
Helena College is committed to ensuring that it is a child safe organisation’ All staff are trained with
respect to identifying child abuse and grooming behaviours and are aware of their moral and legal
responsibilities to report child abuse. Great care is taken in the recruitment and supervision of all staff
and volunteers and the Staff Code of Conduct comprehensively covers the College’s expectations for
every employee in relation to Protective Behaviours.

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