Collier County Public Schools
The purpose of this resource guide is to provide a family-friendly
                                          handbook to help you access services, make decisions about
                                          your child’s educational progress, and assist your child as they
                                          move from preschool through high school. More comprehensive
                                          information regarding your student’s progression can be located
                                          in the 2020-21 Student Progression Plan. Click here to access.

                                          In addition to this guide, you will also find a plethora of information on our
                                          District website ( including news updates,
          Dr. Kamela Patton               academic and event calendars, and general information. Vital,
           Superintendent                 up-to-the-minute communication on school closings and other
                                          timely issues can also be found on the website.
District School Board of Collier County
        Stephanie Lucarelli, Chair
          Erick Carter, Vice Chair
           Roy M. Terry, Member
           Jen Mitchell, Member
       Dr. Jory Westberry, Member
                                          Message from the Superintendent 				4
      ADDRESS . . .                       Meet Your District School Board 				5
      5775 Osceola Trail                  Academic School Calendar 2020-2021 			 6
      Naples, Florida 34109               Academic School Calendar 2021-2022 			 7
                                          Department and School Directory 				8
                                          Connect with CCPS 						10
      CONTACT . . .                       Get Involved with CCPS 					11
      Phone - 239.377.0001
      Fax - 239.377.0181                  STUDENT REGISTRATION
                                          Registration and Entry Requirements 			 12
                                          English Language Learners (ELL) 				13
                                          Parental Choice Options 					13
      ONLINE . . .                        Voluntary Pre-K Program 					15
                                          Head Start Program 						15

                                          SCHOOL OPERATIONS
                                          Transportation 						16
      EMAIL . . .                         Nutrition Services 						17
                                          Health Services 						18
                                          School Age Child Care 					19

      MOBILE APP . . .                    TEACHING AND LEARNING
      Download the CCPS Mobile App        Florida Standards and Instruction 				20
      on your mobile device               Student Progression 						22
                                          Alternative School Programs 					22
                                          Assessments 							23
                                          Grade Reporting 						23
      TWITTER . . .                       Advanced Studies 						24
      Follow @collierschools              Adult Education 						27

                                          SUPPORT SERVICES
                                          Exceptional Education and Student Support Services 28
      FACEBOOK . . .                      Title I and Migrant Services 					28
      Follow @collierschools              School Counseling 						30
                                          Character Education 						31

      EDUCATION CHANNEL . . .             The 2020-2021 Parent Guide information applies to traditional
      Cable channel 99                    schools within Collier County Public Schools.

updated September 2020

        f ct
                                                   Collier County Public Schools

   31            10              8             1             1              1           2             7                  52% male        52% Hispanic
                                                                                                                                         32% White
  SCHOOLS      SCHOOLS       SCHOOLS        SCHOOL         SCHOOL        CENTER      COLLEGES      SCHOOLS               48% female      11% Black
                                                                                                                                          5% Other

OUR MISSION is to provide exceptional educational opportunities that motivate                                      62% Economically Needy
and engage each student, so all students will complete school prepared for                                         55% from Non-English Homes
ongoing learning as well as community and global responsibilities.

 • Collier County Public       Schools (CCPS) has earned an “A” district grade for three

      consecutive years. Only 36% of Florida’s 67 school districts earned a district grade of
      an “A” and only 11 of those districts have earned an “A” for the last three years
  •   CCPS is tied for the 5th highest percentage points earned of 67 districts in Florida,                                   teachers
      up from 33rd in 2011                                                                                   46.5% teachers with advanced degrees
  •   Collier County has a 91.9% graduation rate, which is an increase of 19.4 percentage
      points overall since fiscal year 2011
  •   CCPS outperformed the state in 95% of assessed areas (20 of 21 and grades 3,
      5, 6, and 7 outperformed the State in all areas)
                                                                                                                      3,200 graduates
  •   District accreditation from AdvancED was renewed in 2017 with an overall rating
      of 329.51, far exceeding the average rating of 278.34                                                      375 buses
  •   CCPS is the only school district in the United States with advanced Cambridge                                 11,615 bus stops
      curriculum at elementary, middle, and high school levels                                                      5,675,990 miles driven yearly
  •   More than $45 million in scholarship funds were awarded to students in the

      2019-20 school year
      CCPS offers 31 career academies (vary by high school) including NAF
      academies of engineering, finance, health services, information technology,                                           meals yearly
      hospitality and tourism, and aerospace and aviation technology                                          11,961 breakfast meals daily
  •   Students earned 3,724 industry certifications in the 2018-19 school year                                19,626 lunch meals daily
  •   Entrepreneurship and engineering offered at every middle and high school
  •   Art and music offered at all levels including band, orchestra, and chorus in
      middle and high school
                                                                                                             42,000 computers
                                                                                                               1 to 1 ratio (students to computers)
  •   Superior-rated high school marching bands that have participated in
      the 2017 Presidential Inaugural Parade, the 2016 Hollywood Christmas

      Parade, and the 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
      STEAM competitions offered districtwide at all levels K-12 (science,
                                                                                                          3,629         active volunteers
      technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics)
  •   Champion high school athletics including football, soccer, swim-
      ming, wrestling, track and field, golf, volleyball, softball, and basketball                  Collier County covers
                                                                                                                   2,300 square miles
      Career-in-a-Year programs available at Immokalee Technical College
      and Lorenzo Walker Technical College
  •   Single point of entry and Collier County Sheriff’s Office

                                                                                                                   115th largest
      Youth Relations Bureau Deputies keep CCPS school
      campuses as safe as possible
                                                                                        Naples, FL
                                                                                                                   school district in U.S.
              PROUD                                                                                                (of more than 14,000)
              FAMILY                                                         3
                           MESSAGE FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT

                                                        Kamela Patton, Ph.D.

Welcome to Collier County Public Schools! CCPS is home to more than 48,000 students in kindergarten
through grade twelve. Our students attend 54 schools throughout the area, spanning from Naples,
Everglades, Marco Island, and Immokalee.

This Parent Guide contains important information pertaining to your child’s education. You will find a
variety of topics are included, such as how to register your child for school, academic calendars for the
next two school years, transportation information, grade reporting, and more.

One of our District goals is to provide a pathway for every student with the hope that when they graduate,
they will know what they want to do with their future. Included in this guide, you will find information on
accelerated programs available for students in elementary, middle, and high school, as well as many
career and technical education opportunities.

Parent involvement is a big part of what makes CCPS so successful. The District has over 3,600 active
volunteers. This guide provides information about how to become a school volunteer and other ways
to get involved at your child’s school.

Stay connected with CCPS throughout the school year with the variety of communication tools available
to parents. Download our mobile app, follow the District and your school(s) on Facebook and Twitter,
and find any information you need on our website (

No matter what grade your child is in, we hope this guide provides you with the important information
that will help your family throughout your experience in Collier County Public Schools.

Have a phenomenal school year!

             SCHOOL BOARD
             The Collier County School Board is vested by the Florida Constitution with the responsibility to
             operate, control, and supervise all free public schools within the District. The Board appoints the
             Superintendent of Schools, who is the Secretary and Executive Officer of the School Board, and
             who administers the daily operations of the District. The Collier County School Board is composed
             of five members, elected at large, for staggered four-year terms. The Board exercises all powers
             and duties assigned by law, operating also under the regulation of the Florida Board of Education.

                            Dr. Jory Westberry                                     239.377.0485
District 1

                            Board Member (Term Expires: November 2022)
                            Lely Elementary, Lely High, Manatee Elementary, Manatee Middle, Parkside Elementary,
                            Shadowlawn Elementary, and Tommie Barfield Elementary

                            Stephanie Lucarelli                                   239.377.0485
District 2

                            Board Chair (Term Expires: November 2020)
                            Barron Collier High, Naples Park Elementary, North Naples Middle, Osceola Elementary,
                            Pelican Marsh Elementary, Pine Ridge Middle, and Veterans Memorial Elementary

                            Jen Mitchell                             239.377.0485
District 3

                            Board Member (Term Expires: November 2022)
                            Calusa Park Elementary, Golden Gate Elementary, Golden Gate Middle, Golden Gate High,
                            Golden Terrace Elementary, Gulf Coast High, Laurel Oak Elementary, Mike Davis Elementary,
                            Oakridge Middle, and Vineyards Elementary

                            Erick Carter                            239.377.0485
District 4

                            Vice Chair (Term Expires: November 2020)
                            Alternative Schools, Avalon Elementary, East Naples Middle, Gulfview Middle, Lake Park Elementary,
                            Naples High, Poinciana Elementary, Sea Gate Elementary, Lorenzo Walker Technical High, and
                            Lorenzo Walker Technical College

                            Roy M. Terry                           239.377.0485
District 5

                            Board Member (Term Expires: November 2022)
                            Bethune Education Center, Big Cypress Elementary, Corkscrew Elementary, Corkscrew Middle, Cypress
                            Palm Middle, Eden Park Elementary, Estates Elementary, Everglades City School, Highlands Elementary,
                            Immokalee Middle, Immokalee High, Immokalee Technical College, Lake Trafford Elementary, Palmetto
                            Elementary, Palmetto Ridge High, Pinecrest Elementary, Sabal Palm Elementary, and Village Oaks Elementary

          Board Approved on July 28, 2020

               JULY 2020                                AUGUST 2020                                 SEPTEMBER 2020                                 OCTOBER 2020

                                                13 - New Teachers Start                      7 - No School for Teachers or Students        5 - MS/HS only Online Interim Published
                                                17 - Teachers Start                             (Labor Day)                               29 - End of Quarter 1
                                                31 - First Student Day                      18 - Virtual Learning for Students            29 - Early Dismissal
                                                                                                (Teacher Professional Learning Day)
                                                                                                                                          30 - Virtual Learning for Students
                                                                                            18 - No CCPS Scheduled Events After Sundown       (Teacher Professional Learning Day)
                                                                                            28 - No School for Teachers or Students
                                                                                            29 - MS/HS only Interim Periord Ends

        NOVEMBER 2020                                DECEMBER 2020                                    JANUARY 2021                                FEBRUARY 2021

    9 - Report Card Published                     1 - Interim Periord Ends                      1 - No School                               15 - No School for Teachers or Students
23-24 - Hurricane Make-Up Day                                                                   4 - Students return from Winter Break           (Presidents’ Day)
                                                  7 - Interims Published
25-27 - No School for Teachers or Students    21-31 - No School (Winter Break)                 15 - End of Quarter 2                        16 - Interim Period Ends
        (Fall Break)                                                                           18 - No School for Teachers or Students      22 - Interims Published
                                                                                                    (MLK Day)                               25 - Early Dismissal
                                                                                                19 - Virtual Learning for Students
                                                                                                    (Teacher Professional Learning Day)
                                                                                               27 - Report Cards Published

            MARCH 2021                                    APRIL 2021                                          MAY 2021                                  JUNE 2021

15-19- No School for Teachers or Students      2 - No School for Teachers of Students          6 - MS/HS only Online Interim Published    11 - End of Quarter 4
      (Spring Break)                           6 - Report Cards Published                     28 - Early Dismissal and Graduation              Last Student Day; Early Dismissal
26 - No CCPS Scheduled Events After Sundown   21 - Early Dismissal                            31 - No School for Teachers of Students     14 - Teacher Plan Day; Last Teacher Day
29 - Virtual Learning for Students            30 - MS/HS only Interim Periord Ends                (Memorial Day)                               Report Cards Available Electronically
     (Teacher Pofessional Learning Day)

                                                                                                                                                          First Student Day
                                                                                                                                                          No School
                                                                                                                                                          Early Dismissal Day

                                                 ACADEMIC SCHOOL CALENDAR
                                                                                                                         Board Approved on February 4, 2020

              JULY 2021                                 AUGUST 2021                                        SEPTEMBER 2021                                  OCTOBER 2021

                                               3 - Teachers Start                                   6 - No School for Teachers or Students        7 - End of Quarter 1 (40 days)
*S = Student Days = 180                       10 - Student Start Date                                  (Labor Day)                                8 - No School for Students
*T = Teacher Days = 196                                                                             7 - No School for Teachers or Students           (Teacher Professional Learning Day)
                                                                                                   15 - No CCPS Scheduled Events After Sundown   11 - 15 FTE Week
                                              24 - Professional Learning
30’’ - New Teacher Start Date                                                                      16 - No School for Students                   25 - Professional Learning
                                                   Early Dismissal Day                                                                                Early Dismissal Day
                                                                                                       (Teacher Professional Learning Day)

       NOVEMBER 2021                                  DECEMBER 2021                                         JANUARY 2022                                  FEBRUARY 2022

22 - 23 - Hurricane make-up days              1 - Professional Learning                             3 - No School for Teachers or Students        3 - Professional Learning
25 - No School for Teachers or Students           Early Dismissal Day                                                                                 Early Dismissal Day
                                                                                                    4 - Teacher Plan Day
    (Thanksgiving Day)                       17 - End of Quarter 2 (45 days)                                                                      7 - 11 FTE Week
                                                                                                   17 - No School for Teachers or Students
                                                  Early Dismissal Day; Start of Winter Break            (MLK Day)                                21 - No School for Teachers or Students
                                             20-31 - No School (Winter Break)                                                                          (Presidents’ Day)
                                             31 - No School for Teachers or Students
                                                 (New Years Eve)

           MARCH 2022                                      APRIL 2022                                               MAY 2022                                   JUNE 2022

   10 - End of Quarter 3 (45 days)            14 - Professional Learning                           27 - Early Dismissal and Graduation           2 - Early Dismissal Day
11-18 - No School for Teachers or Students         Early Dismissal Day                                                                               Last Student Day
                                                                                                   30 - No School for Students or Teachers
       (Spring Break)                         15 - No School for Teachers or Students                  (Memorial Day)                                End of Quarter 4 (50 days)
  21 - No School for Students                 18 - No School for Teachers or Students                                                            3 - Teacher Plan Day; Last Teacher Day
      (Teacher Professional Learning Day)

                                                                                                                                                            First Student Day
                                                                                                                                                            No School
                                                                                                                                                            Early Dismissal Day
    School Board Office 					 (239) 377-0485
    Superintendent’s Office 				 (239) 377-0001

    School Operations 					 (239) 377-0111

    Student Relations 					 (239) 377-0540
     Attendance and Discipline 					 (239) 377-0540
     Student Registration 					 (239) 377-0547
     Zoning and School Choice 				 (239) 377-0540

    Transportation 						 (239) 377-0600
     Late Bus / Lost and Found
     Zone 1 (South Naples/Marco) 				 (239) 377-1021
     Zone 2 (Golden Gate City) 				 (239) 377-1022
     Zone 3 (North Naples) 					 (239) 377-1023
     Zone 4 (Estates) 						 (239) 377-1024
     Zone 5 (North Central) 					 (239) 377-1025
     Zone 6 (East Naples) 					 (239) 377-1026
     Zone 7 (Immokalee) 					 (239) 377-1027

    Nutrition Services 					 (239) 377-0280

    Technology 						 (239) 377-0410

    Teaching and Learning 				 (239) 377-0082
     Advanced Studies and Gifted Learners 			              (239) 377-0108
     Career and Technical Education 				 (239) 377-0201
     Charter Schools 						 (239) 377-0155
     Counseling (K-8) 						 (239) 377-0517
     Counseling (9-12) 					 (239) 377-0515
     English Language Learners (ELL) 				 (239) 377-0155
     Exceptional Education and Student Support Services 		 (239) 377-0108
     Fine Arts 						 (239) 377-0104
     Head Start/VPK 						 (239) 377-7882
     Health Services 						 (239) 377-0110
     Home Education 						 (239) 377-0522
     Instructional Materials 					 (239) 377-0103
     Literacy 							 (239) 377-0102
     Math 							 (239) 377-0112
     Psychological Services 					 (239) 377-0521
     Science 							 (239) 377-0124
     Social Studies 						 (239) 377-0124
     STEAM Resources 					 (239) 377-0429
     Testing 							 (239) 377-0008
     World Languages 					 (239) 377-0155

    Interscholastic Athletics 				 (239) 377-0023

    Communications 					 (239) 377-0180

    Human Resources 					 (239) 377-0335
ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS                                             MIDDLE SCHOOLS
Avalon (AVE) (p: 377-6200 -- @AVEDragonStrong)                 Corkscrew (CMS) (p: 377-3400 -- @CorkscrewMiddle)
Big Cypress (BCE) (p: 377-6300 -- @BCEBobcat)                  Cypress Palm (CPM) (p: 377-5200 -- @CypressPalm)
Calusa Park (CPE) (p: 377-6400 -- @BlackBearsRoar)             East Naples (ENM) (p: 377-3600 -- @ENMGators)
Corkscrew (CES) (p: 377-6500 -- @CESCorkyBear)                 Golden Gate (GGM) (p: 377-3800 -- @GGM_SOARS)
Eden Park (EPE) (p: 377-9200 -- @EPEBobcats)                   Gulfview (GVM) (p: 377-4000 -- @GulfviewMiddle)
Estates (EES) (p: 377-6600 -- @EESPanthers)                    Immokalee (IMS) (p: 377-4200 -- @IMS_Indians)
Golden Gate (GGE) (p: 377-6900 -- @GGESeaguls)                 Manatee (MMS) (p: 377-4400 -- @MMSROARS)
Golden Terrace (GTE) (p: 377-7000 -- @GTEToucans)              North Naples (NNM) (p: 377-4600 -- @NNMSWildcats)
Herbert Cambridge (HCE) (p: 377-6700 -- @HCEOtters)            Oakridge (OMS) (p: 377-4800 -- @OMS_Bulldogs)
Highlands (HLE) (p: 377-7100 -- @HLELeaderInMe)                Pine Ridge (PRM) (p: 377-5000 -- @PRMPanthers)
Lake Park (LPE) (p: 377-7200 -- @LPEPanthers)
Lake Trafford (LTE) (p: 377-7300 -- @LearningatLTE)            HIGH SCHOOLS
Laurel Oak (LOE) (p: 377-7400 -- @LaurelOakElem)               Barron Collier (BCH) (p: 377-1200 -- @BarronCollier)
Lavern Gaynor (LGE) (p: 377-6800 -- @LGESeaTurtles)            Golden Gate (GGH) (p: 377-1600 -- @GGHS_Titans)
Lely (LES) (p: 377-7500 -- @LelyLionsRoar)                     Gulf Coast (GCH) (p: 377-1400 -- @GCSharks)
Manatee (MES) (p: 377-7600 -- @ManateeCCPS)                    Immokalee (IHS) (p: 377-1800 -- @Indians_IHS)
Mike Davis (MDE) (p: 377-9000 -- @MDE_Stars)                   Lely (LHS) (p: 377-2000 -- @WeAreLely)
Naples Park (NPE) (p: 377-7700 -- @NPESharks)                  Lorenzo Walker (LWTH) (p: 377-3300 -- @LWTHSMustangs)
Osceola (OES) (p: 377-7800 -- @OESChiefs)                      Naples (NHS) (p: 377-2200 -- @NaplesHS)
Palmetto (PLE) (p: 377-9100 -- @PLEGators)                     Palmetto Ridge (PRH) (p: 377-2400 -- @PalmettoRidgeHS)
Parkside (PSE) (p: 377-8900 -- @ParksideProud)
Pelican Marsh (PME) (p: 377-7900 -- @PMEPelicans)
                                                               TECHNICAL COLLEGES
                                                               Immokalee Technical College (iTECH)
Pinecrest (PCR) (p: 377-8000 -- @PinecrestSOARS)               (p: 377-9900 -- @iTECH_College)
Poinciana (PES) (p: 377-8100 -- @PoincianaCCPS)                Lorenzo Walker Technical College (LWTC)
Sabal Palm (SPE) (p: 377-8200 -- @SPEHawksNaples)              (p: 377-0900 -- @LWTechCollege)
Sea Gate (SGE) (p: 377-8300 -- @SeaGateES)
Shadowlawn (SLE) (p: 377-8400 -- @SLESeahawks)                 CHARTER SCHOOLS
                                                               BridgePrep Academy (BPA) (p: 677-4211)
Tommie Barfield (TBE) (p: 377-8500 -- @TommieBarfield)
                                                               Collier Charter Academy (CCA) (p: 413-9380)
Veterans Memorial (VME) (p: 377-8800 -- @VMEPatriots)
                                                               Gulf Coast Charter Academy South (GCC) (p: 784-1539)
Village Oaks (VOE) (p: 377-8600 -- @VOEPanthers)
                                                               Immokalee Community School (ICS) (p: 867-3223)
Vineyards (VES) (p: 377-8700 -- @VineyardsVipers)
                                                               Marco Island Academy (MIA) (p: 393-5133)
K-12 SCHOOL                                                    Marco Island Charter Middle (MCM) (p: 377-3200)
Everglades City School (EVG) (p: 377-9800 -- @Team_EVG)        Mason Classical Academy (MCA) (p: 227-2838)

VIRTUAL SCHOOL                                                 ALTERNATIVE PROGRAMS
eCollier Academy (ECA) (p: 377-9700 -- @eCollierAcademy)       Alternative School (ALT) (p: 377-1060)

               WITH CCPS
It is critically important for parents to keep their contact information updated in order to receive important
District and school news, especially in the case of an emergency. The District has provided an easy way
for parents to update their information through the CCPS Parent Portal on the District website.
   Visit today!
                               •   Verify or update your phone number and email address
                               •   Opt-in to receive text messages from the District (text message charges may apply)
                               •   Select your preferred method of receiving information from the District
                               •   Complete your student’s Media Release and Directory Information forms
                               •   Complete the Student Code of Conduct form
                               •   Authorize your student’s use of Educational Social Media

   NOTE: Emergency information will be sent through phone calls, text messages, and email regardless of preferred communication
   method. In an emergency, text message charges may apply from your mobile provider even if you opted-out of receiving text.

Collier County Public Schools is your FIRST source of information for District and school news, and when
severe weather or an emergency impacts school operations.

                          District and School Websites
                          Visit the District website and your school’s webpage for announcements,
                          news, calendars, curriculum information, and more

                          CCPS App
                          Download the free CCPS App for your iPhone or Android device.
                             • Follow the school(s) of your choice
                             • Be the first to know about school closures and openings and urgent
                               school news with app notifications
                             • Access lunch and breakfast menus, calendar of events, bus schedules,
                               scholarship information, sports schedules and scores, news, and more

     Social Media
     Get up-to-the-minute District and school news and the
     latest CCPS Success stories by following the District
     and your school(s) on social media.

         • Follow the District @collierschools on Twitter,
           Facebook, and Instagram
         • Follow your school(s) on Facebook and Twitter
            (see school directory on page 9 for school Twitter usernames)

                                                         WITH CCPS
The contributions of the District volunteers are a vital and important part of the total instructional effort.
Volunteers play an essential role in providing a quality education for all students.

It is the District’s goal to provide a safe environment for students and staff while encouraging parents,
guardians, community members, students and others to work as school volunteers. In order to achieve
this, volunteers shall be screened based on: (1) the level of direct contact they may have with students
and (2) the types of duties they may perform. Outside agencies that provide volunteers who work with
District students are required to screen their volunteers at a level consistent with this procedure and provide
evidence of insurance pursuant to Board policy and/or practices.

           For more information on volunteering at your child’s school, please contact
           the front office of your school or visit

Most schools have parent-teacher groups which support additional activities for students and schools.
The majority of these support groups are Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs), Parent Teacher Organizations
(PTOs), or Booster Clubs. Please contact your child’s school principal for more information.

Each Collier County Public School invites parents to get involved. One of the ways parents can get involved
is through the School Advisory Council (SAC). This council is a group that brings members of representative
groups together to assist with developing a school improvement plan and providing input on distribution of
applicable funds. Each school must have a SAC that is ethnically, racially, and economically representative
of its community. Members of the SAC are selected according to procedures established by the school and
school board in compliance with the requirements of state statutes. Each SAC is composed of the principal
and representatives of the following groups: teachers, education support employees, parents, community
members, and in some cases, students. High schools and technical colleges must have students on SACs.
Student membership on middle school SACs is optional. Teachers, education support employees, students,
and parents are elected to the SAC by their peer groups. Community members are selected by the principal.

If parents are interested in participating on the School Advisory Council, they should contact their child’s
school. Parents may contact a classroom teacher, the school counselor, SAC Chair, or an administrator at
the school to express interest.

The SDAC meets three times per year via videoconference at each comprehensive high school. The SDAC is
comprised of parents and District and school staff and has a varying agenda highlighting current
relevant topics. Please contact your principal for further information.

student enrollment
                     AND ENTRY REQUIREMENTS

                     All of the documents below are necessary for the centralized registration process online.

                         Parent/Legal Guardian Photo ID                                      Proof of Address
                         Parent/legal guardian who registers a student must
                         present valid photo ID at time of registration                      Provide ONE (1) of the following:
                                                                                                 • Current Collier County Homestead Exemption Card
                                                                                                  (considered family’s primary residence)
                                                                                                 • Current Collier County Property Tax Notice
                         Official Birth Certificate (or Passport)                                 (may require additional verfication)
                         Birth certificate must have official seal from state/country            • Home Purchase Contract in Collier County, specificed closing date
                         where it was issues.                                                     (copy of the deed to be provided within 30 days of closing date)
                                                                                                 • Copy of a Collier County Manifestation of Domicile filed by parent
                         Kindergarten - Florida Statute 1003.21 requires a child be              • A current rental or lease agreement
                         five (5) years old on or before September 1st of the year
                         they begin school.
                                                                                             Provide TWO (2) of the following:
                                                                                                 • Current Florida Driver’s License or Florida Identification card
                                                                                                 • Automobile insurance (last two statements)
                         Physical Examination                                                    • Current electric billing statement, water bill, cable bill, or
                                                                                                   landline phone bill (last two statements)
                         The physical exam must have been completed in the U.S. within            *New residents must provide confirmation of set up of services for two (2)
                         12 months of the child’s first day of school in Collier County           utilities with name and address, then two (2) months of bills must be
                                                                                                  submitted to the school within 30 days.

                                                                                             NOTE: When living with someone else, please contact Student Relations
                         Florida Immunization Form                                           for further clarification at (239) 377-0547
                         Immunization record must be on Florida Form DH 680.
                         Contact the Collier County Health Department for information
                         about transferring current record to the Florida form
                                                                                             Report Cards/Records (from previous school)
                            Naples: 3339 East Tamiami Trail, Building H                          • High School (grades 9-12) - official transcript from previous school
                                    (239) 252-8595                                                (official/sealed preferred)
                            Immokalee: 419 North 1st Street                                      • Middle School (grades 6-8) - official transcript from previous school
                                        (239) 252-7300                                            (official/sealed preferred)
                                                                                                 • Elementary School (grades Kindergarten-5) - final/last report card
                                                                                                   and/or a copy of withdrawal form
                         Social Security Card (if available)                                     • 1st Grade Placement - Florida Statute 1003.21 requires proof of
                                                                                                   satisfactory completion of Kindergarten

                         Proof of Custody (if applicable)                                    Copy of IEP/504 Plan (if applicable)
                         Court documentation is required if parental names/legal
                         custody differs from the birth certificate

                     Florida Statute 1003.22 requires that all students entering and attending Florida schools must present proper
                     documentation of required immunizations or valid exemption. No student may attend school without proper
                     documentation of required immunizations or valid exemption.

                     Parents must present a DH 680 Form which is the only document schools accept as proof of immunization.
                     Parents must obtain the standard approved Florida Department of Health form from a physician or the local
                     Health Department before a student may be enrolled. The Florida Department of Health, Collier County,
                     provides required immunizations free of charge. The Certificate of Exemption for Immunizations for religious
                     reasons is only granted by the Florida Department of Health, Collier County.

                                Information about current immunization requirements can be found on the District’s
                                website at

                     PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS
                     Florida Statute 1003.22 requires that all students entering a Florida public school for the first time present a
                     certificate of physical examination completed in the U.S. within twelve (12) months of the child’s first day of
                     school. It is recommended that the Florida DH 3040 form is to be used to document a physical examination.
                     However, any record may be used that includes the elements contained in the form DH 3040.

Each parent or guardian of students entering Collier County Public Schools will complete either the
English, English/Spanish or English/Haitian-Creole version of the Student Registration Form. The
home language survey section of this form asks the three questions concerning the home, first, and
primary language of the student as stipulated by the Multicultural Education, Training and Advocacy,
Inc. (META) Consent Decree:

     • Is a language other than English used in the home?
     • Did the student have a first language other than English?
     • Does the student most frequently speak a language other than English?

When the parent responds “Yes” to one of three survey questions, the student must be further assessed
by the ELL contact for ELL services upon entering school. At this time, when feasible, parents must
be provided with assistance in the home language to explain the program.

The District School Board of Collier County utilizes various tools to assess students’ English proficiency.
These tools assess the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and provide information needed
for the appropriate placement within five levels of English proficiency in the mainstream classroom.

ELL students are entitled to equal access to all categorical, educational programs including, but not
limited to, gifted and other Exceptional Education services. If you think your child has a disability
which keeps him/her from learning in a regular classroom, you may request for your child to be tested
for exceptional education. The District ensures that refugees and foreign-born children are provided
free, equal and unhindered access to appropriate public education.


      Out-of-Zone requests under Parental Choice are for parents or legal guardians with documented
      needs or hardships as listed in Board Policy 5120.
           • Priority window is January 10 through February 15
           • Approvals are subject to capacity and class-size restrictions
           • Transportation is not provided by the District
           • Parents or legal guardians can apply online at

      School Choice requests under Parental Choice are for parents or legal guardians exercising
      Choice without respect to or limitations upon their reasons
           • Priority window is January 10 through February 15
           • Approvals are subject to capacity and class-size restrictions
           • Transportation is not provided by the District
           • With the exception of students who are enrolling in the District for the first time, no School
             Choice application will be approved for the current school year.
           • Parents or legal guardians can apply online at

student enrollment
                     PARENTAL CHOICE (continued)

                      MCKAY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM
                      McKay Scholarship requests are for parents or legal guardians of students with an Individual
                      Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan.
                          • Parents or legal guardians must first apply online through the state. To obtain eligibility
                             confirmation, visit at
                          • Once eligibility is confirmed from the state, parents or legal guardians can then apply
                             online at to request a public school transfer
                          • Applications are accepted throughout the school year
                          • Transportation is not provided by the District when utilizing the McKay scholarship option
                          • Permits attendance at another public school within the district that provides the services
                            identified in the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan (not subject to
                           capacity restrictions)
                          • Permits attendance at an eligible public school in an adjacent district that has space and provides
                            the services identified in the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan
                             (subject to capacity restrictions)

                      HOME EDUCATION PROGRAM
                      Per Florida statute, parents have the right to provide a home education program for their children.
                      Parents must enroll for the home education program, keep a portfolio, submit an annual evaluation
                      and terminate home education program through the District School Board of Collier County.

                                       For further information, contact (239) 377-0522 or visit

                      CHARTER SCHOOLS
                      Charter schools are independent public schools operated by a non-profit organization. They hire their
                      own teachers, design their own academic program, and control their own finances. They have their
                      own governing board that makes decisions for the school.

                      All charter schools must provide a curriculum that meets the Florida Standards. These schools must
                      also hire certified teachers. In Florida, charter schools are accountable to the school district in which
                      they reside for student academic performance and fiscal management, but they are not managed
                      by the District.

                                       Parents interested in information about a charter school may visit

                      Virtual Instruction Program provides eligible students with a high-quality, full time or part time,
                      180-day online instruction in grades K-12. All instructors are Florida certified teachers and are
                      employed by the approved, contracted content providers.
                                                                                   2020-21 Contracted VIP Providers
                                       For more information, please visit           • K-12 Florida LLC (grades K-12)
                                         • Florida Virtual School (FLVS)
                                                                                      (grades K-12)
                                                                                    • eCollier (grades K-12)

 Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, or VPK, is a free half-day program for all four-year-olds born on or before
 September 1st residing in Florida. The VPK programs offered by Collier County Public Schools provide:

      • Highly-qualified and Florida certified teachers
      • Age-appropriate curricula with a strong emphasis on early literacy skills
      • Staff to child ratio is 1 to 10 or lower

 Available at Sabal Palm Elementary School only.

 CCPS offers a full day VPK program at several sites. This includes a parent-pay extension to the
 half-day program. Please call for information and pricing.

      • Limited spaces available
      • Early registration recommended

 For additional information regarding available Pre-K programming for your child, please contact
 the Early Learning Department at (239) 377-0590, or email

 VPK is also available through private providers. For more information, please contact
 (239) 935-6100 or visit

 Collier County Public Schools Head Start Pre-K is for children who are 4 years
 old by September 1st, and whose families meet income guidelines. The day is
 funded by both the state (VPK) and the federally-funded Head Start programs
 at the following Collier County Public Schools: Avalon, Corkscrew, Calusa
 Park, Eden Park, Everglades, Golden Gate, Golden Terrace, Lake Trafford, Lely,
 Manatee, Naples Park, Parkside, Pinecrest, Poinciana, Sabal Palm, Shadow-
 lawn, Vineyards, and Village Oaks Elementary Schools.

 The Head Start program offers educational, nutritional, medical, dental, social/emotional, and other
 services through strong partnerships that promote success through school readiness and family
 strengthening. Services are offered to meet the special needs of children with disabilities.

 The goal of the Head Start program is to prepare children for Kindergarten. Children who attend
 Head Start participate in a variety of educational activities that help them grow academically, socially,
 emotionally, and physically. Head Start recognizes that parents are their child’s first and most important
 teachers. Parents are encouraged to be involved in Head Start activities and committees. Staff work
 with parents as partners to help children progress and to support the family in meeting its goals.

 Parents should call (239) 377-0590 to find out if they qualify for this program. Please have your income
 information available when you call.

school operations
                    School buses, by far, are the safest vehicles on the road, with a safety record that is better than any other
                    form of ground transportation. School buses are designed and constructed with more safety features
                    than any other vehicle.

                    CCPS’ transportation department transports 20,000 students each school day on 387 school buses, driving
                    more than 5,182,738 miles each year. The yellow school bus is the most recognizable school icon in
                    America. Transportation professionals are dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and consistent school
                    bus service for Collier students.

                    * Students and parents are responsible for safe and proper behavior going to and from the stop and
                    while waiting for the bus. * Students must stand off the roadway while waiting * Students must respect
                    other people’s property. * Students must not push, shove, or engage in horseplay. * Parents should
                    supervise children at the stop if possible. * Students must arrive at the bus stop five minutes prior to
                    the scheduled pick up time. * Students must wait for and get off the bus only at their approved stop

                               Visit or contact the
                               Transportation Department at (239) 377-0600 for any questions or concerns.

                    WheresTheBus™ SCHOOL BUS APP
                    Eliminate the stress of missing the bus with Collier County Public Schools’ WheresTheBus™ app!
                    Using GPS technology, this app will show you and your child how many more miles your bus is from the bus
                    stop. Signing up is free and the app is secure with all parent and guardian information checked and verified.

                              Visit to sign up and receive instructions for downloading
                              the mobile app.

                    Students who live two (2) miles or more from their assigned school are eligible for school bus
                    transportation. Students shall board the school bus at their designated bus stop. Students will be
                    assigned one school bus stop based on their official/legal home of record. Students who ride the
                    school bus must obey the driver at all times and follow the posted rules for riding the school bus.
                    Out-of-zone students are not authorized for school bus transportation.

Healthy breakfasts and lunches are available to students at school every school day. Breakfast is
available at school for all students at no charge. Lunch is available at no charge for students with
approved meal applications. Families are encouraged to apply online for meal benefits as their meal
application from last year expires September 24, 2020.

                To apply, you need to complete the form provided at the beginning of the
                school year and return it to your child’s school or apply online at:

                 Breakfast is free for all students
                   Lunch Prices for 2020-2021
                       $2.00 - elementary (grades K-5)
                       $2.25 - secondary (grades 6-12)
                For more information about Nutrition Services, contact (239) 377-0294 or

Pre-payments allow students to move quicker throughout the meal lines because there is no cash
handling. Funds are deposited into your child’s account and available to your child when purchasing
lunch in the cafeteria. Meals will only be deducted when the student uses his or her account. If you
are experiencing problems with MySchoolBucks, log-in at and click on the
“Contact Us” button.
     MySchoolBucks Online Pre-Payment System
     The online pre-payment system allows your child to enter his or her student number to access his or
     her account. Your child’s student number will stay the same while at Collier County Public Schools.

               You may access the online pre-payment system online at

     Cash or Check Payments
     Parents may also make advanced payments (cash or check) for meals by enclosing payment in an
     envelope with the child’s name, student ID number, and homeroom teacher’s name on the outside.
     If you are writing a check, please make it payable to your child’s school. Include the student’s full
     name, student number, and grad ein the memo portion of the check.

     When account balances are low or in debt, you will receive an automated message by phone.
     All accounts that are in negative balances must be settled promptly. If you are experiencing a
     hardship, please call (239) 377-0297 to discuss options.

You can be assured that school meals are prepared fresh in Collier County Public Schools. Our
school meals meet federal USDA nutrition standards based on the most recent Dietary Guidelines for
Americans. Fresh fruits and vegetables; whole grains and low fat dairy products are featured daily. Sugar,
fat and salt are limited. Our school meals are rich in protein, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron.
Portion control is a way of life and designed for age appropriate nutrient needs.

school operations
                    HEALTH SERVICES
                    Through a partnership with NCH Healthcare System, nurses and school health assistants are assigned to
                    each school site. In addition to evaluating and managing common childhood illnesses, and providing care
                    for injuries, the school health staff assist students with medication administration, emergency medications,
                    and nursing procedures required for the care of chronic and acute health conditions.

                    If a student requires routine or emergency medication during the school day, a District Medication Authori-
                    zation Form must be completed and signed by both the parent and health care provider. The parent must
                    bring all medications to the school with the completed medication authorization form. Medications must be
                    in the original container and labels must match the health care provider’s order.

                             The District Medication Authorization Form and other health-related forms are also available online

                    Do not send your child to school if he or she has a fever (oral temperature of 100.0 or above), unidentified
                    rash, eye drainage, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a cough, new loss of taste or smell, sore thorat, headache,
                    muscle or body aches, congestion, runny nose, shortness of breath, or any other symptom that may be an
                    indication of a communicable disease. Students with these symptoms will be sent home. If your child has
                    any of these symptoms, please notify the school and request a doctor’s note so that your child’s absence
                    can be excused. Be sure to inform the school if your phone number(s) change or if there is a change in
                    emergency contacts. It is important that the school be able to reach you if your child is ill or injured at school.

                    HEALTH SCREENING
                    Staff from the Collier County Florida Department of Health, Bascom Palmer, the University of Florida, and
                    Healthcare Network Care Mobile, work in collaboration to conduct the following health screenings:
                          • Kindergarten – Vision, hearing
                          • Grade 1 – Vision, hearing, growth and development
                          • Grade 3 – Vision, growth and development, dental
                          • Grade 6 – Vision, hearing, growth and development, scoliosis

                    In addition, Bascom Palmer provides vision screening, on-site eye exams and glasses, if needed, in select

                    If you choose not to have your child participate in any of these health screenings, you must notify the school
                    in writing using the Opt-Out Form.

                             The Opt-Out Form is available at the school or online at:
                             Please return the form to your child’s school before the scheduled health screening.

                             The 2020-2021 Health Screening Schedule can be found at:

                    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children wear protective clothing and sunglasses
                    when exposed to the sun as the first and best defense against exposure to ultraviolet rays.

                    Students may carry and apply sunscreen at school and during school-sponsored activities without a
                    physician’s order. The sunscreen must be regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for
                    over-the-counter use to limit ultraviolet light-induced skin damage. Sunscreen is not considered an over-
                    the-counter medication.
                         • Only sunscreens in a lotion, cream, or wipe preparation may be used at school
                            Aerosol or spray preparations are not permitted
                         • Sunscreen should be labeled with the student’s name, ID number, grade, and teacher
                         • It is recommended that elementary students apply sunscreen, if desired, before school
                         • Parents should instruct their child in the proper use and application of sunscreen
                         • Secondary students may self-carry and apply sunscreens that meet the above requirements

 School Age Child Care (SACC) services are offered both before and
 after school on elementary school campuses. This ensures that
 the school’s learning and core academic standards are connected
 to learning opportunities and enrichment activities in after school

 The SACC mission is to ensure that students are provided
 high-quality before and after school care consistent with the
 vision and mission of Collier County Public Schools and who are
 supervised by trained professional personnel in a safe and secure
 learning environment.

 Services are provided every day school is in regular session. In addition, services may be offered on
 non-student contact days (teacher planning days, winter break, spring break, and observed holidays).
 Children must be enrolled in an elementary school within Collier County to be eligible for services provided
 by SACC.

 Further information regarding enrollment, fees, and hours of operation may be obtained by calling the
 school site where the child is enrolled or by calling the District SACC office at (239) 377-0529.

After School Programs (ASP)
 Golden Terrace Elementary School (239-353-1128)          Shadowlawn Elementary School (239-691-7387)
 Lake Park Elementary School (239-261-6612)               Tommie Barfield Elementary School (239-389-1682)
 Mike Davis Elementary School (239-455-9209)              Lavern Gaynor Elementary School (239-353-1128)
 Palmetto Elementary School (239-348-1353)                (Lavern Gaynor Students attend school on the Golden Terrace campus)

Greater Marco Family YMCA
 Manatee Elementary School (239-888-9677)                 Parkside Elementary School (239-537-8103)

Greater Naples YMCA
 Golden Gate Elementary School (239-571-9022)             Herbert Cambridge Elementary School (239-571-9022)
                                                          (Herbert Cambridge Students attend school on the Golden Gate

Sports Club
 Estates Elementary School (239-348-2389)                 Pelican Marsh Elementary School (239-594-3046)
 Osceola Elementary School (239-566-7200)                 Sabal Palm Elementary School (239-455-2009)
 Poinciana Elementary School (239-263-3968)               Vineyards Elementary School (239-455-3005)

 Avalon Elementary School (239-377-0821)                  Laurel Oak Elementary School (239-377-0824)
 Big Cypress Elementary School (239-377-0825)             Naples Park Elementary School (239-377-0823)
 Corkscrew Elementary School (239-377-0826)               Sea Gate Elementary School (239-377-0822)
 Calusa Park Elementary School (239-377-0827)             Veterans Memorial Elementary (239-377-0833)
 Lely Elementary School (239-377-0828)

teaching and learning
                        FLORIDA STANDARDS
                        AND INSTRUCTION
                        The Florida Standards are developed by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE), cover every
                        academic subject and are followed by every public school in Florida. The standards are what your child
                        is expected to know at each grade level and form the basis for instruction in each classroom. They
                        are developed by the FDOE and measured by the statewide standardized assessment given to public
                        school students in grades 3-11.
                        The Florida Standards are challenging standards that will help students gain the knowledge and skills
                        necessary to think and work at deeper levels in order to prepare them for college or career. They
                        build students’ ability to think critically about math concepts and what they read, help them apply and
                        connect what they learn to the real world, expose them to creative problem solving and allow them to
                        communicate their ideas and arguments through speaking and writing.

                        MULTI-TIERED SYSTEM OF SUPPORTS (MTSS)
                        Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), is a term used to describe a system that is responsive
                        to student needs based on data, observation, teacher and parent input, and assessments. It is a
                        system to sustain, intervene, and accelerate student success. It is sometimes referred to as
                         Response to Intervention (RtI). The integrated instruction and intervention is provided to students at varying
                        levels of intensity based on student need. The goal is to prevent problems and intervene early so that
                        students can be successful.
                        Throughout the range of instruction and intervention, planning/problem solving is used to match
                        instructional resources to educational needs. Teams comprised of classroom teachers, counselors,
                        administrators, and parents continue to engage in instructional planning and problem solving to ensure
                        that student success is achieved and maintained.

                        If you have concerns with your child’s success or acceleration, please contact your child’s school.

                                    What can I expect with MTSS?
                                       • Frequent updates of student progress
                                       • Early identification of academic, social, emotional, or behavioral concerns
                                       • Help for your child that increases or decreases depending on his or her needs
                                       • Information and involvement in planning and implementation of interventions to
                                         help your child

                                       • Information about how your child is responding to the instruction/intervention(s)
                                         being provided
                                    How can I participate in MTSS?
                                    Families play a critical role in supporting what their children are learning in school.
                                    The hallmarks of effective home-school collaboration include open communication
                                    and involvement of parents in all stages of the learning process. Being informed about
                                    your school’s MTSS framework is the first step to becoming an active partner. As a parent,
                                    you have the right to request an evaluation under IDEA at any time.

                                    Ask questions to learn more about MTSS in your child’s school:
                                      • Is my child successful? How do I know? If not, why and what can we do differently?
                                      • If needed, how is additional help going to be provided?
                                      • What can I do to participate in problem-solving about my child?
                                      • What can I do to help with the interventions for my child at home?
                                      • How will I know if interventions are working? Is my child successful?

                        STUDENT SUCCESS PLAN (SSP)
                        This is a plan developed by school personnel (teachers, academic coaches, or administrators) with
                        parents for students in grades PK-12 who are not meeting grade level expectations on the Florida
                        Standards or who are experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral challenges. It identifies the area of
                        need and specific areas for improvement and intervention based on data.
Under current federal law, parents have the right to receive information regarding the qualifications of their
child’s teacher. Parents may contact the principal at their child’s school to request information.

            For further information on the teacher visit the Florida Department of Education
            at and click Public Search

A parent may request his/her child be transferred to another classroom teacher by submitting a Transfer
Request Form (located in the School Counseling Office at your child’s school) to the school principal. Within
two (2) weeks of receiving the request, the principal or his/her designee will notify the parent of the approval
or denial of the request. If the request is denied, the reason(s) for the denial will be provided to the parent.
This provision does not allow the parent to choose a specific teacher for his/her child.

A parent whose student is assigned an out-of-field (OOF) teacher may request that his/her child be
transferred to an in-field classroom teacher within the school and grade in which the student is currently
enrolled by submitting an Transfer Request Form (located in the School Counseling Office at your child’s
school) to the school principal. Within two (2) weeks of receiving the request, the principal or his/her
designee will notify the parent of the approval or denial of the request. If the request is denied, the reason(s)
for the denial will be provided to the parent. This provision does not allow the parent to choose a specific
teacher for his/her child.

Instructional materials are selected in compliance with Florida Statute 1006.31 and Board Policy 2520.
            Parents interested in reviewing instructional materials should contact (239) 377-0103
            or visit the Instructional Materials page for more information.

Parents may access their students’ media center accounts by logging into the CCPS Portal at and clicking “Destiny Online Library Catalog” in the District Resources section

Per Board Policy 2280, parents wishing to waive the physical education requirement for his/her middle school
student must meet one of the following criteria:
  1. the student is enrolled or required to enroll in a remedial course OR
  2. the student’s parent indicates in writing to the school that:
        a. the parent requests that the student enroll in another course from among those courses offered
           as options by the School District; or
        b. the student is participating in physical activities outside the school day which are equal or in
           excess of the mandated requirement
The deadline to submit PE Waivers for the first semester is September 15 and January 15 for the second
semester. Please contact your child’s middle school for further information.

At the end of the first grading period following the multiple birth siblings’ enrollment in the school, if the
principal of the school, in consultation with the teacher of each classroom in which the multiple birth
siblings are placed, determines that the requested classroom placement is disruptive to the school, the
principal may determine the appropriate classroom placement for the siblings. A parent may appeal the
principals’ classroom placement of multiple birth siblings by putting the appeal in writing to the principal.
Within two (2) weeks of receiving the request, the principal will notify the parent of the approval or denial of the
appeal. If the matter is not resolved to the parent’s satisfaction, the written appeal and subsequent principal
determination will progress to the Associate Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction, for resolution,
with final determination within two (2) weeks of receiving the written appeal and subsequent principal
determination. During the appeal determination at the District level, the multiple birth siblings shall remain
in the parent’s preferred classroom placement.

teaching and leaning
                       STUDENT PROGRESSION
                       Per Florida Statute, it is the intent of the Legislature that each student’s progression from one grade to
                       another be determined, in part, upon proficiency in English Language Arts, science, and mathematics;
                       that district school board policies facilitate student achievement; that each student and his or her
                       parent be informed of the student’s academic progress; and that students have access to educational
                       options that provide academically challenging coursework or accelerated instruction (F.S.1008.25;

                       The professional staff of each school in the District bears the primary responsibility for making
                       recommendations regarding each student’s level of performance and ability to function academically
                       at the next grade level. The decision regarding grade placement is the responsibility of the principal as
                       outlined in the Student Progression Plan at and pursuant to state
                       and federal law, CCPS Board-approved policies, and CCPS administrative procedures. No student
                       may be assigned to a grade level based solely on age or other factors that constitute social promotion.

                                                GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS
                                                Important information regarding high school graduation requirements is
                                                available on the District website at
                                                and also in the 2020-21 Student Progression Plan which can be found at

                                                This information is updated when statutory requirements change and is also
                                                available through your child’s high school counselor. Graduation requirements
                                                for the 2020-21 school year are also available on the Department of Education
                                                website, under Graduation Requirements.

                       ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL
                       Disciplinary Programs                                 Educational Alternative Programs
                         • New Beginnings Immokalee (NBI)                      • Beacon High School Immokalee
                         • New Beginnings Naples (NBN)                         • Beacon High School Naples
                         • Phoenix Immokalee (PHX-I)
                         • Phoenix Naples (PHX-N)                            Department of Juvenile Justice Programs
                                                                               • Collier Juvenile Detention Center
                       Teenage Parent Programs                                 • PACE Center for Girls (PACE)
                         • Teenagers Parents Immokalee (TAPP-I)
                         • Teenagers Parents Naples (TAPP-N)

                                  Additional information about Alternative School Programs
                                  may be found at

You can also read