GRADUATION CEREMONIES 2018 - University of South Australia

GRADUATION CEREMONIES 2018 - University of South Australia
GRADUATION CEREMONIES 2018 - University of South Australia
Acknowledgement of Country
           UniSA respects the Kaurna, Boandik and Barngarla
           peoples’ spiritual relationship with their country.
           We also acknowledge the diversity of Aboriginal
           peoples, past and present.
Artist:    Find out more about the University’s commitment
Rikurani   to reconciliation at
GRADUATION CEREMONIES 2018 - University of South Australia
Merridy Brown
 2017. Glass
 Dimensions Variable.

       This booklet exhibits the outstanding work of graduates of the
       University of South Australia’s School of Art, Architecture and Design.

GRADUATION CEREMONIES 2018 - University of South Australia
Sixuan Ren (Ash)
    Blessing, Wealthy and Progression
    2016. Kiln formed glass.

GRADUATION CEREMONIES 2018 - University of South Australia
Chancellor’s welcome                          4

Vice Chancellor’s welcome                      5

About the University of South Australia        7

Our journey so far                            8

Processional Music                            14

Academic Dress                                16

Ceremony Tradition                            18

University of South Australia Awards          19

University of South Australia Medal Winners   21

Pridham Hall                                  22

You can leave your mark on UniSA              23

Alumni                                        25

Wednesday 19 September at 10.30am             27

Wednesday 19 September at 3.00pm              37

Thursday 20 September at 10.30am              47

Thursday 20 September at 3.00pm               57

Prizes                                        65

Previous Honorary Award Recipients            73

GRADUATION CEREMONIES 2018 - University of South Australia
Chancellor’s welcome
Today is a time for celebration as you mark both the end and the beginning of exciting parts
of your lives. It is also an occasion on which to look forward to the opportunities available to
you as a graduate of the University of South Australia.
I am honoured to be able to share this special event with you, and your family and friends.
During your time with the University of South Australia you have developed a set of
distinctive qualities which describe the knowledge, skills and personal abilities that you will
need as you move into a constantly changing global economy.
You have acquired an international outlook; a capacity for critical thought and lifelong
learning; an ability to communicate effectively and work autonomously and cooperatively;
and a sense of social responsibility. You are well equipped to succeed, confident in the
knowledge and skills you possess.
Congratulations and all the very best as you start the next big adventure in your lives.

Ms Pauline Carr

                                                  Ms Pauline Carr
                                                  BEc (ANU), MBA, FAICD, FCIS,
                                                  Pauline Carr is the Chancellor of the University
                                                  of South Australia. She has over 30 years of
                                                  management and commercial experience in
                                                  the resources industry with both Australian
                                                  and international companies. In addition she
                                                  has over 20 years comprehensive compliance
                                                  and governance experience with listed
                                                  company boards. Previously Ms Carr was
                                                  a senior executive with Normandy Mining
                                                  Limited, where she was actively involved in the
                                                  company’s growth, its corporate activities and
                                                  its international expansion and subsequently
                                                  Newmont Mining Corporation.
                                                  Ms Carr is currently a Director of ASX listed
                                                  Highfield Resources Limited and Deputy
                                                  Chairman of National Pharmacies as well as
                                                  the Minerals and Energy Advisory Council and
                                                  the South Australian Minerals and Petroleum
                                                  Expert Group. She also provides management
                                                  support, business improvement, governance,
                                                  compliance and risk consultancy services to
                                                  companies in the resources, construction and
                                                  superannuation sectors.

GRADUATION CEREMONIES 2018 - University of South Australia
Vice Chancellor’s welcome
Graduating with a university degree represents a major milestone in life. Now you’re about
to enter a whole new world of wonderful opportunities. You will leave us today with a
parchment and a career path and we couldn’t be prouder of you.
I am very pleased to share the excitement of this day with you and with the people who
have supported you throughout your studies: your family, your friends and your mentors.
Yours is an important graduation ceremony and we are celebrating your success along with
our own. We have come a long way since 1991 when we amalgamated colleges of advanced
education and institutes of technology to become the University of South Australia. Now
we’re considered one of the world’s best young universities – Australia’s University of
Enterprise – putting our best teaching and research into creating bright futures for our
students and partnering with industry and the professions to bring the benefits of that
teaching and research to our community.
I hope the achievement you celebrate today opens many doors of opportunities for you so
that you can make your mark as a global citizen, a professional in everything you do.
You, like more than 200,000 graduates who have preceded you, are very important to
us; you are our success stories, the role models for current students and those who might
follow in your footsteps. As your career grows and your success is assured, current students
look at you and see what’s possible in their own lives.
I wish you every success, happiness and prosperity as you take your first steps into your new
lives as graduates of the University of South Australia.

Professor David Lloyd
Vice Chancellor and President

                                                Professor David Lloyd
                                                BSc(Hons), PhD, CChem, FRSC
                                                David Lloyd was appointed to the University
                                                of South Australia as Vice Chancellor and
                                                President in 2012. A Dublin-born and educated
                                                chemist who specialises in computer-aided
                                                drug design, Professor Lloyd has re-focused
                                                institutional culture to position UniSA as
                                                Australia’s University of Enterprise and to shape
                                                its activities to better meet the challenges of
                                                the 21st century.
                                                Professor Lloyd was a member of the South
                                                Australia Economic Development Board
                                                (EDB) from 2014 to 2018. A past Chair of the
                                                Australian Technology Network group of
                                                technology-focused universities, he now sits
                                                on the board of Universities Australia, the peak
                                                body representing the university sector where
                                                he is the lead vice-chancellor for research
                                                & innovation. He was also appointed to the
                                                Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Advisory
                                                Council to provide advice to the ARC on key
                                                research policy issues, to lend independent
                                                strategic guidance and experience that
                                                will strengthen the ARC’s ability to support
                                                research and innovation in Australia.
                                                Before joining the University of South
                                                Australia, Professor Lloyd was Vice-President
                                                for Research and later Bursar and Director of
                                                Strategic Innovation at Trinity College Dublin.
                                                Professor Lloyd was Chair of the Irish Research
                                                Council and prior to academia, worked in
                                                the pharmaceutical industry in the UK. He
                                                holds an honorary Professorship from Tianjin
                                                University and is a Fellow of the Royal Society
                                                of Chemistry.

GRADUATION CEREMONIES 2018 - University of South Australia
GRADUATION CEREMONIES 2018 - University of South Australia
About the                                         The University’s strong research
                                                  environment focuses on areas such as

University of
                                                  scarce resources, future industries and
                                                  cancer prevention and management.
                                                  The close, collaborative engagement
South Australia                                   we enjoy with our many industry,
                                                  government, collegiate and community
                                                  partners ranks UniSA as one of Australia’s
The University of South Australia (UniSA)         leading universities for strategic research
is Australia’s University of Enterprise. Our      partnerships, and in the Excellence in
culture of innovation is anchored around          Research for Australia 2015 evaluation more
global and national links to academic,            than 97 per cent of our assessed research
research and industry partners. Our               was deemed to be of world-class standard
graduates are global professionals at             or above.
ease with the world and ready to create
and respond to change. Our research is            The University is also closely engaged with
inventive and adventurous and it creates          the communities we serve. Our Samstag
new knowledge that is central to global           Museum presents a changing exhibitions
economic and social prosperity.                   program of contemporary visual art, and
                                                  our Hawke Centre engages with local
Our reputation continues to grow. We are          and international communities through
considered one of the world’s best young          public learning activities including lectures,
universities by both Times Higher Education       seminars, alliances and research projects.
(THE) and Quacarelli Symonds (QS). We             The University also has a strong equity
are South Australia’s number 1 university         mission and was the first university in South
for graduate careers; we are also the             Australia to have a Reconciliation Action
highest ranked university in Australia for        Plan.
the international diversity of our staff and
are ranked number 9 in the world on that          We are also committed supporters of the
measure.                                          Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience
                                                  (AIME) and aim to be the University of
With around 32,000 students, almost 6,000         Choice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait
of whom are international students, UniSA is      Islander people.
South Australia’s largest university and offers
degree programs in business, education,           With six campuses spread from the heart of
arts, social sciences, health sciences,           Adelaide to the metropolitan area (Mawson
information technology, engineering and           Lakes and Magill) and the regional cities of
the environment. Programs are designed            Whyalla and Mount Gambier, the University
with strong professional emphasis and             provides opportunities to students from a
in partnership with industry and the              wide range of geographic, socio-economic
professions to ensure the career relevance        and cultural backgrounds. We are currently
of its teaching. The Good Universities Guide      implementing a $1 billion-plus building
2018 rates UniSA as Number One in South           program to further create engaging learning
Australia for getting a full-time job.            and research spaces.

UniSA is committed to providing enhanced
educational offerings and an outstanding
student experience. Our focus over coming
years will be to extend the support we
provide to our students, through drawing
on emerging digital technologies to provide
more personalised and flexible learning
opportunities for our students, locally and
globally. We are committed to providing
education opportunities for students from
diverse backgrounds and helping them to
be the best they can be.

GRADUATION CEREMONIES 2018 - University of South Australia
Our journey so far
Our    journey
The University of Southso   far(UniSA) was established in 1991 but
our     journey
    foundations         soto far
                date back    the latter half of the 19th century. The
 forerunners of today’s UniSA were the South Australian School of Art,
 founded   in 1856,
 The University   ofthe  firstAustralia
                      South    of several Teacher
                                        (UniSA) wasTraining   Colleges
                                                      established       formed
                                                                   in 1991 but in
 our    and the School
                     dateof  Mines
                          back      andlatter
                                 to the  Industries  which
                                               half of      wascentury.
                                                       the 19th  established
                                                                          The in
 1889. These schools
 forerunners   of today’swere   renowned
                            UniSA  were theforSouth
                                               providing  quality
                                                     Australian    education
                                                                 School  of Art,and
 founded   in 1856,tothe
 for responding       thefirst of several
                           needs          Teacher colony
                                   of the nascent   TrainingofColleges  formed in
                                                               South Australia.
 1876, and the School of Mines and Industries which was established in

 1889. These schools were renowned for providing quality education and
 for responding to the needs of the nascent colony of South Australia.

                           1856 1876
 The School of Art

   was established
by Charles Hill just                               The Training School, the first South
 The  School
 15 years    of the
          after  Art                               Australian Teachers College, was founded.
   was established
   proclamation   of
by                                                 The Training School, the first South
theCharles Hill just

     new colony   of
 15 years after the                                Australian Teachers College, was founded.
   South Australia.
   proclamation of

 the new colony of

   South Australia.
                                                                     Louis Laybourne Smith
                                                                     established the first

                                                                     architectural course
                                                                     Louis Laybourne  Smithat
    The South Australian School of Mines and                         the South Australian
                                                                     established the first
                 Industries was established.                         School of Mines
                                                                     architectural    and at
    The South Australian School of Mines and                         the South Australian

                 Industries was established.                         School of Mines and

                            1907 1918

     for teachers
      Adelaide    was established
               advocacy  from
      Adelaide Kindergarten Training College
                               Lillian de
                                                   The Adelaide Technical High School was
                                                   founded  as a preparatory
                                                   The Adelaide              school
                                                                 Technical High     for the
                                                                                School  was
     for teachers was established with strong
                                                   courses offered
                                                   founded         by the School
                                                            as a preparatory     of Mines
                                                                             school for theand
               advocacy from Lillian de Lissa.
                                                   courses offered by the School of Mines and


                            1960 1965
     The Adelaide Technical High School and
            South Technical
                   AustralianHigh School
                              School      and
                                     of Mines      The SAIT opened Whyalla campus to meet
        the South Australian School of Mines       The SAIT opened Whyalla campus to meet
    and Industries merged to form the South        the growing demand for skills in the steel
    and Industries merged to form the South        the growing demand for skills in the steel
    Australian Institute of Technology (SAIT).
    Australian Institute of Technology (SAIT).     and shipping industries.
                                                   and shipping industries.

                                                   The Aboriginal Task Force was established
                                                   at the  South Australian
                                                       the South   Australian Institute
                                                                              Institute of
                                                   Technology and and provided
                                                                        provided some
                                                                                  some of
                                                                                        of the
                                                                                           the first
                                                   education in social work specifically for
                                                                in social work  specifically for
                                                   Indigenous students in Australia. It was the
                                                   Indigenous students in Australia. It was the
                                                   first tertiary program of its kind in Australia
                                                   first tertiary program of its kind in Australia
                                                   and provided an enclave of support for
                                                   and   providedand
                                                   its students     an aenclave  of support
                                                                         path forward  that for
                                                   its students and
                                                   encouraged          a path
                                                                   careers    forward
                                                                           built       that
                                                                                 on education.
                                                   encouraged careers built on education.

                                                   The South Australian College of Advanced
                                                   The South (SACAE)    was
                                                               Australian    formedofout
                                                                           College        of the
                                                   amalgamation of the Adelaide College
                                                   Education (SACAE) was formed out of the
                                                   of the Arts and Education (including the
                                                   amalgamation of the Adelaide College
                                                   Underdale and City campuses) along with
                                                   thethe Arts and
                                                       Hartley     Education
                                                                (Magill),       (including
                                                                          Salisbury        the
                                                                                    and Sturt
                                                   Colleges ofand  City campuses)
                                                                Advanced    Education.along with
                                                   the Hartley (Magill), Salisbury and Sturt
8                                                  Colleges of Advanced Education.
  The South Australian College of Advanced

    Education (SACAE) designated as one of
     only eight Distance Education Centres.
The University of South Australia (UniSA) was
   established upon the merger of SAIT and       Professor David Robinson appointed
                    three SACAE campuses.        Vice Chancellor.

   John McDonald appointed first Chancellor;                    The Hon Dr Basil Hetzel
Professor Alan Mead the first Vice Chancellor.                  AC appointed Chancellor
                                                                of the University of South

     UniSA became a foundation member of
   the Australian Technology Network (ATN)
      UniSA commenced teaching programs
   offshore, beginning with the International
                           MBA in Singapore.
 Professor Eleanor Ramsay,
the first-ever Australian Pro
   Vice Chancellor charged                       Two of the University’s key research
 with improving equity and                       institutes, the Ian Wark Research
  access to education, was                       Institute (IWRI) and the Institute for
                  appointed.                     Telecommunications Research (ITR), were
                                                 officially opened.
  The Distance Education Centre building at
                   Underdale was opened.

      The City West campus
                          1997                   The Unaipon School was opened offering
                                                 a range of programs in Aboriginal and
                                                 Australian Studies.
       was officially opened
     by Governor General Sir

               William Dean.
      UniSA identified seven
   unique graduate qualities
    that described the knowledge, skills and                           UniSA awarded an
   personal abilities required in professional                         honorary doctorate
                                      careers.                         to then President
                                                                       of South Africa,
UniSA became the first Australian university                           Nelson Mandela.
 to develop a Statement of Commitment to
                  Australian Reconciliation.

    The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre
                         was established.
          Professor Denise
       Bradley was named                                        David Klingberg AM
      the University’s Vice                                     succeeded Dr Basil Hetzel
 Chancellor and President.                                      AC as Chancellor.
    Extensively involved in
 national education policy                                      UniSA won the Business SA
 groups for more than two                                       Export Award for education
  decades, she chaired the Expert Panel in                      for the first time.
 2008 that undertook the National Review
                       of Higher Education.
    Now Emeritus Professor Denise Bradley
     AC, she was made a Companion of the
      Order of Australia, Australia’s highest
    honour, in recognition of her service to
                           higher education.

     Nelson Mandela was announced as the
     new International Patron of UniSA’s Bob
             Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre.
                                                 The University celebrated its

                                                 10th anniversary.

  UniSA was named the leading provider of
     offshore programs in Australia by IDP.

                                                 UniSA sponsored the Tour Down
                                                 Under cycling race for the first time.

  FedSat, Australia’s experimental satellite
developed by the CRC for Satellite Systems
  and including UniSA-designed payloads,
                             was launched.
  The UniSA Northern Adelaide Partnerships
        (UNAP) program was established to
underpin economic and social development

     and improve education participation in
      severely disadvantaged communities.

                                                 UniSA was named an Employer of Choice
                                                 for Women for the first time.

     The University of
       South Australia
      Business School
     became only the
  second in Australia                            The first stage of the University’s $100
 to receive European                             million capital development program,
        Quality Improvement System (EQUIS)       Blueprint 2005, was completed and five
              accreditation, one of two major    new buildings–the Kaurna Building, the
      forms of international accreditation for   Dorrit Black Building, the Garth Boomer
                            business schools.    Building, the Basil Hetzel Building and the
                                                 Mawson Centre–were opened.
                 The University received an
  overwhelmingly positive report from the                               The University
    Australian Universities Quality Agency                              launched four new
(AUQA) audit, including 16 commendations                                research institutes
                          for good practice.                            – the Ehrenberg
                                                                        Bass Institute for
 UniSA received $10 million in funding from                             Marketing Science,
  the Australian Government to establish a                              the Sansom
  Chair in Child Protection at the University.                          Institute for Health
                                                                        Research, the Hawke
UniSA delivered the Australian International
                                                                        Research Institute
    Space University intensive professional
                                                 for Sustainable Society, and the Institute
  development program, confirming South
                                                 for Sustainable Systems and Technologies
   Australia’s position as a centre for space
                                                 (since renamed the Barbara Hardy
                      education and training.
UniSA won the Institutional Award from the
                                                 The UniSA Mount Gambier Regional Centre
  Australian Learning and Teaching Council
                                                 was opened and the Centre for Regional
for Provision of Services to the Community.
                                                 Engagement established.
                                                 UniSA was ranked in the top 200
                                                 universities worldwide by The Times Higher
                                                 Education Supplement.

Professor John Ralston was named UniSA’s
                   first Laureate Professor.
   The Australian Minerals Science Research

 Institute (AMSRI), headquartered at UniSA’s
   Ian Wark Research Institute, was officially
     opened. It was supported by the largest
            ARC Linkage Grant ever awarded.        Professor Peter Høj joined UniSA as Vice
           The Royal Australian Institute of       Chancellor and President of the University
   Architects awarded the nation’s highest         following Professor Denise Bradley’s
   accolade for a public building to UniSA’s       retirement.
                           Kaurna Building.

   UniSA was awarded $40 million through
        the Federal Government’s Education

      Investment Fund to help build the $73
million building to house the Materials and
   Minerals Science Learning and Research
                      Hub at Mawson Lakes.
                                                   Associate Professor Mahfuz Aziz won the
            Dr Ian Gould AM,                       Prime Minister’s Award for the Australian
       a resources industry                        Teacher of the Year.
           professional, was
                                                   UniSA joined Pedal Prix, the Human Powered
           appointed as the
                                                   Vehicle super series, as lead sponsor.
University’s new Chancellor
following the retirement of
       David Klingberg AM.

 The UniSA College was launched to offer
more opportunities for South Australians to
        gain access to tertiary education.
  UniSA joined forces with the International
  Space University in Strasbourg, France, to
  bring world-class space education to the
                     southern hemisphere.          The UniSA-based Centre for Muslim and
                                                   Non-Muslim Understanding was launched
UniSA secured $30 million from the Federal         in India by then Minister of Education and
 Government’s Education Investment Fund            future Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.
 towards the cost of a $85 million learning
  centre to be built in Adelaide’s West End.       UniSA graduated its 100,000th student,
                                                   Charlotte Mukamuberwa, a Rwandan refugee
                                                   now with a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

                           2011 2012
    In the 2011 QS World University Rankings,
     the University of South Australia showed      The second Excellence in Research
  the biggest improvement of any Australian        Australia (ERA) assessment rated more
     university for the second year running to     than 86 per cent of UniSA’s research as
  be ranked 11th in Australia. It remains in the   world-class or better.
      top three per cent of more than 10,000
                         universities worldwide.                    Chemist, researcher
                                                                    and Irish university
     The first national Excellence in Research                      leader, Professor David
      for Australia (ERA) assessment showed                         Lloyd, is appointed as
   that around 70 per cent of UniSA research                        the University of South
assessed was world-class standard or above.                         Australia’s new Vice
                                                                    Chancellor and President.
                                                   The new China-Australia Centre for
                                                   Sustainable Urban Design, is founded in
                                                   partnership with Tianjin University.

     UniSA became the first university in the
      world to host an online brainstorming
      event and ideas generator – unijam. It
                                                                 In April the University’s $85 million Jeffrey
 hosted 17,000 unique posts and more than
  1300 conversation threads from across 56                       Smart Building was officially opened,
                                  countries.                     featuring eight floors spanning 12,480m²
                                                                 with the latest technologies and cutting
       Crossing the Horizon was launched – a                     edge learning spaces.
     strategic action plan designed to change
          the way the University operates and
                engages with its communities.

                         C RO S S I N G T H E
                         HOR I ZON
                         Our Strategic Action Plan 2013 - 2018

     UniSA ranked in the world’s top 50 under
      50 years of age by both the QS and THE
     world university rankings. The University
                                                                 To mark the 20-year partnership between
      also ranked in the THE’s global Top 100
                                                                 UniSA and Hong Kong Baptist University,
              for engineering and technology.
                                                                 a new suite of jointly offered full-time
         UniSA’s MBA program is one of only                      degrees is launched.
    three nationally to win a five-star rating
                                                                 UniSA partners with the Institute for Choice
     for the sixth consecutive year from the
                                                                 to bring global experts together in the
 Graduate Management Association’s Good
                                                                 science of human choice behaviour; and is
                          Universities Guide.
                                                                 announced as the national headquarters
An alliance with SA Pathology is announced                       for an $88 million Data to Decisions CRC.
     that will see UniSA support the growth

   of one of Australia’s top cancer research
         centres. With a Federal Government
       investment of $40 million, the Centre
    for Cancer Biology (CCB) expansion was
announced by the then Prime Minister Julia                       UniSA was ranked as one of the world’s
        Gillard during a visit to UniSA in June.                 best young universities (THE ranks us #38
                                                                 on their list of the world’s best 50 under
  The University was appointed lead partner                      50; Quacarelli Symonds moves us up to
       of a new Cooperative Research Centre                      #25). We had some stunning research
        for Cell Therapy Manufacturing set to                    results as well: Excellence in Research
      underpin significant innovations in the                    Australia rated 97 per cent of our assessed
    treatment available for diabetes, wound,                     research as world-class or above.
                      and transplant patients.

                                                                 UniSA was also ranked as one of the
                                                                 world’s best international universities. We
                                                                 entered into a significant relationship with
                                                                 the University College London to establish
                                                                 our Future Industries Institute (FII) and
                                                                 became the recipient of an incredibly
                                                                 generous contribution from the late, great,
                                                                 Sir Terry Pratchett, a perpetual scholarship
                                                                 fund worth more than $1 million.
                                                                 UniSA also opened the Innovation
                                                                 Collaboration Centre at City West in
                                                                 partnership with Hewlett Packard
                                                                 Enterprise and forged a partnership with
                                                                 one of China’s largest drug manufacturers,
                                                                 Yabao Pharmaceuticals, to develop and
                                                                 bring to market new cancer treatments.

Jim McDowell, former BAE
 systems Saudi Arabia CEO
and a passionate supporter
   of continuing education,
   succeeded Dr Ian Gould

      AM as the University’s
 The University celebrated its 25th birthday
                since establishment in 1991.        UniSA’s rapid rise up the international
                                                    rankings continued with Times Higher
UniSA joined forces with SA’s largest private
                                                    Education (THE) rating the university as
  health care provider, Calvary Health Care
                                                    #32 in their list of the world’s best young
 Adelaide, to expand health education and
                                                    universities. UniSA was the youngest
                                                    Australian university on the list and ranked
 Future Industries Institute (FII) was officially   by THE as #9 in Australia, of universities
launched and received $7.5 million from the         of any age. UniSA’s Law School, in only
              South Australian Government.          its 10th year, was ranked as one of the
                                                    world’s best at #88 and the best in South
  Professor Irene Watson was appointed as           Australia. Quality Indicators for Learning
    the first Pro Vice Chancellor: Aboriginal       and Teaching (QILT) rated UniSA as #1 in
     Leadership and Strategy, and Unaipon           South Australia for graduate careers and for
                                       Chair.       student satisfaction.
   Esteemed investment banker, Chairman                                In 2017 UniSA
      of the Sydney Swans Board and UniSA                              developed a new
    Alumnus, Andrew Pridham, presented a                               suite of high-quality,
     $5 million philanthropic gift to support                          100 per cent online
          construction of the new great hall.                          undergraduate courses
   Acknowledging this as the largest single                            that can be studied
      private donation in the University’s 25                          anytime, anywhere.
  year history, the multipurpose facility was                          Each of UniSA Online’s
                     named as Pridham Hall.                            new bachelor degree
    The University climbed                          programs is designed specifically for
the ranks in the QS World’s                         online education giving students the
   Top 50 Under 50 – now                            best possible learning resources to
     positioned as the 24th                         encourage deeper and broader intellectual
   best young university in                         engagement and to support personalised
                  the world.                        learning and assessment strategies.

Major new infrastructure opened when UniSA launched
two new buildings. Pridham Hall and the University of
South Australia Cancer Research Institute were both
opened in May 2018. Pridham Hall is a $50 million cultural
and sporting centre of the University. It features a sports
centre, lap pool, gym, dance/aerobics studio function
rooms and facilities to seat 1900 students and their
families for graduation ceremonies. The building is named
for its benefactor, Andrew Pridham, an alumnus of the
University who gave $5 million towards its completion.
                   The University of South Australia Cancer Research Institute was also
                   opened in May. The $247 million building is now home to UniSA’s research-
                   rich School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, the globally recognised
                   Centre for Cancer Biology, UniSA’s technology-based business incubation
                   hub, the Innovation Collaboration Centre, and a new and unique future-
                   focused public museum, MOD..
In September, UniSA appointed a new Chancellor, Ms Pauline Carr. With
more than 30 years’ management and commercial experience in the
resources industry, Ms Carr has been a member of the University’s Council
since 2010. She is Chair of the University’s Audit and Risk Management
committee along with being a member of the Senior Remuneration and
Finance Committees. She is currently a director of ASX listed Highfield
Resources Limited and Deputy Chair of National Pharmacies as well
as the Minerals and Energy Advisory Council and the South Australian
Minerals and Petroleum Export Group. She also provides management support, business
improvement, governance, compliance and risk consultancy services to companies in the
resources, construction and superannuation sectors.
Processional                                   As a composer Deborah has received
                                               numerous commissions since the success

Music                                          of her opera Pecan Summer (2010) and
                                               now specialises in working with traditional

Ancient Land Processional                      The Ngarrindjeri Women’s Choir
The processional music played at the start     Singing is an essential part of identity in
of the graduation ceremony has been            Aboriginal culture. The women who gather
composed by Deborah Cheetham AO. The           to sing in Murray Bridge do so because it is
work is sung by the Ngarrindjeri Women’s       part of who they are as Aboriginal women.
Choir and the Marryatville Concert Choir,      These women have performed for many
supported by the Adelaide Symphony             important events over the past decade
Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas Buc.          but are never happier than when singing
                                               in community and passing on culture
“From the beginning I wanted this
                                               through song.
processional to be a powerful reminder
that knowledge has been passed for more
than 2000 generations on the lands that
the University now occupies. For that
reason it was essential to include the
traditional language groups from each of
the campuses of the University of South
Australia - Kaurna (Adelaide), Boandik (Mt
Gambier) and Barngarla (Whyalla). Ancient
Land Processional is music for ceremony
and for celebration. I wanted this work to
convey the importance and excitement of
one of life’s great rites of passage – the
graduation ceremony”.
- Deborah Cheetham AO

Deborah Cheetham AO
Deborah Cheetham, Yorta Yorta woman,
soprano, composer and educator has been
a leader in the Australian arts landscape
for more than 25 years. In the 2014
Queen’s Birthday Honours List, Deborah
was appointed as an Officer of the Order
of Australia (AO), for distinguished service
to the performing arts as an opera singer,
composer and artistic director, to the
development of Indigenous artists, and to
innovation in performance.                     Deborah Cheetham AO

The Ngarrindjeri Women’s Choir

The Marryatville Concert Choir                    Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
– Aldis Sils Musical Director                     Established in 1936, the internationally
The choir is one of the many co-curricular        acclaimed Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
ensembles at Marryatville High School’s           is South Australia’s largest performing
internationally acclaimed Special Interest        arts organisation. Today the ASO plays
Music Centre. The choir is recognised as          a major role in Adelaide’s cultural and
one of the best school choirs in Adelaide.        economic vibrancy, and enriches the
In the past decade it has won competitions        community through a diverse program
in Adelaide (Adelaide Choral Eisteddfods),        of world-class performances to more
Sydney (Sydney Performing Arts Challenge,         than 90,000 concertgoers each season.
ABC Classic FM Choir of the Year State            The Ancient Land Processional orchestral
Champion 2006), and internationally               music was performed by the ASO,
(Tallinn International Choral Festival 2007).     conducted by Nicholas Buc and recorded
The choir recently toured Central Europe          in Adelaide’s ABC studios.
including concerts at the Kodaly School
in Kecskemet. The choir performs a wide
variety of repertoire in a range of styles, and
where possible in original languages.

The Marryatville Concert Choir

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra
Photo: Shane Reid

Academic Dress                                    bonnet with red cord and tassel. Red hood
                                                  lined with light blue and edged with gold
                                                  ribbon with two gold stripes on either side.

Doctor of Science higher doctorate                Doctor of Philosophy degrees
Oxford-style red gown with blue facing            Oxford-style black gown with red facing
and gold ribbon trim on front of gown and         on front of gown and around sleeve cuffs.
around sleeve cuffs. Black Tudor velvet           Black Tudor velvet bonnet with black tassel.
bonnet with red cord and tassel. Red hood         Black hood lined with red with gold edging.
lined with blue and edged with gold ribbon
with two gold stripes on either side.             Professional doctorates
                                                  Oxford-style black gown faced with
Doctor of Letters higher doctorate                discipline colour (as shown below)
Oxford-style red gown with gold facing            on front of gown and around sleeve
and blue ribbon trim on front of gown and         cuffs. Black Tudor velvet bonnet with
around sleeve cuffs. Black Tudor velvet           black tassel. Black hood lined with
bonnet with red cord and tassel. Red hood         discipline colour with gold edging.
lined with gold and edged with blue ribbon
with two blue stripes on either side.             Masters degrees
                                                  Oxford-style black gown. Black
Doctor of Laws higher doctorate                   mortarboard with black tassel. Black
Oxford-style red gown with gold facing            hood lined with blue with gold edging.
and blue and red ribbon trim on front of
gown and around sleeve cuffs. Black Tudor         Graduate diplomas and
velvet bonnet with red cord and tassel. Red       Graduate certificates
hood lined with gold and edged with red
                                                  Cambridge-style black gown with relevant
ribbon with two red stripes on either side.
                                                  stole. Black mortarboard with black tassel.
Doctor of Engineering higher doctorate
                                                  Undergraduate degrees
Oxford-style red gown with green facing
                                                  Cambridge-style black gown. Black
and gold ribbon trim on front of gown and
                                                  mortarboard with black tassel. Black
around sleeve cuffs. Black Tudor velvet
                                                  hood lined with discipline colour.
bonnet with red cord and tassel. Red hood
lined with green and edged with gold
ribbon with two gold stripes on either side.      Associate degrees
                                                  Cambridge-style black gown with relevant
Doctor of Visual Arts higher doctorate            stole. Black mortarboard with black tassel.
Oxford-style red gown with light blue facing
and gold ribbon trim on front of gown and         Diplomas
around sleeve cuffs. Black Tudor velvet           Cambridge-style black gown with relevant
                                                  stole. Black mortarboard with black tassel.

            and Building

            Creative Arts

          Engineering and
        related technologies



           and Commerce


     Agricultural, Environmental
         and related studies
                                               Diploma      Associate    Graduate      Graduate
         Society and Culture                                Degree       Certificate   Diploma

         Natural and Physical

Hoods                                               In the earliest times, university statutes
All University of South Australia hoods             concerning academic costume were
are of the Oxford burgon style.                     somewhat vague, and it was not until the
                                                    late 14th and early 15th centuries, as lay
                                                    fashions began to change, that universities
Mortarboard tassels for Indigenous
                                                    began to adopt the policy of setting down
Australian graduates
                                                    particular requirements for the shape and
The University of South Australia is proud of       cut of academic dress.
its commitment to Australian reconciliation.
To enable Indigenous Australians to have            Over the centuries, gowns have evolved
their ancestry recognised, Aboriginal and           in various forms from the original outer
Torres Strait Islander graduates have the           garment or robe commonly worn by the
option of wearing a mortarboard with a              laity and members of the clergy, to the
tassel incorporating the colours of the             many modern versions for the various
respective flags (red, black and yellow for         levels of academic awards. Hoods have
Aboriginal graduates and blue, green and            developed from the head coverings worn
white for Torres Strait Islander graduates).        by students in the early ages. They were
                                                    especially useful in inclement weather and
History of academic dress                           in the draughty cloisters of monasteries.
Academic dress has a long history, almost           At Canterbury, in the 13th century, the
as long as that of universities themselves. It      monks’ hoods were lined with fur because
began with the foundation of the European           of the cold. Windows in those days were not
universities in the 12th and 13th centuries.        glazed.
Until that time, education was carried out
                                                    It would seem that no matter how young a
within the monasteries, such as one at
                                                    university is, one of the first priorities is to
Oxford where divinity, philosophy and arts
                                                    adopt a style of academic dress which is
were studied as early as the 8th century.
It was not until the 12th century that
                                                    The University of South Australia is
groups of teachers and students gathered
                                                    no exception. In 1991, the University
together for classes outside monastery
                                                    acknowledged the academic dress of
walls in a move that was recognisable as
                                                    its predecessor institutions and then in
the beginnings of universities. Two of the
                                                    February 1992, the University’s academic
outstanding schools at that time were in
                                                    dress was determined by the Council and
Bologna and Paris. During the 13th century
                                                    the first graduation ceremonies wearing the
the Roman legal word universitas became
                                                    new University of South Australia academic
a common name for study groups. The
                                                    dress occurred during April 1992. It is
third great university of the Middle Ages,
                                                    interesting to note that the hood chosen is
Oxford, emerged at that time. Much of the
                                                    of Oxford Burgon style while the gown is of
symbolism of academic dress is bound up
                                                    the Cambridge style, an interesting link with
with the history of those early universities
                                                    two of the greatest European universities of
which have influenced the creation and
                                                    the Middle Ages.
maintenance of a distinctive form of dress.

                                                 Oxford burgon
                                                 style hood

                                                                      Mortarboard tassels for
                                                                      Indigenous Australian

Ceremony                                         If you look carefully you will see that this
                                                 gown also has a combination of gold stripes

                                                 on each sleeve instead of the silver stripes
                                                 located on the Vice Chancellor’s gown.
                                                 Senior management wear a black gown
                                                 with blue facing on the front and rear collar,
Academic Procession and stage party              and a black bonnet with silver tassel. The
The traditional custom in which dignitaries      academic registrar wears a similar gown.
of the university enter the graduation hall      However you will note that the blue facing
is known as the academic procession. The         is not as wide and the collar is black, and a
University of South Australia’s academic         black mortar board with blue tassel is worn.
procession is led by higher degree               Readers wear the gown reflecting their
graduates and members of the University          highest award, as do Professors receiving
Council, followed by academic staff and          the honorary title of Emeritus Professor, and
senior management of the University,             those being awarded with the honorary title
including the Vice Chancellor. The               of University Fellow. Recipients of honorary
Chancellor is the last to enter.                 Doctor of the University awards wear
                                                 the prestigious blue University of South
Academics sit at the rear of the stage           Australia honorary doctorate gown trimmed
and Council members in the second                with yellow and red facing, and a red, yellow,
to front row. The front row is reserved          and blue hood. A black bonnet with black
for staff reading graduand names, the            tassel is the accompanying headwear.
academic registrar, senior managers, the
Vice Chancellor, guest speaker, honorary         Council members are distinguished with
award recipients, special guests, and the        black silk-like gowns with red, blue, and
Chancellor.                                      yellow facing, and a black bonnet and gold
                                                 tassel. Candidates graduating with a PhD
In some circumstances the Chancellor may         wear a black Oxford-style gown with red
be represented by the Deputy Chancellor or       facing, and those receiving professional
Pro Chancellor.                                  doctorates wear the same style gown but
                                                 with coloured facing representing their
Academic Dress                                   discipline.
Academic dress usually reflects the highest
academic qualification of the wearer. Special    End of Ceremony
ceremonial gowns are also worn and these         The academic recession signals the end of
represent the wearer’s position and title. The   the ceremony and is led by the Chancellor,
Vice Chancellor can be recognised by the         followed by the stage party in the reverse
distinctive Fairford Brocade gown adorned        order to which it entered. Newly conferred
with silver oakleaf lace, and black bonnet       graduates join the recession signalling their
with blue tassel. The Chancellor’s gown is       entry to the academic community.
also Fairford Brocade but incorporates gold
oakleaf lace and notably this is worn with
a black bonnet finished with a gold tassel.

University of                                  Degree with Honours
                                               A degree with Honours is a program of four

South Australia                                or more years in duration, which includes a
                                               minimum of one year of advanced studies,

Awards                                         for students who demonstrate a high level
                                               of achievement in the initial years of their

Degree types                                   Double degree
University of South Australia students         A double degree is a program where two
have a range of program options when           contrasting and complementary programs
undertaking their study. The following are     at the same level have been combined to
examples of the degree titles you may hear     complement each other, such that the core
during the graduation ceremony.                elements of the two awards are undertaken
                                               simultaneously and the requirements of
Doctor of Philosophy                           each award are fully met. These graduates
                                               receive two parchments.
Doctor of Philosophy programs provide
training and education with the objective of
producing graduates with the capacity to       Co-badged degrees
conduct research independently at a high       A collaborative arrangement between
level of originality and quality.              recognised providers, resulting in a single
                                               award and may include the co-badging of a
Professional Doctorate                         single parchment.
A Professional Doctorate is a rigorous
program of advanced study and research,        Dual degrees
designed specifically to meet the needs        Collaborative partnerships between the
of industry and professional groups.           University of South Australia and another
Professional Doctorates usually consist of a   recognised provider enable students to
blend of coursework and research.              undertake a degree jointly facilitated
                                               by both institutions. Graduates of these
Honours degree                                 programs will be issued with parchments
                                               from each institution.
The Honours degree is a separate, stand-
alone one-year program of advanced
studies for students who demonstrate a
high level of achievement upon completion
of their pass degree program.

Nicole Scriva
 How Are You Zine One
 2017. Digital publication.

University of                                 University of South Australia Medals
                                              Awarded annually to graduands in
South Australia                               each Division for outstanding academic
                                              merit throughout all years of an
Medal Winners                                 undergraduate degree program:

                                              University of South Australia
                                              Business School
University of South Australia Medals
                                              Madeleine Dawn Caines
Outstanding academic achievement is
recognised through numerous prizes and        Gemma Therese Clancy
awards. The most prestigious of these for     Vivienne Jane Webb
undergraduate students are the University     Eng Chee Yuen
of South Australia Medals and Honours         Kerong Zhou
The Medals are silver in colour and bear
                                              Division of Education, Arts
an enamel version of the University of
                                              and Social Sciences
South Australia seal on the front and the
recipient’s name is engraved on the reverse   Wendy Joy Ball
side. Medals are awarded annually.            Callum Michael Banbury
The 2017 recipients are:                      Susan Heather Cochius
                                              Mara Tereza Morton
University of South Australia                 Loren Nicola Orsillo
Honours Medals                                Scott James Van Gemert
Awarded annually to graduands in
each Division for outstanding academic
                                              Division of Health Sciences
merit throughout all years of an honours
degree program:                               Gus Opara Nwosu
                                              Kara Richelle Paxton
University of South Australia                 Kayla Lauren Barbara Rees
Business School                               Alexandra Peta Rice
Bronwyn Heather Arnold                        Bianca Josephine Rositano
                                              Mark Rullo
Division of Education, Arts                   Susan Judith Ward
and Social Sciences
Li Zou
                                              Division of Information Technology,
Division of Health Sciences                   Engineering and the Environment
Amy Rose Hill                                 Danielle Heinrich
                                              Deanna Fay Veale
Division of Information Technology,
Engineering and the Environment
Lei Bai
Jia Shi

University of South Australia Medal

Pridham Hall                                     The first Pridhams arrived in South Australia
                                                 in 1849, just 13 years after the proclamation
                                                 of Government in SA. This is an investment
                                                 of 169 years by my family and its preceding
Pridham Hall is named to acknowledge the
                                                 generations. South Australia is important
extraordinary benefaction and leadership
                                                 to our family and in particular my direct
of Mr Andrew Pridham. Mr Andrew Pridham
                                                 family, being my parents LR (Bob) and Marie
is a proud alumnus of the UniSA Property
                                                 Pridham and my siblings Helen, David, Mary
Resource Management degree (1988).
                                                 and Richard.
His transformative gift to the University
                                                 I hope for the great success of all students
acknowledges his gratitude to UniSA for his
                                                 who pass through the doors of this great
‘outstanding education’ as well as reflecting
                                                 hall in the process of their studies at UniSA.“
his belief in the positive role education can
                                                 – Andrew Pridham.
play in one’s life.
Mr Pridham also believes that those              The Pridham Foundation
that have the capacity to contribute to          Andrew Pridham
the broader community should do so               Amelia Pridham
generously and encourage others to do the        Carolyn Pridham
same.                                            Oliver Pridham
“The University of South Australia is an         Grace Pridham
important institution very worthy of
support. Universities develop minds and
foster new thinking. It is a privilege for The
Pridham Foundation to support UniSA and
contribute to this impressive building and
be a part of the process of developing
future generations.

Andrew Pridham

You can leave your                                 Support UniSA’s Scholarship Fund
                                                   UniSA’s Scholarship Fund provides

mark on UniSA                                      scholarships, grants and prizes that
                                                   recognise academic achievement and give
                                                   vital financial support to students who need
                                                   it most.
Embed yourself in the DNA
                                                   UniSA has more students from a
of the Pridham Hall
                                                   disadvantaged background than any other
By building Pridham Hall we have created           university in South Australia, and there are
a new heart of the University - an iconic          many students at UniSA for whom money
venue where thousands of memories will             is a real issue. Many have multiple jobs
be made.                                           to support themselves, some come from
The state-of-the-art facility features a           remote rural areas, and more than 25 per
sports complex, a swimming pool, and               cent have little financial support at home –
facilities for graduations and corporate and       which puts them at risk of not completing
cultural events. It is a significant part of the   their degrees and foregoing their dream.
student experience and offers important            The Fund supports students tackling the
sport and fitness services to the entire           problems of the world as they progress
local community, including the new Health          through masters and PhD studies, as
Precinct opening on North Terrace.                 well as students just starting out in their
Under the guidance of the design teams we          undergraduate studies who are finding their
have selected three spaces and sculptural          purpose and inspiration.
forms where we can permanently etch your           By making a donation to the Scholarship
name and your three words to live by in            Fund you can help future students.
Pridham Hall to forever inform and inspire         It is a wonderful way of giving back
future generations of students.                    and acknowledging what you have
Hundreds of graduates, staff and supporters        accomplished. To give someone else a
have already donated $1,000 to embed               boost please visit
their name and words, or those of a loved
one, into the chandelier, inverted pyramid
and the swimming pool.
To find out more about how you too can
participate in this unique initiative please

Pridham Hall

Alumni                                         Advancing careers
                                               The alumni network maintains a dedicated
                                               business directory that outlines discounted
                                               services available for fellow alumni, and
Alumni Network                                 the University’s career services program
The University of South Australia supports     also provides continuing advice on career
a thriving worldwide community of its          development and forums to facilitate
graduates through its alumni network.          contact with employers and professional
Upon receiving their degrees, our graduates    bodies.
automatically become members of an
alumni network that includes over 202,000      Staying in touch
of their colleagues and extends across         Reunion events are held in Australia and
more than 134 countries.                       other countries each year. There are formal
                                               network chapters in Malaysia, Hong Kong,
Keeping up to date                             Singapore, China and the United Kingdom,
University of South Australia alumni           as well as active groups in many other
are able to keep up to date with the           locations in Australia and overseas that
achievements of fellow graduates and the       hold regular events. The UniSA Business
University by receiving regular electronic     School also maintains an active community
copies of UniSA News, Alumni News and          and program of events.
Enterprise magazine. Alumni continue
                                               More information on the alumni network
to have access to their University email
                                               and access to its wide range of services and
account for life.
                                               resources is available at
You have the privilege of connecting with
Alumni living around the world using
social media and our online mentoring
community, UniSA Global Alumni Connect.

Continuing to learn
University of South Australia alumni
exclusively receive special library
membership for free, providing ongoing
access to the University’s vast learning
resources. They receive invitations to
special public lectures and the University’s
International Seminar Series that feature
leading academics and thinkers.

Lucy Reynolds
 An Outburst of Mind
 2017. Kiln formed glass
 Dimensions Variable.

19 September:
Wednesday 19 September at 10.30am

The Occasional Address                          Order of Ceremony
Mr Bevan Clark                                  Processional music will be played.
                                                The audience is requested to stand for
BBus(Management Information
                                                the entrance of the Academic Procession,
Systems)                                        Council and Official Party.
Bevan Clark is a serial founder and early       The Australian National Anthem will be
stage investor, a founder of RetailMeNot.       sung by Ms Charlotte Kelso, Mezzo-soprano.
com, the world’s largest marketplace for
digital offers. RetailMeNot began with a        The Pro Chancellor, The Honourable John
$20 investment in a domain name and with        Hill BA, DipEd, LLB, FAICD, will open the
no further outside investment, grew into        ceremony.
Australia’s largest home grown consumer
                                                The Vice Chancellor and President,
internet property - albeit with an American
                                                Professor David Lloyd BSc(Hons), PhD,
audience. Over four years the site grew
                                                CChem, FRSC, will address the ceremony.
to over 20 million visitors a month, who
completed over $1 billion in sales at any       The Occasional Address will be delivered
one of the 30,000 online retail stores in its   by Mr Bevan Clark, company founder and
marketplace.                                    investor.
In 2010 the RetailMeNot founders sold a         The Pro Chancellor, on behalf of the
majority stake to a United States based         University, will confer awards on the
venture capital backed consortium who           candidates.
listed it on the American stock exchange,
NASDAQ in 2013. It peaked with a Market         The Pro Chancellor will close the ceremony.
Cap over $2 billion before being sold to a      The audience is requested to stand as the
private company.                                Official Party, Council, Academic Procession
During this period Mr Clark began               and Graduates retire.
contributing back to the Australian
startup ecosystem through investment
and mentoring with various start-up
accelerators. He joined the founding team
at LIFX in 2012 with the aim of reinventing
one of the world’s most ubiquitous
household electric appliances - the
lightbulb. LIFX has since sold more than
200,000 energy saving, wifi connected,
multi-coloured smart bulbs in more than
10,000 retail locations all over the world.
Mr Clark is currently an investor, advisor
or board member in more than 20
high growth companies including LIFX,
Rome2Rio, Canva, Zoox, Pin Payments and . He gets most excited
by building companies that can make
significant positive change around the

Casey Deed
 Been and gone but always with me
 2017. Glass and wood.

19 September:
The Presentation
for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy         Muzaffar Igamberdiev, by thesis entitled:
Nadirah Binti Abdul Rahim, by thesis            An integrated multi-level modelling
entitled:                                       and verification framework for data
 Exploration of the properties of a method      interoperability
 to construct a trade-space of system          (conferred: 19 April 2018)
 life cycle cost with reliability and
 maintainability requirements                  Hamid Ilbeygi, by thesis entitled:
(conferred: 16 August 2018)                     Design and synthesis of multifunctional
                                                nanoporous heteropolyacids for energy
Ishtiaq Ahmad, by thesis entitled:              storage applications
 Next generation high throughput satellite     (conferred: 16 August 2018)
(conferred: 28 June 2018)                      Sophia Joseph Soly, by thesis entitled:
                                                Improving the dewaterability of
Humaid Ali Hamed Al Badi, by thesis             complex mineral dispersions through
entitled:                                       pulp chemistry modification and
 Dust storms over Western Asia -                superabsorbent reagent mediation
 predictions and impacts using satellite       (conferred: 16 August 2018)
(conferred: 28 June 2018)                      Joanne Helen Kaeding, by thesis entitled:
                                                Inclusive public libraries for children with
Ali Abdulelah Noori Al-Naji, by thesis          disability and their families
entitled:                                      (conferred: 28 June 2018)
 Computer vision for remote
 cardiorespiratory monitoring                  Jia Ming Kok, by thesis entitled:
(conferred: 28 June 2018)                       Active wing control in a dragonfly-
                                                inspired micro air vehicle
Niken Dwi Wahyu Cahyani, by thesis             (conferred: 14 February 2018)
 An evidence-based process model for           Huajian Liu, by thesis entitled:
 windows phone 8 forensics                      Machine vision for detection of
(conferred: 28 June 2018)                       invertebrates on crops
                                               (conferred: 16 August 2018)
Luigi Rocco Cirocco, by thesis entitled:
 Optimal control of electrical and thermal     Irina Loutchkina, by thesis entitled:
 energy storage combined with renewable         Systems integration risk based modelling
 energy systems                                 for software intensive systems design
(conferred: 28 June 2018)                      (conferred: 16 August 2018)

Michael Cal Coates, by thesis entitled:        Athar Mahmood Ahmed Qureshi, by thesis
 Defining and modelling the boundaries         entitled:
 for mechanised dehydration to produce          Determinants of knowledge absorption:
 high quality almonds                           evidence from healthcare organisations
(conferred: 15 March 2018)                     (conferred: 28 June 2018)

Wike Agustin Prima Dania, by thesis            Soheila Riahi, by thesis entitled:
                                                Numerical modelling of high temperature
 An integrated collaborative framework          phase change materials in latent heat
 for quality assessment of sustainable          thermal energy storage systems for
 sugar supply chains                            concentrated solar power plant
(conferred: 16 August 2018)                    (conferred: 28 June 2018)

Maria Vilma Faustorilla, by thesis entitled:   Roya Rudd, by thesis entitled:
 Determination of total petroleum               Fabrication of quantum dots and
 hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater           investigation of size and matrix material
 through improved analytical techniques         effects on optical properties of quantum
(conferred: 19 April 2018)                      dot nanocomposites
                                               (conferred: 28 June 2018)
Daniel Murray Griffiths, by thesis entitled:
 Biologically inspired high dynamic range      Sam Rudd, by thesis entitled:
 imaging for use in machine vision              Impact of doping on semi-metallic
(conferred: 19 April 2018)                      polymers
                                               (conferred: 16 August 2018)
Nguyen Nhat Tao Hoang, by thesis entitled:
 Developing data mining methods for
 detecting signals of adverse drug events
(conferred: 28 June 2018)

Abdullah A. Saed Saed, by thesis entitled:       DIVISION OF INFORMATION
 Multi-user problems in visible light            TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING
 communications                                  AND THE ENVIRONMENT
(conferred: 16 August 2018)                      for the Associate Degree in
                                                 Technology Studies
Pasindu Mihiran Fernando Sellapperumage,
by thesis entitled:                              Jason Darrell Hughes
 Droplet-surface collisions of relevance for     Thomas James Kogge
 flotation of composite particles                Rowan Garth Steele
(conferred: 28 June 2018)                        for the Diploma in Technology Studies
Lina Shi, by thesis entitled:                    Ryan Gregory Bastian
                                                 Thomas Hicks
 Understanding the kinetics and
 mechanisms of scale formation in single-        Aidan James Lampe
 stream Bayer plants                             Sean Mullinder
(conferred: 19 April 2018)                       Brandon Scott Oster
                                                 Domenic Felice Ottaviano
My Yung Truong, by thesis entitled:              Hayden Charles Scheele
 Rec1-resilin: an advanced multi-stimuli         Stacy Renee Veen
 responsive protein polymer
(conferred: 16 August 2018)                      THE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING

Tyron James Turnbull, by thesis entitled:        for the degree of Master of
                                                 Engineering (Autonomous Systems)
 Radiosensitization of cell sub-populations
 by gold nanoparticles: cross-correlative        Chen Bo
 microscopy for elucidating fundamental          Dong Xueqi
 mechanisms                                      Jin Hua Chi
(conferred: 16 August 2018)                      Asfand Hassan Khan
                                                 Patricia Moreno Boes
for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy,          Matthew O’Neil
conferred as a single degree under               Xia Xiyang
a Dual Award PhD Program between                 Prathamesh Madhusudan Tilak
the University of South Australia and
The Australian National University               for the degree of Master of Engineering
                                                 (Computer Systems Engineering)
Matthew Graham Adcock, by thesis entitled:
 Spatial augmented reality for remote            Meaghan Louise Jarvis
 guidance                                        for the degree of Master of
(conferred: 16 August 2018)                      Engineering (Electrical Power)
                                                 Jiao Zhenggang
for the degree of Doctor of Information          Nirmal Prasad Simangaida *(20/12/2017)
Technology Management                            Mohit Rajkumar Singh
Bahar Jamshidi, by thesis entitled:              Paul Antony Thekkanath *(20/12/2017)
 Using Agile Innovation Frameworks in
                                                 for the degree of Master of Engineering
 Large-Complex Organisations
                                                 (Engineering Management)
(conferred: 19 April 2018)
                                                 Edward Akaadom
Dennis Paul Medlow, by thesis entitled:          Munaf Ahmedhusen Ami
 Use of Estimation Success Factors to            Jugraj Singh Boparai
 improve Estimation Quality in a Project-        Sanjesh Kumar Cartharn
 Orientated Organisation                         Ahad Aslam Chagani *(11/04/2018)
(conferred: 16 August 2018)                      Nirav Ambalal Chaudhary
                                                 Bertrand Pierre Francois Gorjux
                                                 Adnan Hassan
                                                 Marco Herrlen
* indicates a conferral of award date prior to   Darshprit Singh Jawanda
  this ceremony
                                                 Satinder Singh Kailey *(11/04/2018)
                                                 Karthick Loganathan
                                                 Mariel Sheryn Barredo Ong
                                                 Jayakrishnan Sanal Kumar
                                                 Muhammad Hashim Sarwar
                                                 Ravi Inder Singh
                                                 Naresh Thapa
                                                 To Minh Tuan
                                                 Naman Vatsa
                                                 Karanpreet Singh Virdi
                                                 Jaswinder Singh Walia
                                                 Yang Yikuan

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