UQ GUIDE 2018 - University of Queensland

UQ GUIDE 2018 - University of Queensland

UQ GUIDE 2018 - University of Queensland
WELCOME                                                                              UQ was much more
The world around you is changing faster than ever.
At UQ, we aim to give you an experience that will position you ahead of the curve,
empowering you to create change and transform your world for the better.
                                                                                      than just a degree                                                    Jessica, UQ Graduate
I am confident that you will thrive here, because:
 •    You
      	 will be taught by outstanding, inspiring teachers
      UQ cultivates teaching excellence and has won more national                     Through the powerful industry connections she made at UQ, Jessica landed a
      teaching awards than any other Australian university
                                                                                      graduate engineering position at Boeing. Jessica is currently working on a
 •    You will be guided by game-changing research leaders
      	UQ’s research community pioneers positive change                              project designing a next generation aircraft that will make air travel more cost
      locally and globally                                                            effective and accessible to everyone. By learning to see the world differently,
 •    You
      	 will study among talented students                                           Jessica is creating change. See her story at uq.edu.au/createchange
      UQ’s high entry standards mean you will learn with some
      of your generation’s best and brightest from all walks of
      life, sharing ideas and motivating each other toward
      greater achievements
 •    You
      	 will be part of a global network
      UQ’s connectivity means you can gain credit towards your
      UQ degree while studying with a partner university overseas,
      broadening your cultural awareness and acumen and shaping
      you as a ‘must have’ employee in a globalised workforce
 •    You
      	 will graduate with a globally recognised edge
      over graduates from other institutions
      UQ is internationally renowned, ranking in the top 50 of more
      than 10,000 global universities, so a UQ degree is a passport to
      an international career
 •    You
      	 will have fun
      Across UQ’s vibrant campuses, you can
      immerse yourself in a range of
      extracurricular activities, including
      sports, live performances, markets,
      exhibitions, and special events like
      Oktoberfest and Market Day.
UQ is committed to providing our
students with the best opportunities
and practical experiences during their
time at university, empowering them to
create change with a skill set that will
prepare them to exceed expectations
throughout their careers.
No matter what you choose to do
at UQ, your time here will change
you for life, shaping you into a well-
rounded global citizen who inspires
change in others.
I look forward to welcoming you
as you begin on the path to your
successful future with us.

Professor Peter Høj
Vice-Chancellor and President

Cover photo: UQ students Nicholas White and
Rebecca Metcalfe standing in front of the fountain
adjacent to the Great Court, St Lucia campus
Photographer: Damien Bredberg Photography

              IMPORTANT DATES

APRIL               19 April                Careers that shape the world

JULY                15–16 July	Tertiary Studies Expo (TSXPO)
                                Royal International Convention
                                Centre (RICC)                              Welcome to UQ 				                            2
AUGUST              2 August                QTAC applications open*        Fast facts                                    5
                    6 August                Open Day: UQ St Lucia          Top reasons to choose UQ                      6
                                                                           Your advantage                                8
                    16 August               Royal Queensland Show Day
                    20 August               Open Day: UQ Gatton
                    31 August               Census date (Semester 2)       Our locations				 10
                                                                           Your journey                                  12
SEPTEMBER           28 September            QTAC applications close*
                                                                           St Lucia campus                               13
OCTOBER             2 October               Queen’s Birthday holiday       Gatton campus and Herston campus              14
                                                                           Your research opportunities                   15
NOVEMBER            27 November             Summer Semester starts^        Live on campus                                16
DECEMBER            17 December             OPs released*                  Other accommodation options                   18
                    18 December             OP Results Advice Night
                    25 December             Christmas Day                  Your lifestyle                               20
                    26 December             Boxing Day                     Your health and fitness                      22
                                                                           Your entertainment                           24
2018                                                                       Your network                                 25
                                                                           Your global adventure                        26
JANUARY             1 January               New Year’s Day                 Your support                                 28
                    15 January              QTAC Round 1 offers*           Your learning                                30
                    26 January              Australia Day
                    27 January              Summer Semester ends^
                                                                           Your planning                                32
FEBRUARY            12–16 February          Orientation Week               Your finances                                34
                    19 February             Semester 1 starts              Your scholarship options                     36
                                                                           Your pathway to university                   38
MARCH               31 March                Census date (Semester 1)
                                                                           Enhance your studies                         39
                    30 March                Good Friday                    Your studies                                 40
APRIL               2 April                 Easter Monday                  Double your opportunities                    42
                    9–15 April              Mid-semester break             Your future options                          44
                    16 April                Semester 1 resumes             Your alumni network                          45
                    25 April                Anzac Day                      Your decisions                               46
                                                                           Test-drive UQ                                47
MAY                 7 May                   Labour Day holiday             Your UQ application                          48
                                                                           Your entry options                           50
JUNE                4–8 June                Revision period
                    9–23 June               Examination period
                    23 June                 Semester 1 ends                Your study options                           52
                    24 June – 22 July       Mid-year break                 Agriculture and Environment                  54
                                                                           Architecture and Planning                    58
JULY                16–20 July              Graduation week                Arts, Communication and Society              60
                    16–20 July              Mid-year Orientation           Business, Economics and Law                  66
                    23 July                 Semester 2 starts              Education                                    72
                                                                           Engineering and Information Technology       74
AUGUST              15 August               Royal Queensland Show Day
                                                                           Health, Behavioural Sciences and Medicine    78
                    31 August               Census date (Semester 2)       Science and Mathematics                      86
SEPTEMBER           24–28 September         Mid-semester break
                                                                           What does that mean?                         92
OCTOBER             1 October               Queen’s Birthday holiday       Equivalent pre-requisites and entry scores   93
                    2 October               Semester 2 resumes             Programs quick reference                     94
                    29 Oct – 2 Nov          Revision period
                                                                           Index                                        96
NOVEMBER            3–17 November           Examination period
                    17 November             Semester 2 ends
                    26 November             Summer Semester starts^

DECEMBER            3–12 December           Graduation weeks
                    25 December             Christmas Day
                    26 December             Boxing Day

* Tentative dates only – check qtac.edu.au from April 2017
^ These dates are provisional – please check the Academic Calendar at
  uq.edu.au/events for final dates
UQ GUIDE 2018 - University of Queensland
2 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

While enjoying a campus life like no other, you will learn from
the best, with like-minded peers, to earn a highly valued
qualification that will open doors around the world.
UQ GUIDE 2018 - University of Queensland
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 3
UQ GUIDE 2018 - University of Queensland
4 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

YOUR PATH                                       As a UQ student, you’ll benefit from:

At UQ, we see the world differently, which is
                                                more opportunities for       more flexibility in when and
why we’re changing the way higher education     practical workplace skills   how you study
is imagined and experienced.                    and experience to enhance
                                                                             potential to fast-track your
                                                your employability
                                                access to UQ’s research
UQ is committed to providing you with a         excellence                   more certainty on how you
dynamic learning experience that will prepare   careers advice from
                                                                             are progressing.

you for a new world of challenges and           successful entrepreneurs
                                                and innovators
                                                expanded opportunities for
                                                overseas experiences.
UQ GUIDE 2018 - University of Queensland
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 5


                                                                                           CAMPUSES           FACULTIES

                     For more
                information about
            the Student Strategy, visit
           student-strategy.uq.edu.au                                         8  RESEARCH
                                                                                                      UQ RESIDENTIAL

                                                                        STUDENTS FROM MORE THAN

                                                                             (13,300 INTERNATIONAL AND
                                                                                14,700 POSTGRADUATE)

classes delivered in new and   an engaging and vibrant
                                                                                           IN QUEENSLAND
interesting ways               learning environment                                        FOR GRADUATE
opportunities to take          more personalised online                                    EMPLOYABILITY
leadership roles and build     information and advice
networks to support your                                               QS GRADUATE EMPLOYABILITY RANKINGS 2017
future career                  access to 24/7 support
                               and advice during exam,

access to support and          orientation and transition
advice from industry, alumni   periods.
and staff mentors.
                                                                of UQ’s broad fields           AUSTRALIAN AWARDS
                                                                   of research are               FOR UNIVERSITY
                                                            ABOVE OR WELL-ABOVE                     TEACHING
                                                            world standard, and none are
                                                             below (2015 Excellence in
                                                                                                 THAN ANY OTHER
                                                            Research for Australia (ERA)
                                                                                              AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITY
UQ GUIDE 2018 - University of Queensland
6 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate


      SUCCESSFUL                           GREAT                      GLOBAL
      GRADUATES                            EXPERIENCES                CONNECTIONS
      Higher than national                 Long- and short-term       Extensive graduate
      averages for full-time               overseas study exchange,   network, strong industry
      graduate employment                  vacation research          partnerships and many
      rates                                programs and more          notable alumni
UQ GUIDE 2018 - University of Queensland
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 7

 ACCESSIBLE                                                              VIBRANT                    WORLD-CLASS
 LOCATIONS                                                               LIFESTYLE                  FACILITIES
 Three easy-to-access                                                    Dynamic sports and         Continuously improving
 campuses – catch public                                                 cultural activities,       teaching, learning, sporting
 transport, ride, walk or drive                                          200+ clubs and societies   and research spaces

        EXCELLENT                                                        LEADING                    HIGH-QUALITY
        TEACHERS                                                         RESEARCH                   PROGRAMS
        More national teaching                                           Global research            Most comprehensive
        awards than any other                                            powerhouse with all        range of programs in
        Australian university*                                           fields at or above world   Queensland

*As at December 2016, UQ has received 122 Australian Awards for University Teaching
** 2015 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) assessment
UQ GUIDE 2018 - University of Queensland
8 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

                                                                                                                                  Gain a

Enhance your employability                                      KATHLEEN NOON
through experiences                                             Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Arts
The UQ Advantage Employability Award
is a free program designed specifically                                  The UQ Advantage Employability
to bring out the best in you during your                                 Award  encompasses the idea that
                                                                         text here
                                                                         university is so much more than
undergraduate studies.                                                   the classroom and improved my
   Participants can access a range of                          university experience ten-fold.
extra-curricular activities and professional                      So many different activities can be
development seminars including a unique                        considered for the award – I completed
symposium series.                                              a year-long exchange in Texas and North
                                                               Carolina as well as a number of internships
   By participating in the program, you will                   within UQ and in the workforce.
enjoy experiences that will help you realise                      In my experience, employers are
your aspirations, become a leader in your                      impressed by the UQ Advantage
chosen field, make a positive impact on                        Employability Award and it definitely gives
society, and enhance your employability.                       you an edge over other graduates.
   After completing all program
requirements, you will reflect on your
experiences and be able to effectively
communicate your enhanced employability
in the recruitment process.
   You can apply for a formal certificate when
you graduate that recognises the enhanced                                                                    Financial support
experience and skill set you have developed                                                                  A UQ Advantage Employability Grant
during your time at UQ.
                                                                                                             could help you realise your dreams.
UQ Advantage Employability Award                                                                             Grants worth up to $1000 are awarded for co-
W: uq.edu.au/advantage-award                                                                                 curricular activities such as internships, volunteering,
                                                                                                             research, leadership programs and conference

Above: Kevin Plasencia, a UQ Bachelor of Engineering student, participated
in the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Humanitarian Design Summit in                                         Find out more by visiting
Cambodia as part of the UQ Advantage Employability Award program                                             uq.edu.au/uqadvantage/advantage-grant
UQ GUIDE 2018 - University of Queensland
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 9

   Prepare for the best
 career while you’re at UQ

Study overseas               Gain research            Seek out work                 Develop your
for a few weeks or up to     experience               experience and                leadership skills
a year and experience        alongside world-         internships                   by leading a student
different cultures, places   class academics by       to broaden your career        club or society as an
and people while you         participating in an      networks and gain             executive committee
study                        undergraduate research   valuable skills and           member
                             program                  experience

Hone your                    Represent UQ at          Learn a language              Look for
presentation                 a sporting event         through the Institute         volunteering
skills                       and develop your         of Modern Languages           opportunities
by presenting at a           teamwork and social      (IML) and increase            locally, nationally and
conference                   skills                   your employment               abroad and give back to
                                                      opportunities                 the community

Become                       Apply to become          Refine your                   Enter a
a mentor                     a tutor                  entrepreneurship              competition
or student                   and pass on valuable     skills                        such as mooting,
ambassador                   knowledge to your        by joining UQ’s Idea          debating or
and encourage and            peers                    Hub or ilab to develop        photography and
inspire fellow students                               your ideas and create         display your creativity
                                                      networks                      while honing your
                                                                                    practical skills
10 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate


 Queensland                      Sunshine

                   UQ Gatton

                                       UQ St Lucia
                  Gold Coast           UQ Herston
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 11

                                                    The University of Queensland has three
                                                    campuses in South-East Queensland, and
                                                    more than 45 teaching and research sites
                                                    around the state.

                                                    Welcome to Queensland, where Australia shines

                                                    Sunny days and year-round temperate                          Queensland has a highly educated
                                                    weather are a way of life for UQ students.                and skilled population, a diverse range of
                                                                                                              industries and a stable economy, and offers
                                                    As a UQ student living in South-East
                                                                                                              many opportunities for casual, part-time,
                                                    Queensland, you will enjoy an experience
                                                                                                              or community work for university students
                                                    like no other.
                                                                                                              while you study.
                                                       Dine out at some quirky and dynamic
                                                                                                                 The landscape features lush northern
                                                    venues in Brisbane’s diverse restaurant
                                                                                                              rainforests and golden surf beaches in the
                                                    scene; join one of the range of indoor
                                                                                                              south-east. The Queensland Government is
                                                    or outdoor sports teams at high-quality
                                                                                                              renewing its focus on developing the state’s
                                                    venues across the city; go shopping in any
                                                                                                              strengths in tourism, agriculture, resources
                                                    of our many hotspots for fashion, bargains,
                                                                                                              and construction to boost the economy and
                                                    homewares, or anything else; and hang out
                                                                                                              improve community resilience.
                                                    with new friends in the glorious sunshine.

                                                                                                              Queensland Government
                                                                                                              W: qld.gov.au/about
                                                                                                              Tourism and Events Queensland
                                                                                                              W: teq.queensland.com

UQ St Lucia’s Global Change Institute, Main Foyer   View of Brisbane River and the Story Bridge looking through to the CBD in Brisbane, Queensland’s capital
12 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

YOUR JOURNEY                                                                                                                                                        easily accessible
                                                                                                                                                                    campus locations
                                                                                                                                                                    from all Brisbane

Our locations
UQ’s three campuses at St Lucia, Gatton and                                             TransLink Brisbane fare zones                                                                        Effective 19 December 2016

Herston are well known for their world-class
                                                                 To Gympie North
facilities, beautiful parks and open spaces,                                                   23   Lawnton                    2 Brighton
                                                                                                                                                                                Key                                     N
and iconic architecture and buildings.                                                    Strathpine 2
                                                                                                                             2 Bracken Ridge
                                                                                                                                                                                          train line
                                                                                                      2 Brendale                                                                          busway
                                                                                                                           2 Bald Hills
An integral part of the local community, our                                            2 Eatons Hill
                                                                                                                                                                                    1     zone 1
campuses are also easy to access from most                                                    2 Albany Village
                                                                                                                                                    2 Shorncliffe                   2     zone 2
                                                                                                                       2 Aspley                                                           zone 3
areas in South-East Queensland.                                                         2 Albany Creek        2 Bridgeman Downs
                                                                                                                                                       2 Sandgate                   3
                                                                                                                                                                                          airport - special fares apply
                                                                                              Chermside West 2                  2
                                                                                                                                          2 Zillmere                                This map is indicative and should be
                                                                                                                     Chermside                                                      used as a guide only. For detailed
                                                                                                                                                                                    information on fare and zone

Brisbane City
                                                                                                2 McDowall
                                                                                                                                                           2 Boondall               boundaries, please refer to individual
                                                                             Everton Hills 2                           Kedron 2                                                     timetables or use the TransLink
                                                                                              2 Everton Park
                                                                         Ferny Hills 2                     Kedron Brook                                                             journey planner at translink.com.au.
Home to both UQ St Lucia and UQ Herston,                                      Arana Hills 2
                                                                                              2 Brookside
                                                                                                          Stafford 1 2
                                                                                                                        12                                 2 Nudgee
                                                                       Ferny Grove 2                                                      12   Northgate              Brisbane Airport
Brisbane is Australia’s third-largest city and                        Upper Kedron 2
                                                                                             Gaythorne 1 2 Lutwyche 1
                                                                                                                       Toombul 1 2        12   Nundah
                                                                                             Enoggera 1 2              UQ
Queensland’s capital.                                                                        Alderley 1               Herston
                                                                                                                Windsor 1 1           1 Clayfield
                                                                                                                                                             2 Pinkenba

   2.27 million Brisbane residents enjoy a                                                   Newmarket 1              1       Eagle Junction 1 Doomben             Wynnum North
                                                                                    2 The Gap           Windsor station       1 Albion                             2     2 Wynnum
relaxed lifestyle with a subtropical climate,                                               Red Hill 1          QUT 1 1 RBWH                 1 Bulimba
                                                                      St Johns Wood 2 Suncorp Stadium 1                      1 CBD
vibrant shopping and dining precincts,                                                                                              1 New
                                                                                                                                             1 Balmoral
                                                                                                                                                                            2 Manly
                                                                                 Mount Coot-tha 1 Toowong 1 UQ                        Farm
                                                                                                                                                   1 2 Murarrie

extensive parklands, and a wide range of                                                                West EndSt1Lucia
                                                                                                                      Mater 1        ZO         1 Seven Hills
                                                                                                                         Hill            NE                              2 Manly West
festivals, arts and entertainment offerings.                                             Indooroopilly                  Coorparoo 1           1         2 Tingalpa
                                                                                     2 Chapel Hill                                                              2 Carindale
   At the heart of the city is the winding river                 Brookfield 2
                                                                                      2 Kenmore
                                                                                                             St Lucia 2
                                                                                                                      1        1 Annerley
                                                                                                                                                                                 2 Lota
                                                                                                                   Greenslopes 1                                               To Cleveland
which provides a scenic backdrop to the                                     Fig Tree Pocket 2                                           1 2 Holland Park
                                                                                                         1 2 Graceville                                            ZO
bustling CBD, hilly suburban pockets, and                               2 Pullenvale       2 Lone Pine                    1 2 Yeerongpilly       2 Mansfield           NE
                                                                                                         2 Sherwood
                                                                                                                           2 Moorooka          2 Mount Gravatt
many sport and leisure spaces.                                                                                   2 Rocklea
                                                                                                                                               2 Wishart
                                                                                       2 Jindalee


                                                                                       2 Westlake                              2 Salisbury

                                                                                                         2 Darra                                      Upper Mount Gravatt
                                                                                                                                                    2 (Garden City)
Brisbane City Council                                             2 Moggill        2 Riverhills
                                                                                                            Coopers Plains 2
                                                                                                                                                                         2 Eight Mile Plains
W: brisbane.qld.gov.au                                                          Wacol 2                     2 Archerfield
                                                                                            2 Richlands                             2 Sunnybank
                                                                                                   2 Durack Acacia Ridge 2                                  2 Fruitgrove
                                                                                                                           Sunnybank Hills 2

Travel between campuses                                                                               2 Inala                  2 Algester    2 Stretton
                                                                                                                                                            2 Kuraby

                                                                        Redbank   23

Free buses between campuses leave at                                                                       2 Forest Lake              2 Calamvale
                                                                                                                                             2 Drewvale
                                                                                                                                                                    23   Kingston

regular intervals each day during semester:                                                                        2 Heathwood                 23Browns Plains
                                                       To Rosewood                                To Springfield Central                       3 Greenbank                          To Varsity Lakes
St Lucia – Herston: 10kms (approx. 20 mins)
St Lucia – Gatton: 82kms (approx. 70 mins)             Zones
                                                                           Adult fares (19 December 2016)
                                                                                                                                                         Concession fares (19 December 2016)
                                                                                        go card        Single                                                          go card         Single
Herston – Gatton: 90kms (approx. 70 mins)            travelled        go card
                                                                                       off-peak      paper ticket
                                                                                                                                     travelled              go card
                                                                                                                                                                       off-peak     paper ticket
                                                        1              $3.20             $2.56          $4.60                             1             $1.60           $1.28
                                                                                                                                                    Current as at December 2016. For    $2.30the latest
                                                        2              $3.90             $3.12          $5.70                             2             $1.95           $1.56           $2.80
                                                        3              $5.96             $4.77          $8.60                             3    information, download$2.38
                                                                                                                                                        $2.98            the MyTranslink$4.30app, visit
                                                        4              $7.85             $6.28         $11.40                             4             $3.93    translink.com.au
                                                                                                                                                                        $3.14        or$5.70
                                                                                                                                                                                         call 13 12 30
                                                        5             $10.32      UQ $8.26             $15.00                             5             $5.16           $4.13           $7.50
                                                        6             $13.09 Gatton $10.47             $19.00                             6             $6.55           $5.24           $9.50
                                                        7             $16.28            $13.02         $23.60                             7             $8.14           $6.51          $11.80
                                                        8             $19.32            $15.46         $28.00                             8             $9.66           $7.73          $14.00

                                                   Download the MyTranslink app, visit translink.com.au or call 13 12 30
                                                                          ZONE 5                                                    Enclosed on either side of the Great Dividing
                                                                   Approx. 90km west                                                Range, Gatton is a thriving town of 7500
                                                                   of Brisbane City                                                 people located in the Lockyer Valley, just five
 Plan your                                                                                                                          kilometres from UQ Gatton and 90 kilometres
                                                                                                                                    west of Brisbane.
 journey                                                                                                                                Gatton is a 30-minute drive from
                                                                                                                                    Toowoomba, the regional capital of the
 Travelling to UQ by public                                                                                                         Darling Downs and home to 150,000 people.
 transport is easy:                                                                                                                     With a perfect mix of town and country
 •	visit translink.com.au for train, bus                                                                                           living, Gatton offers restaurants, art galleries,
    and ferry timetables                                                                                                            shopping, hot-air ballooning, sky diving,
 •	top up your go card at conveniently                                                                                             beautiful parks, and country markets.
    located vendors and vending
    machines on campus                                                                                                              Lockyer Valley Shire
 •	relax and enjoy the ride!                                                                                                       W: lockyervalley.qld.gov.au
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 13

                                                                  ST LUCIA CAMPUS
                                                                  Just seven kilometres from Brisbane’s city centre, UQ St Lucia is
                                                                  renowned as one of Australia’s most attractive university campuses.
                                                                  Bounded by the Brisbane River on three sides, the 114-hectare site
                                                                  provides a perfect study, research and living environment. You will enjoy
                                                                  the best of both worlds: a vibrant, modern campus with the tradition of
                                                                  an established university.
                                                                     The gracious sandstone architecture, with its hub of cloistered
                                                                  buildings enclosing the National Trust-registered Great Court – along
                                                                  with spacious parklands and lakes – encompass world-class teaching
                                                                  and research facilities, including Queensland’s largest research library,
                                                                  fully equipped laboratories and modern lecture theatres.

                                                                  UQ St Lucia
                                                                  W: uq.edu.au/about/st-lucia

                                                           Catch a bus – one arrives every                        Walk – wide inviting pathways and
                                                           two minutes at the UQ Lakes bus                        beautiful scenery await! Access the
                                                           stop; the Chancellor’s Place bus                       campus from local suburbs or via the
                                                           stop is also well serviced                             Eleanor Schonell Bridge

                                                           Catch a CityCat – ferries to UQ’s                      Ride your bike – park in secure Bike
                                                           CityCat terminal regularly depart                      Box facilities or at bike racks
                                                           from the city and suburbs                              Plan your route: see www.pf.uq.edu.
The entrance to the Forgan Smith Building at UQ St Lucia                                                          au/cycling or http://cyclingbrisbane.
                                                           Catch a train – closest stops are at
                                                           Indooroopilly, Taringa, Toowong
                                                           or Dutton Park, then walk or catch
                                                                                                                  Drive – metered parking spaces are
                                                           a bus to campus
                                                                                                                  readily available but in very high
                                                                                                                  demand year-round; see

     Travel time to
    UQ St Lucia from
     major suburbs
                         Indicative travel
     Suburb               time via public
                       transport (minutes)
    Carindale                   28
   Chermside                    48
  Indooroopilly                 20
Upper Mt Gravatt                18
 (Garden City)

                                                                                                  The AIBN building and UQ Lakes precinct at UQ St Lucia
14 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

                                                     UQ Gatton combines its Queensland Agricultural College heritage
                                                     with modern research and teaching facilities in agriculture,
                                                     agribusiness and veterinary science.
                                                     Just over an hour’s drive west of Brisbane and five kilometres
                                                     from the local township, the 1068-hectare Gatton campus offers a
                                                     relaxed, friendly atmosphere and world-class facilities including the
                                                     Queensland Animal Science Precinct, the UQ Veterinary Medical
                                                     Centre, Gatton Research Dairy, nursery and glasshouse facilities, the
                                                     southern hemisphere’s largest PV solar array research facility, and a
                                                     pesticide wind tunnel facility.
                                                        The campus also operates several commercial plant and animal
                                                     production units to support teaching, research and hands-on training.

                                                     UQ Gatton
                                                     W: gatton.uq.edu.au

                                                                    Catch a bus – Gatton, Brisbane or Toowoomba
                                                                    have services to campus, and a UQ-operated
                                                                    inter-campus service is also available four times
                                                                    each weekday; see www.pf.uq.edu.au/buses

                                                                    Catch a train – you can purchase a combined rail
                                                                    and bus service ticket from Brisbane and travel by
                                                                    Queensland Rail and Greyhound express coach

                                                                    Drive – parking on campus is free; however,
                                                                    spaces are in high demand during teaching
                                                                    periods; see www.pf.uq.edu.au/parking

Veterinary Science students at UQ Gatton

                                                     Just three kilometres from the Brisbane city centre, Herston is
                                                     UQ’s core campus for clinical health teaching and research.
                                                     Sharing premises with the Royal Brisbane Hospital, Women’s
                                                     Hospital and the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, UQ
                                                     Herston houses a vibrant clinical and research community who
                                                     deliver innovative and contemporary research and education
                                                     programs in a clinical academic environment.
                                                        Major research institutes on campus include the UQ Centre for
                                                     Clinical Research, along with other key facilities such as the Oral Health
                                                     Centre and the purpose-built Herston Imaging Research Facility.

                                                     UQ Herston
                                                     W: uq.edu.au/about/herston-campus

                                                                    Catch a bus – Herston Road and Bowen Bridge
                                                                    Road have stops for UQ Herston, and a UQ-
                                                                    operated inter-campus service is also available
                                                                    four times each weekday; see www.pf.uq.edu.au/

                                                                    Catch a train – stop at Brunswick Street or Bowen
                                                                    Hills stations, followed by a short walk to campus

                                                                    Drive – parking on campus is extremely limited
                                                                    but commercial carparks are located close-by

UQ Herston’s Medical School and Oral Health Centre
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 15

Research institutes                                statistics, ISSR conducts policy and program         Interested in research?
                                                   evaluations for governmental and other               UQ’s undergraduate research programs
UQ has a proud reputation for creating             agencies, and analyses society’s ‘big’ issues        offer the opportunity to gain research
change in the world through research, and          including social disadvantage, employment,           experience during your undergraduate
our impact extends right across the globe.         education, sustainability, social wellbeing,         program. Working alongside some of
In partnership with government, industry           health and housing.                                  the University’s leading academics and
and donors, UQ has developed eight globally        W: issr.uq.edu.au                                    researchers, you’ll extend your knowledge
recognised research institutes, as well as more                                                         of an area of interest and develop
than 100 research centres and diverse off-         Mater Research Institute-UQ (MRI-UQ)                 your analytical, critical thinking and
campus facilities, which offer research and        MRI-UQ aims to discover, develop, translate and      communication skills.
study opportunities for students, either during    commercialise medical research, specifically            Research projects are available in many
semester or over the summer and winter breaks.     in the fields of mothers’, babies’ and women’s       disciplines during semester break periods.
                                                   health; cancer biology and care; neurosciences          Participation is open to current UQ
Australian Institute for Bioengineering and                                                             undergraduate students, including honours
                                                   and cognitive health; chronic disease biology
Nanotechnology (AIBN)                                                                                   students, who have completed at least one
                                                   and care; and optimising acute care.
Seeking big impact with commercially viable        W: materresearch.org.au                              year of study at the time of application,
breakthroughs in health, energy, manufacturing,                                                         and Masters by coursework students.
agriculture and sustainability, AIBN’s focus       Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and              Scholarships may also be available (see
is on the new scientific frontiers of cell and     Food Innovation (QAAFI)                              pages 36–37).
tissue engineering, systems biotechnology,         Through its three centres – Plant Science,
nanomaterials and nanobiotechnology.               Animal Science, and Nutrition and                    Undergraduate Research Programs
W: aibn.uq.edu.au                                  Food Sciences – QAAFI delivers high-                 W: uq.edu.au/uqadvantage/undergraduate-
                                                   impact science to significantly improve                 research-programs
Global Change Institute (GCI)
                                                   the productivity, competitiveness and
A growing global population will bring             sustainability of tropical and subtropical
untold impacts and opportunities. Through          food, fibre and agribusiness industries.
an interdisciplinary approach, GCI brings          W: qaafi.uq.edu.au
together researchers to address the impacts
and identify opportunities associated with         Queensland Brain Institute (QBI)
technological innovation, population growth        The brain is a complex machine and some of
and climate change.                                its functions are little understood. It stores
W: gci.uq.edu.au                                   our memories and makes each of us unique.
                                                   At QBI, we are unravelling these mysteries.
Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB)
                                                   Our research will help you understand the
IMB is a leading multidisciplinary life sciences   impact of your drugs on your brain, why
institute that is home to six research centres     someone has schizophrenia, and how you
focusing on sustainable futures, pain, heart       can improve learning outcomes.
disease, inflammation, superbug infection,         W: qbi.uq.edu.au
and the interplay of genetics and disease.                                                              JAMES HILL
Together with academic, industry and clinical      Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI)                 UQ Winter Research Scholar
collaborators, IMB makes and translates            With expertise in engineering, science and                   Coming into the Winter Research
discoveries that improve our health and            the social sciences, SMI’s purpose is to                     program, I really didn’t know
environment.                                       develop practical solutions to the challenges                what to expect as it was my first
W: imb.uq.edu.au                                   of operating sustainably in the resources                    research experience. Once you
                                                   sector – from geology, minerals extraction,          get your foot in the door, one project
Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR)
                                                   water management and minerals processing             can easily turn into three. Having broad
As UQ’s flagship institute for the social          to OHS, mine rehabilitation and community            experiences has allowed me more informed
sciences, ISSR is committed to improving           engagement.                                          decision-making about my future. I am now
economic and social wellbeing for                  W: smi.uq.edu.au                                     completing my Honours project with one of
individuals, families, communities and
                                                                                                        my Winter Research supervisors and I am
regions in Australia and internationally. With     Above: Heron Island, the site of UQ’s Heron Island   hoping to progress into a PhD.
expertise in research methods and social           Research Station
16 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

                                                                                                                                Discover the
                                                                                                                               other benefits
                                                                                                                              UQ Colleges can
                                                                                                                                 offer you at
Students enjoying some downtime at Cromwell College, UQ St Lucia                                                               liveuq.edu.au

No matter where you’re from, living on campus brings an extra dimension of fun, excitement,
support and friendship to your student experience.

Why live on campus?
UQ’s on-campus accommodation consists
of 10 residential colleges at St Lucia campus
and a Halls of Residence at Gatton campus
that are home to over 3000 students from
Australia and overseas.
   Aside from the convenience of having
every university facility and service only
minutes away, there are other great
advantages to living at a residential college,
• fully catered accommodation
• supportive staff available 24/7
• safe and secure premises
• academic tutorial programs
   and peer group support
• strong, lifelong college and professional
• community service opportunities
• active sporting, cultural and social life                KATIE BROOMFIELD
• college scholarships, prizes and bursaries               Current student and Resident Activity Officer, Union College
• inter-college activities
• lasting friendships.                                                For me, joining the Union College community was like coming home. From the very first
                                                                      day, I’ve made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. The many wonderful shared
                                                                      experiences you have make the transition to tertiary studies so much more enjoyable.
                                                                      With the ability to walk from your accommodation, often with friends and colleagues who
                                                           are enrolled in your chosen program, and arrive at your lecture theatre within five minutes, saves
                                                           so much time each week. This time can then be used to engage in the many sporting, cultural and
                                                           social activities on offer. Choosing to live on campus has been the best decision I’ve ever made and
                                                           I’ll forever remember my time at Union.
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 17

Students catch up over a meal at Emmanuel College (all UQ Colleges are fully catered, providing 21 meals per week)            LIFESTYLE
                                                                                                                           Experience a lifestyle that
The Colleges                                                                                                               only on-campus living and
                                                                                                                            established communities
UQ St Lucia
                                                                                                                                    can bring
                 COLLEGE                                                           CONTACT

             Cromwell College                   296 (Mixed)                stay@cromwell.uq.edu.au

            Duchesne College                      212 (W)          duchesne.college@duchesne.uq.edu.au

            Emmanuel College                    340 (Mixed)            enquiries@emmanuel.uq.edu.au

               Grace College                       181 (W)              graceadmin@grace.uq.edu.au

           International House                  238 (Mixed)           ihadmissions@inthouse.uq.edu.au
                                                                                                                      With hundreds of students at
                                                                                                                      every college, you’ll expand
              King’s College                      325 (M)                  kings.college@uq.edu.au                      your network and make
                                                                                                                            lifelong friends
             St John’s College                  300 (Mixed)             admissions@stjohns.uq.edu.au

             St Leo’s College                     207 (M)                 enquiries@stleos.uq.edu.au

               Union College                    334 (Mixed)                union.college@uq.edu.au

          The Women’s College                     253 (W)                 admin@womens.uq.edu.au

UQ Gatton                                                                                                                     SUPPORT
                                                CURRENT                                                                    UQ Colleges offer 24/7
                COLLEGE                                                            CONTACT
                                               RESIDENTS*^                                                                assistance plus academic
                                                                                                                         support to ensure a positive
        Gatton Halls of Residence               436 (Mixed)                  halls@uqg.uq.edu.au
                                                                                                                            university experience
* Resident numbers as at November 2016
^ M = Men only; W = Women only; Mixed = All genders

How much does it cost                                        Want to experience
to live in a residential                                     college life, without living
college?                                                     on campus?
College fees and on-campus cost of living                    The Colleges Associate Membership Program
vary between colleges. See the table above                   delivers some key aspects of the college
for college contact details.                                 experience for UQ students who are not
                                                             living at a college but are interested in the
                                                             academic, networking, mentoring and social                           UQ Colleges have provided
How do I apply?                                                                                                                     mentoring support and
                                                             aspects of college life.
Visit the LiveUQ website where                                                                                                    development opportunities
you can apply online to the college(s)                       Colleges Associate Membership Program                                 for thousands of leaders
of your choice.                                              W: uq.edu.au/uqadvantage/uqcamg                                           who have created
W: liveuq.edu.au
18 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

                                                                                           Top tips for
                                                                                           • A
                                                                                              lways inspect the property in person
                                                                                             before you sign anything or pay any money.
                                                                                           • T
                                                                                              ake some time to consider a few different suburbs,
                                                                                             because prices, size and quality may vary with
                                                                                             location. See pages 12–13 to find out more about travel
                                                                                             times and distances from different suburbs.
                                                                                           • M
                                                                                              ake sure you understand all of the tenancy
                                                                                             documentation before you sign anything.
                                                                                           • T
                                                                                              ry to meet all housemates before moving into a
                                                                                             share house.
                                                                                           • Come along to an accommodation workshop, or visit
                                                                                             accommodation.uq.edu.au to view online.
                                                                                           • N
                                                                                              eed advice or want something checked? Contact
                                                                                             Accommodation Services via email, phone, or book an
                                                                                             appointment to see us in person.

Finding a great place to live while studying at UQ can really enhance your university
experience, and there are a number of off-campus options for you to explore.

Arriving and finding                             UQ Rentals                                         Student Residences
accommodation                                    On the UQ Rentals database, you can:               Project
UQ Accommodation Services provides               – access hundreds of shared and vacant             Future students at UQ will have access to
information and services to assist you in          property listings, ranging from low-cost         a bright new living space that will set a
finding a home that’s right for you, and make      share houses to high-rise penthouses             benchmark for university student housing.
your arrival as smooth as possible.              – filter for the price and location that best
                                                   suits your needs.                                To find out more, visit
UQ Accommodation Services offer:                                                                    student-strategy.uq.edu.au
– free information sessions all year             UQ Rentals
– free tenancy advice                            W: uqrentals.com.au
– online resources
– one-on-one appointments with
                                                 Student accommodation
  accommodation advisors
– share housing and living skills advice and     providers
  resources.                                     A number of independent student-
                                                 accommodation providers offer a variety of
We advise all new students who haven’t
arranged any accommodation to arrive as
                                                 purpose-built and managed housing options.
                                                                                                            Find out more
early as possible before classes start. Allow
at least one month to get organised, arrange
                                                 UQ Accommodation – Preferred Providers                     Access online resources and free
                                                 W: uq.edu.au/student-services
inspections, and lodge applications for rental   /accommodation/preferred-providers
                                                                                                            info sessions to help you find and
properties.                                                                                                 maintain a tenancy:
                                                                                                            •  check our website for information
UQ Accommodation Services
                                                                                                               session times
W: accommodation.uq.edu.au
E: accommodation@uq.edu.au                                                                                  • watch our information video
T: (07) 3365 3419                                                                                           •	contact one of our team members by
                                                                                                               visiting accommodation.uq.edu.au
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 19

                      Open Day
         St Lucia 6 August | Gatton 20 August

      Open Day is the perfect opportunity to experience UQ.
        Find out about programs and courses, explore the campus and facilities, meet staff and
               current students, and enjoy the range of fun activities at this free event.

Visit the website                   Download the app                    Ask us a question
Visit the website before the        Available from the App Store or     Email our friendly staff any
day for a copy of the program,      GooglePlay, the UQ Open Day         questions you have about the
directions to the campus and to     app provides access to your         event.
create a personalised plan.         personalised plan and interactive   openday@uq.edu.au
uq.edu.au/openday                   maps to use on the day.
20 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

                                            Have fun while you study! UQ offers a range of cultural and
                                            recreational activities and events for you to enjoy.
                                            You can also access a range of services and information to
                                            support you while you study.
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 21
22 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

                                                  If you need to see a doctor while on
                                                  campus, you can visit the UQ Health

                                                  Service (UQHS), an accredited general
                                                  practice providing comprehensive and
                                                  confidential health services for students.
                                                  Services include general medicine and
                                                  specialist referrals, contraception advice,
                                                  counselling, minor surgery, travel advice and
                                                    UQHS ‘direct-bills’, meaning that you
                                                  generally only pay for immunisation and
                                                  medications prescribed.
                                                    There is also a dental clinic at UQ St Lucia
                                                  that offers student discounts.

                                                  University Health Service
                                                  W: uq.edu.au/healthservice
                                                  A: Building 32, St Lucia / Building 8101a, Gatton

Sport and
PLAY YOUR WAY at university! Combine
your studies with playing a sport you
enjoy, keeping fit and making the most
of the excellent sporting and health
facilities available on campus.

UQ Sport’s Boat (Rowing) Club students
start their day with a splash on Brisbane River
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 23

UQ Sport offers hundreds of sports and
activities to help you keep active at
Queensland’s largest multi-sport complex.
Located at UQ’s St Lucia and Gatton
campuses, UQ Sport offers the UQ community
a variety of options to keep fit, including
some 70 sports and activities, 10+ social sport
options and close to 40 sporting clubs.

UQ Sport
W: uqsport.com.au                                 St Lucia facilities include:                 Gatton facilities include:
F: facebook.com/uqsport
                                                  – 90+ group fitness classes each week        – an on-campus cardio and weights
                                                  – a three-level weights and cardio gym         gym, 25-metre pool, plus tennis,
                                                  – 50-metre and 25-metre heated pools           basketball, netball and squash courts
                                                  – an Olympic-standard athletics track        – 6+ social sport options offered
                                                  – nine sporting fields including two           throughout the year
                                                    international-standard artificial          – 10+ group fitness classes per week
                                                    playing fields                               including boot camp, yoga, pilates and
                                                  – 21 tennis courts                             high-intensity toning classes
                                                  – netball, badminton, basketball, squash     – three playing fields, including one of
                                                    and beach volleyball courts                  Queensland’s best rugby fields.
                                                  – a range of high-performance services
                                                    for elite athletes available through the
                                                    UQ Sport Academy.
24 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

Events and entertainment                                Music                                          Theatre and cinema
UQU is the hub of entertainment on                      Whether you want to learn or absorb, the       Lights, camera, action!
campus, here to engage, entertain and                   School of Music is your hub for on-campus
                                                                                                       See performances by student and
support you.                                            music.
                                                                                                       community groups at the Schonell Theatre
Enjoy amazing events such as Market Day,                Attend a free Lunchtime Concert every          and Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio at the St
Cultural Fiesta and Food on Forgan, and hit             Thursday during semester at the St Lucia       Lucia campus, or take in some of the new
the Red Room for live music, weekly trivia              campus, or enjoy one of the popular free       release and international movies at the
and games nights.                                       Sunday concerts at the UQ Art Museum or        Schonell cinema from Thursday to Monday.
   UQU has more than 200 clubs and                      Customs House in Brisbane City.
societies for you to join – whether it’s an                Special performances are also held at the   UQ Events
interest-based, cultural or faculty club,               Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC)       W: uq.edu.au/events
there’s something for everyone.                         and the State Library of Queensland’s
                                                                                                       Schonell Theatre
   UQU also provides free breakfasts three              riverside Red Box at South Bank, Brisbane.     W: schonell.com
days a week. Be sure to visit Morning                      You can also join ensembles such as
Marmalade for a free tea or coffee and                  the UQ Chamber Singers, UQ Chorale, UQ
some pancakes.                                          Symphony Orchestra, UQ Pulse Chamber           Museums
                                                        Orchestra, and UQ Winds: auditions are         Help yourself to some of Queensland’s
UQU                                                     held during O-Week.                            most diverse art and cultural displays!
W: uqu.com.au
E-news: uqu.com.au/subscribe                                                                           UQ holds collections in anatomy,
                                                        UQ School of Music Concert and Events Guide
                                                                                                       anthropology, antiquities, art (UQ Art
                                                        W: music.uq.edu.au/events
                                                                                                       Museum and Customs House Art Gallery),
                                                        Music ensembles                                geology, insects, medical history,
                                                        W: music.uq.edu.au/student-ensembles           pathology, and physics, to name just a few.
                                                                                                         The Fryer Library also features an
                                                                                                       extensive collection of Australiana and
                                                                                                       other literary and historical ‘treasures’.

                                                                                                       Things to do at UQ
                                                                                                       W: uq.edu.au/about/things-to-do

                                                                                                                                                     Photo credit: UQ Union

UQ students celebrate the end of O-Week at
UQ Union’s annual event, Ignition - The Neon Festival
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 25

                                                                                                   Come along to Market
                                                                                                  Day during Orientation
                                                                                                  Week (O-Week) to grab
                                                                                                     some freebies, trial
                                                                                                    sports and activities,
                                                                                                  and sign-up for student
                                                                                                     clubs and societies.

                                                                                            UQ respects and welcomes students of
                                                                                            all faiths and those who may be spiritual
Students trying out their sumo wrestling skills at Market Day 2016                          but not religious.
                                                                                            At UQ, our Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Service
                                                                                            provides you with pastoral care, support,
                                                                                            spiritual conversations, yoga, meditation,

                                                                                            celebrations, opportunities to mingle with
                                                                                            people from different cultures and faiths,
                                                                                            resources and events.

                                                                                               Chaplains representing the Muslim,
                                                                                            Jewish, Buddhist, Baha’i, Hindu and many
                                                                                            Christian faiths are available to all, and you
                                                                                            can take advantage of our well-appointed
                                                                                            prayer, meditation and worship space.

                                                                                            UQ Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Service
Clubs and societies                                                                         W: uq.edu.au/student-services/faith
If you adore anime, crave karaoke, yen for yoga, go mad for medievalism or quest for
Quidditch, consider joining a UQ club.                                                      Mates at UQ
With more than 200 affiliated clubs and societies on offer, UQ is sure to have something    People to meet, places to go and things
just right for you.                                                                         to do!
   UQ Union has a club for almost everything, from the Harry Potter Alliance to the U-Cue
Pool Club. There are also plenty of sports clubs for you to choose from.                    Mates at UQ offers a number of free
   Learn new skills, expand your network, or just hang out with like-minded people.         events, groups and activities for all
Events run by clubs include BBQs, industry networking sessions, cultural celebrations,      students to get the most out of life at UQ.
balls, and so much more.                                                                       Join interest groups; practise your
   Check out what’s available at Market Day during O-Week or contact UQ Union or            language skills; come to fun on-campus
UQ Sport.                                                                                   events; and visit Brisbane sites, markets
                                                                                            and restaurants with new mates.
                                                                                               Find out more and register online on
UQU clubs and societies                                                                     our website or Facebook page.
W: uqu.com.au/clubs-societies
UQ Sport
                                                                                            Mates at UQ
W: uqsport.com.au/clubs
                                                                                            W: uq.edu.au/student-services/matesuq
                                                                                            F: facebook.com/matesatuq
26 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

See the world differently with a global
experience while studying at UQ.

    Why study overseas?
       Improve your foreign language skills
       Broaden your work and study options
       Enhance your employability
       Establish a global network of friends
       Gain credit towards your UQ program
       Choose from 200 exchange partners in 41 countries

    UQ Abroad offers a wide range of overseas
    experiences, including semester-based student
    exchange, short-term study, internships and

Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 27

                                                                                   • •
                                                                              Norway       •     Finland
                                                               United Kingdom  •
                                                                                          Sweden                                    Russia   •
              Canada   •                                                    •       •
                                                                                  • •• •
                                                                     Ireland                 Poland
                                                                            Belgium     Netherlands
                                                                              Germany     Czech Republic
                                                                                 • • • •
                                                                                  Austria     Hungary
                                                                           France      Switzerland
United States of America   •                                        Portugal •        •
                                                                          Spain•               •     Turkey                             Republic of
                                                                                                                               People’s South Korea
                                                                                                                               Republic                  •     •Japan
                                                                                         Israel •                              of China  •
                           •                                                                                                                         •Taiwan
                 Mexico                                                                                                              Hong Kong
                                                                                                                              Thailand   •
                               Colombia   •                                                                                   Singapore      •     •Malaysia
                                   Peru   •
                                                  Brazil   •

                                      Chile   •
                                                                                              • South Africa                41                                          •UQ

                                                                                                                          exchange                                        New
                                                                                                                                                                          Zealand   •
       For a full list of partner universities,
       please visit uq.edu.au/uqabroad

       Student exchange                                          Short-term global                                        Universitas 21
       program                                                   experiences                                              student experiences
       Study overseas for up to one year while                   Want to study, work or live overseas for                 UQ is a member of Universitas 21 (U21), an
       gaining credit towards your UQ degree.                    only a short time?                                       international network of leading research
                                                                                                                          intensive universities. U21 encourages
       Choose from over 200 exchange partners in                 With UQ Abroad’s international short-term
                                                                                                                          students to have a global perspective and be
       41 countries, combine study and travel, and               programs, you can have an amazing global
                                                                                                                          prepared for life and work across cultures by
       have the adventure of a lifetime.                         experience during your semester breaks.
                                                                                                                          facilitating student mobility opportunities.
           While on exchange, tuition fees at the host             Some experiences are eligible for
                                                                                                                             You can apply to participate in U21
       university are waived and you continue to                 academic credit transfer towards your UQ
                                                                                                                          student experiences such as the annual
       pay fees and be enrolled at UQ.                           program, so you can fast-track your studies
                                                                                                                          Undergraduate Research Conference,
           You can even apply for student exchange               by completing courses at an approved host
                                                                                                                          Social Entrepreneur Corps program and
       scholarships and may be eligible for an                   university in Asia, Europe, the USA or
                                                                                                                          Summer School.
       OS-HELP loan to assist with airfares,                     Latin America.
       accommodation, health insurance and
       living costs.

                                                                                                                           DAN TANG
                                                                                                                           Participated in a student exchange with the
                                                                                                                           University of California at Irvine, USA

                                                                                                                                      Going on exchange was an
                                                                                                                                      experience of a lifetime! It has
                                                                                                                                      broadened my global perspective
                                                                                                                                      to live in another country,
                                                                                                                           understand another culture, and meet a
                                                                                                                           diverse range of people. Overall, I developed
                                                                                                                           my independence, confidence and initiative
                                                                                                                           from living and travelling independently in
                                                                                                                           another country.

       Photo left: Robert Matthews, Stockholm University, Sweden (student exchange program), travelled to other
       countries in Europe during his time on exchange, including Norway. This photo was taken at Flydalsjuvet Lookout,
       overlooking Geirangerfjord.
28 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

As a UQ student, you’ll have                While on campus, you’ll be able to:
                                            • buy food from a wide variety of
access to a wide range of                     on-campus food outlets
services to support you while               • do your banking at a number of
                                              on-campus branches and ATMs
you study.                                  • buy textbooks and other study materials
                                            • go shopping at UQ’s many shops
                                              and markets, including post offices,
                                              pharmacies and travel agents
                                            • arrange childcare at a number of
                                              independently-operated childcare, family
                                              day care, kindergarten and after-school
                                              care facilities that operate on or near all     UQ SafeZone
                                              UQ campuses                                     UQ SafeZone is a free, easy-to-use,
                                            • get connected with access to more than          location-based application for mobile
                                              4700 wireless access points across all UQ       devices that connects staff and
                                              campuses                                        students directly with UQ security
                                            • feel safe with 24-hour security patrols and a   officers or emergency services while
                                              Safety Bus service after 6pm at UQ St Lucia.    on campus.

                                            Campus life                                       UniSafe
                                            W: future-students.uq.edu.au/campus-life          W: www.pf.uq.edu.au/unisafe

     Student Services
     We’re here to help you!
        International, Learning,
        and Disability Advisors
        Workshops to improve
        your academic skills
        Programs to help you socially

Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 29

New2UQ                                           Careers support                                 Equity support
Want advice about settling into life at UQ       Want help with your career and                  At UQ, we foster an inclusive learning
and beyond?                                      employability goals?                            environment.
Specifically designed for first-year students,   With unique opportunities for internships,      If you are concerned you have been
New2UQ offers academic and social                volunteering and part-time roles, you can       discriminated against or harassed, it’s
orientation activities to help you make the      expand your skills, build your personal         important you report it. Discrimination and
most of your studies and life at UQ. Some        and professional networks, and reach your       Harassment Contact Officers can provide
topics and advice offered include:               employability and career goals sooner.          you with information, support, or advice.
– settling into university life                    You will also have access to UQ                   UQ’s Ally Network is another source
– who to go to and how to ask for help           StudentHub, an exclusive online database        of support if you identify as lesbian, gay,
– time management skills                         with vacant position details from 3000+         transgender, bisexual, or intersex (LGBTI).
– writing assignments in appropriate format      employers, as well as hints and tips, FAQs,     They are a visible network of empathetic
– career options you never considered            and fact sheets.                                staff and students who you can freely talk
– how to create an amazing resumé.                                                               to for advice.
New2UQ                                           W: uq.edu.au/careers                            Discrimination and Harassment Contact Officers
W: uq.edu.au/student-services/new2uq             UQ StudentHub                                   W: uq.edu.au/equity/dhcos
                                                 W: studenthub.uq.edu.au                         UQ Allies
                                                                                                 W: uq.edu.au/equity/content/uq-ally-network

SHOC                                             Aboriginal and Torres
(Student Help                                    Strait Islander students
On Campus)                                                                                       Student Centres
                                                 UQ strongly supports and celebrates
UQU is an independent body that works            Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander           Need help navigating university
closely with the University to provide free      cultures, peoples, and perspectives.            administration?
support for you during your studies at UQ.
                                                 The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander       Visit UQ Answers online or contact one of
The qualified and professional SHOC team         Studies (ATSIS) Unit holds a number of          our three Student Centres for help with:
can help you with a range of services relating   regular events and activities, and provides a   – forms and student letters
to employment, education and equity,             range of professional services and academic     – payments and fees
welfare, gender, sexuality, legal issues and     support for UQ’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait   – orientation
migration, including:                            Islander students.                              – academic records
– finding a part-time job while you study                                                        – admissions and enrolments
– responding to University decisions                                                             – examinations
                                                 ATSIS Unit
– extending your student visa                                                                    – grievances
                                                 W: atsis.uq.edu.au
– getting LGBTI support and information                                                          – document certification
– seeking legal advice                                                                           – student visas.
– dealing with financial pressures.                                                              We solve problems: if we can’t help you,
                                                                                                 we’ll find someone who can.
W: shocuqu.com.au                                                                                Student Centres
E: shoc@uqu.com.au                                                                               W: uq.edu.au/student-centre
                                                 Disability support                              UQ Answers
                                                                                                 W: uq.edu.au/uqanswers
                                                 Access support for your disability, illness,    myAdvisor
                                                 injury, mental illness or medical condition.    W: uq.edu.au/myadvisor
                                                 UQ offers ongoing support services
                                                 including access to assistive technology,
                                                 equipment, computer facilities,
                                                 participation assistance, note-taking,           Discrimination and harassment (including
Counselling                                      alternative print formats, exam                  bullying and sexual harassment) is unlawful
University can be exciting and rewarding,                                                         under State and Commonwealth Acts and is
                                                 adjustments, and liaising with your faculty
                                                                                                  against UQ policy.
but can also be a time of change and stress.     so that you can equitably study. Call or         Under the Anti-Discrimination Act
                                                 make an appointment with one of our              (Queensland) it is unlawful to discriminate
A UQ counsellor can help: someone to listen
                                                 Disability Advisors.                             on the basis of sex, relationship status,
without judgement, offer new perspectives,
                                                                                                  pregnancy, parental status, breastfeeding, age,
and help you to find solutions for problems
                                                 Disability Advisors                              race, impairment, religious belief or religious
you may be facing. UQ’s free service for all
                                                 W: uq.edu.au/student-services/disability         activity, political belief or activity, trade union
students is strictly confidential.                                                                activity, lawful sexual activity, gender identity,
                                                                                                  sexuality, family responsibilities, or association
Student counselling                                                                               with, or relation to, a person identified on the
W: uq.edu.au/student-services/counselling                                                         basis of any of the above attributes.
30 UQ Guide 2018 Australian Undergraduate

 At UQ, you’ll have access to a range of services and resources to help you get the most out
 of your studies, tackle assignments and prepare well for exams.

 Teaching and learning                           Learning assistance                               Assessment
 At UQ, we use a range of teaching methods,      Enrich your study skills and set yourself         Methods of assessment you will complete
 including lectures, tutorials, laboratory       up for academic success with our range of         vary according to the courses you study.
 practicals, fieldwork, group discussions,       online and in-person workshops, learning
                                                                                                   You may have to write assignments, take
 and online modules and workshops.               consultations, and peer writing support.
                                                                                                   mid-semester and/or end-of-semester
 Actively participate in class discussions,      Learn how to write assignments, prepare           examinations, present oral reports, join in
 ask questions and express your personal         for exams, manage your time, improve your         debates, participate in individual and group
 viewpoints.                                     memory, and read and write critically.            projects, or prepare research summaries and
    Apart from face-to-face contact, you            Our Learning Advisors can also consult         laboratory practical reports.
 will also complete assignments and              with you individually to help you clarify ideas      Individual course assessment requirements
 examinations. And you are expected to           from workshops you’ve attended, develop           are set out in course profiles (outlines),
 spend as much time – if not more – on library   your study skills, and give you feedback on       available online when classes start, and are
 research and independent study as you do        assignments.                                      usually explained to you in the first lecture.
 on attending lectures and tutorials.                                                                 Your academic results are determined by
                                                                                                   the relevant faculty at the end of semester.
                                                                                                      UQ strongly emphasises written
                                                                                                   expression in most forms of assessment, but
                                                                                                   good speaking skills are also essential. You
                                                                                                   will develop both during your program.

          To help you adapt to what
     is required at undergraduate-level                                                            STANDARD ACADEMIC GRADING SYSTEM
 study, our Student Services team offers                                                            7   High distinction    3   Fail
   training throughout the semester for
                                                                                                    6   Distinction         2   Fail
   enhancing your learning, assignment
       writing, research, examination,                                                              5   Credit              1   Fail
presentation, and time-management skills.                                                           4   Pass                N   Non-graded fail
                                                                                                    P   Non-graded pass
Australian Undergraduate UQ Guide 2018 31

Peer Assisted Study                               Teaching spaces                                 Library
Sessions                                          You will learn in some of UQ’s 600 teaching     You will receive excellent support for your
Learn from students who have ‘been there,         spaces, which seat between five and 500         research and study needs at The University
done that’ through Peer Assisted Study            people.                                         of Queensland Library.
Sessions (PASS), a mentoring scheme               Ranging from large, tiered learning             The UQ Library has one of the largest
offered by some faculties to help smooth          theatres to small, flat seminar rooms, along    collections among Australian academic
the way for first-year students.                  with computer and specialised school            libraries. You will have access to extensive
Second- or third-year students, who have          laboratories, UQ offers a series of flexible    print and electronic collections that include
previously successfully completed a specific      spaces for group work, teaching and printing.   books, journals, video and audio materials,
course, run collaborative study sessions of          All UQ learning theatres and most central    databases, textbooks and other items on
up to 25 students. They can provide advice        seminar rooms have Echo 360 installed so        course reading lists, and more.
on academic and non-academic coursework           that teaching sessions can be recorded and
                                                                                                  The Library has many locations, each with
matters, as well as suggest effective study       accessed online.
                                                                                                  particular subject-area strengths. Some study
habits that will help you make the most of           UQ also has an ongoing refurbishment
                                                                                                  spaces are open 24/7, and the electronic
your time.                                        and building program that has seen
                                                                                                  collections can be accessed from anywhere.
                                                  many teaching spaces upgraded to allow
PASS                                              more active learning (flipped classroom)        Library staff are friendly and helpful. You can
W: Google ‘UQ Peer Assisted Study Sessions’ for   environments.                                   contact them in person, via the library website,
		 available session information                     Our aim is for you to enjoy the best         via online chat and email, and by phone.
                                                  learning experience possible.
                                                                                                  Some of the resources you will find at the
                                                                                                  Library include:
                                                                                                  − 1200 computers
                                                                                                  − a strong wireless network
                                                                                                  – a variety of places to study, such as
                                                                                                    individual study rooms, spaces to work in
                                                                                                    groups, and spaces to socialise and revitalise
                                                                                                  − printing, copying and scanning facilities
                                                                                                  − stations where you can recharge your
                                                                                                    mobile devices
                                                                                                  − online and in-person training and support
                                                                                                  − research assistance and subject-specific help
                                                                                                  − access to past exam papers to help you study
                                                                                                  − generous borrowing privileges
                                                                                                  − stimulating events throughout the year.

                                                                                                  UQ Library
                                                                                                  W: library.uq.edu.au
                                                                                                  E: 		 ask@library.uq.edu.au

                                                                                                                       Recharge your senses
                                                                                                                and improve your alertness,
                                                                                                                productivity, wellbeing and
                                                                                                            learning by using UQ Library’s
                                                                                                          energy pods – comfy chairs with
                                                                                                                relaxing music await you.
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