Create your future - UQ Future Students

Create your future - UQ Future Students
International Undergraduate UQ Guide 2020

                                                                                                                                                                       Create your future

                                                                                                              THE UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND
                                                                                                              INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020

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+61 3 8676 7004
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1800 671 980

General office
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Create your future - UQ Future Students
Important dates 2020

 JANUARY          1 January                         New Year’s Day
                  25 January                        Summer Semester ends**
                  27 January                        Australia Day holiday
 FEBRUARY         17–21 February                    Orientation Week
                  24 February                       Semester 1 starts
 MARCH            31 March                          Census date (Semester 1)
                                                                                                  Welcome to UQ                                          1
 APRIL            10 April                          Good Friday                                   Our global reputation                                 2
                  13 April                          Easter Monday
                  13–19 April                       Mid-semester break                            Pioneering change                                     4

                  20 April                          Semester 1 resumes
                  25 April                          Anzac Day holiday                             Transforming your learning                            6
 MAY              4 May                             Labour Day holiday                            Industry relevant                                     8

                  31 May
                  1-5 June
                  6–20 June
                                                    Semester 2 application closing date*
                                                    Revision period
                                                    Examination period
                                                                                                  A truly global network
                                                                                                  Game-changing graduates
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    out more
                  20 June                           Semester 1 ends
                  20 June–26 July                   Mid-year break                                The perfect place to study                           14
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Meet us in your country
                  13–17 July                        July Graduations**                            UQ St Lucia                                          16
                  20–24 July                        Mid-year Orientation                                                                                                                                            UQ academic and administrative staff
                  27 July                           Semester 2 starts                             UQ Gatton                                            18                                                           often travel internationally, giving you
 AUGUST           12 August                         Royal Queensland Show Day holiday                                                                                                                               the opportunity to meet one of our team
                  31 August                         Census date (Semester 2)                      UQ Herston                                           19
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    members at an event in your home country.
 SEPTEMBER        28 September– 5 October           Mid-semester break                                                                                                                                              Check out our events calendar.
 OCTOBER          5 October                         Queen’s Birthday holiday                      PROGRAMS                                             20                                                 
                  6 October                         Semester 2 resumes
 NOVEMBER         2-6 November                      Revision period
                                                                                                  Using the Programs section                           22
                  7–21 November                     Examination period                            UQ programs quick reference                          24                                                           UQ educational representatives
                  21 November                       Semester 2 ends
                  30 November                       Summer Semester starts**                      Dual programs quick reference                        25                                                           UQ’s representatives can help you find
                  30 November                       Semester 1 application closing date*
                                                                                                  Pathways to UQ                                       26                                                           information about studying at UQ, what
 DECEMBER         7–24 December                     December Graduations**                                                                                                                                          the entry requirements are, how to
                  25 December                       Christmas Day                                 • English language pathways                          28
                  28 December                       Boxing Day holiday
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    complete your application, and how to
                                                                                                  • Foundation Year pathways                           30                                                           lodge your student visa.
                                                                                                  • UQ College pathway                                  31                                                
*Some programs have earlier closing dates                                                         Agriculture and Environment                          32                                                           find-international-representative
**These dates are provisional – please check the Academic Calendar at for final dates                                                               Architecture and Planning                            36
                                                                                                  Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences                 40                                                           UQ campus tours
                                                                                                  Business, Economics and Law                          44                                                           UQ is a great place to study, make new
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    friends, and take part in sporting and cultural
                                                                                                  Education                                            48                                                           activities. Register for a campus tour and
Disclaimer                                        of Practice for Providers of Education and                                                                                                                        experience first-hand what UQ has to offer.
                                                  Training to Overseas Students 2018.
                                                                                                  Engineering and Information Technology               52
The inclusion in this publication of details of
a program or a course creates no obligation       The ESOS Act and related legislation is
                                                                                                  Health, Behavioural Sciences and Medicine            56                                                 
on the part of the University to teach it as      designed to protect the interests of students
or when described. The University may             coming to Australia on Student visas. The
discontinue or vary programs and courses          legislation aims to protect and enhance         Science and Mathematics                              64
at any time without notice. Information in        Australia’s reputation for quality education,
this guide is accurate as at March 2019.          to provide tuition protection and support       Admission requirements                               74
                                                  the integrity of the Student visa program.
While care has been taken to provide                                                              • Subjects                                     Fold-out
accurate information in this guide, it is the     The University of Queensland, in providing
responsibility of students to check and           education services to overseas students,        • English                                      Fold-out
confirm the specific details of programs,         complies with the National Code of Practice
courses and enrolment.                            of the Department of Education and              • Entry score                                  Fold-out
Visit for up-to-        Training and the Universities Australia code
date program information.                         of ethical practice.                            How to apply                                         76
All costs and fees quoted in this publication     CRICOS Provider 00025B
are in Australian dollars (A$).                   ESOS Act
Any agreement with this University does
not remove the right to take action under
                                                                                                  LIFE AT UQ                                           78
Australia’s consumer protection laws.
Australian Consumer Protection
                                                  Privacy                                         Accommodation                                        80
                                                  The University complies with Australian and                                  Queensland privacy laws and guidelines.         International student support                        82
ESOS compliance                                   Privacy
The provision of education services to                            Cost of living                                       84
international students by Australian              This publication was produced in April 2019
education institutions is governed by the         by The University of Queensland.                Fees and expenses                                    85
Education Services for Overseas Students
(ESOS) Act 2000 and the National Code                                                             UQ partners                                          86
                                                                                                  UQ terminology                                       88                                                           All UQ campuses are smoke-free.
                                                                                                  Index                                                89                                                 
                                                                                                  Find out more                          Inside back cover                                                          smoke-free-uq

Cover photo: Cristina Ocana; (background) Jess Jenkinson and Andrew White
Photographer: Sam Scoufos                                                                                                                                    UQ St Lucia campus, looking towards the Brisbane CBD
Create your future - UQ Future Students
to UQ
Starting university is an exciting time. You’ll meet
people who will become lifelong friends, exchange
ideas with other bright minds, and develop
knowledge that will help you excel, no matter
where life takes you.
At UQ, we are here to support, guide and inspire
you as you join us on this next step towards your
future success – whatever form that takes.
When you join us, you’ll be surrounded by like-
minded students, who come from Australia and
around the world to study here. The curiosity,
creativity and resilience of our students are part
of what makes employers seek out UQ graduates
– a global network you will one day join, who
reinforce the value of a UQ degree through their
achievements and successes.
As a global top 50 university, UQ has championed
creative thinking for more than 100 years to solve
problems facing humanity. We don’t just teach the
latest research – our research pioneers are industry
leaders who discover the latest breakthroughs, and
make a positive difference in people’s lives around
the world.
You’ll learn in a way that suits you at one of our
beautiful campuses in South East Queensland –
whether in seminars, small tutorials, laboratories,
online or by partnering with our passionate
educators to change how courses are taught.
University isn’t just about study though – you’ll
also have fun here. UQ is renowned for our vibrant
campus culture, our clubs and societies, and our
sporting communities, where you’ll truly enjoy
your recreation time while making friends for life.
No matter what your reason for being here, you
are sure to enjoy UQ’s long-standing traditions,
while creating some new ones of your own.
I look forward to hearing about the positive impact
you create in your time with us and beyond.

Professor Peter Høj AC
Vice-Chancellor and President
The University of Queensland

                                                       INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020   1
Create your future - UQ Future Students
    Our global                                                 in the world
                                                               QS World University
                                                               Rankings, 2019

    reputation                                                 No. 1
                                                               university in Australia
                                                               for research
                                                               Nature Index Tables, 2018

                                                               More national teaching
                                                               awards than any other
                                                               Australian university
    Ranked Top 5 in the world in 2 subjects*
    Top 30 in 9 subjects*

     2nd                  Sport Sciences

      5th                 Mineral and Mining Engineering

     11th                 Environmental Sciences

     17th                 Agriculture and Forestry

     19th                 Education

     21st                 Nursing

    23rd                  Psychology

    27th                  Hospitality and Leisure Management

    29th                  Sociology

    *QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019

Create your future - UQ Future Students
69th                                      55th                                         Top MBA
                                                                                         in Australia for six
in the world                              in the world
Times Higher Education World University   Academic Ranking of World Universities,        consecutive years
Ranking, 2019                             2018                                           The Economist, 2012–17

most beautiful campus
                                          overall international
                                                                                          in the world
                                                                                          QS Graduate Employability
in the world                              student satisfaction
                                                                                          Rankings, 2019
BuzzFeed, 2015                            International Student Barometer, 2018

for student demand, staff
                                          of research fields above
qualifications, teaching quality          world standard
                                          Excellence in Research for Australia, 2018
and educational experience
Good Universities Guide, 2018

                                                                                       INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020   3
Create your future - UQ Future Students
Pioneering change

    In 2017, UQ received the second highest level
    of funding for any Australian university from
    the Australian Research Council. We receive
                                                                100%                                           Heron Island Research
                                                                                                               Station, located on the

        $368 million
                                                    of our research fields                          Great Barrier Reef, is internationally
    A                                               are above world standard.                       renowned for coral reef research and
    in funding annually.                            (Excellence in Research for Australia, 2018)   student training in marine sciences.

    UQ researchers are named among the
                                                                Our Institute for Social
                                                                Science Research analyses                      94%
                                                    society’s ‘big’ issues including social         of students at UQ are satisfied with
    world’s most influential. 27 UQ researchers                                                     UQ's expert lecturers, learning
                                                    disadvantage, employment, education,
    have been named in a prestigious 2018                                                           environments and technology.
                                                    sustainability, social wellbeing, health
    Highly Cited Researchers List.
                                                    and housing.                                    (International Student Barometer, 2018)

Create your future - UQ Future Students
At UQ, we create knowledge.
You will discover our latest innovations and the people and
technology behind them. Our world-leading researchers will
be your teachers, so you can learn from the world’s best, be
inspired and understand what it takes to pioneer change.

Innovations for the world                      Pioneering your future
We are a global research leader in             We bring the latest ideas and research into
biosciences, nanotechnology, engineering,      the classroom to place you at the frontier
sustainable development and social science.    of knowledge. You will learn from world-
Our innovations are impacting millions of      renowned researchers. Our international
people around the world.                       reputation means we attract some of the
• Gardasil® cervical cancer vaccine:           best minds in the world to the University
  205 million doses administered in 130        – including presidents, prime ministers,
  countries, saving an estimated 120,000       international authors and ground-breaking
  lives annually.                              researchers – who will inspire you to break
                                               through barriers.
• Conservation: software developed by
  UQ has enhanced conservation planning        World-class facilities
  globally in areas like the Great Barrier
                                               We have eight internationally recognised
  Reef and the Galapagos Islands.
                                               research institutes on campus. These institutes
• Triple P Positive Parenting Program:         are home to more than 1500 specialists
  helps millions of children and families in   working on ideas for the future with the latest
  28 countries and 22 languages.               in tools, technology and support. Off campus,
• MRI machines: UQ technology is used in       we have over 100 research centres located
  the majority of the world’s MRI machines,    throughout Queensland.
  facilitating production of faster and more
  accurate images, and therefore improving     research-facilities
  diagnostic quality.
• GroundProbe: mine-safety technology          3MT® (Three Minute Thesis)
  that is used by some of the world’s          Founded by UQ, 3MT has been adopted by
  largest mining companies.                    more than 600 universities in 62 countries
• Food security: UQ works with the             around the world. The 3MT competition sees
  Queensland Government to enhance             our research students pitching their exciting
  the drought tolerance of sorghum, an         ideas to industry leaders, alumni and global
  important cereal in sub-Saharan Africa.      leaders in three-minute presentations. Each
• Nanopatch: a revolutionary needle-free       year, winners are awarded a range of prizes
  method of delivering vaccines being          including research travel grants.
  developed in the UQ spin-out company,
• Latch-On: gives the gift of literacy to
                                               Summer and Winter
  people with intellectual disability in       Research Programs
  Australia and across the globe.              Improve your employability, extend your
• Water use: our technology has changed        knowledge of an area of interest, and
  practices in global water and sewerage       develop your analytical, critical thinking
  utilities, saving hundreds of millions of    and communication skills by participating
  dollars.                                     in the UQ Summer or Winter Research
                                               Program. Successful applicants are eligible
                                               for funding to support their participation in
                                               the program.

                                               INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020         5
Create your future - UQ Future Students
    your learning
    Our teachers are the most highly awarded in the country.
    They will share the latest knowledge and ideas to inspire
    and guide you. You will put theory into practice in
    workplace settings, expanding your understanding and
    exciting your mind.

    Best place to learn in Australia                Teaching for the future
    We believe your development is the most         Our courses are designed in consultation
    important outcome of your degree. This          with learning design teams to maximise
    approach has seen our teachers win              your employability when you graduate.
    the most awards for student learning            Our teachers also consult students in their
    in the country. In a 2018 Australia-wide        decision-making and planning processes
    survey designed to assess how satisfied         to ensure course material is exciting, fresh
    international students were with their          and transformative. We offer courses
    university, we received above 88 per cent       and programs on edX, one of the most
    satisfaction in the following areas:            prestigious online course platforms in the
    • Overall student satisfaction                  world, so you can expand your horizon, gain
                                                    new skills and follow your curiosity.
    • Good teachers
    • Quality lectures
    • Performance feedback                          Practical learning
    • Managing research                             You will apply knowledge in practical
    • Topic selection                               settings. From our marine research station
    • Program content                               at Heron Island and our veterinary science
                                                    centre at Gatton to the UQ Business
    • Learning support
                                                    School in Brisbane’s city centre and our
    • Virtual learning                              medical centres located in hospitals
    • Laboratories                                  throughout Queensland, we immerse you in
    • Learning spaces.                              environments where learning and making a
                                                    difference meet.
    Source: International Student Barometer, 2018

    Transforming your knowledge
    Our teachers write the books that are
    used for teaching. They produce research
    papers every year, they contribute to
    international conversations in their fields
    and their work appears in the media
    and influences government policy. This
    knowledge is brought into the classroom so
    you can address the latest issues, ideas and
    challenges with their support.
                                                                                                   Engineering students testing a hybrid
                                                                                                   vehicle as part of the Mechanical Systems
                                                                                                   Design course.

Create your future - UQ Future Students
More national teaching awards
    than any other Australian university.

         Dr Emma Bartle, from the School of
   Dentistry, was recipient of the Universitas
   21 Health Sciences Teaching Excellence
   Award in 2018.

               Professor Sritawat Kitipornchai,
    from the School of Civil Engineering, was
    the fifth Australian to be elected to the
    elite European Academy of Sciences and
    Arts (EASA).

            Associate Professor Blake
    McKimmie and Professors Barbara Masser
    and Mark Horswill from UQ's School of
    Psychology, were awarded the 2018 edX
    Prize for Exceptional Contributions in
    Online Teaching and Learning for the
    MOOC Crime101x: The Psychology of
    Criminal Justice.

Create your future - UQ Future Students
Industry relevant
    As a locally and globally                   Partner to companies                              • Fangyuan Company (China) and
                                                                                                    CODELCO (Chile): the two huge copper
    connected university, UQ                    We build partnerships with leading
                                                international companies. Our teachers work          producers are funding a five-year research
    provides many opportunities                                                                     professorship at UQ around copper
                                                on commercial challenges and bring their
    for students to apply                       experiences into the classroom. As UQ’s             smelting.
    knowledge gained in the                     partnerships with companies develop, so do        • Ernst and Young (EY): UQ researchers
    classroom to the real world.                internship and research opportunities for           are collaborating with EY on the
                                                students and researchers.                           importance of innovation as a driver of
    You will have access to                     • Neusoft: UQ has an agreement with the             organisational productivity in the oil and
    work-integrated learning,                     largest IT solutions and services provider        gas sector in Australia.

    local and global internships                  in China to promote research collaboration      • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority:
                                                  and provide internships for students.             UQ provides ongoing pioneering research
    and volunteer positions to                                                                      to protect the Great Barrier Reef’s
                                                • Siemens: provided more than $500 million
    boost your confidence,                        of software to UQ to enable students to           precious marine species such as coral reef
    skills and résumé.                            access advanced technology, building their        communities and turtles.
                                                  skills in digital and data-driven industries.   Workplace learning
    A wide range of free
                                                • Leo Pharma Denmark: UQ has an                   Internships, placements and networking
    entrepreneurship programs                     ongoing scientific collaboration with           will be part of your study experience at UQ
    are available to complement                   the pharmaceutical company to better            through work-integrated learning. Grow
    your studies, and to help you                 understand and treat skin cancer.               your employment network before you even
    build a network, take on new                • Australian Government: UQ helped                graduate.
                                                  the government to create a national               Business, Economics and Law: our staff
    challenges and bring your                                                                     •	
                                                  compliance framework for export controls.         work with a diverse portfolio of international
    ideas to life.
                                                • Johnson & Johnson (J&J): UQ researchers           organisations such as Accor Hotels, Bank of
                                                  are collaborating with J&J immunology             America Merrill Lynch, Colliers International,
                                                  scientists to discover and develop a new          Deloitte, EY, Flight Centre, Goldman Sachs,
                                                  treatment for rheumatoid arthritis.               Google, HSBC and Virgin.

Venture ahead with UQ’s
                                                                                                     entrepreneurial community
                                                                                                     Develop the knowledge, networks and
                                                                                                     skills to prepare for current and future
                                                                                                     emerging careers.
                                                                                                     UQ offers a range of free
                                                                                                     entrepreneurship programs, events and
                                                                                                     competitions that are run throughout
                                                                                                     the year, including the UQ Weekend of
                                                                                                     Startups, student challenges, industry
                                                                                                     panels, alumni guest speakers, meetups
                                                                                                     and pitch nights.

                                                                                                     IDEATE – UQ Idea Hub
                                                                                                     Budding student entrepreneurs from
                                                                                                     all disciplines can explore big ideas
                                                                                                     through UQ's Idea Hub.
                                                                                                     Idea Hub brings together experiential
                                                                                                     learning, networking, 24/7 co-working
                                                                                                     space, and mentoring to support
                                                                                                     students through their entrepreneurial
                                                                                                     journey. Don't have an idea? No
                                                                                                     worries. Idea Hub is also for students
                                                                                                     who are passionate about making
                                                                                                     change through entrepreneurship and
                                                                                                     innovation, and want to contribute
                                                                                                     and grow their knowledge and skills.
• Engineering, Architecture and IT:              • Extra-curricular opportunities:         
  the Meet a Mentor program sees                   with UQ's range of entrepreneurship
  third- and fourth-year engineering and IT        programs students can access local and            VALIDATE – Startup Academy
  undergraduates working one-on-one with           global internships and work experience.
  managers from 80 companies.                                                                        To succeed in a new venture, you
                                                   Idea Hub offers fully supported,                  don’t just need an idea, you also need
• Health and Behavioural Sciences: ten             hands-on internships with startups in             validation. UQ’s Startup Academy
  clinics providing healthcare, rehabilitation     San Francisco, Singapore, Tel Aviv or             supports student entrepreneurs to
  and nutrition services to the general            Shanghai. Through ilab, students can              test their idea on the market, develop
  public expose our students to the latest in      also be placed in local startups over             a business model and get feedback
  equipment, tools and care.                       the summer and winter breaks.                     from real customers. Whether that is
                                                                                                     the launch of a business, an app, or a
• Humanities and Social Sciences:
                                                                                                     social venture.
  internships, field trips and placements in
                                                              UniQuest, UQ’s commercialisation
  Brisbane, interstate and overseas are part
                                                              company, has helped start up
  of course credit for humanities and social
                                                 more than 100 companies and raise A$1.5             ACCELERATE – ilab at UQ
  science students.
                                                 billion in funding.
• Medicine: students undertake placements                                                            Get up to $20,000 to take your
  in hospitals and clinics around the world                                                          business or social enterprise to the
  where they are trained and mentored by                     Since 2003 we have been                 next level with the ilab Germinate PLUS
  doctors and healthcare specialists.                        in partnership with Boeing,             accelerator program. The program
                                                 the world’s largest aerospace company.              includes workshops, mentoring, partner
• Science: our researchers work with                                                                 deals, desk space and introductions to
                                                 Boeing Research & Technology–Australia
  industry partners including the peak                                                               investors. We welcome startups from all
                                                 (BR&T–A) is located at our St Lucia campus.
  industry councils for cotton, fisheries,                                                           disciplines – from robotics to education
                                                 Boeing collaborates with UQ researchers
  horticulture and forestry, as well as                                                              and environmental sciences.
                                                 and students on the latest ideas in
  Rio Tinto and BHP.
                                                 aerospace, so you can learn from their    
                                                 discoveries and setbacks in the classroom
                                                 or directly from Boeing staff.

                                                                                                 INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020      9
A truly global
     As an international student, you know the importance
     of thinking and acting globally. At UQ, so do we.
     Our worldwide partner and alumni networks give you the
     international opportunities and connections to enhance your
     learning, life skills and employment prospects from the start
     of your degree to long after you graduate.

While you are at UQ                              Short-term global experiences                    Global business connections
                                                 While studying at UQ, head overseas for a        As a UQ graduate, you will join our alumni
Our partnerships = your opportunity              short-term global experience at one of our       community of more than 264,000 people
                                                 partner institutions during semester break.      creating positive change around the world. You
As a UQ student, Brisbane or Gatton is just
                                                 The short-term study program includes            can tap into this network at any stage in your
the first stop on your overseas adventure.
                                                 study, intern and community-based                career to open doors to new relationships and
Grow your global network through UQ’s
                                                 learning opportunities.                          employment prospects globally.
student exchange program by studying up
to two semesters of your degree at one of               
our 200 partner institutions in 38 countries.    global-experiences
You will gain program credit while                                                                Relationships changing the world
expanding your world perspective,                Incoming exchange and study abroad               Global connectivity is at the heart of UQ’s
enhancing your employability, developing         Even if you are partway through a degree at a    vision to create knowledge leadership for
your network, and maybe even learning a          non-Australian university, with our incoming     a better world. From renewable energy
new language. While on exchange, tuition         exchange and study abroad programs you           technologies and sustainable mining
fees at the host university are waived as you    can still study at UQ for one or two semesters   practices, to disease control and child
remain enrolled at and pay fees to UQ.           and gain credit for your degree back home. If    psychology, our international collaborations                         your university has an exchange agreement        are working towards a cleaner, healthier,
global-experiences                               with UQ, you are eligible for the Incoming       and happier future. Explore our impact
                                                 Exchange program. If your university is not      around the world.
Unlock new languages                             partnered with UQ, you can apply to UQ as a
In a global economy, the ability to              Study Abroad student.
communicate with a wide range of people is
invaluable. Perfect your English at our award-
winning English language learning institute,
ICTE, or tap into your inner polyglot at our
Institute of Modern Languages. A range of
Humanities and Social Sciences courses also
allow you to learn a language for credit.
Institute of Modern Languages                                                                     We are members of the prestigious                                                                                     Group of Eight coalition in Australia and
School of Languages and Cultures                                                                  the leading global network of research                                                                      universities, Universitas 21.

                                                                                                  INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020        11
Dr Hooman Baghaie (pictured)
     Bachelor of Dental Science (Honours)
     A decade after moving from Iran to
     Australia with his family, Dr Hooman
     Baghaie is now working as a successful
     dentist on Queensland’s Gold Coast. His
     life experiences have led him to value the
     importance of giving back, and through his
     studies at UQ Dr Baghaie volunteered in
     East Timor and Cambodia, and in Australia
     with the Royal Flying Doctor Service. He
     was the valedictorian of his class and
     received numerous awards including the
     Pierre Fauchard Award in recognition of his
     character and work ethic.

     Ms Melinda Taylor
     Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Arts (First
     Class Honours)
     Melinda Taylor is an international lawyer
     who has served across various international
     organisations including the International
     Criminal Court (ICC) and the UN Working
     Group on Arbitrary Detention. She has
     represented polarising figures such as
     WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and Saif
     al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of former Libyan
     leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. She is now
     predominantly based between the Hague,
     Netherlands and El Port de la Selva, Spain.

     Mr Alborz Fallah
     Bachelor of Information Technology /
     Bachelor of Arts
     During his studies at UQ, Alborz Fallah
     launched the website
     for A$35. Ten years later, he sold it to an
     Australian national television network for
     A$35 million. Fallah credits his success
     to the technical knowledge he gained
     at UQ and being brave enough to follow
     his passions. In 2017, he was named the
     first Entrepreneur in Residence at UQ’s
     IdeaHub. In this position he draws on
     invaluable knowledge gained from founding
     seventeen startups, to mentor budding UQ
     entrepreneurs from all disciplines.

                                       Our research, teaching and connections prepare you to forge
                                       an exciting career. Outside of the classroom you can access our
                                       career resources and networking events, and participate in our
                                       Employability Award to expand your skills. When you graduate,
                                       you will be ready for any challenge.

                                       Careers Service                                   Careers Fair and Volunteer Expo
                                       Our award-winning Careers Service can help        The annual Careers Fair is where you can
                                       you plan your career, develop your skills,        speak with future employers from a diverse
         Our free online course        and gain that competitive edge. We offer          range of industries and backgrounds to find
         EMPLOY101x will help you      workshops in how to find work, network,           the right job for you. Most employers offer
unlock your career
 Testimonials      potential
               updated       and
                        10/01/19       write a résumé, excel in interviews, apply        roles in graduate recruitment programs
market yourself to employers           for a job, and leadership and presentation        and some offer vacation work, internships,              techniques.                                       work experience, scholarships and co-op
employability-uqx-employ101x-1.                programs. Our yearly Volunteer Expo is an
                                                                                         opportunity to find out how you can help
                                       Career portals                                    the community and your career prospects.
        UQ is ranked in the top 50     UQ offers an exclusive online job board
        universities in the world                                                        Employability Award
                                       for its students and graduates featuring
for employability (QS Graduate         vacation work, volunteer work, internships,       The Employability Award program gives
Employability Ranking 2019).           and graduate employment opportunities             undergraduate students the chance to build
                                       from over 3000 employers. Our Global Grad         skills that future employers value, such as
                                       careers search portal is just for international   leadership, teamwork, communication,
                                       students with Australian and international        problem solving and cultural awareness. To
          Over the last three years,                                                     qualify for the award, you need to complete
                                       companies posting work opportunities
          UQ’s student employability                                                     a minimum of 100 hours of work experience,
and careers services have been                                                           100 hours of volunteering, and participate in
recognised with multiple national
                                                                                         five supplementary activities. The program
and international awards.    
                                                                                         is free to join. Successful completion of the
                                                                                         Award will be recognised upon graduation
                                                                                         from your degree.
          The UQ International                                                 
          Student Ambassador
program gives high-achieving                                                             Read more about how our amazing
international students the                                                               graduates are creating change at
opportunity to represent the                                                   
University in a range of paid roles.

                                                                                         INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020       13
The perfect
     place to study
     We offer one of the best campus experiences in the world in a location renowned
     for its relaxed and safe lifestyle, subtropical climate and unique architecture.

     BRISBANE                                          Sport                                                Getting around
     Brisbane, the home of UQ’s St Lucia and           Brisbane’s amazing weather and sporting              One of the best views of Brisbane is from a
     Herston campuses, is the capital city of          facilities make physical activity a must. Kayak      CityCat – a ferry service that runs along the
     Queensland and its economic engine                along the Brisbane River, rock climb your way        river from UQ’s St Lucia campus to the city
     room. Young and progressive, the city is          to the top of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, ride        and the riverside suburb of Hamilton. Brisbane
     fast becoming a hub in the Asia–Pacific           along more than 20 kilometres of riverside           also has an extensive bus and train network
     for business, investment, major events            cycle paths, join a sporting club, or barrack like   that makes it easy to get around. A ‘go card’
                                                       a local when you attend a rugby union, rugby         will allow you to travel on all Brisbane public
     and education. It is also home to over 200
                                                       league, cricket, ‘Aussie Rules’ or football match    transport at discounted student prices.
     nationalities and 220 languages.
                                                       at one of our famous stadiums.
                                                                                                            Around Brisbane
                                                                                                            When you want to head out of the city,
     Brisbane city has a great live music scene        Food                                                 there is plenty to discover. Head south for
     that can be discovered in Fortitude Valley and    With just under a third of Brisbane’s                the famous golden sands of the Gold Coast
     West End. For comedy, live theatre and dance,     population born overseas, you can find cuisine       and Byron Bay, north for the quiet beaches
     head to the Brisbane Powerhouse and the           from almost every culture. From affordable           of the Sunshine Coast or the majestic Great
     Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC).         lunchtime and ‘Cheap Tuesday’ offers, to             Barrier Reef, west for ancient rainforests
     The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) is one of        reasonably priced cafes, pubs, restaurants and       and charming outback towns or east for
     the best modern art galleries in the country,     farmers’ markets, there is plenty to choose          the spectacular Moreton Island, Stradbroke
     and keep an eye out for the Brisbane Writers      from and plenty of new culinary experiences to       Island and Fraser Island. Sydney, Cairns and
     Festival and the Brisbane Festival that attract   be had. And you can always picnic or barbecue        Melbourne are all short flights away. You will
     international artists from across the globe.      in one of our lovely parks by the river.             wish you had more holidays.

28%                     +21° to +28°c
          Brisbane named 8th most                                                                       Brisbane's population is

                                                                                                        2.4 million
          beautiful city in the world
          (Rough Guides, 2017)
                                              of Brisbane residents   average maximum temperature
                                              were born overseas      most days of the year             people

Gatton, the largest town in South-East
Queensland’s Lockyer Valley, is the home
of the UQ Gatton campus. Bordered by
unspoilt mountain ranges and located only
one hour's drive from Brisbane, Gatton
has a culturally diverse population of
approximately 7000 people. UQ Gatton
students enjoy a laidback, country lifestyle in
a close-knit community.

Find out more about living in Queensland

                                                                                         INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020   15
UQ St Lucia
     Considered one of the most beautiful campuses in the
     world, our main campus is a vibrant mix of old sandstone
     buildings, modern architecture, parklands and lakes.
     It is a city within a city with everything you
     need to study, live and relax.

Food                                                                                Fitness
UQ St Lucia is full of cafe and food options.                                       You’ll be spoilt for choice with a massive
From great coffee and bakery food, to                                               range of sporting, fitness and recreational
make-your-own sandwich stations, pizza,                                             opportunities on offer at our St Lucia
vegan and vegetarian options, noodles,                                              campus. Explore Queensland’s largest multi-
bubble tea and juice bars, you won’t go                                             sport complex, featuring dedicated Fitness,
hungry or thirsty. Options include organic                                          Aquatic, Tennis, and Athletics Centres, as
and halal food.                                                                     well as an array of sporting fields and courts.                                                              Play your way with more than 75 sports and
                                                                                    activities to choose from, including up to 90
                                                                                    weekly group fitness classes, across over 30
                                                                                    sporting clubs and social sports.
You don’t need to leave the campus for
your shopping. There is a School Locker
bookshop, a shop where you can sell your                                            Library
secondhand books, a hairdresser, a travel                                           We have seven libraries on campus. They
agent, a post office, a newsagency and a                                            feature computers for students, group study
Wednesday market offering handicrafts,                                              and meeting rooms, height-adjustable desks,
gifts, flowers and fashion. Grocery stores are                                      24-hour study spaces, quiet areas, and
only a short walk away.                                                             friendly staff ready to help you with finding                                                              information, accessing resources, research
                                                                                    support, student IT and training, and details
                                                                                    about the latest author talk, lecture or panel
Entertainment                                                                       discussion in the library.
The Red Room is the place to meet with                                    
your friends on campus, where you can
have a bite to eat or a drink, play pool,
listen to live music or study. Close by is
the Pizza Caffe where you can get one of                                            If you need to see a doctor, visit our friendly
Brisbane’s best pizzas. For some inspiration,                                       team at the UQ Health Care clinic. There is also
head to our art, anthropology or antiquities                                        a pharmacy and a dental clinic on campus.

   Ashgrove                                                      Herston


                                                                                                 UQ Herston




                  EE TC



                           Red Hill                                                            AS

                                                                                             YP Fortitude



                                                                                     T                  Valley

                                                                           E   R
                                                                             Spring Hill



                                 N                          ER                                                                                           RI
                              TO                                                                                                                    NE

                           IL                             IV

                                                      R                                                                                         A




                                                            South Brisbane                                               Kangaroo


     Toowong                                                                                                             Point

                                                                                                 EY R

                                                             Highgate Hill

                      SIR FRED SCHONELL DR                                                 Dutton
  Taringa                                                                                  Park
SW                                                                                        PEDESTRIAN
                                     St Lucia                                             & BUS BRIDGE
                                                                                                           IPSWICH RD

                                                                                                                        PACIFIC M

 2km                                                                                                                                   Greenslopes

                                                                                    INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020                                 17
                                                           Our rural campus is located near
                                                           the town of Gatton, an hour's drive
                                                           west of the Brisbane city centre. It offers
                                                           a laid-back and friendly lifestyle, world-
                                                           class teaching and research facilities,
                                                           farms, a community garden and
                                                           sports facilities.

                                                           Food and retail
                                                           You can buy food and drinks from the Coffee Pod, Dining
                                                           Hall and Walkway Cafe, and you can purchase and sell
                                                           books at our retail bookshop. There is an on-campus ATM
                                                           and a post office, and keep an eye out for the regular
                                                           events for students in the Central Walkway.

                                                           Green thumbs
                                                           The campus is a working farm that houses animals,
                                                           horticultural fields, a plant nursery, post-harvest facilities,
                                                           research laboratories, greenhouses, and plenty of
                                                           machinery. Grow your own herbs and vegetables in the
                                                           campus Community Garden.

                                                           Whether you’re looking to boost your fitness, meet new
                                                           people, or relax and unwind, UQ Sport Gatton offers an
                                                           ideal opportunity to do it all in one location. There’s both
                                                           gym and pool facilities – as well as tennis, basketball,
                                                           netball and squash courts. There are weekly group fitness
                                                           classes, sporting clubs and social sports to enjoy.

                                                           UQ Gatton’s recently refurbished library provides
                                                           computers, comfortable furniture and break-out spaces,
                                                           individual study spaces with acoustic lining, power and
                                                           USB connectors, height-adjustable desks, meeting rooms,
                                                           and a 24-hour study space.

                                                           Free inter-campus bus service
         Travel time by free inter-campus bus between      UQ provides a free inter-campus bus service between
         UQ St Lucia and UQ Gatton: 90 minutes (one way)   UQ Gatton and UQ St Lucia for students and staff.

UQ Herston
Just three kilometres from the Brisbane city centre,
UQ Herston is the specialist campus for health and
medical teaching and research.

UQ shares premises with the Royal Brisbane   rehabilitation centres in the southern
and Women’s Hospital and the QIMR            hemisphere, accommodating about
Berghofer Medical Research Institute,        100 nursing and allied health students
which creates a connected and engaged        from 2020.
The campus is home to:
• Faculty of Medicine                        UQ Herston’s Health Sciences library
                                             provides computers, study rooms and
• School of Public Health
                                             meeting rooms, a 24-hour study space,
• School of Dentistry
                                             height-adjustable desks, and access to the
• Herston Imaging Research Facility          Queensland Health network.
• Oral Health Centre
• RECOVER Injury Research Centre             Food and retail
• UQ Centre for Clinical Research.           You can grab a bite to eat or drink from
                                             Cafe Dose, the hospital cafes or Subway.
Surgical, Treatment and                      There is a bank and ATMs on campus, as
Rehabilitation Service (STARS)               well as a gift shop, a pharmacy, a post office
                                             and newsagency, and a bookshop.
Currently under construction, STARS will
be one of the largest tertiary specialist

                                                                                              INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020   19
     At UQ, the study you undertake to earn a qualification is called a program
     – we offer an associate degree, bachelor's programs, dual programs and
     honours programs at undergraduate level. You can receive credit for
     appropriate prior studies and if you do not meet the entry requirements
     for your program of choice, we have pathways to help you upgrade your
     academic qualifications and English language proficiency.

Using the Programs section

         Consider 'doubling up'
         A dual program, also called a
         double degree, allows you to
                                                    Choose what you
                                                                          Use the ‘UQ Programs Quick Reference’ table
                                                                          on pages 24–25 to find a program. You can
                                                                          also search for a program based on your
                                                                          area of interest by searching our program
                                                                          majors and minors listed on pages 68-73.
         study two degrees at the same               want to study        Alternatively, you can use the alphabetical
         time – often in a shorter timeframe.                             index on page 89 to locate your program of
         Many programs also offer the                                     interest.
         opportunity to study a dual major
         within the standard duration of
         a program, which enables you to
         focus on two study areas. Take                                   To gain entry into a UQ program you must
         a look at UQ’s dual programs on

                                                                          have: ‘Minimum’ or ‘Higher-than-minimum’
         page 25, and majors and minors                                   English language skills, attained an overall
         on pages 68-73.                                                  minimum entry score in a senior schooling
                                                                          equivalent to Queensland Year 12, passed
                                                                          particular subject prerequisites, and
                 Add another dimension to                                 completed any program-specific application
                 your degree                      Check your program's    requirements.
         Concurrent diplomas give you a          admission requirements   Some programs have additional entry
         unique opportunity to add another                                requirements. You can find each program’s
         dimension to your UQ bachelor’s                                  entry requirements on pages 32–67.
         degree. You can study a concurrent
         diploma along with your main
         degree and learn or progress a
         second language with a Diploma
         in Languages (nine languages
         available), or participate in musical

                                                                          Use the admissions section (pages 74–77)
         ensembles with a Diploma in Music                                to view: definitions of ‘Minimum’ and
         Performance. All diplomas are                                    ‘Higher-than-minimum’ English language
         made up of 16 units and can be                                   requirements and how to meet them, subject
         applied for after you have enrolled                              prerequisite equivalents, and each program’s
         for a full-time UQ program.                                      minimum entry score.
                                                  Check you qualify for   If you do not qualify for entry to UQ you may
                                                      entry to UQ         be able to upgrade through an academic or
                  Enhance your career
                                                                          English language pathway (see pages 26–31).
                  A UQ bachelor's degree is
        the solid foundation for a successful
        career, but to truly enhance
        your career prospects, consider
        continuing to postgraduate study
        after you graduate.
        UQ offers postgraduate coursework

        programs (graduate certificates,
        graduate diplomas, coursework
        masters, coursework masters                                       Use the step-by-step application
        [advanced] and professional                                       process as a guide for how to apply to UQ
        doctorates) and higher degrees
                                                                          (see pages 76–77).
        by research (Master of Philosophy        Find out how to apply
        [MPhil] and Doctor of Philosophy         for your UQ program
        [PhD]) to equip you with
        specialist knowledge, enhance
        your employability, upgrade
        your qualifications, help you get
        promoted, or pave the way for
        your career in research.

                                 The time it takes to complete a
                                 program when it is studied full-time.
Program table                    International students need to              START SEMESTER
                                 complete their program within the
explained                        duration stated.
                                                                             The academic year at UQ
                                                                             is divided into two main
                                                                                                                                                     HONOURS AVAILABLE
                                 Full-time: The standard study load is       semesters. Semester 1
 PROGRAM CODE                    eight units per semester.                   usually starts at the end of                                            At UQ, we have one-year
 A unique identifying                                                        February and Semester 2                                                 Honours programs for
                                 Part-time: Part-time study load is                                               CAMPUS
 number assigned by the                                                      starts at the end of July.                                              when you have completed
                                 less than 75 per cent of the standard
 University to a program.                                                                                         One of three UQ teaching           your bachelor's degree,
                                 study load (i.e. less than six units        The majority of programs
                                                                                                                  sites located at St Lucia,         and single bachelor's
 Visit future-students.          per semester for most programs).            begin at the start of the
                                                                                                                  Herston and Gatton                 honours degrees that and             International students can only study       semester, and some only
                                                                                                                  where the majority of              typically take four years
 type the UQ program             part-time if they do not require            have one start semester
                                                                                                                  lectures are held.                 of study.
 code into the search box        a student visa. All international           per year; however, some
 to find out more details        students on an international student        programs may have an                 Some programs may be               This box shows whether an
 about the programs you          visa must complete the program              earlier or later start date or       delivered at UQ’s other            honours year is available as
 are interested in.              within the stated program duration.         begin in Summer semester.            teaching sites.                    an extra year of study.

PROGRAM      DURATION         START       INDICATIVE CAMPUS ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS                                                                           DUAL
CODE                          SEMESTER    FEE (YEAR 1)                                                                                         HONOURS                  QUOTA
                                                                                                                                               AVAILABLE               PROGRAM
                                                                   ENGLISH     ACADEMIC PREREQUISITES         ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS

 INDICATIVE FEE (YEAR 1)             ENGLISH                             ACADEMIC PREREQUISITES                DUAL PROGRAMS AVAILABLE               QUOTA PROGRAM
 Tuition fees vary according         All programs require either         You must have completed               Two UQ programs                       A quota program is one
 to the program. We have             ‘Minimum’ or ‘Higher-               schooling equivalent to               undertaken at the same                that has limited places
 provided an indicative              than-minimum’ English               Queensland Year 12 to gain            time (sometimes known as              available for students,
 annual fee for each                 language proficiency.               entry into a UQ program.              dual/parallel/combined/               and entry may be
 program in this guide.              ‘Minimum’ English                   Some programs require                 double degrees).                      competitive. Even if you
 This indicative amount              language proficiency is             you to have completed                 This box shows if a                   meet the minimum entry
 is based on a standard              IELTS 6.5 with a 6 in each          specific subjects (or their           program is available as a             requirements, there is no
 full-time study load for a          sub-band (or equivalent).           equivalent) at school.                dual program. The dual                guarantee you will receive
 calendar year for the year                                              Some also have additional             programs are listed in full           a place on the program.
 of commencement.                    English language                    requirements.                         on page 25.
                                     proficiency varies and is
                                     higher than ‘Minimum’
       PLACEMENT                                                                                                                                               QR CODES
                                                                              ADDITIONAL COSTS
                                     See the fold-out for both
 A placement is work                                                     A program with additional costs has costs not included in the                        For a direct link
                                     a list of programs with
 experience for course                                                   program fee for items such as equipment, clothing, field trips,                      to more details
 credit. Placements can be                                               placements, special registrations or other necessities.                     about a specific program,
                                     English language
 compulsory or optional.                                                                                                                             scan the QR code.
                                     proficiency requirements            The symbol ‘Additional costs’ does not refer to text books,
                                     and for alternative ways            laptops, and other study items that are necessary for all students.         New generation smart
                                     to meet ‘Minimum’ English                                                                                       phones do not require a
                                     language proficiency                                                                                            QR reader – just hover
                                     requirements.                                                                                                   your phone’s camera over
                                                                                                                                                     the code. On other phones,
                                                                                                                                                     you will need to download
                                                                                                                                                     a QR reader app.

                                                                                                                         INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020                  23
UQ Programs Quick Reference
      PROGRAM TITLE – BACHELOR OF                                DURATION      START         PROGRAM       CRICOS        2020 INDICATIVE       INDICATIVE FULL PROGRAM   SEE
      (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED)                                  (YEARS)       SEMESTER      CODE          CODE          FIRST YEAR FEE (A$)   FEE (A$)***               PAGE
      Advanced Business (Honours)                                4             1             2424          096015K       $43,888               $191,993                  46
      Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours)                   4             1             2402          088354B       $43,888               $191,993                  46
      Advanced Humanities (Honours)                              4             1             2414          092444K       $34,208               $149,647                  42
      Advanced Science (Honours)                                 4             1, 2          2341          079390F       $43,504               $190,313                  66
      Agribusiness                                               3             1             2007          037367G       $43,504               $138,499                  34
      Agricultural Science (Honours)                             4             1, 2          2352          081217A       $43,504               $190,313                  34
      Architectural Design                                       3             1             2293          061825J       $45,120               $143,644                  38
      Arts                                                       3             1, 2          2000          001942A       $34,208               $108,905                  42
      Biomedical Science                                         3             1, 2          2415          092440C       $43,504               $138,499                  58
      Biotechnology (Honours)                                    4             1, 2          2375          082628G       $43,504               $190,313                  66
      Business (Associate Degree)                                1.3*          1, 3          1604          075145G       $52,104*              $70,514                   31
     Business Management                                         3             1, 2          2059          019886A       $42,272               $134,577                  46
     Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours)                      4             1             2413          092441B       $38,496               $168,405                  58
     Commerce                                                    3             1, 2          2024          001944K       $43,664               $139,009                  46
     Communication                                               3             1, 2          2236          043736D       $34,208               $108,905                  42
     Computer Science                                            3             1, 2          2425          096359G       $45,120               $143,644                  54
     Criminology and Criminal Justice (Honours)                  4             1             2408          091252D       $34,208               $149,647                  42
     Dental Science (Honours)                                    5             1             2367          082620D       $73,936               $416,784                  58
     Economics                                                   3             1, 2          2029          001948F       $42,272               $134,577                  47
     Education (Primary)                                         4             1             2306          063937G       $32,352               $141,528                  50
     Engineering (Honours)                                       4             1, 2          2342          080734K       $45,120               $197,383                  54
     Engineering [Bachelor (Honours)/Master]                     5             1, 2          2350          080724A       $45,120               $254,346                  55
     Environmental Management (Honours)                          4             1, 2          2376          082629F       $43,504               $190,313                  34
     Environmental Science (Honours)                             4             1, 2          2353          081216B       $43,504               $190,313                  34
     Equine Science                                              3             1             2385          087882G       $43,504               $138,499                  35
     Exercise and Nutrition Sciences                             3             1, 2          2325          073759D       $39.536               $125,867                  59
     Exercise and Sports Sciences (Honours)                      4             1             2371          082624M       $38,496               $168,405                  59
     Health Sciences                                             3             1, 2          2252          055897K       $37,344               $118,888                  59
     Health, Sport and Physical Education (Honours)              4             1             2372          082625K       $38,112               $166,725                  60
     Information Technology                                      3             1, 2          2230          001952K       $45,120               $143,644                  55
     International Hotel and Tourism Management                  3             1, 2          2194          037701K       $42,272               $134,577                  47
     International Studies                                       3             1             2316          070284C       $32,352               $102,996                  43
     Journalism                                                  3             1, 2          2040          025992D       $34,208               $108,905                  43
     Languages (Diploma)                                         2             1, 2          1602          CONCURR       $32,352               $33,323                   22
     Laws (Honours)                                              4             1, 2          2359          082613C       $43,888               $191,993                  47
     Mathematics                                                 3             1, 2          2393          088347A       $43,504               $138,499                  66
     Medicine (Doctor of)                                        4             1             5578          080921G       $81,152               $355,009                  63
     Midwifery                                                   3             1             2261          058541C       $34,736               $110,586                  60
     Music (Honours)                                             4             1             2355          081642F       $34,800               $152,237                  43
     Music Performance (Diploma of)                              2             1, 2          1602          CONCURR       $34,800               $38,059                   22
     Nursing                                                     3             1, 2**        2241          050456J       $34,736               $110,586                  61
     Occupational Health and Safety Science (Honours)            4             1             2331          078842B       $43,504               $190,313                  61
     Occupational Therapy (Honours)                              4             1             2368          082621C       $45,360               $198,433                  61
     Pharmacy (Honours)                                          4             1             2373          082626J       $45,792               $200,322                  62
     Physiotherapy (Honours)                                     4             1             2369          082622B       $46,752               $204,522                  62
     Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Honours)                4             1             2412          092442A       $42,272               $184,924                  47
     Psychological Science (Honours)                             4             1, 2          2379          084715C       $37,760               $165,186                  62
     Regional and Town Planning                                  4             1, 2          2063          001960K       $43,504               $190,313                  38
      Science (Gatton)                                           3             1, 2          2330          001961J       $44,736               $142,422                  67
      Science (St Lucia)                                         3             1, 2          2030          001961J       $44,736               $142,422                  67
      Social Science                                             3             1, 2          2032          025998J       $32,352               $102,996                  43
      Social Work (Honours)                                      4             1             2382          085539F       $32,352               $141,528                  63
      Speech Pathology (Honours)                                 4             1             2370          082623A       $45,632               $199,622                  63
      Sustainable Agriculture                                    3             1             2386          087884F       $43,504               $138,499                  35
      Veterinary Science (Honours)                               5             1             2378          082631A       $66,592               $375,385                  67
      Veterinary Technology                                      3             1             2387          087886D       $43,504               $138,499                  35
      Wildlife Science                                           3             1             2388          087888B       $43,504               $138,499                  35

     *This program is four trimesters in duration and the fee quoted is for four trimesters (1.3 years).
     **Semester 2 intake only available to eligible international students with advanced standing from selected partner institutions.
     ***Pricing is indicative only and correct at time of print.

Dual Programs Quick Reference
 (UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED)                                          (YEARS)    CODE      CODE      FIRST YEAR FEE (A$)   FEE (A$)***
 Agribusiness / Equine Science                                      4          2389      087883G   $43,504               $190,313
 Agribusiness / Sustainable Agriculture                             4          2390      087885E   $43,504               $190,313
 Agribusiness / Veterinary Technology                               4          2391      087887C   $43,504               $190,313
 Agribusiness / Wildlife Science                                    4          2392      087889A   $43,504               $190,313
 Arts / Education (Secondary)                                       4          2066      020137F   $33,744               $147,617
 Arts / International Hotel and Tourism Management                  4          2446      098337J   $40,256               $176,105
 Arts / Laws (Honours)                                              5.5        2361      082614B   $41,248               $260,118
 Arts / Social Science                                              4          2067      029209M   $33,744               $147,617
 Biomedical Science / Science                                       4          2416      092441B   $44,432               $194,373
 Business Management / Arts                                         4          2437      098326A   $40,256               $176,105
 Business Management / Commerce                                     4          2438      098327M   $43,312               $189,473
 Business Management / Communication                                4          2404      089657A   $40,256               $176,105
 Business Management / Economics                                    4          2439      098328K   $42,272               $184,924
 Business Management / Education (Secondary)                        4          2440      098330E   $39,792               $174,075
 Business Management / Information Technology                       4          2222      045400A   $44,416               $194,303
 Business Management / International Hotel and Tourism Management   4          2340      078072F   $42,272               $184,924
 Business Management / Journalism                                   4          2441      098332C   $40,256               $176,105
 Business Management / Laws (Honours)                               5.5        2362      082615A   $43,440               $273,942
 Business Management / Science                                      4          2442      098333B   $44,128               $193,043
 Commerce / Arts                                                    4          2443      098334A   $41,296               $180,654
 Commerce / Economics                                               4          2444      098335M   $43,312               $189,473
 Commerce / Information Technology                                  4          2223      045401M   $44,752               $195,773
 Commerce / Laws (Honours)                                          5.5        2363      082616M   $43,824               $276,363
 Commerce / Science                                                 4          2445      098336K   $44,464               $194,513
Communication / Arts                                                4          2282      059199D   $34,208               $149,647
Communication / Journalism                                          4          2283      059200E   $34,208               $149,647
Computer Science / Arts                                             4.25       2426      096360D   $41,904               $196,540
Computer Science / Science                                          4          2427      096361C   $45,024               $196,963
Economics / Arts                                                    4.25       2095      013825G   $39,904               $187,159
Economics / Laws (Honours)                                          5.5        2364      082617K   $43,440               $273,942
Economics / Science                                                 4.25       2098      029159E   $44,016               $206,445
Engineering (Honours) / Arts                                        5.5        2343      080729G   $42,144               $265,769
Engineering (Honours) / Biotechnology (Honours)                     5.5        2348      080733M   $44,672               $281,711
Engineering (Honours) / Business Management                         5.5        2344      080728G   $44,336               $279,592
Engineering (Honours) / Commerce                                    5.5        2345      080732A   $44,720               $282,014
Engineering (Honours) / Computer Science                            5.5        2428      096362B   $45,120               $284,536
Engineering (Honours) / Economics                                   5.5        2346      080725M   $44,336               $279,592
Engineering (Honours) / Information Technology                      5.5        2349      080731B   $45,120               $284,536
Engineering (Honours) / Mathematics                                 5          2401      088353C   $44,800               $252,542
Engineering (Honours) / Science                                     5          2347      080730C   $45,040               $253,895
Information Technology / Arts                                       4          2231      027273G   $42,400               $185,484
Information Technology / Science                                    4          2228      042119D   $45,024               $196,963
Journalism / Arts                                                   4          2102      029214C   $34,208               $149,647
Journalism / Laws (Honours)                                         5.5        2365      082618J   $41,248               $260,118
Mathematics / Arts                                                  4          2397      088348M   $41,184               $180,164
Mathematics / Business Management                                   4          2410      091253C   $43,200               $188,983
Mathematics / Commerce                                              4          2396      088349K   $43,632               $190,873
Mathematics / Computer Science                                      4          2429      096363A   $44,720               $195,633
Mathematics / Economics                                             4          2395      088350F   $43,200               $188,983
Mathematics / Education (Secondary)                                 4          2398      088351E   $40,720               $178,134
Mathematics / Information Technology                                4          2403      089168G   $44,720               $195,633
Mathematics / Science                                               4          2394      088352D   $44,432               $194,373
Music (Honours) / Arts                                              5          2405      089658M   $34,688               $195,539
Music (Honours) / Education (Secondary)                             5          2357      081640G   $34,304               $193,375
Music (Honours) / Science                                           5          2406      089659K   $40,768               $229,813
Nursing / Midwifery                                                 4          2290      062637E   $34,736               $151,957
Science / Arts                                                      4          2109      013827E   $42,112               $184,224
Science / Education (Secondary)                                     4          2110      061063B   $41,648               $182,194
Science / Journalism                                                4          2233      043735E   $42,112               $184,224
Science / Laws (Honours)                                            5.5        2366      082619G   $44,352               $279,693
***Pricing is indicative only and correct at time of print.

                                                                                                   INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020       25
Pathways to UQ
     If you don’t have the required results, subject
     prerequisites, or skills for your preferred UQ program,
     there are other ways you can study with us.
     You can improve your English language skills at our
     on-campus language institute, take a Foundation Year
     pathway program, or study at UQ College.

The UQ Pathway Advantage
Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education (ICTE)
Each year nearly 4000 students from 50 countries come to Brisbane to learn or improve
their English at ICTE on UQ’s St Lucia campus. You will be taught by highly-qualified
teachers, and ICTE can help you with homestay accommodation.
CRICOS Provider Number 00091C

IES College
International Education Services (IES) College Foundation Year prepares you to study
a bachelor's program at UQ. You will benefit from our academic and English language
programs, student counsellors, study and career advice, accommodation assistance, and an
international community featuring people from more than 40 countries.
CRICOS Provider Number: 01697J

UQ College
Located at UQ St Lucia, UQ College prepares you for success at university and equips
you to achieve your ambitions. Our Associate Degree in Business provides a life-changing
opportunity for you to experience the excitement and satisfaction of becoming immersed
in life as a university student.

Pathway options to enter UQ

  ENGLISH      To improve your English language proficiency

               ICTE English language
               pathway program
               Which can lead to …
               • IES Foundation Year pathway program, or
               • any UQ program (provided you have the academic qualifications for
                 entry and achieve the required English results).

 ACADEMIC      To improve your Academic entry qualifications

               UQ College’s
               Associate Degree in Business
               Which can lead to …
               • UQ’s Bachelor of Business Management (page 46)
                 (on meeting required results).

  ENGLISH      To improve your English language proficiency and
               Academic entry qualifications

    +          IES College Foundation Year
 ACADEMIC      Which can lead to …
               • any UQ program (upon meeting required results).

                                              INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE UQ GUIDE 2020    27
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