GRADUATION PROGRAM AUGUST 2020 - Victoria University

GRADUATION PROGRAM AUGUST 2020 - Victoria University
GRADUATION PROGRAM AUGUST 2020 - Victoria University
AND GRANTING                       Our Value Proposition to our Students
OF DIPLOMAS                        and the Community                                   1
AND CERTIFICATES                   A Message from the Chancellor                       2
                                   A Message from the Vice-Chancellor and President    3
August 2020                        100 years of opportunity and success                4
Virtual Graduation Ceremony        At VU, family is everything                         5
                                   University Senior Executives                        6
#vualumni #vicunigrads             Acknowledgement of Country                          7                          The University Mace – An Established Tradition      7
                                   Academic Dress                                      8
                                   Welcome to the Alumni Community                     9
ORDER OF                           Social Media                                       10
PROCEEDINGS                        Graduates                                          11
                                       College of Arts and Education                  12
MC Welcome
                                       College of Engineering and Science             14
Welcome to Country & Performance       College of Health and Biomedicine              16
Occasional Address                     College of Law and Justice                     17
                                       College of Sport and Exercise Science          18
Presiding Officer’s Address
                                       Victoria University Business School            19
Dean’s Address                         VU College                                     25
Presentation of Awards                 VU Research                                    26
                                   University Medals for Academic Excellence          31
Student Speaker Address            University Medals for Academic Excellence
Charge to Graduates                in Research Training                               31
                                   Companion of the University                        32
Close of Ceremony
                                   Honorary Graduates of the University 1987–2019     33
GRADUATION PROGRAM AUGUST 2020 - Victoria University
Victoria University (VU) aims to be a great university of
the 21st century by being inclusive rather than exclusive.
We will provide exceptional value to our diverse
community of students by guiding them to achieve their
career aspirations through personalised, flexible, well-
supported and industry relevant learning opportunities.
Achievement will be demonstrated by our students’ and
graduates’ employability and entrepreneurship.

The applied and translational research conducted by
our staff and students will enhance social and economic
outcomes in our heartland communities of the West of
Melbourne and beyond. Our graduates as employees
and citizens will shape the industries in which they work
and communities where they live. Healthier, smarter and
more sustainable communities will result.

    As Chancellor of Victoria University, I am privileged to preside at
    Graduations and to witness the enormous pride that our graduates take in
    their achievements. It is a pride that is shared by your family and friends,
    and by all VU staff and Council members. Your success in completing your
    course of study is our greatest reward.
    As your graduation day is a significant milestone, it is important to me and the entire
    University community that each ceremony highlights the rich and genuine diversity of
    our University. We work hard to ensure that our ceremonies are friendly, inviting and
    engaging and that we honour the celebratory nature of the occasion. It is how we do
    things here at VU, and those outside the VU community who attend our ceremonies
    never fail to comment on what an uplifting experience it is.

    During your time with us, we have equipped you with the knowledge and skills you need
    to thrive in the modern world. You now have the tools to learn, to adapt, to be flexible,
    to be resilient and to succeed. You have shown an ability to set goals and achieve them.
    Throughout your study we have strived to give you an education which includes an
    understanding of the real world of work and an appreciation of the society in which we
    live. We are now sending you into the world to make a difference.

    As a University we seek not only to provide you with a first class education but it is
    important to us that we strengthen the communities from which you come, and in many
    cases, to which you will return. Through you, and through the impact of our research on
    real world issues, we are improving our community, both locally and globally.

    To each of our graduates – I urge you to enjoy your graduation day. Reflect on all that you
    have accomplished so far and on the many experiences still to come. Take a moment to
    think about what your time at VU has meant to you.

    Please stay connected through our extensive Alumni network. You are always a member
    of our community and, as with all our students you will always be important to us.

    Congratulations and very best wishes for an exciting and successful future.

    Ms Gaye Hamilton


My heartfelt congratulations to all graduands at this important
ceremony. As the Vice-Chancellor and President of Victoria University,
I am honoured to celebrate your achievements with you in 2020. I would
also like to extend a warm welcome to your family and friends who are
sharing this special day with you.
In graduating from VU you are now alumni of a modern university which is among the
world’s best. While we remain the only tertiary institution based in the west of Melbourne,
we also have a growing international reputation.

We are ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide in the Times Higher Education
World University Rankings. We are also ranked #45 in the world in the 2019 Times Higher
Education Young University Rankings, a significant milestone for such a young institution.

This recognition for your university enhances the value of the qualification you
have worked so hard to earn. It will assist you as you forge ahead with your career
both here and abroad and enable you to say with pride that you are a graduate of
Victoria University.

I join the Chancellor in encouraging you to remain connected to the University as part of
our ever-growing Alumni community and I look forward to hearing more from you as you
embrace your chance to join them as valued ambassadors of our institution.

Your award is an opportunity for you to make a real impact in the world locally, nationally
and globally. I ask that you take the skills and knowledge you have gained here at VU and
use them as the first vital step in your lifelong learning journey.

Congratulations on reaching this exciting milestone.

Professor Peter Dawkins AO

Vice-Chancellor and President

                                                                                       VICTORIA UNIVERSITY GRADUATION PROGRAM AUGUST 2020   3
    Congratulations! You have achieved an                       For a quarter of century we have also been providing
                                                                exceptional educational opportunities for international
    important milestone.                                        students. In Melbourne, nearly 20% of our total student
                                                                population are international students from over 80
    You have succeeded in your tertiary                         countries. Offshore, through high-quality partnerships,
    studies and we are delighted to send you                    VU enrols nearly 4,500 students per year in English,
                                                                diploma, degree and master courses in China, Malaysia,
    into the world – or welcome you back for                    Singapore, Vietnam and Sri Lanka.
    further study. You are now part of the VU                   VU is especially proud of our international alumni as they
    family.                                                     provide marvellous contributions to their employers,
                                                                families and communities all over the world.
    Today’s Victoria University is a direct descendant of
    Footscray Technical School, which first opened its doors    We have grown into one of Australia’s biggest and best
    to students in February 1916. The school, with the          universities, with over 42,000 enrolled students and just
    support of the local community, took up the challenge to    under 2000 staff. Victoria University is ranked in the top
    offer educational opportunities to the diverse population   2% of universities worldwide, in the prestigious Times
    of Melbourne’s West. We remain committed to that goal       Higher Education World Rankings.
    and we are now one of the longest-standing providers of
    education in Victoria.                                      We have campuses in Melbourne’s CBD, and spread across
                                                                Melbourne’s western region, and a Sydney campus that
    The School adopted the image of the Door of                 offers courses to international students.
    Opportunity as a means of expressing to the entire
    community the school’s purpose and reason for               The University encompasses:
    existence. Victoria University remains committed to that    u   seven teaching colleges
    spirit and tradition as we embark on our next 100 years.
                                                                u   Victoria Polytechnic, VU’s vocational training provider,
    As the University of Opportunity and Success, we play a         and
    role in helping students from diverse backgrounds find
                                                                u   Two research institutes in our flagship areas of Sport,
    success, and in the process we strive to be a distinctive
                                                                    Health and Active Living and Sustainable Industries
    University of the 21st century.
                                                                    and Liveable Cities.

We are a young university with a long rich
history dating back to the founding of Footscray
Technical School in 1916. We are proud of each
and every one of our students who have studied                                                                                   1916–1958
with us over our 100 year history. Where do you                                                                                  FOOTSCRAY TECHNICAL
fit on the VU family tree?

                                                                                                                                 FOOTSCRAY TECHNICAL
                                                     1960–1975                                                                   COLLEGE
                                                     MELBOURNE SCHOOL OF

                                                                                                                                 FOOTSCRAY INSTITUTE
           1965–1976                                 1975–1984             1979–1982              1973–1982
           DECORATING AND SIGN                       COLLEGE OF            COLLEGE (A DIVISION    COLLEGE (A DIVISION OF
           CRAFTS                                    HAIRDRESSING          OF F.I.T.)             F.I.T.)

           1976–1993                                 1984–1993             1982–1991              1982–1991
           DECORATION*                               OF TAFE               OF TAFE                OF TAFE

             *Note: Only part of the College
             merged with Western Metropolitan
                                                                           1991                   1987–1991
             College of TAFE (Painting, Decorating                         GELLIBRAND COLLEGE     WESTERN INSTITUTE
             and Signwriting Programs).
                                                                           OF TAFE

                                                              MERGED       1991–1995
                                                               1993        WESTERN METROPOLITAN
                                                                           COLLEGE OF TAFE                             1992–2005
                                                                                                                       VICTORIA UNIVERSITY OF

                                                                           1996–1998                 MERGED
                                                                           WESTERN MELBOURNE          1998
                                                                           INSTITUTE OF TAFE
                                                                                                                      VICTORIA UNIVERSITY

                                                                                                         VICTORIA UNIVERSITY GRADUATION PROGRAM AUGUST 2020   5
    CHANCELLOR                                 DEPUTY CHANCELLOR             VICE-CHANCELLOR               SENIOR DEPUTY
    Ms Gaye Hamilton                           Mr Wayne Kayler-Thomson       AND PRESIDENT                 VICE-CHANCELLOR
    BSc(Ed)Melb                                AGIT(Comm), CPA               Professor Peter Dawkins AO    Professor Marcia Devlin
                                                                             BSc(Hons)Lough, MScLon,       BAANU, DipEdLaTrobe,
                                                                             PhDLough, FASSA, FIPAA,       GradDipAppliedPsych-
                                                                             FACEL(Hon)                    Swinburne, MEdMacquarie,
    VOCATIONAL EDUCATION    RESEARCH                AND CHIEF OPERATING                                    FUTURE STUDENTS AND
    AND PATHWAYS            Professor Corinne Reid  OFFICER                                                PLANNING
    Mr Grant Dreher                            PhDMurdoch, MPsych(Clin)      Mr Ian Ford                   Mr Steve Berridge
    MEdRMIT, GCertVicMelb,                     UWA, Psychology(Hons)         BFinAdminUNE, CPA,            BA(Hons), PgCertYork,
    GCertCSU                                   Flinders, BAUniAdelaide       MBAUNE                        PgDipCIM
    PRO VICE-CHANCELLOR:                       VICE-PRESIDENT:               ACTING DEPUTY VICE-           VICE-PRESIDENT: HEALTH,
    Professor Vasso                            TRANSFORMATION                AND STUDENTS) & PRO           DEAN, COLLEGE OF HEALTH
    Apostolopoulos                             Professor Richard             VICE-CHANCELLOR               AND BIOMEDICINE
    BScMelb, PhDMelb,                          Constantine                   (STUDENTS)                    Professor Karen Dodd
    AdvCertProteinCryst Univ.                  PhDMurdoch, MPsych(Clin)      Ms Naomi Dempsey              PhDLaTrobe, MBALaTrobe,
    London                                     UWA, Psychology(Hons)         MEd VicMelb, GradCert         BAppSci(Physiotherapy)
                                               Flinders, BAUniAdelaide       Educational Leadership        Lincolnst
    PEOPLE AND CULTURE                         (BUSINESS AND LAW) &      LEARNING                          (FUTURE STUDENTS AND
    Mr Shaun Eltham                            DEAN, VICTORIA UNIVERSITY Ms Trish McCluskey                MARKETING)
    BComGriffith                               BUSINESS SCHOOL           BAEd, GradCertHlthSci             Ms Bronte Neyland
                                               Professor Mark Farrell        UniAuckland, MEdVicMelb       MA Japanese StudiesMonash,
                                               PhD MarketingMonash, MSc                                    BScMonash, BAMonash
                                               MarketingManc, BA(Hons)
                                               Politics with International
    AND PATHWAYS                               Professor Ian Solomonides AND LIVEABLE CITIES &
    Ms Dianne Semmens                          PhDNottingham, BEd(Hons) DEAN, COLLEGE OF ARTS
    GradDipPol&Mgt,                            Worcester                 AND EDUCATION
    GradDipTeach,                                                            Professor Rob Strathdee
    GradCertLeadEdTraining, BA                                               PhDCanterbury, MEdCanter-
                                                                             bury, DipTeachChristchurch-
                                                                             ColEd, BEdCanterbury

Victoria University acknowledge the Ancestors, Elders and families of the
Boonwurrung and Woiwurrung of the Kulin who are the traditional owners of
University land. As we share our own knowledge practices within the University may
we pay respect to the deep knowledge embedded within the Aboriginal community
and their ownership of Country. We acknowledge that the land on which we meet
is a place of age old ceremonies of celebration, initiation and renewal and that the
Kulin people’s living culture has a unique role in the life of this region.

Our graduation ceremonies begin with the entrance of the University mace,
signifying the authority of the Chancellor. Carried by the Mace Bearer, the mace
symbolises learning, scholarship and our rich history. The mace connects us with
those who have come before and those who will follow in the pursuit of learning.
Made of sterling silver and 24-carat gold, the design includes the letter ‘V’, standing
for Victoria – our University’s home and namesake.

                                                   VICTORIA UNIVERSITY GRADUATION PROGRAM AUGUST 2020   7
    Wearing academic dress on ceremonial occasions is a celebrated university tradition,
    and generally consists of a gown (also known as a robe) with a separate hood (also
    known as a stole), and usually a cap – doctoral candidates wear a bonnet. Throughout
    the Commonwealth, universities usually follow the academic dress style of Oxford
    or Cambridge. Our academic dress is based on the Oxford style. Traditionally, the
    Chancellor’s gown is faced in gold and the Vice-Chancellor’s gown is faced in silver.

    The colour of the hood (stole)                         The gowns worn by graduating              Masters – a black gown and black
    identifies the discipline:                             students help distinguish                 cap with a black hood fully lined with
                                                           undergraduate and higher degrees:         the discipline colour.
    Ruby                                            Arts
    Ultramarine                   Business or              u   undergraduates and postgraduates      Doctors – a black bonnet with a gold
                       Business Administration                 wear a black gown – Vocational        cord, a scarlet gown with a facing
                                                               Education, Further Education and      and a black hood fully lined with the
    Cherry                                 Education           undergraduate gowns have a large      discipline colour.
    Silver Grey                          Engineering           slit in each sleeve
                                                                                                     Indigenous Australians – the gown
    Old Rose                        Health Science         u   the masters gown has a long           of their award together with a calf-
                                                               narrow sleeve extension               length black and red silk stole with
    Parchment                                       Law
                                                               doctoral candidates wear a red        gold tassels, a map of Victoria in gold
    Pansy                                        Music     u

                                                               gown.                                 silk, ‘Victoria University’ embroidered
    Buff                                 Psychology                                                  in gold on the left end of the stole,
    Spectrum Green                       Science,                                                    the sun embroidered in gold silk and
                                  Applied Science          ACADEMIC DRESS FOR                        ‘Ngaga Jindi Woraback’ embroidered
                                                                                                     in gold on the right end of the stole.
                                and Sport Science          PARTICULAR AWARDS IS
                                     Social Studies
                           Sport and Recreation
                                                           AS FOLLOWS:                               In official abbreviations of our awards,
                                                                                                     Victoria University is abbreviated to
                                                           Certificates – a black cap and an         VicMelb.
    Adonis Blue                Doctor of Business          undergraduate gown with a black
    Cherry                   Doctor of Education           stole with a facing of tangerine.
    Graphite               Doctor of Engineering           Diplomates and Graduate
    Pearl White                      Doctor of Laws        Certificates – a black cap and an
                                                           undergraduate gown with a black
    Ruby                          Doctor of Letters
                                                           stole with a facing in the discipline
    Sapphire                Doctor of Philosophy           colour.
    Old Gold               Doctor of Psychology            Bachelors – a black gown and black
    Spectrum Green Doctor of Science                       cap with a black hood half lined with
                                                           the discipline colour. The hood for the
    Sky Blue           Doctor of the University
                                                           honours degree has a white band on
    Tangerine                    TAFE Certificates         the edge of
                                                           the hood.

Congratulations on your graduation and welcome to the Victoria University
Alumni Community.
As a graduate of the University, you have joined a global network of over 240,000
alumni living and working across 140 countries.
We hope you stay in touch and be an active member of our vibrant community.

STAY CONNECTED                                             STAY INFORMED
It’s who you know that matters!                            If you haven’t already done so, we would encourage you
                                                           to create and update your LinkedIn profile regularly to
Build your social capital by attending alumni networking   connect with other professionals, access opportunities and
events, which may open doors to unexpected                 stay up-to-date with industry progress.
                                                           Whenever you change your contact details (especially
In the mean time, join the conversation with your fellow   your email and country of residence), please be sure to let
alumni and find your next inspiration on our channels.     us know. You can quickly and easily update your details by
                                                           visiting –
Facebook: Victoria University Alumni Community
                                                           You will receive invitations to exclusive opportunities,
LinkedIn: Victoria University Alumni Community
                                                           activities and events near you, in addition to our bi-
Instagram: @vualumni                                       monthly e-newsletter YourVU – which will keep you up to
                                                           date with events and development at VU and in the Alumni
WeChat: VictoriaUni                                        Community.

                                                           To learn more about the VU Alumni Community, go to

                                                           Now that you’ve graduated from Victoria University, a
                                                           world of opportunities is waiting for you. We wish you
                                                           every success in the next stage of your life and we hope to
                                                           see you at future events.

                                                           VU Alumni Relations Team
                                                           +61 3 9919 1017

                                                                                   VICTORIA UNIVERSITY GRADUATION PROGRAM AUGUST 2020   9
     Share and celebrate graduations with your friends and family by using #vicunigrads

     We will also be sharing photos from the day, so make sure you check Facebook
     for our graduations photo albums.





COLLEGE OF ARTS                               BACHELOR OF EDUCATION
                                              Yasmin Abdi Ali
                                                                            BACHELOR OF
                                                                            PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES
                                                                                                               GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN EARLY
                                                                                                               CHILDHOOD EDUCATION
AND EDUCATION                                 Zakieh Ashly Bakri
                                              Adam Crupi
                                                                            Rachael Anne Couley
                                                                            Fletcher Dyson
                                                                                                               Pui Ying Grace Fong
                                                                                                               Amandeep Kaur
                                              Alexandra Lenon                                                  Safa Khatoon
BACHELOR OF ARTS                                                            BACHELOR OF SCREEN MEDIA
                                              Lachlan Zachary Prasad                                           Johanna Lee
Kira-Lee Harding                              Nerrida Elizabeth Wynd        Matthew Basto                      Philomena Leecock
Mykalyn Laduke
                                                                            Ryan Featherston                   Manjula Prema Kumari Victor
Emilio Marino                                 BACHELOR OF EDUCATION         Julian Gallagher
Steven Nicholas Pennington                    (EARLY CHILDHOOD/PRIMARY)                                        GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN
                                                                            Jason MacKenzie
Tina Soundias                                                                                                  INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY
                                              James Vincent Cassar          Liana Renda
Kathy Zu                                                                                                       DEVELOPMENT
                                              Hong Jiang
                                              Taylah Brooke O’Shea          BACHELOR OF YOUTH WORK
BACHELOR OF ARTS                                                                                               Clarissa Teixeira Do Nascimento
                                              Rosy Soe Du Polarbaw          Kathleen Tanya Shama Dean          Bryce Andrew Lewis
                                              Canan Yaman                   Nunzio Giunta                      Girma Seid
Suzy Leisa Larkins                                                          Carly Anne Hammond
                                              BACHELOR OF EDUCATION         Isara Loful                        MASTER OF APPLIED
                                              (P-12)                        Shensev McAteer                    PSYCHOLOGY (COMMUNITY
                                              Nicole Campbell               Samuel James Morganti              PSYCHOLOGY)
Dylan Beresford                               Duskovic Luke James           Paul Steven Reichelt
Joshua David Guth                                                                                              Ashlea Katrina Firns
                                              Lauren Anne Dwyer                                                Suzy Leisa Larkins
                                              Thomas Jeofferey Fawcett      BACHELOR OF YOUTH
BACHELOR OF ARTS                                                            WORK/BACHELOR OF SPORT
(VISUAL ART)                                  Finch Chloe Elizabeth                                            MASTER OF APPLIED
                                              Tara Kate Lindsay             MANAGEMENT (SPORT AND              PSYCHOLOGY (SPORT
Emilia Carmen Borcsok                         Abbey Louise McEwen           ACTIVE COMMUNITIES)                PSYCHOLOGY)
Abel Sarzor                                   Linh Nhi Cathy Nguyen         Cassandra Lynnette Davis           Jelena Stojic
Sra Ajayraj Singh                             Jordan Alan Patty
                                              Jessica Anne Renkin           GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN            MASTER OF DIGITAL MEDIA
                                              Emily Zdravevski              EDUCATION                          Biplav Acharya
Kate Wain
                                                                            Lynette Thompson                   Majak Akot
                                              BACHELOR OF EDUCATION
BACHELOR OF COMMUNITY                                                                                          Kittianant Chaipanukiat
                                              STUDIES                       GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN
DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                    Dharshan Dhamodharan
                                              Thaine Taylor Borg            INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY            Sumanth Jagarlamudi
Su Juan Yang                                  Perri Ellen Davis             DEVELOPMENT                        Muhammad Mohd Nasir
BACHELOR OF CREATIVE ARTS                     Maryam Demiri                 Daniel Jose Fontanos               Kalash Moola
                                              Heba Elbob                    Diana Marcela Rodriguez Penaloza
INDUSTRIES                                                                                                     Benoy Suriyaarachchige
                                              Lewis Goss                    Girma Seid
Daniela Rodriguez                             Grace Hallinan                                                   MASTER OF EDUCATION
BACHELOR OF CREATIVE                          Natalie Pennington            GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN            Sehrish Bashir
                                              Natasha Petkopoulos           TERTIARY EDUCATION                 Dinh Thien Phuoc Hoang
                                              Mia Rigoni                    Mohamad Abdul Kader                Lovepreet Kaur
Marie Beatrice Delphine Rosalie               Jake Rooney                   Lisa Maree Agnew                   Deborah Shebanie Rosabel Manikkam
                                              Neha Sharma                                                      Ngoc Khanh Linh Nguyen
BACHELOR OF CRIMINAL                                                        Michelle Rose Attard
                                              Hodan Sheikh                  Yanni Bouras                       Yuyan Tang
                                              Souhaila Taleb                Jo-Anna Elizabeth Brandenburg      Bruce Dorling Tucker
Olivia Botham                                 Madeline Wilson Timberlake    Wendy Campbell
Ashleigh Hoekstra                             Salena Vo                                                        MASTER OF INTERNATIONAL
                                                                            Jenna Louise Corcoran
Mohamed Ahmed Idris                                                                                            COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT
                                                                            Kara Rae Dadswell
Ali Sher Razi                                 BACHELOR OF EDUCATIONAL
                                                                            Maree Alison Fitzpatrick           Elsa Joaquina Araujo Pinto
Jhoel Zevallos- Diaz                          STUDIES
                                                                            Kerrin Jane Ford                   Fabio Andres Cardona Vargas
                                              Venetia Shazarine Fernandes   Kate Rhiannon Kelly                Jaime Enrique Cuellar Sarmiento
CHILDHOOD EDUCATION                                                         Louise Last                        Elege Stanley Ifechukwude
                                              BACHELOR OF INTERNATIONAL
                                                                            Connie Livingstone                 Emmanuel Jessey
Simone Lisa Curwood                           STUDIES                       Padma Murthi                       Naseer Khan
Thi My Loan Dang                              Christopher Rook              Mohammad Ali Noori                 Sin Wei Lee
Rachel Ann Dawkins
                                                                            Samantha Jane Reeve                Michael Lulu
Adriana Gonzalez                              BACHELOR OF MARKETING
                                                                            Elysia Nicole Robinson             Ra Ratha
Sara Hamidavi Mohammad Pour                   COMMUNICATION                 Helen Linda Rodd                   Divvya Sivarajah
Makayla Hamilton                              Kasenya Turner                Devika Sharma                      Isurika Wijewardhena
Ozel Husnu                                    BACHELOR OF MUSIC             Carlo Soliman
Diu Hien Huynh                                Dannielle Ashurst                                                MASTER OF TEACHING
Georgia Kofoed                                Berry Renae Louise            GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN            (PRIMARY)
Sandrine Jessica Lasplaces                    Elijah Futi                   TESOL                              Guillaume Desmons
Elizabeth Ouma                                Angela Gewargis               Tony Chalfe
Natasha Lynne Plant                           Vanessa Grillo                                                   MASTER OF TEACHING
                                                                            Silvia Kiss
Maneesha Gawri Ranasinghe                     Dominique Lamont                                                 (PRIMARY EDUCATION)
                                                                            Elizabeth McCue
Thla Cung Lian Vanhlei                        Ting Lo                       Sakshi Sadana                      Sofia Antonopoulos
Shihani Koshila Wanasekara                    Jack James Maffescioni
Wanasekara Mudiyanselage                                                                                       Sophie Brown
                                              Caleb Wilkins                 GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN                Sanay Cooke
Samantha Zogheib
                                                                            DIGITAL MEDIA                      John Jovan Stojcevski
                                              BACHELOR OF PROFESSIONAL
                                                                            Subhanan Pandit
                                              AND CREATIVE WRITING          Kyra Vaz Noronha
                                              Maree Collie                  Xueting Zhang

David Alexander Kennedy

Annemarie Agborchi
Murat Altindagli
Michael Alan Andrew
Julia Kathleen Dardha
Adam Dean
Nguyen Phuong Thai Doan
Michael P R Downes
Christopher Downing
Kaibo Duan
Ryan Travis Eddy
Rachel English
Merve Fanoscu
Saikrishna Gilla
Swapnil Goyal
Joshua William Gray
Paris Kathleen Griffin
Wade Guye
Joshua Hearn-Amy
Richard Hendrata
Jocelin Meredith
Thi Ngoc Trinh Pham
Jagriti Sharma
Wayne Stellini
Thuc Nhi Vuong
Adam Md Yasin

COLLEGE OF                                     BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING
                                               (HONOURS) (ELECTRICAL &
                                                                             Shrestha Suraj
                                                                             Hritik Kumar Singh
                                                                                                       Luo Hongyi
                                                                                                       Luo Jiaming

ENGINEERING                                    ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING)
                                               Mosab Mohammed F Al Omiri
                                                                             Ujjwal Sitaula
                                                                             Ronit Raj Sriwastav
                                                                                                       Luo Yiming
                                                                                                       Lv Yuanyuan

AND SCIENCE                                    Shanaka Kadurugoda Bandara
                                               Amarasinghe Wasala
                                                                             Sagar Subedi
                                                                             Lila Tamang
                                                                                                       Lv Zhengxin
                                                                                                       Ma Hongnan
                                               Ngoc Linh Dang                Rajib Thapa               Ma Mingge
BACHELOR OF BUILDING                                                         Savyata Thapa             Ma Xitong
                                               Kye Linke-Nagel
DESIGN                                                                       Thapa Sailesh             Ma Zhaoyang
                                               Keith Ryan Se Hin Son
Mohammed Saud Parkar                           Mohammad Zeeshan Siddiqui     Thapa Sudin               Neha Maharjan
Carlos Petros                                  Jackson Sullivan              Yaman Thapa               Bhavay Maini
Jake Szafraniec                                                              Prabin Timilsina          Hamza Malik
                                               BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING                                 Limak Raj Malla
BACHELOR OF BUILDING                           (HONOURS) (MECHANICAL         BACHELOR OF INFORMATION   Manandhar Prajwal
SURVEYING                                      ENGINEERING)                  TECHNOLOGY (WEB AND       Barbara Jane Marsh
Reis Aygun                                                                   MOBILE APPLICATION        Sahil Mehta
                                               Lawrence Gibbs
Zaheer Baryalai                                Thai Tam Nguyen
                                                                             DEVELOPMENT)              Khawaja Ahmed Moin Uddin
Con Boutsikos                                                                Aabiskar Acharya          Vu Anh Tuan Nguyen
Janaka Gamage                                  BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING       Ao Lei                    Suman Niraula
Matthew Graham                                 SCIENCE (SPORTS               Bai Lu                    Niu Mingjue
Deon Greco                                     ENGINEERING)                  Devesh Basnet             Niu Yadong
Joshua Hillman                                                               Sandesh Bk                Kevin Orquiza
                                               Shaun Clarke
Callan Hussein                                                               Cai Huayi                 Prashanta Pandit
Thomas Saloumi                                 BACHELOR OF INFORMATION       Cao Kejing                Anup Poudel
James Sun                                      TECHNOLOGY (NETWORK AND       Cao Mujin                 Rajat Rehan
Stefan Suvira                                                                Khilendra Chaulagain      Ren Long
                                               SYSTEM COMPUTING)
Angelique Symeonidis                                                         Chen Jiaxin               Roka Ganesh
Matthew Willis                                 Acharya Sagar                                           Shen Jiaqi
                                                                             Chen Liang
Abdullah Zamani                                Rupesh Adhikari                                         Pawan Shrestha
                                                                             Chen Lingjie
                                               Samjhana Adhikari                                       Sunny Man Singh
                                                                             Chen Xiaoyu
BACHELOR OF CONSTRUCTION                       Sunil Adhikari
                                                                             Chen Yuhe                 Tan Yafang
MANAGEMENT (HONOURS)                           Bernard Adjei-Yeboah                                    Bijay Thapa
                                                                             Cheng Cheng
Ethan Caruana-Smith                            Abdullah Mohammed H Alamri                              Thapa Tejendra
                                                                             Biswas Chhantyal
Sarah Elizabeth Coulter                        Zeeshan Ali                                             Tian Yiming
                                                                             Nikesh Dangol
                                               Ashim Aryal                                             Phat La Duc Tran
                                                                             Maira De Lucca
BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING                        Nabin Aryal
                                                                             Dong Yanhong              Aakash Vaidya
(CIVIL ENGINEERING)                            Nikhil Bansal                                           Bibek Wagle
                                                                             Du Hanrui
                                               Santosh Bashyal                                         Wang Chuanshi
Luka Pilipovic                                                               Feng Xueqing
                                               Basnet Rabiroshan                                       Wang Mohan
                                                                             Amit Kumar Gautam
BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING                        Bijay Basnet                                            Wang Qingrui
                                                                             Ge Hongliang
(HONOURS) (ARCHITECTURAL                       Suman Bhatta                                            Wang Ruilin
                                                                             Amrit Giri
ENGINEERING)                                   Partha Protim Bhowmik                                   Wang Ruiqi
                                                                             Guo Kai
                                               Eric Wei Yang Chan                                      Wang Sheng
Yousef A B A Abdulraheem                                                     Guo Qing
                                               Chaureli Sunil                                          Wang Shi
Amel Aladin Catic                                                            Guo Yinjing
                                               Dahal Hardik                                            Wang Weiyuan
Stephen Mark Odgers                                                          Guo Yinxia
                                               Sujan Gautam                                            Wang Yiming
                                                                             Hao Yanjing
BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING                        Ahmed Rahat Hassan                                      Wang Yiwei
                                                                             He Yameng
(HONOURS) (CIVIL                               Waleed Javed Iqbal                                      Wang Zhonghao
                                                                             Samuel Hennell
                                               Aashis K C
ENGINEERING)                                                                 Hou Ziran                 Wei Jiaqi
                                               Sagar Kandel                                            Wei Renchao
Ahmad T A S H Abbas                                                          Huang Changhao
                                               Nischal Karki                                           Wu Lei
Joseph Aiezza                                                                Jia Ying
                                               Kc Prabesh                                              Wu Ruixiang
Hasan H A Y Gh Alaryan                                                       Jiao Houxin
                                               Saugat Kc                                               Wu Xianda
Alnufood M M A F Alshammari                                                  Jin Ye
                                               Khadka Abhay                                            Wu Yaohua
Umang Himmatbhai Bhadani                                                     Jing Yinluo
                                               Raju Khatri                                             Xie Shichuang
Weam Danil                                                                   Kang Zheng
                                               Ashim Kunwar                                            Xu Xiaoya
Ahmad Daoud                                                                  Sudan Kc
                                               Manish Kunwar                                           Xue Wenlu
Prabin Ghimire                                                               Khadka Ishwor
                                               Chanme Lee                                              Yan Mengfan
Zahraa A H J A Jragh                                                         Li Bingyi
                                               Mahagamage Imesha Surangi                               Yang Anbang
Upali Mudalinayakage Thisara                                                 Li Bowen
                                               Ashish Mahato                                           Yang Chenguang
Karunasena                                                                   Li Huibian
                                               Swapneel Malla                                          Yang Zhe
Muhammed Fatih Kaya                                                          Li Jingyang
                                               Pawan Neupane                                           Ye Qing
Michael James Lancaster                                                      Li Peiyu
                                               Joseph Kiet Anh Nguyen Tran                             Ye Ruiqin
Jean Martin Merin                                                            Li Xuewei
                                               Paija Jivan                                             Yi Yuqi
Serar Merkhaal                                                               Li Yifan
                                               Ashish Pant                                             Yu Luyang
Mohammadi Mohammad Ali                                                       Li Yimeng
                                               Amar Bilash Panta                                       Yu Peiyi
Daniel Sharvind Rayan                                                        Liu Chenxi
                                               Prahlad Pokharel                                        Zhai Xinxin
Lakhwinder Singh                                                             Liu Hao
                                               Dinesh Prasain                                          Man Zhang
Nhu Quynh Tran                                                               Liu Shihao
                                               Manikanda Sarma                                         Zhang Bailu
Stuart Wallace                                                               Liu Shiqi
                                               Aagya Shrestha                                          Zhang Chen
                                                                             Liu Shuo
                                               Amrit Shrestha                                          Zhang Chong
                                                                             Liu Tuoyu
                                               Anil Shrestha                                           Zhang Guangyu
                                                                             Lu Qiuyue
                                               Biraj Man Shrestha                                      Zhang Jiaming
                                                                             Anish Luitel
                                               Prabish Shrestha                                        Zhang Jianxin

Zhang Junzu                   GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN                     Min Li                                    Amit Kumar Shahi
Zhang Lin                     PROJECT MANAGEMENT                      Zhenyu Li                                 Saif Hamza Shaik
Zhang Wanyu                   Amer Benjamin Ajok                      Reeha Maharjan                            Shaik Suhail
Zhang Wei                                                             Kiran Maharjan Poudel                     Shaik Tasadduq Hussain Shaik
Zhang Xiaohuan                MASTER OF APPLIED                       Raghavendra Mallekedi                     Tasadduq Hussain
Zhang Yiqun                   INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY                  Maninderpal Maninderpal Singh             Bhoomika Sharma
Zhang Yueyue                  Shital Acharya                          Manpreet Kaur Manpreet Kaur               Shelly Shelly
Zhang Ziying                  Shree Krishna Acharya                   Manpreet Kaur Manpreet Kaur               Furba Tenzing Sherpa
Zhao Qiyu                     Ashish Adhikari                         Leandro Marcondes De Abreu                Ashim Lal Shrestha
Zheng Minghao                 Furqan Ahmed                            Medida Vishwas Reddy                      Bikram Shrestha
Zhou Kaizun                   Amanpreet Kaur Amanpreet Kaur           Siddharth Sudipbhai Mehta                 Khushboo Shrestha
Zhou Yashi                    Manog Kumar Anagani                     Memon Asif Ali                            Shrestha Sagun
Zhu Peiyuan                   Arshdeep Kaur Arshdeep Kaur             Gessica Miguel Borges                     Sujata Shrestha
Zhu Runyu                     Muhammad Omar Ayub                      Viquar Ahmed Baig Mirza                   Sulabh Silwal
                              Abhinav Rao Bachu                       Shilpa Mishra                             Simerdeep Kaur Simerdeep Kaur
BACHELOR OF                                                           Abdul Mutallib Mohammed                   Himanshu Singh
                              Ravi Kumar Bajagain
PHARMACEUTICAL AND            Anish Bajracharya                       Hasan Riza Mohammed                       Maninder Singh
HEALTH SCIENCE                Navjot Kaur Bham                        Imran Ali Mohammed                        Sukhbir Singh Sukhbir Singh
Basma Hilal Attaa Al-Obaidi   Kritika Bhandari                        Madina Khan Mohammed                      Pratap Kumar Sunkara
                              Manvir Kaur Bhatti                      Mohammed Abdul Salaam                     Supriya Sunkara
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE           Akash Rohitkumar Bhavsar                Shamshad Ali Rehan Mohammed               Amanpreet Singh Suri
(BIOTECHNOLOGY/               Diksha Bisht                            Mohammed Arshad Mohammed                  Ibtesaam Faakhir Syed
CHEMISTRY)                    Utshav Budhathoki                       Arshad                                    Mohammed Salman Syed
Gautham Luxman                Rishi Byanjankar                        Kamrani Mohammed Wasique                  Muzzamil Syed
                              Parthkumar Baldevbhai Chaudhari         Dhruv Tanaji More                         Kasam Thapa
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE           Chaudhary Rajesh Kumar                  Mungara Priyanka                          Subarna Thapa
(HONOURS) (CHEMICAL           Chiragkumar Ganeshbhai Chaudhary        Hassan Nadeem                             Pradyumna Timsina
SCIENCES)                     Sainath Chidraboina                     Monika Nain                               Manisha Tripathi Sharma Poudel
                              Vindhya Chimarla                        Mohan Reddy Nalapatla                     Sahil Bhavesh Trivedi
Robertha Naomi Koster
                              Praveen Kumar Raju Chintalapati         Arjun Varma Nampally                      Asma Unissa Asma Unissa
BACHELOR OF SCIENCE           Gurpreet Kaur Dandiwal                  Sangita Neupane                           Kajal Verma
(SCIENCE FOR TEACHING)        Shristi Dangol                          Deepak Raj Pant                           Vo Quoc Khoa
                              Varun Vinayak Desai                     Pardeep Kumar Pardeep Kumar               Rakesh Reddy Vonteddu
Jaysen Ashly Vanderwall
                              Surbhi Dhawan                           Kyung Yoon Park                           Harin Chowdary Yerraguntla
GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN       Binod Dhungana                          Aditkumar Dipakbhai Patel                 Afrina Zaman
CYBER SECURITY                Suryateja Donthula                      Amishaben Vijaykumar Patel
                                                                      Hardi Patel                               MASTER OF ENGINEERING
Sivanuja Vijayavicknesh       Faraz Mohiuddin Faraz Mohiuddin
                              Mridha Faysal Hossain                   Krunal Vinodbhai Patel                    Rajesh Baidhya
GRADUATE CERTIFICATE          Fijorold Francis                        Nishaben Arvindbhai Patel                 Rabin Bohaju
                                                                      Parth Dineshbhai Patel                    Aniket Melvin Dsouza
IN PERFORMANCE-BASED          Deependra Kumar Gaire
                              Sujan Gautam                            Patel Niravkumar Shaileshbhai
BUILDING & FIRE CODES                                                                                           MASTER OF ENGINEERING
                              Pratik Ghimire                          Rutu Maheshbhai Patel
Daniel Allen                                                          Sachinkumar Babubhai Patel                (BUILDING FIRE SAFETY AND
                              Navdeep Kaur Grewal
Luke Catoggio
                              Supriya Gupta                           Vasantkumar Devjibhai Patel               RISK ENGINEERING)
Van Hoa Chiem                                                         Asmita Pathak                             William Tran Bui
                              Bikash Gurung
Alexander Cumming                                                     Ishwor Paudel                             Xiao Chen
                              Gurung Sudip
Mathew Dalgety                                                        Paudel Santa                              Grant William Martin
                              Nar Prasad Gurung
Marius Dan                                                            Prakriti Paudel                           Qazi Samia Razzaque
                              Satish Gurung
Edmund D’Lima                                                         Sanket Paudel
                              Trima Gurung
Ajin Isac                                                             Sai Kiran Reddy Peddireddy                MASTER OF PROJECT
                              Harneet Kaur Harneet Kaur
Steve Joseph                                                          Gabriel Pena Rinaldi                      MANAGEMENT
                              Harpreet Kaur Harpreet Kaur
Nenad Kovacevic                                                       Pavalika Poola                            Aashutosh Adhikari
                              Harpreet Kaur Harpreet Kaur
Predrag Kovacevic                                                     Poudel Sarada                             Marvin Opiyo Ambala
                              Harpreet Kaur Harpreet Kaur
Kristian Leach                                                        Prativa Poudel                            Jatinkumar Batukbhai Bathani
                              Harpreet Singh Harpreet Singh
Yamlak Taye Lemma                                                     Jigneshkumar Vallabhbhai Prajapati        Pema Choki
                              Hashim Umair
Shane Molloy                                                          Dharmendra Puri                           Sanjam Gill
                              Sujita Hona
Tahmina Muneer                                                        Pallavi Puri                              Ifeakandu Wisdom Somadina
                              Jaspreet Kaur Jaspreet Kaur
Linh Quang Nguyen                                                     Sai Kiran Puvvala                         Joan Joseph Xavier
                              Jha Abhijit Kumar
Murat Oldac                                                           Rajip Rai                                 Siva Krishna Kanikanti
                              Yadav Raj Joshi
Paul Raffa                                                            Rana Dev Bahadur                          Kewal Khatiwada
                              Amrit Kafle
Anurag Sharma                                                         Bilal Ahmed Mohmed Salim                  Fiona Jelagat Kibet
                              Karan Partap Singh Karan Partap Singh
Tin Tran                                                              Ranginwala                                Sonja Kiernan
                              Karanam Swathi
Christina Zigouras                                                    Yeasir Rashid                             Patrick Kevin Lambert
                              Kalpana Karki
                              Karki Kiran                             Sanish Regmi                              Sanjitha Lloyd
GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN                                                   Rijal Birat
                              Manish Karki                                                                      Mohammed Abdel Kader Mahmoud
BUILDING FIRE SAFETY                                                  Ripendeep Kaur Ripendeep Kaur             Rana Surya Sampathirao
                              Amandeep Kaur Amandeep Kaur
Jason Baigent                 Deepinder Kaur Deepinder Kaur           Prasanna Kumar Sadhu                      Dipendra Shah
Edward Jong                   Ramneet Kaur                            Sajjan Singh Sajjan Singh                 Sangeeta Shrestha
Alexandros Kamitsis           Shaganpreet Kaur                        Samad Abdus                               Saidharma Teja Thammineni
Rajesh Kumar                  Lokendra Bahadur Khadka                 Sandeep Singh Sandeep Singh               Sherub Zam
Md Mahfuz Sarwar              Khan Amer Ali                           Dinesh Reddy Sandiri
Ryan Travers Tandy            Bishwaraj Koirala                       Bhimsen Sapkota
Ruochen Zhang                 Hemanth Kumar Konjeti                   Abhilash Sathala
                              Priyanka Kunduru                        Preetham Reddy Sattigari

                                                                                                VICTORIA UNIVERSITY GRADUATION PROGRAM AUGUST 2020   15
COLLEGE OF HEALTH                              BACHELOR OF
                                                PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES
                                                                           BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK
                                                                                                               Marike Sabbagh Alvani

 AND BIOMEDICINE                                Halewya Abdulkadr
                                                Kelson David Barber
                                                                           Anthony Lee Mallon                  Sungkavi Selvakumaran
                                                                                                               Sinaga Evi
                                                Christopher Barrett        GRADUATE CERTIFICATE                Sandra Venables
 BACHELOR OF BIOMEDICAL                                                                                        Neelam Yadav
                                                Ashlyn Marie Bugeja        IN NEONATAL & INFANT
                                                Karen Lee Davis            PAEDIATRIC MANUAL
 Murtadha Al-Gaim                               Jemimah Louise Di Natale   THERAPY
 BACHELOR OF BIOMEDICINE                        Donna Anne Evans           Kate Elizabeth Kreft
                                                Sahil Hase
 Gabriel Denilson Lopez                                                    GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN
                                                Rupinder Kaur
 BACHELOR OF DERMAL                             Amanda Edith Kouryialas    NURSING
 SCIENCES                                       Hande Noyan                Oluwakemi Adigun
                                                Christopher Rainbow        Fe Jonicel Caralos
 Molly Lynne Sugrue                             Ammar Rashidi              Muchanyorei Ngadziore
 BACHELOR OF HEALTH                             Rosemary Be Hong Tran      Bing Wang
                                                Lizzie Wilson
                                                                           GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN
 Sharon Cox                                     BACHELOR OF                COUNSELLING
 Melinda Ellis                                  PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES
                                                                           Lauren Chester
 BACHELOR OF MIDWIFERY                                                     Jessica Colliver
                                                Arianna Buratti
 Avalon Elle Raggio
                                                Natalie Janet Day          GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN
 BACHELOR OF NURSING                            Rachel Jones               PSYCHOLOGY
                                                Joshua Langmead            Carol Ann Fraser
 Avramovic Jelena
                                                Dong Nguyen
 Kiran Bala
                                                Rochelle Pranadi           MASTER OF APPLIED
 Rahel Haile Berhe
 Harmanpreet Kaur Bhullar
                                                Sarina Scacco              PSYCHOLOGY (CLINICAL
 Breanna Blair
                                                Lauren Elizabeth Tate      PSYCHOLOGY)
 Stephanie Boudville                                                       Alana Fishman
                                                BACHELOR OF
 Sian Elissa Cameron                                                       Susan Maree Hancox
                                                PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES/
 Gita Dahal                                                                Jordana Esther Mac
                                                BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
 Nyanyok Chol Daw
 Kathy Faye Estepa
                                                (HUMAN RESOURCE            MASTER OF APPLIED
 Manasa Gigimon                                 MANAGEMENT)                PSYCHOLOGY (COMMUNITY
 Badiaa Haouli                                  James William Hurford      PSYCHOLOGY)
 Ladan Izadi                                                               Annie Belcher
 Karamjeet Kaur Jhutty                          BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGY     Shane Puxley
 Kulraj Kaur                                    (HONOURS)                  Rajinder Singh
 Manpreet Kaur                                  Yusuf Kasap
 Khoi Nguyen Le                                 Joshua Worsley             MASTER OF COUNSELLING
 Michael John Lynch                                                        Varun Bhaskar
 Salwa Sayed Mohamed                            BACHELOR OF SCIENCE        Anila Zehra Kazmi
 Amida Chrisantha Peiris                        (HONOURS) (BIOMEDICAL
 Muthuthanthrige                                SCIENCES)                  MASTER OF HEALTH SCIENCE
 Maricica Nonea                                 Jayden Bradley Ham         (OSTEOPATHY)
 Deborah Lena Nua                                                          Ethen John Kauiers
 Gemma Lee Patullo                              BACHELOR OF SCIENCE        Bree Simone Van Eerden
 Trung Diem Chau Pham                           (OSTEOPATHY)
 Gayle Pisani                                   Danielle Brambleby         MASTER OF PROFESSIONAL
 Puja Poudel                                    Brianna Delaney            PSYCHOLOGY
 Noor Ul Saher Rana                             Laura Delianov             Nathan James Gilbert
 Qurat-Ul-Ain Shabbir                           Taylor Louise Ellis        Laura Maher
 Bipisha Shrestha                               Morgan Clare Reid          Rebekah Mikhail
 Khushwinder Singh                              Charles Swan               Melissa O’Shea
 Jisha Thomas                                                              Tiffany Rose Ryan
                                                BACHELOR OF SCIENCE        Sierra Wilson
 BACHELOR OF NURSING                            (PSYCHOLOGY)               Madeline Elizabeth Wishart
 (PRE-REGISTRATION)                             Tara May McRae
 Nermin Bolat                                                              MASTER OF PUBLIC HEALTH
                                                BACHELOR OF SOCIAL WORK    (GLOBAL NUTRITION AND
 BACHELOR OF PARAMEDICINE                       Paige Forester             ACTIVE LIVING)
 Ahmed Mohammed A Asiri
                                                Ayantu Paulos Gudina       Mallika Hemant Dhamankar
 Kalimira Balinda Patrick                       Yoshiko Koyama             Lakshmi Dwivedi
 Emily Green                                    Chelsea Mayor              Purva Mahendra Gandhi
 Matthew Luna                                   Anna Claudia Nicholson     Kanwar Manvir Singh Kanwar Manvir
 Erika Maree Rees                               Paul Michael Steckyj       Singh
 Luke Leonard Steventon                         Krystal Twyman             Mudassar Khaliq
 Fredrik Tronnberg                                                         Thoai Linh Lu
                                                                           Maniktala Sanya
                                                                           Celestine Jerobon Maswai
                                                                           Christine Mravlek-Bonello
                                                                           Polgahage Dona Mayumi Isurika

COLLEGE OF LAW                   Yanchao Ji
                                 Jingjing Qian
                                                                 Mohit Ghazan
                                                                 Shari Gilbert

AND JUSTICE                      Yussuf Halimo

                                 BACHELOR OF LAWS
                                                                 Jieying Guo
                                                                 Jemal Hagos
                                                                 Jinliang Han
BACHELOR OF LAWS                 WITH HONOURS                    Xiaofan Han
Ebtihal Ahmed                    Tali Elise Adler                Harpreet Kaur Harpreet Kaur
Janine Alcantara                 John Michael Di Natale          Tailor Harshit Rajeshkumar
Isaac Badry                      Hayley Mederi                   Xiaojun Hu
Roy Brandi                       Vincent Pitisano                Lingbo Huang
Glenn Branford                                                   Raghav Kapoor
Amy-Rose May Callahan            BACHELOR OF LAWS                Ankit Karanwal
Isabelle Crino                   WITH HONOURS/BACHELOR           Navjeet Kaur
Luke John Devlin                 OF BUSINESS                     Ramandeep Kaur
John Achuil Dhieu                Jake William Langdon            Alper Kayadibi
Eliana Di Mase                                                   Trinh Thi Hong Le
Chuol Dojiok Doap                BACHELOR OF LAWS/               Liang Li
Razan El Kassar                  BACHELOR OF ARTS                Weiwei Li
Hailay Gebremariam               Simone Kathleen Therese         Yichen Li
Jennifer Grinter                 Curmi-Blackwell                 Mable Mei Bao Lim
Tommy Hong                       Ruby Magee                      Mengxuan Liu
Damon Hunter                                                     Arthur Harvey Losin
John Jabbour                     BACHELOR OF LAWS/               Xin Lu
Sharlini Jayadeva                BACHELOR OF ARTS                Xiaying Ma
Rachel Jeffs                     (COMMUNICATION STUDIES          Abhi Mangukiya
Sonia Kaye Jolley                AND POLITICAL SCIENCE)          Mary Maravelias
Pooja Kaushal                    Niobi Rose Henkel               Mariana Maroky
Wilmah Kembo                                                     Nitesh Marwaha
Wai Lap Lai                      BACHELOR OF LAWS/               Bao Toan Ngo
Alexandria Scarlet Laver         BACHELOR OF ARTS                Oanh Thi Ngoc Nguyen
Aliciabeth Rosilyn Licciardi     (POLITICAL SCIENCE AND          Thao Phuong Hai Nguyen
Nicholas John Markham            SOCIOLOGY)                      Elizabeth Norman
Denise Mavratzakis                                               Nishant Patel
                                 Renay Sumercan
Stephen McGinness                                                Igor Perminov
Nolene Moodley                   BACHELOR OF LAWS/               Purushottam Poudel
Mohammed Moustafa                BACHELOR OF ARTS                Priyanka Priyanka
Rahima Mozafari                                                  Md Mizanur Rahaman
Rehanan Muhtari                                                  Pooja Rawal
Ifraan Munif                     Jessica Monteriso
                                                                 Ranikanth Sadanala
Zuhra Najeebullah                                                Ankur Saini
                                 BACHELOR OF LAWS/
Nizam Jazeel Camazy Nijamudeen                                   Maduri Samarawickrama
                                 BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
Ilana Oppedisano                                                 Ravi Shah
Tasmin Lucinda Oswald
                                 (BANKING AND FINANCE)
                                                                 Pooja Sharma
Teddy M Loyed Polydor            Yasemin Ramadan                 Amrik Singh Shira
Sarino Prinzi                    Martin Quang Trinh              Anupreet Singh
Zamira Rahman                                                    Harmeet Singh
                                 BACHELOR OF LAWS/
Sara Sac                                                         Harwinder Singh
Jordan Raymond Said              BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
                                                                 Jagdeep Singh
Saleh Ghadir                     (FINANCIAL RISK                 Pardeep Kumar Singh
Emily Amal Saraya                MANAGEMENT)                     Satinderjit Singh
Camille Saunders-Browne          James Leslie Harmor             Shivendra Singh
James Manda Senenda                                              Sohinder Singh
Sarah Margaret Short             BACHELOR OF LEGAL SERVICES      Ling Emily Sun
Mahima Solanki                   Bibi Aisha Ahmadzay             Xiaoyu Sun
Tiffany Elizabeth Street         Ben Mle Wilson                  Gyanu Tamang
Nathan Gary Taylor                                               Ashish Thapa
Palavale Atonio Tuitea           GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN         Marie Theodore
Christian Tzilantonis            AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION LAW        Thanh Tien Tran
Humayoon Yari                    AND PRACTICE                    Linlada Ward
                                 Brian Chan                      Simon Weller
BACHELOR OF LAWS                                                 Hae Lee Yang
(HONOURS)                        GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN             Keshao Yin
Taiwo Taofikat Aliyu             MIGRATION LAW                   Wentao Zhao
D’Roza Rialli                    Alberto Leah                    Nimrah Zia
Akram Elzanaty                   Amandeep Singh Amandeep Singh
Jetta Montague Ferguson-Male     Habiba Aseir                    MASTER OF LAWS (APPLIED
Nazdana Haidari                  Samar Bakhtiar                  MIGRATION LAW)
Justin Lee Hawkins               Fintan Barrett                  Pooja Gurung Ale
Josef Nebyl                      Gabriele Cagnin                 Phuong Nguyen- Milbourne
Sasha Anne Suman                 Alexandra Campanaro Cacenote    Aaron Pryor
Ali Seena Zia                    Liang Chen
Cameron Algie                    Nan Cui
Busuioc Ionela Maria             Guriqubal Singh Dandiwal
Laurence Fudim                   Dev Raj Dev Raj

                                                                                            VICTORIA UNIVERSITY GRADUATION PROGRAM AUGUST 2020   17
COLLEGE OF SPORT                               COACHING (PHYSICAL
                                                EDUCATION AND SPORT)
                                                                            BACHELOR OF SPORT SCIENCE
                                                                            (HUMAN MOVEMENT)
 AND EXERCISE                                   Bradley Colliss
                                                Nicholas Fairchild
                                                                            Samuel Travis Georgiovski
                                                                            Luke John Verga
 SCIENCE                                        Caitlin Ann Hawks
                                                William Pipe                BACHELOR OF SPORT
                                                Daniel Tabone               SCIENCE (HUMAN
                                                                            MOVEMENT)/BACHELOR OF
 Meagan Maree Duke                              COACHING (SPORT SCIENCE)    Ainslie Ellen Kemp
 Kristina Gorgievski                            Grant Duca
 Allan Mikha                                                                BACHELOR OF SPORT SCIENCE
 Eva Stina Cecilia Pettersson                   BACHELOR OF SPORT           (HUMAN MOVEMENT)/
 Camille Rey                                    MANAGEMENT (OUTDOOR         BACHELOR OF SPORT
 Jeff Trieu                                     RECREATION LEADERSHIP)
 Rachel Walsh
                                                                            MANAGEMENT (SPORT AND
 Matteo Gabriele Giofre
                                                Jordyn Eddy                 ACTIVE COMMUNITIES)
                                                Tyla Renee Riley            Jason Lee Hinde
                                                BACHELOR OF SPORT           BACHELOR OF SPORT SCIENCE
                                                MANAGEMENT (SPORT AND       (PHYSICAL EDUCATION)
 Alana Mendico                                  ACTIVE COMMUNITIES)
 Munni Milton-Moon                                                          (SECONDARY)
 Brodie James Taylor                            Collin Kolio Fepuleai       Nicholas Bavcar
 Damion Cliff Wilson                            Stefan Antoni Kapica
                                                Aaron Marks                 GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN
 BACHELOR OF EXERCISE                           Adrian Stephen Minniti      PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS
 SCIENCE & HUMAN                                Jaron Murphy                (FOOTBALL)
 MOVEMENT/BACHELOR OF                           Bradley David Norman
                                                                            Bruno Bonfa
 PSYCHOLOGICAL STUDIES                          Patrick Noel Penticoss
                                                                            Johnson Chung
                                                Travis Puntaroni
 Stephanie Elizabeth Lamb                       Lauren Mairi Riddel
 Stefan Zivanic                                                             GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN
                                                Nicole Lee Ware             SPORT INTEGRITY
 BACHELOR OF EXERCISE                           Cameron West
                                                                            Michelle Phippard
 SCIENCE & HUMAN                                BACHELOR OF SPORT
 MOVEMENT/BACHELOR                                                          GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN
                                                MANAGEMENT (SPORT AND
 OF SPORT & RECREATION                                                      SPORT STRATEGY
                                                ACTIVE COMMUNITIES)/
 MANAGEMENT                                     BACHELOR OF BUSINESS        Bronwyn Humphrys
 Shykira Tiarne Anthony                         (ACTIVE COMMUNITIES)        GRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN
 BACHELOR OF PHYSICAL                           Nathaniel Moffett           SPORTS SCIENCE (FOOTBALL
 EDUCATION AND SPORT                                                        PERFORMANCE)
                                                BACHELOR OF SPORT
 SCIENCE                                        MANAGEMENT (SPORT AND       Robert Ballard
 Ella Rose Bertacchini                          ACTIVE COMMUNITIES)/        MASTER OF CLINICAL
 Sean Carter                                    BACHELOR OF BUSINESS        EXERCISE SCIENCE AND
 Dillon John Croce                              (EVENT MANAGEMENT)
 Bronson Jae Glasgow
                                                Heath Anthony Wharton       Thomas Hunter Veenhuyzen
 Dylan Jones
 Jett Barrie Lawrence                           BACHELOR OF SPORT           MASTER OF SPORT BUSINESS
 Daniel Han Le-Paez                             MANAGEMENT (SPORT AND
 Joshua Corey Marino
                                                                            AND INTEGRITY
                                                ACTIVE COMMUNITIES)/        Kaiqiang Hu
 Joshua Gregory McLachlan
 Andrew Neophytou
                                                BACHELOR OF BUSINESS        Cameron Scott Mills
 Stefan Cristian Pagonis                        (HUMAN RESOURCE             Rachel Napolitano
 Harrison Quail                                 MANAGEMENT)                 John Raftopoulos
 Nicholas Anthony Robson                        Keppler Gerard Fernandez    Jason Yang
 Aleksandar Zaturoski                           John Douglas Simson
                                                Jake David Ritchie
                                                                            MASTER OF SPORTS SCIENCE
 BACHELOR OF SPORT AND                                                      (FOOTBALL PERFORMANCE)
 RECREATION MANAGEMENT                          BACHELOR OF SPORT SCIENCE   Elena Benolli
 Johnny Panagopoulos                            Taisuke Sakaguchi           Elizabeth Di Fazio
                                                                            Davide Paul Rubino
 BACHELOR OF SPORT AND                          BACHELOR OF SPORT SCIENCE   Erch Selimi
 RECREATION MANAGEMENT/                         (EXERCISE SCIENCE)          Sureiyan Hamond Shanmugam
 BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                           Paul Douglas Carver
 (MANAGEMENT)                                   James Di Nardo
 Vincent Ngala Chondo                           James Peter Doyle
                                                Brayden Halliday
 BACHELOR OF SPORT                              Thomas Maxwell Kollosche
 COACHING (CHEMISTRY/                           Kenneth Han Wei Lim
 COACHING SCIENCE)                              Hayden John McCarten
                                                Alem Mebrahtu
 James Oliver Priestley
                                                Tyler James Prince
 BACHELOR OF SPORT                              Peter Stathopoulos

VICTORIA                            Du Shiyu
                                    Du Siqi
                                                                   Lee Hui Ling
                                                                   Lee Jia Jun
                                                                                                            Dinisha Mohan
                                                                                                            Vinu Dulith Mohotty

UNIVERSITY                          Du Yi
                                    Du Yun
                                                                   Lee Kai En Karen
                                                                   Lee Qian Wei
                                                                                                            Mok Kar Weng
                                                                                                            Alisha Kate Morgan

BUSINESS SCHOOL                     Fan Huayu
                                    Fei Fan
                                                                   Lee Xian Yao
                                                                   Lee Yee Ying Geraldine
                                                                                                            Na Xuyang
                                                                                                            Pravina Nagappen
                                    Yijun Feng                     Pei Xin Lee                              Ni Minyuan
BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                Winona Fernandez               Phoebe Ying Ying Lee                     Anup Oli
Mahiya Mirza Sirazum                Fu Haoxing                     Sze Yann Tania Lee                       Ong Gha Yii
Yifan Wei                           Fu Liming                      Lei Ludan                                Ong Jen Horng
Zhakupova Akziya                    Fu Wangshu                     Leow Lee Huey                            Ong Mei Li
                                    Gan Chee Hong                  Lew Pei Lee                              Deshalinni Palani
BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                Gao Xu                         Han Li                                   Mysha Palpanavan
(ACCOUNTING)                        Godar Subash                   Han Li                                   Pang Pei Ling
Sujan Acharya                       Goi Yee Ting                   Li Duo                                   Binamra Pant
Muhammad Ahmed                      Gu Ran                         Li Hanshu                                Naomi Pasinetti
Abdulaziz Abdulrahman A Alshaya     Guan Xin                       Li Hongyuan                              Pong Shu Qi
Divani Harindi Bandara Udamvita     Guan Xinrui                    Li Jiayi                                 Samip Pradhan
Aluthgedara                         Guan Yingcen                   Li Jiyang                                Shreeya Pradhan
Salem Ahmed S Alyami                Gui Ning                       Li Kefan                                 Qi Danqing
Ang Ming Hui                        Dannielle Leah Guiney          Li Lingjie                               Qu Shiqi
Zakiah Annisha                      Guo Jiashuai                   Li Meijie                                Quah Hui Qun
Moaz Azhar                          Guo Peiyuan                    Li Mengge                                Nur Ezaty Najwa Rahman
Farrah Izzaty Binti Badrul Hisham   Guo Rui                        Li Muhua                                 Anurag Raut
Batrisyia Baharuddin                Guo Xinxin                     Li Sike                                  Kirrthana Ravi Sangar
Bai Xue                             Guo Xinying                    Li Siqi                                  Ren Peidan
Gagandeep Kaur Banga                Guo Yuqiao                     Li Siyu                                  Toni Ristevski
Pratik Bhattarai                    Chhete Gurung                  Li Tiantian                              Ruan Miaomiao
Elizabeth Bond                      Anisha Hada                    Li Xin                                   Tasmim Afsa Sadia
Cheshna Boolaky                     Hao Weiliang                   Li Xin                                   Sapkota Pawan
Cai Guoqi                           Andrea Dora Hatzis             Li Xinran                                Seow Kai Qing
Cai Shuyue                          He Hao                         Li Xinyu                                 Nur Syasya Amirah Shahril
Antonio Jose Calero Sanchis         Ho Hui Ping                    Li Xuetong                               Shao Tiansheng
Cao Hanyu                           Ho Jin                         Li Yi                                    Tasneem Binti Shariff Mohamed
Cao Yingxin                         Hong Leixin                    Li Zhengliang                            Shen Mengyu
Cao Yujie                           Hou Shilin                     Li Zhenhuan                              Shi Ce
Cao Yuzhu                           Hou Xiaoying                   Li Zirui                                 Shi Haotian
Yujie Cao                           Hu Jiachen                     Li Ziyun                                 Shi Wenche
Chai Jie Lun                        Hu Linlin                      Liang Xiangchuan                         Shi Yayi
Chan Pei Wen                        Huang Jiahe                    Lin Huizhong                             Yunshu Shi
Chang Jianing                       Huang Yu                       Lin Ziqi                                 Rajesh Shrestha
Chang Shiyu                         Huang Yuqing                   Zijia Lin                                Shailisha Shrestha
Hanan Saleem Chaudhry               Hung Ang Qi                    Liu Chang                                Siau Zhia Yoong
Chaw Yuh Cher                       Stephani Chavindri Nayantara   Liu Cong                                 Anish Sitoula
Intan Munirah Che Roslan            Jayawardena                    Liu Jialu                                Karrthine Siva Kumar
Chee Yi Teing                       Ji Baonai                      Liu Jiangyue                             Soh Jing Wen
Chen Bixia                          Ji Xuan                        Liu Jiehan                               Soh Zhi Min
Chen Cimeng                         Ji Yujia                       Liu Mengsheng                            Song Man
Chen Jiayin                         Jia Chenning                   Liu Ruohan                               Song Meilin
Chen Junying                        Jia Yihan                      Liu Sihan                                Su Haoyan
Chen Sijie                          Jiang Aitong                   Liu Xi                                   Su Linting
Chen Wei                            Jiang Baibing                  Liu Xiaolin                              Basanta Subedi
Chen Xinyu                          Jiang Shiqi                    Liu Yang                                 Sui Yujia
Cheng Lin                           Jiang Wenting                  Liu Yining                               Sun Meng
Chia Xin Jie                        Jiang Xin                      Liu Yuchen                               Sun Mingyue
Chong Yung Jae                      Jiang Yitong                   Liu Yuchen                               Sun Qiqing
Aneesh Chopra                       Jiang Yuhan                    Liu Yutong                               Sun Ruogu
Chu Tianle                          Jin Wanjiao                    Liu Zhelai                               Sun Yedong
Chu Zhanpeng                        Jin Zheyi                      Liu Zihao                                Tai Woon Chuan
Cong Peijun                         Jing Chenhe                    Ruoran Liu                               Tan Jessie
Meagan Cooksey                      Kang Jia Hui                   Long Jianhong                            Tan Jingxuan
Elly Cooper                         Kang Jia Xuan                  Low Chee Wei                             Teng Wen
Cui Rongke                          Karki Sushmita                 Low Hao Ting                             Teo Ke Wen
Cui Yueran                          Sajina Khadka                  Lu Hang                                  Ter Sin Lee
Cui Zining                          Kong Xiaotong                  Lu Yiheng                                Tey Cha Hui
Dai Songting                        Kuan Pei Wen                   Luan Siying                              Thakuri Ajay Singh
Vinicius De Melo Silva Trapani      Kuan Zi Ying                   Luo Haoyue                               Anup Thapa
Diao Yiran                          Sajeeta Lama                   Luo Yadan                                Rojina Thapa
Chanaka Jeewantha Lakmal Dickman    Sagun Lamichhane               Lv Xinshu                                Goma Tiwari
Dong Hanyu                          Lau En Yu                      Ma Mengyi                                Tong Haochen
Dong Liyue                          Law Pei Yi                     Ma Mingjun                               Tong Jiazheng
Dong Shuai                          Lee Chia Han                   Krishna Malla                            Molla Tushar
Dou Huihui                          Lee Ching Yee                  Meng Yutong                              Wan Jia Hao
Du Jiaying                          Lee Hoa Yee                    Mi Jinzi                                 Zesen Wan

                                                                                            VICTORIA UNIVERSITY GRADUATION PROGRAM AUGUST 2020   19
Wang Ge                                        Zhang Shiqi                           Tan Wei Jin                           Guo Weijia
 Wang Guanzheng                                 Zhang Shukun                          Tang Ka Man                           Guo Yifan
 Wang Guoliang                                  Zhang Sibo                            Tang Wen Xuan                         Han Xiaofeng
 Wang Huijie                                    Zhang Xiangyi                         Nafisa Tarannum                       Hao Yang
 Wang Jiali                                     Zhang Xiaodi                          Teo Ai Li                             He An
 Wang Jingnan                                   Zhang Xiaoyun                         Teoh Tiam San                         He Chen
 Wang Peizhi                                    Zhang Yaqing                          Kejilen Vythilingum                   Jiang Peichi
 Wang Qi                                        Zhang Yingyao                         Wang Jingxuan                         Jiang Yuhui
 Wang Shuohan                                   Zhang Yixuan                          Wang Yuelin                           Jin Ming
 Wang Siqi                                      Zhang Yuqi                            Wang Yumeng                           Jin Ziyang
 Wang Tianbo                                    Zhang Zelin                           Wong Jia Wei                          Daaneyal Majid Khan
 Wang Xiaoyan                                   Zhang Zhutong                         Wong Ming Zhen                        Li Bing
 Wang Yige                                      Zhao Jingqi                           Xiao Ganyuan                          Li Jin
 Wang Yiming                                    Zhao Wancen                           Xie Mengyi                            Li Song
 Wang Yiqi                                      Zhao Xiu Wei                          Xue Junyuan                           Li Xianglin
 Wang Zhongpeng                                 Zheng Tianyuan                        Yap Siao Wei                          Li Xinda
 Wei Jiayi                                      Zheng Zhijie                          Yu Mingxin                            Li Xuefeng
 Wong Kuan Siung                                Zhou Jingjing                         Zhang Xinwen                          Li Xuejia
 Wong Libin                                     Zhou Meihan                           Zhao Weizhi                           Li Yishan
 Wong Shin Yee                                  Zhu Rongcen                                                                 Li Yitong
 Wong Yen Mei                                   Zhu Yajing                            BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                  Li Zhiwei
 Woo Wen Ta                                     Zhu Yun                               (ACCOUNTING/FINANCIAL                 Lin Bingran
 Wu Lingfei                                                                           RISK MANAGEMENT)                      Liu Biying
 Wu Mengyao                                     BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                  Madelaine Abela                       Liu Jinming
 Wu Muyang                                      (ACCOUNTING/BANKING AND               Fernando Koruwage Remasha Devni       Liu Junbo
 Xia Xinxin                                     FINANCE)                              Rasanji                               Liu Junchen
 Xia Yuqi                                       Khan Afraa Anam                       Le Thi Lan Phuong                     Liu Sijia
 Xie Ziqing                                     Liam Warren Bagaric                   Li Yue                                Liu Xia
 Xin Yu                                         Bai Yumin                             Liu Siyu                              Liu Xiaoting
 Xing Mengyu                                    Chan Li Jie                           Lillian McKenzie                      Liu Yifeng
 Xu Lingchu                                     Chan Sze Min                          Thi Truc Phuong Nguyen                Liu Yuxuan
 Xu Runnan                                      Dilani Chandrahasan                   Dax Gifano Oenardi                    Liu Zhiqi
 Xu Yuancai                                     Chen Jialin                                                                 Alison Logoitumua
 Xu Ziyue                                       Chen Wei Heng Samantha
                                                                                      BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                  Lu Hongbo
 Yang Bo                                        Choi Yooli                            (ACCOUNTING/INFORMATION               Lv Henan
 Yang Furong                                    Chong Jia Hui                         SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT)                   Ma Jiayu
 Yang Jinpeng                                   Choy Yan Shin                         Vidura Kavindra Kurukulasuriya        Ma Yunning
 Yang Jinyu                                     Crystalin Crystalin                   Kurukulasuriyage                      Meng Yuyang
 Yang Jiyu                                      Dang Ao                                                                     Min Yifeng
 Yang Lan                                       Fan Xinyu
                                                                                      BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                  Min Yijia
 Yang Mingjing                                  Gan Chuin Min                         (ACCOUNTING/                          Nie Yifei
 Yang Mingxuan                                  Swechhya Ghale                        INTERNATIONAL TRADE)                  Niu Bo
 Yang Nan                                       Goh Kah Hi                            Uyen Ngoc Phuong Canh                 Niu Leijie
 Yang Qiqi                                      Gu Wen Tian                           Wang Yuxin                            Qiao Zihuan
 Yang Rui                                       Nitisha Gujadhur                      Zhai Xiaole                           Qu Xiangyi
 Yang Wanyi                                     Hing Yi Xuan                                                                Ren Xintong
 Yang Xiaoyu                                    Huang Yuwenbo                         BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                  Song Jialin
 Yang Xing                                      Jin Yujia                             (ACCOUNTING/SUPPLY                    Song Tingyue
 Yang Yike                                      Song Her Koh                          CHAIN AND LOGISTICS                   Sun Boya
 Yao Yuguang                                    Lee Jia Wen                           MANAGEMENT)                           Sun Fanyu
 Yap Jia Yi Angelina                            Lee Wan Shan                          Michelle Elizabeth Thorpe             Sun Shijia
 Yap Sing Yee                                   Martina Leong Wei Chen                                                      Sun Xiaofan
 Yi Xiandi                                      Li Ze                                 BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                  Sun Yigao
 Yiap Wai Kang                                  Liaw Wen Fui Virginia                 (BANKING AND FINANCE)                 Sun Zirui
 Yin Shize                                      Lim Ee Vern                           Paige Adam                            Tao Le
 Yin Xue                                        Lim Jia Yen                           Shagufa Amina Bi                      Teh Chi Jia
 Yong Yee Shen                                  Lim Xin Melissa                       Bu Zixia                              Tong Shuo
 Yoong Wan Ting                                 Ling Yee Jen Tina                     Cao Jingran                           Hemarsri Vadivellu
 Ayse Yoreci                                    Liu Mingxin                           Chen Chen                             Wang Guang
 Yu Fei                                         Loh Cheng Tao                         Chen Chunyi                           Wang Kedan
 Yu Jiadieyi                                    Low Zhi Ying                          Chen Kangze                           Wang Kefei
 Zang Ziran                                     Shamra Mahmood                        Chen Xi                               Wang Ye
 Zeng Sijie                                     Fatin Mardiana Binti Mohamed Izaham   Cheng Yiming                          Wang Yifan
 Zeng Xiaotong                                  Nguyen Minh Anh                       Cheng Yumeng                          Wang Yihan
 Mengyi Zhang                                   Thi Minh Thu Nguyen                   Carmen Florentine Isabel Dedomenico   Wang Ying
 Wanjing Zhang                                  Ning Zongying                         Deng Langlang                         Wang Yining
 Zhang Bingqian                                 Ong Xi Yi Samantha                    Duan Yuluan                           Wang Yiting
 Zhang Chupei                                   Ong Ying Sze                          Fu Jiaxin                             Wang Yiwen
 Zhang Hongyi                                   Maloosiny Pananthaman                 Gang Yingxue                          Wang Yuting
 Zhang Jiahe                                    Peng Yun Yuan                         Gao Shiyu                             Wang Zhanfei
 Zhang Kaihe                                    Suguna Sekharan                       Ge Zewen                              Wang Zhuqi
 Zhang Mingqi                                   Song Jinyang                          Guan Chen                             Wu Meichen
 Zhang Paizu                                    Thinesh Nih Subramaniam               Guo Han                               Wu Ruojia
 Zhang Qun                                      Tan Huey Ming                                                               Wu Ximeng

Xia Dongyang                          Liu Luyao                           BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                       Silwal Saugat Singh
Xia Ningqi                            Liu Zihe                            (FINANCIAL RISK                            Gurpreet Singh
Xiao Wanshu                           Yu Ya Myo                           MANAGEMENT/MANAGEMENT                      Inderpal Singh
Xin Yu                                Shi Yating                          AND INNOVATION)                            Karamjit Singh
Xu Mingze                             Sun Zijian                                                                     Miroj Man Singh
                                                                          Simone Elizabeth Messina
Xu Rongbai                            Tian Xinyi                                                                     Rupesh Timalsina
Xu Yiwen                              Xu Haoran                           BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                       Pattara Tivakornpanarai
Xu Ziying                             Ye Shikun                           (FINANCIAL RISK                            Taqi Tazwar Toaha
Yang Chen                             Yu Jiabei                                                                      Kanokwan Watthanaphanit
Yang Huiyi                            Zhang Yingyu                                                                   Longjun Zhang
Yang Jiannan                          Zhao Bigui
                                                                          CHAIN AND LOGISTICS                        Zhao Yajie
Yang Xue                              Zheng Fuxin                         MANAGEMENT)
Yang Yiwei                            Zhu Qiuran                          Oscar Flores                               BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
Yang Zhen                                                                                                            (INFORMATION SYSTEMS
Yao Jianing                           BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                       MANAGEMENT/MANAGEMENT
Yao Qingqing                          (BANKING AND FINANCE/               (HUMAN RESOURCE                            AND INNOVATION)
Yin Yinxiao                           MANAGEMENT AND                      MANAGEMENT)                                William Jacobus Goosen
Yu Xinrui                             INNOVATION)                         Umul Banin Bakhtiary
Yuan Ye                               Lee Hofman                          Jonathan Benoit                            BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
Zhang Chen                                                                Natalie Najdovski                          (INFORMATION SYSTEMS
Zhang Jiaming                         BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                Tran Quyen Tu                              MANAGEMENT/MARKETING)
Zhang Jiaxin                          (EVENT MANAGEMENT)                                                             Taleb Fawzi
Zhang Lingyuan                                                            BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
                                      Mary Gibboyi
Zhang Runxin                          Peta Louise Saul
                                                                          (HUMAN RESOURCE                            BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
Zhang Yushu                           Anna Louise Shaw                    MANAGEMENT/                                (INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY
Zhang Zhuo                                                                INTERNATIONAL TRADE)                       MANAGEMENT)
Zhao Zehui                            BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                Sarah Wieck                                Nguyen Thi Thanh Van
Zhou Yuxi                             (EVENT MANAGEMENT/
Zhu Jiawen                            MARKETING)                          BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                       BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
                                      Sarah Hosking                       (HUMAN RESOURCE                            (INTERNATIONAL
BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                                                      MANAGEMENT/MANAGEMENT
(BANKING AND FINANCE/                 Hope Ann Jacques                                                               HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT/
                                      Olivia Lorraine Nunn                AND INNOVATION)                            INTERNATIONAL TOURISM
                                      Caitlyn Rustem                      Isabella Sian Hayden                       MANAGEMENT)
                                      BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                       Hewawasam Hewage Don Nisal
Aditi Bhargava
Chan Yaik Lyon                        (EVENT MANAGEMENT/MUSIC             (HUMAN RESOURCE
Cheong Ming Chun                      INDUSTRY)                           MANAGEMENT/MARKETING)                      BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
Chew Yan Wei                          Nathan Lawrence Wong                Christopher Anthony Fenech                 (INTERNATIONAL HOSPITALITY
Mohamed Shamli Faizal                                                                                                MANAGEMENT/MARKETING)
Gan Yeung Ni-Ing                      BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
                                                                                                                     Ni Putu Sylvie Deviana Putri Sunia
Brandon Gemci                         (EVENT MANAGEMENT/                  (HUMAN RESOURCE
Ho Jia Wah Bryan                      TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY             MANAGEMENT/SUPPLY                          BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
Manal Ibrahim Naeem                   MANAGEMENT)                         CHAIN AND LOGISTICS                        (INTERNATIONAL TOURISM
Jj.Juan Joshua Jacob
                                      Jessica Scown                       MANAGEMENT)                                MANAGEMENT/MANAGEMENT
Zi Feng Kho
                                                                          Eylem Celebi                               AND INNOVATION)
Lee Wan Yan                           BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
Benjamin Eric Liddle-Mulvaney                                                                                        Fatimah Abdulaziz A Aluthman
                                      (FINANCIAL RISK                     BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
Lim Jie En Candice
                                      MANAGEMENT)                         (INFORMATION SYSTEMS                       BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
Nicholas Grant Lycett
                                      Al Harthi Said                      MANAGEMENT)                                (INTERNATIONAL TRADE)
Ngu Ching Siew
Quay Sze Yin                          Dinesh Singh Bhatt                  Sahil                                      Vittorio Emanuele Alampay
Natasya Emily Lim Meng Yee Sani Lim   Yuventhiran Gunasegaran             Adhikari Sanjog Nath                       Bian Jiaxin
Satya Satya                           Trinh Minh Anh Lam                  Chowdhury Mohammad Ayman Haque             Cai Lu
Soon Zi Xuan                          Joshua Nathan Rogic                 Pradeep Dhungana                           Cai Qingyu
Santhia Subramaniam                   Elaine Tan                          Ege Ergul                                  Cai Yu
Saintlavin Sugu                       Tan Wai Kin                         Govinda Gaire                              Chang Xiao
Yee Lin Tai                                                               Anusha Gautam                              Chang Yinfei
                                      BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                Gurpreet Singh Gurpreet Singh              Chao Feiyang
Trisha Jia Vern Tan
                                      (FINANCIAL RISK                     Harshdeep Singh Harshdeep Singh            Cheah Huai Kang
Jia En Teow
                                      MANAGEMENT/HUMAN                    Harshit Huria                              Chen Qiong
Jack Allan Thompson
Yapp Chun Hao Aaron                   RESOURCE MANAGEMENT)                Amit Karki (Aegrotat)                      Chen Shuying
Yua Kai Lyn                           Lyhour Rous                         Ravinder Kaur                              Chen Wenyi
                                                                          Ajay Lama                                  Cui Haokun
BACHELOR OF BUSINESS                  BACHELOR OF                         Nima Tshering Lama                         Cui Jianing
(BANKING AND FINANCE/                 BUSINESS (FINANCIAL                 Anup Lamichhane                            Cui Panyue
INTERNATIONAL TRADE)                  RISK MANAGEMENT/                    Senghong Lay                               Cui Zhongyuan
Salih Doren                           INTERNATIONAL TRADE)                Sidi Liu                                   Dang Qi
Fang Dazheng                          Cao Jingyuan                        Neeraj Kumar Neeraj Kumar                  Deng Tingwen
Gao Jialin                            Eren Hirota                         Bibek Paudel                               Ding Tian
Kang Hui                              Calvin Johanes Julio                Nisha Rani                                 Dong Liang
Li Can                                I Nyoman Bagus Panji Yudha Kusuma   Sanjay Ranjit                              Dong Wenjie
Li Xintong                            Xing Yiran                          Regmi Aayam                                Du Xiaosen
Liang Shenqi                          Zhao Jiangshan                      Sharanpreet Singh Sharanpreet Singh        Duan Yibing
                                                                          Mallika Shrestha                           Feng Kexin

                                                                                                     VICTORIA UNIVERSITY GRADUATION PROGRAM AUGUST 2020   21
Feng Xiangyu                                  Pan Zhaolin       Yang Yuqi                       Moe Arkar Kyaw
 Feng Yuwei                                    Phuah Yan Kim     Yang Yutong                     Law Sheong Kit
 Fu Yafan                                      Qi Yunyi          Yao Jingyu                      Lee Mou Shenn
 Fu Yu                                         Qiao Yiming       Ye Zeying                       Leong Cheong Wei
 Gao Linyi                                     Chu Qin           Ye Zimin                        Jia Hui Cheryl Lew
 Gao Mengjie                                   Qin Yan           Yi Lingjia                      Liew Yee Ling
 Gao Minglu                                    Quan Sujing       Yu Cailing                      Chee Hau Lim
 Gao Weiman                                    Arwyn Saravanan   Yu Mengjiao                     Lim Kah Chun
 Gao Wenxue                                    Sha Yuchen        Yu Yijing                       Ahmad Shahman Nassir Rogers
 Gao Xinyi                                     Shi Jingyan       Yue Yifan                       Park Da In
 Gu Chenyang                                   Si Yifan          Zhai Hao                        Pradipta Abdurrahman Parwito
 Guo Chang                                     Song Zixuan       Zhang Chenyuan                  Sathivel Yelashini
 Guo Kai                                       Sun Duo           Zhang Junyi                     Soo Wing Seng
 Guo Linlin                                    Sun Mengdi        Zhang Shuming                   Soon Wang Ping
 Guo Song                                      Sun Miao          Zhang Siqi                      Tan Jun Wei
 Guo Suyi                                      Sun Qiaoai        Zhang Tian                      Yan Bin Tan
 Guo Xiujun                                    Sun Xiao          Zhang Tong                      Wang Shi Ting
 Guo Yuyao                                     Sun Xiaoke        Zhang Wanting                   Yap Zu Ming
 Han Yueqiao                                   Sun Xin           Zhang Wanying                   Yaw Hui Yee
 He Shuo                                       Sun Yali          Zhang Xiaoxuan                  Zhane Beatrice Zaloumis
 Hong Xuan                                     Sun Yu            Zhang Xinmiao                   Zhang Teng
 Hou Kejia                                     Sun Ziwen         Zhang Yaxin
 Hou Yizhu                                     Tang Xiaoyu       Zhang Yaxuan                    BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
 Hu Yucong                                     Tian Mengyuan     Zhang Yi                        (MANAGEMENT AND
 Hu Yueran                                     Tian Tian         Zhang Yibai                     INNOVATION)
 Huang Tianru                                  Wang Chenxi       Zhang Yilin                     Ghazi O W Sh W Almutairi
 Huang Wenxi                                   Wang Chongjin     Zhang Yiwei                     Thuta Aung
 Ji Kunpeng                                    Wang Diandian     Zhang Yunmeng                   Edwin Edwin
 Jiang Aoyu                                    Wang Jin          Zhang Yuting                    Sandor Frank Freisinger
 Jin Mingyang                                  Wang Jingyi       Zhang Zichen                    Ho Whye Howe
 Kong Jiayi                                    Wang Meiji        Zhao Fengyi                     Lovepreet Kaur
 Kong Tongtong                                 Wang Shaobo       Zhao Xuan                       Kua Li Shuang
 Lei Jiaojiao                                  Wang Siqi         Zhao Ye                         Lau Shin Yie
 Li Chenxi                                     Wang Xiaotong     Zhao Yupu                       Tan Yeou Jen
 Li Jiaqi                                      Wang Ximing       Zheng Kexin                     Ting See Yu
 Li Ke                                         Wang Xuanyi       Zheng Yan                       Ting Tze Kwang
 Li Kunpeng                                    Wang Xueqi        Zheng Yuzhuo
 Li Liangjie                                   Wang Yameng       Zhong Ting                      BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
 Li Mingyu                                     Wang Yaxin        Zhou Ye                         (MANAGEMENT AND
 Li Peixia                                     Wang Yeming       Zhou Yilin                      INNOVATION/ MARKETING)
 Li Wan                                        Wang Yinze        Zhou Yun                        Ang Yu Zhe
 Li Xiaoyan                                    Wang Yitong       Zhu Jiayi                       Boo Xue Ting
 Li Xinhong                                    Wang Yizhuo       Zhu Mengna                      Chai Minhang
 Li Yake                                       Wang Yucong       Zhu Tianyi                      Chen Yue Qing
 Li Yi                                         Wang Yuepei       Zhu Yujie                       Cher Wei Ting
 Li Yifan                                      Wang Yufei        Zou Siyang                      Chiang Zoey
 Li Yiru                                       Wang Yuqing                                       Chong Jie Chi
 Li Zhixue                                     Wen Sijie         BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
                                                                                                 Chong Zheng Tau Nicholas
 Liao Xiangyuan                                Wu Jia            (INTERNATIONAL TRADE/           Sally Jessica Clark
 Lin Anqi                                      Wu Qianhui        SUPPLY CHAIN AND LOGISTICS      Ding Tai Jin
 Lin Lin                                       Wu Shiyu          MANAGEMENT)                     Fung Chun Hoe
 Liu Chenyu                                    Wu Sifan          Afizzal Magat Bin Abdul Aleem   Gan Siew Ling
 Liu Jiawen                                    Wu Xiao           Chan Park Lam                   Maisarah Al Munawwarah Haizam
 Liu Jing                                      Wu Yvying         Chiang Wendy                    Heng Hayn Yuern
 Liu Jingbin                                   Xia Xiaoying      Law Hoy Theem Chloe             Hing Scik Won
 Liu Jingxuan                                  Xiao Xuejing      Liang Yaqin                     Hoe Jia Zhe
 Liu Mengying                                  Xin Yifei         Lim Su Huei                     Hue Kok Hua
 Liu Tingting                                  Xin Zhe           Deyvaani Sivarajah              Gayathri Kanasan
 Liu Wanting                                   Xiong Baowei      Tan Pei Yin                     Kwek Zhao Qi
 Liu Wenxuan                                   Xiong Lu          Zarni Tun                       Han Seng Bryan Lim
 Liu Yibing                                    Xu Hui            Jing Wei Wong                   Lim Sinyi
 Liu Yimeng                                    Xu Zeyu                                           Lim Szu Wei
 Liu Yingnan                                   Xu Zijie          BACHELOR OF BUSINESS            Lim Wen Qiang Nigel
 Liu Yixin                                     Yan Ge            (INTERNATIONAL TRADE/           Lim Zhi Hwa
 Liu Yuying                                    Yan Shuning       MARKETING)                      Lim Zhi Wen
 Liu Zhengnan                                  Yan Weizhong      Rana Hesham Abdulaziz           Loh Yang Li
 Liu Zhiwei                                    Yang Hao          Nor Natasya Abdullah            Low Lee Yen
 Lou Beijia                                    Yang Haobo        Chan Hao Xian                   Low Wei Xuan
 Lou Chen                                      Yang Jiashu       Ho Yee Natasha Chang            Lua Shi Si
 Lv Yishi                                      Yang Kun          Chin Zong Hong                  Ng Sze Chee
 Ma Xiaoyan                                    Yang Ning         Chow Hoy Thong                  Ng Zhi Hao
 Ma Xue                                        Yang Rui          Gan Jin Yit                     Oh Jia Min
 Niu Entong                                    Yang Xinuan       Carmen Ho                       Ong Kang Yi
 Niu Kejun                                     Yang Yilin

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