106th Purdue Road School - Transportation Conference & Expo March 9-12, 2020

106th Purdue Road School - Transportation Conference & Expo March 9-12, 2020
106th Purdue Road School
& Expo

March 9–12, 2020
106th Purdue Road School - Transportation Conference & Expo March 9-12, 2020
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106th Purdue Road School - Transportation Conference & Expo March 9-12, 2020
Welcome to Purdue Road School
      Transportation Conference and Expo
The 106th Purdue Road School is your once-a-year opportunity to hear
about the latest innovations in transportation and interact with thousands
of transportation industry professionals. No matter what your role, no mat-
ter where you work, there is something at Road School for you.

Road School provides opportunities to obtain Professional Development
Hours (PDHs) toward licensing requirements, with PHD credit available for
175 sessions in the 2020 technical program. We continue to strengthen our
partnership with the Work Truck Show and conducted several sessions on
Road School Day in Indianapolis on March 5.

The impact of the technical program lasts well beyond the conference.
Since 2011 we have archived Road School presentations and proceedings
dating back to 1924 in the Purdue Libraries’ online repository. To date, these
proceedings and presentations have been downloaded more than 502,000
times. This impact would not be possible without the strong participation
of colleagues and stakeholders who have shaped the program, which this
year includes more than 190 presentations involving nearly 350 speakers
and moderators.

Darcy M. Bullock, Ph.D., P.E.
Lyles Family Professor of Civil Engineering and
Director of the Joint Transportation Research Program
Purdue University

John E. Haddock, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor of Civil Engineering and
Director of the Indiana Local Technical Assistance Program
Purdue University
106th Purdue Road School - Transportation Conference & Expo March 9-12, 2020
TUESDAY                                                                                              TUESDAY
SCHEDULE OF EVENTS                                                                                            SCHEDULE OF EVENTS

Opening Session
                                                             COFFEE WITH EXHIBITORS
                                                             Tuesday, 7:00–8:50 AM
                                                             North & South Ballrooms, Purdue Memorial Union

                                                             Please join our exhibitors for coffee prior to the Opening Session.

Tuesday, 9:00–10:50 AM
                                                             EXHIBITOR LUNCHEON
Loeb Theater, Stewart Center
                                                             Tuesday, 11:00 AM–1:50 PM
                                                             North & South Ballrooms, Purdue Memorial Union
                                                             The annual exhibitor luncheon provides an opportunity for attendees to
Mike Piggott                                                 visit with the exhibitors and enjoy a light lunch buffet. Name badges are
Former Director, Community Relations                         required for admission.
Purdue University

WELCOME                                                      STUDENT POSTER SESSION
John Dennis
Mayor, West Lafayette                                        Tuesday, 11:00 AM–1:50 PM
                                                             Purdue Memorial Union
                                                             Adjacent to the South Ballroom (in the southwest corner of the Purdue
Mario Rodriguez                                              Memorial Union), look for students exhibiting posters that highlight recent
Executive Director, Indianapolis Airport Authority           research activities.
Donna Cook
Vice President, Properties and Facilities, FedEx Express
Joe McGuinness
Commissioner, Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)

2                                                                                                                                     3
106th Purdue Road School - Transportation Conference & Expo March 9-12, 2020
WEDNESDAY                                                                                        OTHER EVENTS
SCHEDULE OF EVENTS                                                                                                      OTHER ROAD SCHOOL EVENTS

2020 Purdue Road School Transportation                                         INDIANA LTAP
Conference and Expo Luncheon                                                   Visit Indiana LTAP in the Purdue Memorial Union, room 118 near registra-
                                                                               tion, to receive a free print copy of LTAP’s 2020 Directory of Indiana State,
Wednesday, 11:30 AM–12:50 PM                                                   County, City, and Town Officials. An electronic copy of the directory is also
North & South Ballrooms, Purdue Memorial Union                                 available for download at LTAP’s website (www.purdue.edu/inltap). The
                                                                               mobile directory app is no longer being supported or updated by Indiana
                                                                               LTAP. A new version of this popular app is under development and will be
John Stone                                                                     available for download later this year.
Senior Vice President
Intelligent Solutions Group
Deere & Company                                                                172. ROAD SCHOLAR CORE COURSE #6,
John H. Stone is Senior Vice President,                                        BASICS OF A GOOD ROAD
Intelligent Solutions Group (ISG), a posi-
tion he has held since November 2016. In                                       Monday, March 9, 1:00-4:00 PM
this role, he leads the primary John Deere                                     Fowler Hall
technology arm, which employs a diverse
mix of software developers, machine                                            This 3-hour course meets the requirements for Core Course #6, Basics of a
learning scientists, systems engineers,                                        Good Road, as part of the Indiana LTAP Road Scholar Program. This course
data scientists, product testers, market-                                      covers the materials necessary for sound pavement construction, the fac-
ers, and customer support personnel.                                           tors in roadway design, geotechnical aspects, drainage, and pavement
ISG invests in technology and innovation to create a range of products         preservation techniques to gain extended life from your pavement design.
for smart machines, including sensors, hardware, software, GNSS receiv-
ers, computer vision, machine learning models, cloud computing, and
telematics. John is responsible for the overall profitability and growth
of Deere’s precision agriculture technology portfolio, R&D, and digital
product development and the integration of innovative technology into
Deere equipment.
    John joined Deere & Company in 2002 as a project manager and held
leadership positions including Global Director, Utility Tractor Product Line
and Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Business Development. Prior
to joining Deere he worked for General Electric and was an officer in the
U.S. Army.
    John earned his MBA at Harvard Business School in 2003 and his bach-
elor’s in mechanical engineering at the United States Military Academy
at West Point in 1992.
                                                                               ITE INDIANA ROAD SCHOOL DINNER  /  BANQUET
                                                                               Wednesday, March 11, 5:30 PM
                                                                               Krannert Drawing Room (Krannert, first floor)

                                                                               For more information and to register, please visit http://www.indianaite.org.

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106th Purdue Road School - Transportation Conference & Expo March 9-12, 2020
THANK YOU                                                                                                                        HOURS
ROAD SCHOOL PLANNING                                                                  PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT  /  CONTINUING EDUCATION

                                                                             Professional Development Hours (PDHs)  /  Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
                                                                             are available for applicable sessions. Attendance at the entire session is
                                                                             required for credit. Two different options are available for recording  /  report-
                                                                             ing your PDHs  /  CEUs.

                                                                             HOW TO OBTAIN YOUR PDH  /  CEU STATEMENT
                                                                             •   You may retain a self-reporting, Professional Development Hours Credit
                                                                                 Statement for your own records (available at registration).
                                                                             •   You may modify your registration and receive an event specific PDH  /  CEU
                                                                                 statement from Purdue University. By modifying your registration, you
                                                                                 certify that you attended all sessions selected.
Thank you! During the past six months, hundreds of volunteer hours have      •   Below are instructions on how to modify your registration to receive an
been invested in developing the technical program. In addition to express-       event specific PDH  /  CEU statement from Purdue University.
ing our appreciation to the speakers and moderators listed in the program,
we would like to thank the following individuals for participating in the        1. Visit https://tinyurl.com/2020RS-RegModification at the con-
planning meetings and reviews that shaped this year’s program.                      clusion of Road School.
                                                                                 2. Select the corresponding registration portal (Attendee Regis­
Barbara Alder              Louis Feagans              Peter Mills                   tra­tion, Speaker/Moderator Registration, or INDOT Registration).
Duane Alverson             Pam Fisher                 Thomas Murtaugh            3. Log in and complete the requested fields (First Name, Last
Jeff Beeler                Edward Garrison            Clayton Nicholas              Name, Email Address, Confirmation Number) exactly as they are
Matt Beeson                John Grace                 Dan Osborn                    reflected on your registration confirmation.
David Benefiel             Jay Grossman               Gregory Pankow             4. After logged in, click on the “Modify” button on the “Confirmation”
Marty Blake                Daniel Haake               Craig Parks                   tab.
Kristin Brier              Ayman Habib                Kirsten Pauley             5. You will advance to the “Personal Information and Contact
Mick Brinkerhoff           John Haddock               Kym Pelfree                   Information” page. Scroll to the bottom and click on the “Next”
Jeffrey Brooks             Robert Hainje              Alan Plunkett                 button.
Kelly Brothers             Jermaine Hannon            Sean Porter                6. The list of sessions, ordered by Day and Presentation, will appear
Bridget Brunton            Scott Hesler               Jennifer Pyrz                 on the next page. Select the session(s) you attended and then
Michael Buening            Michael Holowaty           Lyndsay Quist                 click on the “Next” button at the bottom of the page.
Darcy Bullock              Debbie Horton              Brian Rivette              7. Follow the prompts to continue and complete the PDH  /  CEU
Mike Byers                 Sarah Hubbard              Michael Rowe                  recording process.
Debbie Calder              Jeremy Hunter              Laura Slusher
David Cappelleri           Venetta Keefe              Malek Smadi            An event-specific PDH  /  CEU statement will be sent to your registration email
Bryce Carpenter            Stewart Kline              Rick Smith             address on April 17, 2020.
Jon Clodfelter             Travis Kohl                Marsha Stone
Patrick Conner             Samuel Labi                Andrew Tarko
Edward Cox                 Jessica Martin             Ashley Thrall
Brad Cozza                 Lucas Mastin               Terry Treon
Richard Domonkos           Jijo Mathew                Ashley Watson
Jay DuMontelle             Todd May                   Tim Wells
Thomas Duncan              Brian McGavic              Danny White
Erin Easterling            Jeremy McGuffey            Stephanie Yager

6                                                                                                                                                            7
106th Purdue Road School - Transportation Conference & Expo March 9-12, 2020
ARCHIVES                                                                                                       ARCHIVES

Since 2011 with author’s permission, we have digitally published Road        TOP 10 DOWNLOADS FOR 2019 ROAD SCHOOL PRESENTATIONS*
School presentations in Purdue e-Pubs, the Purdue Libraries’ open access
repository. In 2015 we archived the proceedings of previous Road Schools     Presentation                    Author(s)                      Downloads
dating back to 1924. You may access the presentations and proceedings
here: http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/roadschool/ .                               A Comparison Between 1D
                                                                             and 2D Hydraulic Modeling for   Mark Bailey                       125
We had 126,000 downloads during 2019 and have had over 502,000 down-         Bridge Replacement Projects
loads overall since we placed the Road School presentations on the web.      GIS Data/Asset Management       Craig Hardy                       106
Nearly 60% of those downloads are from outside the United States, repre-
                                                                                                             Mary E. Johnson
senting 214 countries. This is a great testament to the impact Road School   Human Trafficking and
                                                                                                             Kathryn C. Seigfried-Spellar      80
is having not only in Indiana and the U.S., but around the world, as shown   Air Transportation
                                                                                                             Chad Laux
by the distribution map below.
                                                                             Rapid-Setting Non-Portland
                                                                                                             Matthew Ross                      68
                                                                             Cement Concrete Applications
                                                                                                             Tommy Nantung
                                                                             Precast Concrete                Gary Fox
                                                                             Pavement Systems                Jeff Brechbill
                                                                                                             Rob Gill
                                                                             Latex Modified Concrete —
                                                                                                             Bobby Steele                      61
                                                                             Very Early Strength
                                                                             Best Practices for Airport
                                                                                                             Susan Zellers                     52
                                                                             Obstruction Management
                                                                             Northern Indiana Commuter
                                                                                                             Marty Joyce                       50
                                                                             Transportation District
                                                                             The Economic Impact of Trails   Cory J. Whitesell                 49
                                                                             Dynamic Part-Time
               SUBMIT PRESENTATIONS HERE                                     Shoulder Use Triggers
                                                                                                             Bastian Schroeder                 47

                                                                             *As of December 31, 2019.

      2020 Road School presenters can stop by the Purdue Libraries
      exhibit area on the second floor of Stewart Center to submit their
      presentations either before or after their session.

8                                                                                                                                                    9
106th Purdue Road School - Transportation Conference & Expo March 9-12, 2020
                  MARCH 10                                    MARCH 11
                 7:00 AM–4:50 PM                             8:00 AM–4:50 PM

            TUESDAY                                       WEDNESDAY

                        7:00–8:50 AM
               Coffee With Exhibitors
8               Purdue Memorial Union
                North & South Ballrooms

                                                                8:00–10:50 AM
                       9:00–10:50 AM                         Technical Sessions
                  Opening Session
10                      Loeb Theater
                       Stewart Center

       11:00–11:50 AM
     Technical Sessions                                       11:30 AM–12:50 PM
12                                 11:00 AM–1:50 PM        Road School Luncheon
                                 Exhibitor Luncheon         Purdue Memorial Union
                                  & Poster Session          North & South Ballrooms
                                Purdue Memorial Union          Doors open at 11:15
                                North & South Ballrooms


        1:00–4:50 PM                                            1:00–4:50 PM
3    Technical Sessions                                      Technical Sessions

                                                                     Technical session locations and descriptions are
                                                                     listed on the pages that follow.

106th Purdue Road School - Transportation Conference & Expo March 9-12, 2020
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                             MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                              TUESDAY
BRIDGES                                                                                                                          BRIDGES

TIME             1. UAS-Based Inspection of Bridges                   3. Load Rating of Bridges Without Plans                        TIME
1:00–1:50 PM                                                                                                                 3:00–3:50 PM
                 This presentation outlines the potential for         The presentation will address the challenges
ROOM             using unmanned aerial systems equipped               of load rating bridges without plans and how                ROOM
STEW 206         with imaging and LiDAR units for bridge              a four-step procedure can be used to guide                STEW 206
                 inspection. Data acquired over Purdue’s Steel        the engineer in determining bridge ratings for
PDH: 1           Bridge Research, Inspection, Training, and           poorly documented bridges. The procedure is                 PDH: 1
                 Engineering (S-BRITE) Center will be used as         illustrated through the assessment of an earth-
                 an illustrative example.                             en-filled reinforced concrete arch bridge with no
                                                                      available bridge information.
                 Ayman Habib, Purdue University                       SPEAKERS
                 John Mott, Purdue University                         Rafael Armendariz, Purdue University
                                                                      Mark Bowman, Purdue University
                 Curt Higginbotham, Hendricks County                  MODERATOR
                                                                      Curt Higginbotham, Hendricks County

TIME             2. GPR and IR in Bridge Program
2:00–2:50 PM     Maintenance and Management                           4. BIM for Bridges and Structures                              TIME
                                                                      Pooled Fund Initiative                                 4:00–4:50 PM
ROOM             Resource International, Inc. (Rii), was contracted
STEW 206         by INDOT to complete the condition evaluation        The BIM for Bridges and Structures initiative,              ROOM
                 of 225 bridge decks using GPR (ground-pene-          also known as TPF-5(372), is a transportation             STEW 206
PDH: 1           trating radar) technology. As a separate study,      pooled fund project that is a collaborative effort
                 the contract included using GPR and IR (in-          of 18 states, FHWA, and the AASHTO Committee                PDH: 1
                 frared) on 10 additional bridge decks. In this       on Bridges and Structures. The pooled fund
                 session Cherif Amer-Yahia from Rii will discuss      objective is to develop an open, national stan-
                 the technical side of the project, including data    dard for exchanging the information necessary
                 collection, data analysis, and the results of the    for the design, fabrication, and construction of
                 evaluation. Randy Strain will discuss how these      bridges and structures in the United States. This
                 results were used in INDOT’s bridge program          presentation will provide an overview of the
                 maintenance and management.                          project and explain ways in which stakeholders
                                                                      can get involved.
                 Cherif Amer-Yahia, Resource International, Inc.      SPEAKERS
                 Randy Strain, INDOT                                  Julie Rivera, HDR
                                                                      Connor Christian, HDR
                 Curt Higginbotham, Hendricks County                  MODERATOR
                                                                      Curt Higginbotham, Hendricks County

12                                                                                                                                     13
106th Purdue Road School - Transportation Conference & Expo March 9-12, 2020
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                             MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                              TUESDAY

TIME             5. Analytical Techniques to Use                       7. Truck Platooning: Considerations                           TIME
1:00–1:50 PM     Historical Connected Vehicle Data                     for Multistate Corridor Deployment                    3:00–3:50 PM
                 to Assess Platooning Potential
ROOM             on Interstate Corridors                               CDM Smith is developing an operational                     ROOM
STEW 279                                                               concept and test plan for FHWA to put truck              STEW 279
                 There are multiple vendors that now provide re-       platoons in revenue service in a multistate
PDH: 1           al-time probe data–based interstate speed mea-        corridor. This session presents how to facilitate          PDH: 1
                 surements at sub-1 mile, 1-minute fidelity. This      cross-state collaboration while considering reg-
                 session presents an analytical tool for visualizing   ulatory differences between states, user needs
                 interstate traffic conditions using cameras at        gathering through workshops and interviews,
                 select locations to validate congestion identified    equipment considerations for trucks, working
                 by probe data.                                        with a host fleet, truck platooning performance
                                                                       measures and the data needed to support them,
                 SPEAKER                                               and human factors in truck platooning.
                 Woosung Kim, Purdue University
                 MODERATOR                                             Ben Ritchey, CDM Smith
                 Jim Poturalski, INDOT
                                                                       Jim Poturalski, INDOT
TIME             6. Road Condition Detection and
2:00–2:50 PM     Classification From Existing CCTV Feed
ROOM             INDOT currently has over 300 CCTV cameras
STEW 279         installed along busy interstate highways to
                 monitor traffic conditions. The Transportation
PDH: 1           Active Safety Institute of IUPUI has been
                 working to develop automatic incident detec-
                 tion based on the video stream captured by
                 these CCTV cameras. TASI has been developing
                 software that can automatically identify roads
                 and lanes, vehicle moving direction, and traffic
                 flow rate and vehicle speed in each lane. Join us
                 for a discussion.

                 Zhengming Ding, IUPUI
                 Stanley Yung-Ping Chien, IUPUI

                 Jim Poturalski, INDOT

14                                                                                                                                     15
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                        MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                         TUESDAY

TIME             8. Autonomous Vehicles:                           9. Physiological Monitoring                                  TIME
4:00–4:50 PM     Public Policy Issues                              During Autonomous Driving                            1:00–1:50 PM

ROOM             Early Movers: U.S. States and Autonomous          Physiological monitoring is often used to es-             ROOM
STEW 279         Vehicle Policy—In spring 2019 the Purdue          timate drivers’ mental state, attention alloca-         STEW 306
                 Policy Research Institute enlisted its under-     tion, and workload. This approach is expected
PDH: 1           graduate fellows to write reports on autono-      to become even more valuable in partially                 PDH: 1
                 mous vehicle media coverage and legislative       autonomous driving contexts as drivers become
                 efforts in the strategically selected states of   increasingly disengaged from the driving task.
                 Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Ohio,     This session will present three separate exper-
                 and Pennsylvania. This presentation provides      iments that employ electroencephalography
                 an overview of these reports, highlighting the    (EEG), eye tracking, and/or heart rate monitor-
                 similarities and differences in the legislative   ing under different levels of vehicle automa-
                 approach these states have taken regarding this   tion (SAE levels 0–3) with participation from
                 emergent and potentially disruptive technology.   various driver demographics.

                 SPEAKERS                                          SPEAKERS
                 Dustin Souders, Purdue University                 Brandon Pitts, Purdue University
                 Clara Koch, Purdue University                     Nade Liang, Purdue University
                 Paul Dawley, Purdue University                    Gaojian Huang, Purdue University

                 Public Policy and Autonomous Vehicles in          MODERATOR
                 the United States and Beyond—This session         Pamela Fisher, INDOT
                 presents public policy issues surrounding
                 autonomous vehicles in the United States and
                 in several countries around the world. We will    10. Autonomous Delivery Robots:                              TIME
                 provide an overview of the status and implica-    Technology, Opportunities,                           2:00–2:50 PM
                 tions of autonomous vehicle policy in the areas   and Lessons Learned
                 of deployment and testing, economic impact,                                                                 ROOM
                 environmental impact, privacy, and security.      A fleet of food delivery robots now calls Purdue        STEW 306
                                                                   University home. Launched during the fall 2019
                 SPEAKERS                                          semester, this innovative new service allows              PDH: 1
                 Rosalee Clawson, Purdue University                users to order their favorite foods via a mobile
                 Lejla Dervisevic, Purdue University               app, pick a delivery location on campus, and
                 Owura Kuffuor, Purdue University                  then meet the robot to receive their order. This
                                                                   presentation will explain the technology behind
                 MODERATOR                                         the robots, provide an overview of the service,
                 Jim Poturalski, INDOT                             and offer some tips and lessons learned since
                                                                   the arrival of the autonomous robots.

                                                                   Rob Wynkoop, Purdue University
                                                                   Chris Neider, Starship Technologies

                                                                   Pamela Fisher, INDOT

16                                                                                                                                17
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                             MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                              TUESDAY
CONNECTED / AUTONOMOUS TRANSPORTATION                                                                               DESIGN / CONSTRUCTION

TIME             11. Moving Object Detection and                      12. Intelligent Road Design and                                 TIME
3:00–3:50 PM     Tracking With Doppler LiDAR                          Construction Using 3D Models                            1:00–1:50 PM

ROOM             This session presents an approach for detecting      This presentation provides an update on                      ROOM
STEW 306         and tracking moving objects in street scenes         INDOT’s e-construction and Intelligent Design         LOEB THEATER
                 using point clouds obtained via a Doppler            and Construction initiatives. This will include a
PDH: 1           LiDAR. Doppler images are used to detect             discussion of INDOT’s efforts over the past year             PDH: 1
                 moving points and determine the number of            to move toward 3D CAD models for roadway
                 moving objects, followed by complete seg-            design, advancements in digital/electronic
                 mentation via a region growing technique. The        construction inspection including further de-
                 approach is based on multiple hypothesis track-      velopment and refining of inspection checklists,
                 ing (MHT) with two extensions. Quantitative          continued development and testing of a mobile
                 evaluation of results on different data sets shows   inspection application, and demonstration proj-
                 the advantages of Doppler LiDAR and the effec-       ects for e-ticketing of HMA materials delivery.
                 tiveness of the approach.
                 SPEAKER                                              Derek Fuller, INDOT
                 Jie Shan, Purdue University                          Andrew Pangallo, INDOT
                                                                      Timothy Haney, Parsons
                 Pamela Fisher, INDOT                                 MODERATOR
                                                                      Michael Rowe, United Consulting

                                                                      13. Specifications and Special                                  TIME
                                                                      Provisions: Let’s Get It Write                          2:00–2:50 PM

                                                                      The purpose of this presentation is to assist                ROOM
                                                                      project managers and designers in prepar-             LOEB THEATER
                                                                      ing the necessary information required for
                                                                      Department contracts with regard to the                      PDH: 1
                                                                      Standard Specifications and Special Provisions.
                                                                      Attendees will be provided examples of both
                                                                      the right and wrong ways to present a Unique
                                                                      Special Provision, as well as things to avoid and
                                                                      questions to ask in order to adhere to legal,
                                                                      moral, and ethical construction standards.

                                                                      Scott Trammell, INDOT

                                                                      Michael Rowe, United Consulting

18                                                                                                                                      19
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                              MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                              TUESDAY
DESIGN / CONSTRUCTION                                                                                               DESIGN / CONSTRUCTION

TIME             14. 2D Hydraulic Modeling                          16. ADA Data Collection and                                       TIME
3:00–3:50 PM     for Streambank Stabilization                       Transition Plan Implementation                          11:00–11:50 AM
                 in the White River
ROOM                                                                Over a 5-year period, the City of Elkhart col-                 ROOM
LOEB THEATER     As part of the new I-69 design in Morgan           lected detailed data on nearly 4,000 curb ramps.             STEW 302
                 County, INDOT retained WSP USA to provide          The City is now using that data to plan and fund
PDH: 1           streambank stabilization design services for the   ADA improvements within the public right-of-                   PDH: 1
                 White River. This presentation will discuss how    way. This presentation will discuss how to look
                 1D and 2D hydraulic modeling helped refine the     at an overwhelming task such as ADA compli-
                 design and include visuals to demonstrate how      ance in the right-of-way and develop a plan
                 1D and 2D models can help establish flow di-       to manage it.
                 rection velocities at riverbanks and around pro-
                 posed structures. A comparison of results from     SPEAKERS
                 1D and 2D model results will also be presented.    Jeffrey Schaffer, City of Elkhart
                                                                    Rachel Page, Tetra Tech
                 Nabil Ghalayini, WSP                               MODERATOR
                                                                    Greg Pankow, INDOT
                 Michael Rowe, United Consulting
                                                                    17. How Postwar Historic Districts                                TIME
                                                                    Can Impact Your Project                                   1:00–1:50 PM
TIME             15. Pitfalls of Interchange
4:00–4:50 PM     Designs: Observations Relating                     This session will provide an update to the                     ROOM
                 to IDM Chapter 48                                  Section 106 process for post–World War II                    STEW 302
ROOM                                                                residential historic districts. The identification of
LOEB THEATER     This session covers common challenges found        these districts is becoming increasingly common                PDH: 1
                 on freeway interchange designs here in Indiana.    due to new guidance from the Division of
PDH: 1           We will go over in detail common pitfalls ob-      Historic Preservation and Archaeology (IDNR-
                 served from performing multiple design reviews     DHPA). The INDOT Cultural Resource Office will
                 and problems with designs that do not conform      provide analysis and advice for navigating this
                 to the still-new Indiana Design Manual (IDM)       quickly evolving process and will detail recent
                 Chapter 48, “Interchanges.” We will also offer     examples from 2019.
                 conventional design solutions and alternatives
                 to address these issues and challenges.            SPEAKER
                                                                    Anthony Ross, INDOT
                 Joiner Lagpacan, FHWA                              MODERATOR
                 Mark Orton, INDOT                                  Jeromy Grenard, City of Lafayette

                 Michael Rowe, United Consulting

20                                                                                                                                      21
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                           MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                           TUESDAY
DESIGN / CONSTRUCTION                                                                                            DESIGN / CONSTRUCTION

TIME             18. 22nd Street Reconstruction,                     20. Roundabouts and Dogbones:                                 TIME
2:00–2:50 PM     Elwood, Indiana                                     Interchange Planning and                              4:00–4:50 PM
                                                                     Design Challenges
ROOM             This project involved full-depth reconstruction                                                                ROOM
STEW 302         of 22nd Street, from P Street to Main Street, for   US 20/SR 2 Dogbone Interchange Planning,                 STEW 302
                 an approximate distance of 1 mile and entailed      Design and Construction—LaPorte District
PDH: 1           a two-lane roadway with curb and gutter,            finished a $9 million safety-funded dogbone                PDH: 1
                 new sidewalks, a storm system, and water and        interchange in fall 2019. It was done within
                 sanitary line relocations. In addition to federal   existing right-of-way purchased 70 years prior,
                 funds, due to Red Gold’s investment commit-         and the intersection has a unique transportation
                 ments in the area and subsequent potential          history with Michigan Road, Lincoln Highway,
                 economic development, the project was               and the Sauk/Chicago Trail passing through it.
                 awarded up to $1.4M in an Indiana Economic          Highlights will include problem identification,
                 Development Corporation (IEDC) grant. Join us       funding, planning, design, public input, and con-
                 for a discussion.                                   struction challenges and successes. 3D models
                                                                     and high-quality images will be shared from the
                 SPEAKERS                                            weekly drone photography that was taken.
                 William Savage, City of Elwood
                 Haseeb Ghumman, DLZ Indiana, LLC                    SPEAKERS
                 Darren Parkes, DLZ Indiana, LLC                     Alan Holderread, INDOT
                                                                     Chris Waidner, Troyer Group
                 Jeromy Grenard, City of Lafayette                   Roundabout Implementation Experience:
                                                                     Overcoming Challenges—It’s not often you
                                                                     find a railroad intersecting a roundabout, which
TIME             19. Diverging Diamond Interchanges:                 makes the Bass-Hadley Roundabout in the City
3:00–3:50 PM     Best Practices and Lessons Learned                  of Fort Wayne a unique intersection with a story
                                                                     you have to hear! We will discuss the design and
ROOM             This session presents lessons learned during the    challenges of the design process; the incorpo-
STEW 302         planning, design, and construction of diverg-       ration of a pedestrian trail; the construction
                 ing diamond interchanges across the country.        process and its challenges; and now that the
PDH: 1           We will introduce strategies for overcoming         intersection is open and operating, a status of
                 DDI-specific challenges such as the concern         how well it is functioning.
                 that DDIs violate driver expectations or don’t
                 work with closely spaced adjacent signalized        SPEAKERS
                 intersections. We will also address some of the     Mike Maurovich, American Structurepoint, Inc.
                 myths surrounding DDIs, including that DDIs are     Craig Shroyer, American Structurepoint, Inc.
                 not pedestrian- or bicycle-friendly.
                 SPEAKERS                                            Jeromy Grenard, City of Lafayette
                 Brian Toombs, Burgess & Niple, Inc.
                 Emilie Worley, Burgess & Niple, Inc.

                 Jeromy Grenard, City of Lafayette

22                                                                                                                                   23
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                            MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                             TUESDAY
FINANCE/ADMINISTRATION                                                                                         FINANCE/ADMINISTRATION

TIME             21. How to Prevent Loss                               23. Past, Present, and Future                                TIME
11:00–11:50 AM   of Federal Funds                                      of Priced Managed Lanes                              2:00–2:50 PM

ROOM             Federal mandates require project end dates for        Using various maps and graphs, this presen-               ROOM
STEW 311         every project. What are project end dates, how        tation will detail the significant growth in            STEW 311
                 does this requirement affecting local projects,       the U.S. priced managed lane sector in terms
PDH: 1           and what can be done to ensure there are no           of mileage, locations, and toll revenue. The              PDH: 1
                 losses of federal funds for our local partners?       location of priced managed lanes currently
                 In this session we will discuss project inactivity.   under construction will also be included to show
                 What happens when a project is tabled? What           anticipated growth over the next several years.
                 steps can be taken?                                   Some emerging trends and considerations for
                                                                       the future will be discussed based on involve-
                 SPEAKERS                                              ment in recent studies of priced managed lanes
                 Karen Hicks, INDOT                                    around the country.
                 Anthony Perkinson, FHWA
                 Mike Hopper, INDOT                                    SPEAKERS
                                                                       Ron Davis, CDM Smith
                 MODERATOR                                             Ganapathi Badireddi, CDM Smith
                 Jon Fricker, Purdue University
                                                                       Karen Hicks, INDOT
TIME             22. INDOT eInvoice Application
1:00–1:50 PM     for Consultant Contracts
ROOM             In 2016, INDOT began the implementation of an
STEW 311         electronic consultant invoicing application with
                 nine pilot firms. In March of 2018, the application
PDH: 1           was rolled out for use with most new consultant
                 contracts. Approximately 2,500 invoices were
                 processed through eInvoice in FY 2019, and
                 INDOT is working on an enhancement retrofit
                 for implementation on earlier contracts. In this
                 session INDOT representatives will review the
                 purpose and features of the application as well
                 as planned future enhancements.

                 Jeff Clanton, INDOT
                 Dale Carter, INDOT

                 Karen Hicks, INDOT

24                                                                                                                                    25
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                           MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                              TUESDAY
FINANCE/ADMINISTRATION                                                                                          FINANCE/ADMINISTRATION

TIME             24. Capital and Financial Planning                    25. Advancing Asset Management at                           TIME
3:00–3:50 PM     and Alternative Revenue Sources                       INDOT: Expanding Its Assets in GIS                  4:00–4:50 PM

ROOM             A Capital and Financial Roadmap for Your              As INDOT continues to develop Asset                      ROOM
STEW 311         Community—All types of local government               Management, the use of GIS and the mapping             STEW 311
                 entities face increasing financial challenges.        of assets become more critical. In this session
PDH: 1           In an era of declining or stagnant revenues           INDOT will show the advancement in GIS Asset             PDH: 1
                 for many, taxing units are forced to be more          Management that has occurred in the last few
                 creative in their development and maintenance         years and where we are headed in the future.
                 of capital assets. This session will address strat-
                 egies for comprehensive capital and financial         SPEAKER
                 planning, including how decisions on individual       Louis Feagans, INDOT
                 projects can impact other priorities of a taxing
                 unit. Additionally, we will discuss examples of       MODERATOR
                 intergovernmental collaboration that address          Karen Hicks, INDOT
                 complex infrastructure needs.

                 Deen Rogers, Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors, LLC
                 Jeffery Eder, Town of Brownsburg
                 Matt Eckerle, Baker Tilly Municipal Advisors, LLC

                 Urban vs. Rural Implications of User Fees—
                 Motor fuel taxes are an unsustainable revenue
                 source due to the rising fuel efficiency of
                 vehicles and the growth in hybrid and electric
                 vehicles. Two user fee alternatives are tolls and
                 mileage-based taxes, yet there are many mis-
                 conceptions about the disproportionate impacts
                 they would have on rural vs. urban drivers. This
                 presentation will explore user fees from both
                 drivers’ perspectives, including policy consider-
                 ations that can be applied based on geography.

                 Justine Sydello, CDM Smith

                 Karen Hicks, INDOT

26                                                                                                                                   27
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                              MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                               TUESDAY
LOCAL AGENCY                                                                                                                LOCAL AGENCY

TIME             26. Analysis of Recreational and                      28. Asset Management for                                       TIME
11:00–11:50 AM   Last-Mile E-Scooter Utilization                       Local Elected Officials                                2:00–2:50 PM

ROOM             This project focused on three regions with dis-       Do you understand the pavement treatments                   ROOM
STEW 218AB       tinct land-use patterns in the Indianapolis metro     your street or highway department is choosing,          STEW 218AB
                 area from September 2018 to May 2019 that had         or why the department has decided to chip seal
PDH: 1           509,241 E-scooter trips covering 546,317 miles        roads that are in good condition? Is your agency            PDH: 1
                 during 118,440 hours of use. The proportion of        using an asset management program to make
                 trips classified as recreational varied from 34% in   these types of decisions? After learning the prin-
                 the urban core to approximately 53% in an en-         ciples of asset management and the techniques
                 tertainment/dining area. For planning purposes,       that industry professionals are using, you will
                 it is important to understand the proportion          have the background to communicate pave-
                 of non-recreational vs. recreational “last-mile”      ment maintenance decisions to your constitu-
                 users. Join us for a discussion.                      ents, who are eager to understand them.

                 SPEAKERS                                              SPEAKER
                 Jijo Mathew, Purdue University                        Patrick Conner, Purdue University
                 Mingmin Liu, Purdue University
                 MODERATOR                                             Jay DuMontelle, FHWA
                 Daniel Hedglin, City of Indianapolis

                                                                       29. MVH/LRS Funding for                                        TIME
TIME             27. Aging Urban Corridors: Big                        Elected Officials                                      3:00–3:50 PM
1:00–1:50 PM     Challenges, Big Rewards
                                                                       Where does the motor vehicle highway money                  ROOM
ROOM             When revitalizing aging urban streets, an early,      come from? How much does my community                   STEW 218AB
STEW 218AB       in-depth investigation holds the keys to success.     get? What is LRS? If you are responsible for the
                 Property ownership documents are gener-               road and bridges in your community, you need                PDH: 1
PDH: 1           ations old. Utility records are often nonexis-        to understand where the money comes from.
                 tent. Century-old underground infrastructure          This session will walk through the complex
                 must be located and evaluated. The up-front,          road funding for local agencies. Indiana LTAP
                 fact-finding work is more critical, there’s more      presenters will demonstrate how the funding
                 of it, and it’s more valuable to the end result.      is generated and how it is distributed to local
                 Find out how we set the stage for improving a         agencies in Indiana.
                 section of US 40, the “First Highway in America,”
                 that runs through Indianapolis.                       SPEAKERS
                                                                       Patrick Conner, Purdue University
                 SPEAKERS                                              Richard Domonkos, Purdue University
                 Carl Camacho, Lochmueller Group, Inc.
                 Erin Wenger, Lochmueller Group, Inc.                  MODERATOR
                 David Borden, Indianapolis                            Jay DuMontelle, FHWA
                   Department of Public Works

                 Jay DuMontelle, FHWA

28                                                                                                                                      29
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                             MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                             TUESDAY
LOCAL AGENCY                                                                                                               LOCAL AGENCY

TIME             30. Utility Regulation: 5G Small Cells              32. Federal Funding for Locals:                                 TIME
4:00–4:50 PM                                                         Monitoring and Audits                                   1:00–1:50 PM
                 In this session we will discuss regulation of the
ROOM             deployment of 5G small-cell equipment within        In an effort to work toward compliance with 2                ROOM
STEW 218AB       local right-of-way.                                 CFR 200, all Indiana local agencies need to be             STEW 278
                                                                     aware of INDOT’s processes. INDOT is required
PDH: 1           SPEAKER                                             by federal law to monitor sub-recipients of                  PDH: 1
                 Bradley Pease, City of Carmel                       federal funds that are expending $750,000
                                                                     or more in federal funds in the audited year.
                 MODERATOR                                           Indiana local agencies that receive federal
                 Jay DuMontelle, FHWA                                funds are considered sub-recipients and are
                                                                     subject to monitoring and A-133 Audits. This
                                                                     session can help you as a local official under-
TIME             31. Relinquishment and Reconstruction               stand what INDOT is looking at and why you
11:00–11:50 AM   of SR 44—Franklin, Indiana                          are receiving letters from INDOT that you’ve
                                                                     never received before.
ROOM             This project involved the downtown section
STEW 278         of SR 44, which was relinquished by INDOT to        SPEAKERS
                 the City of Franklin. Reconstruction was funded     Stephani Vermillion, INDOT
PDH: 1           through a relinquishment agreement, feder-          Autumn Castro, INDOT
                 al-aid funding applications, and local monies.
                 It was a total reconstruction project of over       MODERATOR
                 $13 million, built in nine phases over a 4-year     Kathy Eaton-McKalip, INDOT
                 span. The project passes through the heart of
                 downtown historic and business districts. This
                 presentation will review all of the coordination    33. Rating Unpaved Roads Using the                              TIME
                 and challenges of the project.                      Inventory-Based Rating System                           2:00–2:50 PM

                 SPEAKERS                                            The current rating systems for unpaved roads                 ROOM
                 Trent Newport, CrossRoad Engineers, PC              lack stability and reliability and, therefore,             STEW 278
                 Mark Richards, City of Franklin                     provide little benefit as project- or network-level
                                                                     metrics. Since many of these systems are derived             PDH: 1
                 MODERATOR                                           from paved-road assessment systems, they
                 Travis Underhill, INDOT                             focus heavily on surface distresses rather than
                                                                     road width, drainage, and other features. This
                                                                     session presents the Inventory-Based Rating
                                                                     System as a stable and implementable method
                                                                     of condition assessment for unpaved roads,
                                                                     without the focus on surface distresses.

                                                                     Peter Torola, Michigan Technological University

                                                                     Kathy Eaton-McKalip, INDOT

30                                                                                                                                     31
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                           MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                            TUESDAY
LOCAL AGENCY                                                                                               MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS

TIME             34. Public Construction                              36. Geosynthetic Interlayers:                                TIME
3:00–3:50 PM     and Procurement                                      Improvements for Recyclability,                      1:00–1:50 PM
                                                                      Millability, and Performance of
ROOM             This session will cover procedures and require-
                                                                      Millings in New Mix Design                               ROOM
STEW 278         ments related to the retention of services, pro-                                                          STEW 214CD
                 curement of supplies, and construction of public     Geosynthetic pavement interlayers for asphalt
PDH: 1           works projects. We will also discuss the authority   pavement have been used for over 50 years.                PDH: 1
                 and discretion of the public board for the award     They have been improved to resolve millabil-
                 of public contracts and how to deal with bid         ity, recyclability, and pavement performance
                 errors and bid protests.                             concerns when millings with interlayer pieces
                                                                      are used in a new mix design. This presenta-
                 SPEAKER                                              tion will summarize third-party testing for new
                 Grant Clapacs, Dentons Bingham                       geosynthetic interlayers and their performance
                   Greenebaum, LLP                                    improvements during milling and recycling
                                                                      of asphalt pavements. It will also highlight
                 MODERATOR                                            pavement performance when millings of the
                 Kathy Eaton-McKalip, INDOT                           interlayer are used in a new mix design.

                                                                      Mark Marienfeld, Propex GeoSolutions

                                                                      David Orr, Cornell University

                                                                      37. Alternate Methods for                                    TIME
                                                                      Preserving Asphalt Pavements                         2:00–2:50 PM

                                                                      Come hear how the city of Warsaw, Indiana,               ROOM
                                                                      uses a “mix of fixes” to economically extend the     STEW 214CD
                                                                      life cycle of its road network while maintaining
                                                                      a safe and politically friendly high pavement             PDH: 1
                                                                      condition index (PCI) number. The mixes include
                                                                      rejuvenation, slurry, micro, and crack sealing.

                                                                      Jeff Beeler, City of Warsaw

                                                                      David Orr, Cornell University

32                                                                                                                                   33
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                           MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                              TUESDAY
MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS                                                                                    MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS

TIME             38. Innovation: Field-Driven                        40. New INDOT/DNR Maintenance MOU                             TIME
3:00–3:50 PM     Ideas for Improvement                                                                                     1:00–1:50 PM
                                                                     On March 13, 1997, INDOT and the Department
ROOM             INDOT has set up its new Department of              of Natural Resources signed a memorandum of               ROOM
STEW 214CD       Innovation. The goal of the Department is to        understanding that exempted specified main-           STEW 218CD
                 collect, vet, implement, and recognize ideas,       tenance activities from the Flood Control and
PDH: 1           processes, and tools specifically generated by      Navigable Waterways Act. There has been much               PDH: 1
                 the workforce in the field, such as construction,   confusion and many interpretation variances
                 maintenance, contracting, and inspection.           in the interim. INDOT has been working with
                 Through a peer review vetting process, ideas will   the DNR to update the MOU to provide clarity
                 be worked through a systems theory/engineer-        to areas of conflicting interpretation. Join us
                 ing process for ultimate statewide implementa-      for a discussion.
                 tion. Join us for a discussion.
                 SPEAKER                                             Sandra Bowman, INDOT
                 Todd May, INDOT                                     Frank Sailer, INDOT

                 MODERATOR                                           MODERATOR
                 David Orr, Cornell University                       Shane Spears, INDOT

TIME             39. Tree Risk Management Planning:                  41. Using Mobile LiDAR to Make                                TIME
4:00–4:50 PM     Know, Plan, Budget, Implement                       Engineering Decisions                                 2:00–2:50 PM

ROOM             Trees and tree parts can fall and risk injury to    In this session, ESP Associates will present uses         ROOM
STEW 214CD       people and damage to property. We are often         of mobile LiDAR to help engineers make edu-           STEW 218CD
                 unaware of how our actions or inaction increase     cated decisions during the design and main-
PDH: 1           liability. Take inventory based on national         tenance of the life cycles of a roadway. Mobile            PDH: 1
                 arboricultural standards and best practices and     LiDAR can be used for road condition reports,
                 develop a tree risk management plan. Use local      curve and speed advisory analysis, sight line
                 resources and operations to determine the best      analysis, and grade and cross-slope analysis.
                 use of staff and funding for a proactive and
                 efficient tree risk management program.             SPEAKER
                                                                     Ryan Swingley, ESP Associates, Inc.
                 Aren Flint, Davey Resource Group, Inc.              MODERATOR
                 Aaron Hopkins, Madison County                       Shane Spears, INDOT
                 Carrie Tauscher, Indiana Department
                   of Natural Resources

                 David Orr, Cornell University

34                                                                                                                                   35
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                          MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                            TUESDAY
MAINTENANCE & OPERATIONS                                                                               MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION

TIME             42. Mobile LiDAR for Ditch                         44. Indiana Aviation Growth and                               TIME
3:00–3:50 PM     Mapping and Work Zones                             Opportunities: FedEx and the                        11:00–11:50 AM
                                                                    Routes Americas Conference
ROOM             Mobile LiDAR for Ditch Mapping—This                                                                           ROOM
STEW 218CD       session provides the results of preliminary im-    Highlights From Routes Americas 2020—The                 STEW 306
                 plementation of mobile LiDAR for the mapping       13th Routes Americas conference took place in
PDH: 1           of roadway ditches with different levels           Indianapolis on February 4–6, 2020. Industry               PDH: 1
                 of vegetation cover.                               experts provided valuable insight into key air
                                                                    service development issues currently affect-
                 Mobile LiDAR for Long-Term Monitoring              ing the route development community. The
                 of Work Zones—This session presents the            presenter will share highlights of this event and
                 implementation of mobile LiDAR for long-           discuss opportunities for Indiana aviation.
                 term monitoring of construction work zones.
                 Data collected in 2018 and 2019 over the           SPEAKER
                 Columbus-Seymour work zone will be used as         Marsha Stone, Indianapolis Airport Authority
                 an illustrative example.
                                                                    FedEx: An Indiana Success Story—In this
                 SPEAKER                                            session FedEx and Indianapolis Airport Authority
                 Ayman Habib, Purdue University                     executives will discuss FedEx’s explosive growth
                                                                    at the Indianapolis International Airport campus
                 MODERATOR                                          as well as the opportunities and challenges they
                 Shane Spears, INDOT                                face as freight and logistics industry leaders.

TIME             43. Administer and Manage                          Marsha Stone, Indianapolis Airport Authority
4:00–4:50 PM     Construction Projects With Ease                    Amanda Williams, FedEx

ROOM             Trying to balance the daily challenges of a        MODERATOR
STEW 218CD       county highway department while managing           Mark Ahearn, Purdue University
                 multiple capital projects and/or contracts can
PDH: 1           become challenging and sometimes over-
                 whelming. We will present processes and proce-
                 dures put in place at the Boone County Highway
                 Department to streamline the project develop-
                 ment process. We will also discuss tools we have
                 developed to help us maintain project schedules
                 and deliver our capital program.

                 Nick Parr, Boone County
                 Craig Parks, Boone County

                 Shane Spears, INDOT

36                                                                                                                                  37
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                              MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                               TUESDAY
MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION                                                                                  MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION

TIME             45. KIPDA Regional Freight Mobility                   47. Keeping ‘em Rolling . . . From                             TIME
1:00–1:50 PM     Study and Design Guide                                Strollers to Scooters to Semis                         3:00–3:50 PM

ROOM             The KIPDA regional freight mobility study             Keeping the variety of wheels a-turnin’ . . . and           ROOM
STEW 204         includes two firsts for MPO (metropolitan plan-       a-turnin’ safely in Angola, Indiana, was key when         STEW 204
                 ning organization) freight planning: a freight        designing the streetscape improvements to
PDH: 1           impedance geodatabase and a freight design            Maumee Street, a federal truck route running                PDH: 1
                 guide. Taken individually, the two products are       through the heart of the downtown district.
                 groundbreaking. However, taken together, they         Today, safety challenges have been addressed,
                 provide the bridge between traditional MPO            and pedestrians stroll along the ADA-compliant
                 freight planning efforts that discuss integrating     sidewalks (originally designed more than a
                 freight into the region and actually driving im-      century ago to accommodate the loading and
                 plementation through the KIPDA performance            unloading of horse-drawn buggies) adjacent to
                 management process. Join us for a discussion.         vehicular traffic that includes a large volume of
                                                                       semi-trucks. Join us for a discussion.
                 Keith Bucklew, HDR                                    SPEAKERS
                 Elizabeth Farc, Kentuckiana Regional                  Mike Rechtorik, V3 Companies
                    Planning and Development Agency                    Amanda Cope, City of Angola

                 MODERATOR                                             MODERATOR
                 Aaron Madrid, Purdue University                       Aaron Madrid, Purdue University

TIME             46. Conexus Freight and                               48. On-Demand Campus Transit                                   TIME
2:00–2:50 PM     Logistics Council                                     Pilot at Purdue University                             4:00–4:50 PM

ROOM             Freight and logistics industry leaders will discuss   Purdue University partnered with Cummins,                   ROOM
STEW 204         industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.       Inc., and Energy Systems Network to launch                STEW 204
                                                                       Leaper X, an on-demand campus transportation
PDH: 1           SPEAKERS                                              service, as a pilot program during the fall 2019            PDH: 1
                 Bryce Carpenter, Conexus                              semester. This presentation will explain the idea
                 Greg Eddy, Venture Logistics                          behind the program; provide an overview of
                 Nick Hoagland, Langham Logistics                      the service; dive into tips for implementing a
                 Mark Linville, Rolls-Royce                            similar service; and offer key insights from op-
                                                                       erational data gathered during the pilot related
                 MODERATOR                                             to travel times, availability of transit services,
                 Aaron Madrid, Purdue University                       and transit coverage.

                                                                       Ben Dispennett, Purdue University
                                                                       Kunal Tayal, Cummins

                                                                       Aaron Madrid, Purdue University

38                                                                                                                                      39
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                             MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                               TUESDAY
PAVEMENTS                                                                                                                     PAVEMENTS

TIME             49. Application of Geosynthetic                        51. Measuring In Situ Permeability                           TIME
11:00–11:50 AM   Paving Fabric Interlayer on I-65                       of Aggregate Drainage Layers                         2:00–2:50 PM

ROOM             INDOT recently used a geosynthetic paving              Because excess moisture detrimentally affects             ROOM
PMU 250          fabric interlayer for the first time, on I-65, to      pavement durability, pavements generally                 PMU 250
                 retard reflective cracking and as a pavement           include aggregate drainage layers. Although
PDH: 1           moisture barrier. The nonwoven fabric interlayer       engineers design ADLs to have some specified              PDH: 1
                 used is both millable and recyclable. This tech-       permeability, INDOT currently has no in situ
                 nical presentation will provide insight into the       test method for assessing as-built permeability
                 use of paving fabric interlayer as a cost-effective,   for construction acceptance. SPR-4327 aims to
                 innovative tool for pavement rehabilitation.           recommend test methods (e.g., pavement per-
                                                                        meameter) for measuring permeability during
                 SPEAKERS                                               construction and to develop guidelines for
                 Kumar Dave, INDOT                                      their use. This presentation summarizes feasible
                 Mark Marienfeld, Propex GeoSolutions                   in situ permeability test methods that can be
                                                                        implemented in INDOT contracts.
                 Tommy Nantung, INDOT                                   SPEAKER
                                                                        Peter Becker, INDOT

TIME             50. The Concrete Process                               MODERATOR
1:00–1:50 PM                                                            Tom Duncan, FHWA
                 This is an all-inclusive presentation and a
ROOM             part of Irving Materials’s “Service Beyond the
PMU 250          Chute” series. It takes the audience through the       52. Exploring Pavement Options                               TIME
                 required steps to provide concrete to a jobsite,       on I-69: Added Travel Lanes                          3:00–3:50 PM
PDH: 1           via the eyes of a ready mix producer. The bid
                 process, preconstruction communication,                For more than 20 years, INDOT has been using              ROOM
                 production, and quality control are detailed. This     an asphalt open grade mix or No. 53 aggre-               PMU 250
                 interactive presentation is a great way to start       gates for a drainage layer in full-depth asphalt
                 conversations between the designer, contractor,        pavement as well as a subgrade treatment with             PDH: 1
                 producer, and owner.                                   1% to 3% cement content. The INDOT and APAI
                                                                        technical committee decided to experiment
                 SPEAKER                                                with various options on the Anderson I-69 ATL
                 Chad Clark, Irving Materials, Inc.                     project in 2019. Join us for a discussion.

                 MODERATOR                                              SPEAKERS
                 Tom Duncan, FHWA                                       Gary Fox, INDOT
                                                                        Peter Becker, INDOT
                                                                        Tommy Nantung, INDOT
                                                                        Boonam Shin, INDOT
                                                                        Jusang Lee, INDOT

                                                                        Tom Duncan, FHWA

40                                                                                                                                     41
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                          MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                           TUESDAY
PAVEMENTS                                                                                                                  PAVEMENTS

TIME             53. E-Ticketing Implementation Update              55. Update on Partial Depth Patching                          TIME
4:00–4:50 PM                                                        Techniques for Concrete Pavement                      1:00–1:50 PM
                 This session provides an update on INDOT’s
ROOM             and the industry’s current implementation of       INDOT has let and constructed numerous                     ROOM
PMU 250          e-ticketing.                                       projects over the past 2 years utilizing signifi-      STEW 214AB
                                                                    cantly revised partial-depth patching tech-
PDH: 1           SPEAKERS                                           niques. This presentation will provide an update           PDH: 1
                 Derek Fuller, INDOT                                regarding the construction and performance
                 John Leckie, ACPA                                  of new practices.
                 Melissa Cool, INDOT
                 Daniel Brown, Phend & Brown, Inc.                  SPEAKER
                 Tom Rice, Command Alkon, Inc.                      Mike Nelson, INDOT

                 MODERATOR                                          MODERATOR
                 Tom Duncan, FHWA                                   Jan Olek, Purdue University

TIME             54. Asphalt Specifications                         56. Rehabilitation of Low-                                    TIME
11:00–11:50 AM   for Local Paving Projects                          Volume Roads Using FDR                                2:00–2:50 PM

ROOM             The Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana        INDOT has used full-depth reclamation to re-               ROOM
STEW 214AB       (APAI) has put together an asphalt specifica-      habilitate low-volume roads on the state-main-         STEW 214AB
                 tion guide to assist cities and towns with their   tained system. FDR improves the life and
PDH: 1           road projects for Community Crossings. This        structural strength of the pavement at reason-             PDH: 1
                 guidance document aligns with current INDOT        able life-cycle cost. This presentation looks
                 specifications and stresses the most important     at the strength improvement by comparing
                 design and construction best practices that lead   before-and-after falling weight deflectometer
                 to high-performing, durable asphalt pavements.     (FWD) testing of pavement sections. In addition,
                 Come hear the current asphalt buzzwords and        it compares the life-cycle cost of an FDR to a
                 hot topics—Superpave 5, tack application, joint    traditional pavement treatment, such as recon-
                 density, binder content—and how you can make       struction or replacement.
                 sure you’re getting a quality asphalt pavement
                 for your municipality.                             SPEAKER
                                                                    William Flora, INDOT
                 Kirsten Pauley, APAI                               MODERATOR
                 Elizabeth Patuszka, E&B Paving, Inc.               Jan Olek, Purdue University

                 Jaymie Hunckler, APAI

42                                                                                                                                  43
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                             MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                                  TUESDAY
PAVEMENTS                                                                                              PROJECT MANAGEMENT/PLANNING

TIME             57. Preventative Maintenance:                         59. Evaluating the Cost of                                    TIME
3:00–3:50 PM     Seal Coating Toolbox                                  NEPA on INDOT Projects                                1:00–1:50 PM

ROOM             This presentation will educate professionals          In this session we will discuss how the National          ROOM
STEW 214AB       on preventative maintenance through sealing           Environmental Policy Act does or does not            FOWLER HALL
                 roads, with a focus on seal coating. Other topics     affect a project’s bottom line. NEPA costs by
PDH: 1           that will be discussed are a generic and wide         project/NEPA document type will be presented,              PDH: 1
                 approach to what seal coating is, why it is useful,   followed by a group discussion with a panel of
                 the different types of sealer and applications,       at least one INDOT NEPA practitioner, one NEPA
                 and how to pick road candidates.                      consultant, and one INDOT consultant services
                                                                       manager. The session will conclude with an open
                 SPEAKERS                                              discussion for project managers, consultants,
                 Steve Berg, Dubois County                             designers, and other stakeholders about costs,
                 Kevin Russel, Jacobi, Toombs, & Lanz, Inc.            ways to move forward, and working toward a
                 Jeff Theising, City of Jasper                         better understanding of environmental costs,
                                                                       schedule constraints, and various other issues.
                 Jan Olek, Purdue University                           SPEAKERS
                                                                       Kenneth McMullen, INDOT
                                                                       Steve Walls, INDOT
TIME             58. Improved Concrete Pavement                        Joseph Dabkowski, RQAW
4:00–4:50 PM     Performance via Optimizing
                 Aggregate Gradations                                  MODERATOR
ROOM                                                                   Dan Osborn, Indiana Constructors
STEW 214AB       In this session we will review the state-of-
                 the-art science behind optimizing aggregate
PDH: 1           gradations and discuss a case study of a recent       60. What Utilities Wish We Knew, Part 2                       TIME
                 concrete pavement project.                                                                                  2:00–2:50 PM
                                                                       Nearly every project has electric and commu-
                 SPEAKERS                                              nications facilities within the project limits.           ROOM
                 Matt Beeson, INDOT                                    In this session utility representatives discuss      FOWLER HALL
                 Devin O’Dell, Milestone Contractors                   what designers should know for success-
                                                                       ful utility coordination.                                  PDH: 1
                 Jan Olek, Purdue University                           SPEAKERS
                                                                       Natalie Parks, USI Consultants, Inc.
                                                                       Ted Foster, Butler, Fairman & Seufert
                                                                       Joe Kline, Tipmont REMC

                                                                       Dan Osborn, Indiana Constructors

44                                                                                                                                     45
MARCH 10, 2020                                                                                                            MARCH 10, 2020

TUESDAY                                                                                                             TUESDAY
PROJECT MANAGEMENT/PLANNING                                                                           PROJECT MANAGEMENT/PLANNING

TIME             61. Six Pillars of Utility Engineering               63. Electronic Records Management                             TIME
3:00–3:50 PM                                                          System (ERMS) Best Practices                        11:00–11:50 AM
                 The Utility Engineering and Surveying Institute
ROOM             (UESI), the newest Institute within the American     Join us for a discussion of the best practices             ROOM
FOWLER HALL      Society of Civil Engineers, has adopted and          for design uploads and the upcoming changes               PMU 240
                 strongly promotes the six pillars of utility engi-   in the next version of Electronic Records
PDH: 1           neering. This presentation will discuss how each     Management System (ERMS).                                  PDH: 1
                 pillar is critical to successful project delivery
                 and how the six pillars can be incorporated          SPEAKERS
                 into our projects.                                   Heather Johnson, INDOT
                                                                      George Watson, WSP
                 Natalie Parks, USI Consultants, Inc.                 MODERATOR
                 Cesar Quiroga, Texas A&M                             J. D. Brooks, INDOT
                   Transportation Institute

                 MODERATOR                                            64. Water Resource Permitting                                 TIME
                 Dan Osborn, Indiana Constructors                     and Mitigation Is Changing!                           1:00–1:50 PM

                                                                      Standards and requirements are changing! Our               ROOM
TIME             62. Planning and Environmental                       session will outline the changes coming in 2020           PMU 240
4:00–4:50 PM     Linkage (PEL)                                        and discuss methodology to prepare a quality
                                                                      permit application for Indiana’s regulatory agen-          PDH: 1
ROOM             Planning and Environmental Linkage (PEL) is          cies, along with options for applying various
FOWLER HALL      an approach to performing planning studies           mitigation approaches to permit applications.
                 that allows decisions made during planning           Topics include IDEM Section 401 Water Quality
PDH: 1           to be carried forward into the NEPA (National        Certifications and RGP Updates, IDEM Storm
                 Environmental Policy Act) process. Without PEL,      Water Permits for Construction Sites, USACE
                 these decisions usually need to be revisited in      Section 404 and Section 10 Permits, IDNR
                 order to be valid in NEPA. This presentation will    Floodway Permits, and the IDNR Stream and
                 focus on PEL principles with particular focus on     Wetland Mitigation Program (in-lieu fee).
                 benefits for LPA (Local Public Agency) projects.
                 SPEAKERS                                             Jeremy Kieffner, Lochmueller Group, Inc.
                 Laura Hilden, INDOT                                  Matt Riehle, Lochmueller Group, Inc.
                 Roy Nunnally, INDOT                                  Jason Randolph, Indiana Department
                                                                        of Environmental Management
                 Dan Osborn, Indiana Constructors                     MODERATOR
                                                                      Stewart Kline, Tippecanoe County

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