LOCAL RULES

ADOPTED:    NOVEMBER       1970



ARTICLE I      NAME                     Page(s) 3

ARTICLE II     OBJECTIVE                       3

ARTICLE III    POWERS                          3-4


ARTICLE V      MEMBERS                         4


ARTICLE VII    OFFICERS                        5-9


ARTICLE IX     UMPIRE IN CHIEF                 10-11

ARTICLE X      COMMITTEES                      11-13

ARTICLE XI     MEETINGS & QUORUM               14

ARTICLE XII    RULES                           15

ARTICLE XIII   AMENDMENTS                      15



This organization shall be known as the GREATER LYNN BABE RUTH LEAGUE,

                                     ARTICLE II


   A.      The objective of GLBR is that through the medium of a supervised,
           competitive baseball and softball program, guided and governed by Babe Ruth
           League, Inc., GLBR will seek to implant in the youth of the community ideals
           of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence so that they
           may be finer, stronger and happier youths who will grow to be good, clean,
           healthy adults.

   B.      All involved including Board of Directors, managers, coaches, other
           volunteers, parents and fans shall bear in mind that the attainment of
           exceptional athletic skills or the winning of games shall be secondary and the
           molding of future men and women is of prime importance.

   C.      The thirteen year old baseball and fourteen and under softball programs are
           instructional programs. It will be the primary task of the coaches of these
           levels to teach fundamental baseball and softball skills to these athletes so
           they may more easily “blend” into the ranks of the upper levels.

                                     ARTICLE III


GLBR shall have the following powers in addition to the powers expressly or implicitly
conferred on it by law;

   A.      To make and enforce rules and regulations to govern itself on a local basis,
           but consistent with and not contrary to any rules and regulations promulgated
           by the Babe Ruth League, Inc.

   B.      To solicit funds and enter into contracts legally binding the League to
           financial obligations for the proper operation of this organization.

ARTICLE III (continued)

   C.     To operate as a not-for-profit charitable organization, promoting organized
          Baseball and Softball at all levels in the City of Lynn.

   D.     Upon the dissolution of GLBR, the Board of Directors shall, after payment or
          making provisions for the payment of all of the liabilities of the GLBR,
          dispose of all of the assets of the league, as the Board of Directors shall
          determine. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the
          Eastern Massachusetts Babe Ruth Leagues, Inc. to local Greater Lynn
          Organizations as said Eastern Massachusetts Babe Ruth Leagues, Inc. shall

   E.     No part of the net earnings of the GLBR shall inure to the benefit of, or be
          distributable to its members, officers, or other private persons, except that this
          league shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for
          the services rendered and to make payments and distributions in furtherance
          of the purposed of this League. No substantial part of the activities of this
          League shall be the carrying on of propaganda or otherwise attempting to
          influence legislation, and this League shall not participate in, or intervene in
          any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office. However,
          it shall be deemed appropriate for the League (and League Officials) to lobby
          candidates and elected officials for the benefit of this organization.

                                     ARTICLE IV

                          TERRITORIAL BOUNDARIES

   A.     The principle operations of this League shall be in and about the City of Lynn
          and its surrounding communities in Essex County, State of Massachusetts.

   B.     13-15 Baseball accepts all players from Lynn, Nahant and Swampscott,

   C.     Senior Baseball accepts all players from Lynn, East Boston, Nahant, Revere,
          Saugus and Swampscott Massachusetts.

   D.     Softball accepts all players from Lynn, Nahant, Saugus, Swampscott,
          Peabody, Lynnfield, Marblehead, and Salem.

                                     ARTICLE V


The membership of this League shall be composed of the Board of Directors, Managers,
Coaches and Advisory Personnel.

                               BOARD OF DIRECTORS

   A.      The embodied members of the Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers
           listed in Article 7, Sec. A.

   B.      The Board of Directors shall have full responsibility for the approval and
           operation of the League in all executive, legal and physical matters.

                                     ARTICLE VII


   A.      The Officers of this League shall be as follows:

           1. President
           2. Vice-President / Baseball Operations
           3. Vice-President / Softball Operations
           4. Treasurer
           5. Secretary
           6. Player Agent /Baseball/Softball
           7. Director /13 Prep Baseball
           8. Director / 14 & Under Prep Softball
           9. Director / 14/15 Baseball
           10. Director /Senior Baseball (16-18)
           11. Director /18 & Under Softball
           12. Purchasing Agent
           13. Equipment Manager
           14. Fundraising Director
           15. Web/Publicity Manager
           16. Field Director(s) ( 4)
           17. Concession Manager(s) ( 2)
           18. At Large ( up to 2)

   B.      The duties of these, Officers shall be:

-function as the chief executive officer of the league, representing GLBR with District,
State, Regional and National Babe Ruth League, Inc officials, municipal government and
departments, other city and surrounding like programs, etc.

-oversee GLBR operations through the annually elected Board of Directors in accordance
with Babe Ruth League, Inc. rules and GLBR bylaws
-preside at all league meetings
-act as signatory authority on contracts and third party agreements
-supervise the league schedule and the overall Bowzer Complex schedule in conjunction
with the Vice Presidents and Level Directors
-appoint all committees (Finance, Protest, Awards, Concession, Field, Fundraising,
Other) and supervise activities
-act as Vice Chairman of the Finance Committee and a member of the Awards and
Fundraising Committee
-with the Treasurer provide an annual financial report by the 31st day of January of the
next year
-must attend all all-star nominations and selections

Vice Presidents of Operations Baseball & Softball
-oversee the operation of each level of baseball and softball through the Level directors in
accordance with Babe Ruth League, Inc. rules and GLBR bylaws
-prepare, implement and oversee the league schedule including rain outs and make ups
with the Level directors
-oversee the all star process in its entirety in conjunction with Level directors
-function as the key point person and coordinator of each all star tournament which
GLBR hosts
-interviews candidates and recommends selection of the Umpire in Chief to the Board of
Directors while functioning as league liaison to the Umpire in Chief
-acts as the co-Chairman of the Protest and Award Committee and as a member of
Finance and Fundraising Committee
-assists the President in his or her duties
-may also function as a Level Director

-oversees all financial activities of GLBR including the deposit of all receipts and the
payment of all invoices
-insures proper controls in the handling of all cash, check and credit card activity
including registration, the concession stand, canning and all other financial activities
undertaken by GLBR
-provides monthly and annual financial reports to the Board of Directors and prepares
necessary financial statements for required external reporting.
-in conjunction with the Finance Committee, prepares an annual budget, which must be
approved by the Board of Directors and is utilized in all financial reporting
-acts as Chairman of the Finance Committee, Vice Chairman of the Fundraising
Committee and a member of the Concession Committee

-record and transcribe minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors
-coordinate the completion and receipt of minutes from each committee with each
committee chairman
-maintain an official record of Board of Director meeting minutes and committee meeting
-communicate notice of all meetings and maintain league calendar
-act as member of the Fundraising and Concession Committee

Player Agents Baseball & Softball
-oversees all paperwork in conjunction with spring and fall registration, tryouts, draft and
all stars
-maintains permanent records of all spring, fall and all star rosters
-submits all required spring, fall and all star paperwork to Babe Ruth League, Inc.
-prepares all necessary information required for all star tournament play
-works closely with the Treasurer, Vice Presidents and Level Directors in both the
reconciliation and collection of league registration fees
-player agents for both the boys and girls must submit to each board member a complete
master list including names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of births, and email
addresses of all the players in their respective league. This information shall be furnished
within one week of the teams being finalized and certified for submission to Babe Ruth
-act as a member of Awards, Concession and Fundraising Committee

Level Directors (3) Baseball (2) Softball
-oversee activities of all teams including players, managers and coaches in accordance
with Babe Ruth League, Inc rules and GLBR bylaws
-recommend managers and coaches from applicant pool to Vice President of Operations
for Board of Director approval
-in conjunction with the Player Agent conduct the annual tryouts and draft
-recommend the all star manager to the Vice President of Operations for Board of
Director approval
-with the Field Director(s) coordinate weekly participation from each team in the
maintenance of Bowzer Complex
-with the Fundraising Director coordinate participation of each team in canning, signage
and other philanthropic activities
-with the Concession Director coordinate participation of each team in concession
-with the Vice President of Operations coordinate all star activity comprehensively
-serve as member of the Concession, Field and Fundraising Committees as well as Protest
and Award Committees where applicable
-the 14/15 Baseball Level Director will serve as Vice Chairman of the Field Committee

Purchasing Agent
-performs all equipment purchasing as authorized by the Finance Committee and in
accordance with the approved annual budget
-requests multiple bids on all material purchases where applicable
-provides all receipts promptly to the Treasurer for payment

-works closely with the Field Director(s), Concession Director(s) and Equipment
Manager in order to provide the Treasurer with a comprehensive list of GLBR equipment
purchasing requirements
-works closely with the Equipment Manager in the organization, distribution, inventory
and collection of uniforms and equipment
-acts as a member of the Finance and Field Committee

Equipment Manager
-organizes, distributes, inventories and collects all uniforms and playing equipment
-maintains storage rooms for baseball and softball equipment
-oversees key distribution and locker assignment
-works closely with the Purchasing Agent in the securing of bids and the preparation of
equipment purchases
-works closely with the Level Directors and Team Managers in addressing their spring,
fall and all star in season requests
-acts as a member of the Finance and Field Committee

Fundraising Director
-oversees the mailing of solicitations to area businesses and individuals in support of
-oversees the annual canning process
-oversees other events aimed at raising funds for GLBR
-in the event GLBR teams travel to state, regional or national; competitions oversee
special fund drives to support those endeavors
-act a Chairman of the Fundraising Committee and a member of the Finance Committee

-publicizes GLBR activities in local print, voice and TV media
-develops and implements a website dedicated to GLBR
-utilizes website to promote activities of all GLBR teams and events sponsored by GLBR
-acts as a member of the Awards and Fundraising Committee

Field Directors (1) Garage Operations (3) Fields
-oversee the maintenance of field equipment and the all aspects of the Bowzer Complex
including its fields and facilities
-insures all mowing, dragging and field related equipment are in proper working order
-insures that all other support equipment are in place to effectively maintain the Bowzer
-the Garage Operation position acts as chairman of the Field committee and is a member
of the
Finance Committee while the Fields positions act as members of the Fields Committee
-Submit YE inventories of field equipment to Treasurer

Concessions (2)

-Oversee all aspects of the Concession stand including the hiring of personnel to work the
grill and scheduling of player parents to work the window, maximizing its complete
-responsible for effectively stocking the stand, minimizing costs while avoiding stock
-responsible for setting prices in the stand with approval by the Board of Directors
-responsible for establishing and maintaining an inventory control system which manages
stock and minimizes shrinkage
-responsible for maintaining appropriate cleanliness and safety standards
-with the Treasurer establishes and oversees controls for the proper use of the cash
register as well as the proper recording of placement and deposits.
-acts as the co Chairmen of the Concession committee and members of the Finance

At-Large (up to 2)
-recommended by President subject to a two thirds vote of the Board of Directors

   C.      The term of office of the League Officers shall be one (1) year beginning the
           day after their election.

   D.      The League Secretary shall canvas the officers to determine vacancies and
           receive nominations for the League Officers.

   E.      The election of Officers shall take place at the election meeting to be held on
           or about, the last week of September each year. The Executive Board and
           returning Officers vote. If an Officers’ or Director’s position is challenged,
           said position shall not have voting rights.

   F.      The Board of Directors shall have the power to fill a vacancy in any office
           between annual election meetings. When an appointment is made to fill a
           vacancy, such appointment will be until the next annual election meeting.
           Said Vacancy shall be filled within thirty (30) days from the time of vacancy.

                                      ARTICLE VIII

                              MANAGERS AND COACHES

   A.      The duties of the Manager and Coaches shall be:

           1. See that the players of his or her team adhere to the rules, regulations and
           policies of this league.

           2. Supervise and assume responsibility for the proper conduct of the players
              on his team.

3. Conduct the annual registration and tryout in cooperation with the Player
             Agent and Level Director.

          4. Assumes responsibility for equipment distributed by the Equipment

          5. actively participate in all League fundraising and field maintenance

          6. each team manager for each home game shall be responsible for providing
             concession stand coverage of a minimum of one adult (two when only one
             Game is being played at Bowzer Complex

B.        The term of a Manager or Coach is one (1) year after his appointment.

C.        The Level Director shall appoint a Team Manager with the approval of the
          Board of Directors.

D.        The Team Manager shall appoint at least one, and no more than three, Team
          Coaches with the approval of the Board of Directors.

E         All appointments and subject to the satisfactory completion and review of a
          background check (CORI).

F.        When a vacancy occurs during the season the Director or League President
          shall appoint a Team Manager or Coach. Such appointment shall be for the
          remainder of the year.

G.        All managers and coaches must be certified by National Babe Ruth, i.e. pass
          the certification test, prior to board approval.

     H.      Each COACH will ensure that his/her conduct sets examples for team
            members and spectators. To satisfactorily meet these responsibilities, the
                                   COACH is expected to:

          1. Know the rules and abide by them. Instruct the players in the rules and
             motivate each player to compete according to the rules at all times.
          2. Respect the game officials. Refrain from questioning their decisions in a
             hostile or abusive manner.
          3. Ensure that all field rules and regulations are followed by all players and
             spectators. Ensure that fans of his/her team exhibit sportsmanship and
             maturity at all times, and assist league & game officials in maintaining
             control of spectators during games.
          4. Respect the coaches and players of the opposing team, during the play of
             the game and at its conclusion. Take appropriate steps to minimize
             scoring in runaway games.
          5. Teach each player, especially through personal example, to be humble and
             generous in victory and proud and courteous in defeat.
                                       - - 10 - -
6. Maintain control of his/her emotions and avoid actions, language, and/or
              gestures that me be interpreted as hostile and humiliating.
           7. Instruct team support personnel (e'g., assistant coaches, scorekeepers, and
              volunteers) in their responsibilities as prescribed by rules & procedures.
           8. Realize, accept, and practice the principle that a team's reputation is built
              not only on its playing ability but also on its sportsmanship, courtesy, and

                                      ARTICLE IX

                                  UMPIRE IN CHIEF

Umpire in Chief for both Baseball and Softball
-reports to the Vice President of Operations and works closely with Level Directors
-recruit a core of 12-16 umpires for baseball 6-8 umpires for softball to work a fairly even
amount of games with the understanding that the umpire in chief and a smaller subset of
the pool will work more due to makeup’s, cancellations, playoffs and fall ball.
-survey like local programs and recommend fee structure to the Vice President of
-with the Vice President of Operations and Treasurer establish a consistent weekly
payment process
-prior to the season hold an umpire meeting to review the differences between GLBR and
MIAA rules, including local rules adopted in the GLBR bylaws.
-select a mix of veteran and newer umpires with a focus on the development of new
umpires; effectively mixing new with veteran, while also allowing veteran umpires to
pair with one another as the schedule allows.
-establish a consistent strike zone (letters to knees), which may be expanded for prep
league games as well as games that are out of hand but only after consultation with both
-establish a consistent decorum among umpires including the handling of warnings,
ejections, rain delays, calling of games, time limits, prep league instructional issues, etc
-work closely with the vice-presidents and level directors to establish the do’s and don’ts
for managers, coaches, players and fans as it relates to umpire interaction and overall
game decorum
-recommend top umpires in league to district assigners for all star umpiring purposes
-may receive a reasonable fee for scheduling as recommended by the Vice President of
-act as a member of the Protest Committee

                                      ARTICLE X


   A.      The following shall be standing committees of this League:

                                         - - 11 - -
Finance, Fundraising, Protest, Awards, Concession, field

B.   There shall be a Chairman and Vice Chairman (or Co Chairmen) of each

C.   The structure and duties of these committees shall be;


     Members of the Finance Committee shall be:

                     1.     Treasurer, Chairman
                     2.     President, Vice Chairman
                     3.     Vice-Presidents of Operations
                     4.     Purchasing Agent
                     5.     Equipment Manager
                     6.     Fundraising Director
                     7.     Field Director (Garage Operations)
                     8.     Concession Managers

                a.     The Finance Committee shall have the power to authorize
                       the purchase of materials and equipment needed by the
                       League for proper operation.

                b.     The Finance Committee shall assume responsibility for
                       League finances. They shall have the authority to incur debt
                       on behalf of the League and commit the League to payment
                       of such debt.

                c.     The Finance Committee shall have the authority to apply
                       for credit in the name of the Greater Lynn Baseball League,
                       Inc. The President and Treasurer shall have signature
                       authority for any revolving credit.


     Members of the Fundraising Committee shall be:

                       1.    Fundraising Director, Chairman
                       2.    Treasurer, Vice Chairman
                       3.    Vice Presidents of Operations
                       4.    Player Agents
                                    - - 12 - -
5. Level Directors
                             6. Secretary
                             7. Web/Publicity Manager

          Fundraising shall include:

                            1.   Sponsorships
                            2.   Canning
                            3.   Hat Collections/Raffles
                            4.   Tournament Ad Books
                            5.   Other

          A representative from each team will be designated as coordinator for that
respective team’s sponsorship activities. Home team manager and coaches are
responsible for hat collections. Manager and Coaches are responsible for maximum
participation of players and parents for canning.

       Sponsorship monies are the property of the League and must have the approval of
the Finance Committee for disbursement.


       The Protest Committee shall consist of the President (Chairman), Vice President
of Operations (Vice-Chairman), and the Level Directors. The Umpire in Chief will be
required to present his interpretation of the events and the applicable rules.

        The Protest Committee shall hold and supervise meetings on protests of rule
interpretations as required.

      The Protest Committee shall rule on all properly submitted protests in a timely
manner, and their decisions will be final.


       The Awards Committee shall consist of the Vice Presidents of Operations (Co
Chairmen), the President, the Player Agents, Web/Publicity Manager and the Level

       The Awards Committee shall receive nominations from Managers, review and
where applicable interview candidates and make a selection for the George Cronin
Sportsmanship Award and the John Holland Most Valuable Player Award

       The Awards Committee will select the Adult Volunteer recipients of the Ronald J.
Lavino Award.

                                         - - 13 - -

      The Concessions Committee shall consist of the Concession Managers (Co
Chairmen), Treasurer, Level Directors and Secretary.

A representative from each team will be designated as that respective team’s coordinator
for all concession responsibilities.

The Concessions Committee is responsible for operating the concession stand at the Babe
Ruth Complex during all activities at the fields, including non-league activities.

All monies derived from the operation of the Concession stand will be earmarked
expressly for the benefit of Greater Lynn Babe Ruth.

           6. FIELD COMMITTEE

The Field Committee shall consist of The Field Directors (Garage Operation Chairman),
Level Directors (14/15 Baseball Vice Chairman), Purchasing Agent and Equipment

A representative from each team will be designated as that team’s coordinator for all field
maintenance activities.

A weekly work party will be assembled each Saturday and Sunday morning two hours
prior to the first game to perform necessary tasks to maintain and improve the facility.

Additional assignments will be planned and carried out during the week as necessary.

7. DISCIPLINE COMMITTEE – President, Vice, Level Director – review all
disciplinary matters and make a recommendation to board for appropriate action.


Other Committees may be appointed when deemed necessary. Appointments shall be
made in accordance with Article VII, Section B, and (President’s Duties)

                                      ARTICLE XI

                             MEETINGS AND QUORUM


           This League shall conduct open monthly meetings. Committee Meetings will
           be scheduled on an as needed basis. An Annual Meeting to be held during the
           month of January of each year and an Election Meeting to be held the last
                                         - - 14 - -
week of October of each year. The exact time and place shall be determined
           by the President.


           In addition to the above meetings, the President and/or a majority of the
           members of the Board of Directors may call a Special Meeting of the League
           members at times and places to be determined by the party calling the Special

   C.      QUORUM

           1. A quorum to conduct business shall be 50% of the members of the Board
              of Directors.

           2. In the event that a Board member is not present at three consecutive Board
              meetings, the Director’s position may be declared open, by the President.

              The order of business at all meetings of this League shall be as follows.
Robert’s Rules of Order shall be adhered to:
               a) Meeting called to order
               b) Secretary’s roll call
               c) Formal introduction of any new members
               d) Secretary’s report
               e) Treasurer’s report
               f) Communications
               g) Reports of Standing Committees
               h) Unfinished business
               i) New business
               j) Adjournment

                                     ARTICLE XII


The Official Babe Ruth Rules shall apply, including all local amendments to same.

                                    ARTICLE XIII

                                         - - 15 - -

A. Amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws shall be made by a two-thirds vote
   of the Board of Directors present after a one (1) week notification in writing of
   the proposed amendment.

B. Amendments or changes to the Local League Rules shall be made by a two-thirds
   vote of the Board of Directors present after a one (1) week notification in writing
   of the proposed changes.

                                     - - 16 - -

                             ADOPTED:   JANUARY 1964
                             REVISED:   MARCH 2011








                         - - 17 - -























                         - - 18 - -


The Greater Lynn Babe Ruth League, Inc. shall consist of the number of teams as
determined by the Board of Directors for the Senior, 14-15 year old league, 13 year old
Prep League, and Softball 18U and 14U, with the number of team’s dependent upon the
number of registrants.


     The Player Agent shall control the registration of applicants to this League. All
     registration forms shall be given to the Player Agent as they are received. The Player
     Agent shall be responsible for providing an up to date list of all applicants to all
                                         - - 19 - -
approved managers. The information shall include the League age, DOB, addresses,
     and parents (guardians) names on a regular basis. It is not the policy of the program
     that teams within this league recruit only the more talented players in order to
     strengthen the league and/or tournament teams.

     Letter for non-payment (drafted by Treasurer) to be used at registration for
     nonpayment. The treasurer, president and vice will review hardships and approve.

     Letter for missing uniform or equipment (drafted by Equipment Manager) to be used
     at registration. The equipment manager, treasurer, president and vice will review
     reconciliation of all missing items before registration is accepted.

3.      TRYOUTS

     Every player within the definition of Article 4, Section A of the Constitution, shall
     have an opportunity to participate in the tryouts. Public notice of tryout times and
     locations should be listed in the local news media, and if possible announced in the
     school system.

     The Vice President of Operations and Level Director shall be responsible for the
     conduct of tryouts on their respective level, subject to Article 7, Section 13, paragraph
     C, of the Constitution.

     Baseball candidates aged 13 to 18 on May 1 and Softball candidates aged 13 to 18 on
     the January 1st date residing in the territorial boundaries of GLBR as defined in
     Article IV, shall be eligible to try out for a position on one of the teams.

     All Players must, however, file their application within the time as specified by the
     Player Agent of the league. It is very important for all managers be present at all
     tryout and clinic periods. Each applicant should report to the Player Agent
     immediately upon arrival at the tryout site. The Player Agent should list each
     candidate in respect to age and number for future identification. During these tryouts
     and clinics, applicants should be given the opportunity to both bat and field with
     players in their own particular age group. Careful observation, instruction, checking
     and grading all candidates will prove invaluable to all managers at the player draft.


     Team composition will consist of one manager and two coaches, one optional bat
     boy/girl. A third coach may be officially listed on each roster however a maximum of
     three adults may be in the dugout during a game.

                                           - - 20 - -
Seasonal divisions’ rosters shall consist of no less than 12 players and no more than
     15 players (18 players for Senior baseball and 18U softball). Each 14/15 team shall
     have no more than eight (8) 15-year old boys, each Senior baseball team will have no
     more than eight (8) 18-year old boys and each 18U softball teams shall have no more
     than eight (8) 18-year old girls.

     Senior Baseball and 18U Softball - Swing Players may participate on both the upper
     level and either the 14/15 baseball or 14U softball, but must occupy one of the 18
     roster positions on the upper team.

     A 13-year old baseball player may play in a 14-15 year game in order to prevent a
     forfeit. A listing of qualified 13 year old players will be provided by the 13 Level
     Director to the 14/15 Level Director for distribution to 14/15 Managers

     All-Star teams shall have 15 players (Senior Division will have up to18 players).


     The player pool will consist of all applicants, after submitting application, and
     attending tryouts. If a player cannot attend a tryout, he or she must provide a note
     prior to or at said tryout. Director and Player Agent shall review each case. Any late
     registrations after the tryout process has been completed may be assigned to a team
     by the Player Agent by using draft continuity.

     The draft will be city wide, eligible players will be chosen from the Player Agent list.
     The order of the draft will be in the reverse order of finish of the previous regular
     season. The 13 Baseball and 14U softball levels will conduct a controlled draft
     focused on spreading the talent level in an equitable manner.

     The 14-15 year old baseball draft will be a combination controlled and snake: For the
     first three rounds, teams shall draft in last place to first place order based on last
     year's standings. The beginning of the fourth round shall start the snake: fourth
     round is first place to last place order, fifth round is last place to first place order, etc.

     CALL-UPs: Before the season starts, a list of call-ups for the 14-15 level will be
     made. Any player called-up can only play a maximum of three games per team.


     Prior to start of Player Draft, any manager holding an option on any candidate must
     notify the Player Agent, who in turn will notify the other managers. There shall be no
     requirement that options be exercised. Any option may be denied, but such denial
     and/or designation of possible option player must be made at the start of the draft.

                                             - - 21 - -
If a coach or manager option is selected, then it is mandated that the manager or
     coach must work 50% of games. Options selected are active options until player
     graduates, and must be highlighted on official roster.

     Option players and those who did not attend tryouts will have their draft positions
     determined by majority vote of Managers, level director vice and president.

     The draft will take place within a week following the final tryout; the Player Agent is
     responsible for and will conduct the draft.

     After completion of the draft, a maximum of two trades, (BOD approved), to
     accommodate requests, carpooling, etc. may be allowed. Players being traded must be
     at equal skill level. President, Vice and Level Director shall review each case.

     There shall be no requirement that options be exercised. Any option may be denied,
     but such denial and/or designation of possible option player must be made prior to the
     start of the draft.

     In the interest of more evenly balancing teams by age group to attain graduate
     continuity, drafting of older eligible players prior to the main draft be required.

7.      FEES

        Dependant upon new umpire fees:…Fee of One hundred thirty-five dollars
        ($140.00) per player, and Two hundred ($240.00) max per Family, (Family
        Plan), shall be paid at the time of registration. The registration fee will be
        returned if a player is not selected for a team, or player leaves league prior to first
        game played.


        Provisions of professional Baseball Rules and the Babe Ruth Rules and
        Regulations apply except as follows:

        Player Participation Rule

        It is the intent of the League to ensure that all players receive as much game time
        as possible. It is a requirement of each Manager for each player to play at least
        three innings in the field during a seven inning game. Official games shortened by
        time, ten run rule or weather have a two inning requirement. This rule shall not
        interfere with the right of the manager to deny any player’s playing privilege for
        disciplinary reasons. Also, an un-played home half of the last inning shall be
        counted as three defensive outs.

                                           - - 22 - -
In the event an eligible, available player does not play at least three innings in the
field (two defensive innings played for games of 5 innings) and bat at least one
time, that player shall start the next game for which he/she is eligible and
available in the field and will not be removed from the field until he/she has made
up the innings missed from the previous game and played at least two more
consecutive innings, and batted at least two times.

If a player has not arrived at the field by the beginning of the second inning, the
Minimum Play Rule does not apply to that player.

If a player is injured or becomes ill during a game the decision of, first, a parent
and then, a doctor will be final as to whether or not the player may continue in the
game. If a parent or doctor is not present, the Chief Umpire and Manager will
decide if the player is able to continue. An injured player may be a used as a base
coach provided the injury does not interfere with good safety practices.

Extra Hitter

14/15 Baseball, Senior Baseball and 18U Softball will employ the Extra Hitter
rule. All teams with at least ten (10) players present will be required to use the
Extra Hitter. If a team begins a game with less than ten players, late arriving
players will be placed at the bottom of the batting order, to the maximum of 10.
The Extra Hitter will be treated as any other starter, and the EH Position will be
treated as any other defensive position, that is, players may be freely moved
between the EH position and any defensive position. Players shall bat in a 10
batter (see EH rule above) rotation and play (or be scheduled to play) a minimum
of three innings (9 defensive outs) for any 7 inning game in the field (an un-
played home half of the last inning shall be counted as three defensive outs or one
inning). Each player must bat at least one time (unless the game is shortened
before that player’s scheduled at bat).

Re-entry rule: The starter need not play the first three innings before being
substituted for, but may re-enter in the same batting position after his/her
substitute has played three innings,.

Designated Hitter (DH)

The use of a DH is not allowed at any level

Continuous Batting Order:

13 Baseball and 14U Softball shall bat in a continuous batting order rotation and
late arriving players will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.
Defensively, no player may be on the bench for two or more consecutive innings.
That is, each player must play AT LEAST every other inning in the field. Free
substitution is allowed in the field after any inning.

                                   - - 23 - -
In the event a Prep Team is unable to field nine (9) 13 year old players for a
     regular season game due to illness or vacation, the Prep coach may select a 14
     year old baseball player(s) or a 15 year old softball player(s) to field a team. The
     selected player, plays outfield, bats 9th and cannot steal.


     13 Baseball for the first 2 weeks will have a one and one count is on each batter
     before the first pitch. Pitching is limited to no more than 4 innings pitched per
     game, to be followed by 2 full calendar days of rest, for the first two weeks. This
     is increased by 1 inning every 2 weeks until 7 innings is reached. The balk is
     instructional for the 1st half of the season (the umpire will call it, explain it and
     not penalize the defensive team). The Level Director will oversee the
     implementation of the balk with the Umpire in chief.

     During regular season, each level of softball (14U, 16U, & 18U) pitching is
     limited to no more than 14 innings per week for any one player. The calendar
     week is Monday through Sunday. Days of rest do no apply. During tournament
     play, each level of softball (14U, 16U & 18U) the Babe Ruth tournament rules
     will apply.

     5 Run Rule

     13 baseball and 14U softball will utilize the 5 run rule for the 1st five innings. An
     inning ends when five runs are scored or one trip through the batting order
     whichever comes first. However, a play in which the 5th run is scored is allowed
     to continue which could result in up to an eight run inning.

     10 Run Mercy Rule

     A game is officially concluded if a team is ahead by 10 runs once the losing squad
     has completed five at bats. In 13 baseball or 14U softball the game should
     continue if field time allows so that players maximize their playing time.

9.   Player Misconduct

     The Chief Umpire and Managers shall eject any player displaying willful or
     flagrant acts of temper or misconduct from the game. Coaches have responsibility
     to report out of character players.

     Any player receiving such ejection shall be suspended from the following
     scheduled game.

                                       - - 24 - -
Additionally, suspended from following game, must sit in uniform in at said game
      to be eligible to play following (next) game.

      Any player receiving two (2) such ejections shall be subject to review by the
      Board and may be subject to suspension or dismissal from the League. If two
      occurrences in regular season, All Stars eligibility will be reviewed by Pres, Vice
      and level director. Ineligible for any GLBR awards. If cumulative two instances
      thru all stars, will disqualify player from GLBR awards.

10.   Malicious Contact

      Any player who, in the judgment of the umpire, maliciously runs into another
      player is automatically ejected and declared out. Additionally, suspended from
      following game, must sit in uniform in said game to be eligible to play following
      (next) game.

11.   Minimum Number of Players/Borrowing (NOTE LEAGUE SPECIFIC

         a. 13 Baseball and 14U and 18U softball may play with eight players. They
            may borrow a ninth player from the opposition for defensive purposes in
            the outfield. The borrowed player is the last batter in the inning for the

         b. 14/15 Baseball may play with eight players and borrow one player from
            the 13 Baseball level. Prior to the season 2 players from a pool of 16 will
            be assigned to each 14/15 team for emergency purposes.
         c. Senior Baseball and Softball teams will each have 3 swing players from
            the 14/15 Baseball and 14U Softball permanently assigned to rosters for
            call up purposes.

      NOTE: This provision has been created to avoid forfeits (see below), or
      playing disadvantages caused by having only 8 defensive players, not to gain
      competitive advantage through the regular use of non team players. Any
      abuse of this provision will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action by
      the Board of Directors.

12.   Forfeits

         A game will be forfeited to the opposing team if:

         a. A team fails to field at least eight players within 15 minutes after the
            scheduled start time for a game or if a manager declares that he has an
            insufficient number of players to complete the game.

         b. A team fails to field at least eight players within 15 minutes after the
            scheduled start time for a game or if a manager declares that he has an
            insufficient number of players to complete the game.

                                       - - 25 - -
•   The Plate Umpire will notify both managers when a forfeit has occurred.
      •   The Home Team Manager must notify the Level Director of such forfeit, within
          48 hours.

13.       Game Delay

          An appeal for a forfeit based on game delay by an opposing team shall be
          made in accordance with the Protest Rule.

14.       Playing without Umpires

          Games may be started and played without umpires with the mutual
          consent of both Managers and with the mutual designation of a substitute
          Chief Umpire from locally available personnel.

          Both managers shall assure themselves that each substitute has adequate
          qualifications to act as an umpire.

15.       Rainouts/Cancelled Games

          Prior to the start of play, an agreement from BOTH Team Managers are
          required to cancel games if field conditions prohibit play. The safety of
          the players is paramount.

16.       Time Limits

          a. The actual starting time of a game shall be determined jointly by the two
             managers and the Plate Umpire.

          b. The following provisions will be in effect for all regular season games, and
             may not be waived, either by the Plate Umpire or by an other person(s):

          c. No new inning shall begin after two hours of play, as determined from the
                actual starting time of the game as defined above. If there is a following
                game scheduled, then no new inning shall start:

          d. If 2 hours have elapsed since the scheduled start time for the game, even if
                 the game is late starting, or

          e. Within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time of the next game.

                                           - - 26 - -
f. During night games, no new innings shall begin after 10:30 p.m. All play
            shall cease at 10:45 p.m. The field will be policed and cleared in time to
            turn off the lights at 11:00 p.m.

17.   Rescheduled Games

      a. The Home Team manager is responsible for advising the VP within 24 hours
         of the requirement to reschedule a cancelled or interrupted game. The VP
         will immediately schedule that game in the next open non-scheduled, non-
         conflicting (for both teams) game period. In order to have umpires for the
         rescheduled game, two days notice must be given of the rescheduled game.

      b. If it is not possible to schedule the completion of a cancelled or interrupted
         game prior to the end of the regular season, and the outcome of that game may
         affect the final league standings, then the VP will schedule that game prior to
         the holding of any play-offs for the determination of final league standings.

      c. Tie games will be scheduled at the end of the season only if they may affect
         league standings.

      d. All rescheduled interrupted, protested, or tie games shall be restarted from the
         point of the interruption. If the initial game was a regulation game, then play
         shall continue to the conclusion of seven innings or until a tie is broken if the
         game is tied at the end of seven innings. If the initial game was not a
         regulation game, then play shall continue until the game is a regulation game
         or until a tie is broken if the game is tied at the point it becomes a regulation

      e. Pitching eligibility shall be determined by the number of innings pitched in
         the week during which the game is completed.

      f. A tie among teams affecting the order of finish will be decided first, by head-
         and-head results, and then by a playoff game.

18.   Playing Schedule

      a. The Vice President of Operations with the Level Director shall specify dates
         and playing sites which shall control the playing of games (Regular Season
         and Playoffs) and the schedules of the teams of this league.

      b. Will determine the number of games in the Official Season, depending on the
         number of teams and field availability.

      c. All League games, unless specified, shall adhere to the following schedule:

            i.   All regularly scheduled weekday games, including playoff games shall
                 begin between 5:30 PM and 8:00 PM.
                                       - - 27 - -
ii.     Regardless of the number of games on the schedule, the Regular
                     Season should be scheduled so that the last game of the season is
                     completed by June 30th for 13 Baseball, 14/15 Baseball and 14U
                     Softball and August 15th for Senior Baseball and 18U Softball.
             iii.    Doubleheaders may be scheduled on weekends with a thirty (30)
                     minute rest period between games.
             iv.     The date for opening day shall be voted and approved annually by the
                     Board of Directors. (It is suggested that the season should begin on
                     the Saturday following Patriots Day for 13 Baseball, 14/15 Baseball
                     and 14U Softball and the 1st Sunday in June for Senior Baseball and
                     18U Softball).

19.     Slide Play

        •       The intent of the following definitions is to AVOID CONTACT.

-     MLB rules apply.
        •       On a force play at any base, including home plate, the runner slides on
                the ground and in a direct line between the two bases.
        •       It is illegal to slide if the runner(s):
                          - slides or runs out of the baseline in the direction of the fielder
                          - uses a rolling cross-body or pop-up slide into a fielder
                          - raised leg is higher than the fielder’s knee when standing
                          - goes beyond the base and makes contact with the fielder
                          - slashes or kicks the fielder, or
                          - slide is flagrant.

        •       If, in the judgment of the umpire, the runner makes an illegal slide at any
            base, including home plate, interference shall be called. With less than two
            outs, the batter-runner and the interfering runner shall be declared out, and no
            runner(s) shall advance. With two outs, the interfering runner shall be
            declared out and no other runner(s) shall advance.

20.     Pitching Logs

        A coach from each 13 Baseball, 14/15 Baseball and all Softball teams will be
        required to sign a pitching log at the end of each game, the amount of innings and
        pitches that any pitcher threw in that game. One pitch equals one full inning.
        (Log is provided by the Level Director) In addition to the log each team will be
        subject to having their score books checked at random, by any Board member.

                                            - - 28 - -
•   Games in which an ineligible pitcher has been used shall be declared forfeited.

      •   Tournament rules apply for pitchers in Senior Playoffs i.e. 7 innings every
          two games.

21.   Field Use and Preparation

      a. Prior to the commencement of each game, BOTH Team’s have the
         responsibility to prepare the field for play (e.g., check the bases, loosen and
         smooth the pitcher’s mound, line base paths, batter boxes and infield area as
         deemed necessary)
      b. Following the last game of the day, BOTH teams are responsible for raking
         the infield, mound and home plate areas.

      c. Each team is responsible for cleaning its respective dugout and spectator areas
         after each game, which shall include placing all trash in trash containers.
         Managers & Coaches will take responsibility for the condition in which fields
         are left after practices or games.


      Home Teams are responsible for ensuring that two adults are manning the booth.
      The visiting team is also required to assist if necessary. Volunteers over 18 only
      are allowed to work the grill and fryolator. This rule apply’s to all fields in use.
      The concession booth is a major source of funds for the league’s operation, and
      every effort should be made to properly staff it.

      A coach must man the stand if no parents from home team man it.

23.   Dugouts

      •   The Home Team shall occupy the first base dugout, and the Visiting Team
          shall occupy the third base dugout.

      •   No more than three adults may be in the dugout or bench during any game.

24.   Game Balls

      The Home Team is responsible for providing three new official Babe Ruth
      Baseballs / two new official softballs to the Plate Umpire prior to each game. The
      Home & Visiting Teams will provide additional official baseballs equally as
      requested by the Plate Umpire.

25.   Reporting Scores

                                       - - 29 - -
The winning manager is responsible for reporting scores and pitcher usage
      statistics (innings pitched and batters faced). Scores and pitcher usage data
      should be reported via email to Level Director and Web Site Director within 48
      hours of completion of each game. The Level Director will notify the Player
      Agent or League Secretary to update the league standings for posting in

26.   Uniforms and Equipment

      •   All players are required to be in full uniform whenever a game is in progress
          and they are on the playing field or in the bench area. The Manager shall be
          responsible for enforcement of this rule.

      •   Wearing of jerseys with the shirttail out is prohibited during game play.

      •   Catchers shall wear cups while catching.

      •   A player on deck, or protecting a pitcher warming up, must wear protective

      •   Bullpen catchers must wear masks while warming up a pitcher.

      •   Catcher face masks must have a hanging throat protector.

      •   Exceptions to above rule:

           High School players wearing school uniforms.

           Softball pitchers while on the mound, has visor option.

27.   Protests

      •   All protests are subject to the Official Baseball/Softball Rules with respect to
          the timing and method of lodging any protest. The League President shall
          appoint a Protest Committee consisting of three members. All findings of
          the Protest Committee are final and not subject to appeal.

      •   Only rules interpretations are subject to protest. Umpire judgment calls are
          expressly not subject to protest and will not be considered by the Protest

      •   A written report setting forth all the facts of the protest and the rule(s) in
          question must be filed with the League President by the end of the second day
          following the protest.

                                        - - 30 - -
•   Before the Protest Committee makes a decision, a written clarification or
          interpretation of the applicable rule(s) may be secured from Babe Ruth
          Headquarters, Trenton, New Jersey.

      •   First ejection of a player or manager prohibits player-manager from playing
          the following game. Second ejection – automatic suspension pending Board

28.   Field Decorum and Game Responsibilities

      •   The visiting team shall be accorded use of the field for a ten minute period
          commencing fifteen (15) minutes before the scheduled game time.

      •   Five minutes before the scheduled game time all practice shall cease and the
          Managers and Umpires shall meet at home plate for ground rule discussion.

      •   Only the Manager, Coaches and Team Players shall be allowed at the team
          bench area during the game.

      •   In the event of a dispute occurring on the field, only the Manager or Acting
          Manager shall be allowed on the field.

      •   Baseline coaches shall be uniformed players or Coach’s listed on the roster.

      •   Equipment shall be placed and remain the in the dead ball area when not in

      •   Approved batting helmets are mandatory while a player is in the batters box
          and on the base paths during league games and team practices.

      •   Any player who refuses to wear a helmet shall be ejected from the game.

      •   Managers and coaches shall be responsible for enforcement of all protective
          rules. Specifically, hanging throat protectors on all catcher’s masks, and
          protective cups must be worn when in the game or warming up a pitcher.
          Violations warrant warnings from the umpire After one warning, the manager
          may also be ejected.

      •   Managers involved in a game in which a participant is ejected shall contact
          the League President within 24 hours, to give an incident report.


                                       - - 31 - -

 It should be noted to all participants in the following process that all proceedings,
information, etc, be held in the strictest of confidence. Only, until All Star Teams
are formally approved by the Board of Directors, will seasonal team Managers
make their players aware of who were selected for All Star competition.


All managers and coaches willing, must submit a letter of intent to the Board of
Directors. The Director of each level will nominate, subject to approval, the
Manager and Coaches for each ALL STAR TEAM after receiving due
consideration from fellow level Team Managers. However, formal approvals of
all nominations are required by the Board of Directors. The Board should take
into consideration the individuals’ involvement in all league activities including
the Manager and Coaches regular season team performance from the perspectives
of sportsmanship, camaraderie, player development and team record; the Manager
and Coaches involvement in weekend work parties, concession staffing and
league fundraising efforts and the Manager and Coaches ability to represent the
GLBR program in tournament play locally and regionally. Managers and
Coaches must have successfully received Babe Ruth Coaching Certification.


•   Assume full responsibility for safety of team, while on the field.

•   Assume responsibility for staffing the concession stand while at the BOWSER
    COMPLEX. This is also considered a CONDITION OF PLAYING on the
•   STAR TEAM, the parents, et al, of the players are required to work in
    concessions, as scheduled by the ALL STAR TEAM MANAGER.
    Extenuating circumstances must be approved by B.O.D.

•   Valid proof of birth is required for participation. Failure to submit will result
    in removal from roster.

•   Managers/coaches must commit to support concessions and fields for the
    duration of all hosted tournaments.


•   Players selected for All-Star competition may not be placed on the roster until
    they agree to participate with the team for the duration of All-Star

                                  - - 32 - -
•   Prior to the formal selection process, the level Director, Managers and
    Coach’s may hold a meeting with the Player Agent, President, vice –president
    to discuss the abilities of players, from their own teams who in their opinion,
    would best competitively represent GLBR at their respective level of play.
    These names shall be recorded by the Player Agent, to be used as the player
    pool to begin the selection process. All nominees will be reviewed by the
    board in regard to any discipline issues that have occurred in the players past
    games to determine eligibility.


Each MANAGER comes into the selection draft meeting with the names of 10
players, which they will select from the other teams as their nominations.
Managers cannot select players from their own teams. Points are assigned by the
PLAYER AGENT according to the ranking given by the manager nominating.
The 10 players (plus ties up to 15) are chosen using highest points, i.e., first name
receives 10 points, 2nd name receives 9 points, etc.
(Player 14 and 15 if not already selected from the nominated list)

Can pick any two players from the nominated list only, not already selected in
previous two rounds.

In the event the nominated lists are exhausted, remaining player selections will be
recommended by the level director, vp and pres subject to board approval
(Players 11-12-13, Up to 3 Players, If Needed)

Each MANAGER picks 3 names from any of the remaining names who received
points in the 1 to 10 voting process. Each nomination receives 3 points. The 3
players (plus ties up to player 15) with the highest number of points receives’ the



Any 1st place All Star team will advance to the next level of play. If during
tournament play, an option is given to for a second place team to advance and
participate in the next level of play, it will be the discretion of the Board whether
the team will be able to participate. Justification will be based upon multiple
components; league funds available to cover any costs that will be incurred; hotel,
travel, food, etc.

Every All Star team will be responsible to participate in fundraising activities;
those scheduled (canning, raffles, etc) in addition any additional activities that
would help defer any costs. See separate rules on all-star fundraising.

                                  - - 33 - -
14U Softball All Star Team

      If the 14U softball wishes to participate in any invitational tournaments after the
      States and Regionals (since there is no World Series for this division), the team
      must conduct additional fundraising activities or receive donations to cover all
      expenses. See separate rules on all-star fundraising.

      All Star Team Manager/Coach(s) Stipends

      It will be the Boards discretion/approval (funds permitting) whether a stipend in
      the amount of $50.00 each, not to exceed $150.00 will be issued to the All Star
      Manager and up to 2 Coach(s) to cover costs such as gas, food, t-shirts, etc.

      All Star Fundraising

      All all-star teams will rely solely on specific all star fundraising for their team to
      help defray the costs of traveling for all star tournaments. Any disbursements
      from regular season operations, including regular season fundraising, will be done
      on an exception basis only based on the long-range financial health of the league
      and only by approval of the Board of Directors.

      All all-star fundraising done on behalf of any GLBR all star team (cash and
      checks) must be submitted to the Treasurer as property of the league and the
      Treasurer will book-keep it as specific fundraising funds for that team.

      The Treasurer will disburse the funds back to the team Manager for use as follows
      in the following sequence:

             a. Pay for lodging (and meals as required) for any hardship
                players/families on the team
             b. Equally distribute the remaining funds to each remaining team family
                for lodging and meals expenses.
             c. Excess fundraising could then be used for team meals, tournament
                souvenirs, etc. at the Manager’s discretion.

      In the event specific that all star funds are raised and not required, the Treasurer
      will transfer those funds to the general operating funds of the league.

32.   Registration Fee – Alternative Payment Plan

                                         - - 34 - -
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