Guide Acceptance and 2018 - La Trobe University

Guide Acceptance and 2018 - La Trobe University
Acceptance and

  Guide 2018
Guide Acceptance and 2018 - La Trobe University
A very warm
A very warm welcome to you from La Trobe University, Australia.
For 50 years we have welcomed students from across the
globe and today we host over 8 000 international students.
We’re proud to have been named among the world’s top 200
most international universities in the 2016 Times Higher
Education World University Rankings (based on the proportion
of our staff, students and research paper authors from
another country).
Studying overseas is a life‑changing experience. This guide
provides you with important information to help you prepare
for this new and exciting time.
We understand that studying in Australia is about more than
just the course you choose. Here at La Trobe, we’re proud to
offer you a wide range of opportunities to develop your global
networks by engaging in leadership development, participating
in volunteering programs and becoming a member of the many
clubs and societies that are a core part of life at all seven of our
vibrant campus locations.
Our graduates are renowned for their employability, for their
deep understanding of the most pressing challenges facing
the global community, and for their ability to address those
challenges intelligently and decisively.
I look forward to seeing you at one of our beautiful campuses
here in Australia and wish you well with your final stages
of preparation.
Thank you for choosing La Trobe University.

Kelly Smith
Pro Vice-Chancellor (International)

ii   Acceptance and Pre-departure Guide 2018
Guide Acceptance and 2018 - La Trobe University

Congratulations on choosing La Trobe / 2
Your offer and acceptance / 4
Applying for a student visa / 8
Preparing for departure / 10
Preparing to study / 12
Our locations / 14
About Australia / 18
Living costs / 20
Accommodation / 24
Arrival and settling in / 32
Be smart, be safe, be well / 36
Student support / 38
Information for parents / 40
English language, Foundation Studies
and Diploma programs / 41
Pre-departure and arrival checklist / 42
The final word / 44

                                           La Trobe University   1
Guide Acceptance and 2018 - La Trobe University
on choosing La Trobe
By choosing La Trobe, you’re choosing to study with people who are
pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Our graduates transform lives,
professions and communities.

You matter                                    Victoria                                    New South Wales
From day one, we make sure you have           The state of Victoria is a vibrant,         Rich in natural beauty and home to
a broad support network to help you           multicultural destination offering          world-famous beaches and national
get the most out of university. We’ll help    stunning natural beauty, exciting cities    parks, more than a third of Australians
you settle into life in Australia, make       with lively arts and cultural scenes,       live in New South Wales. With an
new friends, succeed in your studies          and a world‑class student experience.       economy larger than Singapore, Malaysia
and prepare for life after university.        The capital city Melbourne was named        or even Hong Kong, the state is home to
You’ll have access to a dedicated team        Australia’s best city for international     around half of Australia’s top 500
of support staff members, a 24-hour           students and in the top five in the world   companies. The state capital Sydney is
student helpline, learning support,           in the 2017 QS Best Student Cities index.   one of the world’s most multicultural
and networking and volunteering                                                           cities, with almost 40% of the population
opportunities. We can also help you plan                                                  born overseas.
your career and find a job, either back
home or in Australia.                         Living in Melbourne
Student life
                                              In the 2017 QS Best Student Cities index,
                                              Melbourne received a perfect score for
                                                                                          Living in Sydney
There is a lot more to experience             student mix, which looks at the city’s      An important hub in the Asia-Pacific region,
at La Trobe than just going to class and      student population, levels of social        Sydney is the business and financial capital
working on assignments. We offer a wide       inclusion and tolerance.                    of Australia. Sydney is also one of the
range of clubs, sporting teams and                                                        world’s safest cities and provides one of the
social events to make your experience                                                     best environments to study, work and live.
a memorable one. At the 2013 Victorian
International Education Awards, we were
recognised for providing an outstanding
student experience.
                                                                                          See you soon
                                                                                          This Pre-departure Guide will help you
                                                                                          with all the necessary preparations
                                                                                          before you leave home. We look forward
                                                                                          to welcoming you to one of our beautiful
                                                                                          campuses and encourage you to get
                                                                                          involved and have the experience
                                                                                          of a lifetime!

2   Acceptance and Pre-departure Guide 2018
Guide Acceptance and 2018 - La Trobe University
La Trobe University   3
Guide Acceptance and 2018 - La Trobe University
Your offer
and acceptance
Who to contact
Campus                                        Email                                   Telephone

Melbourne, City
Admissions and enrolments                      +61 3 9479 1199
Orientation                                    +61 3 9479 1199
Airport reception and accommodation      +61 3 9479 1199
Study Abroad and Exchange program                 +61 3 9479 2112

Bendigo, Shepparton
Admissions and enrolments                      +61 3 9479 1199
Orientation                                     +61 3 5444 7286
Airport reception and accommodation             +61 3 5444 7286
Study Abroad and Exchange program                 +61 3 9479 2112

Admissions and enrolments                      +61 3 9479 1199
Orientation                                            +61 2 6024 9847
Airport reception and accommodation                    +61 2 6024 9847
Study Abroad and Exchange Program                 +61 3 9479 2112

Admissions and enrolments                      +61 3 9479 1199
Orientation                                    +61 3 9479 1199
Airport reception and accommodation            +61 3 9479 1199
Study Abroad and Exchange Program                 +61 3 9479 2112

Admissions and enrolments                    +61 2 9397 7600
Orientation                            +61 2 9397 7600
Study Abroad and Exchange Program                 +61 3 9479 2112

Other contact information
English language, Foundation studies           +61 3 9479 2417
and Diploma programs at Melbourne

4   Acceptance and Pre-departure Guide 2018
Guide Acceptance and 2018 - La Trobe University
Understanding your                           If you plan to meet the English language     Courses with quotas
                                             requirements by studying at our on-campus
Letter of Offer                              college, you must complete a separate
                                                                                          Some courses have a very limited number
                                                                                          of places available each year. If the course
This section includes explanations           Application for Enrolment Form and
                                                                                          you have been offered has a quota, this
and definitions of terms to help you         submit this directly by email:
                                                                                          will be indicated in your Letter of Offer.
understand your Letter of Offer.
                                             T +61 3 9479 2417                            It is important that you accept your offer
Conditional offers                           E              as soon as possible to secure a place in
                                                         the course. Your Letter of Offer will only
If you have received a conditional
                                                                                          remain valid until all places have been
offer, note that this is not a full offer.
You must fulfil the condition(s) stated
                                             Advanced Standing (credit)                   filled. Once a course is full, you will be
                                                                                          notified by email and asked if you would
in your Letter of Offer before it can be     If Advanced Standing (credit) for your
                                                                                          like to be considered for an alternative
changed to a full offer. Examples of         previous studies has been approved,
                                                                                          course or change the commencement
conditions may be: certified documents,      you will receive a letter from the
                                                                                          date of the course.
evidence of English test results,            University in addition to your Letter
evidence of relevant work experience,        of Offer. The course duration shown
translated transcripts, and more.            on your Letter of Offer will reflect the     Deferring your offer
                                             amount of Advanced Standing received.
                                                                                          You might be permitted to defer the
English language conditions                  If this Advanced Standing is conditional,    commencement of your course for
If English language conditions apply         you must provide evidence that you have      a maximum of two semesters, or up
to your offer, once you have met these       satisfactorily met the condition(s) before   to one year. You must make this request
conditions you need to send your results     or at the time you accept your offer.        in writing – preferably by email, however,
to the relevant La Trobe International                                                    mail is also acceptable. This process
                                             If you did not request assessment for
(LTI) office (see the ‘who to contact’                                                    does not apply to study abroad and
                                             Advanced Standing when you submitted
section on page 4). Results that show                                                     exchange students.
                                             your application to study, you can still
you have met this condition need to
                                             apply for credit for previous studies or     Provide the following information to LTI:
be received before, or at the time, you
                                             work experience at the time of enrolment.
accept your offer.                                                                         Your full name.
                                             Please note that Advanced Standing
English language requirements may be         usually needs to be finalised within two      La Trobe University (LTU) Ref. ID No.
satisfied by showing us evidence of:         weeks of commencing the relevant subject.      (located on your Letter of Offer).
IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson Test of English
                                                                                           The name of the course that you have
(PTE) (Academic), Cambridge Certificate
                                                                                            been offered.
of Advanced English (CAE), Cambridge
Certificate of Proficiency in English                                                      The original course commencement date.
(CPE), GCE ‘A’ Levels, International         If you are given Advanced
                                             Standing after your student visa              Details of your intention to defer.
Baccalaureate, Australian Year 12,                                                          You must submit a personal statement
                                             has been granted and this results
TAFE, English for Further Studies at our     in the duration of your course being           and any additional academic
pathway college to La Trobe or having had    shortened, the University                      documentation, if applicable, to advise
English as the language of instruction in    will notify the DIBP of changes                of studies or activities you plan to
secondary and/or tertiary studies, as well   by issuing you a new Confirmation              undertake during the time you are
as other tests.                              of Enrolment (CoE) with a reduced
                                                                                            deferring. A revised Letter of Offer
                                             course duration.
For information on standard English                                                         will then be issued stating your new
language requirements, visit:                                                               commencement date.                                                          The new commencement date
to-apply/english-and-academic-                                                              requested.
requirements                                                                              Forward your request to:
If the course you have been offered
a place in has non-standard English
language requirements, these will be
outlined in your Letter of Offer.
                                                                                          No administration fee is required if
                                                                                          you are deferring for the first time.

                                                                                          If you are studying at our Sydney
English test results must be no                                                           Campus, you must email your
more than two years old at the                                                            request to defer your offer to:
course commencement date.                                                       

                                                                                                              La Trobe University   5
Guide Acceptance and 2018 - La Trobe University
A fee of A$80 will be charged for each        Research students                          Making payment
subsequent request for deferral.
                                              Research students wishing to defer         You are also required to pay the tuition
If you have received an offer but not         should email    fee deposit and Overseas Student Health
accepted it, you will receive a new,          including the same information noted       Cover (OSHC) fees as specified in the
deferred offer upon contacting LTI.           in the previous paragraphs. Deferral       Letter of Offer. Information on how to
                                              may affect the availability of academic    pay the deposit may be found on page
If you have accepted your offer but have
                                              supervision and must be approved           9 of the Acceptance Form. The easiest
not yet been granted your student visa,
                                              by the college and the Higher Degree       method of payment is via the University’s
you will receive a new, deferred offer and
                                              Committee.                                 secure payment portal:
CoE upon contacting LTI. When we defer
the commencement of your course we                                             
will also cancel your existing CoE, so you    Accepting your offer                       OneStopWeb/LTInt/menu
must lodge your new CoE with DIBP.            This section provides important            Please ensure you use your unique
If you have accepted your offer and           information on accepting your offer to     Student ID in any transaction or
your student visa has been granted,           study at La Trobe University.              communication with the University.
deferring your course may affect your         Your Letter of Offer contains important
visa. You must provide the information        information, including:
listed above, as well as evidence
of compassionate or compelling                 course duration
circumstances that are preventing you                                                    Tuition fees do not include
                                               recommended date of arrival in
from enrolling in your course on time.                                                   the cost of textbooks, health
                                               Australia in time for registration        insurance or living expenses
Acceptable circumstances include:              and Orientation                           such as food, accommodation,
                                               indicative annual tuition fee in
                                                                                         transport or medical costs.
 serious illness or injury (medical
 certificate required)                         Australian dollars
                                                                                         Studying at our Sydney Campus?
 bereavement of close family members
––                                             confirmation of whether you have
                                              ––                                         Refer to the payment methods
                                               been awarded any advanced standing        listed in your Acceptance
 such as parents or grandparents
                                               (or credit) from prior learning or work   Agreement or on our website:
 (documentation required)                                                      
 major political upheaval or natural
 disaster in your home country requiring       any conditions associated with your
                                              ––                                         If you received a Letter of Offer for the
 emergency travel (evidence this has           offer, such as English language           Study Abroad program, you will have your
 impacted your ability to study is             capacity.                                 tuition fee per semester specified only.
 required)                                    You should also have been sent an Offer    For full details on La Trobe University’s
 a traumatic experience, including:
––                                            Acceptance Form. Please complete all       Refund Policy and Privacy Statement
 involvement in or witnessing of a            sections carefully and return to your      for international students, visit:
 serious accident (police or psychologist     agent or LTI. Please ensure you include:
 report required) or witnessing or being                                                 scholarships
                                               certified evidence of meeting any
 the victim of a serious crime that has        conditions specified in your Letter of
 impacted on you (police or psychologist       Offer, where applicable                   Need more information
 report required)
                                               a Financial Guarantee Letter from your
                                                                                         about your course?
 La Trobe University was unable to offer
––                                             sponsoring organisation (if you are a     At La Trobe University, your degree
 a prerequisite subject (unit)                 sponsored student).                       program (e.g. Bachelor of Accounting)
 failure to meet one or more of the
––                                            You may also be required to submit         is usually referred to as a ‘course’ and
 conditions on your Letter of Offer           a completed and signed Applicant           the subjects you enrol in within the
                                              Financial Declaration Form to              course are referred to as ‘subjects’.
 delay in the grant of your student visa
                                              demonstrate that you have sufficient       We recommend you read further
 (dated documentation required).
                                              funds to cover the costs associated with   information on your course, including
If your visa has been granted but your        your studies. Refer to the conditions on   its structure and what subjects you
reason for deferring is not considered        your Offer Acceptance Form carefully.      will need to complete in order to
a compassionate or compelling                                                            qualify for your degree by visiting:
reason, La Trobe University must                                               
report your status to DIBP as a ‘non-
commencement’ (i.e. did not start
studies). You will need to contact DIBP
for information on how this will affect
your student visa. If your application for
deferral is approved, you will be issued
with a new deferred offer and CoE.

6   Acceptance and Pre-departure Guide 2018
Guide Acceptance and 2018 - La Trobe University
Inbound Study Abroad                        Overseas Student                              Norwegian, Swedish
and Exchange                                Health Cover                                  and Belgian students
                                                                                          Belgian students do not require OSHC.
As Study Abroad and Exchange                It is a requirement of your student visa
                                                                                          Norwegian students who are covered
programs involve the study of subjects      that you have Overseas Student Health
                                                                                          by the Norwegian National Insurance
over one or two semesters, a full list of   Cover (OSHC) from the date of your
                                                                                          Scheme do not require OSHC. Swedish
pre-approved subjects will be provided      arrival and continuing for the duration
                                                                                          students, whose insurance is provided by
in your Letter of Offer. You must submit    of your studies until your visa expires.
                                                                                          CSN International (or Kammarkollegiet),
a copy of your completed Learning           La Trobe University’s preferred OSHC
                                                                                          also do not need OSHC cover. However,
Agreement when accepting your               provider is Allianz Global Assistance:
                                                                                          Swedish students not covered by the
La Trobe offer.                   
                                                                                          Swedish National Board of Student Aid must
If you wish to add new subjects that        If you obtain cover from another              purchase OSHC by Allianz Global Assistance
you have not received approval for, you     approved provider, you are advised to         to meet their student visa requirements.
may seek approval during enrolment.         contact that provider directly to confirm
To enable any changes, please make          when your cover commences and show            Holders of visas other
sure you bring a copy of your most          evidence to La Trobe University.              than student visas
recent academic transcript as well
                                            For more information on approved OSHC         You need to organise Overseas Visitor
as your Letter of Offer on the day
                                            to study in Australia, visit:                 Health Cover (OSVC) if you are not a
of enrolment.
                                               student visa holder. To find out more,
                                            Health-Insurance-for-Students                 visit:
Exchange opportunities                                                                    our-health-insurance/levels-cover
for international students                  Students requiring
La Trobe students from all study areas
have the opportunity to study overseas
                                            Family OSHC cover                             Confirmation of
on exchange at one of more than
                                            You must indicate this requirement            Enrolment (CoE)
                                            on your Offer Acceptance Form, and
160 partner universities. Students on                                                     After you have accepted your offer,
                                            include the applicable Family OSHC
outbound exchange can receive mobility                                                    you will receive a Confirmation of
                                            premium in your deposit. Once you
grants from the University and can                                                        Enrolment (CoE) which you will need
                                            have arrived in Australia, you must make
participate in a variety of programs,                                                     in order to apply for a student visa
                                            an appointment to see your OSHC by
ranging from six weeks to one year.                                                       at your nearest Australian Diplomatic
                                            Allianz Global Assistance representative
Students can also apply for funding                                                       Mission (Embassy) or online.
                                            to have your family’s details added to
to go overseas on clinical placements
                                            your OSHC membership.
and practicums. To find out more about
La Trobe’s exchange opportunities, visit:   If you have a child born after your arrival            in Australia, and you only have a single
                                            OSHC policy, you must change to a Dual
                                            or Multi Family policy. If family members
                                            join you after your arrival in Australia,
                                            they will have to prove they have an
                                            OSHC policy for the duration
                                            of their visa.

                                                                                                           La Trobe University   7
Guide Acceptance and 2018 - La Trobe University
Applying for
a student visa
Apply for your student visa online at         Key requirements for the student You will need your Letter      visa (subclass 500)
of Offer, CoE and health insurance,                                                          Please note: the Department of
and may also need further supporting          Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)                Immigration and Border Protection
documentation such as evidence of                                                            (DIBP) uses the online Document
                                              The GTE requirement applies to all
your financial capacity. Your student                                                        Checklist Tool that indicates the
                                              student visa applicants and considers
visa is issued for the duration of your                                                      documentary evidence of financial
                                              whether the individual circumstances           capacity required. You need to
studies as outlined in your CoE, plus
                                              of the student indicate that their intention   attach these documents to your
a few extra months.
                                              is for a temporary stay in Australia.          visa application prior to lodgement.
Assistance with visa applications is                                                         Failure to do so might result in visa
available from La Trobe University’s          Financial capacity                             refusal. Find out more about the
representatives:                                                                             financial capacity requirement at:
                                              All international students are required
                                              to have sufficient funds to cover              More/Student-Visa-Living-Costs
                                              their course fees and living costs in          -and-Evidence-of-Funds
                                              Australia. Under the simplified student
                                              visa framework (SSVF), all student visa        English language proficiency
                                              applicants must have sufficient funds
                                                                                             You will need to meet the English language
                                              available for the duration of their stay
                                                                                             requirement to apply for a student visa.
                                              in Australia.
                                                                                             Some student visa applicants may
                                              Students associated with higher                need to provide the results of an English
                                              immigration risk, based on their country       language test with their visa application.
                                              and education provider immigration risk        You can find out if you are likely to need
                                              outcomes, will generally need to provide       to provide this evidence by using the
                                              documentary evidence of financial              Document Checklist Tool at:
                                              capacity with their visa application.

8   Acceptance and Pre-departure Guide 2018
If in the two years before applying for        Family unit members must be declared
the student visa you have successfully         on the initial student visa application,
completed the Senior Secondary                 regardless of whether or not they intend      Students under 18 years
Certificate of Education or studies at the     to join the student in Australia at a later   of age
Certificate IV or higher level, in Australia   stage. Those not declared will not be         If you are under 18 years of age at
and in the English language, you are           eligible for a visa at a later stage.         the commencement of your course,
exempt from providing evidence of              An exception applies to those who             you are required by the DIBP to have
your English language proficiency with         became a family member after the
                                                                                             appropriate welfare and accommodation
your visa application.                         primary applicant (student) was granted
                                                                                             arrangements in Australia. You need to
                                               a visa.
                                                                                             provide evidence that you will be living
Health and character                           From 1 July 2016, there will be no            with either a DIBP-approved parent,
International students are required to         restrictions on the duration of particular    legal custodian or an eligible relative in
be of good character and will generally        courses that the primary applicant            Australia, or have arranged welfare and
need to undertake a health examination         (student) must study to be accompanied        accommodation that satisfies La Trobe
as part of their student visa application.     by family members, including                  University’s requirements. Contact your
                                               subsequent dependants.                        admissions officer for more information
Students must also obtain Overseas
Student Health Cover (OSHC) before             Generally, the same level of evidentiary      (refer to key contacts on page 4).
a student visa can be granted.                 requirements of financial capacity
                                               applied to the primary applicant (student)
Packaged courses                               would apply to their family members,
                                               including subsequent dependants.
Genuine students will be able to package
two or more courses on the one student         In all circumstances, our officers have        Health
                                                                                             ––       insurance – 8501 – you must
visa where there is progression from           discretion to ask for evidence of funds,       maintain adequate arrangements for
one course to another. The final course        if required.                                   health insurance cover during your
that you will undertake as part of your                                                       entire stay in Australia.
package of courses is your main (or            Student visa conditions                        Change
                                                                                             ––        of address – 8533 – you must
principal) course of study. Your main          Your visa is subject to a number of            advise the University within seven
course of study will be used to determine      conditions that you must comply with.          days of your arrival in Australia of your
your financial and English language            Different visa conditions apply to you         current residential address and of any
evidentiary requirements.                      and your family members. Breaching             changes of address within seven days
                                               a visa condition may result in the             of each change. You must notify your
To be granted a visa for the full duration
                                               cancellation of your visa. Examples            education provider if you have changed
of the packaged courses, you must              of visa conditions include:                    universities or education providers
provide confirmation that you are enrolled
                                               ––     rights – 8105 – you cannot start        within seven days of receiving your CoE
in all of the courses.
                                                paid work until you have commenced            or evidence of enrolment.
Extend your student visa                        your course in Australia. You cannot          Course
                                                                                             ––       matching visa – 8516 –
                                                work more than 40 hours per fortnight         You must continue to satisfy the
If you are already studying in Australia        (other than work that has been
and would like to enrol in a new course                                                       requirements on the basis of which
                                                registered as a part of your course)
after the completion of your studies,                                                         your visa was granted. This means,
                                                when your course is in session.
you should apply for a new student visa                                                       for example, that you continue to have
                                                A fortnight means any period of 14
before your current visa expires. If your                                                     sufficient financial capacity to support
                                                days commencing on a Monday up
student visa contains the 8534 or 8535                                                        your study and stay in Australia.
                                                to the end of the second following
(‘No Further Stay’) condition, you will         Sunday. Some volunteer and unpaid            For more information on student visas
not be able to renew your student visa          work is also included in the 40 hours        and their conditions, visit:
in Australia unless there are exceptional       per fortnight limit. No work limits
circumstances.                                  apply during vacation periods.               Visa-conditions/visa-conditions-students
                                                No work limits apply if you are
If you are returning home temporarily           studying a Master’s by research
and would like to renew your visa                                                            Students with school-
                                                or Doctorate course in Australia.
offshore (not in Australia), you must                                                        aged children
indicate this on your Offer Acceptance          Enrolment
                                               ––           – 8202 – You must remain         If you have school-aged dependants
(new students) or CoE Application               enrolled in a registered course (unless
                                                                                             accompanying you to Australia, it
                                                you are a Foreign Affairs or Defence
(continuing students) form to ensure                                                         is a visa requirement that you enrol
                                                sponsored student or secondary
your CoE is issued correctly.                                                                them in primary or secondary school.
                                                exchange student, in which case you
                                                must maintain full-time enrolment            See the ‘students with families’
Family members visas                            in your course of study or training).        section of this guide on page 38
From 1 July 2016, family members of                                                          for more information.
existing student visa holders will need         You must maintain enrolment in
to apply for a Subclass 500 visa if they        a registered course that is the same
do not currently hold a student visa and        level as, or at a higher level than,
want to join the student in Australia.          the registered course for which you
                                                were granted a visa. You must maintain
                                                satisfactory attendance in your course
                                                and make satisfactory progress for
                                                each study period as required by your
                                                education provider.

                                                                                                              La Trobe University   9
for departure
Preparing yourself                               Online pre-departure                         Online pre-departure
Before you arrive in Australia you may           briefings                                    briefings 2018 schedule
be feeling excited and a little anxious.         You will receive an invitation email to      Semester 1
It may be hard to leave friends and              join an online pre-departure briefing
family behind. You may be worried about          approximately one week before the dates      First session         Wednesday
whether you will adjust to Australian            that are set out on the right-hand side of                         24 January 2018
life and how you will settle in. This is         this page. All commencing students and                             10 am – 11 am (AEDT)
perfectly normal, but keep in mind the           their families can join in.
following suggestions:                                                                        Second session        Tuesday
                                                 The webinars are designed to help you                              30 January 2018
 Find someone to talk to about how you
––                                               prepare for study and life in Australia.                           3 pm – 4 pm (AEDT)
 are feeling. You may want to discuss            During the briefing you can ask questions
 your concerns with friends and family,                                                       Third session         Wednesday
                                                 and receive quick answers from our
 particularly those who have also                                                             (accommodation        31 January 2018
                                                 International Student Services team, as
 travelled abroad.                                                                            only)                 3 pm – 4 pm (AEDT)
                                                 well as Accommodation Services staff.
 Participate in an online pre-departure
––                                               Topics covered will include: preparing
                                                                                              AEDT Australian Eastern Daylight Time
 briefing along with other new students.         for departure, accommodation, living
 The scheduled sessions for 2018 are             in Australia, and arrival and settling in.
                                                                                              Semester 2
 listed to the right.                            Make sure you join the webinar 30
 Make sure you arrive in time to register,
––                                               minutes earlier than the time specified      First session         Wednesday
 enrol and participate in the university         to ensure you gain access in time.                                 20 June 2018
 Orientation. This will help you adjust to                                                                          10 am – 11 am
 living in Australia and studying at La Trobe,   Prepare for La Trobe                                               (AEST)
 and will assist you academically. You will
 learn important information, meet staff
                                                 with e-friends                               Second session        Tuesday
                                                                                                                    26 June 2018
 and other students, and make new friends.       You are invited to enjoy a social network
                                                                                                                    3 pm – 4 pm (AEST)
                                                 group on Facebook or Weibo before you
 Read about Australian culture
                                                                                              Third session         Wednesday
                                                 start your studies. You can ask questions
 (see page 18).                                                                               (accommodation        27 June 2018
                                                 and receive information from e-friends,
 Sign up for La Trobe Times, our
––                                               who are experienced La Trobe students        only)                 3 pm – 4 pm (AEST)
 international online newspaper:                 and International Student Services staff               members. It’s a great way to make new        AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time

 Bring some of your favourite things
                                                 friends, meet students studying a similar
                                                 discipline, and prepare for a successful     Summer intake
 with you, including photos of family
 and friends, and learn to cook some             transition to life at La Trobe.
                                                                                              First session         Tuesday
 of your favourite dishes.                       Semester 1 – the group opens Monday
                                                                                                                    2 October 2018
 Study abroad and exchange students              15 January 2018 and closes Friday 23
––                                                                                                                  3 pm – 4 pm (AEST)
 must have their timetables planned              March 2018.
                                                                                              Second session        Wednesday
 using our online university timetable           Semester 2 – the group opens Monday          (accommodation        3 October 2018
 and bring along an official transcript          12 June 2018 and closes Friday 17            only)                 3 pm – 4 pm (AEST)
 for any new subjects:           August 2018.
                                                 Summer intake – the group opens              AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time
                                                 Monday 17 September 2018 and closes
                                                 Friday 23 November 2018.
                                                 You can join the Facebook group
                                                 by searching ‘Transition @ La Trobe
                                                 – International Welcome group’ on
                                                 Join La Trobe’s Weibo group by visiting

10   Acceptance and Pre-departure Guide 2018
La Trobe University   11
Preparing to study

The La Trobe University academic                               It is important that international students
year is divided into two main semesters,                       arrive in time to attend Orientation,
with additional Summer and Winter                              which takes place before each semester                          Sydney Campus
semesters. The Sydney Campus                                   begins. Orientation provides new                                New students must attend Orientation
operates on a trimester basis and may                          commencing students with valuable                               Day where you will officially register and
have different commencement dates to                           information about campus services                               enrol into your course. For details about
our Victorian campuses. Some courses                           and facilities, course and subject guides                       Orientation and enrolment at the Sydney
may have different commencement                                and an opportunity to meet other                                Campus, please visit:
dates or non-standard start dates.                             students in your course, make friends                 
Please refer to your Letter of Offer for                       and have fun. The International Student                         enrol/campus/sydney-campus
your exact start date when booking                             Services team has found that students
flights or making holiday arrangements.                        who do not attend Orientation miss lots
                                                               of important information, which can lead
The dates for international registration,
                                                               to academic problems.
enrolment and Orientation are subject
to change. Regularly check our website,
and correspondence from La Trobe
University for confirmation of dates.

                                                               La Trobe University Academic Calendar 2018
                                                               Standard semester or term1                                   Commencing                     Ending

                                                               Semester 1                                                   5 March 2018                   1 June 2018
                                                               Orientation                                                  26 February 2018               2 March 2018
                                                               Mid-semester vacation                                        4 April 2018                   6 April 2018
                                                               Study vacation                                               4 June 2018                    7 June 2018
                                                               Examinations                                                 8 June 2018                    28 June 2018

                                                               Semester 2                                                   30 July 2018                   26 October 2018
                                                               Orientation                                                  23 July 2018                   27 July 2018
                                                               Mid-semester vacation                                        24 September 2018              28 September 2018
                                                               Study vacation                                               29 October 2018                1 November 2018
                                                               Examinations                                                 2 November 2018                22 November 2018

                                                               Summer Semester                                              5 November 2018                15 February 2019

                                                               The La Trobe University academic year is divided into two standard semesters, plus summer
                                                               and winter non-standard semesters.
                                                               Note: The La Trobe University Sydney Campus operates on three standard trimesters a year
                                                               and has a slightly different academic calendar. Please refer to the Sydney Campus website for
                                                               further information:

[1] Dates listed are only the study periods where new students commence their courses. For the full academic calendar, please visit

12   Acceptance and Pre-departure Guide 2018
Public holidays 2018
The University will close for the
Christmas / New Year break from
22 December 2017 and will re-open on
2 January 2018. The University remains
open on the Victorian public holidays
of Labour Day (12 March 2018) and
Melbourne Cup Day (6 November 2018).
The University is also closed on the
public holidays listed in the table below.
Our Sydney Campus will be closed
during all New South Wales (NSW) public
holidays. For a list of public holidays visit:

Non-standard teaching periods 2018
 he University also delivers a number of
non-standard teaching periods through
external providers or to meet special
course requirements.
 he University publishes a comprehensive
T                                                Date                                        Public holiday
list of all teaching periods and associated
subject census dates at:
                                                 Friday 26 January 2018                      Australia Day
                                                 Friday 30 March - Monday 2 (3 TBC)          Easter
 on-standard teaching periods appear
N                                                April 2018
in the form WXXYY, for example W0622.
                                                 Wednesday 25 April 2018                     Anzac Day
 hese indicate the whole weeks of the
teaching period, and run from the first          Monday 11 June 2018                         Queen’s Birthday
Monday to the last Sunday.                       24-28 December 2018                         Christmas / New Year break

                                                 To give yourself the best chance at
University Orientation                           succeeding in your studies, make sure
Success in your studies can depend on            you attend as many Orientation sessions
how well you adjust to studying and living       as possible. The presenters of each
in Australia.                                    session are experienced in their field       If you are studying in Victoria, it is
                                                 and are the best people to talk to and       essential that you check in with La Trobe
The Orientation program has been
                                                 to ask questions.                            University upon arrival. You will be
specifically designed to help you make
                                                                                              welcomed by student volunteers and
a smooth transition to life and study            Attending Orientation is your chance
                                                                                              La Trobe staff members. Make sure you
at La Trobe. Orientation is compulsory           to get the best information – all in
                                                                                              book flights in time for your check-in. To
for all new international students and           one convenient place! It’s also an
                                                                                              find out your check-in dates, times, and
provides important information and               invaluable chance to make friends.
                                                                                              location, please visit:
social activities specific to your needs.        Don’t underestimate the importance
The program is designed for all students         of attendance, as when classes start
at La Trobe University and will enable           and students are busy, you might find it
you to make important connections with           harder to make connections among your
your peers, different networks and the           classmates. Having people who know
campus community.                                you from the beginning can make all
                                                 the difference to settling in. Students
You can prepare for university life and
                                                 who attend Orientation sessions usually
study by checking out the Ready4Uni
                                                 have an advantage and are more likely
website, where you will find out about
                                                 to succeed.
Orientation, campus services and how to
make the most of your first few weeks.           Check the Orientation website for details
                                                 of compulsory sessions and additional
                                                 activities at your campus:
                                                 You can also use the online planner
                                                 to design your personalised Orientation

                                                                                                                La Trobe University   13
Our locations
La Trobe is the largest provider of university education in regional Victoria.
Our seven campuses are located in Victoria and New South Wales, in the
heart of Melbourne and Sydney, and in picturesque bushland settings.



                                                                                                                             Studying in Melbourne

                                                                                                                             If you want to study in a vibrant,
                                                            SHEPPARTON                                                       cosmopolitan city, then Melbourne is the
                                                                                                                             place to be. It has been ranked the World’s
                                                                                                                             Most Liveable City seven years in a row by
                                                                                                                             the Economist Global Liveability Ranking.
                                                                                                                             Melbourne residents speak more than 100
                                                      MELBOURNE                                                              languages, and the city was ranked the
                                                                                                                             fifth best for students in the world in 2017
                                                                                                                             (according to the 2017 QS Best Student
                                                                                                                             Cities Ranking). Whether you’re looking for
                                                                                                                             a bustling city scene or a quiet suburban
                                                                                                                             feel, Melbourne has a perfect mix of both.

                                                                                         Melbourne Campus
                                                                                         Nestled among 267 hectares of beautiful parkland and waterways, La Trobe’s
                                                                                         Melbourne Campus is one of the largest metropolitan campuses in Australia.
                                                                                         Set in Melbourne’s north, just 14 kilometres from the city centre, students
                                                                                         from across the world choose to study here to take advantage of world-class
                                                                                         facilities and resources.

                                                                                         These include our state-of-the-art science laboratories, media studios,
                                                                                         multi-level library, huge Wildlife Sanctuary and more. Within the Campus
                                                                                         is a vibrant community bustling with cafes, restaurants, banks, and our very
                                                                                         own post office.

                                                                                         301 shuttle bus
                                                                                         Getting to and from Melbourne Campus is now quicker and easier, with the 301
  Over 26 000 students / 14 km from the CBD
                                                                                         shuttle bus running between the University and Reservoir station every 10 minutes.

Modes of transport to campuses*                                    From Melbourne (Bundoora) Campus                       Average temperatures


                                                                                                Distance     Distance


                                                                   Destination                  (km)         (mi)                           Feb        Jul        Nov

Melbourne (Bundoora)                                               Macleod Railway Station      1.3          0.8          Melbourne**       15 – 27 °C 7 – 14°C   10 – 21°C

Sydney                                                             Heidelberg Railway Station   4.6          2.85         Sydney            19 – 27 °C 10 – 18°C 17 – 26°C

Bendigo                                                            Reservoir Railway Station    3.8          2.35         Bendigo           16 – 30 °C 5 – 13°C   9 – 24°C

Albury-Wodonga                                                     Bundoora Park                1.3          0.8          Albury-Wodonga    17 – 31°C 6 – 13°C    11 – 25°C

Mildura                                                            CBD                          14.0         8.7          Mildura           18 – 33 °C 6 – 16°C   12 – 28°C

Shepparton                                                         Melbourne Airport            18.4         11.4         Shepparton        16 – 30 °C 6 – 13°C   10 – 25°C

Melbourne CBD                                                                                                             Melbourne CBD
(City Campus)                                                      Northland Shopping Centre    2.8          1.7          (City Campus)
                                                                                                                                            17 – 26°C 8 – 14°C    12 – 21°C

*Modes of transport listed refer to travel within that city only.
** Melbourne weather data collected at the La Trobe Bundoora weather station. Australian Bureau of Meterology, 2016.

14   Acceptance and Pre-departure Guide 2018
Bendigo                                                                  Albury-Wodonga

 Over 5 000 students / 3 km to Bendigo city centre                         Over 800 students / 3 km to Wodonga and 12 km to Albury city centre

Bendigo Campus                                                            Albury-Wodonga Campus
Our Bendigo Campus is an integral part of one of Victoria’s fastest-      Albury-Wodonga is Australia’s largest inland regional centre,
growing regional cities and is undergoing a A$50 million upgrade          combining a rich cultural history with amazing natural landmarks.
to offer world-class library, technology and engineering facilities.      Our Albury-Wodonga Campus is just three kilometres from Wodonga
The Campus offers a wide range of study disciplines, including            city and boasts an award-winning library, laboratories, international-
dentistry and health sciences. The clinical teaching building is in the   standard soccer pitch, cafes and student accommodation. The
centre of the city’s new hospital precinct, while the main campus is      Campus is also home to the John Richards Initiative (researching
just three kilometres from the heart of the city. Bendigo is a cultural   ageing and aged care in regional communities) and the Murray-
hub with a vibrant nightlife and welcoming community. The Campus          Darling Freshwater Research Centre.
enjoys great connections to local businesses, festivals, galleries,
sporting teams and the city council. As a student, you’ll reap the
rewards of those connections.

 Over 500 students / Intimate campus setting                               Over 800 students / Brand new building and facilities

Mildura Campus                                                            Shepparton Campus
Our Mildura Campus is strongly connected to the surrounding               A lively city about 180 kilometres from Melbourne, Shepparton has a
community and offers students a more personalised and intimate study      lot to offer. Our Shepparton Campus is positioned within the city centre
experience. Students enjoy opportunities both on campus and in the        and is equipped with excellent teaching, study and communal meeting
community through our strategic partnerships and a number of Work         spaces – including a clinical learning unit with advanced teaching
Integrated Learning (WIL) opportunities. A major fruit and vegetable      technologies. An ever-increasing range of study options are available
growing district, Mildura is a great place to live, study and work. The   to students, including courses in business, health science and
Campus is also home to the Murray-Darling Freshwater Research Centre.     education.

 Over 800 students / CBD location                                          Over 700 students / CBD location

Sydney Campus                                                             City Campus
Our Sydney Campus is located in the heart of the international            Positioned in the heart of Melbourne, our City Campus combines study
business community, close to public transport as well as work and         with all the excitement and culture that Melbourne has to offer. A suite
internship opportunities. A world-famous city and home to Australian      of Master’s programs is offered at the City Campus, and students
icons like the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney is       benefit from an intimate, service-focused experience along with modern
an exceptional place to study.                                            facilities and resources.

                                                                                                                           La Trobe University   15
At La Trobe University,
we’re ambitious global thinkers.
Since we opened our doors
in 1967, we have equipped more
than 190 000 graduates with
the skills and experience to build
successful careers.

16   Acceptance and Pre-departure Guide 2018
La Trobe University   17
About Australia
                                                                                             Melbourne, Victoria’s capital city, boasts festivals,
                                                                                             events, shopping, plenty of restaurants and cafes,
                                                                                             and a flourishing arts scene.

Australian culture
Australia is home to some of the world’s          Australia is often described as an
oldest living cultures, with Aboriginal           ‘egalitarian’ society. This means that
communities established nearly 60 000             class divisions are not so entrenched
years before European settlement. Australia       in Australia as in some other countries.
is one of the world’s most multicultural
                                                  In comparison to many other countries,
countries, rich in Indigenous and immigrant
                                                  Australia, and especially Melbourne,
cultures. Our society is made up of people
                                                  is notable for its diversity and
from over 210 different nationalities, so
                                                  multiculturalism. You can maintain
it is difficult to define what is ‘typical’ in
                                                  your own customs within the community
Australian culture or social customs.
                                                  and most Australians will understand
There are, however, some values most              your reasons for not adopting certain
Australians consider important. Most              local customs if they are different from
Australians strongly value our society’s          your own.
tolerance of different religions and cultures,
                                                  To do some background reading
plus our freedom of speech and democratic
                                                  on Australia, visit:
rights. Australians also consider it important
that people will be given a ‘fair go’; that is,
you will be treated equitably.

18   Acceptance and Pre-departure Guide 2018
Climate                                                                                        Great Ocean Road
                                                                                             Travel the Great Ocean Road and experience one
Victoria is located in the south-east            Victoria, and in particular Melbourne,      of the world’s most scenic coastal drives. See
                                                                                             the towering Twelve Apostles, iconic surf breaks,
corner of Australia and enjoys a                 is known for its rapidly-changing weather
                                                                                             misty waterfalls, native wildlife and seaside
temperate climate with four distinct             and variations of temperature, especially   villages. A perfect weekend getaway!
seasons:                                         due to climate change. It is a good idea
                                                 to be prepared for ‘four seasons in one
Spring – September to November
                                                 day’. If you arrive from summer in the
Summer – December to February                    Northern Hemisphere, which would be
                                                 for a Semester 2 (July) commencement,
Autumn – March to May
                                                 we recommend you have a jacket or
Winter – June to August                          coat in your hand or carry-on luggage for
                                                 when you arrive. See average seasonal
The hottest months are January and
                                                 temperatures for all of our campus
February, and the coolest months are
                                                 locations on page 14.
usually July and August. In summer,
temperatures can reach over 40°C, while          With more than 230 sunny days per year,
in winter, around Victoria, temperatures         Sydney enjoys a more Mediterranean-
range from around 2°C to 15°C.                   style climate with warm to hot summers,
                                                 mild winters and rainfall spread fairly
The northern and central regions of
                                                 evenly throughout the year.
Victoria (including Bendigo, Shepparton,
Mildura and Albury-Wodonga) are usually
warmer and drier than the south, with
lower rainfall and higher temperatures
in summer and cooler temperatures
in winter.

    Grampians National Park
  Enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of this
  national park. Explore stunning landscapes,
  abundant wildlife, majestic waterfalls and
  sublime local produce in your semester break
  or over the weekend.

                                                                                                                 La Trobe University   19
Living costs
Understanding the likely costs incurred while studying at
La Trobe University is an important part of your planning process.

You need to consider a range of costs
in addition to your tuition fees, including                            Did you know?
but not limited to, accommodation fees,                                Based on advice from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), from 1 July
food, telephone and internet, travel                                   2016, you should allow approximately A$19 830 per year for living costs, excluding tuition fees.
and of course discretional spending                                    Please visit:
                                                                       Under a new State Government and La Trobe University trial, international students in an
The below guide will provide you with                                  undergraduate or Diploma program will be eligible for a 50 per cent discount on annual
an estimate of the costs associated                                    public transport fares (excludes Sydney students):
with your studies, so that you can                           
start planning.                                                        transport-in-melbourne

Average living costs for one student (A$) – indicative only

                                                                MELBOURNE                                                                                      BENDIGO
                                                                                  Homestay shared

                                                                                                                                                                                 Homestay shared
                                                                                                                                          Chisholm College
                                                                                                                     flat or apartment7

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    flat or apartment7
                                                              catered all meals

                                                                                                                                                             catered all meals
                                                                                                    Renting shared

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Renting shared
                                                              Homestay fully

                                                                                                                                                             Homestay fully
                                                                                  room no meals

                                                                                                                                                                                 room no meals
                                                                                                                     One bedroom

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    One bedroom

                                                                                                    house or flat1

                                                                                                                                                                                                   house or flat1

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Units

Establishment costs (once only)
Bond2                                                           0                  0                 651               1282                5502                0                  0                 521               956                 5502
Rent in advance                                                 1180               720               651               1282                0                   1180               720               521               956                 0
Telephone, internet and utilities connection                    0                  0                 55                143                 0                   0                  0                 55                143                 0
Establishment costs                                             280 4              280 4             512               1100                6805                280 4              280 4             512               1100                6805
(household items, furniture)
Total                                                           1460               1000              1869              3807                1230                1460               1000              1610              3155                1230

Annual Costs
Books, stationery, etc.                                         650                650               650               650                 650                 650                650               650               650                 650

Weekly Costs
Weekly rent/board                                               295                180               150               295                 2038                295                180               120               220                 186 8
Food/groceries                                                  21                 95                95                95                  95                  20                 92                92                92                  929
Personal items/health/clothing        11
                                                                32                 32                32                63                  32                  31                 31                31                61                  31
Utilities (gas, electricity, mobile phone, internet)            10                 10                69                150                 10                  22                 22                66                110                 10
Travel (public transport/fuel)3                                 40                 40                40                40                  15                  27                 27                27                27                  11
Spending money                                                  80                 80                80                120                 80                  75                 80                80                80                  80
Average weekly costs                                            478                436               465               763                 434                 470                432               416               591                 410

Total estimate                                                  19318              17346             19259             31907                17504              19046              17207             17241             25076               16632
(one academic year = 36 weeks)

[1] Assumes shared with two others. [2] Bond is usually refunded at the end of your stay provided no money is due, you have given the required period of notice, and that you have caused
no damage to the property. Note that some private student accommodation providers will deduct a cleaning charge at the end of your stay. [3] Transport for education and work purposes.
[4] Placement fee for homestay service. [5] Includes non-refundable costs of social and transition programs and other miscellaneous fees. This cost may be less for students who are in
residence for only one semester or who commence at Semester 2 (July). [6] Limited on-campus accommodation available at Shepparton Campus.

20   Acceptance and Pre-departure Guide 2018
Students with spouse
and/or children
Based on advice from the Department
of Immigration and Border Protection
(DIBP), if you have a family, you should
allow at least A$6 940 per year for your
spouse and A$2 970 for your first child.
These amounts exclude tuition fees.
For more information, visit:

City Campus
Students at the City Campus should
refer to the Melbourne Campus
information. However, generally the closer
you live to the CBD the more expensive
your rental costs will be.

 ALBURY-WODONGA                                          MILDURA                                            SHEPPARTON                                           SYDNEY
                 One bedroom flat7

                                                                         One bedroom flat7

                                                                                                                            One bedroom flat7

                                                                                                                                                                                                    One bedroom flat
                                                                                                                                                               catered all meals
                                     McFarlane's Hill
Renting shared

                                                        Renting shared

                                                                                                           Renting shared

                                                                                                                                                                                   Renting shared
                                                                                                                                                               Homestay fully

                                                                                                                                                                                                    or apartment7
                                     Campus non-
house or flat1

                                                        house or flat1

                                                                                                           house or flat1

                                                                                                                                                                                   house or flat1


 608                695               550 2              607                650               550 2         652                739               550 2           0                  715              1669
 608                695               0                  607                650               0             652                739               0               1180               715              1669
 55                 143               0                  55                 143               0             55                 143               0               0                  60               180
 512                1024              6805               512                1024              6805          512                1 024             680 5           280 4              564              1124

 1784               2557              1230               1780               2467              1230          1 871              2 644             1230            1460               2054              4642

 650                650               650                650                650               650           650                650               650             750                750              750

 140 1              160               182 8              140                150               182 8         150                170               182 8           295                150              350
 92                 92                92                 92                 92                92            92                 92                92              25                 100              100
 31                 61                31                 31                 61                31            31                 61                31              50                 50               80
 66                 110               10                 66                 110               10            66                 110               10              10                 80               110
 33                 33                11                 33                 33                11            28                 28                11              60                 60               60
 80                 80                80                 80                 80                80            80                 80                80              100                100              100
 442                536               406                442                526               406           447                544               406             540                540              800

 18331              22514             16488              18327              22064             16488         18620              22804             16488           21650              22244             34192

[7] Tenants are legally liable to pay rent for 52 weeks when signing a lease for one year. [8] This includes facilities, services and internet connection and usage. [9] Different catering plans and
casual dining options are available at all on-campus accommodation in Bendigo. [10] Multiple accommodation options are available at Bendigo. In addition to The Units, there are the new
Hillside Apartments, Orde House and The Terraces. [11] Costs will vary depending on your lifestyle.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       La Trobe University   21
Currency and banking                            Money can be withdrawn from ATMs
                                                24 hours a day, and there is usually
Australia’s unit of currency is the             a daily withdrawal limit of around
Australian dollar (A$), which is divided        A$800 – A$1 000. We advise you to
into 100 cents. Coins have values of 5,         only carry as much cash as necessary        Joining e-friends on Facebook or Weibo
10, 20 and 50 cents, and A$1 and A$2;           for a few days at a time and always         is a great way to find out more about
notes have values of A$5, A$10, A$20,           hide from view (cover the area with         living and studying in Australia. See page
A$50 and A$100.                                 your hand) when entering your               10 for more information.
You must declare amounts of A$10 000            Personal Identification Number (PIN).
or more in foreign or Australian currency       Before you leave home, you can open
that you bring into Australia.                  a bank account with:
Major credit and debit cards – Visa and          Pulse Credit Union
                                                ––                                          Internet
MasterCard – are accepted throughout   
Australia. Automatic Teller Machines                                                        Internet and wireless access is available
(ATMs, or cash points), with 24-hour             Commonwealth Bank of Australia
                                                ––                                          at all campuses. Most on-campus
access seven days a week, are available          accommodation and some off-campus
in many locations such as shopping               Westpac Bank
                                                ––                                          accommodation will already have
centres, petrol stations, convenience             arrangements in place to enable internet
stores, banks, along main shopping               bank-accounts/moving-to-australia          access for students, although these
strips, in malls or plazas, and on campus.                                                  may incur a charge. Please check with
                                                These banking institutions have offices     your accommodation provider. You can
Savings or cheque account access cards          at La Trobe University’s Melbourne          compare internet service providers at:
–connected to the Maestro or Cirrus             Campus. The Pulse Credit Union also
electronic networks – can be used in            has facilities at the Albury-Wodonga and
ATMs around Australia. If your card does        Bendigo campuses. It is recommended
not have the Maestro or Cirrus logo on          you open an account before leaving          Mobile phones
it, we recommend that before you leave          home (as you will only need your            and laptops
home you confirm with your financial            passport to withdraw funds when you         If you plan on bringing your mobile phone
institution that you can use your card in       arrive in Australia) rather than carrying   with you to Australia, check that your
Australia. Check all terms and conditions       around large amounts of cash, which is      mobile phone is compatible (supports
and how you can access your funds while         unsafe. Once you open a bank account,       GSM) and not blocked for international
in Australia to ensure that you are aware       you can transfer funds from overseas        use or locked to the phone network
of the fees associated with your choices.       to be ready for you when you arrive.        you use in your home country. Students
A number of personal identification             When opening a bank account, ask about      sometimes bring their own laptops
documents are required to open bank             student accounts that may attract lower     with internal modems only to discover
accounts in Australia, which can include        or no account-keeping fees.                 they are unable to use their modem in
items that identify you as living in                                                        Australia. Find out more at:
Australia. It is recommended that you                                             
open a bank account within six weeks
                                                                                            If you are bringing a mobile phone,
of arrival in Australia as most banking         Domestic electricity in Australia is
                                                                                            laptop or any communication device,
institutions will accept just your passport     240V/50Hz. The Australian three-pin
                                                                                            we suggest that you visit the Australian
and proof of date of arrival. After this time   outlet is different from most other
                                                                                            Communications and Media Authority
you will be required to take additional         countries, so you may need to purchase
                                                                                            website to find out what kind of service
identification into a bank branch, such         an adaptor plug for any electrical
                                                                                            agreements are most suitable for you:
as your student card, CoE, credit card,         appliances (such as a laptop computer)
or lease agreement and other forms of           that you bring with you. Transformers
identification with your name on it.            and adaptors are easily obtained from       Join the transition group on Facebook
                                                electrical appliance stores or travel       or Weibo (see page 10 for how to join),
Banks are generally open Monday to
                                                goods stores in Australia, and also         and get tips on the best phone company
Thursday, 9:30 am – 4 pm and Friday
                                                from the bookshop in the Agora at           and network to use from experienced
9:30 am – 5 pm (closed public holidays).
                                                the Melbourne Campus.                       La Trobe students. Some phone
Some banks offer opening hours on
                                                                                            companies will not supply services
Saturdays – check with your bank to
                                                                                            to people who are temporary residents
confirm hours of operation.
                                                                                            in Australia, but you can always use a
                                                                                            pre-paid phone system. This also ensures
                                                                                            that you will avoid an unexpectedly high
                                                                                            mobile phone bill. Make sure you read
                                                                                            all the clauses and terms and conditions
                                                                                            before signing a phone contract. Pre-paid
Handy hint                                                                                  mobile phone cards may be purchased at
We recommend you bring a small                                                              a number of retail outlets.
amount of Australian dollars in cash                                                        Compare mobile phone providers at:
with you to get you through the first few                                         
days on arrival, especially if you arrive
on a weekend or public holiday when
banks are closed.

22   Acceptance and Pre-departure Guide 2018
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