Halls of Residence Information Booklet 2017 2018 - Bangor University

Halls of Residence Information Booklet 2017 2018 - Bangor University
Halls of
Information Booklet
2017 - 2018
Halls of Residence Information Booklet 2017 2018 - Bangor University
Halls of Residence Information Booklet 2017 2018 - Bangor University

Hello &
Well done on choosing Bangor University,
currently overall 3rd in the UK and top 5
                                              Don’t forget the Halls’
in the UK for accommodation *. If you         Team are here for
are returning to us then welcome back.
Whether you are a first year student or
                                              you. If you have any
are returning to halls for another session,   worries, concerns,
we hope you have a great time in halls
and that you get the most from your stay
                                              suggestions or just
with us. We will always do our best to        want to chat to us about
accommodate you, keep you safe and
make sure that you have no worries            your hall’s experience,
with your new home at university.             we are here to listen
Take your time to read through                and here to help.
this booklet, familiarise yourself
with the content and your new
home for the next year.                       Wishing you success this
                                              year and an enjoyable
                                              time in your Hall.

                                                     The Halls’ Team


Halls of Residence Information Booklet 2017 2018 - Bangor University

We are committed to providing                Ffriddoedd Village

you with facilities that are
safe and comfortable and
offer value for money and to
help you with any problems
you might experience.
In order to ensure your safety, it is
compulsory for you to complete the
on-line induction to the Halls.
If you have not already completed this
task please visit www.bangor.ac.uk/
myroom as soon as possible and before
you move into your accommodation.
The Halls’ Office will record all students
who complete the module and will
email those who fail to do so.

                                             St. Marys Village
Garth Halls of Residence

All we ask of you is that
you follow the regulations
in this booklet and that you
show due consideration
for your fellow students
and to the local residents.
Halls of Residence Information Booklet 2017 2018 - Bangor University
CONTENTS                                                                           4

    p3                   Welcome to Bangor Halls
    p5                   The Halls Office
    p6                   Residence Conditions
    p7-8                 Residents’ Charter
    p9-10                Safety Induction & General Safety
    p11-12               Warden Support
    p13                  The Campus Life Programme
    p14                  Medical Matters
    p15                  Payments & Insurance
    p16                  Bangor University Security
    p17                  Keys, Rooms, Guests & Water
    p18                  Internet Access from your Halls of Residence
    p19                  Mail Collection
    p20                  Facilities
    p21                  Maintenance
    p22                  Room Issues and Complaints
    p23-24               Help
    p25                  Bangor & Student Villages
    p28                  Rules of Conduct
    p29                  Target Response Times & Damage Charges
    p31                  The Student Accommodation Code
Some of this information is only relevant to students on the Bangor campus.
Students in Wrexham should ask for guidance at their reception office.

This booklet is a guide; please ensure that you have read and understood
the residence conditions which form part of your contract.
These can be found at www.bangor.ac.uk/ess1718

Halls of Residence Information Booklet 2017 2018 - Bangor University

The Halls Offices at                         We can take payments, discuss
                                             room transfers, arrange meetings
Ffriddoedd and St.                           (informal or formal) with the
Mary’s can answer                            Warden Team and deal with
                                             any maintenance issues.
all your questions
about living in Halls at                     If you lose your room key or key card/
                                             fob you should also call at either of the
Bangor University.                           Halls Offices to obtain a replacement,
                                             for which there is a charge.

When you agree to live in University accommodation you will be directed
to read the Residence Conditions which may be found at:


                                                      The Residence Agreement
                                                      and the Residence Conditions
                                                      are very important and
                                                      legally binding. A brief
                                                      summary of them appears
                                                      to the right but you should
                                                      have read them in detail
                                                      before accepting the
                                                      Residence Agreement.

The Halls Office - Ffriddoedd village
RESIDENCE CONDITIONS                                                                                          6

   Brief Summary of Residence Conditions
1. If you leave the University it does not mean that              12. Residents and their guests should
   your Residence Agreement is terminated.                            not bring illegal drugs, psychoactive
                                                                      substances, firearms or any
2. The Residence Agreement is legally binding and can
                                                                      weapon (even a replica) into the
   not normally be terminated. Please read Residence
                                                                      halls. The University will report
   Condition 5.3. If you are leaving the University
                                                                      any such incident to the Police.
   please call at the Halls Office BEFORE you leave
   bringing with you a copy of your ‘Withdrawal from              13. Residents should not cause any
   Studies’ form issued by Student Services.                          nuisance, harassment or persistent
                                                                      disturbance to others. Serious
3. Residents must read the notice on the wall of
                                                                      or persistent noise nuisance may
   their room regarding the contents of their room.
                                                                      lead to disciplinary action.
   Please advise us of any discrepancies or damages
   within 7 days of taking up occupancy.                          14. Residents may not sublet their room
                                                                      to any other person and residents are
4. Residents must keep the room and the communal
                                                                      responsible for all their visitors and
   areas of the flat/corridor clean and tidy.
                                                                      their behaviour while on University
5. Residents must not damage the walls, doors, floor                  premises. The University appreciates
   covering or furniture in the room. Please do not use               that some students will want to bring
   drawing pins, nails, hooks, adhesive tape etc. Please              friends back to their accommodation
   use the notice boards for displaying notices or posters.           who may wish to stay overnight.
   Residents will be charged for any damage that occurs               Therefore we may allow occasionally
   and may be called to a disciplinary hearing.                       a family member or friend to share the
6. Residents must only use cooking equipment                          student’s room for a maximum of two
   in the kitchens not in their room. If any                          consecutive nights in any 7 day period.
   electrical equipment is over 12 months old it                      Residents should register their guests
   will require PAT testing before you arrive.                        names by going to www.bangor.ac.uk/
                                                                      accommodation and completing the
7. Members of University staff or authorised contractors              on line form before their guests arrive.
   are allowed into the rooms at reasonable times for the             Guests must be over the age of 18.
   purpose of inspection, cleaning, maintenance or repair.
                                                                  15. Residents are reminded that members
8. Residents must complete the compulsory                             of the Warden team and Security
   Halls Induction module to be found at                              team are members of University Staff
   www.bangor.ac.uk/accommodation/essentials1718.                     and in accordance with Residence
9. Residents must not burn candles, oil lamps or incense in           Condition 2.10 their instructions must
   the halls, deep fry with oil or cause any other fire risk.         be complied with at all times. Verbal
                                                                      abuse of staff will not be tolerated.
10. Smoking, including pipes, vaporizers and e-cigarettes,
    is not allowed in any University building or
    within 5 metres of any University building.
11. No animals are allowed in the Residences                  for full details please see
    except for assistance animals.


We aim to give students the best experience in
their Halls by keeping them safe and supported
and by promoting their participation and ownership
of an equal and responsible communal society.

Students’ experiences in their Halls are often
the most important of their educational life.
Creating a suitable environment for study,
social opportunities and communal living
supported by good pastoral care is crucial.

Residents’ Charter
This Residents’ charter sets out in general
terms the services provided to you by the Halls
of Residence. The Charter also defines your
responsibilities and obligations both to the Halls
of Residence and to your fellow residents.

The Charter does not replace the
Residence Conditions to which you must
agree before taking up residence in a hall.
The Residence Conditions may be found at:


Before you arrive at the University:
• You will receive clear information          • If your application is successful once you are
  regarding making an application               offered accommodation you will be given clear
  to live in a hall of residence                information on how to accept the offer including
  explaining the process involved and           deadlines and a single pre-payment.
  the closing dates for applications
                                              • You will be given clear information regarding arrival
  and all costs involved.
                                                at the University and about your hall of residence.

In the Halls of Residence                                  During your period
you can expect from us:                                    of Residence we will
• Access during the period of your contract to             expect you to:
  clean, secure and safe living accommodation
  which conforms to or exceeds the UUK code of              • Adhere to the Residence Conditions
  practice and current health and safety practice.            and the University regulations.

• A friendly service that will be equitable and             • Have due consideration for other residents
  transparent and provide value for money.                    and not to cause undue disturbance.

• An environment conducive to study free                    • Respect the rights and health and
  from unreasonable noise, discrimination,                    safety of other residents and staff.
  harassment or intimidation.                               • Exercise care in the safekeeping of key cards/
• Repairs and maintenance carried out                         fobs and entry codes at all time and report any
  efficiently and as swiftly as possible.                     loss to the halls staff as soon as possible.

• Respect and privacy, giving adequate notice               • Ensure prompt payment of all fees due.
  for non urgent maintenance work.                          • Maintain a reasonable level of hygiene
• Access to assistance at all times from Halls                and cleanliness in communal kitchens
  staff, security staff or the warden team.                   and bathrooms, and in your own study
                                                              bedroom and shower room.
• Pastoral care from the trained warden team
                                                            • Remain responsible for your guests at all
• Communal laundry facilities                                 times and to register any overnight guests
• Student lounges                                             as detailed in the Residence Conditions.
• Cleaning of communal areas under a                        • Conserve energy, respect the
  clearly defined Service Level Agreement                     environment and recycle responsibly.
  as detailed in the resident’s conditions.
• Provision of a mail collection service
  with clearly displayed opening hours.
• Access to a well defined complaints procedure                Ken Griffith
  – see bangor.ac.uk/accommodation/essentials.                 Head of Residences


It is compulsory for you to                                          Failure to complete
complete the on line induction                                       the module could
                                                                     result in disciplinary
module before, or as soon as you
                                                                     action being taken.
take up residence in the Hall.
                                                                     A record will be kept of all those
This may be found at                                                 who complete the module.
                                                                     This induction is additional to any other
The induction will highlight some of the potential health and        such information provided by your
safety issues arising from living in Halls. This compulsory          department. It is your responsibility to fully
induction forms part of the University’s Health and Safety           familiarise yourself with the remainder of
Policy, which is reproduced in the Student Guide 2017-18.            the University’s Health and Safety Policy.

Fire                                                       Any student who breaks an alarm glass
There have, unfortunately, been a number of                to raise a false alarm or interferes
incidences of fire in Halls of Residence. The              in any way with the fire fighting
primary cause has been through carelessness                equipment, including alarms, smoke/
and/or negligence by residents eg unattended               heat detectors, fire extinguishers
cooking. The University treats all behaviour which
                                                           etc. commits a criminal offence
constitutes a fire risk, including tampering with
fire equipment and fire doors, as a very serious           and will be subject to University
breach of University rules and regulations.                Disciplinary Procedures, as well
                                                           as being reported to the Police.

Unattended cooking                                        Please familiarise yourself with the
can cause fires and                                       regulations regarding Fire in section
endanger life                                             2.10 of the Residence Conditions.

                   Fire Alarm                                   Fire Alarm Testing
                   When an alarm is sounded, loud               The fire alarm system will be checked
                   warning sounds can be heard                  weekly. Notices are displayed indicating
                   in all areas and you should                  the times and dates of tests. In these
                   immediately leave the building               circumstances, the fire alarms may
                   following the “Evacuation                    sound for periods of up to 15 seconds
                   Procedure” above. ALL students               before being silenced and you need not
                   and visitors must EVACUATE each              evacuate the building. However, if the
                   and every time the alarm sounds              alarm continues to sound, you must
                   regardless of circumstances.                 immediately evacuate the building.

Fire Precautions                                        Fire Drills
Your attention is drawn to the fire precautions,        In the normal course of events two fire drills
which are posted throughout the Halls. These            are held each year in order to test evacuation
should be read carefully and observed. You are          procedures. You must always evacuate a
advised to make a mental note of your nearest           building in response to the continuous sounding
fire exit and fire assembly point. To prevent           of the fire alarms (see “Fire Alarm Testing”
the unnecessary triggering of fire alarms or            below). The fire drill will need to be repeated
the spread of fire and/or smoke, you should             if residents fail to evacuate the building within
always ensure doors are closed and NEVER                3 minutes of the sounding of the fire alarm.
wedged open. This includes bedroom, kitchen
                                                        It is your responsibility to make sure you know
and corridor doors. Cooking in rooms and the
                                                        the location of the Fire Assembly Point for
use of candles are strictly prohibited and may
                                                        your accommodation (see Fire Notice posted
lead to dismissal. Smoking is NOT permitted in
                                                        in each individual student room). Anyone
any University buildings, including bedrooms
                                                        failing to evacuate a building when the alarm is
or within 5 metres of any University Building.
                                                        sounding may be subject to disciplinary action
                                                        and/or fine (see Residence Condition 2.10).

If you discover a fire:
                                                          • Do not bring illegal drugs, or
Immediately operate the                                     legal highs into halls.
nearest fire alarm.
                                                          • Do not cover heat or smoke detectors.
Evacuate the area immediately.
                                                          • Do not smoke or use e-cigarettes within
Evacuation Procedure                                        5 metres of any University building
1.   If safe to do so, close all doors and                • Do not burn candles, incense or oil lamps.
     windows of the room you are leaving.
                                                          • Do not bring weapons into halls. This
2.   Leave the building by the nearest safe exit.           includes illegal knives, guns, replica
3.   Do not use the lift.                                   weapons, tazer guns, BB guns etc.
4.   Do not stop to collect personal belongings.
5.   Do not re-enter the building until instructed to
     do so by the Fire Service or a member of staff.    Are e-cigarettes safe?
6.   Proceed to the designated assembly                 Check out the link below to learn more about
     point and wait further instructions.               e-cigarettes and the risks involved.

7.   Fire escapes are only to be used in                http://www.electricalsafetyfirst.org.uk/
     the event of an emergency.                         guides-and-advice/electrical-items/

                                       It is a serious offence to cover any smoke or heat
                                       detector. This will result in a disciplinary hearing &
                                       you could be asked to leave the Hall permanently!


Wherever you live on the                              How do wardens
Bangor Campus you will                                resolve problems?
have access to a Warden                               Now you have left home and are living
                                                      independently, we consider you to be young adults
Team who are responsible                              and therefore to behave as such. We would always
for your welfare and                                  encourage you to try and resolve a problem
                                                      amongst yourselves first. You may want to speak
for disciplinary matters                              to your warden for advice on how to do this - in
within Halls. We are all                              our experience, the simplest and quickest way to
                                                      resolve any issues is by talking to your flatmates.
either students or staff                              If you’ve tried this and it hasn’t worked again
members of the University                             you may wish to approach any one of us for
                                                      advice and we will help mediate a discussion to
living amongst you and                                establish the problem and agree a solution. If it
are available to support                              is an issue concerning your whole flat, we may
                                                      call a flat meeting; otherwise we can arrange a
you at any time during                                smaller meeting between those involved. We
your stay in Halls.                                   will monitor the situation until things improve.
                                                      If things still don’t work out, the Senior Wardens
                                                      have the authority to pursue disciplinary
What sorts of problems                                measures against any resident who is putting
can wardens help with?                                the welfare or safety of other residents at risk;
                                                      generally this would start with a warning but
We are here to ensure students welfare within         when appropriate the Senior Warden may issue
the residences, which means we are here to help       fines and in more serious cases remove the
resolve any issues that may jeopardise that. This     student from University accommodation. Ideally,
might mean a noisy neighbour, messy flatmates,        we would prefer for issues to be resolved before
if you are homesick or not happy with your course,    reaching this stage and, when handled properly,
food thieves… or any other unexpected “surprise”      they usually can be. As members of a community
throughout the year. Anything you tell your           we all have communal responsibilities.
warden will be treated in the strictest confidence,
so please don’t be afraid to approach us.
                                                                                    The Warden Team

What can I expect from my wardens?
• Wardens are a friendly and approachable bunch             • Wardens have a vast range of experience in working
  and we would like you to feel like you can                   with students, We will treat any information you
  talk to us about any concerns you may have.                  share with us as strictly confidential. We will
  We encourage you to come to us for help and                  always provide you with the opportunity to tell your
  advice, especially if you’ve already tried to work           version of events in any dispute or issue and we
  things out yourself first. You can come to us                will always treat residents fairly and with respect.
  with any problem, issue or concern you have
  and if we don’t have the answer we will point             • We like to resolve problems as swiftly as possible
  you in the direction of someone who does.                    so once all the facts have been established, you
                                                               can rest assured we will be doing whatever
• There is a warden on call 24 hours a day 7 days a            necessary to find a solution. If we don’t know the
  week. We live in the Halls so are never hard to find.        answer to something, we are very well-placed
                                                               to find out or refer you to the right place.

What do my wardens expect from me?
• Please make yourself aware of the                    • Your flat is going to be your home for the next 10 months
  Residence Conditions (summary on page                   or so and YOU have a shared responsibility to keep it
  8). We will not accept “I didn’t know….”                clean, tidy and safe. We are here to help when things
  As an excuse when things go wrong.                      go wrong but it is your responsibility to make sure your
                                                          home is a happy one. If you leave cooking unattended,
• You will be sharing your flat with several              you are not only risking your life but also the lives of your
  other students so please be considerate                 flatmates and neighbours. If you leave your corridor
  and respectful of their needs. Just because             door open or your room unlocked you are jeopardising
  you don’t have lectures until lunchtime,                the security of your flatmates and all your belongings.
  doesn’t mean they’re in the same position.              We would like you to look out for each other at all times
  Some people have lectures before midday;                and help create a happy community for us all to live in.
  some people like to study in their rooms;
  some people like to go to bed early. We              • Occasionally, we may need you to accept that there
  want you all to have fun but not at the                 are some issues that we can’t help you resolve. When
  expense of others. We aim to balance the                you share a flat/hall with several other people and
  needs of many different people and your                 live on a busy residential site, some problems are
  cooperation is vital for this to work.                  inevitable: the kitchen will rarely be pristine, there
                                                          won’t very often be complete silence, you may not
                                                          become best friends with the person next door to you
                                                          and you probably won’t always get your own way.
                                                          Sometimes we need to make the best of what we have
  Contact the Wardens                                     and if you are willing to compromise on some things,
  If you need to contact a Warden in an                   we will be able to help you much more effectively.
  emergency please call our
  24hr Security on 01248 382795                           The Warden team hopes that
                                                          you enjoy your time in Halls
  For non-emegencies you can email
  Wardens@bangor.ac.uk or                                 and will help you live in a
  call 01248 382667                                       happy and safe community.


Bangor University Campus      The Programme
Life Programme is run by      The Campus Life Programme
the Residential Life Team     allows you to take a break from
and Campus Life Crew, for     your studies and the lecture
                              theatre, meet new people and
all residents of University   participate in activities you
Halls on the Bangor Campus    already enjoy, or perhaps try
                              your hand at something new!

                                          The Calendar
                                          The Campus Life calendar
                                          of events is known for its
                                          friendly competition between
                                          halls, so we want you to get
                                          involved, regardless of your
                                          skills or abilities and enhance
                                          the community spirit. We hold
                                          tournaments of sporting and
                                          non-sporting events each month
                                          and we’re always looking for
                                          new tournament ideas. Previous
                                          events have consisted of bake-
                                          offs, karaoke, dodge-ball, 5 a
                                          side, day trip and inter halls
                                          quizzes, to name a few. The
                                          great news is, it’s all FREE!

                       Check out the Bangor Campus
                       Life website or Facebook
                       page for all our latest news.

We look forward to seeing you.
MEDICAL MATTERS                                                                             14

                                                        Bodnant Medical
                                                                     01248 364492
Local Surgery                                                        8.00 am - 6.30 pm
You will have been advised in your Welcome
Week diary to register with a local GP in Bangor.
Please ensure that you confirm your Bangor
address with your new doctor after your arrival.                     Bodnant Medical
To provide medical facilities not normally
                                                                     Menai Avenue
available in general practice, the University
has contracted with one local practice to
                                                                     LL57 2HH
provide special services for students.

Local Hospital                                          If you need an ambulance,
The local hospital is Ysbyty Gwynedd and this           please call security on
has an accident and emergency department. If
you suffer an injury please ask security staff          01248 382795 so that they
to call an ambulance. The Security officers will        may direct the ambulance
direct the ambulance to your room and advise
the warden team of your situation.
                                                        to your room and advise the
                                                        warden team of your situation.

Drug & Alcohol help                             Wales Drug and Alcohol Helpline
Wales has a free and bilingual
telephone drugs helpline providing              Freephone: 0808 808 2234
a single point of contact for anyone            Or text DAN to: 81066
wanting further information or
help relating to drugs or alcohol.

Community Advice & Listening Line
Mental Health
Helpline for Wales
                             0800 132 737


• All students will make a pre-payment when
  they accept their Residence Agreement. This
  is a prepayment of fees.
  full amount due to the University for your
  Hall Fees is shown on your Residence

• The balance of your hall fees (minus
  the pre-payment) may be paid in one
  lump sum on arrival or at Registration.
• Alternatively you may choose to make
                                                The University has arranged contents insurance
  payment by using the epay system.             for your possessions with Endsleigh Insurance and
  This is all explained in your Welcome         the cost of this is included in your hall fees. Further
  Week diary which you will receive             information and claim forms can be found at
  directly from the Academic Registry
  with the link to the E-payment.
                                                Please ensure that you note the level of cover
• When you register with the University, if     available and that you contact Endsleigh
  you have not already paid your hall fees,     yourself if you require additional cover.
  you will be expected to have registered
  your details on the epay system.              The University will always do its
• If you wish to pay your hall fees in          best to ensure that services meet
  one lump sum before registration              student requirements. However
  you may call at the Halls Office              occasionally external providers
  during opening hours.                         may be responsible for the lack
                                                of such services – e.g. power cuts
                                                or failure in the water supply –
 You may find more                              and in such circumstances
 information regarding                          the University can not be held
 payments including                             responsible. In addition Bangor
                                                University will not be responsible
 the dates your card                            for any delay in or failure of the
 payments will be                               ResNet or eduroam system
 collected at the                               due to any occurrence beyond
                                                the University’s control.
 finance office website
BANGOR UNIVERSITY SECURITY                                                                               16

Here at Bangor University we pride ourselves on
our students being able to study and socialise in a
safe environment. The safety of all staff is also of
paramount importance in support of our students.
We provide a security service that is available
for advice and assistance 24 hours a day.
Security Services                                Community police officer
Security Services is responsible for all types   The University is in the fortunate position of having
of security arrangements and the provision       its own community police officer, who can offer
of expertise and advice which include:           advice to students on safety and security issues.

• The provision of a dedicated team
  of in-house staff who maintain a               There is a police officer drop
  security presence on all residential           in desk located in the Main
  accommodation sites;                           Arts University building.
• A dedicated Central control room operating
  24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
                                                                      Security staff are
• Access control systems,                                             trained to provide
  burglar alarms and CCTV;
                                                                      first aid. If you need
• Out-of-hours access to students/visitors                            an ambulance or
• Control of car parking on                                           first aid call security.
  University Campuses

   If you have any security concerns, no matter
   how big or small please approach a security
   officer or contact us on: 01248 382795
   or if using an internal phone: Ext 2795

                           Bangor University security working together
                           with Students and staff for a safer campus.


Keys, Cards and Fobs                           Overnight Guests
In some halls we have key cards or key         Students are responsible for the behaviour of any guests
fobs instead of a conventional key. Please     they bring into the Halls whatever the time of day or
remember that once you open your door          night. Residents MUST notify their fellow residents/
with a key card it will then lock again when   flatmates if they plan on having an overnight guest and if a
closed. So if you pop to the kichen and        fellow resident objects their feelings should be taken into
don’t take your card you will be locked        consideration. Residents should be particularly sensitive
out of your room. It is not possible to put    in female only or male only corridors when considering
the door on the latch in these halls.          inviting guests of the opposite sex to remain overnight.
If your door opens with a key fob              Residents must register their guests names
you will need to use the fob to
                                               by going to www.bangor.ac.uk/myroom and
actually lock the door as well.
                                               completing the on line form before their
Please do not punch any holes in your
key card to put it on a key ring since this
                                               guests arrive. Guests must be over 18. This
will deactivate the card. Lanyards are         privilege may be withdrawn if abused.
provided by the Halls Office. There is a
charge of £20 to replace a broken or lost
card, fob or key and if you lose your key,
                                               Water Safety
                                               The University has an obligation to run the water in your en
card or fob you should come to the Halls
                                               suite shower room or washbasin at least every 7 days to
Office to purchase a replacement.
                                               ensure the prevention of the possible build up of bacteria.
Please note that Security Staff can let you
                                               For this reason we need to know if you are leaving
into your room if you are locked out. You
                                               your room at any time for a period of 7 days or
should telephone 01248 382795 to request
                                               more. This is particularly likely at the Christmas and
assistance or call at the Ffriddoedd or
                                               Easter semester breaks but may also be relevant if
St Mary’s Security Lodge. For students
                                               you leave Bangor for an extended work placement
whose contracts commence in September
                                               or return home if you are ill for instance.
this service is free until 8th October
inclusive. From 9th October you will be        You should understand that your room will be
charged £5.00 each time your room is           accessed by Halls staff during the period of your
opened for you by a member of Security         absence to run the water for a 5 minute period.
or a Warden. Students who move into            Please log the expected date of your departure from Hall
Halls at a later date will be allowed a 2      and the expected date of your return via the Halls website -
week period of grace before charges are        www.bangor.ac.uk/myroom
applied to their accounts for lock outs.
Residents will always be given
documentation to remind them of this           Room Transfers
charge each time they are let into their       Occasionally rooms will become vacant during the year if
room and should call at the Halls Office       students leave the University.
to make the appropriate payment.               • If you would like to be considered for a vacant room
Residents are reminded that they should          in another hall complete a room transfer request via
lock their rooms whenever they leave             the Halls website www.bangor.ac.uk/myroom.
them, even for short periods of time. If
                                               • Please note that we can never guarantee that a
it is necessary for a member of staff to
                                                 suitable room will become available and we do
enter a student rooms for any reason,
                                                 not open the transfer list until at least 2 weeks
e.g. for maintenance, then the room
                                                 after the start of the session. The exact date
will always be locked afterwards even
                                                 will be available from the Halls Office.
if the room was found to be open.
                                               • There will be a £25 charge for Room Transfers.
INTERNET ACCESS                                                                                         18

All of our Halls on the Bangor
campus have access to the
eduroam wireless network and
have a wired connection available
called ResNet. To access either
eduroam or ResNet you will need
your Bangor University username
and password. Your username
will have been sent to you with
your welcome letter when you                           If you do not know your username
                                                       you will be given it when you
accepted a place with us. You will
                                                       register for your course or by
also have been asked to retrieve                       telephoning the IT Services
your password from                                     Helpdesk on 01248 388111.

Connecting                                          Further Information and
Most computers will simply ask you for your         Assistance
username and password when connecting
                                                    More in depth connection guides for specific
to the eduroam wireless network. You can
                                                    operating systems can be found at www.bangor.
also download and install a setup program
                                                    ac.uk/itservices/resnet and www.bangor.ac.uk.
specifically for your computer system from
                                                    itservices/wireless. Free antivirus software for
                                                    University students and staff can also be found
To connect to the wired ResNet service users        at www.bangor.ac.uk/itservices/sophos.
will need to configure their computers using        IT support staff will be available to assist you,
the guides at www.bangor.ac.uk/itservices/          should you have difficulty connecting to eduroam
resnet/getconnected. If you have configured         or ResNet. To request support, contact the IT
your computer to use a fixed IP address or DNS      helpdesk by telephoning 01248-388111, or
servers you will need to change these settings      visiting www.bangor.ac.uk/itservices/help.
to automatically acquire addresses from our         Please be ready to give a description of your
servers. You will also need an RJ45 Cat5e patch     problem and all your details including your hall
lead to connect your computer to the network        and room number, your username and a way
socket. These will be available for purchase        we can contact you, such as a mobile number.
from the University should you need one.
You will also need to agree to the University
Acceptable Use Regulations. These prohibit,             Free antivirus software for
amongst other things, the sharing of copyright
material and creating your own networks to
                                                        University students and staff
share our internet connection. Anyone found to          can be found at
be in breach of the AUR’s will be subject to the        www.bangor.ac.uk/
University’s disciplinary procedures and may lose
their internet access from their accommodation.


Ffriddoedd and St. Mary’s Student Villages
Mail may be collected at the Halls Office at
your village. The timetable for mail distribution
will be on display in the Halls Office.

Students should use their key
fob to open their mail box.

Canolfan Brailsford
If you are a resident in halls on the Bangor        Your gym membership
Campus you are entitled to a student gym only       will allow you to use the
membership as part of your halls’ fees.             facilities at either village –
Your membership will last for the same time as      double the incentive to get
your term time accommodation contract.              fit and stay active!

                                                    Please note, you will need to
                                                    present your student ID and
                                                    register at Canolfan Brailsford
                                                    before using the gym facilities.
FACILITIES                                                                                                      20

Student lounges
There are student lounges                Laundry
available at Garth and both              There are launderettes available
student villages open from 8.00          for all residents in halls. Opening
am – 11.00 pm which may also             times are advertised on the
be used for student events.              doors of the launderettes.
In addition outdoor barbecue
areas have been designated on
each site for use in the summer
months. The computer hubs in
                                      Refuse Disposal and Recycling
Alaw, Barlows and Garth are           Residents are expected to empty the bedroom
open 24hrs a day. St Marys’           bin into recycling bins in the kitchen. Residents
village has 2 bookable kitchens
available for group gatherings.
                                      in townhouses and studios will be expected to
                                      dispose of their own refuse in the outdoor bins
                                      and recycling facilities.
                                      All waste must be disposed of in the appropriate bins provided.
                                      Please wrap all broken glass, and any other sharps, in thick
                                      newspaper and dispose of separately by attaching a note
                                      marking the contents as “SHARP” and leaving in a safe position
                                      near to the waste bin. The University wishes to promote
                                      environmentally friendly refuse disposal and recycling bins are
                                      located in all kitchens. They are provided for the recycling of
                                      paper, food, glass, plastic, tins and cans. These bins must only
                                      be used for recycling waste; inappropriate use could result in the
                                      imposition of extra cleaning charges.

Vehicle Parking                                                              Trains
A vehicle parking permit is required to park in the University vehicle       The station is a short walk from
parks which are normally controlled 24 hours a day, Monday to                all Halls of Residence. Tickets
Friday. Applications for vehicle parking permits are dealt with by           and timetables available from:
the Property and Campus Services Department which is located                 http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/
in the Ffriddoedd Building on Victoria Drive. The office is open
between the hours of 8.45am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.                    Buses
Registered students who are either resident in University owned              Local Bus timetables
halls or who live outside the boundary of the City of Bangor are             can be found at:
eligible to apply for these parking permits. The permit however
does not guarantee that a parking space will be available for                http://www.traveline.cymru
the permit holder. Non permit holders are liable to be fined.                0871 200 22 33
Further details, including the parking regulations, and
details of when permits are available to purchase, can be
found at www.bangor.ac.uk/eo/VehicleParking.php

Parking is only permitted in desginated parking bays. Parking in
prohibited red hatched areas may be subject to disciplinary action.


                                               5.   If you break something in your residence
                                                    you will need to pay for its repair.

                                               6.   Some repair jobs will be completed by
                                                    Halls staff but others will be passed
                                                    on to contractors to complete. This
                                                    is so that all repairs are carried out
                                                    by appropriately qualified staff.

                                               7.   The University will deal with faults on a
                                                    priority basis and will carry out repairs
                                                    as soon as reasonably practicable. The
                                                    repair time will range from one hour to
                                                    4 weeks depending on how urgent it is.

Maintenance                                    8.   Don’t carry out repairs by yourself
                                                    or engage contractors – it is
Terms & Conditions                                  impossible to check safety procedures
                                                    or the quality of the work.
1.   Damage and repairs should
     be reported online via                    9.   In reporting a fault you are giving
     www.bangor.ac.uk/myroom                        permission for staff to access the
                                                    area where the fault has occurred.
2.   Please call the halls office in any            You are not normally given notice
     emergency situation - 01248                    regarding the time and date of
     382667. The office is open 9am –               the repair. For all planned works
     5pm weekdays only. Please call                 that you have not reported then
     security if it is an emergency at              7 days notice will be given.
     any other time - 01248 382795
                                               10. You do not need to be in when the
3.   In many cases damage may become                contractor or staff member visits.
     worse if not reported promptly. Make
     sure you notify us of a fault that is     11. We are always happy to provide updates
     causing continued damage (e.g.                 on reported repairs. We monitor
     a water leak) or you may be held               the performance of contractors and
     liable for any additional damage.              appreciate any feedback you may have.

4.   If you don’t let us know about a
     fault in your room (even a dent in
     the wall or stain on the flooring)         For response times
     when you first move in, when we
     discover the damage you may be             and Damage charges
     liable for the repair cost and you will    please go to page 29
     be charged an administrative fee.
ROOM ISSUES & COMPLAINTS                                                                               22

Overseas Electronics                               Your Room
Adaptors for overseas electronics,                 Drawing pins, hooks, nails, sellotape,
as well as ethernet cables for your                double sided sticky buddies and stickers
                                                   should NOT be put on walls, furniture or
room can be purchased from the                     doors - You will be charged for any damage
Ffriddoedd or St Mary’s shops.                     caused to your room or communal area.


                                                   Noise Complaints
                                                   If you are affected by any unreasonable noise
                                                   in Halls you should immediately report the
                                                   matter to Security who may call a Warden as
                                                   well to attend to the matter. Noise complaints
                                                   will be dealt with in strictest confidence. You
                                                   may also report noise issues by contacting
                                                   either Halls Offices or the Security Lodges.

PAT Testing                                        If you have any problems with your neighbours
All electrical items and electrical adapters       or with food theft for instance, you may speak to
brought to University should be PAT tested if      a Warden in the evenings and at the weekend or
over 12 months old. This must be carried by a      call at either Halls Office to speak to a member
qualified electrician prior to your arrival. The   of staff. Remember that if you wish to speak
Halls Office will offer PAT testing surgeries      to a Warden in the evening or weekend you
in the first few weeks of each semester.           should contact Security. You do not need to tell
See our website & facebook for details             the Security staff the nature of your concern.

                                                   Complaint About
Vacuum Cleaners                                    Our Service
Vacuum cleaners are not suitable for sucking
up any spillages or liquids including vomit. You   If you wish to make a complaint about our service
will be charged for any appliances found to be     the complaint procedure can be found at:
damaged by liquid.                                 www.bangor.ac.uk/accommodation
                                                   and click on Essential 17 -18


My Room, Friends                                          I’VE LOCKED MYSELF OUT OF MY ROOM
                                                          Telephone or visit Security who will
                                                          let you back into the room
& Hall Mates                                              MY COOKER / SHOWER / TOILET
                                                          / CHAIR IS BROKEN
I’VE LOST MY ROOM KEY/CARD/FOB                            Report on line: www.bangor.ac.uk/myroom
Visit either Halls Offices to purchase                    01248 382667
a new key/card/fob
                                                          9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. weekdays only
                                                          Call Security if it is an emergency at any other time
Email the Head Warden at wardens@bangor.ac.uk             I WANT TO CHANGE MY ROOM
or call Security in the evening and weekend –             Go on line: www.bangor.ac.uk/myroom
01248 382795 – and ask for a Warden to visit you
                                                          I WANT MY FRIEND TO STAY OVERNIGHT.
MY INTERNET CONNECTION OR MY                              Overnight guests are allowed to stay in your room
COMPUTER IS NOT WORKING PROPERLY                          for a maximum of 2 consecutive nights in every 7.
Call or email the helpdesk on 01248                       Please consult your flatmates when inviting
388111 or helpdesk@bangor.ac.uk                           guests and you must register your guest by
                                                          visiting: www.bangor.ac.uk/myroom

Safety                  I NEED TO SEE
                        A DOCTOR
                                                          Loans, Payments
                        If you have not registered
                        with a particular practice
                                                          and Fines
THE BUILDING            you may visit the                 MY LOAN HAS NOT              I WANT TO TALK
                        Bodnant Medical Centre            COME THROUGH AND/            ABOUT MAKING A
Raise the alarm         in Menai Avenue for               OR I NEED HELP WITH          PAYMENT OR PAYING
and vacate              treatment. Please ask             FINANCIAL MATTERS            A FINE
the building            at Security or the Halls
immediately                                               Contact the Money            Call, email or visit
                        Office for directions             advisor in Student           either Halls Offices
                                                          Support Services in          halls@bangor.ac.uk
I NEED AN AMBULANCE OR FIRST AID                          Neuadd Rathbone              01248 382667
Call Security 01248 382795                                – 01248 383637

Insurance & Proof of Address
Go online at http://www.bangor.ac.uk/ar/main/          The block insurance policy is provided by Endsleigh.
who can provide you with evidence of address.          You should go to their website www.endsleigh.co.uk
The Halls Office is not able to provide this service   for further information and a claim form

I Need Help & Advice
ABOUT ACTIVITIES?             HEARING. WHERE             MY WORRIES                       GET HELP AND ADVICE?
Visit the Campus Life         CAN I GET HELP             Call Nightline -                 Visit the International
webpage or Students’          AND ADVICE?                the confidential                 Welfare Office in
Union where you will          You can contact the        listening service                Neuadd Rathbone
find plenty of information    Students’ Union            01248 362121
about clubs and societies     01248 388000

Email counselling@bangor.ac.uk                                  Wardens can help with all welfare issues,
or telephone 01248 388520 to make an appointment                help you get to know your neighbours
                                                                and visit your kitchen each week. Talk
                                                                to a Warden if you need help and advice
   I’M WORRIED ABOUT MY MODULE                                  Call Security on 01248 382795 if you
   CHOICES AND MY COURSE                                        need to speak to a Warden. You do not
   Talk to your personal tutor in your school                   need to give Security any reason – they
                                                                will call the Duty Warden for you
   Contact Student Services –                                   I WOULD LIKE TO SEE A SENIOR WARDEN
   01248 382032 – to make an appointment                        Call either halls office during office hours –
   to discuss you options. Do not leave the                     01248 382667 – to make an appointment.
   University or the Halls of Residence without                 wardens@bangor.ac.uk
   speaking to Student Support Services

Day to Day Life                                                               What About
                                                                              Next Year
FIND MY SCHOOL/THE               There is a laundrette facility
STUDENTS’ UNION/MY                                                            ACCOMMODATION FOR NEXT YEAR
                                 on every residential site
BANK/STUDENT RECORDS                                                          We will advertise when
OFFICE/THE LIBRARY               I NEED A CAR PARKING PERMIT                  applications are open for 2018-
Ask at the Security Lodges                                                    19 accommodation, it is likely to
                                 Go to the Estates Office above
or the Halls Offices                                                          be around the 1st of December.
                                 Bar Uno on the Ffriddoedd
                                 village to purchase a permit
I WANT TO CHECK MY MAIL                                                      I NEED TO STORE MY BELONGINGS
Check page 19 which              I’VE LOST MY UNIVERSITY                     DURING THE SUMMER
will tell you where mail         ID CARD                                     Call at the Halls Offices where
can be collected                 Go to the Deiniol Library to                you will find leaflets from
                                 purchase a replacement                      various storage companies



            MENAI                                          Craig Mair

            BR IDGE
 B54 20

                                                                                                                                                            S t

            B5420                                                                                                      e n a

                                    T                                     Pier
                                     E    F



                                GE S

                                                                Ocean Sciences

                                       STR APEL
                                          EET                                                                                                 BANG


                                                                                    a i


                                                                                t r

                                                                            S                                                                                       Bo

                                                                                                                                                       AI A

                                                                                                               Ffriddoedd                    Estates



                                                                  M                                                                 10


                                                                                                                                                                    CT RIV
                                                                                                                            9            11
                                    Menai Suspension

                                                                                                                                                                      OR E
                                    Bridge                                                                                                   12   17
                                                                                                                    5      6                   13  16       19
                                                                                                                4                        8
                                                                                    AD                     3
                                                                                  RO                                                                       15
                                                                            EAD              Playing
                            Sports Hall                                  YH                                                                         H
    Normal Site                                                       H
                                                                                                     2                            Brailsford Ground  F
                                                                                                                          Caffi Centre       Halls Off
                                                          A5                                    1                                            Mail Roo
                                                                      Ground Floor -                             D
                                                                         Conference                            ED
                 Y Bistro                                                                                   DDO
                                                                              Office                      RI
                                                                                         F   FO

Menai Bridge,                                      BE
Treborth Sports Site,

A55, Junction 9

              Halls of Residence

              Places to eat & Drink
              Sports and Leisure buildings                                                                                                                  08
              Other University buildings
                                                                                                                A55, Junction 10


            i                                                                                                ER

 r a                                                                                                                                        Swimming


                                                                    College Road Site

                                                         JP Hall
                                                                                                      20                                 GL

                                                                         BBC                                                               Y

                                                                                                                                       RO NN
                                                      IRO               Wales                        Neuadd                              A



                                            Hen Goleg
                                                                                             Rathbone                        Dean Street Site
GOR                          The Management
                                                                                 Office               ALDI

                                                                                Main Arts/                                                                           HIG


                                                                                Café Teras


                                                                               io nts
                                                                                                AD          Marks &

                                                                                 n ’
                                                  Brigantia                                  RO             Spencer                                      UN
odnant Medical                                                                      Pontio                                                          MO
entre                                                                                                      Bus Station
                                    Wheldon                   Memorial                                                            SE
                                    Building                    Arch

                                                       HIL                        Deiniol
                                    AN R A F ON
                                                                                  Library                             PE





  Fron                                                                                                                                 Halls:
Heulog                                                                                                                              1      Reichel Wardens House

                                                                                                                                    2      Reichel

 Floor -

fice &                                                                                                                              3      Enlli

                             Science Site                 ASDA                                                                      4      Peris


                                                                                                                                    5      Alaw
                                                        Students Union                                                              6      Borth
                                                        Nightclub                           Y                                       7      Elidir
                                                                                        PO                                          8      Glyder / Security Lodge
                                Ground floor Mail Room

                                                                                                                                    9      Cefn y Coed

                                          and Security                                  21                                         10      JMJ - Bryn Dinas
                                                              22                                                                   11      Tegfan
ailway                                     LIDL
                                                       23                                                                          12      Glaslyn
tation                                            24
                                                                                                                                   13      Llanddwyn
                                                                             26                                                    14      Adda
                                                                   27                                                              15      Idwal
                                                  25          26
                                                                               St Mary’s                                           16      Braint
              ON                                                                Village                                            17      Ffraw
            RF                                                                                                                     18      Crafnant

                                                                                                                                   19      Gwynant

                                                                                                                                   20      Neuadd Garth
                                      North                                                                                        21      Bryn Eithin
                                                                                                                                   22      St Mary’s Quad
                                                                                                                                   23      Penmon
                                                                                                                                   24      Cemlyn
                                       4   mile
                                                                                                                                   25      Cybi
                                0.5 kilometre                                                                                      26      Ffordd Tudno
                         © Mapping Company Ltd, 2015                                                                               27      Barlows

                                                                                                                   Canol y Ddinas/                                                                                        Canolfan Meddygol Bodnant/

                                                                                                                                                                                                     AV AI
                                                                                                                   City Centre                                                                                            Bodnant Medical Centre
          Neuaddau Preswyl/Halls of Residence

          Adeiladau eraill y Brifysgol/Other University buildings                                                                                                                                                                                      Swyddfa Undeb y Myfyrwyr/
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Students Union Office

          Llefydd i fwyta ac yfed/Places to eat & drink                                                                                JMJ
                                                                                                                                       Bryn Dinas                                                                                        HE
          Adeiladau Chwaraeon a Hamdden/
          Sports and Leisure buildings                                    RO
                                                                            AD                                                 Z                                                                                                           OL
                                                                      D                                                                                                                                  Crafnant
                                                                    EA                                                                                                                                                                               OR
                                                                  YH                      Cefn y Coed                                                                                                                                                   IA
                                                                OL                                                                                      Tegfan
                                                                                                                                                                                                     A                                                       DR
                                                          I   /H                                                                                Y                                                                                                              IV
                                                   G   YB                                             K
                                                ER                                                                J                                                                      Ffraw
                                        DD                                                                                                                                           U
                                   OR                                                      L
                                 FF                                                                                                                          Q      Glaslyn                                           Bar
                            A5                                                                                        H                                                                                               Uno
                                                                                 M                                                                               Llanddwyn                   Ystafell Gyffredin                           Swyddfa
                                                                                                                               Golchdy/                                                      Braint                                                          Staff yn unig/

                                                                                                                               Laundrette                                Golchdy/            Common Room                                  Estates              Staff only

                                    Ystafell Gyffredin             Alaw                                                                                                 Laundrette                                                        Office

                                                                                                                                           Porthdy                                       E
                                                                                                                                           Diogelwch/                                             Braint                       Gwynant
                                       Common Room                                    N

                                                                                                                                           Security Lodge                                                  Siop
                                                                                                 P                                                                      F

                                               Peris                                                                                                                                                       Ffriddoedd               I
                                                                                                              X                                                                                            Shop

Pont Menai,                                                                                          Borth                                 W        Glyder

Safle Chwaraeon Treborth,                                                  C                                                                                                                                      Idwal
A55, Cyffordd 9 /
Menai Bridge,                    Enlli                                                                                                                                                                        G
Treborth Sports Site,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Canol y
A55, Junction 9                                                B                                                                                        V                                                                                                                                Ddinas/
                                                                                                                           S                                                                                                                                                         City Centre
                                         A                                                                        Elidir                                                                                                                Llawr Gwaelod - Swyddfa
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Neuaddau ac Ystafell Bost/
     Meysydd Chwarae/                                                                                                              R                                                          Adda                                      Ground Floor - Halls Office & Mail Room
       Playing Fields
                                                                                                               Brailsford                                                         AD


       Reichel        Reichel
                                              Llawr Gwaelod - Swyddfa
       Wardens                                Cynadleddau
        House                                 Ground Floor - Conference                                                                                                                                  1/8 milltir/mile
                                                                                                                                                                                                 0.25 cilometr/kilometre
                                                                                                                                                                                                 © Mapping Company Ltd, 2015

                                               Canol y Ddinas/                                                                                                                                                       Canol y Ddinas/
                                               City Centre                                                                                                                                                           City Centre

             087 ARFO D
                 RN OA
               AE ON R                                                                                                                                                                                                                    BANGOR
           D     F
        RD NAR
     FFO AER

A55, Cyffordd 10
Caernarfon                                                                                                                                                   Ystafell Gyffredin
A55, Junction 10                                                                                                                                             Common Room
Caernarfon                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Eithin

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          OB                           Golchdy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               TY                   Laundrette
                                                                                                              Cwod                                      Llawr gwaelod Swyddfa
                                                                                                            Santes Fair                                 Neuaddau, Ystafell Bost
                                                                                                                                                        a Diogelwch
                                                                                                          St Mary’s Quad                                Ground floor Halls Office,                                                                                             A5 & Llandygai
                                                                                                                                                        Mail Room and Security

                                                                               Penmon                                                                       Derbynfa

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2          1
                                                                                                                                   Ystafell Ffitrwydd                                                4
                                                                                                                                   Fitness Room                                              5
                                                        Cemlyn                                                                                                                                   Tudno

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Canolfannau cyfleusterau:
                                                                                                                           9                                                                     Bar caffi, golchdŷ, ceginau cymunedol,
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ystafelloedd cyfarfod, manau astudio
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Facilities hub:
                                                                                                              10                                                                                 Café bar, laundrette, communal kitchens,
                                                                                                                                                                                                 meeting rooms, study space
                                 Cybi                                                                                                                    Maes chwaraeon
                                                                                                                                                         Multi use games
                                                                                                 11                                                            area                                                                     Neuaddau Preswyl/
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Halls of Residence
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Adeiladau eraill y Brifysgol/
                                                                                          12                                                                                                                                            Other University buildings
                                                                                                      Tudno                                                                                                                             Llefydd i Fwyta/Places to eat
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Adeiladau Chwaraeon a Hamdden/
                                                                                 13                                                                                                                                                     Sports and Leisure buildings

                                                                          14                                                                             100 metr/metres

                                                                                                                                             Reproduced by Mapping Company Ltd, 2015
RULES OF CONDUCT FOR HALLS OF RESIDENCE                                                                      28

A. Introduction
1. The  University seeks to provide students residing
   in its Halls with environments where individuals               2.     As part of their duties, the
                                                                         Wardens Team and Halls staff
      may study and develop in a congenial atmosphere,                   are expected to ensure the
      and express themselves to the fullest extent that                  maintenance of good order in
      is compatible with the interests of others. Implicit               their Halls. In this connection,
      in this is the requirement for all student residents               there exist powers which may
      to conduct themselves at all times in a responsible                need to be exercised from time
      and proper manner towards other residents.                         to time in the interests of the
                                                                         well-being of the community.

B. Powers available to senior wardens
1. The Senior Wardens of Halls of Residence are formally
   designated as Disciplinary Officers of the University 2. Areview
                                                               student may request a
                                                                    of the finding reached
      and, as such, are empowered by the Ordinance on                     or the penalty imposed by a
      Student Discipline to impose the following penalties:               Senior Warden, by writing
      • a reprimand such as a verbal or written warning;                  to the Registrar within 7
      • a fine not exceeding £100 for each                                days of the receipt of a letter
          breach of the regulations;                                      from the Senior Warden
                                                                          indicating the outcome of his/
      • a suspension of privileges for a period not                       her investigation. The letter
          exceeding twenty eight days such suspension
          may include exclusion from certain activities,                  should explain fully the reason
          buildings or the University Residential Campus;                 for requesting a review, and
      • a requirement to pay the costs                                    appropriate documentary
          of any damage caused;                                           evidence may be submitted.
                                                                          (Fuller details of disciplinary
      • or any or all of these                                            procedures and of the Review
                                                                          process are contained in the
      Senior Wardens may impose such penalties
                                                                          Ordinance, which may be
      summarily or following a formal hearing at which
                                                                          obtained from the Registrar’s
      the student would have been required to attend by
                                                                          Office or may be read at the
      notification of a letter giving at least 5 days’ notice.
                                                                          Halls Office by arrangement.)

C. Wardens
1. Each Warden has the authority to
   issue a warning to a student, whose               2.    In the event of referral being made, the
                                                           Warden concerned may recommend to the
      behaviour in Hall is considered                      Senior Warden that any or all of the penalties
      detrimental to the well-being of the                 specified in B.(1) above be imposed, but
      community, that the misconduct, or a                 subsequent endorsement or enforcement of
      repetition, will lead to the referral of             a Warden’s recommendation shall be entirely
      the student to the Senior Warden.                    subject to the discretion of the Senior Warden.

                                                     Bangor University
                                                     		August 2017

The below table outlines
the target times for                      Emergency repair work
                                          Repairs that require immediate temporary repair to prevent
attending to reported                     serious health and safety risks and major consequential
maintenance. In the case                  damage to the premises.
of an ‘emergency’ the                     Urgent repair work
immediate response                        Repair to rectify health and safety risks and secure/prevent
may be a temporary                        minor consequential damage to the premises.
fix, with the fault                       General repair work
permanently repaired                      Repairs which are neither emergency nor urgent repairs
as soon as possible.

                                Emergency           Urgent            Permanent           General
                                repair work         repair work       repair work         repair work

 Building fabric                2 hours             24 hours          5 Days              4 weeks

 Drainage                       24 hours            48 hours          5 Days              4 weeks

 Fixtures and fittings          2 hours             24 hours          5 Days              4 weeks

 Floors and floor coverings     2 hours             6 hours           7 Days              1 week

 Decorative finishes            n/a                 n/a               7 Days              4 weeks

 Heating, water system and      2 hours             24 hours          7 Days              1 week
 sanitary fittings

 Electrical installations       2 hours             24 hours          5 Days              4 weeks

 Fire and smoke alarms          2 hours             24 hours          5 Days              4 weeks

 Fire extinguishers             2Replaced
                                  hours within224 hours
                                                hours                 2 Days              4 weeks

 Essential equipment            n/a                 48 hours          n/a                 1 week
 (e.g total failure of locks,
 cooker, fridge,bed)

 Other equipment                2Replaced
                                  hours within27hours
                                                days                  2 Days              1 week

 Roads, paths, etc.             6 hours             1 day             5 Days              4 weeks

 External works                 2 hours             6 hours           5 Days              4 weeks

 Passenger lifts                2 hours             24 hours          n/a                 28 Days
DAMAGE CHARGES                                                                                 30

Damage                        Cost      Damage                              Cost

Additional cleaning           £25.00     Fridge or Freezer                  £354.00
Angle poise Lamp              £120.00    Hand basin                         £239.00
Bed Base                      £120.00    Hole in wall or ceiling (per sq.   £85.00
Bedside Cabinet               £80.00
                                         Ironing board                      £20.00
Blinds                        £35.00
                                         Kettle                             £10.00
Book Shelves                  £65.00
                                         Kitchen Bin replacement            £80.00
Carpet and flooring           £150.00
replacement                              Mattress                           £134.00
Clean Bedroom at end of       £30.00     Microwave                          £65.00
tenancy if not left up to
                                         Minor wall damage (scratch/        £10.00
                                         stain) per 5cm diameter
Clean ensuite at end of       £30.00
                                         Mirror                             £12.00
tenancy if not left up to
standard                                 Room noticeboard                   £28.00
Computer Chair                £63.00     Shower curtain replacement         £12.00
Cooker including connection   £350.00    Shower Door replacement            £200.00
and removal                              Sofa                               £200.00
Curtain Replacement           £100.00    Technician call-out fee for        £80.00
Data Socket                   £30.00     negligent use of equipment
Desk Chair                    £63.00     Toaster                            £27.00
Desk Lamp                     £15.00     Toilet                             £155.00
Desk                          TBA        Toilet seat                        £20.00
Dining Chair                  £15.00     Vacuum cleaner                     £105.00
Dining Table top (only)       £75.00     Wall repainting                    £100.00
Dining Table                  £110.00    Wardrobe                           £192.00
Disposal of large items       £50.00     Wardrobe door                      £42.00
(eg TV/computer)                         Window re-glaze                    £175.00
Door Frame Repair             £75.00
Door Lock                     £100.00       = Minimum charge
Door noticeboard              £15.00
                                        Labour may also be charged in some
Fire blanket                  £10.00    instances at a minimum of £25.00.
Fire extinguisher (new)       £75.00
                                        Please note – this list is not exclusive and charges
Fire extinguisher (refill)    £35.00
                                        may vary according to circumstances.


                                            A HEALTHY, SAFE ENVIRONMENT
                                            The Code makes sure that your
                                            accommodation is signed up to all
                                            necessary health and safety standards.
                                            Fire and utility rules
                                            Staff at your residence should be fully prepared for
                                            emergencies, such as fires and electrical faults, by
The Student Accommodation Code has          clearly displaying health and safety information,
been designed to protect your rights to     testing fire alarms and making sure fire exits are
safe, good quality university and further   clear. Heating, power, lighting and water should
education college accommodation,            all come as standard in your accommodation and
                                            drinkable water should be clearly marked.
wherever you are studying, and to
make sure you get the best out of your      Fittings, furnishings and facilities
                                            Your room should be fitted with a bed, a mattress,
time living in university or college        a place to study, a chair, curtains/blinds, clothes
residences. It outlines everything you      storage and a rubbish bin. All kitchen, bedroom
should expect from your university-         and bathroom facilities should be in good working
managed accommodation as well               order and there should be enough showers and
                                            kitchen facilities for the number of students using
as your responsibilities as tenants.        them. Your university or college is also obliged
Not all university and college              to provide you with a place to collect mail.
residences are covered by The Code –        Security
to find out which buildings are covered,    You want to feel safe in your new home which
                                            is why all main entrances, individual rooms
please visit www.TheSAC.org.uk
                                            and accessible windows must be securable.
                                            Someone’s bound to lose their keys at some point,
The Code protects your rights to:           so details of procedures for lost keys/access
                                            cards should be included in your welcome pack.
• A healthy, safe environment
• Timely repairs and maintenance            Your role in staying safe
                                            As well as ensuring that your accommodation
• A clean, pleasant living environment      is signed up to all necessary health and safety
• A formal, contractual relationship        standards, The Code also outlines a few things
  with your landlord                        that you should do to help stay safe and secure.
                                            This includes making sure that you don’t leave
• Access to health and wellbeing services
                                            downstairs windows open for intruders and
• A living environment free from            that you know where your nearest fire exit is.
  anti-social behaviour.

The Student Accommodation Code              A LIVING ENVIRONMENT FREE
protects your rights to safe, good          FROM ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR
quality university and further education    No one likes anti-social behaviour, and your residence
college accommodation. To find out          should have procedures in place to help make sure
                                            everyone is treated with respect.
more visit www.TheSAC.org.uk
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