Handbook for Parents and Carers 2020- 2021 - Cecil Jones ...

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Handbook for Parents and Carers 2020- 2021 - Cecil Jones ...
Handbook for Parents and
                          2020– 2021

                            Executive Headteacher: Mr R Micek
                             Loxford Trust CEO: Mrs A Johnson

The School Details
Eastern Avenue
Telephone: 01702 440000

Absence Hotline Number: 01702 440071
Website: www.ceciljonesacademy.net
Email:    enquiries@ceciljones.net

Handbook 2020 - 21
Handbook for Parents and Carers 2020- 2021 - Cecil Jones ...
Cecil Jones Academy

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope you have already had the opportunity to meet some of the fantastic staff we have here at Cecil
Jones Academy; please remember that in September your child’s form tutor should be your first point
of contact. Our Year 7 Form Tutors, along with the Year 7 Achievement Team Leader and a member of
the Year Care Team will work together to ensure your son/daughter continues to make a smooth
transition and good progress in their learning.

We look forward to welcoming back your child to Cecil Jones Academy for our first day of term on
Wednesday 2nd September 2020. All students should report to the area outside the sports hall no later
than 8.45 am. Parents/Carers are more than welcome to come to school with your child; however we
would be grateful if you could leave them with members of Cecil Jones Academy staff by the main
entrance. Year 7 will then have an extended registration period, attend an assembly and have a tour of
the site with their new Form Tutor. This will also give tutors the opportunity to ensure your
son/daughter receives a personalised timetable, Cecil Jones Academy student planner and information
on the school day. Please ensure that your child is properly equipped for learning and has the standard
school equipment pens, pencils, a ruler, a reading book because normal lessons will commence before
lunch. Your child does not need to bring a PE kit with them on the first day. Your child will be dismissed
at 3.10 pm and can be collected from the area outside the main gate. Please ensure your child knows if
they are being collected or are making their own way home. The area around the student entrance can
become very congested during the first week back after the summer holiday.

Please make sure that your child is dressed in the correct school uniform and is wearing no jewellery
except for a wrist watch. Details of the uniform will be available from the School Office or our website,
as it will be very different than the current Cecil Jones uniform. This new uniform is compulsory for the
new intake 2020/2021, so please read this information very carefully to avoid any confusion.

Please remember to label everything clearly with your child’s full name, as we accumulate a lot of
unmarked lost property. Anything found in school which is named will be returned.

If your child is using one of the many public buses, please ensure that they know the route and where
they need to get on/off. If your child wishes to bring a bike into school then a storage shed is available.
However, please talk to your child about Road Safety, encourage them to wear a helmet and ensure
they bring an appropriate locking device. Please note that parents should not use the front carpark as
a drop off point, because students are not allowed in this area and will not be able to gain access to the
school. The carpark is strictly for visitors and staff. All students in years 7 and 8 are required to cross
Eastern Avenue using the pedestrian footbridge, so please remind your child of the expectation.

Our canteen provides a variety of hot and cold food at break and lunch time. However, to use this facility
your child must be added to our school Biometric System. This involves your child’s finger being scanned
and converted into a biometric measurement, but not a fingerprint image. Your child then uses this
system to pay for lunch, take out books in the library and print off their work. Please see
www.ceciljonesacademy.net for more information on the use of Biometrics in schools.

Handbook for Parents and Carers 2020- 2021 - Cecil Jones ...
Regular attendance is vital to a child’s success at school. Therefore, we expect all children to be in school
by 8.45 am, so they are on time and ready to attend registration each morning at 8.50 am. The school
also offers a free breakfast club which runs every day from 8.00 am.

If your child is absent, then it is essential that the Attendance Team is made aware as soon as possible
and followed up each and every day. Details of their contact numbers can be found in this booklet. If
your child arrives to school after 8.50 am, then they will be recorded as late and will be issued with a
break, lunchtime or after school detention of up to one hour.

I would encourage all parents/carers to regularly visit the school’s website at www.ceciljonesacademy.net

I hope you have a lovely summer and I wish your child all the best for September.

Mr R Micek
Executive Headteacher

Handbook for Parents and Carers 2020- 2021 - Cecil Jones ...

Welcome from the Loxford School Trust CEO              PaS Page 5

What are the school’s term dates 2019-20?                 Page 6

What are the school times of the day?                     Page 6

What equipment is required for Lessons?                   Page 7

What happens to lost property?                            Page 7

Who do I need to contact about my child?                  Page 7

How is the curriculum organised?                          Page 8

What pastoral care is available?                          Page 8

How will my child’s learning needs be met?                Page 9

Is sex & relationships education offered?                 Page 10

What is the homework policy?                              Page 11

Can my child bring money and personal possessions?        Page 11

What is the behaviour policy?                             Page 12

What is the attendance policy?                            Page 14

What medical information do I need to provide?            Page 14

How do I contact the school?                              Page 15

What careers education and guidance is available?         Page 15

What about extracurricular activities?                    Page 16

What is the school uniform policy?                        Page 17

What is the Home School Agreement / Internet policy?      Page 21

Handbook for Parents and Carers 2020- 2021 - Cecil Jones ...
Welcome to the Loxford School Trust from the CEO

I have been the Chief Executive Officer of the Loxford School Trust since June 2013 and the continuing
Headteacher of Loxford School since January 2008.

Our partnership consists of 7 Academies. Loxford School is an All Through School, Aldborough is a
Primary School and The Warren School, Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College, The Tabor Academy,
Gaynes School and Cecil Jones Academy are all secondary schools.

In the Trust we believe that students come first and that every child can find a route to happiness,
prosperity and success. The Trust was created to enable staff to work more closely together to deliver
the best education possible for the students who attend our academies.

We are proud of the improvements we have seen in exam results and every School that has been
inspected by OFSTED since they joined the Trust is now either good or outstanding. More of our students
than ever before now have qualifications that stand out in comparison with other young people in the

Our vision is simple: we believe that by working together rather than in isolation we can accelerate our
Academies to be outstanding schools. In doing so, together we create more opportunities for the lifelong
success for our students as they become young adults.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

Mrs Anita Johnson,
Chief Executive Officer

                                               Gaynes School         Cecil Jones Academy

Handbook for Parents and Carers 2020- 2021 - Cecil Jones ...
What are the school’s term dates 2020 - 2021
 Autumn Term 2020

           Term                          Half Term                        Term                      Christmas Break

  Start           Finish             Start      Finish            Start          Finish              Start      Finish

Wednesday         Friday         Monday          Friday          Monday       Friday               Monday       Friday
   2nd             23rd           26th            30th             2nd         18th                 21st          1st
September         October        October        October         November     December             December     January

 Spring Term 2021

          Term                           Half Term                        Term                       Spring Break

  Start           Finish             Start      Finish           Start           Finish            Start       Finish

 Monday         Friday          Monday          Friday          Monday           Friday           Monday       Friday
   4th           12th             15th           19th             22nd            26th             29th          9th
 January       February         February       February         February         March            March         April

 Summer Term 2021

               Term                                    Half Term                                     Term

     Start                 Finish              Start               Finish                 Start              Finish

   Monday                   Friday             Monday              Friday             Monday                 Thursday
    12th                     28th                31st                4th                7th                    15th
    April                   May                 May                June                June                    July

                    What are the school times of the day?
 Times of the day are as follows:

           8.45             -   First Bell
           8.50 – 8.55      -   Registration
           8.55 – 9.55      -   Period 1
           9.55 – 10.55     -   Period 2
          10.55 – 11.15     -   Break
          11.15 – 12.15     -   Period 3
          12.15 – 13.15     -   Period 4
          13.15 – 13.55     -   Lunch
          13.55 – 14.55     -   Period 5
          14.55 – 15.10     -   Registration
Handbook for Parents and Carers 2020- 2021 - Cecil Jones ...
When is school closed for INSET days?
    •   Tuesday 1st September 2020
    •   Monday 30th November 2020
    •   Friday 16th July 2021
    •   Monday 19th July 2021
    •   Tuesday 20th July 2021

              What equipment is required for lessons?
Students are requested to bring the following items of equipment to all lessons:-

    •   2 Pens with black ink
    •   Colouring pencils (not felt tips)
    •   Pencil sharpener
    •   Reading book
    •   Pen (zip) drive
    •   School planner (supplied by the school)
    •   15cm or 30cm ruler
    •   Pencils
    •   Eraser
    •   Calculator (our Maths Department recommend Casio FX-85GTX)
    •   Protractor

                       What happens to lost property?
The school cannot accept responsibility for articles being lost on the premises, but if possessions are
clearly marked then return of lost property, when found, is possible. If your child does lose something,
then they should go to the School Office.

             Who do I need to contact about my child?
Year 7 Pastoral Team

Achievement Team Leader               TBC
Year Care Team                        TBC
Senior Leadership Team Link           Miss S Chapman

How is the curriculum organised?
Our aim is to ensure individuals achieve the highest possible standards. In the first three years this
is facilitated by a combination of setting and mixed ability grouping (with progressively more setting
as the students advance through the school). The curriculum is initially extremely broad-based
allowing your child to experience a wide variety of stimuli and learning skills. Specialisation increases
once students start their examination based courses.

At Cecil Jones Academy we recognise and cater for the needs of all children, including those with learning
difficulties as well as the very able.

Within the context of the ordinary classroom all teachers cater for those who are experiencing
difficulties. However, when it is considered appropriate 1:1 tutorials and small group work are
provided by members of the Learning Support Team or specialist teachers.

Years 7, 8 and 9

Subjects studied are:-

            English                                            Mathematics
            Science                                            Art & Design
            Geography                                          Design & Technology
            History                                            Modern Foreign Languages
            Performing Arts                                    Physical Education
            Citizenship/PSHE through Tutor Time                Computing
                                                               Religious Education
Years 10 and 11

            English Language                                    Physical Education
            English Literature                                  Business Studies
            Mathematics                                         Sociology
            Trilogy Science                                     Drama
            Triple Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry)        Music
            History                                             Design and Technology
            Geography                                           Art & Design
            Religious Education                                 Art Photography
            Spanish                                             Health and Social Care
            Computing                                           Hospitality
            Creative iMedia                                     Textiles

                         What pastoral care is available?

The pastoral organisation of the school, in particular, is concerned with the development of students'
social skills, attitudes and their personal welfare. In a large school, a clearly defined pathway of
pastoral responsibility is necessary so that students/parents/carers know from whom they may seek

In our school, the Form Tutors play the most important role in the welfare of individual students and
it is helpful if parents who are concerned with their child’s progress make initial contact with their
daughter's or son's form tutor. Form Tutors are supported by their Achievement Team Leader (ATL),
Year Care Team (YCT) and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).

Aims and objectives:

     •   to develop students’ social skills, attitudes to learning and personal welfare both now and in
         the long term
     •   encourage effort and commitment and links with the community
     •   provide a tutor who plays a vital role in ensuring the welfare, engagement and attainment of
         the individual student and is the primary link between the school and the parent

Working with Parent/Carers:

A strong link between parent/carers, teachers and the school is vital to the development and well being
of the student. At Cecil Jones Academy, a Home-School Agreement has been developed, which each
parent/carer and student is required to sign. The agreement is also signed by a member of the school.
This agreement sets out how we believe home and school should work together. We undertake to
provide parent/carers with regular and up-to-date information about their child’s progress, this is done

     •   regular assessment with effort grade reports to parents. These are interim reports summarising
         your child’s progress. These reports comment on behaviour, meeting deadlines and of course
         academic progress
     •   students also will have regular Learning conversations that focus upon their individual progress
         and set targets that will inform them about their academic achievement
     •   Parent/Carer Evenings – dates can be found in your child’s planner and on the school’s website
     •   Parental Surgeries

            How will my child’s learning needs be met?
Starting a new school brings about big changes for all the family. You might be feeling excited for your
child, a little nervous perhaps, but no doubt you have a few specific worries too. Even if your child is
confident and outgoing, there is usually some sense of anticipation about starting a new school, new
people and different routines that these changes will bring about. So here at Cecil Jones Academy it is
with pleasure that I can reassure you that every child matters and that we strive to meet the individual
needs of all as shown through our inclusive approach for all students on the learning spectrum. We
appreciate that students respond to the learning environment in different ways and progress at
different rates. This is why we believe in the power of enrichment, intervention and a personalised
mainstream curriculum to ensure all have an equal opportunity to access their Education.

Our focus for the forthcoming year will be to develop a deep rooted passion for learning and to grow
in a spiritual, moral and cultural sense. We are honoured to have the opportunity this year to nurture
desirable life skills ensuring so all our highest level of needs students will be able to confidently interact
with their teachers and peers. We have strong links with a vast array of Out-reach support workers
such as the Educational Psychology Service, EWMHS, Specialist Speech and Language Therapists,
Visual and Audio Specialist Teachers, Connexions, Essex Police and our Trust Education Welfare
We also have a wealth of knowledge and experience within our own Department with our Co-
Educators striving to complete additional training to upskill, along with working relentlessly, to ensure
our students are supported in and out of class. This is evident through our break and lunch time clubs
that run every day in the SEND area allowing our highest level of need students an opportunity to play
games and complete homework in a calm supervised environment. We also offer a homework club
after school every day to allow access to one to one support. To share the far reaching level of
additional help being offered to our students across the whole school, we conduct BASELINE testing
of all new arrivals to identify every student’s reading and spelling ages, as well as having the resources
to screen for Dyslexia and Dyscalculia if required. In addition, throughout the year we will work closely
with staff to identify suitable students for our
Intervention Programme which include small
groups and one to one for Social Skills, Emotional
Literacy and Wellbeing, Hand Writing, Lexia,
Phonics play, Alpha to Omega, Speech, Language
and Communication Needs, Reading Recovery,
Accelerated Reader, Numeracy, YCT Behaviour
Group and KS4 Academic Mentoring and Year 12
Peer Mentoring.

As a department, we feel it is imperative that we recognise and celebrate achievement. Throughout
the year we send letters home to update parents on positive teacher feedback and award positive
behaviour and achievement SIMs, subject and intervention awards as well as nominations for the
prestigious Head Teacher awards. For our students with an EHCP we host an afternoon tea event
every term, which is always a wonderful success and utterly charming with our students at the
forefront of running this. These events are truly valuable to our developing and strengthening parental
relationships. The purpose and impact of such an event allows our SEND department to work with
parents and students to discuss and gain a greater understanding of how to best support the growth
of independence, academic achievement and be able to fulfil their aspirational targets based on a
review meeting to discuss the student’s Student Support Summary and targets.

We will continue to challenge all our students to make outstanding progress and through our rigorous
monitoring we hope to instil a passion for learning and the life skills they need to become positive
members of the community. Finally, thank you in advance for your support; we look forward to
working with you and promise to always do our upmost to assist you with any concerns or feedback
you wish to share.

SENCO:          Mrs E Haken

              Is sex & relationships education offered?
Sex Education is one aspect of preparing students for adult life. The Governing Board has approved a
policy for sex and relationships education that ensures all students are taught in accordance with both
legal requirements and moral considerations. At the core of the programme is emphasis on restraint,
self-discipline and the benefits of stable family life. All materials in the programme are reviewed
regularly and are available to both Governors and parent/carers. This is taught as part of our PSCHE
programme and throughout the year we have also external provision groups in school to deliver
workshops. If you have objections to your child following a course of sex and relationships education,
then please write to the Headteacher.

                                                   - 10 -
What is the homework policy?
Why set Homework?

The aims of homework should be to:
• encourage independent study
• develop perseverance and self-discipline
• allow the practise of skills learnt in the classroom
• encourage students to work at their own pace and in a manner appropriate to their own ability
• enable class work to concentrate on those activities for which a teacher is required
• allow access to materials outside the classroom
• involve parents and other adults in students' work
• implant skills that will form the basis for lifetime education

Tasks set could be as follows:

Investigations, research, reading, drawing, interviews, public library visits, designing, word processing,
simple experiments, drafting, revision, desk top publishing, essay writing, report writing, making a
model, projects.

Amount of homework:

Homework is set on a timetable and should be adhered to by pupils.

On average homework should fall within the following ranges:

Years 7 and 8:           45 to 90 minutes per day.
Year 9:                  1 to 2 hours per day.
Years 10 and 11:         1½ to 2½ hours per day.
Sixth Form:              A minimum of 18 hours private study per week (e.g. for an A level student
                         with four subjects this works out at 4.5 hrs per subject).
                         When there is no homework set for any reason, then pupils are expected to
                         do an hour of reading,

   Can my child bring money and personal possessions?
We discourage pupils from bringing any money, except to use the cashless top-up facilities. The school
cannot be held responsible for money or other personal property brought to school. On rare occasions,
valuables can be deposited, during school hours, in the school office.

Mobile phones and e-Watches are banned from school. If phones are seen or heard they will be
immediately confiscated and returned at the end of the week. Laser pointers or other inappropriate
devices should not be brought into school and will be confiscated by staff. It is the responsibility of
parents to collect such items from the school. The school does not accept any responsibility or liability
for confiscated or lost items. Pupils are responsible for the costs of any loss or damage to school
property or equipment.

                                                  - 11 -
What is the behaviour policy?

School Rules

We have one school rule

        “Be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.”

Rewards and Sanctions


Throughout your child’s time at Cecil Jones Academy they will have plenty of opportunities to earn
Reward Points. We are keen for them to do their best in all subjects and we want to recognise their
successes whenever we can. For example, if they represent the school in Sport or Drama or if they help
out in the community, then their efforts will be rewarded and recorded. At Cecil Jones Academy, we
expect students to ‘do their best’ in as many ways as possible.

Effort, achievement and a positive approach to life at Cecil Jones Academy is rewarded as follows:

    •   reward points
    •   praise letters
    •   certificates
    •   badges
    •   lanyards
    •   prizes
    •   trips

Students collect reward points for achievement and behaviour. These are recorded on our ‘SIMS’


Students who do not follow the Code of Conduct and respect our entitlements will be dealt with in a
number of ways. A range of sanctions include the following:

•       warnings
•       detention
•       reports
•       meeting with parent/carers
•       referral to Year Care Team, Achievement Team Leader or Senior Teacher
•       close monitoring
•       inclusion
•       exclusion

                                                    - 12 -
We have a code of conduct that all staff and students follow:

The Cecil Jones Academy - Code of Conduct
            Students and Staff have both rights and responsibilities in Cecil Jones Academy

                                                  - 13 -
What is the attendance policy?
At Cecil Jones Academy, we are proud of our exceptionally high level of attendance. We expect all
pupils to achieve at least a minimum 97% attendance, however our aim for all students is 100% and
there is clearly a link between good student attendance and high levels of commitment and

This is achieved by a close partnership between staff, particularly Form Tutors, and the home. Rewards
are given for good attendance and the following up of absence is swift. Where students have a poor
record of attendance medical certificates will be required and a referral to the Education Welfare
Officer will be made. Parents are discouraged from removing children from school for annual holidays
because of the difficulties that this creates for students in maintaining continuous educational
progress. Parents should contact their child's Achievement Team Leader if they wish to discuss this
issue. Parents may be issued with a fine of £60 per parent, per child if they take their child out of school
during term time.

Absence Hotline Number 01702 440071
School Office          01702 440000

        What medical information do I need to provide?
It is essential that parent/carers ensure that the school is informed, in writing, if their child has any
special medical conditions e.g. asthma, diabetes. Parent/Carers also need to ensure that any out of date
medicines are collected from the school office and replaced with any new medication required.

The School will not dispense any medicines to students. If students find it necessary to have tablets or
medicines of any type on the premises, they must see the first aid officer in the office to collect the
appropriate forms. This would include both long and short term treatments. If for any reason your child
is injured, i.e. on crutches, then a member of the office team will undertake a risk assessment and issue
your son or daughter with a medical pass. In order to do this we will need to see medical information
from the hospital or your GP.

Children with asthma have swift access to their reliever inhalers when they need them. Students who
are able to use their inhalers themselves are allowed to carry them with them. When a child is too young
or immature to take personal responsibility for their inhaler, it is stored in a safe but readily accessible
place and clearly marked with student’s name by the person responsible for first aid. It is helpful if
parents provide the school with a spare inhaler for their child’s use in case the inhaler is left at home
accidentally or runs out. Spare reliever inhalers must be clearly labelled with the student’s name and
given to the person responsible for first aid.

Staff will encourage children with asthma to achieve their potential in all aspects of school life by having
a clear expectation that they will be included in the full life of the school wherever possible, including
PE and sports activities.

Students who may need to be treated with an EpiPen are supported in a similar way to the above.
Several staff are trained in the administration of EpiPens. Parents of students who require EpiPens must
liaise with the school office and their GP to set up a personalised health plan for their child.
EpiPen guidance has changed. European review – requires that two pens are always kept with the child.
                                                    - 14 -
The School Environment

The school does all that it can to ensure that its environment is favourable to children with asthma. The
school has a non-smoking policy.

As far as possible the school does not use chemicals in Science, DT and Art lessons that are potential
triggers for children with asthma. Children are encouraged to leave the room with permission and go
and sit in first aid if particular fumes trigger their asthma. Further guidance on medical issues is available
from the first aid officer in the school office.

                          How do I contact the School?

The school is always pleased to see parent/carers but it is important an appointment is made. Form
Tutors, Curriculum Team Leaders, Year Care Team and Achievement Team Leaders will gladly make
appointments to see any parent/carer who wishes to discuss or seek advice about the educational or
general welfare of a student. When visiting, please report to the school’s reception area. Messages
for students should be left at the reception area and we will try to ensure this is passed on to them as
quickly as possible.


It would be appreciated if, when writing about their child, parent/carers would head the letter with
the child's name, form and the date. A doctor's certificate is required for permanent exemption from
any form of physical education. For temporary exemption, a written note from the parent should be
brought to the lesson.

Parent/Carer Evenings

We have two parent/carer information evenings:

           •   Welcome Evening/Meet the Tutor (Thursday 5th November 2020)
           •   Year 7 Parent/Carer Evening (Thursday 24th June 2021)

     What careers education and guidance is available?
At Cecil Jones Academy, we are keen to give priority to the development of Careers Education and
Guidance. Careers Education and Guidance is ultimately about preparing young people for life beyond
their school career. Our main aim is to help and guide students to allow them to reach their full

                                                    - 15 -
Careers Education is delivered via the PSCHE curriculum. The main aims of the programme are:-

1)      To help students develop an awareness of their strengths and weaknesses
2)      To develop self-esteem to aid motivation and achievement
3)      To help students make positive and sensible decisions and choices about their futures
4)      To develop a broad awareness of the need for Lifelong Learning in a changing world
5)      To develop a broad awareness of the world of work
6)      To obtain a full sense of direction in preparation for adult life
7)      To develop their career ideas and widen their horizons
8)      To help develop their employability skills
9)      To manage their career choices

           What extracurricular activities are available?

The school offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. These either take place at lunch times or
after school. The school encourages all its students to take part in some extra-curricular activity.

The school has regular inter-school matches for both boys and girls in a range of popular sports.
Students are given the opportunity to represent their school, district and county in all sports. Regular
practices for school teams are held together with sports clubs for any student wishing to attend. Inter-
house competitions are organised annually and all students are encouraged to participate.

The music department is able to offer a range of instrumental lessons for students to continue their
provision from primary school. In addition to this, selected students are able to start lessons on rock
and pop instruments. A selection of clubs run weekly including choirs, bands, an orchestra and
opportunities for individual practice both at lunchtime and after school. There are many performance
opportunities for students throughout the year including showcase events and whole school musicals.
If your child plays a musical instrument, then please inform the member of staff you meet at your
welcome meeting.

Extra-curricular activities are not restricted to the music and PE departments. Art, drama, history,
science, photography, EAL, DT and games clubs are just some of the ways we support and encourage
our students to extend their learning. However, new clubs will also start in September; details will be
on the Cecil Jones Academy website.

Homework clubs are offered every day after school in the Library where students can get help with
homework from staff and prefects.

Educational visits to theatres, museums and local places of interest are regularly arranged. In addition
to this, there are opportunities for students to attend trips abroad.

                                                  - 16 -
What is the school uniform policy?
Students will be expected to wear the correct uniform and be of smart and sensible appearance at all
times. Individual fashion statements such as extreme hair styles, unnatural hair colour, designer shirts,
trainers and decorated footwear is not permitted. No decorative attachments are to be worn in the
hair. Hair bands must be plain black or white with a maximum of 50mm width. Tram-lines, Mohicans
or other shaved shapes in the hair and ‘bar codes’ in eyebrows are not permitted. Make-up and nail
varnish or nail extensions and false eye lashes must not be worn at any time. Tinted or cosmetic contact
lenses and decorative dental wear are not permitted nor are bandannas, hoods, caps or hats. Students
are allowed to wear a wrist watch and all other jewellery i.e. earrings etc. is banned from school.

School Uniform:

All students are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times, blazers must be worn (and not kept
in their bags) the correct footwear must be worn at all times i.e. black shoes which can be polished.
Hoodies, baseball caps and bandanas are not permitted. These will be confiscated and returned at the
end of the school week. All outdoor coats must be appropriate for school.

By requiring students to wear the school uniform, it is intended to develop their sense of loyalty to the
community of which they are members, and to encourage them to take a pride in their appearance.
Students are expected to wear full school uniform on the way to and from Cecil Jones Academy.
Jewellery and other banned items will be confiscated and only returned at the end of each week.
However, in some cases parent/carers will be required to collect confiscated items.

Post 16 students will be expected to dress in smart business attire and to set an example to the younger

A detailed list of uniform requirements can be found in every student’s planner.

Please remember that the uniform for the new intake 2020/21 is very different than the one worn before
2019. An example of this new uniform will be available to view at our information day.

School Uniform can be purchased at the following times:
A uniform shop will be open on the following dates and times during the school holidays:

 Monday           10-Aug      Cecil Jones Academy          1    11am to 3pm
 Tuesday          18-Aug      Cecil Jones Academy          2    11am to 3pm
 Wednesday        26-Aug      Cecil Jones Academy          3    11am to 3pm

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the school office on
01702 440000. Please see Pages 18-19 for a full list of uniform expectations and rules and Page 20 for
the order form.

Alternatively, uniform can be purchased online at www.schooluniformdirect.org.uk.

                                                  - 17 -
Item                    Description                                     Further Information
                                 Navy with aqua           Worn during the day, as well as to and from the school, unless directed
                                  braiding and            otherwise by staff. Only original buttons to be used to fasten – no
         Blazer                embroidered school         safety pins etc. (Cecil Jones Academy keeps a stock of spare original
                                      logo                buttons)
                                                          No jeans, washed grey, navy blue, corduroy, jean-like material, fashion
                              Grey, classic style, full   trousers/leggings or shorts. Trousers should be worn with a secure fit
  Trousers (Boys and
                                      length              around the waist. Belts should be black, demure and functional, no
                                                          oversized buckles, clasps, studs, trimmings, not worn as fashion
                             The school skirt must be
                              grey, and full box pleat
                               style (pleat must be       Skirts must be worn to their full
                                 from waistline to        length and not shortened by
                                                          either taking them up or rolling
                                 hemline) It must
    Skirt (Girls only)                                    them up at the waist.
                                be no shorter than
                                                          (Please note it must be a full
                                  3 cm above the
                                                          box pleat and the school logo
                                   knee with an
                                                          visible at all times)
                                    school logo.
                                                          The shirt should be tucked in and closed/buttoned/fastened at the
                              Plain white traditional     neck. Any polo-neck, T-shirt, vest or underwear worn underneath
                                    school shirt          should not show or be visible through the shirt. No designer shirts or
                                                          girls fitted blouses.
                               School tie, navy and       Tie should be worn at appropriate length i.e. logo must be clearly
       School Tie                aqua stripe with         visible below the knot.
                                embroidered logo
                                V-neck navy with          Optional, but only the school version is to be worn, no other jumpers are
    School Jumper              embroidered school         acceptable.
                                                          No footless, patterned or
                                                          fishnet tights, leggings or
                                Tights - Natural or
                                                          legwarmers, socks not to be
Socks/ Tights (Girls only)    black Socks - Black or
                                                          worn with tights, leggings or
                                                          legwarmers. Socks cannot be
                                                          knee length – ankle socks only.
                                                          A plain design, no trimmings, no logos, no decorative buckles, no
                                  Polished black,         coloured laces or stitching, no labels, no tags, or other decorations. No
                              traditional style, black    shoe/trainer cross footwear e.g. Prada. No trainers or fabric shoes e.g.
         Shoes                       laces and            ‘Vans’/‘Air Force Ones’ or rugged hiking/work boots, ‘Kickers’ and ‘Dr
                             stitching, black sole and    Martens’ boots or knee-length boots are not permitted. Plain black
                                        heel              ‘Dr Martens’ shoes and ‘Kickers’ Lo-profile and lace up shoes are
                                                          permitted; however, all stitching must be black.

                                                               - 18 -
No fabric/knitted tops, cardigans, jumpers, sweatshirts, tracksuit tops,
                                                         waistcoats, sleeveless or hooded tops, body warmers, denim jackets
                                                         etc. are to be worn.
       Coat/ Jacket           Appropriate for school
                                                         Students’ PE fleece can be worn on top of their blazer as an outdoor
                                                         coat if desired. However, no coats are to be worn within the school

            Hijab             Plain black, white, grey   For religious reasons only, with no patterns.
                                      or navy

PE Polo Shirt                                            Navy with the Cecil Jones Academy embroidered logo

PE Joggers (optional)                                    Navy with the Cecil Jones Academy embroidered logo

PE Shorts                                                Navy (Plain)

PE Fleece Jacket                                         Navy with the Cecil Jones Academy embroidered logo

PE Rugby Shirt (optional)                                Navy and Sky

                                                         Winter –       Long white football socks (plain, no logos or branded)
                                                         Summer –       Short white sports socks or long white football socks
PE Socks
                                                                        (plain, no logos or branded)

   Hair/Appearance          Individual fashion statements such as extreme hair styles or unnatural colours are not
                            Only black or white hair accessories are allowed.
                            No decorative attachments to braids or extensions are to be worn in the hair.
                            Tram lines, shaved shapes in the hair or ‘bar codes’ in eyebrows are not permitted.
                            Visible makeup, lip gloss, mascara and eye shadow, false eye lashes, eye lash extensions,
                            nail decorations, nail varnish, nail decorations or extensions are not permitted.
                            Tinted or cosmetic contact lenses and decorative dental wear are not permitted.
                            No hoods, hats, caps or bandannas to be worn anywhere on the school site.

       Jumpers              No pullovers, no cardigans, sweatshirts, hoodies or waistcoats are permitted other than
                            the Cecil Jones Academy navy jumper with embroidered school logo.

 Jewellery/Valuables No jewellery is allowed, except for one wrist watch
                     Nose studs, other forms of body piercing or visible tattoos are not permitted.
                     No accessories are to be worn around the neck, wrists, ankles or attached to clothing.
                     Large amounts of money and expensive personal effects should not be brought on site.
                     Cecil Jones Academy will not accept liability for any claim arising from theft, accidental loss
                     or damage to personal effects, money, belongings or clothing whilst on the premises.
                     Mobile phones, eWatches, personal stereos, e-readers, MP3/MP4 players, computer
                     games etc. are banned from the school site.
                     Money should be kept in a purse or wallet. Confiscated items can be collected on a Friday
                     from the School Office by a student, or a parent/carer at any other day of the week.

                      **All items of uniform should be clearly marked with the student’s name**

                                                               - 19 -
                                     School Wear Price List 2020/21 (@ 1               st
                                                                                            June 2020)
                                  (Order on-line at our website www.schooluniformdirect.org.uk)

Item                 Colour/Description                     Sizes                                   Price

Blazer               Navy with braiding and                 30, 32, 34, 36, 38                      £35.00
                     embroidered school logo (emb)
                                                            40, 42, 44, 46, 48                      £37.50
                                                            (other sizes available on request)

V-neck Jumper        Navy with embroidered school logo      30, 32, 34, 36, 38                      £17.00
                                                            40, 42, 44                              £19.00
Tie                  Navy Stripe with school logo           All one size                            £6.00
Girls Skirt          Grey Skirt with embroidered logo       9-10, 11-12, 13-14                      £9.00
                                                            15-16, 16-17                            £10.00
Boys Trousers        Grey school trousers                   26”, 27”, 28”                           £15.00
                                                            29”, 30”, 32”, 34”, 36”                 £17.00
PE Polo Shirt        Navy with school logo (emb)            30, 32                                  £7.50
                                                            34, 36, 38                              £8.50
                                                            40, 42, 44                              £9.50
PE Shorts            Navy                                   22-24,26-28,28-30,30-32 £5.00
                                                            34-36,38-40                             £6.00
PE Socks             White                                  1-5, 6-11                               £3.50
PE Joggers           Navy with school logo (emb)            11-12, 13                               £12.00
(optional)                                                  S, M, L, XL, XXL                        £15.00
PE Rugby Shirt       Navy & Sky                             30-32, 32-34, 34-36                     £16.50
(optional)                                                  38-40, 42-44                            £19.50
PE Fleece Jacket     Navy with school logo (emb)            9-10, 11-13                             £11.50
(optional)                                                  XS, S, M, L, XL                         £14.50

                Payment: Cash Or Debit/Credit Card (minimum £10 & subject to availability)
                  For information or questions please contact School Uniform Direct on:
                   Telephone: 01992 763679 or email: info@schooluniformdirect.org.uk
                              Buy on-line at www.schooluniformdirect.org.uk

                                                 - 20 -
What is the Home School Agreement / Internet policy?
                                        HOME SCHOOL AGREEMENT

The Loxford School Trust intends to make sure that all students achieve their best. It demands high
standards of work and behaviour from students.

Teachers do their best to make sure that every student achieves.

We work to provide learning experiences which challenge students, build self esteem and confidence and
so enable them to take up their responsibilities as adults, members of the community and at work.


Attendance at school is vital if all students are to benefit from the education that we provide and achieve
their potential.

Regular attendance at school is required by law. Parents have legal responsibility to make sure their
children attend school regularly. The attendance rate should be 95%.

If a child is absent, parents must inform the school immediately about the reasons for the absence by
phoning or sending a medical certificate or letter.

Dental or other appointments must be made outside school hours, unless this is totally unavoidable.

Family holidays must be taken during school closures.

If your child does not attend school regularly, we will ensure that we do everything possible to support and
encourage their return to school. Ultimately, we might refer the matter to the Education Welfare
Officer/Social Services.

Punctuality is an important part of self-discipline and is essential to have good time management. Please
ensure your child arrives to school on time every day (8.50am).

A detailed copy of the school’s attendance policy and school term dates and holidays can be obtained from
the office.


       The school will reward students who work
       The school will inform parents about low standards of attendance, lateness, uniform, equipment,
        schoolwork and homework
       The school will set homework regularly
       The school will make clear to students and parents the standards expected for good work and
        behaviour and what will happen if these standards are not kept
       The school will invite parents to Parents’ Evenings to discuss progress and achievement
       The school will provide written reports on progress, achievement and standards
       The school will deal seriously and sensitively with parents’ concerns
       The school will work with parents in dealing with any problems that develop about attendance,
        lateness, uniform, behaviour, homework, achievement and bullying
       Examinations – Re-sits of examinations are at the discretion of the school

                                                - 21 -

My child will attend school, regularly, on time, properly equipped and not go on holiday in term time

        I will tell the school the reason every time my child is absent
        I will support my child in good behaviour and support the school code of conduct
        I will make sure that my child is properly equipped for school
        I will support my child in doing homework and learning at home
        I will tell the school about any changes at home which may affect my child’s school life
        I will make the school aware of any changes my child’s address or my personal contact details
        I will do my best to attend Parents’ Evenings and information meetings
        If I am unhappy about any events at school, I will tell my child’s Achievement Team Leader or Year
         Care Team Person I will work with the school and meet with teachers if problems arise over issues
         such as: lateness, uniform, behaviour, homework, achievement or bullying.

                                     SCHOOL’S ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY

Student – Internet Use

As a student user of the Internet, I agree to follow school rules on its use and to use the Internet in a
responsible way. I understand that the websites that I visit and the details of emails will be logged
and automatically checked.
I agree that:

        I must not deliberately search for, retrieve or distribute any material from the Internet that
         could cause offense
        I must not gain deliberate unauthorised access to facilities or services
        I must not create or send material that infringes the copyright of another person
        I must not send any email that could cause offense
        it is my duty to report immediately to a member of staff the location of offensive material I
        the school is responsible for deciding what is offensive
        I must not allow anyone else to use my password
        if I fail to follow any of these rules, my Internet access will be removed

Parent/Carer Internet Use

As the parent of legal guardian of the student, I give permission for my son or daughter to use email
facilities and the Internet. I understand that students will be held accountable for their own actions. I
also understand the school operates a filter system to prevent access to offensive sites, but that it is
not possible to block all offensive material. I therefore support the school in setting rules for my son
or daughter to follow when selecting, sharing and exploring information.

This information is needed for our records. All information requested is covered by the Data
Protection Act 1998. “We must protect the public funds we handle and so we may use information
provided on this form to prevent and detect fraud. This may include matching the information you
have provided on this form with other information we hold about you from other sources, including
data held on computer records. We may also share this information, for the same purposes, with
any other organisation which handles public funds”. Please let the School Office know at once if any
important changes take place e.g. change of address, telephone numbers, medical conditions.

                                                 - 22 -
You can also read