Parent information booklet 2020-21 - RESPECT * RESPONSIBILITY * RELIABILITY 1 - St Pius

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Parent information booklet 2020-21 - RESPECT * RESPONSIBILITY * RELIABILITY 1 - St Pius


     Parent information booklet
Parent information booklet 2020-21 - RESPECT * RESPONSIBILITY * RELIABILITY 1 - St Pius
Parent information booklet 2020-21


Contacting the school                           2
Term dates and holidays                         3
Attendance                                      4
Staff List                                      5
School Uniform                                  6
Parent Portal                                   7
School Payments                                 11
The School Dining Room                          12
The Curriculum                                  13
Using the Library                               14
Physical Education and Sport                    15
Extra-Curricular Activities                     16
Behaviour and Rewards                           17
The Home-School Agreement                       18
Starting Secondary School                       19
Settling In                                     20
Establishing School Routines                    21
Equipment and Books                             22
Homework                                        23
Internet safety Information                     24
Useful E-Security Websites for Parents          25
Inspection Reports and Policies                 26
Parent information booklet 2020-21 - RESPECT * RESPONSIBILITY * RELIABILITY 1 - St Pius
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                           CONTACTING THE SCHOOL


Head teacher                      Miss S Smith
Assistant Head teachers           Mrs C Brown
                                  Mrs T Dixon
                                  Mr S Murphy
                                  Mrs H Yates

Telephone:                        01709767900


In relation to a subject or attainment concern, please contact the subject teacher or the head of
department. If you are unsure who this is, the school office will direct you to the correct person.
In relation to any other concerns, please speak to the pastoral manager or student manager
associated with your child’s year group.

Year group               Student support manager            Student manager
Year 7                   Mrs Johnson                        Mr McGee
Year 8                   Miss McGibbon                      Mr Coefield
Year 9                   Mrs Barlow                         Mr Slade
Year 10                  Mrs Hale
Year 11                  Mrs Brown/Mrs Yates

Everyday attendance at school is vital for children to get the most out of their education. However,
we appreciate that children experience illness and that absence is unavoidable.

Please telephone school on the first day of absence stating the reason. We will send you a text by
10am if we have not received a reason for absence and will ask you to reply. It is essential you let us
know why your child is absent.

If a student has a known medical condition, parent/carers must inform school upon admission. The
information will be kept securely in your child’s school records; all staff will be aware of their
medical conditions.
Parent/carers are asked to complete a medical form if their child is required to take any medication.
Any medication will be stored and administered in the medical room and recorded in the medical

If a student is ill or injured parent/carers will be contacted to collect or arrange for their child to be
collected from school.
Parent information booklet 2020-21 - RESPECT * RESPONSIBILITY * RELIABILITY 1 - St Pius
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                         TERM DATES AND HOLIDAYS

                                 THE SCHOOL DAY
                                     Monday - Friday

                            Lesson 1             9:10
                            Lesson 2             10:10
                            Registration         11:10
                            Break                11:30
                            Lesson 3             11:50
                            Lunch                12:50
                            Lesson 4             1:30
                            Lesson 5             2:30
                            End of the day       3:30

                              TERM DATES 2020 -21

 Tuesday 1st September                       TERM STARTS
 Friday 23rd October                         School closes for half term
 Monday 2nd November                         School re-opens
 Friday 18th December                        END OF TERM
 Monday 4th January
 Friday 12th February                        School closes for half term
 Wednesday 22nd February                     School re-opens
 Friday 26th March                           END OF TERM
 Monday 12th April                           TERM STARTS
 Monday 3rd May                              School closes for BANK HOLIDAY
 Friday 29th May                             School closes for half term
 Monday 7th June                             School re-opens
 Friday 20th July                            END OF TERM
Parent information booklet 2020-21 - RESPECT * RESPONSIBILITY * RELIABILITY 1 - St Pius
Parent information booklet 2020-21


The school places a high priority on attendance. There is a direct link between attendance and
achievement and we aim to work closely with parent/carers to ensure that all students maximise
their learning potential by being in school.
Students must be encouraged to take prime responsibility for maintaining an excellent record of
attendance and punctuality. Our high expectations are made clear to students by all teachers.


Punctuality is given a high priority at Saint Pius X Catholic High School. Responsibility for this is taken
by the students, parent/carers and staff. Punctuality is monitored on a daily basis; being late to
school will result in an after-school detention, being late to lessons will result in a departmental


The school registers students every lesson and parent/carers are required to inform school stating
the reason for the absence. If you fail to contact school then you will be contacted to explain the
reason for absence.

If absence from school becomes a cause for concern you will be contacted by your child’s pastoral
leader or student manager to discuss the concern, they are there to help you. If the problem
persists, it may lead to a fine.


All absences come at a price - children missing school may not be able to keep up with schoolwork
and it often affects friendships.
Missing two weeks of a term in each year of a child’s life is the same as missing more than half a


The school strongly discourages any planned leave of absence in term time because of the impact on
academic and social progress.

The headteacher has the discretion to grant absence under exceptional circumstances. All requests
will therefore be treated on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the school’s attendance policy.

Any requests for absence must be in writing. A LEAVE OF ABSENCE form is available upon request
from the attendance officer and must be returned at least 3 weeks prior to going on leave. If a
request for leave of absence is unauthorised and you still take your child out of school a request can
and in some cases, will, be made to the local authority to consider issuing a fixed penalty notice.
Parent information booklet 2020-21 - RESPECT * RESPONSIBILITY * RELIABILITY 1 - St Pius
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                                      STAFF LIST

 RELIGIOUS STUDIES                         ART
 Mr M Jones – Head of department           Mrs J Johnson
 Mr D McGee – 2nd in department            Mr Roberts SENCO
 Miss J Reynolds                           COMPUTING/ICT
                                           Mr A Pickersgill
 Mrs L Loring – Head of department         GEOGRAPHY
 Miss L King – 2nd in department           Mr J Lowry –Head of department
 Mrs L Stevenson Uff – 2nd in department   Mrs S Heilds
 Mrs B Loveday
 Mrs S McLaughlin                          HISTORY
 Miss E Woodcock                           Mr N Boardman
                                           Miss H Wagstaff
 Mrs S Perrin – Head of department         MODERN LANGUAGES
 Mr B Myers – 2nd in department            Mrs D Bassnett – Head of department
 Mr P Dadswell – Wellbeing lead            Mrs K Hensby – Head of department
 Mrs C Burgess-Tupling                     Miss S Jenkinson
 Mr S Faulkner                             Mr J Slade
 Mr D Morrissey
 Mrs M Pittaway                            MUSIC/EXPRESSIVE ARTS
 Mrs. K Seneviratne                        Mrs K Hinton – Head of department

 SCIENCE                                   PHYSICAL EDUCATION
 Mr M Kaye – Head of department            Mr S Turnell – Head of department
 Mrs T Tompkins – 2nd in department        Mrs J Ashton
 Dr A Brown                                Mr A Coefield
 Mrs K Handley
 Miss M Rae                                DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY
 Mrs K Simpson                             Mr P Johnson – Head of department
                                           Mrs C Allen
                                           Mr L Bateman
Parent information booklet 2020-21 - RESPECT * RESPONSIBILITY * RELIABILITY 1 - St Pius
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                                 THE SCHOOL UNIFORM

A high standard of appearance indicates a positive and orderly approach to school life. It
demonstrates conformity to school discipline and recognition that attendance at school is separate
from social life; this ensures a proper attitude to, and a sharper focus on, work.

Students are responsible for the care of their own property in school; any losses should be reported

Students are NOT allowed to use mobile phones during the school day and they must be kept in
their bags. Misuse during the school day will lead to confiscation.

Hair and Make up
 Hair should be neat and tidy.
 Extremes of hair fashions are not allowed.
 Hair must not be dyed an unnatural colour, or have sections of different colours dyed into it.
 Hair or eyebrows must not have patterns or cuts shaved into them.
 Students are not allowed to wear blusher, lipstick, lip-gloss, mascara, eye shadow, or eyeliner.
 Students will be asked to remove excessive foundation or concealer.
 Students are not allowed to wear nail varnish or false nails. False nails should not be applied
    during term time.
 Students are not allowed to wear baseball caps.

  Students may wear a watch and a small plain cross or crucifix.
  Students may wear one pair of small stud earrings and must be able to be removed for Physical
  Facial piercings are not allowed.
  No other jewellery is allowed.

Black Blazer available from the uniform suppliers Pinders
 School badge should be purchased from the school library.
 Blazers should be worn to and from school and at all times during the school day.
 Hoodies, coloured jackets, tops, sweatshirts or crew neck jumpers must not be worn at any time
    in school.
 A suitable outdoor coat may be worn on top of the blazer if required, but must be removed
    once the student enters the classroom.

Black jumper or cardigan
 Must be V-necked and the tie must be visible.
 Must have long sleeves.
 Should not extend below the blazer.

White long or short-sleeved shirt or blouse
 Must be long enough to tuck into trousers or skirt and must be tucked in at all times.
 Must button up to the neck.
Parent information booklet 2020-21 - RESPECT * RESPONSIBILITY * RELIABILITY 1 - St Pius
Parent information booklet 2020-21

Plain black trousers / skirt
 Trousers and skirts should be plain, and have no adornments, no rivets or decorative zips.
 Skirts should be of an acceptable length, no more than 5 cm above the knee. If tights are worn
     they should be plain black or natural.
 Trousers should be tailored, not tight fitting and should cover the top of the shoes.
 Jeans, cords, chinos, jeggings, leggings, cargo trousers, and tracksuit bottoms are not allowed.
 Only plain black leather belts are allowed.

Black Shoes
 Shoes must be completely black, low heeled and have no obvious logos.
 Sandals and canvas and Vivienne Westwood style shoes are not allowed.
 Ugg style or wellington type boots are not allowed.
 If boots are worn trousers must be worn over the top of them.
 Shoes must be worn with black tights or full-length socks not trainer socks.

All students’ belongings should be labelled clearly. Please note that items of clothing bought from
the uniform section of shops is not necessarily appropriate for our school.

The final decision regarding suitability for school will be made by the Assistant Head teacher. If a
student is not dressed in correct school uniform they may be kept in isolation or sent home to get

Additional items which are not part of the school uniform may be confiscated and returned at the
end of the school day.
Parent information booklet 2020-21 - RESPECT * RESPONSIBILITY * RELIABILITY 1 - St Pius
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                             ACCEPTABLE UNIFORM
Parent information booklet 2020-21 - RESPECT * RESPONSIBILITY * RELIABILITY 1 - St Pius
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                                   THE PARENT PORTAL

A new portal will be released soon and further guidance on how to use it will be made available.

The new portal will show:

You can have instant access to your child’s current attendance and you can also preview their
historic attendance.

You can see your child’s positive behaviour points that support the school’s rewards system. There is
a record of incidents that your child has been involved in under this heading. If there has been a
serious incident you will have been contacted by the pastoral team. If you require attentional
information about the incidents recorded here please contact the pastoral team at school.

A copy of all reports sent home can be accessed here.

By scrolling to the bottom of the page you can access your child’s timetable.
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                                     SCHOOL PAYMENTS


The school uses the School Gateway payment system that enables parent/carers to make secure
online payments for school meals, trips and any other school expenses using credit and debit cards.
By making cashless payments, you can be assured that the money has reached the school safely and
has been used for the intended purpose. To make things clear, we notify parent/carers of new items
for payment by text or email.


All you need are your email address and mobile number that school holds on record for you.
To download the app:
If you have a smartphone, please download School Gateway from your app store (Android and
iPhone). The app shows the same information as the website.
Click on the ‘School Gateway’ log in button, and then click on ‘New User’. Complete the details and
press ‘send pin’. You will then receive a text message with a PIN number. Use this PIN to log into
School Gateway.
Trouble logging in? It may be because the school does not have your current email and/or mobile
phone number on record. Please contact the school and we will update the details on our system.

If you have children in other schools who use School Gateway and you are already registered, you
will not need to register again, as all your children will appear in the one account.


The school also uses a biometrics or finger print system to pay for school meals. Students simply
place their finger on the reader and funds will be added or deducted. Students will be given full
instruction on how do this when they arrive in school. We will therefore require permission from
each parent/carer to obtain their child’s fingerprint.

If you would prefer not to use the biometric system, your
child will be given a personal pin number that will act in the
same way.


You are also able to pay for any charitable donations such as
non-uniform days through the “School Gateway”

As a Voluntary Aided school, we must pay 10% of the costs of
any work carried out to maintain or improve our school
building. The money for this comes from contributions made
by parent/carers to the Diocesan School Building Fund. This
can be paid via the School Gateway.
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                                    THE DINING ROOM

The school offers a school meals service in the dining room and at an outside pod.

The facility comprises of a recently refurbished space. There is a seating area both inside the dining
room and in an area outside. Students who purchase food inside the dining room are to be seated
there to eat their meal. Students may choose to buy a packed lunch that should also be eaten in the
dining room. Students purchasing food outside must eat in the outdoor seating area.

At break time, students can purchase a mid-morning snack. The products that are on offer include

   Main meal deal £2.25 (meal of the day, cookie and water)
   Main meals: Chicken curry & rice, beef or cheeseburger, roast lunch, macaroni cheese, pasta
    bake, pork flatbread, chicken drumsticks, sausage & mash.
   Pasta pots with one topping £1.80 2 toppings £2.30.
   Jacket potato two fillings £1.60.
   Jacket potato meal deal one filling, cookie & water.
   A selection of cakes, biscuits and cookies from 60p
   Cold sandwich meal deal £2.25 - this includes either cheese or ham sandwich, a cookie & water.
   Baguettes: ham, tuna, turkey with salad £1.95
   Triangle sandwiches: Ham, tuna, Turkey, egg mayo £1.50
   Hot baguette with either BBQ chicken or cheese and ham £1.95
   Hot wrap with either BBQ chicken, cheese or ham £1.80
   Baguette pizza with various toppings 99p
   Break Time:
   Bacon sandwich 90p
   Pizza 99p
   Pancake 36p
   Waffle £1.20
   Cheese Bagel -half 60p full£1.00
   Toast 32p
   Crumpets x 2 50p
   A selection of drinks are available from 65p to £1.10

Prices are current and may be increased in September.
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                                          THE CURRICULUM


We offer a broad and balanced curriculum with the majority of GCSE subjects not starting until KS4.

In the first three years, a wide range of subjects will be studied - English, mathematics, science,
religious studies, art, computing, geography, history, modern foreign languages, music, physical
education and technology (both cooking and nutrition and design and technology).

There are additional opportunities for
students to experience a wide range of
activities beyond the classroom all of
which encourage the development of
independence, research and study skills,
and creative thinking.


The PSHCE programme tackles a wide
range of relevant issues such as current
affairs, preparation for life, social skills,
anti-bulling, safety, careers and health


At KS3 students are placed in forms of mixed ability. Students are taught in ability groups in
mathematics from year 7 onwards. Physical education and technology/art are taught in smaller non-
form groups.
Students are placed in sets in English, science and modern foreign languages at some point during
key stage 3.
Throughout the school year, students will take a series of tests to monitor progress.


All students will follow a core curriculum of English language, English literature, mathematics,
religious studies and either double or triple science.
At the end of year 8 students will choose 3 options for GCSE. They will start one of these options in
year 9 and be examined at the end of year 10 in this subject. Students will also start their English,
mathematics, religious studies and science GCSE during year 9; all other subjects will start in year 10.

Whilst students are free to choose their GCSE subjects they are expected to include history and/or
geography. Students are also advised to take a modern foreign language; this will ensure a broad set
of skills at this stage.
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                                       USING THE LIBRARY

The school has a library that is housed in a light spacious room that has been recently modernised. It
contains a variety of different styles of books including fiction, non-fiction and reference books.

The library has a welcoming table and
seating area where students are
encouraged to read during library time.

The library is equipped with thirty
networked computers supported by
Microsoft Office and allowing access to
the internet, as well as printing facilities.

All students have access to the library
and are encouraged to borrow
resources; up to three books at a time
may be borrowed for a period of two

All year 7 students receive an introduction to the library and in conjunction with the English
department have allocated library time. All students must have a reading book for all English

Independent study may be carried out in the library during lunchtimes and timetabled sessions after


                                                                A selection of students will take part
                                                                in the national Accelerated Reading
                                                                Programme that helps manage and
                                                                monitor their reading practices and
                                                                further encourage them in
                                                                independent reading. The internet-
                                                                based software initially screens
                                                                students according to their reading
                                                                levels and suggests books that match
                                                                their reading age and interests.
                                                                Students take computerised quizzes
                                                                on the books they have read and
                                                                earn associated Accelerated Reader
                                                                points as part of the scheme.
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                           PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT

Expertise in sports’ teaching combined with excellent facilities, allows students to be offered a wide
range of sporting activities in lessons.

The sports’ complex includes a modern sports hall which
has four badminton courts and can be used for
basketball, volleyball, netball, indoor tennis, table
tennis, indoor hockey as well as having four full size
trampolines. In addition, there is a well-equipped
gymnasium used for gymnastics and dance.

The outdoor facilities accommodate two football
pitches, a hockey pitch, a grid teaching area. During the
summer, they are converted to a full range of athletic
facilities and rounders’ and cricket pitches. The hard-court areas are arranged as four tennis and
netball courts.


The department runs a range of extra-curricular activities including teams in football, badminton,
netball, rounders, cricket, trampolining, as well as a range of non-competitive sessions in basketball,
dance, gymnastics and table tennis. Saint Pius X students recently won three of the five football
plates for Rotherham schools and were South Yorkshire finalists in trampolining.


The physical education department operates a
‘can do’ attitude focusing on what the students
can do in lessons and not focusing on what they
cannot do.

Physical activity is a key part of a healthy lifestyle
and is imperative for children and teenagers for
their physical, mental and social wellbeing
particularly during school.

It is in the interest of all of our students to take
an active role in their compulsory physical
education lessons each week. This is of particular
importance if it is the only physical activity they
take part in a week in order to maintain a healthy

If a student is ill or injured, and is unable to take a full and active part in physical education then they
should bring in a signed and dated note from the parent/carer to excuse them from taking part
actively in the lesson. However, where possible, it is expected that students change into their PE kit
and take on a supportive role in the lesson.
Parent information booklet 2020-21


Available from the uniform suppliers Pinders

                   BOYS                                                        GIRLS

            Saint Pius X Polo shirt                                     Saint Pius X Polo shirt
           Saint Pius X Sweatshirt                                     Saint Pius X Sweatshirt
     Saint Pius X Shorts (or navy shorts)                        Saint Pius X Shorts (or navy shorts)
             Navy football socks                                         Navy football socks
         Appropriate sports trainers                                 Appropriate sports trainers
          Football boots and shin pads                                Black legging and leotard

In the event of cold weather students are encouraged to wear navy or black plain tracksuit bottoms.

                            EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES

School life is busy and varied and there are a wide range of
activities in which the students can take part – these include
sport, dance, gymnastics, mathematics, debating, board
games, art, drama and music.
Extra-curricular activities take part at lunchtimes and after
school. Students can aspire, succeed and lead at all levels
whilst thoroughly enjoying all aspects of our varied
programme. There is something for everyone.


                                                                  There is an annual school production
                                                                  where students are encouraged to
                                                                  showcase their talents. Students put
                                                                  on an excellent display of drama and
                                                                  dance, singing and music.

                                                                  The production is watched by our
                                                                  family of primary schools as well as
                                                                  evening performances for
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                              BEHAVIOUR AND REWARDS

As a catholic school, we have high expectations of all our students. Our school ethos is based on the
gospel message of “Love one another as I have loved you” John 13, valuing every individual along
with the importance of forgiveness and reconciliation. These are central to the way in which we
approach behaviour at Saint Pius X Catholic High School. We seek to correct inappropriate
behaviour, to instil self-respect and develop self-discipline rather than to punish, alongside
celebrating achievements.

We believe that anyone who attends Saint Pius X Catholic High
School should feel part of a safe, secure, caring environment,
without being hindered by the behaviour of any other person
or group. There is a direct link between the way young people
learn and their behaviour. All staff help to encourage students’
understanding of socially acceptable and appropriate
behaviour. Behaviour that disrupts learning is not acceptable.
We do not tolerate bullying and have an anti-bullying policy
that describes strategies for dealing with any such incidents.
The school’s behaviour management system is based on the
school rules, Respect, Responsibility and Reliability, which are
displayed in each teaching area. If students do not conform to
the standards we expect a system of sanctions is put in place.


                                        We enjoy celebrating the success of our students. Staff send
                                        text home for students who have gone above and beyond
                                        the classroom and educational expectations during lessons.
                                        Postcards are sent home for students who have been
                                        consistently outstanding in lessons or have contributed to
                                        the life of school.


The school and staff use a variety of sanctions where inappropriate actions have occurred. These
include, detention during and after school, removal from lessons referred to as isolation, internal
exclusion both on site or at a partner school and in extreme cases a fixed term or permanent
exclusion. A copy of the behaviour policy is available on the school website


The school has a student support centre that is staffed by four full time student support managers
who are able to offer support for the pastoral needs of students. In the centre we are able to
support the social and emotional well-being of all students and complete work to develop resilience
and equip them with skills for their future.
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                         THE HOME/SCHOOL AGREEMENT

The school wishes to work in partnership with home to ensure students can achieve their maximum

Our school rules support this. These are: Ready, Responsible, Reliable.

Parent/carer’s responsibilities

   Ensure my child attends school regularly, on time, suitably equipped and in full school uniform.
   Inform the school of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour.
   Support the distinctive catholic ethos of the school, and its Christian values.
   Attend consultation evenings and discussions about my child’s progress.
   Encourage my child to show kindness and consideration to others.
   Support the catholic community and the school governors in their responsibilities for
    maintaining the school buildings in good repair.

Student’s responsibilities

   Show respect for the catholic traditions and prayer life of the school.
   Attend school regularly and on time.
   Wear the school uniform correctly and bring all the equipment I need every day.
   Take care of all school equipment and help to keep our school free from litter.
   Learn something new each lesson and always do my best.
   Complete all my homework on time.
   Think for myself and take responsibility for my actions.
   Observe all the school rules and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

School’s responsibilities
 Provide a secure, stimulating, Christian environment in which to learn.
 Ensure every child matters and is valued for who he/she is and helped to make good progress in
   their spiritual, moral, emotional and academic development.
 Demonstrate our catholic faith by what we teach and the way we live and worship in our school.
 Provide parent/carers with information about their child’s progress.
 Keep parent/carers well informed about school policies and activities.
 Contact parent/carers if there is a problem with their child’s attendance, behaviour or work.
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                           STARTING SECONDARY SCHOOL

In the following pages we have included a few tried and tested tips for parent/carers that will
hopefully be useful. Remember, if in doubt, contact us.

What are the common worries about starting secondary school?

   Not making friends
   Movement around school and getting lost
   Homework
   Not being able to complete their work
   Getting to school and back
   Being unsure about what to do if there is a problem
   Not getting on with the teachers
   Getting into trouble
   Not having the right books or equipment


                                              Moving from primary to secondary school is a
                                              significant and exciting event in a child’s life.
                                              It is important milestone which often marks a change in
                                              expectations of teachers and parent/carers in regard to
                                              vital skills such as independent working and self-
                                              organisation. Children are often expected to cope with
                                              a whole variety of new experiences many of which
                                              demand skills and abilities that they have not needed
                                              before. These skills do not spontaneously develop in
                                              children they have to be learnt and children need
                                              support in developing these skills.

The most common worries mentioned above
usually disappear after a week or two. It may be
useful to tell your child that everyone will be
feeling anxious. Also, since there will be many
more children in year 7 than in year 6, everyone
will have the chance to make new friends at
secondary school.

Time spent early on in establishing good work
habits and independence is an investment that
will save endless time and problems in the
future. The good habits and routines that
children develop in year 7 are those that will stay
with them throughout secondary school, and
beyond into post 16 and their working lives. Far
better for children to make the effort to get it
right from the start than putting things right
when they have gone wrong.
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                                          SETTLING IN

Saint Pius X Catholic High School aims to help every child to have a successful and happy education
and we will do everything possible to ensure this happens. You have entrusted us with this very
important job, and we value your help and support in building this critical partnership between
home and school.


‘Falling out’ with other children is very common as new friendships are established. Give advice but
avoid over-reaction – most friendship disruptions sort themselves out without adults getting
involved. However, if your child becomes upset or withdrawn about friendship problems for longer
than usual, or if you suspect that what is happening may be bullying, you should contact school.

Any form of bullying is considered unacceptable at Saint Pius X, but we need to know it has occurred
so we can deal with it promptly. Although staff will not be with students all the time, we will do our
utmost to stop bullying. The school has a strict anti-bullying policy that is part of the behaviour
policy; this is available on the school website.

The school has training for ‘Safe Haven’ ambassadors which provides year 10 students with the skills,
knowledge and confidence to support and guide young students settling into secondary school.
These ambassadors work closely with the student support centre to assist students.


It is of course a difficult time for
parent/carers when your child starts
secondary school, achieving the right
balance between support and being
accused of fussing, and leaving them to
flounder and fail.

If you keep talking to your child about
how things are going at school it
should be easier to ‘strike the right

If you have spoken with your child,
offered advice and reassurance, helped
them to come up with ways of solving
the problem themselves and things still
haven’t changed after a couple of
weeks then it is time to speak to
someone at school.

For any pastoral concerns please speak to the student support centre. For subject concerns contact
the class teacher in the first instance and then the head of department.
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                              ESTABLISHING ROUTINES


The student’s responsibilities
 Getting up on time.
 Leaving the house to get to the bus stop or to school on time.
 Being in the right place at the right time.
 Going straight home or making sure parent/carers know if you are staying behind at school.
 Know what to do if you are delayed getting home for some reason.
 If you have a mobile phone, it must be kept turned off throughout the day and in your bag.

How parent/carers can help with this
 Ensure your child knows exactly how to get to and from school.
 Be clear about the time your child needs to leave home to get to school on time.
 Make sure they have your contact numbers and/or mobile details.
 Do not contact your child during the school day on their mobile; if you need to contact them
   please call school.


The student’s responsibilities
 To comply with the school regulations on uniform.
 Wear your uniform in an appropriate manner which reflects the schools’ high standards.
 Take pride in your personal appearance, ensuring you look smart and tidy at all times.
 Take good care of all items of uniform and personal property.

How parent/carers can help
 Check the uniform requirements of the school. All uniform rules are strictly enforced and when
   followed they avoid confrontation or issues.
 Name all uniform and PE equipment with labels or a marker pen.
 On your child’s timetable mark the days they need to bring equipment i.e. PE kit so they can be
   organised to bring equipment.


The student’s responsibilities
 Know what lessons take place each day
 Getting to know who your teachers are
 Remembering and understanding your timetable, including your rooms
 Getting to lessons on time

How parent/carers/carers can help
 Reassure your child that they will get to know their way round within days and that they will
   move around as a group to start with. Most students will have mastered the geography of the
   school within a couple of weeks.
 Go over the timetable each day with your child, getting their equipment ready with them and
   talk about how it works and the timing of the lessons and breaks and lunchtime.
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                               EQUIPMENT AND BOOKS

Students are required to arrive at school with the correct equipment, in an appropriate sized school
bag. Each lesson they will need to place the following on their desk - pen, pencil, ruler, rubber,
calculator, reading book

The most important things for students
 Packing your bag with everything
   needed for each day.
 Using an organised system for keeping
   books and equipment.
 Using your timetable or Firefly to check
   what lessons are on each day to help you
   be organised and bring to school what
   you need.
 Remember special equipment such as a
   calculator, protractor and ruler for

Students are expected to arrive at lessons with the correct kit and/or equipment

How parent/carers can help
 Help your child to organise their room at
 A labelled A4 plastic folder to take to
   school to place in and store any
   worksheets they have been given.
 Help them to plan a routine for emptying
   their bag after each day and packing it for
   the following day. Do this with them to
   begin with, letting them take over as soon
   as possible.
 Check their bag at regular intervals for
   letters or information which may be at the
 Check Firefly for information and
   homework to ensure everything is up to
 Check the School Gateway for any
   messages and lunch money updates
Parent information booklet 2020-21


Homework is an important activity to support the learning of your child and to develop important
skills required for their education. Homework always has a purpose and therefore needs to be
completed. Progress will be assessed at key points across the school year; notice will be given prior
to assessment and revision materials will be given for homework.

It is the responsibility of the student to complete homework with the support and encouragement of
their parent/carers. If a student fails to complete homework parents/carers will be informed at
periodic intervals throughout the year.

The most important things for students
 Make sure you know how Firefly works - download the
   app to your smart phone.
 Check Firefly each night to see if any new homework has
   been set.
 Ask the teacher in the lesson if you are unsure of what
   the homework means.
 Take home everything you need to complete your
 Try to work it out for yourself to complete the task
   before seeking help.
 Do the homework on the night it is set rather than the
   night before it is due.
 Take your homework back into school and do not forget
   to hand it in.

How parent/carers can help with homework
 Support your child’s education by encouraging them to complete their homework.
 Do not accept common excuses like: “we didn’t get any”, “I did it at school”, “I did it on the
   computer and it didn’t print out”, “it doesn’t have to be in for ages”.
 Talk to your child about their homework and agree a routine. If they establish good habits, it will
   ensure learning is well supported.
 Agree with your child that TV, phone calls, and other activities can only take place after
   homework has been completed.
 The best time for students to complete homework is after a short break once they have arrived
   in from school. Completing their homework early leaves the rest of the evening free.
 Don’t let your child struggle with their homework for too long. If they complete it on the night it
   is set this will allow them time to get appropriate support from school.
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                          INTERNET SAFETY INFORMATION

Alongside the wonderful and exciting things that the web brings, there can be hidden dangers.


   Make sure the computer your child uses
    at home is in an open area.
   When using a social media site, always
    use a nickname NEVER give out any
    personal details i.e. age, date of birth,
    address, mobile number, school. Never
    send or publish photos.
   Make sure you are confident the people
    your child is communicating with are the
    same age and are there for the same
    reason. Simple rule, if you have not met
    them, they are not your child’s friend - do
    NOT add them.
   If something worries your child when
    online they should log off immediately
    and report it to you so you can support
    them in taking appropriate action.
   Children should NEVER arrange to meet
    someone they have met online.
   When opening attachments, make sure they know the person who is sending the attachment.
    Ensure all incoming emails are scanned with antivirus software before opening them.
   Make sure you discuss cyberbullying with your child. Let us know that if it happens, they should
    come to you and let you know.

There are new websites/chatrooms emerging frequently that are not appropriate for children.
Please keep abreast of all current advice.

Refer to the school website for any up to date information, support and advice.


   At Saint Pius X Catholic High school, we take internet safety very seriously and ask students to
    sign an Acceptable Use Agreement about using the internet safely.
   If students break this agreement then sanctions will be imposed under the behaviour for
    learning policy.
Parent information booklet 2020-21


The rate of technological change means our children’s world is changing rapidly – the challenges
faced by parent/carers today is different to previous generations.

The latest research shows that 48% of parent/carers believe their children know more about the
internet than they do and, 78% of children agree. It also shows that children are spending
significantly longer on the internet than their parent/carers – and twice as long on social media.

Many parent/carers simply do not know where to turn for advice.


The following websites offer valuable information and comprehensive guides on how to ensure your
child is safe online.

CEOPS ( The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) works
across the UK tackling child sex abuse and provides advice for parent/carers, young people and

Childnet ( Includes a guide for parent/carers and carers on how to keep children
safe on the internet and includes advice and education resources.

Facebook Help Centre (

Get Safe Online ( An online safety resource website sponsored by the British
Government and leading businesses to help individuals and may businesses protect themselves
against internet problems.

Google ( Provides family safety advice and
specific google features designed to help you keep your family safe online.

UK Safer Internet Centre ( A network of national bodies that coordinate
internet safety awareness in Europe. Comprehensive and informative, it provides a wealth of
information on internet safety.

Internet Matters ( Based by the UK Council for Child Internet Safety
(UKCCIS) this site provides advice for parent/carers and specific safety guides on using the popular
social networking sites including INSTAGRAM, WHATSAPP and SNAPCHAT.

NSPCC ( Covers a section on child safety – what children do online and on social
networks, the risks and dangers they can face, plus advice for parent/carers on keeping children safe

Think You Know ( A guide to internet safety and safe surfing for young
people from Think You Know.
Parent information booklet 2020-21



The Office for Standards in Education, (OFSTED) carried out an inspection of the school in September
2014 and we had a follow up visit in 2018. OFSTED found the school to be a ‘Good’ school.

A copy of the report is available to download from
     The government OFSTED site –
     The Saint Pius X school website –

A hard copy is also available on request from the school office.


School policies are maintained by the school Senior Leadership Team and ratified by the school
Governors prior to release.

Copies of each of the following polices are also available to download from the website or as a hard
copy from school upon request.

       Admission policy
       Behaviour policy
       Careers Policy
       Careers Access Policy Statement
       Charges and Remissions
       Complaints Procedure
       GDPR Statement
       Home School Agreement
       Privacy Policy
       Safeguarding Policy
       Special Educational Needs
Parent information booklet 2020-21

                                                                 Headteacher: Miss S smith
             Address: Wath Wood Road, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham, South Yorkshire S63 7PQ
                                                                 Telephone: 01709 767900
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