Healthcare Architectural Products for - Spaces.

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Healthcare Architectural Products for - Spaces.
Architectural Products for

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Healthcare Architectural Products for - Spaces.
                                          We’re obsessed with making sure patients,
                                          visitors and staff are safe and healthy. Our
                                          products not only protect the appearance
                                          of healthcare spaces, but also create
                                          healing environments that promote the
                                          best patient outcomes.

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Healthcare Architectural Products for - Spaces.
06   Door + Wall Protection

                     They’re not just
                                                                        16   Privacy Systems

                        products.                                       22   Commercial Window Treatments

                                          They’re direction definers.   28   Washroom Systems

                                              Room revitalizers.

                                              Peace preservers
                                                                             Architectural Signage
                                                Cab curators.
                                                 Dirt defiers.

                                              Ding diminishers.
                                                                             Expansion Joint Systems
                                           Masters of movement.

                            They’re architectural wonders
                             for every healthcare space,                     Cleaner Surface Solutions
                                 made all in one place.
                         Direct from our floors to your doors.

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Healthcare Architectural Products for - Spaces.
They’re not just Door + Wall Protection Systems.

    They’re ding diminishers.
    Protect walls from the impact of wheelchairs, beds and medical equipment with our Door + Wall Protection
    products. Ricochet® Flexible Wall Protection, Corner Guards, Prism™ Solid Surface Wall Cladding and Wall
    Panels not only protect, but enhance your building.

                                                                                                                               solid surface wall cladding

                 ricochet® flexible wall protection                                                            corner guards                     wall panels

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Healthcare Architectural Products for - Spaces.
Products Shown: Aspex® Printed Wall Protection, Palladium® Rigid Sheet,
    BluNose® Surface Mounted Corner Guards

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Healthcare Architectural Products for - Spaces.
ricochet®                             aspex®                                       prism™
                                                      Ricochet® Flexible Wall Protection    Get the high-impact durability of PETG       Prism™ Solid Surface Wall
                                                      combines the look of premium          Sheet with the clear, crisp imagery of       Cladding inhibits the growth of
                                                      wallcovering with the durability of   digital printing. With Aspex® Printed Wall   mold and mildew, so operating
                                                      rigid sheet, so your walls can make   Protection, you won’t have to worry about    rooms and other sterile
                                                      an impact and take an impact.         the image being scratched over time.         environments can maintain the
                                                      View all patterns at                                                     highest standards in hygiene.

                                                                                                    Custom Imagery                               Solid Colors

                                                                                                                                                 Small Particulate

                                                                                                                                                 Medium Particulate

                                                      palladium®                            wall panels
                                                      Palladium® Rigid Sheet Wall           Get the look of real wood with the
                                                      Protection provides superior impact   durability and impact resistance of
                                                      resistance to keep your walls safe    wall protection with wall panels.
                                                      from damage, so you can say
                                                      goodbye to endless repairs.

                                                              Standard Solid Colors                 Standard Solid Colors

                                                              Patterns                              Patterns

                                                              Woodgrains                            Woodgrains
     Products Shown: Aspex® Printed Wall Protection

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Healthcare Architectural Products for - Spaces.
corner guards                          handrails
                                                                                            Protect corners from damage and        Provide a comfortable grip
                                                                                            keep your facility looking newer       and sufficient wall protection
                                                                                            longer with corner guards.             with Inpro handrails.

                                                                                                    Standard Solid Colors                   Standard Solid Colors

                                                                                                    Patterns                                Patterns

                                                                                                    Woodgrains                              Woodgrains

                                                                                                    Aluminum or Stainless Steel             Aluminum or Stainless Steel

                                                                                            wall guards                            palladium® doors
                                                                                            Provide superior impact resistance     Get durable, wood flush doors with
                                                                                            from carts, luggage, and wheelchairs   the protection of Palladium® Rigid
                                                                                            with wall guards.                      Vinyl Sheet.

                                                                                                    Standard Solid Colors                  Standard Solid Colors

                                                                                                    Patterns                               Patterns

                                                                                                    Woodgrains                             Woodgrains

                                                                                                    Aluminum or Stainless Steel
     Products Shown: HR9 Handrail with Stainless Steel Returns, Signage, Printed Wall Art

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Healthcare Architectural Products for - Spaces.
Bring wall protection into your Elevator Interiors!
                                                                             They may be small spaces, but don’t let size fool you. Elevators make a big impression. They get used by
                                                                             a lot of people which means they take a lot of abuse. Good thing we’re wall protection experts who know
                                                                             how to prevent damage while keeping interiors looking great.

                                                                             durable panels                       ceiling + lighting                    hand + crash rails
                                                                             Our elevator panels are made         Choose from a variety of ceiling      Available in Standard #4 Brushed
                                                                             with Palladium® Rigid Sheet Wall     and lighting options to create        Stainless Steel with choice of
                                                                             Protection material, making them     a comfortable, well-lit elevator      straight or bent ends.
                                                                             extremely durable. Choose from       experience.
                                                                             standard panel configurations that
                                                                             you can personalize with different
                                                                             finishes and custom branding.

                                                                                     Standard Solid Colors




                                                                                     Imagery + Logos

                                                                                     Stainless Steel

                                                                                                                                                     Add Ricochet® Flexible Wall Protection to
                                                                                     Ricochet® Flexible Wall                                         your panels for the stylish look of premium
                                                                                     Protection                                                      wallcovering with extreme durability.

     Products Shown: Columba™ Standard Cab Design with Palladium®panels in
     American Teak and American Walnut

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Healthcare Architectural Products for - Spaces.
They’re not just Privacy Systems.

     They’re peace preservers.
     Privacy isn’t just about providing cover. It’s also about giving people the protection they need to
     feel comfortable and safe. With Cubicle Curtain + Track options that create warm, calm and clean
     environments, you can craft a space where people feel truly protected.

                                                                                                           cubicle track

               cubicle curtains                                                                                            shower curtains

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Healthcare Architectural Products for - Spaces.
Products Shown: UltraCube® track with Safety Loading Units, Shield by Panaz® fabric

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formatrac®                                shield by panaz®                            EZE-Swap®
                                                        Formatrac® Bendable Cubicle               For environments that require 24/7          EZE-Swap® is a snap panel system
                                                        Track easily bends by hand on-            maintenance, count on Shield                that allows you to quickly change
                                                        site for simple installation and can      by Panaz®. Shield fabrics are               out cubicle curtains without
                                                        accommodate virtually any design.         antimicrobial to inhibit the growth         needing to take the entire curtain
                                                        Independent testing has shown             of mold and mildew. They’re also            off the track. Simply unsnap the
                                                        significant decibel reduction, making     liquid repellent and highly resistant       panels from the mesh to remove
                                                        it the perfect solution for your          to most stains, making them ideal for       the curtain for laundering and
                                                        healthcare space.                         cubicle curtains and shower curtains.       replace it with maintenance stock.

                                                                                                                                                      Program Fabrics

                                                                                                                                                      Disposable Fabrics

                                                                                                                                                      Shield Fabrics

                                                        disposable                                shower curtains
                                                        curtains                                  Our shower curtains are custom fabricated
                                                                                                  to your specific dimensions. Choose
                                                        For areas that require frequent curtain   from our heavy-duty vinyl Super Bio
                                                        change outs, disposable curtains are      Stat™ curtains, polyester Chalet fabrics
                                                        a great option. Not only do they cost     with an antimicrobial finish, or our
                                                        less than traditional fabric curtains,    designer-friendly Shield fabrics that are
                                                        but they save you time and money          antimicrobial, stain + liquid resistant.
                                                        associated with laundering.
                                                                                                          Shield Fabrics

                                                                                                          Chalet Fabrics

                                                                                                          Super Bio Stat™ Fabrics
     Products Shown: Shield® by Panaz Cubicle Curtain

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They’re not just Commercial Window Treatments.

     They’re room revitalizers.
     Privacy and comfort is essential for your patients. We cover those needs with our WT Shades® Commercial
     Window Treatments. Shades can be modified with different styles, performance properties and levels of
     openness to enhance comfort and complement scenery and natural light.

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manual cordless                         motorized +
                                           shades                                  automated
                                           Cordless, low-maintenance shades        shades
                                           with the durability to stand up
                                           to multiple users. With optional        The perfect blend of fit, form
                                           side tracks for added privacy and       and function, our motorized and
                                           stability, this light, cordless shade   automated shades are expertly
                                           can be easily adjusted and set with     engineered to be easily integrated
                                           the touch of a finger.                  with most building management
                                                                                   and automation systems.

                                           top treatments
                                           Enhance your windows with Top
                                           Treatments. Coordinate with your
                                           drapery, choosing from our Standard
                                           and Exclusive Fabric Programs.
                                           We can even help you source the
                                           perfect fabric from one of our many
                                           textile partners.

                                                   Inpro Exclusive Program

                                                   Standard Program Fabrics

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They’re not just Washroom Systems.

     They’re dirt defiers.
     Clean and safe. That’s the impression a bathroom should give. Made of Prism™ Solid Surface, our washroom
     systems inhibit the growth of mold and mildew so that shower areas, restrooms, operating rooms and other sterile
     environments can maintain the highest standards in hygiene.

                                                                                                                            shower bases

     showers                                                                                                            decorative shower walls

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shower walls                           shower bases                         toilet partitions
                                                                                                                     Surround your shower + restroom        Our Shower Bases are made from       Choose between 3 mounting styles
                                                                                                                     areas with Prism™ Solid Surface or     our Prism™ Solid Surface material    of restroom and shower rooms.
                                                                                                                     Continuum™ Shower Walls. Use           and are solid poured instead of      Floor Mounted Overhead-Braced -
                                                                                                                     our smooth panel for a traditional     foam filled for added durability     Does not require ceiling
                                                                                                                     look or decorative panels to get the   and increased weight support.        mounting. Shown above.
                                                                                                                     look of tile without the grout.        Because we manufacture our bases
                                                                                                                                                            in-house, we also have the ability   Floor-to-Ceiling - Supported at
                                                                                                                     Need shower rods and curtains?         to customize the drain location to   floor, ceiling, and back wall.
                                                                                                                     Visit to explore a variety   accommodate existing plumbing        Ceiling Hung - Does not require
                                                                                                                     of options.                            conditions or new construction       components to be mounted to
                                                                                                                                                            project needs.                       the floor. Must be considered
                                                                                                                                                                                                 in early construction.
                                                                                                                           Prism™ Solid Surface
                                                                                                                                                                    Solid Colors
                                                                                                                           Shower + Wall Cladding

                                                                                                                           Continuum™ Shower +                                                           Small Particulate
                                                                                                                                                                    Small Particulate
                                                                                                                           Wall Cladding

                                                                                                                                                                    Medium Particulate                   Medium Particulate

                                           Products Shown: ADA-compliant 60” x 30” Roll-in Shower Base, Custom
                                                Vertical Decorative Shower Walls and Trim, Recessed Toiletry Shelf

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They’re not just Architectural Signs.
                                                                                                                         interior signs

     They’re direction definers.
     With lives on the line, people need to know where they are going and how to get there. We obsess about
     creating and installing architectural signage people can rely on to navigate your building. With a variety
     of design possibilities, expert advice and professional installation, we lead the way when it comes to signs.

                                                                                                                     dimensional characters
     Products Shown: Rigid Vinyl Sign

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interior signage                     dimensional                        loktab® patient
                                                 With a variety of design             characters                         notifier
                                                 possibilities, expert advice and
                                                 professional installation, we lead   Bring dimension to your message    Use LokTab® Patient Information
                                                 the way when it comes to signs.      with dimensional characters that   Notifier to visually communicate
                                                                                      are available in both exterior     critical patient information to medical
                                                                                      and interior grade options.        staff, allowing them to quickly
                                                                                                                         identify individual patient needs.

                                                         Standard Solid Colors                Standard Solid Colors              Standard Solid Colors

                                                         Patterns                             Patterns                           Photopolymer Colors

                                                         Woodgrains                           Woodgrains


                                                          Photopolymer Text Colors

                                                          Photopolymer Woodgrains

                                                          Custom Imagery and Logos

     Products Shown:
              Shown: LokTab®  Patient
                     Rigid Vinyl Sign Notifier

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They’re not just Expansion Joint Systems.

 They’re masters of movement.
     Our seamless Expansion Joint Systems allow for the natural shifting and movement of buildings and are engineered to
     handle every condition. Prevent the spread of smoke and fire with our Fireline® Fire Barriers and stand up to harsh conditions
     with our parking protection. Protect your buildings and yourself from liability and let one of our Expansion Joint Experts find
     the perfect solution for your structure.

                                                                                              601 Expansion Joint System                                   428 Floor System with Flooring Infill | 612 Interior Pleated Seal

                                                                                                                                       300 wall system   801 Cover Plate System | 811 Wall System | 114 Wall + Ceiling System

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601 system                          fireline® 520                             428 series
                                                                                   The 601 hinged wall expansion       Designed with installation in mind,       The 428 floor expansion joint series
                                                                                   joint system can be infilled with   the Fireline® 520 system installs 3x      is a heavy duty, seismic capable
                                                                                   adjacent architectural system to    faster than other products on the         expansion joint system that uses
                                                                                   disguise the exterior expansion     market. This fire barrier installs with   a centering bar to accommodate
                                                                                   joint such as glazing, metal        consistency and efficiency.               the joint movement beneath the
                                                                                   panels, stone, brick and more.                                                coverplate. The 428 accepts flooring
                                                                                                                                                                 up to 3/8” (10mm) thick to reduce the
                                                                                                                                                                 system’s sightline.

     Products Shown: 801 Floor Expansion Joint System, 113 Wall + Ceiling System

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Products that
     promote clean!
     Cleanliness is one of the most important considerations for any healthcare setting. But, keeping a
     facility clean and beautiful at the same time can be a challenge when using harsh disinfectants.

     These products help you achieve a cleaner, more durable and resilient space.                                          Prism™ Solid Surface
                                                                                                                           Solid Surface offers sleek finishes for shower
                                                                                                                           bases, surrounds and partitions that is
              View product demonstrations at                                      non-porous and inherently antimicrobial to
                                                                                                                           prohibit mold and mildew.

        SureContact® Handrails                                    Palladium® Rigid Sheet Wall Protection                   Ricochet® Flexible Wall Protection
        SureContact® Handrails use Sanitized®                     (Includes profiles such as corner guards +               Ricochet combines the look of premium
        Zinc Pyrithione non-leaching antimicrobial                handrails) Palladium® provides superior impact           wallcovering with the durability of rigid
        technology to inhibit the growth of mold                  resistance to keep your walls safe from damage,          sheet wall protection so your walls can make
        and mildew.                                               so you can say goodbye to endless repairs!               an impact and take an impact. Ricochet is
                                                                  Applications also include ADA Signage and                durable and resilient against chemicals,
                                                                  Elevator Interiors.                                      stains and graffiti.

        Shield by Panaz® Fabric                                      Super Bio Stat™                                       Stainless Steel
        Shield fabrics weave together beauty and                     This fabric is a heavy-duty vinyl that is specially   Stainless Steel provides unmatched protection
        performance for shower curtains, bedspreads,                 formulated with a protective coating that is          with a sleek appearance for the walls in your
        cubicle curtains and window treatments that                  bacterial and wear resistant.                         facility. This material is perfect for kitchens,
        stay looking great in the most challenging                                                                         cafeterias, corridors, operating rooms, back-of-
        environments. They are antimicrobial to inhibit                                                                    house and other high-traffic areas.
        the growth of mold and mildew and also stain
        and liquid repellent to cut down on the need
        for laundering.

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Recent Projects
     The list below is a sample of projects we’ve completed across the globe.
     For more information or detailed project profiles, visit

      Samaritan Medical Center                                                                                                                                                                                      CHUM Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal

     AC By Marriott                   Fresenius Kidney Care             Parkland Hospital                 Samaritan Medical Center          UW Cancer Center at              Alamance Regional Medical        Broward Health                 Cook Children’s Hospital
     Spartanburg, SC                  Sun Prairie, WI                   Dallas, TX                        Watertown, NY                     ProhHealth Care                  Center                           Ft. Lauderdale, FL             Fort Worth, TX
     Window Treatments                Solarity® Solar Shades            Optitrac® Cubicle Track, Shield   Aspex® Printed Wall Protection,   Pewaukee, WI                     Burlington, NC                   Formatrac® Bendable Track,     Ascend® Elevator Interior
                                                                        by Panaz® Shower Curtains         Palladium® Rigid Sheet, 800       HR9 Northern Hardwoods           Ascend® Elevator Interior        Shield by Panaz® Shower        Protection with Custom Printed
     Children’s National Health       Mercy Hospital                                                      Series Handrails, Model 1600      Handrails, Stainless Steel       Protection                       Curtains                       Aspex® Panels
     System                           Joplin, MO                        Rehabilitation Institute of       Wall Guards, Model 150 High-      Corner Guards, Whisper
     Washington, DC                   Palladium® Rigid Sheet, Corner    Chicago                           Impact Surface Mount Corner       Cube® Track, Cubicle Curtains,   Baylor McKinney Medical          Dean Clinic                    Golisano Children’s Hospital
     Aspex Printed® Wall              Guards, Handrails, Chair Rails,   Chicago, IL                       Guards                            Signage                          Center                           Baraboo, WI                    Fort Myers, FL
     Protection, Palladium® Rigid     Optitrac® Cubicle Track           Aspex® Printed Wall                                                                                  McKinney, TX                     Shield by Panaz® Cubicle       Aspex® Printed Wall
     Sheet, BluNose® Surface                                            Protection, G2 BioBlend® Rigid    Scripps Prebys                    Westchester Medical Center       HR9 Handrails, 3500 Handrails,   Curtains                       Protection, Custom Beveled
     Mounted Corner Guards            New Oakville Hospital             Sheet, Rolled Palladium® Rigid    Cardiovascular Institute          Valhalla, NY                     Formatrac® Bendable Track                                       Edge Palladium® Wall Panels,
                                      ON, Canada                        Sheet, G2-1800 Wall Guards,       La Jolla, CA                      Shield by Panaz® Cubicle                                          Banner Health                  BluNose® Corner Guards,
     Flagler Hospital                 Optitrac® Cubicle Track,          G2 Hi-Impact Corner Guards,       Palladium® Wall Panel Systems,    Curtains                         Brooklyn Hospital                Phoenix, AZ                    Palladium® Rigid Sheet, 2500
     St. Augustine, FL                Cubicle Curtains                  Custom Stainless Steel Corner     Handrails, Wall Guards, Chair                                      Brooklyn, NY                     Ascend® Elevator Interior      Series Chair Rails
     3500 Handrails, 1500 Wall                                          Guards                            Rails, Custom-angle Corner        Wisconsin Institute of           Ascend® Elevator Interior        Protection
     Guards, 150 Surface Mount        Orthopedic Associates of                                            Guards                            Urology                          Protection                                                      Lone Peak Hospital
     Aluminum Retainer Corner         Wisconsin                         Salah Foundation Children’s                                         Neenah, WI                                                        Columbus Community             Draper, UT
     Guards, Tape-On Corner           Delafield, WI                     Hospital Broward Health           Singing River Hospital            Door and Wall Protection,        CHUM Centre Hospitalier de       Hospital Surgery Center        Palladium® Wall Panel Systems,
     Guards, Palladium® Rigid         Whisper Cube® Cubicle             Ft. Lauderdale, FL                Pascagoula, MS                    Shield by Panaz® Privacy         l’Université de Montréal         Columbus, WI                   Corner Guards, Palladium®
     Sheet Wall Protection, EZE-                                        G2 BioBlend® and Rigid Vinyl      Signage                           Curtains, Signage, Dimensional   Montreal, Quebec                 Formatrac® Bendable Track,     Rigid Sheet, Wall Guards,
     Swap™ Cubicle Curtain Panels     TrackParker Adventist             Handrails, Corner Guards,                                           Letters, Digital Wall Art        UltraCube® Track with Safety     EZE-Swap™ Cubicle Curtain      Handrails, Cubicle Track
     with Shield by Panaz® Fabrics,   Hospital                          Expressions™ Rigid Sheet          St. Mary’s Hospital                                                Loading Units, Shield by         Panels with Shield by Panaz®
     Signage                          Parker, CO                        Covering, Wall Guards,            Madison, WI                       Acute Care Health System         Panaz® Cubicle Curtains, Super   Fabrics
                                      Ascend® Elevator Interior         Palladium® Rigid Sheet            Shield by Panaz® Shower           Lakewood, NJ                     Bio Stat™ Shower Curtains
                                      Protection                                                          Curtains                          Signage

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obsessed with protecting buildings®
     How they look. How they function.
     And how they protect the health and safety
     of the people who use them every day.

     That’s why we make hundreds of architectural
     products all under one roof and work tirelessly to
     make sure you and your buildings succeed.

     Yeah, we are obsessed. But we wouldn’t
     have it any other way.

     World Headquarters
     S80 W18766 Apollo Drive
     Muskego, WI 53150 USA

     IPC® Door + Wall Protection
     Ascend® Elevator Interiors
     WT Shade® Commercial Window Treatments
     Clickeze® Privacy Systems
     Endurant® Washroom Systems
     SignScape® Architectural Signage
     JointMaster® Expansion Joint Systems

     ©2023 Inpro Corporation

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